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JARVIS AUTO SUPPLIES LTD. Blue Note Shipping Ltd Novel Concepts Medical Ltd. TOLOMEO BANK LIMITED Blue Antares Ltd Vegas International Sports Book Limited Antigua & Barbuda HIV/AIDS Network Inc Spirit Of Africa Shipping Company Limited Medea Shipping Ltd Aristo Cars FDS Holdings Ltd Celina Shipping Company Limited Barbuda Express Ltd United Insurance Company Limited Next International Ltd. Caribbean Airport Services Ltd Allied Hotels & Resorts Limited Communications Network Systems Ltd Gale Shipping Ltd PT Entertainment Services Limited Robert Shoul Digit Pulse Technologies Inc. Grenville Radio Limited ABI Insurance Company Limited Maulvin Edwards Kappeln Shipping Co. Ltd Spring Tides Navigation Ltd Firat Shipping Company Limited Helga Shipping Ltd Asia Trader Limited Moorhill Shipping Company Limited Frisiamar Limited Condor Buss 2 Shipping Co. Ltd Gardenhill Shipping Limited Ayenwolde Shipping Co. Ltd Corsar Buss 1 Shipping Co. Ltd Antigua & Barbuda Port Authority Awaritse Shippinglimited Antigua Power Company Limited (APC) Cindy's Bookstore and School Supplies Matson (Antigua) Limited Soleil Shipping Company Ltd Oldehave Shipping Co Ltd MS Tunaryan Shipping Co. Ltd Methodist Church of Antigua & Barbuda Dispatch Services Antigua Ltd North Coast Hardware Paintplus Supply Miriam Shipping co Ltd Paradigm Consulting Ltd Veg International Susies Hot Sauce Fisheries Divisions SFS Island Operations Limited The Citizen by Investment Program-Antigua & Barbuda Unicorp Bank Overseas Ltd Microcom Limited BDA International Trading Services Inc C.O. Williams Construction (Antigua) Limited Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Inmigration New Energy Ltd Ilze Shipping Company Ltd MRL Shipping Ltd Errol Williams Mount St. John's Medical Centre Antigua & Barbuda Board of Education DSM Tipp Services Limited Regional Publications Ltd The Antigua & Barbuda Planned Parenthood Association Global Processing Centre Ltd Quality Electrical Sales And Services Ltd Genevieve Fuller American Airlines Inc Antigua and Barbuda Social Security Board Ronja Shipping Limited Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy Elite Island Holding Company Limited Raymond A. Smith Soniland Shipping Co Ltd Coral Mer International Ltd Mauren Shipping Co Ltd Howan Shipping LTD Antigua & Barbuda Development Bank Daniel Rogerson Oops Holding Co. Inc. North International Bank Limited Carib Island Apps Beverage Marketing Services Ltd Caribbean Institute for Women in Leadership Inc DHL International (Antigua) Ltd Kennedy's Club Ltd Elise Limited JM Ventures Inc Destination Antigua 2000 Ltd Coral Island Trading Co Ltd Stingray City (Antigua) Ltd C & C Wine House Massy Technologies InfoCom (Antigua) Ltd. AG Marketing Solutlions Ltd Tatatu Enterprise Ltd Eastern Caribbean Asset Management Corporation West Indies Oil Company Flowers Ltd Global Network Management Inc. Pando International Co Ltd Laxfield Services Ltd Trium Bank & Trust Ltd FTX Trading Ltd. Bumble B Productions Ltd Freetown Destination Resort Limited Sulmic Management Limited Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank Limited Aqua Design (Antigua) Limited GPH Antigua Limited National Parks Authority of Antigua and Barbuda St Johns Cooperative Credit Union Ltd Community First Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd. Fulfillment Global Corporation Antigua Barbuda Festivals Commission BC Operations Services Ltd. Carib World Money Services Ltd NS Properties Ltd ITNS Consulting Executive Corporate Holdings Inc Elijah James The Barnes Hill Community Development Organization Herbacy Inc C.G. Construction and Consultancy Ltd Epicurean Fine Foods and Phamacy Goddard Catering Group (Antigua) Ltd KaribFusion Limited BIITTT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Hall Construction Ltd Calvinair Helicopters Ltd. (Antigua and Barbuda) Youth Symphony Orchestra, Inc. The University of the West Indies Five Islands Campus PLH (Barbuda) Limited BluFin Construction Ltd West Indies Botanicals Ltd. Island Construction Corp Olympian Insurance Company Ltd Easton, Janie JUICES DE ANTIGUA LTD. ST. JOHN'S BREWERY LTD. The Linen Shop Boatphone Marketing Ltd. Stanford International Bank Limited LINTON MARK CONTRACTORS ANTIGUA LTD. Hadeed Motors Ltd TILES PLUS (ANTIGUA) LTD. Au Printemps Ltd Antigua International Trust Ltd Builders Merchants Limited CARIBBEAN MARINE MANUFACTURING & DISTRIBUTION CO. LTD. LE DUC, ANNE NORTH COAST MARINE LTD. A.S. Bryden & Sons Antigua Limited CHRISTOPHER,=J. MARCUS= Caribbean Distribution Company Ltd LARTIGUE, RICHARDS & CO. LTD. STANMAR AGENCIES LTD The West Indies Oil Company Limited Goddard Catering Group (Antigua) Limited Antigua Poultry & Allied Industries Ltd Liat (1974) Limited Khouly Enterprises Ltd Trans Caribbean Marketing Limited Pigott & Sons Frank B. Armstrong (Antigua) Ltd. ANTIGUA APPLIANCES INDUSTRIES LTD. Chandler, Frederick Plastic Foam & Furniture Ltd HADEED, KOPLAND H. Antigua Motors 1993 Limited Abbott, William S. A.W.H. Holdings Ltd. Sea Green Air Transport Limited Leeward Motors Limited Francis Glenette Leeward Islands Agencies Shipwreck Shops Antigua MEADE ENTERPRISES RICHARDSON, GEORGE KENNETH Chaia Paper Products Ltd. Leewind Paints (1980), Ltd. Walling, Lionel Johnson Construction Ltd, Clarence The Antigua Distillery Ltd Three Enterprises Ltd Michael Mitchell A. and Sons Hutchinson (Antigua) Limited Boustany, Janet Michael Food Brokerage Services Ltd Lolita's Ian P.A. Shoul Nunes Construction Co Ltd, F John Henry BARRETTO, JOHN Williams Gore, Cheryl ANTIGUA & OVERSEAS TRADING & CONSULTING, LTD. INTERNATIONAL BANK TRUST CORP LTD. ANTIGUA DAIRY CO. LTD. Refrigeration Services Ltd. Antigua Plumbing and Hardware Centre Limited ANTIGUA GASES LTD. Harney Motors Limited CAMACHO, JOHN Quin Farara & Co. Ltd. Hadeed & Sons, F.E. Chaia Hardware, Raymond G Island Motors Ltd. Bryson & Co. Ltd., George W. Bennett Island Provision Limited Westrading Co. Ltd. Goodwill Agencies Company Ltd Southwell, P.C. CAGE ENTERPRISES LTD NATURAL ENERGY SYSTEMS LTD. ANTIGUA HOSIERY LTD. Gigi Industries Ltd O`Beez Food Store Limited CARIBBEAN RESORT LTD. Gayle Enterprises Tower Marketing Ltd. CHRISTIAN, DONALD E. ISLAND PIPE & SUPPLY CO. LTD. WEST, STAFFORD Lewis, Simon and Partners INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT & COMMISSION AGENCY LTD. ANTIGUA LUMBER SUPPLIES MARINE HANDLING CO LTD NICHOLSON & SONS (LTD),=V.E.B= SHOUL, JOHN F. Kenneth A. Gomez & Sons ANTIGUA MARINE INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT & INVESTMENT SERVICE LTD. Windsurfing Antigua Ltd. GENERAL TRADING AGENCY LTD. JOHN, URIAH CHAMBERS & CO.,=A.= ANTIGUA MODERN LTD. DORSETT, EWING CHRISTIAN ENTERPRISES LTD. LONDON HOUSE BEAULIEU & ASSOCIATES (LTD.), =JOHN= Brisbane & Company (Antigua) Limited, OD SEA URCHIN LTD. ANTIGUA & BARBUDA FURNISHINGS (COURTS) LTD. BROWN, URBANE BRYSON'S BOTTLING LTD.

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