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China Search Engine 1 : in English (Dun and Bradstreet) China Search Engine 2 : in Chinese or English (Chinese register)

Obtain Company Registry Profiles, Credit Reports, Corporate family trees

Continental China (PRC) counts around 50 millions private companies, most of them being individual businesses. This figure is increasing rapidly due to strong economic growth. You can search online over 15 million companies from the online chinese database. If you don't find the company you are searching for, please contact us : We can provide reports on any business in China.
Information found in our reports comes from investigation, interviews and local official sources such as provincial company registers. For each company we propose a wide range of reports : verify company's existence and legal status, obtain financial figures from latest accounts, identify directors and shareholders (or parent company), assess credit-worthiness, failure risk and payment history.
The Compact Report contains important information at a very competitive price. Registration numbers (AIC, Unified social credit code, fiscal code), legal representatives and directors (including other held positions), shareholders (direct and ultimate), trademark and patent check with IP offices, balance sheet and financial statement, credit rating...
Reports are in English language and include company name transliteration in Roman alphabet.

Starting in June 2021 there 2 search engines (China1 and China2) dedicated to Chinese companies. Why is it helpful ?
The question is difficult and involves answers in the translation and translitteration fields. China1 search engine is based on the Dun and Bradstreet database. Company names are translated in English by DandB services. This fact implies that transliteration is consistent, whatever the wording. It also means many companies, without initial English name can be found with an english typing.

To help you identify the right company in China, we have implemented a second search engine allowing you to use 2 langages (Chinese or English) and also the USCC or AIC identifier. This bilingual search is a proven benefit when you try to lookup a business.

As Chinese company searches might be difficult, we suggest you read our presentation of China2 search engine features :
According to Article 8 of China's "Implementation Measures for the Registration and Administration of Enterprise Names", enterprise names should use Chinese characters that conform to national standards, and must not use Chinese pinyin letters or Arabic numerals. Also, if the name of an enterprise needs to be translated into a foreign language for use, it shall be translated and used by the enterprise itself in accordance with the principle of text translation, and there is no need to report to the industrial and commercial administration for approval and registration. In this way, there are often inconsistencies and frequent changes. As a consequence Chinese is the only langage in official records.

The distribution of China2 database is as follow :
Active Companies (excluded one-person companies) : estimated 45-50 million records
Active Companies with English Name : estimated 22+ million records

Therefore, there are some companies that cannot be searched using English names (this is why search engine China1 is also very useful).
The best match of searching is either typing company’s Chinese full name or company’s number. If you use Pingyin or English as an alternative for keywords searching, mostly we can locate the official name. For some rare case if the result does not match, we highly suggest that trying to include some information such as company’s location ( ie. BeijingMingpu or ShanghaiMingpu, no space needed when typing) for matching results.
To search companies in Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau, please follow the appropriate link.
With you can search companies in China. We propose a broad range of documents intended to gain an accurate understanding of a business. If you need to identify a business or verify a company's existence in China, obtain information sourced from Chinese company register. If you want to assess financial performance and creditworthiness we provide information you need : in-depth analysis or financial annual accounts. With more than 15 million company linkages, discover business structures, shareholders and subsidiaries in China and worldwide.

Cities with most corporate headquarters :
Shanghai   Beijing   Shenzhen   Guangzhou   Hangzhou   Dongguan   Chengdu   Tianjin   Suzhou   Ningbo  

List of main cities in China sorted by search volumes