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A corporate group is a collection of distinct companies headquartered in one or more countries. It is headed by a holding or a parent company.
The list below contains Danish companies that are linked to other businesses worldwide (ownership is at least 50% of capital). Understanding a corporate organization can be of great help for your business :
- if you want to increase selling opportunities within the members of a same corporate group.
- If you need to evaluate risks across the different parts of a corporate family.
- To detect potential conflict of interest.
You'll find for each companies reports about group structure, ultimate parent and subsidiary identification as well as company registration information and credit appraisal.

Bauhaus Danmark A/S Jwl A/S Jwl A/S A/S Dan-Bunkering Ltd A/S Dan-Bunkering Ltd Mm Properties ApS Mm Properties ApS Gmb Motorsport ApS Dan Cake A/S Dan Cake A/S Iyuno Denmark Dub A/S Slovakiet Invest A/S Optheras A/S Maersk A/S Maersk A/S Better Apparel A/S Pdh Tour Accounts ApS Nordic Waste A/S Tryg Forsikring A/S Salling Group Forsikring A/S Too Good To Go ApS Too Good To Go Holding ApS Sh Group A/S FLEX1ONE A/S Ndi Group A/S Deutsche Telekom Nordic A/S Holdingselskabet Od ApS Fjord Skibsholding II A/S Tgp F ApS Oase Outdoors ApS Queue-IT ApS Queue-IT Group ApS Queue-IT Holding ApS Nets Denmark A/S Rødtomat ApS Ørsted Bioenergy & Thermal Power A/S Ørsted A/S Ørsted El A/S Experian A/S Experis A/S Expedit A/S Enbw Offshore Service Denmark ApS Synoptik A/S Nets Cards Processing A/S Nets Danid A/S Schneider Electric Danmark A/S PFA Dirch Passers Allé A/S Savencia Fromage & Dairy Nordics ApS Nyhavn Rejser A/S Unilever Danmark A/S A.P. Møller - Mærsk A/S Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects K/S Vkr Holding A/S Gn Store Nord A/S Eurospags Investments ApS Nos A/S Everfuel Hy24 A/S Flashbulb ApS Monjasa A/S Monjasa Holding A/S Monjasa Chartering ApS Maersk Tankers A/S Maersk Tankers Intermediate K/S Go Hotel Ansgar A/S Novadan ApS Eficode A/S Biomar Group A/S Nordea Danmark, Filial af Nordea Bank Abp, Finland Steelseries Group ApS Mariager Salt Specialties A/S Oterra A/S Oterra Operations ApS Oterra Holding ApS Dole Nordic A/S Royal Unibrew A/S Sydbank A/S Siccadania A/S Minimum A/S Trygge Institutioner ApS Danish Crown A/S Denmark Blockbuster ApS Maritime Transport & Agencies ApS Zealand Pharma A/S Ørsted Wind Power Tw Holding A/S Bullguard ApS Boyum IT Solutions A/S Ingleby Denmark 1 A/S European Lifecare Group A/S Dg Organic Basics ApS Nordex Food A/S Danske Spil A/S Symphogen A/S Clearhaus A/S Dan Shellfish A/S Jørgen Kruuse A/S Trustnordisk ApS Epitherapeutics ApS I Likvidation Aucnet Europe ApS European Energy A/S European Energy Offshore A/S PFA Pension, Forsikringsaktieselskab. Dan Palletiser A/S Sitecore Holding II A/S Harman Professional Denmark ApS Learnx ApS A-Speakers ApS LEGO A/S LEGO System A/S Azolver Digital Business Solution ApS Altapay A/S Chr. Olesen A/S Ms Group ApS Industriens Pensionsforsikring A/S Industriens Pension Service A/S Junckers Holding A/S F. Junckers Industrier A/S Hottinger Brüel & Kjær A/S Pensiondanmark Pensionsforsikringsaktieselskab Aaa United A/S Gogift.Com A/S Eg Danmark A/S Eet Group A/S Novo Invest 1 A/S John Sisk & Son ApS Hlvp2 ApS Noble Drilling A/S Twoday Kapacity A/S Twoday Holding Denmark ApS Dragsbæk A/S LEGO Juris A/S Blue Water Shipping A/S Vestas Manufacturing A/S Pressalit Holding A/S Arrow Ecs Denmark A/S Energinet Energinet Systemansvar A/S Dansk Energi Management A/S Lundbeckfond Invest A/S Dktv A/S Dktv Anlæg ApS Stark Sourcing A/S Hecksher Denmark A/S Mt Højgaard Danmark A/S TDC Holding A/S SAS Danmark A/S Sirena A/S Wavemaker A/S Mec ApS Matas Operations A/S Universal Robots A/S Uvd Robots ApS Jyske Bank A/S Schibsted Denmark ApS Eltronic A/S Eltronic Group A/S Eltronic Finans ApS Enabl A/S Design Eyewear Group International A/S Global Wind Power Europe ApS Global Wind Service A/S Global Wind Service Properties A/S Iwaki Nordic A/S Nordic Green Engineering Holding ApS Gea Process Engineering A/S Kmd A/S Kantar Media Denmark ApS Syniverse Technologies Messaging ApS Sealand Europe A/S A/S Femern Landanlæg Femern Bælt A/S Dagrofa Foodservice A/S Dancenter A/S Sherwin-Williams Denmark A/S Real Lava ApS Danfoss A/S Aktieselskabet af 1.12.2016 Swire Renewable Energy A/S Simcorp A/S Danica Pension, Livsforsikringsaktieselskab Velliv, Pension & Livsforsikring A/S Sampension Livsforsikring A/S Shape Games A/S Rattay DK ApS Dovista A/S Invactor ApS NKT Invest A/S Dhi Dhi A/S Vinkel Bioenergi ApS Waterland Private Equity ApS Equity ApS Tetra Pak Processing Systems A/S Tetra Pak Danmark A/S Trendhim ApS Global Evolution Holding ApS Az Isenkram af 1.9.2015 ApS Kongskilde Industries A/S My Home 2 A/S Kk Wind Solutions A/S Johs. Gram-Hanssen A/S Dancover A/S Le Management ApS Kuehne + Nagel A/S Mft Energy 6 ApS Solteq Denmark A/S Ingka Centres ApS Uhrenholt A/S F. Uhrenholt Holding A/S Foxway A/S Tea Solutions ApS Estee Lauder Cosmetics A/S Foncière Du Triangle D'or ApS Copenhagen Offshore Partners A/S Jyske Finans A/S Story House Egmont A/S Nordisk Film A/S Egmont Creative Solutions A/S Egmont Fonden Uni-Tankers A/S Northern Marine Manning Services ApS H2o Denmark Propco ApS Asx 14145 Holding ApS Anpartsselskabet Asx af 28. August 2014 Stryhns Gruppen A/S Danske Bank A/S Eurowind Energy A/S Mercer (Danmark) A/S Mercury Engineering ApS Preferred By Nature - Denmark ApS Cormall Agro Holding A/S Totalenergies Ep Danmark A/S Totalenergies Renouvelables Danemark ApS Ee Lithuania Emerald ApS Dsv Ocean Transport A/S Dsv Air & Sea Holding A/S Vf Scandinavia ApS Mek Holding ApS Groupm Denmark A/S Danmarks Tekniske Universitet House Of Prince A/S Frederiksberg Forsyning A/S Proark Group ApS Tomex Danmark A/S Smilla Food A/S Group Buy ApS Zebra A/S Tinderbox Propco II ApS Steelseries ApS Hummel Holding A/S Hummel A/S Nordea Finans Danmark A/S Securitas A/S Nuuday A/S Roeq ApS Badelement A/S Moveero A/S Berendsen A/S Gn Audio A/S Eet International A/S Rentola Group ApS Rentola Eu ApS Acquinex A/S Holdingselskabet af 6. August ApS Nordgreen ApS Coloplast A/S DKT A/S Atea A/S Kirk Kapital A/S Eimskip Denmark A/S Kompan A/S Aarhus 1 A/S United Stage Danmark ApS Aak Denmark A/S Entertainment Trading A/S IT Services ApS PFA Asset Management A/S PFA Holding A/S Milestone Systems A/S Rambøll Gruppen A/S Winthrop Engineering And Contracting Denmark ApS Pr Ringsted Holdco ApS Tg Partners Vi P/S Hans Just A/S Sønderborg Korn ApS Daloon A/S Rentola Ireland ApS Joinjet A/S Only Stores A/S Nine United Scandinavia A/S Regus Tuborg Harbour ApS Ess-Food A/S Adform A/S Aarhus Logistik ApS Clever A/S Dahua Technology Denmark ApS World Health Organization Keyloop Denmark ApS Gpi Denmark A/S Jysk A/S Llg A/S Amanda Seafoods A/S Global Evolution Fondsmæglerselskab A/S Kunde & Co. A/S Kraft Foods Danmark Intellectual Property ApS Novo Nordisk Fonden Novo Nordisk A/S Coop A.m.b.a Pædagogernes Pension - Pensionskassen For Pædagoger Senmatic A/S Commentor A/S Cxc Global Denmark ApS Abacus Medicine A/S A. Simonsen Holding ApS Ab Catering København A/S Carlsberg Integrated Information Technology A/S Kyndryl Danmark ApS Unity Technologies ApS Lampemesteren A/S Actona Group A/S Realdania Ikea A/S DK Company A/S Anthill Technologies A/S Flsmidth A/S Hvide Hus Vej 1 ApS Ngf Denmark Holding ApS 2150 ApS Danica Ejendomme P/S Signify Denmark A/S ISS Global A/S Røstofte Maskiner A/S Modulex A/S Cimbria Unigrain A/S Modulex Holding ApS Unops United Nations Office For Project Services Turner Broadcasting System Denmark ApS Borkum Riffgrund I Holding A/S Soulmate A/S SDK Shipping A/S Viatris ApS Shirley Parsons Denmark ApS Intervare A/S Stiga A/S Marius Pedersen A/S Emil Retail Holding ApS M.A. Scandinavia ApS Arla Foods A.m.b.a Ryds Bilglas A/S Wesmans (DK) ApS Under Konkurs Foss A/S Fjernvarme Fyn Produktion A/S Whatelse Group ApS Reward Group ApS Nykredit A/S Nemlig.Com A/S Bisca A/S Merkle Denmark A/S Investeringsselskabet Birk ApS C.C. Jensen Window A/S Danstoker A/S Berlingske Media A/S Dechra Veterinary Products A/S Wrist Ship Supply A/S Vita Media Group Holding ApS Titan Containers A/S Mate.Bike International ApS Circle K Danmark A/S Odense Kommune Macure Pharma ApS Scandinavian Tobacco Group Nykøbing ApS Stmicroelectronics A/S Navi Merchants A/S Nature Energy Biogas A/S Joe & The Juice A/S Abax Danmark A/S Norlys A.M.B.A. Norlys Energi A/S Thorfisk A/S NCC Group A/S Thrane & Thrane A/S Lauritzen Bulkers A/S North Risk A/S Cwt Denmark A/S Dantherm A/S Dantherm Group A/S Dantherm Holding A/S Nine United A/S Star Air A/S Leaseplan Danmark A/S Innovation Living A/S Nowaco A/S Hmk Bilcon A/S Freja Transport & Logistics A/S Nordic Transport Group A/S Intrum A/S Roskilde ApS Ntg Nordic A/S Ascendis Pharma A/S Auto1 Danmark ApS ISS A/S Food Folk Danmark ApS Inco Cc København A/S Thales Dis Danmark A/S Lgi Denmark ApS Aller Aqua A/S Aller Aqua Group A/S Primagaz Danmark A/S Rockwool A/S Andel A.M.B.A. Danish Agro A.M.B.A. Jual A/S Vejen Logistik ApS Tinglev Logistik ApS Fredericia Logistik ApS Horsens Logistik Uraniavej ApS Tranbjerg Logistik ApS Metervej ApS Hjørring Logistik ApS Cometra ApS Havi Logistics ApS Danlog Denmark ApS Dako Denmark ApS Danish Logistics Bidco ApS Novo Holdings A/S Caldic Ingredients Denmark A/S Ewii A/S Ser-Hegn A/S Multiq Denmark A/S Sanofi A/S Tajco A/S Storskogen Danmark ApS Derma Pharm A/S Inpay A/S Plein Ouest A/S Byggefelt F, Njalsgade ApS Bazoom Group ApS Pharmanovia A/S Pfizer ApS Miinto A/S Miinto Holding A/S Miinto Host A/S The Vintage Bar ApS Sitecore Corporation A/S Sitecore Danmark A/S Sitecore International A/S Sitecore Holding III A/S Reesink Turfcare DK A/S Unwire ApS Eurofins Product Testing Denmark A/S Eurofins Genomics Holding Denmark A/S Eurofins Genomics Europe Genotyping A/S Teva Denmark A/S Gabriel A/S Dynatest A/S Kvadrat A/S Widex A/S Ws Audiology A/S BG Njalsgade ApS Azets Denmark Holding ApS Egiss A/S Paranova Pack A/S Thor Ship III K/S Maersk Eastern Europe ApS Meyers A/S Norsea Denmark A/S Elgiganten A/S Pelican Denmark Holding ApS Ørsted Services A/S Rambøll Danmark A/S Ferm Living ApS Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S Georg Jensen A/S Palsgaard Gods A/S Credin A/S Grundfos A/S Grundfos Holding A/S Brands4kids Executive ApS Caf Invest A/S Dstny A/S Hempel A/S Hempel Invest A/S Hempel Fonden Nordic Seafood A/S Nordic Formulation Technology A/S Fiberpartner ApS Fritz Hansen A/S Thyregod Bygningsindustri A/S Amcor Flexibles Denmark ApS Presafe Denmark A/S Gg 8 Petite Rue ApS Delivery Hero Denmark ApS Pandora Int. ApS Pandora A/S Yx Danmark A/S Ax Vi Inv5 Holding III ApS Vilofarm A/S 3c Holding 2020 ApS Dhi Gras A/S Henning Larsen Architects A/S Antalis A/S Aerof Denmark Holdings ApS Alu Rehab ApS Solita ApS Cavius ApS Mindworking A/S Velux A/S Corendon Denmark ApS Triax A/S Hellofresh Nordics ApS Daf Trucks Danmark A/S Lastas Trucks Danmark A/S Nordic Aviation Capital A/S Nissens Automotive A/S Esoft Danmark A/S Avk Holding A/S Ineos E&P A/S Mastiff A/S Dreaminfluencers ApS Normal A/S Emendo R & D ApS Geveko Markings Denmark A/S Sepior ApS Satair A/S Tui Danmark A/S Multiple Card Systems A/S Scanavia A/S Marketingplatform ApS 130 Rue Du Faubourg Saint Honore Paris Viii ApS Bmc Software A/S Xterna A/S Euro Air A/S Danish Crown Foods A/S Dalux ApS Chr. Hansen A/S Bang & Olufsen A/S Samsung Denmark Research Center ApS Nestle Danmark A/S Mac Baren Tobacco Company A/S Maj Invest Holding A/S European Sperm Bank ApS Ssi Schäfer A/S G.O. Transport & Spedition A/S Niras A/S Norconsult A/S Krøll Cranes A/S DFDS A/S Voonix ApS Elogic A/S Nassa A/S Flsmidth & Co. A/S Flsmidth Technology A/S Flsmidth Global Services A/S Flsmidth Real Estate A/S Vivada Properties DK Vii Holdco ApS BHJ A/S A.P. Møller Holding A/S Tivoli A/S Pure Storage Denmark ApS Boconcept Holding A/S Hasselblad A/S Everbridge Denmark ApS Alba Tankers ApS Bnp Paribas Factor A/S Gl1 ApS Alternative Equity Partners A/S Deas Fund Management DK A/S Aip II Holding 6 K/S DK Resi Propco Vesterbrogade 124 ApS Stensdal Ejendomme A/S North-East Family Office Fondsmæglerselskab A/S Gyldendal A/S Aon Denmark A/S Fontaine A/S Fontager ApS Bac Corrosion A/S Nordisk Film Tv A/S Chartair ApS Dnp Denmark A/S Dotcom Capital ApS Soco System A/S N.C. Nielsen A/S European House Of Beds - Denmark A/S Selfinvest ApS Centralvaskeriet A/S Zizzi Holding ApS Ci Etf I Fjord Holdco ApS Cimco A/S Copenhagen Green Energy A/S Løgismose Group ApS Apple ApS Hltv.Org ApS Interacoustics A/S Swapfiets Denmark ApS Copenhagen Capital A/S ECCO Sko A/S Nne A/S New Nordic Brand House A/S Scanvaegt Systems A/S Clipper Group A/S Clipper Lines A/S Luxplus We ApS Sirena Group A/S Bgi Europe A/S Panzerglass A/S S360 A/S Carlsberg A/S Carlsberg Invest A/S Dupont Nutrition Biosciences ApS Kirk Kapital Strategic Investments A/S Athenas ApS Sentia Denmark A/S Capgemini Danmark A/S Csb Island Entertainment ApS Facebook Denmark ApS North-East Group ApS Nobel Biocare Danmark A/S Navtor Denmark A/S Danspin A/S Next Agenda ApS Niras Gruppen A/S Siteimprove A/S Acuson Denmark A/S Vestas Americas A/S Pensiondanmark Uddannelsesfonde A/S Pensiondanmark Holding A/S Pensiondanmark Ejendomme P/S Obton A/S Falck Danmark A/S G4s Security Services A/S Falck A/S Falck Assistance A/S Garia A/S Geodis Denmark A/S Scan Con Group A/S Mille Food A/S Dsv Prime Cargo A/S Dsv A/S Leonora Ejendomme A/S De Danske Gærfabrikker A/S Obsidian Digital A/S Nordic Debt Collection A/S Birch Gm Ejendomme ApS Svendsen Sport A/S Maersk Air Cargo A/S Vlrs Grp A/S Alimak Group Denmark A/S Nature Energy Videbæk A/S Uber Denmark Software And Development ApS Seawest Attraktioner & Services ApS Scanola A/S M2 Film A/S Itw Gse ApS Tradeshift ApS Dormakaba Danmark A/S Ev Infra Denmark ApS Faerch A/S Stena Recycling A/S Yokohama Danmark A/S Maersk Supply Service A/S Saxo Bank A/S Ejendomsselskabet Bygning 119 A/S Aalborgdk ApS Seges Innovation P/S Travelco Nordic A/S Under Konkurs Møllerup Brands A/S Also A/S Karakter ApS Salling Group A/S U.P.S. Danmark A/S Akademikerpension - Akademikernes Pensionskasse Agc Automotive Glass Danmark A/S Real Danmark A/S Fsg Foods ApS Nti Group ApS Gavdi A/S Lauritz Shop A/S Vattenfall Vindkraft Nørrekær Enge A/S Nobrakes ApS Nordic Eye Venture Capital A/S Atp Ejendomme A/S Pno Holding A/S Howden Axial Fans ApS Howden Water Technology A/S Aveva Denmark A/S Struct A/S C Worldwide Holding A/S C Worldwide Asset Management Fondsmæglerselskab A/S Ubisoft Nordic A/S Bunker Holding A/S SANOVO TECHNOLOGY A/S Haarslev Industries A/S Haarslev Group Holding A/S Danmatic, Automated Bakery Systems A/S Spx Flow Technology Danmark A/S Cabinplant A/S Charles River Laboratories Denmark ApS Nordlux A/S Nordic Lab ApS Reintegrate ApS Jabs Group A/S Ypsomed ApS Intralox ApS Nic. Christiansen Gruppen A/S Endava ApS Man Energy Solutions Schweiz Ag Tagarno A/S Menu A/S Maersk Product Tankers A/S Satcom1 ApS Satcom1 Airtime Services ApS Satcom1 Integration Services ApS Impulse A/S Edgemo A/S Dept Denmark Holding ApS Viga Re A/S Cimbria Manufacturing A/S A/S Cimbria Mønthuset Danmark A/S Xpeng Motors Denmark ApS Skejby Cryobank ApS Geia Food A/S Bolia A/S Rarewine Invest ApS Rarewine Trading ApS Lilly A/S Elanco Denmark ApS Ok Snacks A/S Ovodan Foods A/S Krone Fleet Danmark A/S Tiffany & Co. Denmark ApS Dcs ApS Active Sportswear Int. Holding ApS Jp/Politikens Hus A/S Mettler-Toledo A/S Sto Danmark A/S Nunc A/S Ekf Danmarks Eksportkredit Sdi Media A/S Anpartsselskabet af 1. Oktober 2011 Jabs Denmark A/S Really ApS Realm ApS Creadis Wind Solutions A/S Dansk IngeniørService A/S LM Wind Power A/S LM Group Holding A/S Kamstrup A/S Kamstrup International A/S Unioil Supply A/S Dsi Dantech A/S Brobizz A/S Powerbox A/S Univar Solutions Denmark A/S Wavecrest Holding A/S 18 Rue Godot De Mauroy Paris Ix ApS Mezina A/S Mobile Industrial Robots A/S Bruun's Galleri A/S Bjarke Ingels Group A/S B.I.G. Bjarke Ingels Group Holding ApS Plm Group Danmark A/S Workpoint A/S Deif A/S Maersk Training Tms A/S Falck Fire Services A/S Orana A/S Ultrabulk A/S Radiometer Medical ApS Cwe Taastrup K/S Deloitte Denmark General Partner ApS Nnit A/S Concens A/S Rebel Penguin ApS Danoffice IT ApS Ci II Changfang K/S Roll-O-Matic A/S Profil Rejser A/S Shopbetter ApS Dansani A/S Evidensia Dyrehospital A/S Insero A/S Novozymes A/S IBM Client Innovation Center Danmark ApS Dis House ApS Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S Peakon ApS C.C. Jensen A/S Boconcept A/S Founders A/S Guidewire Software Denmark ApS Continia Software A/S Telia Company Danmark A/S Ønskeskyen ApS Post Danmark A/S Postnord Strålfors A/S Cinemaxx Danmark A/S TDC Net Holding A/S Bisnode Danmark A/S Schneider Electric IT Denmark ApS Plastmo A/S Atp Private Equity Partners II K/S Pka Aip A/S ECS EUROCARGO SERVICES A/S Scandinavian Cosmetics Denmark ApS Bollfilter Nordic ApS Convergys Services Denmark ApS Juhler Holding A/S Sgl International A/S Sgl Road ApS Dangaard Group A/S Odense Sport & Event A/S Anodyne ApS Teradyne Robotics Holdings Denmark ApS Score Danmark A/S Brother Nordic A/S Full Service Agency ApS Elos Medtech Pinol A/S Deutsche Post Ag A/S Baltic Control International Ltd. Wunderman A/S Ap Link Livsforsikring A/S Topdanmark Livsforsikring A/S Dtk Frigo A/S Dansk Avis Omdeling A/S Planday A/S Phase One Group ApS Phase One A/S 3shape A/S 3shape Holding A/S 3shape Medical A/S Sunrise Medical ApS Gefion Group A/S Global Knowledge Denmark ApS Koncenton Ballerup Lautrupvang 15 A/S Kyocera Unimerco Tooling A/S Flexybox ApS Kodak A/S Kirkbi Invest A/S J. Choo Denmark ApS Momentum Gruppen A/S Emerson Process Management A/S Alfa Laval Copenhagen A/S Abb A/S Lgt Logistics A/S PR electronics A/S Valtor Offshore A/S Seacat - Schmeding Scandinavia Ltd., ApS Vestas Asia Pacific A/S Indicia Danmark A/S Global Equestrian Group ApS Dkcf ApS Enghave Brygge Invest ApS Haldor Topsøe A/S Ntg Nielsen & Sørensen A/S Sustinandfriends A/S Csl Behring ApS Hoffmann A/S Ftw Holding ApS Visma Danmark Holding A/S Epam Systems ApS Bevi A/S Xellia Pharmaceuticals ApS Xellia Group ApS Leo Pharma A/S Nykredit Portefølje Administration A/S Hans Buch A/S Tinderbox Entertainment ApS Azets Insight A/S Sophion Bioscience A/S P+, Pensionskassen For Akademikere K/S Habro-North City, Manchester, Phase II Wpc Deville Denmark ApS Ejendomsselskabet Nitivej, Frederiksberg ApS I Likvidation K/S Proark Nottingham Sherwood Hotel Mikkeller ApS Jevi A/S Area9 Lyceum ApS Hardi International A/S LEMAN A/S Leman Holding A/S Maersk Logistics & Services International A/S Scan Global Logistics A/S Salling Group Ejendomme A/S Uni-Tankers M/T "Feo Swan" ApS Big Shopping Holding ApS Garrets International A/S F. E. Bording A/S Collectia A/S Bk Medical ApS Fairpoint Outdoors A/S Apcoa Parking Danmark A/S Europart Danmark A/S Pd Alternative Investments Uk K/S Bering Group ApS Bestseller A/S Unifeeder General Partner ApS Unifeeder A/S Ab Neo A/S Come&Stay A/S Jorgensen Engineering A/S Novartis Healthcare A/S Rygårds Alle A/S C.I. Analyse/Gas ApS Adpeople A/S Cheminova A/S Techem Danmark A/S Optimate A/S Loveawaits ApS Abena A/S Ambu A/S Ambu Operations A/S Pharmaceutical Research Associates Denmark ApS M&J Denmark A/S Ipds General Partner ApS Fjord Skibsholding V A/S Rti Invest ApS Plandent Holding ApS Kk Wind Solutions Service A/S A. Kirk Agro A/S My Apartment ApS Woods Office Sub-Holding K/S Bms A/S Bms Capital A/S Vision Alleycat A/S Carlsberg Byen Ba 13 P/S Vendia Aalborg ApS Ip Gode Wind II K/S Vialtis A/S Hi Park II A/S Real Danmark Ejendomme II ApS Ejendomsselskabet af 20/9 1997 ApS Schenker A/S Ejendomsselskabet Mejlgade 47 og 51 ApS Forenede Hotelservice A/S Kooperationens Hus ApS Booking.Com (Denmark) ApS Jbf Projektering ApS Ffw Group ApS Evoca Nordic ApS J.V.P.'s Minde ApS Heimstaden Sabro ApS Heimstaden Vesterhavnen 5-11 ApS Unit IT A/S Ørsted Horns Rev 2 A/S Nn.07 ApS Larsen Data ApS Plantas A/S Motorola Solutions Danmark A/S Tumlare Corporation A/S Fabricair A/S Multi-Wing International A/S Multi-Wing Group A/S Teledyne Reson A/S Haugen-Gruppen Denmark A/S Danfoss Power Electronics A/S Vc Viii Polytech Holding ApS Wash World ApS Sportcc ApS Jgh Marine A/S Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy A/S Sdk Logistics A/S Source Logistics A/S Dancutter A/S Phoenix Investering ApS Ecoonline ApS Søstrene Grenes Import A/S Søstrene Grenes Holding ApS Sgs Danmark A/S Agito Medical A/S Blackbird ApS Ibsen Photonics A/S Elcee ApS Signode Denmark ApS Chemviron Carbon ApS R H ApS Bestseller Retail Europe A/S Bestseller Wholesale A/S Mercell Danmark A/S Visma Local Government A/S Port Of Aalborg Logistics A/S System Estate A/S Centaflow A/S Jacob Holm & Sønner Holding A/S Global Fashion Group ApS Maersk Drilling Services A/S Segezha Packaging A/S Torm A/S Blue Idea Group Holding ApS 43 Rue Descamps Paris Xvi ApS Warner Bros. International Television Production Danmark ApS Hemonto Holding 1 ApS DSB Trackunit ApS Trackunit America ApS Ddd Holding A/S Redgreen Wholesale ApS Solar A/S Semco Maritime A/S Protect Holding ApS Columbus A/S Maribohilleshög ApS 19 Rue Francois 1er Paris Viii ApS Bombardier Transportation Denmark A/S Danfoss Fire Safety A/S Dinesen Farms ApS J.P. Klausen & Co. A/S Strides Nordic ApS Better Collective A/S Rb Health Nordic A/S Nippon Gases Danmark A/S Live Nation Denmark ApS Hydratech Industries A/S P/S Obton Solenergi Mazovia Linde Gas A/S Casumo Technology Denmark ApS A. Espersen A/S Enviroprocess Denmark A/S Starco Europe A/S Lundsøe Køl & Frys A/S Sonion A/S Ntp Technology A/S Danish Ejendomsinvest ApS Nac Aviation 2 A/S Llfr Holding ApS Nrep A/S Scanomat A/S Bilfinger Industrier Danmark A/S Enemærke & Petersen A/S Obton France ApS Tabular Editor ApS Ngi A/S Rambøll Fonden Xfb ApS Pfizer Pfe ApS Schur International Holding A/S Schur Pack Denmark A/S Schur International A/S A/S Hydrema Danmark Constantia Copenhagen ApS Finagro ApS Envision Reklamebureau A/S Aristo Pharma Nordic ApS Matas A/S Ls Intertank ApS Hay ApS Knauf A/S Trelleborg Marine Systems Denmark A/S Bibendum København K ApS Kurt Beier Transport A/S Dane Topco ApS Skiold A/S Alk-Abelló A/S Nordic Sugar A/S Trans-Alko A/S Kingsland DK ApS Sampension Private Equity K/S Sampension Global Real Estate K/S C A Commodities A/S Creativ Company A/S Everfuel A/S Nykredit Realkredit A/S Kapitalforeningen Pensam Invest Bi Management A/S Green Team Europe A/S Randsborg A/S Villa Collection A/S Villa Collection Holding A/S Hshansen A/S Sofaco Design ApS Protect A/S Kronospan ApS BASF A/S Liljeborg Aktieselskab Graphic West ApS I Likvidation Ak Techotel A/S Carglass A/S Bpi A/S Coop Danmark A/S Tadaa! A/S Albatros Expeditions A/S Cisco Systems Danmark ApS Maersk Line Agency Holding A/S Configit A/S Ntg Continent A/S Ntg East A/S Iqvia Partners A/S Thales Denmark A/S Attendo A/S Borg Automotive A/S Damco A/S IT Relation Holding A/S Origio A/S Adyn ApS SAS Institute A/S Ørsted Wind Power Holding A/S Ørsted Wind Power A/S Amaris Consulting ApS Ap Pension Livsforsikringsaktieselskab Equinor International ApS B.S. Danmark A/S Paylike ApS Ubsend A/S Aktieselskabet af 12. April 2021 Nexgen A/S Palsgaard A/S Dena A/S Dena A/S Mascus A/S C-Bed Holding A/S Bila A/S Stena Marine Management ApS Orskov Yard A/S Kramp Danmark A/S Grene Wind Industry Supplies A/S Ferrum A/S Astellas Pharma A/S Shiporama ApS Danish Supply Corporation A/S Krone Scanbalt A/S Reconor A/S

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