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Continental China (PRC) counts around 50 millions private companies, most of them being individual businesses. This figure is growing rapidly due to strong economic growth. You can search now online over 10.5 million companies from the online chinese database. If you don't find the company you are searching for, please contact us : We can provide reports on any business in China.
To search companies in Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macao, you need to use the appropriate search form.
Information found in our reports comes from investigation, interviews and official sources such as provincial company registers. For each company we propose a wide range of reports : verify company's existence and legal status, obtain financial figures from latest accounts, identify directors and shareholders (or parent company), assess credit-worthiness, failure risk and payment history.
The Compact Report contains important information with a very competitive pricing. Registration numbers (AIC, Unified social credit code, fiscal code), legal representatives and directors (including other held positions), shareholders (direct and ultimate), trademark and patent check with P

Cities with most corporate headquarters :
Beijing   Shanghai   Shenzhen   Guangzhou   Hangzhou   Tianjin   Suzhou   Dongguan   Xiamen   Ningbo  

List of main cities in China sorted by search volumes