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Loveawaits ApS Sha ApS Cap Kerguelen ApS Maersk Drilling A/S Bisca A/S Tricolore Transport & Logistics A/S Maersk Line A/S Kmc, Kartoffelmelcentralen, A.m.b.a A. H. Riise Spirits ApS Faerch A/S Salling Group A/S Titan Containers A/S Saxo Bank A/S Biolid Group ApS Comodality ApS Ddb Brand & Business A/S Dalberg Media IVS Accunia Investeringsforvaltning A/S Toly Group International ApS Elfi Holding ApS Dangaard Electronics A/S Dtu Sport Dtu Volley Blume Food I/S Tas Cooperationv/ Sara-Lou Tas Splint Jemo-Pharm A/S Euro Vet ApS Skive Bi Geely Financials Denmark A/S 2care4 ApS S.A. Holding ApS Venue Møn ApS Dasen Rein Pharmalab ApS Le Tech Unifeeder General Partner ApS I Likvidation Unifeeder A/S Pack Tech A/S Dynaudio A/S Maersk Eastern Europe ApS Oeno Invest ApS Dahls ... ApS Steelcon Chimney. Esbjerg A/S Music Tribe Brands DK A/S Danski ApS Aktieselskabet af 1.8.2007 Clipper Farver v/Mette R. Ttomsen Neets A/S Pharmavit ApS Supersonic Svendborg ApS Svendborgkredsens Konservative Valgerforenings Annonceblad Scandi ApS Motilitycount ApS Ungdomsringen Region Nordjylland Entertainment Trading ApS Hha Language Services D-R-IT I/S Powercare A/S Danish Decoration Ship Interior Consulting ApS Plannja Ab Kj Pedersen A/S Lindberg & Hedemann Holding ApS Adam's Auto v/Mahmoud Senounou E.P. Piffe Legetøj En Gros ApS Red City Buses Denmark ApS Dalum Charlie Darwin ApS Acorp Investment ApS Ft Trackman Holding ApS Salon Vaseparken v/Teddy Honore Jpr Automatik Fremco Sales A/S Intersport Detail A/S Effektivt Anders Andersen Consulting Fo Holding ApS Fotowerk ApS Price Kommunikation Epic Trading IVS Dia-Derma Schur Packaging Systems Ab Salesgroup Denmark IVS Under Konkurs (opløst) Randsborg A/S Randsborg Holding A/S Softwarenerds ApS Folkekirkens Nødhjælps Genbrugsbutik Fonden af 20. December Euro Cater Holding A/S Maribohilleshög ApS Design-R Utzon Jewellery ApS A Hansen Tømrer og Bygningssned- Ker Bent Clausen Biochem Trade Sl Danish Speciality Foods Cph DK ApS Medema A/S Blue Water Shipping A/S Force Technology Tet ApS Under Konkurs Agito Medical A/S Bang & Olufsen Expansion A/S Bukkehave Corporation A/S Elholm La Lande ApS Milcom Nordic A/S Under Konkurs Loop House Invest ApS Valitor A/S Aalborg Portland White A/S Tatto Studiet v/Helle Platek v/Helle Trilov Platek Derketek ApS Rohm And Haas European Holding ApS Telesikring A/S Orifarm A/S Telerik Denmark A/S Rohm And Haas Denmark Holding Company ApS Arla Foods Holding A/S A/S Aalborg Portland-Cement- Fabriks Understottelsesfond Dollerup Hoj 17 ApS Wirefree Services Denmark A/S Stema Shipping A/S Ørsted A/S Widex DK A/S Tetsche v/Jacob Tetsche Micro Invest ApS Copenship Mpp A/S Under Konkurs Telecom Trading Point ApS Under Konkurs (opløst) Bevo Nordic A/S Scanvet A/S Holdingselskabet Marsvej 20 ApS Dsv Ocean Transport A/S Jenka Holding ApS I Likvidation (oplost) Emidan A/S Daypaq ApS Ørsted Services A/S Widex A/S Vestergaard Company Finance A/S Aagaard Agro v/Per Aagaard Bruun 130 Rue Du Faubourg Saint Honore Paris Viii ApS Cosmetique v/Allan O. Gade Bang & Olufsen Syd ApS Under Tvangsopløsning Jysk A/S Abena A/S Vsp II ApS Gogift.Com A/S Procore A/S Din Forsyning A/S Avenue Trading ApS Unipension Infra K/S Unipension Pe II K/S Uni-Tankers A/S Sjø Ejendomme II ApS Under Konkurs (opløst) Bms A/S Nne Pharmaplan A/S Euromic A/S Carlsberg Byen Campus A/S Kvik Bud ApS Ppm Group Investments ApS Chakibel Associates Ltd Pindstrup Mosebrug A/S Dana Mas. Consult v/Daniela Alina Edelmann Archinet ApS Green Export ApS Kommandor. Romo A/S Frost Invest A/S United Company ApS Dansk Kabel Tv A/S Hp Schou Holding A/S Selected Tours ApS Uni-Tankers M/T "Jutlandia Swan" ApS Brenntag Nordic A/S Copenhagen Airport Services ApS Copenhagen Airports Denmark ApS Advokatfyn A/S L'equilibre A/S Spi-Danmark ApS Mp Handel v/Morten Petersen Insightintegro IVS Nala Ks Pro Shop I/S Greenweb ApS Lsl Holding ApS Cliptek Electroma ApS Scanpro ApS Consoil Modulo Medtech ApS Ejendomsselskabet Pc ApS Aircoil ApS Rungstedstrand ApS Provianten, Rungsted Havn v/Per Nygaard Erhvervsforeningen Rungsted Havn Jl Rungsted Consult ApS MacArtney A/S Orbicon Arbejdsmiljo Vest ApS Silkeborg Cartrading ApS Mayday Vinduespolering ApS Procurator A/S Nassa A/S Aktieselskabet Sonderaen Sondergaard El A/S Scandinavian Ship Support Ole Land ApS Under Konkurs In Front ApS Vestergaard & Co ApS Humlebak Holding ApS Skofeber Slagelse ApS Skofeber - Helsingor The Mokka Cafe Company, Kolding ApS A.J. Eriksen Holding ApS John Hansen Invest ApS Bar Sushi Kolding ApS Multiform Design Center Kolding ApS Eurobulk Logistics A/S Abacus Råd & Regnskab ApS Andelsboligforeningen Rn Tim Bjorn - Graphic Design & Illustration Just Vet Noridane Food A/S Forsikring Danmark Outbound Fredericia Furniture A/S +halle A/S Peter Sebastian Holding ApS Peter Larsen Holding ApS Peter Kvetny Holding ApS Only Stores A/S Aktieselskabet af 12. Juli 2010 Bikebuster ApS 46 Grader Nord Ag-Advice ApS Telco A/S Stendevad Holding ApS Musik T Advokatanpartsselskab Blixt Bus ApS John Arne A/S God Tone A/S Kapitalforeningen Industriens Pension Portfolio Industriens Pension Professionel Forening F.m.b.a Nyord ApS Britannia Invest A/S Viking One ApS Mawli ApS Zuum Media IVS Proshoppen Koge I/S Ajour4you Beta Aviation ApS Sted ApS Vejgaard Oliefyrsservice ApS Mejrup Koler & Oliefyrsservice

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