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Entertainment Trading ApS Stena Marine Management ApS Elfi Holding ApS Loveawaits ApS Ev-Remarketing Maersk Eastern Europe ApS Ay Engros ApS Scanfedt A/S Fez ApS Xellia Pharmaceuticals ApS Allimpex Trade Danmark ApS Clobotics A/S Biolid Group ApS Comodality ApS Unipension Infra K/S Scanpharm A/S Dracco Group Holding ApS Cozy ApS Sha ApS Better Solution Group Equity Investment ApS Fælles Service Center, Forening Med Begrænset Ansvar (F.m.b.a) Chronos Danish Speciality Foods Cph DK ApS Toly Group International ApS Saxo Bank A/S Gamestop Denmark ApS Ørsted A/S Tetsche v/Jacob Tetsche Cci-Calbar Contracting International A/S Under Konkurs (Opløst) Tricolore Transport & Logistics A/S LEKI AVIATION A/S France Resa v/Didier Gerard Prod'homme Rainbow Entertainment Concert & Tour Promotion ApS Uni-Fly A/S Chr. Bukkehave & Søn I/S v/ Asger og Hans Bukkehave Aktieselskabet af 1.8.2007 Jai Aviation ApS Spx Flow Technology Copenhagen A/S Fredericia Furniture A/S Vega Transport ApS Grewy Engineering Civica Actulux A/S Lastas Trucks Danmark A/S Ejendomsselskabet Bygning 119 A/S T. Knudsen ApS Shiporama ApS Rosborg Krydderurter A/S My Textiles ApS Nets A/S Woden A/S Infracko IVS Huaxing ApS Nexgen A/S Binary Invest ApS Binary Invest Holding ApS Digital Minds Gob Skincare ApS Xplor Xr ApS Fritz Hansen A/S Synergy Consult ApS Ørsted Wind Power Holding A/S Flsmidth & Co. A/S Espersen Holding ApS Madura Holding ApS I Likvidation Flsmidth A/S Dan-Form A/S Blue Industries ApS Private Brands Holding ApS Vivino ApS Danske Fragtmænd A/S Muuto A/S Derketek ApS Bisca A/S Stema Shipping A/S Banijay International ApS Telecom Trading Point ApS Under Konkurs (opløst) Carlsberg A/S Maersk Oil Trading And Investments A/S Dsv Ocean Transport A/S Bofrost Danmark ApS Agnitio A/S Sapin Nordmann ApS Tromborg ApS Orange Business Denmark A/S Aagaard Agro v/Per Aagaard Bruun Milestone Systems A/S Autorola A/S Pq Europe ApS Adform A/S Radisson Hotels ApS Danmark Unipension Re K/S Nordic Aviation Capital A/S Nykredit Portefølje Administration A/S Import/Export v/Abdelkrim Gasmi Dansk Landbrugs Frøselskab A.m.b.a Pressalit A/S Kapitalforeningen Mp Invest Kvik Center Risskov A/S Kvik Hjemmeservice v/Birte Arnskov Novo Holdings A/S Ld Management ApS Maersk Drilling A/S Danske Bank A/S J.A. ApS Kommandor. Romo A/S Obton A/S Iat Holding A/S Ropox A/S Copenhagen Inc. Pharmavit ApS Inpay A/S Inpay Services ApS Mikkelsen Electronics A/S Aros Applied Biotechnology A/S European Fertilizer A/S Consolidated Holdings A/S Nassa A/S Søren Agerbo A/S Ag-Advice ApS Industriens Pensionsforsikring A/S Kapitalforeningen Industriens Pension Portfolio Britannia Invest A/S Proshop ApS Kmc, Kartoffelmelcentralen, A.m.b.a Krone Scanbalt A/S Ameta Computer A/S Wavepiston A/S Wavepiston Holding ApS Cometra ApS Pharmacons ApS Hempel A/S Joan Sostrene Arbejdsmarkedets Feriefond Kvanto Payment Services A/S Am Retail Danemark ApS C2wear Atea A/S Telekaden v/Henrik Holm Jensen Rosfeld A/S Ect ApS Linda Brogaard Dixie Software ApS Columbus E. ApS Norse Projects ApS Computer Access ApS Templafy ApS Vice Tht Trading ApS Oestergaard A/S A/B La Corniche Kildevand ApS Tonsure ApS Dla Piper Denmark Advokatpartnerselskab Computer Camp A/S Better Collective A/S Scanomat Uk Ltd. ApS Broen A/S Adecco A/S Fritz Dahl Pedersen Biler ApS Jensen Automobiler Logpoint A/S Geely Financials Denmark A/S Nutritech ApS SAS Institute A/S Veo Technologies ApS Lemco Rehab & Fysio ApS Woodgroup ApS Enjoyment Trading ApS Liita Care ApS Kapitalforeningen Danske Invest Institutional National Oilwell Varco Denmark I/S Softline Management ApS Multi-Wing Group A/S Windowmaster International A/S A2 Living ApS Wnb A/S Gentofte Hospitals Kunstforening Impero A/S Vita Media Group ApS Rita A/S Miss Sandra Netnordic Communication A/S Printix.Net ApS Lunar Way A/S Ready Made A/S Cipp ApS Pegaio Pj Consult v/Per Jørgensen Nordic Power Converters Holding IVS Nordic Power Converters ApS Heimdal Security A/S Clayton Power ApS Titlina Storage ApS Radisson Royal Hotel Copenhagen ApS Cdw Holding ApS Woomio ApS Jinko Solar Denmark ApS Euroteam A/S Baymard Institute ApS Shipco Transport Holding A/S Berthes Lulu Mosquito ApS Syd Fund Management A/S Northbynorth A-One Services IVS North-East Family Office Holding 2 ApS Leading Practice ApS A-Speakers ApS Performativ ApS Calib.IO I/S Ropox Holding A/S Delegate A/S Fragtmænd Holding A/S Crystal Service Bacon X ApS A&A A&A ApS Skyways Technics A/S Indsats ApS Addmusic I/S v/Anders Haaber og Jakob Eilsø Brødbæk & Co. A/S Nature Energy Videbæk A/S C-Bed Holding A/S Promantus ApS Odd Society ApS Brax Store Gmbh & Co. Kg Manyone A/S Flp The Consulting Company ApS Bj Computers ApS Posture Clothing ApS Noma af 2003 ApS Kl Ejendomme & Invest Holding ApS Unik Gruppen Holding ApS Usinger ApS Lückow Film ApS Late Love Production IVS Talented Earth Organization A/S Jetsport v/ Claus Bo Mørk Definitions ApS Notabene ApS Phoenix Capital ApS Andelskartoffelmelsfabrikken Vendsyssel A.M.B.A. (Akv Langholt A.M.B.A.) Spillerpuljen For Herrelandsholdet I Håndbold Spillerpuljen I Kvinde- og Herrelandsholdstruppen I Håndbold Spillerpuljen For Kvinde A-Landsholdet I Fodbold Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company ApS Formio A/S

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