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Loveawaits ApS Global Capital ApS Copenhagen.Com A/S Løgismose Meyers Group ApS Vestas Manufacturing A/S Gp Metal A/S P Metal ApS Jacob Holm Villa Collection A/S Universal Robots A/S Heartland A/S Statens Serum Institut Bali Home Treatment Chefs Ceramics Ascom Danmark A/S Steel Nordic IVS Aarhus Havn Kolding Vinhandel v/Kresten Vestergaard Frandsen Foreningen Indsats Center Oliehavnen Aarhus Compass Human Resources Group, Vest A/S Løgismose Meyers Restauranter ApS Enbw Offshore Service Denmark ApS Meetinvr ApS Arla Foods A.m.b.a Valitor A/S Jp/Politikens Hus A/S Velux A/S Widex A/S Maersk Eastern Europe ApS 3shape Holding A/S Satair Hardware A/S Trustpilot A/S Aller Aqua A/S Aller Aqua Group A/S Kapitalforeningen Mp Invest Haldor Topsøe A/S Luxstyle ApS Xellia Pharmaceuticals ApS Maersk A/S Fiskars Denmark A/S Veltec Industrial Services A/S Berlingske Media A/S Via Systems A/S Ikea Trading Services ApS Vialtis A/S Nets Cards Processing A/S Alk-Abelló A/S Jm Hundeservice / Mydogcare v/Jeanette Madsen Shiporama ApS Vicus B ApS Vicus M ApS Bunker Holding A/S Dan Salmon A/S Varde Ovne A/S Too Good To Go ApS Graphic West ApS I Likvidation Uvd Robots ApS Vestas Aircoil A/S Atlas Property Holding A/S House Invest ApS National Oilwell Varco Norway As United Textile Group A/S Unity Ipr ApS Unit IT A/S Vestas Mediterranean A/S Høgsgård I/S v/Niels&Heide Vestergaard Frandsen Haldor Topsøe Sustainables A/S Choff Retail Olsen Cargo ApS Skumslukningscentralen I Aalborg Oliehavn Agf A/S Upcycling ApS Trading Relations Torp Service ApS Abj Metal A/S Mhi Vestas Offshore Wind Us Inc Gb Wine Import ApS Top Wine ApS Spinning Wheels I/S v/Kim og Lisa Tovgaard All Nrg A/S Norse Car Rental ApS Tsbone ApS Trans-IT Logistics ApS Cip Management Holding ApS Liljeborg Aktieselskab Frameo ApS Pokerjuice ApS Com2learn ApS Drejer´s v/Anders Drejer Chateau Wines Direct ApS Holmegruppen ApS Go Strøm ApS Nirwood Consulting Global Investment & Finance ApS Vms Group A/S Danish Speciality Foods Cph DK ApS Xo Care A/S Biocare Copenhagen A/S Mem Service v/Mohamed El Mahdaoui Nilfisk A/S Telesikring A/S Pixelz ApS Unifeeder General Partner ApS Flexa4dreams A/S Tricolore Transport & Logistics A/S Dagrofa Logistik A/S Unifeeder A/S Carlsberg A/S Villa Collection Holding A/S Coop Danmark A/S Carlsberg Integrated Information Technology A/S Union Engineering A/S Uhrenholt A/S Bestseller Retail Europe A/S Zebra A/S Ay Engros ApS Vsp II ApS Joe & The Juice A/S H.C. Autocenter A/S Adform A/S Comodality ApS Wrist Ship Supply A/S Elfi Holding ApS Unipension Infra K/S Unipension Re K/S Uni-Tankers A/S Uni-Tankers M/T "Feo Swan" ApS Cbre Intego A/S Falcon Lifts A/S Oticon Medical A/S Smart Parts Nordic A/S Nykredit Portefølje Administration A/S Vitrinemedia Danmark ApS Iconfinder ApS Kramp Danmark A/S Kronospan ApS Novozymes A/S Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (France) Infifon ApS Dako Denmark ApS Unipension Pe K/S Ld Management ApS Sea Fresh Danmark ApS Neets A/S Atlantic Airways Spx Flow Technology Copenhagen A/S Green Export ApS Vestas Northern Europe A/S Eurogran Holding A/S Arrow Ecs Denmark A/S Bpi A/S Billetten A/S Copenhagen Inc. Copenhagen Commercial Group ApS Nordisk Transducer Teknik ApS Vikima Holding A/S Mikkelsen Electronics A/S Zacco Denmark A/S Nassa A/S Ubsend A/S Wefri A/S Luxol A/S Marius Pedersen A/S Zikander ApS Arrow Ecs Nordic A/S Proactive A/S Vitec Mv A/S Stena Marine Management ApS Kapitalforeningen Bankinvest Vælger Danoffice IT ApS Arla Foods Ingredients Group P/S Arla Foods Ingredients Energy A/S Crystal Art Software ApS Tadaa! A/S Copenhagen Business Group ApS HK/Danmark Medei ApS Unigroup International IVS Dragsbæk A/S Laurent Dæk A/S Udsen Invest ApS Ultrabulk A/S T&R Foods I/S Bi Management A/S House Of Cars Leasing ApS Studio John Boye/John Boye Oestergaard A/S Xo Shipping A/S Rosborg Krydderurter A/S Green Team Europe A/S Jones Engineering Group Denmark ApS Panterens Bastion ApS T.K.B. Shipping A/S Adecco A/S Unilever Danmark A/S Dantherm Group A/S Biomar Group A/S DK Ship Supply ApS Århus Slagtehus A/S Aller Petfood Group A/S Cafax ApS Cryos International ApS Ubt Marketing A/S Aircraft Transportation Llc Marel Salmon A/S Trade Point Int. ApS Klasserumsledelse.DK v/Steen Honoré Ips Denmark IVS Ejendoms-Invest I/S Hshansen A/S Wavemaker A/S Hobbii A/S Wienerberger A/S Global Fashion Agenda A/S Hottinger Brüel & Kjær A/S Msp Emea ApS Blue Box ApS Zyxel Communications A/S Bedre Fødsel v/Bjørg Simonsen Procurator Danmark A/S Reform Furniture ApS Marorka A/S Under Konkurs First Agency First Agency ApS Securipax A/S Smartdiet ApS Tmk A/S Aller Aqua China A/S Carglass A/S H. N. Coating A/S Klar Rengøring v/Kerim Darilmaz Windowmaster A/S Windowmaster International A/S Mart Københavns Universitet J.B. Wood ApS Hay ApS Sonion A/S Heide Vestergaard Frandsen K. Vestergaard Frandsen A/S Under Konkurs (Opløst) Christiansfeld Entreprenør I/S v/Heide Vestergaard Frandsen og Jens Sune Wegerslev Andresen Moodagent A/S Eniig Energi A/S Jj Holding & Invest ApS Cardlay A/S Mascus A/S Mads P Thomsen Reklame v/Mads Peter Thomsen Maribohilleshög ApS Vita Media Group ApS Creativ Company A/S

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