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Entreprenorfirmaet Kaspar Martin Ludvigsen ApS Vital Petfood Group A/S Mejerigarden I/S Robert Damkjar Holding A/S Mejerigarden ApS Mejerigaarden Dm Food Specialities ApS E/F Mejerigarden Blr. Grosisten v/ Bent Petersen v/Bent Petersen Tetra Pak Processing Systems A/S Danish Speciality Foods Cph DK ApS Majorgaarden Mejeriet ApS Copenhagen Food Specialities ApS Mejerigaardensrideklub Special Foods ApS Mejer ApS Mejerigarden Spar v/Bettina Lohmann Mejerigaarden Investment A/S Mejerigarden v/Ivan Rask Christensen Nicolas Vahe Anpartsselskab Technolution A/S Bmc Ventures A/S Teledyne Reson A/S Husum Ejendom ApS Zafe Foods ApS Sapa Precision Tubing Tonder A/S Dynatest International A/S Scanico A/S Alstom Transport Danmark A/S Faerch A/S Stada Nordic ApS Pharmacosmos Holding A/S H. Lundbeck A/S Grossisten v/ Knud Bach Bila A/S Enh Engineering A/S Nordenta A/S Designit Denmark A/S Ørsted Wind Power Holding A/S LEGO Fonden Thermo-Transit Danmark Finans A/S I Likvidation Danfoss A/S Bt Components A/S Bang & Olufsen A/S Logitrans Holding ApS Logstor A/S Hugin Expert A/S Vikan A/S Logitrans A/S Mortensen & Stokkebye ApS Danimex Communication A/S Medema A/S Cap Kerguelen ApS Soco System A/S Plus Pack A/S DK Company Vejle A/S Vestergaard Company A/S Patrick Holding ApS Nordlux A/S Pharmakon A/S Blue Water Shipping A/S Kyocera Unimerco A/S Xo Care A/S Silvatec Skovmaskiner A/S Fischer Danmark A/S Broste Copenhagen A/S Berdino Holding A/S Systematic A/S Fischer A/S Normann Copenhagen ApS Icepower A/S Simon Moos Maskinfabrik A/S Medicom Innovation Partner A/S Mortensen Management APS Reassuranceafviklings- Aktieselskabet Under Konkurs Gasel Danmark A/S Selskabet Er Reassumeret Flsmidth & Co. A/S Thomas Schmidts Uddannelsesfond Force Technology Danimex ApS Sky-Light A/S Dupont Nutrition Biosciences ApS Bang & Olufsen A/S Fond Til Fordelfor Selskabets Medarbejdere Espersen Holding ApS Nitus Fischer Holding A/S Toly Group International ApS Yousee A/S Business Broker A/S LM Wind Power Holding A/S Xo Holding ApS Bang & Olufsen Operations A/S Bang & Olufsen Herning A/S Mortensen & Markman I/S Barrique Vin ApS Ge Healthcare Danmark A/S Logic IO ApS TDC Mobil Center, Helsinge ApS Under Konkurs (opløst) Johnsen Group v/Thomas Johnsen Tet ApS Under Konkurs By Malene Birger A/S Verisk Europe ApS Partners & ApS Seasat A/S Ngf Nature Energy Holding A/S Firstline Estates A/S Under Konkurs Actionsportgames A/S Bang & Olufsen Danmark A/S Verpan ApS Silvatec A/S Convena Distribution A/S Dancover A/S Dinesen Farms ApS Davenka ApS Veto I/S Jl Maskiner A/S Fischer Bioconsult ApS Fischer & Company v/ Christine Fischer Fipo Group ApS Agito Medical A/S Fischertek v/Peter Mikkelsen Danimex Property ApS Defap Enterprises ApS European Flight Technology ApS Under Konkurs Femilet Vejle v/ Britt Weinreich Nydahl Madura Holding ApS Flsmidth A/S Mortensen ApS Bang & Olufsen Expansion A/S Bukkehave Corporation A/S Scan-Line Interior A/S Fischer Windows Skandinavien ApS Under Konkurs (oplost) Bang & Olufsen Rådhuspladsen A/S Cimco Integration I/S Normann Copenhagen Production ApS Cocinas ApS Under Konkurs (oplost) Fischer & Lindahl v/Jorgen Lindahl Danish Financial Services K/S Nilfisk-Egholm A/S Saxo Bank A/S Hovmand Holding ApS Rynda En Primeur (Archipel) ApS Nci A/S Fischer Blomster ApS I-Sys ApS Nest A/S Under Konkurs Codan Medical Estates ApS L.C.O. Properties ApS Greenwood Engineering A/S Mortensenradgivning ApS Le Patio A/S And & Co. v/ Helle Lilkær Anneman Ventura Gates ApS Archipel ApS Bocopenhagen ApS Have ApS Marzabal Denmark ApS Meiers Maskinfabrik ApS Paneuropean (Orleans) ApS Paneuropean (Stanislas) ApS Paneuropean (City) ApS Paneuropean (Colmar) ApS Partners I/S Ekf Danmarks Eksportkredit Kepri International v/Kaare Prien Miriam Invest ApS Under Konkurs Portloe Holdings ApS Under Konkurs Dybet ApS Feiyue Group Europe ApS Under Konkurs (opløst) Blue Industries ApS Ses Farms Bourges ApS Partnerships A/S 5 Rue Du Boccador Paris 75008 ApS 5 Rue Du Boccador Paris Viii ApS 43 Rue Descamps Paris Xvi ApS Fusonix ApS Oliver Kierulf Steiner A/S Polar Electro Danmark ApS Gamestop Denmark ApS Multi Media Consulting A/S Romer ApS Auto-Forum Roskilde A/S Vich 6693 A/S Atp Fondsmæglerselskab A/S Insepa A/S Rehermann's Ilt & Gas A/S Bizcon ApS In Spe Aromateknik A/S Holding Eksperten ApS Dan-Service. Viby Sj. ApS Under Konkurs Auto 5 ApS Codegroup Holding ApS Private Brands Holding ApS Inspect Mingo Invest ApS Pj Byg Skive ApS Brdr. Dyring v/Michael Dyring Jorgensen B4beauty K/S Plano Pack A/S Soro Byggecenter K/S Imc Business Consulting A/S Ph System ApS Skalfarms ApS Knowledge v/Kim Stubberup Economic Systems ApS Knowledgecotton Apparel A/S Knowledge Cube Holding ApS Knowledge Cube A/S System El System El ApS Global Knowledge Denmark ApS Financial Systems Fs Ab Knowledgedesign v/Kirsten Elisabeth Nielsen Jerlov Data ApS Syddansk Knowledge Fond Systems As Knowledgespace Knowledgeworks Ventures ApS Under Tvangsoplosning Livia Knowledge & Trade Bridge Noblesoft A/S Kbs Knowledge Based Systems v/Troels Andreasen Dite-System Hq Systemer 6 Juli Garden Rd Data System ApS Mil-Tek Danmark A/S Partneren ApS Execujet Europe A/S Fischer Medical ApS Top Toy Ejendomme, Sverige A/S Kop & Kande v/Peter Pedersen Universal Music A/S Scan-El A/S Nord Scan Line K/S Vivino ApS Vila Hcs A/S Transport & Spedition Ksm Industry ApS Casper Blom ApS Skovbyg ApS Sovang Holding ApS Sovang v/P Thyssen Eriksen Skov-Link A/S Skovbo ApS Skovbak ApS Skovdal Kro A/S Skovhus

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