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Bladt Ledergruppe ApS Gears For Breakfast ApS Mentorfordove.DK Alpha Web ApS Alpha Shipmate ApS Global Supply And Trading Finance ApS Arctic Group A/S Den Ostlige Forening Intel Copenhagen ApS Gomspace ApS Greenweb Nordjysk Kolerfabrik A/S Andreasen & Hvidberg ApS Andreasen & Hvidberg K/S Poul Kirkeby-Andreasen Novi A/S Brevdueforeningen 053 Solyst Mammoet Wind A/S Royal Arctic Linieagentur A/S Supportus ApS A/S Aalborg Portland-Cement- Fabriks Understottelsesfond Aktieselskabet Aalborg Portland- Cement-Fabriks Sikkerhedsfond Nki Kloak- og Industriservice A/S Aalborg Portland Holding A/S On ApS Danbrit Akkumulator Aalborg A/S Nordjyske Media Partner A/S Koncept Nord ApS Am Auto E.P. Service.DK ApS E.P. Service ApS Under Konkurs (oplost) Aalborg Portland A/S Aalborg Boldspilklub A/S Nimble Minds I/S Neogrid Technologies ApS El Klub Siemens Aalborg Pipers Teglvarker A/S Nordjysk Kombi Terminal A/S Johanne og Ditlev Bergs Legat For Enker Efter Funkt. og Arbejdere Ved Aalborg Portland Cement Fabri Tankbilchaufforernes Klub Pa Aalborg Portland Aalborg Portland White A/S A/S Aalborg Portland-Cement- Fabriks Velfardsfond Postboks 165 Aalborg Portland Interessekontoret Postboks 165 Coloplast A/S Chakibel Associates Ltd Global Travel Media ApS Region Nordjylland Create IT Real Holding ApS A/S V. Sorensen. Aalborg Mindefond For Ingenior Poul Larsen For Arbejdere Ved Aktieselskabet Aalborg Portland-Cement-Fabrik Danmarks-Samfundet, Region Nordjylland Feriefonden For Medarbejdere Ved Region Nordjylland Forberedelsesudvalget For Region Nordjylland Social Chroma ApS Loveawaits ApS Dansk Supermarked Administration A/S Om Finansiering ApS Elfi Holding ApS Unipension Infra K/S Grene Danmark A/S Tiny Industries ApS Luxstyle ApS Consolidated Holdings A/S Carl Ras A/S Fredberg A/S Nyhavn Rejser A/S Danish Speciality Foods Cph DK ApS Nicolas Vahe Anpartsselskab Bt Components A/S ISS World Services A/S Logstor A/S Cap Kerguelen ApS Force Technology Ge Healthcare Danmark A/S By Malene Birger A/S Actionsportgames A/S Dancover A/S Defap Enterprises ApS Saxo Bank A/S I-Sys ApS 5 Rue Du Boccador Paris Viii ApS Hcs A/S Transport & Spedition Capgemini Sogeti Danmark A/S Arla Foods A.m.b.a Mem Service v/Mohamed El Mahdaoui Forsikrings-Aktieselskabet Alka Danish Crown A/S Muuto A/S Foncière Du Triangle D'or ApS Ess-Food A/S Jysk Fortuna ApS Geveko Intelligent Transport System A/S Alpha Finance Society K/S Hesselholt Fisk Eksport A/S Biolid Group ApS Bevo Nordic A/S Dagrofa Logistik A/S Alpha Insurance A/S Lachenmeier ApS Scanvet A/S Biler I Rusland A/S LEKI AVIATION A/S Estee Lauder Cosmetics A/S Dr Marsing & Co. Ltd., A/S Under Konkurs (oplost) Kvadrat A/S Decra A/S Dr Ingeborg Kistrup Coop Danmark A/S Daypaq ApS Dynaudio A/S Termatech A/S Dpa Microphones A/S Falck Danmark A/S Alpargatas International ApS Plein Ouest A/S Danmarks Tekniske Universitet Dansk Computer Center A/S Bestseller Retail Europe A/S 3shape Holding A/S Autorola A/S Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S Presidents Institute ApS Foss A/S Id Hair Company A/S Fata ApS Trustpilot A/S Allerfonden Bc Hospitality Group A/S Nordic Aviation Capital A/S Awapatent A/S Thule Holding ApS Frontier Trading A/S Bms A/S Hummel Holding A/S Dansac A/S Dhi Cult World ApS Gaia Industries Gaarde Erhverv A/S Danski ApS Aktieselskabet af 1.8.2007 Circle Europe A/S Kapitalforeningen Unipension Invest Kvik Center Randers A/S Kvik A/S Geographic Resource Analysis & Science A/S Novozymes Adenium Biotech A/S Desmi Pumping Technology A/S Winparf Holdings ApS Fde A/S Infifon ApS Egmont Creative Solutions A/S Freeway ApS Contrast Company A/S Contrast v/Aya Bonde Jensen Unipension I/S Unipension Gp ApS Mentorforum v/Ulla Sorensen BHJ A/S Jyske Bank A/S Jyske Finans A/S Jyske Bank A/S Bindslev Cimbria Manufacturing A/S Equinor International A/S Knauf A/S Clipper Seafood As Clipper A/S Clipper Lines A/S Haldor Topsoe A/S Haugen-Gruppen Denmark A/S Ecco Sko A/S Bridgestone Danmark A/S 34 Avenue Marceau Paris Viii ApS Danforel A/S SAS Danmark A/S Superstudio Cph ApS Codan Medical Holding ApS Leo Pharma A/S Blip Systems A/S Cafe Visa ApS Brenntag Nordic A/S Cm-Trade.DK ApS Copenhagen Airports Denmark ApS G4s Kyhlensø A/S 3shape A/S Copenhagen Contractors A/S Axa Power ApS Rohm And Haas Denmark A/S Add Mikkelsen A/S Gartnergarden ApS European Fertilizer A/S Det Danske Hedeselskab Logismose Mejeri og Fodevarer A/S Eltronic Finans ApS M.A. Scandinavia ApS Cp Kelco ApS Cp Kelco Services ApS Gejst & Co v/Pia Westermann Social Connect ApS Aktieselskabet af 21. November 2001 Jakap Holding ApS Endoca ApS Kapitalforeningen Industriens Pension Portfolio Det Elektriske Autohus IVS Expromo Europe A/S Kmc Car Parts Industries ApS Al Finans A/S Kulturhus Trommen A/S Damco A/S Lkf Materials A/S Gram Commercial A/S Haarslev Group Holding A/S Npf Technologies ApS Dhl Express (Denmark) A/S BMW Financial Services Denmark A/S Groupe Seb Nordic A/S Amdocs Advertising And Media - Emea ApS Hempel A/S Daka Denmark A/S Ganni A/S Ramtronic ApS Under Konkurs Carnegie Asset Management Holding Danmark A/S Kviksoft DFDS A/S Lilly A/S Luxol A/S Gerber Scientific International A/S G.O. Transport & Spedition A/S Gehl Architects ApS Georg Jensen Investment ApS DONG Energy Wind Power Tw Holding A/S A2sea A/S Concare IT A/S Furuno Danmark A/S Getinge IT Solutions ApS Kamstrup A/S Kamstrup International A/S Angel Acquisition ApS Kapitalforeningen Investin Pro Kapitalforeningen Investin Kapitalforeningen Trp-Invest Kapitalforeningen Lb Investering Kapitalforeningen Emd Invest Kapitalforeningen Bls Invest Kapitalforeningen Atp Invest Kapitalforeningen Institutionel Investor Kapitalforeningen Ld Danoffice IT ApS

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