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Buy documents and reports without credit card
If you need to frequently retrieve documents we have a solution : the prepaid account. You credit your account. The amount of each order is withdrawn from your account. If you want more information, contact us.

Company name screening
Before a trademark registration or company formation it is wise to check existing company names.
With more than 250 million businesses (200 countries) in the online database, we can quickly retrieve identical company names on a worldwide basis. This search will save you time and money.
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Marketing lists
Get company lists according to size, activity...
- Identify prospects
- Monitor competitors
- Select suppliers...
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Get DUNS Numbers or match your DUNS Numbers with the up-to-date database
Do you need to know DUNS Numbers of businesses worldwide ? Ask us for unlimited access to DUNS Numbers...
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Debt collection worldwide
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Fees are dues only if debt is collected.

Specific information products
If you are searching for information that is not online, contact us.
For instance, we can provide legal documents (Good Standing certificates,...), investigations on individuals, corporate group comprehensive study, sourcing,...