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A corporate group is a collection of distinct companies headquartered in one or more countries. It is headed by a holding or a parent company.
The list below contains Danish companies that are linked to other businesses worldwide (ownership is at least 50% of capital). Understanding a corporate organization can be of great help for your business :
- if you want to increase selling opportunities within the members of a same corporate group.
- If you need to evaluate risks across the different parts of a corporate family.
- To detect potential conflict of interest.
You'll find for each companies reports about group structure, ultimate parent and subsidiary identification as well as company registration information and credit appraisal.

Hay ApS Nine United A/S Knauf A/S Ls Intertank ApS Novo Nordisk Fonden Novo Holdings A/S A. Espersen A/S Arla Foods A.m.b.a Danish Ejendomsinvest ApS Trelleborg Marine Systems Denmark A/S Kuehne + Nagel A/S Ultrabulk A/S Flsmidth Global Services A/S Founders A/S Uvd Robots ApS Post Danmark A/S Postnord Strålfors A/S Marius Pedersen A/S Bibendum København K ApS Valtor Offshore A/S Hempel A/S Gn Audio A/S Gn Store Nord A/S LEGO Juris A/S LEGO A/S Too Good To Go ApS Too Good To Go Holding ApS Kurt Beier Transport A/S Arrow Ecs Denmark A/S Dane Topco ApS Skiold A/S Alk-Abelló A/S Scan Global Logistics A/S Nordic Sugar A/S Trans-Alko A/S Kingsland DK ApS Shopbetter ApS Sampension Private Equity K/S Sampension Global Real Estate K/S C A Commodities A/S Dantherm A/S Dantherm Group A/S Dantherm Holding A/S Enbw Offshore Service Denmark ApS Jp/Politikens Hus A/S Cryos International ApS Creativ Company A/S Everfuel A/S Berlingske Media A/S Nykredit A/S Nykredit Realkredit A/S Kapitalforeningen Pensam Invest Bi Management A/S Berendsen A/S Green Team Europe A/S Randsborg A/S Unilever Danmark A/S Ecoonline ApS Trackunit ApS Trackunit America ApS Villa Collection A/S Villa Collection Holding A/S Pharmaceutical Research Associates Denmark ApS Garrets International A/S Hshansen A/S Sofaco Design ApS Star Air A/S Protect A/S Maersk A/S Kronospan ApS BASF A/S Schenker A/S Liljeborg Aktieselskab Chr. Hansen A/S Chr. Hansen Natural Colors A/S 3shape Holding A/S Graphic West ApS I Likvidation Atea A/S Ak Techotel A/S Universal Robots A/S Adecco A/S Bunker Holding A/S Bisca A/S Carglass A/S Bpi A/S Coop Danmark A/S Sonion A/S DSB Zebra A/S Maersk Logistics & Services International A/S Tadaa! A/S Albatros Expeditions A/S Cisco Systems Danmark ApS Maersk Line Agency Holding A/S Maersk Eastern Europe ApS Maersk Drilling A/S Configit A/S Ntg Continent A/S Ntg Nielsen & Sørensen A/S Ntg East A/S Nordic Transport Group A/S Iqvia Partners A/S Saxo Bank A/S Thales Denmark A/S Norlys Energi A/S Attendo A/S Pensiondanmark Pensionsforsikringsaktieselskab Borg Automotive A/S Group Buy ApS TDC A/S Steelseries ApS Damco A/S Nature Energy Videbæk A/S Ngf Nature Energy Biogas A/S Bidco af 15. December 2020 A/S IT Relation Holding A/S EG A/S Leo Pharma A/S Syniverse Technologies Messaging ApS Dangaard Group A/S Kvadrat A/S Intervare A/S Origio A/S Sentia Denmark A/S Adyn ApS Adform A/S SAS Danmark A/S SAS Institute A/S Ørsted A/S Ørsted Services A/S Ab Neo A/S Dsi Freezing Solutions A/S Novo Nordisk A/S Ørsted Wind Power Holding A/S Ørsted Wind Power A/S Ørsted Wind Power Tw Holding A/S Amaris Consulting ApS Full Service Agency IVS PFA Pension, Forsikringsaktieselskab. Ap Pension Livsforsikringsaktieselskab 3shape A/S 3shape Medical A/S Dsv Panalpina A/S Foncière Du Triangle D'or ApS Experian A/S Equinor International ApS Eltronic Wind Solutions A/S Salling Group A/S B.S. Danmark A/S Paylike ApS Ubsend A/S Aktieselskabet af 12. April 2021 Stiga A/S Nexgen A/S PR electronics A/S Carlsberg A/S Danfoss A/S Danfoss Power Electronics A/S Ci II Changfang K/S Caldic Ingredients Denmark A/S Nykredit Portefølje Administration A/S Palsgaard A/S Tryg Forsikring A/S Vestas Manufacturing A/S A/S Hydrema Danmark Dena A/S Dena A/S Mascus A/S C-Bed Holding A/S Kamstrup A/S Kamstrup International A/S Bila A/S Bjarke Ingels Group A/S B.I.G. Bjarke Ingels Group Holding ApS Constantia Copenhagen ApS Stena Marine Management ApS Globalconnect A/S Orskov Yard A/S Kramp Danmark A/S Grene Wind Industry Supplies A/S Miinto Holding A/S Miinto Host A/S Ferrum A/S Astellas Pharma A/S A-Speakers ApS Dnp Denmark A/S Vc Viii Polytech Holding ApS Harman Professional Denmark ApS Speakers Loft ApS Shiporama ApS Danish Supply Corporation A/S Nordisk Film A/S Egmont Creative Solutions A/S Dako Denmark ApS Danske Bank A/S Satcom1 ApS Krone Scanbalt A/S Schur Pack Denmark A/S Stryhns A/S Reconor A/S Coloplast A/S Ultraship ApS Alumeco Holding A/S Semco Institute A/S Credin A/S Gardit Marine P/S Nissens Cooling Solutions A/S Metso Denmark A/S M. Goldschmidt Holding A/S Ten Cate Advanced Armour Danmark A/S Smilla Food A/S Dcs ApS Ferm Living ApS Spx Flow Technology Danmark A/S Illum A/S Evida Holding A/S Evida Service Nord A/S Mikkeller ApS Totalkredit A/S Haarslev Group Holding A/S Arla Foods International A/S Ikea A/S Falck Danmark A/S Carlsberg Integrated Information Technology A/S Global Wind Power Europe ApS Dtk Frigo A/S Dtk Frigo Holding Uk ApS Ebay Classifieds Scandinavia ApS Nestle Danmark A/S Ax V Nissens II ApS North-East Family Office Fondsmæglerselskab A/S Garia A/S A/S Baltic Control International Ltd. Profil Rejser A/S ECS EUROCARGO SERVICES A/S Unioil Supply A/S Niras A/S Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (Denmark) ApS G4s Kyhlensø A/S Hottinger Brüel & Kjær A/S Coop A.m.b.a Fdb Møbler A/S Clearhaus A/S Zentropa Administration ApS Zentropa Productions3 ApS System Estate A/S Autorola A/S G4s Security Services A/S Agnitio A/S Danoffice IT ApS Whatelse Group ApS Ox-On A/S Bureau Veritas Certification Denmark A/S Körber Supply Chain DK A/S Mercury Engineering ApS Mylan Denmark ApS ISS A/S Hermès Denmark ApS C-Leanship A/S Iloveecoessentials ApS Vækstfonden Ssg A/S Ssg Group A/S Brødrene A. & O. Johansen A/S Dupont Nutrition Biosciences ApS Cometra ApS Symphogen A/S Zerochaos (Nordic) ApS Clever A/S Infifon ApS Becksöndergaard ApS Gpi Denmark A/S Dali A/S SDK Shipping A/S Scanfedt A/S 3 E ApS Ambu A/S Multiple Card Systems A/S Mft Energy 2 ApS Mft Energy A/S Obton Finans A/S A.P. Møller - Mærsk A/S Faerch A/S United Textile Group A/S Celltech A/S Menu A/S Ask Romein Denmark ApS Flsmidth & Co. A/S Novenco Marine A/S Tip Trailer Services Denmark ApS Gefion Group A/S Dagrofa Logistik A/S Zeronorth A/S Simcorp A/S Vestas Northern Europe A/S Falck A/S Falck Global A/S Falck Assistance A/S Pfizer ApS Mt Højgaard A/S Ejendomsselskabet Bygning 119 A/S Cowi Gulf A/S Normal A/S Scandinavian Tobacco Group Nykøbing ApS Danish Crown A/S Danish Crown Foods A/S Impulse A/S Heimstaden Bostad Invest 9 A/S Tetra Pak Processing Systems A/S Force Technology Mhi Vestas Offshore Wind A/S Softline Management ApS Stena Recycling A/S H2o Denmark Propco ApS Eurospags Investments ApS Arla Icc P/S Aicc ApS Ic Companys Danmark Retail ApS Nordic Lab ApS Brødr. Ewers Holding 2 ApS Ium A/S Gavdi Group A/S Brother Nordic A/S Ul International Demko A/S Fjord Skibsholding II A/S Silhorko-Eurowater A/S PFA Asset Management A/S Deas Asset Management A/S Mcm International A/S Stiholt Holding A/S Palantir Technologies Denmark ApS European Sperm Bank ApS Geely Financials Denmark A/S Bang & Olufsen A/S LEGO System A/S Emitec Denmark A/S M-Tec Holding Danmark ApS Obton A/S Obton Administration A/S Lix Technologies ApS Cws Danmark ApS Satcom1 Integration Services ApS C.I. Analyse/Gas ApS Tvilum A/S 2018 Circles & Squares ApS Groupe Seb Denmark A/S Pet-Rus ApS Goshopping ApS Bonduelle Nordic A/S Ønskeskyen ApS Komplementarselskabet Strandterrasserne Køge ApS Aerof Denmark Holdings ApS Grundfos A/S Grundfos Holding A/S System Frugt A/S Better Collective A/S Radisson Hotels ApS Danmark Radisson Royal Hotel Copenhagen ApS Fritz Hansen A/S Broen A/S E5 A/S Synoptik A/S Nets Cards Processing A/S Nets A/S Nets Holding A/S Maersk Oil Trading And Investments A/S Blue Industries ApS Muuto A/S Sunrise Medical ApS Orange Business Denmark A/S Pressalit Holding A/S Windowmaster A/S Windowmaster International A/S Banijay International ApS Loveawaits ApS Dsv Ocean Transport A/S Rockwool International A/S Brødbæk & Co. A/S Toly Group International ApS North-East Family Office Holding ApS Milestone Systems A/S Flsmidth A/S NKT Photonics A/S Pq Europe ApS S&P Reinforcement Nordic ApS Sp II ApS Simpson Strong-Tie A/S Komplementar Carlsberg Byen Ejendomme Tårn Udlejning ApS Komplementar Carlsberg Byen Ejendomme Tårn Salg ApS Amcs Denmark A/S Wefri A/S Jear Holding ApS Conscia A/S All Nrg A/S Expedit A/S Fakta A/S Centric Professionals ApS Codan Medical Holding ApS Codan A/S Kk Wind Solutions A/S Bianco Footwear A/S Semler Gruppen A/S Komplementar Carlsberg Byen Ba 14 ApS I Likvidation Komplementar Carlsberg Byen Ba 6v ApS I Likvidation Komplementar Carlsberg Byen Ba 10 ApS I Likvidation Spring Production A/S Bms A/S Monjasa A/S Monjasa Holding A/S Monjasa Chartering ApS Ok Snacks A/S Phase One Group ApS Phase One A/S Seafood Danmark A/S Pwt Group A/S Auto-Centralen A/S Nrep A/S Syd Fund Management A/S Jyske Bank A/S Kunde & Co. A/S Swissport ApS Plantas A/S Larsen Data ApS Jungheinrich Danmark A/S Al Finans A/S Midt Factoring A/S Ege Carpets A/S ISS Global A/S Oticon Medical A/S Sæther Nordic A/S Petri & Haugsted A/S Ssi Diagnostica A/S Frontmatec Kolding A/S Pka - Socialrådgivere, Socialpædagoger og Kontorpersonale Gp ApS Alfa Dana ApS Sport Danmark A/S Skanva Group A/S Benjamin Media A/S A/S Femern Landanlæg Consolidated Holdings A/S Thrane & Thrane A/S Sbs Friction A/S Nicehair ApS Nassa A/S Dana Sac Danmark A/S Welltec International ApS Gavdi A/S Ejendomsselskabet Industrivej 3b Bjæverskov ApS Ejendomsselskabet Københavnsvej 222, Køge ApS Uni-Tankers A/S Uni-Tankers M/T "Feo Swan" ApS Mindshare A/S Synomics ApS Ilva A/S Vita Media Group ApS Eet Europarts A/S Eet Europarts International A/S European Energy A/S DSB Ikano Bolig A/S Powerbox A/S Abacus Medicine A/S Sydbank A/S Kodak A/S Semco Maritime A/S Villum Fonden Fairway Centre ApS Skandia Link Livsforsikring A/S Ci Iv Sponsor Investor Us K/S Schneider Electric Danmark A/S Clio ApS Shipco Transport Holding A/S Alm. Brand af 1792 F.m.b.a Netop Solutions A/S Netop Business Solutions A/S Azets Insight A/S Unifeeder General Partner ApS Unifeeder A/S Multi-Wing International A/S Multi-Wing Group A/S Novozymes A/S Music Tribe Brands DK A/S Ageras A/S Unity Ipr ApS Unit IT A/S Solar A/S Tavex A/S Anritsu A/S Agc Automotive Glass Danmark A/S P+, Pensionskassen For Akademikere Envision Reklamebureau A/S Allerfonden Haas-Meincke A/S Tropica Aquarium Plants A/S Deutsche Post Ag Pædagogernes Pension - Pensionskassen For Pædagoger Adcolony ApS Nissens Automotive A/S G.O. Transport & Spedition A/S Uhrenholt A/S Orionis Denmark ApS Bitten og Mads Clausens Fond Netnordic Communication A/S Stema Shipping A/S Wave Star ApS Baunegård ApS Dnv Gl Business Assurance Denmark A/S Primodan A/S Special Minds ApS Jevi A/S Continia Software A/S Centrica Energy Trading A/S Limfjorden ApS Hempel Fonden European Solar Farms Spain ApS Lundbeckfonden Gkn Wheels Nagbøl A/S Eac Invest A/S Xellia Group ApS Daloon A/S Fairwind A/S Mezina A/S Nne A/S Metalcolour A/S Sfk Food A/S Biomar Group A/S Dupont Denmark Holding ApS Scanmarket A/S Via Systems A/S Brenntag Nordic A/S Scandlines Danmark ApS Nowaco A/S Abena A/S ECCO Sko A/S Dis House ApS Dynatest A/S Qubiqa Holding A/S Nre Group A/S Jean ApS Schur International Holding A/S Dla Agro A.M.B.A. Formula Automobile A/S Hardi International A/S Active Sportswear Int. Holding ApS Under Konkurs Innovation Living A/S C.C. Jensen A/S Bestseller A/S Bestseller Retail Europe A/S Bestseller Lease Management A/S Bestseller Wholesale A/S 2m-Locatel A/S I Likvidation Ndi Group A/S Saga Shipping A/S Wrist Ship Supply A/S Centaflow ApS Sha Holding ApS Nilfisk A/S Forsvaret og Forsvarsministeriets Styrelser Nhv A/S Apmh Invest A/S Athenas ApS Thorco Projects A/S Ess-Food A/S Reesink Turfcare DK A/S Gavdi Holding A/S Danish Agro A.M.B.A. Danish Agro Byggecenter A/S Solid Group A/S Eltronic Finans ApS Pandora A/S Designit A/S Biocare Copenhagen A/S BMW Financial Services Denmark A/S 66 Rue Pierre Charron Paris Viii ApS 48/50 Rue Pierre Charron - 1/3 Rue Cerisoles Paris Viii ApS Filtersten A/S Zyxel Communications A/S Stark Group A/S Geodis Denmark A/S Kpi Bridge Oil A/S Kk Denmark 2018 A/S Idavang Russia A/S Döhler Denmark A/S Dhl Express (Denmark) A/S Danapak Flexibles A/S NCC Property Development A/S Gasa Group Holding A/S Cabinplant A/S Ab Catering København A/S Dynaudio A/S Bramidan A/S Exerp ApS Desmi A/S Desmi Ro-Clean A/S Fibia P/S LM Wind Power A/S Claus Sørensens Fond Holding A/S Claus Sørensens Fond Blue Energy A/S Nivo Performance ApS Hoffmann A/S Dako ApS Motorola Solutions Danmark A/S Staples Denmark ApS Corporate Travel Management (Denmark) ApS Air Connection ApS Duelco A/S Sportcc ApS Ekf Danmarks Eksportkredit Kaleido Technology ApS Real Danmark A/S Cts Ceramics Denmark A/S Medema A/S Alcatel Submarine Networks Denmark ApS Hededanmark A/S Haldor Topsøe A/S Valitor A/S Compass Group Danmark A/S Philips Danmark A/S Bjert Invest A/S European Lifecare Group A/S Blue Water Shipping A/S Luxol A/S Nordic Power Trading France A/S Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy A/S Mascot International A/S Maersk Drilling Services A/S Visio Sign A/S Alm. Brand Bank A/S Thiim A/S Transport- og Boligministeriet Upcycling ApS H. Lundbeck A/S Easis A/S Tg Partners Vi P/S Epsilon Holding ApS Trifork A/S Trifork Public A/S Sapbasis ApS Ald Automotive A/S Harbinger Public Relations A/S Novadan ApS Hillerødgade 36 ApS Forsikrings-Aktieselskabet Alka Liv II Rambøll Fonden Rambøll Danmark A/S Rambøll Gruppen A/S The Drilling Company Of 1972 A/S Jysk Holding A/S Jyske Finans A/S Alfa Laval Copenhagen A/S Unionkul Holding ApS Pon Power A/S TDC Mobil Center A/S Bolia A/S DFDS A/S A/S Dan-Bunkering Ltd Eltronic A/S SANOVO TECHNOLOGY A/S Clipper Lines A/S Velux A/S Kmd A/S Keolis Danmark A/S Connected Wind Services Danmark A/S Dhi Dhi Gras A/S Dhi A/S C Worldwide Asset Management Fondsmæglerselskab A/S Ready Made A/S Wendelbo Møbel Design A/S Vikima Holding A/S Lastas Trucks Danmark A/S Altiden Omsorg A/S Daf Trucks Danmark A/S Wellvita ApS Design Eyewear Group International A/S Bagger-Sørensen & Co. A/S Gabriel A/S Dansk Energi Management A/S Dsv Air & Sea Holding A/S Noridane Food A/S Lebara Denmark ApS Sgs Danmark A/S Ejendomsmægleraktieselskabet Poul Erik Bech Eet Holdings A/S Saint Tropez af 1993 A/S Tui Danmark A/S Rohm And Haas Denmark Holding Company ApS Rohm And Haas Europe Sales ApS A. H. Riise Spirits ApS Maribohilleshög ApS Samsøe & Samsøe Whole Sale ApS Euro Cater Holding A/S Fonden af 20. December Randsborg Holding A/S Joe & The Juice A/S Kapacity A/S Leonora Ejendomme A/S Total E&P Danmark A/S Dansk Kabel Tv A/S Geveko Markings Denmark A/S Niam Vii Denmark Hotel Holding ApS Concens A/S Gabriel Holding A/S Reinvent Studios ApS Jj Holding & Invest ApS Kevin Murphy Europe A/S Stibo-Fonden Hmn Komplementar ApS 5 Rue Du Boccador Paris Viii ApS 7 Rue Du Boccador Paris Viii ApS Stena Bulk A/S Elogic A/S Nordisk Film Tv A/S Nordisk Film Biografer A/S Sensor Ecs Danmark A/S Down The Drain Concerts ApS Combilent A/S Sirena Group A/S Termatech A/S Ebi Atlantic A/S Thorsen A/S Bjørn Thorsen A/S Seago Line A/S Gl. Skovridergaard A/S Vestas Mediterranean A/S Svitzer A/S Desmi Pumping Technology A/S Really ApS Danske Commodities A/S Destron Fearing A/S Andrew Reid & Partners ApS Nnit A/S Titan Wind Operational Support Europe ApS Etac A/S Scandinavian Brake Systems A/S Mol Nordic Tankers A/S Colas Asfalt A/S Investeringsfonden For Udviklingslande (Ifu) Netcompany A/S Engsko A/S Vitec Mv A/S Foss A/S Foss Analytical A/S K. Nissen International A/S Playonic ApS Sl Audio A/S Autonomous Mobility A/S Kompan A/S Bt Components A/S A/S Tødin Clorius Controls A/S Andritz Feed & Biofuel A/S Logstor A/S C Worldwide Holding A/S Leman A/S Leman Holding A/S Copenhagen Music ApS Nordic Aviation Capital A/S Aarsleff Rail A/S DK Company A/S Senses Vesterbro ApS Sol ApS Sisley ApS Fibrenetix ApS Mastiff A/S Tumlare Corporation A/S Twinkle ApS Deloitte Denmark General Partner ApS Ciklum ApS Fibertex Nonwovens A/S Fibertex Personal Care A/S M7 Ereip V DK Propco 1 K/S Monza Holdco ApS Execujet Europe A/S Ntg Group 2014 A/S Apcoa Parking Danmark A/S Aller Aqua A/S Aller Aqua Group A/S Arcelormittal Commercial Denmark ApS Polar Omega A/S Signify Denmark A/S Boxer A/S Mobilepay A/S Mediacom Danmark A/S Duckling&Sonne ApS 5 Avenue Bosquet Paris Vii ApS Itw Gse ApS Mos Mosh A/S Change Of Scandinavia A/S Rohde Nielsen A/S Amanda Seafoods A/S BHJ A/S Securitas A/S Sodexo A/S Semantix Translations Denmark A/S Apps People A/S Adi Global Distribution Denmark A/S Lgi Denmark ApS Ddd Holding A/S PFA Europe Real Estate High A/S Ingstrup Mejeri A/S Zacco Denmark A/S Sable Air ApS Famkop Holding ApS Lidkoeb ApS Pplus Re Holding K/S Marorka A/S Under Konkurs Marorka International A/S Under Konkurs Loxam Denmark Holding A/S DK Resi 2018 Propco III ApS Samsø Syltefabrik A/S Bgi Europe A/S Integra Consult A/S Kosan Crisplant A/S Eldan Recycling A/S Targit A/S Lundbeckfond Invest A/S Cbl Insurance Services ApS Also A/S Aarhus 1 A/S Unipension Re K/S Conwel A/S Thor Ship III K/S Søgemedier Holding A/S Taasinge Elementer A/S Essity Denmark A/S Pka Aip A/S Atos IT Solutions And Services A/S Georg Jensen A/S Gabriel Ejendomme A/S Lsf10 Wolverine Bidco ApS Wienerberger A/S 5 Rue Beaujon Paris Viii ApS Vestas Aircoil A/S Dell A/S Dansac A/S Ngi A/S Gerda og Victor B. Strand Holding A/S Wavemaker A/S Cimbria Unigrain A/S Cimbria Manufacturing A/S A/S Cimbria Thermaflex Nordic ApS Scanvaegt Systems A/S Nuco Invest A/S Moho ApS Lohmann Denmark ApS Habro Fund Management A/S Geh Invest ApS Gartner Danmark ApS Flex Modul A/S Ensted Bulk Terminal A/S Tivoli A/S Flügger Group A/S Aagaard A/S Trollbeads A/S Container Centralen A/S Union Engineering A/S Natus Medical Denmark A/S Stubkjær Invest og Kapital ApS Nbd Farms Vienne ApS Veltec Industrial Services A/S Bering Time ApS Primera Travel A/S Mercer Pensionsrådgivning A/S Louis Nielsen A/S Atp Private Equity Partners II K/S Zleep Hotels A/S Aalborg Portland A/S Madklubben Steak ApS Aros Applied Biotechnology A/S Eurofins Genomics Holding Denmark A/S Depothuset ApS Avk Holding A/S Avk International A/S Hki Ost ApS Bigadan A/S Arla Foods Ingredients Group P/S Arla Foods Ingredients Energy A/S Densit ApS Marel Salmon A/S Schmitz Cargobull Danmark A/S Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S Apleona Hsg A/S Gogift.Com A/S Agito Medical A/S Widex A/S Llfr Holding ApS Unipension Infra K/S Bornfiber ApS Varde Ovne A/S Royal Unibrew A/S By Malene Birger A/S Haarslev Industries A/S Skare Meat Packers K/S Babette Guldsmeden ApS Mac Baren Tobacco Company A/S Mac Baren Production A/S Sitecore Corporation A/S Sitecore International A/S Sitecore Holding III A/S Per Aarsleff A/S Svejsemaskinefabrikken Migatronic A/S Intrum A/S Anneberg Transport A/S Teledyne Reson A/S Dagbladet Børsen A/S Bilabonnement A/S Oskar Office ApS Aaa United A/S E 3-Gruppen A/S Scanavia A/S Maersk Product Tankers A/S Kvik A/S Intertrust (Denmark) A/S H+h Danmark A/S Micha A/S Global Knowledge Denmark ApS Ewii A/S Autobutler ApS Århus Slagtehus A/S Xo Shipping A/S Soco System A/S Mee A/S Mci Copenhagen A/S 3c Groups A/S Biler I Rusland A/S Alpi Danmark A/S Jensen Denmark A/S Vialtis A/S Danlind A/S Royal Canin Danmark A/S Nyhavn Rejser A/S Lise Charmel Danmark ApS Samson Agro A/S Equity ApS Outrider A/S Dicentia Studios A/S Kabooki A/S Strandbyfisk ApS Groupm Denmark A/S Paranova Pack A/S Ellepot A/S Vicus B ApS Vicus M ApS New Balance Denmark ApS Hp Inc Danmark ApS Postnord Scanning A/S Inmedico A/S 63 Avenue Des Champs Elysees Paris Viii (II) ApS 63 Avenue Des Champs Elysees Paris Viii ApS Komplementarselskabet München II ApS Rainmaking Innovation ApS Novasol A/S Exhausto A/S Qubiqa Esbjerg A/S Danski ApS Wärtsilä Lyngsø Marine A/S Produktions Holding A/S Induperm A/S Personalebørsen ApS Red City Buses Denmark ApS Man Diesel & Turbo Schweiz Ag Det Danske Hedeselskab Signal A/S Cheminova A/S Sgl Road ApS Scan International Spedition A/S Unipension Pe K/S Ge Healthcare Danmark A/S Sondex Holding A/S Laurent Dæk A/S Unigroup International IVS Matas A/S Caljan Rite-Hite ApS Gina Tricot A/S Dkcf ApS Only Stores A/S Øer A/S Danske Spil A/S Østergaard Biler A/S Bevo Nordic A/S Nunc A/S Biomega ApS Pindstrup Mosebrug A/S Vsp II ApS Orifarm A/S

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