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A corporate group is a collection of distinct companies headquartered in one or more countries. It is headed by a holding or a parent company.
The list below contains Chinese companies that are linked to other businesses worldwide (ownership is at least 50% of capital). Understanding a corporate organization can be of great help for your business :
- if you want to increase selling opportunities within the members of a same corporate group.
- If you need to evaluate risks across the different parts of a corporate family.
- To detect potential conflict of interest.
You'll find for each companies reports about group structure, ultimate parent and subsidiary identification as well as company registration information and credit appraisal.

China Petrochemical Corporation Fushun Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd. Aaa China Limited Dbs Bank (China) Co., Limited Shenzhen Yitaiyuan International Logistics Co., Ltd. Taiyida Logistics Technology Co.,Ltd Exyte Technology Shanghai Co., Ltd. Lianyungang Runzhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. SMH Swiss Watch Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Trio Metal (GZ) Co., Ltd Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd. China Life Property & Casualty Insurance Company Ltd. PICC PROPERTY AND CASUALTY COMPANY LIMITED Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China Limited Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd Silk Road Fund Co., Ltd. Wutong Tree Investment Platform Co., Ltd. The Export-Import Bank Of China Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Group Co.,Ltd Beijing Etechwin Electric Co.,Ltd. Hubei JXBio Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd Grand Energy Co., Ltd. Hainan Lingxian Trend Industry Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai JHJ International Logistics Co.,Ltd. Qilu Pharmaceutical (Hainan) Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Energy Gas Group Co., Ltd. Amphenol Automotive Connection Systems (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. Global Vision Corporation HUIZHOU YINGHE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Maserati (China) Cars Trading Co.,Ltd Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. MARKET UNION CO.,LTD. 91510100 Ma6c67e50b Co., Ltd. Shanghai Zhuoyue Ruixin Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Chery Automobile Co.,Ltd. Xiangyang Hongwei Aircraft Co., Ltd. Suzhou Sym-Bio Life Science Co., Ltd. Shanghai Spectrum Instruments Co., Ltd. Perkinelmer Instruments (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Nmt China Co., Ltd. HOREN CORTP Co., Ltd. Beluga Cultural Development (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Wanhua Chemical Group Battery Technology Co., Ltd. Paulas Choice (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. RayMX Microelectronics Corp. CIQTEK Co., Ltd. Wolverine Advanced Materials (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Yifan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Huizhou Blueway New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Springair Textile Group Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Gongwuyuan Network Technology Co.,Ltd Beijing Yuexiang Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Morimatsu Pharmaceutical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. Carlyle Investment Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd FESCO Adecco Human Resources Service Shenzhen Company Limited Deyang Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong Jianxing Construction No.1 Engineering Co., Ltd. Zhijiang Sanning Energy Co., Ltd. Alstom Investment Co., Ltd. Jia Shi Lubricants Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Overseas Group Co., Ltd Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group Co., Ltd Linglong Group Co., Ltd. Shandong Linglong Tyre Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Conex Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. LG Electronics Nanjing Vehicle Components Co., Ltd. LG MAGNA NANJING E-POWERTRAIN VEHICLE COMPONENTS CO., LTD Wuxi Metro Technology Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai Moonton Technology Co.,Ltd. HEBEI METALS & MINERALS CORPORATION LTD. Haizheng Pharmaceuticals (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Ant Group Co., Ltd. United-Power Pharma Tech Co., Ltd. Hubei Grand Fuchi Pharmaceutical & Chemicals Co., Ltd. Hubei Fubo Chemical & Industrial Co., Ltd. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Southeast Space Frame Co., Ltd. Hisense Home Appliances Group Co., Ltd. Orient International (Holding) Co., Ltd Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Economic Construction Investment Company Ltd Bank of Communications Schroder Fund Management Co., Ltd. Henan Yuzi Puchuang Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd. Xingda Shipping (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Smithers (Suzhou Industrial Park)Enterpr ise Management Service Co., Ltd. Tesla Automobile Sales and Service (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. SHENZHEN TAIGUAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Xiamen Haixia Supply Chain Development Co.,ltd Sinovac Biotech Co., Ltd. Ctrip Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Sinochem Holdings Corporation Ltd. China National Agrochemical Corporation Syngenta Group Co., Ltd. Skyworth Air Conditioning Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd. Luwei Pharmaceutical Group Co.,Ltd. Shaoxing Lvshan Equity Shares Investment Partnership Enterprise (Limited Partner ship) COMET Mechanical Equipment (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Jilin Changjiu Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. Vesta (Guangzhou) Catering Equipment Co., Ltd. China International Capital Corporation Limited Jiangxi Copper Industry Group (Guixi) Metallurgy Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Copper Corporation(Guixi)New Industry Development Co., Ltd. Aocan Holding Co., Ltd. Beijing Experimental Animal Research Center Co., Ltd. Lanzhou Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Anhui Jiuhua Huayuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. CHANGSHU TONGRUN AUTO ACCESSORY CO., LTD. Shanghai Yuda Property Management Co., Ltd. Aptiv (China) Holding Company Limited China Investment Corporation Cic International Co., Ltd. Chengdong Investment Corporation Bohai Leasing Co., Ltd. QINGDAO ZHONGLIANRONGCHUANG NEW MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Sinochem Lantian Trading Co., Ltd. Luxemporium International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shandong Smart International Logistics Co., Ltd. Trafigura Investment (China) Co., Ltd. Kunlun Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. Dunkermotoren (Taicang) Co., Ltd. Haydon Kerk Linear Motors (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Import & Export Co., Ltd. Alpha Group Burckhardt Compression (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Yichan Internet Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. China Grain Trading Co., Ltd. Shandong Guoneng Petro-Chemical Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd. Kunshan Gusutian Machinery Co.,Ltd. Xiaomi Inc. Ingersoll-Rand Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Ingersoll Rand (GuiLin) Tools Co., Ltd. Ingersoll-Rand (China) Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Ingersoll-Rand (China) Investment Co., Ltd. GL events China Co. Ltd. NINGBO GENERAL UNION CO.,LTD. Oppein Home Group Inc. Shangang Group Metal Technology Co., Ltd. Shangang Group Metal Technology Hanzhong Co., Ltd. Shangang Group Metal Technology Hancheng Co., Ltd. Qingdao Haier New Material R&D Co., Ltd. Nine Air Co., Ltd. Sunway Trading Pte Ltd Bruker (Beijing) Scientific Technology Co., Ltd Shenzhen Nanbin Holding Co., Ltd. Cosco Shipping Bulk Co., Ltd. Midea Group Co., Ltd. Beijing Kingsoft Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Kingsoft Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. Dongguan Lingbo Industrial Co., Ltd. Avic International Leasing Co., Ltd Cooper Electric (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.. Shanghai Sodexo Pass Service Limited Guangxi Trans Logistics Co.,Ltd. Agricultural Bank Of China Limited Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Under Armour Trading(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. Guizhou Qilong Group (Kaiyang) Xiang'An Meiyu Property Co., Ltd. Intsig Information Co., Ltd. Chongqing Yongchuan District Sanfeng Environmental Protection Power Generation C o., Ltd. Cits (Guangdong Dongguan) Travel Service Co.,Ltd Chongqing Fuling District Easy To Live Agel Ecommerce Co., Ltd Changsha Lugu Industry Supporting Construction Service Co., Ltd. Commercial Aircraft Corporation Of China,.Ltd. Guotai Junan Investment Management Co., Ltd. Guotai Junan Securites Jinkong Investment (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Guotai Junan Security Assets Management Co.,Ltd. Guotai Junan Zhengyu Investment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Guotai Junan Securites Juntong Investment Management Co.,Ltd. Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd. Chongqing Lujiao Zutuan Development Investment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Heyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Guizhou Tianma Media Co., Ltd. Wangsu Science and Technology Co., Ltd. China Resources Chemical Innovative Materials Co., Ltd. Cosco Shipping Air Logistics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Shandong Haoxin Group Co., Ltd. Stats Chippac Semiconductor Jiangyin Co.,Ltd. Beijing Intelligent Information Technology Co.,Ltd Beijing Yizhuang International Industry Investment Management Co., Ltd. Minsheng Haixing (Tianjin) Shipping Lease Co., Ltd. Chongqing Bonded Commodities Trading Center Co., Ltd. Shanghai Singularity Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Milkyway Chemical Logistics Co., Ltd. Beidou Aerospace Satellite Application Technology Group Co., Ltd Meizhou Saint Gobain Sekurit Automotive Glass Co., Ltd. Sichuan Aoke Chemistry Co., Ltd. The Swatch Group (China) Ltd. Tongxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Shandong Chengwu Zeda Fanke Chemical Co., Ltd. Wuliangye Yibin Co., Ltd. Guiyang Supply and Marketing Wagon Team Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. Beijing Qingniao Huanyu Fire Fighting System Software Service Co., Ltd. Beijing Open Distance Education Center Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Guoanqi Agricultural Products Big Data Technology Co., Ltd. Tibet Citic Guoan Real Estate Project Management Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Kangmei Chinese Herbal Medicine Garden Landscape Co., Ltd. Huozhou coal & power group Xinju coal machine equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. Wancheng Wanchong (Zhuhai) Electric Car Operation Co., Ltd. Shandong E-Business Comprehensive Operations and Management Co., Ltd. Beijing China Certification and Accreditation Information Technology Co., Ltd. Chenglong (Shandong) Energy Co., Ltd. Elion Energy Company Limited Wyeth Nutritional (China) Co., Ltd. Suzhou Aviation Co., Ltd. Leading Ideal Automobile Shandong Hi-Speed Company Limited HANGZHOU TURBINE POWER GROUP CO.,LTD. Xiamen Kingland Co., Ltd. Dongfang Fashion General Airlines Co., Ltd. SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. SGS-CSTC Testing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. AAC Technologies Co., Ltd. Shanxi Limagrain Special Crops R&D Co., Ltd. Sinotherapeutics Inc. Mandarin Air Co., Ltd. ShenZhen Growatt New Energy Co.,Ltd. Beijing Gangyan Xinye Engineering Technology Center Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Jiangzhiyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd. JET International Logistics (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Qingdao Langhui Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yunju Venture Capital Co., Ltd. Beijing Aeonmed Co., Ltd. Linyi Xincheng Jinluo Meat Products Group Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Xinchuang Import & Export Co., Ltd. Nine show interactive (Beijing) culture media Co., Ltd. Dirui Industrial Co., Ltd. Qingfang Technology (Jinan) Co., Ltd. Molten (Jiaxing) Corporation State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Heilongjiang Provincial Government Guangzhou Guangyun International Hotel Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Guangyun International Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Tisu Network Information Co., Ltd. NINGBO FUND ENERGY CO.,LTD. Jiangsu Shagang Group Co., Ltd Wuxi Apptec (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. SPS (China) Co., Ltd. Shandong Yulong Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Dong-E-E-Jiao Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Ouhua Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang AMP Globe IMP & EXP Co., Ltd. Bmw Brilliance Automotive Ltd. Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. Shouguang Firemax Tyre Co., Ltd Sandvik Mining and Construction (China) Co., Ltd. Bitmain Technologies Inc.

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