Find out Chinese firms members of a corporate group

Search more companies in China to check if they are linked to a corporate group.

A corporate group is a collection of distinct companies headquartered in one or more countries. It is headed by a holding or a parent company.
The list below contains Chinese companies that are linked to other businesses worldwide (ownership is at least 50% of capital). Understanding a corporate organization can be of great help for your business :
- if you want to increase selling opportunities within the members of a same corporate group.
- If you need to evaluate risks across the different parts of a corporate family.
- To detect potential conflict of interest.
You'll find for each companies reports about group structure, ultimate parent and subsidiary identification as well as company registration information and credit appraisal.

Hainan Yangpu Development And Construction Holdings Co., Ltd Yunnan Leo Natural Drinks Co Ltd Fuqing Liyang Water Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen Jl-Tour International Travel Service Co., Ltd. Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Hongjin Trading Co., Ltd. Shaoxing Chengbei Xincheng Construction Investment Co., Ltd. Beijing Gome Co., Ltd. PICC PROPERTY AND CASUALTY COMPANY LIMITED Guangdong Eternal Way International Freight Co., Ltd. SIRVA International Freight Forwarding (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Universal Biotech Co.,Ltd. Wangneng Environment Co., Ltd Panzhihua Wangneng Environmental Protection Energy Co., Ltd. Deyang Country Garden Investment Co.,Ltd. Tongxiang Jingyuntong New Energy Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Huizhong Agriculture Co., Ltd. Changshu Changchun Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd Shenyang Changchun Automotive Interior Parts Co., Ltd. China Energy Engineering Corporation Limited China Energy Engineering Group Shanxi Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd China Energy Engineering Investment Corporation Ltd. Xiamen ITG Nonferrous Metals and Minerals Co., Ltd. XIAMEN ITG METALS CO., LTD. Yichang Xingzhou Heavy Casting And Forging Co., Ltd. Nanling Dida Property Co., Ltd. RIKEN AUTOMOBILE PARTS (WUHAN) CO.,LTD. Jiangyin Taidi Garments Co., Ltd. Yahua Lithium (Ya'an) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited Tencent Technology (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. Tencent Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Tencent Technology Co., Ltd. Tencent Technology (Shanghai) Company Limited Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Tencent Penguin Film Culture Communication Ltd. Shanghai Tencent Qi'E Film And Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Tencent Dadi Tongtu (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Beixin Geotechnical Engineering Investigation Design Co., Ltd. Chongqing Port Co., Ltd. Lishui Shangengmeng Factory Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Yangjiang Shibazi Group Co., Ltd. State Grid Electric Power Research Institute Co., Ltd. China National Electronic Devices Corp. China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. Ningxia Helan United Water Co.,Ltd. Yingda Mengdian Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd. Hero Entertainment Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Tianhe Construction Transportation Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Soho Silk Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Soho Silk & Textile Co., Ltd. Jinn-well Auto-Parts (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yuanzhen Commerce Factoring Co., Ltd. Ningbo Electrical Appliances Co. Intlef Oil & Gas Technology Hebei Co., Ltd. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Real Estate Co., Ltd . Bengbu Wanneng Environmental Protection Electric Power Co., Ltd. Shandong Taikai Power Engineering Co., Ltd. Shandong Taikai Power Electronic Co., Ltd. Liugong Construction Machinery Jiangsu CO.,LTD. Daye Nonferrous Metals Group Holdings Co., Ltd. Shanghai Installation Engineering Group Co. Ltd. Hongyi Investment Management(Tianjin)(limited partnership) Xinli Derun (Tianjin) Financing Lease Co., Ltd. Silver Star Group Co., Ltd. Xinmi Caiyuan City Development Construct Zhejiang Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals Co., Ltd. Chongqing Yu Development Property Management Co., Ltd. State Power Investment Corporation Limited Global Logistics (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Translation Publishing House Jiangsu Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. Company JAC Auto Parts (Ningbo) Co, Ltd. Ningbo Jifeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Chengdu Hope Outlets Business Management Co., Ltd. Anhui Salt Industry Commerce and Trade Co.,Ltd. Faurecia (Chongqing) Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd Agricultural Development Bank Of China Suzhou Huarunde Old Motor Vehicle Exchange Market Co., Ltd. Jiaozuo Xiagong Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Sinohydro Corporation Limited Hunan Development Group Co., Ltd. Xiamen Longjing Environmental Protection Material Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Longking Environmental Protection Co. Ltd. Xiamen Longking Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd Suzhou SWEP Technology Co., Ltd. Zf Automotive Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Yuanbao Intelligent Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd Suzhou Zhongtong Planning Design Co., Ltd. Luckin Coffee Information Technology (Xiamen) Co., LTD Sichuan Yema Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. Sichuan Yema Automobile Co., Ltd. Unis Digital (Suzhou) Group Co., Ltd. Rongshunda Network Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing tour international travel service Co., Ltd. Broad & Bright Law Firm Zhejiang Zhongtuo Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. Blue Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. Guangxi Industrial Technology Research Institute Investment Development Co., Ltd. Gf Securities Asset Management Co., Ltd. GF Securities Co., Ltd. Lianyungang Runzhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Sumec Corporation Limited Sumec Textile & Light Industry Co., Ltd. SUMEC International Technology Co., Ltd. Sumec Machinery & Electric Co., Ltd. Sumec Group Corporation Labor Union Chinatool Automotive Mould Systems (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia Jingnengke Youzhong Wind Force Power Generation Co., Ltd. Tianjin International Logistics Park Co., Ltd. XIAMEN SANAN OPTOELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Xian Lumcore Optoelectronics Technologies Co., Ltd. Talis Flow Control (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Grape City Information Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd. Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Company Lianyungang Huidefeng Network Technology Co., Ltd. Gaoyao Hongtu Industry Co., Ltd. Binzhou Nanhai Water Co., Ltd. Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. Hisun Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. China Resources Land Holdings Ltd Fujian Star-Net Communication Co., Ltd. Licheng Xiexin Photovoltaic Power Co.,Ltd. Dalian Steelforce Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. INEOS Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Jiahan Wood Industry (Heyuan) Co.,Ltd. Mianyang BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd Intel China Research Center Ltd. VWR International China Co., Ltd. Intel China Ltd. China International Water & Electric Corporation Toray International (China) Co., Ltd. Magazine Suzhou Opple Lighting Co., Ltd Guangxi Pinglu Door & Window Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Tongrentang Co., Ltd China Beijing Tongrentang (Group) Co., Ltd Zhong'an Guangyuan Evaluation Technology Service Co., Ltd. Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems Co., Ltd. Zhuzhou Changjiang Cemented Carbide Tool Co., Ltd. Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Corp. Ltd Yanfeng Hainachuan Zhuzhou Car Decoration Parts System Co., Ltd. Hebei Huayao Environmental Protection Institute Co., Ltd. Shanghai Huangang Wind Power Generation Co., Ltd Kimball Electronics (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. Jetion Solar (China) Co., Ltd. Eve Energy Co., Ltd. Kunshan Construction Engineering Environment Investment Co.,Ltd. DAS Marketing Consultants (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Sichuan Development Holding Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Golden Eagle Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Communications Services Co., Ltd. Capital Airports Holding Company China Grand Automotive Services Group Co., Ltd. Sanya Yalongwan Seascape International Hotel Co.,Ltd. Faurecia GSK (Wuhan) Automotive Seating Co., Ltd. Tiens Group Co., Ltd. AKROS TRADING CHINA CO.LTD. Hexing Electrical Co.,Ltd AAC Technologies Co., Ltd. Xi'An Tianhe Defense Technology Co., Ltd. Norinco New Energy Co., Ltd. China Co-Op Cold Chain and Logistics Co., Ltd. IKEA Shanghai Co., Ltd. SIIC Shanghai International Trade (Group) Co., Ltd. Fengsheng Automobile Technology Group Co., Ltd. Zhaoke Pharmaceutical (Hefei) Co., Ltd. Hunan Chendian International Development Co., Ltd. Power Construction Corporation Of China,Ltd Powerchina International Group Limited V-park Cspc Pharmaceutical Group Zhongqi Pharmacy (Shijiazhuang) Co., Ltd. Panzhihua Gangcheng Group Co., Ltd. Pangang Group Company Limited Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Chongqing BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd Hanshow Technology Co., Ltd. Dalian Ocean Food Co., Ltd. Jinyexin (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. Kpc Pharmaceuticals,Inc Decathlon (Shanghai) Sports Co., Ltd. Decathlon (Hangzhou) Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Decathlon (Changzhou) Sports Supplies Co.,Ltd. Kunming Security Service Corporation Bureau Veritas 7layers Communication Technologies (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. Beijing Interconnect Technology Co., Ltd. China Huadian Corporation Ltd. Huadian Yunnan Power Generation Corporation Limited Zhejiang Taobao Network Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Tmall Technology Co., Ltd. Qingtian County Urban Construction Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Debi Classic Creative Development Co., Ltd. Hexian Food Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Zhenjiang Newenergy Equipment Co., Ltd. Penglai Ocean Shipping Agent Co., Ltd. Beijing Shuiguiyuanjinghua Engineering Management Co., Ltd. Xi'an Tangze Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Ziyang Shunan Chengxing Engineering Construction Management Co., Ltd. Shanxi Jinmei Group Changzhi Xianquan Coal Supply Co., Ltd. Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Suzhou Huaying Capital Management Co.,Ltd. China Logistics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Abbott Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. DHL (Chengdu) Service Ltd. Continental Automotive Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Ningbo Xinhua Investment Co., Ltd. Xinshiyi Business Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute Co., Ltd. Xi'an West Thermal Power Station Information Technology Co., Ltd. Clothing Plus Zhejiang Limited Guangxi Guihe Group Co., Ltd. Shangao (Yantai) Beiyin Investment Center ( Limited Partnership ) CEVA LOGISTICS SHANGHAI LIMITED Anhui Gaolin Information Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Xiuke Architecture Engineering Co., Ltd. Huajin Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. China Energy Investment Co., Ltd. China Energy Conservation Water Development Co., Ltd. China Energy Investment Co., Ltd. China Energy-Saving Emission Reduction Co., Ltd. Foshan Torch Innovation Pioneering Park Co., Ltd. Beijing Chengjian Yinlong Concrete Co., Ltd. Shanghai Textile Technical Service Exhibition Co., Ltd. Chaoyang Chengfa Labor Service Co., Ltd. Tiantian (Lianyungang) Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Tiantian Lianyungang Machinery Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Huangting Business Management Co.,Ltd. Chengdu Huangting Business Management Co., Ltd. Golden Eagle International Retail Group (China) Co., Ltd Nanjing Xianlin Golden Eagle Shopping Center Co., Ltd. Beijing Guoxin Jiaye Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. CNOOC Zhoushan Petrochemical Ltd. Shaanxi Hanyin Qinghua Chemical Co., Ltd. Qianjiang Electric Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. Xingtou (Pingtan) Capital Management Co., Ltd. Square Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Teraoka Electronic Co., Ltd Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. CHINA HAOHUA INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD. Nine Air Co., Ltd. Changxing Tianying Import and Export Co., Ltd. Viva Biotech (Shanghai) Ltd. Trelleborg Moulded Components (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xuanyi New Energy Development Co.,Ltd. Gcl New Energy Holdings Limited Yunnan Jiangong Yunling Cements Co., Ltd. Yancheng Fuhua Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd. Nanjing New Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd Rittal Electro-Mechanical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. HNA Technology Group Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Copper Corporation Limited Jiangxi Copper Company Limited Dongguan Fengtai Hongji Industry Investment Co., Ltd. Huaneng Zhenglan New Energy Power Generation Co., Ltd. Shenzhen iBOX Chain Information Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Nhu Company Ltd. ZHEJIANG NHU IMPORT & EXPORT COMPANY LTD. Zhejiang NHU Company Ltd.(Plant 1) Huatai Securities Co., Ltd. China National Tobacco Corporation in Jiangsu Province Sandvik Coromant Cutting Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Qingdao Good Fortune International Trade Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Jinlu Investment Management Co., Ltd. Changsha Yatang Xincheng Construction Investment Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Zhongrui Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Yangzhou Wanda Plaza Commercial Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai Interior Decoration Co., Ltd. Homa Appliances Co., Ltd. Qijiawang (Shanghai) Network Technology Co., Ltd. Dalian Kaida Import & Export Trade Company Shanghai Ledao Technology Co., Ltd. United Creation Packaging Solutions (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Eryuan Xiehe Solar Energy Power Generation Co., Ltd. Wuhan Research Institute Of Post And Elecommunications Milkyway Chemical Supply Chain Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai Milkyway Chemical Logistics Co., Ltd. Shangrao Guangxin Investment Group Co., Ltd. Ningbo Zhoushan Port Company Limited Shenzhen Electronics Group Co., Ltd Hangzhou Yinuo Package Technology Co., Ltd. Silk Road Fund Co., Ltd. Tianjin Pipe (Group) Corporation Yapei Medical Diagnosis Products Co., Ltd. Eternal Asia Supply Chain Management Ltd. Fujian Yijin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Changshu Pufa Thermoelectricity Energy Resource Co., Ltd. Abb Xiamen Switch Gear Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Misai Silk Co., Ltd. Shanghai South Electric Power (Group) Co., Ltd. Guangxi Zhongyu Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Lingxi Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd. Boya (Jiangsu) Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. Wuwei Xindingniu Ecology Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. Shenyang University of Technology Inner Monglia Power(Group) Corporation Limited Tiger Hanbai (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture of Bortala Radio & TV University Changsha Beicheng Shantytown Rebuilding Investment Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Wanjia Property Management Co., Ltd. Beijing Youke Workshop Jingchao Technology Service Co., Ltd. Wuhan Jingkai Financial Development Co., Ltd. China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited Maco Group Corporation Shanghai M&G Stationery Inc. Shanghai Meihan Culture & Media Co., Ltd. Accenture Technology Solutions (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Bcs Automotive Interface Solutions (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Ns Solutions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Yanfeng Plastic Omnium Automotive Exterior Systems Co., Ltd Yanfeng Plastic Omnium Ningbo Automotive Exterior Systems Co., Ltd. Beijing Zhongrun Interconnection Information Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Hansoh Biomedical Co., Ltd. Lumileds (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Bank Of Ningbo Co.,Ltd. Guangzhou Wealth Healthy Electronics Co., Ltd. Agricultural Bank Of China Limited Loncin Motor Co., Ltd. ENGEL Machinery (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. Hunan Bubugao Catering Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai State-Owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. Beijing Wanlihong Technology Co., Ltd. KKR Investment Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. ContiTech China Rubber & Plastics Technology Ltd. Zhongda Yuantong Industrial Corporation. Continental Automotive Changchun Co., Ltd. Changchun Century Huatong Auto Parts Co .,Ltd. Shandong International Trust Co., Ltd. SITC Container Lines (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Eastern Star International Trading Co., Ltd. Shanghai Star Capital Co., Ltd. Himile Mechanical Science And Technology (Shandong) Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Energy Conservation Center Co.,Ltd. Zhuhai Pingsha Real Estate Development Co., Co., Ltd. TYCO Fire & Security Services International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanxi Natural Gas Co., Ltd BOE Optical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Eastern Air International Travel Service Co., Ltd. SAI CHENG LOGISTICS INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Sinosteel Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. China National Building Material Equipment Corporation China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd. China National Building Material Co., Ltd. Wanda Group Co., Ltd China National Machinery Industry Corporation Tianjin Xunxing Zipper Technology Co., Ltd. Horgos Loya Network Technology Co.,Ltd. Pujiang County State-Owned Assets Management Group Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Dacheng State-Owned Assets Management And Management Co., Ltd. Anhui Zhongcai Liyuan Investment Co., Ltd. China Shipping (Group) Company Cosco Shipping Energy Transportation Co., Ltd. Beijing Sequoia Taide Equity Shares Investment Center (Limited Partnership) Smart Metering Solutions (ChangSha) Co., Ltd. Beijing Walmart Sam's Club Co., Ltd. Zhongdian International Freight Agency Co., Ltd. Dalian Enterprise Credit Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. Shanghai Hengzhi Real Estate Co.,Ltd. Linzhou City Investment Group Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Subo Biomedical Technology Nanjing Co.,Ltd. Henan Guoyi Air Liquefaction Co., Ltd. Magna Automotive Parts (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Sogefi (Suzhou) Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Guannan County Changda Municipal Engineering Construction Co.,Ltd. Longi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Shizhiqian E-commerce Co., Ltd. Longxin Construction Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai Huaxi Industry Co., Ltd. Shanghai Huaxi Property Co., Ltd. Shanghai Huaxi Zhuoran Yingshi Production Co., Ltd. Huahai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Xinhexin Commerce And Trade Co., Ltd. China Electronic System Technology Co., Ltd. S.F. Holding Co.,Ltd. Formosa Industries (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. China National Aviation Import & Export Southwest Ltd. Elektroskandia (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Ningbo Sunny Imp. & Exp. Co.,Ltd. Broad Sustainable Building Co., Ltd. Raytron Technology Co., Ltd. Shanxi Coal And Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Coal Industry Company Limited Shaanxi Jianxin Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. Bluestar Adisseo Nanjing Co., Ltd. Xiamen Airlines Co., Ltd. Ningbo Zhonghui Investment Co., Ltd. Foshan Shunde Country Garden Property Development Co., Ltd. J.S. Corrugating Machinery Co., Ltd. Edan Instruments, Inc. Beijing Xuye Lijia Information Technology Co., Ltd. SDIC International Trade Qingdao Co.,Ltd. Allianz China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Qinghai Huzhu Tianyoude Highland Barley Spirit Co., Ltd. Envision Energy (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Kela Trading Co., Ltd. China National Medical Equipment Shandong Medical Inspection Co., Ltd. Hilong Group Offshore Engineering Services Co., Ltd. Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Co., Ltd. Beijing Haochao E - Commerce Co., Ltd. Anhui Heli Co., Ltd. Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Ltd. Siemens Energy Co., Ltd. Liqun Commercial Group Co., Ltd. Fujian Fumi Technology Co., Ltd. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd Jiangsu United Water Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo Yibin Electronic Technology Co.Ltd. Zenner Metering Technology(Shanghai)Ltd. Uni-Top Industry Co., Ltd. Advance Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai Pubin Investment Management Co., Ltd. Harman Automotive Electronic Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Dongguan Yize E - Commerce Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Copper International Trading Co., Ltd. Minsheng Zhijing (Tianjin) Shipping Lease Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard Co., Ltd. Optical Valley Lange Pharmaceutical (Wuhan) Co.,Ltd. Wuhan Guanggu Zhongyuan Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd Danfoss Micro Channel Heat Exchanger (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. SHANGHAI SHENGHUA CABLE CO., LTD. Hangzhou Elites Investment Co., Ltd. China Three Gorges Corporation Byd Company Limited Shanghai Lantu Information Technology Co., Ltd. Ninestar Corporation ZHEJIANG CAFTP SERVICE CO.,LTD. Taixing Sunke Chemicals Co., Ltd. Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd. Shanghai Zhi'ao Yihaodian Information Technology Co., Ltd. Wafangdian Bearing Co., Ltd. Wuhan Boiler Company Limited Suzhou Gaoxin Venture Investment Group SME Angel Investment Co.,Ltd. Zhengzhou Xiexin Network Technology Co., Ltd. Tianqi Lithium Co.,Ltd. Tianqi Lithium Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Tianqi Lithium Natural Resource Cycle Technology Research & Development (Jiangsu ) Co., Ltd. Guangdong Yuecai Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. Shandong Shipping Corporation Shenzhen Weiqi Technology Co., Ltd. Weihai Jinhong Group Co., Ltd. Honda Access China Corp. Gem Co., Ltd. Gemac Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. Anker Innovations Technology Co., Ltd. Liaoning Tai'an Muyuan Agriculture And Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Yiwei Car Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Dalian Aifu Yiwei Automobile New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Shanying Paper Co., Ltd. SHAN YING HUAZHONG PAPER INDUSTRY CO., LTD. CHONGQING GENERAL COMMERCE IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD Haining Water Investment Group Co., Ltd. Ping An Real Estate Company Ltd. Haiyan Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Gang International Trade Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Land Port International Trade Co., Ltd. Shanghai CBRE GWS Facility Management Co., Ltd. Xiamen Haixia Supply Chain Development Co.,ltd Nanchong Shunchuan Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. Shenzhen MYWAY Technology Company Limited Shenzhen Sunlord Electronics Co., Ltd. Yantai Pacific Home Fashion Co., Ltd. Zhongyan Guoben Salt Industry Co., Ltd. Wuhan Youyi Company 3M International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Norinco International Cooperation Ltd. Norinco-Imc Logistics Co., Ltd. China North Industries Group Corporation Limited China North Industries Corporation Ganzhou City Development Investment Group Co., Ltd Huayuan International Land Port Group Co., Ltd IMOTION (Shanghai) Product Design Co., Ltd. Flowserve Fluid Motion and Control (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Capital Securities Corporation Limited First Capital Securities Co., Ltd. Zoomlion Intelligent Access Machinery Co., Ltd. Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science And Technology Co., Ltd. TianFu Futures Co., Ltd. Guotai Asset Management Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Securities Co.,Ltd. Guangzhou Securities Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Panyu Dashi Securities Sales Department Guangzhou Securities Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Huanshi Donglu Securities Sales Department Trina Solar Co., Ltd. Chn Energy Renewable Co., Ltd Shanghai Four Seasons Education Training Co., Ltd. Bank of Montreal (China) Co., Ltd. China International Intellectech Group Co., Ltd. Wilmar (China) Oleo Co., Ltd. Wilmar Oleo (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Iray Technology Company Limited iRay Technology Taicang Ltd. InfiRay Technologies Co.,Ltd. China Lianyungang Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. Zhonghong Pulin Group Co., Ltd. Trans-China Logistics Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Sanjing Electric Co., Ltd. Suzhou Parsun Power Machine Co., Ltd. Chengdu Skymoons Interactive Network Game Co., Ltd. Ttm Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Sichuan Renan Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. FIRST CAPITAL FUTURES CO.,LTD. Intercontinental Shenzhen Infastech (Shenzhen) Limited Sinotherapeutics Inc. China Shipbuilding Industry Group Power Co., Ltd. CHINA SHIPBUILDING TRADING CO., LTD. China Shipbuilding Industry Company Limited China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Shenzhen Mokylin Technology Co.,Ltd AGILE Property Land Co.,Ltd Mls Co., Ltd. Cofco Coca-Cola (Heilongjiang) Beverages Co., Ltd. Nokis Solutions And Networks System Technology(Beijing) Co.,Ltd Nanjing Changjiang Electronics Group Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia Erdos Electric Power And Metallurgy Group Co., Ltd Zhejiang Sanhua Intelligent Controls Co., Ltd. ZHEJIANG SANHUA CLIMATE & APPLIANCE CONTROLS GROUP CO., LTD. Sanhua Holding Group Co.,Ltd. Sanhua (Hangzhou) Micro Channel Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. Guangdong Rising Holdings Group Co., Ltd Emay Network Technology Development Co., Ltd Hebei IMP.& EXP. Trade Company Deqing China-Africa Foreign Trade Port Co., Ltd. Xiamen Itg Group Corp.,Ltd Mianyang Education Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd. Macrowing Software Technology Co.,Ltd CommScope Asia (Suzhou) Technologies Co., Ltd. China United Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Ningbo Schlemmer Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. Jones Tech Plc Dell (China) Co., Ltd. Taikang Funds Management Co.,Limited. Fosun Investment Co., Ltd Xiamen Innovax Biotech Co., Ltd. FMC (Suzhou) Crop Care Co., Ltd. Faurecia (Shenyang) Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. Ant Technology Group Co., Ltd. Ansteel Group Co., Ltd.. Hunan Adto Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. Airport Group Co., Ltd. Xinyi Cultural Development Co., Ltd. MediaTek (ShenZhen) Inc. TIANJIN SAMSUNG SDI CO.,LTD Ping'an Assets Management Co., Ltd. Wanjia Asset Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai Moons? Electric Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang Supor Co., Ltd. Liaoning Supor Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Lichuan Food Technology Co., Ltd. Tjk Machinery(Tianjin)Co., Ltd. Ningbo Sunlight Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd Nio Co.,Ltd Beijing Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. OnePlus Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Guangdong Oneplus Mobile Co., Ltd. Rongjia Medical (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. Rishang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Guangxi Baise Development & Investment Group Co., Ltd. Guangxi Baise Industrial Investment Development Group Co. , Ltd. China Merchants Group Limited China Merchants Securities Co.,Ltd Hefei State-Owned Assets Holding Co.,Ltd. Inspectorate (Shanghai) Ltd. ChongqingexpresswayCo., Ltd China Construction Bank Corporation Huizhou Desay Sv Automotive Co., Ltd. China Life Property & Casualty Insurance Company Ltd. China Wu Yi Co., Ltd. Zhejiang ASD Cookware Sales Co., Ltd. Sichuan Languang Development Co., Ltd. Power Construction Corporation Of China Santen Pharmaceutical (China) Co., Ltd. North China Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. North China Pharmaceutical Group Corporation NORTH CHINA PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP AINO CO., LTD. Shenzhen Onetouch Business Service Ltd. Zhejiang OneTouch Business Service Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Onetouch Business Service Co., Ltd. FUJIAN ONETOUCH BUSINESS SERVICE CO.,LTD. Shandong Onetouch Business Service Co., Ltd. Foshan OneTouch Business Service Co., Ltd. Anhui OneTouch Business Service Co.,Ltd. Wenzhou OneTouch Business Service Co., Ltd. Hainan Feiliang Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Brewster Environmental Technology Co., Ltd Oriental Energy (Maoming) Ltd. Qinhuangdao Xinglong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Great Wall Glory Securities Co., Ltd. Beijing New Oriental Dogwood Cultural Communications Co. Ltd. Dongfeng Motor Corporation Yantai Tayho Advanced Materials Co., Ltd Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Works Import & Export Company Coscoshipping Specialized Carriers Co., Ltd. Cosco Shipping Holdings Co., Ltd. Cosco Shipping (Qidong) Offshore Co., Ltd. Cosco Shipping Project Logistics Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Dongcheng Power Tools Co., Ltd. China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company China Ocean Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. Cosco Shipping Lines Co., Ltd. Cosco Shipping Services Co., Ltd. General Products Of Guangdong Beijing Medi-cloud Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Sinoma (Shangrao) Machinery Co., Ltd. Hubei Zhongxin Kaiwei Modern Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. China Three Gorges Renewables (Group)Co., Ltd. China Three Gorge International Energy Investment Group RYB Education, Inc. Yunnan Normal University Haier Finance Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co., Ltd. China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd. South China University of Technology Leica Microsystems Ltd. Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences Owens Corning (China) Investment Company Limited Nanchang Faurecia Exhaust Control Technology Co., Ltd. Sipai Pharmacy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Comfort Life (Beijing) International Trading Co.,Ltd. Anhui Huaihua Co., Ltd. Wuhan Fiberhome International Technologies Co., Ltd. Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co., Ltd. eXN Global Logistics Co.,Ltd. Fluke Shanghai Corporation Beijing Leader Corporation Shenzhen Nuclear Gene Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai North Glass Technology Industrial Co., Ltd Ganzhou Achteck Tool Technology Co. Ltd. Sun Yat-Sen University China National Medicines Corporation Ltd. China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation Fantastic Bioimaging Co., Ltd. Yantai Jereh Oilfield Services Group Co., Ltd. Hunan Newsmy Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Fawer Automotive Parts Company Ltd.Fasteners Branch new plant Jiangsu Sunshine Co., Ltd. LG Display (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Optimize Integration Group Inc. Shaoxing Zhenyuan Medical Devices and Chemical Reagents Co., Ltd. Truking Technology Limited Hainan Airport Infrastructure Co., Ltd. Shanghai Genesis Financial Information Service Co., Ltd Duxiaoman Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd. Duxiaoman Information Consulting Co., Ltd. Changzhou Hengbang Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Tongwei Solar (Hefei) Co., Ltd. Tongwei Solar (Anhui) Co., Ltd. Jiawei Renewable Energy Co., Ltd Hefei Fengle Seed Co., Ltd Union Service Co., Ltd. Tianjin Mcdonald's Foodstuff Co., Ltd. Industrial Securities Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Municipal Office, SAT Puhua Holding Co., Ltd. SHENZHEN ORICO TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD Qinghai Salt Lake Haina Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Fujian Rongji Software Co., Ltd. FCB International Leasing Co., Ltd. Angel Yeast Co., Ltd Metallurgical Corporation Of China Ltd. China Metallurgical Group Corporation CSPC Weisheng Pharmaceutical (Shijiazhuang) Co., Ltd. Cspc Zhongnuo Pharmaceutical (Shijiazhuang) Co., Ltd. ET Energy Co.,Ltd Sph Ningbo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Century Co., Ltd ShenZhen Century Cloud Core Technologies Limited China Poly Group Corporration Longi Solar Technology Co., Ltd. LilithGames(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Lilith Network Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Lansheng Brand Management Co., Ltd. Sinochem Corporation Sinochem Chongqing Fuling Chemicals Co., Ltd. Sinochem International Oil (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Sinochem Oil Heilongjiang Co., Ltd. China National Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited Ja Solar Technology Co., Ltd. SHANGHAI JA SOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Xinao Group Co., Ltd. East Group Co., Ltd Hengda Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. Yantai Taihexing Material Technology Co., Ltd. Fujian Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. Schaeffler (Ningxia) Co., Ltd. Qingdao Ocean & Great Asia Logistics Co., Ltd. Shandong Zhongwaiyunlishen Lifting Transportation Co., Ltd. 3M Specialty Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Cnbm International Resources Co., Ltd. Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd. Philips Goldway (Shenzhen) Industrial Inc. Beijing Energy Holding Co., Ltd. Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Shenwu Technology Group Corp Guangzhou Sie Consulting Co., Ltd. Baolingbao Biology Co., Ltd. Dalian Wanda Commercial Management Group Co., Ltd. Quanlucheng Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. DASHANG CO., LTD. Xiamen RongZhi Financial Technology Services Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Xinxing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Guangdong Goworld Co., Ltd. Shanghai International Pharmaceutical Trading Co., Ltd. Nantong Rainbow Heavy Machineries Co., Ltd. Ningxia Tairui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Xidi'ou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Tasly Diyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Tasly Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. Tasly Phar. International Co., Ltd Shanghai United Imaging Medical Investment Management Co., Ltd Shanghai Universal Medical Imaging Diagnostic Center Co., Ltd. Xiamen Xiangyu Co., Ltd. Orient International (Holding) Co., Ltd China Finance Corporation Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Weida Medical System Engineering Co.,Ltd. Midea Group Co., Ltd. Sanliuling Technology Group Co., Ltd. Ganzhou Wotaixin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. Tasly Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Wanbang Biopharmaceuticals Hefei Yifan Biopharmaceuticals Inc. RDA Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Henan Transport Investment Group Co., Ltd. Sichuan Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd China Energy Development Group Co., Ltd. Cefc China Energy Company Limited CHINA ENERGY TRADING GROUP CO., LTD. China Energy Reserve and Chemicals Group Company Porton Pharma Solutions Ltd. Haitong Unitrust International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Huayuan Copper Co., Ltd. Action Asia (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Xiamen Aircraft Leasing Co., Ltd. Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Park (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. Lijin Co., Ltd. Focused Photonics (Hangzhou), Inc. Tongwei Group Co., Ltd. Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. Ganfeng Lithium Co., Ltd. Porton Pharma (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. Dongguan Zhihao Photo-Electric Technology Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen Jumper Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Mizhai Industrial Co., Ltd. Biaoxin Science & Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. CHINA RAILWAY NO.8 ENGINEERING GROUP CO., LTD. Shenzhen Seg Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Hytera Technology Service Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Seg Hi-Tech Industrial Co., Ltd. The First Hospital of China Medical University China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd. Certusnet Corporation China Petrochemical Corporation China Stamp Collecting Co., Ltd. China Paper Corporation China Printing Co., Ltd CCCC Property Company Limited SHANGHAI DESANO CHEMICAL PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. Commercial Aircraft Corporation Of China,.Ltd. Hubei Dinglong Co., Ltd. Zhongdian Huada Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. Beijing Easyhome Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. China National Foodstuffs Group Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Everwin Precision Technology Co.Ltd Tianjin Haiyi International Car Sales Maintenance Co., Ltd. ChannelBeyond Customer Care Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Antumobi Molecular Diagnosis Technology Co., Ltd Shanghai Bilibili Animation Co., Ltd. Beijing Jiankun Xiaoyou Information Technology Co., Ltd. Linkdoc Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd Beijing Capital Land Ltd. Alpha Group Dongguan Alpha Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Opera House Changzhou Almaden Co., Ltd. Beijing ZhongSou SouYue NetWork Technology Co., Ltd. HitGen Inc. Genki Forest Beverage Co., Ltd. Hunan Fangsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Liaoning Chengda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Henan Mingtai Al.Industrial Co., Ltd. Greenland Group (Kunshan) Real Estate Co., Ltd. Friend Co., Ltd. Hunan Tianrun Digital Entertainment &Cultural Media Co., Ltd. Masterwork Group Co., Ltd. DONG GUAN TANITA Health Equipment CO., LTD. Sinopharm Weiqida Datong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Weihai Construction Group Jianbang Housing Technology Development Co., Ltd. Sichuan Born To Learn Education Technology Co.,Ltd. Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd. Beijing Originwater Technology Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Mizuda Textile Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd. ZHEJIANG MIZUDA PRINTING & DYEING GROUP HUZHOU IMPORT & EXPORT CO. ,LTD. Accenture (China) Co., Ltd. Accenture Enterprise Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. China Energy Engineering Group Zhejiang Thermal Power Construction Co., Ltd. China Energy Engineering Group Heilongjiang Energy Engineering Co.,Ltd. Guangdong Brunp Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics Co., Ltd. Hengdian Group Dmegc Magnetics Co., Ltd. Guangdong University of Technology Tahoe Investment Group Co., Ltd. Avnet Electronics Technology (China) Lim ited China Communications Technology Co.,Ltd. China Academy of Space Technology Chengdu Hiwafer Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. Synica Co.,Ltd Hangzhou Oxygen Plant Group Co., Ltd. Cccg Real Estate Corporation Limited China Eastern Air Holding Company Limited Zhengzhoudevelopmentandinvestmentgroupco., Ltd. Chengdu BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Glamor Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Spc Environment Protection Tech Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Colibri Technologies Co., Ltd. Shanghai Roche Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Angang Group Mining Co., Ltd Guiyang Guanshanhu Investment (Group) Urban Construction Development Co., Ltd. Roche (China) Holding Ltd Risesun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Alfa Romeo (Shanghai) Automobiles Sales Co., Ltd. Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. of China Power Engineering Consulting Group China Energy Construction Group Guangdong Electric Power Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. China Energy Engineering Group Guangdong Power Engineering Co., Ltd. Shennan Circuits Co., Ltd. Zhaoying Co., Ltd. New China Life Insurance Company Ltd. Zhejiang Jinke Tom Culture Industry Co., Ltd. Asymchem Laboratories (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Jilin Asymchem Laboratories Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Oriental Fortune Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd. Shandong Huaxing Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. Shanddong Wonfull Petrochemical Group Co.,Ltd C&D (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai C&D Battery Co., Ltd. Shanghai C & D Wines Co., Ltd. Bensteel Group Co. Ltd Shenzhen Jingwang Industry Co., Ltd. Sanlux Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Wazam New Materials Co., Ltd. Impulse(Qingdao)Health Tech Co., Ltd. Hunan Investment Group Co.,Ltd. Xiamen Sime Darby Cel Machinery Co., Ltd . Tianjin Bohai State-Owned Assets Administration Co., Ltd Shandong Haike Holdings Co., Ltd. Orient Group Investment & Holding Co., Ltd. Sinoma Overseas Development Co., Ltd. Wyeth Nutritional (China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Union Technology Corporation Shanghai Hongqiao Linkong Economy Park Development Co., Ltd. Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. Happy Life Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Union Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Xin Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone 3U-Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Environmental Services Co., Ltd. Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone International Human Resource Service Co., Ltd. Dalian Machine Tool Group Co.,Ltd. Dalian Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Xiamen Zhongchuang Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd Arashi Vision Inc. JUVA Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Qilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Ganli Pharmaceuticals Shandong Co., Ltd. Otis Electric Elevator Co., Ltd. DIDI CHUXING Technology Co., Ltd. Chongqing Baling Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd. Huaibei Mining Industry (Group) Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. Lancy Co., Ltd. China Jianyin Investment Limited China Overseas Holding Group Co., Ltd. Robotime Technology(Suzhou)Co.Ltd Hangzhou Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Cbd Investment Group Co., Ltd Shanghai New World Holding Company Limited Shenyang Wanke Enterprise Co., Ltd. Wuhan Vanke Real Estate Co., Ltd. China Vanke Co., Ltd. Beijing Jingdong Century Trading Co., Ltd. Shanda Interactive Entertainment Ltd. Beijing Ur Work Zhongke Venture Capital Co.,Ltd. Mobvista Co., Ltd CTS International Logistics Corporation Limited Createtechnology & Science Co., Ltd. Gansu Provincial Electric Power Investment Group Corporation Jiudianxiahydropower Development Co., Gansu Electric Power Investment Jinchang Power Co., Ltd. China International Capital Corporation Limited Qi An Xin Technology Group Inc. China Railway No.4 Group No.2 Engineering Co., Ltd. China National Erzhong Group Co. Shenzhen China Railway No.2 Bureau Engineering Co., Ltd. Harbin International Conference And Exhibition Sports Center Ltd. New Oriental Education and Technology Group Inc. Guangzhou Xiaopeng Motors Technology Co., Ltd. GUANGDONG XIAOPENG AUTOMOBILE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. China Fortune Securities Company Limited. BCFoods Gansu Co., Ltd. China Resources Co., Ltd. China Resources Sanjiu Medical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. China Railway Signal&Communication Corporation Limited Tecnon Electronics Co.,Ltd Guangxi Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd Han'S Holdings Group Ltd. Inner Mongolia Mining (Group) Xing'an Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. Vivo Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Sinosteel Corporation Limited Sinosteel Corporation Sinosoft Co.,Ltd Sino Mould Component (Dong Guan) Co.,Ltd Dalian State-Owned Assets Investment And Management Group Co., Ltd. Kraussmaffei Company Limited Shanghai KraussMaffei Machinery Co., Ltd. China Minsheng Investment Group Corp., Ltd. Beijing 58 Information Technology Co., Ltd. Guochuang Renewable Energy Technology Co.Ltd. Shanxi Coal Transportation & Sales Group Datong Coal Industry Co.,Ltd. Shanxi Coal Transportation & Sales Group Datong Co.,Ltd. Shanxi Coal Transportation & Sales Group Yuncheng Co.,Ltd. Dlg Exhibitions & Events Corporation Limited Shanghai Lansheng Light Industrial Products Import & Export Corp.,Ltd. Houmu Business Services Co., Ltd. NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd. China Tobacco Hunan Industrial Co., Ltd. China Tobacco International Inc. China Tobacco Company China Tobacco Hubei Industrial Llc Shanghai Dongxing Investment Holdings Co., Ltd China Shipping Vastwin Project Logistics Co., Ltd. High Hope Int'L Group Jiangsu Champion Holdings Limited Jiangsu High Hope International Group Laiyinda Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang ZEEKR Intelligent Technology Co, Ltd Suzhou Rainbow Environmental Equipment Co.,Ltd Beijing Huitong Tianxia IOT Technology Co., Ltd. Xiamen C&D Inc. C&D Logistics Group Co., Ltd. C&D Logistics (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. C&D Logistics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Small Micro Financial Services Co., LTD. Qinhuangdao WKW Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. Shanghai Huayi (Group) Company 3rd Construction Co.,Ltd of China Construction Fifth Engineering Division Corp., Ltd China Third Metallurgical Group Corporation Ltd Zkh Industrial Supply Co., Ltd Xi'an Changqing Sangde Water Affairs Co., Ltd. Erdos State-Owned Assets Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd Jumpcan Foshan Tongdu Metal Technology Co., Ltd Vcanbio Cell & Gene Engineering Corp., Ltd China Cicc Wealth Management Securities Company Limited China Asset Management Co., Ltd. Huaxin Wealth Asset Management Co., Ltd. Pingdingshan Tianan Coal. Mining Co., Ltd. Red Star Macalline Group Corporation Ltd. Red Star Macalline Holding Group Co., Ltd. Taiyuan Dongsheng Coking Gas Co., Ltd. Astrazeneca Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals (China) Co., Ltd. Astrazeneca Pharmaceutical Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. North China Power Engineering International (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Abc International (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Shanxi Lu'an Mining Group Co., Ltd. Communication Company Shanxi Lu'an Group Puxian County Xidong Coal Industry Co.,Ltd. Science City (Guangzhou) Investment Group Co., Ltd RealMe Chongqing Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. Xianyang Financlal Holding Group Co., Ltd Xinjiang Sanchang Textile Co., Ltd. Samsung(China) Investment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Century Lianhua Supermarket Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Longqian Yingshen Investment Center (Limited Partnership) China MEHECO Corporation Golden Eagle Asset Management Co., Ltd. Union Asset Management Corporation Icbc Financial Asset Investment Co., Ltd. Bank Of Communications Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. Hunan No.6 Engineering Co., Ltd. China Materials Storage & Transportation Group Co., Ltd. China National Materials Storage &transportation Tianjin Co. Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Huai'An Security Guard Service Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Zhongxing High-Tech Biological Technology Co.,Ltd. Pangang Group Xichang Steel and Vanadium Co., Ltd. Xiamen Carrefour Commercial Co., Ltd. Shenyang Carrefour Commercial Co., Ltd. Shanghai Science and Technology Sci.&Tech. Park Co., Ltd. Anhui Provincial Investment Group Holding Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Provincial New Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd. Net Credit Co., Ltd. Tianjin Tianyao Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Guangzhou MINO Equipment Co., Ltd. Lepu Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Shanxi Loujun Mining Industry Group Co.,Ltd. BEIJING BOE DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Boe Mled Technology Co., Ltd. Guyuan County Maikang Food Co., Ltd. Cooper-Standard Dongfeng Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. CHONGQING SOUTHWEST NO.2 PHARMACEUTICAL FACTORY CO., LTD. Tibet Construction Engineering Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. China Railway Electrification Bureau Group Co., Ltd. China Railway Wuhan Electrification Bureau Group Co., Ltd Ningbo Chisage Resource Co., Ltd. Shanghai 700 Co., Ltd. Caterpillar (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Caterpillar R&D Center (China) Co., Ltd Caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Caterpillar (Xuzhou) Ltd. Yunnan Copper Co., Ltd. North China Power Engineering Co.,Ltd. of China Power Engineering Consulting Group North China Power Engineering Co., Ltd. Of China Power Engineering Consultinggro up Mappn Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Yili Chuanning Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Beijing Heyu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Zhengyuan Water Conservancy & Hydropower Survey Design Research Institu te Co., Ltd. Kaiyuan Group Corporation Yancheng RT-Mart Commerce Co.,Ltd. Petrochina International Guangdong Co., Ltd. PetroChina Guangdong Petrochemical Company Hainan Power Transmission & Transformation Engineering Co., Ltd. China Aerospace Science And Industry Corporation Limited China Aerospace Science And Technology Corporation China Aerospace Times Electronics Co., Ltd. China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation Inertia Technology Co., Ltd. China Aerospace International Tourism Co.,Ltd. China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation Allmed Medical Products Co.,Ltd Shanghai Wisdom Global Logistics Co., Ltd. Global Logistic Properties Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Zijin Mining Group Company Limited Sinopec Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Company Limited Liaoning Zhangwu Jinshan Wind Power Power Generation Co., Ltd. Shandong Shengkai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited North Huajin Chemical Industries Group Corporation Shanghai Tuo Chang Technology Company Limited Xiamen C&D Chemical Co., Ltd. C&D (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. Chizhou Dadukou Economic and Technology Development Zone Investment Construction Co., Ltd. Baiyin Nonferrous Group Co., Ltd. Suzhou Positec Power Tools (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Positec Tools Co., Ltd. Wuhan Sante Cableway Group Co.,Ltd Jiangsu Huaning Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. Liulin County Kangjia Char Co., Ltd. China Nuclear Engineering& Construction Corporation Limited China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Co., Ltd. China Nuclear Industry Fifth Construction Co., Ltd. Ili Qingsong Nangang Building Materials Co.,Ltd. Whirlpool (China) Co., Ltd. Tongliao Xinhao Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. Rugao Xinhao Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. Tangshan Xinhao Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. Beijing Xiaoju Technology Co., Ltd. ABB (China) Limited Tsingtao Brewery Company Limited Vivo Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. Vivo Mobile Communication (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd. Jackson's Winery (Fujian) Co., Ltd. Thoughtworks Software Technologies (Xi'an) Ltd. Zhongshan Shangyang Technology Co., Ltd. Great Wall Motor Company Limited Chongqing Yongchuan District Great Wall Motor Parts Co., Ltd. New Power (Beijing) Construction Technology Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Hailu Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. Byd Precision Manufacture Co., Ltd. Byd Auto Industry Company Limited BYD AUTO FINANCE COMPANY LIMITED Chengdong Investment Corporation Panasonic Appliances (China) Co., Ltd. Baowu Equipment Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd DMI (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd Shanghai Minhang Costco Trading Co., Ltd. Shanxi Jinyu Jidong Ecotechnology Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Lanju Daily Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd Shenzhen Intellifusion Technologies Co., Ltd. Jining Yanzhou District New Cooperative Baiyi Commerce and Trade Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen Sailvan Network Technology Co., Ltd. Org Technology Co., Ltd. Kale Environment Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Qingdao Zhenhua Oil Warehousing Co., Ltd. Giant (China) Co., Ltd. Tianbao Mining Co., Ltd. Qinhuangdao Petrochina Fuel Bitumen Co., Ltd. Changsha Xiaoxinxing Cartoon Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. Jiangsu Smith New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. Vital Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. Zhongke Meiluo Info-Tech Co., Ltd. Renrenle Commercial Group Co., Ltd. Anhui Construction Engineering Group Corporation Limited China State Construction International Co., Ltd. Yingtan State-Owned Holding Group Fujian New Hope Australian Dairy Co., Ltd. Sailun Group Co., Ltd. Zhongding International Construction Group Jiangxi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Beijing Sanyuan Foods Co., Ltd. Beijing Sanyuan Food Co.,Ltd. No.1 Dairy Product Factory Tianjin State-Owned Capital Investment And Management Co., Ltd. Tonglu County Investment And Management Of State Owned Capital Holding Limited QINGDAO HAIXI HEAVY-DUTY MACHINERY CO., LTD. Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group Co.,Ltd Norin Development Co., Ltd. Tianjin Fangxin Construction Engineering General Contractor Co., Ltd. China Aviation Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. Boyuan Medical Technology (Qingdao) Co.,Ltd. China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Corp., Ltd The fourth construction co.,ltd of construction eighth engineering division China Construction Eighth Engineering Division South China Construction Co.,Ltd. Beijing Jingwei Hirain Technologies Co., Inc. Shanxi Coal Transportation & Sales Group Yangquan Jiaoqu District Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Fukang Construction Co., Ltd. Suzhou Sushi Meat Products Co., Ltd.

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