List of Corporate Headquarters in SHANGHAI

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Shanghai Zeshi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Asia Shipping Co., Ltd. Shenyao Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Taiyuan Investment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Saimu Trading Co., Ltd. Shanghai Odely Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. Shanghai G&J International Trading Co.,Ltd. Jinko Power Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Pan'an Investment Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai Liangzhao Investment Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai Hongpu Asset Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jiuge Investment Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai Honghu Private Placement Fund Management Co., Ltd. COMET Mechanical Equipment (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Hsbc Bank(China) Company Limited Shanghai Legion Precision Hardware Co., Ltd. AGC Chemicals Trading (Shanghai) Inc. Sam's (Shanghai) Investment Co., Ltd. Boweite Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yueping Information Technology Co., Ltd. Meridian International Co., Ltd. Lin Fan International Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jinghong International Logistics Co., Ltd Zhange Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Weiersheng Supply Chain Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Dalian Chaolian Yuntong International Logistics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch Mep Shanghai Limited Lijiang Packaging Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Dongke Liansheng New Energy Co., Ltd. Shanghai Genext Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Novah (Shanghai) System Technology Corp.,Ltd. Honeywell Fire & Security Systems(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions (China) Co., Ltd. CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Co.,Ltd. Yota (Shanghai) Import & Export Co.,Ltd Shangai Keyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd Shanghai Haishi Information Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Hashi Information Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Hanshi Information Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Tianzhiyue Aviation Development Co., Ltd. OMP Mechtron (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Islands of Adventure Infotech Co., Ltd. Shanghai CtrlV Information Technology Co. Ltd. Shanghai V-Line Consulting Co., Ltd. Shanghai Easy Learning Information Technology Co., Ltd. Focusolar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Smart Share Global Ltd Estic China Corporation TSP Electronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Shanghai Keda Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai Ruiyu Biotech Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yuchang Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yuchang Enterprise Management Center Representative Office of Weifang Runda Logistics Co.,Ltd. in Shanghai Paixiya Machinery Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. POSCO International Shanghai Co., Ltd. Shanghai Shunzhuo Logistics Development Co., Ltd. Gfk Retail And Technology China Co., Ltd. SKF (Shanghai) Automotive Technologies Co., Ltd. SKF China Co., Ltd. SKF Trade Co., Ltd. Skf (China) Sales Co., Ltd. Brazzale (Shanghai) Food Trading Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yunyong Equity Shares Investment Management Center (Limited Partnership ) Shanghai Ruking Technologies Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xiuqi Equity Investment Management Center (Limited Partnership) Shanghai Haokerui Logistics Co., Ltd. Shanghai FBC Translation Co., Ltd. Shanghai Mazhijia Trade Co., Ltd. ELAN (SHANGHAI) FINE Chemical Co., Ltd. Shanghai Towin Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. Shanghai Pinpoint Asset Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai Shendong Shipping Co., Ltd. Beijing Ruyi Jingxiu Network Technology Co., Ltd Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch Shanghai Solid Information Technology Co.,Ltd. Eastern Beach Sports Club Virtuos China Ltd. Miaochi Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Zicai Information Technology Co., Ltd. Hzymes Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Yichan Internet Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Minshu E - Commerce Co., Ltd. Hubei Shengtian Network Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch Link luck International Corp. Shanghai Shiye Real Estate Company Struers (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd. Shanghai Vangen Network Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xingtuo International Logistics Co., Ltd. Fiege Logistics (China) Co., Ltd. Neptune Supply Chain Technology Shanghai Limited Saic General Motors Corporation Limited Sandvik Mining and Construction (China) Co., Ltd. Polar Star International Trade (Shanghai) Company Limited Heluo Xintu Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Nuoyangjian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Lan'ai Biological Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai International Airport Co., Ltd. Fushun Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd. Credo Technology (SH) Ltd. Maxplus Industries Company Limited Dbs Bank (China) Co., Limited Cerence Communications Technology Shanghai Co., Ltd. TAB Computer Technology Co., Ltd. Exyte Technology Shanghai Co., Ltd. SMH Swiss Watch Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai JHJ International Logistics Co.,Ltd. Maserati (China) Cars Trading Co.,Ltd Shanghai Agriculture Industry Commerce Communication Electric Co., Ltd. Shanghai Bozhou Business Consulting Office (Limited Partnership) Bozhou Business Consultation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Zhuoyue Ruixin Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Maizi International Trade Co., Ltd. Access Consulting Co., Ltd. Shanghai Spectrum Instruments Co., Ltd. SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Nmt China Co., Ltd. HOREN CORTP Co., Ltd. Shanghai Pingdou Industry Co., Ltd. Ruilong Nuofu (Shanghai) Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Fengyang Investment Management Co., Ltd. Yenwin International Freight (Shanghai) Ltd. Shanghai Ogis Tonghua Software Co., Ltd. Paulas Choice (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. Wolverine Advanced Materials (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Yinghai Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Morimatsu Pharmaceutical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. Swiss Precision Component Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Carlyle Investment Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Alstom Investment Co., Ltd. Jia Shi Lubricants Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Reistone Biopharma Company Limited A2O Channel Culture Media Co., Ltd Shanghai Mengsheng Bicycle Sales Co., Ltd. Yiyao (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. Shanghai Moonton Technology Co.,Ltd. Lifan (Shanghai) Software Technology Co., Ltd. SQ Technology (Shanghai) Corporation Mingyuntang (Shanghai) Tea Industry Co., Ltd. Shanghai Aimosi Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Zhibao Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Orient International Trade Co., Ltd. Orient International (Holding) Co., Ltd Bank of Communications Schroder Fund Management Co., Ltd. Aden Anais (Shanghai) Business Information Consultancy Co., Ltd. Xingda Shipping (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai KeChow Pharma. Inc. Shanghai Chenyan Oceanic Engineering Co., Ltd. Shanghai Changyun Industry Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Zijing Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Anyue Industry Co., Ltd. Ctrip Investment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Syngenta Group Co., Ltd. USA Milton Industry Company Shanghai Representative Office Shanghai Heiqiao Industry Design Co., Ltd. Shanghai Fuyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Ronger Chemical Co., Ltd. Shanghai Ronger Trading Co., Ltd. Jinrong (SH) Automotive Parts Corp., Ltd. Shanghai Jinrong Automation Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yuda Property Management Co., Ltd. Aptiv (China) Holding Company Limited Luxemporium International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. SODIAAL Dairy Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Trafigura Investment (China) Co., Ltd. Burckhardt Compression (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Sinotech Machinery Co.,Ltd QUALINA FOOD SERVICE CO.,LTD. ZygoLamda Metrology Instrument (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Ingersoll-Rand Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Ingersoll-Rand (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Shanghai GAL International Trading Co., Ltd. GL events China Co. Ltd. Cross-border Interbank Payment System Co., Ltd. SHANGHAI ZEAL CO., LTD. Shanghai Basictak Co., Ltd. Solaria Trading Co., Ltd. Sunway Textiles Ltd. Sunway Trading Pte Ltd Shanghai Sunway International Trade Co., Ltd. Youdou Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Huituo Engineering Co., Ltd. Shanghai Zhitao Cultural Innovation Co., Ltd. Avic International Leasing Co., Ltd Shanghai Sodexo Pass Service Limited Shanghai Shipping Exchange VS Trading (Shanghai) Company Limited Under Armour Trading(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. Intsig Information Co., Ltd. Commercial Aircraft Corporation Of China,.Ltd. Guotai Junan Investment Management Co., Ltd. Guotai Junan Securites Jinkong Investment (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Guotai Junan Security Assets Management Co.,Ltd. Guotai Junan Zhengyu Investment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Guotai Junan Securites Juntong Investment Management Co.,Ltd. Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd. Shanghai Zhihong Tongzhou Enterprise Consulting Partnership Enterprise (Limited Partnership) Asustek Computer Shanghai Display Service Center Shanghai Youhu Technology Co., Ltd. Netease (Shanghai) Online Games Co., Ltd. Xinchaoyong Semi-conductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Fc Shipping Logistics Co., Ltd. Rongyu Network Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Rongyu Network Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Fast Logistics Co., Ltd. Wangsu Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jiahe Network Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Genyan Network Tech.Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Singularity Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Tuanbolang Ecology Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Milkyway Chemical Logistics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yizu Internet Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xingwan Biological Technology Co., Ltd. The Swatch Group (China) Ltd. Shanghai Shuyong Industry Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Xiaoshan Internet Women and Children Hospital Co., Ltd. Shanghai Shenyuexuan Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai Shenyuexuan Restaurant Co., Ltd. (Dingxiang Store) Shanghai Ruiji Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Zhongji Industry Group New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Euler's Treasure Is Proud To Pull (Shanghai) Internet Financial Information Services Co., Ltd. Shanghai Wyeth Nutritional Co. Ltd. ChuangShi Network Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Co., Ltd. Shanghai Impact therapeutics Co.,Ltd. Lead Technologies Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai Suntek Imp and Exp Co., Ltd. SGS-CSTC Testing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Sinotherapeutics Inc. Shuifulai Purification Equipment Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Kleango Cleaning Service Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Shenyang Advertising Co., Ltd. Shanghai Ruijin Health Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Shanghai International Shipping Service Center Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yunju Venture Capital Co., Ltd. Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Shanghai Sunclear Vector Optics Trading Co., Ltd. JUTU International Ltd. Shanghai Huakaixin Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Baixiang Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. Shanghai Basalt Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai NQA Certification Co., Ltd. A.R.E.N.A. Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Hongqiang International Logistics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yichang Industry Co., Ltd. Pioneer Logistics Shanghai Ltd. Shanghai Taiyu Group Co., Ltd. CIELO CHINA LIMITED Laimiao (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. Penavico Shanghai Pudong Co., Ltd.

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