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Twenty Three International Limited USM Holdings Limited First Global (BVI) LTD H.I.G. Global Capital Partners GP (BVI), Ltd. HUIXIN GLOBAL LIMITED FUTURE KING INC. ESSENCE JUPITER LIMITED TRIPOD OVERSEAS CO., LTD. Kuwait Energy Basra Limited APDN (B.V.I.) Inc. Aquarius Company Limited Agar International Holdings Ltd. Trident Trust Company (BVI) Limited Beender Ltd Flowmax Holdings Limited Green Energy International Limited Future Edge Limited Green Mobility Innovations Limited M.M. Warburg-Hansa Ltd Crest Sum Limited Gallant Timber Limited CNM Estates (Surbiton) Limited Trident Trust Co Business Holdings Limited Vistra (BVI) Limited Delta Holding Business Binance Capital Management Co., Limited ELUCID VENTURES LIMITED Mercuria Energy Group Holding Ltd. Fabtech International Ltd Capri Holdings Limited TCC Assets Limited Advisor One Ltd NBG Advisors Limited Nexan Advisors Ltd. NMN Advisors Limited Napier Advisors Limited Cell Group Worldwide LTD Apoidea (BVI) Limited KANE GLOBAL HOLDINGS LIMITED FindSatoshi Lab Limited Mbc Ventures Limited Studio 3 Ltd MBC Holdings Inc. Golden Harvest Marine Transportation Ltd Coloma Holdings Ltd. EAGLELAND FINANCE LIMITED Laeri Ventures Ltd Joom Group Limited Cuete Ventures Inc. PLMB VENTURES LTD. Lebry Ventures Limited Synnex Global Limited INTERCONTINENTAL ENERGY HOLDINGS GROUP LIMITED NEW SIGHT HOLDINGS LIMITED Seagull Investments Holdings Corp Minth Holdings Limited Arabella Group Limited A-Ben Capital Co. Limited NiceHash Ltd Junifler Limited Barsac Company Limited Tynetech Limited Voidbridge Ltd Winit Holdings Ltd AB Fund of Funds Limited Bybit Fintech Limited Schlumberger Oilfield Eastern Ltd. SCHLUMBERGER OILFIELD HOLDINGS LIMITED Aspen Hill Partners Limited Iron Mountain Enterprises Limited Digicel (BVI) Limited Woromin Finance Ltd Express Technologies Limited DESERT FLOWER ENTERPRISES LIMITED Eternity Nice Enterprises Limited Sebelius Investments Limited Daedalus World Ltd Pro Broadband (BVI) Inc Alpine Securities Limited Alpine Universal Ltd Top Media Distribution Limited Norsel International Limited Advocate Group Company Limited HONG KONG ENERGY (BVI) INVESTMENTS LIMITED Varitronix (B.V.I.) Limited Landblue Ltd. TOP VICTORY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Gether Success Ltd STC International Limited Envision Energy International Limited Dragon Eye Assets Limited Gerald US International Limited Firefly Labs Inc Port Network Limited Wolf Holdings Limited Holepunch Inc. Biotech Marketing Limited Rich Hero Investment Limited Herorich Investments Limited Nadir Limited KIMBERLEY SERVICES LIMITED Elite Shine Investments Limited Al Njaeb PTY Ltd Bia Foods Investments Inc. Valley Limited Elevate Management Limited ELEMENTS DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Alpha International (B.VI.) Capital Ltd Lucky Leader International Limited Bestgate International Ltd Luxoft Holding Inc. GOING HOLDINGS LIMITED MF Jebsen China Services Limited FMI Trade Limited CHANCE VANTAGE LIMITED Fidelity Corporate Services Ltd Global Chung Hwa Engineering Limited Vodatel Holdings Limited BLUE SKY (HK) COMPANY LIMITED Midis Group Ltd. Intershares Ltd. Ronero Investments Limited Redchip Investment Limited FP International Holdings Limited Region Software Ltd E One Capital Limited TGP Trustees Ltd Celebrity Capital Group Ltd. Hightower Investments Corp. Reignwood International Holdings Company Limited PSM Racingline Ltd Unico Company Ltd Unicorn Industries Limited Unicorn Fund Ltd Unicorp Limited Raglan Resources Limited GARRICK GOLD LIMITED Dickson Licensing Limited One Plus One Holdings Limited Tether Operations Limited Northen Red Trading Limited TETHER HOLDINGS LIMITED Union Asset investment Holdings Limited Leo Ltd BFXNA INC. B F X SA VOF PE Holding 1 Limited EUROLINE OVERSEAS COMPANY LIMITED East Heyday Holdings Limited HALO (BVI) LIMITED HALO BVI II LIMITED WORLDWIDE FINANCE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED ZENITH INTERNATIONAL (B.V.I.)LTD. CHI Group Limited TOPLAND GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED KELDAY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Mineral Power Limited TypeApp Inc. JERSEY RISING LIMITED Pact Invest Limited ANDOMA INVESTMENT HOLDINGS LIMITED Signa Business SA Zed Kay Limited ATU General Trust (BVI) Limited Lh Pegasus Holding Limited Juno, Inc. 800pay Limited Goldpalm Holdings Limited Jalner International Limited iFinex Inc. Hyakunousha Holdings Limited Zylog BV Limited Beauty of Fashion Investment Co., Ltd. Salama Delta Ltd. Sino-Africa Ample, Co. Limited Talisman Strategic Fund, Ltd. PACIFIC PRESTIGE PROPERTY LIMITED Trinity Corporate Finance Limited Sheerington Limited Mulligan Technologies Limited Starsign Investments Limited Interart Limited GREAT LAKES GLOBAL INVESTMENT LIMITED KB Holdings Ltd Rise Grand Group Limited ABH Financial Limited QUEENSTOWN GLOBAL LIMITED Two Thirty Three Holdings S.A. Artist3 Labs Inc Carolina Fabrics Limited Coppergate Group Limited Coppergate Properties Limited Steel Trading House Inc. Universal International Max Ltd Norma Investments Limited SANY HEAVY EQUIPMENT INVESTMENTS COMPANY LIMITED Clovers Limited Himalaya International Clearing Ltd. Long Fat Global Co., Ltd NCF CAPITAL LIMITED WEALTH VENTURE ENTERPRISES LIMITED Landmark Retail Holdings 1 Limited Play LA Inc Playport Inc British Eco System Holding Inc Asev (BVI) Technology Co., Ltd Pacific Spring Ventures Limited eToro Group Ltd. Harp Trading Ltd Telegram Group Inc. Telegram Messanger Inc Amandi Holding Limited All Ascend International Limited RITECH TECHNOLOGY (HK) COMPANY LIMITED Klaret (Antibes) Limited Aleman Cordero Galindo & Lee Trust (BVI) Ltd Bombara Finance Limited Lark International Ltd Trendy International Group Limited United Chinese Holdings Limited Smart Global Group Limited E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc Molesto Investments Ltd. Beautiful Seascapes Limited Bermond Management Ltd SEA ENTERPRISE SHIPPING LTD Tencent Mobile International Limited Coral Ridge International Limited Hongkong Land CB (205) Ltd BingX Limited PENLER ENTERPRISES LIMITED Mid-Levels Portfolio (Valverde) Holdings Limited COPPERFIELD ENTERPRISES LIMITED Leader Faith International Limited C.C.S. Corporate Services Limited Dr Bit Limited Jade Communications Ltd CREATE CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT LTD Tradewise Holdings Limited Foster Company Ltd Silvermine Holdings Inc. Metal Rock Corporation Grand Metal Enterprise Ltd. Metal Venture Co., Limited MDS Tech Inc. Constell Group Ltd Mds Overseas Co. Ltd MDS System Integration Ltd MDS Indirect Sales Inc

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