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Lite-On Overseas Trading Co., Ltd. Media Support Services Limited Geco Support Services Ltd Redcroft Support Services Limited Global Media Support Limited Aegis Global Support Services (BVI) Limited Advanced Support Ltd. Norma Investments Limited Express Technologies Limited Aluminum Group, Ltd. Beauty of Fashion Investment Co., Ltd. Iron Mountain Enterprises Limited Bybit Fintech Limited Goldpalm Holdings Limited Himalaya International Clearing Ltd. Great Lakes Tobacco Management Company Limited Global Grain Ltd Linerock Investments Ltd. Maritime Trade and Investment Ltd. A.S. Watson Group (Europe) Investments Limited GREAT TST HOLDING LIMITED Asia Aluminum Group Limited Cheyne Capital Holdings Limited Two Thirty Three Holdings S.A. Angle Capital Limited B-Finance Ltd. Beautiful Seascapes Limited SCHLUMBERGER OILFIELD HOLDINGS LIMITED Gallant Timber Limited KANE GLOBAL HOLINGS LIMITED FULL BENEFIT GLOBAL HOLDINGS LIMITED UT Overseas Inc. Cathay Pigments Holdings Limited G-MEI NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED WEATHERFORD OIL TOOL MIDDLE EAST LIMITED Vicorn Investment Limited International Vacation Ownership Limited Topley Corporation Eighteen Dragons Investments Limited Manpower Consultants Ltd. Best Ever Industries Limited Synnex Global Limited Alumina & Bauxite Company Ltd. EM-ME Trading And Services Company Limited New Star Global Trading Limited BAIDU HOLDINGS LIMITED TZ Columbus Services Limited Cinnovation Incorporated Gemmy Holding Ltd TIMBER TRUSTEES (BVI) LTD. Yeshi Group Limited Claresholm Marketing Ltd. EAST WEST LIVING MANAGEMENT GROUP LIMITED INDUSTRIAL INVESTORS GROUP LIMITED HEILIND ASIA PACIFIC (BVI) LIMITED Global Chung Hwa Engineering Limited Pina Chemicals Co., Ltd Bestar Group Investment Ltd. Maui Chemical (BVI) Company Limited Ronero Investments Limited Guarantee Management Limited Asia Optical International Ltd Andes Petroleum Company Limited Golden Eight Group Limited Boardwalk Capital Holdings Limited Harvest United Enterprises Inc OCEANIC GOLD GLOBAL LIMITED NOBLE LAND INVEST LIMITED Amber Technologies Limited CHUNDA INTERNATIONAL CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO., LTD Fenn, Wright And Manson (Holdings) Limited Quanta International Technology Ltd. BESTAVIA HOLDINGS LTD LW Holdings Limited Astesa Engineering Inc. Adena Property Investments Inc. Active TopCo Limited Stadium Asia Ltd Midis Group Ltd. Elite Investments Ltd Far East Leather Industrial (BVI) Co. Ltd. Neo-Tech International (BVI) Co., Ltd Epoxy Base Investment Holding Ltd Supreme Goal Investments Limited CHINA SUCCESS CAPITAL LIMITED Direct Investments Limited Advanced Metallizing Supplies Ltd. Prince Catering & Management (Overseas) Limited H.I.G. Global Capital Partners GP (BVI), Ltd. CONSOLIDATED CAPITAL GROUP HOLDING LIMITED International Reactor Services Inc BAMBOO ASSETS LTD. HY Steel Company Limited CENTURY NOVA STEEL CO., LTD. Midocean Management and Trust Services (BVI) Limited Flowmax Holdings Limited Heaven Maple Medical Equipments Co. Ltd OneWorks Technology Limited Sino-Africa Ample, Co. Limited Top Ocean Investments Limited Allmax International Corp LTC Group Ltd. Capital City Assets Limited Southwest Energy (BVI) Limited Kay Industries Ltd Guangdong International Construction Engineering Co. Limited Fountain Hat International Limited International Manufacturing Synergies, Ltd. Landal Worldwide Corp Edge Group Limited SPEEDWAY INDUSTRIAL VENTURES LIMITED Sun Seven Stars Investment Group Limited DIGITAL LIGHTING HOLDINGS LIMITED Global Corn Bio-chem Technology Company Limited Xin Xin (BVI) Limited Ciara Investments Group Limited Ace Turbo Group Limited Amaggi International Ltd. DSG Holdings Limited Mercuria Energy Group Holding Ltd. Omega Group Enterprises Ltd Pearl Petroleum Company Limited Cable and Wireless (BVI) Ltd Vistra Group Holdings (BVI) Limited Nelson Machinery International Ltd. SYNECHRON HOLDINGS INC. Lanit International Ltd. Dan-Bunkering (Africa) Ltd. NOVUM ENERGY TRADING CORP Smart Jet Aviation Limited Bao Run Holdings Limited Lexham Securities Limited Q GLOBAL LIMITED Konnex Investments Limited Molesto Investments Ltd. MEYER INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED Suffolk Partners Corporation LEAD WEALTH INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Krestvale Limited Export Marketing (BVI) Limited Charles Street International Limited Newhaven Trustees (BVI) Limited HAN CHONG COMPANY LIMITED AgroMir Holdings Limited Colmar Investment Holdings Limited Vered Flowers International Ltd GBM Technology Co., Ltd Sanders Trading Corp. (BVI) Corporation Beverage Trade Mark Company Limited Overseas Minerals Corporation Pharma Industries Holdings Limited USM Holdings Limited Marine Power Parts, Corp Global Transport Investments Inc. PDV Management Corp. Vincent Raya International Limited Green Resource Global Limited Grain-Trans Ltd. Shougang Concord Plant and Equipment Trading Co. Ltd. Inlaks Holdings Limited Carolina Fabrics Limited Overseas Resolve Inc. Olmert Holding Ltd Energy Asia (BVI) Limited International Motor Distribution Inc. Hsin Chong Construction (BVI) Ltd Goldberg & Dapo International Corp. Skyworth Investment (Holding) Limited Forty Two Point Two Acquisition Limited Lebry Ventures Limited Starsign Investments Limited Prime Online Ltd Veloqx City Investment Limited Energy Drilling International Limited AquaVenture Holdings Limited Alltime Ventures Limited LARDNER TRADING LTD. Lenovo Manufacturing Limited Centurion Global Ltd Grain Trading Services Ltd. Intershares Ltd. Jamplan (BVI) Limited DTS (BVI) Limited D&J Industrial Real Estate Investment Limited WISE LINKER DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED WAYSON INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED JERSEY RISING LIMITED CHINA RESOURCES POWER (INTERNATIONAL) COMPANY LIMITED COFCO GRAINS HOLDINGS LIMITED Stable Century Holding Limited Wal-Mart Far East Holdings Co. Ltd. Hoyen Automotive Corporation Eternal Global (BVI) Company Limited Chong Shing Group Limited K-Tech Capital Holdings Ltd. Strawberry Cosmetics (International) Limited Global Outlook Investments Limited Midea Electric Investment (BVI) Limited Gold Coin Management Holdings Limited Generic Chemical and New Pharma (2000) Co., Ltd Far East Drug (B.V.I.) Co Ltd Asiatic Luck Corporation Next Media I.P. Limited Mega Holdings Limited KB Holdings Ltd Jabil Circuit (BVI) Inc. Golden Co. Int. Ltd. Golden Fortune International Limited Arabella Group Limited Azalea International Venture Partners Limited Overseas Development and Distributors Ltd AXIS INDUSTRIES LIMITED ANDOMA INVESTMENT HOLDINGS LIMITED FinnTrade S.A. Bayberry Investment Ltd. Mediterranean Oil Supplies 7 Services Ltd Clermont Corporate Services Limited Ferro-Alloy Resources Limited ABI Global Ltd iStyle Investments CE Limited Asian American Coal, Inc. Bunland Ltd. WC Cement Limited China Deluxe Investments Limited Gold Pot International Limited Global Expansion Investment I Limited Capricornus Investments Limited Benford Trading Inc Tenega Securities Limited Champion Sun Industries Limited Lucky Trading, Ltd. Instantania Holdings Ltd. ESPRIT GLOBAL LIMITED ABLE ADVANCE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED OTO (BVI) INVESTMENT LIMITED Rozel Investments Limited Elsu, Inc. G2000 (BVI HOLDINGS) LIMITED Shores Ventures Ltd. Power Investments Limited EXCEL MAX GAS LIMITED GLOBAL WEALTHY INVESTMENTS LIMITED TRICON INTERNATIONAL GROUP INC. Mafatech Corp. Ltd. JETRICH INVESTMENT HOLDINGS LIMITED Mining, Minerals and Chemicals Ltd TNS Marine Services S.A. Harp Trading Ltd Blue Sunday Limited

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