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Well Choice Investments Limited Iron Mountain Enterprises Limited FVP Trade Ltd Goldpalm Holdings Limited GIANT INDUSTRY HOLDINGS LIMITED IPIRANGA TRADING LIMITED Suncoast International Inc. Linerock Investments Ltd. Noga Real Estate Limited Far East Drug (B.V.I.) Co Ltd Digital Crown Holdings Limited Swift Tar International Corporation Polygon Management Ltd Favor Mega Group Limited Snowball Corporation Austin Industral Holdings Limited Mercury Trading International Limited Gallant Timber Limited NB Ventures Limited Mega Grant Limited Postel Holding Investment Co., Limited SEBBINGTON INVESTMENTS LIMITED CHELCO INVESTMENT LIMITED ATRIUM WORLDWIDE LIMITED Laws Property Group Limited Eton Properties Group Limited LEADMACE INVESTMENTS LIMITED Merchants Inc Sino-Africa Ample, Co. Limited Terius Business Limited DIGITAL LIGHTING HOLDINGS LIMITED Mercury Garments Inc. CPF Investment Limited Llamada Capital Limited Reimage Limited The SER Holding Company (BVI) Ltd. Gemmy Holding Ltd WEATHERFORD OIL TOOL MIDDLE EAST LIMITED Prem Investments Limited DIGITAL MIND HOLDINGS LIMITED PEAK SYSTEM INVESTMENTS LIMITED SINOEASE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Otilo Real Estate Ltd. Peak Equity Limited Lite-On Overseas Trading Co., Ltd Aptec Gulf Limited Best Forest Industrial Company Limited Goldtech Technology Limited Linrock Holdings Limited Far East Facade Investments Limited Zhong Yong Holdings Ltd. Golden Right Management Consultant Corp Dasmine Investments Limited Island Wide Limited Alimama Investment Holding Limited Joy Capital Holdings Limited Tonghui Worldwide Group Limited GREENWIN INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED CCTTECH INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED GOLDEN POOL HOLDINGS LIMITED CHANCE VANTAGE LIMITED Pangu Net Limited Sanlung Industrial (Holdings) Limited GREAT ASIA DEVELOPMENT ENTERPRISES LIMITED SUPERIOR FAR EAST INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED Anemoi International Ltd. Real Estate Project Limited PRUDENTIAL ASIA FUND MANAGEMENT LIMITED International Franchise Management Limited Far East Asia Ltd Grand Luck Group Limited Japan Straategic Partners Limited Platinum Partners Ltd Best Raider Holding Limited Best Behaviour Holdings Limited Mega King Group Investment Limited Dar Al Tarbawiyoun House Of Education Ltd Chinney Construction (BVI) Limited Broad Technology, Inc Lukoil Shelf Ltd TMF Fund Services (BVI) Limited Lim Asia Multi-Strategy Fund Inc. USM Holdings Limited Best Forward Group Limited Standard Direct Limited Stephens Capital Ventures S.A. SB China Venture Capital Limited Jhon Samuel Apex Technology Enterprises Inc. Lanester Investments Limited LUKOIL Overseas Cote d'ivoire Shelf Ltd Chiaphua Industries Holdings Limited Lilo Group S.A. Lewiston Group Limited Leeport Group Limited iMena Holdings Ltd CNM Estates (Surbiton) Limited Wildflower International Ltd Nielton Thalaza Limited Schlumberger Holdings II Limited Electronics, Ltd.=M E I= Cemen Investment Ltd Avalon Worldwide Group Ltd Akron Worldwide Group Ltd AsiaInfo Technologies Limited Q Technology Investment Inc. Fey Capital Ventures Ltd Promoter International Limited ALMAXTEX HOLDINGS LIMITED ARHAM HOLDINGS LIMITED Wide Bridge Limited Himalaya International Clearing Ltd. DUNNETT INVESTMENTS LIMITED C Centrum Holdings Limited Fortune Come Investments Limited DRPB INVESTMENTS LIMITED DALMATIA INVESTMENTS LTD. Grant International Holdings Limited BUCKLIN INVESTMENTS LIMITED Bios Investment Limited PAG Asia Capital CQ Management Holdings Limited ACME IN HOLDINGS LIMITED Atlas Finanz (BVI) S.A. XIN CHUANG FU ENTERPRISE HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. (UNOFFICIAL TRANSLATION) MAINCO VENTURES CAPITAL LIMITED MEGA CONVENTION GROUP LIMITED Cantrust (Far East) Limited Far East Access Holdings Ltd. SINO TIME DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED WIDE LEISURE LIMITED WIDE GAINS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED LIGHTWAY GROUP LIMITED LUCKY FULL HOLDINGS LIMITED PR ASIA INVESTMENT HOLDINGS LIMITED Armada Ventures Corp. ALRIGHT VENTURE LIMITED Citi Maz Company Limited MSI PROPERTIES GROUP LIMITED TSI GROUP MANAGEMENT LIMITED Jabil Circuit (BVI) Inc. VSC (Far East) Limited Magician Investments (BVI) Limited Lloyds Far East (BVI) Limited Amy International Inc Aluminum Group, Ltd. Air Charter International (Arabia) Limited Sundorn Global Corp West Chelsea Holding Company Limited Power Capital Ventures Limited Opcom Venture Capital Inc Power Metal Investments Limited Platinum Engineering Ltd. Realise Asset Inc Ronero Investments Limited Steel Resources Ltd. Schlumberger Far East Inc Moorgate Commercial Limited Armada Oyo Ltd Mercuria Energy Group Holdings Ltd Brunswick Properties Group S.A. Figueres Trading Corp. Finanex Ltd Jel Corporation (Middle East) PTE Ltd Advanced Module International Co., Ltd. Bybit Fintech Limited H.I.G. Global Capital Partners GP (BVI), Ltd. ADVANCE SHINE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED GLORY SILICON TECHNOLOGY INVESTMENTS (HONGKONG) COMPANY LIMITED KONA INVESTMENT HOLDING LIMITED BARRON INVESTMENTS LIMITED HONGFA CO., LIMITED ASIAINFO TECHNOLOGIES INVESTMENT LIMITED Tech-Power Investment Holdings Limited ECO Coal Chemical Technology Investments Limited Turbo Dynamic Limited Lesmina Limited SRP Holdings Inc Monor Real Estate Limited Imerchants Asia Limited Wide Ocean Investments Limited Joile Ville Hotels and Real Estate Company Limited International Investment & Funding Group Worldwide General Mercury Corp. Dragonchem Enterprises Limited Rose Capital Ventures Limited Best Behaviour Limited Joy Rainbow Holding Limited Uti Pharma Limited Wide Ocean Limited Gain Marker Investment Co.,Ltd. Aquila International Fund Ltd. Elec & Eltex Technology Investment Limited GBM Technology Co., Ltd TMF Management (BVI) Limited Fang Brothers Holdings Limited Asian Luck Industrial Limited Sinwave Venture Capital Limited Platinum Securities Ltd Focusoil Inc. IFB Far East Holdings Limited Lar Trading Corp. STC International Limited ASB Technologies LTD Pan Asia Capital Manager Limited POLY-GCL Petroleum Investments Limited Kunlun Holding Company Ltd. Eaglewide Limited Mega Smart Group Limited Mercury Holdings Group Corp. Sapphael Holdings Limited Labware Group Limited Kermas Limited Resort Properties Group Limited Property Group Software Limited Genson Technology Inc. HR GROUP MANAGEMENT LTD Apexcomm Enterprises Limited Wide Network Company Limited Topley Corporation Teale Trade Corp. Far East Forest Industry Inc. Reality Races Limited Skelton Group of Companies Centin Limited Argonet Payment Systems Limited Cobest Hong Kong Co.Limited Wildquest International Limited Great Lakes Tobacco Management Company Limited Draco Worldwide Group Limited 1inch Limited Betform Holding Limited GREAT MERCURY LIMITED Regalindo International PTE Ltd SINOGAS INVESTMENT LIMITED SITC INVESTMENT CO., LTD. SUPREMACY INVESTMENTS LIMITED APIX LIMITED CHUANCHENG INVESTMENT LIMITED Coverack Investments Limited CINDERFORD INVESTMENTS LIMITED DANTON INVESTMENT LIMITED DELTEC INVESTMENT LIMITED DIGITAL SAWIS HK HOLDING 1 LIMITED ROJAM CAPITAL LIMITED GENVIDA TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED (CORPORATION) Hartville Holdings Limited AZZURA HOLDINGS LIMITED Agenda Holding Limited Finam Company Limited DRISTON SERVICES LIMITED

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