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Elite Investments Ltd Norma Investments Limited iFinex Inc. United National Investments Company Inc. SINGWAY (B.V.I) COMPANY LIMITED Ciara Investments Group Limited Herorich Investments Limited Sky High Buildings Limited Wing Fung Capital Limited Fire Phoenix Network Technology Co., Ltd. BARAKA PROPERTIES LTD C.N.Y. Holdings Limited Tarrango Holdings Limited SPRINGFIELD INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED VLE (BVI) Limited 5QMOUJZA LIMITED CANOPIA HOLDINGS LIMITED N&T HOLDINGS LIMITED MAAC LIMITED Blue Bright Limited Mono Management Ltd STELLARWORKS INVESTMENT LIMITED Yongsheng Enterprise Limited Cosmic Bliss Investments Limited Mythe Group Holdings Company Limited Chrysler Investments Limited R & R Shipping Ltd ACE GARDEN LIMITED Hawking Group Limited Investra International Limited Waywin Investment Holding Limited XDEFI Technologies Ltd Social Network Group Limited Equal Joy Holdings Limited Nestcoin Holding Limited Ashford Property Ltd. Alphaseea Inc. GAMA HOLDINGS GROUP LIMITED Anemoi International Ltd. SANTANA GROUP LTD OAKLAND PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT LTD NASH VENTURES LIMITED EVACON INVESTMENTS LIMITED ICP LONDON HOLDINGS LIMITED Ultra Success Industries Limited CAMDEN MARKET UPPER PIAZZA LIMITED CAMDEN MARKET PIAZZA LIMITED Waimoku Holdings Ltd. MyOdyssey International Travel Consulting Ltd. C Centrum Holdings Limited Unique International Limited Best Victory Holdings Limited BAYWEST BUSINESS LTD VERALIA INVESTMENTS LTD SIMPLY JOVIAL LIMITED EYOWIN HOLDINGS LTD JUBILEE ACE LIMITED 3C Holding Limited Dynasty Investments International Limited Storax Inc. View Art Investment Limited ALL ACTIVE ASSET CAPITAL LIMITED MELVICH INVESTMENTS LIMITED ORPHEUS INVESTMENT HOLDINGS G.P. LIMITED Rivergold Finance Ltd Sky Media Co., Ltd FindSatoshi Lab Limited Carolina Marine Inc Loremar Investments Limited Carrara Investments Limited Bixin One Limited QY Investment Holding Limited Simplepath Investments Limited Mercury Management International G.P Limited Retemmy Finance Ltd DUNNETT INVESTMENTS LIMITED THE REAL IMPACT CO LIMITED Internovalligence Global Limited Silver Bridge International Limited KEEN LEADER DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Spoke Properties Limited Ming Liang Global Limited Great Brain Limited LT View Limited GARNET (ASIA) INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED TEAM WIN VENTURES LIMITED BRODEN HOLDINGS LTD LIMMAT HOLDINGS INC LUMEZIA LTD Prize Investment Limited DE BEERS CENTENARY ANGOLA PROPERTIES LIMITED Silver Esteem Limited OG Entertainment Limited Pioneer Time Investment Limited GWA (BVI) LTD Clearwell Creek Properties Ltd. SUNLINE INVEST LTD Sentinel Security Inc Poseidon Real Estate Ltd. Beautiful Seascapes Limited WILD ORCHID PROPERTIES LIMITED CICLON TRADING CORP. TOMLINSONS PROPERTIES LIMITED WENHAM OVERSEAS LIMITED Qingdao West Coast Holdings (International) Limited MODERN STATE INVESTMENTS LIMITED Hermes Shipholding Limited LANGSTON GLOBAL ENTERPRISES CORP Rayson Trading Limited Keymark Trading Limited CAS Holding No. 1 Limited Cadiz Holdings Group Limited FORTUNE CHINA LIMITED ChainInfinity Limited CITY CONCORD LIMITED Fame Circle Limited Paul Y. Construction International Limited Alfa Finance Holdings S.A. MASTER FUTURE INVESTMENT LIMITED Risun Investments Limited Huayou Holdings Company Limited Cadiz Properties Limited INNERLINE PROPERTIES LIMITED WEALTH PROPERTY LIMITED FLAMESTRIKE LTD LAMBERT PROPERTIES LTD Ming Fung Investment Limited TLY Networks SA BayOne Digital Technologies Limited B&L OPERATING LIMITED LJ Technology Holding Limited P&T Global Renewable Energy Limited Evergloss Management Group Company Limited Orient Art Limited ORIEN PROPERTY HOLDINGS LIMITED Arts Alliance Media Investments Limited Genwealth Group Holding Company Limited Golden Throat International Holdings Limited Binance Capital Management Co., Limited Panther Ventures Limited Uni Foods International Limited Klariantale Limited Sunny Upland Limited Wildville Limited EXPRESS TECHNOLOGIES LTD Ever Auspicious Holdings Limited Zhongan Investment Limited Oxagon Investment Ltd. Eagle Media International Limited FDG Capital (BVI) Limited Profit Reach International Co., Ltd ECI Asia Investment Limited Colby Advisory Corp. GULF MARINE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED HI-BIKE Limited Mountaineer Fun Co., Ltd Joom Group Limited Pink Slime Inc Sage City Investments Limited Double Purple Ltd Eve Resources Limited Golden Bridge (B.V.I.) Corp. Quantia Holding Group Ltd. FQM Australia Holdings Ltd. Dulford Property Holdings Ltd LUCK BOOSTER LIMITED OMESHORN HOLDINGS LIMITED AMAARAH HOLDINGS LIMITED Mido Technology Limited STONEHENGE LIMITED Arena Management Limited ELTON ENTERPRISES GROUP LIMITED Blue Sunday Limited Double Fun Ltd Carbon Digital Assets Limited COMO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED HINDMARSH PROPERTIES LIMITED CADALEN SERVICES LIMITED Bit Brother Limited Eiffel Global Limited Skybound Capital Ltd Dragon Empire Developments Limited Welmen Investment Co. Ltd ALDERLEY HOLDINGS LIMITED M6 International Properties Limited. Caro Investment Holdings Limited Hawley Group Limited LCK Group Limited OK Blockchain Capital Limited WWPKG Investment Holdings Limited Wood Couture Industrial Group Limited Ashford Capital Holdings Limited London Management Services Limited HELIOTROPE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Fordell Estates Ltd Moonstone Holdings, Limited XINXING CAST TUBE RESOURCES LIMITED Lenka Investments Limited Great Valour Limited International Network Capital Global Investment Ltd Ocean Sino Limited Glencore Group Corporation HODL Group, Inc. Flashpoint Venture Capital Group Ltd. Sphere International Investments Limited Data Whale Ltd Top Access Management Limited Lightning Works, Ltd Delphi International Venture Inc. Hilotech Holdings Limited Twenty Three International Limited AIOZ web3, Inc. Long Mountain Services Inc. MARBLEX Corp. BFXNA INC. AMOD Holdings Limited Trishine International Group Limited Isthmian Holdings, Ltd Be Fruitful Limited Nelson Investment Services Limited SILVERTOWN INVESTING CORP. GLOBAL POWER INTELLIGENCE LIMITED Credence Financial Ltd. MOV3 Global Limited Lyotrade LTD CHERRY HILLS GLOBAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED Alpha Longevity Management, LTD. Asia Japan Engineering Limited MENTELLE INVESTMENTS LIMITED Virgin Islands Recovery & Development Agency Metavest Limited Manazel Real Estate Ltd 8Safe International Limited Lareli Holdings Limited Macmillan Equity Limited EASE GRAND INDUSTRAL CORPORATION Medinet International Limited LCP Global, Limited Hanco International Ltd SS Asset Management Limited Helium One Global, LTD CERES TRADING LIMITED Vertical Technology Investment Limited Future Edge Limited CLT Brand Solutions Limited Wang Mao Investments Limited Mafatech Corp. Ltd. MF One Inc Markeb Global S.A Energy Solution Global Limited

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