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Search a company in Switzerland with your criteria (trade name, adress, Swiss registry number...). provides business and credit information about Swiss firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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Advisorn GmbH SIS Technology AG Sentinel SIS GmbH EXECO AG Limetree Innovations AG Sifratec AG Zeal Fine Art AG Batliner & Co. Fine Arts Millenium Swiss Investment AG Swiss Millennium Capital AG DIGITALONE AG digitaliKa AG Research Swiss lab. GmbH NFT Chain AG SAF Pharmaceutical AG CUT.ERDEM - TATLICI Privatdetektei Ryffel AG ARES Holding AG Swiss Tech Export GmbH Holcim Helvetia Finance AG Helvetia Finance & Trust AG Mateg AG Petersen Matex AG MATEAM GmbH IAH S.A. I am ON AG Will Be Development SA Software for Corporate Leaders LLC Meta Studio GmbH ORES GmbH Helvetic Dienste AG Helvetic Private Investments AG Hamilton Lane (Switzerland) AG FAMCON AG FWM Consulting AG Holcim Technology Ltd Holcim AG Holcim Group Services Ltd Holcim Continental Finance AG Holcim International Finance AG emodrom marketing gmbh BMC International GmbH Swiss Financial Trust AG Regli 3D Planung für Schreiner Corsoleil 1 AG Corsoleil 2 AG Corsoleil 4 AG Corsoleil 3 AG Corsoleil 5 AG Smartphone-Customs Hadzic Siroma AG Studio AG studio63 gmbh Atlas Administration AG Decent AG BM & L GmbH Detadil SA Capital and Participations Holding AG Swiss Corporate Services GmbH Swiss AR Services GmbH MUUME AG SIGNAL IDUNA Rückversicherungs AG CARA Energy Group AG Swiss Trade and Investments AG Swiss Trade Invest GmbH Trade Invest Zug AG SWD TRADE & INVESTMENT AG Arastra AG MED Trading AG Piper Chef GmbH DAMIEN AG Unique Immobilien AG Digital Leaders AG Miracle Laboratories S.A. Doctor Ventures GmbH Binance (Switzerland) AG green-health AG my bluemorpho partner GmbH Solivag AG Cilag Holding AG Cilag GmbH International FALCON NETWORKS GmbH Baden house Immobilien AG, Zug INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ORGANISATION I.B.O. AG Ramco Holding AG Monapax AG Dhanna Global GmbH Arvantis Holding AG City Pop Service AG SCG Holding AG Büro AG INS Holding AG MS Finanz AG Helvyatech GmbH Helvetek GmbH helvtec GmbH Expert Software Solutions GmbH smartmaterials GmbH FlowGen Development & Management AG Schwerzmann Partners AG Smart Capital Investments AG Aargos Capital Investment AG RE Capital Invest AG GS Capital Investment AG Atlas Capital Trust AG SMT SWISS MUTUAL TRUST AG Swiss Providential Trust AG Credit Petroleum AG Sigma Holding AG Sigma Chain AG DEDICO GmbH almonte Schweiz AG Riviera Immo AG Data Intelligence GmbH Retail Intelligence AG ASTOR Resources AG Statistical Value Management GmbH Status Research & Development GmbH Stadtschulen Zug Studio Suisse GmbH studio acris GmbH Status Café-Bar Milosevic Verve Capital Partners AG Brunander Holding AG Verve Investment Syndicates GmbH Bitmain Switzerland AG LC Enterprise AG Integrated Pharma Solutions Switzerland GmbH GLÜCKSKIND by Jana Blank Seren AG JURISAUDIT AG Compliance Group AG Scale Compliance GmbH Compliance Solutions GmbH SMART-compliance GmbH MME Compliance AG EuroChem Group AG ROLEY GMBH Real Invest Immobilien AG Nexo AG SwissBob AG Swiss BanCorp AG Swiss Watch Marche GmbH RIMED AG RIMED Management GmbH DETAIL21 ARCHITEKTEN GmbH Nicollier Unternehmensentwicklung Data Attorney Schweiz AG Bouygues Energies & Services Schweiz AG Swiss Asset Management AG Copper Technologies (Switzerland) AG Geilinger Projekte AG AGILE AG BioTalent GmbH Radont AG Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd Allied World Assurance Company Holdings, Ltd Allied World Assurance Company Holdings, GmbH Leva Consulting GmbH Deutsche Werkstätten Schweiz GmbH One29 GmbH R29 AG Swiss Quality Storen GmbH Brook & Partners AG Atomyze AG Kraft Foods Schweiz Holding GmbH Mondelez Schweiz Holding GmbH CdP Holding AG F+L Net Holding AG USV Asset Management AG NICE Switzerland AG Klaus Hommels Capital GmbH Merck AG Pro Vital AG SC Johnson Holdings AG Kaiser Odermatt & Partner AG Adecco International Re AG Adecco Group X AG Adecco International AG Arioso AG Rodina AG Dr. med. dent. René Kubala GRISO GROUP AG Bachmann & Co. Finemon AG CREA'RENOVATIONS GmbH G-Lab GmbH Q iNNOVATIONS GmbH Asea Brown Boveri (South East Asia) Ltd Asea Brown Boveri (Latin America) Ltd Asea Brown Boveri (Sub-Sahara Africa) AG Asea Brown Boveri (North East Asia) Ltd. Partisia Blockchain Stiftung Participas GmbH The Advisory House AG Xstrata Coal AG webxpert AG ASCOR INTERNATIONAL AG Pro Studio Holding Aktiengesellschaft STETS GmbH Wockhardt Bio AG Spectrolab GmbH Swiss Education Group AG SEG Suisse Estate Group SA Swiss Education Group Holding AG BLUM.RECHT AG Genesis Advisors Sàrl Genesis Group AG Genesis Development AG adaptic ag BA Development II GmbH BA Development I GmbH PlantingSpace AG RedcoMet Resources AG Aprova GmbH Erebos AG Festino AG Demin AG hmf Schweiz Sagl Swiss Bio Energy AG MARBUD SWISS DEVELOPMENT AG Polo Swiss Development AG Swiss Financial Services Holding AG JL Financial Advisory AG JF East AG Leander AG S4Y GmbH Si 14 AG Gainsborough Wentworth GmbH EEII AG Alp Investments AG Cash-it AG OSI Investment Management GmbH Nobilis Estate AG CRG Finance AG AeronTech ASTON BLACKSTONE INTERNATIONAL LLC Visa Commodities AG The BrandZ GmbH United for Ukraine Association Contaxa AG WeatherXM AG WeatherTec AG J. Ossio Jungle Oasys AG Olemark AG customer oriented AG Connecting Key Capital AG Swiss Petroleum Global Energy AG MFG AG

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