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Pro-Contact SA Apohelp GmbH Nexo AG JOB CONTACT SA International Council Supporting Fair Trial and Human Rights IT SUPPORT SA Geneviève Stucker Schlatter yogaincontact Financial Project Support AG MSA Management Support Affolter HELP PREVENTION Sàrl 1Contact Sàrl Galifa Contactlinsen AG my SWISS MOBILE GmbH Sulzer Management Support AG Wenger support Partners HELP Prévention Sécurité, Hiltbrunner et Piva AJ Personnel Contacts, Arena Josiane Planzer Support AG Eventsupport (Schweiz) GmbH BitsaboutMe AG Polycontact AG Cosy Corner GmbH AFK Enterprise AG Kwong Ming, Hau & Cie Planungsbüro Stäheli Seez Immobilien GmbH olo Holding Lohner AG kellcor Investment GmbH MTM MARET Sàrl A. Ferrari PRÜFAG Lohnbuchkontrollen AG Swiss Alpine Trust AG Cavotec (Swiss) SA Forum Finance Holding SA InterFishMarket GmbH Bridging Pharma GmbH Specialty Electronic Materials Switzerland GmbH Allconi AG Trafigura Environmental Solutions Sàrl Copper Technologies (Switzerland) AG IQVIA RDS Switzerland Sàrl My SWISS ENERGY CONTROL Sàrl Lakehorn AG Abraham Sun Global Jet Care GmbH IWS International Web Services AG Zimmermann Machine-Service OPTIC SWISS SERVICES SA Presca Sàrl THEMIS Treuhand AG Stiftung Help LC machines GmbH Bernard Grosjean Physiotherapie CL7 SA Petite Maison Sàrl Bernasconi & Partnerin Services & Support Nice & Green SA RAS Suisse SA Agroscope KDS Diffusion Sàrl CMNG Capital AG Zuger MTE GmbH Wild Armaturen AG J.-C. Schaller S.A. ALROSA OVERSEAS SA Adaptus GmbH Novateam Consulting SA Atlas Automobiles SA DIA Diamonds International Auctions Sàrl VINZ naturtex Chris Vincent Silent Gliss AG Overseas Supplies & Services SA units AG INVICTUS GMBH MCF Management, Consulting & Finance AG the taç AG B.A.I. Technologies SA Seed Investment AG Willinvest AG VISION AG Tabac-Journaux Ahmadi 2ND WEST GmbH AMETEK CTS GmbH TUNED WORD Translation SNC AG Veit Xenox Services GmbH Alabaster GmbH SSA Liegenschaftsservice Sait Kurtisi EVICOR AG Palais d'Orient Sàrl HB Swiss Bau & Partner GmbH Organon AG SSBC-CACH SA TEAM ORION EUROPE SA The Nielsen Company (Europe) Sàrl Vinothek Rauch AG Zoller + Kellenberger AG A&M Resources AG Fondation de prévoyance Edmond de Rothschild Swiss Cosmetics Production AG ESCO Conseil Sàrl Wealth Trading Empire snc GLOBAL CAPITAL TRUST AG Arista Trading AG Brocade Technology GmbH SLITECH GmbH Briner AG Winterthur Vita Confort Solutions AG MSP Sports AG SWSE AG Nuant AG NFT Chain AG Syneos Health Switzerland GmbH NUM INDUSTRY ALLIANCE AG SCF Petroleum AG the chair GmbH Habitat Oil and Energy AG LNM Holding Sàrl yamo AG BS & Co Sàrl CRPS - Nabio Sàrl Jean-Bernard Titzé Kaosmovies Laurent Bersier Info-Pharma Egger EHZ GUPTA-GASTRO-LINE GmbH Micro Mobility Systems AG IM Transports & Logistics Sàrl Primeo Energie AG Delphin-Amazonia AG aventron Holding AG Acturum AG AIMONE TRAVAUX SPECIAUX SA BT Finance S.A. EF Colleges Ltd Olim AG Aspectis GmbH Blackhorse International AG Capri Sun Group Holding AG Rysaffe Fiduciaires Sàrl BCC Conseil Sàrl eBay Marketplaces GmbH Dub René Euporos SA Biotrisse AG CM Inspection Swiss Sagl Electrosuisse Service AG Eurofins Electrosuisse Product Testing AG Grüner Bär, Buob & Lenzlinger Ecole romande du métal Sàrl Viking Catering AG It's all about the Music GmbH Sierentz & Cie Sàrl Global One Energy SA WaVision Holding AG Holdigaz Production SA MSK WEB SA Alpin Cargo AG Brigitte Wanzenried BBS Beton Bohr- und Schneideservice GmbH AeroVisto Interior Services AG Philippe Haas Zahntechnisches Laboratorium PAN AG IGR Holding Golf and Country Residences AG GIANADDA SA Orfèvre-Joaillier-Sertisseur F. & M.-A. Cheseaux Sàrl AIA Transport GmbH S & C Asset Management and Consulting AG Les Thés du Voyage SA Piguet et Cie Agritechnique SA LEVEL GROUP Sagl EnBiel Productions SA International Brokers & Trust Group SA SILK GEORGETTE MKL INTERNATIONAL Sagl Fimberg SA Crypto Innova Capital Sagl PROVO GmbH MG International AG FLORIAN ESTATE AG Fortis Sports AG EAT-ALY Sàrl Rolf Walke Zahntechnisches Labor Yandex AG Genie Investment AG IsolAcces Sàrl Leo Pharmaceutical Products Sarath Ltd LRM Risikomanagement AG Schreiber Informatik GmbH Linda Matli Boss Métal, titulaire Anthony Patron Nail&More SNC recordwise GmbH Bank in Gossau Grosjean Ulrich SICPA Guardtime SA Stratergix GmbH Barone Immobilier MCC Immobilière SA Estafimo SA HelvetCar SA HSK ENTREPRISE Sàrl Lenzlinger Söhne AG Cardo Door (International) AG Hera Lyss GmbH Protech Engineering Sagl SBG (Swiss Brokers Group) SA SP Systems SA Mingo, Nicod Les Mariées de Cédrine Sàrl SkyGlide GmbH FOOD 66 GmbH SILUX AG Kaibac AG Philipp Glass GmbH Siwa Swiss GmbH Logitech Europe S.A. Henkel & Cie. AG Enerba GmbH ORS Integration AG GmbH TECTON-FLADAG AG Bertoni HPP AG VK Construction Sàrl Alohi SA GE-DO Ménoni Stéphane LEGRIS ALEXIA Keller Treuhand AG Apromad Association pour la Promotion de la santé et maintien à domicile carrosserie-genè SA Pearls of Switzerland Cristina Tschuppert THE MATHILDE TRUST COMPANY SA BERSAN Automotive Switzerland AG Mäne GmbH Hans Bösch RP Montage Sàrl Iconia AG Regotis Holding AG Argomedical AG Yousef GmbH SpiroChem AG Ljerka Markovic Zahntechnisches Laboratorium Omega SA NeXora AG Zahntechnisches Labor Aebischer & Hofstetter SPM Swiss GmbH Femtotools AG avasis AG Asada AG

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