List of Corporate Headquarters in NIEDERANVEN

Search a company in Luxembourg with your criteria (trade name, adress, Luxembourg registry number...). provides business and credit information about Luxembourg firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
Follow changes in legal forms, executives and legal representatives...

If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Luxembourg register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in Luxembourg, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Luxembourg company.

M&C Service SARL Summer (BC) Holdco B S.à r.l. BCome Sub Holdings, SCSp D & D SARL Dabari Invest S.à r.l. Schroder European Operating Hotels Fund I Schroder European Operating Hotels GP S.à r.l. Schroder Property Services B.V. Luxembourg Air Navigation Services Consulting Harrison Street Core Property Fund B S.C.S., SICAV-RAIF Soluxtec SARL 64.302 Digital Services LV S.à r.l. Digital Services LV (GP) S.à r.l. Vigili Management S.à r.l. Independent Business Consulting (Luxembourg) SA ACTIF Aquila Capital Timber Investment Fund SwanCap TB II SCSp Granite (BC) GP Granite (BC) Holdco Granite (BC) Topco Granite Lux Co-Invest HIP V International SCSp HIP V GP SCSp HIP V Management SARL EUROPEAN LOGISTICS PARTNERS (ELP) S.A. Limon Lux S.à r.l. Global Airlift Solutions SARL COMOR S.A. AERIUM QUELBUILD New Meta S.à r.l. Cms Invest Gamma Finance Insurance Broker SA KM IMMO INVEST S.àr.l. Guesty Luxembourg S.à r.l Vallair Solutions CAR S.A 106 Conseil Goblet Lavandier & Associés Ingénieurs-Conseils S.A. Schroder International Selection Fund SCHRODER INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT (EUROPE) S.A. Schroder International Holdings SARL Schroder International Holdings Luxembourg SARL Job-services SARL Edmond de Rothschild Euro Industrial Real Estate Access Fund SICAV-RAIF European Capital Partners Growth Fund Stepstone Tactical Growth Fund Ii Offshore Sustainable Growth Investment Fund SCSp, RAIF Privium Sustainable Impact Fund Luxembourg Boulevard 4 S. à r. l. KETER ONE CAPITAL SCSp Cidron Vega X, SCSp CBRail S.à r.l. Allianz Trade Finance Funds S.A., SICAV-RAIF Hyperion Capital SARL UIG Logistik Halle Saale S.à r.l. Monex Global Management SARL FREO Investment Managers S.à r.l. Nordic Capital Evo Zeta SARL Greenpeak Primary S.à r.l. Immo D.B. DB Holding 1 S.à r.l. DB Holding 2 S.à r.l. Saint-Honoré Lux S.àr.l. TRADOR S.à r.l. Sackville (CTESIF) GP S.à r.l. Sackville (CTESIF) 2&3 GP S.à.r.l Columbia Threadneedle ESIF Holdings S.à r.l. Columbia Threadneedle ESIF Feeder Vehicle 1 SICAV-RAIF S.C.A Columbia Threadneedle ESIF Master Vehicle SCSp Columbia Threadneedle ESIF Feeder Vehicle 2 SCSp Columbia Threadneedle ESIF Feeder Vehicle 3 SCSp ActBlue Europe S.A R.L. NETTOSERVICE S.à r.l. Swiss Re Funds (Lux) I SICAV (dr.Eur.) Elle Governance S.à.r.l. Empik Centrum Investments S.à r.l. Spa (BC) Lux Holdco Flora (Lux) Holdco S.à r.l. Bond Lux HoldCo S.à r.l. General Partner Services S.à r.l. AEW Europe Value Partners S.à r.l. HE Investments SICAV-FIS ALBEDA S.A. ICG Europe Fund VI Lux (No. 2) SCSp SC Core Lux Fund SCSp SC Core Lux Manager S.à r.l. Amazonas-AI Fund SCS, SICAV-FIAR Capza Fin 5 Leverage S.à r.l. Cap 5 Leverage APC (Automotive Products Concept) S.à r.l. Panther Leap I Realescolux S.A. (Real Estate Company Of Luxembourg) SA Golden Tiger Holdings Resource Partners Holdings VII S.à r.l. Resource Partners Holdings VIII S.à r.l. Resource Partners Holdings 11 S.à r.l. Pk Capital SARL Calidris 28 SA Pluto TopCo S.à r.l. Pluto MidCo S.à r.l. Pluto MidCo Holdco S.à r.l. Pluto MidCo Parent S.à r.l. Pluto MidCo EquityCo S.à r.l. Icbs SA Primus Investments S.C.S. SICAV-SIF J.P. Morgan Bank Luxembourg S.A. Renaissance Asset Managers Global Funds SICAV (dr.Eur.) B.E.S.T. ING. S.à r.l. Cidron Savanna 2 SARL Cidron Savanna 3 SARL Cidron Savanna 1 SARL Cidron Savanna 4 SARL Cidron Savanna 3 Holding SCSp Venice SCSp ColFin Armonia S.à r.l. ColFin CPI Funding S.à r.l. Colfin Cpi Space Funding SARL ColFin CPI Metro Funding S.à r.l. Noble Private Investments I S.à r.l. Hub'Air S.à r.l. Bichel Constructions Métalliques SARL DS NATURA Sàrl LDV Management II Meigerhorn S.C.A. Meigerhorn Capital S.à r.l. MEIGERHORN PROPERTIES S.à r.l. MEIGERHORN ESPACE Sàrl MEIGERHORN MONTREUX, Sàrl Meigerhorn Etoy SARL MEIGERHORN ZUG S.à r.l. LDV Management II Meigerhorn II S.C.A. Meigerhorn II Properties S.à r.l. Meigerhorn Ii Delémont SARL Meigerhorn Ii Etoy Iii SARL MEIGERHORN II ETOY S.àr.l. MEIGERHORN II ETOY RESIDENCE SERVICE S.à r.l. MEIGERHORN NATION HOLDING S. à r.l. VGP Park Gießen Am alten Flughafen S.à r.l. Energy Investments SARL Aphilion SIF Apolline S.à r.l. NSD Holding Mila S.à r.l. MA S.à r.l. Blue Pearl Energy Holdings I S.à r.l. VAL TopCo S.à r.l. AMC Capital IV Voyage S.à r.l. Immox SARL PREMIUM INVESTMENT PARTNERS S.A. Glass Wharf SARL Aredress S.à r.l. Jovago Bangladesh S.C.Sp. SMF Europe SICAV-SIF OFFICE SERVICES S.A. IB Holdings SCSp Matterhorn GP S.à r.l. BAEK Securitisation S.à r.l. Trias Holdco A -T S.à r.l. Prime Holdco A -T S.à r.l. Juno Holdings M Lux S.à r.l. Cabinet Servicegesellschaft S.à r.l. Redaktion et Realisaton SARL Opale Luxco S.à r.l. Häffner Distribution Benelux SARL ARLUX INVESTMENTS SARL Avelios Investment HoldingS.à r.l. Cidron Vega SARL FERRERO TRADING LUX S.A. FERRERO INTERNATIONAL S.A. Ferrero West Europe SA Ferrero West Europe FERRERO MANAGEMENT SERVICES LUXEMBOURG SARL Neit Wunnen Sàrl-S IMMOBILIERE GENERALE DU NORD S.A. Games SARL Vento Investments Midco SARL Liber, Alice José Rose Flamingo Line Holding Moore Food S.à r.l. Velasquez Finances SA International Asset Management S.A. Assenagon Asset Management S.A. Techcan S.à r.l. Delos LuxCo 1 S.à r.l. Delos ManCo S.à r.l. B & B International Services SA Gs Luxco Platform SARL Single Select Platform Igepa belux S. à r.l., papier en gros Barton Capital S.A. Althea Fund Deli-trade SARL CapMan Fund Investments SICAV-SIF Aerium Aigle Acq Investmnt Co -EU Fabric Poolco S.à r.l. Magellan 2 SARL Magellan 1 SARL N.S. Cleaning SARL I.D. Engineering SA Tradecon SA Areal Landscape Architecture HR SERVICES S.A. Carbon Holdco S.à r.l. NewRiver Grays S.à r.l. Hamilton Management Co SARL GMBF Investments S.à r.l. BCV Crypto Fund I (Lux), SCSp BCV Crypto Fund I (Lux) GP, SARL French Partners New Generation Investments Luxembourg SCA Daugava Holding S.A. Fidji Luxembourg (Bc) Propulsion (BC) Finco Ldv Ocean Ocean Luxco S.à r.l. Rausch Capital S.à r.l. - SPF OCM EVERGREEN CAPITAL S.À R.L.-SPF Elektra Capital S.à r.l. - SPF DBAG Phoenix Holding SARL B.V. Orange Netherlands Holding S.à r.l. EdRRI Market Quarter Rugby S.à r.l. Pontus Aviation S.à r.l. InfraVerde S.à r.l. La Lune COMPLETE CONCEPTION S.à.r.l. TEAM GOLD S.A. Rennes Holdings S.à r.l. K2 Ellipse S.A. Nordic & Walk Luxembourg asbl WHITE S.à r.l. CapVest Private Equity IV S.à r.l. CapVest General Partner IV S.à r.l. CapVest Equity Partners IV SCSp CapVest Equity Partners V SCSp CapVest Equity Partners IV (Feeder) SCSp CapVest Equity Partners V (Feeder) SCSp CapVest Equity Partners V (Feeder 2) SCSp CapVest Private Equity V S.à r.l. CapVest Strategic Opportunities 2 SCSp CapVest Strategic Opportunities 3 SCSp CapVest Strategic Opportunities 4 SCSp CapVest Strategic Opportunities 5 SCSp CapVest Co-Investor IV SCSp CapVest Co-Investor V SCSp CapVest Strategic Opportunities 6 SCSp CapVest Strategic Opportunities 7 SCSp CV Cheetah Co-Investor SCSp CapVest Strategic Opportunities 8 SCSp Covest Immobilien Eins S.à.r.l. Cidron-eCom S.à r.l. Sustainity S.A. Chester Properties I SARL CHESTER SEVEN CAPITAL, S. A. Lux 21 NEWTEAM S.à r.l. BUREAU D'ETUDES ET DE SERVICES TECHNIQUES INGENIEURS-CONSEILS S.à r.l. Itu-lux Ingénieurs-conseils Techniques Et éCologiques De Luxembourg SARL Ingénieurs Conseils Techniques et Ecologiques SARL B.E.S.T. MANAGEMENT S.à r.l. Luxembourg Investment Company 296 S.à r.l. Avocado Jupiter Asset Management International S.A. JUPITER INVESTMENT FUND DBAG Jupiter Investment SARL KÖZU GP S.à r.I. A1 Logistic Comit 4Finance Lux S.à r.l. Amethyst S.à r.l. Ametrin S.à r.l. Vitale SARL Vitalis Domus Vitalis Fortuna s. à r.l. Vitalis Vitae s. à r.l. Vitalis VM1 S.C.I. Vitalis Actum Virkki, Tanja Helena Hydra ASBL Hedera Re SA Bond Invest Holding Riverstone SA Riveris S.A. SICAV-RAIF Privilege Services Investment Birmingham S.à r.l. Our Common Future SSCP Green Holdings S.A. Green Holding Luxembourg S.à r.l. Private Bank Funds I Quintet House S.à r.l. JV Holding Germany S.à r.l. S+B INBAU S.à r.l. South Co-Invest SCSp Allianz Global Investors Fund Deka International S.A. PERRARD S.A. Impaq SA ColAlpha S.à r.l. Colamis Six Cola SOC.CIV. GOF IV Finance S.à r.l. OHI Finance IV S.A. Structured Alternative Invest Symbol Ii - T Trias Holdco B II - T S.à r.l. Dukes Court - T Ii SARL Garrison Lc Funding Ii Société De Tir De La Ville De Luxembourg Société De Tir Bloëbierg ASBL Eastbridge S.à r.l. Bolder Luxembourg S.A. Atoz ATOZ (Asia) Holding S.A. Atoz Services S.A. Atoz Aviation Finance S.à r.l. Atoz Charity SCSp Atoz Digital Solutions Atoz Administration NC Evo Granitgnejs 2021 C-E SA Henderson International Management (Luxembourg) SA Henderson Park Real Estate Fund II Coinvest SCSp Henderson Park Real Estate Fund II USD Pool SCSp Henderson Park Real Estate Fund II EUR Pool B SCSp Henderson Park Real Estate Fund II USD Pool B SCSp Janus Henderson Lutra Fund CMRF Feeder SCA SICAV-RAIF CMRF Investments II S.à r.l. CMRF Investments S.à r.l. CMRF Investments III S.à r.l. CMRF Feeder GP S.à r.l. CMRF Holding SCSp CMRF Holding GP S.à r.l. VGP European Logistics S.à r.l. Allianz Global Investors Luxembourg Allianz Global Investors Fund Ix SICAV (dr.Eur.) Allianz Global Investors Fund II SICAV (dr.Eur.) Allianz Institutional Investors Series SICAV (dr.Eur.) Allianz Global Investors Trends SICAV (dr.Eur.) Allianz Global Investors Alternative Strategies S.A., SICAV (dr.Eur.) FULCRUM UCITS SICAV Centre de Gestion Centerscape Germany S.à r.l. ACP Credit I SCA SICAV-RAIF ICG Infrastructure Equity Fund I Master S.C.A SICAV-RAIF BMW i Ventures SCS SICAV-RAIF Helpling Group Holding S.à r.l. Helpling (GP) S.à r.l. Dig Investment SA Luxembourg Investment Company 304 S.à r.l. Chestnut Property S.A. Planet First Partners SPV 2 Planet First Partners SPV 1 ICG Europe Fund VIII SCSp HP Ibex Holdings S.à r.l. ALMA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT S. A. Alma Capital SCS NETTO-RECYCLING S.à r.l. Ofdrs STRATCOM S.à r.l. European Investments Park IED Gatwick S.à r.l. Gamma Luxembourg 2 S.àr.l. Telegraph S.à r.l. Lakestar Growth I S.à r.l. Lakestar III S.à r.l. Schroder Capital Investments Fund Taxand Global Compliance Taxand Bay Luxembourg S.à r.l. VALLEY VIEW S.àr.l. Ries Charles Agence de voyages GLOBUS s.à r.l. Liberty GP S.à r.l. T. ROWE PRICE FUNDS SICAV T. Rowe Price (Luxembourg) Management Sàrl T. ROWE PRICE FUNDS SERIES II SICAV T. Rowe Price Funds B SICAV Dental International SARL Dental Finance SARL Amaco SARL Janus Investment Lux Janus Financing Tst George V Holdings I SARL Tst George V Holdings Ii SARL Grohe Luxembourg Three SARL Grohe Luxembourg Four S.A. Luxair Catering SA Franklin Templeton Social Infrastructure Fund, S.C.A. SICAV-SIF Franklin Templeton Social Infrastructure GP, S.à r.l. Multi Strategy Solutions SICAV (dr.Eur.) Classifieds Asia S.C.Sp. BSH électroménagers S.A. Maple Oakley LuxCo S.à r.l. EureKARE S.A. NC SCA, SICAV-RAIF Fuchsit S.à r.l. Summer (BC) Topco S.à r.l. Summer (BC) US Midco SCSp Kantar US Holdings SCSp Summer (BC) US Intermediate JVCo SCSp Summer (BC) Intermediate US JVCo GP S.à r.l. Domino JVCo SCSp Kantar US Holdings GP S.à r.l. Summer (BC) JVCo Summer (BC) Midco S.à r.l. Summer (BC) ROW Midco SCSp Kantar US Midco GP S.à r.l. Herens (BC) Luxco SARL Summer (BC) ROW Midco GP S.à r.l. HCP-Ursa SCSp Freeport Financial Lux SPV S.à r.l. Colville SA B.S. Quartz Engineering SA LUXE INTERNATIONAL S.à r.l. RE Debt Strategy S.A. ICG - Longbow UK Real Estate Debt Investments V SCSp Beaufort Senior Debt S.à r.l. European Real Estate Senior Debt 2 S.à r.l. European Real Estate Debt II S.à r.l DIVERSIFIED REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS S.A. DRC European Real Estate Debt III S.à r.l. DRC European Real Estate Debt IV S.à r.l. European Real Estate Senior Debt 1 S.à r.l. European Real Estate Senior Debt 3 S.à r.l. European Real Estate Senior Debt 4 S.à r.l. European Real Estate Senior Debt 6 SCSp European Real Estate Senior Debt 7 S.à r.l. European Real Estate Debt II No.3 S.à r.l. UNION INVESTMENT LUXEMBOURG S.A. RCG Properties S.à r.l. SISTERS & CO s. à r.l. KORYFEUM GmbH Aztec Financial Services (Luxembourg) S.A. BentallGreenOak (Luxembourg) G.P. S.à r.l. Luxembourgeoise De Financement SA BentallGreenOak Luxembourg Funds SCSp, SICAV-FIAR Johnson IMMO Peakside Real Estate Fund III, SCS LFG Lux S.C.Sp. Luxmetaux SARL EUROPEAN ANGELS FUND S.C.A. SICAR ASA Investment Opportunities Fund SCSp Ofi Invest SANTANDER SICAV Santander Alternatives Sicav Raif JPMorgan Asset Management (Europe) S.à r.l. J.P. Morgan Luxembourg International SARL J.P. Morgan RE Luxembourg Management Company S.A. Compact (BC) 4 S.à r.l. Compact (BC) S.à r.l. Compact (BC) GP S.à r.l. Compact (BC) Lux II S.C.A. AMREF 2 IGLOO S. à r. l. Robert Fleming Stock Lending (Luxembourg) SARL FIRST INVESTORS HOLDING S.à r.l. Two Snowhill Birmingham S.à r.l. Three Snowhill Birmingham S.à r.l. EdRRI Kent Street Birmingham S.à r.l. Silverfern Mp (Lux), L.P. SSCP PADS PV S.C.A. SSCP ROTOR PV S.C.A. SSCP Vision PV SARL HE (AK) S.à r.l. GESPARFIM S.P.F. S.A. LUXAVIATION S.A. TEBA HANSEN & KAUB S.à r.l. L1D Blockchain Venture SLP L1D Blockchain Venture II SLP DH II Luxembourg S.à r.l. Monart International SARL Silver Cap Holding SCSp Silver Luxco S.à r.l. TBLG S.C.I. BentallGreenOak Management Services S.à r.l BentallGreenOak UK Tactical Lending S.à r.l. BentallGreenOak UK Secured Lending III S.à r.l. BentallGreenOak Europe Secured Lending III SLP BentallGreenOak Europe Secured Lending III GP S.à r.l. Deka Verwaltungsgesellschaft Luxembourg S.A. Ortho-clinical Diagnostics Finco 2 SARL Pt Hannover Industrial Smithers Hannover SARL QS Riverside S.à r.l. Alcentra Strategic Credit Fund SCSp COFIXA S.à r.l. Optique Berg SA Alberca Montserrat Teresa K2 Dolce S.A. TPG European Life Sciences GP, S.à r.l. Evergreen Real Estate Partners Europe S.à r.l. R & R SARL EO IV Luxembourg GP S.à r.l. EO IV Bienvenu Hugo S.à r.l. EO IV Luxembourg SICAV-SIF EO IV Investments S.à r.l. EO IV Sun King Invest S.à r.l. EO IV Logistics Investments S.à r.l. EO IV Italy Investments 4 S.à r.l. VALFIX S.à r.l. Fortuna Investment S.à r.l. Fortuna International S.à r.l. Ashmore Sicav 3 SICAV (dr.Eur.) Ettelbruck Promotion SA Avanea GP S.à r.l. AMC Capital IV Preform S.à r.l. Paris Nord S.à r.l. Aquila Capital Energy Efficiency Fund I S.A. SICAV-RAIF European Company ATLAS MANAGEMENT S. à r.l. Alpha Luxco 1 SARL GreenOak Europe Secured Lending II GP S.à r.l. Greenoak Europe Secured Lending SLP SCS GreenOak Europe Secured Lending Holdings S.à r.l. GreenOak Europe Secured Lending II SLP GreenOak Tactical Lending GP S.à r.l. Greenoak Tactical Lending Slp GreenOak Europe Secured Lending II Holdings S.à r.l. GreenOak Tactical Lending Holdings S.à r.l. Task 7 SA FPE (Lux) 1 Rent A Dream SA Single Platform Investment Repackaging Entity SA BorgWarner Global Holding S.à r.l. Borgwarner Germany Holding SARL DSW Manchester Property S.à r.l. DSW Manchester Holding S.à r.l. MILLENIUM INTERNATIONAL S.A. FERM S.A. Oakley Capital Origin Master SCSp Oakley Capital IV Co-Investment (A) SCSp Oakley Capital IV Co-Investment (B) SCSp Oakley Capital Origin A SCSp Oakley Capital Origin B SCSp Oakley Capital Origin C SCSp Oakley Capital IV S.à r.l. Oakley Capital Origin FM SCSp Oakley Capital IV-A SCSp Oakley Capital IV-B SCSp Oakley Capital IV-C SCSp Oakley Capital IV Master SCSp Oakley Capital IV FM SCSp Oakley Capital Origin FM GP S.à r.l. Oakley Capital IV FM GP S.à r.l. Oakley Capital V-B1 SCSp Oakley Capital V S.à r.l. Oakley Capital V-C SCSp Oakley Capital V-A SCSp Oakley Capital V Master SCSp Oakley Capital V FM SCSp Oakley Capital V-B2 SCSp Oakley Capital V FM GP S.à r.l. Oakley Capital IV Co-Investment (C) SCSp Oakley Capital IV Co-Investment (D) SCSp Carmudi Middle East S.à r.l. Violin Fiber Infrastructure S.à r.l. German Fiber Investment Q S.à r.l. Graf, Martine MML Partnership Capital VII SCSp MV Private Debt OP1 S.à r.l. Pioneer Infrastructure Partners SCSp HG Lux International SA MENUISERIE CARAMUTA S.à r.l. Lion/Polaris Lux Topco S.à r.l. Spa Lux Topco Spa Lux Midco Spa Lux Management Invest RS Holdco 3, S.à r.l. Neutrolla LP, S.à r.l. RS Holdco 4, S.à r.l. RS Holdco 5, S.à r.l. RS Holdco 6, S.à r.l. RS Holdco 7, S.à r.l. RS Holdco 2, S.à r.l. RS Holdco 10, S.à r.l. RS Holdco 9, S.à r.l. RS Holdco 8, S.à r.l. Edmond de Rothschild Hiltropwall Dortmund SCSp Costa Dortmund S.à r.l. Hiltropwall Dortmund Holdco S.à r.l. Hiltropwall Dortmund Propco S.à r.l. Kaufhof Dortmund LeaseCo S.à r.l. Cording Dortmund Hiltropwall GP S.à r.l. SENSUS METERING SYSTEMS (LUXCO 5) S.à r.l. Berlin Light Holdco S.à r.l. Berlin Light Propco S.à r.l. ALMA SANTA S. à r.l. Arthaud-hrehorovska, Lucia TLS DA COSTA S.à r.l. S.ALT S.A., SICAV-RAIF Hb Portfolio Iii Alt Parent Fisch Fund Services AG SILVERSTAR Sàr.l Silvers Siversea Cruise Clear One HB III Festival S.à r.l. Hb Portfolio Iii Parent AZ Investments S.à r.l. M2J S.C.I. M2CA SCI K2 Forte S.A. Alcentra European Direct Lending (Levered) Fund II (Holding) SCSp Alcentra European Direct Lending Fund II (Holding) SCSp Schroders Capital Private Equity Europe Luxembourg S.à r.l. New Triangle Spirit Holding INVEST AD SICAV Glenn Arrow II Properties S.àr.l. BlueGem Delta Sàrl Bluegem Capital SARL Bluegem III, SCSp Bluegem III GP SARL Bluegem III Co-Invest SCSp BlueGem Light S.à r.l. Bluegem Neo Holdings Cobalux SARL Luxembourg Senior Auditors ASBL Global Fund House Management Patrimonium Private Equity Fund SCSp Netpoint, SARL LSC S.C.A. LSC C Holdco SCSp Hôtel Central Molitor Et Cie, Successeur Hôtel Central Allianz Renewable Energy Fund, S.A. SICAV-SIF Allianz Renewable Energy Fund II, S.A. SICAV-SIF Luxembourg Business Center SA Aztiq Finance Management S.à r.l. Real Asset Finance Iv SA Apera Asset Management S.à r.l. SIGNA Development Finance Management S.à r.l. SIGNA Prime Finance Management S.à r.l. SIGNA Prime Finance 2020 Management S.à r.l. A.B. Asset Finance Company S.A. AERIUM OPPORTUNITY I CAPITAL S. à r.l. Silverfern Global Opportunities Fund III Apex S.à r.l. Zellis Holdco S.à r.l. RKI SW S.à r.l. Joker Participations SARL Roland Kneip Et Cie SCS R. Kneip & Cie SOC.CIV. MORGAN STANLEY INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LIMITED FREO INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT S.à r.l Germany Apollo Katch Fund Solutions Cardinal Investment S.à r.l. The Cardinal Partners Global Jpmorgan Funds J.P. Morgan Fund Services SA J.P. Morgan Universal Fund Jpmorgan Investment Funds SA JPMorgan Liquidity Funds SICAV (dr.Eur.) J.P. Morgan Capital Real Estate SARL JPMORGAN PORTFOLIO STRATEGIES FUNDS II Jpmorgan European Property Finance SARL Jpmorgan Series Ii Funds SICAV (dr.Eur.) Beaufort Capital Real Estate Debt Fund II LP GENESIS Consulting S.a.r.l-s Candy Investments SARL SGT Capital GP WAZZAMBA SA Allianz Global Investors Islamic Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) CMP Invest S.C. Eolis Medi@ Company ColCity S.à r.l. Calcit S.à r.l. Meteo et Cie Sec Phi SEC S.C.Sp Upsilon SEC S.C.Sp Werra SEC S.C.S.p Eger SEC S.C.S. Samina SEC S.C.S. Phi SEC GP S.à r.l. Meng SEC S.C.S. Meng SEC GP S.à r.l Upsilon SEC GP S.à r.l. Havel SEC S.C.S. Havel SEC GP S.à r.l. B-fresh SARL Holter Investments S.A. Krediet Financien Ltd SOC. ETRANGERE CDM GP S.A. CADOGAN GDC S. à r. l. AIS Funding S.A. E&G Global Real Estate Eg Canterbury G-form Luxembourg SARL Germany Mail Germany Mail Parent TRG Emerging Europe Private Equity Fund SCSp BaltCap Private Equity Fund II SCSp Allianz Private Equity Fund SCSp Rantum Private Equity Fund II, S.C.S. TERRENUS S.A. Pemberton Strategic Credit Holdings S.à r.l. Alcentra Strategic Credit Fund (Holding) SCSp Sigma LuxCo 2 SARL Sigma LuxCo 1 SARL HIP IV SCSp MAROTI S.A. Transports Internationaux Victor Rossi Et Cie SARL Vento Investments Topco SARL Warwick Assets S.à r.l. Schroders Capital Private Equity Asia V S.C.S. Schroders Capital Private Equity Europe Luxembourg VI S.à r.l. Schroder Adveq Europe Luxembourg VII S.à r.l. Schroders Capital Private Equity Europe Luxembourg IX S.à r.l. Schroders Capital Private Equity Europe Luxembourg X S.à r.l. Guardian Holding SA Guardian Alpha MORGAN STANLEY ASSET MANAGEMENT S.A. J.P. Morgan Japanese Investor Fund Services J.P. Morgan Fleming Asset Management Services SARL J.P.Morgan Japanese Fund Services SA Jpmorgan Asset Management Advisory Company MV Private Debt CE S. à r.l. MV Private Debt CE 2015 SCSp Mg Lux One M&G Sff (Gp) M&G Sff (Cip Gp) Mg Lux Three Mg Lux Two Palladio (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. PP L-Koordination S.à r.l. PP L-Koordination 2 S.à r.l. CB IT Consulting S.à r.l.-S GPM CHF1 (MF) GP S.à.r.l NV-PE 1 GP S.à r.l. TCA ECDF Investments S.à r.l. Star Racing Luxembourg S.à r. l. PSC IV GP S.à r.l PSC IV (C), SCSp Baradello Baradello Holdings KWASA Europe S.à r.l. KWASA Europe Finco S.à r.l. Euro Parallel I SCS Gs Luxco Holdings SARL First Location Automobiles Luxembourg S.A. Graphique Systems SARL ISPC Tulip SCS Quale Luxco S.à r.l. MG Logistic Holding Seven Investments S.A. Brick Heaven S.à r.l. DEA Holding SARL DEA Top Holding SARL DEA Investment SARL DEA International SARL PEIF III Luxco III B S.à r.l. PEIF III Luxco III A S.à r.l. FORTIUS TANA SC Marine Platforms SCSp Nordic Capital Epsilon SCA, SICAV-RAIF Nordic Capital X Delta GP SARL Nordic Capital X Delta, SCSp Nordic Capital X SARL Nordic Capital X Beta, SCSp Nordic Capital X GP, SCSp Nordic Capital Zeta SARL Nordic Capital Epsilon GP SARL Nordic Capital Evo SARL Nordic Capital Evo GP, SCSp Nordic Capital Evo Alpha, SCSp Nordic Capital Evo Delta, SCSp Nordic Capital Evo Beta, SCSp Nordic Capital Evo Gamma, SCSp Nordic Capital Evo Delta GP SARL Nordic Capital Evo Epsilon GP SARL Nordic Capital Evo Epsilon SCA, SICAV-RAIF Nordic Capital XI SARL Nordic Capital XI GP, SCSp Nordic Capital XI Beta, SCSp Deepneed S.à r.l. Clareant SCF GP S.à r.l. Clareant SCF S.à r.l. Alcentra SCF Feeder SCSp Mistral Capital S.à r.l. MTL (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Prime Pool III B - T S.à r.l. Trias Pool IV B - T S.à r.l. Pool Investment SARL ARTELUX a.s.b.l. Luxembourg High Security Hub - Real Estate ACO (Feeder) SCSp Aerium Investment Advisers S.à r.l Partners Advisers S.à r.l. Partners Advisers Investment Partners Advisers Investment II Partners Advisers Investment III SCSp Bow Advisers S.à r.l. Partners Advisers Investment IV SCSp Partners Advisers Investment V SCSp AMM Investment S.à r.l. AMM Financing S.à r.l. BEL CANTO SICAV Sapphire Midco S.à r.l. Sapphire Dealco S.à r.l. Orion Engineered Carbons S.A. NSS Pelican S. à r.l. NSS Pelican Partners SCSp NSS Pelican GP S.à r.l. Lendico Netherlands Lendico Brazil S.C.Sp. Lendico Holding SCA Alpha Lux Holdings S.à r.l. Ferrero Consulting SARL G Pioneer Holdco II S.à r.l. Pioneer Infrastructure Partners GP S.à r.l. Pioneer Infrastructure Partners SLP SCSp Pioneer Infrastructure Partners SLP GP S.à r.l. Kyarra S.à r.l. Vigilance SA Number One SARL Kempen International Funds SICAV (dr.Eur.) PRIVATE WEALTH ADVISORS S.A. Schinko Associes Luxembourg SOC.CIV. Muzinich Asia Pacific Private Debt I, SCSp Muzinich Asia Pacific Private Debt I Carry Partner, SCSp DR Capital GmbH Capilan S.à r.l. ET Capital SÀRL Rocket Internet Capital Partners (Euro) SCS CONSORTS S, société civile Consorts S Bis CONSORTS S TER Capza Fin 5 S.à r.l. Capza Fin 5 Compartiment 1 S.à r.l. Capza GP SARL Capza 5 Private Debt GP SCS Amber Eight A SCSp MATCH CENTRE S.A. ARCADES PRESSE SARL UPPER WEST INVEST S.C.S. West London Properties S.à r.l. Upper West Beteiligung 1 S.à r.l. PREMIUM ADVISORY PARTNERS S.A. Gastronomie SARL TINTINGER, ANTON DIT TONY Polaris Lux Management 1 S.à r.l. Polaris Lux Management 2 S.à r.l. Polaris Lux Management 3 S.à r.l. Durham Capital S.A. Care Canadian Real Estate SA Bain Capital Europe Fund V, SCSp Quantum Luxembourg Opportunity Feeder Fund II SCSp Pemberton Debt Fund SCS, SICAV-FIS Edmond de Rothschild Residential Investment Fund UK SCSp SICAV-RAIF Blue Start 222 S.à r.l. Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d'information SSCP Thermal Holdings S.C.A. Wong Fuk Yin PAG Real Estate Partners (Luxembourg) GP S.à r.l. PAG Real Estate Partners (Luxembourg) II GP S.à r.l. PAG Real Estate Partners (Luxembourg) III GP S.à r.l. PAG Real Estate Partners (Luxembourg) III S.C.Sp., SICAV-RAIF The Century Fund CRISTAL LUX SERVICES S.A. Nordic Capital X Alpha, SCSp Nordic Capital X Gamma, SCSp Nordic Capital XI Alpha, SCSp Norvestor VIII Capital SCSp CAPITAL D SCSP European Governance Partners G.I.E. Clouse S.A. Wild River Bridge S.à r.l. Wild River Co-Invest SCSp Professional Beauty Investments SARL Bellevue Holding Luxembourg S.à r.l. Blue Aiv SARL Pro Audio,Premium Audiovisual Systems Pro Audio Premium Audiovisual Systems Spinnaker Diversified Investments Holdings S.à r.l. Spinnaker Diversified Investments S.A. Windward Diversified Investments Holdings S.à r.l. Genoa Diversified Investments Holdings S.à r.l. European Angels Fund GP S.à r.l. Stepstone European Fund Gp Strasbourg Investissement SA ACP Credit I FP SCSp ACP HoldCo SARL ACP Credit SPF ACP Credit GP SARL Wunderman Thompson S.A. Centurion Holdco B S.à r.l. Centurion Topco S.à r.l. Centurion Midco S.à r.l. Centurion (BC) Luxco S.à r.l. Centurion Midco B S.à r.l. Centurion Holdco S.à r.l. Excellence Logging Manco S.à r.l. Goldman Sachs International Funds SICAV (dr.Eur.) Goldmann Finance Spf SA Friede & Goldman United SARL TRÈVES OFFICES SA TREVES SERVICES S.à r.l. Birthe Maya Paris Immo KING POWER (LUXEMBOURG) S.à r.l. FIDU.GATE S.à r.l. Allianz Tulip SCSp Allianz Tulip GP S.à r.l. Mediacenter Service Immobilier SA Schminke, Laurent Catalyst Romania S.C.A. SICAR Catalyst Romania Fund II Catalyst II GP S.à r.l. MV Senior II Master 1 UL SCSp MV Senior II Feeder 1 UL SCSp MV Lux V UL S.à r.l. AMA PROMOTIONS S.A. JDC Investments S.à r.l. - SPF Apera Investment Topco I S.à r.l. Apera Private Debt GP I S.à r.l. Apera Investment Topco II S.à r.l. Apera Private Debt General Partner I SCS Apera Investment Holdco II S.à r.l. Apera Private Debt Founder Limited Partner I SCS Apera Private Debt Fund I SCSp Apera Investment Holdco I S.à r.l. Mike SARL AltaCAM Global Credit II GP S.à r.l. AltaCAM Global Credit II SCA SICAV-RAIF SRE SoHo (CIP) SCSp Agile S.à r.l. Dakar Acquisition S.A. A.D.S.L. SCI MEYERS S.A. Meyers MEYER NEPTUN Lion/Polaris Lux Midco S.à r.l. MIR Lux Midco SARL ACS Group Management S.à r.l. ACS Holdings Management S.à r.l. ACS Group SCSp ACS Holdings SCSp ACS (Feeder) SCSp PEIF II Luxco Two S.à r.l. Xylem Industries S.à.r.l. ITT Industries Luxembourg S.àr.l. ELECTRONIC-SHOP S.à r.l. Ride LuxCo S.à r.l. BIRD RIDES LUXEMBOURG S.à r.l. StarTeq Holding S.A. Luxinter-re Golf Club des Communautés Maritime Highways Limited CM III Feeder SCA SICAV-RAIF Altor CIB Holding S.à r.l. Altor AM Group Holding II S.à r.l. Altor AM Group Holding I S.à r.l. Northam Property Funds Management S.à r.l. Oakley Capital Origin S.à r.l. Alcentra European Credit Opportunities Fund III SCSp Cannoli Luxembourg S.à r.l. HS Investments IV S.à r.l. Victoria Immo SCSp PROFERENS Headhunting & HR Solutions S.à r.l. Numeric Schroder Matching Plus Rocket Internet Capital Partners Lux S.à r.l. Rocket Internet Capital Partners SCS Rocket Internet Capital Partners Lux II S.à r.l. Rocket Internet Capital Partners (Euro) II SCS Rocket Internet Capital Partners Founder SCS Rocket Internet Capital Partners Founder II SCS Latragna Brands S.à r.l. Latragna Holding S.à r.l. Caret Bremen SARL Aztiq Lothbrok S.à r.l. MML Capital Europe VI Equity II S.A. Agapanthe S.C.I. Rock Holdings S.à r.l. Louis S.à r.l. VGP DEU 38 S.à r.l. GTIS US Property Income Partners S.C.S. CLARUS SECURITIES SA Helpling Australia Holding S.C.Sp. Helpling Asia (GP) S.à r.l. Helpling Italy S.C.Sp. Helpling France S.C.Sp. Helpling Netherlands S.C.Sp. Helpling Sweden SCS Helpling Austria S.C.Sp. SARL Helpling Asia Top Holding S.à r.l. Helpling Top-Holding S.C.Sp. Helpling Canada Helpling Spain Helpling UAE S.C.Sp. Helpling Asia Top S.C.Sp. Helpling Brazil S.C.Sp. Helpling Middle East Top Holding S.C.Sp. Body Sun SARL Private Market Investments SICAV (dr.Eur.) Prestige International Larexa Alphaone SICAV (dr.Eur.) Alpha Luxco 2 SARL Eco Rénovations S.à.r.l. AMAR INVEST S.A. heap studio S.à r.l. DSL Bank Luxembourg SA

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