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A corporate group is a collection of distinct companies headquartered in one or more countries. It is headed by a holding or a parent company.
The list below contains Luxembourg companies that are linked to other businesses worldwide (ownership is at least 50% of capital). Understanding a corporate organization can be of great help for your business :
- if you want to increase selling opportunities within the members of a same corporate group.
- If you need to evaluate risks across the different parts of a corporate family.
- To detect potential conflict of interest.
You'll find for each companies reports about group structure, ultimate parent and subsidiary identification as well as company registration information and credit appraisal.

LAPPERRE S.A. TOY BOX S.à r.l. MFB International Holdings S.à r.l. LuxTram S.A. Kinetik S.à r.l. Orion S.A. Cube II Transport S.à r.l. Aero Ré Letterone Investment Holdings S.A. Lizmontagens Melting & Services S.à r.l. SEPHORA LUXEMBOURG S.A.R.L. Puppy Holding SARL LOMBARD INTERNATIONAL ASSURANCE S.A. Ernst & Young Tax Advisory Services Abacanto SA Accenture (Luxembourg), société à responsabilité limitée Falcon Finance S.à r.l. Ansamble Kids Luxembourg VBTECH S.A. LOUIS VUITTON LUXEMBOURG S.àr.l. ICN Arlon 45-51 Holding S.à r.l. EP BCo S.A. Lion/Polaris Lux 4 S.A. Fiducial Office Solutions MFEX Luxembourg S.A. BayWa r.e. Solar Systems S.à r.l. PLANTATIONS DES TERRES ROUGES S.A. Bgl Bnp Paribas MANGO LUXEMBOURG S.à r.l. Howden Specialty Luxembourg S.à r.l. VEB-LEASING EUROPE S.à r.l. NSI Luxembourg AI Sirona (Luxembourg) Parent S.à r.l. Société Luxembourgeoise Chanzy Pardoux i-Hub S.A. Teads Proximus Luxembourg S.A. Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL Quinn Industries Holdings Luxembourg S.àr.l. Lavaux Luxembourg S.àr.l. Louvre Lux Investment S.à r.l. Taliesin II GmbH Cbre Gws Luxembourg POST Luxembourg Generali Luxembourg MILFIX S.àr.l Real Immo de Lux S.à r.l. Swiss Re Europe S.A. RESUMA S.A. Prefalux Group S.A. VAN MOSSEL AUTOLEASE LUXEMBOURG S.A. SOLUTIONS 30 SE BATI-TRAVAUX S.à r.l. LVMH EU ZE ENERGY INVEST SARL MOSKITO PRODUCTIONS S.A. ZUCCARI S.A. Eurasian Resources Group Astorg Group S.à r.l. Candriam FIBR Financial Technologies Holdings S.A. John Cockerill Services International S.A. LOXAM RENTAL S.à r.l. Fareva Monument Assurance Luxembourg S.A. Le Groupe S.M. International S.à r.l. SM LuxCo HoldCo S. à r.l. Allianz Infrastructure Luxembourg II S.à r.l. Yole, Société Luxembourgeoise De Réassurances StepStone Capital IV (GP) S.à r.l. SI Insurance (Europe), SA Xerox Luxembourg AIG Europe S.A. Sword Technologies S.A. ConTerm Sàrl FUANDRE S.A. AFRICAN ACQUISITION S.à r.l. Blue Holdings II Vantico International S.à r.l. A. MENARINI PARTICIPATIONS INTERNATIONALES S.A. Euroinformation International MULTILABEL SICAV Wendel Luxembourg S.A iMGP LABORATOIRE NATIONAL DE SANTÉ HLD EUROPE AptarGroup International Holding S.à r.l. E.B. TRANS S.A. European Medco Development 1 S.C.A. Compagnie Luxembourgeoise D'Entreprises OTIS Luxembourg, S.à r.l. Aperam SAICA FLEX LUXEMBOURG, S.A. Banque Internationale à Luxembourg IQSA Twerton Bath S.à r.l. IQSA Stephenson House S.à r.l. Athena Asset 7 S.à r.l. IQSA Chandos S.à r.l. Westbourne Portfolio S.à r.l. FAMILY OFFICE LUXEMBOURG S.A. SOCIETE NATIONALE DE CIRCULATION AUTOMOBILE S.à r.l. MOTORWAY-LUXEMBOURG S.A. Hydromine Nuclear Energy S.à r.l. Capital International Management Company Eurofins International Support Services LUX SES Engineering (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. EQT Infrastructure V Investments S.à r.l. Menway Executive Search B Medical Systems S.à r.l. GERAUD S.A. EP Investment S.à r.l. Veolia Luxembourg S.A. Pioneer Infrastructure Partners SCSp Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology Sea-Invest Corporation S.A. Allianz Life Luxembourg AMAZON INSURANCE & PENSION SERVICES S.à r.l. STACK EMEA III s.à r.l. Tailor Topco S.à r.l. SOMETIMES S.à r.l. Believe International Kartesia Management Cfl Mobility Shipstern Holdings S.à r.l. SLG We Love To Travel AUTOCARS SALES - LENTZ S.A. A.C.I. Technology S.à r.l. Rockids Leudelange S.à r.l. TALAN Luxembourg S.à r.l. Corps grand-ducal d'incendie et de secours Showroom S.à r.l. Alphatwo International S.à r.l. Blue Pearl Energy S.à r.l Hauck & Aufhäuser Alternative Investment Services S.A. HORNBACH BAUMARKT LUXEMBURG SARL Enigma London 1 S.à r.l. Pine Projects S.à r.l. ARDIAN Luxembourg S.à r.l. Stahl Lux 2 Grape Hospitality Holding (GHH) S.A. Chanel SARL BAATZ Constructions Exploitation SARL Taaleri Development Holdings S.à r.l. Bolloré Logistics Luxembourg Blue Moon Software Brick Heaven S.à r.l. Altice Luxembourg SA New York Life Investment Management Holdings International European Investment Fund In2Metals Explorer S.à r.l. AI Mistral (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. AI Mistral (Luxembourg) BottomCo S.à r.l. Rubix AESP GP S.à r.l. AI Robin & Cy S.C.A. AI Mistral & Cy S.C.A. Supply Chain S.à r.l. Sinalux S.A. ECOGREEN SA FERRERO TRADING LUX S.A. AMARA S.à r.l. Wealins VABERMAIN SARL Green Holding S.à r.l. Vossloh Cogifer Kihn DBI Lux Holdings S.à r.l. SGI INGENIERIE S.A. Luxembourg Flying Group Lux S.A. CMC GROUP FINANCIAL COMPANY S.A SOGELIFE S.A. LUX FRAIS S.A. Ceramo (Lux) S.à r.l. ACMO S. à r.l. Jupiter Asset Management International S.A. Apothecare Holding FERRERO INTERNATIONAL S.A. AXUS LUXEMBOURG S.A. CA Animation HEVF Holdings S.à r.l. ROTAREX S.A. MANPOWER LUXEMBOURG S.A. Romford Holdings S.à r.l. Ernst & Young Luxembourg Next Alt S.à r.l. LFS SICAV Aqua Acquisition S.à r.l. Twintec Group S.à r.l. Richemont International Holding S.A. Banque européenne d'investissement International Automotive Components Group Europe S.à r.l. David Midco S.à r.l. Arcelormittal Bissen & Bettembourg Evergreen Real Estate Partners Europe S.à r.l. Cruise and Travel S.A. Amazon Business EU SARL Marnix Lux SA CEODEUX SERVItec S.A. Alter Domus Alternative Asset Fund Administration S.à r.l. HIORTS FINANCE S.A. RIBEAUVILLÉ INVESTMENTS S.A. Silver Royal C Bureaux 2013 S.A. OXYLUX S.A. Alainé Luxembourg S.A. FIDRA S.A. Baker & McKenzie Luxembourg Rosneft Latin America S.à r.l. Rosneft JV Projects S.A. Rosneft Global Trade S.A. Techno S.A. ROSNEFT HOLDINGS LTD S.A. Automotive Investments (Luxembourg) S.àr.l. FF Investment Luxembourg 2 S.à r.l. FF Investment Luxembourg 1 S.à r.l. OCSiAl S.A. Amazon EU S.à r.l. Le Gouvernement Du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg AI Global Investments & Cy S.C.A. NNS Luxembourg S.à r.l. Koch ES S.à r.l. SAN FAUSTIN S.A. BV Acquisitions QX S.à r.l. MAUFFREY Luxembourg S.A. BC Partners XI Lux GP S.à r.l. Venilia Investments S.à r.l. Azimut Investments S.A. SEH S.à r.l. Rolling Wireless S.à r.l. ArcelorMittal Luxembourg Bamboo Financial Inclusion Fund S.C.A., SICAV-SIF PRONOS SA ING Luxembourg ICI Holding SE AIMCo Luxembourg S.à.r.l. Centre de rétention CBRE ERIF GP S.à r.l. Kingsway West S.à r.l. IK IX Luxco 8 S.à r.l. Turgis & Gaillard NATO Services Juniclair Participations Familiales SCA E-Holdings S.à r.l. Perry Barr S.à r.l. Beacon Rail Lux Holdings S.à r.l. Omnione S.A. KARP-KNEIP PARTICIPATIONS S.A. Visual Online S.A. CREDITABLE OPPORTUNITIES FUND SCA SICAV-RAIF WRM Capital Asset Management S.à r.l. YCOR S.C.A. ENGIE Invest International S.A. Car Avenue S.à r.l.

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