Find out Luxembourg firms members of a corporate group

Search more companies in Luxembourg to check if they are linked to a corporate group.

A corporate group is a collection of distinct companies headquartered in one or more countries. It is headed by a holding or a parent company.
The list below contains Luxembourg companies that are linked to other businesses worldwide (ownership is at least 50% of capital). Understanding a corporate organization can be of great help for your business :
- if you want to increase selling opportunities within the members of a same corporate group.
- If you need to evaluate risks across the different parts of a corporate family.
- To detect potential conflict of interest.
You'll find for each companies reports about group structure, ultimate parent and subsidiary identification as well as company registration information and credit appraisal.

CANON LUXEMBOURG S.A. Allianz Life Luxembourg DRAGON S.A. UBS FUND SERVICES (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. UBS Fund Management (Luxembourg) S.A. IT SOLUTIONS S.A. Liberty Liège - Dudelange (LU) S.A. ITW (EU) Holdings International Fund Services & Asset Management Azimut Investments S.A. EQT Fund Management S.à r.l. International Assets Finance S.à r. l. EVS NETCO Luxembourg s.àr.l. LOMBARD INTERNATIONAL ASSURANCE S.A. Lombard International Assurance Holdings S.à r.l. Compagnie Européenne De Gestion Et De Participations MUFG LUX MANAGEMENT COMPANY S.A. VALFIDUS INDUSTRIES S.A. Luxembourg Contact Centers S.àr.l. AGRICOM S.A. SISTO ARMATUREN S.A. SISTEMA FINANCE S.A. Sigmund International S.A. Bank GPB International S.A. SOGETI Luxembourg S.A. CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants III Luxembourg Sàrl Elevate (BC) S.C.A. Fidelity Funds Fidelity International Real Estate Fund Eurozone Company 1 Fidelity International Real Estate Fund Company 21 Fidelity International Real Estate Fund Company 23 IRIS INTERNATIONAL S.A. Cloud Managed Data RESUMA S.A. Terminal Investment Limited Ternium Investments S.à r.l. CFL terminals Terminal Investment Limited Holding Lavorel Groupe SWM Luxembourg SWM Europe S.à r.l. HOFFMANNS S.A. Helpling Group Holding S.à r.l. Saulire S.à r.l. E.B. Trans Informatique Informatique ING Luxembourg AIG Europe S.A. AIG Europe Holdings S.à r.l. ALS Customs Services S.A. LABORATOIRE NATIONAL DE SANTÉ Swiss Life (Luxembourg) Swiss Life GIO S.à r.l. Swiss Life Products (Luxembourg) S.A. Time and Life S.A. CREDIT SUISSE (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. Credit Suisse Fund Management S.A. CREDIT SUISSE FUND SERVICES (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology Gravity S.A. AGRASSUR RE S.A. Diamond Ten S.à r.l. Onyx Pleidelsheim S.à r.l. Arcelor Investment S.A. ALMA Luxembourg S.A. Alter Domus Alternative Asset Fund Administration S.à r.l. PM-INTERNATIONAL AG IMMO GAFFELT S.à r.l. Apollon Ventures Luxembourg S. A R.L. Libertis S.à r.l. Luxembourg Boulevard Royal Centre Immo-lalux Boulevard Royal Hutchison Whampoa 3G IP S.à r.l. Log Investment LOGISTIS LUXEMBOURG S.A. SOGELIFE S.A. Avaya International Enterprises Limited AVAYA LUXEMBOURG INVESTMENTS S.àr.l. CED Luxembourg Cinven (Luxco 1) S.à r.l. Cinven (Luxco 2) S.à r.l. Sixth Cinven FD 1 Lux SCSp APERAM Treasury S.C.A. Edmond De Rothschild (Europe) Edmond De Rothschild Asset Management (Luxembourg) Edmond de Rothschild Residential Investment Fund UK SCSp SICAV-RAIF Next Alt S.à r.l. Gates Industrial Europe SARL FYSIS FUND SICAV-SIF S.C.A. FERRERO TRADING LUX S.A. FERRERO INTERNATIONAL S.A. Challenger Reassurance Birdee ODYSSEY GROUP S.A. CLEARSTREAM SERVICES CLEARSTREAM BANKING S.A. Clearstream International FundRock Management Company S.A. Azure Lux BidCo S.à r.l. Covidien International S. à .r.l. G-Finance S.à r.l. G-Holdings S.à r.l. SAS Shipping Agencies Services Sàrl Subsea 7 S.A. BTG Pactual Holdco LUX S.A. AURELIUS Investment Lux One SARL Centre National de Rééducation Fonctionnelle et de Réadaptation AXA Logistics Europe Master S.C.A. Centre Hospitalier De Luxembourg Fareva Alpha Private Equity Funds Management Company Alpha Private Equity Fund 6 (SCA) SICAR Raizen Fuels Finance S.A. Ande Investissements, S.C.A. BorgWarner Luxembourg Investments SARL AllianceBernstein (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. AZ PURCHASE & LEASING Expo Road S.A. Conseil de la concurrence Soboss Transalliance Service International GOODYEAR OPERATIONS S.A. REIP LUXEMBOURG S. à r. l. AXUS LUXEMBOURG S.A. Positive Thinking Company S.à.r.l. Mikro Kapital Management S.A. Mikro Kapital Group S.A. POL 1 Sàrl PWM Funds Pemberton Sarl Grant Thornton Tax & Accounting IKANO S.A. Tosca Debt Capital (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Brunswick Luxembourg Finance S.à r.l. Amazon EU S.à r.l. Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. Amazon Services Europe S.à r.l. Amazon Payments Europe S.C.A. AMAZON INSURANCE & PENSION SERVICES S.à r.l. Amazon Europe Core S.à r.l. Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL Amazon Business EU SARL Amazonas-AI Fund SCS, SICAV-FIAR Amazon International Services SARL Besix Global Re S.A. Pictet & Cie (Europe) S.A. Pictet Asset Management (Europe) S.A. Pictet Sicav Ii Pictet Alternative Advisors (Europe) S.A. Vantage Data Centers Midco Europe S.à r.l. Etex Luxembourg S.A. Etex Finance Etix Financial Holding Europe S.à r.l. ETIX Labs S.à r.l. Vantage Data Centers Holding MEA S.à r.l. Apothecare Holding ENCEVO S.A. CREOS LUXEMBOURG S.A. Tereos Luxembourg Merlis S.à r.l. Craft Connection S.A. E. Öhman J:or Luxembourg S.A. Majorel Group Luxembourg S.A. WOOD & Company Group S.A. Lsp Holding D.F. HOLDING S.A. CWS Luxembourg S.à r.l. NSI Luxembourg AUTOCARS SALES - LENTZ S.A. PGEIF MasterHoldCo S.à.r.l. Farvest S.à r.l. Automotive Investments (Luxembourg) S.àr.l. International Automotive Components Group Europe S.à r.l. Auto Logistic Transport Spinnaker Holdco S.à r.l. LOXAM RENTAL S.à r.l. Letterone Holdings S.A. Letterone Investment Holdings S.A. NTT Luxembourg PSF S.A. NTT Global Data Centers EMEA Finance S.à.r.l. IC FIZZ BUDAPEST I S.à r.l. LUXAIR, Société Luxembourgeoise de Navigation Aérienne S.A. SOCIETE DE L'AEROPORT DE LUXEMBOURG S.A. LUXAIR RE S.A. Terra Magna Capital Asset Management Terrain.Com Oerlikon Balzers Coating Luxembourg S.à r.l. SHOW TopCo S.C.A. SHOW Holding S.C.A. Showroom S.à r.l. AXA Luxembourg S.A. TRALUX, Société Générale de Travaux - Luxembourg S.à r.l. C. KARP-KNEIP CONSTRUCTIONS S.A. C. KARP-KNEIP MATERIAUX S.A. Merlin Services S.à r.l. Cotp T8 FIBR Financial Technologies Holdings S.A. Apollo 11 S.àr.l. BRE/Europe 6Q S.à r.l. MEDIA ASSURANCES, Société Anonyme Baloise Assurances Luxembourg S.A. FOYER ASSURANCES S.A. Vantage Data Centers Europe S.à r.l. Dahlia A SICAR S.C.A. OCM Luxembourg OPPS X S.à r.l. OCM OPPS Xb ITA Investments (Castello) S.à r.l. Swiss Life Funds (Lux) Global Infrastructure Opportunities S.C.A., SICAV-SIF SERLUX S.A. BECKET S.A. SAAEM S.A. Square Holding Lux S.à r.l. AERIUM HOLDINGS S.A. avantage Reply (Luxembourg) S.àr.l. Chanel SARL Atlantic Real Estate Company S.A. Hannover Finance (Luxembourg) S.A. Ansamble Kids Luxembourg Luxembourg Institute of Health Centralis Group S.A. SPOTIFY TECHNOLOGY S.A. Fonds d'Urbanisation et d'Aménagement du Plateau de Kirchberg Marguerite Telecom III S.à r.l. Marguerite II SCSp Dow Corning Luxembourg Holdings Dow International Finance S.à r.l. Stafford Infrastructure Secondaries Fund II S.à r.l. KERNEL HOLDING S.A. European Investment Fund Communications Investments Europe S.à r.l. EXETER EUROPE VALUE VENTURE III SCSP LuxTram S.A. Corporate Business Solutions Partners S.à r.l. Bgl Bnp Paribas Massena Wealth Management Pearl Income Investments S.à r.l. 4finance Group S.A. Banque de Patrimoines Privés Medline Stellar Luxembourg S.à r.l. C. Vrac S.A. Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A. Emc Asset Management Innova Co. S.à r.l. CD&R Firefly Holdings S.à r.l. B&S Group REX-ZDHL S.C.S. SICAV-SIF EC Consult S.A. ADECCO LUXEMBOURG S.A. Cfl Cargo CASINO RE S.A. Batipro Matériaux S.A. BATIPART INTERNATIONAL S.A. Luxembourg Mainstream Renewable Power S.à r.l. ADB Safegate Luxembourg 1 SARL BATISERVICES S.A. Accenture International SARL Accenture (Luxembourg), société à responsabilité limitée L'Occitane International S.A. L'OCCITANE GROUPE S.A. BNP Paribas Lease Group Luxembourg Bnp Paribas Leasing Solutions BNP PARIBAS Real Estate Investment Management Luxembourg S.A. Dutch Logistics Propco S.à r.l. Richemont International Holding S.A. Medea Holding IV S.à r.l. Generali Europe Income Holding S.A. FIXMER S.à r.l. ARVAL Luxembourg S.A. LUXEMBOURG CORPORATION COMPANY S.A. KBC LEASE (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. Nile Finco S.à r.l. Nile Midco S.à r.l. Fox International Channels Luxembourg S.à r.l. Xardel Demolition Luxembourg IQ EQ Group Participations S.à r.l. WEST GROUP PARTICIPATIONS SA Sushi Gourmet Holding International S.à r.l. SI Insurance (Europe), SA Efficiency Solutions SV Sàrl Luxequip Bail SA Harsco Metals Luxequip S.A. AP Holding S.à r.l. B&D Finance SA CARGOLUX RE, S.A. Enbridge Renewable Infrastructure Holdings S.à r.l. PMC Europe S.à.r.l. INEOS Group Holdings S.A. INEOS Holdings Luxembourg S.A. ZENITH Immo S.A. Amazon Eurasia Holdings S.à.r.l. High Point Sarl KUHN CONSTRUCTION S.A. D Participation Management Luxembourg PayPal 2 S.à r.l. PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. PayPal International S.à.r.l. PayPal International Treasury Centre S.à r.l. Nrep Nordic Strategies Fund Iv Limited Partnership I/O Luxembourg S.à r.l. Trapeze Its Luxembourg Ss&C Technologies Holdings Europe Ss&C European Holdings SpecialTrailers24 SIDERMAT S.A. Keter Group SA CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE CARE SERVICES HOLDING S.à r.l. Corden Pharma Holding S.E. Garnet 1 Property S.à r.l. Garnet 3 Property S.à r.l. Garnet 4 Property S.à r.l. SOFY S.àr.l. SOCIETE DE REASSURANCE VALLAROCHE REAL ESTATE CAPITAL S.A. FUANDRE S.A. LOGDIRECT S.A. Astrid Luxembourg SARL Flip Software S.à r.l. Bock Capital EU Luxembourg Camerone S.à r.l. Encore + Ladenburg SARL List Mid Company S.à r.l. Alainé Luxembourg S.A. GROUPE EUROPE HOLDING LUXEMBOURG S.A. SAN FAUSTIN S.A. OnBoard S.à r.l. Reinet Investments S.C.A. LU GE XXIII S.à r.l. CEF (W) SA W-CONSEIL S.à r.l. CEF (E) SA Global Fashion Group S.A. CVC Capital Partners SICAV-FIS S.A SDB BENELUX S.A. Orpea Real Estate Luxembourg S.à r.l. Intertrust (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Intertrust Topholding (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. CVC Advisers Services S.à r.l. Vita (Lux III) S.à r.l. Etablissement public pour la réalisation des équipements de l'Etat sur le site de Belval-Ouest CEP IV Participations S.à r.l., SICAR CEP IV Advisor S.à r.l. CIEP Participations S.à r.l. SICAR CEP V Participations S.à r.l., SICAR J. Safra Sarasin Fund Management (Luxembourg) S.A. Banque J. Safra Sarasin (Luxembourg) SA Endo Luxembourg Finance Company I S.à r.l. Canal+ Luxembourg S.à r.l. SR-B S.à r.l. J.P. Morgan Bank Luxembourg S.A. JPMorgan Asset Management (Europe) S.à r.l. Threadneedle Asset Management Holdings S.à.r.l. Alter Domus Global S.à r.l. Sculptor Holdings S.à r.l. SCULPTOR INVESTMENTS S.à r.l. Sculptor Investments IV S.à r.l. Xenon AIFM S.A. Xenon Private Equity VII SCA SICAV-RAIF Citadel Mainstay Investments S.à r.l. Evergreen Real Estate Partners Europe S.à r.l. Jpmorgan Funds CELSIUS EUROPEAN Lux 2 S.à r.l. BRE/Europe 7NQ S.à r.l. BRE/Europe Holding II S.à r.l. Ernst & Young Tax Advisory Services Bdo Tax & Accounting DHL Express (Luxembourg) S.A. Tralux Immobilier Het Investments Nexa Resources S.A. Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois CFL Multimodal s.a. CFL Intermodal CFL Logistics Wild River Corporation S.à r.l. Sea-Invest Corporation S.A. EURODNS SA Jones Lang LaSalle Global Finance Luxembourg S.à r.l. LaSalle Global Navigator General Partner SARL LaSalle Investment Management Luxembourg S.à.R.L. Jones Lang LaSalle (Luxembourg) LaSalle AIFM Europe S.à r.l. Sapphire 13 S.à r.l. African Hotel Development Luxembourg S.A.S. BITSTAMP EUROPE S.A. ZUCCARI S.A. R.G. INVESTMENTS S.à r.l. Arlon23 ICN Arlon 45-51 Holding S.à r.l. FUKUDA (LUXEMBOURG) S.à r.l. Lula Nordeste Japan S.à r.l. CattRe S.A. Swiss Re Europe S.A. Bestseller Retail Luxembourg BESTSELLER Stores Luxembourg Ey Pfs Solutions Roper Luxembourg Finance Roper Luxembourg Holdings EFG Bank (Luxembourg) S.A. China Infotech (Luxembourg) S.A. BB Holding Investment SA Outlet JV S.à r.l. V Sports S.C.S. Blue Pearl Energy S.à r.l Central European Group Sarl Trina Solar (Luxembourg) Overseas Systems S.à r.l. Lys BidCo S.à r.l. Valtec S.A. SICAR G4S Security Solutions S.à r.l. OTIS Luxembourg, S.à r.l. Banque de Luxembourg Natixis Investment Managers S.A. Natixis Real Estate Feeder S.à r.l. Natixis Am Funds Natixis Structured Issuance SA GBL Verwaltung S.A. ICN SYNERGY RE S.C.A., SICAV-RAIF Norica Holding S.à r.l. BOA Luxembourg Holding S.à r.l. Meda Pharma SB Securities S.A. Tempus Holdings 110 S.C.A. HSBC Securities Services (Luxembourg) S.A. Furui Medical Science Company Luxembourg S.à r.l. Synergiums SA EQT Real Estate II Investments S.à r.l. Redox plc EDIT INVEST S.à.r.l. VEON Luxembourg Finance S.A. Ulysse Investissement I S.C.A. Chariot Investment Holdings 2 S.à r.l. Chariot Lux Capital S.à r.l. Multi Lux Fonds SICAV-FIS Menway Executive Search Root Topco S.a r.l. Root JVCo S.à r.l. Root Bidco S.à r.l. Car Avenue S.à r.l. RPO GP S.à r.l. SQLI S.A. Jaccar Holdings Delta 2 (Lux) Sàrl Graham Packaging European Holdings (Luxembourg) S. à r.l. Stark International Lux CAFRUTA S.A. REF V Luxembourg, S.à r.l. SICAV-RAIF REF V Darwin Holding S.à r.l. REF V Surveillance Holding S.à r.l. GFG Capital S.à r.l. Bridgepoint Europe V Investments S.à r.l. Bridgepoint Europe V Investments (2) S.à r.l. Bridgepoint Europe VI Investments S.à r.l. S.L.D.J. S.A. CWT Luxembourg S.à r.l. Education for the Many Interstate Europe Alpega Holding S.à r.l. Alpega Marketplace S.à r.l. Antin Infrastructure Partners Luxembourg Iii Antin Infrastructure Partners Luxembourg VIII Astron Buildings S.A. Aveleos S.A. HomeToGo SE PSMA Holding S.à r.l. AURA EUROPE S.A. Centre pénitentiaire d'Uerschterhaff Ravelin AAM International S.à r.l. Navy Financière SA Sg Issuer RCS Management (Luxembourg) S. à r.l. CCP 5 Belgium Holding S.à r.l. Trident Trust Company (Luxembourg) S.A. Venga Topco S.à r.l. Venga Midco S.A.S. FERRAC S.à r.l. Lion Lux Finance S.à r.l. VAMTAJ S.à r.l. Aide internationale de la Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise A.S.B.L. PFIZER LUXEMBOURG SARL ECONOCOM PSF S.A. Monarch Property Holdings I S.à r.l. Fosun Luxembourg Holdings S.à r.l. Frasers Property Investments (Europe) S.à r.l. Altro Glass Grafton NNS S.à r.l. - SPF NNS 2 S.à r.l. - SPF NNS Luxembourg S.à r.l. DKV LUXEMBOURG S.A. Columna Capital Fund II SCSp COLUMETA S.à r.l. Candriam Wind Luxembourg S.à r.l. Galileo Global Education Luxco S.à r.l. Altice International S.à r.l. RECYLUX S.A. CHAMP CARGOSYSTEMS S.A. TRAXYS EUROPE S.A. Traxys S.à.r.l. Traxys Cometals Europe C&C IP (N°2) Sàrl INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHINA (EUROPE) S.A. ICBC (Europe) UCITS SICAV CEDAR S.A. COMPAGNIE FINANCIERE DU HAUT-RHIN S.A. JAB Investments s.à.r.l. JAB Holding Company s.à.r.l. Cabot Luxembourg Holdings S.à .r.l. ArcelorMittal ArcelorMittal Downstream Solutions Holding Blue Holding Luxembourg SARL Corning Luxembourg S.à r.l. THOMAS & PIRON GROUPE (Luxembourg) SA Arendt Services S.A. DE LONGHI BENELUX S.A. Attrax Financial Services S.A. DOVER LUXEMBOURG S.à r.l. EBRC Trinity Equity SARL Kronospan Energy S.A. & Cie Tractel Secalt S.A. Tractel Trading Luxembourg Hertz Luxembourg S.à r.l. Société Générale Luxembourg Veolia Luxembourg S.A. CAMERON LUX GLOBAL FINANCE SARL Swiss Life Funds (Lux) Global Infrastructure Opportunities II SCS, SIF Burger Brands Luxembourg S.A. Burger King (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Burger King (Luxembourg) 2 S.à r.l. Burger King (Luxembourg) 3 S.à r.l. Tiber Investments S.à r.l. Letzre PAI partners SARL Bavaria Holdco S.à r.l. Verdoso Industries SARL VERDOSO INVESTMENTS S.A. CERATIZIT Luxembourg S.à r.l. Eren India SARL EREN GROUPE S.A. NEW EREN S.A. IMPERIA HOLDING S.à r.l. DSK SYSTEMS S.A. Healthlux Alpha Group, SARL Alpha Holdings, S.à r.l. Stork Alpha S.à r.l. BRS INTERNATIONAL S.A. BCS Gérance s.à r.l. L. S.C. Engineering Group BNP Paribas European Real Estate Debt Fund S.A. SICAV-RAIF Banque Lblux Real de Lux S.à r.l. Alpro European Holdings S.à r.l. Aperam APERAM HoldCo S.à r.l. Nordic Capital Evo Zeta SARL Carne Global Fund Managers (Luxembourg) S.A. Corning Telecommunications Luxembourg S.à r.l. LSF10 India Investments S.à r.l. LSF10 XL Investments S.à r.l. LSF10 Tiger 4 Investments S.à r.l. LSF10 Edilians Topco S.à r.l. LSF10 Edilians Investments S.à r.l. GE HEALTHCARE EUROPEAN HOLDINGS S.à r.l. IBM Luxembourg S.à r.l. ATALIAN EUROPE S.A. ATALIAN INTERNATIONAL S.A. ATALIAN AFRIQUE S.A. EHI Luxembourg S.à r.l. IKAV EE S.à r.l. IKAV SICAV-FIS SCA IKAV General Partner S.à r.l. Avnet Finance International S.à r.l. DELL S.à r.l. B&M European Value Retail S.A. Agence Luxembourgeoise de Protection Incendie S.àr.l. Wert Holdings S.à r.l. Nordic Capital Evo Epsilon SCA, SICAV-RAIF HB Collector Duke Offices & Development S.à r.l. ATEQ CENTRE EUROPE SARL (en abrégé ATEQ CE SARL) ArcelorMittal International Luxembourg SOLUXE HOLDINGS (Luxembourg) S.A.R.L. Société Générale Life Insurance Broker SA International Automotive Components Group, S.A. Generali Real Asset Multi-Manager Joyson Safety Systems Luxembourg S.à r.l. Joyson Auto Safety Holdings S. A. LUX RENEWABLE HOLDINGS 4 S. à r. l. Joyson Auto Safety S.A. Agat Re Ernst & Young Luxembourg Ernst & Young ERNST & YOUNG SERVICES S.A. ALTICE BAHAMAS S.à r.l. ALTICE FINANCING S.A. ALTICE CARIBBEAN S.à r.l. Altice West Europe S.à r.l. Altice Holdings S.à r.l. Altice Luxembourg SA ALTICE GROUP LUX S.à r.l. Geodesia S.A. Altice Customer Services S.à r.l Altice UK S.à r.l. Claudius Finance Parent S.à r.l. SIS HoldCo PL Kokotow SARL CAR Avenue Rent Luxembourg Luxplan Outlet Mall Sub Group Holding No. 2 S.à r.l. Outlet Mall Group Holding SARL Outlet Site JV S.à r.l Outlet Mall Holding SARL Outlet Mall (Italy) Holding SARL Outlet Mall Sub Group Holding No. 1 S.à r.l. GLOBUS Lux COREA S.A. Eurocor Treasuryco S.à r.l. HORNBACH BAUMARKT LUXEMBURG SARL LUX FRAIS S.A. Asti Luxco S.à r.l. MC Invest CA Animation Cortes Holding S.à r.l. APERAM Stainless Services & Solutions Luxembourg S.A. CREATEAM S.A. SCANIA FINANCE LUXEMBOURG S.A. Wert BOB SARL HI-Management S.à r.l. DANONE RE CLUB MED ASIE S.A. FOYER SANTÉ S.A. FOYER VIE S.A. FOYER FINANCE S.A. Titan HLD Europe SCA HLD ASSOCIES EUROPE HESPERANGE SYREN S.à r.l. ATOS LUXEMBOURG PSF S.A. SLG Baloise Fund Invest Advico CBB DEV 1 S.à r.l. HOCHE PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL S.à r.l. Hoche Partners Corporate Investments S.à r.l. Hoche Partners Revival 2 S.à r.l. 4 North PropCo S.à r.l. OCS Investment S.à r.l. AWPG Arthur World Participation Group S.à r.l EIGHT House S.à r.l. Cardif Life Cardif Lux Vie Luxempart Société Générale Ré S.A. BLUE SKIES S.a.r.l. MAUFFREY Luxembourg S.A. MAUFFREY DEVELOPPEMENT EUROPE S.A. Ouest Distribution S.à r.l. ROTAREX Automotive S.A. ROTAREX S.A. Séléné S.à r.l. DEUTSCHE BANK LUXEMBOURG S.A. Adria News S.à r.l. Arla Foods Agrar Service Luxemburg Arial S.à r.l. KATOEN NATIE GROUP S.A. Enovos Energie S.A. ENOVOS LUXEMBOURG S.A. BOWO S.à r.l. HARLEQUIN EUROPE S.A. Harlequin Enterprises II B.V./ S.à.r.l. MAX INTERNATIONAL A.G. MAX MANAGEMENT A.G. RENTOKIL LUXEMBOURG S.à r.l. LOGICINVEST S.A. NITID S.àr.l. AUTOPOLIS SCANCAR SA PHOENIX CONTACT S.à r.l. Brasserie 1535 Sàrl ArcelorMittal Schifflange Arcelormittal Bissen & Bettembourg ArcelorMittal Insurance Consultants ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe S.A. ArcelorMittal Luxembourg ArcelorMittal Energy S.C.A. Arcelormittal Europe Apleona Luxembourg s.à r.l. Simar Bock Capital Investors S.à r.l. Bock Capital EU Luxembourg NR-2 S.à r.l. Bock Capital EU Luxembourg NR-1 S.à r.l. Bock Capital EU Luxembourg Impact S.à r.l. Niam Core-Plus Luxembourg S.à r.l. Niam Nordic Core-plus Ii Niam VII Luxembourg S.à r.l. Société Luxembourgeoise Chanzy Pardoux AccorInvest Group S.A. MAGI S.A. PATRIZIA Investment Management S.à r.l. 360 Capital Management S.A. GROWTH CAPITAL INVEST S.A. Project R HoldCo S.à r.l. LEXSIS S.A. Félix GIORGETTI S.à r.l. BANQUE BCP, S.A. DA! S.à r.l. MB Solutions Investments S.à r.l. Votorantim Cimentos International S.A RBS European Investments S.àr.l. ALTRO Invest S.C.A. Henderson Park Real Estate Master Fund S.à r.l., SICAF-SIF BERTONE GLASS SARL Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund 6 SCSp Ansbacher Group Holdings Limited Eurofins GSC LUX Eurofins Food Testing Lux Holding Eurofins Product Testing LUX Holding Eurofins Pharma Services LUX Holding Eurofins Industrial Testing Lux EUROFINS WATER TESTING LUX Eurofins Environment Testing Lux Holding Eurofins Food Chemistry Testing France LUX Holding Eurofins Clinical Testing Holding Lux S.à r.l. Eurofins Clinical Testing Services France Lux Holding PBSA Little Patrick Street S.à r.l. GENERAL MEDITERRANEAN HOLDING S.A., SPF CBRE Global Investors Open-Ended Funds S.C.A. SICAV-SIF Beacon Rail Finance S.à r.l. UK Rails S.à r.l. VENTE-PRIVEE.COM IP S.à r.l. Swiss Re International Se Sword Group Se EUROFINS SCIENTIFIC SE SOLUTIONS 30 SE IMMOBILIERE ECOLE EUROPEENNE BERTRANGE/MAMER S.à r.l. BBGI Global Infrastructure S.A. Carbon Holdings S.à r.l. LUXURY BRAND DEVELOPMENT S.A. Astorg Asset Management Astorg Group S.à r.l. HUSKY INJECTION MOLDING SYSTEMS Husky Injection Molding Systems Luxembourg Holdings Husky Injection Molding Systems Luxembourg Finance S.à r.l. Husky Injection Molding Systems IP Holdings S.à r.l. MOTOR-CENTER-MERSCH S.A. FIN PO S.A., SICAR UNION INVESTMENT LUXEMBOURG S.A. Umicore International Umicore Shokubai ARTAL INTERNATIONAL S.C.A. ARTAL LUXEMBOURG S.A. Centre National de l'audiovisuel CNA LUX S.à.r.l. HEEREMA MARINE CONTRACTORS FINANCE (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. INTERNATIONAL CHEMICAL INVESTORS X S.A. MILLICOM INTERNATIONAL CELLULAR S.A. MILLICOM TELECOMMUNICATIONS S.A. ALM Luxembourg Holdings S.àr.l. Allergan WC 2 S.à r.l. Bouwfonds International Real Estate Fund Services Luxembourg S. à r.l. Transalliance Europe TRANSALLIANCE DESIGN S.à r.l. REGIS INVESTMENT S.A. S.L.A. Byborg IP S.à r.l. ANTHEMIS Holdings S.à r.l. ANTHEMIS GROUP S.A. MAXI-TOYS LUXEMBOURG S.A. RAVAGO LM S.A. RAVAGO DISTRIBUTION S.A. Ravago Chemicals S.A. RAVARA S.A. RAVAGO GALE S.A. Ministère de la Justice CRC Luxembourg S.à r.l. i-Hub S.A. Le Sphinx Assurances Luxembourg S.A. AXA REIM Luxembourg S.A. C.E.S.E. S.A. Alexlux S.àr.l. AGENCE LUXEMBOURGEOISE POUR LA SECURITE AERIENNE École nationale pour adultes Reinhausen Luxembourg S.A. Fcapital Lux CERATIZIT S.A. Big Five Top S.A. A.T.T.C. SERVICES S.à r.l. Carraig Investments Sky (Haiger) Propco S.à r.l. OXYLUX S.A. AMPLEXOR International S.A. AMPLEXOR Luxembourg S.à r.l. SCHRODER INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT (EUROPE) S.A. CEODEUX S.A. CEODEUX SERVItec S.A. ST EDOUARD S.à r.l. ST NICOLAS Sàrl ST Berlin Hotel S.à r.l. Faurecia Ré Cheyne European Strategic Value Credit S.à r.l. 3 Cheyne European Strategic Value Credit Fund SCS SICAV-SIF Cheyne European Strategic Value Credit S.à r.l. 2 COMPAGNIE PRIVEE DE L'ETOILE S.A. Compagnie de Banque Privée Quilvest S.A. Cityhold Sterling S.à r.l. Cityhold UK Investment S.à r.l. Cityhold Propco 9 S.à r.l. Foch Partners Luxembourg Zedra S.A. SOF-10 Lux Master Co S.à r.l. Stoll Hydraulics Andrea Holdings S.à r.l. IMATEC - Innovative Machine Technology CSM Ingredients S.à r.l. Luxlex S.à r.l. La Maison Bleue Holding Lux S.à r.l. Keysight Technologies Luxembourg Holdings S.à r.l. Sword Technologies S.A. Evonik Re S.A. European Healthcare Investments S.à r.l. Twintec Group S.à r.l. GrandVision Luxembourg S.à r.l. M&G Luxembourg S.A. VATit Group S.àr.l. GERAUD S.A. Johnson Controls Luxembourg S.à r.l. Clearsight Turnaround Fund II (SCA) SICAV-SIF ContourGlobal Africa Holdings S.à r.l. Onyx Hannover S.à r.l. Gaming Invest S.à r.l. Quinn Industries Holdings Luxembourg S.àr.l. LVI Lux Financing S.à r.l. CESB V GP S.à r.l. KÜHNE & NAGEL A.G. TLS Group S.A. SOCAR Trading Gas & Power SARL SAINT-GOBAIN ABRASIVES S.A. ATCONSULTING SARL CRD LUX S.à r.l. Evraz Group S.A. Outsystems Holdings S.A. Asti Finance S.à r.l. New Yorker Luxembourg S.à r. l. LANDEWYCK HOLDING S.à r.l. Sani/Ikos Group S.C.A. Ikos International Midco II S.à r.l. Dupont De Nemours (Luxembourg) DuPont De Nemours (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Omega Lux Finance S.à r.l. AGGREGATE COMPANY S.à r.l. ELGON Sofidra S.A. META.LUX S.A. CSRE I European Property (Luxembourg) Holding S.à r.l. CSRE I International Property III (Luxembourg) Holding S.à r.l. ADAM OFFERGELD II - ADAM OFFERGELD LUXEMBURG G.m.b.h. & CO K.G. Atlab Gazeley Heidenheim S.à r.l. NBIM Otto S.à r.l. NBIM Antoine SARL NBIM S.à r.l. Luxaviation Management Company S.A. LPL S.àr.l. SEPHORA LUXEMBOURG S.A.R.L. Prevprop Properties SA Cimalux Ballast Nedam International Product Management Luxembourg Sfmg Janus Holdings Luxembourg S.à r.l. Lahinch Bidco I S.à r.l. RMA Holdings Luxembourg S.à r.l. Risk & Reinsurance Solutions S.A. en abrégé 2RS A2mf Capital FII Co. S.A.S. ENIV GCA EUROPE S.A. Proximus Luxembourg S.A. CVC Advisers (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Deka International S.A. Zimmer Luxembourg II S.à r.l. ZIMMER & PARTNERS S.A. La Luxembourgeoise Société Anonyme D'Assurances DigitalBridge Luxembourg S.à r.l. Red Grafton II SARL Grafton Investment S.à r.l. Fusilli AcquiCo S.à r.l. SEI International Services Helpling (GP) S.à r.l. Docler S.à r.l. Docler Investments S.à r.l. Docler Holding S.à r.l. FIELD SICAR S.C.A. Corby Town Centre Gazeley Castrop S.à r.l. DREDGING INTERNATIONAL (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. Dredging And Maritime Management CBRE Investment Management Luxembourg AIFM S.à r.l. Hewlett-Packard Luxembourg Development S.àr.l. PLASTICHE S.A. Mileway Luxembourg S.à r.l. Axalta Coating Systems Finance 1 S.à r.l. SOF-9 Rome Investments Lux S.à r.l. SOF-10 Think Hotels Lux S.à r.l. Rothschild & Co Investment Managers SPT Invest Management, SARL SIENNA INVESTMENT MANAGERS SA OPPORTUNITY S.A. OCSiAl S.A. Voyages Emile WEBER s.à r.l. Dahlia Gestion S.A. NREP NSF 1 S.à r.l. Quantum Luxembourg Investment S.à r.l. The Positive Thinking Company Verso S.à r.l. Seren All Star Investment S.à r.l. TecFin S.à r.l. Serena S.à r.l. CBRE ELP Danica S.à r.l. Meru II S.à r.l. BB Equity S.à r.l. BB Debt S.à r.l. KBC Group Re S.A. CBC S.à r.l. Banque Internationale à Luxembourg LCN Management Company S.à r.l. Swiss Life EIL Essener Bogen S.C.S. LANDEWYCK TOBACCO S.A. Long Harbour Euro Secured Income I General Partner S.à r.l. WINCHESTER SQUARE HOLDINGS S.à.r.l. Hotel Rauchstrasse 22 S.à r.l. ERE V Nr. 15 S.à r.l. Barclays Capital Luxembourg S.à r.l. BAR AI Infra GP S.à r.l. DUPONT PRODUCTS (LUXEMBOURG) DuPont Technology(Luxembourg) S.àr.l. DBI Lux Holdings S.à r.l. Rubin II S.à r.l. HAUCK & AUFHÄUSER FUND SERVICES S.A. Justice de paix d'Esch-sur-Alzette Curia Luxembourg S.à r.l. Curia Global S.à r.l. World Confectionery Group S.à r.l. Mirabaud Asset Management (Europe) S.A. SAIPEM MARITIME ASSET MANAGEMENT LUXEMBOURG S.àr.l BANK OF CHINA (EUROPE) S.A. China Everbright Bank (Europe) S.A. CALI Europe FM Insurance Europe S.A. Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE CA Indosuez Wealth (Europe) Financière Forêt S.à r.l. Global Blue Finance S.à r.l. GLOBAL FINANCE INVEST S.A. Global Structured Finance Nt Human Services Investments Cargill International Luxembourg 2 S. à r.l Poznan JV Co. Sonoco-Alcore S.à.R.L. MIELE s.à r.l. Potsdamer Platz B5 S.à r.l. BUGATTI INTERNATIONAL S.A. Brandbev S.à r.l. Xieon Networks Solutions S.à r.l. Cf Corporate Services Cafico Corporate Services (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Prologis UK CCXCVIII S.à r.l. SES TechCom S.A. Tivana Topco S.A. Stafford Infrastructure Secondaries Fund IV GP S.à r.l. Aquila Luxembourg S.à r.l. MAISONS DU MONDE LUXEMBOURG S.à r.l. ICG-Longbow Debt Investments No.4 S.à r.l. I.E. LuxTopCo French N°2 S.à r.l. Randstad Luxembourg North America S.à r.l Spa Lux Topco Ambi Rent Vodafone Procurement Company S. à r.l. Vodafone Services Company S.à r.l. Vodafone Investments Luxembourg S.à r.l. VODAFONE INTERNATIONAL 1 SARL FARIS S.A. BM Investments S.à r.l. Ocean Luxco S.à r.l. Kinetik S.à r.l. Fonds du Logement Banque & Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat, Luxembourg Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Luxembourg NOMURA BANK (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. Mizuho Trust & Banking (Luxembourg) S.A. Solvay Hortensia Solvay Luxembourg S.àr.l. Aroundtown SA Stable II S.à r.l. Gazeley Moers S.à r.l. IFILE S.A. Summit Partners Europe II Master S.à r.l. FREO Group S.A. M&G European Property Holding Company S.à r.l. CENTRE DE MUSIQUES AMPLIFIEES EQUITY TRUST HOLDINGS S.à r.l. LENBACH EQUITY OPPORTUNITIES I. SCSP Fs Invest SARL Diversita The Luxembourg Acquisition Company S.à r.l. Glacis Acquisition S.à r.l. Kimberly-Clark Luxembourg Finance S.à r.l. MindGeek RK S.à r.l. MindGeek S.à r.l. Spin Master International Spin Master Europe Holdings 71 S.à r.l. Société Luxembourgeoise Des Energies Renouvelables Société Luxembourgeoise Etam IWG Enterprise ACMO S. à r.l. Allianz Investments I Luxembourg S.à r.l. Allianz Strategic Investments S.a r.l Randstad Luxembourg International S.à r.l. Ubs (Luxembourg) Randstad Group Luxembourg S.à r.l. Randstad HR Services S.A. Randstad Holding Luxembourg S.à r.l. EPISO Luxembourg Holding S.à.r.l. Docu Group (Lux 1) ARCAS Automotive Group (Luxco 1) S.à r.l. Fibra Lux HoldCo S.à r.l. Blauberg Group AG Five Arrows Credit Solutions Five Arrows Alma S.à r.l. LUXAVIATION S.A. Radar Topco SARL ArcelorMittal Commercial Sections S.A. ArcelorMittal Belval & Differdange ArcelorMittal Sourcing ArcelorMittal Commercial RPS S.à r.l. ADVITEK S.A. ConvaTec Healthcare D S.àr.l. Dakar Topco S.à r.l. Bravo Capital Partners SCA SICAV-RAIF Schlumberger Investment S.A. Eurazeo Real Estate Lux Placefirst SCSp GALFA LUX S.A.S. Cbre Global Acquisition Company Cbre Gws Luxembourg Roc International BEL INTERNATIONAL S.A. DSV Air & Sea S.A. Credit Suisse Private Equity Platform Management S. à r.l. Accumalux Sscp Oil Holdings Cube Infrastructure Fund Macquarie Asset Management Europe S.à r.l. HECF Luxembourg Master 1 S.à r.l. HECF Luxembourg Master 4 S.à r.l. Eneris Group S.A. LEESCH FRERES S.A. Andbank Luxembourg Generali Investments Luxembourg S.A. Generali Luxembourg People First Luxembourg Fischer Quertus Group Puma International Financing S.A. Puma Energy Holdings (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Data Center Infrastructure Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean Participations CF S.A. Mylan Luxembourg 2 S.à r.l. Lana Securitization S.à r.l. THERMO LUXEMBOURG HOLDING S.à r.l. Orascom TMT Investments S.à r.l. Ubam International Services SA Bottling Holdings (Luxembourg) s.à r.l. IPConcept (Luxemburg) S.A. ECF Omni S.à r.l. ECF Luxco 3 S.à r.l. Cargill International Luxembourg 3 S. à r.l AI Chem (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Summer (BC) Holdco B S.à r.l. HEVF Holdings S.à r.l. RPSE Lunghezza S.à r.l. AluK S.A. Sofidra Shipping S.C.A. Bâtiself Whitewood (Ring) UK S.à r.l. OCM Luxembourg EPF III Unicity Holdings S.à r.l. OCM LUXEMBOURG EPF III S.à r.l. OCM Luxembourg EPF III Accord Holdings S.à r.l. OCM Luxembourg EPF IV S.à r.l. OCM Luxembourg Edinburgh Apart-Hotel S.à r.l. OCM Luxembourg EPF IV Combined S.C.Sp. Administration de l'enregistrement, des domaines et de la TVA DEME Offshore LU SA C-dev S.A. ING Lease Luxembourg Musée national d'histoire naturelle - natur musée DEREIF SICAV-FIS Dussmann Service S.à r.l. DUSSMANN SECURITY S.à r.l. DUSSMANN CATERING S.à r.l. Allianz Infrastructure Luxembourg II S.à r.l. Allianz Infrastructure Luxembourg I S.à r.l. CONFORAMA LUXEMBOURG S.A. SCHOMBURG-LUX S.à r.l. MCP-MIC III S.à r.l. TEMENOS LUXEMBOURG S.A. TEMENOS SOFTWARE LUXEMBOURG S.A. TEMENOS FINANCE LUXEMBOURG S.à r.l. EPISO 3 France Investments S.à r.l. Black & Decker TransAsia S.à r.l. Curzon Capital Partners 5 Long-Life SCA SICAV-SIF ION INVESTMENT CORPORATION S.à r.l. LGL Corporate Services (Luxembourg) S.A. G4S GENERAL SERVICES S.A. Tokio Marine Europe S.A. SEVEN HOLDING 1 S.à r.l. Bay Luxembourg S.à r.l. GOODYEAR S.A. Goodyear Mounting Solutions S.A. Goodyear Holdings S.àr.l. DAI NIPPON INTERNATIONAL S.A.

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