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PHOENIX CONTACT S.à r.l. Luxembourg Contact Centers S.àr.l. Helpling (GP) S.à r.l. Eurofins International Support Services LUX Contact-Lux SARL Helpling Australia Holding S.C.Sp. Garage Auto-help SARL Sirius Transformation Support SARL Kpmg Global Advisory Support SARL HELPING HANDS -LUXEMBOURG A.s.b.l ID Contact S.à r.l. Helpling Group Holding S.à r.l. Adler Pelzer Eselborn SARL LUXECASE s.à r.l. Amazon Kuiper Services Europe SARL BM SOLUTIONS S.à r.l.-S BB Holding Investment SA Fortuna Holding S.à r.l. Kantar US Holdings SCSp Sb-finance Archangel Acquisitions S.à r.l. Sports Et Découvertes Luxembourg SABIC Luxembourg S.à.r.l. GROUPE EUROPE HOLDING LUXEMBOURG S.A. Kantar US Midco GP S.à r.l. Kantar US Holdings GP S.à r.l. POSE-PLUS SARL-S Kéis S. à r. l. SHOW TopCo S.C.A. BB Debt S.à r.l. AVLUX-Air-Vincotte Luxembourg ASBL Xelliss S.A. Used Cars By Losch Wing Consulting s.àr.l. Kinetik S.à r.l. 3M Services Activa - Fiduciaire Marco Jates S.à r.l. Phi SEC GP S.à r.l. F&A Ceasar International ART METAL DESIGN s.àr.l. Ancienne Alpine-energie Luxembourg SARL OCSiAl S.A. JGT Lux Consult S.à r.l. BRE/Europe 8NQ S.à r.l. MV Senior II Feeder 1 UL SCSp PARFUMS CREATION s.à r.l. ICG Infrastructure Equity Fund I Master S.C.A SICAV-RAIF NOMAD BIKE & COFFEE S.à r.l. NoÉ GBL Verwaltung S.A. Next Alt S.à r.l. Muse Consulting S. à r.l. Kleinbauer Sonja Allia Insurance Brokers Luxembourg Amazonas-AI Fund SCS, SICAV-FIAR CAPITUM S.A. LES DELICES DE ZOE S.à r.l. Central Food Distribution Altice UK S.à r.l. Mutual Colors Capital Partners FourSide Accounting, Tax & Services S.àr.l. Cobelfret S.A. SCHAEFER A.G. CA Animation Brickler Jean-Claude Lease Car Europe SARL TLS Transport Logistic Services SA Hell's Bakery S.A. Globa SARL Allianz Global Investors Islamic Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) Apleona R&M Ausbau Luxemburg Sàrl Mg Concepts Bank of America Global Holdings, S.à r.l. TMS S.A. Easy Learning Estate Development LëtzCare a.s.b.l. Conciergerie Services M2Y S.à.r.l. FONDATION LIGUE H.M.C. NB Créations S.àr.l. GIE WICKRANGE GF M.Y. CLEANING KA-INVESTISSEMENTS S.A., SPF ENJOY S.à.r.l.-S AI Pearls (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Premier Immobilier Be2 Amari Thovik Meetings, Translations & Incentives Services S.A. Bonitas AG SA CAP CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL S.à r.l. Sablière - Carrière - Beton SARL VITA DESIGN S.à r.l. BERTONE GLASS SARL S.A.L. Schallschutz-akustik-licht-vertriebsgesellschaft Handelsvertretung S.à R .L. SARL Taekwondo Club Junglinster Bati Renolux SARL Golf Resorts and Real Estate Luxembourg S.à r.l. TD INVEST LUX S.A. SIMADIS S.à r.l. Ecom Ethic S.à r.l.-S ABSOLUTE PRIME S.A. Ouvertures du Bâtiment Luxembourg S.à r.l. FTSI Ireland Lux Propco l, S.à r.l. EASYHOUSE RENOVE S. à r.l. A&N SCI K-STABLES S.à r.l. Waltener Marc Sword Technologies S.A. TRIGOR S.àr.l. CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE CARE SERVICES HOLDING S.à r.l. Hit-Line Media World SARL Jacob Joseph Top Design SARL Bamberg Gerard VENTE-PRIVEE.COM IP S.à r.l. Wong Fuk Yin ArtBuild Architects Partners S.à r.l. Tennis Club De La Commune De Mondercange ASBL JT International Services S.A STAR-LUX S.àr.l. Kaleidoskop C2 LUX S.à r.l. EDIT INVEST S.à.r.l. Orpea Real Estate Luxembourg S.à r.l. VALADEO RUSSIE GROUPE ADEO S.C.A. Freizeit Club Stg Lëtzebuerg ASBL EUROPE CAPITAL PARTNERS VI S.C.A. Immopole SARL SPACE TIME S.A. O+ Group Spirit B Unique JV S.à r.l. PT-CARS s.a.r.l-s SP BATIMENT S.à r.l. B-M Concept S.à r.l. Cap10 Partners GP S.à r.l. Lumicon SARL-S Delfood Hiltropwall Dortmund Propco S.à r.l. ICG Real Estate Debt Investments S.à r.l. Mirabaud Multi Assets Yunus Invest Apothecare Holding Wine Not SOCIETE DE DISTRIBUTION DE PRODUITS SIDERURGIQUES S.A. SILOTEC S.A. Alexandre SNC BEBONO S.A. P.A.A.M. MAAS Database Applications Lubeca SA Thill Marcel et fils Arendt Marcel Arendt Jacqueline SYSTEM SOLUTIONS GROUP SA LANGEHEGERMANN S.à r.l. L & P, Lange and Partner S.à r.l. WOOD & Company Group S.A. VALFIDUS INDUSTRIES S.A. Husting et Reiser S.A. Luxembourg Energy Drinks BELIERE HOLDING S.A. Communication Services Investment C.S.I. SA LES BOVINS DU NORD (NORDVIEH) Sàrl LUXPAYROLL s.à r.l. Meng Famille SARL H.D. RENOVATIONS SARL NF IMMO S.à r.l. Sri SA Swans Kkr Columba Four SARL Alainé Luxembourg S.A. metal4you S. à r.l. Bock Capital EU Luxembourg Camerone S.à r.l. WORLDWIDE INVESTMENT AND TRADE COMPANY SARL IMPRIMERIE DELLI CARPINI s.àr.l. Shotokan Karate Club Mess Frankfurter SICAV (dr.Eur.) Fonds de gestion des cotisations obligatoires de l'artisanat A.s.b.l. (FONGECO) Honanah, S.à r.l.-S R.B. SERVICES S.A. ARENDT LEGAL TECH INVEST SCSp Jymbe MB Solutions Investments S.à r.l. NSP LUX SARL HD Constructions S.à r.l. Lys BidCo S.à r.l. Spa Lux Topco Buildtec SPA-Bau Lux S.à r.l. Da Costa & Associés S.àr.l. d.i.i. German Residential Feeder Fund SCA, SICAV-RAIF ELECTROMOTORSHOP S.à r.l. MPE Loisirs S.à r.l. SB CONSTRUCTION SARL BS TRANS LUX SK Neptune Husky Intermediate IV S.à r.l. Buffalo Holdings S.à r.l. A. MULLER ET FILS TRAVEL PRO S.A. Jetfly Aviation S.A. Terre d'Images SARL Supply Chain S.à r.l. Afflux SARL LANDEWYCK HOLDING S.à r.l. Mazmann - Let'S Talk About ASBL Conforama GT Luxembourg Rentals S.A. NOVELIA SENIOR SERVICES S.A. Serna International SA Multi Lux Fonds SICAV-FIS FOYER ASSURANCES S.A. DAY DREAM SA Geireiro Deolinda Maxwell-cox Group Marketing SARL Schmidt Carine EUROPEAN DREDGING COMPANY S.A. Notaire Georges d Huart POWER SYSTEMS S.A. Truffi International SA Mc K SCHMIEDE S.A. Re.De.Ra. PELICAN S.A. CG. INVESTISSEMENT S.A. Atlantic Agro Group S.A. CEP IV Participations S.à r.l., SICAR MG Business Consultant S.à r.l. IMPRIMERIE SCHOMER-TURPEL S.àr.l. INDEPENDENT POWER SYSTEMS S.A. OCM Luxembourg ROF VII S.à r.l. EUREXPAN S.A. ADN ETANCHEITE S.à r.l. Olivier Thill s.à r.l. Arrival Agence en Douane D. MAIRE S.A R.L. NREP NSF IV Holding 2 S.à r.l. BOOTSTRAP EUROPE SCSp AGL GROUP SARL Cp Management Balderton Capital Growth I, S.L.P. Balderton Capital VII, S.L.P. FIBR Financial Technologies Holdings S.A. VITALITY FIT S.à r.l. IDEAL RESINE S.à r.l. Teko Group SA Pentagon Alpha Defender Fund AURELIUS Investment Lux Ten SARL Puma Lux Holdco 2 Coller International Partners VIII Luxembourg GP, S.à r.l.

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