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IMMOBILIERE DE LORRAINE S.A.R.L. 2C Europe Automobiles Skype Global Holdco SARL P.O.E. 2B Global Capital S.à r.l. SPF Fund Iv Feeder Gp Felix Renewable Investments S.à r.l. 2day S.à r.l. CURATOLA, Antoine Gardumi Gaston NATO Support and Procurement Agency NAVISERVICE INTERNATIONAL SARL LUX RENEWABLE HOLDINGS 3 S.àr.l. Point Luxembourg Holding Mama.Lu SARL IMMODOLUX SPF SANTI-SHOP S. à r.l. PEGASO MARINE RESEARCH S.A. Ab Peinture SARL Porte de Walferdange SARL ARDEC S.A. HR Management & Investment 5 S.à r.l. K-CONSTRUCTIONS SARL Lou And Friends SARL Trasteel Trading Holding SA New Village SARL INEOS Group Holdings S.A. Jype Financial SA Sodrugestvo Group S.A. Zm Luxembourg Abercrombie & Kent Group of Companies S.A. Howe Street Vancouver (Luxembourg) Holding S.à r.l. HARRIS LUXEMBOURG S.à r.l. BELLAVISTA FEEDER FUND, SICAV-SIF Les Garçons SARL NEOPIXL S.A. Salsa Retail Holding DebtCo 2 S.à r.l. Hines R&P Management Company S.à r.l. Paol SA Pictet Select SICAV (dr.Eur.) ART & WISE S.àr.l. SINGLE ORIGINS SA. SOLVAY FINANCE LUXEMBOURG S.A. Gotan Holdings IMMO GESTION S.à r.l. Lux-Maintenance S.àr.l. Tracol Construction Uniloc Luxembourg S.à r.l. Slovenia Broadband S.à r.l. Get-a-taxi Gestion Conseil Formation BB Holding Investment SA SCAFFOLDING GROUP EUROPE S.A. Solar Holdings SARL 4Lu Group Finance Hutchison 3G Italy Investments 2 SARL Ing (L) Renta Fund Ii SICAV (dr.Eur.) Biver, Randolphe Tindine SA Immo Invest 2000 SARL Aricent Holdings Luxembourg UnifiedPost S.à r.l. DRC LUX Parkway Luxembourg Lux SIF Sicav SICAV (dr.Eur.) G-ART S.à r.l. Green for Growth Fund, Southeast Europe SA, SICAV-SIF Happy Landings SA P.M. OPTIMA S.à.r.l. Novainvest Holding Greentea SA Nymgo SA Société Mutuelle Minière Et Industrielle SA Pixel.Lu SARL Shipbuilding & Technology Holding SARL Noax RE German Small Properties Crm-group Magni SA Holding N.Arend & C.Fischbach SA Second Euro Industrial Dreieich S.à r.l. 1798 Us Special Situations Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) Dematic Catalyst EPF Luxembourg 2 S.à r.l. Immowa Lux Services Bureau Centrum Development And Investments Fédération Cafil ASBL Toiture Ludwig SARL LUDES Architecte S.à r.l. Plastipak Luxembourg S.à r.l. Bconnect SARL T Beta SARL T Alpha SARL BRIDGEPOINT EUROPE IV INVESTMENTS S.à r.l. European Chemical Services Société Industrielle De Services (Sis) SARL COULEURS STEFFEN S.à r.l. Columbus Trading S.M.C. Europe SA H2Solutions S.A. Clearsight Turnaround Fund II GP Clearsight Turnaround Fund II (SCA) SICAV-SIF NEWPORT INVESTMENTS S.A. Ocorian Holdings (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Lee Cooper Intermediate Holdings Quadra Estate SARL Quadra Stuttgart Red Diamond Holdings S.à r.l. Vintage Real Estate HoldCo Sàrl Element Six Abrasives Holdings SARL Ginkgo Participations S.à r.l. Ginkgo Fund S.C.A., SICAR Foncière De Redéveloppement International SA Immodus SARL Patron Sports Leisure S.à r.l. Patron Sports Holding S.àr.l. DHAB II S.àr.l. Avalon Holding SA Pmc Europe And Partners Filling Station SA LOUISIENS S.A. MAYCON Michel thomas Lux Invest S.A. Oriflame Eastern Europe SA SA SOCIETE DOMAINE DE BOIS LE ROI S.A. LTC-Luxembourg SARL Australian Aggregation Investments Lux Solaire SA JPK INTERNATIONAL S.A. Violet Grafton SARL Hair Concept Bosnia Broadband Selva Vesta SARL Allianz Finance V Luxembourg Allianz Infrastructure Luxembourg I S.à r.l. AZ Euro Investments II S.à r.l. Pimco Global Advisors (Luxembourg) Kite Holdings SARL LEMAN BEVERAGES HOLDING S.à r.l. PEC Holdings S.à r.l. CBRE Global Investors Open-Ended Funds S.C.A. SICAV-SIF Vitruvian I Luxembourg SARL European Specialist Investment Funds Orange Grafton SARL Deka Loan Investors Luxembourg Ii SICAV (dr.Eur.) Deka Multi Asset Investors Luxembourg SICAV (dr.Eur.) Real France Development Company S.à r.l. Rakuten Europe S.à r.l. AML DB SA Euremis Luxembourg QUALICONSTRUCT S.A. O.L. SA Scd Quinlan Private Balaton Development Fmc Finance Vii SA Owr Holdings I SA OWR Holdings S.A. Europe Business Center SA Munster Grand Duchy Finance SARL ATHENA INVESTMENT HOLDINGS SPF S.A. Dewnos Investments SARL G & R SOPARFI S.à r.l. Xanatum Finance Absolute Care SA MATHYWEL G.I.E. Luxembourg For Business GIE IWG Group Holdings S.à r.l. Sony Digital Reading Platform Lufthansa SICAV (dr.Eur.) Ire Uk Iii Vector International SARL Avana Investment Management Company SARL IREEF - Renaissance Haus Munich PropCo SARL PRIZE HOLDINGS 4 S. à r.l. Julienne Holdings S.à r.l. Julienne SARL London Regent Street Property Investment SARL AUTOMOTIVE PARTS CONSULTING S.à r.l. UNITEC S.A. Plf Licensing VALFIDUS INDUSTRIES S.A. Frescobaldi SARL Tartini SARL Sammartini SA Corelli SARL GLL AMB Generali City22 S.à r.l. Little Rock GLL AMB Generali Bankcenter S.à r.l. Mb Wasserbillig Generali Real Asset Multi-Manager Generali North American Holding 1 S.A. Generali North American Holding S.A. AJO INDUSTRIE S. à r.l. Anglo Platinum International SARL Micap Holding SARL GROUND LEASE MANAGERS S. à r. l. The Nielsen Company (Luxembourg) UKSA Hammersmith S.à r.l. ARTEC EUROPE S.à r.l. Uk Students Hammersmith Le Palais Holding S.à r.l. Asset Paris Ii (Luxembourg) PAS Luxembourg, S.à.r.l. Maxion Wheels Europe HG Lux International SA Mip-it S.C.P. S.A. Independant Tyres Dealers Network Holding United Cell International SA KMG SICAV SIF S.A CASTERA S.à r.l. Neva Investment SA MULTICORP Spf S.A. Scientific Games Europe S.à r.l. P.H.I Europe S.à r.l. C.S.P. Holding SA Eurinvest International DuPont Industrial (Luxembourg) Swiss Asia Cognizant Technology Solutions Luxembourg S.à r.l. Zelitec Group SARL P F C (Products Factory Company) Vesalius Biocapital II Partners SPRL Vesalius Biocapital II S.A. SICAR Swedbank Management Company S.A. Financière Danube SIGMA CONSO LUXEMBOURG S.A. Luxpaco SARL Arnold Clark Luxembourg SARL Potters International Holdings S.à r.l. Aberdeen Property Funds Pan-nordic SARL Renewable Energy Services S.A. Reichert Technology Partners SARL R-tech SARL Unicity Iv Bb Renaissance Management BV Unicity Ii Acton PETROLEUM SERVICES EXPLOITATION S.A. Plastilux Negoce SARL Turf Développement Goodman Edelweis Logistics (Lux) S.à r.l. VAN LOOK, STEFAN GERARD Binah S.A. SPF White Seagull LUXSECURITY Luxembourg SA Raiffeisen-Wuere-Genossenschaft SC JALYNE S.A. Evp Soparfi Luxembourg SARL

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