List of Corporate Headquarters in LUXEMBOURG

Search a company in Luxembourg with your criteria (trade name, adress, Luxembourg registry number...). provides business and credit information about Luxembourg firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
Follow changes in legal forms, executives and legal representatives...

If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Luxembourg register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in Luxembourg, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Luxembourg company.

BCP Murano I S.A.R.L. SARL BK-Software Software House SARL Bbcp SARL Software International SA B.C.P. SOFTWARE S.à r.l. Bcp Murano Iii SARL BCP Murano II S.A.R.L. SARL Bonds And Securities S.A. Holding Duchess Street Holdings S.A. Standard Chartered International Bond Fund Holding Grosvenor Street Holdings S.A. Red Street Holding SA BOND STREET PROPERTIES S.A. Cannon Street Holdings SARL Ocm Luxembourg Bond Holdings TRF European High Yield Bond Holdings (Lux) S.à r.l. State Street Europe Holdings Luxembourg SARL Centre Street Holding S.à r.l. F55 Charlotte Street Holdings S.à r.l. Cooper Street Plaza Holdings SARL BOND STREET HOLDINGS S.A. Farringdon Street (Luxembourg) Holdings 54Th Street Holdings Broad Street Credit Holdings Europe S.à r.l. CER Liverpool Street Holding S.à r.l. 25 Culross Street Holdings Limited S.à r.l. Baker Street Holdings, SARL B.O.N.D. International Group SA Bond Midco Bond Street Capital Bond IT SA Bond Holding SA Bond Corporation SA Bond International Bond Capital Partners (Luxembourg) SA Beyond SA HEVF 2 New Bond Street S.à r.l. MB Bond Street House S.à r.l. Parimo SA Rima Productions SA PATCHWORK S.A. Parin PARIUM PEC Tangerine S.à r.l. PEC Terracotta S.à r.l. Perceval Topco S.à r.l. Perceval Investment S.à r.l. Perceval SICAV (dr.Eur.) BANK OF CHINA (EUROPE) S.A. Right Holdings SARL Bright Bright SARL Agricultural Bank of China (Luxembourg) S.A. Bank of China International (BOCI) Commerzbank China Everbright Bank (Europe) S.A. China Everbright Bank Company Limited - Luxembourg Branch BRE/Everbright M6 Canada S. à r.l. WAGRAM INVESTMENT SA Arrowgrass Special Situations Westy International SARL Arrowgrass Investments SARL WGR Invest S.à r.l. Wacker Investments SARL Ivanhoé Cambridge Luxembourg I'M SOLAR S.A. Snt Telecom Holding SA Beblue Luxembourg Immobilière Martin Losch SOC.CIV. Immobilière M. Et A. Losch S.S.I. Holding SA SSI Luxembourg S.à r.l. ELLESSI S.à r.l., SPF Ellegi SA Ellepi Elleci Ellebasi S.à r.l. ELLESSI INVESTMENT S.A. Ellessi Hotels & Resorts SARL Lessix Holding Elle One SA Else 1 SARL MAX INTERNATIONAL A.G. Fn Mercure Yhvv.Lu Fyvv.Lu LEITHUM Invest S.A. Codimex International SA New Mex Investment COMEX FINANCE S.A. Imexcom SARL HAPPY MEX S.A. Ficomex SA C.Mex & Co. SA Reacomex Incomex SA Incomex SARL Cemex Capital Investments SARL COMEXCO INTERNATIONAL S.à r.l. Cemex EspaÑa SA Nova Comex Trade & Finance SA Rolmex SA Bradcomex International Ltd SARL Socomex SA Comex Euro Investments Alpha SA Holmex (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Subcomex SA Parcomex AVALON IMMOBILIERE S.A. Apollon Avolon Investments S.à r.l. Avalon Holding SA Avalon Avalon Luxembourg AVALON INTERNATIONAL S.àr.l. Avalon Investment SARL Avalon Immobilière SCI Apollon SARL Avolon Aerospace Funding 1 (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Avolon Holding Corporation (Luxembourg) II S.à r.l. Avolon Holding Corporation (Luxembourg) III S.à r.l. Avolon Holding Corporation (Luxembourg) I S.à r.l. AVALON HOLDING S.A. AVALON GROUP S.à r.l. Avolon TLB Borrower 1 (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Perpetual Investment Fund S.C.A. SICAV-RAIF Perpetual Holding SARL Perpetua Investment Group S.à r.l. Perpetual Investment Fund Management S.à. r.l. PERPETUAL TECHNOLOGIES S.A. Perpetual Trustees Lux Perpetua Perpetual Power SA Perpetua Holding Europe S.à r.l. Archibald ARCHIVISION S.à r.l. Archibo SARL Archibiades SARL Archibald S.à r.l. Archibéniste 18 Archives nationales ARCHIBUREAU PAWLOWSKI s.à r.l. Gordian Group S.A. Ac Gordian Macro Fund Forteam Investments SARL Cosmetix SA Air Luxembourg SA Smet SARL Hyla Benelux SA Euro Smet Holding RESTAURANT TEIXEIRA & ROSAS s.à r.l. Teixeira Nunes Varela, Joel Danilson OLIVEIRA ET TEIXEIRA s.à r.l. MONTEIRO TEIXEIRA, CLAUDIA MARIA Maia Teixeira, Antonio Joaquim International Imaging Company SA Mag Industries International Imag'In SARL Imagine Action SA CDPM Consult Magiva SARL MAGI S.A. Magia S.A. Holding SA Imagina International Imagina Productions B-9 Nexar Capital Group SCA Negara Eastern Development Corporation Nexar SA Neckar TopCo S.à r.l. Neckar SARL Neckar Manager SARL Neckar G SARL Neckar Holding S.à r.l. Nexar Capital Group SARL NAXARA SA Nexxar Group Luxembourg S.à r.l. Naxair S.à r.l. Neckar-finanz International AVIV INVEST S.à r.l. Aviva Investors Luxembourg Aviva Investors Properties Europe Aviva Investors Polish Retail S.à r.l. Aviva Investors EBC S.à r.l. Aviva Investors Luxembourg Services S.à r.l. Aviva Investors Aviva Investors Global Aviva Investors Alternatives S.A. Aviva Investment Corporation Aviva Investors Perpetual Capital (GP) SARL Aviva Investors Alternatives Aviva Investors E-RELI SCSp Aviva Investors Perpetual E20 SARL Aviva Investors Perpetual Hoxton SARL Aviva Investors Perpetual Acht NL SARL Aviva Investors Perpetual Capital SCSp SICAV-RAIF Aviva Investors Perpetual Holdings SARL Aviva Investors Properties Asia SA Neif Ii Zuiderhof SARL Aviva Investors Portefeuille Ii SICAV (dr.Eur.) Josy Welter KC Josy S.à r.l. H.T.S. SARL Mellon International Holdings SARL Camelot Holding SA Melio Luxembourg International S.à.r.l. Hamel Holding SA Pamela Invest SA Calmel Holdings CAMELIA PARTICIPATIONS S.A. Kamelia Holding SA Guimarães De Mello Luxembourg Holding SA Melinda SARL Melrose Holdings SA Melb Holdings SA Financisre Melpar Holding SA Mel Lux Immo Mel Holding Stemel Holding SA Mel Neudorf Acelux S.A., SA Ascelux Acelux S.A. Holding Aclux Invest Aglux Fund ACCELEX TECHNOLOGY LUXEMBOURG Ajelux Reinsurance SA Vauban Advisors S.à r.l. VAUBAN École et Lycée Français de Luxembourg Vauban Participations S.A. Vauban Lux S.à r.l. Vauban Vauban Management S.C. Vauban Investments S.à r.l. VAUBAN & FORT S.à r.l. Icn Vauban Construction VAUBAN PATRIMOINE S.C.A Association Des Parents D'éLèves De Vauban : ÉCole Et Lycée Français De Luxembourg Vauban SPV 2 Vauban SPV 1 Lions Club Luxembourg-Fort Vauban Vauban I S.à r.l. Vauban Estate 1 SARL VAUBAN SECURITIES S.A. - SPF VAUBAN MARITIME S.à.r.l VAUBAN LUXEMBOURG S.à r.l. Le Domaine de la Tour S.à r.l. Fjord Ak Njord Wind SARL Fjord Holding S.à r.l. Fjo Holding SA Tabata SA Tafta Tafta Participations SARL Taffeta Holdings S.à r.l. Onyx Leipzig S.à r.l. Citcor Franconia Leipzig SARL Mib Mp Leipzig Nova Leipzig S.à r.l. Nova Luxco S.à r.l. NOAL LuxCo S.à r.l. R-CAP Resources Capital S.A. Cap Investments SA Cap Company SA Cap-to-cup SA Invest Cap MASTER CAP S.A. Cap Estate SA Invest.Cap B Iv Groupe 4finance Group S.A. Network4 Media Group CAP FinCo S.à r.l. Partners Group Management IV (EUR) S.à r.l. CAP IV Lux GP, S.à r.l. CAP IV Feeder, S.C.Sp. CAP IV Coinvestment, S.C.Sp. Ernst & Young Tax Advisory Services Valentine Holding SA Valent S SARL Valentiny Nico Valentin Holding SA VALENTINE Finance S.à r.l. Valentin Productions SA VALENTINE S.A. Valentiny, Christian KC Valentina GmbH Valentina SA Valentino Garavani IT & T CONSULTING S.A. Samsa Silver Finance S Group IT Solutions SA CONTINENTAL FINANCE GROUP S.A. Group Human It SA Groupe De Finances Internationales SA Industrial Finance Group Silver City Finance SARL Silver Finance Services SA Silver International Finance S.à r.l Finance City Group S.à r.l. FINANCE SOLUTION GROUP S.A. IT Investments Group S.à r.l. IT Holding Finance S.A. Business And Finance Group SA IT-Sales Group Sarl Orphic Real Estate Holding S.àr.l. Silver Star Group S.à r.l. Project Finance Group GROUP INTERNATIONAL FINANCE HOLDING S.A., SPF PGV Team Holding SCSp PGV Team Holding GP S.à r.l. PGV SCSp PGV Feeder SCSp PGV Special Limited Partner SCSp Phoenix Acquisition Company SA Phoenix Technologiy Phoenix Partners SA Phenix Participations SA Phoenix Holding SA Patron Phoenix Investments SARL Phoenix Event Productions SA Phoenix Technology SA PHOENIX PLUS S.A.R.L. Phoenix Pan-Asia Core-Plus GP S.à r.l. Phoenix Pan-Asia Core-Plus MLP S.à r.l. Phoenix Pan-Asia Core-Plus Investments Fund SCSp FINANCIERE LEKA S.A. Leka II Holding SA FINANCIERE DE L'ALZETTE S.A. Leka III Holding SA Leka Holding Leka Ii Holding Leka Iii Holding SOF-10 B&B Investments Lux S.à r.l. B-Holdings S.à r.l. B&B Investors Offshore, SLP West Street Capital Partners VII Special Investments B No. 2 S.à r.l. SOF-10 B&B Holdings Lux S.à r.l. Onyx Sweden 2019 B Topco S.à r.l. CSL Fund (PB) Holdings B Lux Sàrl Onyx Sweden 2019 B Pledgeco S.à r.l. Onyx Sweden 2019 B Mezzco S.à r.l. Sustainable Energy Solutions SARL Sustainable Energy One S.A. SUSTAINABLE ENERGY MANAGEMENT SCSp SUSTAINABLE ENERGY MANAGEMENT PARTNER SARL SUSI Energy Efficiency Fund II SCA SICAV-RAIF SUSI Energy Efficiency and Transition Credit Fund, SCSp-RAIF Carlyle Renewable and Sustainable Energy Fund, S.C.Sp. SUSI Asia Energy Transition Fund SCSp SUSI Energy Transition Fund (OECD) SCSp-RAIF Americas Sustainable Energy AIV SCSp Siem Sustainable Energy S.à r.l. Déco 5 SA Team Déco SA Sud Déco SA Deco SARL Team Deco Deco Goedert Cascada SA A.S.C. International Cascade Cascade Fascination Cascard SA Cascades SA UBS (Lux) Investment SICAV UBS LUXEMBOURG SICAV Ubs (Lux) Real Estate Funds Selection SICAV (dr.Eur.) UBS (Lux) Strategy Sicav UBS (Lux) Money Market Sicav UBS (Lux) Institutional Sicav UBS (Lux) Equity Sicav UBS (Lux) Bond Sicav UBS (Lux) Fund Solutions UBS (Lux) Real Estate - Euro Core Feeder Fund (CHF) UBS (Lux) SICAV 2 UBS (Lux) Sicav 1 Ubs Infrastructure Debt Gp UBS (Lux) Bond Fund UBS (Lux) Private Credit Ubs (Lux) Equity Fund Ubs (Lux) Strategy Fund Ubs (Lux) Institutional Fund UBS (Lux) Money Market Fund Ubs (Lux) Emerging Economies Fund UBS (Lux) Archmore Infrastructure Debt Platform UBS Global Private Equity Growth III SLP-SIF Lysidor SA Fondation Elysis LYSIS S.à r.l. LYSIS HOLDING S.à r.l. LYSIS LUXEMBOURG Sàrl-S ANFA II Management S.à r.l. Anfa Holding ANFA II S.C.Sp ANFA II Workplace S.à r.l. ANFA II OPPCI 1 (Lux) S.à r.l. ANFA II Resorts S.à r.l. ANFA II Care S.à r.l. Anfa Ii Us SARL ANFA II Holding S.à r.l. ANFA II France S.à r.l. ANFA II Digital Estate S.à r.l. Almon Finance SA Crystal Almond S.à r.l. Almond Investments SARL Almond P.E. SA Almond International SA Almona Holding Pierre WELTER SARL-S Picatu WorkSource Investments S.à r.l. SAF-HOLLAND SE The Hill SARL Hill International SA Panphilum Holding SA Samay Holdings SCS Corporate Governance SA Gemini Logistics S.à r.l. Gemini Trading SARL Advisory & Business Solutions SARL Governance People S.A. Gemini Gemini SA Gemini S.A., SA Gemini Invest SA Gemini Enterprises S.à r.l. Gemini Topco S.à r.l. Governance.Com Global Governance Gemini Grafton S.à r.l. Governance Consult S.à r.l. Gemini S.à r.l. Gemini Finco S.à r.l. STRATEGY & GOVERNANCE SOLUTIONS S.à r.l. HNG Atlas Minority Luxco S.à r.l. HEVF 2 Tiel S.à r.l. HECF Marianella S.à r.l. Hines SC PropCo 18 S.à r.l. HEPP Minority LuxCo S.à r.l. HECF NDSM Plein S.à r.l. Project Triangle S.à r.l. Hines SC PropCo 22 S.à r.l. Hines SC PropCo 23 S.à r.l. HEREOMF MGF Master S.à r.l. HNG Atlas Master Luxco S.à r.l. HECF Friesenquartier S.à r.l. HNG Atlas GP LP S.à r.l. PLP Logistics S.à r.l. Loonie Propco 27 S.à r.l. HEPP Master LuxCo S.à r.l. HEVF 2 Verda S.à r.l. HNC Maple II Investor S.à r.l. Hines SC PropCo 27 S.à r.l. Hines SC PropCo 29 S.à r.l. Hines SC PropCo 28 S.à r.l. Hines SC PropCo 32 S.à r.l. Hines SC PropCo 30 S.à r.l. Hines SC PropCo 31 S.à r.l. Hines SC HoldCo 27 S.à r.l. Iron Properties S.à.r.l. UrBox Holdings SCSp UrBox Euro Holdings SCSp UrBox Holdings GP S.à r.l. UrBox Euro Holdings GP S.à r.l. IRON INVEST S.A. UrBox Developments SCSp UrBox Iron S.à r.l. UrBox Euro Holdings (Lux) S.à r.l. UrBox Germany Holdings (Lux) S.à r.l. UrBox Developments GP S.à r.l. UrBox France Holdings (Lux) S.à r.l. UrBox Spain Holdings (Lux) S.à r.l. UrBox Netherlands Holdings (Lux) S.à r.l. Iron Holding BUTZY S.à r.l. WAIT WAIT CONTROL S.à r.l International Sport a.s.b.l. International Sport Mouratoglou And Partners LONGITUDES (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. Hôtel Europe S. à r.l. Ideactive Events Swiss Life Funds (Lux) Global Infrastructure Opportunities S.C.A., SICAV-SIF East Capital (Lux) SCA, SICAV-SIF CBRE Global Investors Open-Ended Funds S.C.A. SICAV-SIF Arena Invest SICAV-SIF KEY SICAV-SIF S.C.A. Clearsight Turnaround Fund II (SCA) SICAV-SIF Blue Colibri Capital Partners Fund II SCA, SICAV-SIF Oberon Credit Investment Fund II S.C.A. SICAV-SIF LFPI EUROPEAN DEBT FUND S.C.A., SICAV - SIF Bluestone Real Estate Fund S.C.A., SICAV-SIF FYSIS FUND SICAV-SIF S.C.A. CEON Fund SICAV SIF SCA Oberon Credit Investment Fund III S.C.A. SICAV-SIF FINEXT FUNDS LUXEMBOURG SICAV-SIF CERBERUS INVESTMENTS S.C.A. SICAV-SIF Barings Global Credit Fund (LUX) SCSp, SICAV-SIF PineBridge Alternative Investments Fund SICAV-SIF Clearsight Turnaround Fund III (SCA) SICAV-SIF Integrated Investments SICAV-SIF Az Impex SA ARIZONA INVESTMENTS S.A. A.Z. International SA Arizona Investissements S.A. Grey Area S.à r.l. Capital Quest SA Cap't Quest S.à r.l. Nouvelle Boutique Trois Etoiles Rakuten Europe Bank S.A. QUINTET PRIVATE BANK (EUROPE) S.A. Europa Bank Ag, Banque pour l'Europe SA, Bank for Europe Ltd SA INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHINA (EUROPE) S.A. Euro China Ventures S.A. Euro-china Trade Company Euro China Ventures II S.A. European Banking & Financial Services Training Association ASBL Agricultural Bank of China, Luxembourg Branch BEMO EUROPE BANQUE PRIVEE The China European Investment Group China Merchants Bank (Europe) S.A. Goldman Sachs Bank Europe SE, Luxembourg Branch Alliance China Europe S. à r.l. Euro China Ventures III S.C.S. Euro-China Economic and Trade Cooperation A.s.b.l. Amazon Europe Core S.à r.l. Phoenix Iii Mixed Y SARL Phoenix Ii Mixed L SARL Phoenix Ii Mixed N SARL Phoenix Ii Mixed I SARL Phoenix Iii Mixed R SARL PHOENIX a.s.b.l Phoenix Patrimoine Investments Phoenix Immo Luxembourg S.à.r.l. Phoenix Luxco S.à r.l. PHOENIX CORPORATE S.A. Phoenix Ii Mixed J SARL Phoenix Ii Mixed H SARL Phoenix Event Production Phoenix Language Centre For Adults Phoenix Iii Mixed W SARL PHOENIX R&D S.à r.l. Phoenix Iii Mixed O SARL Phoenix Iii Mixed X SARL Phoenix Ii Mixed K SARL Le Phoenix S.à r.l. Phoenix Finantial SPF Phoenix F1 - Neubrandenburgstrasse SARL Junglister SA Junglinster S.à r.l. Junglinster NPL S.à. r.l. Junglinster Holdco S.à r.l. CENARO JUNGLINSTER 2 S.à r.l. Wroblewski, Fabian Général Stock Txenty First Century Shocks SARL Stock Américain I SARL LOCK INVESTMENT S.à r.l. Thissen Pierre Solid Rock SA Stock Bail Rock SA World Of Socks Happy Socks Company S.à r.l. Sockai Iacosocks WORLD PROPERTY S.A. World Properties S.A. World Management SA Dbon'R Luxembourg Edisa SA Edisseri S.à r.l. ADVANCED BIOLOGICAL LABORATORIES S.A. Grande Duchesse Charlotte N.B.Z. Immobilier S.àr.l. HIAEL S.à r.l. Lux Etoile H.S.F. Immobilier Adaya SA CREA-INVEST SARL belRfrance S.à r.l. BIOPARTICIPATIONS DEVELOPPEMENTS S.à r.l. PUBLIEST LUXEMBOURG S.à r.l. Fortuna Handels AG SA GINZA S.A. Euro Park S.à.r.l. Parkes SARL OFFICE PARK S.A. PARK STREET VENTURE PARTNERS S.à.r.l. St George'S Retail Park SARL Capital Park (Luxembourg) One SARL Valley Park FLORA PARK S.à r.l. Parkridge (Multi Park) S.à r.l. Park Street Capital Partners V S. à r.l. Park Partners SCA Point Parks Poland 1 SARL Park Europe S.à r.l. Game Park Park Partners Gp Victory Park Peaky Partnership, SCSp Park Square Capital Partners IV, SCSp Park Square Capital Partners IV (USD), SCSp Capital Business Park SARL Park Square Capital Partners V, SCSp SCI PARK CENTRAL First Business Parks Management S.à r.l. Weka Parking Park Square Capital Partners V (UL), SCSp T.E.M.A. SARL Team Corporation SA Team Industries International Clk Team Lux Judo Support Team Luxembourg Dream Team Graffé a.s.b.l. Stock-car Team Televie Team Group S.A. Winning Coaching Team SARL Tactical.Team The Team HOTELLO S.C.A. Hotep Hotex Hotelpar Finance AccorInvest Group S.A. Innova Co. S.à r.l. Innova-Team Limited Innova Inc. S.A. Innova SA Innova Phoenix S.à r.l. Innova Capital S.à r.l. Innova Prime S.à r.l. Innova E3 S.A. Innova/6 SCA SICAV-RAIF Innova/6 GP S.à r.l. Innova/6 Carry GP S.à r.l. Innova/6 Carry SCSp Innova Pro S.à r.l. Inovo Fund III INNOVA E² S.A. AMA Solutions sarl-s Ginkgo Holding Ginkgo Participations S.à r.l. Ginkgo Fund S.C.A., SICAR Ginkgo Events SARL Ginkgo Invest GINKGO SICAV SIF Ginkgo Management II S.à r.l. Ginkgo Management S.à r. l. Ginkgo Participations II S.A. GINKGO ASSET MANAGEMENT S.à r.l. Ginkgo Fund II S.C.A., SICAR GINKGO SOLUTIONS FACILITIES S.A. Ginkgo Participations III S.à r.l. The City by Ginkgo The Place by Ginkgo The Avenue by Ginkgo The Corner by Ginkgo Ginkgo-Impact Participations S.à r.l. Ginkgo Management III S.à r.l. Ginkgo Co-Investment A SCSp Ginkgo Fund III S.C.A., SICAV-RAIF Finindus Holding Finim SA FINI S.A. Fininfra Finint SA Fininter FININVEE S.A. Findev SA Fininde SA Finint Finance Finindus Holding INTERNATIONAL POWER S.A. 3W Network SA 3W POWER S.A. Power Trade SA POWER INVESTMENT S.A. Lux Power SA 3W Investments SA Benelux Commercial Officie SARL Aviation Holding SA Aviation Investments SA Aviation Finance SA Bco Consulting SA EP BCo S.A. BCO4 Investments II S.à r.l. BCO4 Investments III S.à r.l. BCO4 Investments IV S.à r.l. BCO4 Investments I S.à r.l. BCO4 Investments V S.à r.l. BCO4 Holding I S.à r.l. M&G Asia Property Fund C-o-m-g Lux SA Mg Concepts Mg Invest MG Lux S.A. Mg Lux One M&G (Lux) Investment Funds 1 M & G Associates SA Mg Rent VIS PARTNERS S.A. VIS S.A. Vis-a-vis Beaumont SARL BRASSERIE VIS-A-VIS S.à r.l. Vis-a-vis SARL Vis Europe SA Vis Capital SA VISLAVIE Centre de beauté, de soins et de bien-être S. à r. l. FIDES Capital Structuring & Investment Solutions S.à r.l. Société civile Immobilière Belle-Vie AXA Assurances Vie Luxembourg Perles de Vie SA Cardif Lux Vie Société Civile Immobilière Belle-vie SOC.CIV. Perles De Vie Succursale(s) Luxembourgeoise(s) De La Vie Nouvelle Compagnie Anonyme D'Assurance Sur La Vie,... Vita Compagnie D'Assurances Sur La Vie Vie Privée Rue Wilson SA Croix De Vie Agence pour la transition vers une vie autonome Division Soutien à la transition vers la vie active C'Est La Vie SARL OPTOLUX S.A. Mge Objekt Berlin SARL M.S.C. SA MSC Invest S.C.A. MSC Bleu S.à r.l. MSC Capital S.A. Multigold Advisory Company SA Multi-agro Gt Multi Alternative BlackRock Luxembourg Multi-Alternative Income G.P. Aviva Investors Multi-Asset Alternative Income Fund, SICAV-RAIF Aviva Investors Multi-Asset Alternative Income S.A. Multi Asset SARL Multi-Alternative Income Fund Luxembourg SCSp Generali Multi Alternative Assets Multigold Advisory Company Multinvest Advisory Company Belair (Lux) Sustainable Alternatives Sri Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) Degroof Alternative SICAV (dr.Eur.) Pictet Alternative Funds SICAV (dr.Eur.) Axa Alternative Financing Management S.à r.l. Alternative Managers Platform SICAV (dr.Eur.) Scandium Alternative Investments SICAV (dr.Eur.) Maj Invest Alternative SICAV (dr.Eur.) Carmignac Alternative Investments SICAV (dr.Eur.) AB CUSTOM ALTERNATIVE PROGRAM Mercer Alternatives (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Premium Alternative S.A. (SICAV-SIF) AB ALTERNATIVE FUND SICAV-SIF Alternative Opportunities Luxembourg Effepilux Alternative A&G ALTERNATIVE SICAV - SIF Mlt SARL Edmond De Rothschild (Europe) Edmond De Rothschild O.F. Alloggio Immobilier S.à r.l. Techin TECHNEW S.A. DBUSBZ2, S.à r.l. NASMA Shop ASBL Comptoir des Fers et Métaux SA Compagnie des Métaux SA Continentale des Fers et Métaux COMPTOIR DES FOURNITURES INDUSTRIELLES DU BATIMENT S.à r.l. Société Générale des Fers et Métaux SA Euro-film Diffusion Comptoir Des Arts Compagnie Des Metaux Comptoir Des Fers Et Metaux SA Comptoir Luxembourgeois Des Métaux Précieux SARL Compagnie Européenne des Fers et Métaux THAI BRASSERIE & RESTAURANT (T.B.R.) S.à r.l. MABU S.à r.l. Thai Union EU Seafood 1 S.A. Thai Gardens SARL Saveurs Lao Thai Simply Thai THAI SPA HARMONY S.à r.l. Siam Thai Massage S.à r.l. Sabaai Thaï Massage S.à r.l. Concept Thai S.à r.l. Wat Thai Buddharama THAIC S.A. Thaï Smile SUVARNABHUMI S. à r. l. Aon Thai Massage S.à.r.l.-S. Leela Thai Massage S.àr.l.-S Lëtzebeuerg Muay Thai Federatioun ASBL Thaphon, Phatchamon J.O.F.A.A Faac Overseas SA MASSAWA S.A. Massala SA Massage & Mind S.à r.l. M.R.I.C.A. S.à r.l. Massages Wellness Fédération Luxembourgeoise Du Massage Traditionnel De Relaxation ASBL Lanners, Sun Mee Céline Wolf Private Investment SA WOLF INVEST S.A. Wolf Private Investment Musek Wolf SPRL Wolf SA The Wolf SC De Wolf & Partners Succursale Luxembourg Wolf Retail II S.à r.l. BEAR & WOLF s. à r.l. Wolf Retail I S.à r.l. CD&R WOLF S.à r.l. Wolf Mannheim S.à r.l. Wolf Defence S.à r.l. Wolf Eschborn S.à r.l. Wolf Defence Midco S.à r.l. Wolf Kaiserslautern S.à r.l. Haifa SA Agricola Industriale Finanziaria Aumatoriale Holding SA Global Invest Partner SA Global Partners Global Invest Partner'S Global Infrastructure Partners IV-C2 Intermediate, L.P. Global Infrastructure Partners Iii-a/B Aiv, L.P. Global Infrastructure Partners Iii-c Intermediate Aiv, L.P. Global Infrastructure Partners Iii-c Aiv, L.P. Global Infrastructure Partners Ii-a/B1, L.P Global Partnership SA, SPF Global Infrastructure Partners IV-A/B AIV 3, L.P. Global Infrastructure Partners IV-C AIV 2, L.P. Global Infrastructure Partners IV-B Feeder AIV, L.P. Global Infrastructure Partners Iii-b Feeder Fund Aiv, L.P. Global Infrastructure Partners Core-C2 Intermediate, L.P. Global Infrastructure Partners IV-C Intermediate AIV 5, L.P. Global Infrastructure Partners Emerging Markets Feeder Fund (EEA) I, L.P Global Infrastructure Partners Emerging Markets Parallel Fund (EEA) I, L.P. Financial Gip Limited GIP II Helios VBA GIP SPECTRUM TREATY ACCESS FUND, L.P. GIP Spectrum Treaty Access Co-Investment Fund, L.P. GIP Capital Solutions Fund II SCSp, L.P. GIP III MASTER LUX, L.P. GIP IV Master Lux, L.P. Gip Iii Canary Co-invest, L.P. GIP Helios Aggregator 2, L.P. Gip Iii Canary Co-invest Ii, S.L.P. GIP HELIOS AGGREGATOR, L.P GIP IV-A HELIOS INTERMEDIATE, L.P. GIP Strategic Alliance SMA III, L.P. GIP IV-C HELIOS INTERMEDIATE, L.P GIP IV EM HELIOS INTERMEDIATE, L.P. GIP IV HELIOS ACQUISITION PARTNERS, L.P GIP EM HELIOS ACQUISITION PARTNERS, L.P. GIP EM Bronco Acquisition, L.P. GIP EM Bronco Aggregator, L.P. GIP IV GUTENBERG ACQUISITION PARTNERS, L.P. Gip Private Debt Fund-of-funds Lux Fcp-raif GIP SPECTRUM TREATY ACCESS FEEDER FUND, L.P. GIP IV FRIENDS & FAMILY HELIOS INTERMEDIATE, L.P. GIP Capital Solutions II Luxembourg Co-Investment Fund SCSp, L.P. GIP LUXEMBOURG S.A. GIP-LUX S.à r.l. GIP II MP Luxco S.àr.l. GIP Gemini Lux GP S.à r.l. BGO Jeans PropCo S.à r.l. GIP IV Highbury FinCo 2 S.à.r.l. GIP IV Highbury Holding Luxco S.à.r.l. GIP III Highbury Holding Luxco S.à.r.l. GIP III Highbury FinCo 2 S.à.r.l. BGO Hannover I-III S.à r.l. BGO Highbury HoldCo S.à r.l. BGO Highbury PropCo S.à r.l. GIP Helios Luxco S.à r.l. GIP EM Fund GP Luxco S.à.r.l. GIP Aquarius Luxco S.à r.l. GIP Holding Topco I Chf, SARL C.H.F. Greater Canada Corporation Grenadier CFH SARL Grenadier S.à r.l. Groupe Lpg Voyages-luxembourg Paris Geneve Lpg South America S.C.I. LPG MAP LPG I S.à r.l. wpd Luxemburg SARL Actifarm SA Active SARL ACTIFI S.A. Actifin SA Actifinance International SICAV (dr.Eur.) Euro Corporate And Partners SA Vencorp Limited SARL in vino, Gildas S.àr.l. Vinum SARL Living SARL VINCENT S.A. Grand Vin Sélection, SARL BAR A VIN S.àr.l. COMPAGNIE FINANCIERE DES GRANDS VINS DE TOKAJ S.A. Grands Vins Dormion Renaissance Management BV B.V. Investment SA Spirits International B.V. Bv Acquisitions Parent SARL ADAMS B.V. S.àr.l. BV Acquisitions IX S.à r.l. BV Acquisitions IX Parent S.à r.l. BV Acquisitions X Parent S.àr.l. Bv Acquisitions X SARL Industry Credit Asia B.V. BV Acquisitions TM S.à r.l. Hastings Bv SARL BV INVESTMENTS S.A. BV Acquisitions PS S.à r.l. BV Acquisitions XI Parent S.à r.l. BV Acquisitions AD S.à r.l. J.M.O. Consultancy BV S.à r.l. PENNEL INTERNATIONAL S.A. Procura Lavedrine Finance Schumann - Lavédrine Asset Management I SICAV (dr.Eur.) Tamarindo SA Tamarindo Investments SA Tamarino TAMARIND VENTURES S.A. TAMARIN ACQUISITION S.A. Tinerama Investment SA Tamarind SARL Tamarind Holding SA Tamarin Holding American Medical Systems Luxembourg SARL Prisma Imaging Medical Systems SA European Medical Systems International Medical System NEO MEDICAL SYSTEMS S.A. Inform Medical Systems S.A. BK Medical Luxembourg S.à r.l. Elliott Luxembourg SARL Eliot Luxembourg Holdco Melior Paul Elio Balion Alion Luxembourg SA Legion Portfolios (Luxembourg) Financière Eliokem SARL Elliott - Automation Continental SA Lionshield Eliane-Properties S.A. ELINO S.A. ELYON SARLS Elon WarnlÖf SARL Elinoa Invest S.à r.l. Eliodoro Eliop International SA Tamaris TAMARIS INVESTMENTS S.à r.l. Al Tamaris Diversified Fund Tamaris SA Tamaris Venture Capital Kleeblatt, Tamara Anna Sarah Lofilux.Te SA Lichtenthal-trust SA Laquerce Invest Meijiseimei Investment of Luxemburg SA Noam SARL Inversiones Noa SARL Adéquation SARL ADEQUAT IMMOBILIER S.A. Security Investment SA Luxembourg Securities SA Stronghold Real Estate S.C.A. Stronghold NP S.à r.l. Stronghold RE GP (Lux) S.à r.l. Stronghold 2 Flensburg S.à r.l. Stronghold SA Stronghold Holdco S.à r.l. Stronghold Topco S.à r.l. Reorganized ISA S.A. PerkinElmer Global Holdings S.à r.l. PerkinElmer Diagnostics Global Holdings S.à r.l. Perkinelmer Holding Luxembourg PerkinElmer Global Financing S.à r.l. Perkinelmer Global Diagnostics Perkinelmer Finance Luxembourg Sfmg Square Courtage SARL Euro Courtage Auberge Opta SARL OPTI-INVEST SARL Opta Courtage S.A. Opti One Opta Europe Holding S.à r.l. PHOCUS 1 SCS Picus Capital Partners SARL Picus Co-Investment Fund SCSp SICAV-RAIF B2012 Luxembourg Investment Company 221 S.à r.l. Prologis Poland Xxx SARL

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