List of Corporate Headquarters in HESPERANGE

Search a company in Luxembourg with your criteria (trade name, adress, Luxembourg registry number...). provides business and credit information about Luxembourg firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Luxembourg register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in Luxembourg, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Luxembourg company.

ALLIANCE-IMMOBILIERE S.C.I. Western Europe Investments Company SA On Air Productions Luxembourg SARL SC Moon Limited Elliott, Simon Paul Business Centers Network GLOBAL MEDIA SYSTEMS S.A. At&t Global Network Services Luxembourg Intract SARL Casa Pro Concept S.à r.l. LG Construction S.à r.l. Sus Design S.à r.l. TB Advisory SARL-S Cleveland Tramrail Canadian Holding SA Arendt Property Invest S.A. AGE-IN GLOBAL PROPERTY SOLUTIONS SCI One Group Solutions Armonia Luxembourg BY LENTZ S.A. FJMNY EUROPE SA Financial Technologies S.à r.l. Key Entreprise SARL CMS S.à r.l. Sarca Pro-li SARL Ulfin Invest Lux SOC.CIV. GROSSFELD IMMOBILIERE Grosso SARL Pascale, Marco Menway Executive Search JARDINIER PAYSAGISTE F&S S. à r.l. Vds Consult Léa Kappweiler Gestion Immobilière Car Trading S.à r.l. Car Avenue Belux Ibislux SA FOUNDERS SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGIES Art & Finance S.A., Société de Gestion de Patrimoine Familial - SPF Free Lens Television Free Lens Sat Dankalux SARL ITS4U S.àr.l. ITS4U Group S.à r.l. NOMURA BANK (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. GPSA sarl-s Autosdiffusion M. Losch Amper - Arena Mobile + Partners For Europe SARL Calista Institut PHIDEALL S.à r.l. FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION SERVICES (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. MEDUSA C&G S.à r.l.-S Fundrock Nordics ATCM II F. COMMUN PLACEM ATCM III F. COMMUN PLACEM OPTIONS Luxembourg S.à r.l. E.I.S. Lux HoldCo S.à r.l. Wannyn, Rebecca Els Bernadette BT Investments S.A. Smart Casual OLOS FUND S.C.A., SICAV-FIS Leverage Consulting Luxembourg S.à r.l. Novex, SARL REPACOM S.A.R.L. MWR S.à r.l.-S Skytec Group SA Lola Marie Entertainment a.s.b.l. SCHWEITZER DECORATION, s.à r.l. Professional Classic Ballet School M&B Consultants SA Fiduciaire Everard-Klein, Fiduciaire d'Expertise Comptable et de Révision Everard-Klein SARL Progetis S.à r.l. POWER GIRL HD S.A R.L.-S SCI WEBER HORN S.A. Roca Investment SARL Calfin Metal Trading International SA Temp SARL Dropslab Technologies S.à r.l. Nature Elements ALTANA CAPITAL S.à r.l. Caisse Rurale Raiffeisen Itzig SC Aliminvest 4 North PropCo S.à r.l. LA S.à r.l. Entreprise De Carrelage Lang Et Andre, SARL Anderlini, Perry HOMEGA S.A. Immo Home Concept S.à.r.l. K Fintech S.à r.l. Primo Milano NOVA SERVICES FTSI France Lux Holdco I, S.à r.l. FTSI Ireland Lux Holdco, S.à r.l. FTSI Ireland Lux Propco l, S.à r.l. Global Aircraft Consultants S.à r.l.-S IKO Development Rayonier A.M. Global Investments Luxembourg Dell Automobile Garage Auto-righi SARL European Offices Property SA Andy Schleck Cycles - Delvaux - Schleck Associates SARL Kinetik S.à r.l. Kinetik Finance SARL Cabinet Vétérinaire De Howald Terra Vital SA RESEAUX INFO PLUS S.à.r.l. Golden Zenith INTER-TAXIS S.à r.l. PRO-JARDINAGE BETTANGE MESSER S.à r.l. Brasserie Millewee SARL Gravity Racing International Gravity Motorsports Gravity Sports Agency S.A. Gravity Sport Management SA Ferrari Agroflex Holding SA Société Financière Européenne S.A. LSVAF1 Bodensee Investments S.à r.l. MEDICAL DEVELOPMENT TECHNOLOGIES S.A. CAR Avenue Luxembourg S.à r.l. E-Games S.à r.l. Tobacco World KEOPS TOBACCO LUXEMBOURG S.à r.l. Flemming Dieter Louis Vl Capital Paradocs Ter S.à r.l. Paradocs Bis S.à r.l. Paradocs Partners ELLIPSIS, S.à r.l.-S Prestige Motor Racing Act Racing SARL Makodi IT Solutions (Europe) S.A. Bruno Color EMY ML SCI Global Investor Services Agence Immobilière De Hesperange SARL Immo Digital Events 2S-IT S.à r.l-S Connexion S.à r.l. Evermarj Holding IF-Payroll & HR HR IMMO S.à r.l. FRENCH CRYPTO S.A. MERAKI S.C.I. Visuel SARL Bm Autos SARL M A R F A L U X SARL H&S Floor S.à r.l. BC PARTNERS XI ACCESS OFFSHORE ADVISORS Lux Management SARL Lux Machinery S.à r.l. Generation Asset Management SICAV (dr.Eur.) Philippe-szalkiewicz, Nathalie Michèle Amex-L SARL TRIPLE TWO CAPITAL SARL-SPF GLOBAL JET LUXEMBOURG S.A. FINANCIERE LUXEMBOURGEOISE DE PARTICIPATION et Cie FINANCIERE LUXEMBOURGEOISE DE PARTICIPATION S.à r.l. Global Properties ATOM SYSTEMS S.à r.l. AWS Luxembourg S.à r.l.-S Tennis Club Howald Tennis Club Itzig General Technic Building Solutions Holding S.A. LUX BUILDING SOLUTIONS S.àr.l. Brunel, Antoine Jean Vincent Philippe Stellifai, S.à r.l.-S Pharos SA Palma Perez, Flor Studio 26 S.à r.l. Steffen et Engel SARL IRIS SERVICES SARL Gf Trading SARL Art & Bois Concept Art & Bois Concept LUXE ART CONCEPT SARL JadeHawk Capital S.à r.l. Arrival Luxembourg SARL Arrival Team S.à r.l. Arrival Alvectis Luxembourg SA, SPF Infopla ASBL Anmaur Holdings (Luxembourg) SARL Canoe Holding Luxembourg SARL Luxembourg Famous Star Moxon Street Commercial (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Moxon Street Residential (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Adagio (Luxembourg) Sàrl ACM S.à r.l. Animal Health And Care ARPAN s.à r.l. Desert Storm SA SYREN S.A. Centrale Inter-taxis SARL LPH Group S.à r.l. Valvic JAPHET, JEAN-JACQUES D.W.S. Deguplast SA Sci Fip SOC.CIV. Assisteo Europe SA CCN S.A. (CENTRE COORDINATION NATIONALE POUR L'INFORMATION, LA VALORISATION ET LE COMPOSTAGE SOCIETE FINANCIERE INTERNATIONALE POUR L'AFRIQUE (SOFIA) PAUL MAJERUS ARCHITECTE SA DENNEMEYER & Co S.à r.l. Dennemeyer Trust Dennemeyer Dennemeyer TechSys S.A. Dennemeyer Software Solutions S.à r.l. Axa Luxembourg Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) Wagner, Jean SOL S.A., SPF SL2I, s.à r.l. IMMOBILIERE PRESTIGE S.àr.l. Entreprise De Peinture Et De Decoration Johanns Pere Et Fils SNC World Financial Business Sanithermic SA SEB Alternative Assets S.A., SICAV-RAIF Wozninski, Jean-christophe Joël Georges Push The Brand SARL Société de Tir aux Armes Sportives de Hesperange (STH) Forum Entreprises Fleurs Passion SARL SOLUMOS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS SARL Contern Invest SCI Fromagerie De Luxembourg Vimafra, SARL L.R. Advisory and Services S.à.r.l.-s TAXIS NUNES & FILS S.àr.l. Allspring Global Investments Luxembourg S.A. Of Wood S.à r.l.-S Advance Invest Advantage SARL-S Bv.Int E.RE.A.S. MANAGEMENT S.à r.l. Heinen Pierre Joseph MONDERCANGE ESCH S.à r.l. LAGARDE, Patrice Louis Christian Luxembourg Logistics Skillteam SA Fiduciaire Simmer & Lereboulet Ssf International SARL BENNS sàrl Dental Weber S.à r.l. Dental Sphere DENTAL - TECHNIK WEBER s.à r.l. Gbl Group SARL ROTA S.àr.l Home Design Immobilière SARL If-online Jama Investments Luxembourg SA MILLEBAACH SCI Nouvelle Central-radio SARL ABC TAXI S.à r.l.-S Pet.Heil Eisenwarenhandelsgesellschaft SARL Freeport Financial IV Lux S.C.Sp Freeport Financial Lux GP S.à r.l. Freeport Financial V Lux S.C.Sp Freeport Financial Lux V GP S.à r.l. Freeport Financial Lux V SPV S.à r.l. LUX EXPRESS S.àr.l Consomat SARL Real Estate Investment Company Hamouth Elvyre Bonn Steichen & Partners Sunflower23 SARL Logistikê Union Immobilière SARL Gérard Catering (Luxembourg) SA Salon De Coiffure Margot SA DIMO S.à r.l. Ingenia Lux SICAV (dr.Eur.) Formula G SA Pure Europe GmbH KOSMO COMMUNICATION S.à r.l. TNT-Ipec Luxembourg SA Trading Express SARL PRO INVESTMENT S.a.r.l Pro-De S. à r.l. HALIAN, s.à r.l. Zizoche IMMOFIN LUX S.A. CARLAC SARL Duhi, Balazs D & B Trading Corporation SARL International Trade Design Immo Etoile 1 Atwell Advista Web Solutions S.à r.l. Greiveldinger Paul C2Trans Holding S.A Fries, Jean-claude Informatique-MTF SA (Informatic-MTF Ltd) (Informatik-MTF A.G) Information Systems Management Plus Belgium Beverage Investment Group SA First Car Lux S.àr.l. TERRA CONSTRUCTION S.à.r.l. Palmucci Remo RENO S.A. ELYSSE S.à r.l. Global Presence Luxembourg SA Fani S&S Fonder SICAV (dr.Eur.) FORTUNATO s. à r. l. OPTIQUE DU PARC SARL SHENZHOU S.A. Fermetures Internationales SA Four Two S.à r.l.-S VAMTAJ S.à r.l. Verlux S.C.I. ROYALUX S.à r.l. Opti Hedge SICAV (dr.Eur.) small.talks S.A. Association Momentanee Bâtiment Administratief Howald ASS. MOMENTANEE BAMY Netto-Syst s.à r.l. NORDSA S.C.I. yellow ball S. à r.l.-S TITAN ASSETS S.A. Adpol Sp. Z.O.O. (S. MCD-FILS S.C.I. TD Luxe S.à r.l. P.O. Consulting Pkp SA Glamuse Union Luxembourgeoise des Consommateurs Domaines AC S.A. LABEL HOUSE S.àr.l.-S. Vrep Ii International (Offshore) Advisors The Family SA Human Trust S.à.r.l. FourSide Accounting, Tax & Services S.àr.l. Harmonie Municipale Hesperange asbl PETRAM MT GP Nordic Spirit SARL Moulins Gantenbein Contec SARL Groupe A.S.C. Constructions SA Bradesco Investment Funds SICAV (dr.Eur.) PAYROLL SOLUTIONS S.A.R.L-S Onet Luxembourg Onet Security Luxembourg SK Spirits EUROPEENNE D'INVESTISSEMENT S.A. Point Informatique SARL LSVAF1 Bodensee H2O S.à r.l. SG HORIZONS Luxembourg SARL 3D Photo SARL Home And Office Partners Temarema Babcock & Wilcox Company TS Marketing B-Technic SA FIBETRUST S.à r.l. Alpha Investment Fund S.A. SANO TRANSPORTS S.àr.l ART DECO LUX S.A. LIC S.A. Sigma Project S.à.r.l.-S Iso Control SARL J.F.S. Immobilière S.à r.l.-S I-bc SA SL EVENT SERVICES S.àr.l. Service Traiteur Ambiance et Prestige Service Traiteur Ambiance Et Prestige SARL LXB Limitless Crew A.S.B.L Coordinator Nijpels, George Orange Senior Loans 2 SARL ORANGE BUSINESS LUXEMBOURG S.A. Le Penty SCI Lagardère Travel Retail Luxembourg Group Alaya, Imed Eddine HANOVER, société civile immobilière PRO-ACTIVE asbl HL SECURITY S.à r.l. AUTO 9 LUXEMBOURG S. à r.l. Coin de Terre et du Foyer BSP S.à r.l. C.M. Exploration Luxembourg CM IMMO JET GROUP S.à R.L. UBWAYS, S.à r.l.-S. Socim SA JT International Services S.A Til ACTIONS FOR LIFE PROJECTS LARRY STEFFEN SPIRITRADE S.à r.l. Dovit ALTIRAMA SCI Ms Luxembourg BLACK EAGLE S.à r.l. Réd Lines Luxembourg SA Red Lines Luxembourg LUKOS S.A. Baker Tilly Luxembourg Corporate Services Baker Tilly Luxembourg Tax And Corporate Services SA Baker Tilly Luxembourg Advisory Baker Tilly Audit & Assurance s.à r.l. Baker Tilly Luxembourg Experts-Comptables Baker Tilly Interaudit nb lux consult sarl-s Gk-lux Tp SARL Bois la Dame S.A. Weydert Claude Silver Limousine S.à r.l. Cds Limousines SARL European Building SARL PIONEER - FLYERS luxsolutions S.à r.l. ISOLUTIONS S.à r.l. Coin Corp S.à r.l. ArCoWave SA Acatl Sogelis Melusina Beach CATORE S.A. Heckmanns Jürgen AMMERAAL BELTECH LUXEMBOURG S.à r.l. Living Rock S.A. Ab Consulting Kieffer Armand Chromalux SA T-COMALUX S.A. Hesper Seppl'N ASBL V&GA REAL ESTATE Reali SARL Vomeeffekten Holding Century Publishing SARL Century Publishing Jet Lux Sales & Services Acropole Limited SARL Etanchéité Shala SARL Shala Immobilier SARL LOGOS IT Services S.A. AGRANDILUX, S.à r.l.-S. Wild Fang Films sàrl-s AUDIO INFLUENCE S.à r.l-S RD Auto Prestige Luisi Sante Strasbourg-immo SA TCV XI Access Offshore Advisors TCV XII Access Offshore Advisors TOY BOX S.à r.l. Nasdaq Holding Luxembourg SARL SOLOTIP LUX SARL Flory PAPETERIE EN GROS TOEPKE s.à r.l. Imprimerie Kieffer J.F. Home Decor SARL JF Home Décor SARL TR Luxembourg S.à r.l. MJS Cars Luxembourg S.A. Promotion Service Organisation A.M.A. International Trade SARL Flash Conseil S.A. Cach Magrina Ohc Office House Capellen Acilux SARL Messerschmidt SARL INFINITY CAPITAL SARL Meyers Joseph DM développement Meyer Thomas Aspheli S.à r.l. Centramat EURO INVEST INTERNATIONAL S.A. aiR F.M. SCI CENTRE MEDICAL KEHLEN Continentale Des Fers Et Metaux SARL Happy Electron S.à r.l. RDL LUX S.A. L.D.S.A. S.àr.l. Golf Development S.A. Digit-Photok SARL Financial Energy Consulting SARL Oeko Audit SARL Physical Fitness Center Hesperange ASBL VHEOS PRO, S.à r.l.-S Etix Group S.à r.l. Etix Financial Holding Europe S.à r.l. ETIX Labs S.à r.l. ETIX Employees S.C.S. Vantage Data Centers Holding MEA S.à r.l. F2 Dino Properties S.à r.l. Sélect Investment Services, Société d'Investissement à Capital Variable Jemming & Klein SARL European Partnership Company SA Metalux SA Hospicom Euro Traders MANAGEMENT & SERVICES OFFICES S.à r.l. Management & Services Office Sàrl Vantage Data Centers Europe S.à r.l. Vista Group S.à r.l. ARTA Consult Submarine Europe SA BELAIR LOTISSEMENTS S.A. Arboria Developpement S.A. Iko Am PG INVESTMENTS INTERNATIONAL S.A. S.A CROIX SAINT PIERRE THE SWATCH GROUP RE (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. Go Life SARL Kami S.à r.l. Privat Car Benelux S.A. LACROIX S.A. Genista S. à r.l. GENEST S.à r.l. Seb Alternative Investment Fund S.C.A. SICAV (dr.Eur.) LZ SARL-S Sf Accounting LAREVA SARL ALPHA PROMOTIONS SA Ecurie Feyder - Am Paerchen SARL Tomalux Holzbau SA DIANALUX S.à r.l. Area Luxembourg SARL Grassini Gino Kids at the Table S.à r.l. H&W TRADING S.A R.L.-S Illinois Central Import - Export Corporation SARL SOLCOLUX S.à.r.l.-S LP BONN S. à r.l. CareIT Ms Technology SA MONACO SC Luxembourg Capital Investment Group S.à.r.l. Luxpaco SARL Santos Lima, Nuno Trading Express BP2A Invest S.à.r.l. EQT Opportunities Access Advisors Lavandier Georges Eeckhout, Arnaud Tempus Aquisition Cytrading Company S.A. One Wood Street HoldCo, SARL WOOD & MORE Morganite Ceramic Fibres Ltd Lucenda Société de Transports SA Traduction.Lu S.à.R.L., SARL Oak Valley S.à r.l. DALI s. à r.l. RÊVE DE GOSSE J&M MATIAS S.à r.l. Akabi SARL emb facilities S.A. D.R.E.A.S. S.à r.l. Slgb Management Fleming Flagship Series II Institut Training Of European Statisticians Lfis Perspective SICAV (dr.Eur.) KanAm Grund Institutional GmbH - Luxembourg Branch De Caro SA De Caro NEMANI S.A. Corsearch Luxembourg S.à r.l. A.M.P. Distribution SARL Quality And Design Hack Fernand Electrique-electronique-concept ATLAS PRODUCTION TERRA CONSTRUCTION GROUP Chambord Patrimoine S.A. Bnp Paribas L Fix SICAV (dr.Eur.) Magenta Corporate Services S.à r.l. Loonie Propco 3 S.à r.l. Institut de Beauté Lisa Welter S.à r.l. Institut De Beauté Claire Equine Ostéopathie S.à r.l. Le Phénix Vert SCI Losch Business Solutions S.à r.l. Beny Business Connection SA ENTERTAINMENT DEVELOPMENT Holding Odyssey S.à r.l. Charter Design International Publishing Company LOMBARD MONEY MANAGEMENT S.A DOMAINES AF S.A. DIOSFIT SARL FIDDIAM S.A. GM PROMOTIONS S.à r.l Basic Consulting SARL Home EXPO S.A. SA Compagnie De Trading International Interface les Gazelles de Luxembourg à Baden AMB location Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken TOTAL HOWALD S.A. Prophac Immobilière SA Magnus SARL Alpha Lease S.àr.l. MateM S.à r.l. K Remy Robotics S.à r.l. Kunsch Emile Centrale Radio My-Saam Luxembourg S.à r.l. Managers 4 Managers Luxembourg ASBL SCHWEITZER ART et DESIGN S.à r.l. Fair Venture Aktiengesellschaft Stage48 S.à r.l. Az Lux INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS s.àr.l. LIFE EXPANSION SA Lancelot Ector Up Consulting S.A. RUBIX LUXEMBOURG S.A Happy Places S.à r.l. Lupus Alvida SA Compagnie Européenne de Commerce S.A. Distribution Automobile Européenne SARL BOOSTER S.A. HUST SERVICES Sàrl Sécurité Lux S.àr.l. GLOBAL PROMOTION S.A. Alpha Secherheet ALPHA SERVE Sàrl ALPHA OMEGA SARL Axentis SA FundRock Management Company S.A. FundRock Distribution S.A. Community EM GP S.à.r.l. Community EM Credit Fund S.C.A., SICAV-RAIF Art-bâti Promotions SARL Seb Optimus SICAV (dr.Eur.) E-TIME CORP S.àr.l Fonds Disciples D'Emmaüs Hesper-reiser-weiler L & B LUX S.àr.l. LPL S.àr.l. Solar Energy SICAV (dr.Eur.) Auto Ecole Tom S.à r.l. Immorom. Sanchez Mateos, Juan PARETO SICAV G,N,Ral Information Systems SARL Nouvelle C.I.E.C. services S.à r.l. THE PURPLE DOG S.à r.l. GLOBAL LOGISTICS SERVICES S.A. I.B. Lux Informatique SA Newgest Europe Online Finance HOFFMANN-SCHWALL S.A. HOFFMANNS S.A. GRüN SIGNALISATION S.à r.l. VICTORIAN LINEN & CRAFT s.à r.l. Lotus Chemicals SARL Performance Club Outremer Immo Tech Princes Court S.à r.l. LAUVEMPART S.A. THE SAILOR CAP S.A. Transcom Worldwide SA VITRALUX BRADTKE S.à.r.l. Argento Access S.à r.l. Tsunami Axis Luxembourg S.à r.l. NINFA DAY SPA S.àr.l. Entente Des Foyers De Jour Kieger UCITS Fund Top Niveau International Top-niveau International SARL Projet-Lux Euro Invest SARL Lunch Express Luxembourg IMMOBILIERE DACO S.à r.l. CL EQUIPEMENTS s.àr.l. PEAK 7 S.C.I. C.E.A.C. S.A. - Center For Engineering And Architectural Consulting SA BWM Mediasoft S.àr.l. Metropolitan Capital Holdings S.A. NH Advisory S.à r.l. CLEAN SERVICES Lfam Sas Porter International SARL Avantiq Luxembourg M & J SARL M+j Participations SA GT Luxembourg Rentals S.A. REIMBERG BELLE VUE S.à r.l. BELLE-VUE REIMBERG S.à.r.l. First 2 SARL S.C.I. Arabesque SOC.CIV. Serge Levy & Cie F.B.C. SA Itzig S.à r.l. PIOCHEUR LUXEMBOURG S.A. Celtic Fish and Chips KanAm HoldCo Element S.à r.l. LEMAR S.A. Neves Clean Services SARL TERRA ROSA S.C.I. Neves Clean Services At Compta Energielux S.à r.l. EnergyWelt a.s.b.l SUMITOMO MITSUI TRUST BANK (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. Art & Revs Société Luxembourgeoise M.Développement S.àr.l. Bousson Sand SIGMA 4 Constructions S.A. Vector Capital S.à r.l. FIDUCIAIRE ENSCH-STREFF (FIDES) S.A. WORLD FINANCE S.A. Metrix SA GENERAL TECHNIC S.A R.L. Media Data BH S.à r.l. BH TRADE S.à r.l.-S. BH Luxembourg S.à r.l. Copthall Martin (Luxembourg) SA Eurotreuhand Ict7 Luxembourg SARL FENETRES BAJDA s.àr.l. Vivense S.à r.l. If Group Business Risk Consultancy s.àr.l. Kirpach Eugène Alto Advisory S.àr.l. GLOBAL FUNDS MANAGEMENT S.A. GSI Company Sàrl MOBILE PROTECT S.à r.l. Euro Commerz Holding Euro Commerz Holding SARL Jemming Cloche D'Or Promotion SARL P.S.C. - Pizzuti Software & Consulting S.à r.l. KARATE-CLUB HESPERANGE Taberna Dos Petiscos SARL MOD'IN S.A R.L-S Elite Distribution SA Barnicar S.à r.l Weirich Carlo Rubicon Investment Group SA Kinderco SA E. Excel Europe SARL Princes Court Acquico S.à. r.l. Aconcagua SARL Solux SARL BLUE WHALE CONSULTING S.A. TOM'S FLEESCH S.A. M Consulting S.à r.l. Vantage Data Centers Stellar2 S.à r.l. Vantage Data Centers Stellar1 S.à r.l. Vantage Data Centers Stellar4 S.à r.l. Vantage Data Centers Stellar3 S.à r.l. Vantage Data Centers South Africa S.à r.l. My Own Business S.à.r.l. M+a Participations SARL Spectrum Media S.à r.l. Kronos S.à r.l. Delight Industrial Holdings S.à r.l. Aegle Packaging S.à r.l. Aegle Investments S.à r.l. Roro Investments S.à r.l. Coroa S.à r.l. Perpetual Motion S.à r.l. Skylander S.à r.l. Dijital Platform S.à r.l. TANN Properties Limited Grand-duché Lease SARL Satori Co. S.à r.l.-S Yollty KanAm Grund German Development Fund LuxHoldCo S.à r.l. KanAm Moorgate Holdco SARL KanAm Grund German Development Fund LuxHoldCo 2 S.à r.l. KanAm Grund German Development Fund LuxHoldCo 3 S.à r.l. SCI MEGA VIEW Pressing Car SARL W&H SARL ENTREPRISE DE CONSTRUCTION LEMOS SARL Entreprise De Construction Denico AdArte S.A. The Box Immalux SA SMDC Bois de Loup FLAVIAL S.A R.L. FLASCH CAR S.à r.l. Fla Consulting SARL Losch Import S.à r.l. SARTORIA ALIMENTARE S.à r.l.-S Hauter Peinture SARL PONTPIERRE ESCH S.A. SOUND ECOLOGY S.à r.l. Santis SA SANTOS S.C.I. Energies Van Kasteren S.à r.l. INNOVATIVE SOFTWARE s.àr.l. Diederich Paul Net + Ultra Satellite Communication Olivetti Mobile SA The Tishurova Group vGmbH Ticketlux Liliane Petit SIMPLY REAL ESTATE S.àr.l. Discovery Group Of Funds Leglux LOGILUX IMMOBILIER S.à r.l. EURODIAL S.à r.l. Utopia Management SA K HEALTH S.à r.l. Novahome Constructions SA PRELUDE IMMEUBLES S.A. Oaktree SARL Pearl Holding Comat, Conter Et Cie IMMO-SERVICE S.A. Europe Development Feeder SCS Euro Trans Service SARL Coiffure Raison Belfolux SARL Catella S.A., SICAV-SIF One Corporate Vantage Data Centers Holding Europe Integratedplace SARL Hoeg-jensen, Isabel Bluebridge International SARL AGEMAT S.A. Infotechnique SA Infitex SA La Renaissance SARL Football Club Swift Hesper a.s.b.l. HESPER S.A. Kayak Club Hesper Hesper TrPpeler Hesper Beierclub ASBL Pompjeeën Gemeng Hesper a.s.b.l. HESPER DESIGN Hesper Fuesent GESCHICHTSFRËNN VUN DER GEMENG HESPER (AMIS DE L'HISTOIRE DE LA COMMUNE DE HESPERANGE) HESPERANGE SYREN S.à r.l. Kulturkrees Hesper ASBL BABYSITTING AN DER GEMENG HESPER ASBL Paerdsfrënn Uelzechtdall Hesper asbl R & C & PARTNERS S.A. RC Garage S.à r.l. Sileza Plastics SA Jrs SICAV (dr.Eur.) Med Standard Investment Lux Bv SEB Life Luxembourg Branch SEFINOR S.A. Fenster Haus S.à.r.l.-S LECUIT OPTO TECHNICAL S.A. S-DECOR Philips Luxembourg Professional Systems Palms, Jeffrey Phillip ART-RENOVATION S.à r.l. LUX-PARE-BRISES & ROKE-RACING S.à r.l. Kieffer Jeannot Alphasafety SA Primesphere SA Mérit Commercial SA Adm SA Max Mining And Resources DUMEIL INVEST PIANOS SCHAEFFER LUXEMBOURG S.à r.l. Buro Center Kiem SA NEUDORF KIEM S.à r.l. PT-CARS s.a.r.l-s Coca-cola Enterprises Finance St 1 Commandite Marcus Bertrams Probst Probst DCB Luxembourg Food Truck Association Nea Turk Paul Ferro Et Cie SARL Ferro Centre De Service Luxembourg SARL Ferro & Cie SNC Defi Project SARL JCP INVEST S.A. Voirie Environnement S.à r.l. Oasis Software Luxdebe SARL RDS CONSTRUCTIONS S.à r.l. Mad Ink Babilou Family Luxembourg Easy Drive S.à r.l. HORIZON Consulting S.A. Telux SA Composites Go SARL Plafolux SARL INVICTUS S.à r.l. Radlok S.àr.l. The Embassy Italux Design Group S.à r.l. Abacanto SA TeraLux s.à r.l. Warren, Francesca Louise DP AUTOMOBILE S.A.R.L. Sanchez Gonzalo, Monica Milagros Global Trading Company SARL The Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group, G.I.E. Cap Lux SARL LUX AUTOMATISMES S.à r.l. CUBE 4T8 S.à r.l. FL CONSTRUCTIONS CONCEPT.LU S.à.r.l-s Art-bati Constructions SARL Db Lifestylecoaching Inter-global Luxembourg SARL FANFARE ITZIG, association sans but lucratif SOCIETE CHORALE ITZIG - IZEGER GESANK FOOTING CLUB ITZIG, association sans but lucratif ARTIRADO S.à r.l. Seb Sicav 3 Seb 9 - SICAV (dr.Eur.) SEB SICAV 1 SEB SICAV 2 ALISMA Société Civile Sogeco SARL EGE CONSULTING Korzec Jean-Paul Clc - Combi Logistic Consulting SA Auto Moto Zone SARL Blum, Laurent Volkswagen Losch Financial Services S.A. Torrid Token SARL Bellacittà S.à r.l. Pro-Gi S. à r.l. Service Central des Imprimés et des Fournitures de Bureau de l'Etat Hettinger et Co Secs Hettinger Raymond Hettinger & Cie PHR LUX S.à r.l. Phil Partners SA BAST SCI Tera Aben Jérôme Oicm Consulting SA Axel Véhicules Industriels Axel Véhicules Industriels SARL E.P. Investments S.à r.l. ATC-MAT S.A.R.L. Expo-meubles Mersch SARL Kilimanjaro S.A.H SA Fleming Us Discovery Fund II SA INVICT SARL TRADIMEX SARL EPI, EUROS PLANS INTERNATIONAL S.A. en abrégé EPI S.A. oak peak business services s.à r.l. Rapid Growth SA ILLYRIAN S.à r.l. Spécialiste Intérieur Bâtiment Metaline Holding SA Imes Luxembourg SA Robert Bodson GARAGE AUTO PRESTIGE S. à r.l. Protecnica SARL Bordeaux Participations 69 S.A. (Sixty-nine S.A.) SA Vk SARL G.I. Constructions SARL G.I. + SARL One Wood Street AcquiCo 1, SARL Boston Real Estate & Developments SA Attention Studios Grossfeld Developments S.à.r.l. O.L.E.A. SARL Zurich Compagnie d'Assurances SOC. ETRANGERE 2L Conseil EICH LUX S.à r.l. Afric-car International Import-export SC BAGGERLUX S.A. promega consulting SARL-S Promaate SARL INVIA S.A. Harzacca et Ruzzene Barzacca et Ruzzene FiScom S.à r.l. Luxpromo SARL S.C.I. EURAPPLE II Bottling Holdings (Luxembourg) s.à r.l. Premium Lux Car SARL Seb Asset Management ONE Fund Management S.A. Société De Fabrication De Kits Pour Le Bâtiment Et L'Industrie Au Luxembourg SARL IPLINK S.àr.l TLW PARTNERS S.A. TESELUX S. à r.l. Tranelux-Manutention SARL Boral SA Promobe Finance - SPF Garage Alphonse Klein SARL Idros Bagno-arte International Business Sales Activities SARL Tertia Holding SA SUSHI GARDEN S.à r.l. Vivax SA LES ROSES SCI Garage André Losch Losch Luxembourg Fondation Andre Et Henriette Losch ANDRE LOSCH, FONDATION

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