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Copenhagen Food ApS Earmark ApS Pj Diesel Engineering A/S Cataleya Pandora A/S Square One I/S Spaceco ApS Silentia ApS Takeout Group A/S Titan Wind Operational Support Europe ApS Dan Shellfish A/S Skovalléen Holding ApS Shoutoutmusic Horsted Investment ApS Schneider Electric IT Denmark ApS ECCO Sko A/S Mf Trading ApS Rødtomat ApS 20twenty ApS Lauritz Shop A/S Ovodan Foods A/S Saxo Bank A/S Beumer Group A/S Novenco Marine A/S Schneider Electric Buildings Denmark A/S Maan Rental A/S Nets A/S Vestas Manufacturing A/S Lhb Lind Holding ApS Midtjyllands Elektricitetsforsynings Selskab A.M.B.A. Den Sikre Købmand v/Vivi Brøndum Nielsen Nan Holding ApS Vica Udestuer/Pavillioner v/Carste N Nymark Piihl Transport- og Boligministeriet Alpina Chartering ApS Real Danmark A/S Serup ApS Whiteon ApS All Nrg Grenaa A/S Nature Energy Biogas A/S Alba Service v/Carina Mosegaard Enbw Offshore Service Denmark ApS Sampension Private Equity K/S Jacob Olsen Holding ApS Digital Day ApS Woods Office Nybrovej Holding ApS Jabo Audio DK Hostmaster A/S Torpegaard Invest ApS Danfitex ApS Mimosa ApS Pera Pro Licensing ApS Any.Cloud A/S Struct A/S Intomics Holding ApS Intomics A/S Winehouse ApS Aveva Denmark A/S Lsa A/S Vesth & Co. ApS Maersk Air Cargo A/S Smartconstruct IVS Smartcode Smartcap ApS Silkeborg Grafton One ApS ScanParts Co. Ltd. A/S Solita ApS Scorpio Holdco A/S Arrow Architects ApS Westpack A/S Karakter ApS Cvx Ventures ApS Lavendla ApS Jsf Invest ApS Rainbow Bidco ApS Abc Acuson Denmark A/S Gemini Koncepthuset A/S Danish Speciality Foods Cph DK ApS Bang & Olufsen A/S Mekanord A/S Nordlux A/S Espersen Holding ApS Xcelgo A/S Orleans ApS Vivino ApS ISS Global A/S Alm. Brand Bank A/S A.P. Møller - Mærsk A/S Salling Group A/S Llg A/S Modulex A/S Löwenborg Simcorp A/S Universal Robots A/S Glorietta Investments ApS Trans Iv (Denmark) ApS Rainbow Dough ApS Nordic Debt Collection A/S Gorrissen Federspiel Orana A/S Din Forsyning A/S Skan Service ApS Coloplast A/S Royal Unibrew A/S Franklincovey Danmark K/S Everyoneprint A/S Smart Connection v/ Gitte Holm Nets Denmark A/S Tradeshift ApS Svendsen Sport A/S Global Evolution Fondsmæglerselskab A/S Jyske Bank A/S Cej Ejendomsadministration A/S Kommandor. Rømø A/S Obton A/S Infare Solutions A/S Lundberg Tech A/S Also A/S E-Boks Nordic A/S Hp Schou Holding A/S Danmatic, Automated Bakery Systems A/S Færch A/S Investeringsforeningen C Worldwide Danspin A/S Holdingselskabet Od ApS Scan Con Group A/S Scanola A/S Haarslev Group Holding A/S Dhl Express (Denmark) A/S B:Hip Europe ApS C Worldwide Asset Management Fondsmæglerselskab A/S Pensiondanmark Uddannelsesfonde A/S Pensiondanmark Holding A/S Pensiondanmark Ejendomme P/S Pensiondanmark Invest F.m.b.a Forsikringsselskabet Dansk Sundhedssikring A/S Dk3 ApS Gn Store Nord A/S Mr. Holding ApS Nobrakes ApS Commentor A/S Crystal Nordic Shipowning K/S Jabs Group A/S Nunc A/S Accu-Dan A/S Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken A/S Vkr Holding A/S Flsmidth Global Services A/S Martin Professional Export Division 3 Akademikerpension - Akademikernes Pensionskasse Kalundborg Internationale Kvindenetværk Le Management ApS Rains ApS Vestas Americas A/S Falck A/S Jysk Fodplejeteknik A/S Infare II ApS Infare I ApS Lead Advokatpartnerselskab Bunker Holding A/S Scandinavia Scout And Support Vlrs Grp A/S Too Good To Go ApS Too Good To Go Holding ApS Graphic Works v/Selma Demirovic Pento ApS Red Square Logistics ApS Vega Salmon Gmbh Jm Rask Invest ApS Orleans Energy Limited ApS Autocenter København ApS Hottinger Brüel & Kjær A/S Norden Finance Group ApS A/S Femern Landanlæg Arctick ApS Elsteel-Danmark A/S Fibertex Personal Care A/S Niras Gruppen A/S Kompånettet I/S Coinify ApS Mercury Engineering ApS Sealand Europe A/S Elogic A/S Modeagenten Allsmart I/S Knud Ege Olsen Stefan Jakobsen Holding ApS Eskelund ApS Henrik Juhl Myselfie ApS Mille Food A/S Mind And Live Genco Shipping A/S North Star Systems ApS Rsm Danmark Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnerselskab Eupry ApS Jennys Haircut v/Ngoc Yen Nguyen Nobel Biocare Danmark A/S Athena Investments A/S Facebook Denmark ApS Schur Pack Denmark A/S D & S Invest ApS Mezina A/S European Solar Farms Spain ApS Radisson Royal Hotel Copenhagen ApS Sdi Media A/S Yavica ApS Transit M2 Film A/S In Test Holding ApS Eloomi A/S Fonden Cbs Academic Housing Gyldendal A/S Neutral.Com A/S Sports Commerce ApS Podimo ApS Businesscar Arctiko Trading ApS Carbon Copenhagen Jes Group ApS Potter Clarkson A/S Chester ApS Falck Assistance A/S Noscomed Medical Supply A/S Dkfm V / Carsten Lyngsøe Dangard A/S Gardit Marine P/S Viga Re A/S Cc-Clothing Flowvision A/S Star Air A/S Fng ApS Shopbetter ApS Bonde Maskiner A/S Zs Stainless Dsv Prime Cargo A/S Finao Howden Water Technology A/S Linde & Gunborg ApS Midas I/S Vattenfall A/S Fsg Foods ApS Sgh Investments ApS S.G.H. Invest ApS Monstrum ApS Keepit A/S Overseas Transport Company ApS Kristina Dam Studio ApS

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