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Search a company in Denmark with your criteria (trade name, adress, Danish registry number...). provides business and credit information about Danish firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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Maersk A/S Maersk A/S Maersk A/S Safilo Nordic, Filial af Safilo Nordic Ab, Sverige Skillsmiths Charly Licensing ApS Charly Licensing ApS Leading Practice ApS Leading Practice ApS Iyuno Denmark Dub A/S Ef Lombardigade 5 (101) Vinstuerne ApS I Likvidation O2 Agency Solutions ApS Kr22022 ApS Rent Hero ApS The Holding Co. A/S Clear Channel Danmark A/S Ium A/S Rødtomat ApS Bindesbøl ApS Dominco ApS Selskabet af 10. November 2009 A/S Advokaternes Ejendomsadministration A/S Netsite A/S Lotus House ApS Ae ApS Massena Capital ApS Maritime Anti-Corruption Network Maritime Antiques I/S Amaz ApS Delta-Flex ApS Urtekram v/Lisbeth Damsgaard A.P. Møller - Mærsk A/S Ress Life Investments A/S Sincera ApS The . Garment ApS Garment Project ApS Gmt Holding ApS Colin ApS Clinigma ApS Patrizia Global Partners A/S Patrizia Multi Managers Holding A/S Patrizia Hovedgade ApS Patrizia Nordic Cities Propco A ApS Patrizia Nordic Cities Propco B ApS Patrizia Denmark A/S Patrizia Lnstitutional Clients & A Dvisory Denmark, Filial af Patrizi A Institutional Clients & Adv Patrizia Sc I Management Participant Gp ApS Patrizia Sustainable Communities I Management Participant K/S Januar ApS Mansa I/S Blueprint Learning ApS Blueprint Learning Holding ApS Duck And Cover Games ApS Navidan ApS Farpay ApS Blash Blæst Ballast Iv ApS Ballast Holding ApS Growblocks ApS Grace Pippipsi Pipe Grafisk Design Pipesec ApS Atp-Ip P/S Pipa Danmark ApS A/B Pipersparken Ip Næstved Stråleterapi P/S Sisifos Center For Psykoterapi /Panagiotis Charbis Scandinavian Clothing ApS Co/Plus A/S Pernille Mouritzen Archii ApS Trackman Holding ApS Mkv Trackman Holding ApS Stargazer I/S Bullguard ApS Jama Leasing ApS Edu Danmark ApS Basics ApS Organic Cbd.IVS The Organic Boho IVS Billwerk+ Denmark A/S Repa Mr & Co. ApS And Simple ApS Staff Inn ApS Kg 3 A/S Tekudo ApS Awdk Invest ApS Østergade 6 ApS Amagertorv 4-6 A/S Nas Real Nordics A/S Arcvita ApS Vestersøhus Invest 2017 A/S Skipperphotography ApS Whistleblowerordningen ApS Whistleblower Partners ApS Whistles Nordic Whistle ApS Advice Capital Breakthrough Biotech Fund A/S Aucnet Europe ApS Hotel Sp34 A/S European Energy Sales & Adm. ApS Seb-Gruppen ApS Web Seb Holding ApS Astrea ApS Pareto Business Management A/S Paretify ApS 3 Liebst ApS Virtusa ApS Lysa Ab Mr Advisory Copenhagen Advisory ApS Cph Advisors ApS Bakoba ApS Under Konkurs Heimstaden Copenhagen Residential Holding ApS Heimstaden Bs Danmark A/S Heimstaden Denmark A/S Heimstaden Søborg Bakke Holding A/S Heimstaden Residential I Holding A/S Heimstaden Residential Iv Holding ApS Heimstaden Strandvejen 163 ApS Heimstaden Amagerbrogade Holding II ApS Heimstaden Østre Fælled ApS Heimstaden Kanalhuset Hermanhus Holding ApS Heimstaden Frederiksberg Residential Holding ApS Heimstaden Scherfigs Have P/S Heimstaden Residential III Holding A/S Heimstaden Holmegård II Holding ApS Heimstaden Holbergsparken Holding ApS Heimstaden Rytterskolen Holding ApS Heimstaden Hyrdevej Holding ApS Heimstaden Bolig Holding ApS Heimstaden Zinnsgade 9 Holding ApS Heimstaden Brombærparken I Holding A/S Heimstaden Brombærparken II Holding A/S Heimstaden Bjerglandsbyen ApS Heimstaden Lindholm Holding ApS Heimstaden Teglværkshavnen Holding ApS Heimstaden Åkandehusene Holding ApS Pensionsselskabet Pension & Health Care Services ApS Industriens Pensionsforsikring A/S Industriens Pensions Innovationsforening (Pal) Industriens Pension Service A/S Industriens Pension IT A/S Industriens Fond Axcel-Junckers Invest A/S Aldf-Junckers ApS Junckers Ax-Ns II ApS Junckers Ax-Ns I ApS Text&Tale Smertefri Fødsel ApS Texttiger Textilgrossistforeningen Tæt På Virkeligheden ApS Tekst & Fortællinger Tg Sydmarken 5 Holding A/S Lyngså Invest ApS Lyngså Invest II ApS De V Invest 1 ApS Onr Invest 1 ApS Tnc Invest 1 ApS Shamballa ApS Sambla ApS Sambla Group ApS Nordic Toners ApS Toner Partner International Ag Christian Iv ApS Axcel II A/S Axcel III G.P. ApS Axcel III Ks Invest ApS Maersk Line Limited Maersk Insurance A/S Maersk Fpsos A/S Maersk Lubricants A/S Maersk Property A/S Publicis Media Denmark A/S Sirion Seafood ApS Le Danemark v/Kjeld Andersen Bansik ApS Arrow Architects ApS Arrow Architects Arrow Holding Cph ApS Arrow Tankers P/S Publicis Denmark A/S Flowtech Engineering Denmark ApS Systems Engineering Of Denmark ApS Dea II ApS Cms Dental ApS City Dentallaboratorium ApS Anpartsselskabet af 25-05-2022 Under Konkurs The Many A/S The Many Holding ApS Life In I/S Lfw Lfa ApS Restaurant Lola ApS Edc Finanscenter 1 A/S Pitzner Gruppen Holding A/S Netlight Consulting ApS Crediwire ApS Creditware ApS The Story ApS A New Story ApS A Northern Lights Story ApS Siretex ApS Garden Cph ApS The Garden Café ApS Sntg Design A/S Snt København ApS Mec Access ApS Gros ApS Christiania Sports Club Himalayan Sports Club Fritz Schur Consumer Products A/S Svpr Smart Holding ApS Db Iv A/S Schibsted Denmark ApS Eleven Australia Europe A/S Copyright Agent A/S N C Data. Nordisk Copyright Data A/S Copyfight ApS The Pharmacy I/S The Pharmacy Rossen & Company ApS Regn.Rec Jema Int. ApS Sealand Europe A/S Sealand Capital Venture ApS Heimstaden Sealand Residential Holding ApS Sealand Capital ApS Sealand Capital 2 ApS Heimstaden Sealand Residential Komplementar ApS Heimstaden Sealand Residential K/S Sealand Corporative Investment ApS Sealand Colonial Group ApS Hb Rights ApS Sf Film A/S Team Players ApS Pizzeria Imperia Benetton Denmark ApS Brace 2.0 ApS Brace ApS Albjerg & Buchardt Arkitekter ApS Buchardt Entreprise ApS Saft Trust Safety I/S

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