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Safs ApS Elcore Solutions ApS Zensum ApS Experii ApS Dall & Company ApS Selskabet af 7. November 2007 A/S M.S. Ejendomme A/S Blå Lotus ApS Gmt Denmark ApS Some Company Some Company ApS Klinik Probodycare ApS Words & Co Blue Solutions A/S Clearview Financials ApS Gico ApS Orckestra A/S Lr2 Management K/S Hellerup Elektrikeren ApS Hellerup Administration ApS Hellerup Holding ApS Hellerup Dental ApS Hellerup Properties ApS At Holding Hellerup ApS Kg Holding, Hellerup ApS Hellerup Optik ApS Hellerup Sol I/S Yes Is More ApS Cc Advisory Pro-Solution Pro-Solution I/S Pensionskassen For Teknikum- og Diplomingeniører Novo Invest 1 A/S Novo Invest 2a A/S Novo Invest 2e A/S Bbi Holdco A/S Invest 1 ApS Seaside Bulk Carriers ApS Nordic Bulk Carriers A/S Independent Bulk Carriers A/S La Maison ApS Fundamental Rights Life Holding II ApS New Plan Partners ApS Myrup Holding A/S Filia Agency Phishing Bidco ApS Phishing Midco ApS Smartracks I/S Music Copyright Services ApS Classic Car House A/S Boutique La Pluie Boutique M v/Maj-Britt Levin Vault ApS Lene Siel Rossen Sealand Natural Resources International ApS Innokon ApS Sealand Diagnostics ApS The Right Company ApS Right A/S Hueg Invest ApS Hvid Lotus ApS Grøn Lotus ApS Real Administration ApS A L F A ApS Sampension Livsforsikring A/S Forsikring og Pension Norli Pension Livsforsikring A/S Imel ApS Pvj ApS Rationel Revisions Center. København ApS Invest II Gp ApS Mach II ApS Cls A/S Class & Co. ApS Clss A/S Raawii ApS Healthy Company ApS Api Maintenance Systems A/S Api Maintenance Holding ApS Kab Consulting 1976 ApS Little Penguins ApS Rts ApS Northern Marine Manning Services ApS Stage ApS Hafnia Pte. Ltd. Hafnia Holdings ApS Hafnia Freight ApS Arnesen Ip Advokatfirma Vesoe Bps Nord ApS , Pwc Audio Management ApS Ke Project A/S Legal DK ApS Fox Facility ApS PFA Handsonsimply.DK ApS P.R. ApS Pr II A/S Pr III ApS Ritedose Holdco A/S Asset Allocation Instituttet v/Peter Reedtz Tm Invest Private Global Property Gp ApS Medkoncept A/S T.K.B. Shipping A/S T.K.B. Shipping Project 1 ApS T.K.B. Shipping Project 2 ApS T.K.B. Shipping Project 3 ApS T.K.B. Shipping Project 4 ApS Regus Tuborg Harbour ApS Corporate Network Consulting ApS Legal Denmark v/Sadia Chaman Copenhagen Marine Capacity I/S Ms Sundhed Sapere Aude ApS Wittenburg Holding ApS Novo Nordisk Fonden Tradewinds Pacific ApS Nordic Payment Corporation Bidco ApS Real Danois I/S A/B Tekla Ihs Global ApS Ihs (Global) Limited Vivienne ApS Richter Holding ApS Scanbuy Denmark ApS &Web ApS Soula ApS Mr Medical Trendwave ApS House Of Accessories A/S North Sea And Baltic Group ApS Wesmans Scandinavia ApS Bdd ApS Zero-Seven ApS Monili I/S Investeringsselskabet Birk ApS Urban Investments ApS Bbip ApS Lauritzen Bulkers A/S Lauritzen Bulkers Ship Owner A/S J. Lauritzen A/S Lauritzen Reefers A/S J. Lauritzen Invest A/S Fields ApS Martin Davidsen Holding ApS Semano ApS Thurøe Holding ApS Smagssans A/S Åf Industry Ab Apex Property ApS Cliffs Of Denmark Invest ApS Under Tvangsopløsning Cliffs Of Denmark ApS Living I/S Openup Consulting Services ApS Salus Cura Health Care ApS Under Konkurs Sprinter ApS Advision ApS Ascendis Pharma, Ophthalmology Division A/S Ascendis Pharma A/S Ascendis Pharma Endocrinology Division A/S Ascendis Pharma Bone Diseases A/S Ascendis Pharma Growth Disorders A/S Ascendis Pharma Oncology Division A/S Mkh Broker ApS Ccl Labet (Ashford) Ltd Factory ApS Henriette Melchiors Stiftelse Fondsregistret Nationalmuseet Novo Holdings A/S K/S Handybulk Euro Shipping Brokers A/S Fa-Mi ApS Pensionskassernes Administration A/S Pka+ Gp ApS Pka Ejendomme I I/S Storskogen Danmark ApS Volume Plein Ouest A/S Plein Ouest Holdings ApS Capacent A/S Capacent Holding II A/S Capacent Holding III A/S C.R. Holding ApS Lightship Chartering A/S Lightship Ejendomme ApS Venfan ApS Lingua Consult v/Dorte Westrup York Oil And Gas Investment ApS. Søren Holm ApS Lars Rosendahl Holding ApS Saga II Gp ApS Saga III Gp ApS Saga Iv Gp ApS Bike4kids Brands4kids Executive ApS Brands4kids Holding ApS Caf-Ejendomsselskabet ApS Caf-2004 ApS Hempel Consulting Async ApS Womar (Denmark) ApS Mijoni ApS Mijoni II ApS Mijoni af 2017 ApS Mijoni Kalundborg ApS Nordic Formulation Technology A/S Presafe Denmark A/S Pandora By Pernille Philip Nordic Marine Partner ApS Asigne Stæhr Schütze Ingemann Advokatanpartsselskab Ae Servicer ApS Valerian Capital (Nordics) ApS Avake Holding ApS Nordic Motors ApS Oscillar ApS Vonage A/S Sr Aviation K/S Holdingselskabet September 2020 ApS Marble Agency ApS Lyst ApS Nordic I&P DK ApS Nordic I&P Holding ApS Nordic P&I Group ApS Nordic I&P DK Finans ApS Danfitex ApS C C Logistics ApS Norden Asset Management A/S Future Investments 2004 ApS Gm 2021 ApS Under Konkurs North-East Family Office Fondsmæglerselskab A/S Danish Wine Import Nordic Travel Retail Group Esplanaden Anlæg ApS Navision Shipping DK ApS Ship & Chap ApS Farmapension A/S Aetas Diagnostics ApS CA - Cucina ApS Cfo Consulting ApS Lanus Global Mindset ApS Global Gp ApS Naviga A/S Newscycle Denmark ApS Artha Fondsmæglerselskab A/S Pixl ApS Danish Eyewear A/S North-East Group ApS Gemstone Capital A/S Danica Chartering ApS Seaside Navigation A/S Hafnia Management A/S I Likvidation Monili v/Kristina Kadziola Flow-Vision v/ Sasja Fischer Cargo Air A/S Lundberg A/S Ejendomsselskabet Lundberg A/S West Star Estate ApS Taktor Unisite ApS Yami Sushi v/Shengqun Lin Yume Sushi ApS Union Therapeutics A/S Venture Partner ApS Via Equity A/S Noimo ApS Center For Formidling af Naturvidenskab og Moderne Teknologi (Fond) Creative Circle Danmark Core & Company P/S Core Living I/S Saxo Bank A/S Ejendomsselskabet Bygning 119 A/S Spb A/S La Vanità Rosemundefonden af 1. Februar 2018 E-Boks Nordic A/S How Architecture ApS Store Kannikestræde ApS Ejendomsselskabet Store Kongensgade 63 A/S My Pay ApS Nordic Solar A/S Nordic Solar Ix ApS Nordic Solar Epc ApS Nordic Solar Xi ApS Nordic Solar X ApS Nordic Solar Management A/S Nordic Solar Global A/S Garde Inc. P/S Notie Group ApS Initto A/S Ca5a ApS Livingstone Safari ApS Av-Structural Holding ApS Dania Therapeutics ApS Procure Advisory ApS Nordic Luxury Fur New Energy Solutions II K/S Polaris Klimateknik ApS P/S New Energy Solutions Simpler Systems ApS Skandinaviens Radiologer ApS Nyborgvej 200 ApS Nyborgvej 200b P/S Igt Interactive Denmark ApS Edgecom Risk Intelligence A/S Ullus Corporation K/S Ax Cimbria Invest ApS Financetrust ApS Copenhagen Homes ApS Carl Ras, Hørsholm A/S Elanon ApS N T Hansen Holding ApS Juristhuset I/S Interaction I/S Interaction ApS Flan ApS Ryan Specialty Group Denmark A/S Ejd. Valdemarsgade 8 v/Dansk Broder Orden A/B Beringparken III Oracle Danmark ApS A/B Rantzausgade 4 A/B Andelsboligforeningen Rødsten Big Apple ApS Gobookee ApS Nordmedica A/S Barkus A/S Birger Styling ApS Capio A/S Institutional Holding Gp ApS Esto ApS Ligevægt v/ Henrik Kamstrup-Nielsen Catalyst ApS 2bf ApS Aligned A/S The Product Company ApS Traffic Cph A/S Vitaminic A/S F. Andersen ApS Ipp (Opp Denmark) ApS Mærk Din Forretning Min Forretning v/Jj Imploy ApS Implement Komplementar A/S Implement Economics P/S Seagar ApS Under Konkurs Investeringsselskabet Artha Optimum A/S Optimum Security ApS Am Consulting Scandinavia ApS Victoria Sweden Asset Management ApS Rebel Penguin I/S v/ Frederik Falbe-Hansen og Jonas Warrer Petersen Ludo Management Consulting Mister Job ApS Larsen & Co Pernille Asgaard Haaning Mol Chemical Tankers Europe A/S Nordic Tankers Shipowning A/S Nordic Tankers Management A/S Blooming ApS Blooming I/S K.W. Bruun & Co A/S K.W. Bruun Invest A/S K.W. Bruun Ejendomme ApS Danscan A/S Nordic Henriette K/S Nordic Henriette Partner ApS Høje Gladsaxe Center ApS Freedom Holding ApS Stobo ApS Soft Capital ApS Tall Group A/S T.T. Serigrafi ApS Scan-Tech IT ApS Under Tvangsopløsning Tivedo ApS Tep Events International Ltd Smv Capital Partners P/S Under Tvangsopløsning DK Accounting ApS Under Tvangsopløsning Komplementaranpartsselskabet Straits Tankers Stiftelsen af 26. Januar ApS Under Tvangsopløsning Dilin Taxi ApS K/S Straits Tankers Diamond Thai Wellness Mamoba ApS Icechem Tankers ApS Kss Taxa 2020 ApS Täby Brandskyddsteknik Ab Tfra ApS Niebuhr Holm Capital ApS Under Tvangsopløsning Tuborg Havnevej I/S Trend Accessories ApS Under Konkurs Aob Travel, Filial af Aob Travel Ab, Sverige Team.Blue Management Denmark Gp ApS T.A.Elevator Holding ApS Tree ApS Tree II Holding ApS Moccatime ApS Moccatime v/Gert Pedersen Network Holding ApS Copenhagen Concept ApS Prolube ApS Ch 2013 ApS Helle Juhler Nordic Egg ApS Northbro ApS Nordic Compass ApS Baltic Center Pl ApS Baltic International A/S Global Technical Support ApS New Order Denmark ApS Clearview Properties ApS Jes Aid Green Energy Invest ApS Nicolai Boston Cara Rs Corp ApS Abb Ab Steffco Holding A/S Dm Technics A/S Tagtec Denmark Invest ApS Ck Group Denmark Investments ApS Promeco ApS Holle-Consult.DK House Of Montague ApS Frenchysketch Agency ApS Buch Consulting Jordnær ApS Hoffmann Leuba ApS Just-House ApS Vysus Denmark Holdings ApS Lica Pharmaceuticals A/S Komplementarselskabet Intellishore ApS Høresagen Mobilfys Investeringsselskabet af 1. November 2001 A/S Accura Advokatpartnerselskab Liga Advokatpartnerselskab Advokataktieselskab Accura Accura Administration Komplementar ApS Accura Administration P/S Gauguin Trading ApS Hu Dania Pharma Dpi ApS Frøken Fråds Advokataktieselskabet Horten Horten Advokatpartnerselskab Lundgrens Advokatpartnerselskab Hansen Advokatpartnerselskab Navision Chartering A/S Pensionskassen For Jordbrugsakademikere og Dyrlæger Pensionskassen For Farmakonomer Pensionskassen For Sundhedsfaglige Pensionskassen For Sygeplejersker og Lægesekretærer Pensionskassen For Bioanalytikere Pensionskassen For Lægesekretærer Pensionskassen For Jordemødre Invenimus Kp Advice ApS Eusa Pharma, Denmark, ApS Ve General Partner I ApS Revision & Data A/S Registrerede Revisorer Revision & Data Erklæringer A/S Registrerede Revisorer K/S Obo Scheel Ejendomme ApS Al Apartments ApS Cik 2 ApS Skaue - Snedker/Tømrer Private Equity Holding A/S Klc Equity Holdings ApS Focus A/S Ejendomsselskabet Lygten 47-51 ApS ApS af 1. Juni 1988 Nordic Sushi ApS Tm Kompagniet ApS Ny Carlsberg Vej Centre ApS Abundantly Zen Illuminated Fireflies ApS Midori Sushi Ease Holding ApS Atlantic Industries Atlantic Invest A/S Fuglereden Planeat ApS Arts & Globalization Reson Aarhus A/S Alles Anders Partner Holding ApS Id Partner Holding ApS Continental Shipping ApS Falcon ApS Quantum Education ApS Bianco Quantum ApS Hasira ApS Tuz-El Holding ApS Lg Invest ApS Softco. ApS Camelot Holdco ApS Camelot Midco ApS Ab/DK ApS Bent Ole Gram Mortensen Applied Crypto ApS Kayser Foundation Ab Ada International Scandinavia A/S Piceph Holding ApS Pia Bodum Invest ApS Pb af 26.6.2007 ApS Pp-Invest ApS Dropshipping Denmark S.m.b.a Solutionlab ApS Nordic Invest DK ApS Nordic I&P Advisory ApS Mastermind Eqt ApS Grand Cru ApS Ambrox Capital A/S Ambrox Property Invest II A/S Ambrox Capital Advisory A/S Ambrox Property Ringsted A/S Jacob Holm & Sønner A/S Jacob Holm & Sønner Holding A/S Whycare ApS Jobfokus A/S Under Tvangsopløsning Mistergreen Lease Denmark ApS Live & Work ApS Torm A/S Torm Shipware A/S Nordiccap ApS Hemonto Holding 1 ApS Hemonto Group Holding ApS Hemonto Holding 2 ApS Hemonto Holding 3 ApS Hemonto Holding 4 ApS Georent ApS Data Discovery Lab ApS Komplementarselskabet Alternative Investments ApS Medakto Columbus Financial Services ApS Bidco af 11. August 2021 ApS Vetinject A/S Erik Bolt Sørensen Cordis Denmark ApS Strøm ApS Why Agency ApS F5 ApS F5 F5 I/S Bo Leihof Foto F5:Refresh Greenheart Credit II ApS Linde Gmbh Bidco (Denmark) ApS The Naked Curry Lm-Holding ApS Tjellesen Group ApS Saxo Payments Employee Invest ApS Blue Media ApS Xfb ApS Union Bulk A/S Copenhagenfinders.Com I/S Kit Holding ApS Transnat Trading Corp. ApS Stichting Maharishi Global Financing Research/Danmarks Finanshovedsæde Pnb Global Financial Services A/S Harris Denmark ApS Harris Denmark Holding ApS Espersen & Co ApS Fraes Espersen Holding ApS Trelleborg Leasing ApS Founders Fidelity Finansieringsselskabet Ara ApS Cyboteket Mdm Regnskab Asset ApS Saeby Dc ApS Club 31 A/S Remarkabel Sampension Forestry K/S Sampension Private Equity K/S Sampension Kp International A/S Sampension Kp Danmark A/S Sampension Global Real Estate K/S Proactive Consult ApS Hampus Holding IVS Studio X Viaduct ApS Under Konkurs Ae2017 Bidco ApS Project Makers I/S Dan Høyer ApS Winqvist Advisory Ab G-Holding ApS Bloch Ejendomsadministration A/S Magnolia ApS Studie Nord ApS Atlantic CA A/S Guardian Holding ApS Pck Holding ApS Bidco af 7. Juni 2021 ApS Holdco af 7. Juni 2021 ApS Epco ApS Liljeborg Ejendomme 1 ApS Liljeborg Ejendomme 2 ApS Lêlê ApS Liljeborg Invest ApS Liljeborg Gruppen ApS Style Editor Style Editor Ld Estate ApS H S-S ApS Sdpty IVS Sirendipity Cobe ApS Øl ApS Norden Synergy Ship Management A/S Synergy Cycling ApS Synergy Marine Europe A/S Bhg Copenhagen I ApS Mercur Equity Investments K/S Cool Graphics ApS Solution Mindit ApS Adyn ApS SAS Institute Holdings ApS Pka+pension Forsikringsselskab A/S Lærernes Pension, Forsikringsaktieselskab Dbf v/Peter Emil Petersen Equinordic ApS Equipos I/S Birkholm Holding ApS Birkholm Byg ApS Float Bidco ApS Nordic Shift ApS af 12.3.1914 Alku ApS Kvbw Propco DK Nørre Søgade ApS Probana International ApS Denme ApS G Hrm Group v/George Greibe Mermaid 40 ApS Mermaid 49 ApS Stena Marine Management ApS Efacto A/S Dansk Rederi A/S Holdingselskabet Dixi ApS Marine Bubble Flow R&D IVS Atlantic Link ApS Vl Group Holding ApS Nordic Corporate Commercial Advisory v/Casper Hassø Nielsen Nordic Iranian Chamber Of Commerce Commercial Holdings ApS Goldschmidt Holding ApS Art Glass Copenhagen ApS Lola & Lizzielou Holding ApS Laurie Acquisition ApS Nord Renewables ApS Danish Renewables ApS Vindenergi Invest A/S Nobilis ApS Atrium Kapitalforvaltning Fondsmæglerselskab A/S Absalon Corporate Credit Fondsmæglerselskab A/S Absalon Capital Fondsmæglerselskab A/S Pfs A/S Viking Tramping Ltd ApS D & N A/S Entertainment Service ApS Vækstfonden Growth K/S Vækstfonden Growth General Partner ApS Vækstfonden Revolution Holdings ApS Case Institute ApS Folkeringen Bell Bidco ApS Sjbl Holding ApS Doozy ApS Umahro ApS Senna Formuepleje ApS Mft Management ApS Marine Fluid Technology A/S Energy Corp ApS Snowdrops Copenhagen ApS Creativeandmee ApS Under Tvangsopløsning Karma ApS Zeron Nordic ApS Peter Metz Pmh Benjamin ApS Scsk 2272 ApS Cht ApS Promotus A/S Scandiplan A/S Scandiplan Systems ApS Scandiplan ApS Under Tvangsopløsning Balls For Kids Miramare ApS Star Kids Modelmanagement ApS Scandinavia Property ApS Thorup ApS Vodafone Enterprise Denmark A/S Plougmann Vingtoft A/S Plougmann Vingtoft Advokatanpartsselskab P&V Holding A/S Flowe Solutions ApS Incentive Fonden Discovery Rejsebureau A/S Private Equity New Markets III K/S Private Equity New Markets K/S Private Equity New Markets II K/S Lerbrandt Lokomotiv ApS Mindful Matters Ascentatrio ApS Ascent Source ApS Peter Justesen Holding A/S Julius Invest v/Julius Peter Justesen Jens Peter Justesen Holding ApS HCL Technologies Denmark ApS Palantir Technologies Denmark ApS KPMG Acor Tax Partnerselskab Solveo Statsautoriseret Revisionspartnerselskab Norvik Partnerselskab Saltorp Holding ApS Under Konkurs (opløst) Norse Car Rental ApS Penm Partners ApS Penm Partners Gp III ApS Penm Partners Gp II ApS Resolvent I/S Rocknwool IVS Businessfora.DK ApS Strandterrasserne Køge K/S Papirtårnet Silkeborg ApS Komplementarselskabet Strandterrasserne Køge ApS Horisonten Aalborg K/S Trac- Training And Resources For Advanced Creativity ApS Gentofte Hospitals Kunstforening Den Faglig Klub For Social og Sundhedspersonale, På Gentofte Hospital. Drift Afd. Gentofte Hospital Create You Bcap Df 1 Holdings ApS Blue Note Invest ApS Sunrise School's Fond Sunrise Pre'school ApS Sunrise Partnerships A/S Go' Beauty ApS Consulting++ ApS Speed Tech A/S Chronotope North-East Family Office ApS North-East Family Office I/S North-East Family Office Holding 2 ApS Rdg Group ApS Play Your Talent Danmark ApS Ada Klee Bioporto A/S Bioporto Diagnostics A/S Jero Holding ApS Canoas ApS All In ApS North-East Family Office Snipr Investor ApS North-East Family Office Holding 3 ApS North-East Family Office Management ApS Cashal ApS Optimize ApS Sci III ApS Di:Verse Administrationsbureauet United Nordic Shipping A/S J. J. Shipping & Trading ApS Bianco Invest A/S Bianco Trading ApS Bianco Ship Invest ApS Bianco Filia ApS Bianco Pecunia ApS Spring Group A/S Wb Gruppen ApS Ecobee ApS Bip5857 ApS Ufuse ApS Heje Holding A/S Blueaction v/Esben Henrichsen Vibeke Henrichsen For Dematic NV Ad Hoc Business Services v/Vibeke Henrichsen Simonsen Henrichsen Advokater I/S Blueholding ApS Dansk Belægnings Teknik Game X ApS Activemotion Fasttrack ApS Fasttrack R&D IVS Pensionskassen For Socialrådgivere og Socialpædagoger Anholt Havvindmøllepark P/S Pensionskassen For Socialrådgivere og Socialpædagoger Owp Butendiek Finans ApS Socialrådgivernes, Socialpædagoger Nes og Kontorpersonalets Ejendomsa Ktieselskab Pka - Socialrådgivere, Socialpædagoger og Kontorpersonale Anholt Havvindmøllepark K/S Pka - Socialrådgivere, Socialpædagoger og Kontorpersonale Gode Wind II K/S Pka - Socialrådgivere, Socialpædagoger og Kontorpersonale Gp ApS Libra II ApS Green Food Danmark ApS Msn A/S Millstone ApS Jobsnooper ApS Consolidate Holding 70107002 ApS Jf Consolidated ApS Rc Solution Winther Property ApS Lyprodan Holding ApS Lyprodan A/S Fortuna Seaside Bulk Carriers A/S Management By Nordved ApS Insife ApS Pae Holding Denmark ApS Am Pensionsservice A/S 430-William Demant Kollegiet Sapienz ApS Fairway Centre ApS Gm Int. ApS W B Technology Invest ApS Cmp Re 2 ApS Dansk Tvillinge Testlab I/S v/Claus & Estrid Høgdall Solel Energy Denmark ApS Under Tvangsopløsning North-East Health Care Investment ApS Heimdalsgade 39 ApS Danish Speciality Foods Cph DK ApS Bca2460 ApS Assemble Health A/S Assemble Group ApS Assemble Learning A/S Assemble World A/S Assemble A/S Annox ApS Hac Automester ApS Integrated Blockchain Technology A/S Hafnium Digital Transformation ApS Transformation ApS H.ApS Wave Star Energy A/S Dnv Gl Denmark A/S Dnv Gl Business Assurance Denmark A/S Ns Energy I ApS M. Investments ApS 3M Invest ApS Jl Ejendomme A/S Sith Holding ApS Schultz & Kjær Invest ApS Delta Corp Europe ApS C&M Consulting ApS C & T Consult ApS Feelsgood ApS Investeringsselskabet af 18. Marts 2013 ApS North-East Health Care Holding ApS Cipp Technology Holding ApS Repsej Rednas Ejendomme ApS Bettina Ulsø Consulting Mosel Bar Rüwer Via Vpf Gp ApS Via Vpf K/S Sh Healthcare Consulting And Holding ApS Dulong Holding A/S Dulong Investment ApS Dampskibsselskabet Norden A/S The Kitchen ApS E-Lg A/S Pensionskassen For Socialrådgivere , Socialpædagoger og Kontorpersonale Ejendommen Hotel Ebeltoft Strand/ Pensionskassen F Økonomaer M Fl E/F Ndr. Frihavnsgade 21 Maritime Gp F II ApS Manipani ApS Innovation Roundtable og Management Process Institute (Mpi) v/Axel Rosenø Brdr. Rasmussen Holding ApS 2ms Management ApS Recap ApS Norm Denmark ApS Cosmetic Wholesale ApS Custodia af 1998 ApS Take.Care A/S Take Control ApS Athena Partners ApS Mikkelborg Invest Hans-Jürgen Jensen Holding ApS Cua Advokatfirma Hf Tax A/S Under Konkurs Scandlines Deutschland Gmbh Christian Lund - Udlejning Baun ApS Give A Damn v/Mette Hansen Vl Gruppe 80 First Home Invest ApS Atrium Partners A/S Atrium Arkitekter ApS H. Remmen Holding A/S Cs ApS Brandsdk ApS Brandpit ApS Blue Love Ibs A/S Connections ApS Very Group ApS Very Much ApS Just Very ApS Waste Water Holding ApS Dah ApS Nilpez ApS Type7 ApS Christo ApS Jbn Biotech ApS Casablanca ApS Lf Investment ApS Mk Consolidated Investment Holding ApS Selected Invest A/S C.Rel ApS Jf Holding, Aabenraa ApS Verner Overgaards Familiefond Ve Ventures II K/S Ve Gruppen ApS Produktionen ApS Thiim-Foto Advicecom Distribution ApS Acta Corporate Finance A/S Altiden Netværk ApS H M K Holding ApS Aberdeen Property Copenhagen Epsilon ApS Epsilon Invest Holding IVS Stenkær ApS Emil III ApS Danmark Sejlsportliga Forening Cipp ApS Cipp Holding ApS Psc Search Causa Consulting A/S Jysk Holdingselskab ApS Co-Legal ApS Bang Holding ApS Cph Group Jasmin Jasmin Invest ApS DK Partners ApS Arkitektgruppen - Hellerup v/S.Blichfeldt Lean4u Consulting v/Poul Erik Blichfeldt Apple-Pusher.Com Wealth Management Fondsmæglerselskab A/S Art By Anat Cik Ejendomme ApS Aberdeen Asset Management Denmark A/S Os 2007 ApS Pkn Systemudvikling v/ Peter Kjær Nielsen Plutus Invest IVS M A T ApS Zigzag Invest ApS Js Consulting v/Jeanette Steen Jensen Clean Team v/Peter Steenberg Altiden Omsorg A/S Purely Linen Trine Eltang I/S Havemann Capital A/S Advokat Claus Spinding Advokat Claus Bennetsen Advokat Claus Kaare Pedersen Advokat Erik Justesen Anette Palle ApS A/B Øster Søgade 108 Ejendommen Øster Søgade 96 Overlæge John Thygesen Norient Product Pool ApS Hellerup Digital Service v/Christian Jørgensen Secure Alternative Investments A/S Under Stiftelse Dalsgaard & Co. A/S Larsen Solutions v/Jesper Claus Larsen M Stensgaard ApS Sune Bjerregaard Holding ApS Psykoterapeut Bent Falk Svend Degn Holding ApS Jsd Invest ApS Vet-Konsulent v/Henriette Strøm Automobilhuset v/Christian Nielsen Jesper Østergaard ApS 4-Leaf Consulting A/S Dr Schultz Tandlæge Erik Andersen Holding ApS Udlejnings- og Konsulentvirksomhed v/Erik Andersen Firma/Anders Holm Lloyd's Register Emea Poul Møller og Hustru Ida Møller Født Bornholms Mindelegat Hannah ApS Peter Brinch Larsen ApS Christian Strøyberg Annette Honoré Pedersen Lindely Ældreboliger Karina T.E. Hansen og Susanne T.E. Rosengaard Voetmann ApS Konsulent Opfindelser v/ Ole Frederiksen Songs And Sounds v/Henrik Lund Advokatfirmaet Nina Lassen Mnh Holding 2019 ApS Taffelbay ApS C3 Nordics ApS Augusta A/S Absolute Scandinavia ApS Rederiet Hansen & Lange I/S Ørsted Invest ApS Ann Lee Jensen ApS Dm Sea Sport v/Hans Kristian Nielsen Goodyear Danmark A/S Tricky Trees

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