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Counselling Adiction Support Alternatives Mass Financial Corp Montrose Holdings Ltd. Pharmacy Sales Caribbean Inc. Amphora Life Insurance Co Ltd Chef Foods Manufacturing Inc. Massy Properties (Barbados) Ltd. PSMT (Barbados) Inc Shop Smart Inc. Sunbulk Shipping Ltd. Plastic Plumbing Services Ltd CLBE TRUST & MERCHANT BANK ( BARBADOS) LIMITED Magforestry Inc London Life and Casualty Reinsurance Corporation Moore Paragon (Caribbean) Ltd. Multimatic Advanced Technologies Inc Harcourt Carter Optical Limited Antilles Crossing (Barbados) Ibc, Inc. Bay Street Management Services Inc Barbados Bottling Company Limited Great Pacific Insurance Ltd DEAR'S GARAGE LTD. Massy stores (Barbados) Ltd Delphi Technologies IP Ltd Radnor Hospital Inc Aptiv Technologies Ltd Barbados Light Aeroplane Club Cole Construction Commercial Trading Co. Ltd. Cooper Tire & Rubber Company (Barbados) Ltd. RL Seale & Co Limited Advocate Publishers (2000) Inc. Grants Garage & Company Limited Ampacet International Holdings Inc ICM Assurance Limited CARIBBEAN PEST CONTROL LTD. Kayla Foods Int'l (Barbados) Inc. Capital Growth Investment Fund Ltd Stewart & Stevenson International Sales Inc Restaurant Associates (Barbados) Ltd Rtek Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Services Limited Global Business Alliance Corp. RCI HOLDINGS INC. Marcus Evans Ltd ET (Barbados) Holdings SRL Servier Caribbean Ltd Caribbean Development Bank Barbados International Bank & Trust Co. Ltd Manufacturers P & C Ltd Wentworth Insurance Co. Ltd. Chemtrade Corporation CWI Caribbean Limited Caribe Express Engineering BLUE HORIZON APARTMENT HOTEL DCR Investments Ltd Simplex Trading Company Limited Multi-Flour International Corp. Pencarrek Limited Facey Group Limited British-American Tobacco Co. (Barbados) Ltd. Consolidated Energy Ltd. Sofi Ltd Gasper Funding Corp Music N`Echo Supplies Ltd Chemical Industries Ltd MKC Contracting (Barbados) Ltd Alveda Pharmaceuticals International Inc Weaver Street Investments SRL Miss Daisy Investments Inc CG United Insurance Ltd. BARBADOS PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT SERVICE & SUPPLY LTD. Geo Orbis Inc ACE H&B Hardware and Lumber Inc. Barbados Agricultural Management Company Limited Lockerbie College Horticulture Solutions Barbados LTD Apes Hill Development SRL Jones and Co. Ltd., R.M. Halliburton (Barbados) Investments SRL Oran Limited KD's Food Fair Ltd Caribbean Painting Services, Ltd. Mark & Co., Ltd, R.L SANDY BEACH ISLAND RESORT Caribbean Anglo Speculative Holdings Inc Capital Partners Caribbean Ltd Cargo-Link (Caribbean) Inc Cheryl Coward Bear Stearns Caribbean Asset Holdings Ltd Colourtone Screen Printers, Ltd. X.L. Investments (Barbados) Inc. RBTT Bank Barbados Limited Excelsior International Bank and Trust Corp. Cidel Bank & Trust Inc. Glenhuron Bank Ltd DGL Building Material Solutions Inc TD Reinsurance (Barbados) Inc. Fujitsu Caribbean (Barbados) Limited Wolverine Ice Ltd. A. C. Wood House Inc. BBO Financial Services Inc G Adventures Inc. Furniture Limited GMS Marine Inc. The West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd. Sagicor Financial Corporation DBB Insurance Co. Ltd. Valeant International (Barbados) SRL Barbados National Oil Company Limited Network Shipping & Trading Deltrans International Shipping Corp. Seven Seas Water (Barbados) SRL Gittens & Co Ltd REGENCY COVE HOTEL J&T Bank and Trust Inc K & M Express Optical Ltd Magminerals Inc CENTRAL FOODS LTD. Food Service Products Limited AHI Plastics (Caribbean) Ltd SYSTEM CARIBBEAN LTD. J E Security Systems & Services Sandy Lane Hotel Co. Limited K. J's Holdings Inc. Fortress Caribbean High Interest Fund Ltd. Ernst & Young Caribbean Services Ltd Digicel Barbados Limited Caribbean World Travel Services Limited Ing Tianjin S.R.L. Sol Caribbean Ltd Caribbean Lighting Solutions REGAL PRINTING CO Mountain Crest SRL Printers Co. Ltd PRINCETON SOFTECH INTERNATIONAL G4S Secure Solutions (Barbados) Limited Louis L. Bayley and Sons Limited BARBADOS DEVELOPMENT BANK Concorde Bank Ltd Louis Dreyfus International Finance Ltd Bank of Montreal Insurance (Barbados) Ltd. Dancap Bank (Barbados) Inc Union Switch & Signal Foreign Sales Corporation Sol Brands Inc M.L. Sales CARIBBEAN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LTD. Albion Insurance Company Limited Brookfield Infrastructure Partners Capital Management SRL DLN Consultants Inc Proman Holding (Barbados) Ltd TT Electronics Limited Transcontinental Construction Supply Inc International Merchandising Inc Affiliated Computer Services International (Barbados) Ltd. Pennengineering Global Holdings SRL Manulife Investment Management International Holdings Ltd Columbus Telecomunication (Barbados) Limited Caribbean Led Lighting Inc MOBIL OIL BARBADOS LIMITED Abbey Holdings Inc. Goddard Enterprises Limited C&W Networks (Greater Antilles) Inc Footprint Environmental Inc Keystone Products Ltd Williams Equipment Ltd Underwriters Reinsurance Co (Barbados) Inc Life Of Barbados Limited ISLAND PLASTICS LTD. Rec Bitumen SRL D.A.J. Manufacturing Inc. Medicorp Limited The Regional Security System RFS (Barbados) Ltd Doctors Benefit Insurance Co. Ltd Fidelity National Information Services Inc. Stampede Insurance Ltd M.D.E. Open Architecture Ltd Commerce International Group Ltd. Magenergy Inc F & B Automotive Art Inc Hunter Auto Spare Parts Inc Sagicor Funds Inc. Seaco Finance SRL Applepie Ltd Shamrock Trading Co Ltd Alamac Trading Co Ltd Aurum Insurance Company Inc Seaco SRL RESORTS RETAILING LTD. GLD Barbados Holdings Ltd The New Mansion Limited Holetown Medical Clinic General Distributors Inc. GENERAL TRADERS LTD. Real Value Products International Limited Devon Star Auto Supplies Limited New Horizons Communications International Ltd New Testament Church of God BW Hotel & Restaurant Supplies Banks Distribution Ltd. Miura Financial Services, Inc Windermere Bank & Trust Ltd Millennium Investments Limited St John=Daphne= Shoemasters Limited Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The S. Y. Adam & Son Sunpower (1999) Limited Magnequench Limited Caribbean Finance Incorporated Solar Dynamics Limited Kentucky Fried Chicken Barbados Ltd. North Beach Company Limited St. George & Associates Ltd. WAG SCOTT LAND SURVEYORS Caribbean Protection (Barbados) Inc Amicorp (Barbados) Limited Papp Plastics International Inc Indigo Stationery & Gifts, S A INCOM TAX SERVICES LTD Brydens Insurance Inc. Computer Information Services Limited Tropical Computers Ltd Innotech Services Limited HANSCHELL LARSEN & CO., LTD. Moonshine Ridge No. 36 Inc AUTO RENTALS LTD EY Management Ltd Precision Packaging Inc. The Cliff Restaurant GLC Reinsurance Corporation ACi Trading R.R. Donnelley Barbados Ltd Barbados Workers Union Co Operative Credit Union Ltd Kamer Industries Ltd. Actavo (Barbados) Ltd. Kiberno Enterprises Ltd Harriett Enterprises Ltd Continental Textiles Co Ltd Kocken Energy Systems International Inc No. 1 Record Shop Enterprise Growth Fund Limited Opag (Barbados) Ltd UNIFORMS MANUFACTURING & TRADING CORP. Blades & Williams Limited Cartera Central Corporation CENTRAL FOUNDRY LTD. NT Nexustours Corp. JOHNSON PRINTING ENTERPRISES LIMITED Anti-Septic Ltd

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