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Wave Trading Ltd Icaza Gonzalez Ruiz & Aleman (Bahamas) Trust Limited Cartwright Building Supplies Company Ltd C To C Company Limited Civil Aviation Departament Caves Heights Developments Ltd Sterling Bahamas Properties Limited Surplus Assets Limited Silroad Asset Limited Chela Tech Medical Laboratory Ltd Sun Labs Ltd Bahamas Medical Laboratory Service Limited Laboratory Services Medical Properties Limited Aspen Equities Inc B.G. Harmon Farms Ltd Agricultural Development Corporation HSBC Global Asset Management Holdings (Bahamas) Limited Appalacian Investments Ltd. Codaca Holding & Investment Co. Ltd. Agrihold Management Corp BB Investment Holdings Ltd Aberdeen Investment Holdings Ltd Peony Investment Holding Limited Disagro Investment Holdings Inc Goodwood Investments Holdings Inc Airline Management Inc Norprop Management Holdings Ltd Agro Management Corporation Eight Lights Investment Management Limited Amhurst Management Limited Manella Management Holdings Limited Arabon Management Holdings Limited OM Shiva Management Holdings Limited Arco JDA Limited Jade Global Investors Ltd Jade Investment Management Limited PC (NAD) International Ltd Quality Business Center Ltd SilverSea Cruises Ltd Silversea Cruise Holding Ltd. Silversea Cruise Finance Ltd Sunshine Cruises Limited The Investment Company Limited JMD Investments Limited PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Enquities Management SA GEMS Management Limited Ingemar Inc. Edgemont Investments Ltd Gem Ventures Limited GRENAUGH BUSINESS CORPORATION SA Grober Business Corp Pricebusters Company Limited Foot Solutions FT Holding Limited FT Consultants Ltd. Mores International Investments Inc GR INVESTMENT FUND LTD AF Investment Fund Ltd FF Investment Fund Ltd MF Investment Fund Ltd JCS Investment Fund Ltd MRC Investment Fund Ltd Rasm Investment Fund Ltd DA Investment Fund Ltd EAP Investment Fund Ltd FP Investment Fund Ltd FVA Investment Fund Ltd AI Investment Fund Ltd JA Investment Fund Ltd LXM Investment Fund Ltd PM Investment Fund Ltd RP Investment Fund Ltd SM Investment Fund Ltd WB Investment Fund Ltd FN Investment Fund Ltd FO INVESTMENT FUND LTD RB INVESTMENT FUND LTD RK INVESTMENT FUND LTD FS INVESTMENT FUND LTD LR INVESTMENT FUND LTD Allied International Investments Ltd AMG Investment Fund Ltd CI Investment Fund Ltd AOM Investment Fund Ltd Alga Investment Fund Ltd BCC Investment Fund Ltd BOVS Investment Fund Ltd CCS Investment Fund Ltd Continental Sales Corporation Ltd Continental Transport and Trading Company Ltd Continental FX Advisors Inc. Universal Limited Continental Ventures Limited Conti-USA Inc Continental Metal Ltd Continental Cars and Equipment Limited Hakon Continental S.A. Lit Lighting Inc. Stanhope Ventures Limited Sandfield Ventures Corp Silversmith Ventures Limited Santa Maria Ltd Elliston Properties Limited Comiston Properties Limited Sycamore Properties Limited Silvertop Properties Limited Snowville Properties Limited Safford Properties Ltd Sable Property Co. Ltd Shelgate Properties Limited Santerra Properties Limited Frederick Street Properties Limited Pinecrest Properties INC The Street Trader Limited Strategic Property Holding Ltd. Gerald Corporation Ltd. Excess Ltd. Cambridge Capital Management Limited Signet New Capital Markets Fund Ltd Bahamas Capital Management Ltd City Meat Market Limited Kathy Anne-Marie Davis Capital Union Bank Ltd Octane Capital Management Limited Capital Management International Ltd Master Capital Management Ltd. Clariden Leu Capital Management Ltd Cirrus Capital Management Limited Montgomery Capital Management Ltd Cavel Capital Management Company Limited CSB Five Management Company Limited MT & M Holdings Ltd. Gemini Capital Markets LTD Geronimo Capital Marketing Ltd GQ Capital Markets Limited Givex Corporation Grivewood Limited Ministry of Lands and Local Government Lineham Corporation Trade Finance Bank & Trust Limited Banque Havilland (Bahamas) Ltd SG Hambros Bank and Trust (Bahamas) Limited Intercredit Bank & Trust Ltd. Royal Bank Trust Company (Bahamas) Limited Lloyds TSB Bank & Trust (Bahamas) Ltd BNP Paribas Private Bank and Trust Bahamas Ltd The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company (Bahamas) Limited Banco Atlantico (Bahamas) Bank & Trust Limited Fidelity Bank & Trust International Limited Transamerica Bank & Trust Company Ltd UBS Trustees (Bahamas) Ltd Santander Bank & Trust Limited Guaranty Trust Bank Limited Offshore Trust & Banking Corp. Deltec Bank & Trust Limited EFG Bank & Trust (Bahamas) Ltd Banco Santander Trust & Banking Corporation (Bahamas) Ltd. DBC Limited Amber Bank & Trust Ltd. Leadenhall Bank & Trust Company Limited Cuscatlan International Bank & Trust Limited Finter Bank & Trust (Bahamas) Ltd. Macro Bank Limited Riggs Bank & Trust Company (Bahamas) Limited Jersey Private Bank & Trust Nassau Limited Equity Bank and Trust Bahamas Limited Suisse Security Bank & Trust Ltd. BANKAMERICA TRUST & BANKING CORPORATION (BAHAMAS) LTD. Allied Bahamas Insurance Co Ltd Allied Plumbing and Industrial Supplies. Ruber Tech Industries Incorporated James, Timothy Roberta Limited Robert, Theresa Urology Associate Limited (Robert Robins Dr) Bransfield Ltd True Value Pharmaceutical & Medical Supplies Limited CTB Limited Lloyd Tru Limited True Innovations, LLC Sani Holding Ltd Old SRPH, Ltd. Stone Harbour Holding Ltd Southern Cement Holding Bahamas First Holdings Limited Realstar Holdings Limited Old Rocky Holdings Inc. First Capital Holding Company Ltd. First Global Holding Ltd Masterwin Holdings Ltd. Dixstone Holdings Limited Euston Holdings Limited Sandhurst Holdings Limited Stenmark Holdings Ltd. Star Clippers Holding Ltd. SSM holdings LTD Stawley Holding Limited S L Holdings Limited TTR Strategic Holdings Limited Nestle's Holdings Ltd Southern Electric Bahamas Holdings Limited SDG Holding Ltd Santa Barbara Market Neutral Fund (Bahamas) Ltd Raymond Dames First Choice Fresh Market W P Marketing Limited Britex International Limited Biosan International Ltd Bridgewater Worldwide Limited Waterous International Inc C.S.I Ag., Ltd. Bradley International Limited Intelsoft International Ltd Braskem International Limited Brookhall International Limited Brasparts International Limited International Business Corporation Limited Bluestar International Limited Earthwise International, Ltd Benko International Limited Waterlogic International Limited Bellevue International Ltd. Barnel International Ltd Bastogi International Ltd Baxter International Limited Sayana Foil S.A. Global Stainless Corp Templeton Global Advisors Limited Global Gateway Limited Global Enterprises Company Limited Global United Limited Global View Ltd Global International Company Limited Global Consultants Limited Global Investments Ltd Global Interlink Ltd Global Bunkering Ltd Global Networking Ltd. Global Nexus Ltd Global Logistics Ltd 3D Global Advisors Ltd Global Advisors Partners Ltd L.M.S. ENTERPRISES CO. LTD. LMS Enterprise Company Limited Asia Pacific Limited Bahamas Development Bank Cochan Limited Avesta Trading Company Limited Shae Management Limited

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