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Stratus Corporation Builders Warehouse Ltd Techfin Markets Limited 3 Kids Corp Bahamas Ltd. Onyx Partners Limited Philip Alexander Darville Lydda Capital Ltd CSFG RE Holding Ltd Safra Quantitative Global Fund 2 Ltd. SAC Complete Business Systems Ltd Bahamas Property Fund Limited Benchmark (Bahamas) Ltd. Bahamas Concrete Holdings Ltd. Bitrus Limited L2 International Opportunities Fund Ltd. FTX Digital Markets Ltd University Residence Services Bahamas Ltd. Caribbean Gas Storage and Terminal Ltd. Hota-Te Investments Limited Delchain Limited SUAL Partners Ltd. Experta Investment Management Limited Triple A Marine Transport Ltd. OM Shiva Management Holdings Limited Tug Services LTD Hauora Products Limited Chevron Thailand Limited THRILLER BAHAMAS LIMITED Indigo Insurance (Bahamas) Limited Twelve Stones Company SD Investments Ltd Global Research & Marketing Consultants Transfero Asset Management Ltd. Enviroscape Two Thousand Ltd Banca del Sempione (Overseas) Ltd. Mayjo Investments Ltd Carnival Grand Bahama Investments Limited Centreville Medical Centre Limited Crystal Cruises Limited The Greenacre Company Ltd. Darvin Sancho Lamark Cartwright Maxxi's Bahamian Beach Club Byebnk Beyond the Seas LTD Cypher Limited PEVERIL PROPERTIES LIMITED Goodwood Investments Holdings Inc Annan Investments Limited Asset International Limited CoLab Consultants LLC O'cof Securities Limited RCS Trading Corporation Limited Bluewater Entertainment And Hospitality Enterprises Limited D and D Petroleum Limited Brick Street Software International Ltd Bsi Brokers Ltd. Chevron China Limited Chun Sing Properties Holdings Limited Fast Cat Marine (Bahamas) Limited Arcturus management limited Poseidon Commodity Partners Limited Global Investment Resources International Limited Great Success Management Limited Lashtron Investment Inc. Leeward Fund Management Ltd. MMG Global Services Holdings, Ltd. NAV Limited Overseas Management Company (Asia) Limited Pacific Union (Bahamas) Limited South Point Services Limited Woodgate Property Holdings Ltd Chevron Overseas Services Limited Investra Ltd & Werner Schweizer Candler Investments Ltd Dib Lease One Ltd Airlease Twenty Five Ltd Regal Management Inc Sallyfield Securities Limited Agora Capital Holdings Limited Burmilla Investments Limited Eland Technologies Inc A&A Lari Real Estate Holding Limited Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property International Ltd Bandak Investments Ltd Bay Street Corp Adao Services Inc Amecan Management Ltd Beta Funds International Ltd BHM International Group Limited Annenberg Investment Management Ltd Blade Ventures Ltd Blu Trust Blue Bird Management Corporation Trustee Of Tyndall Trust Brentdale Investments Inc Burberry Corporation (Bahamas) Trustees Of Geoffrey Welch Trust Ashberry Management Inc United Stars Hotel Of Bahamas Ltd Business Management Ltd Canamerica Global Inc Fininfor Consultants SA First Nibor Holdings Ltd Avalen Services Ltd Flowgab Ltd Castle Real Estate Corp Gem Global Equities Management SA Axxess International (U K) Holdings Ltd Lisine Properties E Dawson Obertis & F L Weech & L W Melville International Fia Holdings Ltd New Tech Ltd Chalice International Holdings Ltd E Dawson Roberts & F L Weech & E Melville Chandos International Corp E Dawson Roberts & F L Weech & L W Melville Charlton International Traders Ltd W Holdings (Bahamas) Ltd LV LP Shaw Enterprises Corp Shermanbury Investments Limited Magellan Financial Ltd Chesecraft Investments Inc Hillington Investments Noraminvest Ltd Western Management Ltd Investra Ltd I P C O SA Siebels Emerging Markets Technology Fund Ltd Smartcall International Corp R M L Investments Incorporated Management International Ltd Interface Management Nominees Elephant Capital Corp Ocean Dream Group Inc Interface Management Nominees Inc Enic New Media Investments Inc Winnett Investment Ltd Sports Investments Ltd Jaguar Management Ltd Olada Management Corp St James Capital (Bahamas) Corp Kamichi Investments Ltd Woodborough Investments Ltd European Biotech Inc Ripe Consulting Ltd Concord International Inc Evercreto International Inc Woodward & Bradley Corporation Rowland Capital Holdings Ltd Strawberry Fund Ltd (The) Copse Hill Trading Ltd Sassare Asset Management Ltd Kolker Capital Inc Crystal Partners LP T O L (Holdings) Ltd Komet Management Ltd Korkor Holdings Ltd Priorswood Consultants Tchack Limited Priorswood Consultants Ltd Moore Credit Fund (Master) LP Kwela Investments Ltd Private Trust Corp Ltd Private Trust Corporation Ltd L O Z International Property Development Ltd & John Sturgeon Prosper International-Trust Number 8460 L V LP Trans-Marine Engineering & Construction Ltd Mutual Realties Inc N F T Consultancy Narvik Investments Ltd Trivest Investment Group Ltd Trustee Of Iraland Trust Northern Hydrocarbon Funding Limited FALCON PROPERTIES LTD BEST FORTUNE LTD DWTC INVESTMENTS (BAHAMAS) LTD FORTRAN AVIATION LIMITED A&K Travel Group Ltd ZKE Global Limited Cit Holdings Limited GUSS HOLDING AND INVESTMENTS LTD. HUTCHISON BIOFILM MEDICAL SOLUTIONS LIMITED Renova Investment Group Ltd Hutchinson Ports FCP Sonangol Shipping Kulumbimbi Limited Cit Primrose Executives Limited HAMBROS INVESTMENTS LIMITED INTERNATIONAL TRUSTEE HOLDING COMPANY LIMITED INDEX INVESTMENTS LIMITED IR INVESTMENTS LP TRANSMARINE HOLDINGS LTD (BAHAMAS) Coral Ocean Research Group Ltd PACIFIC VENTURES HOLDINGS LIMITED SUNLIGHT DEVELOPMENT LTD INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL SERVICES LTD. NOVELL CONSULTANTS INC SERRAO INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT LTD RED DRAGON FUND LTD. SWAINSONIA INVESTMENTS LIMITED SAVANNAH MIDSTREAM INVESTMENT LIMITED PAPIN S.A. IMD LIMITED FANTOM GROUP INC A.N.D. LIMITED SANTA FE INVESTMENTS LIMITED WHEELER LIMITED CANAMERICAN HOLDINGS LIMITED INDUSTRIE GROUP S A SANTA BARBARA HOLDINGS LTD. SANTA ROSA INV. & ARBITRAGE LTD. GOLDEN ANKA LIMITED CULPEPPER INVESTMENT GROUP LTD EAST BAY TRADING LTD. BPS LIMITED M.B. HOLDINGS LIMITED DELTA CONSULTING INC INVESTRA LIMITED SPC LIMITED APEX COMPANY LIMITED ANALOG ASSOCIATES LTD DELTA INVESTMENT CORPORATION FX-MONDIAL LTD GREENWOOD HOTEL COMPANY LTD. HIGH TIDE HOLDINGS LTD MOMENTUM INVESTMENT LTD PRETTY PINK FOX HOLDING LTD. Radiant Solutions Ltd SOUND CRATE GROUP LTD. ST. LEO LTD TRISTAN LIMITED ABACO BIG BIRD LTD. CT TOO LIMITED FERGS SURVEILLANCE & SECURITY LTD. INTERSTATE BAHAMAS HOTEL MANAGEMENT LIMITED SANTA CLARA INV. & ARBITRAGE LTD PHARMATRANS INC. BLUE POSTAL LTD. EVERGREEN GROWTH TRADING CORPORATION CANI LTD. MOUNTAINVIEW HOLDINGS SERVICES INC. YVES LIMITED FOREX HOLDING CORP. SAB LTD ART INTERNATIONAL INC. BRITANNIA CORPORATE HOLDINGS LIMITED STARGATE SYSTEMS INC. TORTOGA INVESTMENTS LTD YVES SERVICES INC. GORGIER LIMITED

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