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Jetshop Group Limited Green View Corporation Green View Finance Offshore Limited Green Fairmont Financial Corp Green Vision Holdings Limited Green Way Premier Inc Green Feet S.A. Green World Furniture Co., Ltd Green Frontier Global Limited Canopy Properties Holdings Limited Persepolis Properties Limited Omega Prepaid Ltd Uni Analytics Xtra Futures Fund Ltd Preparation (BVI) Ltd Pierrepoint International Limited Derosa International Limited Global-Tech Appliances Inc Global-Tech Advanced Innovations Inc Netstar Group Holding Limited Tech Data Interactive Technology Limited Thackeray Investments Limited NORTH AMERICAN CREDIT CORPORATION Anglogold South America Limited Dar Al Tarbawiyoun House Of Education Ltd Unicorn Power International Limited Colorado Holding Corporation Cafe de Coral Development Limited Comp.Com & Export Rosa Ltd Co-Win Consultancy Limited Compania Internacional Financiera S.A. Co-Links Tech. Co., Ltd. C O R Consulting Limited Port De Commerce S.A. Compania de Perforaciones Rio Colorado S.A. Ducom Trading Ltd. Internet Network Services (Holdings) Limited East Network Ltd South Network Ltd Internet Plus Networks Ltd Connect Network Technology Limited NewCrest Networks Ltd Bazaa Networks Limited Insight Networks Inc Ltd Benlee International Ltd Bettan Enterprises Limited Jet Pacific Limited Jeanetta International Limited Jet Power Technology Company Limited Jet Safety Holding Limited Jet One Technology (HK) Limited Jet Group Russia Ltd Jet Growth Limited Asia Jet Holding Inc Jet Consultants Aviation Services Ltd Executive Jet Group Limited Jet Finance Holding Limited Jet 20-076 Corp Ltd Jet Air (Asia) Limited Jet Master Limited Jetty Group Corp Cristal Jet Management Ltd Jet Move Limited World Unique International Limited Jet Telecom Ltd. IIT-JET Limited Iron Mountain Enterprises Limited Shengquan Energy Oil and Gas Group Company Limited Campana Venture Limited Walie Holdings Ltd. Top Peak International Worldwide Inc Peak Petroleum International Inc Crystal Waters International Ltd. Crystalline Corporation Cross Trade and Investment Co., Ltd Peak Performance International Limited Maple Peak International Limited Smart Peak International Limited Crystalline Prestige Investments Limited Crystalplaza Limited International Trading Capital Corp Anglo Energy Holdings Limited Leaders Energy Holding Co Limited Yingli Green Energy (International) Holding Company Limited Energy Asia Holdings Ltd Ros-Euro Energy International Holding Ltd Energy Resources (Holdings) Limited Kappa Energy Holdings Limited Videocon Global Energy Holdings Limited Viking Energy Holdings Ltd. Hilong Energy Holding Limited GoGo Energy Holdings Limited Sinogreen Energy Holding Ltd. Precious Energy Holdings Ltd. Impact Energy Holdings Limited Energy Holding Steel Division Ltd Union Energy Holdings Ltd. Tullow (EA) Holdings Limited BFG Investments Ltd Urban Parking (Holdings) Limited Mercuria Energy Group Holding Ltd Torchplus Energy Holding Corporation Axion Energy Holding Ltd. Simec UK Energy Holdings Ltd EcoSmart Energy Holdings Limited Xinyi Energy Holdings Limited Dingtone Technologies Inc Dingtone, Inc. AA London Properties Limited A&A Albert House Limited A-Land International Limited Asia Healthcare, Inc. A&A London Five Limited Global Custodian Limited Linex Intertrade Ltd LCY Investments Corp LHMW Investment Corporation Logistics Insurance Ltd Lynco Investments Ltd Limrock Holdings Limited Linrock Holdings Limited Langhton Investments S.A. Latitude Investments Limited Lanester Investments Limited Lafone Investment Limited Lantech Investment Limited Langton Investments Limited Lanzarote Investments Limited Lunik Invest Corp Linwood Industries Limited Linerock Investments Ltd. Lyonnaise Investments Ltd Linekong Holdings Limited Lozari Investments Ltd. Lowther Investments Limited Minth Holdings Limited Liniar Consulting Limited Longerview Investments Limited Watersey Limited United Medical Enterprises Group Limited Winsway (China) Petrochemicals Logistics Company Limited Wavecrest Group Enterprises Limited Delta International Enterprises Group Ltd Easter Group Enterprise Inc Horizon Group Enterprises Ltd Halewinner International Limited Beijing Enterprises Group (BVI) Company Limited Eternity Nice Enterprises Limited Hong Kong Joyway Enterprise Group Limited PCS Trading Ltd European Enterprises Group Limited Wavecrest Communications Group (BVI) Limited Silver Spirit Group Enterprises Corp. Omega Group Enterprises Ltd Planeta Enteprises Group Ltd. Isolink Group Enterprises Ltd Jebsee Enterprises Group Limited World Enterprise Group, Ltd. Petra Group Enterprises Ltd Juniper Group Enterprises Limited Good Enterprise Group Limited Intelligent Universal Enterprise Ltd Evernice Enterprises Group Limited Channels Group Enterprises Limited Pavilion Capital Investments Limited Refined Success Limited Saba Rock Resort Company Ltd Tung Fong Hung Medicine (BVI) Limited Cheung Hung Holdings Limited Minghung Investment Ltd. Yip's Chemical (BVI) Limited Ministry of Education and Culture Chung Yi Enterprise (Holdings) Limited Hungta Company Limited Hung Hing Enterprise Ltd Arc International, Ltd. Arc Minerals Limited Amur Minerals Corporation Arc Rating Holdings Limited Scarpa Worldwide Limited Simmons Asia Limited Surewin Asia Limited Stadium Asia Ltd Softbrain Asia Ltd Starcrest Import Export Limited Starcrest Marketing Associates Limited Asia Star International PTE Ltd Asia Star Container Lines Limited SINO ASIA LTD. Sparko Asia Limited SinoPac Asia Limited Starship Constellation Inc. Eternal Holdings Limited Strategic Alliances Corporation Starsign Investments Limited Staroc Smic Asia Limited Starstruck Ltd Starcrest Capital Partners (BVI) Limited Skywind Asia Limited Starship Leisure 62 Limited Sanergy Asia Ltd. SCP Asia Limited Banana Trading Corporation Banana Leaf Holdings Limited Sananna Trading Limited Nana Business Ltd Agrofruit Holdings Corp. Santana Oil Corp Tanam Holdings Limited Lantana Properties Limited Shanti Holdings Limited Kenson Investment Limited Kenyon Trading Corp Kenneth Trade Corp Keno Investments Limited Kenco Limited Keenzone Limited Kenzo Capital, Inc Akento Projects Ltd. Ken Overseas SA Transocean Reefer Lines Ltd. TELECOM (NO. 1) SERVICE LIMITED Northern Offshore Energy Ltd. Ophir Indonesia (North East Bangkanai) Limited Nergy Telecom SA Molesto Investments Ltd. Talsdan Investment Ltd. Sun Wah Food Holding Limited Hotel Holdings (BVI) Limited Taita (BVI) Holding Co., Ltd OM Holdings (B.V.I.) Limited Maxxis Holdings (BVI) Co., Ltd IDT Holdings (BVI) Limited Powertech Holding (B.V.I.) Inc. Auecc (BVI) Holdings Limited CGPC (BVI) Holding Co., Ltd. Clariano Holding INC, BVI Saxon (BVI) Holdings Limited FX Holdings (BVI) Unlimited China Foods (Holdings) Limited Ichia Holding (BVI) Co. Ltd SinoCom Holdings (BVI) Limited ICT Holding (BVI) Ltd Oneport Holdings (BVI) Limited Lenovo Holdings (BVI) Limited CIMC Holdings (B.V.I.) Limited Trauson Holdings (BVI) Company Limited CJ (BVI) Holding Limited Allegiance (BVI) Holdings Co. Ltd Fast Food Holdings Limited Alsace Associates Inc. GCG Investments Limited ABH Financial Limited Alpine Flower Limited ALP Interactive Limited British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority Pai Sheng International Ltd Alpine Estates Limited Alpine High International Ltd Finance Consult Limited Basic International Holdings Ltd Alpine Universal Ltd Alpine Swift Limited Alpine Securities Limited Alpina International Ltd Soira Investments Limited Silver Links Investments Ltd. Grand Hotel and Investments Limited Lithea Inc Lutea Limited Bay Asia Limited Baye Limited Sunbay Company Limited Tradebays Limited Legin Bay Limited Bay View Limited Green Cartridge Company Limited Cottonbay Limited Bayberry Inc Baycliff Limited Cliffbay Limited Baystrategy Limited Boytonbay Limited Pythonbay Limited Sewellbay Corp Well Honour International Enterprise Limited East Honour Inc Honour Services Limited Honour Achieve Limited Takamatsu Limited Baring Private Equity Asia VI Holding (6) Limited Fancy Beauty Limited Foremost Star Inc Fancy Star Trading Limited Fancys Enterprises Corp Jovial City Investments Limited Jovial Elite Limited Jovial Time Investments Limited La Manga Villas Limited Continental Financial Holding Corporation Pan-Continental Holdings Ltd General Fund Limited Florens International Limited Alfa Construction Contractors & Materials Ltd Paul Y. Management Contracting Group Limited Continuum Consulting Limited Containerboard, Inc. Ontario Inc. Belgravia Continental Holdings Limited Intercontinental Consulting Ltd. Incontro Ltd Contadora Limited. Contract Consultancy Corporation Three Continents Holdings Limited ContactBook Ltd. Contrast Holdings Limited Leconte Ltd. Expreem Ltd BONDWELL INTERCONTINENTAL HOLDINGS LIMITED Belconta Corporation Plascontec Ltd PV Ventures Ltd. Kimi Ltd Weina Group Limited Kimanda Limited Masterview Enterprises Limited Marping Enterprises Limited Mass Success Enterprises Limited Marbury Enterprises Limited Coppertone Enterprises Limited Mobicon-Mantech Holdings Limited Shepherd Enterprises Co., Ltd. Prime Start Ltd Cebile Corporation Catominga Corporation Catot Limited Abony Investments S.A. Gismart Limited Gemfair Investments Limited China Empire Holdings Limited Central Tec Asia Limited. Alco Wky Holdings Limited Alco Holdings Limited CS Logistics Holdings Ltd. ITC (Nominees) Limited R&H Trust Co (BVI) Ltd Shellbourne Trust Corporation Trident Trust Company (BVI) Limited Sable Trust Limited Shirley Trust Company Limited Tricor Equity Trustees Limited Just 4 US Ltd. Sec-Times Holdings Ltd Same Time International (BVI) Limited Time Deposit Investment Corp Crystal Times Limited Good Times Enterprises Limited Time First Limited Time Trademark Limited Bright Time Limited Time Wheel (China) Limited Right on Time Limited Regent Time International Limited Aero Time Limited Time Great International Limited Terrific Times Incorporated European Time Management S.A. Time and Data Processing Limited Alltime Services Limited On Time Worldwide Logistics Limited Timed Co., Ltd. Billion Time Holdings Limited Timex Holdings Co., Ltd Times Trademark Limited Flourish Time Limited Timefix Ltd. Timefaith Enterprise Limited Titanium Group Limited Times Pacific Group Limited Tours Group Inc TDF Group Limited Tolaram Group Inc. Transchemical Group Ltd Dreamtime Group Ltd PB Management Holding Limited Wisetime Group Limited Topvantage Group Limited Trademetal Group S.A. TAO Group Corp. Topaz Group Limited Tempo Group Limited TFASA Group Limited Tuscola Group Limited TheYun Group Co. Ltd. TLF Group Ltd. Tescott Group Limited Terralife Group Incorporated Truelight Group Ltd Telegram Group Inc. Tetrion Group Limited Junifler Limited Barkgate Enterprises Limited Killarney Enterprises Ltd Citex International Ltd Citex Traders Inc. Figueres Trading Corp. Ajwad Alliance Inc. New Empire Int'l Limited Universal Technology International Limited Real Empire International Limited Universal International Max Ltd Universal Field International Limited Universal Investments (International) Limited Universal Petroleum International (Vietnam) Holding Co., Ltd Universal Utilities International Inc. Universal Metals International Limited Universal Hope International Limited Eagle Legacy Limited Oxshott Investments Limited Pomegranate Investments Ltd Wah Ming Hong Holdings Limited Pico International (China) Ltd International Energy Trading Company Limited Rich China Industrial International Limited Wonder China International Limited Ever China International (Holding) Limited Taiwan Associated Group Limited Inter Energy Limited China Wheel International Limited Mocoh Energy International Limited NORDICO ENERGY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Energy International Ltd Crudex Energy International Ltd Galaxy Energy International Ltd China Orchid International Limited China Capital International Limited China International Energy Sources Group Co. Ltd China Jiangsu International Limited Chin Shan International Limited Atop China International Limited Telecom International China Co. Ltd. Energy Drilling International Limited China Aviation International Holding Co., Ltd. China Minerals Energy Limited Chinaberry Enterprises Ltd Chindex Export Limited CIC Energy Corp A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd CF Envision Capital Co., Ltd. C.H.M.T. Peaceful Development Asia Property Limited China Global Energy & Resources Ltd CEPM Energy Ltd. PetraOil & Energy Limited China England Company Limited Allied Power Inc Global Capital Power Holding Limited Power Capital Ventures Limited Power Capital Global Limited Power Capital Ltd Ren Alliance Ltd MPC Finance Investments Inc. Onexim Group Limited East Exim Ltd. FCA Comexim Ltd Camara Exim Ltd Comtrade Exim Limited Onexim Group Management Limited Market Go Profits Limited GeoProMining Ltd Ecopro Consult International Ltd Jabil Circuit (BVI) Inc. Gavs Technologies Limited GBM Technology Co., Ltd GDC Technology Limited Goldwiz Technology Limited Gama Technology Limited Miralty Consulting Ltd Moondawn International Corporation Bremer Trading Limited En + Management Limited Delta Holding Business Aliance Limited Charter Alliance Limited Caumont Finance Limited Crystal Alliance Limited Caulwynd Alliance Corp Excel True Holdings Limited Gew Holdings Ltd Excellent Gold Limited Excel Good Limited Excel Wealth Enterprises Limited Excel Energy Trading Limited Excel Group Ltd. Excel Concept Limited Excel Loyal International Limited Excel Step Investments Limited Excellent Properties Limited Excel Venture Holdings Limited Cobra Management Services Ltd Excellency Group Inc Excel International Management Limited Excellent Holdings Ltd Beyond Excellent Limited Power Base Enterprises Ltd. Excellence Raise Overseas Limited Excel Lead Enterprises Corporation Excel Smart Group Limited Excel Crown Investments Limited Excel Billion Inc. Excellence Prosperity Ltd. Enterprises Barbican Inc. Arabella Group Limited Athlon Securities Limited Aic Group Corporation Atlanta Group Corp Apical Group Limited AMTD Group Company Limited Aragon Group Inc. Azeed Group Inc. Athlon New Limited Acuma Group Limited Alpari Group Ltd Abelson Group Limited Gamepark Investments Limited Augmentive Group Inc Anturag Group LTD Assage Group Ltd. Acaii Group Co. , Ltd Acerchen Group Limited Aroma Group Limited ARCHS Group Limited Abstract Group Ltd. Avtec Group Inc. AVONDALE GROUP LIMITED AMARTHA GROUP LIMITED Amz Group Limited KNIGHTSBRIDGE REALTY LTD. Branksome Ventures Limited Kohl Holdings Limited Brina Ventures Inc Bionco Ventures Ltd Compa˝ia Asesora de Empresas S.A. Commodity Online Limited Constellation Overseas Ltd Contempo Overseas Limited Countisbury Overseas Inc. Cogan Overseas Limited Coy (2009) Limited Coranar Overseas Ltd RTC Management Limited Flex Resources Inc Powercom Inc. International Solar Services Limited Oceanstar Investment Company Ltd Normet Metals Ltd Diamond Group International Limited Virginella Limited Virgin Chemicals Ltd Virgin Group Investments Limited Virgin Gorda Transport Limited Virgin Traders Limited Virgin Investments Limited Virgo Entertainment Limited Virgin Teanda Co., Ltd. K.V.E. (Virgin) Trading Company Limited Axis Asset Management Limited Praxis Energy Agents SA Axis Capital Partners Limited Prags Industrial Company Limited Capri Holdings Limited Castlerock Fund, Ltd. Whitebox L/S Equity Fund Ltd Seminole Opportunity Fund, Ltd. AB Fund of Funds Limited Caprio Holding S.A. Discus International Ltd. Capreol Holdings Limited DVA Global All-Cap Fund Ltd. Juvenescence Limited Anta International Group Holdings Limited Veryan Consultants Ltd Ariya Limited Dikarya Investments Inc Sonnet Holdings Limited Skill On Net LTD Sonnet Global Limited Soneva Limited Six Senses (BVI) Limited Olmax Global Investment C/O HRT Service Holman Limited Holman Enterprises S.A. Three Commas Ltd Ouse Investments Limited Dal Hospitality Ltd Dalahousie Consultants Ltd. Murviel Trading Limited Business Potential Limited Project Business Ltd Portstar Business Corp Harris Park Limited Harris Worldwide Ltd Highlander Worldwide Limited HoldCrest Worldwide Ltd Heathfield Worldwide Limited HX Worldwide Company limited Moniex Investments, Ltd. Casco Petroleum Middle East Limited DLF International Hospitality Corp S.A. Blue Central Capital Ltd Polybless Inc. FuturesOne Innovative Capital Pool, Ltd. Bluebell Trading Company S.A. Blue Sky Capital Properties Ltd Blue Meadows Limited San Miguel Pure Foods Investment (BVI) Limited Blue Energy Ltd Blue Web Company Ltd Blue Swan Incorporated Blue Oil Limited Blue Road Company Ltd Blue Adonis Corporation TypeApp Inc. Blue Elite Ltd. Blue Mail Inc. Bluebell Overseas Limited Bellblue Limited Bluerock Portfolio Ltd. Blue Bird Intertrade Inc Blue Night Limited Blue Moon Partners Ltd CLC ENTERPRISES CO LTD Gunnerside Estates Limited Cole Enterprises Holdings Limited New Dragon Mercantile Limited Schmidt Development Fund For Vietnam Limited Coland International Inc Cool Enterprises Limited Ecolet Enterprises Ltd Clover Enterprises Ltd Complete Enterprises Company Limited Colmet International Ltd Colinton Investments Limited Clymer Enterprises Ltd Cohen Enterprises Inc. Cortez Enterprises Ltd Corich Enterprises Inc Colmet ltd Collective Elite Limited Coborn Enterprises Limited Cantik Enterprises Limited Group DF Limited Group Df Titanium Ltd Zafco Holdings Limited Lar Trading Corp. Black Bull Investments Ltd Long Acre Realty Investment I Limited Xiu Long Ind LTD. LONG CHAIN INVESTMENTS LTD Luen Cheong Holdings Limited Long Investment Co., Ltd Tai Fong Long International Company Longchamp Holdings Limited LNG Investments Limited Long Tai Hong (Holding) Limited Long Acre Realty Investment III Limited Longain Trading Limited Long Surplus Investments Limited Long Acre Realty Investments IV Limited Long Acre Realty Investments II Limited Long Acre Realty Investment V Limited Honour Label Investments Limited Long Investment Management International Limited Li Hing International (Overseas) Enterprise Limited Longmead Properties Limited Longmax Assets Ltd. Long Tai Investments Limited Rise Honour Investments Limited Cosco Industrial Investments Limited Cosco Trading and Supply Investments Limited CCT Industrial Limited Cosco International Construction Limited Kindly Industries Corp B. Grimm Industrial Investments Corporation Cosco (HK) Freight Service Holdings Ltd Caltec Consulting Ltd Chimes Consultancy Limited Consort Commercials Limited Consorcio Cromolux Corp CHALTON CONSULT INC Cruise Consultant Limited Cioma Consulting Limited Caribe Consultants Limited Chancery Consultants Inc. Citibridge Consulting Ltd Carrandene Consultants Limited Colwood Consultants Limited Courtside Consultants Limited Celestine Consultancy Limited GEOS Worldwide Limited Cormoran Consulting Limited Capaalex consulting ltd Churchill Consulting Limited Cerval Consulting Ltd. Selberg Products Ltd Bithel Holdings Inc. GUILDEN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Globalize International Ltd GlobalTex International Limited Granden International Ltd Grandline International Limited Westerngeco International Limited Questnet Ltd Grotex International Ltd. GlenGulf International Limited GWANTSI International Limited GWR-International Ltd. Garnet International Corp Goodsmart International Limited Goodricke International Limited Luxurious Hotels & Resorts Limited Grafworld International Inc Goodbox International Co., Ltd. Gaber International Ltd Gawayne International Limited Gulf Ventures Group Corporation Greatsound International Limited Goucheng International Co Ltd Grape International Limited Gio International Inc. Gordes International Limited Centro Publisher Limited Mana Overseas Inc. Henwish International Limited SUPER BLISS INVESTMENT LIMITED Smart Orient Investments Limited Super Champ Enterprises Inc Super Star Industry Co., Ltd Super Day Enterprises Limited Super Grace Enterprises Limited Digit Global Systems Limited Orient Lands Enterprises Limited Orient Industry Co., Ltd Orient Investment Properties Ltd Orient Investment Partners Limited Xinyu Hengdeli Investments Limited Super Best Investments Limited Super Innovative Limited DTS (BVI) Limited Superiority Enterprise Corp Super Honorable Limited Super Ocean investment Limited Sino Ling Tao Resources Limited Blue Tower Ventures Inc. BHP Billiton Australia UK Finance Limited BHP Billiton Finance Australia Limited South32 Group (BVI) Limited BHP Billiton UK Investments Limited BHP Billiton UK Holdings Limited Sunset Diamonds Limited South32 (BVI) Limited Riche U.K. Holdings Limited UK Capital Holdings Limited Bamboo Green Holdings (UK) Ltd. Pans (UK) Holdings Limited Chalhoub Group Limited Fresh Horizons Ltd Colliers International NIS Limited Cheung Kong Infrastructure Finance (BVI) Limited European Finance Development Corporation International Finance Continental Compan Cross & Trade Finance Commodities Ltd Financial Consultants Ltd. Montel Casinos Invetments and Consulting Limited Interglobe Financial Consultants Inc. Advantage Finance European Futures Fund Ltd Future in Finance Ltd Trade Finance Consortium Ltd P&SZ Financial and Consulting Ltd Global Financial Contracts Ltd Kaniere Finance Ltd Cinque Terre Financial Group Limited Road King Infrastructure Finance (2004) Limited URI Finance Limited Augustine Financial Consulting Limited Einco Capital Corporation Finco Investments Holdings Limited Benmore Financial Corp. Arod Investments Inc. Golden Cool Industrial Limited Hector Finance Group Limited Henke Properties Limited Equator Finance Holdings Limited Finco Capital Limited Cacique International Limited Stenham Gestinor Corporate Finance Limited MANSOR FINANCE LIMITED Alpha Strategy Finance Limited Jean-Louc Simon Bakery Limited Combined Bakery Holdings Ltd Bakery-Fourno Ltd Baker Enterprises Investment S.A. AKRAM International Ltd Baker Group Services Limited Akron Worldwide Group Ltd Amautage Global Limited Ainsley Global, Corp Ainsworth Global Limited Astoria Global Limited ABN Global Ltd HAC Investments International Limited Amedia Global Limited Avatar Globe Limited Acecom Global Limited Atent Global Ltd. iDeals Solutions Group S.A. Agroglobe Investment Ltd. Asiavantage Global Limited Anaheim Global Ltd. Avocent Global Inc. Magic Streaming Limited ABI Global Ltd AMBASSADOR GLOBAL LIMITED Lindale Investments Holdings Unlimited Strong Crown Trading Limited Hokkaido Onsen Resorts Limited B-Finance Ltd. Alpha Asset Investments Limited Alpha Innovation Invest Co., Ltd. Alpha Heritage Investments Limited Alpha Investgroup Corporation Alpha Industrial Co., Ltd. ARMADA MAHAKAM LIMITED Mercer East Investment Inc. Islitl Limited Punta Crescent Limited Silver Crest Enterprises Limited Crescent Beach Holdings Limited Watson's Personal Care Stores (Europe) Limited Sea Crescent Limited East Crest International Limited Asia Renal Care Philippines Holdings Ltd. Asia Renal Care Asia Pacific Holdings Ltd. European Care & Lifestyles Group Limited Care Supply Limited Eagle Crest (Maidstone) Limited Eagle Crest (Folkestone) Limited Eagle Crest (Consett) Limited Kings Crest Limited Paragon International Customer Care Limited Achiever Group (Holdings) Limited Eagle Crest (Portsmouth) Limited Rising Crescent Enterprises Limited Crosby Corporate Advisory Ltd Crescent Corporate Services Limited Quill Crest Limited China Resources Snow Breweries Limited Crest Cove International S.A. Eagle Crest (Wolverhampton) Limited Eagle Crest (Sunderland) Limited GAA Global Asset Allocation Corp Universal Relocation Systems Limited GAA Marketing Limited Global Allocation Fund Ltd. Victory Ovation Pte Ltd Alpha Equity Global Long/Short Offshore Fund Ltd. Lockton Assets Limited Stenham Gestinor-Ovation Capital Investments Limited Animation Limited Global Tape Technologies Ltd Global Technical Investments Inc Global Smart Technology Limited The Hon Group Holdings Limited Samtel Global Technologies Limited Global Technology & Sports Limited Tech One Global Limited Ai Suma Global Limited Southern Coast Ventures Inc Asia Commercial Property Holdings Limited Prosper Property Limited Purple River International Holdings Limited Strand Property Holding Limited Eastern Property Holdings Limited Racing Holdings Limited Capital Property Holdings Inc. Old Park Lane Property Investments Ltd. Combrink Property Holding Inc. Laws Property Holdings Limited Phoenix Property Holdings PTE Ltd GHG 4 (BVI Property Holdings) Limited GHG 26 (BVI Property Holdings) Limited China Oceanwide Property Holdings Limited GHG 14 (BVI Property Holdings) Limited Karelia Properties Holdings Limited Gruben Property Holding Inc. GHG 2008 4A (BVI Property Holdings) Limited GHG 2008 2A (BVI Property Holdings) Limited Redsun Properties Group (Holdings) Limited Zhan Rui Investments Limited Purple Financial Holdings Inc Marque Technologies Limited Gemmy Holding Ltd Olympia International Holdings Ltd. Inter-Biopharm Holding Limited CSC International Holdings Ltd. ARTIN INTERNATIONAL (HOLDINGS) LTD Real Holdings International Limited K.S.T. International Holdings Limited Compal International Holdings Co., Ltd BCS Holding International Limited BEAVER INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED Superior Holdings International Limited Diligentum International Holdings Limited Dunwell International Holdings Limited Savannah Holdings International Ltd Odessa International Holdings Limited Gloria Holdings International Inc Silvertown International Holdings Limited Huntington Holdings International Co. Ltd. SMP Holdings International Incorporated International Telecommunication Holdings Limited Winfair International Holdings Limited Worldcity International Holdings Ltd. Bora International Holdings Limited Hehui International Holdings Limited Benefit Holdings International Limited Sonatrach International Holdings Corporation Aegis Assets Limited Aviemor Assets Limited Twenty Alpha Limited Archton Assets Limited Arkvinton Assets Ltd. AMP Assets Limited Doublebay Properties Limited Sun City Land development (Overseas) Co Ltd Rising Sun Development Ltd 001 Asset Management Corp 001Invest World Currency Fund limited 100 Lives Limited Hundred Holdings Limited Landmark Deal Limited Lyndale Holdings Limited Landal Worldwide Corp Asset Legend Limited Talent Assets Limited Lentino Assets S.A. Luckyview Assets Ltd. Chilton European International (BVI) Ltd European Centre for Natural Health Limited Stern Trade & Finance Inc Blue Earth Refineries Inc Polo Resources Limited Thrace Basin Natural Gas (Turkiye) Corporation China Seanergy Natural Gas Investment Ltd Omega Tel Limited Saturn Investment Trading Ltd Natural Holdings Co., Ltd. Greenacre Natural Resources Limited Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour China Petroleum & Natural Gas Int'l Investment Limited KrisEnergy Holding Company Ltd Good Turn International Co., Ltd Nature Green Investments Ltd Natural Gas Technologies Limited Natural Force Limited Satum Trading, Ltd Nature & Health International Co., Ltd. POLY-GCL Petroleum Investments Limited SELENE MANAGEMENT LIMITED Sapphire Global Holdings Limited Protek Global Holdings Ltd Digitek Global Holdings Limited Miles Global Holdings Limited Cheyne Capital Holdings Limited Pan Global Holding Co., Ltd. Global Switch Holdings Limited Boardwalk Capital Holdings Limited Fieldstone Capital Holdings Limited Cheltenham Capital Holdings Limited Malacca Capital Holdings Limited Global Group Holdings Ltd. Telstra Global Holdings Limited Advantage Global Holdings Limited Global Capital Universal Limited Serviceone Global Holdings Limited Newmark Capital Holdings Limited R&R Holdings Limited Leader Capital Holdings Limited Silks Global Holding, Limited Perfect Capital Global Limited Faulkner Global Holdings Limited SNH Global Holdings Limited Joy Capital Holdings Limited Pamela Corporation Score Trade Ltd. PRIME WORLD INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LTD. Singtel Australia Investment Ltd Kai Nan (BVI) Investment Co., Ltd. Nemis Industries Corp

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