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Search a company in South Korea with your criteria (trade name, adress, Korean registry number...). provides business and credit information about Korean firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Korean register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in South Korea, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Korean company.

Servertek. Server Bank Server Zone Co., Ltd. Serverside Co., Ltd. Servermate Co., Ltd. server.korea Server Way Co., Ltd. Server Bank Co.,Ltd. Server Bada Co., Ltd. Server Land Co., Ltd. Server korea Server Bel Co., Ltd. Server Seu Neoway Naeway Co.,Ltd. DONGYANG GLS CO.,LTD. HANMIN INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. Chunghan Chem International Co., Ltd. HAN MIN INTERNATIONAL CHEMICAL INC J&J INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. J INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. J&Investment Co., Ltd. J Investment Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Management Co., Ltd. Value Asset Co.,Ltd. Korea Value Asset Management Co.,Ltd. VI ASSET MANAGEMENT KOREA CO.,LTD Korea Investment Corporation KOREA INVESTMENT CO., LTD Korea Asset Invest Korea Asset Management Invest Co., Ltd. Korea Asset Investment Management Co., Ltd. Korea Asset Management Company Co., Ltd. Value Asset Management Co., Ltd. Value Asset Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Asset Value Co., Ltd. COSMAX NBT, INC. Cosmax Korea Co., Ltd MIRAE ASSET DAEWOO Co., Ltd. MIRAE ASSET LOAN CO.,LTD. Mirae Asset Co.,Ltd. Mirae Asset Co., Ltd. MIRAE ASSET DAEWOO SPECIAL PURPOSE ACQUISITION 1 CO., LTD Mirae Ro Asset Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Credit Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Daewoo Opeotyuneotisamo Investment Mirae Asset Daewoo Heonteoseusamo Investment Mirae Asset Daewoo Invest The 1st Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Daewoo Global Jeilhosamotuja Mirae Asset Daewoo Korea Jeihosamotuja Mirae Asset Daewoo Special Purpose Company 3Ho Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Daewoo Special Purpose Acquisition 4 Company Mirae Asset Daewoo Special Purpose Company 5Ho Co., Ltd. Multi Asset Co.,Ltd. Multi Asset Investment Co., Ltd. Maor Co.,Ltd. HANJIN TRADING CORP. HANJIN TRADING CO LTD HANJIN TRADING CORPORATION Hanjin Trading Co.,Ltd. Hanjin Trading HANJIN TRADING CO. JIN SUNG ELECTRONIC CO LTD Jin Sung Electric Jinsung Electric Jinsung Electric Co., Ltd.. H-LINE Shipping Co., Ltd. HLS Service Co., Ltd. Hyundai LNG Shipping Co., Ltd. H&L System Co., Ltd. HL SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. H Loan H Line Company Co., Ltd. H&Company Loan Co., Ltd. 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SHIN-YOUNG METAL Shin Young Management System Co., Ltd. Shinhan Young Management Wa Korea Co., Ltd. PRO WASH CO. Washington Doctor Wash Wash WASHINGTON CO. W.A CO., LTD. Wash Up Korea Co., Ltd. ESK Asset Co., Ltd. Es The Kitchen ES Kob Co., Ltd. Esk Film Co., Ltd. Esk Shpping Co., Ltd. Hanafos e-Creation System, Inc. HS Loan Co., Ltd. HSL Tour Co., Ltd. HSL Consulting HSL Cosmetic Co., Ltd. HSL Partners Co., Ltd. HS Lighting Ace Memory Co., Ltd. Memory Memory A Ra Memory A Memory Games Co., Ltd. MEMORY CO LTD Genome & Medicine G.C&Company Co., Ltd. G.C Company Co., Ltd. IJ INC Co., Ltd. IJ Company Co., Ltd. The IJ Co., Ltd. IJ International Co., Ltd. I&J International Co., Ltd. IJ IJ&CO.,INC. IJ Networks HM & C Co., Ltd. HM&C Co., Ltd. HMC Changil International Co., Ltd. Changil INT Co.,Ltd. Chungil Industrial Co., Ltd. Changlee Design Chungil Industrial FZ CO.,LTD. YDK COMPANY YDK Company Co., Ltd. YDK Korea Co., Ltd. YDK & PARTNERS YD Kos Co., Ltd. Samsung Co.,Ltd. BRID CO.,LTD. Brit Co., Ltd. British Motors Co., Ltd. BRITISH PROPERTY CO.,LTD. British Education Co., Ltd. Briton BRITCENT Inc. BRITH CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. DS2., ltd. DS 2 Co., Ltd. IN N KOREA Co., Ltd. Anz C & I AnZ International Co.,Ltd. Cornerstone Equity Partners Co., Ltd. The Cornerstone Company Cornerstone E&M Inc. CORNERSTONE INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. Cornerstone Realty Co.,Ltd. CORNERSTONE KCC CO.,LTD. CORNERSTONE67 Co., LTD. Cornerstone Co.,Ltd. CORNERSTONE INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. Cornerstone Advisors, Inc. Cornerstone NHN Global Growth 1st PEF Cornerstoneidea Co.,Ltd Cornerstone Development lnc. Yoo Lim Corp. Yoonjin Co., Ltd. YOO JIN SA CO., LTD. Standard Chartered Bank Korea Limited. Standard Chartered Private Equity Korea 2 Standard Chartered Securities Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Standard Chartered Bank Cheongryangri Branch Korea Standard Chartered Bank Jangandong Branch Equinor South Korea Co., Ltd. C&AI LK Co Co., Ltd. LK Corporation Co., Ltd. LK Construction Material Co., Ltd. Dealer Korea Co., Ltd. Robi Tivoli company Co., Ltd. Tivoli C&C Co., Ltd. CJ EMB CO.,LTD. KIA Motors Car Clinic Jeonnong Agency Digital Plaza Co., Ltd. Digita Plaza Co. Canon Digital Plaza Dasong Digital Plaza Co., Ltd. Shinsung Co. Gaya Trading Co., Ltd. GAYA TRADE INC I S B C Co., Ltd. ICFK Co., Ltd. Ijipex ICHIPS Co., Ltd. Isubaek Dental Clinic ISVC Ijabez Co., Ltd. ICEBOXTEAM Ispak Co., Ltd. IKVIZCOM CO., LTD. Jung Sung Corp. SUN JUNG CO.,LTD Sae Sung Jung Co., Ltd. Yoon, Jung Sun Soon Heung Co.,Ltd. Jung Won Corp Sam Jung Corporation JUNG SOO CO LTD Lee, Jung Soon SEO JUNG CO., LTD. Soo Jung Metal Co, Ltd SHIN JUNG EpiaTech Co.,Ltd E Po I Tech Co., Ltd. Epitus Technology Co., Ltd. Eptech Co.,Ltd. EPOTECH CO.,LTD. E&P Information Technology Co., Ltd. Epotech Shinhan Inspection Co., Ltd.. TULIIPINTERNATIONAL Soonjung Gold Han Sung Taisan Racing Co., Ltd. Chunma Corporation Junyung Tech Co., Ltd. Songjung AmtixBio Co., Ltd. Bloom Co., Ltd. BLOOM & CO CO.,LTD. BY Corporation Team Mobile Co., Ltd. Team Team Corporation By The Company Team With Co., Ltd. Team&Company Co., Ltd. Bloom bloom&co. The TEAM Co., Ltd. Team Comp Corp. Bloom&Co B.S. TEAM Tom Boy BYS The 1st BOY Team&Com Co., Ltd. T Boy Co., Ltd. Blue Team Team Biz Co., Ltd. A By Bom Kt Estate Co., Ltd. KT Sat Corp. DoubleSW Co.,Ltd GolfZ Co.,Ltd. GOLFZON NEWDIN HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. Golfzon. CO.LTD. Gongdeok Screen Golfzon GOLFZON RETAIL Co., Ltd GRAVITY Co., Ltd. Anti Gravity Korea Co., Ltd. Gravity Production Co., Ltd. GRAVITY KOREA CONTENTS GRAVITY Inc. GRAVITY CO.,LTD. Gravity Games Corp. THE GRAFFITY CO.,LTD. Grafity Co., Ltd. GravitySix Co., Ltd. KDB INVESTMENT No.1 Limited. OCEAN DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. Ocean korea Co.,Ltd. Hyundai Rotem The 1st Somet THE SOME Company co., SOME CO.,LTD. Always Blue Sea & Air Co, Ltd Seoil Pacific Corp. KTB Asset Management Co., Ltd. Shinsegae Inc. Shinsegae Co., Ltd. The Shinsegae Shinsegae Company SHIN SE GAE COMPANY KOREA SHIPPING CORPORATION KOREA SHIPPING CORP KOREA SHIPPING EXPRESS CORP. KOREA SHIPPING GAZETTE Co., Ltd. GA Shipping Korea Co., Ltd. EAS SHIPPING KOREA Korea Shipping Union Doctor Wave Co., Ltd Wave Company Wave Corporation Wave&Company Co., Ltd. Wave Lab WAVEYA G On Water Wow On Co., Ltd. White On Asung Co., Ltd. KB Insurance Co., Ltd. KB Investment Co., Ltd. KB Insurance Co., Ltd KB INVESTMENT K.B IT Co., Ltd. K. B Industry Co., Ltd. K. B Kitchen Formula Co., Ltd. FORMULA S-Formula Co., Ltd. K&S Korea Co., Ltd. KS Ket Co.,Ltd. K&S Korea KS KC CO.,LTD. K.S. KIM & CO. KS Kab Co., Ltd. KSIS- Saybolt Korea Corporation BizN McTAH Trading Co., Ltd. INTERNET TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION SPC Internet Co., Ltd. TPC Internet Co., Ltd. tampa Internet Co., LTD. TPC International Special Internet Co., Ltd. internet Travel BIC Internet Co., Ltd. Internet Pia Price Internet Co. CS Internet Dongwha Greenchem Co., Ltd. Greenchem Korea Co., Ltd. Greencop Co.,Ltd. greencera Greenchem Corporation GREENCLEVER Co., Ltd. GREENCHEON ENERGY CO.,LTD. Sompo Consulting Korea Inc LG Electronics Inc. Aju Pharmacy Park Suk Hyeon AJU PHARM CO., LTD. GlobalWay Co.,Ltd. Globaldawin Co., Ltd. Globalload Co., Ltd. GLOBALWARE CO., LTD. Globalpart GLOBALPAK Globalmax Corporation Ideacom Idacom Sejong&Partners Tu Co., Ltd. Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Digital Tech V Tech Digital Co., Ltd. Digital Technology Co. Sein Electric Co., Ltd. Ebest Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. EBEST CO.,LTD. Samsung Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Samsung Life Insurance Co, Ltd Samsung Life Co., Ltd. IK SAN CO LTD Iksan Development Co.,Ltd. Iksan Lighting Co.,Ltd. The Knit The Knit Co.,Ltd. KNT Co., Ltd. KNIT Brights Co., Ltd. BRIGHT CORPORATION Co. BRIGHT COMPANY CO.,LTD. Bright Union Co., Ltd. Doobo Co. Ltd. doobo Co.,Ltd. Dobon Co. Ltd. Doobin Co.,Ltd. Live Cell Instrument Co., Ltd. Live Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. Cell International K.J. International Co., Ltd. Sae-An Engineering Corporation LSK Global Pharma Services Co., Ltd. L S K LSK Co.,Ltd. LSK Company Co., Ltd. K Global Sky Co., Ltd. NTS NTS CORP. DCR Co., Ltd. Paygate Co., Ltd. HWAJIN & CO., LTD. G World Group Co., Ltd. R&G Company Co., Ltd. R & G G world Company Limited F&G World National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives Refrigeration National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives S U Emart International Emart E-MART Inc. E MART CO. HP Korea Inc. HP Korea Inc Hewlett-Packard Korea Ltd. H & P Korea Inc. Korea H&P Co., Ltd. WORLD POLICE TAEKWONDO FEDERATION CORP. CJ CHEILJEDANG CORP. CJ CHEILJEDANG CORP. Hi-Metal Trading Co., Ltd. Metal Trading Co., Ltd. Metal Trading Joeun Metal&Trade Co., Ltd. JJ Metal Trading Co., Ltd. I.N.G Co., Ltd. Ing ING CORPORATION Q.S.I.CO.,LTD NY corp. NY Co Co., Ltd. NEW YORK CORPORATION New York NYS Co., Ltd. NY Company NYS NY The 1st Co., Ltd. NY Company NY NY DP Co., Ltd. New York Co., Ltd. National Pension Gwanak Part National Pension Service NATIONAL PENSION CHUNCHEON AGENCY Europe Co., Ltd. Euro & Company Co., Ltd. Euro Leaders Co., Ltd. Europe In Co., Ltd. The euros Inc. JYP Entertainment JYP Entertainment Corporation JYP CORP. JYP Loan Co., Ltd. JYP INVESTMENT Co., LTD. JYP Club JYP Pictures JYP F&B Co., Ltd. JYP Holdings Co., Ltd. JYP Korea JYP Global Co., Ltd JYP Partners Co., Ltd. JY Planning Hae Sung Ltd. Discovery Toy Special Discovery SK&D Co., Ltd. Sk Distribution Korea Discovery Co.,Ltd. Food Discovery Co.,Ltd. Great Discovery Co., Ltd. U Ro Company U Ro Leaders Uro NT Co., Ltd. U Ra O Co., Ltd. URO TECH Uro Time URO INCOM CO.,LTD. Uro Telecom Co., Ltd. Software Co., Ltd. Fusiontech Investment Co., Ltd. DAVE COMPANY CO., LTD. David & Co., Ltd. DAVID & CO. David David Partners Co., Ltd. DAVID POWER CO.,LTD. Wanwha Wanwiwa Co., Ltd. Wanna Company Co., Ltd. Wana Co., Ltd Wanna She Co., Ltd. Wanna Go Wanna Institute Co., Ltd. Wanna Property Co., Ltd. Wanna be Soft Inc. Wani Whain Land Winia Land Wina Co., Ltd. Wain Woohan D&C Co.,Ltd. Winia Mando WANNY FACTORY. Co. WAMA Winnia Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Wanme E Co., Ltd. Whain P.N D WONHWA INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. tQCS Inc. Sunny Tech Co., Ltd. K.P.K.INT'L INC. K&L International Corporation M.R.INT'L A&L International Co., Ltd. International L&K Co., Ltd. Kai International Co.,ltd Park INT L I.S Int'L Corp. KARI INT'L CO., LTD. KEY INT'L CORP KOFRA INT'L CORP. P&l International K.P.L Int'L Corp. KC&A INT'L INC KADEC INT'L CORP. KMT INT'L CO., LTD. P & L International Kai&Investment KAI Inc. Kinfolk IP Co., Ltd. Kai Rin Corp. Co., Ltd. 21 SY Co., Ltd. World Apex Co., Ltd. Connect Co., Ltd. Connect CONNECT & COMPANY Co., Ltd. CONNECT IN Corp. ConNet Connecti. Inc. Cynetic CONNECO Co., Ltd. CONTACT Good PR Holdings Co., Ltd. Good stone holdings Co.,Ltd. Ground D Holdings Co., Ltd. SD Good Holdings Co., Ltd. Good Service Holdings Co., Ltd. GD HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. GOOD HOLDINGS GDS Holdings Good People Holdings Co., Ltd. WORLD TRADING CO. World Trade THE PLATFORM CO.,LTD. Platform Co., Ltd. The Platform Company A Platform Co., Ltd. LS Platform Co., Ltd. ASR Platform Co., Ltd. THE PLATFORMS Corp. Hall Sale Platform Co., Ltd. Aba Platform Co., Ltd. Ace Platform Co.,Ltd ABC Platform Co., Ltd. Add Platform Co., Ltd. Platform AZ Co., Ltd. Hyundai Coschem Co., Ltd. COSMO CHEMICAL CO., LTD. Cischem .com Cosheim Co., Ltd. Coschyeol Co., Ltd. IND KOREA CO.,LTD. S.E.C Industry Korea Co., Ltd. Euro Korea Link Co., Ltd. Neo Indus Korea Co., Ltd. J Industry Korea Co., Ltd. EURO INDUSTRIES EURO INDUSTRIES CO. Euro in Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Europe Innovation Co., Ltd. EURO SALES KOREA Euro Art Korea Co., Ltd. BROTHERS CORP BROTHERS CORPORATION BROS CO., LTD. Brothers Company Bro Company Co., Ltd. Brother Company The Bro Brothers Co., Ltd. BROTHERS BRS Faiz Brothers Co., Ltd. BRO Co., Ltd Times Media Co., Ltd. Time&Media Co., Ltd. The Times Co., Ltd. TIME CORPORATION LTD. Media Time Rich Co., Ltd. Time Corporation Co., Ltd. Time Time Media A Time Media Co., Ltd. Syo Time Media Co., Ltd. View Time Media Co., Ltd. In Tops Co., Ltd. INTOP. Co.,Ltd. INTOPS INVESTMENT Co., Ltd. Intops Consulting Co., Ltd. InnoTop Corporation Intopia Co., Ltd. Intopion Co., Ltd. Sunjin Hanyang I&C Co., Ltd. Geto Pc Geitto Co., Ltd. GETOO COPORATION GETTV Inc. Sewha Corporation Korea CM Center Co., Ltd. MCN Korea KMCNC Co.,Ltd. Jedal Co., Ltd. Jeda JEDA Co., Ltd. Zedaon Co., Ltd. ZEDAKO CORP. Hanik Korea Co., Ltd. Hanik Construction Co., Ltd.. Sungwoo Corporation SUNGWOO&COMPANY LTD Orr K2 S Co., Ltd. K2 Leader Co., Ltd. K2 CO.,LTD. K2 Company K2 Corp. K2 INC Co., Ltd. Korea In Service Co., Ltd. KR3 Service Korea Ltd. K 2Korea K2NETWORK KOREA CO.,LTD 4MRE Co., Ltd. P FOUR CO LTD Rut Four J.FOUR CO., LTD. Rinna E Service 4 DK4 Co.,Ltd. Four Brothers PLACE4 Co.,Ltd HANNAM APT DWELLER REPRESENTATION CO. Pro Maritime Compas Maritime Co.,Ltd. HALLA MARITIME CORP ACE MARITIME CO.,LTD. Korea Maritime Co., Ltd. Asan Maritime Ltd. Korea Maritime Co., Ltd. ARA MARINE TIME CO.,LTD. Gaia Maritime Co., Ltd. Ara Mobile Shein Distribution Co., Ltd. Sheiriil KYOWA KOREA TRADING CO, LTD Kiwa Korea Ltd. KIWI KOREA LTD KIWI KOREA CO.,LTD. KAYA KOREA CO., LTD. Kaya Korea Kyowa Kirin Korea Co.,Ltd. kiwac Korea Industrial Health Association Kiwagol Kiwi Labs Co., Ltd. KIWA INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD. KAWA CO.,LTD. Kiwi Media Company Kiwi Works Co., Ltd. Winners Planning Winners Plaza Co.,Ltd. Winner Plus Co., Ltd. Winners MD Co., Ltd. Winners Company Co.,Ltd. Winner Plus Company Co., Ltd. KOREA FINANCE SECURITY CO., LTD Korea Securities Finance Corporation Korea Securities Finance Korea Corporation Security Co., Ltd. KOREA SECURITY CO. Integral SA Co., Ltd Intex Global Co., Ltd. Integral Way Global Partners InTech Global Co., Ltd. INTEGRA SEOUL CO LTD INDIS Co., Ltd. Doctor Optics Asia Co., Ltd. Dong Sung Printing Company DONG SUNG INC SUNG PRINTING Hansol Holdings City Co., Ltd. Hansol Special Paper Hansol General Paper Goods Interior Hansol Paper Merchandising Co., Ltd. Hansol Paper Co., Ltd. TOSS Co., Ltd. Toss Payments Co., Ltd T Payment Co., Ltd. LK INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. bankware Global co., Ltd. WHAN IN PHARM CO., LTD. DI Technology DI TECH CO LTD ANT COMPANY Ant Antique Shop The ANT Co., Ltd. Ant Study Co., Ltd. Ant Stdio Inc. Ant Stationery Ant Ant Co.,Ltd. Ant Company Co., Ltd. Ant ID Co., Ltd. Ant Division ANT PD CO.,LTD. ANT Solution Co., Ltd. Ant Edu Co., Ltd. The Ant Edu Co., Ltd. Ant Ri Ant &B ANT TRADE CORP ANT HAIR SHOP Ant House Co., Ltd. D Ant Co., Ltd. T.ANT Co., Ltd. Aencheu Studio Co., Ltd. PAUL CO. Paul & Company Co., Ltd. Paul &Co Co.,Ltd. And Paul Buysoft Inc. Hana Financial Investment Co., Ltd. Ezfarm Price Co., Ltd. Samsung Hedge Asset Management Samhwa INC Co., Ltd. Samhwa MS Co., Ltd. Samhwa Ace Co.,Ltd. Samhwa Lace Co.,Ltd. Samhwa Ice Co., Ltd. Urban Engineering Co., Ltd. urban's Co., Ltd The Urban Holdings Co., Ltd. Green Energy Holdings Cirebon Energy Holdings Co., Ltd EM Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY Hyundai AND Hyundai Corporation Dogok Fisheries Dogok Mart Dogok Wabar Co., Ltd. Dogok Academy Co., Ltd. Tower Dogok Co., Ltd. Dogok 1 Office Dogok Ironware Dogok Golf Course Dogok Tower Pharmacy Dogok Construction Industry Co.,Ltd. Dogok E Starville EASY HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. EUSU HOLDINGS CO., LTD. EHDC CO.,LTD. Echo Hamse Co.,Ltd. BUSI CO.,LTD. Busitdol Seoul Metropolitan Seoul Metropolitan City Jung -gu office Seoul Metro Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Student Gymnasium Seoul Metropolitan Dongbu Hospital Seoul Metropolitan City Seoul Hospital Seobuk Hospital Seoul Metropolitan Government Seoul Metro Environment Co., Ltd. Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Seoul Metropolitan City Gwanakgu Seoul Metropolitan City Jungranggu Meritz Securities Co., Ltd. E&C Meritz Co.,Ltd MERITZ SECURITIZATION SPECIALTY INC. Meritz Deoumeon Securities Investment Company Co., Ltd. Macroin Co., Ltd. Macromill Embrain Co.,Ltd. Sorin Corporation Soria Sori Corporation Sorina Sorion Co., Ltd. Caios Co.,Ltd. PLAN COMPANY CO.,LTD. MR Planning Co., Ltd. MS Planning Co., Ltd. THE PLAN CO.,LTD. MS Planning Co.,Ltd. THE PLAN CO. Plan The Plan Publ Co.,Ltd. Publishing Company PUBLISHING CO. The Publishing The Public Co., Ltd. Public Art Co.,Ltd. Public Corporation Co., Ltd. PUBLY Public Company Co., Ltd. Shinhan Bank SHINHAN BANK Shinhan Bank Co, Ltd Shinhan Bank Co., Ltd. Sunjin Meter Humania HUMANSI CO.,LTD. Humansis Co.,Ltd. Humanix Co.,Ltd. Humanist HumanAI Co., Ltd. humanitas Deer Corporation Co., Ltd. Silla Development SILLA CORP SILLA INC. SILLA SG CO., LTD. Silla S&D Co., Ltd. Silla Travel Silla Industry Brain soft Co.,Ltd. BrainSports Corp. Insight CI Insight Co., Ltd. Fininsight Co., Ltd. Financial Insight Co.,Ltd. Insight Film Co., Ltd G Inno Insight Co.,Ltd. Global Corporation Global SA Co., Ltd. Global Leader Global Fashion Global G.N Daejin Global Fisheries Co., Ltd. Global Ocean Fishery Co., Ltd. MARINTEC CORPORATION Morantech Co.,Ltd. One 21 Co., Ltd. Twelve Co.,Ltd. Twelve Inc. THE TWELVES CO.,LTD. 12 Corporation 12 One in two Co., Ltd Incredit Co., Ltd. Powerchem corporation HOWON INC. Howon World Co., Ltd. HOWON INC CO., LTD. Mirae ENC Sentinel Korea Co. Ltd Hanwha Corporation Hanwha Asset Management Co., Ltd. Hanwha Life Asset Co., Ltd Hanwha Financial Asset Co.,Ltd Ameritrust Securities Co., Ltd. Keimem Carbon korea Co., Ltd. Korea Carbon Korea Carbon Bank Co.,Ltd. KOREA CARBON ENERGY CO.,LTD. Korea Carbon Management Limited TOYO CARBON KOREA CO.,LTD. Echo Carbon Korea KOREA DQ CARBON INTERNATIONAL Carbon Trust Korea Co.,Ltd. Korea Impact Carbon Corporation. Korea Carbon 1st Co., Ltd. Natural Carbon Korea Korea Carbon Opeu Set Cheu Co., Ltd. KORTECH INC Kortek Corp. KORTEC Co., Ltd. KORTEK SEJOO CORPORATION Lee & Ko First Law Lee & Ko. & Lee Ko Factory N Lee Ko Co., Ltd. & Lee Ko Co., Ltd. Leeko Corporation Lee&Ko Partners Inc. MOVINA Corporation Ltd. Monster Test Lab Seoul Miramar Corporation M Ten Ten By Ten Inc. Five Ten Ten K Company Co., Ltd. Ten PM The Ten Co., Ltd. Ten Net Ten X Co., Ltd. Ten G Co., Ltd. Ten O Co., Ltd. Team Ten X Co., Ltd. 10cc Ten Co., Ltd. Nine Ten Co., Ltd. Ten Point Nine Co., Ltd. 10 Cc The Ten PM Co., Ltd. Ten Up Co., Ltd. Ten International Co., Ltd. Ten T Books Co., Ltd. Six Ten B Jeu TEN MOTOR CO.,LTD. A-Ten Corp. Plastech Service Inc. Polostech Co., Ltd. Plustec Co., Ltd. Leaders Global Co., Ltd. MS GLOBAL CO., LTD. GLOBAL H 1ST INC. Global HR Co.,Ltd. Global Holdings Co., Ltd. GLOBAL HOLDINGS CORPORATION CO.,LTD. Global Tour Co., Ltd. Global Hof Global Healthcare Co., Ltd. GLOBAL HSC CO.,LTD. Johnson Controls International Korea, Inc. Tyco Electronics Raychem Korea Inc Tyco Fire Integrated Services Korea Co., Ltd. The Tycoon Co., Ltd. Tyco Electronics Raychem Korea Ltd. A Won Total Co., Ltd. Total Won Sea Total Express Co., Ltd. Won Tex Tex Won Sea Tex Corporation Co., Ltd. Total Won Point Sea Tex Tile SWT SWT The 1st S W TX Won Total Solution Co., Ltd. SeaWon Co.,Ltd. SEA WON F.I. tecace E Software Co., Ltd. Korea Software Technology Co., Ltd Pro-Tech Software Co., Ltd. Software Technology Inc. Tera Software Co., Ltd. EG Tech Software Co., Ltd. TRUE Software Co., Ltd. Daehan Software Tech Co., Ltd. Twice Software SDSA Co., Ltd. SATUS CO.,LTD.

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