List of Corporate Headquarters in SEOUL

Search a company in South Korea with your criteria (trade name, adress, Korean registry number...). provides business and credit information about Korean firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Korean register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in South Korea, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Korean company.

ST Corp. Saint Corporation ST IN CO.,LTD. Santa Co. Mr Street Co. ST Corporation Santa Intel Bank Societe Generale Nova Company Co., Ltd. Anz C & I AnZ International Co.,Ltd. Kookmin Bank The Cornerstone Company Cornerstone E&M Inc. CORNERSTONE INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. E-Cornerstone Co., Ltd. Cornerstone AMC Co.,Ltd. CORNERSTONE KCC CO.,LTD. Cornerstone Co.,Ltd. Cornerstone Academy Co., Ltd. Cornerstoneidea Co.,Ltd C&Cornerstone Co., Ltd. Cornerstone Realty Co.,Ltd. CORNERSTONE67 Co., LTD. CORNERSTONE INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. Cornerstone Advisors, Inc. Cornerstone NHN Global Growth 1st PEF SC Intertech Co., Ltd. INTERTECH CO. Caltech Trading Korea Co., Ltd. MIRAE INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. HD MIRAE INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. Mirae Investment Information Co., Ltd. Mirae Investment Loan Co., Ltd. Mirae Investment&Partners Co., Ltd. Tricomtek Co., Ltd. Jones Lang LaSalle Ltd. Jones Lang LaSalle Co., Ltd. JL Line JLL&C Co., Ltd. JL Lab Co., Ltd. JL Lace Co.,Ltd. Jl Link Co., Ltd. JL Lime Co., Ltd. PLANUP Company U.P. Planning Co., Ltd. UP Planning Co., Ltd. Planup Plan Up JS Co., Ltd. Plan Up GJ Co., Ltd. Plan Up DM The 1st Plan Up RS Co., Ltd. Plan Up Power Plan Up Sema Plan Up Asan Plan Up Star The 1st Plan Up Misa Co., Ltd. Plan Up Echo Co., Ltd. Plan Up Poil The 2nd Co., Ltd. Plan Up Poil The 1st Plan Up Poil The 3rd Plan Up E An Plan Up Ruwon The 1st Co., Ltd. Plan Up Songdo The 1st Co., Ltd. Plan Up Polymer The 1st Co., Ltd. Plan Up Junghu The 1st Plan Up Shinsa The 1st Co., Ltd. Korea Retail Investment Co., Ltd. DOCTOR WIG CO.,LTD. KOREA WIG CO.,LTD. KOREA WIG ASSOCIATION CORP. Nambuk Surgical N.S.PAK.Surgical Osio Device Co., Ltd. Ad&Tech Co., Ltd. A & D TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Adtech ADTECH CO.,LTD. Adtech Adtech Co.,Ltd KAIST Air Co., Ltd. Kaist Edu Institute Kaist Math Institute N.J. Company LTD Biz T&C Co., Ltd. FAB Inc. Doctor Fabric Fabrics Co., Ltd. FAB Co., Ltd. Jisung INC JISUNG TEX CORPORATION. JISUNG TEXTILE CO. Jisung Textile Kendall Square Investment Co.,Ltd Kendall Square LP Gimpo REF K Square Coms Kendall Square LP Opo REF Kendall Square LP Sanha REF Kendall Square Logistics Properties, Inc. Kendall Square Asset Management, Inc. Kendall Square LP Kimhae Sangdong REF Kendal Square Partners Co., Ltd. K Square Co., Ltd. KENDALL MEDICAL LTD Woori Investment Woori Bank URI INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. S A SA The 1st Hanshin Company HANSHIN MACHINERY Co.,Ltd. Pongdang Pongdang Jokbal Bossam Pongdang .com Co., Ltd. Coffee Pongdang On the Cake Pongdang SeoWoon Co.,Ltd. Konan Technology Inc. KOMAN TECH CO., LTD. Konion Tech Co., Ltd. Kman Tech Co., Ltd. Konaan Co., Ltd. Kinoen Tech Co., Ltd. Moin Corporation Co., Ltd. Moin, Inc MOIN CO.,LTD Bold Corporation Bolt&CO Co., Ltd. Bolt Company Bolt Corporation Co., Ltd. BOLD Studio BOOLDA CO.,LTD. Boldeu Co., Ltd. The Boldeu Co., Ltd. BOLDEX Co.,Ltd BOLD STANCE Inc. Boldeu Stone Holdings Co., Ltd. Boldbox, Inc. Boldeu International Roket company Ltd Rokeue Co., Ltd. Rokeoseu Company Co., Ltd. Rokeoseu Phoenix Phoenix Corp. Aju Ceramic Industry Co., Ltd. Aju Corporation Aju Ceramic Co., Ltd. AJU I & C CO.,LTD. F& C Ceramic Co., Ltd. Junsung Precision Junsung General Construction Co., Ltd. Junsung Construction Co., Ltd. JUN SUNG CORP Junsung Power Light Junsung General Sangsa Junsung Total Printing SK telink Corporation korea investment & securites Korea Investment Corporation KOREA INVESTMENT CO., LTD Korea Investment & Securities (Kwanghwamoon Branch) KOREA INVESTMENT & SECURITIES CO LTD Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd._Jongro Branch Korea Investment Hanshin Co. Hanshin Chain Co., Ltd. Hanshin CCA Co., Ltd. Hanshin Cityplan Co., Ltd. Hanshin TNC Co., Ltd. Cotec Cotechspia Co., Ltd. Star Power Entertainment Co., Ltd. Entertainment Power House Co., Ltd. THE HOUSE COMPANY ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD. Red House Entertainment ANT HOUSE ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD. Sunny Corporation Sunny Sunny Cam Co., Ltd. ONE UP GLOBAL CO.,LTD. G&One Co., Ltd. GPS One Group One Co., Ltd. Global 1 Co., Ltd. SM Global 1 GLOBAL ONE KOREA CO.,LTD. ACEM CO.,LTD. A COM ACOM Acom Co.,Ltd Acom Medical Co., Ltd. Haedong Acom GLOBAL ACOM CO.,LTD. The&Acompany Co.,Ltd. Acom Trading Co., Ltd. Inkzone Co.,Ltd. Linkzen Corp. SPARK ZONE CO.,LTD. KOREA POST (Office of Postal Service) Korea Post (Yoido) KOREA POSTAL LOGISTICS AGENCY Post Korea Net Co., Ltd. Real Post korea Co., Ltd. PTK Co., Ltd. Post & Co (Korea) Ltd. Korea Post Human Research Institute Bel Post Korea Green Post Korea Heopingteon Post Korea Post Korea Co., Ltd. KOREA POSTAL SERVICE AGENCY Korea Post-After Education Association Guide Post Korea Co., Ltd. WatchGuard Technologies Inc. Korea M&J Korea Inc. M&J Korea Ltd. M&J Korea MJKOREA MJ Korea Inc. MJ Korea ENTER INC CO.,LTD. Enter Media Co.,Ltd. Enter Media Pictures Co., Ltd. EG Entermedia Co.,Ltd. Enter Medi Co., Ltd. Some Entermedia Co., Ltd. Entermedianet Co., Ltd. Entermedi Enter Pia Media Co., Ltd. Emtree Media Enter Metal Co.,Ltd. Enter Pia Co., Ltd. NH-Amundi Asset Management Co.,Ltd. NH Corporation NH Corporation Co., Ltd. NH Company Co., Ltd. Korea Oil Co., Ltd. Mobil Korea Lube Oil Inc. Mobil Oil Korea Inc. Korea Alloy Korea Alloy Co., Ltd. Jungryeo Alloy Korea Co., Ltd. KOREA FERRO ALLOY CO LTD Ally The Games Co., Ltd. HQ Game Co., Ltd. Game Land LINE Games Corporation IN GAMES CO.,LTD. Leto Games Loan Games Co., Ltd. Third Line Games Inc. SN Games Corporation Logic Game New Game Line VisualG Co., Ltd. Visualism VISUALCUBE. Co. Ltd. I - YUNO GLOBAL Co.,Ltd. I Yuno Co., Ltd. Yuno Company Yuno Yuno IT Co.,Ltd. Yuno Institute Citibank Korea Inc. Ozys Co. Ltd InTheSmart Co., Ltd. IntoSmart Inc. Seyang Inc. K&C Shipping Airline Co., Ltd. C&Shipping Co., Ltd. O&C SHIPPING CO.,LTD. B&C Shipping Co., Ltd. C Ace Shipping Co., Ltd. C Cam Shipping Co., Ltd. C ZONE SHIPPING CO.,LTD. C Fine Shipping Co., Ltd. C Bright Shipping Co., Ltd. C&G Shipping C Won Shipping Co., Ltd. Seven Shipping Co.,Ltd. SEVEN STAR SHIPPING CO., LTD Samsung Asset Management Co., Ltd. Samsung SRA Asset Management Co., Ltd. SAMSUNG WITH ASSET INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. SAMSUNG ASSET ID CO.,LTD. Samsung Active Asset Management Samsung Hedge Asset Management Samsung SM Asset Management Co., Ltd. Samsung Building Management Co., Ltd. Sewon Cellontech Co., Ltd. Cellontech Sewon Corporation Sewon Corporation Co.,Ltd. Sewon MS Co., Ltd. Global FD Co., Ltd. MJ Trading Co., Ltd. MJ Trading MJ TRADE MJ traders Co., Ltd. ETUDE CORP CO., LTD ABL Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Trever Co., Ltd. SHARP ELECTRONICS INCORPORATED OF KOREA Sharp Gain Korea Inc. SHARP WAY INVEST KOREA CO.,LTD. Sharp AV Sharp Ran Korea Co., Ltd. Sharp Fox Con Korea Korea Sharp Youngdeungpo RBW, Inc. Kumhwa Corp. Patent Law Firm MI Patent & Law Firm Sinji Patent Law Firm Kip Patent Law Firm Universe Patent Law Firm Patent & Law Firm LNK D&Patent Law Firm JH Patent Law Firm Ein Patent Law Firm Yuno Patent & Law Firm UIP International Patent & Law Firm SYP Patent Law Firm Now Patent Law Firm Wi Patent Law Firm YNG Patent Law Firm HYUN PATENT & LAW FIRM The Wise Patent Law Firm P&I Patent Law Firm Codi Patent Law Firm OhKims PATENT LAW FIRM On U Patent Law Firm Jinsung Patent & Law Firm UPS SCS Korea Limited. PGA GRANDES ECOLES Grande Cite Fitness Grande Coffee Grande Etoile SK Net Works Co., Ltd. Walker Hill Paro Grande Global Green Growth Institute Green Global Co.,Ltd Green Industry Global Co., Ltd. Global Green Garden Co., Ltd. QUCOM KOREA CO.,LTD. Quad Korea Co., Ltd Doctor Q Korea Co., Ltd. Q Korea Co.,Ltd. QUADRO KOREA Queens Korea CO., Ltd Queen Of Korea Co., Ltd. Queens Korea QUARK KOREA CO., LTD. QMR Korea Qnc Korea HERMES INC Hermes Corporation Co., Ltd. Hermess INC Co., Ltd. Hermes Holdings Hermes IOT Co., Ltd. International Convension Service Co., Ltd. Intercom Convention Services,Inc. Bearing SS Bearing TS Bearing Co., Ltd. Hana Bearing Haeil Bearing Hansol Bearing Co., Ltd. Hyundai Bearing SJ Asset Management Asset Loan Co., Ltd. Coopera Seoul Ltd Burim INC Co., Ltd. Burim RET Co.,Ltd. Burim FMD Co., Ltd FM Digital Famos Corp. Famous Co., Ltd. Famous House Famous Shop Wando Abalone Wando Wando Ablone Chueotang WHOIS CO.,LTD. Who Is Who is CRM Co., Ltd. WHO N I CO., LTD. WHOIS HOLDINGS Whoain Co., Ltd WHOIT Whoni Co., Ltd. Doctor Who Co., Ltd. Whodie KOREA RESOURCES ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. KOREA RESOURCES RECOVERY Korea Resources Recycling Union Co., Ltd. Korea Resource Recycling Co., Ltd. Korea Resources Co., Ltd. Resource korea Co.,Ltd. Beurera Co., Ltd. Beraru korea Co., Ltd. Hong In Enterprises Co., Ltd. Hong-Eun's Co., Ltd. hong lim HONGEUN CORPORATION HONG-EUN SOCIAL WELFARE Hong-Eun Commerce Gim Hong-eun Otolaryngology Hong-Eun Geukdong Apartment Resident Representative Meeting Brandon BRANDED Co., Ltd. Brandom BRANDON INC. Brandepot Co., Ltd. branden Inc. BRANDOPTION Co,. Ltd. Autowini Inc. M&F Technology Mf Samuel Construction Co.,Ltd. Samhee Construction Co., Ltd.. Sam E Construction Co., Ltd. SAM HEE CO SAE HEE PHARM CO Samhee Company SAM HEE INTERNATION CO., LTD. HEE CO.,LTD. HEE CORPORATION SAM HEE KNIT CO Sam Hee Finance Co.,Ltd. HEE COMPANY CO., LTD. POSCO INT'L OSAKA Posco International Corporation POSCO Research Institute Posco Enterprise Co., Ltd. Posco International Sanaegeunro Welfare Gigeum Shin Shin International Inc. Shin International Kyung Shin International Co., Ltd. Sung Shin Int'l YOUNG SHIN INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. Il-Shin International Trading Co., Ltd. Shin International Co., Ltd. DUCK SHIN INTERNATIONAL Sung Shin Int'l ZHI SHIN INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS Inc. Woo Shin International Co Ltd SUNG SHIN INTERNATIONAL CO LTD Dong Shin International Co. SUNG SHIN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Daegyeong Go Shin INT JIN WOO MANUFACTURING CO LTD UNPEOPLE INC. Edu Center Co., Ltd. Seenear Edu Center Inc. Korea Service Edu Center PSU Edu Center Co., Ltd. SOA Adena Soft Co.,Ltd. AthenaSoft Co., Ltd. Adena Corporation Samsung Corporation Co., Ltd. Samsung Co.,Ltd. TA Solutions Co., Ltd. The Solutions Co., Ltd. BT Solutions Co., Ltd. BLS Solutions Co., Ltd. B&P Solutions Co., Ltd. Bao Solutions A SOLUTIONS INC. A-Solutions Jinoba Solutions Co.,Ltd. AB Solutions Co., Ltd. DA Solutions Co., Ltd. Bok Solutions Co., Ltd. KNS Edu Co.,Ltd. KNS Enterprise Co., Ltd. K.N.S Company BYTHEM Co., Ltd. BYTHER Welltech INC Co., Ltd. Welltec Soft Co.,Ltd. SL. Biotech Co., Ltd. Uever Co.,Ltd. UV E&S Co., Ltd. Uveex Co., Ltd. Mr Pizza Inha Univ. Branch Kabo Co Ltd KABO CORPORATION KOBOO AD 316 CO.,LTD. JM 0316 Ad 316 Co., Ltd. Equinor South Korea Co., Ltd. Gilsi UBS Hana Asset Management Co., Ltd. Hana Alternative Asset Management Co., Ltd. Hana Asset Trust Co.,Ltd Hana UBS Asset Management Co., Ltd. Hana Asset Management Co., Ltd. Cisco Shipping Co., Ltd. BESPIN GLOBAL Bespin Global Digital Service, Inc. Laonik Co., Ltd. Laon I AVATA Avida QNIX INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COLTD Microsound Co., Ltd. Microsoft Korea, Inc. L Microsoft Macrosoft Networks Co.,Ltd The Microstar Co., Ltd. ROC CO.,LTD. ROC International Co., Ltd. RO Cap Co., Ltd. The Ro Car Co., Ltd. Ro Chain Co., Ltd. Ro Call Co., Ltd. Ro-Com Co.,Ltd. KHJ Co KHJM Co., Ltd. DMP Trading Co., Ltd. Hana Corporation HANA Company Hana And Company Co., Ltd. Evertech Corporation Co., Ltd. Evertech Corporation French Cosmetic Co., Ltd. SEOUL FRENCH SCHOOL French Shoe French Soul French Touch LCPARK International Co., Ltd. Majesty Co., Ltd. MAJESTIC CORPORATION MAJESTIC CORP makestar Co.,Ltd. MAJESTADE Majeseutte Co., Ltd. Majestic Korea Co. MJest Co.,Ltd. Majestibil Co., Ltd. Korea National Sport University(Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation) Kookmin University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation CHUNG ANG University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation Soongsil University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation Oracle Korea Ltd. Oracle Land Co.,Ltd. Oracle Beauty Oracle Communications Oracle Investment Co., Ltd. Oracle Institute Oracle Mine Co., Ltd. ORACLE ENTER CO.,LTD Korea Oracle Co., Ltd. PS INC Co., Ltd. PS CO.,LTD. PS INC Co.,Ltd. PS In PS PS DO Co., Ltd. PS The 1st Co., Ltd. PS PS Ta Company Co., Ltd. PS Company PS Ta PS Ta Co., Ltd. P. S. COMPANY PS CORPORATION PS Co Co., Ltd. P&S World Co.,Ltd. P&S Co., Ltd. P&S Leader P&s P&S Company Co., Ltd. P&S Corporation PS LOAN INC. CMK co., Ltd. C.M.K CMK Company Co., Ltd. The CMK Co., Ltd. Lee, Jong Oh Lee Jong Won Lee Jong Woo Hairnation Lee Jong Hyeok Photo Graphic Lee Jong Won Internal Medicine Hospital Lee, Jong Hoon KMT Lee Jong Hee Hair Art Gukje Midi JEUNG Jeung Han Corporation Jeong Hun THE BUZZ Shinil Inter-Trading Co., Ltd. SHIN IL TRADING CO. SHINIL TRADING Shinil Trading Co. Shinil Tran Shinil Eng & Trading KANGS CORPORATION KANG Ko & Kang Co., Ltd. Daewoo Logistics Corp. Daewoo Local Logistics Co., Ltd. Daewoo General Logistics Starmas STARMAX Co., LTD Star Media Stormmedia Co., Ltd. Striming Media Co., Ltd. STAREMIT Co., Ltd. NTN Korea Co., Ltd. Nothing Studio Nothing & Nothing Niting Co., Ltd. NETTINS CO.,LTD. NTNS Co., Ltd NTNG Inc. NTNIS Nettiang Notting hill Co., Ltd. Nitting Academy Natingtel Co., Ltd. Nettiang Distribution Co., Ltd. Choice Doctor's Choice Co., Ltd Paula's Choice Korea, Ltd. Choice Planning Co., Ltd. TRASOL CO.,LTD TRASOL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD Ade & Tech Cascade Co., Ltd. CADET Nanotech Doldam Tool Lee Technology L.T K Leetena Co., Ltd. LEE TEK Co.,Ltd Hanaro Shipping Co., Ltd. Jwell Global Co., Ltd. J Well UTI Korea Co.,LTD. U.T INTERNATIONAL UTI Co., Ltd. UTI Korea U Tu IBC Bluebird Inc. Bluebird Child Publishing Co. Bluebird Co., Ltd. BLUEBIRD TOTAL COMMUNICATION CO.,LTD. BLUEBIRD ENTERPRISE Bluebird HairArt Bluebird Music Academy Guro Bluebird Nanumteo Regional Children's Center Bluebird Beauty Shop Bluebird Kids Lab Pro Contents Contents & Company The Contents Company Co.,Ltd The Contents Dr Contents., Ltd. K Contents Co., Ltd. MK Contents K Contents Co., Ltd. MSK Co., Ltd. MSK Company Co., Ltd. Jung Woo Trading Jungwoo Trade JUNGWOO TRADING CO. JUNG WOO TRADING CORPORATION JUNG WOO TRADING CO. JUNGWOO Jungwoo Corporation Jungwoo Co., Ltd. ARC & DESIGN CO.,LTD. Arc Design Co., Ltd. Redcap Tour Co., Ltd. Redcap Re D Car Co., Ltd. Redcap CO., LTD. Redcat RED CAP CO.,LTD. RED CAP Redco Co., Ltd. REDCO CO.,LTD. Redco Redcan Co., Ltd. I&B Trading IB Trade ILB TRADING INC. I&B Trading Co., Ltd. THiRA-UTECH Co., Ltd. Tu And TU Corporation Co., Ltd. TU Company Co., Ltd. TU The 1st Co., Ltd. TU The 2nd Co., Ltd. TU The 4th Co., Ltd. TU The 3rd Co., Ltd. Tu And Co., Ltd. CarPlatform PLATA Co., Ltd. PLAT MIND CO., LTD b-plat.LLC. Music Plat Co., Ltd. PLATHUS LALA PLAT Co., Ltd. Korea Development Bank Ref! Refine Visual DC REFINE CO., LTD. K Ref Co., Ltd. Refine C&D Co., Ltd Refine Hair REF Construction Co., Ltd. Sea REF Co., Ltd. D & K REFINERY CO.,LTD. Refine Earring DK Oil&Gas Co., Ltd. Oil Gas News Paper Yann Inc Homeplus Co., Ltd. Stone Co., Ltd. Stone & Company Stone Company Co., Ltd. ST-On STON Co.,Ltd. Stone-I Co., Ltd. Three K Incorporated Three Kaen Co., Ltd. 3KH Inc. Three K Company Co., Ltd. Three Ko Co., Ltd. Three Koseute Three Ko B Co., Ltd. Inca Incar Incanada INCAT Inc. Chemfield Inc CHEMFIELD INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Aimmed Co., Ltd. Easy World Tour Co., Ltd. TEXMONDE CORP Easy INC Co., Ltd. Easy Tok Easy TC Co.,Ltd. easy topik Co., Ltd Daon Special Metal Co., Ltd. Daehan Co. Daehan MS Co., Ltd. Daehan Co., Ltd. Daehan SIM Company Co., Ltd. AND SI MARIN CO.,LTD. SI Mall SI Mall Co., Ltd. SI Mobile Co., Ltd. Zeus Trading Co., Ltd. Toros Korea ExChange Consulting Co., Ltd. Korea Exchange Bank(Bnb) Korea Exchange Bank Nonhyeondong Branch KOREA EXCHANGE LABOR ASSOCIATION Korea Exchange Bank Hanjeon Branch Korea Exchange Bank Seochodong Branch Korea Exchange Bank Yeoeuido Branch Korea Exchange Bank Bangbaedong Branch Korea Exchange Bank Sanggyedong Branch Korea Exchange Bank Chungmuro Branch Korea Exchange Bank Hakdong Station Branch Korea Exchange Bank Jangandong Branch Korea Exchange Bank Sogongdong Branch South-North Korea Exchanges & Cooperation Support Association FINE CHEMICALS CORP. FINE CHEM CO.,LTD. FINE CHEM GAB SOO HAN Gang-Won GANG SAN FOOD CO., LTD. SONG & GANG CO.,LTD. GANG SEO INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Gang Seung Ok Cobi Cobi Co.,Ltd. Cobi Television Company TPS Co., Ltd. O Deukyoung Deuk Young Co., Ltd. Deukyoung Industry Co., Ltd. AP Global T&C Corp. CL Inco Co., Ltd. CL CL Corporation CL Corporation CL SOFT CO.,LTD. CL Soft Co., Ltd. CL Design Soft CL Song Microtech SAEYANG CERAMIC SAEYANG TECHNICAL CO LENS IN CO.,LTD. LEONARD LEN & COMPANY CO.,LTD. I Lens Co., Ltd. Lens I Ko Lens Co., Ltd. YURIE WORKS. CO. LTD Nonghyup Bank Nonghyup Food Store Nonghyup Feed Inc. NongHyup Financial Group Inc. National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Nonghyup Foundation Nonghyup Networks Nonghyup Food Agency Co. POSCO ENERGY Co., Ltd. Posco Express Samil Allergan Ltd. SM LOAN INFORMATION CO.,LTD. S.M MODE LINE SM Asset Loan Co., Ltd. SM Leather SM Look Company SM Networks Loan Co., Ltd. SoftBridge Co,. Ltd. Dentium Co., Ltd. Dentiedu Dentistry DENTAIM Co.., Ltd. DENT Co., Ltd. Dentia co.,Ltd. IMC games Co.,Ltd LOTTE CORPORATION C & E SERVICE CO.,LTD. SM C&T Co., Ltd. SMEC CO.,LTD. Directors Film Initiative K Co., Ltd. HG International Co., Ltd. Korea Initiative Inc. Est Company Co., Ltd. AAT CO.,LTD. Korea Corporation Security Co., Ltd. KOREA SECURITY CO. Korea Computer Science Co., Ltd. HYUNDAI LIFE INSURANCE CO., LTD. SEESAW Co., Ltd. Siso Public Relations See & Saw Co., Ltd. Seesay seesaw Lab Inc. SeesawMobile Co., Ltd. FROEBEL MEDIA CO.,LTD. FROEBEL MEDIA CO., LTD. Jun P&C Jun Company JUN Jun & Co Co., Ltd. Jun Co., Ltd. Joil INC Co.,Ltd. JOIL INC. Joil Ad Co., Ltd. Joil Store Ijo Gear Joil Co Jamsil Gear Jeil Gear Industry Joil General Stationery Joil General Construction Co., Ltd. Joil G Gi The Soul Gear Co., Ltd. Jade Gear JOIL R&T Joil Apparel Joil Echo Green Co., Ltd. Joil Textile Co.,Ltd. Joil Textile Joil Car Service Co.,Ltd. Joil Tex Co., Ltd. Gear Line Co., Ltd. Joil Sangsa ABIS KOREA I Peob 2 Ajin Korea Co., Ltd. A-JIN KOREA Cosmo&Company Co., Ltd. COSMOPOLITAN CO LTD Cosmo Corporation Co., Ltd. BN Cosmetics Cosmo Bin Co., Ltd. BN Communication Kakao M Kakao IX Corp. Kakao VR Co., Ltd. Kakao Bom Co., Ltd. PacificBridge Asset Management HICOS Ltd. SALT Co., Ltd. Salt In Co., Ltd Saltlux Inc. Hyundai Heavy Industry Mokpo Branch KOSCOM KOCOM CO. Wonder Wonder Corporation Co., Ltd. Wonders Co., Ltd. Wonders life Health Co., Ltd. WONDERS LIVING CO., LTD. IT wonders Co., Ltd. Wondersquad Inc. Wonder Skin Wonder Seu Company Co., Ltd. Wonder Space Co, Ltd The Korean Physical Society Korean Society For Railway The Korean Biochip Society Foundation Korean Bible Society The Korean Society Of Pathologists THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The Korean Nutrition Society The Korean Society of Anesthesiologists The Korean Ceramic Society KOREAN PUBLISHERS SOCIETY Korean Surgical Society The Korean Society of Radiology Arirang Arirang Co.,Ltd. ARiRang YKP YK Plus Co., Ltd. CYK PARTNERS CO.,LTD. YK Project Co., Ltd. YK PICTURES KOREA CO.,LTD. y&k passion Co.,Ltd. Cmyk Planning Shinhan Bank Co., Ltd. SHINHAN BANK Shinhan Bank Co, Ltd MOVIGAME Co.,Ltd. Movegames Co., Ltd. Intech Corporation Ltd. InTech INTECH Intech & Company Inc. Co. IN Tech Co., Ltd. IN Techs Co., Ltd. Intech Co.,Ltd. In & Tech I N Tech I N Tech Co., Ltd. IN TECH CO. And Style Co.,Ltd. Style Leader Inc. HAN STYLE COMPANY CO.,LTD. Style and Hannong Style&co Co., Ltd. Style& Style Company AND Style Co., Ltd. THE STYLE COMPANY CO.,LTD. Inoya Korea Co., Ltd. Inout Company Co.,Ltd. Shin & Inoue Co., Ltd. Inoue Factory Hankook Co., Ltd. INOCOA CO.,LTD. INNOACE A-SUNG METAL CO., LTD. Asan Metal A-SAN MODE CO., LTD. DAE SAN METAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Joeun Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. Music Instrument Junwon Musical Instrument BJI Co., Ltd. BJI Holdings Co., Ltd. BJI Sports BJ International Corporation B.J Item BJ International B& J Investments Co.,Ltd. B.J Industry Co., Ltd. B&P International Co., Ltd. BP International BPI BPI Co., Ltd. BPI Co.,Ltd. BPI International Co., Ltd. BPI Holdings Co., Ltd. BP International Ltd. Aeniseu English Club Club junior English club Co., Ltd. Neomad Co., Ltd. NEOMC INC. Neom Co., Ltd. NEOMECCA CO.,Ltd NEOMAC lnc. NeoMecca Co., Ltd NeoMCC Corp. Neomrak NEOMICS CO., LTD. Pro Casting Sungchang Enterprise Sungchang Co. ATOS Co., Ltd. ATCK Co., Ltd. A T Ko Company Co., Ltd. A T Ko Co., Ltd. AtoZ Co.,Ltd. MECEN IPC Co., Ltd. Althea Inc Dongyang Life Insurance Daegu TRANSPACIFIC ENTERPRISES INC Gwanak Sauna Yuhan Hoesa Renault Samsung Motors Co., Ltd._Jamsil Branch Renault Samsung Motors Repair Coner Taigyero Agency Samsung Motor HK Company HK Corporation HK INCORPORATED HK With Co., Ltd. HK CO., LTD. H & K JEWELRY CO.,LTD. HK Corporation Hyundai Capital Auto Fifth Securitization Specialt HYUNDAI CAPITAL SERVICES, INC. Hyundai Economy Capital Hyundai Capital Auto 9901 ABS Co., Ltd. Hyundai Capital (Korea) Auto Funding Limited Hyundai Capital Yangjae Office Premises Booth Hyundai Capital Asset Management Co., Ltd. I Capital Co.,Ltd. I Capital Co., Ltd. Hyundai Capital Auto Fourth Securitization Special Hyeondaegeurin Food Hyundai Capital Branch Co., Ltd. HANA CAPITAL CO.,LTD THREE & FOUR CO.,LTD. Korea Trading Corporation Korea Trade Insurance Corporation SENTEL CO.,LTD. SENTO CO.,LTD. SENTO CO.,LTD. JB In Corporation JB Com Seu Company Co., Ltd. Jb Corporation JB Co.,Ltd. JB Company JB Seu JB Seu Company Co., Ltd. J&B Company Seu JB S Co., Ltd. Seungri SEUNGRI DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. Seungri Development Co., Ltd. KOREA ELECTRONICS SALES CO., LTD. Electric Sale Co., LTD. NO D Labs Co., Ltd. B Lab Dan B Lab Co., Ltd. No B Na Co., Ltd. N&B LEADER'S N&B Corporation Samsung Bio Co., LTD. Samsung Bio Mede Co.,Ltd. SAMSUNG BIO PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. Samsung Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. Samsung Bio Co.,Ltd. Samsung Bio Aen Co., Ltd. Samsung Bio Pam Max Trading Max Trading Co., Ltd. The Max Trading TRADE MAX CO.,LTD. J-Max Co., Ltd. T Max Trading E-Max Trading Co., Ltd. J Max Co.,Ltd. T-Max Trading Co., Ltd. K Max Trading Co., Ltd. SEOUL TRANSPORTATION CO., LTD. Daekyung Co.,Ltd. Daesung Trading Co., Ltd. Mplus Ltd. Co. M Plus my23 healthcare Co., Ltd. Sejong Telecom, Inc. KIDB Co., Ltd. FIX Co., Ltd. KIDB MONEY BROKER CO.,LTD. KIDF KSDB The 4th Co., Ltd. KSDB The 3rd Co., Ltd. KCDB Co., Ltd. KDIB KSDB co.,ltd James Forwarding Corp. JIM Corporation JAMES COMPANY CORPORATION James in Co., Ltd. Jim and Company Co., Ltd. Leaders Jim Atomsa Atom Communication AT&M Co., Ltd. Atomu Co., Ltd. Atom V Co., Ltd. Atom P&D D.K. INTERNATIONAL LTD. DK INT DK International Co., Ltd. D&K International Co., Ltd. D & K INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD Isang Co.,Ltd. Isang ISAN INC. ISANG D&D CO.,LTD. Isang E&C Isang System Co., Ltd. Isanghwa Isangsu Academy Isang Education Isang Construction Co.,Ltd. Isangineui Babkkaebi Isanadeulmok Isang Techwin Co.,Ltd. Igang Co., Ltd. Isangsuk Language Academy Isangseungin Park Co., Ltd. Igong Changup Investment Co., Ltd. Isangyong Bakery ISMC Co., Ltd. Iseongsun Isang Logistics Isangdeog Tax accountant Office Isaeng tech Co., Ltd. ISLAND CO.,LTD. Kam Island Co., Ltd. Cat Island Cafe Island Fourteen I S L Lazard Korea Asset Management Co., Ltd LK Asset Co.,Ltd. LKAMC Co., Ltd. Tu LK Asset Co., Ltd. LK Asset Development Co., Ltd. LK Asset Global Co., Ltd. LK ASSOCIATE CO.,LTD. SANGWOO Co., Ltd., SANGWOO CORPORATION CO. Sangwoo leaders Co., Ltd. Nonghyup Moguchon Co., Ltd. Nonghyup Life Insurance Co., Ltd. NongHyup Property&Casualty Insurance Co.,Ltd NongHyup Agribusiness Group Inc. North Seoul Nonghyup Cooperative Dongseoul Nonghyup Cooperative Fortune Corporation FORTUNE Co., Ltd. Fortune Fortune Bond Co., Ltd. Fortune Industry Fortune S Co., Ltd. The Fortune Trading Fortune Trading Co., Ltd. Fortune Enterprise Fortune Polymer Trading Corp. GREAT FORTUNE WORLD TRADE Fortune Entertainment Fortune Textile Co.,Ltd. True Fortunes Co., Ltd. Jungwon Holdings Co., Ltd. N-Trust Co., Ltd. Seoul Green Trust Seoul N Hotels Co., Ltd. Seoul Trust Co., Ltd. Seoul Trust Bank Co., Ltd. Bankers Trust Company Seoul Branch Aman International A.a A&A Communication Co., LTD. AIR CANADA A.A AA Corporation., Ltd AA Osong Corporation OSONG 1ST INC. Osong Information Co.,Ltd. Reartech Co., Ltd. Ilgongil Company Co., Ltd. Mega Ilgongil Co., Ltd. Ilgongil E Ilgongil K Co.,Ltd. ARA ILGONGIL CO.,LTD. SGD&CK Co., Ltd. SO & GDB CO.,LTD. EUNSUNG Corporation You & Me Textile Co., Ltd. You&ME Travel Club Co., Ltd. SEOUL YOU ME & CO LTD You & Me Consulting Co., Ltd. You & Me Communication Co., Ltd. YOU & ME CO.,LTD. YOU & ME FOUNDATION CO.,LTD. You & Me Corp Co., Ltd. Haena Psychological Consultation Center Psychology Consultation Service Cooperative Bom YOU & ME INC. You Me Capital, Inc. You&me Sangsa You And Me Hof You&me Hospital Ol For You Service Me Too You YOU ME Science and Culture Foundation You & Me Beauty Club You&Me Exhibition Travel For You Auto Service Co., Ltd. YPC Record Co., Ltd. Jesus Valley Co., Ltd. Jesus Coffee Jesus 24 Co., Ltd. Jesus On Net JESUS FOR YOU TRADING CO.,LTD. Daehan Jesus Jesus Center Church Jesus Sarang Church Kam Koam Asset Management Pro Kam Kwonteom Asset Management Co., Ltd. KGM Asset Management Co., Ltd. KMD Asset Management Co.,Ltd. Kiwoom Asset Management Co., Ltd. Pine Corporation PINETREE 4TH INC. PINETREE 3RD INC. Pinetree The Second limited Company Pinetree Company Pinestreet Asset Management PineStreet Asset Management Co., Ltd. Pine Inc. Pinetree & Co.,Ltd. PineStreet Group Co., Ltd. Valloy Incorporation Value Company Eon Co., Ltd. Hyunmyung Fine Tech Hyunmyung Information System Co., Ltd. HYUNMYUNG ELECTRONICS Hyunmyung Oriental Medical Clinic SEYOUNG CORPORATION Seyoung Corp. FA Company Co., Ltd. FA Men F. A Club Co.,Ltd. Woori INC Co., Ltd. PAN Co.,Ltd. Impact INC Co., Ltd. Impact Impact Planning Co., Ltd. Mind Company MISS MIND CO. The Mind Mind All Co.,Ltd. Mind&Company Co., Ltd. Mind In Co., Ltd. Inter Mind Mind I Co., Ltd. Mind Intech Co., Ltd. SC PINE CO.,LTD. PINE RESORT ST ASSET MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. ST Management Co., Ltd. WP Co., Ltd. WP Company Co., Ltd. WP&COMPANY INC. WP International Co., Ltd. WP WP Corporation West Port Investment Co., Ltd. Ck THE CK CORPORATION LTD CK Link Co., Ltd. CK Link CK Line Co., Ltd. CK Line The Won CND Wooil CND Co., Ltd. Interactive DR Interactive Co., Ltd. IS Interactive Co., Ltd. RS INTERACTIVE BSUS INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. Ullim Interactive Co.,Ltd. TOP INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. Leaders Interactive Co., Ltd. Steel Interactive Co., Ltd. Bul Interactive Co., Ltd. US Interactive Co., Ltd. The Plus Interactive Company Co., Ltd. U Interactive FS Interactive Co., Ltd. Hub Interactive Co.,Ltd. Square Music Interactive Co., Ltd. Yong Jin Co.,Ltd. YONG JIN CORP Yongjin Corporation Yongjin Coporation STARTIS CO.LTD. STARTRAIN Co., Ltd. Stratio, Inc. STARTIS Hana Seinteu Mark Co., Ltd. PCI Asset Management Co., Ltd. The Pam Co., Ltd. PAM Corporation Co., Ltd. Pacific Asset Co., Ltd. Hanmi Corporation Hanmi Co.Ltd Hanmi Health Co., Ltd. Hanmi Health Food Hanmi Life Health Nice Trade Co., Ltd. Nice trading Co., Ltd. Kingdom PC Nice trading NICE INC CO.,LTD. BN BN INC. BN Corporation BN Co BN COMPANY BN Trading Co., Ltd. BN BEAUTY CO.,LTD. I&C Creative Co., Ltd. Creative Tech Co., Ltd. Atomic Creative Technology Co.,Ltd. AT-Creation CO., LTD. Team Creative International Merchandise R&D DSRI Co., Ltd. GL Communications Co., Ltd. GL Cosmetic GL Cosmetics Glass Cosmetic GL Cosmetics Co., Ltd. GL Community Co., Ltd. GL Information Communication Co., Ltd. GLC GLC Co., Ltd. Glass Commerce Glass Cam Shinkwang Company Co., Ltd. Shinkwang Steel Shinkwang Print Shinkwang Printech Celltron Skincure Co., Ltd. Celltron Co. Celltrion Skincure CO.,LTD. CELLTRION ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. CELLTRAZONE CO.,LTD. ASTRA COR Astro System ASTRA CO.,LTD. ASTRO CORPORATION ASTRON Astra Astro Company Astros Corporation Kukje Verification Service HDGSK JV Samsung Securities Co., Ltd. Samsung Securities Co., Ltd._Daechi Branch Samsung Security Tool Samsung SEC Co., Ltd. Romance INC Co.,Ltd. Mr. Romance Co.,Ltd. ROMANCE KOREA CO.,LTD Romance Bed Furniture Sinil Industry Corporation Sinil Industry SINIL INDUSTRIAL CO. Youngsan Glonet Corporation Youngsan Co.,Ltd. Youngsan Corp. Youngsan Corporation Co., Ltd. YOUNGSAN NETWORKS CO. Youngsan General Steel Co., LTD. Glon Co., Ltd. D & D GLONET CO.,LTD. GLONET Co.,Ltd Gloint Glonet INT Co., Ltd. GLONET GLONET TRANS CO.,LTD. Astro Web Co., Ltd. ASTRONT CO.,LTD. Astrocom Co., Ltd. Astro Man ASTRO C.K CO., LTD. Astrofix Co., Ltd. S. L Corp. QUEST QST Co., Ltd. Quest Tech Co., Ltd. Quest Tech Consulting Co., Ltd. M-Venture Investment Co., Ltd. Moa Venture Investment Co., LTD. Mini Venture MEDI Ventures Inc. i Venture Investment Co.,Ltd. KB Investment Co., Ltd. KB Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. KTB Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. KTB Investment Securities KB Securities Co., Ltd. KR Investment Securities Co., Ltd. BARO SECURITIES CO.,LTD. KB INVESTMENT K. B Investment Development Co., Ltd. K. B The 2nd Samo Investment K. B The 3rd Samo Investment DS INVESTMENT & SECURITIES CO., LTD. KB INVESTMENT LOAN LG Investment Securities KB Insurance Co., Ltd. K. B Industry Co., Ltd. Ii Biz 2 BIZ ALL CO.,LTD. Two Brother Two Bar Co., LTD. 21C Incorporation Branch Co., Ltd. Two Best Co., Ltd. Two Chef Bakery 2Beonji 2Beakers Inc. 21C BID 2BKO 2BLAB LIMITED Two Brothers Haedong Co., Ltd. Haedong Planning AONE COMPANY CO.,LTD. Aone IT Co., Ltd. AONE E & C CO.,LTD. Daeheung MC Co., Ltd. Daesung G.p JOINT CO LTD Monte Monte Carlo Young-Jin Co., Ltd. Youngjin Inc Ltd. Youngjin Co. Youngjin YOUNGJIN CO Youngjin MS Co., Ltd. Youngjin Corporation Co., Ltd. Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd. Korean Air Lines Co, Ltd Korean Air Lines Co, Ltd Saino Korea Investment Korea Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. KOREA INVESTORS SERVICE, INC. NEW KOREA INVESTMENT MNAGEMENT CO.,LTD. KOREA INVESTMENT STRATEGY CENTER CO.,LTD. Korea Investment Partners Co.,Ltd Korea Investment Partners Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Capital Korea Investment Bank Co., Ltd. Sandstorm International Inc. Samduk Steel TTS Electronics Co., Ltd. TTS Trading TTS Education Tts Community TTS HOUSING CO.,LTD. Union TTS Co., Ltd. TNC SOLUTIONS CO.,LTD. N-Solutions Co., Ltd. TM Solutions Inc. AL SOLUTIONS Total Solutions Korea Co., Ltd. K Solutions Co., Ltd. K Solutions Solutions Bank Co. Tape Solutions En Solution Tank Co., Ltd. Hahn & Company Eye Holdings Co., Ltd. Hahn Company Aquarius Hahn & Co. Fourth Co., Ltd. HAHN & CO AP HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Hahn Sung H&C Inc. Hahn & Co. Auto Holdings Co., Ltd. Hahn & Co. F&B Holdings Omnis Trading Company HAHN-CHULL TRADING CO. LTD. HAHN CHULL TRADING Co., Ltd. Hahn Shin Corporation Hahn & Co. AP Holdings Co., Ltd. World Tech Corporation Hahn & Co. Tanker Holdings Co., Ltd. Withwin Co., Ltd. Withon Within Communication Co., Ltd. withmin WITHIN Holdings Co., Ltd. Withshim Ltd withnami Co., Ltd. LEADERS EDUCATION Education The Education Co.,Ltd. Education + Co.,Ltd. The Education Co., Ltd. Educate Co., Ltd. Education & Life Co., Ltd. Education Travel Co.,Ltd. Hongjin HONGJIN CO. Hongjin Corporation Hongjin Enterprise Hongjin Corporation Hongjin Company National Pension Service Industrial Bank of Korea Hancom Inc. Hancom .com Hancom Hancom System Hancom Co., Ltd. Hancom Digital YG Entertainment Co., Ltd. YG NETWORKS CO.,LTD. YG ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. YG Company Co., Ltd. YG Corporation Co., Ltd. YG Company YG In Company Co., Ltd. The YG YG EN Co., Ltd. YG Engineering Street P Wedding WEDDING CO. The Wedding Company Wedding & INC. Wedding Book Co., Ltd. The Wedding Wedding B Co., Ltd. MS Wedding Company Co., Ltd. Wedding Sister MS Wedding Wedding Leaders Wedding Company Co., Ltd. POWER TECH 21 CO.,LTD Techs 21 Co., Ltd. E-Tech 21 Co., Ltd. My Tech 21 Co., Ltd. In Tech 21 Co., Ltd. In Tech 21 MNJ Tech 21 Co., Ltd. Sun Techno21 Inc. Ino Tech 21 Co., Ltd. GN Tech21 Dil-Tech 21 Co., Ltd. G.N Tech 21 Euro Trading Co. Euro Trade Co., Ltd. Euro Trading EUROPEAN TRADING CO., LTD. Euro Trading Co.,Ltd. Yuhan Yuhan Corporation Yuhan Corporation Co., LTD. YUHAN INCORPORATED Eltis Consulting Co., Ltd. Eltos Co., Ltd. Eldis Co.,Ltd. Eltec Co., Ltd. Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd. Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd Bio Solution Co.,Ltd. Solution Co.,Ltd. PRO&SOLUTION CO.,LTD. Doctor Solution Co.,Ltd. MS Solution The Leaders Solution Co., Ltd. The Solution Co.,Ltd. HQ Solution Alipay Korea Co., Ltd. Alip Co., Ltd. A Pay Co., Ltd. MIRACLE CO. MIRACLE SECOND CO.,LTD. NEO C & I NICE C&I Co., Ltd. Jowon C & I Co.,Ltd. Neo C&I Co., Ltd. DOWON C & I CO.,LTD. NEOZ C & I CO.,LTD. Uneed UNEEC Co.,Ltd. Kyeongmin Information Industry Co.,Ltd. kyongin Heat Industry KHI Agora Agora Asset Ltd. Agora Co., Ltd.. Woori ENT DAE YOUNG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Daeyoung Indus Co.,Ltd. DENIM KOREA CO.,LTD. Clio Communication Co., Ltd. CREATIVE HON CO.,LTD. CREAT CO.,LTD. Creation In Co., Ltd. Creta Co.,Ltd. Creative With Mr. Creative Co., Ltd. Creative G.N Co., Ltd. CREATIVE FOOD CO.,LTD. CREATIVE P&P CO.,LTD. Creative Up Co., Ltd. Creative Flower Co., Ltd. Creative Point Creative Factory Creative Factory Co., Ltd. Creative Apple Co., Ltd. Creation Il Co., Ltd. JP Korea Creative Co.,Ltd. I Creation Korea Co., Ltd. Hyundai Oilbank(Sadang-dong Gas Station) SEA WORLD CO.,LTD. Ecotech Corporation GEOSEONG ECOTECH CO.,LTD. Geomdan C&C Co., Ltd. MS Gunpo The 1st Co., Ltd. Nabi Environmental Facility Consultant Co.,Ltd. E& Facility Hanwha Corporation Hanwha Hotels&Resorts Co.,Ltd. Hanwha Corp. Hanwha Corp. TS Leader Co., Ltd. TS YBLD Daegu Co., Ltd. Kukje Asset Shintaksanaegeunro Welfare Gigeum Kukje Asset Financial Loan Co., Ltd. Kukje Digital Asset Management Co., Ltd. Korea Kukje Digital Asset Trade Co., Ltd. Brain Asset Kukje Patent Kukje Amhowha Asset General Georaeso Bosung Industrial Co., Ltd. Logen Shipping LSEM Co.,Ltd. CNP International CO.,LTD ONE&NINE CO.,LTD. Nineteen The Food Company MS Food Foodro Co.,Ltd. Kangdong Co.,Ltd. Kangdong 1st Co.,Ltd kangdong Pacific Pharmacy Kangdong Leather Co., Ltd. Kangdong Industry Co., Ltd. Toyo Engineering Korea Ltd. LG Toyo Engineering Co., Ltd. KOREA INFRA-RED CORP. Korea Investment Management Co., Ltd. Korea IT Infra Co., Ltd. Korea Infra Im Net Co., Ltd. Korea Media Management Information Co., Ltd. KOREA INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CORP Korea Management & Information Technology Corp. Korea Management information Tech Korea Insa Management Institute Korea CB Infra Co., Ltd. Infra Tu Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Infra Consulting Co., Ltd. KDB Infrastructure Investment Asset Management Co., Ltd. Macquarie Korea Infrastructure Fund Korea Infrastructure Safety Institute Korea Infrastructure Planning Co.,Ltd. Korea Imerging Infrastructure Fund S.E.M. Infrastructure Co.,Ltd. Korea Infrastructure Co., Ltd. Korea Fisheries Infrastructure Public Agency Korea Infra Development Co., Ltd. Korea Infra Partners Co., Ltd. Korea Infra Power Co., Ltd. Infra Korea Korea Infra Logis Co., Ltd. Korea Information Infra Korea BTL Infra Investment Company Korea B Jeu Infra Co., Ltd. Korea Golf Infra Investment Co., Ltd. Daewoo Baljeon Power Co., Ltd. Parawell Guil GUILMI Gillin Corp GDH Co., Ltd. DN Steel & tech Co.,Ltd. Namhae Store NAMHAE STORE CO. Dogokdong Gyeognam Apartment Dogokdong PFV Co.,Ltd. DOGOKDONGBUJEOM HYUNDAI MOTOR CO. Com Doctor II Gu Dogokdong Branch Into Food Service Industry Dogokdong Branch Co., Ltd. Prugio Nursery Prugio Service Co., Ltd. Prugio Screen Golf Prugio SH the 2nd Co., Ltd. Prugio Sauna Prugio Siheung the 1st Co., Ltd. Prugio Siheung the 3rd Co., Ltd. Bugok Corporation SBL CO.,LTD. SBL Corporation Co., Ltd. SBL Inc. SBL Invest Co., Ltd. SBL Bio Co., Ltd. SBL International Co., Ltd. SBL Partners SMART LEADER CO.,LTD. SMART CO.,LTD. Smart INC Co.,Ltd. Smart Senior Co.,Ltd. Smart Corporation Smartic Co., Ltd. SMART smartix ltd. 3D Industrial Imaging Co.,Ltd POSCO O&M Posco Aen SK Holdings Co.,Ltd. SK Holdings Co., Ltd. SK Holdings Co., Ltd._Ulsan Office Sk Hydraulic SKH Co, Ltd Super K Holdings Double SK Holdings Co., Ltd. SK HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. SK Holdings Loan Co., Ltd. DEEPSoft Company DEEPSoft Company Co., Ltd. Hyundai AND Hyundai Corporation Opec Co., Ltd. Masterpiece Art & Entics INTERNATIONAL MASTERPIECE STORECO.,LTD. NATURAL MASTERPIECE COSMETICS CO.,LTD. MASTERPIECE SASSETS CO.,LTD. LS Industrial Systems Co Ltd LESIS Company LSIC Co., Ltd. JUUL Labs Korea LLC Intem Co., Ltd. Imation Korea Inc. Intem Cinematix korea Co., LTD. J's ONE co.,ltd. J&S11 Js1971 JS153 Co., Ltd. CJ Corporation CJ ENM Co., Ltd. CJ EMB CO.,LTD. JUNA TRADING CO. Juna Corporation Co., Ltd. The Juna Co., Ltd. Jun & A Juna Optical JUNA PUM Juna Jewelry Co., Ltd. Juna Nursery Fire Corporation Co., Ltd. MS Fire Co., Ltd. Fori Engineering Co., Ltd. VTECH Vetica Co., Ltd. SAMSUNG LIFE INSURANCE CO., Ltd. Samsung Life Insurance Co, Ltd Samsung Life Co., Ltd. LEADERS SAMSUNG LIFE INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. SAMSUNG LIFE INSURANCE SYNTHESIS CO.,LTD. WONDER PLACE CO.,LTD. The Wonder Co., Ltd. Wonder Holdings Wonder Beulreok Holdings Co., Ltd. Wonder Wol Co., Ltd. Wonder Food Co., Ltd. Wonder Glass Co., Ltd. Wonder Hitech Corp. Wonder Brothers Co., Ltd. Tincheu TG First Specialty co., ltd. TG One Co., LTD. FDU Co., Ltd. Hallasan Korea Jogane Hallasan Chamsutbulgui Hallasan Doyaji Vogo Fund II VOGO Investment Group Co., Ltd. VOGO FUND ASSET MANAGEMENT Co., Ltd. Vogos VOGO 1ST INVESTMENT INC. VOGO KORA ITE Co.,Ltd. VOGOICT CO., LTD. Vooz Co., Ltd. VIGO CO., LTD. VOGO ENI CO., LTD. SNT Sentinels Co., Ltd. SENTINEL Asia Ltd. Sentinel Korea Co. Ltd SNT MOTORS CO.,LTD. YOUNG DO INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. Young Do Industry Co., Ltd. Young Industry Co., Ltd. Genoplan Korea, Inc. BOTAMEDI Inc. Botamedi. Inc Botaem BOTAE CO.,LTD. Botai Bota Co., Ltd. Moa C&K Co., Ltd. MOACK C0., Ltd Moacos Yeonho Yeonho Corporation Co., Ltd. Yeonho Ad Yeonho PM Co., Ltd. Tech Floor Techno Furniture Co., Ltd. Nene Nenex Co., Ltd. ESEU Co.,Ltd. Eseo Esse Corporation Taeyoung INC Co., Ltd. Taeyoung Co. Taeyoung Co. Young GreenTech A GreenTech OTR Co., Ltd. Kode Co., Ltd. Kodebox, Inc Kodeok Kodebeu Co., Ltd. CodeCrain LTD. Evergreen Corporation Co., Ltd. Shinhan BNP Paribas Asset Management Co., Ltd Shinhan BNP Pariba Investment Trust Management Co. Shinhan BNpipariba Asset Management Sanaegeunrobokjigigeum Shinhan Asset Management Loan Co., Ltd. Shinhan Guk Asset Management Ank ANK Limited ANK K Co.,Ltd. ANK Enterprise Inc. Okbae Electronics Co., Ltd. Ocube Co, Ltd Osppa OQPY Corp. OKIB The 1st Co., Ltd. CJ Logistics Corporation Cow logistic CALL Logistic Co., Ltd. C BEST LOGISTIC CO.,LTD. Tann C&A Hae Poong POONG HAN HWA POONG A&F CO.,LTD. POONG HWA ENGINEERING SHOW & TEL CO.,LTD. The Show Show Company Co., Ltd SHOW STREET CO.,LTD. T&S KOREA CO. En TS Korea LTD MONO CORP Mono MONO CO. Mono Nix Co., Ltd. TAE YOUNG INTERNATIONAL Young International Co Young International YOUNG INTERNATIONAL CO LTD Young International Corp. Young International Co.,Ltd. YOUNG IN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. KUN YOUNG INTERNATIONAL CORP. BO YOUNG INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD. HAN YOUNG INTERNATIONAL CORP Young International BIOMEDICAL UNION MOBILE CO. Union Mobile Co., Ltd. UNION MACHINERIES UNION MARKING CORP Union Marketing U No Motors Co., Ltd. G&NTV Co., Ltd. Hilton-hill Corp. Hilton Stones Hyundai Motor Company Sino Corporation Sinokor Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. SINOKOR OCEANCO.,LTD. SINOK CO.,LTD. SINO KOR Co.,Ltd. SINOKOR Pipe Co., Ltd. SINOKOR SHIPPING CO.,LTD. Sinokor Petrochemical Co., Ltd. SINOKOR OFFSHORE CO.,LTD. SINOKOR Oil TANKER Co.,Ltd SINOKOR TANKER Co., Ltd. SINOKOR OCEAN SHIPPING CO.,LTD. SINOKOR MARITIME Co., Ltd. Sinokor SF first Co.,Ltd. Worldwide Corp. WORLD WIDE CLINICAL TRIAL KOREA INC. Re R.e El R Ta E Reu Company Co., Ltd. Infinity INFINITY Infinite Infiniti Infinity Company Infinity Energy Co., Ltd. Infinite Investment Infinity ENC Co., Ltd. Semok Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Puego Co., Ltd. Woori Financial Group Inc. DAI HAN TRADING Co., Ltd. LAB & Company Inc. Awake Awake Plus Co.,Ltd. MBL MK Marble Co, Ltd MBL Systems Ltd MBL GLOBAL Co., Ltd. MARBLE BIO.,LTD. Mijin Marble MARBLE KOREA CO.,LTD. MBL Sound Co., Ltd. CDP Marble Co.,Ltd. JUN MARBLE CO. Nonghyup Bank Co.,Ltd. Seokchon Branch Fitness Hill Florida Fitness Fitness Network Co.,Ltd. I Fitness Filex Fitness Pro Fitness Club Fitness Labs OSIO Oiso Osso Communication Co.,Ltd Osso & Co Co., Ltd. Oisi Osoo OSIO INDUSTRIAL CO. Osso Korea CMC COMPANY C M.C Co., Ltd. CM&C Co., Ltd. HY Corporation Co., Ltd. HY Company H&Y Global HY Gold Co., Ltd. LK INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. Eagle Eagle 1st L.L.C. Eagles& TS Co., LTD. Eagle Tex Eagle Town EAGLEX ND POWERTEC CO.,LTD. Powertech Solution Woojung Powertec Richtech SH Co., Ltd. Riches Co., Ltd. Richtech Co., Ltd. Riches DESIGN BLANC CO.,LTD. Blanc Blanc Co., Ltd. BLANC DE TEA Co., Ltd. BN BLANC Co., Ltd. M BLANC Co., Ltd. Blanc Dubu Co., Ltd. Ours Blanc Co,.Ltd J DE BLANC Co., Ltd. ATLAS EXPRESS CO PAC ATLAS CORP. Atlas Auto Korea ATLAS PLANNING CO.,LTD. Atlas Accounting Company Atlas Co., Ltd. Atlas Co. Atlas Express Co Ltd Atlas Labs Inc. ATLAS Engineering Company ATLAS TRADING CO.,LTD BS Corporation BS and Co. Ltd BS Inc Best Supply ACN KOREA ACN Korea Co., Ltd. ACN CO.,LTD. SAMY COMPANY LTD. AMY AMY Co., Ltd. The Amy Co.,Ltd. SVIC NO.6 FUND SVIC NO.26 FUND SVIC NO.28 FUND B&C CO. The B&C Co., Ltd. B & C CO.,LTD. P.N Y Next D.C Co., Ltd. NEXT CORP. Air Next Korea Solutions Co., Ltd. International Test Solutions Korea Limited. FRE Solutions Co., Ltd. Fieldlo FIELDSHARE Inc. Korea Cargo Logistics LLC Korea Cargo Co., Ltd. Korea Cargo Igis net Co., Ltd. IGIS Asset Management Co.,Ltd. IGIS TEC CO.,LTD. Igija Hair Isac Set Co., LTD. IGIS Real Asset Investors Co.,Ltd Isaac Asset Sai NT Co., Ltd. Skylines Co., Ltd. Aram Architecture Office SK innovation Co., Ltd EG Innovations Korea Co., Ltd. Soodo Incorporation Branch Sudo Trading Sudo Trading Co.,Ltd Seodo Transportation Co., Ltd. EMPIRE CO.,LTD. Empire INC Co., Ltd. Empire Company EMPIRE CNS CO.,LTD. REDOS Co., Ltd. Rodis Rodoseu Publishing Korea Dol Trading ICE Corp. I.C.E Co.,Ltd. ICE CO. I.C.E IC East Co., Ltd. Ice Box Co., Ltd. Chosunilbo Nampyeongchonjiguk Chosunilbo Namseoch Agency Chosunilbo Japanese Language Version Co., Ltd. Chosunilbo - Sungsu Branch Chosunilbo Ahyun Agency Chosun Ilbo Co., Ltd. Pal Square Co., Ltd. Pal Pal&El Co., Ltd. Pal Seonsaeng(Hongji-dong) SAERON CO.,LTD. Saeron Co., Ltd. Saeron Industrial Development Catea Co., Ltd. Ceed Company Ceate Kangaroo Billiards Kangaroo Animal Hospital kangaroo republic Co., Ltd. HANYOUNG KANGAROO CO., LTD. Kangaroo Entertainment Co., Ltd. Daily Distribution Richemont Korea Limited Cho KIM AND CHO Kim&cho Real Estate Consulting CHO YANG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD CHO Company CHO HON LTD Wirebarley Corp. GPI1 CO.,Ltd. GSS1 Co.,Ltd. VITA CO., LTD. VODA VOID.A Vida Partners Inc. K&J ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. KJ Mold Engineering Co., Ltd. Seonghwan Nongsan Co., Ltd. Seonghwan Information International Co., Ltd. Seonghwan Precision Industry YGC Korea Travel Co., Ltd. BBB KOREA BBB B.B & B Co., Ltd B&B Books B.B Box B.B Base Co., Ltd. B.B Billiards B&Bit Bio Co., Ltd. B.B Beuro Co., Ltd. JOON CORPORATION Joonhee INC. Joonsoo Joono Tech Co., Ltd. Jotae Joono Co., Ltd. Joonoble JOONGWOO CORPORATION Doosan MS Construction Dae Ryung Heavy Industry Construction Co., Ltd. Dongsan Industry Construction Co., Ltd. Baek Doosan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Breeze Company Incorporated G-SMATT GLOBAL CO., LTD. ARCHITECTS STUDIO BIG Inc. Studio Sam Architecture Co., Ltd. STUDIO META ARCHITECTS CO.,LTD. STUDIO MOB ARCHITECT CO.,LTD. YEIN ARCHITECT CO. Yein ACT Co., Ltd. YEIN P & H ARCHITECT CO.,LTD. Yein Architecture Research Institute Co.,Ltd. Merrill Lunch International Bank Ltd Seoul Branch Merrill Lynch Investment Manager Seoul Office KENT CO.,LTD. KENT KEENO CO.,LTD. Kemto Asek Co., Ltd. Petra Gloria Co.,Ltd. Samsung PC Co., Ltd. Samsung PL Co., Ltd. Samsung P & C Samsung Sa Samsung Company Co., Ltd. Samsung PL Co., Ltd. Hotel Lotte Co., Ltd. Hotel Lotte Co., Ltd. Elreu Lotte Hotel Jamsil Agency TOLL GLOBAL LOGISTICS (KOREA) LTD. Trans Global Logistics Korea Ltd JB CHEM. CO., LTD. JS&Energy Inc. Energy-S Company Limited SN S Energy Co., Ltd. Motorone Co., Ltd. Ssi SSI Company SSI Inc. Backstage Jihwaja Jihwaja Jotta Jihwaja Norae Norae Jihwaja Co, Ltd The National Theater of Korea Branch Jihwaja Hof Jihwa Company Jihwabang Doosan Corporation NAVER DOUT CO.,LTD. Naver Star Co.,Ltd. Naver Star Chungdahm Learning Inc. CHUNGDAHM Learning inc M.E.C.O me2Day Co., Ltd. ME LIM CORPORATION ME2 ON CO.,LTD. Me 20 Dotcom Me EL Me E 20 M En 25 Co., Ltd. Shinil Company SHINIL CO. edupartner co.,ltd GLOBAL EDU PLEX CO.,LTD. GLOBAL EDU FOR ALL PEOPLE CO.,LTD. Edu Partner Co., Ltd. Edu Partners Co.,Ltd. CDU Partners Co Dupar Dupalro Co., Ltd. Taedu Planning Security Guard Co., Ltd. Edu Pluner Dupallo Brewery Co., Ltd. EDU PORE CO.,LTD. Edu Planet LEAD UP KOREA CO.,LTD. GWANGGYO EDU PLACE CO.,LTD. Ilsan Edu Pia Co., Ltd. BK Service Co.,Ltd. BK ST Co.,Ltd. BK Shipping Co., Ltd. BK SHIPPING AIRLINES CO.,LTD. BK Shipping Airline Co., Ltd. Geo Book E Shipping BK Shinbong The 1st Co., Ltd. BK Shincheon The 2nd BK Shincheon The 1st BK Shingileum The 1st Co., Ltd. Thought Co.,Ltd. Brod optics Co., Ltd. NEOSIL CO.,LTD. Silkroad Co Silkroad Co.,Ltd. Silkroad Silkroad Co., Ltd. GN Silkroad Co., Ltd. Jireh Corporation Jireh Co., Ltd. jireh technology co., ltd Jireh Electronics Co., Ltd. Jireh BND Co., Ltd. Jireh Medical Jireh Device Yoona Yoong System Inc. Younmin International yoono Yooni and Co., Ltd. E-Road Co., Ltd. Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. Korea Consulting Research Institute KOREA ENTERPRISE CONSULTING CO.,LTD. Korea Education Consulting KECI(Korea Educational Consulting Institute) Korea Enterprise Consulting KOREA CONSENSUS INSTITUTE Korea Management Consulting Institute Korea CEO Institute Korea Eco-Institute Co., Ltd Korea EU Institute NH Capital Co., Ltd. W Capital Holdings Co., Ltd. JT Capital Co., Ltd. Capital Works Co.,Ltd. Capital Won Co.,Ltd. With Venture Capital Co., Ltd. World Capital Co., Ltd. Hotel Capital Co., Ltd. With Capital Co., Ltd. SH CAPITAL CO.,LTD. White Capital Loan Brokerage Co., Ltd. Wids Capital Co., Ltd. HQ International Inter PC Co., Ltd. MS International Inc. THE INTERNATIONAL Leaders D&C Co., Ltd. DC Co., Ltd. DC Company Co.,Ltd. DC Corporation DC Company DC International D&C International Co., Ltd. DC T International Co., Ltd. D&c Interior Co., Ltd. D & C Industries D&C Industry D.C Oil DC IT Co.,Ltd. M.S Asia Co.,Ltd. Asia Company Asia Focus Industry Co., Ltd. Asia Focus The Asia Foundation Korea Office Dong Asia Foundation ASIA SOUNDS CO.,LTD. Asia Mirae Foundation Asia Baljeon Foundation East Asia Mirae Foundation Asia Research Fund ASIA LEE FUND CO.,LTD. Value Line Co.,Ltd. Bu Young bu-young CMP Asia COASIA CO.,LTD. COASTAL CORP Face Shop Blanc & Eclare Korea Co.,Ltd. manual Manul Co., Ltd. Manual World Manuba Co., Ltd. Goryeo manual Co., Ltd. Manual Bank Minual Manuel Co. Manua Development Co., Ltd. Korea Venture System Co., Ltd. ASP Ventures Korea Co., Ltd. Softbank Ventures Korea Inc. Softbank Finance Korea.,Ltd Korea Venture Co.,Ltd. Korea Ventures Korea Venture Line Softbank Korea Co., Ltd. KOREA SS VENTURE CO. J&S Venture Korea Toa Ventures Korea Co., Ltd. SOCIAL VENTURE PARTNERS KOREA INC. John Venture Korea Co., Ltd. Swarovski Ventures Korea Sky Venture Korea Co., Ltd. Gc Corporation Co., Ltd. G.C International Co., Ltd. G.C Company Co., Ltd. G&C Investment Co., Ltd. G&C Industry DYS co, ltd DAE YANG SCIENTIFIC Co., Ltd. DY SYSTEM Co., Ltd. G Star GSTAR GLOBAL Gtra Corporation Co.,Ltd. GSTAR 5000 OUTLET CO., LTD Gstar Myeongdong Branch LABIOTTE LABIO Co., Ltd. Labios Co., Ltd. LABION Co., Ltd. AIR-PHIL CO., LTD. Phillip Ad Philip Philip Company Co., Ltd. Phil Corporation Philip Co.,Ltd SIMPAC Holdings Co., Ltd. Simpect Co., LTD. Simpac Tnc Co., Ltd. SIMPACK ICC<D I.C.C Corp. ICC CO.,LTD ICC Co.,Ltd. I&C&C IC & C Co.,Ltd. ICC STEAMSHIP CORP AIM HIGH GLOBAL CORP. Hi Global Seven&Three Co., Ltd. K Three Seven THREE SEVEN LUCK CO.,LTD. THREE SEVEN TRADING CO., LTD. 37 point Co., Ltd. Three Seven Distribution DB 37 Co., Ltd. BCA 37 CO.,LTD. 37 BEAUTY CO.,LTD. Dae-A Intellectual Property Consulting KOREA INTELLECTUAL CO.,LTD. Intellectual Discovery Co., Ltd. Intellectual resources Co., Ltd. ACADEMY INTELLECTUAL CO.,LTD. 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Pillo Co.,Ltd. Pillon Inc. Pillo Co., Ltd. Pilloi CBS Company CBS Co ltd CBS Consulting CBS Asia CBS Trade Co., Ltd. CBS education Co., Ltd. CBS Global CBS Partners Co., Ltd. C&b Security Co., Ltd. CBS internet CBS Networks Co.,Ltd. T & D ENERGY CO.,LTD. My T Energy Co., Ltd. T Factory Energy Co., Ltd. East Eight Co., Ltd. Funnywork Corp. Funny Funnyworld Youngnam Corporation Co., Ltd. KOOKYANG LOGITECH CO LTD RELIANCE KOREA YONYUN-RELIANCE ELECTRIC CO LTD Mapo Mira Disabled Person Self reliance Life Center Dobong Disabled person Self reliance Life Center Mapo Disabled self-reliance Center Mapo Gaon Disabled self-reliance center HANGUK DISABLED PERSON SELF-RELIANCE LIFE CENTER ALLIANCE CORP. TC Reliance LLC. RELIANCE WORLD KOREA CO.,LTD. Keumhan Development Co., Ltd. Keumhwan Asset Co., Ltd. Keumhwan AMC Co., Ltd. Kunhwan Corporation J&A System Co., Ltd. JAS JAS Ja Star Ja Skin Brain Company Brain Leader Co., Ltd. Rich Brain English School Brain English Mathmatics Institute Mirae Keul Brain English Language Institute Brain Pai Brain AI CO., LTD. Brain Aid Co., LTD. A Brain Co., Ltd. Ad-Brain Ad Brain Co.,Ltd. I-Brain Co., Ltd. B-brain. Co.,Ltd. Sys Engineering Korea System Engineering Association KOREA SYSTEMS ENGINEERING Korea System Engineering Institute WECT CO.,LTD. We Corporation Weco We Communications WECOMEON CO.,LTD. Wecoms Co., Ltd. We Community Co., Ltd. We Community.Co.,Ltd WeCOMET Wecommerce Co.,Ltd. West & East Cost Godo KDN Co.,Ltd. Godo Godo Nba Co., Ltd. Godo Steel Co.,Ltd. Godo Eng Co.,Ltd. Godo Chemical Corporation GODO Co., Ltd. Godo ENT Co.,Ltd. Eden Food Service Co., Ltd. Tracons Co., Ltd. Traco Co., Ltd. Track Trust A&C The Track The 1st TRYCO INC Troc TRAESCO Co., Ltd. Track Infotech Co., Ltd. One Investment Co., Ltd. Black Hills Co., Ltd. Black Hill 1Ho Co., Ltd. Black One Co., Ltd. Black TA1 MUNHWA BROADCASTING CORP. MUNHWA BROADCASTING LABOR UNION MV Korlao KORLOY Inc. 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K.J.TRADING COMPANY K AND J TRADING KJ Trade K & J Trading Co.,Ltd. KOREA O RING INC. Poison Ring Ring Korea Rings Korea Co., Ltd. Soft Lance Soft Line Co.,Ltd. SOLTRA CO LTD SOLTRON CO.,LTD. Soltro Nix Co., Ltd. R & G CO.,LTD. RG Corp. RG Corporation Co., Ltd. RG Co., Ltd. R&G Company Co., Ltd. R & G KUR INC. Biscuit Co., Ltd. Biscuit Studio Co., Ltd. Biscuitlabs. Co. Ltd. Biscuit Plannet Seoul Miramar Corporation THE PLATFORM CO.,LTD. Platform Co., Ltd. Second Deu Platform Co., Ltd. B4U Platform Co., Ltd. The Platform Company MC Platform Co., Ltd. CBI Platform Co., Ltd. P&C Platform Co., Ltd. Con Platform Co., Ltd. Nine Platform Co., Ltd. Cosmetic Platform 1Ho Platform nine Co., Ltd. Platform Eight Platform 9 O2 O Platform Co., Ltd. Platform Platform Platform Inc. CI Platform C Platform Service Hanwha Galleria Co., Ltd. GALLERIA CO. Galleria Company Korea Cetra Cotra Incorporated Cytra Corporation World Taekwondo Federation YEONSAE WORLD TAEKWONDO ACADEMY. Korea National Sport University World Taekwondo Yonsei World Taekwondo World Taekwondo Teenager League World Taekwondo Chong Association World Taekwondo Yeonsuchong Association World Taekwondo Peace Bongsa Foundation World Taekwondo Mudeokgwanchong League World Taekwondo Cheukgwan World Taekwondo Yonhap Foundation Ares Company ARES Ares Co.,Ltd. Ares Energy Co.,Ltd. Peace Corporation Peace Co., Ltd. Peace Peace Sa ZENPIA Co.,Ltd. Kappa KAPA Hushi Global Co., Ltd. DONG BU TEXTILE Nexus Corporation Nexus Co., Ltd. NEXUS CO.,LTD. NEXUS P&C Nexus Pharm Nexus Prime Nexus Planning Co.,Ltd. Kitchen 7475 JEONGWON 474 CO.,LTD. Art Work Package House Co., Ltd. Spell 13530 Korea8848 Co.,Ltd. 747 Noraebang LANDING CO.,LTD. ASA SEA & AIR CO LTD ATO SEA&AIR CO., LTD. YALE SEA & AIR Ace Air Tek Co., Ltd. Always Blue Sea & Air Co, Ltd Famex Sea & Air Co., Ltd. CTC SEA & AIR CO.,LTD. Chung Hae Sea & Air Co., Ltd RGA Co., Ltd. Firstra Co., Ltd. Firstface Co.,Ltd. FirstFN Co., Ltd. Firstic Co., Ltd. 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Dr.Gene Co.,LTD EUGENE S AND T Co., Ltd. Eugene Jane Co.,Ltd. EUGENE Co.,Ltd. EUGENE M Tide Square Co., Ltd. TIDC Textile Tid Tid Enterprise Taid Co.,Ltd. TIDEINSTITUTE CORP. Tidi House Taegwang Tide Bangjigi Co., Ltd. Tidy Engineering Sanho Green Tide Co., Ltd. Bio Evening Tide Tipoti Design Text ID Co., Ltd. TID PLANNING CO.,LTD. TID PLAN CO.,LTD. Stid Tech Myeongil & Tidine Co., Ltd. Nextide Co.,Ltd. YS TRADING CO YS Trading Y.S TRADING CO., LTD. Y.S TRADING CO. YS TRADING Co. YS Trading Co.,Ltd YS Trading Co.,Ltd. YS Trade YS Trading Co, Ltd Y S Trading Pure Corporation Co., Ltd. PURE COMPANY CO.,LTD. PURE LEADER Biznet Co., Ltd. Biznet Tech Co., Ltd. BIZ Networks Co., Ltd. Biz NetCom Co.,Ltd. Bizno-Tech Co., Ltd. Sungwon MS Co.,Ltd. Etubi Co., Ltd. SA Korea Sa Korea Consumer Upmu Association Sa Korea Jeongchaek Forum Sa Korea The Disabled Bumohoesongpa Branch Sa Korea The Disabled Enterprise Association Sa Gas Korea Co., Ltd. Sa Car Ta Korea Co., Ltd. SA Kom Co., Ltd. Daebo Co., Ltd.. Daebo Precision Pin Tech Global Co., Ltd. Korea IPS IPS In Korea Co.,Ltd. GOLDEN WORKS & YELLOW TURTLE SHIP CO.,LTD. Turtle Ship Co., Ltd. Turtle Company Co., Ltd. Turtle.K GEOBUKSEON SECURITY GARD ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD. Geobukseon Agujjim Geobukseon Research Institute Myungrang Myungrangsa Myungrang Society Co., Ltd. Myungrang Housing Co., Ltd. Myungrang Noraebang HANHWA HOTEL & RESORT 1ST INC. Aju Hotel&Resort Co., Ltd. USG Co., Ltd. T&C Co Ltd TC CO. TC Company Co,.Ltd. G&A Private Equity Fund Won International Company Co., Ltd. Hypers Smart THE SMART CO.,LTD. Modern Planning GOD Event Planning Silsa Korea SEOLAK KOREA CO.,LTD. SKGLS skoolooks SELS KOREA CO.,LTD. SLACK&SOFT Co., Ltd. Slick CHEONU SLACKS SHOP S-OIL TOTAL LUBRICANTS CO., LTD. S-Oil Corporation S Oil Energy S Oil Co., Ltd. Fourcompany Co.,Ltd. R.D. Korea Co., Ltd. RD Korea Co., Ltd The Road Korea Co., Ltd. Z road Korea Co.,Ltd Tex Road Korea Co., Ltd. KOREA ROAD INFORMATION CO. Road Korea International Road Korea .com Korea Road Institute SEC KOREA SG Company Korea Co., Ltd. SG Corporation Co.,Ltd. SG COMPANY CO.,LTD. SG Security Consulting Co., Ltd. SG Science Co., Ltd. AJU ASSET MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. ADF Asset Management Co., Ltd Awon Asset Management Co.,Ltd. Alpha Asset Management Co., Ltd Ace Asset Management Aram Asset Management Co., Ltd. Aram Asset Management Aureum Asset Management Co., Ltd. Able Asset Management Co., Ltd. Aju Asset Management Co., Ltd. Anda Asset Management Co., Ltd. AIP Asset Management Co., Ltd. ANP Asset Management Co., Ltd. ATG Asset Management Co., Ltd. AAM Co.,Ltd. LUCID CORP.,/KOREA Lucid Korea Co., Ltd. Lucid Korea Co, Ltd LIKT Co., Ltd. LKtwo Legado Inc. List Technology Korea LKSD ND Co., Ltd. Likid Inc. likeit co.,Ltd. Lucite International Aisa Pacific Pte Korea Legato Systems Korea Ltd. Legato Hohae Trading Co., Ltd. Haehwa Trading Co., Ltd. HAEWAE TRADING Co., Ltd. Hoya Trade Hwaui Trading Corporation Co., Ltd. Hehwa Trading Co., Ltd. HOWA KOREA BCP Solutions Co.,Ltd. FHL Solutions Korea Co.,Ltd Pure Solutions Korea Co., Ltd. AFR Solutions Korea Co., Ltd. Korea CAD Solutions Co., Ltd. Arkwave solutions korea Air Liquid Solutions Korea Air Liquide Solutions Korea Food Mart Global Food Partners The 1st BLUE WHALE CO.,LTD. Blue Networks Co.,Ltd. Blue Net Blue PC Net Co., Ltd. Blue Net Works Blue WhalE Tech Inc. Blue Wiz Net Co., Ltd. Blue C Networks Co., Ltd. Water Solutions BWTS Co., Ltd. jellyfish ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD KANGSTEM BIOTECH Co., Ltd. LG Electronics Inc. REAL PI ASSET CO.,LTD. Prime Real Estate Asset Management Co., Ltd. My Real Asset Real Asset Co., Ltd. Real Asset Platform Co.,Ltd. Real Asset Partners Co., Ltd. Real Plus Asset A Plus Real Estate Asset Co., Ltd. Real Estate Asset Management Ko Real Asset AB Real Asset Sports Metro The Fence Fence Company Co., Ltd. Leaders Fence Korea Council of Sport for All Seoul Sports Council Dahan Leisure Sports Council the national council of sport for all Kernel Energy Co.,Ltd. E.kernel Co.,Ltd. Kernel Incorp. Kernel Lee&partners Kim, Lee & Partners Hong & Lee & Partners Patent & Law office LEE & PARTNERS CO. Kim & Lee Partners Co., Ltd. LEE Partners Co., Ltd. Kim, Lee & Partners Co., Ltd. Lee & Partners Worldwide U & Lee Partners Co., Ltd. Ri & Lee Partners Shin & Lee Partners Co., Ltd. Jo & Lee Partners Co., Ltd. Lee & Partners International Ltd. LEE partners Architecture Co., Ltd. G & Lee Partners Co., Ltd. MIRAE ASSET LOAN CO.,LTD. Mirae Asset Co.,Ltd. Mirae Asset Capital Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Credit Co., Ltd. MIRAE ASSET DAEWOO CO., LTD. MIRAE ASSET DAEWOO SPECIAL PURPOSE ACQUISITION 1 CO., LTD Mirae Asset Daewoo Opeotyuneotisamo Investment Mirae Asset Daewoo Heonteoseusamo Investment Mirae Asset Daewoo Invest The 1st Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Daewoo Global Jeilhosamotuja Mirae Asset Daewoo Special Purpose Company 2Ho Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Daewoo Korea Jeihosamotuja Mirae Asset Daewoo Special Purpose Company 3Ho Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Daewoo Special Purpose Company 4Ho Co., Ltd. Standard Chartered Private Equity Managers Korea Limited Standard Chartered Bank Korea Limited Standard Chartered Private Equity Korea 2 Standard Chartered Securities Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Standard Chartered Bank Cheongryangri Branch Korea Standard Chartered Bank Jangandong Branch Bosung P&C Co., Ltd. DR.DERMA CO.,LTD. Dreamer Co., Ltd DREAMER CO.,LTD Nutri Cos Co., Ltd. Nutri Bio Co., Ltd. Nutri Cafe NUTRICARE CO., LTD Nutricare Co., Ltd. Trips Co., Ltd. Dana Trip Co., Ltd. Yana YANA Co., Ltd. Daewoo Security Daewoo Securities Co., Ltd. Daewoo Securities Co., Ltd._Asset Management Center woojun Development Co.,Ltd. The Bank of Korea Dasan SR Co., Ltd. Dasan Co. Dasan INC Co., Ltd. Oh Sung Trading Corporation OH SUNG TRADING COMPANY OHSUNG TRADING LTD. Ohsung Trading Co.,Ltd. Oh Sung Trading Co Sam Jung Corporation SAM JUNG BUILDING Co., Ltd. SAM JUNG FINE CORP. SAM JUNG OPTICAL ATID Co., Ltd. Future City Global Co.,Ltd. Cal Leaders Co.,Ltd. CA Korea Inc. Ca Korea CALIFORNIA KOREA CENTER CO.,LTD. CA COOL CAP KOREA CORP. C&A Logistic Korea Co., Ltd. CA Co.,Ltd. McGraw-hill Education Korea Limited HOSUNG INCORPORATION Hosung Corporation Co., Ltd. Hosung Textiles Co., Ltd. Hosung Textile Co., Ltd. Ho Sung Textile NEW KOREA MARINE TRANSPORT CO.LTD. Korea Marine Transportation Co., Ltd. Korea Marine Transport Co., Ltd. Korean Marine Transport Co., Ltd. Marine Trans Korea Eunse Shine Co.,Ltd. Eunsae Electronics Co.,Ltd. Eunse Technology Co., Ltd. Enes Corporation Eunseo Coint Co., LTD Coinone Coinone Transfer Inc. KBI KBI Corp. Co., Ltd. NURIINFRA Co., Ltd. NuRi PC Co., Ltd. Kyung Lim Corporation KYUNG IN CORP Sang Kyung E&C Co., Ltd. Kyung Hee Corp. Kyung Nong Corporation KYUNG BO CO Lee, Su kyung Kyung Bo Co. Kyung Lee Industrial Co., Ltd. SAMHEUNG DEVELOPMENT HOUSING CO.,LTD. Samheung P&C Blue Chip Company Co., Ltd. Readiant Radiant Technology, Inc. Radiant Solution Co., Ltd Samseong Radiant Heart Psychiatric Clinic RadiNa Co,.Ltd. Radia Radiance Ra D An Q Bio Co., Ltd. RADION CO. Readiant Skills Co., Ltd. Amorepacific Corporation AMOREPACIFIC Group DRI Co., Ltd. People & Technology Co., Ltd. People And Technology Market & People Technology And Research First People Technology Co.,Ltd. People TNC Co.,Ltd. People Tech Co., Ltd. CMIX Co., Ltd. GMP Corporation GMP KOREA COMPANY GMP CO.,LTD. GMP KOREA CO.,LTD. GMP Korea Meat Co.,Ltd GMP Corea Co., Ltd. Gawinol E GUNIL Co., Ltd. Gun Il Co., Ltd. Geonil Newtec INC Co., Ltd. Newtec Co Newtex NEWTC CORPORATION NEWT Co., Ltd. New Telex Co., Ltd. Inner Zan Vizone B.G Um Korea Vizu Creative Partners Co., Ltd. VIZ THINK COMMUNICATION CO.,LTD. Viz Plastic Surgery TIVIZEN CO.,LTD. BizanTec Co., Ltd. Bizangel Co., Ltd. Travel Zzang Vera Pizza Napoli O Zzan Co. View People Crevize I Love Pizza&Chicken BANGZZANG CLEANING C & D CO.,LTD. Co., Ltd Home-made Zzang Imsil Cheese Pizza Viana Co., Ltd. Colmac Co.,Ltd. BP Communication Co., Ltd. Blue Pik Communications Co., Ltd. Blue Pop Con Co., Ltd. BPC Co., Ltd. HANNAH CORPORATION Ecell EGLE EYES CO., LTD. Excel Electronics Co., Ltd. Tech Nox NONOX CO., LTD Phoenix Logistics Co., Ltd. Han Sang Ho Internal Medical Clinic Han Sang Gu HAN DOK SANG SA Han Sang Company FASTCAMPUSLANGUAGE Co., Ltd. Fast Campus Co., Ltd. Campus Language Institute Global Language Campus Co., Ltd. Femme Kumho Fisheries Co.,Ltd. Fishing Tackle E Insurec Co., Ltd. Insura Net Co., Ltd. InsuranceMart Co., Ltd. Insuranet Insurex Co., Ltd. Changsung Co. Changsung Corporation Chang Sung company Chang Sung CO., Ltd Changsung Corporation Co.,Ltd. Changsung Co. CHANGSUNG Sunjin SUNJIN CORPORATION TOWER CO TOWER CORPORATION CO LTD TOWER TRADING CO. Twin Tower Trading Inc. Kyung Han International CO., LTD. Ahtech Korea Co Ltd Kyung Han Industrial Co., Ltd. New El Corporation Co., Ltd. The New Company Co., Ltd. New Ta Co., Ltd. The New Thence Co., Ltd. TheNextC THENA.CO.,LTD Nature Shop Co., Ltd. Natural Skin Shop Nature Miin Shop Natural Health Shop Natural Photo Shop S P.N Company SP Net Co., LTD. Daekwang Corp. Daekwang Co.,Ltd. McTAH Trading Co., Ltd. Taechang Industry TAECHANG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. TAECHANG INDUSTRY CO. EXCELLENT ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD. Daol Corporation Daol Company DORI Co., Ltd. Dori Estate Hot Dori Woo Jin Co., Ltd. WOO JIN CO. INC. WOO JIN CO. Siegen Corporation SIEG CO. SYSI CORPORATION Sysin Tech Co.,Ltd. SYSINTECH SAMWON TECH CO LTD SamWon Company The Meister Co., Ltd. Meister Auto House Co., Ltd. MEISTER COFFEE Yeouido Full Gospel Church Yoido Full Gospel Church Yeouido Gospel Church Guro Full Gospel Church Seoul Full Gospel Church Full Gospel Seon Church Sung-Do Full Gospel Church Full Gospel Mapo Church Jupiter Aerospace Co., Ltd. Bitforex Co., Ltd. Watertree TRIOPS Corp. Gem Co., Ltd. Gems GEMS Co., Ltd. GEM Trading Co. Gems Teu Co., Ltd. Good Toy Co., Ltd. Garden Toy GT Toys Co., Ltd. G Toys Co., Ltd. Gems Tone Co., Ltd. GWROBINIA Inc. Toy TOY Co.,Ltd. Geumsung Toys Gems Po Gem To Wise Co., Ltd. Gems Tone Technology Gems Tone Pictures Co., Ltd. M Toy Robing Co., Ltd. Guro Toy Je Toy NC Soft Co., Ltd. NSOFT Inc. NISSOFT Corporation TaxOne International Co., Ltd. AXON INTERNATIONAL KOREA CO.,LTD. Axon International Limited Lion Corporation Co., Ltd. Lions Lion Lion Limited LION COMPANY LION CO. Masters Investment Co., Ltd. Master Invest Co., Ltd. SAC SAC The 1st Sun Actuarial Consulting SA&C Co., Ltd. SAC Networks Co., Ltd. SAC INTERNATIONAL, LTD. SAC INTERNATIONAL Ltd. CCB Co., Ltd. CCB Company C&C BYE CO.,LTD. C&C Building C&CB C&C Bank C&C Beauty C&C Bio Co., Ltd. C&C Benebe Co., Ltd. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited. China Item Bank BS China Co., Ltd. Bobo China Blue China DC BS IN CHINA CO.,LTD. Bank of China MFL Global Hanil Stone Co., Ltd. Han-Il Stone HANIL STEPPING-STONE CIRCULATION CO.,LTD. Global Corporation Global Saint Co., Ltd. Global SA Co., Ltd. Global Solution Group Co., Ltd. Global Stone GLOBAL STONE MATERIAL KOREA CO.,LTD. Global Stone Korea GLOBAL STONE CONSULTING DO., LTD Mail Stone Global DREAM Structural Engineers Co.,Ltd. Do Dream Architects & Engineers Nj Electronic Co.,Ltd. ICONLOOP Inc. Icon Icon Co., Ltd. ICONPOP Co.,Ltd. Dowon Stone Co., Ltd. Do Win Solution Co., Ltd. Do Won Construction Co., Ltd. DO WON TRANSPORTATION CO., LTD. Won Stone Investment Co., Ltd. Won Stone Korea CHEONAN VEGETABLES CO.,LTD. Cheonan Store Hioil E&T Corp. Korea Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. UIT Trading Co., Ltd. Ui Tent U-IT Co., Ltd. Uit UIT Inc. Uit Co, Ltd UIT Networks Co., Ltd. UIT Plus Co., Ltd. Tec TEC 2ND INC. Sambo Kemi Tech Co., Ltd. Ks Tec Kemi Net Co., Ltd. Kmtec Kemiseu Co., Ltd. KEMITRA Co., Ltd. Sentori Teey Taea Metal Co., Ltd. PANDIA INC. PANET CO.,LTD. Panda Panda PC Panda Co.,Ltd. The Panda Co., Ltd. Panda Express Co., Ltd. Paundeu Panda Wood Co., Ltd. Panta Development Kani I&B Korea Co., Ltd. Ib Korea I.B KOREA IB SYSTEMS KOREA CO.,LTD. IB Consulting Korea Korea IB Center IB KR Co., Ltd. JST INCORPORATION J Style Co.,Ltd. J-Style Company Limited JS Tec JS Textile Co., Ltd JS TELETEK CO.,LTD. Jedal Co., Ltd. BNP Paribas Securities Korea Co., Ltd. AJU CO.,LTD. Daeryook & Aju International Law Group LLC JJ Company JJ CO. JJ CORPORATION CO.,LTD. J-J Corporation Pyong Hwa Zipper Co.,Ltd. SN Waze Co.,Ltd. Nawaz Friends Co., Ltd. Samhwa Zerox Sinhwa Zipper Waz Wiz Korea Co.,Ltd. wazzle entertainment Co., Ltd. SAEHWA ZERO CO. Pg & I Co., Ltd. PGIM Korea Inc. Ludens Ludens Book Co. Ludens Creative Co., Ltd Ludens Entertainment Co., Ltd. J & A Ja J Music Co.,Ltd. J Music Company Co., Ltd. JA Co., Ltd. J&A Company Co., Ltd. Musical Company A Co., Ltd. J&A Plus Co., Ltd. A Music J&A Inc. Kukbo Glass Co.,Ltd. SLK Co.,Ltd. Five Ocean Corporation 5O2 Co., Ltd. The Five Olseu The Five Oceans Air-Sea Logistics Five Oceans Aquarium C&J KOREA CJ Logistics Terminal CJ ELS Logistics Cj Global Logistics Service Seshin SR Buffalo Corp. BRC Co., Ltd. Brc Co. BRC Tech BRC Apparel Co., Ltd. BRCH CO.,LTD. Brick Brick & Co. , Ltd. Brick Star BR Com Co., Ltd. B & R CONSULTING CO.,LTD. BRICK SYSTEM CO.,LTD. The Bricks Co, Ltd Bricks Instrument BRICKS PARTNER CO.,LTD. Stay For You Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Petrochemical Company Petrochemical Skip Co., Ltd. Samwon Petrochemical Co.,Ltd. bulam Middle School Bulim Company Limited BULIM CORP Bulam Restaurant Bulam Construction Co.,Ltd. Bulam High School Bulam Gas Station Bulam Hiper Market Bulam Soccer Hoe Bulam Glass Beulam Co. Bulmang Bulman Zero Balman Blueman Bulmannan Gopchang Bluemian Co., Ltd. Bellamanu Buleming Day Bulnanjip Bluemin Bulnan Chicken feet Byulnan Bunsik Bluemong Byulnan Restaurant BLUEMAN INBESTMENT & MANAGEMENT CO., LTD. Blooming Plan Byulnan Bar Bulnansul House BELMONT CORP. Byulnan Gogi SHINYOUNG INC The BP Co., Ltd. BP Corporation Co., Ltd. BP Company B & P Corporation BP Inc. B&P Investment Inc. SHINHAN Technology Co.,Ltd. Shinhan Technology Group Co., Ltd. Shinhan Technologies Co.,Ltd. SHINHAN TECH-ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. Flow Co.,Ltd. The Flow Co.,Ltd. The Flow Flow Co., Ltd. Flow Flowin Co.,Ltd. FLOWING CO.,LTD. Flowing Flow Co.,Ltd. Flowone Co., Ltd. Hanah G&B Co., Ltd. G&B FORESTER CO.,LTD. FORESTING BLOCKCHAIN INC. foreswin Co., Ltd. FORESTCITY CO.,LTD. Sta STA ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. STA Corporation Co., Ltd. STA-M STA Mode Co., Ltd. Saeam Co.,Ltd. Saeam Electric Co., Ltd. Saeam Electronic Distribution Kwangil Co., Ltd. KWANGLIM PROCESS CO., LTD. Kwangil Co.,Ltd. KWANGLIM TEXTILE Co., Ltd. Genie Music Corporation Genie Company Genie NC Genie US The 4th Co., Ltd. Genie Textile Co., Ltd. Genie Com GENIE TEXTILE CO.,LTD Genie Textile Genie Sky Genie Beauty Aurora D&C Co.,Ltd. Daeji Consulting Co., Ltd. Aurora Co., Ltd. Aurora Textile Aurora Electronics Co., Ltd. Aurora Tex Aurora Tech Aurora E&I CO.,LTD. Panasonic RAONSECURE Co., Ltd. EVR STUDIO CO.,LTD Seoul Money Brokerage Services, Ltd. Seoul Money Network Money Bol Company Co., Ltd. Money Bol Jcontentree Corp. EIGHT CO.,LTD. THE EIGHT H CORPORATION EIGHT 8 Seconds Co., Ltd. Eight M Co 8Studio Co., Ltd. EIGHT CO.,LTD. 8 Steps Eight Fish Co., Ltd. Eight Eis Eight Institute 8 Stones Eight Snow Co,, Ltd. ALL THE BEST CO. ALL BOOK All Box Holdings Co.,Ltd. All That Biz All Bio All that H&B Co., Ltd. E Company E E & E CO.,LTD East East E & E E Re E Co., Ltd. E Me E Co., Ltd. E & E MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. E Jae E Co., Ltd. KJ Trade K & J Trading Co.,Ltd. K&J Trading PARACHUTE co.,ltd. Parachute Inc. Ceo CEO Bank CEO COMPANY LTD. CEO CO.,LTD. CEO Travel Co., Ltd. CEO International Inc. CEO Brain Co., Ltd. CEO BEAUTE, INC. CEO Distribution Co., LTD. CEO Picture CEO SUITE Co.. Ltd. CEO INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. CEO International INC Co., Ltd. Daeryung Technotown Ceo Institute Wi CEO C.E.O Electronics Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Management Holdings Co., Ltd. Korea Securities Investment Management Co., Ltd Korea Venture Investment Management Co., Ltd. RASAL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT KOREA INC. Korea Musical Investment Co., Ltd. BlackRock Investment Management Korea Ltd. ING Real Estate Investment Management Korea L.L.C Korea Asset Management Invest Co., Ltd. Korea Asset Investment Management Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Trust Co., Ltd. GMC Investment Korea Co., Ltd. Investment Korea Co., Ltd. Cord Corporation Leaders Software Software Co., Ltd. SY Software Software System Co., Ltd. Investing Korea Korea Sustainability Investing Forum ANB Leaders CMT Co., Ltd. CMT CMT Corporation Co., Ltd. Superior Co., Ltd. SUPREME LTD Supremes SUPRIM CO.,LTD. KOMAS Komas Corporation Co., Ltd. KOMANAS CO.,LTD. KOMACS CO.,LTD KOMAK CO.,LTD. koma Hyosang Construction Co., Ltd. I.D. Constrution & Engineering Co., Ltd. Hyosang Construction Co.,Ltd. Hyosangsa Yeonse Hyosang Hospital New Hyosang Travel Hyosang Plaza Co., Ltd. Hyosang Metal Fabricating Levise Korea LVIS Korea Co., Ltd. Levise Teurauseu Korea Co., Ltd. Lufas Korea K-Science CK Agro Co., Ltd. AGRO Sale Agro Co.,Ltd. Korean Society of Food and Agriculture Information Science KSC&I Co., Ltd. Samjin Agriculture Co., Ltd. Rising Star Co.,Ltd. The Rising Star Heding The Rising Star Co., Ltd. Rising Star Co., Ltd. The Rising Star S Co., Ltd. Rising Corporation SK Maritime Co., Ltd. Pro Maritime Compas Maritime Co.,Ltd. Korea Maritime Co., Ltd. KG MARITIME CO.,LTD Kims Maritime Co., Ltd. Korea Maritime Co., Ltd. KS Maritime Co., Ltd. TULLET PREBON MONEY BROKERAGE(KOREA) LIMITED HAE IN COMMERCE CO.,INC. YUN JEON COMMERCE CO.LTD SB Partners The First Co., Ltd. AVENUE PARTNERS CO.,LTD. First Avenue Partners Korea Limited. First Partners The First Partners Co., Ltd. First Avenue Co., Ltd. U First Partners Limited Liability Company Park Avenue Partners Co., Ltd. Kowon System Co., Ltd. KOWON SYSTEM PP & Y International Co., Ltd. P.P International Co.,Ltd. The Y International Co., Ltd. Y&International Co., Ltd. K&Y international Co.,Ltd. Y & I INTERNATIONAL Y&Y International Co., Ltd. D&Y International Co., Ltd. J&Y International Co., Ltd. S&Y International I&Y International Co., Ltd. S&Y International Co., Ltd. Y International Group Co., Ltd. Korea Electric Company Co., Ltd. Mutex Co., Ltd. PARENTHESIS Parenthese Nidu International Co., Ltd. View Company The View Leaders View View Company Reo View Car Ta Real Estate View Real View Media Reu View Co., Ltd. RDAD VIEW CO.,LTD. Pico Pico Global Co., Ltd. Pico Global South Korea Chusik Hoeas Pico Global GOPIZZA Gopiswi HASH Inc. G.D Tech Corporation GD Tech Co., Ltd. Good Technology Co., Ltd. ARKADIN Korea CO.,LTD. ARKADE CO.,LTD. Shoplic Inc. C Trip Korea Co., Ltd. Trip Tu Korea Trip Is Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Trip Plus Co., Ltd. Beauty Trip Korea Co., Ltd. The K Trip Co., Ltd. C Trip International Travel Korea Co., Ltd. Koreal STA Co., Ltd. Korea Trip Co., Ltd. CHUNG YONG CO LTD Yongchang Industy Co.,Ltd. Trywin R&D Korea Co., Ltd. Doctor Wo Run T Co., Ltd. SsenStone Inc. Flavor Corporation Of Korea YU CHANG CO LTD YU CHANG CO., LTD. Artcamp Korea Co., Ltd. KMHG Henry & Company Henri EMBASSY OF THE ARGENTINE REPUBLIC Yongsan Recycling Center Telos Technology ENI Dental Clinic E Teun K Co., Ltd. ENPARK CO.,LTD. Elsevier Korea L.L.C. Leetaewon Pet Clinic Matin Car Il E&M Co., Ltd. Lee's Engraving Reime E Global Advisors Korea Beno E Teu Eodeurim Obeusi KOREA STEEL ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. Polymer Seu Deli Co., Ltd. Minye Classic Hanbok Kumho Tire Hannam Agency Bellas Home Stay IMG Enterprise Co., Ltd. KS tech Co., Ltd. JMPN Lee Cho LexisNexis Legal & Professional Services Korea Squareone Korea co., Ltd Bet Medic Boston Dental Clinic Boston Union Dental Clinic Global Top Co., Ltd. Global Top Co., Ltd. Global Top Culture Media Gyoryu Co., Ltd. Global Top Logics Co., Ltd. Global Top Raundeu Korea Co., Ltd. Global Top Energy Co.,Ltd Top&Global Co., Ltd. Aventis Pasteur Korea Ltd. Aventis Pasteur korea Co., LTD. Kor-Star Shipping Co., Ltd. Power Line Control Co., Ltd. Koh Young Technology Inc. KOH BONG & CO., LTD. Kohyun Co., Ltd. KOHYUN CO LTD Omni P&C Co., Ltd. Omni Corporation Omni Good Co., Ltd. Omni Max Co., Ltd. Omni Gate Co., Ltd. Omni Management Co., Ltd. Omni Marketing Company Co., Ltd. Omni Max Omni Med Co.,Ltd. Sky General Management Co., Ltd. Sky Real Estate Management Co., Ltd. Sae Sky Management Research Institute Co., Ltd. Sky Bal Management SKY ASSET MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Oriental Brewery Co.,Ltd. SECUi Corp. SecuM SECUX CO.,LTD. SECUWIN CORP. SecuWiz Inc. Secujin Co., LTD. Securus Co., Ltd. Seculine Co., Ltd. Pro Secure SECUVE Co., Ltd. Secube Inc Secuon SECUI SecuNM Co., Ltd. Seculine Secuwide Corp. SecurIT Inc. Securion Co. Ltd. Game Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Game Information Co., Ltd. Game Korea CRIS GAMES KOREA CO.,LTD. Riot Games Korea Limited GAME REPUBLIC KOREA CO.,LTD. RIOT Renren Games Korea Co., Ltd. GAME WORKS KOREA KPS Global Co., Ltd. Grace Korea Grace Korea Co., Ltd. WR Korea Co., Ltd. Grace Park korea Co., Ltd. Grace Land Korea Radeu Ware Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Ware Grace Wear Co.,Ltd. Grace Continental Korea Co.,Ltd. Aseuteura Grace Korea MYUNG BO CO., LTD. Myung-Bo MYUNG BO CONS CO,LTD MYUNG BO INDUSTRY Artic Frame Co.,Ltd. MIURA GOLF KOREA Co., Ltd. Hana Bank Credit Union KEB Hana Bank HANNABANG CO. Hanabangti Hanban Enterprise 201 Company 201 Co., Ltd. HAN NAM INVESTMENT TRUST CO LTD YJ COMMUNICATION CO.,LTD. CK Solution LIME ASSET CO.,LTD. Lime & Company Co.,Ltd. lime LIME Asset Management Co., Ltd. Filco Co. Filco Corporation FILCOM FILCOMM Co., Ltd. Yeolseong Korea Co., Ltd. Remote Solution Korea Co., Ltd. Remote Sensing Co, Ltd GLOBAL LEADERS ASSET CO.,LTD. GLOBAL ASSET LOAN CO.,LTD. Global Asset In Co., Ltd. Global Asset Consulting Co., Ltd. Global Asset Investment Co., Ltd. Seowon Global Asset Co., Ltd. Global Marketing Solutions Co., Ltd. Akeu Wave Solutions Global Co., Ltd. Mail Stone Global Solutions Global Asset FIC Global Trading Solutions MSG Global Solutions Korea Ltd. BSP BS&P CO.,LTD. B Shop B-Shop B&SP BSP Co., Ltd. B&Shop B&Shop Co., Ltd. Soram SORAM HOSPITAL OF KOREAN MEDICINE EXOTIC FASHION CO., LTD. Smile Family, Inc. senda Co.,Ltd. CHONG-SOL CHEONGSOL ACADEMY CO.,LTD. CHEONG-SOL Solomon Academy Cheong Sol Holdings Co. Ltd. COENTEC CO.,LTD. Cgentec Hyundai Heavy Machinery Hyundai Samho Boram INC Co.,Ltd. Boram Autobay BORAM ART CO. Hankooklb Co., Ltd. Hankook Co Hankook Inc Hanko HANKOOK Corporation Inc. K.B. INTERNATIONAL CORP. K.B IT Co., Ltd. K. B International K & B INTERNATIONAL CO. K&B International Corp. K&B Int Co. KB Trade International Co., Ltd. K&B International Korea Co., Ltd. Fashion Plus, Inc. Fashion Park Fashion Plaza Daewon Corporation Carmax CHARMAX Co.,Ltd. Gang Bong Soo Family Physician Clinic GANGS Jang Soo Co.,Ltd. Gampler Co., Ltd. Wheelmoa Co.,Ltd. Interbride Co., Ltd. Intercube Interpu Co., Ltd. Interlex Interlade Co., Ltd. Interworld Inc. InterAd, Inc. INTERMED Interblue Co., Ltd. INTERTRADE CORP Intertrade Intertrade Co. Interound Co., Ltd. Interior World INTERLUK MAX CO.,LTD. Geo Shiseu Daiso YOOKANG Co., Ltd. Korea Retail Co., Ltd. Korea Retail Service Co., Ltd. Retail Korea Co., Ltd. FOREVER CORPORATION FOREVER CO.,LTD. Forever Pc The Forever Co., Ltd. Forever WORLD OCEAN TRADING CO Ovytz Co., Ltd. O&Vill Co., Ltd. Do Ri Communication Dorcas DO Ro City Co., Ltd. Daelim & Co. Daelim Corporation Daelim Estate Co., Ltd. Daelim Leaders Co., Ltd. Doosan Industry Development Jekoo Asset Securitization Specality Procter & Gamble Korea S&D Ltd. Procter & Gamble Fed,Inc. KOREA LAND HOUSING DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. KOREA LAND CO. KOREA LAND CO. Markroad Co, Ltd MARKROADIP Wonil Co., Ltd. Wonil Wonil Sangsa Keypair Keopin Keepin S&D Systems SD Square Welcos Co., Ltd. Welcos Welcoco Welcast Co., Ltd. Wellcos Food Service Co.,Ltd. WELLCOOK SureMedical Incorporation Continental Co.,Ltd. CONTINENTAL CO. Continental Tire Continental Trading Co., Ltd. Pan continental Training Corp. TranSono Inc. Transit Co., Ltd. TRANS-COR LTD Trans With Co., Ltd. Pro Trans LEADERS TRANSPORT CO.,LTD. Pro Transportation Transportation Sa Kia Motors Corporation K NA INC Co., Ltd. KNA TRADE CO.,LTD. KNA APEX INC. KNA Partners Co, Ltd KN Associates KN AV Co., Ltd KN Asia Co., Ltd. KNA TRADD The Woodland Co., Ltd. Black Entertainment Co., Ltd. Black Hall Entertainment B.H.Apparel Inc. BH Agency Co.,Ltd. The Wall Co., Ltd. Prime International Prime International Co., Ltd. Prime International Inc. Inter Prime Co., Ltd. Tex Prime International Co., Ltd. Prime Intel Co.,Ltd. The Prime International Inter Prime Co.,Ltd. Prime International Resources Co.,Ltd. PRIME HOLDINGS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Prime C International INC Co., Ltd. PRIME TECHNOLOGIE INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Prime Sports International Prime International Co., Ltd. PRIME CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd. DAESEONG JIFIRST CO.,LTD. KOREA CAVITATION CO.,LTD. L & S MEDIA NETWORKS CO.,LTD. MEDIA L ,INC L Media L Min Media L Tu Media L Bik Media L Ssol Media Co., Ltd. L Media Solution Co., Ltd. L Rim Media Holdings L Media Tech Co., Ltd. L Ripeonteu Media Jungjin Company Co., Ltd. JUNGJIN CORP. Jungjin Co.,Ltd. Jungjin Corporation Co. KPX Chemical Co.,Ltd. ALBIZ CO LTD ALBIT Inc. AllBit Co., Ltd. Albi Samdo Corporation Samdo Corporation SAMDO CORPORATION CO.,LTD. Gritech Co., Ltd. The Great&Co Co., LTd. The Great Co., Ltd. The Great GRAT GRIT Co., Ltd. GRITIS Co., Ltd. Gerit Corporation GREIT Inc. GRIT Comm. Co.,Ltd. Grid The GRIT Company grat Inc. I Re Korea Co., Ltd. IRE CORPORATION Kim & Chang Kim Chang & Lee Kim Chang In Taxation Office Kim Chang Suk Fashion Kim Chang Ju Good Fashion Kim Chang Sik Tax Accounting Office Lawyer Kim Chang Hong Office Kim Chang Ho Science Math Institute KYUNG WON CORPORTION Kyung Won Co.,Ltd. WON CHANG CO LTD WON CHANG Co. Simsan Co. SIMSAN CO., Simsan Networks Do Dream Plastic Surgery Dream Plastic Surgery Hospital Abgujeong Dream Plastic Surgery SehyunGMS Sehyung Industrial Sehyung Media Sehyung Information Sehyung Information Communication Co., Ltd. Daeduk Precision Co.,Ltd. Daedeuk Book Store DAEDEUK ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. Daedeuk Sangsa Daedeuk Energy Daedeuk C&D J Three PL Co., Ltd. J3 Woojoo Technology Trading Co., Ltd. WOOSIE TRADING CO.,LTD. WOOJO TRADING Co., Ltd. Woozoo BOO ZOO TRADING CO Woojoo Mobile Trading Woosu Trading Woosu Trading Co. Wookji Trading Co., Ltd. MP TECK KOREA CO.,LTD. MP korea Co., Ltd. MP Korea EnJad MP korea Co., LTD. MP (M.P.) Korea MP Marketing Co., Ltd. M.P CO., LTD. M.P. CORPORATION Saea Saver T&T T Service Co., Ltd. T&T CO.,LTD. T&T CORPORATION T&T Co., Ltd. T Tu T System Co., Ltd. H&T Service Co., Ltd. D&T Service Co., Ltd. Songpa King's Kids Language School Elysia Elysia the 2nd Co., Ltd Elysia the 1st Co., Ltd 3D 3D Corporation 3D Bank Co.,Ltd. 3D O Co., Ltd. 3D M Company Co., Ltd. 3D O NS 3D MD Co., Ltd. Three D Engine 3D Engine Co., Ltd. 3D Bank Co., Ltd. 3D Co., Ltd. 3D Win Co., Ltd. 3D Fine Three D Friends Kukje Maritime Investment Corporation KOZAZA T.I.C Corporation Ltd. TIC TIC Limited Co., Ltd. TIC CO.,LTD Mg Project I.C.PROJECT Co.,Ltd. T Tile Project TR Project Co., Ltd. FINE CHEMICAL CO LTD DB Inc. D&B Corporation DB 2nd co.,ltd DB 1st DB The 4th db DB Asset Co., Ltd. DB Associate Co., Ltd. Moto Motorcom Co., Ltd. KB E&C Co., Ltd. K. B Technology Security Co., Ltd. K. B Fire Security Co., Ltd. KB LEADERS Yoon inc Yoon Tech International Co., Ltd. Bu Yoon Tech Co.,Ltd. YOON Textile Co, Ltd Yoon & Batech Co.,Ltd. Yoon & Tex Co., Ltd. Yoon Duk Meditech TAE YOON INC KPH Co., Ltd. Intel Korea Limited INTERNATINAL CORPORATION KOREA LTD. VIP Shop International Korea International Korea Co., Ltd. Kora KCTC K.N.Life Co., Ltd. KN Line Co., Ltd. K&N Loan Co., Ltd. KnL Company Co.,Ltd KNL Corporation Co., Ltd. K NC Logis Hana Financial Group Inc. Hana Financial Nanum Foundation Hana Financial ninth Special Purpose Acquisition Company Hana Financial Investment Gwangjangdong Co., Ltd. Hana Financial 11Ho Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. Hana Financial 13Ho Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. Lee & Kim Private Balanced 1st Fund BAE, KIM & LEE IP Group KIM & LEE INC. CO., LTD. THE HOUSE OF KIM & LEE LTD Lee&Kim Land Co., Ltd. Korean Broadcasting System Korea Broadcast Co., Ltd. Korea Broadcasting Enterprise Co., Ltd. KOREAN BROADCASTING SYSTEM SAUHOI CORP. Korea Broadcasting Association Korea Broadcasters Association Korea Music Broadcast Korea Broadcasting Commission Korea Work Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Korea Medical Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Korea Fishing Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Korea Bus Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Korea U Hak Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Korea Broadcasting Publishing Co. Korea Bio Venture Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Korea IPTV Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Trues Co.,Ltd. TRUE MD CO.,LTD. The True North Co.,Ltd. True M Co., Ltd. TRUE D TRUE Company Co., Ltd. TRUE Corporation Co.,Ltd. TRUE P Co., Ltd. True In Tech Co., Ltd. Wetek Co.,Ltd. Wetem Co., Ltd. WETEC KOREA Co., Ltd. Wetok Co., Ltd. Micro Corp. Micro Security Co, Ltd STEP LEADER CO.,LTD. Step Corporation Co., Ltd. STEP IN Micro Set Co., Ltd. SNP Micro Co., Ltd. C.N Logistics Korea Co., Ltd. Capital Works Holdings Co., Ltd. White Holdings Co., Ltd. The Holdings Korea Co., Ltd. MS Holdings Korea Co., Ltd. The Korea Holdings Co., Ltd. World Capital Korea White Korea White Korea Co., Ltd. New Grit AGROTECH Co., Ltd. Agro Trading Inc Avecsoft Inc. Avecnous Avecal Aveco Apecs In Avec M APECS CO.,LTD. AVECS CO.,LTD AVEC.JD The Channel Co.,Ltd. Channel Co. I Channel GLANCE Corp,. KB Kookmin Card Co., Ltd. KOOKMIN UNIVERSITY Kookmin Law Kookmin Yuhak Center Co., Ltd. Kookmin Cable Broadcasting Investment No 2PEF Kookmin University Economy Institute Kook Min sa Co.,Ltd. Kookmin Cable Investment, Inc. Hanwon DC Co., Ltd. Hanwon Road Co., Ltd. Hanwon Co. Hanwon Holdings Coffee 1896 Chibbola CHIB Co., Ltd. Chibo Chibeulri CHIBOCHIMA Sung Woo Corp SUNGWOOTECHNOPIA SUNGWOO CORP LTD Sungwoo Sungwoo Corporation Nanum Woori Finance Net Co., Ltd. Woori Financing Woori Finance Co., Ltd. Woori Finance Holdings Co., Ltd. Woori Finance 2-cha Special Proposal Company Woori Sales Finance Co.,Ltd. Woori Financial Service Co., Ltd. Woori Financial Consulting Co., Ltd. Woori Loan Financial Co., Ltd. Woori Finance Research Institute Woori SM Finance Loan Brokerage Co., Ltd. Ji Sung Shipping Co., Ltd. Jisung Shipping Co., Ltd. korea institute for industrial research Korea Institute of Science and Technology Korea Institute of Technology and Industry KOREA INSTITUTE FOR ECONOMICS AND TECHNOLOGY Korea Industry Technology Institute Korea Industry Security Institute Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology Indus tech Co., Ltd. KOREA INDUSTRIAL TECH CORP Korea Technology Industry Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute Korea Industrial Technology Association KI Techno Co., Ltd. Koryu Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Korean System Co., LTD. Host Broadcast Service Korea Korea Broadcasting Institute Korea Broadcasting Event Association Co., Ltd. Korea Broadcasting Event Association Three Dion Co., Ltd. 3dis Co., Ltd. 3DIK Co., Ltd. 3 Days Co.,Ltd 3DONE 3 Digm 3Dst Co.,Ltd. 3DAge Co Ltd SPSTECH SPS Global Tech EDM Education Co, Ltd EDM & Co, Inc,. Gyeongdong Boiler Jongno Agency YOON TEACHER ENGLISH CLASS JONGNO AGENCY CO. The Shirts Studio Jongno Agency The Hoba Jongno Agency Arangju Jongno Agency (Sewon Bedclothes) Asakan Jongno Agency Grazie Jongno Agency Food Mom Jongno Agency Jongno Express Office Nex Jongno5-ga Agency Panjang Jongno-gu Office Agency Gimgane Jongno 5ga Agency Jongno Bindaetten Jongno Medical Scan Tech Scantec Co., Ltd. Wooyoung Co., Ltd. Wooyoung Co. WOOYOUNG Wooyoung Channel Co., Ltd. Woo Young DAESANG CORP. Welder Co.,Ltd. Asea Co.,Ltd. Asea World Co., Ltd. Asea Company Co., Ltd. Asea Mold Aegis Haram INC Co.,Ltd. Haran Co., Ltd. SHINHWA WORLD Ltd JEJU ISLAND HOTEL RESORT Jeju Resort 1st JEJU RESORT CO.,LTD M&C Corp. M&C Co.,Ltd Xein M&C Co., Ltd. M&C Co.,Ltd Doctor M&C M&C Handock Wine Co., Ltd. Hando CNC Construction Co., Ltd. Hanaro CNC Hanrok Cnc Co., Ltd. Handock Cairos Co.,Ltd. Handock E&I Co.,Ltd. Handpia CNC Co.,Ltd. JNJ Fabric Co., Ltd. SJ Fabrics International Co., Ltd. J Facs Partners Co., Ltd. Kwangjeon FA Co., Ltd. KJ FASHION CO.,LTD. LJ Fashion Co.,Ltd. MJ Fashion Co., Ltd. Bnj Fashion Co., Ltd. Two J Fashion J Face HealthBreeze Co., LTD Loving you Golfzon ASAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Advanced Technology Inc. Advanced Technologies Corp. Samsung Ai Tech Marsh Korea, Inc. KB Asset Management KB Asset KBAM Co., Ltd. K. B Realty Asset Co., Ltd. I Bank Communication Co., LTD. I Bank Communication Co.,Ltd. Contents Bank Communications Co., Ltd. Media Bank Communications Co., Ltd. Han Bank Communication Co., Ltd. Intelligens Communication Bank Co., Ltd. Hitachi Data Systems Korea Limited Hitachi Cable Korea Ltd. Hitachi Auto Motibeu Systems Korea Hitachi Korea Ltd. HITACHI TRANSPORT SYSTEM (KOREA) LTD. Haskell Co., Ltd. Seoul National University Sound Corporation Co., Ltd. Sound & Company The Sound Co.,Ltd. Doctor Sound Sound In Sound Co., Ltd. ACC Music Music World Co.,Ltd. World Music Center Uic U.I.C LTD. UIC Corporation UI Communication Co., Ltd. UI Credit Co., Ltd. U&I Consulting Co., Ltd. K Y C CO.,LTD. KYC Trading Korea Whole Paper Study Association Hans Corporation Hans Corp Co.,Ltd. THE HANS CO.,LTD. Han's Co. HANS LTD. Hans Corporation Co., Ltd. Shine INC Co., Ltd. Shine E&M Co., Ltd. Sunmi SUNMIN CO. SUNMI CO LTD Sunmin Corporation Organic Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Organic Farming Up Institute Korea Organic Farm Distribution Center Co., Ltd. Organic Seu Korea Coupang Corp. Coupang Fulfillment Services Ltd. HANAH & G Hanah C&D Co., Ltd. HANAH CO LTD HANAH CORP Hanah Electric Hanah Resources Hanah Architecture Firm Hanah Centro HANAH WALLCOVERINGS Kumho Asiana Main Tower Co., Inc. Kumho Corporation Kumho Asiana Group Kumho Ad Co., Ltd. PK International Co., Ltd. Park international Park International Co., Ltd. P&K International P&K International Co., Ltd. MS Park International Co., Ltd. PK INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD Park International Corp. P & K INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION P&K INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. P&K INTERNATIONAL CO. Sansung Brewery Sansung Publishing Sansung Fencing Institute Sansung Plus Co., Ltd. C3 CO.,LTD. C3 P O CO.,LTD. C Three Service C3PR CO.,LTD. Beaute Skin Societe Beaute Inc. E-Bunker Trade Co., Ltd. YULCHON LLC. Yulchon Mart Yulchon Restaurant Yoolchon Development Youlchon Schorship Assotiation Chon Youl Chon Chemical Co., Ltd. YUL CHON DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd.. YOUNG CHON IND CO.,LTD. Yoo Chon Co., Ltd. UBS Limited Co., Ltd. UBS Enough Cafe Enough Suheung Environment Industry Co., Ltd. Suheung Electronics Suheung Electric Power Co., Ltd. Suheung Construction Machinery Suheung Plasma Co., Ltd. Suheung Suheung Fisheries Suheung Aerosea Co., Ltd. LF Logistic Co., Ltd. Hana Life Logistics LF Logistics Korea Co., Ltd. AMS Co., Ltd. A.M.S. CORPORATION Erae Auto FLY&COMPANY Inc. The Fly Co., Ltd. Fly Adipo LABs Co.,Ltd. MSC CO.,LTD. SnF Chemical SNF Korea Co., Ltd. SNF Korea Co., Ltd. Fine SNF Co.,Ltd. SNF COMPANYCO.,LTD SNF System co. Ltd SNF International Co., Ltd. Shinhan Alternative Investment Management Inc. Alternative Investment Co., Ltd. STIC Alternative Co., Ltd. SHINHAN Inc Shinhan P&C Co., Ltd. Re EG Ant Ro EG Reu Co., Ltd. La Montre Hermes Korea, Ltd. Hermes Korea Hermes Korea Travel Retail Co.,Ltd. Hermes Korea(Hotel Silla) K Pop K Pop Incorporation K Pop Corporation KPOP UNITED Co., Ltd Kpop bros Co., Ltd KBOP Co., Ltd. KBOP Co, Ltd KPOP BANK Co., Ltd. Kpop Agency Co.,Ltd. K-POP UNION B.M. ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. BM Engineering Co., Ltd. BM Corporation Co., Ltd. BM LIMITED CO.,LTD. The BM Co., Ltd. BM Energy Co., Ltd. Abdulla Trading Co., Ltd. ABDUL WAHEED IDRIS Pumpkin Co., Ltd. Miss Pumpkin Blue Pumpkin Co., Ltd. WOORI TRADING CO., LTD. DOOWON, INC. Doo Won Corp. Play Co. Play All Play Co. , Ltd. The Play Play Company Play With Co., Ltd. BAE BAE Company Applied Intelligence Co., Ltd. DAYLI Intelligence Inc. BNC INTELLIGENCE Co.,Ltd. DK Intelligence Co., Ltd. Intelligence Ko MASON INTELLIGENCE CO.,LTD. Machine Intelligence Co., Ltd. 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