List of Corporate Headquarters in SEOUL

Search a company in South Korea with your criteria (trade name, adress, Korean registry number...). provides business and credit information about Korean firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Korean register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in South Korea, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Korean company.

Major Company Co.,Ltd. Major Corporation Major Trans Co., Ltd The Major Co., Ltd. The With Major Co., Ltd. Cheongung Music Club Cheongung Korea CHEONGUNG FOOD CO.,LTD. Cheongung Project Song Cheongung Silver Dream Co., Ltd. MI Patent & Law Firm Lee Ip Patent And Law Firm Lee & Park Patent & Law Firm Kip Patent Law Firm Bell Park Patent & Law Firm Patent & Law Firm LNK Park Patent & Law Patent Law Firm D&Patent Law Firm JH Patent Law Firm Ein Patent Law Firm SYP Patent Law Firm Wi Patent Law Firm Pa E Patent Law Firm The Wise Patent Law Firm P&I Patent Law Firm KLP Patent Law Firm C&P Patent Law Firm BLT Patent Law Firm Pako Kukje Patent Law Firm Leaders Kukje Patent Law Firm Heungkuk Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. Heungkuk Life Insurance Co., Ltd. HeungKuk Co.,Ltd. Heungkuk Glass HEUNGKUK ENG. CO., LTD. Heungkuk Fire & Marine Insurance Our Home Heungkuk Life Insurance Yeongdeungpo Agency HLI Company Limited Design Simple Line Inc. SIMPLE LIFE Hyatt HYATT MOTEL Hyundai AND Hyundai Corporation KOREA LAND HOUSING DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. KOREA LAND CO. KOREA LAND CO. Atomsa Atom Communication AT&M Co., Ltd. Atomu Co., Ltd. Atom V Co., Ltd. Atom P&D Atoma Co.,Ltd. Kia Motors Corporation KIA KI Apparel Co., Ltd. enexti Einstein Enset Co., Ltd. Enct Co., Ltd. ENSITE INNOVATION INC Eonastting ENSHOT Co. Enseutein Co., Ltd. Ensid Co., Ltd. ENGEDI SYSTEM CO.,LTD. EMCT Co., Ltd. Emstar Investment Eongttung Sangsang Eongttunghan Raw Meat Enekseudobongjeonshi Sales Gunggwol Interior Enshideu Co., Ltd. Emost Co., Ltd Eongteori Restaurant ENKDC Enostrong Co., Ltd. Enkotec Construction Co.,Ltd. ENNECTION Co.,Ltd Eongteori Saenggogi Yeonsinnae Agency Eongttung Company Co., Ltd. Artic Frame Co.,Ltd. Bottega Veneta Korea Ltd. GUCCI KOREA GUCCI KOREA CO., LTD. Yves Sanint Laurent Eunji Distribution Yves Saint Laurent Yve Design Sky Investment Co., Ltd. YVES SAINT LAURANT KOREA CO.,LTD. Synergy Ventures Co., Ltd. My Venture 1th Invetment Association Equity Ventures Co., Ltd. MAYVEN KOREA CO.,LTD. Macgyver Sangsa City Vending GOOD GYVER CO.,LTD. Very Very Nail Myventure Partners,Inc. Ivy Venture Development Co.,Ltd. My Venture Management Consulting Co., Ltd. SMILE TOY VENDING MACHINE CO Gyver Motors Mayven Chemical Very Very MacGyver Computer MacGyver Gwangtaeg Branch Boucheron Korea Co., Ltd. Kering Korea Ltd. Balenciaga Korea Ltd. Mcquary IMM Prime Bond Type Private equality Information & Communication Qualification Association of Korea MCQS Incorporated Mcquary IMM Market Plus Bond Composite Mcqury IMM Bond Mcquary IMM Prime Bond Composite Mcquery Iam M Jump Up Stock Type samo McQsChange Inc. Mcquery IMM Plus Alpha Mixture Mcqury IMM Prime Yookho Chikwunhyung Hancom Cq Class Hancom CQ Gyosil Dongjag Agency Mcquary IMM Best Bond Mix Nanum CQS Co., Ltd. Hancom CQ Schoolroom Alexander Cosmos Consulting Cosmo Consulting Corp. Cosmo Con Co., Ltd. Cosmo Air Freight Consolidators Ltd. Cosmo Construction Co., Ltd. Aramis Arang Trading Co., Ltd. Aramiseu Trading Co., Ltd. WON CORP Won Won Corporation WON CO.,LTD. Won- Won International Company Co., Ltd. HANJIN TRADING CORP. HANJIN TRADING CO LTD HANJIN TRADING CORPORATION Hanjin Trading Co.,Ltd. Samsung C&T Corporation Samsung C&C Co., Ltd. Samsung C&c Samsung Co.,Ltd. P & F Company The P&F P&F Hydraulic Co., Ltd. P & F COMPANY P&F Jungwoo Corporation JUNGWOO CANG HAE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. CEONG HAE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. KFM Korea Fluid Machinery Co., Ltd. Korea Fluid Co. Flutech Co., Ltd. FLUKE KOREA CO., LTD Powel Flute Korea Co.,Ltd. Lim's Company LIMS CO.,LTD. Lims Communication LIMS CO.,LTD. Lims construction co.,Ltd. Lims Chicken Lim's Construction Co., Ltd. Unitek Corporation UNITEK ENG Uniteq Engineering UNITECH ENGINEERING CO LTD UNITECH ENGINEERING COMPANY UnitekMES Co.,Ltd. Woosung Trading Co. WOOSUNG TRADING CORP. Woosung Trading Co. Woosung Trading co., LTD. WOOSUNG TRADING CO., LTD Odysseus Co.,Ltd. November First Co.,Ltd. November First Celltron Co. CELLTRION ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. Korea Bank KBN Co.,Ltd Korea Stock Bank Co., Ltd. Amskorea Co., Ltd. Amkor A&E Inc. Amkor Corp. ATSK CO.,LTD. ATSK Co., Ltd. Homeplus eparan Foundation Homeplus Co., Ltd. Mirae Homeplus Sun International Sunjin International Co., Ltd. JIN INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Jin International Jin International Corporation SUNG JIN INTERNATIONAL Seongjin J Won Co., Ltd. Sunjin International SUNG JIN INTERNATIONAL CO LTD Sun Inter Sun International E-MART Inc. E MART CO. E Re Mart Techno E Mart HK 4545 SI INSURANCE CO.,LTD. SI Innotek Co.,Ltd. SI Investment The 1st Co., Ltd. SI Investment S IT INFORMATION CO.,LTD. Clean Room The Zone Clean Room Co., Ltd. JPS Clean Room Tech Co., Ltd. Clean Zone PC Room YTS The 2nd Co., Ltd. YTS The 1st Co., Ltd. YT&S Co., Ltd. YTS Inc. YT Soft Co., Ltd. YTSC International Co., Ltd. YT SUN INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION YT Solar Co., Ltd. YT System Co., Ltd. Tridge Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Global Investments Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Life Insurance Co., Ltd. MIRAE ASSET LOAN CO.,LTD. Mirae Asset Co.,Ltd. Mirae Asset Co., Ltd. Global&Investment Co., Ltd. Global Invest Global Asset Investment Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Global bio investment Global Investment E Asset Global Co., Ltd. Global Investment Co., Ltd. Mission 21 Inc. Webuzen Co., Ltd. webiznet Co., Ltd. Branding Company Co., Ltd. The Branding Company Snow Fox Branding Company S BRANDING CO.,LTD. SI Branding Co., Ltd. sports branding company Corp. Stra Branding TRUS CO.,LTD. Trys On the net Co.,Ltd. THE TOURS TRYCO INC Troc TROC SOFT CO.,LTD. TORC OTN Co., Ltd. Toruso Tourism Management Research Society Tores Co., Ltd. Torch Tech Global Co, Ltd TORES CO.,LTD. Toruk Co., Ltd. Torik Co., Ltd. Tryus & Company Co.,Ltd. Torok General Co., Ltd. The Tours Network Co., Ltd. Toriga Torres First Co., Ltd. Tricia Howerton Toraeseu Co., Ltd. Toreoseu Co., Ltd. Commerzbank Seoul Representaive Office Autowini Inc. AUDIN DP CO.,LTD. Adwin MEGAZONE Corporation Meca Zone Co., Ltd. Computer Megazine Co., Ltd. Memory A Zone Co., Ltd. Megazone Cloud Corporation SANGWHA Co., Ltd Sangwha Company Co., Ltd. Sangwha Global Co., Ltd. Sangwha XR Co., Ltd. Sangwha Distribution Sangwha Culture Industry PROFESSIONAL Company Sangwha Micro Tek Simon Corp. Simon Simon Inc. Shinsung Co. Shinsung Petrochemical Co., Ltd. SIMON JEWELRY Simon Furniture Simon Stationery SIMON TRADING COMPANY Samhee Company Samhee Credit Samhee Construction Co., Ltd.. Samhee Industry SAM HEE CO Samhee Label Co., Ltd. Techwin Hana Techwin Techwin Co., Ltd. Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd. S&S Inc. S & S S. And S. Co.,Ltd. S&S Company Inc. S&S Nature Co., Ltd. SO NATURE CO.,LTD. S Nature Kolon Industries, Inc. KOLON GLOTECH, INC. Kolon IndustriesCo.,Ltd.F & Cbumun Kolon Sports Kolon IndustriesCo.,Ltd.F & Cbumun Kolon Kolon Industries, Inc. Gyungsan Plant KOSCOM Young Poong Corporation Young Poong Co., Ltd. Youngpung Precision Co., Ltd. C.N.M Korea Camkorea Co. CMSKOREA Co., LTD CHIMKOREA SEUNG SAM TRADING CO LTD Yong Sam Trading Co., Ltd. SAM-A TRADING CO. Sam-A Trading Company Sam Trading Co.,Ltd. SUNG SAM TRADING CO., LTD. OHRA SAM TRADING inc. E-SAM TRADING CO., LTD. PAIK SAM TRADING CO LTD SAMTRADING CO., LTD. Sam O Trading SAM-O' Trading (KUWAHARA KOREA) Ist System Co., Ltd. I.S.T Corporation Co., Ltd. IST Asia Investment Partners Co., Ltd. Asia Bridge Partners Co., Ltd. LDJ Partners Asia Asia Partners Co., Ltd. Won Asia P.E Partners Co., Ltd. AD WIN PARTNERS CO.,LTD. Wa Place Co., Ltd. WA Partners Co., Ltd. Win Win Partners Co.,Ltd. HK Asia Partners Co., Ltd. Star Asia Partners Asia Trend Partners Co.,Ltd. Asia Dental Partners Co., Ltd. Wine Art Pia Alra Foods Ingredients Korea, Ltd. Dowell Food Ingredients Co., Ltd. Kerry Ingredients Korea LLC. CIIT Co., Ltd. CITI INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd. C&C CITI CO.,LTD. Oh Young Co., Ltd. OHYOUNG SERVICE BP Korea, Ltd. CodeSet Co., Ltd. Kookmin Bank KB Kookmin Card Co., Ltd. K. B Kookmin Bank Labor Union KB Kookmin Card Third Securitization Co., Ltd. KB Kookmin Card Second Securitization Co., Ltd. KB KOOKMIN BANK LABOR UNION Hansan Planning Metal Industry Co.,Ltd. coptiq Co., Ltd. J&RAMC URBANS CO.,LTD. Urban Company Co., Ltd. Urban B Co., Ltd. The Games Co., Ltd. HQ Game Co., Ltd. THE GAME CO.,LTD. X Games Xio Games Co.,Ltd X Game Company Co. X-MON GAMES Co.,Ltd. All In Game Co., Ltd. X Game Sports Co., Ltd. BESTRAD INTERNATIONAL Future IR Co., Ltd. Future IT Co., Ltd. BETTER FUTURE CO.,LTD. ID Future Inc. BRITE FUTURE Inc. Future I & T Future Business Bright Future consulting Future Rits Co., Ltd. Inter Futures Co.,Ltd. GOLDEN GS CO.,LTD. Goldman Sachs Asset Management Korea Co., Ltd. Goldman Cam Co., Ltd. Goldmass C INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD C International C&C INT CO.,LTD. C&C International Co., Ltd. CC International Co.,Ltd. INT C&C Co., Ltd. Intel C&C Internation C&C C&C INTERNATIONAL INC. Inter C&C Co., Ltd. Imi Korea MAXIPLUS CO.,LTD. Lead Sound Co., Ltd. Solution Lead Co., Ltd. LEAD Ltd. LEAD CORP Lead Corp Co., Ltd. LEAD CORPORATION LEAD & COMPANY CO.,LTD. 21ST CENTURY CO.,LTD. 21st Century Co., Ltd. 21st Century Gas Station 21st Century Soft. Co., Ltd. 21st Century Productions Co., Ltd. Ghost Ghost Market Ghost Keaseur PC Daeryong Industrial Systems Technology Raon Ltd. RAON COMPANY RAON CORPORATION CO.,LTD. Raon Raon P & C The Classen Co., Ltd. Class Company Co., Ltd. LS Corp. LS Nikkodong Smelting Co., Ltd. Nikko K.B. INTERNATIONAL CORP. K. B International K & B INTERNATIONAL CO. K&B International Corp. K&B Int Co. KB INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. YB Co., Ltd. YB,.CO THE Y & B CO.,LTD. Y&B Company Co., Ltd. Daybit Dabit Co., Ltd DAYBE CO.,LTD. ERS Co., Ltd. Ers ER&S, Inc. ERS The 2nd Co., Ltd. ERS The 3rd Co., Ltd. ERS The 1st Co., Ltd. ERS The 4th Co., Ltd. ERS The 5th Co., Ltd. STD Co.,Ltd. Standard Mode Co., Ltd. S Medicine Standard Co., Ltd. Shinseong Medicine Standard Co., Ltd. MK Standard Co., Ltd. BNB Health BNB Health Club YRST Star E&M Co., Ltd. Star EN M Co., Ltd. Star Company EN M Co., Ltd. Star M Co., Ltd. Star Way E&M Star E&C Co., Ltd. Me E Star Hstar E&M Corporation B Star EN M Co., Ltd. E-STAR CO.,LTD M Star The 1st Co., Ltd. Deloitte Anjin LLC Anjin AnJin Co.,Ltd. HEUNG Heung Company HEUNG DO CO LTD Heung-In SA Heung-A Heung Ah Corp. HEUNG-AN CO.,LTD. HEUNG IN CORP. Heung-A Shipping Co., Ltd. Heung-A Electric The Inspection Company of Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Standard Institute Korea Inspection & Eng. Co., Ltd. Korea Technology Inspection Co., Ltd. KOREA INSPECTION CO.,LTD. Korea Inspection System Corporation. Korea Standard Test Research Institute Co., Ltd. ALS Inspection South Korea Limited Korea Standard Credit Co., Ltd. Korea Standard Oil Co., Ltd. Korea Standard Trading Korea In Service Co., Ltd. SD Service Korea Co., Ltd. I&S Korea Insurance Services Co., Ltd. thingsflow Inc. TIONSOFT Corechip Solutions Inc. Corechip Solution Inc. S Korea S-KOREA S DC korea S Co Korea Co.,Ltd. Korea S Co., Ltd. EMTek Inc. EM TEC CO.,LTD. EM-Tech Co. Path Corp. PATEL, INC PATH Co., Ltd. MOUST CO.,LTD. Macquarie Iam Emprime Bond samo Meoggeori House Micro Electronics MESHKOREA Co., Ltd. MECRO COM CO.,LTD. Macro Dime Meijour Network Co, Ltd MESSERS MAISON CHOOGNA M SPINNING CO LTD Macquarie I am Emprime Bond Balanced Poongsan Development Co, Ltd INFUS DESIGN INFURS I TOP CLEAN CO.,LTD. New Top Clean Co., Ltd. Korea Oil Co., Ltd. VITA CO., LTD. Vita Company Co., Ltd. Vita Ib Co., Ltd. Vita Enterprises Co., Ltd VITA ENTERPRISE CO LTD Vita Life Co.,Ltd. Micro Corp. Microworks Korea KN Microworks Co.,Ltd. GLANCE Corp,. EIDER Co., Ltd. Eider Ma Bio Eider Seu Holdings Eider Whagokjeom GSK Korea GSK Partners GS knet Co.,Ltd GSK Sound Co., Ltd. GS-KOR Co., Ltd. Worldwide Corp. WORLD WIDE CLINICAL TRIAL KOREA INC. Woori INC Co., Ltd. SAM DONG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD Grand GRAND THIRD CO.,LTD Grand Samko Co., Ltd. Grand Steel Co.,Ltd. YMI Company Co., Ltd. YMI&C Co., Ltd. YMI & ITNG Co., Ltd. Y MIEN CO LTD YM IND Co.,Ltd. Ym International Daewoo P&C Dae Woo Company DAEWOO LIMITED CORPORATION Daewoo Corporation Co., Ltd. Daewoo Company Co., Ltd. The Bounce Boun Corporation Co., Ltd. KOEXION CO., LTD Koexgo Co., Ltd. Quantum Project Co., Ltd. Quantum Co., Ltd. Quantum Quest Co., Ltd. Quantum R&C Co., Ltd. Quantum Works Co., Ltd. Quantum Trust Ltd. Quantum Investment Co.,Ltd QUANTUM I&C CO., LTD. QX Co.,Ltd. Quantumm Co., Ltd. Quantum Financial Co., Ltd. Quantum Bit Co.,Ltd. Quantum Lab Co.,Ltd. ALLSTAR GLS Co., Ltd. KOREA COMMUNICATIONS CO LTD Communications Korea Inc. Market Korea Inc. MARKET KOREA COMMUNICATION & MARKETING KOREA INC. MARKET CONSULTING KOREA CO.,LTD. LEADERS MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS CO.,LTD. MARKETING & COMPANY COMMUNICATIONS CO.,LTD. Marketing Korea Co., Ltd. MKT Korea Co., Ltd. The Market Korea Co., Ltd. Marketing Communication GroupM Korea Inc. Geuru Phone Consumer's Happy Korea & Co. Ltd. MIDOCOMPANY Mido Trading MIDO TRADING CO LTD Mido Trading Co., Ltd. Mido Trade Co., Ltd. MIDO TRADING CO.,LTD. Mido Trade Corporation Co.,Ltd. MIDO TRADING CO., LTD Mido International Trading Mido MIDO CORPORATION Balencia Co. Balencia Hana A & D Ha Dong Co., Ltd. H Ad Co., Ltd. Ha D A Co., Ltd. The Ham A&D Co., Ltd. HAD DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. Had Plaza Hansol A&D Co., Ltd. Vinyl I Co., Ltd. Vinyl Co., Ltd. Botega Korea Co., Ltd. Botega Jbl JBL World Co., Ltd. JBL Corporation Co., Ltd. DW Corporation KY-S Corporation Word Ins In Word IDIC Co., Ltd. I Dix Co, Ltd IDSG Co., Ltd. J.R Company Co., Ltd. J.R Corp. JR Co, Ltd JR Co.,Ltd. JR Company Double OK Co., Ltd. DR Tanker Co., Ltd. JR Taengkeo Co., Ltd. TES Co.,Ltd. TES korea Co., LTD. T.E.S Korea Co., Ltd. Modern Tes Korea Siegen Corporation SIEG CO. A. J. World Co., Ltd. A&J World Global Transfer Logistic Co., Ltd. SBS Transpole Logistics Co., Ltd. S Logistic Co., Ltd SJ Logistic EPM SOLUTIONS EICT Solutions Co., Ltd. The Solutions Co., Ltd. Ecom Solutions Ltd EF Solutions Co., Ltd. EM Solutions Co., Ltd. E To E Solutions Co., Ltd. E Cube Solutions Co., Ltd. El Corporation El & El E-Wid Co., Ltd. EZ Wide EL Tele Wide Co.,Ltd. Dream And DREAM CORPORATION Dr. Dream Inc Hyperithm THE TARGET CO.,LTD. TARGETTO TARGET Auto Co.,Ltd. Ad Target Co., Ltd. BUSINESS TARGET CO.,LTD. YOU ARE THE TARGET CO., LTD. Sm Target Co., Ltd. Targetplus Co., Ltd. Target Marketing Center Target General Sangsa Co., Ltd. Twelve Co.,Ltd. Twelve Inc. THE TWELVES CO.,LTD. One in two Co., Ltd KAGE Co., Ltd. The Korean Operations Research and Management Science Venture Management Research Institute Co., Ltd. KC Management Research Leaders Management Research Institute Co., Ltd. FLVE Research & Management Inc. Vision Plus Management Research Institute Cooperative RBPS Management Research Institute VIP Management Management Group Co., Ltd. Samil Management Research Institute K Management Research Institute Co.,Ltd. Top Management Research Institute En PV Management Research Institute U&I Management Research Institute Co., Ltd. China Management Research Institute Sae Bit Venture Management Research Institute Co., Ltd. Gukil Management Research Institute Co., Ltd. Gachi Management Research Institute Co., Ltd. SD Management Research Institute JC Management Research Institute Co., Ltd. SY Management Research Institute Co., Ltd. Hyundai Management Research Institute Co.,Ltd. Pyungje Management Map Research Environment Management Research Institute Yeollin Management Research Institute Co., Ltd. VIP Co., Ltd. VIP Vip Company VIP PC Room Nortel Networks Korea., Ltd. Noritel Co., Ltd. SUNMYOUNG CO.,LTD DASOM CO, LTD. DASOM CORPORATION DASOM CORP.CO.,LTD Dasom Co XB Co., Ltd. X By Blue Co., Ltd. XIOIX B&I Co., Ltd. NAVER DOUT CO.,LTD. Naver Star China Co., Ltd. Dr.China Co., Ltd. CJ China Center KOREA CHINA INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Korea Visa Co., Ltd. Korea & China Co., Ltd. CHINA-KOREA MERCHANDISE TRADE CENTER CO.,LTD KOREA & CHINA INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE CENTER CO.,LTD. Korea-China law Institute AGL Co., Ltd. A Glass Justco(Korea Onshore) Ltd. myBOX Mbox MYOUNG Dae Myoung Dong Myoung Co. Dong Myoung Pharmaceutical Co. T4U TEXTILES CO.,LTD. Daehyun Besteel SeAH Besteel Corporation Besteel korea Co., Ltd. Global Top Co., Ltd. Top&Global Co., Ltd. Top Global Parts Co., Ltd. BABEL TOP GLOBAL CO.,LTD. Three Top Global Co., Ltd. Top Global Mall Top Global Edu Co., Ltd. Top Global Holdings Co., Ltd. RnR Co., Ltd. Nexus Corporation Nexus Co., Ltd. NEXUS CO.,LTD. NEXUS P&C Nexus Com Nexus Community Inc. Nexus Communication Nexus&Code Co., Ltd. BIOGENIX INC. Bio genia Co., Ltd. BiOGen Co., Ltd. Biogenomics, Inc. XOXO Inc. XOXO FUNDING Co.,Ltd. XCOX Co.,Ltd XIOIX T&C Co., Ltd. XOXO Cafe Tritech Co., Ltd. Carbon SAMCHULLY ACTIVATED-CARBON CO., LTD. GREEN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. SOOV Co.,Ltd. DMP Trading Co., Ltd. Hill Park Hill Plus HL Plaza Co., Ltd. HLP.Co.Ltd HLP solution Co.,Ltd Shinhan Construction Machinery Signature Levis Signature GEO SIGNATURE, INC. THE SIGNATURE COMPANY Signature Food GANGNAM FINANCE CO.,LTD. Dunkin Donuts Gangnam Finance Jeom Gangnam Finance Loan Co., Ltd. Gangnam Financial Loan Gangnam Financial Center Co., Ltd. T Factory 912Gangnam Finance Center Jeom Hyundai Financial Consulting Gangnam Co., Ltd. Samsung Financial Gangnam Insurance Branch Co., Ltd. Korean Industrial Health Association Korean Public Health Association The Korean Health Information Management Association KOREAN INDUSTRIAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION KOREA HEALTH & BEAUTY INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION CORP. Korea Health Medical Industry Association Korea Digital Health Industry Association Incorporated Association Korean Industrial Health Masan Center Korea Cheon Health Association Korea School Health Association National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Premises Restaurant Autonomy Manage Member National Agricultural Cooperative Federation 20 National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Sinchun National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Red Ginseng & Gnseng National Agricultural Cooperative Federation National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Joonganghoe Kangwon Local Office National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Gangseo Joint Market Nonsan Store National Agricultural Cooperative Federation 301 K Sports Doctor K Sports Co., Ltd. The K Sports Co., Ltd. Korea Sports Promotion Foundation KOREA SPORTS CULTURE FOUNDATION LCPARK International Co., Ltd. Modern In Tech Paya Company Co., Ltd. Payap Inc. GMART CO. SJ Asset Management Asset Loan Co., Ltd. BUMCHANG ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. Bumchang JNC Co., Ltd. Tangunsoft Co. Ltd Zoom Communications Zhom Co., Ltd. NEOFILM CO.,LTD INCIS. Co.,Ltd. Century INC Co., Ltd. CENTURY CO. The Century Co., Ltd. Century Century Plaza Co.,Ltd. Century Plaza Itopia Co., Ltd. ONYOUMEDICARE Onyou Co.,Ltd. Caltech Trading Korea Co., Ltd. Kukje Maritime Investment Corporation Interactive DR Interactive Co., Ltd. D.H. Interactive Co., Ltd. Leaders Interactive Co., Ltd. J2 INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. H2INTERACTIVE co.,Ltd C2M Interactive Co., Ltd. 9M Interactive Co.,Ltd 101 Interactive Co., Ltd. 103Interactive First Interactive Co., Ltd. 5Gham Interactive Co., Ltd. Nine Factory Interactive Co., Ltd. ENVELOPS CO., LTD ENVELOPE NARA CO. APM Envelope YEOLRIN ENVELOPE CO. Namil Env WOORI ENV CO.,LTD. SEOGCHANG ENVELOPE CO. Sewon Envelope Industry SAEHAN ENV CO.,LTD. Daewoo Envelope Wizpro Co.,Ltd. Wiz Pos Co.,Ltd. Wiz People Co.,Ltd. Wiz Point Co.,Ltd. The Custom The Custom Company Custom Company Co., Ltd. Asiana IDT Inc. Asiana Distribution Co., Ltd. ASIANA TRADING CO. Blanket Co., Ltd. Dream Bedding Blanket Athletic Shoe Hand-wash Blanket BLANK Corporation BLANK Corp. BLANK C Corporation BLANK K Corporation Mosquito Control Korea SUNYUL KOREA Co.,Ltd. Sunyou Co.,Ltd. Mobil Korea Lube Oil Inc. James Forwarding Corp. JIM Corporation JAMES COMPANY CORPORATION James in Co., Ltd. Jim and Company Co., Ltd. Leaders Jim SPW CO.,LTD. SPW SP Works Co., Ltd. Wood Work Shop Shop Won Co., Ltd. S&P Worldwide SJ WORLD CO., LTD. SJ Won Company Co., Ltd. SJ Do Well Co., Ltd. SJ Wholesale Co., Ltd. SJW the second Co., LTD S Jwi Works Ap Poster Appster AEPSTER CO.,LTD. APPSTER WORKS CO.,LTD. Daelim & Co. Daelim Corporation Daelim Estate Co., Ltd. Daelim Leaders Co., Ltd. WOOJIN IND Woojin Industry FOREVER CORPORATION FOREVER CO.,LTD. Forever Pc The Forever Co., Ltd. Forever Paradise Co., Ltd. Blooming Inc. Nucus korea Co., Ltd. NSUS Lab Inc. NSUS Lab Inc. NLK NATURE LAB KOREA CO., LTD. Limo Co., Ltd. Hae In Corp. HAE Co., Ltd. Peace Corporation Peace Co., Ltd. Peace Peace Sa Peace Tech Co.,Ltd. PEACE TRADING CO. Peace Tech BK Family Co., Ltd. BK Five BK Family Je 5Cha Co., Ltd. BK Family Je 7Cha Co., Ltd. BK Family Je 6Cha Co., Ltd. BK Family Je 4Cha Co., Ltd. BK Family Je 3Cha Co., Ltd. BK Family Je 1Cha Co., Ltd. BK Family Je 2Cha Co., Ltd. BK Ace The 5th Co., Ltd. Family Book CCS Chung Book Broadcasting The 5th BK Family Eoreunidae Park Co., Ltd. C & H CO., LTD. C&H Company C&H, Inc C & H INC. The C&H Co., Ltd. C&H Limited UNITED LINE CO.,LTD LK Co Co., Ltd. LK Corporation Co., Ltd. Swan Shipping Airline Co., Ltd. Swan Corporation Swans Swan SF Co., Ltd. HICOS Ltd. Hyundai Motor Company Hanon Hanon Systems EFP Corporation COEN CORPORATION CET Co.,Ltd. OCEAN ECO ENERGY CO.,LTD. Coen Enterprise Co., Ltd. ECO Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd. Coel ENG Lee & Ko First Law Lee & Ko. & Lee Ko Factory N Lee Ko Co., Ltd. & Lee Ko Co., Ltd. Leeko Corporation Lee&Ko Partners Inc. ACCS, Inc. Asia Instrument Asia Construction Co., Ltd. Asia Consultant Co., Ltd. Asia Consulting Co.,Ltd. Asia Construction Development Asia Cement Co., Ltd. 88 DR.DERMA CO.,LTD. E & H Trading Co.,Ltd. EH Trading E.H CO.,LTD. C&C Coporation Co., Ltd. SM C&T Co., Ltd. C&c Corporation C&C Ltd. SMCC CO.,LTD. GEM KOREA CO. SUPER GREEN KOREA CO.,LTD. Super Korea Co., Ltd. GEM Korea Korea Gems Co., Ltd. Super Tool Korea Co., Ltd. Super X Korea Co., Ltd. Pikpeuraiseu Yankee Candle Yeoksam Agency Co., Ltd. YULCHON LLC. Yulchon Yulchon Chemical Youl Chon Chemical Co., Ltd. HanmiGlobal Co., Ltd. HanmiGlobal Business Hotel 1 PFV Co., Ltd. Winners MD Co., Ltd. Winners Company Co.,Ltd. Winners Corporation Co., Ltd. Woori Bank SK M&S Co., Ltd. SKM Bo KANG NAM CORPORATION.LTD. Kangnam Kang Nam Gunyoung Co., Ltd. Kangnam Chemical Co., Ltd. 10038 Co., Ltd. 11011 Co., Ltd. D Five Co., Ltd. D Five Invest Co., Ltd. D Men Five Co., Ltd. Five D Co., Ltd. F & D 5th Co., Ltd. SJ-D5 INC. Seutyu D 5 Co., Ltd. S Ri D Fine The 5th Co., Ltd. X Five D Co., Ltd. D Keulreoseuteo The 5th Co., Ltd. Ikseupe D Syeon 5 AD inbest. company Inc. Hite Rae D Syeon The 5th Co., Ltd. Group Five D Co., Ltd. MFIVE INBEST CO.,LTD. Five D Mansion Studio GBC INBEST Co., Ltd. Inbest Ceramic Koryo Education Inbest Co., Ltd. DHK The 5th Co., Ltd. DYH The 5th DBSF The 5th Co., Ltd. DSSF The 5th Co., Ltd. Dowon The 5th Co., Ltd. DKO The 5th Dass Five Co., Ltd. REAL 3D CO.,LTD. Gangnam Real Estate Academy Institute Book Geukseong Real Estate Academy Co., Ltd. Nowongus Apple Real Estate Academy Institute Balgeunsesang Balgeunsesang Contact Yeouido Agency Balgeun HAVE & BE Co., Ltd. Han Be Have Vodafone Enterprise Korea Limited VOD korea Co., Ltd World Products Co., Ltd. WORLD PRODUCTS COMPANY ONE WORLD PRODUCTION CO., LTD Goryeo World Production Co., Ltd. World Professional Production Co., Ltd. New World Agricultural Products World Boss Production Co., Ltd. Onnuri INC Co., Ltd. Onnuri Corp DAERYUK CO. TCK Co., Ltd. Innovation Research EK Innovation Wiz Innovation Co., Ltd. EG Innovation Co., Ltd. The Quad YES CO. Yes All YES Co., Ltd. Yes YES INC Yes Incorporation YES PC YES IN CO.,LTD. Yes With Incorporation Co., Ltd. Yes Company Yes Miss Co., Ltd. Yes Ta Co., Ltd. Yes Corporation KBS Co., Ltd. Korean Broadcasting System KBS Vision Co., LTD. KBS Karaoke KBS SECURITY CO.,LTD. e-KBS Co., Ltd. KBS Partners KBS Seoteu Co., Ltd. KBS Media Co., Ltd. KBS ENERGY CO.,LTD. KBS MEDIA KBS Business Company,Ltd. KBS THE APRO CO.,LTD. Apro APRO Inc. APRO EDYU CO.,LTD. Pyunghwa Bearing Co., Ltd. Bearing Geumyung Bearing Bearing T Co., Ltd. Jongro Bearing Co., Ltd. JINYOUNG BEARINGS CO.,LTD. Deokshin Bearing Co., Ltd. Dongbang Bearing Sangsa Gogyun Bearing Sangsa Spao Banpo Branch Spaoganik PAO CO.,LTD. Sindo SongPa OA Co.,Ltd. SP Architecture Office St. Paolo Funeral Hall Paon ScreenGolf PAON CO.,LTD. Songpa Office Equipment Pao Communications Co., Ltd. Paoro Paos Partners Co., Ltd. Pao Graphics Co., Ltd. Chipao EL-PAO VENTURE CAPITAL INC. Clean Topia Songpa Ogeum Branch PAONTEX.CO.LTD Alpa&Omega Junggok Agency Alpa & Omega Pao Co., Ltd. FIRST SILICON CO., LTD. 3J Silicon ST Silicon Co., Ltd. Ondol Soojung Corporation Co.,Ltd. Korea Concierge Association DONG-A TRADING CO., LTD. BUM-A TRADING CO. A In Trading A Pl Trading A Trade DAE-A TRADING CO.,LTD. Dua trading DU A TRADE CO., LTD. A Trading Co., Ltd. Du-Il Trade Solution Co.,Ltd. PRO&SOLUTION CO.,LTD. Doctor Solution Co.,Ltd. MS Solution The Leaders Solution Co., Ltd. Solution World World Solution The Solution Co.,Ltd. HQ Solution Synnex Construction Yuanta Securities Korea Co., Ltd. Yuanta Securities Korea Co., Ltd. Shinhan Investment & Development Co.,Ltd. Shinhan Investment Finance SHINHAN INVESTMENT Corp. Shinhan Investment Bank Shinhan Investment Corp._Sampoong Branch Samsung SDS SAMSUNG SDS CO., LTD. Samsung SDS Korean Federation of Community Credit Securities Tong Co., Ltd. KMHG Pro Meditech Meditech Meditech Co., Ltd. Leaders Meditech SM Meditech Co., Ltd. SMMeditech GB Global Co.,Ltd. G & B GLOBAL CO.,LTD. GBLOGISTICS Co.,Ltd GB Logistics Korea GB Logis Co., Ltd. G&B Logistic Co., Ltd. GB Global INC Neuron Net corporation Neuron IT Co., Ltd. SK GLOBAL CO.,LTD. SK Global Chemical Co., Ltd. GLOBAL CHEM CO.,LTD. Global Chemical Co., Ltd. Global Chemical Chem Global Corporation ZIN CORPORATION Co., Ltd. JC Corporation Korea Co.,Ltd. The FB Co., Ltd. FB Co., Ltd. FB Holdings Co., Ltd. F&B Holdings Co., Ltd. DKDC Co.,Ltd. Ge & Construction Co., Ltd. Asshell Korea Co., Ltd. Viana Co., Ltd. Vanguard Korea Co., Ltd. Vincero Arts Management & Entertainment Co., Ltd. Van&Cargo Line Co., Ltd. Van Korea Vanguard Co., Ltd. VAN KOREA Co., Ltd. Vangard Telecom Van Korea_Union Isamol VANGUARD ENERGY CO.,LTD. Vanguard Stone Inc. Venicrebiz Co., Ltd. VANKOR LOGISTICS INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd. VANGUARD STUDIO CO.,LTD. vancorekorea Vanguard Systems Inc. Myunghwa Ind. Co., Ltd. Myunghwa Arithmetic Institute Myunghwa Hair Journal Myunghwa Nursery Donga Consulting Co., Ltd. Donga Patent Consulting Donga Real Estate Consulting Office DONGA MEASUREMENT CONSULTANT CO.,LTD. DONGAH CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRIAL,CO.LTD DONGAH COMPUTERS CORPORATION DONGAH COMPUTERS CORP Dongah S&G Co., Ltd. Dongah F & C Co., Ltd. DONGAH O.A COMMUNICATION CO.,LTD. Silver Tech Sil Tech Corporation SO IL TECH CO., LTD. FM SOIL TECH CO.,LTD. Sejong Soil Technical Co., Ltd. Daesung Soil tech Co., Ltd. Jeongguk Soil Tech Co., Ltd. KBI KBI Corp. Co., Ltd. K&BI Co., Ltd. Kbi Electronics KBI Holdings Co.,LTD. CHEIL FOUNDATION ENGINEERING&CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. Cheil Engineering Co.,Ltd Cheil Environment Co., Ltd.. Republic Of Korea Government of The Republic of Korea Geongang Republic of Korea Co.,Ltd. Ministry of National Defense Korea Controls Co., Ltd. Korea Controls KOREA CONTROL CO. FR Flow Control Korea Bidco Limited Flow Com Korea Co., Ltd. Dunam TNS Co., Ltd. DONGNAM TNS CO.,LTD. Rema TNS Co., Ltd. Daega TNS Co.,Ltd. Publ Co.,Ltd. Publishing Company PUBLISHING CO. Publish Company The Publishing PUBLIC CATIONS CO.,LTD. KC & CO CO.,LTD. Daesung G.p FOCUS IN CO. FOCUS CO.,LTD Focus Focus Corporation Focus Co., Ltd Focus Optical Focus Technology Co., Ltd. Moria Shopping Fresh Meat Fresh Company Co., Ltd. Fresh-in Co., Ltd. Sea Fresh Co., Ltd. Fresh Sun Fresh Co., Ltd. Fresh Store Sunny & Fresh Co.,Ltd. SP Fresh Corporation Hyundai Motor Group Hyundai Motor Glass ZEUS CORPORATION ZEISTECH CO., LTD. Capital Market ICap Foreign Exchange Brokerage Limited. Compas Capital Management Co., Ltd. BGC Capital Korea Ace Capital Management Co., Ltd. LIG CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Bridge Capital Co., Ltd BL Capital Co.,Ltd. BEULIKSEU CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. J&SK CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. The Kainos Inc. Yongnam Development Co., Ltd. Yongnam Store EGB Lab Inc. Eg Books Co., Ltd. PEGASUS INTERNATIONAL INC. PEGASUS CO., LTD. Pegasus korea Pegasus Korea Co., Ltd. Woori BC Pegasus Securitzation Specialty Co., Ltd. PEGASUS TOUR Co., Ltd. Japan Pegasus Co.,Ltd. Pegasuseu Trading Pegasuseu Korea Pegasuseu Net Co., Ltd. Pegasuseu Entertainment Co., Ltd. Pegasus Tour Itaewon Agency Pegaseoseu The 1st Co., Ltd. Food Venture Co., Ltd. Venture With Venture Food Venture Co.,Ltd. The Ventures Venture Finance Co., Ltd. Eureka Co., Ltd. EUREKA CORP Eureka Eureka Company Co., Ltd. KEB Hana Bank Co., Ltd. Cisco Systems Korea Ltd. CISCO CORPORATION Cisco Shipping Co., Ltd. Ciscorp,Inc CISCO SERVICE KOREA INC. Cisco Information Technology CISCO CORPORATION CI&S Consulting Co., Ltd. Cisco Systems Capital Korea Ltd. Rezis Corporation Co., Ltd. REZIENA Inc. Rezi Co., Ltd. CIG SHIPPING CO.,LTD. Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd. GSM GSM Corporation GSM Company Co., Ltd. Hyundam Development Industry Cinema Republic Co., Ltd. Korea Intellectual Property Rights Management Asso Dae-A Intellectual Property Consulting KOREA INTELLECTUAL CO.,LTD. Korea Institute of Intellectual Property Korea Intellectual Property Association Korea-China Intellectual Property Rights Association Korea Intellectual PRoperty PRotection Association Stellar Intellectual Property Law Office SU INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AnK Intellectual Property Intellectual Ventures Korea Korea Intellectual Property Protection Agency Korean Association for Intellectual Property Service Korea Intellectual Property STrategy Agency Korea International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property Leechae Intellectual Property Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited. China Item Bank BS China Co., Ltd. Bobo China Blue China DC BS IN CHINA CO.,LTD. Bank of China Culture & Peoples Culture Foundation World Culture Foundation Co., Ltd. World Culture Open Seoul Culture Foundation Co.,Ltd. Yangpyeong World Culture Foundation Co., Ltd. E Do Culture Foundation Wooho Culture Foundation Co.,Ltd. Wooho Culture Foundation WorldEX Inc. Worldpeace Co., Ltd. WorldLeports Nexen Tire Songpa agent Daiso DoDam Dodam estate KEB Hana Stay Je 2Howitak Management Real Estate Investment Company KEB Hana Stay Je 1Howitak Management Real Estate Investment Company IZ Solution Inc IS Corporation Ltd. IS Solutions Co., Ltd. IS Solution Co.,Ltd. Sumsuineunsesang 10 DR Co., Ltd. Ten Company Co.,Ltd. The Ten Co., Ltd. Kyung In Construction Co., Ltd. DONG KYUNG Ko Bong Construction Co., Ltd. Yu-Bong Construction Co., Ltd.. Kyung Won Const Co, Ltd YKB Bong Construction Co., Ltd. Kyung Lim Corporation Kyung Nong Corporation Kyung Dong Company Ltd KYUNG BO CO KYUNG POONG CO. LTD. DONG KYUNG CORP Bang, Kyung Kyung Bo Co. BOO KYUNG ENTERPRISE CO LTD HTM Ventures Co., Ltd. END Inc. EDWARD CORPORATION. E&D Co., Ltd. SHINYOH KOREA CO.,LTD. MONF.Inc. Juhan Co., Ltd Juhana Art JUHA CORPORATION CO. Juhan Company Co., Ltd. Juha Co., Ltd. Juhan Ju Hana Corporation Co., Ltd. DIGITALZ CO.,LTD. DigitalFirst Inc. DIGITALWIZ CO.,LTD. DigitalGain Corp.,Ltd. G East Co., Ltd. G&E Company I Ta E Health Management Ssa E Health Co., Ltd. Asa E Health ALLEMANDE CO.,LTD. SJ Core Peore E Syeon Co., Ltd. Samsun Transportation Co., Ltd. Samsun Pride Co., Ltd. SAMSUNCSA KTCS CO.,LTD BANK OF AMERICA NATIONAL TRUST& SAVINGS ASSOCIATION B P America Inc Bank of America Seoul Branch AMERICAN BNK CO.,LTD. American Co., Ltd. HPK Corporation HPK Syeon Co., Ltd. Sforce Systems Korea Ltd. Solarig Korea LLC Solarsido Co., Ltd. SOLARGEO Co.,Ltd. Lotte Capital Co., Ltd. LEE CAPITAL CORPORATION. DK Capital Co., Ltd. D.L. Capital Co.,Ltd. DB CAPITAL CORP. LEAD CAPITAL CO.,LTD. Lions Capital LIG CAPITAL CO.,LTD. Life Capital Co., Ltd. Lucky Capital LUD CAPITAL GROUP CO.,LTD. KLDS Capital Second Loan Co., Ltd. JC Capital Co., Ltd. Capital Link Co., Ltd Star Games Tech Co., Ltd. STAR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Game Star Co., Ltd. Star Tech E&G Co., Ltd. Star Game Park M Star Tech A Star Tech Co, Ltd SH Corporation Shoes In Co., Ltd. SH COMPANY SN Games Corporation Black Star Games Co., Ltd. Bik Star Games Co., Ltd. GAME STAR INC. CO., LTD. SCA Game Co.,Ltd. Hangang Hangang Company Hangang Asset Management Co., Ltd. Hangang PL Co., Ltd. City Airport, Logis & Travel, Korea Co., Ltd. Caltech I&D CALTECH VISIONCO.,LTD. Coltech I CULTECH CO.,LTD Caltec International Co.,Ltd. POSCO INT'L OSAKA Posco International Corporation POSCO Research Institute Posco Enterprise Co., Ltd. Posco International Sanaegeunro Welfare Gigeum TAEUL CORP Taeul International Taeul Textile Co., Ltd. Aboutt Inc ABBOTT KOREA CO.,LTD. Abbott Medical Korea Limited CJ Corporation The Original Co.,Ltd. Gold Stone Global Co., Ltd. Original ORIGINALS Inc. The Original Company Ltd. Original A Original Branch Original Gak Original Gim Original Record Co., Ltd. AUTOSTRASSE CO.,LTD. Autoren Im I.M Company Co., Ltd. WD CORPORATION Woods & Company Wood-In Wood I'm Leader Co.,Ltd. IM Leader Co., Ltd. daon Daon Steel Co.,Ltd. Daon Steel Industry Co., Ltd. Daon S Co., Ltd. Breeze Company Incorporated Hotel Lotte Co., Ltd. Hotel Lotte Co., Ltd. KKBT Co.,Ltd. Korea Seven Co., Ltd. Korea Seven Future Corporation FUTURE OWNER CO.,LTD. Outin Futures Co., Ltd. OUTIN CO.,LTD. Obtain Future Korea Co., Ltd. ION-FUTURE Co.,Ltd. Old Future CK MORE SYSTEMS CO., LTD. Nex More Systems Co., Ltd. The More Co., Ltd. The More MS. More C MORE SYSTEM CO.,LTD. One-more System Co., Ltd More Systems Technology Co., Ltd. SYSTEM MORE CO., LTD More SN Samsung Asset Management Co., Ltd. Samsung SRA Asset Management Co., Ltd. SAMSUNG WITH ASSET INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. SAMSUNG ASSET ID CO.,LTD. Samsung Active Asset Management Samsung Hedge Asset Management Samsung SM Asset Management Co., Ltd. Samsung Building Management Co., Ltd. Samsung Asset Management S.M.S Corporation SMS Corporation Co., LTD. SMS SMS KOREA INC. SMS Korea Co., Ltd. Ewha Industrial Ewha Ha Ewha Building Ewha PIC Co., Ltd. Ewha Machinery E WHA CO., LTD. Sercons Korea Ltd. Ade & Tech Coupang Corp. Coupang Fulfillment Services Ltd. E ROM Net EROUNNET Co.,Ltd. Euronet Co., Ltd. Electrolux Korea Wetelecommunication Co.,Ltd Woodles Wetek Co.,Ltd. Wetem Co., Ltd. Whadeuljjak SUNG-A INDUSTRIAL CO. HAE SUNG CO.,LTD Hae Sung Ltd. NOVIA Nova tech Co.,Ltd. Nova Technology Pro Maritime Compas Maritime Co.,Ltd. JTS Corporation JTS Corporation Co., Ltd. Myungjin Electric MYUNGJIN ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. Myung In Electronics Co., Ltd. KWANG MYUNG CORPORATION Kwang Myung Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. MYUNG DO ELECTRIC CO LTD TAEGWANG INTERNATIONAL CO. Taegwang Co., Ltd. The 3rd Generation Co, Ltd Generation N GENERATION CO. P GENERATION CO.,LTD. G Generation Geo Generation Co.,Ltd. WON GENERATION CO.,LTD. Dog Gaeseong Generation Yongin Generation Co., Ltd. Art Generation K Services KSV Company Co., Ltd. STEPGNP PGN Co., Ltd. PGNP Co.,Ltd. P&G Networks Co.,Ltd. JNJ CORPORATION JNJ INC CO.,LTD. JNJ SHIPPING CO LTD Poongwon Corporation Poongwon Co. POONG WOON CO., LTD Poongwoon CEID Co., Ltd. Mission Sistech Co., Ltd. SJ Law Firm Co., Ltd. MAKKR Holdings Co., Ltd. MAK Co., Ltd KR HOLDINGS COMPANY CO.,LTD. SUMMER CO., LTD. The Summer Set Co., Ltd. Snow Co. Snow M Snow M Co., Ltd. Super Snow Snow Meri Mask Mask Entertainment Co. Ltd Mirae Asset Global Unicorn Samotuja Mirae&Global Co., Ltd. NK Trading Co., Ltd. NK TRADING CO LTD NK Trading New Korea Trading Co.,Ltd. PNK Trade Networks CNK Trading JNK TRADING CO., LTD. JNK Trading Co.,Ltd. Bank Traders NKTS Co., Ltd. Solomond Solmon Selmon Salmon Solmong Consulting Co., Ltd. Saelmon Motel Ssolmono Co., Ltd. Ssaelmone Kitchen Selaman power Solmonteu Salmonteu Salomon Korea Co.,Ltd. Silloman Soliman Co.,Ltd. Salloman Chicken SALLUMEN Inc. Salmasnaneungongdongche Salmiboineunchang Co.,Ltd. Salanamgi Culture Industry PROFESSIONAL Company ssalnun Nara Solnaeum Total Interior Seoulnamdongbuinteones Contents Service Saeob Cooperative SOLOMONMULTIMIDEA TECHNOLOGY Co,.Ltd. Haram INC Co.,Ltd. Hanwha Corporation Hanwha Hotels&Resorts Co.,Ltd. Hanwha System Co., Ltd. Minsung Hi tech Co., Ltd. Samsung Mechanical & Electrical Samsung Mechanical & Electrical Micro Security Co, Ltd Micro Set Co., Ltd. Mousyeon Mo Do Ui Sports Co., Ltd. Misero Co., Ltd. Misereu Mokara Supreme Prosecutor’s Office SUPREME MERCHANT CO.,LTD. Supreme ENC Co., Ltd. Supreme Mart Supreme Constant Korea Co., Ltd. Supreme Court of Korea SUPREME ASSET CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. SUPREME LTD WORLD BUDDIST SUPREME TATHAGTA FOLLOWERS PEACE FOU Asian Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions Corp. Supreme Car Co., Ltd. Supreme General Construction Co., Ltd. ENTRO Entry ENTREE CO.,LTD. Entro Corporation Co. Entro Corporation Entry All ENTRON Entro service Co., Ltd. Entro Pia Co., Ltd Entro E&M Co., Ltd. Entro Link Co., Ltd. ENTROPIA CO.,LTD Space ID Co., Ltd. Space Corporation Inc. The space Co.,Ltd. Ad Space Co., Ltd. Space Advertisement Industry Co.,Ltd. Space Aqua SPACE CO., LTD. SPACE ART CO. The space Spacedono Co., Ltd. Spacetalk Inc. Add Corporation Dr.ADD Apec Add Co., Ltd.. SPAS CO.,LTD. Space DA Space A & M Co., Ltd. Capital Advisor Co.,Ltd. Leaders Advisory Co., Ltd. Bon Capital Advisor Co., Ltd. JBJ Capital Advisor Co., Ltd. BOGO CAPITAL ADVISOR CO.,LTD. Young-Inh Corporation Paper The Paper Dr. Paper Co., Ltd. P&P Research Co., Ltd. KOJIN CO.,LTD. Koji Shindera Distribution HAEIN TNC Haein I Nc SOLTECH Solway Tech Co., Ltd. SOLUTECH CO.,LTD RGA Co., Ltd. Yuha YUHA CO.,LTD. Yuhwa Investment E-HWA CO., LTD. Hanil E&L Co., Ltd. HANIL E&S CO.,LTD Hanil E&C Hanil E&T Co., Ltd. HANIL ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD OCEANS Co., Ltd. Ocean Star Co.,Ltd. OCEAN SQUARE INCORPORATED Ocean Seu Corporation AJU ASSET MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. ADF Asset Management Co., Ltd Awon Asset Management Co.,Ltd. Alpha Asset Management Co., Ltd Ace Asset Management Aram Asset Management Co., Ltd. Aram Asset Management Aureum Asset Management Co., Ltd. Able Asset Management Co., Ltd. Anda Asset Management Co., Ltd. AIP Asset Management Co., Ltd. ANP Asset Management Co., Ltd. ATG Asset Management Co., Ltd. AAM Co.,Ltd. Aura Asset Management Co., Ltd. Seho Inc Organic Medi Organic Co., Ltd. Mejongdeu Organic Seu Co., Ltd. Kyung Han International CO., LTD. KWANG SUNG CHEMICAL IND. CO., LTD. Swing Entertainment Co., Ltd. Swing The Swing CO., LTD JR arbitrage Co., Ltd. DAERIM AF CORPORATION I&B Korea Co., Ltd. I Blue Korea Co., Ltd. The Blue Korea Co., Ltd. IBLUE KOREA CO., LTD. Inte Blue Korea Co., Ltd. I Beu Korea Co., Ltd. BLUE ICE KOREA CO.,LTD. ON THE M CO.,LTD. LINKWELL KOREA CJ ENM Co., Ltd. CJ EMB CO.,LTD. KUKDONG CO LTD INS Ltd. INS Pro Ins Co.,Ltd. Pro Insur Co., Ltd. INS Corp. Sewon Audit H.J.C Co.,Ltd. HJ Communications Co., Ltd. HJ CERAMIC CO.,LTD. HJ CLOCK H&J Com Co., Ltd. Hong Corporation Hong Coporation hong lim HONG JIN TRADING CO HONG JIN INC HONG JIN CYCLE Hong Jin Real Estate Consulting Seoul Miramar Corporation Seoul Park Hotel Park Hyatt Seoul Park Seoul Co., Ltd. PARK SEOUL 1ST INC. Seoul Gate Park Co., Ltd. SM Entertainment Co., Ltd. BPU Holdings Corporation Blueicom Co., Ltd. Blue Com Co.,Ltd The Blue Com Bluezone Pcroom Blueicon Inc blcom Agora Asset Ltd. Stock Co., Ltd. Pro Stock Pro Stock Co., Ltd. MS Stock Co., Ltd. C.H CORP. Suntech Co.,Ltd. Eltech Eltech Corporation Sena Co., LTD. Sena Sena Company Sena Corporation Sena Shipping Co., Ltd. Sena Soft The Sena Co., Ltd. Sena Steel Co., Ltd. Sena Hair Shop Sena Soft Co., LTD. Great Star Co., Ltd. The Great&Co Co., LTd. The Great Co., Ltd. The Great Great Tree Trading Co., Ltd. THE GREAT TRADING COMPANY Co., Ltd. GREAT FORTUNE WORLD TRADE GREAT EASTERN TRADING CO.,LTD. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Claim Adjustment Service Co., Ltd SKYLINE ANTENNA CO. Skylink Networks Inc. KT SkyLife Co., Ltd. Skylines Co., Ltd. SKYLINK CORPORATION Sulim Co., Ltd. Sulmi Co., Ltd. Skyline Antenna Sulone Co.,Ltd. FJ Corporation Co., Ltd. Food & Joy Co., Ltd. Food Joy Orum Co., Ltd. ORYUN INC. ORYUN CO. Good will be MS Will Be Company S-will Co, Ltd Will Be SN Tech Will Be Com S Bill WILL BE APPAREL CO.,LTD. WIZIAN CO.,LTD. Wiz IT Co., Ltd. Wiziwic Co., Ltd WIZWID CO.,LTD. wizinc The fisherman D Atech HN.Korea Co., Ltd. HN Korea Co., Ltd. H&I TONGSANG K.J. Tongsang Corporation HN Korea Co.,Ltd. K. J. TONGSANG CO., LTD. Cosro Co., Ltd. Cosrier Co., Ltd. Hana Deco Haeam Deco Co., Ltd. Hansaem Deco Co.,Ltd. Hasun Deco Co, Ltd Happy Deco Han Kook Deco. Haegang Deco Energizer korea Co., LTD. Enercon ENERKOREA Co.,Ltd. Enercons Inc ENERCON KOREA INC. ENERGYMOUNTAIN KOREA Co., Ltd. Enerjoy Korea Energen Korea Co., Ltd. Enersys Korea Emerson Korea Emerson Electric Korea Ltd. Handock Medical Foundation Handock Wine Co., Ltd. Handock Cairos Co.,Ltd. Handock E&I Co.,Ltd. Handock Global Food Co.,Ltd. HANDOCK DREAM CO., LTD. Handock Trading Sangsa Co.,Ltd. Handock Cosmetics Inc. Gangnam Branch Handock Apparel Co., Ltd. Handock Cosmetics Inc. Daebang Branch Handock Cosmetics Inc. Gangbuk Branch Handock Cosmetics Inc. Gangseo Branch Handock Storage Systems Co.,Ltd. INFINITY CO. Infinity Infinity Corporation INFINITY Infinity Company Young Won WON YOUNG CORPORATION Young Won D and C Sung-Won Medical Co.,Ltd YOUNGWON CORPORATION Dodo Lab Incheon Float Fishing Incheon Seongjong Fisheries Daum Co., Ltd. The Daum Kakao M Kakao IX Corp. Kakao VR Co., Ltd. Kakao Bom Co., Ltd. Chemibay Co., Ltd. Cempia union Co., Ltd. Google Korea LLC. Google Payment Korea Limited Google Plex Entertainment Googol Plex Inc. GOOG Co., Ltd. like google. Co. , Ltd. Agoda Co., Ltd. Agada ASCENT Ascent Technology,inc Co., Ltd. Ascent Co.,Ltd. ACENT Ascent International Ascent Korea Ascend corp. Ascentury Co.,Ltd. Ascent Global Co., Ltd. ASENT CO.,LTD. CITIGROUP DIRECT MARKETING KOREA Citigroup Global Markets Korea Securities Limited Citigroup Korea Inc. Gimpo Airport Customs Asiana Airlines Inc Incheon International Airport Incheon International Co., Ltd. Incheon Airport Service HEESUNG ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD HEE SUNG CORPORATION HEE SUNG COMPANY Metaforce Co., Ltd. Segwang Segwang INC Co.,Ltd. Union Can Union Community Co., Ltd. Union Community Union Com Co., Ltd. Union Consulting Co., Ltd. UNC Co.,Ltd. UNC U&C Solution Co., Ltd. UNC Co,. LTD UNION COMMERCIAL LTD Union Commerce Co.,Ltd. Union Commerce Union CNT UNIONCOT CO., LTD Unioncoa Co., Ltd. Test Drive Test Test Co., Ltd. Testop Co., Ltd. TESTLINK Corporation MODOO CORPORATION Modoo Inc. Modoo Tex Co Ltd Modoo Tek Co., Ltd. Modoo Information Technology Korea Instrument Co Korea Instrument Korea Surveying Instruments Co., Ltd. Korea Medical Instrument Korea Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. Hana Measuring instrument GK Sangsa Co., Ltd. GK System Co., Ltd. GK Sangsa Co.,Ltd. GK&S CO.,LTD Genes Co., Ltd. EUGENE Dr.Gene Co.,LTD EUGENE Co.,Ltd. Eugenetek Corporation EUGENETEC E&M Co.,Ltd. EUGENEDECO AK CONSULTING CO.,LTD. AKC CO.,LTD. AKC Corporation Co., Ltd. A.K Communications Inc. Alaska Communications AK Chemical Co., Ltd. AKC&CS A And K Communication Co., Ltd. A&K Communication AKC Korea AK cosmetics co. Ltd. A&K Consulting Co., Ltd. 4 WELL NETWORKS CO.,LTD. Fourwell Global Co., Ltd. DIAMONDS CO.,LTD Diamond Ogilvy, Ltd. WARNER MUSIC KOREA WARNER MUSIC KOREA CO., LTD Warner Chappell Music Korea Inc. Commerce Leader The Commerce Co., Ltd. MS Commerce Co., Ltd. Commerce Company Co., Ltd. CommercePark Co., Ltd. Commercial Club Co.,Ltd. Commerce Plaza Co., Ltd. Commerce Plus Co.,Ltd Commerce Peob Plus Commerce Plus Commerce Inc. Bio Plus Commerce Co., Ltd. COMMERCE PLAN Co.,Ltd. Doctor Commerce Co., Ltd. COMMERCE PLANET Commerce Peom Co., Ltd. Commerce Builder Co., Ltd. SCS Engineers SCS COMPANY PB Innovation Co., Ltd. PYX INNOVATION LAB Innovation Lab Co., Ltd. Y Innovation Lab Inc. Y Innovation Lab Co., Ltd. K Innovation Lab Co., Ltd. Work Innovation Lab Co., Ltd. Marketing Innovation Lab Co., Ltd. Open Innovation Lab Co., Ltd. Innovation Loan Co.,Ltd. Far East Corp. FAR- EAST CO.,LTD. Rothmans Far East B.V Jetro ISIS Korea, Inc. IGIS KOREA CO.,LTD. I C I K CO.,LTD. Iseki korea Co., Ltd. IXYS KOREA CO.,LTD. ICOS KOREA INC. HMA CO.,LTD. HOME ACE Home Ace HM Asset Won Loan Co., Ltd. Home-ace HM Asset Development Co., Ltd. HM Asset Tu Loan Co., Ltd. Asset Home Co.,Ltd. Home Aenchan HM Asset Management Loan Co., Ltd. POSCO O&M Posco Aen LSW CO.,LTD. LSW The 2nd Co., Ltd. LSW The 1st Co., Ltd. Korea OIAA Co.,Ltd. Minsik Choi's Apparel Korea Elevator Assoiation Co., Ltd. Moi Art Moohoi Architecture Information Store System Assoiation Naeoi Asset Investment Consulting Gamsan Schorship Assoiation Gia Motor Wooi Agency Gisoya Poi Agency Foias Co., Ltd. Daehan Transportation Assoiation Uisong Schorship Assoiation Overseas Information Agency of Studying Abroad Munrae Station Daewoo Ian Resident Representative Meeting Hanguk Fire Protection Assoiation Poy Sarang Schorship Assoiation CHOI & ASSOCIATES CO.,LTD. Ovearup&Korea Co.,Ltd. Areupu Areupa Co., Ltd. ARPE Areupa WAUG TRAVEL Inc. House Korea Sports House Sports House Korea Co., Ltd. Sheraton Grand Walkerhill Baek & Company And Baek Mr. Baek APEX International APEX Co., Ltd. APEX CORPORATION Apex Investment Co., Ltd. A Pex Invest Co., Ltd. APEX INFO Co.,Ltd. Apex International Inc. Samsung Corporation Co., Ltd. Dae Kwang T & M Co, Ltd Gaesung Korea Ginseng Cheong Kwan Jang Red Ginseng Discount Store Cheong-Kwan-Jang Red Jinseng Bangi Agency Cheong-Kwan-Jang Pyeongchang Agency Golden Korea Co.,Ltd Golden Rul Korea GOLDEN RUSH KOREA INC. Golden Rich The 1st Co., Ltd. Golden Korea Company Golden Rich Co., Ltd. The Rich Korea Co., Ltd. Rich&korea CHO A PHARM CO.,LTD Utrogic Utron Co., Ltd. PARK LANE INC Park ARC CO Ltd Park avenue Co., Ltd. PK A SOCIE EIGHTS CO.,LTD. A-JU Parking Co.,Ltd. Park Aenko PK AGENCY CO. Park Avenue The 1st Co., Ltd. Park AMC Park Asia Co., Ltd. A Park A Park Co., Ltd. Avan Co., Ltd. Server Bank Server Bank Co.,Ltd. Server Bel Co., Ltd. Nation Nations Co., Ltd. P Nation Corporation IP Nation M Nation Co., Ltd. Po Nation Co., Ltd. K Nation Co., Ltd. X Nation Co., Ltd. Paeshi Nation K.C.C Co.,Ltd. KCC INC K & CC CO.,LTD. KCC Corporation Co., Ltd. KC&C Co., Ltd. KC&C MIRAE ASSET DAEWOO CO., LTD. MIRAE ASSET DAEWOO SPECIAL PURPOSE ACQUISITION 1 CO., LTD Mirae Asset Credit Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Daewoo Opeotyuneotisamo Investment Mirae Asset Daewoo Heonteoseusamo Investment Mirae Asset Daewoo Global Jeilhosamotuja Mirae Asset Daewoo Special Purpose Company 2Ho Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Daewoo Korea Jeihosamotuja Mirae Asset Daewoo Special Purpose Company 3Ho Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Daewoo Special Purpose Company 4Ho Co., Ltd. Miraeasset No.1 Special Purpose Acquisition Company HI AI 1ST Special Purpose Acquisition Company Ares Special Purpose Company Hanwha Ace Special Purpose Acquisition 2nd Co., LTD. Korea No.4 Special Purpose Acquisition Co., LTD. KTB Special Purpose Acquisition 1st Co., Ltd Kiwoom No.4 Special Purpose Acquisition Company Daewoo Special Purpose Acquisition 2 Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset 3rd Special Purpose Acquisition Co., Ltd Ebest Special Purpose Acquisition 4 Company Korea No. 5 Special Purpose Acquisition Company KB No.9 Special Purpose Acquisition Company Kium The 5th Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. SK Je 5Ho Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. Dongbu 4Th Special Purpose Acquisition Co.,Ltd. Shinhan The 5th Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. UI 5th Special Purpose Co., Ltd. Shinhan 4th Special Purpose Acquisition Co., Ltd. Yuanta 2 SPECIAL PURPOSE ACQUISITION CO.,LTD. Woori Special Purpose Acquisition 2 Co., Ltd. MILAE BIORESOURCES CO., LTD. Kyobo 7 Special Purpose Acquisition Company NH SPECIAL PURPOSE ACQUISITION 12 CO., LTD. Korea No.6 Special Purpose Acquisition Co., LTD. KB No.17 Special Purpose Acquisition Company KB No.18 Special Purpose Acquisition Company KB No.19 Special Purpose Acquisition Company IBKS No.7 Special Purpose Acquisition Company SK No.1 Special Purpose Acquisition Company SK NO.3 SPECIAL PURPOSE ACQUISITION CO., LTD. Korea Investment Special Purpose Acquisition Company No.1 IBKS Je 12Ho Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. Golden Bridge NO.2 Special Purpose Acquisition Co.,Ltd HMCIB No.2 Special Purpose Acquisition Company IBKS No.6 Special Acquisition Company Komac Co., Ltd. Komac Komanchi Komacheu Co., Ltd. Komachi Chang Sung CO., Ltd Polaris Co., LTD. Polaris Shipping Co., Ltd. Korea Institute of Science and Technology Korea Technology Science Co., Ltd. KOREA INSTITUTE FOR ECONOMICS AND TECHNOLOGY Korea Institue Of Environmental Science And Technology Foundation Korean Institute of Police Science Korean Institute Of Communication Sciences Korea Institute of Marine Science & Technology promotion Korea Eungyong Science Technology Institute LG Uplus Corp. Trever Co., Ltd. Awabot Korea Co., Ltd. AVATA Abida&Jet Academy APTU Co., Ltd. Avida Aepita E Jeo Games Abata Character International Trading Company Co., Ltd. Samsung Sa AIG Korean Real Estate Development YH AIG AIG Korea Inc. AIG Investment Consulting korea Co., Ltd Korea AIG Geomjeong Co., Ltd. Sun Shipping Co., Ltd. Sun Ace Shipping Co., Ltd. AIG Trading Co., Ltd. AIG Life AIG Global Digital AIG Co., Ltd AIG Industry Development Co., Ltd. AIG Advisors Inc. Aig Perfect AIG Life Co., Ltd. ZESPRI INTERNATIONAL(KOREA) CO., LTD Zespri International Asia Limited Zespro Inc. INVEST S CO.,LTD. S&A Investment Co., Ltd. S Investment S Invest Co., Ltd. THE S INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. M-BIO M-Bio Co., Ltd. Bio M Co., Ltd. M Bio Co., Ltd. POST BIO M Inc. Post M&C Co., Ltd. SM Global Co., Ltd. SM Global SM Global INC Co., Ltd. SM Global INC CO.,Ltd SM GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS CO.,LTD. SHINYOUNG INC Chiko Koko Koko Pet Coco Coco IN Coco Pet Dog Coco Express MYUNG IN MYUNG CO.,LTD Myung Do Co., Ltd. MYUNG IN CORP. Myung in Co.,Ltd. MY UNG Co.,Ltd. Korbit Inc. Moin Corporation Co., Ltd. Moin, Inc MOIN CO.,LTD Landmark Co., Ltd. Landmark & Co Co.,Ltd. The Land Co., Ltd. LANDMARK CORPORATION CO., LTD. Pro Land Co., Ltd. Tetra korea Co., Ltd. Tetra Korea Co.,Ltd. Tetra Tetra Korea Co., Ltd. Tetra SAAD PAK KOREA Co., Ltd. Korea Tetra Tak Ltd. Tetra Pak Ltd. Tetra The 1st Tetra Co., Ltd. Tetra 2nd Co., Ltd Tetra 4th Co., Ltd Tetra 3rd Co., Ltd Korea Tetra Co., Ltd. Eco Global Co., Ltd. Isentech Systems Co., Ltd. I SEN TECH CO.,LTD. iSENTECK ENC CO., LTD. ISNET CORPORATION Jeten Co., Ltd. Jeteo Co., Ltd. Jetes Co., Ltd. Jitem Co., Ltd. JE Teure E Co., Ltd. Pro Jeteoseu Co., Ltd. Jetwin Co., Ltd. Jaedam Co., Ltd. Jaytem Fabrics JITIM CO.,LTD. Jedam Ink The Swatch Group Korea Co., Ltd. HGNS Inc. M Tech RAIN INC. Rain Co., Ltd. Rain Company The Rain Co., Ltd. K NH Invest Co., Ltd. B NH Investment Discovery Co., Ltd. SJ Discovery Co., Ltd. Special Discovery PITTA Company Co., Ltd. Pidi PITTI TRADING CO Piat Piti Wiz Piti Free PITIBOOM CO. PATI Co., Ltd. PITI SMART KOREA CO.,LTD. Poit Datas Co., Ltd. MR Data Co.,Ltd. Oh My Data Co., Ltd. Oh My Data Open Data Inc. YG Entertainment Co., Ltd. YG NETWORKS CO.,LTD. YG ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. YG Company Co., Ltd. YG Corporation Co., Ltd. YG Company YG In Company Co., Ltd. The YG YG EN Co., Ltd. YG Engineering ACT CORE CO.,LTD. A.C.T. KOREA INC Act Corporation Co., Ltd. MARINE ACT CO.,LTD. Act Corporation ACT Consulting Co., Ltd. Sungjoo Distribution SUNGJOO PRODUCTION Co., Ltd. Sungjoo Merchandising Inc. CM Worldwide MRI Worldwide MK Worldwide Co., LTD. Worldwide Music CI WORLDWIDE. CO., LTD. MCM Limited. MCM CORP. World MCM Inhwa Co., Ltd. Hansang Corporation Flux Sung Joo International Ltd. JOO SUNG CORP. JOO SEUNG CO INC JOO SUNG DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. JUNG JOO CORP. Kang, Seung Joo Sungjoo Architects Office MCM Communications Co., Ltd. MCM SYSTEM CO.,LTD. SAMJONG KPMG AAS Inc. KPMG Samjong Accounting Corp. Samjong KPMG Advisory Inc. Samjong KPMG LLC. Samjeong KPMG Economy Research Institute Co., Ltd. Samjeong KPMG Actuaries Inc. Samjeong KPMG Co., Ltd. SAMJONG CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. Samjong Sangsa Samjong Store SAMSONG CO.,LTD. Appareltech Co., Ltd. MY KOREA CO.,LTD. My Korea Tour Co., Ltd. MY Korea Co., Ltd. GlobalWay Co.,Ltd. Globaldawin Co., Ltd. Globalload Co., Ltd. GLOBALWARE CO., LTD. Globalpart GLOBALPAK KAIT Capital Co.,Ltd. K.C.C Capital Co., Ltd. K.B.L Capital K.I.D CAPITAL CO.,LTD. KDB Capital Corp. Kiwoom Capital KK Capital Co., Ltd. KCA Capital Co., Ltd. Ilwoo Capital Co., Ltd. Kolon Capital Keon Woo Capital Co., Ltd. Neom Co., Ltd. CTD Co., Ltd. C. T. Developing Co., Ltd. The Unlimited Asia Unlimited Trading CO.,LTD. Unlimited Goods Unlimited JJ Unlimited Co., Ltd. The Unlimited Unlimited Co. Ltd PAT Unlimited Co., Ltd. RECREATION UNLIMITED INC Coffee Unlimited S&S Unlimited Co., Ltd. Web Unlimited Co., Ltd. J Three PL Co., Ltd. J3 J3 MNC Co.,Ltd. J Three International Co., Ltd. J3 Communication Co., Ltd. J Three Lab Otte Other And Company Co., Ltd. OUTER CO.LTD Otereu Otteure KT I&C Co., Ltd. Kt Estate Co., Ltd. KT Hitel Co., Ltd. K T-With Co.,Ltd. KT Industry Co., Ltd. KT Industry KT Inudstry Co., Ltd.. ITI Tech Co., Ltd. ITI Consulting Co., Ltd. FIT Corporation The Fit Silver Fit Sel Fit Co., Ltd. S Fit Co., Ltd. FIT Corp. Dealicious Inc. Shinhan Alternative Investment Management Inc. Alternative Investment Co., Ltd. Murex Alternative Investment Meritz Investment Management Co., Ltd. Alternative Invest Co.,Ltd. LOAN TECH PLUS CO.,LTD. M Tech Plus Co., Ltd. Techno Plus The 1st Co., Ltd. TECHPLUS U TECH PLUS CO.,LTD. Four Ones Inc. foursense Dojin Dojiraps Co., Ltd. Dojinwha NTS TNC TNC Co.,Ltd. Nara TNC Co., Ltd. TNC Networks Nuri TNC Human & Space HUMAN & SPACE CO.,LTD. Human&Space Doom House Human Space Development Co., Ltd. Human and Space Milan Mobil Human Leaders Co., Ltd. Human RN Co., Ltd. Human&Company NH C International Co., Ltd. NHC Co., Ltd. Moynat Korea Inc. Prime Rent Car Co., Ltd. LANDING CO.,LTD. LNB LNB Limited KR Partners Co., Ltd. ITDA, inc. April Company Co., Ltd. Leaders Apparel Co., Ltd. Pro Apparel Apparel B Co., Ltd. APR Co., Ltd. Apparel Town APRIL Co.,Ltd Zeus Media Co., Ltd. E Media Group Kn Media Group Co., Ltd. NEWS MEDIA GROUP CO.,LTD. DEX Media group Co.,Ltd SNS MEDIA GROUP CO.,LTD. Seoul Media Group SY Media Group Co., Ltd. DS Media Group GS Media Group Co., Ltd. Focus Media Group Co., Ltd. SI Media Group SR Media Group Co., Ltd. CU Media Group Co., Ltd. OZ Media Group Co., Ltd. T Media Group Co., Ltd. W Media Group Co., Ltd. M Media Group Co., Ltd. K Plus Media Group Co., Ltd. NEXT MEDIA GROUP Co., Ltd. J&K Lab JKL Co., Ltd. JKL COMPANY Co., Ltd. J.K. Lighting Co., Ltd. JK Land Co.,Ltd. JKL Partners Inc JKL Corp. Co., Ltd. JKL&D Co., Ltd. JKL Trading Co., Ltd. JKL Games Co., Ltd. JKL Consulting Co.,Ltd. Blanc & Eclare Korea Co.,Ltd. Samsung Knitting Needle Sangsa Co., Ltd. SAMSUNG KNITTING NEEDLE SALES CO. Samjung Knit KOOKMIN UNIVERSITY Kookmin Law Kookmin Yuhak Center Co., Ltd. Kookmin University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation Kookmin Cable Broadcasting Investment No 2PEF Kook Min sa Co.,Ltd. Kookmin Cable Investment, Inc. KSF KS Fashion KS FASHION Co.,Ltd K.S. Moin Fashion K.S.Moin Fashion Co.,Ltd KS Finance Co., Ltd K.S moin fashion corp. Accommate Korea Co., Ltd. A COM MATE KOREA CO.,LTD. McTAH Trading Co., Ltd. Embassy Of Canada in Korea Australian Embassy The Austrian Embassy - Commercial Counsellor's Office The Commercial Counselor at the Austrian Embassy Embassy Of The Republic Of Paraguay Embassy of The United states Embassy of France Embassy of China Embassy Of The Mongolian People's Republic In Korea Embassy of Sweden Columia Embassy Sudan Embassy Germany Embassy In Korea Italy Embassy In Korea Libya Embassy Lebanon Embassy In Korea Kuwait Embassy MALAYSIA EMBASSY Russian Embassy Her Britannic Majesty`s Embassy petman co., ltd PETMUS Co., Ltd. DONGWON LOEX Co., Ltd. DONGWOO EXPRESS CO., LTD. Rosso M Lotte Non-Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Lotte Non-Life Insurance Co, Ltd LOTTE CORPORATION SAMAN TRADING CO. PTC Co.,Ltd. Point Communication Co., Ltd. Point Communications Co., Ltd. PTC Korea Co., Ltd. PTC CO.,LTD Point Communications Co., Ltd. PTC International Co., Ltd. HANKOOK MDS Hancom Inc. Hancom .com Hancom Hancom System Hancom Ace Co., Ltd. Hancom Co., Ltd. Korea Universal Marine Co., Ltd. Korea Univ. Research and Business Foundation korea university High School Universal Korea Korea University Medical Center Korea University Foundation Korea University Digital Media Lab. KOREA UNIVERSITY, INSTITUTE FOR VIRAL DISEASES KOREA UNIV. TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. YUNI STORE KOREA UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE CO.,LTD. Korea University Sport Federation Korea University Principle Research Society eduesibil Korea University residential hall for students Korea University of Internation Studies Korea University Foundation Korea University Korea University The Next Generation Internet Research Center Bureau Veritas Korea Co., Ltd. Tmoney Co., Ltd Tmonet TMON Inc. Jaeseung Company Jaeseung Jaeseung Global Jaeseung information Jaeseung Building Jaeseung Steel Co.,Ltd. Jaeseung Dnex Co.,Ltd. Jaeseung Design Co., Ltd. Dong suh Dynasty Co., Ltd Dong Suh Oils & Grains Co., Ltd. DONG SUH COMMERCIAL CORP. Dongsuh Companies Inc. Dongsuh Corporation Co., Ltd. Dongsuh Co. DONG SUH SERVICE Dong-Suh Chemical Ind Co, Ltd ASG Co., Ltd. AS Good Co., Ltd. ASKA S&G ASG Korea Co., Ltd. THE MAC CO.,LTD. Mac Corporation Sein Corp.,Ltd. Sein Metal Sein Metal Co.,Ltd. Sein SEIN. Co., Ltd. ASSAEL CO.,LTD. Taeha Company Co., Ltd. TaeHa IN Co., Ltd. The Jindan Co., Ltd. DONGIN CORP. Dongin Corporation DongIn Law Group DIKAION LAW GROUP THE GAON Co., Ltd. Gaon Co., Ltd. Gaon Gaon INC Co.,Ltd. Gaon GAON CO.,LTD. GAON Co., Ltd. Gaon Corporation Co., Ltd. Gaon Company Co., Ltd. Limited Liability Company Gaon Gaon Corp. Co.,Ltd. Gaon Soft Co.,Ltd. Gaon ST Co.,Ltd. Gaon GS Co.,Ltd. Gao Gao Hospital Gaon SNC Co.,Ltd. Gaon Stone Co., Ltd. iTEC Technologies Ltd. ITEC ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD I Teco ITCO IDECO Co., Ltd. ITEC ELECTRONICS Sama Industrial Electronics Co.,Ltd. korea investment & securites Korea Investment Trust Companies Association Korea Investment Corporation KOREA INVESTMENT CO., LTD KOREA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST CO., LTD. Korea Securities Investment Management Co., Ltd Korea Venture Investment Management Co., Ltd. RASAL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT KOREA INC. Korea Asset Investment Trust Co.,Ltd. Kookmin Investment Trust Management Co., Ltd.. Korea Investment Trust Co., Ltd. Korea TR Korea Trust Co., Ltd. I Investment Trust Management Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Management Holdings Co., Ltd. Korea Musical Investment Co., Ltd. BlackRock Investment Management Korea Ltd. ING Real Estate Investment Management Korea L.L.C Korea Asset Management Invest Co., Ltd. Korea Asset Investment Management Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Management Co., Ltd. Investment Korea Co., Ltd. Grasshopper Creative Grasshopper Co., Ltd. GRASSHOPPER C&A Youngjin Inc Ltd. Bico Trip Co., Ltd. BICO TRADE CO.,LTD. BICO TECH CO.,LTD. Bicon BICOM Bico Mess Bicorn Corporation Co., Ltd World Bico Co., Ltd. ANGEL BICO CO.,LTD. Bicorect Co., Ltd. Bicosyu Bicoset Co., Ltd. Engineers & Consultant Co,. Ltd. Su Engineering & Consulting DONGSHIN ENGINEERING AND CONSULTANT CO LTD Donghae Engineering & Consultants Co., Ltd. DONGIL ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS CO.,LTD. DY Consulting Co., Ltd. Deok Deok Co., Ltd. Deok-Yeong 31 DY ENG Co., Ltd. IICOMBINED Co., Ltd. Soft Landing Korea Co., Ltd. LEP Entertainment Korea Neos Neosonyx Co., Ltd. NYX Neos Co., Ltd. Third Ivision Ivisiontoy Kids Co., Ltd. Misop Co., Ltd. Misba MG KOREA CO.,LTD. MG Korea Inc. M & G KOREA CO.,LTD. M & G CORPORATION Mall & Macro Korea Ltd. G&G Real Estate Co.,Ltd Real M Co., Ltd. M Real Estate Ground M Real Estate Brokerage Corporation Co., Ltd. Uil UNION BEARING CORP. Uil Bearing Co., Ltd. Union Bearing International Co., Ltd. Haeil Bearing Uil Bearing Co., Ltd. Ilil Bearing Ilchul Bearing Samil Bearing Co., Ltd. HANIL BEARING CO. International Bearing Neo Platinum Ventures Co., Ltd. Venture Partners Platon Ventures Inc. Venture Plan Co., Ltd. Vilton Venture Co., Ltd. Platon ENC Co., Ltd. Hansang Hansang Corporation Co., Ltd. Hnh HNH MACHINERY CO. HNH Corporation HNH HN H Company Co., Ltd. HNH Sampyo Corporation Sampyo Corporation Shinkwang Company Co., Ltd. Shinkwang Publishing Co. Seoul Shinkwang Co., Ltd. KAIST Air Co., Ltd. Kaist Edu Institute Kaist Math Institute YEONJIGONJI Wooriot Yeonjigonji Yeonjigonji Cosmetics JFC co.,ltd J.F.C Company Co., LTD. JF&C Co., Ltd. JFC Company Co., Ltd. JFC ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD. JF Com Co., Ltd. JFC Global Co., Ltd. JACKIE F&C DONGDO CORPORATION Dongdo Co. Dongdo Co., Ltd. Dongdo C&D Co.,Ltd. Dongdo D&C Co., Ltd. SK innovation Co., Ltd KKCL Co., Ltd. Koles Korea Co., Ltd. Kkal s.W Company Co., Ltd. SW COMPANY SW Inc. Gltech GGLtech Co., Ltd. Glotech Gelteu Co., Ltd. Asia International Union Asia Asia Union International Korea Co., Ltd. Pan Asia International Co., Ltd. CJ International Asia Co., Ltd. Top Asia International Co., Ltd. UNION INTERNATIONAL CO LTD UNION INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. UN International Corporation Nes Asia International Co., Ltd Union International Airline Green Narae Media Co., Ltd. Narae Media Meritz Asset Management Co., Ltd. MERITZ REAL ESTATE ASSET MANAGEMENT CO M3 Mobile Co., Ltd. M3 M3 Co., Ltd. M3 Technology Co., Ltd. The M3 International M3 Tech M3 Electric Co., Ltd. M Three International Co., Ltd. M Three Display Co., Ltd. M3 E&C Co., Ltd. BYTHEM Co., Ltd. BYTHER DWS Asset Management Co., Ltd. We Can Do Co., Ltd. We Can Do We Can Company goodluck Good Reok Entertainment Good Luck Key GOOD & GOOD ENTERTAINMENT Inet Builder Co., Ltd. ATD The 1st Co., Ltd. At& D Co., Ltd. CJ Logistics Corporation CJ Logistics Terminal CJ ELS Logistics Cj Global Logistics Service DAIM Korea Co., Ltd. Comtech Co., Ltd. Listen Soft Korea Money Brokerage Corporation Nittan Capital Money Brokerage (Korea) Limited Korea Leaders Capital Co., Ltd. Korea Money Bank Co., Ltd. Dong Sung Corporation Daesung Eltec Co., Ltd. YD COMPANY LTD. YD YD The 1st Co., Ltd. YD The 3rd Co., Ltd. YD The 1st YD Company YD Corporation Co., Ltd. Ntree Co. IOKCOMPANY Co.,Ltd. Mirae Asset Daewoo Invest The 1st Co., Ltd. Arirang Arirang Co.,Ltd. ARiRang WISE INCORPORATION WISE Corp. The Wise Co, Ltd The Wise Company Wise In Company WISE CO.,LTD. Wise Company The Wise Group Inc. Wise&Good Co., Ltd. Wise In Co.,Ltd KHJ Co KHJM Co., Ltd. BUGANG I.T CO., LTD BUGANG INDUSTRIES Bugang Industry Co., Ltd. HOSI Surim Hosi HISCO-SI Hosidam Co.,Ltd. Arong Hosi KB Securities Co., Ltd. KB E&C Co., Ltd. K. B Technology Security Co., Ltd. K. B Fire Security Co., Ltd. Puyoung Development Co., Ltd. PUYOUNG SPINELLE CO., LTD. SEMNTECH Co., Ltd. SEANTECS CO., LTD SEENSEE COMPANY Shinil Company SHINIL CO. SHINIL Shinil Corporation Cheong Clean Mirae SS Solution Co., Ltd. Mir SS Co., Ltd. MIRAE CORP. MIRAE CO.,LTD. MIRAE HQ CO.,LTD. Mirae Corporation Co., Ltd. Mirae & Company Co., Ltd. MIRAE CO. Mirae In META ENC META CO.,LTD. Meta The Meta Meta Education Co., Ltd. Meta Kukje Education Co., Ltd. Meta Electronics Co., Ltd. Meta DNC Co., Ltd. Y&K Trading YK TRADING CO. Y K TRADING CO., LTD. YK Trading YK Trans Co.,Ltd. GS Caltex Corporation Korea Development Bank SE-HYUN TRADING CO., LTD. YONG HYUN TRADING CO. SAM HYUN TRADING CO., LTD Hyun Trading HYUN TRADE Jae Hyun Trading Co., Ltd. Dae Hyun Trading Co., Ltd. Young Hyun Trading Co., Ltd. DAE- HYUN TRADING CO. Into Into & Company Co., Ltd. Into INC Co., Ltd. Into Company Binggrae Jangchung Agency MEDITRON.CO., LTD. Young SKY Co., Ltd. Trazy Co., Ltd. Presidential The Office of The Presidential Security Presidential Korea Temtem Co., Ltd. National Emergency Medical Center Emergency Medicine Research Foundation Cheonsa Emergency Medical Center Co.,Ltd. Seoul Emergency Medical Service Trillion Co.,Ltd. Trillion Trillion Star Co.,Ltd. The STE STE Corporation S7 Corp. SOS7 Co.,Ltd. STE01 Co., Ltd. Sky Seven Star Seven Co., Ltd. SGMS The 7th Co., Ltd. smart7 Inc. Super Seven RSM Co., Ltd. R.S.M Click Co., Ltd. Doctor Click Click & Company Co., Ltd. Click Co.,Ltd. Click Co. Click Works Co.,Ltd. Gain INC Gain Company Gain Corp. Nano Inc Co., Ltd. Nano Leaders Co., Ltd. PIONEER Nano Pia Nanopoint Co., Ltd. Kai Net Co., Ltd. KAI NETWORKS Co., Ltd. KAI Inc. Kai International Co.,ltd Western China WEST CHINA CO., LTD. WITH CHINA WITH CHINA TRADING CO.,LTD. Wa I china Way China Co., Ltd. DAILIAN TV CO.,LTD. server.korea Server korea Jesam Server Peak Scientific Instruments Korea Limited PSIKOREA INC Dasung Company DA SUNG CORP Da Sung Company Bomdong Bontong NComputing Co., Ltd. NComputing Global Services Sarl Sungju Co., Ltd. SUNGJU TRADING CO.,LTD. Sungju Traffic Co., Ltd. TNC Tek Korea Co., Ltd. TCK Korea Co., Ltd. TPV TECHNOLOGY KOREA TRY TECH KOREA CO.,LTD. Try Tex Korea Teuwi T Korea Co., Ltd. TGI&T Korea Co., Ltd. Today Tech Korea Co., Ltd. TNC Tek Korea Teldeu Tex Korea UNIT CORP UNI U N I Sky Trade Sky Trading Co. Asian Trading Co., Ltd. Sky Asian Trade Co., Ltd. LANDIS & GYR KOREA CO LTD DONGJIN INT'L MB TRADING DONGJIN INTERNATIONAL CO. Dongjin International Trading Dongjin CS International Leejo Textile Co., Ltd. Leejo Enterprise Co.,Ltd. Leejo Lion Corporation Co., Ltd. Lions Lion Lion Limited LION COMPANY LIEWON CO.,LTD. Lihwa Corp. Mission 8 Co., Ltd. Mission Seonggong 21 EK Corporation EK Company DAE SUNG CORPORATION DAE SUNG CORP S-OIL TOTAL LUBRICANTS CO., LTD. S-Oil Corporation S Oil Energy S Oil Co., Ltd. Gastro Pub GAK Co., Ltd. STAND CO. Stanton the 6th Co., Ltd. Stanton Series 7st Co., Ltd. STANTON LEADS KOREA CO.,LTD. Stand Co., Ltd. STAND Co., Ltd Id 1011 id1011 co., Ltd. Eleven Ten Hutex Co., Ltd. GAMEWORLD CO. Gymworld Co., Ltd. Gnworld Co., Ltd. DY JUNG DO TRADING CO., LTD. Jung In Trading Jung In Trading Co. Jung Trading Sang Jung Trading Co. Jung Trading Co SANG JIN TRADING CO LTD Sung Sang Trading Co. SAE JUNG TRADING CO. SAM JUNG TRADING Jeong Sang Trading Co. SEH JUNG TRADING CO LTD SHIN-JUNG TRADING CORPORATION JUNG SANG CORP SHIN HEUNG CORP Bon Data Co.,Ltd. Vision Lab Science Co. VOGEL KOREA CO LTD Valle Korea V&K Corporation Co., Ltd. Vivol Korea Co., Ltd. VK Co.,Ltd Veritel Korea Co., Ltd. Vec Korea Co., Ltd. VEE KOREA Co., Ltd. Viadel Korea Veltra Korea Inc. Kingsley Asset Management Co., Ltd. SK Lubricants Co., Ltd. Seoul Lubricant SHL Company Sungil Lubricant Sangil Lubricant SH Line Co., Ltd. S&H L S Hill Co., Ltd. S Hills Co., Ltd. South Hill Co.,Ltd. Shoes Line SH Life Shield System Hill Co., Ltd. SHL International Co., Ltd. Jaguar Land Rover Korea co., Ltd. SOMETECH INC. SMTEC Co., Ltd. SMTec Sumtech Simtech Simmatec Corp. TREXI Co., Ltd. Trejio Co., Ltd. AFIN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Aeban Tech Co., Ltd. Aban Tech Co., Ltd. Alista Jongsa Inc. Yanolja Co., Ltd. Yanolja C&D Co., Ltd. YANOLJA F&G CO.,LTD Pop Art Yanolja Yanolja F&G Co., Ltd. Sense Yanolja Co., Ltd. Beer Yanolja Co., Ltd. Yanolja Travel Co., Ltd. Suho Invest Suho Investment Co., Ltd. Suho Information Korea Retail Co., Ltd. Retail Korea Co., Ltd. JUNGHO CORP. JUNGHO CO.,LTD. Korean Delta Solar First Korean Delta Solar Second Deu Korean Alpha Solar Second Deu Korean Alpha Solar First Doosan Corporation Baek Doosan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Brain Company Brain Leader Co., Ltd. B-brain. Co.,Ltd. BrokenBrain Co., Ltd. Brain Bridge Co., Ltd. Erin International Co., Ltd. KSCC Kan C&C Co., Ltd. C&KS Co., Ltd. C & C C&C CO.,LTD. Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers PriceWaterhouse Coopers Consulting Rhea ROHM AND HAAS ELECTRONIC MATERIALS CMP KOREA LTD. Rhea RHEA CO.,Ltd RAHAE CO.,LTD. Game Land LINE Games Corporation IN GAMES CO.,LTD. Leto Games Loan Games Co., Ltd. Third Line Games Inc. Logic Game New Game Line GREENFIELD GUDU Agency Greenfond Co., Ltd. Trust cats International Co., Ltd. Trust Link International Co., Ltd. I Trust Co., Ltd. INTERNATIONAL TRUST CORP International Trust International Trust Group Co..,Ltd In Trust International Trust Wash International Co., Ltd. Trust Won International Co., Ltd. M&F TRUST INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd. Interior Trust Co., Ltd. IM I Trust Co., Ltd. Trust IT Co., Ltd. Nalko Korea Limited. Eukor Trading Co., Ltd.. Eukor Car Carriers Inc. EUKOR BUSINESS SOLUTIONS GS Energy Corporation GS Engineering G.S. Engineering Co. GS Energy&Materials Co., Ltd. GS Energy Sanaegeunro Welfare Gigeum SPLUS S Plus Global Co., Ltd. S And P Global Co., Ltd. U PLUS GLOBAL Plus & Global Co., Ltd. Illimizm Co., Ltd. IZM Design Co., Ltd. IZM IZM IC CO., LTD. Pledis Entertainment Co., Ltd. PLEIDIS CO.,LTD. PLEDU Co., Ltd. Chain C&C Co., Ltd. E-CHAN CORPORATION Chain Co., Ltd. CX Inc. X Chain Co., Ltd. C-CHAIN Korea Printing Co. Printing Korea Co.,Ltd. PRT Korea Co., Ltd. Printing Korea Korea Printing Co., Ltd. HP All HP The 1st Co., Ltd. H&P Corporation Co., LTD. H & P Co., Ltd. HDGSK JV Schoolin FHC&C Kum Ho Co., Ltd.. Kumho Corporation TK Steel Co.,Ltd. Didi Restaurant Didi DIDI DIDI Co., Ltd. Didi &D Adipo LABs Co.,Ltd. Samie Trendy And Trading Co. Mr. Brown The Booth Brewing Co. Dio Brewing Co., Ltd. Magpie Brewing Company Woolly Brewing Co.,Ltd. IDA Id I.D Corporation Co., Ltd. ID Company World Id HS ID World Co., Ltd. ID W CO.,LTD. Marsh Direct Inc. Hyundai NGV Co., Ltd. Ace Realty Co., Ltd. Ace Realtor ASIA REALTY Realty Asia Das Biz Co., Ltd. Ain Realty A&A Realty PRO REALTY CO.,LTD MS Realty Co., Ltd. D&A Realty Able Realty A&J Corporation Co., Ltd. J & A J&A Company Co., Ltd. J Auto Co., Ltd. J&J Auto Trading co. WHBI Co., Ltd. HD Company HD Co.,Ltd. HD HD&Company Co., Ltd. HD The 1st HD The 2nd HD The 4th Eone Gls Sunwoo Tanker Co., Ltd. FILTECH CO LTD Filtech Corp. Korea Invention Promotion Association On Promotion Kipa Co., Ltd. Crimson Leaders LG Display Co., Ltd. LG PHILIPS DISPLAYS Good Display Co.,Ltd. EG Display Co.,Ltd. LS Display Co., Ltd. Display Company Co., Ltd. G Display Co., Ltd. Pro Steel Co.,Ltd. Steel Corp. Co.,Ltd. BADEN WUTTEMBERG STATE BANK SEOUL BRANCH J.S. & F, Inc. JS Frields Co., Ltd. JS Furniture Sam Won Co. SAM WON COMPANY Orion Tech Orion Electric Co., Ltd. ORION COMPANY Co.,Ltd. Orion Telecom Orion Corp. Orion Display Tech Co., Ltd. Orion Tech Co.,Ltd. ORION MD CO.,LTD. Orio Co., Ltd. Orion Corporation Orionled Orient Meson ORIENT TEXTILE AND CO ORIENT EYEWEAR CORP. Orient Co., Ltd. Orient Electronics Co. Orient MG Co., LTD. Orient Co, Ltd OORIINTERTEX CO., LTD. Orient Electronics Orioles Oriori Orient Korea Co., Ltd. Oriental Lounge Oriental Contents Group Co.,Ltd. CJ CORP. Seoul National University Seoul National University of Technology Seoul National University of Science and Technology Seoul National University of Science&Technology Agriculture Development Universal Science Universal Science Co., Ltd Seoul National University of Science & Technology MONSANTO KOREA INC. Monstar Co., Ltd. Monsun Co., Ltd. Monstar Co., Ltd. THE MONSTAR Komex Corporation Komen KOMEX INC. KOMET Komex International KOMEX INCS Inc. Komex Dot Com Co., Ltd. Komereu Co., Ltd. JM Global Corporation Co., Ltd. J&M Global Co., Ltd. JM Global Korea Co., Ltd. Segang INC SEGANG INC. SK Telecom Co,, Ltd LK INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. YMC Corporation Co., Ltd. YMC Company YMC&C Co., Ltd. YM Communications Co., Ltd. YMC Drive Co., Ltd. YM COM Co., Ltd. YM Component YM COS Co.,Ltd. YMC Yongmin Corporation Seoah Noah-In Noah Co.,Ltd. Jumbo A.H.C Bokhab Co., LTD. Joa Joa Hof Mooah Architecture Co., Ltd. Moa Hof JNJ Korea MARINE TOTAL CO.,LTD Oriental Industrial Oriental Industry Co., Ltd. Oriental Metal KOREA ORIENTAL METAL CO. LTD. ORIENTAL PRECISION IND. 1ST CO.,LTD. Oriental Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. ORIENTAL IND CORP Oriental Industry Venture Association ORIENTAL SYSTEMS INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. ORIENTAL ELECTRONICS INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD. Oriental Electronics Ind. Co., Ltd. Metal Industry Co., Ltd. C & Tech Engineering Co., Ltd. Pro Tech Engineering Co., Ltd. Techno Engineering Co., Ltd. Techno Engineering S Tech Engineering Co., Ltd. Cross Tech Engineering Co., Ltd. CD Tech Engineering Co., Ltd. Cosco Technology Engineering Cham Tech Engineering Co., Ltd. N Tech Engineering Co., Ltd. K Tech Engineering The Cornerstone Company Cornerstone E&M Inc. CORNERSTONE INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. E-Cornerstone Co., Ltd. Cornerstone Realty Co.,Ltd. Cornerstone AMC Co.,Ltd. CORNERSTONE KCC CO.,LTD. CORNERSTONE67 Co., LTD. Cornerstone Co.,Ltd. CORNERSTONE INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. Cornerstone Advisors, Inc. Cornerstone Academy Co., Ltd. Cornerstone NHN Global Growth 1st PEF Cornerstoneidea Co.,Ltd Purple The Purple Choosan Chook CR International Co., Ltd. Barclay Co., Inc. BBPA Bright Electronics Co., Ltd. Bright Electronics Bright LED Co., Ltd. BRIGHT TECH CO., LTD. CCB Co., Ltd. CCB Company C&C BYE CO.,LTD. C&C Building C&CB C&C Bank C&C Beauty C&C Bio Co., Ltd. C&C Benebe Co., Ltd. Mi Kwang Textile BO KWANG TEXTILE BU KWANG CO BU KWANG Co., Ltd. BU KANG TEXTILES CO., LTD Boo Kwang Textile Bu Kwang Nit Ho Corporation Ltd. HO COMPANY CO.,LTD. HO CORP Ho Ho Corporation The Ho Ho Do Company Co., Ltd. Bukwang MSG Co.,Ltd. BUKWANG TEXT CO.,LTD. K.T.E innox inc.,ltd. INNOACE INNOAG. INC Long&Long Longs Electron Co., Ltd. Hankuk Life-long education Co.,Ltd. Long-horned Beetle Co., Ltd. Gyeonghui Long Life Oriental Medical Clinic Crescent 1st Ltd. Crescent,ltd LD Corporation LD Company K Beauty K&Beauty Beauty K Co.,Ltd. R&K 21 Co., Ltd. K Beauty Company Co., Ltd. C&k 21 S&K 21 Co., Ltd. Health & Beauty 21 S K Trading Co., Ltd. S.K. Trading Co., Ltd. sk international trading co. SK Trading International Co., Ltd. TRAD INT CO.,LTD Trad International Co., Ltd. S K Trading SH International Trade Co., Ltd. SK Trading International Sanaegeunrobokjigigeum Trade International Co., Ltd. SHINSEKI INTERNATIONAL Inc. Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Petrochemical Company Petrochemical Skip Co., Ltd. Samwon Petrochemical Co.,Ltd. Seongsu Lubricant SK Lubricants Co., Ltd. Employee Welfare Fund Fusion Tech Co.,Ltd Fusion Technology Fusiontech Investment Co., Ltd. INBair Co.,Ltd Inban Co.,Ltd. Inbaui VisualG Co., Ltd. Visualism VISUALCUBE. Co. Ltd. SK Energy Co., Ltd. SK Energy HUNGKUK SANGSA CO LTD SK MOBILE ENERGY QnV Co., Ltd. GOD Seu Korea Co., Ltd. Unicore Co., Ltd. Umicore Marketing Services Korea Co., Ltd. UNICORE COMMUNICATIONS CO.,LTD. Pacheuwel Co., Ltd. Pacheuwel Pacheusel Pacheupam Co., Ltd. The Pacheu Pachi Co., Ltd. Pachem Korea Co., Ltd. Pachi Co., Ltd. Cafe Pachem Pacheuon Ally HB INC. Hb Trading H&B Trading HB Tree Co., Ltd. TH Company T H CORPORATION, LTD T.H. CO.LTD T.H.Trading Ltd. TH R&D Co.,Ltd GENESIS Co., Ltd. Genesis 4th Co., Ltd. Genesis 3rd Co., Ltd. Genesis Corporation GENESIS 2ND INC. Won Genesis Co., Ltd. Sunyong Construction Co., Ltd. Sunyong Information Communication Co., Ltd. Sunyong Electronics Co., Ltd. Hankuk Muye Cheyook Yuga Sunyong Yonmaing Sunyongdeung Co., Ltd. Daehan Logistics Shipping Co., Ltd. LG Electronics Inc. Webcash Networks Co., Ltd. Webcash Corp. Webcash Inno Value Co., Ltd. WEBCASH HOLDINGS CO LTD BLUE HOLE CO.,LTD. Bluewhale Company Co., Ltd. Blue Hole Co.,Ltd. Bluehole Squall Inc. BLUEHOLE STUDIO INC. Dain Techno Co., Ltd. LEES TRADING CORP. Lee's Engraving The Lee's Comm Co., Ltd. Lee's Hair Lee's Design Co., Ltd. LEES MOOLSAN CO.,LTD. Giant Co., Ltd. GIANT,INC. Machina Black Inc. Macquarie MMA Plus Bond Macquarie MM Prime Bond Samo Macquarie IMF Raim Bond Macquarie MM Poseidon Bond Macquarie Korea Macquarie NPS Reit Co.,Ltd. Macquarrie IMM Superior Bond MACQUARIE NPS REIT Anz C & I AnZ International Co.,Ltd. NCSoft Corporation NSOFT Inc. NISSOFT Corporation RS INTERACTIVE Be Interactive Co., Ltd. BSUS INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. Box Interactive Co., Ltd. Blue Interactive Co., Ltd. Brand Interactive Co., Ltd. ND Interactive Co., Ltd. Red Interactive Co.,Ltd. Yard Interactive NID Interactive Co.,Ltd. Interactive Bik Co., Ltd. Bogwang Interactive Co., Ltd. NJ Interactive Haeundae Haeundae Co., Ltd. nTeko Interactive Inc. Neorian Interactive Co., Ltd. I&Interactive Co., Ltd. HoMi Interactive Co., Ltd. Neo Interactive Co.,Ltd. Neo Interactive Co., LTD. Nori Interactive Co., Ltd. N Door Interactive Co., Ltd. Nabi Interactive Co., Ltd. Interactive Node Co., Ltd. Namu Interactive Co., Ltd. NULL INTERACTIVE CO., LTD. Toogees Interactive Co., Ltd. Take-Two Interactive Korea Limited WeGo Interactive Co., Ltd. Spear Interactive JSK Interactive Co., Ltd. Inplay Interactive Co., Ltd. Tune Interactive Co., Ltd. Comas Interactive Co., Ltd. Adqua Interactive Co., Ltd. GRAVITI INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. Does interactive Mfunny Interactive Co., Ltd. Panel Marketing Interactive Co,.Ltd GOORM INTERACTIVE Predict Interactive Co., Ltd. Jini Interactive Co., Ltd. doubletree interactive Ubarf Bank Seoul Charles Corporation CHARLES CO.,LTD Charlie Charlies Dc CHARLES Co.,Ltd. CHARLES CORPORATION LTD. Charles Shoes Co., Ltd. Watch Cat Watch Pen Watch's Pro Watch Watch Room Twin Watch Watch Service Watch Net Co., Ltd. Watch Ne WEB WATCH CO.,LTD. Watch Village World Watch World Watch Co., Ltd WATCH PLANNING CO. Watch2 NK Watch Woono Watch Co., Ltd. Watch Maeul DB S DONG BO SERVICE DBS Corporation DBS DB Sys Co.,Ltd. D.B&soft Co.,Ltd. DB Soft Co.,Ltd. DB Studio Co., Ltd. DBS Company DBS Company mullae Middle School MS MULLAE INC. OLD MULLAE Co., Ltd. Mullae Ace Techno Tower MULLAE Youth Center Hakoya Mullae Mullae Bulanja Part KPMG Financial Service Co., Ltd. KPMG Financial Institute Co., Ltd. KPMG Financial Service Inc. KPMC Kfmg Co., Ltd. Illo Tech Co., Ltd. SK E&S Co., Ltd. SK I&C C & SK SK C & T CO.,LTD. C & E SERVICE CO.,LTD. SK E Chemical Safe C&E Co., Ltd. 512 House Seam+D5512 Corporation Co., LTD. 1060 Music Club 1060 Music Club Singing Room Daedong 535-ho Dain 2060 Co., Ltd. Unitech Corporation Woori Financing Woori Finance Co., Ltd. Woori Finance Holdings Co., Ltd. Woori Group Co., Ltd. Woori Sales Finance Co.,Ltd. LEADERS FINANCIAL GROUP Woori Financial Group Inc. Woori Financial Service Co., Ltd. Welrix Financial Group Corporation Woori Financial Consulting Co., Ltd. Woori Loan Financial Co., Ltd. Core Finance Group Co., Ltd. JUV JUVIS Co., Ltd. Juvid Co., Ltd. S.M TECH Samchully Asset Management Company Limited UNSEOK CO.,LTD. Unseok Unseo Industry Co., Ltd. UNSER Unseong Unseo Construction Co.,Ltd. Unseo Car Center TCC TCC Co., Ltd. TCC Corporation Co., Ltd. TCC KOREA CO., Ltd T & C CLEAN CO.,LTD. U&i U&I Company Co.,Ltd. Kipo Korea Kapa korea Co., Ltd. KIPI KOREA CO.,LTD. Kabeu Korea Kooba Korea Co., Ltd. KEPA KOREA CO.,LTD. Wake Up Coffee Wake up early Co.,Ltd. Wake Up Wake up Film Co., Ltd. The Wake The Spring Company SPRING CO.,LTD. Spring Spring Hills Company Co., Ltd. Jeongju TS Co., Ltd. Micro Digital Inc MICRO PA CO.,LTD. Micro INSPECTION, Inc. My Display Co., Ltd. HBPO Asia Ltd. GOD CO. GOD CO.,LTD. STUDY GOD CO.,LTD. STUDY GOD Study & Company Co., Ltd. GOD & S CO.,LTD. Good-morning Study GWANGDONG WORLD STUDY ABROAD WON CO.,LTD. ON STUDY CO.,LTD. OK Study Co.,Ltd. Gold Study & Co. Googoo Study GNG Study Co.,Ltd. Goburin TripleAKorea Co.Ltd Triple Korea Triple C Korea Co., Ltd. Triple En Korea P Art Mall Co., Ltd. Nippongnaeppongyongsan I Part Mall Jeom M&J Korea Inc. M&J Korea Ltd. M&J Korea MJKOREA MJ Korea Inc. MJ Korea Samsung Group Pyunghwa Industry Co., Ltd. NEW BI NET CO.,LTD. New Media Net Co., Ltd. New Seoul Net Co., Ltd. New Net Co., Ltd New NGN Networks Co., Ltd. New Rich Networks Co., Ltd. New Media Net Inc. New Net Information Technology New Tech Net work Co., Ltd. New Bay Network Keu Technology Co., Ltd. New Start Network Co., Ltd. New Dream Net GOLFZON NEWDIN HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. NEWDIN CONTENTS Co., Ltd. Gongdeok Screen Golfzon Gwanak Star Golfzon Grand GOLFZON Goo Sangam Screen Golfzon GOLFZON RETAIL Co., Ltd GREEN FOOD CO. Green Food Co., Ltd. Lease Bank Co., Ltd. LEASING BOUTIQUE CO.,LTD. SGB Co.,Ltd. MSGB CO.,LTD. Fuji Global Korea CXC Global Korea Co., Ltd. Global Korea Global Leader Korea Co., Ltd. Global Korea Corporation Co., Ltd. GLOBAL KOREA CO., LTD. U On Link Edu On Link Co., Ltd. On Link Co., Ltd. U-Link Co., Ltd. U On INC Co., Ltd. U On Investment Co., Ltd. Cube Link On Co., Ltd. On U Corporation PLUS KOREA LIMITED Plus korea Plus korea Co., Ltd. SEA PLUS KOREA CO. Car Plus Korea Co., Ltd. CMS Korea Plus Korea Plus Co., Ltd. The Korea Plus Limited Liability Company E PLUS KOREA CO. EPLUS KOREA CO. YUJIN CORP. Yujin Corporation KOREA AGRICULTURE CULTURE CENTER CORP. KOREA AGRICULTURE BIZ INDUTRY CO.,LTD. Korea Agriculture and Forestry Weather Association Korea Agriculture Food Korea Agriculture Institute Korea Agro-fisheries Trade Corporation Korea Agriculture and fisheries and industry Recycling Cooperative Korea Do Agriculture Saeng Federation Korea Agriculture and Fisheries Business Group Inc. TranSono Inc. Trans Ocean-Air Pacific Inc. Transit Co., Ltd. Trans On Co., Ltd. Trans With Co., Ltd. TRANSTONE Trans Container Co., Ltd. TRANS OCEAN INC Pro Trans LEADERS TRANSPORT CO.,LTD. TRANSMODE Co.,Ltd. Transcend korea Co.,Ltd. Pro Transportation Transportation Sa TRANSZONE Co., L.T.D ANYANG CO.,LTD Jung Woo Trading JUNG WOO TRADING CORPORATION JUNG WOO TRADING CO. Jung Ho Trading Co. JUNG HO TRADING BOO SUNG TRADING CO BOO SUNG TRADING CO.,LTD. Jung Won Trading Co. JUNG WON TRADING JUNG-WON TRADING CO. JS Medipharm Co., Ltd. MEDI PHARM CO., LTD. Medipharm Co, Ltd Boduk Medipharm Co.,Ltd. BH Media Co., Ltd. BH PHARMA CO.,LTD. Hana Medipharm Lotte Health Medipharm WOOYANG INC WOOYANG CO., LTD. Wooyang Co. WOOYANG Co., Ltd. Wooyang The Third Co., Ltd. WOO YANG BTC CO.,LTD. Wooyang Wooyang Co. Wooyang Development Co.,Ltd. WOOYANG BIO CO.,LTD. Wooyang C&g Wooyang ECS Co., Ltd. WOOYANG TRADING CO. Wooyang Industry Wooyang Industry Co Ltd GIGA CORP. Alliance Co.,Ltd. G.C. Alliance Inc. GS alliance Co., Ltd. GT Alliance Co.,Ltd. Giga Giga Corporation Co.,Ltd. GIGA WORLD Co., Ltd. Gijun Wire Giga Works Co.,Ltd. Giga Way Co., Ltd. Wise Giga Co., Ltd. Gasan Wire NAYUTA CO.,LTD. Nayuta Humans Co.,Ltd. NAYUTA KOREA CO.,LTD. Nayul NAYUTA CO.,LTD. NAYUTA Nayuda Co.,Ltd. Nata Co., Ltd. nayuta games inc. NAYUTA CREATION SOFT CO.,LTD. Merry & Co., Ltd. Merry & Company Co., Ltd. MERRY MARRY Co.,LTd MERRY JAY INC. Merry Me MYS Inc. MY SHOP CO.,LTD. My PC Shop Co.,Ltd. My Shopping Co., Ltd. My S&C Co., Ltd. MY Social Company Mysis My Score My Snc MYS CLAIRECO.,LTD. The Trade Desk Korea The Desk Co., Ltd. Tera TND Co., Ltd. Tnd System TnD Insu Co., Ltd. TND TN D Co., Ltd. TND Work Co.,Ltd. TND Development Co., Ltd. TND korea Co.,Ltd. TND Partners Co., Ltd. TND Solution Co.,Ltd. TND System Co., Ltd Korea MD Association Korea Feed Association Korea Pet Feed Association Korea Danmi Feed Association Korea Association of Korea Defense Association Korea Film Association Korea Foreign Company Association KOREA FREEBOARD CORPORATIONS ASSOCIATION Korea Daeyong U Feed Association Korea Fisheries Association Korea EMDR Association Co., Ltd. Wiz Castle Co., Ltd. Powerful X Powerful Electronics Co., Ltd. Powerplus ENC Powerful Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. Puribelle Powerful Adjusting & Right Assessment Network Co., Ltd. Purple Bolt ProBLife Korea Co.,Ltd. Peuroebel Foundation Froebel Enterprise Co., Ltd. Preibell Capital Co., Ltd. PRIPOL CO.,LTD. Purple Korea Co.,Ltd. Provil Co., Ltd. Purple Rogeu Co., Ltd. PTK Co., Ltd. POINT K CO.,LTD. Koin Co. Koin Co., Ltd. KOINZA OECD Seoul Center Korea Mushroom Council Kmc KMC Corporation K M C KMC Korea Machinery Corp. KMC Corporation K.M.C KMC Company Co., Ltd. KMC Co., Ltd. Korea Book Center Centro Korea Co., Ltd. CEN Korea Co., Ltd. Korea IB Center CALIFORNIA KOREA CENTER CO.,LTD. Korea Digital Policy Research Center Korea Center Co., Ltd. The Cultural Policy Network of Korea KOREA POLICY ANALYSIS EVALUATION CENTER CO.,LTD. KFPC INC. KOREA POLICY CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE Ivy Center Korea Co., Ltd. Korea CM Center Co., Ltd. Korea Recycling Center Korea Communication Center Co., Ltd. Korea IT Center Korea Doumi Center Korea Cultural Policy Institute Foreign Policy Korea Korea OA Center Co., Ltd. Korea IR Center CO.,Ltd Korea Emi Center Korea Machinery Center Korea Consumer Society Education Policy CMK co., Ltd. C.M.K CMK Company Co., Ltd. The CMK Co., Ltd. Mongterang Life Noori Corporation CRI PICTURES CO.,LTD. Picture Neo Pictures Co.,Ltd. Woori Pictures Nuri Pictures Co.,Ltd. NORITOR Pictures Co., Ltd. The Picture The Pictures Leaders Pictures Tori Pictures Co.,Ltd. Navi Pictures Co., Ltd. Pictures Co., Ltd. Noori Network ONR Pictures Co., Ltd. In&In Pictures Co.,Ltd. YI Pictures I Picture Co., Ltd. I Pictures Co., LTD. Pro Pictures Co., Ltd. Nano Pictures Co., LTD. G Ni Pictures Duksan Woori Picture Institute Bari Pictures Co., Ltd. Samgeori Pictures Co.,Ltd. News Noori Co., Ltd. Noori Jewelry Co., Ltd. Noori Brothers Five G Co., Ltd. 5GUYS The Five Global Co., Ltd. Five Games Co.,Ltd. Mapo Meat McGraw-hill Education Korea Limited WOORI Asset Management Corp. Woori Asset Management Co., Ltd. Woori Asset Co., Ltd. Woori Asset Loan Management Co., Ltd. Woori Asset Loan Co.,Ltd. WOORI ASSET CONSULTING CO.,LTD. Woori Asset Real Estate Agency Woori Asset L&B Co., Ltd. Woori Asset Holdings Co., Ltd. Woori Third Asset Securitization Specialty Co.,Ltd Global K Co., Ltd. Global K Co.,Ltd. K Global 1st Co., Ltd K & Global Co., Ltd K Global Inc. The K Global Co., Ltd. K Global THE K-GLOBAL Corp. Global K The 2nd Co., Ltd. K Global 3rd Co., Ltd K Global 2nd Co., Ltd K Global 4th Co., Ltd Vivaco Co., Ltd. Hound Hound hound Co., LTD. One Three Co., Ltd Thirteen 13 Co., Ltd. hound13 Thirteen Corporation HOUND CO. SINOKOR Pipe Co., Ltd. Sinokor Petrochemical Co., Ltd. LEADERVEL Co.,Ltd. SL INTER LINING CO.,LTD. SL International DC SL International Co., Ltd. S&l International SL&A International SL And A International SL DENTAL CO.,LTD. SL INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. MYUNG SHIN CO.,LTD. Myung Shin Co., Ltd Myungshin & Partners MYUNG-SHIN & PARTNERS CO. Hyundai Engineering Tectura Korea Corporation TOGETHER Together I&C Co., Ltd. CJ CHEILJEDANG CORP. Afton Chemical Korea Co.,Ltd. World Group Co., Ltd. HANYOUNG INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION Dong Ji Inter-Tech Co., Ltd. H&M Co., Ltd. H&M H&M Co.,Ltd H&M Company NH TRADING CO., LTD. N.H Trading Co., Ltd. GSL CORPORATION Startup inc. Global Startup Association Co.,Ltd. Medikan Co., Ltd. MEDIKIM CO.,LTD. MEDIKET CO. Medi Korea Medika World Shinhan Bank Co., Ltd. SHINHAN BANK Shinhan Bank Co, Ltd DBS Network DBS International DBS Korea Co.,Ltd. DBS Media Co., Ltd. DBS Double DBS Dream The 1st DBS Sangsa Co., Ltd. The Daegu Bank Ltd._Seoul Sales Office Nova Corporation Nova Company Co., Ltd. HAN KANG LTD. KANGS CORPORATION Han-Kang HAN KANG CORPORATION HAN KANG SA HAN KANG SA CO. KANG KANG HYUN CORP. HAE KANG Hyeu Hyeun Sangsa Co., Ltd. Book Publishing Women News Paper Women News FIDES KOREA Co., Ltd. Fatoz Korea FITS Doctor Fedish Korea Korchina Logistics Korea Co., Ltd. KORCHINA UCS LTD KORCHIN TRADING CO.,LTD Kochon Industry Co., Ltd. Kochina Shipping Co.,Ltd. KOCHIAM CO., LTD. Kochi Company Co., Ltd. Kochinelra KOCH Kochun TRANS-COR LTD Enso Pantos Logistics Co.,Ltd. Pantz Co.,Ltd. Taeyoung INC Co., Ltd. Taeyoung Co. Taeyoung Co. Dream S.R.I. Corp. Hyundai LNG Shipping Co., Ltd. SILK ROAD CORP. SILK SOUND Silk Seed Sesil Silk Co., Ltd. Silla Silk Leaders English Academy MAX ENGLISH JUNIOR ACADEMY English Mh Academy Co., Ltd. Bell English Academy CL Inco Co., Ltd. CL CL Corporation CL Corporation CL SOFT CO.,LTD. CL Soft Co., Ltd. CL Design Soft CL Song Sam-Oh Pharm Co., Ltd. SAMOH PHARM Samoh PRS Co., Ltd. NH-Glenwood 1 Private Equity Fund Glenwood Holdings Co., Ltd. SENTEL CO.,LTD. SENTO CO.,LTD. SENTO CO.,LTD. GB Private Equity Co., LTD. TEG Co., Ltd. HAGANE SPOON CHOPSTICKS CO.,LTD. OC Bang I S B C Co., Ltd. ICFC Co., Ltd. RainBow Co.,Ltd. Rainbow Tech Rainbow Textile FINE TECH CORP. Fine Tech Co.,Ltd. FINE TECHNO CORP. FINE TECH CO LTD HT Company Co., Ltd. HT Corporation Meritz Securities Co., Ltd. E&C Meritz Co.,Ltd MERITZ SECURITIZATION SPECIALTY INC. Meritz Deoumeon Securities Investment Company Co., Ltd. Aero PHE Co., Ltd Aero Co., Ltd Trends Co., Ltd. Trend Trend Co. TREND IN CO.,LTD. TREND 20 Trend Seven Trend One ARA Company Ltd. ARA CORP Ara Co.,Ltd. Ara Corporation Co., Ltd. Ara PLC Co.,Ltd. The Ara Co., Ltd. WOW International Logistics Co.,Ltd. SJ International Logistics NY International Logistics Co., Ltd. INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS INC NS International Logistics Co., Ltd. CY INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. Nice International Logistics Co., Ltd. ANC International Logistics Co., Ltd. NOVA INT'L LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. ABK International Logistics OTS Logistic Co., Ltd. Plus Logistic Plan B Logistic Co., Ltd. Anus Logistic Co., Ltd. Tets Co., Ltd. WONIL INDUSTRIAL Wonil Industry Co., Ltd. WONIL INDUSTRIAL CO Shinyoung Asset Co., Ltd. Shinyoung Asset Management Co., Ltd. Shinyoung Asset Management Loan Shin Young Asset Management Co., Ltd. Dong Yang Consulting Engineers Co., Ltd. Dong Yang Corrosion Engineering Co., Ltd. DONG YANG CORE ENGIMEERING WANG DO CORROSION ENGINEERING CO.,LTD Samhan Corrosion Engineering Co.,Ltd Avery Dennison RIS Korea Ltd. Global Corporation Global SA Co., Ltd. Global Company Co.,Ltd. Global Leader LS World Global Global G.N K World Global Co., Ltd. DM World Global Co., Ltd. World Link Global Co., Ltd. Global Wid Co., Ltd. Lina Life Insurance Itaewon Nike Jina Interior SEOJIN INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. CAP VISION INT CO LTD Itaewon Information Communication ISTN HOPE IND.CORP. ILWANG ENTERPRISES Co., Ltd. VIYKE INTERNATIONAL CO. International Super North Beach International Co., Ltd. PCA General Insurance Co., Ltd. ZENITAS INVESTMENT CO., LTD. SKYWAYS INVESTMENT Dequina Investment Nean Inte Jinseu Nina Geumbu Industry Development Co.,Ltd. Capvision International Co., Ltd. Usmania International Restaurant Co., Ltd. Icheung Kyungwon Corporation IT Wiz Co., Ltd. SCS Pro Co., Ltd. Su Pro Co., Ltd. FMC Ferrum Mineraux Corea FMC Korea Co., Ltd. FMC Corporation Co., Ltd. FM&C Co., Ltd. F&MC Co., Ltd. FMC Ltd FMC T Co. FMC&I Co., Ltd. FMC System Co., Ltd. CSSCK Korea Will Do Co.,Ltd. WM INC. W.M TL Holdings Co., Ltd. Korea INC Co., Ltd. Korea DMD Co., Ltd. AND KOREA LIMITED. Aver Co., Ltd. Averya Nongdam Planning&Film Nongdam Nongdam Co., Ltd. M.C.K Co.,Ltd. MCK Corporation Limited Mc Korea MCK Telecom Co., Ltd. MC Korea Inc. MCK CO.,LTD. CIMO Co., Ltd. Cimos Corporation BSPN CO.,LTD. Dada Inte Trading Korea Co., Ltd. Felix Corporation FELIX PRIVATE EQUITY Inc. Felix Clavis FELIX KOREA FELIX PLUS CO., LTD. Felix Lab Inc. BAE BAE Company MezzoMedia Inc. Mezzo JUNE.F LLC. SM F&D Co., Ltd. se&f Co., Ltd. Sejung F&D Co., Ltd. JUNE F&D CO.,LTD. BUTTLE INFORMATION SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. NT-Tech Co., Ltd. NetTech System Co., Ltd. Ntech ENC Co., LTD. Ntec Co., Ltd. NYTECH MONO CORP Mono MONO CO. Mono Nix Co., Ltd. LEGO Korea Company Ltd CIK Inc. Ciko Co.,Ltd. Daewoo Electronic Construction Co. Daewoo Electronics Corporation WORLD POLICE TAEKWONDO FEDERATION CORP. Paygate Co., Ltd. PND Corporation PNDP CO.,LTD. MOVE Move Incorporated Co.,Ltd. MOVE & CO.,LTD. The Move Move INC Co., Ltd. Oneul Online Oneulwine Co.,Ltd PUBG CORPORATION The Public Co., Ltd. Public Art Co.,Ltd. Public Corporation Co., Ltd. PUBLY Public Company Co., Ltd. Pontto Information Technology Co., Ltd. Ponte Inc. PONTO CO.,LTD. PUNTO CO.,LTD. PNIT CO.,LTD. PENTO CO.,LTD. PINTO Co., Ltd. U Hak Inside Dongbu Daewoo Parts Dongbu Hydraulic Park Jong Jin Co. Jong Joung Co., Ltd. Seoul Line Services Co., Ltd. Seyoung Loan Service Co., Ltd. Seoul Motor Service Seoul Line Corporation Seoul e-line SV Seoul Institute SEOUL TRAVEL SERVICE, Ltd. Seoul Road Line Ye Seoul Loan Seoul Trans Line Seoul System Service Co.,Ltd. Seo Seoul Service Co., Ltd. SEOUL LNS FINANCIAL CONSULTING CO.,LTD. Seoul Line Plastic Surgery Syepeu Line Seoul Branch Seoul Sa Loan Co., Ltd. IBC IBC& I Korea Trading Corporation Korea Trade Insurance Corporation Kkotsul Sure COSMIC INC. Cosmega Co., Ltd. Cosmic Corporation Cosmec Moldtech Co., Ltd. GBM Asset Management Center Co., Ltd. Nokia Korea Ltd. Korea Nokia Co., Ltd. Limited Liability Company Nokiadeu VADA SHIPPING TRADING National Pension Service SKO Pori Trading Co., Ltd. posco woori EIG Global Fund Woori Ib Global Bond Co., Ltd. Woori Hanji Global Corp Woori Pam Global Co., Ltd. Woori Global Mart INTEC Corporation Intec Ltd. Isco Steel Co., Ltd. AJ Sel Car Co., Ltd. Limited Liability Company AICLLC YS & Global YS Company Y.S GLOBAL YS&G YS Glovis Co., Ltd. Y&S Global Co., Ltd. Express 21Korea 21 korea Co., LTD. Open 21 korea Co., Ltd Forever 21 Korea Ltd. AE 21 Korea Co., Ltd. Tone 21 Korea Co., Ltd. Forever 21Entertainment Co., Ltd. Forever 21 Korea Retail Bitech Information Technology Co., Ltd. BTIC Co., Ltd. Bitec Bitech Electronics BTTS Co., Ltd. Biduk Tech Baitech Co., Ltd. Teseulra Co., Ltd. Teseulreo Co., Ltd. Teseuseu Co., Ltd. TESE & PASS INC. DNI INC DNI COMPANY LTD. DNI Co.,Ltd. DNI CONSULTING CO., LTD. CONTENTS DNI INC. DNI Construction Co., Ltd. Yonsei University YONSEI UNIVERSITY HEALTH SYSTEM YONSEI UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY-INDUSTRY FOUNDATION Institute of East and West Studies Yonsei University Yonsei University College Of Medicine Dept Of Microbiology Center for Space Astrophysics, Yonsei University GS 25hours Yonsei UNIV. Seomun Branch CU Yonsei University Seomun Branch Alumni Association of The College of Business and Economics of Yonsei University Education Foundation Yonsei University Nonghyup Bank Nonghyup Feed Inc. NongHyup Financial Group Inc. Nonghyup Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Nonghyup Foundation NongHyup Property&Casualty Insurance Co.,Ltd Nonghyup Meat Shop Nonghyup Networks Nonghyup Super Mercer Korea Co., Ltd. Best Won Global Best Buy Global Co., Ltd. All Best Global Co., Ltd. BEST GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT REAL ESTATE CO.,LTD. Global Best Co., Ltd. E Best Global Co., Ltd. Yuni Best Global Co., Ltd. Best Global Computer Co.,Ltd. Best Global Computer BEST GLOBAL FOOD CO.,LTD. Coin Best Global Co., Ltd. GLOBAL BEST CORPORATION Korea Medical Co.,Ltd. Korea Medicine Korea Medical Instrument Industrial Hyupdong Assot Anam Korea Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd. Fastpong Corp. K.J.Lee Patent & Trademark Office YD Service Y.D. SUN CO LTD SPC.YDS INC. Sky YDS YDS Design Co., Ltd. Y In DS Co., Ltd. SM Distribute Nexon Electronics Korea Co., Ltd. Nexon NEXON CORPORATION NEXONE Nexon Book Young-Jin Co., Ltd. INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE INC. INNOCEAN I & D CO.,LTD. INTRA Worldwide Ltd. J.W innocean Co.,Ltd LB Corp. LB Company L.B. Corporation Tovis Tov Corporation Tovis Korea Co., Ltd. Tovis Network Co.,Ltd. Tovis Tour Co.,Ltd. Totovill To VI Co., Ltd. TV Asia Co., Ltd. TV&ad Co., Ltd. Heights HT Systems Co.,Ltd. H&T System Heights Third Co., Ltd. ADO Inc. ADO Co.,Ltd. Ado Co. ADO CORPORATION INC. Rise Korea Co., Ltd. Sun Rise Corporation Rise Korea Co.,Ltd. Sunrise Korea Co., Ltd. Kivas Co., Ltd. KIVE CO.,LTD. BEBECO CO.,LTD. ST Corp. Saint Corporation ST IN CO.,LTD. Santa Co. Mr Street Co. ST Corporation Santa Intel Bank Societe Generale C&Cornerstone Co., Ltd. SC Intertech Co., Ltd. INTERTECH CO. MIRAE INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. HD MIRAE INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. Mirae Investment Information Co., Ltd. Mirae Investment Loan Co., Ltd. Mirae Investment&Partners Co., Ltd. Tricomtek Co., Ltd. Jones Lang LaSalle Ltd. Jones Lang LaSalle Co., Ltd. JL Line JLL&C Co., Ltd. JL Lab Co., Ltd. JL Lace Co.,Ltd. Jl Link Co., Ltd. JL Lime Co., Ltd. PLANUP Company U.P. Planning Co., Ltd. UP Planning Co., Ltd. Planup Plan Up JS Co., Ltd. Plan Up GJ Co., Ltd. Plan Up DM The 1st Plan Up RS Co., Ltd. Plan Up Power Plan Up Sema Plan Up Asan Plan Up Star The 1st Plan Up Misa Co., Ltd. Plan Up Echo Co., Ltd. Plan Up Poil The 2nd Co., Ltd. Plan Up Poil The 1st Plan Up Poil The 3rd Plan Up E An Plan Up Ruwon The 1st Co., Ltd. Plan Up Songdo The 1st Co., Ltd. Plan Up Polymer The 1st Co., Ltd. Plan Up Junghu The 1st Plan Up Shinsa The 1st Co., Ltd. Korea Retail Investment Co., Ltd. DOCTOR WIG CO.,LTD. KOREA WIG CO.,LTD. KOREA WIG ASSOCIATION CORP. Nambuk Surgical N.S.PAK.Surgical Osio Device Co., Ltd. Ad&Tech Co., Ltd. A & D TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Adtech ADTECH CO.,LTD. Adtech Adtech Co.,Ltd N.J. Company LTD Biz T&C Co., Ltd. FAB Inc. Doctor Fabric Fabrics Co., Ltd. FAB Co., Ltd. Jisung INC JISUNG TEX CORPORATION. JISUNG TEXTILE CO. Jisung Textile Kendall Square Investment Co.,Ltd Kendall Square LP Gimpo REF K Square Coms Kendall Square LP Opo REF Kendall Square LP Sanha REF Kendall Square Logistics Properties, Inc. Kendall Square Asset Management, Inc. Kendall Square LP Kimhae Sangdong REF Kendal Square Partners Co., Ltd. K Square Co., Ltd. KENDALL MEDICAL LTD Woori Investment URI INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. S A SA The 1st Hanshin Company HANSHIN MACHINERY Co.,Ltd. Pongdang Pongdang Jokbal Bossam Pongdang .com Co., Ltd. Coffee Pongdang On the Cake Pongdang SeoWoon Co.,Ltd. Konan Technology Inc. KOMAN TECH CO., LTD. Konion Tech Co., Ltd. Kman Tech Co., Ltd. Konaan Co., Ltd. Kinoen Tech Co., Ltd. Bold Corporation Bolt&CO Co., Ltd. Bolt Company Bolt Corporation Co., Ltd. BOLD Studio BOOLDA CO.,LTD. Boldeu Co., Ltd. The Boldeu Co., Ltd. BOLDEX Co.,Ltd BOLD STANCE Inc. Boldeu Stone Holdings Co., Ltd. Boldbox, Inc. Boldeu International Roket company Ltd Rokeue Co., Ltd. Rokeoseu Company Co., Ltd. Rokeoseu Phoenix Phoenix Corp. Aju Ceramic Industry Co., Ltd. Aju Corporation Aju Ceramic Co., Ltd. AJU I & C CO.,LTD. F& C Ceramic Co., Ltd. Junsung Precision Junsung General Construction Co., Ltd. Junsung Construction Co., Ltd. JUN SUNG CORP Junsung Power Light Junsung General Sangsa Junsung Total Printing SK telink Corporation Korea Investment & Securities (Kwanghwamoon Branch) KOREA INVESTMENT & SECURITIES CO LTD Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd._Jongro Branch Korea Investment Hanshin Co. Hanshin Chain Co., Ltd. Hanshin CCA Co., Ltd. Hanshin Cityplan Co., Ltd. Hanshin TNC Co., Ltd. Cotec Cotechspia Co., Ltd. Star Power Entertainment Co., Ltd. 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