List of Corporate Headquarters in SEOUL

Search a company in South Korea with your criteria (trade name, adress, Korean registry number...). provides business and credit information about Korean firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Korean register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in South Korea, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Korean company.

Dongguk University Dongguk PL Co., Ltd. Coda Corporation Coda A & D Co., Ltd. Maven MAVEN & COMPANY Mave Co., Ltd. MAVEN FC CO., LTD. Maven System Co., Ltd. MAVEN PLAN Maven & Promotion MAVIE MAVENLEAD Me E Beun Image Platform M Platform Mega Platform Co., Ltd. Vooz Co., Ltd. VOOZ VOOZ CLUB CO.,LTD. Indako Korea Co., Ltd. Intokorea intekkorea INDEXROOT Korea Ltd. INDC Korea Co., Ltd Caltech Trading Korea Co., Ltd. Yeson Co.,Ltd. YESON ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD. Seokyong NCS Co.,Ltd SEO KYONG Seo Kyong General Development Co., Ltd. Eastar Ltd. J Center Co., Ltd. JM Dance Company Co., Ltd. Lascara Dance Centre The Dance Dance YULCHON LLC. Yulchon Nangmyeon Yulchon Yulchon Chemical Yulchon Mart MPC YULCHON GREEN 1ST CO.,LTD. MPC YULCHON NO.2 CO.,LTD. Yulchon Restaurant MPC Yulchon Power Plant 1 Co.,Ltd Yulchon Pharm. Co., LTD. CGN Yulchon 2th Co.,Ltd Yulchon Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Yulchon Public Sauna Yulchon Resturant Yulchon Seorim Tax Corporation Yulchon Sara Corporation SARAH CORP. Bak PD Bak Motorcycle Belt Bak Bak Film Doctor Bak Health Company Co., Ltd. Hanwha Corporation Hanwha Hotels&Resorts Co.,Ltd. AEROSPACE CORP PNL International Co., Ltd. Doosan Corporation QuDECS Corporation Quders CFC Co., Ltd. M Ten IQ 100 D 100 CO.,LTD. I 100 100 Company Co.,Ltd. Igam103 V100 Like a Shining Star Shining Star The 1st Shining Star C.N Air Logistics Co., Ltd. Shining Star Je 24 Cha Shining Star J Shibyukcha Shining Star C.N Air The Shining Co., Ltd. SHINING STAR CO. Shining Star J Shibcha Shining Star Jeshibpalcha Shining Star Je 25 Cha Shining Star Jeshibgucha Shining Star Jeshibchilcha Shining Star The 5th Shining Star The 6th Gabia Company Co., Ltd. Aju Hotel Seokyo Seokyo Travel Inc. CORETEC Cartec UNIVERSAL CORP. Universal INC Co., Ltd. UNIVERSAL CO., LTD Universal Corporation Co., Ltd. Universal HQ Co., Ltd. Big Hit Entertainment Co., Ltd. BIG HIT STUDIO CO.,LTD. Hit Medical Co., Ltd. HIT ENT CO.,LTD. Big Hit Technology Inc. Hit Bating Center HIT International Co., Ltd. Mets HIT Inc. HIT Trading Co., LTD. Hit Maen Hit Line Co., Ltd. Hit Air International Co., Ltd. Jjang Hit Bomyung Hit Sink Industry Star Hit HIT ZONE CO.,LTD. Emblem Hit Transper Hit Ya HIT PARK CO.,LTD Hit Information Communication Hit Karaoke Bar Hyundai Capital Auto Fifth Securitization Specialt HYUNDAI CAPITAL SERVICES, INC. Hyundai Economy Capital Hyundai Capital Auto 9901 ABS Co., Ltd. Hyundai Capital (Korea) Auto Funding Limited Hyundai Capital Yangjae Office Premises Booth Hyundai Capital Asset Management Co., Ltd. I Capital Co.,Ltd. I Capital Co., Ltd. Hyundai Capital Auto Fourth Securitization Special Hyeondaegeurin Food Hyundai Capital Branch Co., Ltd. HANA CAPITAL CO.,LTD Daenong Textile Co., Ltd. Fastblock Cjt Venture MEC Industries Mec Co, Ltd Shanghai Hong Kong Bank Shanghai Bay myRealTrip Inc. Taejin International Taejin International Co.,Ltd. Taejin International Co, Ltd Taejin International Shinsadong Branch Co., Ltd. Taejin International Gangnam Branch KC BioScience Co., Ltd. ISK Bioscience Korea Ltd. TOW Bioscience Inc. Dandi Bioscience Inc. Global Saint Co., Ltd. Global New Tech Co., Ltd. Global New Ra Global New Soul Co., Ltd. New Global Co., Ltd. I New Global Company Co., Ltd. New Star Global Co., Ltd. I New Global Co., Ltd. DONGNAM EnS CO.,LTD Life Dobu dooub Dobi Dobe Co., Ltd. Dobu Sushi DOBI TOUR CO.,LTD. TLT CO., LTD. TL Tech Co., Ltd. Tls Technology DLT WONEEL MERCHANTILE CO., LTD. Wonil Communication Co., Ltd WONIL CONSTRUCTION Wonil Yanghaeng Wonil Packing Box Wonil Industrial Systems Co., Ltd Wonil Trading Co., Ltd. Wonil FA WONIL B&B CO., LTD. Wonil Plus Co., Ltd. Wamall Co., Ltd. General Electronics Co. General Electronics GENERAL ELECTRONICS CO. Bakers Baking Chef Baking Bakery Hugo Bakers Bakery Do Kocom Corp. KOCOM CO. KOCOVI KOCOM Co., Ltd KoCo Stage KoCore Ko Car O Co., Ltd. TDco Ltd. TD&C Co., Ltd. TD & C SECURITY CO.,LTD. TDCO LTD. KIOXIA Korea Corporation Oneandone onenone ONEANDJ Oneness Co, Ltd Oneanet Co., Ltd. OneEnt V S VS&Company V.S Co., Ltd. VS Co., Ltd. The Tapas Sims Tapas Hb Consulting HB Communications H&B consulting corp Hbc HB Construction JND ONDA INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd. DAE YEON INDUSTRIES CORP. Album Leader Krad KRTD NC Insel Co., Ltd InSol Co., Ltd. Inssel Co., Ltd. INSOLE COMPANY Co., Ltd Insold Inc. IMCL Co., Ltd. INSsoft Insoul Co., Ltd. Huimin Tech Korea Co., Ltd. Hotel Tech Korea HOMI TECHNOLOGY KOREA Co., Ltd. Huawei Technologies Korea Co., Ltd. Haico Tech korea Co., Ltd. HTK Co., Ltd. TMC Corporation Co., Ltd. TMC Information Technology Co., Ltd. J.R Company Co., Ltd. J.R Corp. JR Co, Ltd JR Co.,Ltd. JR Company Double OK Co., Ltd. J&RAMC RAON AND TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. RAON TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Raon Technology Co., Ltd. Trump & Co. TRUMP&CO. Trump Co., Ltd. Metal Trading Co., Ltd. Metal Trading Joeun Metal&Trade Co., Ltd. JJ Metal Trading Co., Ltd. JJ Motor Trading JJ Trading JJ TRADING CO.,LTD. JJ Trade JJ Trading Co., Ltd. Apollon Ondol Ondil Co., Ltd. Ondo Ondal Co., Ltd Ondal Co., Ltd. ONDOL WOOD TOPIA CO LTD Shin Han Spinning Co., Ltd. SHINHAN SPINNING CO LTD ZARANA IMPORT EXPORT KOREA EXPORT & IMPORT CO., LTD. GUN SEUNG IMP&EXP., LTD. GORYEO EXPORTATION AND IMPORTATION INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Imp Corporation BLUE HOLE CO.,LTD. Bluewhale Company Co., Ltd. Blue Hole Co.,Ltd. Bluehole Squall Inc. BLUEHOLE STUDIO INC. Hi-Q Korea Co., Ltd. Hi korea Co.,Ltd. HI KOREA COMPANY HI KOREA&CO High Dental Korea Co. Korea Dental Hi Net korea Co., Ltd. CM Dental Korea Co., Ltd. Hi Korea Distribution Co., Ltd. NSK Dental Korea Co., Ltd. Dental USA Korea INC Co., Ltd. HI ST Korea Co., Ltd. High Korea Travel Co., Ltd. Korea Dental Mfg. Co., Ltd. Dental Medi Korea Co., Ltd. Hi Tool Korea Hyundai Auto Auto Electric Furla Korea Co., Ltd. FURYL CO.,LTD. YBLD Daegu Co., Ltd. MLF Myungnyul Law Firm Moonhansik Law Firm Mingiyoung Law Firm Mirae Asset Investment Trust Management Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Trust Companies Association Leaders Asset Trust Co., Ltd. I Trust Co., Ltd. TR&I TRUST INVESTMENT CO.,LTD TR Investment Co., Ltd. Korea Asset Investment Trust Co.,Ltd. Trust Asset I Investment Trust Management Co., Ltd. Trust One Corp. In TR M TRUST CO.,LTD. M Trust Trust I&A Co., Ltd. TR The 5th Co., Ltd. Trust IA Trust Mi Co., Ltd. One Real Estate Trust Co., Ltd. One Real Estate Trust Ha E Asset Trust Co., Ltd. Trust Asset Management Loan Co., Ltd. Trazy Co., Ltd. Carbon Korea Co., Ltd. SGL Carbon Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Carbon 1st Co., Ltd. Korea Carbon Korea Carbon Management Research Institute Korea Carbon Bank Co.,Ltd. KOREA CARBON ENERGY CO.,LTD. Korea Carbon Management Limited KCMC CO.,LTD. Korea Cleaning Management Co., Ltd. Korea management Consulting Co.,Ltd. C.I.D Co., Ltd.. CIDAUTO Inc. ASTEC Corporation ASTECO INC ASTECH INC. ASTEX CORPORATION ASTEK CO.,LTD. Bobos korea investment & securites Saino Korea Investment Korea Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Corporation KOREA INVESTMENT & SECURITIES CO LTD KOREA INVESTORS SERVICE, INC. NEW KOREA INVESTMENT MNAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd._Jongro Branch KOREA INVESTMENT STRATEGY CENTER CO.,LTD. Korea Investment Partners Co.,Ltd Korea Investment Partners Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Korea Investment Capital Korea Investment Bank Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Co., Ltd. INFRAWARE, INC. LEADERS INFRA CO.,LTD. Infraware Technology, Inc INFRAWARE GAMES, Inc. INFOWARE Inc Inframe Infragate Infrageo Co., Ltd. Infra En E Infra Core Co., Ltd. Infra E Seu Co., Ltd. INFRA NETWORK CO.,LTD. Kyobo Securities Co., Ltd. Kyobo Securities Kyobo Securities Sanggea Branch Co., Ltd. Kyobo Securities Co, Ltd H & S CORPORATION H&S Corporation Co., LTD. Focus D&S Co.,Ltd. S & H MIRUS Co., Ltd. Mirus Corp. Miru Company Co., Ltd. Nonghyup Bank Nonghyup Bank Co.,Ltd. Seokchon Branch Hyundai Core Town Co., Ltd. Hyundai Core Land Co.,Ltd. Hyundai Core Co., Ltd. Hyundai Core Management Group Co., Ltd. New Hyundai Core Co., Ltd. Hyundai Core Development Co., Ltd. Korea Electronics Injeung Co., Ltd. Igis net Co., Ltd. IGIS Asset Management Co.,Ltd. IGIS TEC CO.,LTD. Igis Global Co., Ltd. DEVSPR Inc. VERTEX CORPORATION Vertex ID Co., Ltd. Vertex Shipping Vertex Korea Vertex Information Technology Co., Ltd. VERT ASTELLA PHARMA KOREA Merck Electronic Materials Ltd. merce Co., Ltd MERCK Ltd., Korea Mercury Co, Ltd MERCURY 2ND CO.,LTD. Allergan Korea Ltd. Samil Allergan Ltd. Allergykorea Ltd. Allergy Korea Co. Johnson & Johnson Korea Ltd. Johnson & Johnson Korea Selling & Distribution LLC Johnson & Johnson Medical Korea Co. Ltd. Johnson & Johnson Logistics Co., Ltd. Johnson & Johnson Pte. Ltd. Korea Branch Celgene Co Cellzen CELLGENYX CO.,LTD. Novo Nordisk Pharma Korea, Ltd. Novo Inc. Sino Corporation Sino Corporation Co., Ltd.. Sino Com My Language Co., Ltd. Shin-Etsu Silicone Korea Co., Ltd. The Take Co., Ltd. Takeda Pharmaceuticals Korea Co., Ltd. Taken Co., Ltd. Taekseda Takeda Agro Seoul Ltd Ipsen Korea Ltd. IPCM Korea Co.,Ltd. Net Korea Co.,Ltd. Net Korea A & T KOREA, LTD. A&E TeleVision Networks Korea E & T Korea Co., Ltd. E & T KOREA CO.,LTD. V-Net Korea Co., Ltd. E & T Korea E & T COMPANY KOREA CO.,LTD. Samsung SDS SAMSUNG SDS CO., LTD. Samsung SDS Korean Federation of Community Credit ABC Co., Ltd. ABC Company ABC Corp. Co., Ltd. A&BC TRIOPS Corp. KRT KRT CO., LTD. Krt Corporation KR Tower KRT Corporation Co., Ltd. KRTM Co.,Ltd. FM Corporation Co., Ltd. FM Entertainment Co., Ltd. FM ENT Co., Ltd. LAB & Company Inc. Excel Tough Co.,Ltd. Excel IT Co., Ltd. EXCEL POINT CORPORATION Excel Tax Company EXCEL TECH Excel Meat Co.,Ltd. Coupang Corp. Coupang Fulfillment Services Ltd. Coupang Logistics Service Ltd. DYC&P Co., Ltd. DY CNC CO.,LTD. DYC&C Co., Ltd. Total Service Gana Total Service lnc. Phoenix Logistics Co., Ltd. Modoo Inc. Safe&Company Co., Ltd. Safe Mother Co., Ltd. Link & Company Co., Ltd. Link INC Co., Ltd. The Link Co., Ltd. SE Link Co.,Ltd. Soft Link Sen Link SAFE INS CO.,LTD. Safe Bank Co., Ltd. SH Link Co.,Ltd. Safe Ins Link & Share Co., Ltd. Style Link Co.,Ltd. Link Soft Co.,Ltd. Inter Link & C Co., Ltd. Link international Co., Ltd. Links International Co Ltd Inter Link Air Co.,Ltd. I- Link International Co., Ltd. Trust Link International Co., Ltd. Time Links International Co., Ltd. G Link International Co., Ltd. Link In International Co., Ltd. LINK International INC. The Link International Co., Ltd. Links international Co. , Ltd Safe International SAFE PAN INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Pay Link International Co., Ltd. The Bear Company Co., Ltd. Bear Company Co., Ltd. Zoo Co Miroo Co.,Ltd. MiRoo Co.,Ltd. Younglim Co Younglim Corporation LEGEND CO.,LTD. Legend Corporation LEGENDARY HOLDINGS Inc. Legendary ENT Co., Ltd. Legend VR Co., Ltd. Legend LEGEND PARTNERS CO.,LTD. Legend Motors DR Tanker Co., Ltd. Tanker Fund Inc. COREA PROM CORPORATION KORTECH INC Kortek Corp. KORTEC Co., Ltd. KORTECO AUTOMOTIVE KOR TECH INC KOREAMTECH CO.,LTD. Korante Corporation Co.,Ltd. Koreanet TV Co.,Ltd. Koreamediatech SK Networks Co. Ltd. SK Networks Yoido Gas Station S&K Net Co., Ltd. S K Network SK Networks Speed Made THE PEOPLN CO.,LTD. POPLIN populian PEOPLEn Co. Global Star GLOBAL STAR INC Platform THE PLATFORM CO.,LTD. Platform Co., Ltd. Platform The Platform Company Platform Inc. Platfarm Inc PLATFORMERS Pro Moji Habitat Kids Co., Ltd. A & T Inc Co., Ltd. SBS A&T Co.,Ltd. A&T SYSTEMS Co.,Ltd. SJ A&T CORP. A&T Corporation Co., Ltd. Atlas Capital Co., Ltd. Asia Venture Capital Co., Ltd. Best Capital Co., Ltd. Basic Capital VALUE ASIA CAPITAL CO.,LTD. Beritas Capital Co., Ltd. Asem Capital Pie Capital Asia Co., Ltd. Asia Pacific Capital Co., Ltd. Paen Asia Capital Co., Ltd. Pan Asia Capital Limited THE Best Capital Co., Ltd. Abit Capital Co., Ltd. Asia Na Best The 1st Co., Ltd. Basis Capital Co., Ltd. Core Best Capital Begas Co., Ltd. ONE ASIA CO.,LTD. One Asia INC One Asia Limited One Asia Network Co.,Ltd. Hanshin Company Hanshin Co. JKND Co., Ltd. JKND JKNDK JKN Co.,Ltd. JKN Korea International Corporation Korea International Inc. Korea International Intel Korea Limited Korea Bond Investment Bin Korea International Co., LTD. Korea Inter Line Co., Ltd. Astrazeneca Korea Ltd. Astro (Korea) Co Ltd Astronergy Solar Korea Co., Ltd. ASTRA CO.,LTD. ASTRAN CO.,LTD. ASTRAC CO.,LTD. Aseuteura Korea Co., Ltd. Astra Aseutore Korea Co., Ltd. TAELIM PAPER CO. My Girl Girls Girl & Girl Girl Jjak SYU & GIRL CO.,LTD. Top Girl Sun Company Co.,Ltd. SOFTNC Corp. Softnyx, Inc. Softn Inc. SOFTNET Pharma Corp. PHARMACHEM CO.,LTD MS Pharm Co., Ltd. The Pharma PHARMACRO IBK Asset Management Co.,Ltd. Industrial Bank of Korea IBK Asset Management Sanaegeunro Welfare Gigeum FLUX Co.,Ltd Flux Flux Co., Ltd The Flux Co.,Ltd. Feelux Light FLUX & COMPANY CO.,LTD. Feelxo CU Metal Co., Ltd. Cum DC CU Media Company Co., Ltd. CU Medicare Co., Ltd. CU Medicos CU Mobile Hahn & Company Eye Holdings Co., Ltd. Hahn Company Hahn & Co. Fourth Co., Ltd. HAHN & CO AP HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Hahn & Co. Auto Holdings Co., Ltd. Hahn & Co. F&B Holdings Omnis Trading Company HAHN-CHULL TRADING CO. LTD. HAHN CHULL TRADING Co., Ltd. Hahn Shin Corporation Hahn & Co. AP Holdings Co., Ltd. Hahn & Co. Tanker Holdings Co., Ltd. Hahn & Company CSG LLC LOGON Commerce Hahn & Company Hahn & Co. Fifteenth Co., Ltd. PKI Paik Inc. CU System Mc Medical System Co., Ltd. G-Medical System Co., Ltd. J Medical System Co., Ltd. LS MEDICAL SYSTEMS PVT LTD Mac Medical System Co., Ltd. BellSM Bellisimo Bellissima Hasang Co., Ltd. hasan Industry HASAI CO.,LTD. Hasan International Co., Ltd. hasan Holdings Co., LTD. HASANGONG CO.,LTD. Master Corporation MASTER Co.,Ltd. Masters Corporation Master MK Europe Master Electronics Master Electronics Co.,Ltd. Kookmin Bank KB Kookmin Card Co., Ltd. Kookmin Law Bum Kookmin Foreign Language Education Co., Ltd. Kookmin Yuhak Center Co., Ltd. Kookmin University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation Kookmin Cable Broadcasting Investment No 2PEF Kook Min sa Co.,Ltd. Kookmin Cable Investment, Inc. STARSHOT CO. Starship Entertainment Co., Ltd. Starship Communications Co., Ltd. And Stars Co., Ltd. Starshot Co. The Stars Shoes Co., Ltd. Starshell Inc. BE. Factory The Stars Co., Ltd. Hanjin Transportation Co.,Ltd. Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd. Victoria Korea,Ltd VICTREX MANUFACTURING LIMITED CO.,LTD. VICTORIA TEXTILE Ltd. VICTORIA TEXTILE CO., LTD. Victrade Co., Ltd. Victorian Mode Co., Ltd. Victorian Box Victer C & Air Co.,Ltd. JNS Co. JNS Electron JNSEA Co., Ltd. JNS Electronics MAP HANTERIN ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS CO.,LTD. THE SPACE INC Space Corporation Inc. The space Co.,Ltd. Space & Life SPACE CO., LTD. Space Null SPACE ON CO.,LTD. Kwangsung P&C Co., Ltd. TRADIC.CO.LTD TRADICS KOREA CO., LTD. Franklin Templeton Investment Trust Management Co., Ltd. Franklin Templton Co.,Ltd. Flanklin Templton Trust Management Co., LTD. YG ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. JYH Co., Ltd. JYH Holdings Co., Ltd. JYH City Development Co., Ltd. J & Y Hair JY Hana Co., Ltd. Bricks Holdings BORYUNG MEDIENCE CO., LTD. Boryung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Boryung Biopharma Co., Ltd. BORYUNG DRUGS CO., LTD. oryung Holdings Co., Ltd. Boryung B&H Boryung Partners Co.,Ltd. Boryung A&D Medical Co., Ltd Boryung Oriental Medical Clinic Law Firm Il Heung IL HEUNG CO. LTD. IL HEUNG CO. LTD Il Heung Co. IL HEUNG INDUSTRIAL COMPANY IL HEUNG G.S. CO., LTD. IL HEUNG INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. HiCC .Inc HAJU C & C CO.,LTD. HRCC Co.,Ltd. UMC UMC Co., Ltd. UMC Inc UMC Holdings Co., Ltd. UMC Information Technology Co.,Ltd. UMC PAMCO RETAIL CR-REIT CO.,LTD. U M.C Korea United UMC Co., Ltd. U&M Communication Co., Ltd. U Min Communication Co., Ltd. U&MI COSMETICS CO.,LTD. EMC Corporation EMC &Co Co., Ltd. EMC CORPORATION CO.,LTD. E M.C Dae-A 145 DDSR Co., Ltd. Ds Research DSRI Co., Ltd. DS R&D Co., Ltd. Naver PC Room Naver Line Co., Ltd. Naver Com Naver Industry Naver Tour Co.,Ltd. Naver Tour Co., Ltd. NAVER DOUT CO.,LTD. Naver Star Co.,Ltd. Naver Trading Good Naver NAVER FASHION CO.,LTD. Naver Star NAVER LAND CO.,LTD. GOOD NAVER CO.,LTD. Naver Hobby Korea GOOD NAVER TRAVEL CO.,LTD. Naver Hanbang Spa Edu HB Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. Shinhan Bank Co., Ltd. SHINHAN BANK Shinhan Bank Co, Ltd OKF En I Co., Ltd. OK Family Co.,Ltd. OK Farm 9FOLDERS INC. Samsung Co.,Ltd. Inforia Co., Ltd. INFORMATICA KOREA CORPORATION informa InFormax Co.,Ltd. Informax Informad Co. Ethertec informa Informationization Value Research Institute Infor Machel Co.,Ltd. INFORM Co., Ltd. Inform Informix INFORCOM CO. INFORCOM Infra Tech Co., Ltd Infra Korea INFORTECH KOREA CO.,LTD. Infra Tu Korea Co., Ltd. ItsKorea Co.,Ltd ITSKR Co., Ltd. LMC The 1st Co., Ltd. LMC The 2nd LMC The 3rd Co., Ltd. LMC Bio Co., Ltd. Gilsan Sten Pipe KI Networks Co., Ltd. Ki Net Ki Network Co., Ltd. KI NAM ENGINEERING CO LTD KI NETWORKS CO.,LTD. P&J System Co., Ltd. Soo System S&J System Co., Ltd. Yeon System YEON SYSTEMS Co. Ltd S&J System Ngssol Bodus Co., Ltd. Boodong San Co.,Ltd. ORIENT SHARP TRADING CO.,LTD. Orient ORIENT SYSTEM CO LTD Orient System ORIENT SHIPPING CO.,LTD Orient Co., Ltd. Orient MG Co., LTD. Orient Sun Co., Ltd. Orient Co, Ltd Orient Steel Orient Steel Co., Ltd. Orient MG Ltd. Orient System Co.,Ltd. Orient Science Osio Device Co., Ltd. Goindol Gentle G Ni Co., Ltd. Gentle Seopeo Goindol Friends Co., Ltd. Gomdallae Pharmacy Goindol Info Co.,Ltd. Gomdalrae Yeongyangtang Gomdalrae Masjip Gomdalrae Mart Gomdallae Motorcycle Gentle Gaze's Tteokbokki CM Patent & Law Firm Law Firm CM Leejo Textile Co., Ltd. Leejo Kangnam Kangnam University SK innovation Co., Ltd SG INNOVATION CO.,LTD. SH INNOVATION CO.,LTD. S & G Innovation MS Innovation Co., Ltd. INNOVATION CO.,LTD. Woori Bank Inno Leaders Co.,Ltd. Inno Co. Inno CSR Ltd. Inno Circle INNO SCREEN CO.,LTD. Innocrew Dreample Co., Ltd. Just Co., Ltd. Just in Just MS Co.,Ltd. Just po Co., Ltd. PICG Co., Ltd. PIAX CO.,LTD. PIAG.KOREA Co., Ltd. PIAG Korea Co., Ltd. PIAQUA CO. PIJA Inc. Pika Hanjin Filter Tech Co., Ltd. AGROTECH Co., Ltd. AGRO AGRO VALLEY CO.,LTD. Sale Agro Co.,Ltd. Hana Investment Banking & Securities Inc. LIMITED CO.,LTD. LP Corporation LLP CO., LTD LP Co., Ltd. LIMITED LP L.P CO., LTD. LP Corporation Co., Ltd. LIM Co., Ltd. Petra Capital Management Compas Capital Management Co., Ltd. Ace Capital Management Co., Ltd. LIG CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. HR CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. ENTI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. AT CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. RAY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. PRISM CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. J&SK CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Tempis capital management Co.,Ltd ROBUST CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. J & J Capital Management Co.,Ltd. QUAD CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. MASTER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. SLBF CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Mon Tana Capital Management Co., Ltd. Car Mureu Capital Management Co., Ltd. Dhow Capital Management Co., Ltd. Supwin Capital Management Co., Ltd Hilife Co., Ltd. Half And Half Time Half Time Co.,Ltd. Half Time Co., Ltd. Half Mile Co., Ltd. HALF CALL CO.,LTD. Half & Double Haewol HAEWOO CORPORATION Sangsang SANGSANG CO.,LTD. Sangsang Company Autowini Inc. Tradition Korea Ltd. Support Support PC Support CBS Co., Ltd. Support CNC Client & Support Co., Ltd. GS Global Corp. G's 9 Global Co., Ltd. GS Global Ad Ltd. Quantum Solutions Inc. N-Solutions Co., Ltd. Sports for all Facilities Dan Co., Ltd. Korea Total Facilities Itawon Sports Facilities Jojikjikmu Standard Development Cooperative Jjokkijjokki Hwigyeong 1hojeom Jajugukbang Network New York Nail TAEWOO CORPORATION Biotech Korea Port Korea Co., Ltd. ATRONICS CO.,LTD. ATronics Co., Ltd. Sheraton Midas International MIDAS ITN CO.,LTD. FLY&COMPANY Inc. The Fly Co., Ltd. Fly AMS Co., Ltd. A.M.S. CORPORATION AMS Company Co., Ltd. Hyundai L&R Co., Ltd. Hyundai C&S Hyundai C & L Hyundai C&C Co., Ltd. Hyundai C&R INC Hyundai M&C Co., Ltd. Hyundai C&P Co., Ltd. Hyundai L&C Corporation Hyundai R & C Co., Ltd. Hyundai C & S Co, Ltd Hyundai L&C Bodak Co., Ltd. JTBC Content Hub Co.,Ltd JTBC Sports Co., Ltd. JTBC Co., Ltd. JTBC Po Co., Ltd. JTBC Plus Co., Ltd. JTBC PLUS CO.,LTD. JTBC mediacomm Co., Ltd. Hae In Corp. HAE Co., Ltd. Toreoseu Investment Holdings CULTURE INVESTMENT HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. Korea Genetic Testing Evaluation Center KT I&C Co., Ltd. K.T.I. CO.,LTD. KT Information and Communication Corp. HHI Transit Co., Ltd. TRANS-COR LTD Trans With Co., Ltd. Transnet Pro Trans LEADERS TRANSPORT CO.,LTD. Pro Transportation Transportation Sa TRANSPEDIA Digital River Korea River INC Co., Ltd. River RIVER CO.,LTD. The River Co., Ltd. Digital Korea Digi Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Digital Korea Digital Co., Ltd. Korea Digital Rap Digital AV Korea Digital AV korea Co., Ltd. Korea Digital Ware Co., Ltd. Digital Rauteu Korea GS Caltex Corporation CHI Corporation Co., Ltd. CHI INC. Chi C&High Co., Ltd Chi-M Co.,LTD Chi U Co., Ltd. Chi US Chi Shop HAN DOK HIGH POLYMERS CO., LTD. Aron High Polymer Hapdong Hardware Pion PAON CO.,LTD. Paion Co., Ltd. Paion Partners Co.,Ltd. Paion I Technology Co., Ltd. PAIO CO.,LTD. Risk Free Line P.N M Co., Ltd. PnM Trading Co. Design Mall Co., Ltd. Mall Rik Design Mall Enviroment Design GROWISH Co.,Ltd GRACE PARTNERS CO.,LTD. Dongbu Inkel Gangbuk Inkel Youngone Corporation Youngone Holdings Co., Ltd. Youngone Trading Morningstar Sys-Youngone Eng. Youngone Construction Co., Ltd. POSTEAM Fashionnet Company FASHIONY Co., Ltd. Fashionmode Fashiontalria Co.,Ltd. Fashionabc Fashiongia LLJIN INTERNATIONAL Woori Gachi Co., Ltd. Yoon & Lee International Patent & Law Firm Lee International Corp Jin and Lee International Co., Ltd. J. LEE INTERNATIONAL LTD. Lee International IP & Law Group Lee & Lee International Lee International IP&Law C & Lee International Co., Ltd. Ri & Lee International Service Co., Ltd. R & Lee International Co., Ltd. S & Lee International Co., Ltd. Young Lee International Inc. YOON & LEE International Patent & Law Firm LEE SAEM INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd. T.M.C KOREA MBKP Holdings Co., Ltd. MBSP Co., Ltd. NH Corporation NH Corporation Co., Ltd. NH Company Co., Ltd. LES CO.,LTD. Les T A Les&More Ko Les Min Co., Ltd. Les Is More Mini Les Hof BF Logistics Co., Ltd. F&B Logistics Co., Ltd. B & B LOGISTICS CO., LTD. C&F Logistics Co., Ltd. F&F Logistics E&B Logistics Co., Ltd. X&B Logistics Co., Ltd. Samsung Asset Management Co., Ltd. Samsung SRA Asset Management Co., Ltd. SAMSUNG WITH ASSET INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. SAMSUNG ASSET ID CO.,LTD. Samsung Active Asset Management Samsung Hedge Asset Management Samsung SM Asset Management Co., Ltd. Samsung Asset Management KMHG Air First The 1st Co., Ltd. Air First International Co., Ltd. AIR CARGO FIRST The One Star AR One DC Golden Air The First Company Lunet Korea Co., Ltd. Land Korea Co.,Ltd. Land Of Korea Co., Ltd. Linde Korea Guri Center Branch LINIT KOREA CO.,LTD. CHUNGWOON I.N.C STARLUXE Corp. DIAMONDS CO.,LTD EHWA INDUSTRIAL Ehwa & Company, Ltd. Ehwa Corporation Ehwa Company Co., Ltd. Sys korea Co., Ltd. THE SYSTEMS KOREA CO.,LTD. SYSTEMS KOREA CO LTD Korea Land Pil Co., Ltd. Korea Land C&C Co., Ltd. Korea Land Public Law Association KOREA LAND HOUSING DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. KOREA LAND CO. korea Land Development KOREA LAND SAFETY RESERCH INSTITUTE CO.,LTD. KOREA LAND CO. FC Korea Land Co., Ltd. SELIM CORPORATION Selim Trading Co., Ltd Selim Electricity Co., Ltd.. Drex Co., Ltd. Carbon KUKJE FIREWORKS Giant Step Co.,Ltd. Giantree Co.,Ltd. Alts Co., Ltd. ALTOS CO.,LTD. The Altos Co., Ltd. Altoz Consulting ALTOS INTERMODAL SERVICES LTD Altoc&i ALTOS INTERMODAL SERVICES CO.,LTD D;EX Dexco JRT Dexcom DEXCO E&D CO.,LTD. Dex Consulting Co., Ltd. DEXCOWIN CO., LTD. DEXCO C&C CO.,LTD. Dexco Solution Company ALFATEX INTERNATIONAL CORP. Sohee International Co. Kiba Global Edu Co., Ltd. Global Edu Co.,Ltd. Global Edu EDU. LEADER IN GLOBAL I Global Edu KP GLOBAL EDU CO.,LTD. Kiba Global Korea Co., Ltd. Global Edu USA Co., Ltd. Maxon Soft Corp. Maxon Marketing Co Ltd Maxon Motor korea Co., Ltd Hi Maxon Co., Ltd. Maxon Electronics Co., Ltd. Marixon Incorporated MAXOD Co.,Ltd. Ace Company & Co. ACE Corporation Sirius Cryptocurrency, Inc. JK Brothers JK Building JKB The 1st Co., Ltd. JKB The 2nd Co., Ltd. JK Boutique JK Business JK Bio Co., Ltd. JK Bridge Co., Ltd. FNS Co., Ltd. FNS.CO Fns Logix Co., Ltd. FNS Company Co., Ltd. FNS Company WOORI TRADING CO., LTD. CELLTRIONSKINCURE CO., LTD. Celltron Co. Celltrion Skincure CO.,LTD. CELLTRION ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. CELLTRAZONE CO.,LTD. Sanseong IP Co., Ltd. Song & Associates Law Administration Associates K&S Patent Law C&S Patent and Law Office Shinwon Patent & Law Firm Sinji Patent Law Firm SHINSEGI PATENT LAW FIRM SKY International Patent & Law Firm Dae Suk Suh Patent & Law Office Patent Law Firm Zenith Patent & Law SYP Patent Law Firm Sejin Patent Law Firm Saeon Patent Law Firm Sarang Patent Law Firm Shinra Patent Law Firm Seyeon Patent Law Firm Shian Patent Law Firm Capital Advisor Co.,Ltd. Leaders Advisory Co., Ltd. Bon Capital Advisor Co., Ltd. JBJ Capital Advisor Co., Ltd. BOGO CAPITAL ADVISOR CO.,LTD. BUTTONCOM AJU ASSET MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. ADF Asset Management Co., Ltd. Awon Asset Management Co.,Ltd. Ace Asset Management Aram Asset Management Co., Ltd. Aram Asset Management Aureum Asset Management Co., Ltd. Able Asset Management Co., Ltd. Anda Asset Management Co., Ltd. AIP Asset Management Co., Ltd. ANP Asset Management Co., Ltd. ATG Asset Management Co., Ltd. AAM Co.,Ltd. Aura Asset Management Co., Ltd. AAM Company Co., Ltd. AHHA Asset Management Co., Ltd. YOUNGMEDICS Co., Ltd. Yakjin Trading Corporation Yakjin Trading Co., LTD. KH Medical Co., Ltd. Dr. Dream Inc Dow Sum Co., Ltd. Donbang Car DTSI Co., Ltd. DMBM Co., Ltd. Donoban Donabono Donbone Dompaem Dompaem Co., Ltd. Domabaem Co., Ltd. TM R&D Donbangsuk Donbangseok Dombange Dumping Mart Duonfm Dampung Daonpam Co., Ltd. Suhyang Networks Co., Ltd. Dumbeong Daewonpam Co., Ltd. Dain Co., LTD. MEDI ROMANG CO.,LTD. Korea Oil Co., Ltd. Scania Korea Group Co., Ltd. Beauty Cosmetic Total Beauty Beauty Global Co., Ltd. IPS Incorporation IPS Co.,Ltd. IPS System Medience Co., Ltd. Medience Medinec Co., Ltd. mediance Shipjangsaeng Mediance Jinwook Mediance Co., Ltd. Mediang Co., Ltd. Greentown Holdings Korea Inc. VIP Marketing Korea Co., Ltd. IP MIRROR KOREA KIPM,Inc.(Korea International Portfolio Management) IPM Korea Co., Ltd. L&O korea L.O.K Ltd. L.O.K The LOK Co., Ltd. L&K (Korea) Corporation The L Korea Co., Ltd. L&korea The L Korea Co.,Ltd. Ra L Korea Co., Ltd. L&K KOREA CO.,LTD. L Ko Korea Co., Ltd. Korea L & K Co., Ltd. Planet The Planet Co., Ltd. Pet Planet Co., Ltd. Peoni Planet Co., Ltd. PR Planet Co., Ltd. Penta Planet Co., Ltd. Planet Pictures Planet Pictures Co.,Ltd. Play Planet Co., Ltd. FLANET INC. P&C Planet Co., Ltd. Huron Co., Ltd. Hurin Co.,Ltd. Hurora Hiron Co. Huros Co.,Ltd. HRD Corporation Co., Ltd. HRD INC. Hyun R&D CO.,Ltd Human R&D Co.,Ltd. HOLIDAY INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. KAPJIN TRADING CO. LTD. Kappjin AID Kapjin Construction Co., Ltd. Manku Trading Co., Ltd. COEX InterContinental Seoul Grand InterContinental Seoul InterContinental Hotels Seoul INTERCONTINENTAL SHIPPING CO LTD Intercontinental Shipping Co., Ltd. UNIKO INTERCONTINENTAL CO LTD Dawon Intercontinental Co., Ltd. JINYEONG INTERCONTINENTAL CO.,LTD. Jongro Intercontinental Co., Ltd. Dongnam intercontinental Intercom Net Co.,Ltd. Intercontinental Housewares INTERCON ENTERPRISE LIMITED INTERCONTEK Interonet Line Co., Ltd. IH Group IH Gift BU YOUNG INDUSTRY CO LTD Suntex Co. Sun Textile , Co., Ltd. Sun Textile Co.,Ltd. P Botal Software Korea Korea Software INC Co.,Ltd. Software AG Korea Co., Ltd. KOREA OA & SOFTWARE CO LTD G Ju Software Korea Co., Ltd. G In Software Co., Ltd. BMC SOFTWARE KOREA CO.,LTD Bakbone Software Korea Ltd. Korea Engineering Software Group Co., Ltd. Red Band Software Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Software Service Co., Ltd. Korea Group Won Software Co., Ltd. KODEO BANK SOFTWARE CO.,LTD. YOUNGLIMWON KSYSTEM Seoul Younglim Elementary School younglim Middle School Younglim NDS Co.,Ltd. Koba Corporation Kobekam Kobea Group Co., Ltd. KOBA CO.,LTD Koba Co.,Ltd. KOBA KOBEA Consulting Co., Ltd. KOBEA Data Co., Ltd. Kobea Sangsa Kobay Co., Ltd. Kopea Kobo Korea Wes Co.,Ltd. MAXWON ERINK CO.,LTD. New York Life Insurance of Korea Ltd. LINA Life Insurance Company of Korea Korea Life Insurance Association Korea Life Information Institute ING Life Insurance Korea Ltd. MIKA MK.GLOBAL MK Global Inc. M&K Global Co., Ltd. M.K Global Solution Co.,Ltd. Plus MK Global Co., Ltd. MK Global Motors Co., Ltd. Bridge MK Global Co., Ltd. HanpassGlobal Hanpass Co., Ltd. HANPAC CO., LTD. Hanpos Co., Ltd. Hanpan Co., Ltd. CLSA Co., Ltd. CLSK Co., Ltd. CLSK CO.,LTD. CLSC 2ND INC. CLSA Securities Korea Ltd. CLS The 3rd Co., Ltd. CLSD Co.,Ltd. CLSI Co., Ltd. CL Systems Cls System The CLS C & L Shoes DAE YANG SHIPPING CO., LTD. Ses Language Center BCM LANGUAGE CENTRES Cms Language Center C&C LANGUAGE CENTER,INC. Language Training Center Co., Ltd. Hansol Language Center Co., Ltd. Elite Language Center Co., Ltd. Eden Textile Co., Ltd. Eden Textile EDEN Net Eden Eye Eden Electronics Eeden Co. Edam Co., Ltd. MOUST CO.,LTD. KOREA TOURISM ASSOCIATION Korea Tourism News Tourism Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Tours Ltd. Tours Korea Korea Creative Tours Co., Ltd. ADLER KOREA TOURS CO.,LTD. E-Sky Korea Tours Co., Ltd. EGL Tours Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Tourism consulting Co.,Ltd. Bliss Co., Ltd. BLISS CO.,LTD. BLIS Co., Ltd. BLASHnet Co., Ltd. BLISSO CO.,LTD. Blissbe Blisent Blestry Ballast I&C Stem Medience Co, Ltd Boryung Medience Co.,Ltd Geosung Sea Food Mr. Sea Food Co.,Ltd. Coryo Emigration Corp. Visa Emigration .com Co., Ltd. Korea Emigration Corporation Che il emigration Co., Ltd. FIS EMIGRATION CONSULTING CO.,LTD. BC LINK CO.,LTD. BCL Incorporated BCL Corporation BCL Co., Ltd. BCL Motors Co., Ltd. BCL Holdings Co., Ltd. BCL Global Co., Ltd. B & C LINE CO.,LTD. B Club BCL TRADING CO.,LTD. BCL SOFT CO., LTD. BCL Partners Co., Ltd. Hwan Company Unlimited Goods Hwan corporation Co.,Ltd. Chong Hwa Co., Ltd. Samil Enterprise Co.Ltd Park Seong Hwan BIBIZN Inc. Ivory Co., Ltd. Park Chang Hwan Boxing Club Haeun International Trading Co Ltd CHONG GU HOUSING Co., Ltd. S&K CORPORATION S&K Corporation Co., Ltd. SK Company UK Corporation Co., Ltd. ENCell CO., LTD. Plating, Inc. GLOBAL LEADERS ASSET CO.,LTD. Woori Asset Co., Ltd. Global Asset In Co., Ltd. Traco Co., Ltd. Taehwa Co.,Ltd Taehwa Co.,Ltd. Youngin ST Co., Ltd. TAEHWA CO.,LTD. Taehwa Tae Hwa Co, Ltd X-News Co.,Ltd Tae Hwa Co. Tae Hwa Corporation TAE HWA The Disk Disk Doctor Co., Ltd. Disk Ra Co., Ltd. Disk Rik Disk Rik Co., Ltd. H Disk Co., Ltd. M&Disk Co., Ltd. The No Disk Co., Ltd. Disk Rowin Co., Ltd. Disk Ra E Co., Ltd. LE Disk Ho Disk Co., Ltd. Mo Disk Co., Ltd. DESIGN GALLERY CO., LTD. Design Gallery Lim Hyundai Design Gallery Design Gallery Susu Korea Design Gallery Design Gallery Co.,Ltd. KEC KEC CORPORATION KEC International Co., Ltd. KEC Institute Po Car Ra Creative Works Creative W Co., Ltd CREATIVE HON CO.,LTD. CREATIVE AND WISE CO.,LTD. CREAT CO.,LTD. JP Korea Creative Co.,Ltd. CREATIVE P&P CO.,LTD. SH CREATIVE WORKS CO.,LTD. Creation Pad Team Works Creative Co., Ltd. Solteu Creative Works Co., Ltd. Rock & Rock Creative Works Co.,Ltd. Wil Creative Pilo Creative P&P Creative Creative Rak Co., Ltd ON PR & CREATIVE CO.,LTD. On PAPER CREATIVE EK Creation Co., Ltd. HSBC Bank HSB Corporation Co., Ltd. HSBT Hsbiz Co., Ltd. HSBC Union Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd Settec Inc. SETTURL CO. SETTER MEDITIAN CORPORATION Hana Financial Investment Co., Ltd. Hana Financial Group Inc. Hana Financial Nanum Foundation Hana Financial ninth Special Purpose Acquisition Company Hana Financial Investment Gwangjangdong Co., Ltd. Hana Financial 11Ho Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. Hana Financial 13Ho Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. Hana Financial 16Ho Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. Hana Financial 15Ho Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. Hana Financial 14Ho Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. KOHAP NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE LTD Nonghyup Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Green Non-Life Insurance Co., Ltd Kyobo Life Insurance Co., Ltd. K Life Co., Ltd. Life Ins Co.,Ltd. Ins Life Co.,Ltd. MG Non-Life Insurance Co., Ltd. The-K Non-life Insurance Co., Ltd. KB Life Insurance Company Lotte Non Life Insurance Co., Ltd. KDB Life Insurance Co., Ltd. K Ins Ta K&J Non-life Insureance Brokerage Co., Ltd. Lotte Non-Life Insurance Co, Ltd Jeonguk Non-life Insureance Labor Union Stick Non-life Insureance Brokerage Co., Ltd. New York Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Kaeros Non-life Insureance Co., Ltd. K Ins Co., Ltd. The-K Life Co., Ltd. Neolux.Co.,Ltd. NEOLUS CO. HYUNDAI GLOVIS Co., Ltd. Bless More BLESS CO.,LTD. Bless Doctor Bless Co., Ltd. Snow Co. Snow M Snow M Co., Ltd. Snow Man Communications SHOW M CO.,LTD. Snowkidom Goshen Korea Co., Ltd. INTELIAN CO.,LTD. Intelik Co, Ltd Intellion Co., Ltd. Intellis Intelliment Co., Ltd. Intellian Systems Co., Ltd. Hyosung Intellian Co.,Ltd. Hyosung Neo Intellian building unyoung Committee Intellivix Inc. Intelli System Co., Ltd. Intelli Korea Ltd. Intelli Wide Co.,Ltd. Intelcam Co., Ltd. INTENPIA Co., Ltd. INTENI Intin Co.,Ltd. Bodywise Asia Ltd. Eco F&B Eco B&S LG Electronics Inc. APATPIA Woonjin ENC Co., Ltd. Dongkook Company Dongkook Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. DONGKOOK CHEMICAL CO., LTD. GE Capital Korea, Ltd. Korea Credit Capital Korea Leaders Capital Co., Ltd. Pen Capital korea ORIX Capital Korea Corporation RCI Capital Korea Co., Ltd. KOREA EQUIPMENT CO. Korea Equipment & Materials Co., Ltd. M.I. KOREA Mi Korea INC Co., Ltd. Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd. Korean Air Lines Co, Ltd Korean Air Lines Co, Ltd One Trading Co. H One Trading Co., Ltd. One Trade One & One Trading Co. One And Two Trading T one Trading Company A One Trading Co., Ltd. Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Petrochemical Company Petrochemical Hanwha Chem Hanwool Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Samsung Securities Co., Ltd. Samsung Securities Co., Ltd._Daechi Branch Samsung Security Tool Samsung SEC Co., Ltd. Smartro Co., Ltd. SMART LEADER CO.,LTD. SMART CO.,LTD. Smart INC Co.,Ltd. Smart Senior Co.,Ltd. Smart Corporation Smart SMART The Smartcare Co., Ltd. MERITZ REAL ESTATE ASSET MANAGEMENT CO TOPLINE Co., Ltd.. Topline CORSO CORSO CO.,LTD. Cross korea Co.,Ltd. CROS CO.,LTD. Corosin Co., Ltd. Cross Communications Co., Ltd. Cross Zone CROSS COMMUNICATIONS Cross Ocean Co.,Ltd. CROSS COMMUNICATION COMPANY CO.,LTD. Cross Post Co., Ltd. Cross Works Co., Ltd. CROSS-LINE CO., LTD. SS Tech Co.,Ltd. SStechnology Inc. SS Technology SS Technology Co., Ltd. Blue Meditech Co., Ltd. Pro Meditech Meditech Meditech Co., Ltd. Leaders Meditech BYON MEDITECH CO.,LTD. THE BLACKS CO.,LTD. Black BLACK PEAK CO.,LTD. Black Pork Black Pearl Industry Co., Ltd. blackup BLACKBEARD INC. Infos Co.,Ltd. Information INC Co., Ltd. Infotech CO.,LTD Infotech, Inc. Info Clipper Co., Ltd. Info Care Co., Ltd. FHL Solutions Korea Co.,Ltd Water Solutions Pure Solutions Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Solutions Co., Ltd. AFR Solutions Korea Co., Ltd. The Solutions Co., Ltd. Xnos Solutions Korea Inc. LG Chem, Ltd. Medical Center ASAN Medical Center MG Community Credit Cooperatives_Asan Medical Center Animal Medical Center W SN C Animal Medical Center DAE WON CORPORATION DAE SHIN CO.,LTD. DAE SHIN LTD Dae Shin Dae Won Co. SHINDAEWON Shin Won Corporation Shin Won Deck Co., Ltd. Nature Shop Co., Ltd. Natural Skin Shop Nature Miin Shop Natural Health Shop Natural Photo Shop S P.N Company SP Net Co., LTD. SP Nongsan Co., Ltd. Chongshin University Shindaewon Shindaewon Building Shindaewon Engineering Co., Ltd. Shindaewon General Construction Co., Ltd. Shindaewon Fishing Sintaewon SHINDEN CO., LTD. ShinDaeYang Co.,Ltd. KC & CO CO.,LTD. KC Cottrell Co., Ltd. FMC T Co. SUNG HA CO., LTD SUNGHA CO., LTD. Ha Sung Co Ltd SUNGHA Inc. AD Consulting Co., Ktd, Save For You Co., Ltd. Hono Anton Co., Ltd. SUNG HA TRADING CORPORATION CO., LTD. Se-in Co.,Ltd Se-In Company SE COMPANY CO.,LTD. Se-in Co.,Ltd SE&Company Co., Ltd. ATB L1 THIRD CO.,LTD. L First Co., Ltd. L Won ,L1 Leader One Lead One Co.,Ltd. Lable One LETS ONE CO.,LTD. Sungha Industrial EPM SOLUTIONS Mocom Solutions Co., Ltd. EF Solutions Co., Ltd. EM Solutions Co., Ltd. E To E Solutions Co., Ltd. Cool Solutions Co., Ltd. Ceramic Solutions Co., Ltd. CPM Solutions Co., Ltd. eTEC E&C Limited ETEC Computer Co., Ltd. EDGE COMMUNICATIONS Co., Ltd. EDGE COMMUNICATIONS INC. Global Contents Co., Ltd. Daon Global Contents Co., Ltd. Asia Global Contents Co., Ltd. Dong Book A Contents Co., Ltd. Sam Tech Co., Ltd. STX LIONHEART Co., Ltd. Sonic Seu Solar Island Co., Ltd. Line Plus Co., Ltd. Plus Loan Co., Ltd. Loan Plus Co., Ltd. THE LINE PLUS Co., Ltd MS Line Plus Co., Ltd. Hyundai Network Co., Ltd. Seoul Miramar Corporation Trillion Co.,Ltd. Trillion Trillion Star Co.,Ltd. Pharmapia Co., Ltd. Pharmbio Korea Co. The Pharms Co., Ltd. Ms. Pharmacy Flow Co.,Ltd. The Flow Co.,Ltd. The Flow Flow Co., Ltd. Flow Flow Co.,Ltd. Digital Flow DG Flow Flow Design Flow D&C Co., Ltd. Baek Doosan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. K Services KSV Company Co., Ltd. KS Van The Co., Ltd. KMQ Quick Service Team KSV KS View Co., Ltd. KSV-Global KOREA CSR CO.,LTD. CSR CO.,LTD. The CSR Co.,Ltd. CSR C&S PC Room CSR Systems Co., Ltd. CSR Bank Co., Ltd. CSR Impact Co., Ltd. The Vin CSR Co., Ltd. CSR&Comapany Team CSR CSR Interactive Co., Ltd. CSR HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. CSR Korea Co., Ltd. Bukwang MSG Co.,Ltd. Bukwang Corporation MEGAZONE Corporation Meca Zone Co., Ltd. Computer Megazine Co., Ltd. Memory A Zone Co., Ltd. Megazone Cloud Corporation Hyperconnect Inc. HyperC Co., Ltd. Four Ones Inc. Iksung Korea Co., Ltd. Buseong Co., Ltd. Buseong Joint Busong M&C Co., Ltd. BJMC Co., Ltd. Bokuang Mowon Coorporation Sinwon Travel Korea Travels Co., Ltd. KOREA TRAVEL COMPANY LTD. Leaders Korea Travel Co., Ltd. Korea Leaders Travel KOREA TRAVEL SERVICE INC. Korea Travel Service Co., Ltd. Leaders Software Software Co., Ltd. EA Software Adena Soft Co.,Ltd. Adena Corporation Adena Software DAEHAN SOFTWARE CO.,LTD. Daedong Software Co., Ltd. Achen Software Co., Ltd. Asung Software U FINTECH HUB INC. FINTECH. INC Blanc Blanc Co., Ltd. Balance System Co., Ltd. BITZKOREA, INC Sojitz Korea Corporation Tom N Toms Korean Air Seosomun Agency KOREAIN Co.,Ltd. KOREAN CO.,LTD. Mr. Korean Co., Ltd. The Korean Leader Co., Ltd. KoreaNS Co., Ltd. Limited Liability Company Korean Korea No Co., Ltd. Korean White Co., Ltd. Korean Jewelry Company IM Semiconductors Sion Semiconductor Ing Semiconductor Isong Semiconductor IP Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. IP Semiconductor Co. Intu Semiconductor Vision Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. Injenik Semiconductor International Co., Ltd. C.N Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Jin Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. Hanjoong SS Co., Ltd. Hanjung S&C Co., Ltd. Hanjung Development Co.,Ltd. Hanjung Lighting Co., Ltd. Hanjung Marketing Co., Ltd. Hanjung Chemical Co.,Ltd. Hanjung System Co., Ltd. HANJUNG GSG CO.,LTD. Yongsung Logistics Co., Ltd. YONG SUNG CORPORATION Yongsung Sanup Co.,Ltd. Yongsung Collection Co., Ltd. HYO SUNG ELEC YONG SAN SUNG YONG TRADING CO. SEO YONG CO.,LTD. Yongsung Security Yongsung ST Co.,Ltd. Yongsung Service Co., Ltd. Enset Co., Ltd. Enjel Co. Enjener Co., Ltd. Eukor Car Carriers Inc. Carrier Air Co., Ltd. Carrier Co., Ltd. KOREA ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. SV Korea SV En Korea Co., Ltd. Enterprise Korea KOREA RENTAL SERVICES CO LTD korea Rental Service CARGENCY CO.,LTD. Carzen Coregen Company Co.,Ltd. Carzen Rich Together Global Together Dong-A ST Co., Ltd. Dong-A Steel Co.,Ltd. Tv Logic Sales Europa Co., Ltd. Pro Video Vider Video Co., Ltd. Chameleon Chameleon Design Aram Co., Ltd. Chameleon Co., Ltd. Ad Max Ad Max Co., Ltd. AD Mate Co., Ltd. Ad Manager Co., Ltd. Ad MPR Co., Ltd. Ad Mountain Ad Meat AD M Ad More Ad More Co.,Ltd. Ad Master AD Mall Co., Ltd. Ad Make Co., Ltd. Ad&More Co., Ltd. Ad market Co., Ltd. Ad Moa Ad Market Ad Marketing Co., Ltd. Ad Mobile Co., Ltd. Ad Mi AD MANIA CO., LTD. Anam Discount Mart Ad Mate Tech Nox NONOX CO., LTD Shinsegae Inc. Shinsegae International Inc. Shinsegae Co., Ltd. Tiny Engine Inc. Tiny Tigers Co., Ltd. Tinyplex Co. , Ltd Tiny Cottons Korea Tiny Winy Tiny Store Tiny Brown Agora Asset Ltd. Cenaclesoft Inc. CENACLE CO.,LTD. Sujeong Investment Development IICOMBINED Co., Ltd. STRIX Inc. STRICK CO.,LTD. STRIK Co., Ltd. Stric The Say Co., Ltd. SAY CORPORATION CO.,LTD. Say Global Co., Ltd. Global Say Co., Ltd Say U Global Co., Ltd. Say Go Co., Ltd. The Say G Co., Ltd. Say Company Co., Ltd. Dental Solution Co. Heeyoung System heeyoung forestry Any Performance Co., Ltd. Bukwang Scientific Corp. Heeyoung Entertainment Heeyoung Sanup Co. Heeyoung Enterprise Co., Ltd.. HEEYOUNG TONGSANG Co., Ltd. Heeyoung Engineering Co., Ltd. ART Consulting Co., Ltd. Duson Art Consulting Co., Ltd. Hanyang Space & Arts Consulting HRD Art Consulting Pink Gallery & Art Consulting Art Consulting SAC Co., Ltd. E An Art Consulting Wilringaendilring Art Consulting LK Art Consultant Co., Ltd. Adamjeu Art Consulting Co., Ltd. Ne B A Art Consulting Co., Ltd. Art Consulting Seoul Samjunyea Art Architects & Consultant Inc. Daiichi-sankyo Korea Co., Ltd. Sankyo Flute Korea Co.,Ltd. Korea Sankyo Rubber Co., Ltd. MIRACLE CO. MIRACLE SECOND CO.,LTD. Compass Co., COMPASS MC KOREA CO.,LTD. Compassion Korea Compass Korea Co., Ltd. Compukorea Co., Ltd. Compass Company Co., Ltd. Korea Compassion Supply Center Orient Golf Corporation Orient Gold Holdings Korea ORIENT LIGHT CO.,LTD. Orient Motel Orient Management Orient-Loft Co Ltd The Family Federation For World Peace & Unification Women's Federation for World Peace International Besuccess Co., Ltd. Cra Co., Ltd. Credit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank Gimpo Food Gimpo Fruit & Vegetable STREAM Co.,Ltd Starcomi Co., Ltd. Stheraco SDRC Korea Ltd. STARKEY KOREA LTD. STAREZ CO.,LTD. Yukhwa Co., Ltd. National Institute of International Education Development National Institute for Lifelong Education International Institute The International Education News Co.,Ltd. Interactive DR Interactive Co., Ltd. Be Interactive Co., Ltd. EZ Interactive Co., Ltd. Pie Interactive Co., Ltd. EMPLE INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. Leaders Interactive Co., Ltd. Geo Interactive Co., Ltd. Neo Interactive Co.,Ltd. Neo Interactive Co., LTD. East Interactive Co., Ltd. Red Interactive Co.,Ltd. DAVE INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. WAVE INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. VEAM INTERACTIVE INC. VKR Interactive Co.,Ltd. Vision Interactive Co., LTD. Ace Interactive Co., Ltd. KVR Interactive Co., Ltd. E&D Interactive Co., Ltd. URI Co., Ltd. URI Corporation Bumchang Engineering CO.,LTD. Sorex Beauty SOREM Sorex Corporation CO.,LTD. Soreube Sorejeu Co., Ltd. Sorex International Sorevo Company Hanwha energy inframlp special assetmo investment company Co., Ltd. KEB Hana Bank Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Co.,Ltd. Mirae Asset Co., Ltd. Global Asset Group Co., Ltd. Absolute Asset Management Co., LTD. Absolute Mirae Asset Global Investments Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Investment Full Bond Balanced Samo Fund MIRAE ASSET DAEWOO Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Capital Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Private Equity Fund V Mirae Asset Armful Conversion Mix 3ho Fund Mirae Asset Hanareum Mirae Asset Immunity Plus Honhophyung Fund Mirae Asset Hanareum Fund Mirae Asset M&A Fund Mirae Asset Modereuno Stock 2-ho Fund Mirae Asset Hanareum Honhaphyung 3-ho Samo Mirae Asset Hanareum Honhaphyung 1-ho Samo Mirae Asset Sesamo M&A Fund 5-ho Mirae Asset Union Samo Honhaphyung Fund 7 UPAT Inc. Universal Performing Arts Association Upate Inc. IT Serve Co., Ltd. IT SERVE CO.,LTD. HM International Co., Ltd. Serve Corporation Serve In Co.,Ltd. Serve Co., Ltd. Serve DO Co., Ltd. Serve Home Serve M International Co., Ltd. INTERNATIONAL SERVE CO.,LTD. Serve H Co., Ltd. HM INTERNATIONAL CORP. Serve Ins Co.,Ltd. Free Home International Co., Ltd. SERVE M CO.,LTD. SHINHWA AUTOPARTS CO., LTD SUNWOO AUTOPARTS Hanwoo Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. Hanwoo Electronics Industry Clear International Co Color international Co., LTD. COLOR INT'L CO.,LTD. COLORS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. HANWOO CORP HANWOO CORPORATION HanWoo Co.,Ltd. HANWOO DAHAEINC Co., Ltd. GAZE, INC. Gaze GAZEBO COMPANY Inc. Gazette OA Korea Co., Ltd. NEW BALANCE INC. New balance Cheonho Branch BNP Co. Shinhan BNP Paribas Asset Management Co., Ltd BNP Paribas Securities Korea Co., Ltd. BNP Paribas Cardif General Insurance Co., Ltd. BNP Paribas Cardif Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Badak Co., Ltd. Byeokji Badak Printing Badak Echo Wallpaper Badak Hanmi Corporation Hanmi Science Hanmi Co.Ltd Dongdeok Logistics Co., Ltd. Bon Joy Co., Ltd. REC Co., Ltd. Continental Co.,Ltd. CONTINENTAL CO. Continental Hotel Mison HEM Korea Co., Ltd. Hem Co., Ltd. H E&M Co., Ltd. K Hem Co., Ltd. Hero E&M Co., Ltd. Hem Tech Co., Ltd HEM Entertainment Co., Ltd. He Mos Co., Ltd. Meritz Asset Management Co., Ltd. Meritz Korea Co., Ltd. MERITZ TOUR SERVICE CO.,LTD. Meritz Investment Bank Meritz Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. Meritz Securities Co., Ltd. E&C Meritz Co.,Ltd Meritz Capital CO., Ltd. Meritz Addcom Meritz Financial Group Inc. Meritz Investment Management Co., Ltd. Rodem Meritz Co., Ltd. Meritz Auto 1st LLC Gen G Gaeng GENERAL G & C TECHNOLOGIES CO.,LTD. G Gen Soft G Line General Interior Gen G ZBia Corporation Co., Ltd Leschaco Korea Ltd. ABL Co., LTD. Able Company Co.,Ltd. Able CO Co.,Ltd. Able Company Co., Ltd. Able SG Co., Ltd. The Able Corporation Co., Ltd. Able Company Woori INC Co., Ltd. INFINITY CO. Infinity Infinity Corporation Infinity F&C Co., Ltd. INFINITY Infinity Company Infinity ENC Co., Ltd. Infinity Co., Ltd. SH Infinity Co., Ltd. RingCentral Korea, Ltd. S.M TECH STD Co.,Ltd. Standard Co., Ltd. Standard A Co., Ltd. KCOS CO.,LTD. Dong suh Dynasty Co., Ltd Dong Suh Oils & Grains Co., Ltd. DONG SUH COMMERCIAL CORP. Dongsuh Companies Inc. Dongsuh Corporation Co., Ltd. Dongsuh Co. DONG SUH SERVICE Dong-Suh Chemical Ind Co, Ltd i-Scream Edu Co., Ltd. ISE CO.,LTD. IS&EASE Line International Dan Air Services Inc AR Service Co., Ltd. Daon Air Service Co., Ltd. Daemyung Air Service Co., Ltd. Altran Technologies Korea Ltd. Toss Lab Co., Ltd. TOSS Co., Ltd. Toss Loan Toss&lee Toss LS Co.,Ltd. Toss & Lee Co., Ltd. Citibank Korea Inc. Timber Line Co., Ltd Timber Ren Co., Ltd. Timber The 1st Co., Ltd. WD CORPORATION Woods & Company Wood-In Wood Althea Inc HPM GLOBAL INC. IJ INC Co., Ltd. IJ Company Co., Ltd. I&J Tech SIG CO., LTD. SIG corporation SIG Company Sig-Won SIG Tech Co., Ltd. SINOKOR TANKER Co., Ltd. Soon Tae Kyung Construction Co., Ltd. Hanbit Design Co. Sebong Co., Ltd. Korea Marine Surveyor & Sworn Measureres' Corporation KOREA MARINE & OIL POLLUTION SURVEYORS Co., Ltd. BINANCE KOREA Binaen Company Co., Ltd. Binaek Co., Ltd. Binapache Binance,LLC SLT Suyoo Co., Ltd. Veyond Strategy Co., Ltd. EON Strategy Inc. Overdigm Inc. Soonsoo Co., Ltd. Vison TV Vitamin TV Co., Ltd. Visionary keumkang Enterprises co., Ltd, Keumkang Keumkang G&C Co., Ltd. Keumkang Tex Co. Keumkang C.N.T Keumkang Construction Co., Ltd.. Opentech, Inc. Opentel Co., Ltd. Opentech Co., Ltd. OPENTECA Opentech Co., Ltd. OpenTest Co.,Ltd. UNKNOWN TOUR CO.,LTD. Unknown Hands Co., Ltd. UnknownData Corp. Unknown Label KOREA POST (Office of Postal Service) Korea Post (Yoido) KOREA POSTAL LOGISTICS AGENCY Post Korea Net Co., Ltd. Real Post korea Co., Ltd. PTK Co., Ltd. Post & Co (Korea) Ltd. Korea Post Human Research Institute Bel Post Korea Green Post Korea Heopingteon Post Korea Post Korea Co., Ltd. KOREA POSTAL SERVICE AGENCY Korea Post-After Education Association Guide Post Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Protection Shinhan BNP Pariba Investment Trust Management Co. Shinhan BNpipariba Asset Management Sanaegeunrobokjigigeum Shinhan Asset Management Loan Co., Ltd. Shinhan Guk Asset Management B2K MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. B2 Korea Co.,Ltd. Gaon C & I Geo MC&C Co.,Ltd. Geo E&C GEOIN C & I C Eo I Co., Ltd. Green C&I Co., Ltd. Gaon C&I Geo LD&C Co.,Ltd. Dona Dona Company Donadona Donadoson Co, Ltd Donadou Hyundai AND Hyundai Corporation Wirebarley Corp. Union Enterprise Co. Union Enterprise Co UNION ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD Union ENC Co.,Ltd. COMMERCE KOREA CO. The European Union Chamber Of Commerce In Korea Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry America Chamber Of Korea ST Commerce Korea IT Commerce Korea MOBILE COMMERS KOREA CO.,LTD. THE AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN KOREA The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Korea Corp. French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry KOREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY Korean-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry American Chamber of Commerce in Korea INDONESIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND I INDUSTRY KOREA BRANCH Korea Commerce Co., Ltd. Brit Co., Ltd. Posco International Corporation Posco Enterprise Co., Ltd. POSCO O&M Posco Aen P&S Co., Ltd. P&S Leader P&s Four Season Co.,Ltd. 4 Season Second Co., Ltd. SIMPAC Holdings Co., Ltd. Simpect Co., LTD. Simpac Tnc Co., Ltd. SIMPACK Vodafone Enterprise Korea Limited VOD korea Co., Ltd Korea Green Industrial Promotion Association KOREA GREEN INDUSTRY CO., LTD. GREEN INDUSTRIAL KOREA CO.,LTD. Green Industrial Co., Ltd. KOREA GREEN CO., LTD. Green Industry GREEN IND. CO.,LTD. Korea Green Industry Cooperative GREEN INDUSTRY CO. Korea Green Industrial Development Institute Green Ind. Korea Green Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Green Industry Co., Ltd. Green IND Co.,Ltd. Ping DAERYUK CO. Hae Poong Soo Poong Corporation SOO POONG HOUSEHOLD ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO. LTD Seo Daegu Holdings Co., Ltd. Sam Poong Company Dain P&P Co., Ltd. Daoll P & P Co, Ltd DAEHAN P & P CO.,LTD. Daewon P&P Co., Ltd. Daon P&P Co., Ltd. Daelim P&P Daelim & Co. Daelim Corporation Daelim Estate Co., Ltd. Daelim Leaders Co., Ltd. Aquarius Hahn Sung H&C Inc. Iaan 15th Co.,Ltd. Hi Clan 15th Co.,Ltd Hi-Finance 15th Co.,Ltd. Hi A-One 15th Co.,Ltd. Leto Games LETO GMS LETO TRADING CO.,LTD. Leto Partners, Inc. Letoplus Co., Ltd. One Mobile Co., Ltd. THE ONE MTS Co.,Ltd. The One Medical Co.,Ltd. First Marketing Company Co., Ltd. One Mart Co.,Ltd. LAW OFFICES OF KIM AND CHANG Kim Chang & Lee Kim Chang In Taxation Office Kim Chang Suk Fashion Kim Chang Ju Good Fashion Kim Chang Sik Tax Accounting Office Lawyer Kim Chang Hong Office Kim Chang Ho Science Math Institute Iniem Co.,Ltd. IMINE CO.,LTD. Imone Goodman Co., Ltd. Advance Enterprise Inc. Advance Tech Research Co., Ltd. Advanced Technology Inc. Advanced Technologies Corp. Advantes Co., Ltd. ADVANTES Advance Tel Co., Ltd. CURIP CO.,LTD. Curico Co., Ltd. CURIEON CO.,LTD. Curious K Co.,Ltd. Curi And C'SQUARE CO.,LTD. LC STD L.C.Corporation LC Company Co.,Ltd. L Square Life Square Co., Ltd. LC Sangsa C-SQUARE LEXELL SQUARE CO.,LTD. CN Global Trading Co., Ltd. SEUNGJUN Co., Ltd. FMMC SELab, Inc. Seungjun Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. Seungjun Construction Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. Seungjun Toy Club Seungjun Food Co., Ltd. Seungjun Apparel Shingal O The 1st Co., Ltd. Ne E Teu Patent Corporation SUNYOUNG PATENT AND LAW FIRM SUH International Co., Ltd. SungAm Suh International Patent and Law Firm Highway Logistics Co., Ltd. New Highway Logis Co., Ltd. HWY The 1st Highway The 1st ARTrans Co., Ltd. Investment Capital Co., Ltd. IBK Capital Corporation IBL Capital Co., Ltd. Nau IB Capital Co., Ltd. ICI Capital Co.,Ltd. I&I Capital Inter Capital Sungwoo Corporation Eunsung Co.,Ltd. EUNSUNG Corporation EUNSUNG TEXTILE S&Co Co., Ltd. The FS FS Corp. Co., Ltd. FS Company Co., Ltd. FS Corporation Shinhan Investment & Development Co.,Ltd. Shinhan Investment Finance Shinhan Investment Corp. Shinhan Investment Bank Shinhan Investment Corp._Sampoong Branch SHINHAN Inc Shinhan P&C Co., Ltd. Cisco Shipping Co., Ltd. Neo Sol Prime Company Co., Ltd. Fly Top Fly to Co., Ltd. TEACHERS The Fly Tour Co., Ltd. Fly Together Co., Ltd. New Era Co., Ltd. New Era Corporation Co., Ltd. New Era Project Co., Ltd. New Era Consulting Co., Ltd. New Era Cosmo Deon Of New Era Co., Ltd. New Era Cap Korea New Era Motor Sports New Era Sports New Era Broadcasting TV Co., Ltd. UU Sa U U Company The Plus Co., Ltd. Plus INC Plus AND PLUS CO.,LTD. Plus Inc, Ltd Ms Plus Plus Factory Factory Plus S Plus Factory Co., Ltd. Plus Face Hi-Metal Trading Co., Ltd. Metal Trading Korea Hi Metal Trading Korea Metal Trading Co., Ltd. Cap Corporation Co., Ltd. Cap Cms Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. Pro Cap CAP Ltd. CAP COMPANY, LTD. CVC Co., Ltd. Cheongdamsu Co., Ltd. MBL MK Marble Co, Ltd MBL Systems Ltd MBL GLOBAL Co., Ltd. MARBLE BIO.,LTD. Mijin Marble MARBLE KOREA CO.,LTD. MBL Sound Co., Ltd. CDP Marble Co.,Ltd. JUN MARBLE CO. Built In Marble Choyang Company Ltd. CHOYANG TRADING CORP CHO-YANG TRADING CO LTD CHO YANG TRADING CO LTD DS INTERNATIONAL Inc. POSCO INT'L OSAKA POSCO Research Institute Posco International Sanaegeunro Welfare Gigeum Blue Marine Co., Ltd. Blue Marine Blue Geol Co., Ltd. BLUE MARINE TECH CO.,LTD. Dentium Co., Ltd. Dentiedu Dentistry DENTAIM Co.., Ltd. DENT Co., Ltd. Dentia co.,Ltd. PIXNET CO. ROHM AND HAAS ELECTRONIC MATERIALS CMP KOREA LTD. MYUMGSUNG LIFIX CO.,LTD DAELIM PD Co., Ltd. Daelim Paper ask Smith Company Co., Ltd. Korea Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. Advanced Material Corporation LUCKY ADVANCE MATERIALS INC Golden Korea Co.,Ltd Golden Rul Korea GOLDEN RUSH KOREA INC. Golden Rich The 1st Co., Ltd. Golden Korea Company Golden Rich Co., Ltd. The Rich Korea Co., Ltd. Rich&korea Samsung Display VFD division SLD CO.,LTD Samwon Display Co., Ltd. S Display Co., Ltd. Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation of Sejong university Sejong University Sejong University Sejong University Technology G Ju Co., Ltd. Sejong University Educational-Industrial Complex Pizza School Sejong University Agency Sejong University Changuiryeokyeongiyesul Academy Cooperative Sejong University Gong Air Suksa Sejong University Consumer Cooperatives Chicken & Chips(Sejong Univ. Agency) BGF Retail Sejong University Saenghoegwanjeom C&Us Co., Ltd. Com2us Corporation Com2in COM2SYDNEY Com2tv Co., Ltd. Com2Biz SU COM 2 COM CO.,LTD. O & Young International Co., Ltd. GOLDEN & COMPANY LTD GOLDEN CORPORATION GOLDEN ESTATE CO.,LTD. GOLDEN STANDARD CO.,LTD. Golden Steel Co Ltd Goldmall Golden Distribution Goldnis Co., Ltd. GOLDMASTER INC Golden Media Co.,Ltd. GOLDEN DISPLAY CO.,LTD. Goldway Logistics Service Co., Ltd. Golden Street Co., Ltd. Golden In Site The 1st Co., Ltd. Golden Bell Institute Dasom State Golden T Goldin Co., Ltd. Golden Company Co., Ltd. AIR PALACE CO.,LTD. MCSUN INC. MCS Co. M-casting Co.,Ltd MCS CONSULTING Taerim Corp. Taerim Corporation Prince Co. PRINCE CO.,LTD. PRINCE TRADING CO PRINCE TRADING CO. Prince Trading SNOWFOX KOREA Co.,Ltd S A SA The 1st SA Shi System Co., Ltd. Museo Co.,Ltd. MUSE CO.,LTD. Muses The Museum Musei Museu Museuteu MUSEPLEX Co., Ltd. The Museul Muse Corporation Co., Ltd Museum Musiro Museok Co., Ltd. Musetory Inc. Museureokeu Museum MASER CO.,LTD. Museon Major Communications Co., Ltd. Macro Communications Major Communication Musepia Co., Ltd. Museong Company Co., Ltd. PACIFICA Limited Liability Company Pacific Corporation Pacific Coporation Co., Ltd. Ms Pacific Co., Ltd. Pacific Coporation Moseuteu Mose Mose INC Co., Ltd. MOSEUP CO.,LTD. Moseun Co., Ltd. Mosel Mose Moseo Co., Ltd. Misero Co., Ltd. Museung Co., Ltd. Museujin Peace Corporation Peace Co., Ltd. Aero PHE Co., Ltd Aero Co., Ltd Peace Peace Sa BROTHERS CORP BROTHERS CORPORATION BROS CO., LTD. Brother Corporation BROTHER CO. Brothers Company Bro Company Co., Ltd. Brother Company The Bro Salad Saieod Brothers Co., Ltd. Ssai Bro SND Brothers Co., Ltd. Silver Brothers Solomon Brothers SP brothers Co., Ltd. Brothers Co., Ltd. BROTHERS BRS YOON&YOON CO.,LTD. SOO YOUNG COMPANY YOUNG SOO U&C International Co., Ltd. YOON YOUNG TRADING CO., LTD Jang, Young Yoon Seo Yoon Corporation Montis World Wide LLC SOO YOUNG TRADE Ocean K&S Co., Ltd. Y System Co.,Ltd. Y System Co., Ltd. YSY Global Co., Ltd. System For You B&Y System Co., Ltd. Sys For You Co., Ltd. Be TF&B Co., Ltd. Jki Corporation Co., Ltd. J.K.I. Co.,Ltd. JKI And Company Co., Ltd. J&KI Co., Ltd. JKIn Co., Ltd. JKI Tel Co., Ltd. GAIUS CO.,LTD. Gaius Co., Ltd. GAIUS INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD Gaius Partners Co., Ltd. Gaius Industrial Systems Co., Ltd. GAIUS TECHNOLOY CO., Ltd. Gaius Julius Caesar Co.,Ltd. MAIUS GAMES CO., LTD Comet International Patent Office Universal Freezing Universal Fashion Cell Corporation THE CELL CO.,LTD. The Cell Doctor Cell Co., Ltd. Cell Life Co.,Ltd. Coin Cell Nara Cell-Tech Corp. New Cell Co., Ltd. NKT-CELL Co., Ltd Cell Cell Networks Co., Ltd. NEW CELL Q Cell Co.,Ltd. BRAIN CELL CO.,LTD. BRAIN CELL Cell Planning Brand Cell Co., Ltd. I'm Cell My Cell GI Cell, Inc. Cell For You Co., Ltd. Globiz Corporation GLOBIZ CO.,LTD. Globiz Globiz Co., Ltd. DM 2ND CO.,LTD. DM Company Hwacheon Machinery Co., Ltd. Hwacheon Machinery Kuro Co., Ltd.. HWACHEON MACHINERY TOOL CO.,LTD HWACHEON MACHINERY YONGSAN SALES CO.,LTD. Hwacheon Machine Tool Sales SM Commerce Co., Ltd. HDGSK JV Lg S LGS CORPORATION Co.,Ltd. LG SYSTEM LGS Global Canon Semiconductor Engineering Korea Inc. Main Semiconductor NXP Semiconductors Korea Ltd. Shekoy Korea Semiconductor New Material Co., Ltd. Micron Semiconductor Korea Co., Ltd. MARVELL SEMICONDUCTOR KOREA, LTD Yusung Semiconductor Co., Ltd CJ Semiconductor Co ALPHA & OMEGA SEMICONDUCTOR (HONGKONG) LIMITED WON SUNG SEMICONDUCTOR CORP. LG Corp. LG Co.,Ltd. Log LG Company Co., Ltd. FGO CO.,LTD. HESED CO.,LTD. Hesed HESSEDGLOBAL Hessed GNF Co., Ltd. Hydis Technology Co., Ltd. HTTC Korea Collection Korea Collection Co., Ltd. Deokin Trading Co., Ltd. DK Line Co., Ltd. ATHENAS Co., Ltd. ATHENA Athena Chemical Korea Ltd. Athena Co., Ltd Athenae Co.,Ltd. ATHENA EX Co.,Ltd. Athena Textile ADma Comunications Co., Ltd. AthenaSoft Co., Ltd. Athena's Lab AthenaTeam CO., LTD. Law firm Athena ATHENA COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING CO.,LTD. NSDENT ATHENA ATHENS STORE Edison Ad Co., Ltd. Edison Biotech Co., Ltd. Edison ENC Co., Ltd. Edison Motors Co., Ltd. I Edison Co., Ltd. A To Z Korea Electech LEOSYS Co., Ltd.. LESIS Company Queens Recipe Co., Ltd. Global Queen Co., Ltd. HUILE & CO. HULIF CO.,LTD Huilin Co., Ltd. Ruby Gold Co., Ltd Doctor Wave Co., Ltd Wave Company Wave Corporation wave&corporation Co.,Ltd. Wave&Company Co., Ltd. THE WAVE COMPANY Kaelri Co., Ltd. Uniens Co., Ltd. UNIWIS UNIECO inc Unies Co., Ltd. Uniel Co., Ltd. Uniex Uni E&S Co., Ltd. Uniess Co., Ltd. Unes Co., Ltd. UNIAS CO.,LTD. CSI COMPANY LTD. CSI Co, Ltd CSI Co., Ltd. ICON INTERNATIONAL INC. DCK Co., Ltd. DLS LEGAL CORP. DCK Co., Ltd. DCK Co.,Ltd DANCHEON LEGAL CORP. DONG CHUL CORP Dock House HAN DOCK CO., LTD PROJECT DOCK Corp. LGL DAEA LEGAL CORP. DAEJI LEGAL CORP. DAEHAN LEGAL CORP. DUNSAN LEGAL CORP. DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Co., Ltd. Legal Association of Union Ference of Seventh Day Adventists BAGEL DOCK CO.,LTD. GANGSEO LEGAL CORP. IRUM LEGAL CORP. SURO LEGAL CORP. MIN LEGAL CORP. Gwangil Car Dock ROPES & GRAY FOREIGN LEGAL CONSULTANT OFFICE Mars MARS Co., Ltd. Mars Corporation MARS Company Co., Ltd. CJ Corporation C & J CO.,LTD. C&J Inc. C&J Company C&J Corporation Co., Ltd. Moment Co., Ltd. MOMENTA CO.,LTD. Momentomori Momenteom Momentous Local Momento Co., Ltd. Momentto Moments Momenti Co., Ltd. Moments Company Inc. Memento ET & Corporation Co.,Ltd. ET Company Co.,Ltd. USGA & A CO.,LTD. NATIXIS INVESTMENT MANAGERS KOREA LIMITED Amgen Korea Limited Enertopia Korea Co. Posco Express ES Motors Co.,Ltd. Brand Networks Seoha Brand Networks Inc. Brand New Brand New Company Co., Ltd. BRAND MS CO.,LTD. Brand & Company Co., Ltd. Brand Network Brand Net Co., Ltd. Brand Networks Holdings Co., Ltd. Brand New Co., Ltd. NEXT BRAND Co., Ltd. Brand O Peu Net Co., Ltd. Jabang Mode No.15 Hyopsung Shipping Corporation DONG IL CO DONG IL Co., Ltd.. Samil Semiconductor SR Semiconductor Co., Ltd. SK Semiconductor Co., Ltd. SH Semiconductor Semok Semiconductor Co., Ltd. SESOL SEMICONDUCTOR CO.,LTD. Seongu Semiconductor Sein Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Sein Semiconductor Seoyeon Semiconductor Sung Ho Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Seungju Semiconductor Asian Square Pro Maritime Compas Maritime Co.,Ltd. P&S Maritime Co., Ltd. Bk Maritime Co., Ltd. SB Maritime Co.,Ltd. Sam-Bo Maritime Co., Ltd. ATOZ AtoZ Co.,Ltd. Fatoz Korea BTOZ Korea Co., Ltd. ATOZ & CO INC. Samsung C&T Corporation Samsung C&C Co., Ltd. Samsung C&c Top Pick Expo Corp. BLUEBELT Bluebell BLUEBELL KOREA CO.,LTD. Bulebell Korea Ltd. Everlite Korea Everlite Korea Co., Ltd. KIDB Co., Ltd. Carat The Cort Trading Creation Medical Trading Carta Inc. Creative Nabi Trading Co., Ltd. CART CO.,LTD. BK Metal Co., Ltd. BK Metal Interior Bk Marketing Limited B&K Medical Co., Ltd. Casco PTY Co., Ltd. INTERNAITONAL MARINE INC HK International Corporation HK International. Ltd.. HK INTERNATIONAL H.K INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION INTER-MARINE CORPORATION HK International Co., Ltd. Casco Fire Sea Loss Consideration Co.,Ltd. Hwain Casco Casco Co, Ltd Bucheon Factory Dolce & Gabbana Korea Ltd. Duwon Investment Co., Ltd. Duwon Industry Duwon Industrial Company Duwon Holdings Co., Ltd. Duwon Holdings Milk Car U Co., Ltd. Do Duwon Holdings Co., Ltd. Duwon Asset Co., Ltd. Duwon Es Set Co., Ltd. DONGWOO WORLD LOGITECH CO.,LTD. Cr Logitech Co., Ltd. LOGI TECH CO.,LTD. KY Logitech SNA Co, Ltd Logitech Korea Ltd. KOOKYANG LOGITECH CO LTD YSL LOGITECH CO.,LTD Leaders Logic Co., Ltd. Logic LOGIN co.,LTD MS Logis Logit Corporation Login Lifescience Publishing Co. Dong-A Corp. Dawoo Company Co., Ltd. Dawoo Electronics Game Machine Co., Ltd. Dawoo Edwin Co., Ltd. Dawoo Leather Co. Dawoo Electric JIN HUNG Jinhung Industries Co., Ltd. JIN HEUNG IND. CO. JIN YUNG IND CO LTD JIN SUNG INDUSTRY CO. CENTRAL CO.,LTD. CENTRAL LEADERS CO.,LTD. Yonsei Co.,Ltd. Central Co., Ltd. YONSEI CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH Yonsei Middle Church Blue An Consulting Blueone SB Losistics Blueone Logis Co., Ltd Blue DC Co.,Ltd. Blue Company Co.,Ltd. The Blues CHUNG WON HI-TECH CORP Chung Won Co., Ltd. Chungwon Chungwon INC Co., Ltd. CHUNG WON FC CO.,LTD. Daum precision corporation I.P Group Co., Ltd. Pyeongan Tower Co., Ltd. H Partners Korea Co., Ltd. BIT Korea Korea Partners Corp. AB & PARTNERS KOREA CO.,LTD. MI Partners Korea Finance Partners Korea Co.,Ltd. HT & PARTNERS KOREA CO.,LTD. Korea Partners Co., Ltd. Korea&Partners Biz Partners Korea Co., Ltd. Korea In Partners Co., Ltd. Bit Partners Korea co.,Ltd. BCAP Partners Korea M.I Partners Korea Co., Ltd. TO BE PARTNERS KOREA CO.,LTD. B.B.K Capital Partners Korea Co., Ltd. Artsin Artisan Co., Ltd. The Artisan Artisan Artssans Co., Ltd. CSI&D Co., Ltd. CSI Pro Co., Ltd. CSI&D Co., Ltd. HANSAE CO., LTD. NEPES ENC CO., LTD Nepos Co., Ltd.. NEPS Co., Ltd. Nepere Nepek Nepesyoo Korea Co., Ltd. Kiwon Co., Ltd. Kiwoomi Co., Ltd. Kiwoo Co., Ltd. Kiwoomedu Co.,Ltd. Kiwoo Co.,Ltd. The Kiwon Co., Ltd. kowoodo Co., LTD. SEA WORLD CO.,LTD. AJU Cook Co., Ltd. Dany KMG Trading Ltd. K.M.G CO. K & MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Jeil Pharmacy Co. ABL Global Asset Management Co.,Ltd. ABLE GLOBAL LOGISTICS Co., Ltd. D.I.G Co., Ltd D.I.G CO. DIG Co., Ltd. DaYs one Co., Ltd. D 1945 Duk One Inc Denti One Desk 1 Co., Ltd. Today & Tomorrow Co., Ltd. Tomorrow Do Co., Ltd. Tomorrow Company Kakao M Corp. Kakao M Kakao Bom Co., Ltd. Kakao Pam Co., Ltd. EDAM ST Co., Ltd EDAM TREE E Dam Corporation Co., Ltd. Edan Co.,Ltd. EDAM F & B CO.,LTD. Limited Liability Company E Dam DUKSOO CORPORATION Duksoo INT DUKSOO INFORMATION INDUSTRY HIGH SCHOOL MK Coporation Mk Lim Co., Ltd. M.K CO., LTD MK Marine Co., Ltd. Music And Audio Co.,Ltd. Mepro Co., Ltd. Mipro Dentistry Group Mipro Dental Laboratories Audio My Car Audio Audio Mate KOLON AUTOPLATFORM CORP. GR Global Co., Ltd. Bookang GTC Co., Ltd. Bookang Instruments Co. KWANGHWA CO. DECO&CO Jeil Deco Co.,Ltd. DECO&COMPANY CO.,LTD Seil Deco Deil Deco Jo & Deco Co.,Ltd. Jico Deco Uil Deco HAEMI TEXTILE CO.,LTD. HAE MI TEXTILE Haemi Trading Haemi K.J.Lee Patent & Trademark Office Dail Semicon Co., Ltd. CANA CORPORATION CANAS CO., LTD. Canawin Co.,Ltd. CANARIA Cana Co.,Ltd. Canal Service Co. GP Club Co., Ltd. MODERN TALES G P Company GP CORPORATION G.P COM Co., Ltd. G.P CNT Co., Ltd. G.P The 3rd Co., Ltd. G.P The 1st Co., Ltd. G.P The 4th Co., Ltd. G.P The 2nd Co., Ltd. JAY CHEM CO LTD Jay Corporation Jay Corp. Jay Co Ltd Jay H Corporation JAY Co., Ltd. JAY Edu Co., Ltd. J Corporation Co., Ltd. THE J CO.,LTD. J Corp. Co.,Ltd. J company J With J-corporation J Adm J&CO CO.,LTD. Doctor J J & Company Purple Purple Oceancom Co.,Ltd. Purple Ocean Ninth L.L.C Purple Ocean Sixth L.L.C Purple Ocean First L.L.C Purple Ocean Eighth L.L.C Purple Ocean Fifth L.L.C Purple Ocean Fourth L.L.C Purple Ocean Third L.L.C Purple Ocean Second L.L.C Purple Ocean Studio (Purpleoceanstudio) Purple Ocean Seventh L.L.C PURPLE OCEAN CO.,LTD. GP&P Co., Ltd. KPIH ANMYEONDO CORPORATION KPIH&B Triex Co., Ltd. MNI TRIER CO.,LTD. Richard Of Tss Korea TSS KOREA Ltd. TSS Ko Co., Ltd. N.H.N Co., LTD. NHN Investment Corp. NHN Ticketlink Corporation KCPM CO.,LTD. Nhn Korea Cyber Payment Co., Ltd. Korea Cyber Payment Inc. KCP CO.,LTD. Bestro Logics Co.,Ltd. T.One Co.,Ltd. T & One T-ONE CO., LTD. SK Telecom CS T1 Co., Ltd. WBS Mobil Korea Lube Oil Inc. Sangji & Company Co., Ltd. Sangji Company Sangji Building SANGJI Co.,Ltd. Sangji Corporation Sangji Gym Sangji Gongsa Sangji Publishing Buttikeu Monaco Beauty Monaco Co., Ltd. NT-Tech Co., Ltd. NTT Co.,Ltd. NTT Tour Co.,Ltd. NTT Korea Co., Ltd. NT Trading Nano T&T Co., Ltd. NTT Com Co., Ltd. NT&T Co., Ltd. NTT Works Co.,Ltd. NT Trading, Co., Ltd. Bostic BISTC Co., Ltd. BSIT BSTC Co, Ltd. DEL&C JEIL CORP JEIL CO.,LTD. Nanda Trading Co., Ltd. Nanda Edu Co., Ltd. Nanda Com Co., Ltd. Nanda Art Nanda Textile Nanda Coffee Nanda Telecom Nanda Company Co., Ltd. Nanda Shop Co., Ltd. Insurance Nanda Co., Ltd. Nanda Food Co., Ltd. Nanda Dragon Real Estate Nanda Co., Ltd. Bio Plus Limited Co., Ltd. BioPlat Inc. Bio Plus Commerce Co., Ltd. Daemyeong Bio Plus Co., Ltd. Plus Bio Bio Beauty Plus DOCTOR BALANCE CO.,LTD. BALANCE CO.,LTD. Balance In Co., Ltd. Dr.Balance The Balance Dr. Balance Balance Corporation The Balance Co., Ltd. Balance Co., Ltd. HEALTH BALANCE H Balance Interparking Co., Ltd. Interpark Corporation Interpark Tower Co., Ltd. Interpark Mobile Co., Ltd. Interpark HM Co., Ltd. Wide Interpark Co., Ltd. Interparkmobi Net Co., Ltd. Interpark Information Telecom Co., Ltd. Interpark Tour Co., Ltd. Interpark Auction Co.,Ltd. INTERPARK BIZ MARKET CO.,LTD. Interpark Theater Co., Ltd. Yeongsin Interpark Co., Ltd. Interpark HM Co., Ltd. INTERPARK INTERNATIONAL CORP. Major Company Co.,Ltd. Cargo Max Cargo Care Co.,Ltd. Cargo Car Cargo Technology Co., Ltd. Cargo Land Co.,Ltd. Cargo Mate Cargo Plaza Unique Company Unique Company Co.,Ltd. Unique Inc. Unique Company Co., Ltd. Samyang Co.,Ltd. Samyang MS Samyang Packaging Corporation Juhan Co., Ltd Juhana Art JUHA CORPORATION CO. Juhan Company Co., Ltd. Juha Co., Ltd. Juhan Ju Hana Corporation Co., Ltd. Multi Asset Co.,Ltd. BS Corporation BS T&C, LTD. Dr. Q Organic Q & Q Oriental Medical Clinic Q Robo Aro Costec Limited Liability Company Aro Aero Com Po Tech Co., Ltd. Aero TE Co., Ltd. Aro Cosmetic Co., Ltd. Aro Company Co., Ltd. AEROS CO., LTD. COPR CO.,LTD. CORPORATION KR CO.,LTD. Corporation KG ICT Corporation K Co., Ltd. Hyundai Global Co., Ltd. Global Motors Co., Ltd HYUNDAI GLOBAL CORPORATION Global Motors Co., Ltd. H Solution Co., Ltd. THE H solution Co., LTD M&H Solution Co., Ltd. E&H Solution Co., Ltd. J Tu H Solution Co., Ltd. B&H Solution Co., Ltd. WOOJIN IND Woojin Industry Lunit Inc. Lunix Co.,LTD. The Lunitun Luminet Co., Ltd. Limenets Co, Ltd Lamente Lomanits Laminated paper Wall paper Discount Mart Luminotron Co., Ltd. LemontimeIT INC Lemont CO. ,LTD Linenet Co.,Ltd. Lemneont Region Children Center Leanandcompany LomoInteractive Inc. Lemontree Communication Co.Ltd Linenet Information Communication Co., Ltd. LEENAMDO TAX ACCOUNTING OFFICE CO. Lamant studio Linemedicalkorea LIMEMEDIA TECHNOLOGIS Co.,Ltd. LUMANTEK Co.,Ltd Lemontree Commnunication LEMONTREE CONSULTING CO.,LTD. Websi Inc. WeBas Co. Wibis Co., Ltd. Webiz Webiz Co., Ltd. Webus Co., Ltd. WEBOSS CO.,LTD. Korea Dawonhoganbo Co., Ltd. Samyang Genex Corporation Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corporation KORYO Koryo Co. Asiana Airlines(Seoul International Departure) ASIANA AIRLINES, INC. Asiana Airlines Inc Incheon International Airport MALAYSIA EMBASSY Embassy of Malaysia THE EMBASSY OF ISRAEL Asm ASM Corporation Co., Ltd. ASM Corporation A S M Co., Ltd. F I N Finance Pro Finance Co., Ltd. Doctor Finance Co., Ltd. Finance In Co., Ltd. MS Finance Co., Ltd. MR Financial Co., Ltd. F&I Networks Co., Ltd. FI News Beautyan Beautyme Happy Dream HAPPY CORPORATION Happy All Co.,Ltd. Happy & Co The Happy Co., Ltd. LCPARK International Co., Ltd. CS & PARK INT'L CO.,LTD Park International Holdings Co., Ltd. PK International Co., Ltd. Park international Park International Co., Ltd. MS Park International Co., Ltd. PK INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD Park International Corp. LC Park Co., Ltd. Law Offices of Park International JO&PARK INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Park INT L LC & Company LC PLANNING CO.,LTD. Net Bay Co., Ltd. XIOIX B&I Co., Ltd. XOXO Inc. XOXO FUNDING Co.,Ltd. XCOX Co.,Ltd XIOIX T&C Co., Ltd. XOXO Cafe Hallyu Wood Co.,Ltd. Hallyu Trading Co.,Ltd. ITLK Co., Ltd. Italko Co.,Ltd. Pro Italy Co., Ltd. Italy The Italian Ital ITALY CORPORATION LTD. Italy Corp.Ltd. Rowon Rowon Bio Co., Ltd. Beat Rowon Co., Ltd. ROWONMALL Rowon Tech Rowon Electric Construction Co., Ltd. Tobia Tobiya Korea Illies Engineering Co., Ltd. tobislab Tobak SHILLA TRADING Taeri Cosmetics YM Tech Pays Too Co., Ltd. Yedangin Tech Co., Ltd. Jungwoo Shinho Tech Tuntun English Sangil Agency Seoul Prime Dental Clinic Twin Flower Baekilse Oriental Medical Clinic Tture Jureu Kume Chain Trading Co. Vitamin Telecom Co., Ltd. OK Ladder Truck Eksim Trans Co., Ltd. Hyundai Sangsa IRE TEXTILE Asia STC Co., Ltd. Kim's Tuning Art Seungrisa Geosan Tower Co., Ltd. sangil girls High School sangil girl's Middle School Poroi Sangil Branch Pie Corporation Co., Ltd. Pie The Pie Co., LTd. The Pie Company Co., Ltd. PI&E Pie R Co., Ltd. PIE LINE CO.,LTD. Pie E.D TUPLE Tu PM Loan Co., Ltd. Tuplus H & P Korea Inc. CAMA COMPANY CO.,LTD. Cama CAMA Co. Sewoo Incorporation Sewoo Incorporation Sewoo Inc. SE WOO ELECTRONIC. Sewoo ENC Co., Ltd. Poongsan Development Co, Ltd Sunbio Co., Ltd. Sunbiok JD Component Co., Ltd. City Airport, Logis & Travel, Korea Co., Ltd. Caltech I&D CALTECH VISIONCO.,LTD. Coltech I CULTECH CO.,LTD Caltec International Co.,Ltd. TF Tech Co., Ltd. T.F. Tech Co., Ltd. Tf ITF Inc. INNOMED CO. INNOV Co., Ltd. INNOEVO Co.,Ltd. Doosung P&C Co.,Ltd. Doosung Global Co., Ltd. Mission 21 Inc. HANYANG INTERNATIONAL CO. HAE YANG INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Han Yang Co. Han Yang Corporation Hanyang International Co HAN YOUNG INTERNATIONAL CORP Han Yang International Co., Ltd. HAN YANG Co., Ltd. HAN YANG IND ENTERPRISE CO. LTD. Hakwon Daesung jenex Hakwon Songpa Daesung Academy Daesung Accounting Academy Kwanak Daesung En Academy H Solutions Co.,Ltd. Hidea Solutions Co., Ltd. Human Solutions Co., Ltd Health Care Solutions Health Care Solutions Co., Ltd. MH Solutions CO.,LTD. JH Solutions Aster Health & Beauty Solutions LP Solutions Co., Ltd. Olympus Korea Co., Ltd. OTSC Co., Ltd. NY corp. NY Co Co., Ltd. NEW YORK CORPORATION New York NYS Co., Ltd. NY Company NY The 1st Co., Ltd. NY Company NY NY DP Co., Ltd. New York Co., Ltd. Corelink Co Ltd Coreline Soft Co., Ltd John ppary Co.,Ltd. John Planning Toy Story Co., Ltd. K-Science CK Agro Co., Ltd. Korea Agriculture and Forestry Weather Association KEY AGRO KOREA INC Saetbyul Agriculture Co., Ltd. Seoul National University of Science&Technology Agriculture Development EL AGRICULTURE CO.,LTD. KAFCO HN AGRO CO.,LTD. Korean Society of Food and Agriculture Information Science KSC&I Co., Ltd. Samjin Agriculture Co., Ltd. Saerom Agriculture Co., Ltd. SHIN YOUNG AGRO CO.,LTD. SUNG MI AGRICULTURE CO., LTD. Gamgok Agriculture Co., Ltd. BM Agriculture Co.,Ltd. Suzlon Energy Korea Co., Ltd. MYDOL Co., Ltd. TRIVIA CO., LTD TREVIA CO.,LTD Tripvi inc. Trevia Co.,Ltd. Triview Co., Ltd. Trips Co., Ltd. National Geographic Foundation Science and Exploration-Asia Nogo Geographic Ma Geographic Top Point International Co., Ltd. Korea Information & Communications Co., Ltd. Korea Information & Communications Korea Information and Communications Society Korea Information & Communication Service Co., Ltd Korea Information & Communication Contractors Association Pantos Logistics Co.,Ltd. Pantz Co.,Ltd. Seoyeon Co.,Ltd. SRA CO.,LTD. INNOIO Co., Ltd. Innowave Inc INNOTIVE CORP. INNOATIVE CO.,LTD. innox inc.,ltd. Inno INC Co.,Ltd. Innodev Co., Ltd. InnoCode, Inc. INNODEP INNORED Ltd. INNONET CO.,Ltd Innocom Co., Ltd. InnoMetsa INNOGENE CO.,LTD NORTH KOREA STRATEGY CENTER Korea Strategy Management Research Institute Korea Institute for Maritime Strategy Korea Institute for Development Strategy Korea Asset Strategy Co., Ltd. Korea Research Institute for Strategy KOREA JOB STRATEGY INSTITUTE CO.,LTD. Korea Association for Green Strategy&Management Korea Sasa Strategy Research Institute Co., Ltd. Korea Mirae Strategy Institute Korea Gukga Strategy Research Institute Korea IP Management Strategy Won Co., Ltd. Korea Enterprise Strategy Development Won Co., Ltd. Me E Seun Strategy Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Economy Strategy Research Institute Sejedim Strategy Data Korea Korea Advertising Strategy Research Institute Co., Ltd. CHEONGWON CO,,LTD. Cheongwon Asset Co., Ltd. Sung Woo Corp Siliconix Co., Ltd. Silicon Window Silicon Inside Co.,Ltd. WOOT Corp. Jin Trader Co., Ltd. Hyundai GBM Co., Ltd. Isan It Co., Ltd. Ijjn Trading Co., Ltd. Ison Trading Co., Ltd. Ikim Trading Igun Trading Co., Ltd. Ecor ECORIOR The Roi KRI Co., Ltd. KRI CHUNG & COMPANY CORP Chung Sa Co. Chung CHUNG LIM Chung Ang Corporation CHUNG ANG CO., LTD Lab 311 Co., Ltd. Three K Incorporated Three Kaen Co., Ltd. 3KH Inc. Three K Company Co., Ltd. Three Ko Co., Ltd. Three Koseute 3K'S COMPANY Co., Ltd. Construction Guarantee Cooperative Guarantee Ltd. GUARANTEE CO., LTD. Taemyung Corporation Taemyung International Co., Ltd. TAEMYUNG INC. DIO Corporation Ltd. Dio Inc D.I.O CO., LTD. DIO Corporation Wiz Tech Information Telecom Co., Ltd. Wiz Tech Co., Ltd Wiz Technology Investment Co., Ltd. Ba E Wiz Technology Co., Ltd. Jupiter Aerospace Co., Ltd. AONE COMPANY CO.,LTD. Aone IT Co., Ltd. AONE E & C CO.,LTD. LOTTE Corporation Log In Supermarket GREEN SUPERMARKET HHI The 1st HHI Hyochang Hyundai Industry Hyundai Heavy Industry Mokpo Branch Hankook Inc Hankook ESI Co., Ltd. Hankook Research Co., Ltd. Hankook Research Consulting Co., Ltd. HANKOOK Corporation Inc. HANKOOK NETWORKS CO., LTD. Hankook Recrute Co., Ltd. Korea Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Soma Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ARI BIOTECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD MIR BIOTECHNOLOGY NES Biotechnology Co., Ltd. NEOCEN CO. NEOGENESIS Co, Ltd Neognp Co., Ltd. Neogenepharm Inc. MP INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. J2 INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. H2INTERACTIVE co.,Ltd C2M Interactive Co., Ltd. 9M Interactive Co.,Ltd 101 Interactive Co., Ltd. 103Interactive First Interactive Co., Ltd. 5Gham Interactive Co., Ltd. Nine Factory Interactive Co., Ltd. Nine M Co., Ltd. om Interactive Co., Ltd SEOUL WONYE NONGHYUP REK Co., Ltd. Hannet Co., Ltd. Hann Co., Ltd. Han Net Co., Ltd. Han Network Hannet Bank Co., Ltd. Hannel Hannet Tour Co.,Ltd. HANSUNG CORP Yura Corporation Yura Yura Yura Media Company Co., Ltd. Yura Hair YESS Co., Ltd. Kia Motors Corporation Meritz Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. Meritz Fire Marine Insurance Labor Union Venture With Venture The Ventures BJ Ventures Co., Ltd. Bio Ventures Co., Ltd. BIK Ventures Incorporated Venture PR Co., LTD. Venture Ware Co., Ltd. Venture Brain Nuri Venture Bank Co., Ltd. Woori Venture Co.,Ltd. Nuri Venture Co.,Ltd. T&D Korea Co., Ltd. JTS Corporation JTS Corporation Co., Ltd. BGF CO., LTD. BGF Retail Co., Ltd. BGF Retail BGF Retail Banghwa Jeil Agency BGF Retail Yeoksamjeom BGF Retail D-Cube City Agency BGF Retail Shinsa Hyundai Jeom BGF Retail Joongang Museum Jeom BGF Retail Olympic Gwangjangjeom Global Technology Information System Co., Ltd. Global Technology Co., Ltd. Global Technology G.I.T CO.,LTD Global IT Information Technology Global Information Technolagy Co., Ltd. Global Information Technology Institute Co., Ltd. Global Info Co., Ltd. Global Information Global Won Information Technology Co., Ltd. Global tech Co., Ltd. Global Information Link Co.,Ltd. Global Information Certify Co., Ltd. Global Toja Information Co., Ltd. GLOBAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Madina Co., Ltd. Kobe YEONJIGONJI Wooriot Yeonjigonji Yeonjigonji Cosmetics H AVIATION & SHIPPING CO.,LTD. Hyupjin Aviation Co., Ltd. NS Industry Co., Ltd. N.S. INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Inte Touch Co., Ltd. Inte Touch Inte World Tour Co., Ltd. Inte Corporation Co., Ltd. Inte Tree Co., Ltd. Tu Inte Company Co., Ltd. Inte Today Inte Travel Co., Ltd. Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. K-Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. Tiger Ocean Shipping Co.,Ltd Tu Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. Penta Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. Cmos Corporation JL Magnet Sun Magnet Kids Magnet Magnet&Company Co., Ltd. Ma G Networks Co., Ltd. Magnet School NS Magnet Co., Ltd. MC Magnet Industry Port Co.,Ltd. ports Leader Co., Ltd. Port The 1st Co., Ltd. Global Impoteu X Port Trading Tra Port Co.,Ltd. KAERES CORPORATION Korea Atomic Energy Fuel Co., Ltd. KAEROL CO. Limited Liability Company Kaero Kaeribeuro Kaeriyakeu Co., Ltd. Kaeriksyeon Co., Ltd. URBANTAINER CO.,LTD. Keosan Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. Kukjeon Co KUKJEON CO.,LTD. Kukjewon Co.,Ltd. ST Corp. Saint Corporation ST IN CO.,LTD. Santa Co. Mr Street Co. ST Corporation Santa SYL Co., Ltd. SYL Company Inc. Corporation Co., Ltd. SAMCHULLY CHEMICAL CO. LTD. Samchully Co.,Ltd. Samchully Asset Management Company Limited Samchully ES Co., Ltd. Samchully ENG Co., Ltd. Samchully N Bio Co., Ltd. SAMCHULLY MACHINE IND. CO. LTD. Dowon Samchully SAMCHULLY HOUSING CO., LTD. HGNS Inc. T-World Sixth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. T-World Seventh Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. T-World Fifth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. T-World Tenth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. T-World Fifteenth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. T-World Eighth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. T-World Ninth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. T-World Fourteenth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. T-World Eleventh Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. T-World Twelfth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. T-World 13th Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. T-World Sixteenth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. T-World Seventeenth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. T-World Eighteenth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. T-World Nineteenth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. SMORE Thirty-fifth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd UH fifth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. MNS Fifth Securitization Specialty Co.,Ltd. Giga LTE Thirty Fifth Securitization Specialty Co.,Ltd. Olleh KT Twenty Fifth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. Uplus LTE Thirty Fifth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. T World J Shibcha Securitization Specialty T World J Shibocha Securitization Specialty T World J Shibicha Securitization Specialty T World Jesashibcha Securitization Specialty COMMUNICATION OCTO INC. OCTO OCTO Co.,Ltd. OCTO FELLAS INC. Octo Telecom SG OCTO CO.,LTD. Octosys Co., Ltd. Octopus Company Co.,Ltd. Okto KBIC KBIC Co., Ltd. KBIC Corporation Co., Ltd. Kubicom Co., Ltd. Shangerira Shangs Insoltec., Inc. HIGH ONE CO.,LTD Hi One 4th Co.,Ltd HI A-one 1st Co.,Ltd. Hi A-one 4th Co.,Ltd HI AD ONE CO.,LTD. High To One Co.,Ltd. ABM Hi-one Co., Ltd. Hi Best One 1st Co., Ltd. Olleh High1 It' Creative Co., Ltd. Creative International Corp. ITG Creative Inc. INTER CREATIVE MARKETING CO.,LTD. Lead One International Creative Art Talented People Development Education Inter Creative Korea Co., Ltd. INTER-CREATION OF KOREA CO LTD Ints Creative Co., Ltd. Intu Creative Company Co., Ltd. Ins Creation iRevo, Inc. I Revo iRevo CY Co., Ltd. Front Front Tec Frontier express Co.,Ltd. Frontier Textile Co., Ltd. The front Co., Ltd. Frontnet K Beauty K&Beauty K Beauty Company Co., Ltd. D Beauty Co., Ltd. K & D CORP K & D Corporation K&D CO., LTD. K&D CORPORATION K&D Company K&D Company Co., LTD CHEONG POONG CO., LTD. Medisis Co., Ltd. Medisis Medesign Co.,Ltd. Mdesign Hanbada HANBADA MARINE UNDERWRITER CO.,LTD. HANBADA FISHERIES CO., LTD Youngsan Glonet Corporation Youngsan Co.,Ltd. Youngsan Corp. Youngsan Corporation Co., Ltd. YOUNGSAN NETWORKS CO. Ik San Energy Co., Ltd. IKSAN ENTERPRISE Iksan Engineering Co. Iksan Electric Co.,Ltd. SK Enron Co., Ltd. Enrin Co., Ltd. Enroben Sorin Corporation Soria Sori Corporation Sorina Sorion Co., Ltd. Seegene Medical Foundation SEEGENE, INC. C.M.H BTL Medical Technologies Korea LTD. KOREAN GERMAN WINE CO. LTD. German Silver Pan Germany Bunsik Bereulrin Germany Language Institute Germany Real Estate Agency (Hapdong ) GERMAN ENGINEERING CONSULT Co.,Ltd AGL Co., Ltd. A Glass PRUDENTIAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF KOREA LTD. PREMIERE Premier Corporation Premier Premier Motors Co.,Ltd PREMIER ENGLISH CO.,LTD. PREMIER ENGINEERING CO., LTD Premier Entertainment Inc. Sidus FNH Corporation S.i.d.s SIDS Sidus Co., Ltd. Sidus SIDUS SL Co., Ltd. SidusHQ. Inc SIDUS COMMERCE CO.,LTD. Sidus C&I Co., Ltd. Sidus Sports Co.,Ltd. Deurim Sidus DSD Marketing Co., Ltd. Dsd DSD INC. DS&D Co., Ltd. KNB Corp. DSD Develop Co., Ltd. Create Company Co., Ltd. JNB Limited Co., Ltd. Simon Corp. Simon Simon Furniture Simon Stationery Simon Inc. Simon General Construction Co., Ltd. SHINSEGAE SIMON Inc. Simon Art S.K.C. SKC Inc. SK Global Chemical Co., Ltd. SK E Chemical SK Cam Co., Ltd. RODEM KOREA CO.,LTD. Rodem Korea Co., Ltd. RODEM EDUCATION KOREA CO.,LTD. RODEM CO. MASTERS CO.,LTD. Mstorm Corp. Master Homes MASTERS TOUR CO.,LTD. Woongjin Coway Woongjin Coway WOONGJIN COWAY RENTAL CO.,LTD. Woongjin Coway Jumun Center. Woongjin Coway Jumun Jeopsu Center Woongjin Coway Woongjin Coway WOONGJIN COWAY EnTech Co., Ltd. BTC BTC & Co.,Ltd. BT&C GL Create Co., Ltd. Con Create CREATE MORE Inc. Create Gangdong Branch E No Create Co., Ltd. Create Box Co., Ltd. SEED CO. The Seed Aseed Co., Ltd. ASEED COMPANY Aram Seeds The Seed Asia Co.,Ltd. Seed Company Co., Ltd. Seed Company CIG SHIPPING CO.,LTD. Hankuk Hankuk Art Chain Co.,Ltd. HANKUK A.V. CO., LTD. Hankuk Calbite Hankuk OCR Co.,Ltd. Hankuk control Co., Ltd. Hankuk Credit Yonhap Co., Ltd. Gunsan Forcyber Co., Ltd. SsenStone Inc. SSENTEN Pro Golf Academy 541Golf Academy Lee Kyung Chul Golf Academy Co., Ltd. Hyundai Golf Academy Leeseongbeom Golf Academy Godhead Golf Academy EGA Korea Golf Academy Walkerhill Golf Academy sangrokgolfacademy Gang Dong Gyu Jack Nicklaus Golf Academy Rex Golf Academy J Golf Academy Just Golf Academy Mirae Golf Academy Kim Deok Hwan Golf Academy Hyeon Golf Academy JP Golf Academy Able Golf Academy Jeil Golf Academy Areumdaun Golf Academy Jeong Golf Academy Anguk Golf Academy Sanga Golf Academy SN S Golf Academy Co., Ltd. Gaenari Wall Paper Sales G In Wallpaper Green Wallpaper Gaenari Wallpaper Inc. Gaenari Wallpaper Special Sales Co., Ltd. Worldwide Corp. INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE INC. INNOCEAN I & D CO.,LTD. INTRA Worldwide Ltd. J.W innocean Co.,Ltd Gsc GSC&S Co., Ltd. ESG Corp ESG Korea ES&G Co., Ltd. ESG Trading Co., Ltd. ESG Moneta Co., Ltd. ES Group HUNEED CO., LTD Easychem Corp. Protechkorea Co.Ltd. Porte PROTAEK KOREA CO.,LTD. Poretek Co., Ltd. Bd&c BD CONSULTING CO.,LTD. B&D Communication Co.,Ltd. BDC Co., Ltd. BDCI BDC Wire Co., Ltd. BDC PLUS CO.,LTD. BDC Korea Co., Ltd. How BDC B&D Communications Pine Corporation Pine Inc. PINEONE Communications Co.,Ltd Pineone F&B Co.,Ltd. Pineoseu Co., Ltd. Pinet Company Co.,Ltd. Pineolteo Co., Ltd. Juthis Corporation JTIS Company So G Eco Co., Ltd. G Eco City Co., Ltd. Eco Technology G Ju Co., Ltd. Iloom Inc. Truen Co., Ltd. Truesee Co. Trueta Truepet Trues Co.,Ltd. TRUE MD CO.,LTD. The True North Co.,Ltd. TRUE Company Co., Ltd. TRUE Corporation Co.,Ltd. Truegate Co.,Ltd. Erameteu Korea Co., Ltd. ERAMET KOREA LTD. Tekro Inc. TEXRO CO.,LTD. Tokoro TEKOR International Co.,Ltd. Korea Universal Marine Co., Ltd. Korea Univ. Research and Business Foundation korea university High School Universal Korea Korea University Medical Center Korea University Foundation Korea University Digital Media Lab. KOREA UNIVERSITY, INSTITUTE FOR VIRAL DISEASES KOREA UNIV. TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. YUNI STORE KOREA UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE CO.,LTD. Korea University Sport Federation Korea University Principle Research Society eduesibil Korea University residential hall for students Korea University Foundation Korea University Korea University The Next Generation Internet Research Center Korea University Gasang Education Yonhap AON Holdings Ltd. Hanbaek Inc HanBaek With HANBAEK CORPORATION Harry Textiles Co., Ltd. KORO KOROBO Koriz Co., Ltd. Korodon Koro Co., Ltd. Uno Company Co., Ltd. Any Tour Co., Ltd. KONA I Co., Ltd. Konai Co., Ltd. KONAI CO.,LTD. KONA INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Kona Inc. KONA CO., LTD. 18Ho IBS18 Co., Ltd. International Electric Power Inter Electricity Co., Ltd. Intel Electrical Co.,Ltd. KB Securities Co., Ltd. KB E&C Co., Ltd. KB LEADERS K. B Technology Security Co., Ltd. K. B Fire Security Co., Ltd. MUHAK HARDWARE CO. Market Hardware Metal Hardware Co.,Ltd. Mastem Corporation Mastok Co., Ltd. MASTS Inc. MASTcomm Co.,Ltd. Korea Heavy Indurstry and Development Co.,Ltd. KOREA DEVELOPMENT INVESTMENT CORP Korea Heavy Industry Korea Heavy Industry and Development Co., Ltd. Korea Heavy Industries LYSL Co., Ltd. SERVOWELD CO., LTD. Servermate Co., Ltd. Serversis Co., Ltd. Servetec SERVLAB Servo Surprise Co., Ltd. SERVEONE SERVICIOS CORP (TMM) SERVERMON Servicesquare Co., Ltd. ServLine Co, Ltd SERVETEC CO.,LTD. Woojin Servo System Co., Ltd. Servcorp Seoul LLC Swarovski Korea Ltd. Servitzone Co., Ltd. SERVICEBOX Co.,Ltd Swarovski Korea SERVICEPLUS CO LTD Yuanta Securities Korea Co., Ltd. Yuanta Securities Korea Co., Ltd. MS Songsan Co., Ltd. Alma Corp. Alma Almas Co., Ltd. ALAM TRADING CO. Alma Pinestreet Asset Management PineStreet Asset Management Co., Ltd. PineStreet Group Co., Ltd. Pamstoa Co., Ltd. The Ground Co., Ltd. DA Ground Co., Ltd. Ground D Co., Ltd. Dry Ground Co., Ltd. The Dream Ground Co., Ltd. D GROUND CO.,LTD. Ground GE Company Co., Ltd. GE Corporation Co., Ltd. Ge & Construction Co., Ltd. GE Consulting Co., Ltd. GE Construction Co.,Ltd. OneJoy Onejon Commerce Subowon Woongjin Co., Ltd. Think Big Kyobo P&B Co., Ltd. Kyobo Book Center Co., Ltd. Kyobo Tower Kyobo Special Sales Kyobo Information & Communication Co., Ltd. Kyobo Frontier ABS 1st Seojin Car Seojin car Bupum sales Seojin Car Industry Cooks Cook Cook & Co Co., Ltd. COK Co., Ltd. C & O Korea Company K Co.,Ltd. Company K Co., Ltd. C.O.K Company Company The K Co., Ltd. STAR CONCORD KOREA CO LTD VMware Korea Co., Ltd. QNIX INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COLTD Microsound Co., Ltd. Microsoft Korea, Inc. L Microsoft Macrosoft Networks Co.,Ltd Leaders AI Co., Ltd. AI COMPANY CO.,LTD. Element AI Korea Ltd. Ai Korea AI Korea Co., Ltd. AI Korea FS pesina A.I. Korea Branch Spex AI korea Co., LTD. Amber AI Korea Motion Tu AI Korea Co., Ltd. Korea AI Co., Ltd. AI Works Korea Co., Ltd. Korea A I-sak AI Tek Korea Korea AI Association Korea AI Science Co., Ltd. SUN SHINE CO.,LTD. TAEKWANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Taekwang Industrial Co, Ltd Bism Co., Ltd. MG KOREA CO.,LTD. M & G KOREA CO.,LTD. M & G CORPORATION Mall & Macro Korea Ltd. Nexus Corporation Nexus Co., Ltd. NEXUS CO.,LTD. NEXUS P&C Nexus Pharm Nexus Prime Nexus Planning Co.,Ltd. Nexus Partners Co., Ltd. KDB Consus Value Ltd. WOOJIN ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. Woojin Electric Co., Ltd. Woojin Electric Corp. IRED Co., Ltd. Iredais IRID Masters Investment Co., Ltd. Master Invest Co., Ltd. CNB Environment Engineering Co., Ltd. Korean Society Of Environmental Engineers DONGWON ENVIRONMENT ENGINEERING CO. ECO Environmental Engineering Top Co., Ltd. Environment and Engineering Co, Ltd Yonhap Environment Engineering Co, Ltd Ilshin Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.. I-SU Environment Engineering CO.,LTD. Gukje Environment Engineering Co., Ltd. Korea Environmental Engineers Federation Dongyang Environment Engineering Co., Ltd. Seoul Environmental Engineers Association Sejong Environment Engineering Jinduk Environment Engineering Co., LTD. Chungnok Environment Engineering Co., Ltd Yuseong Environment Engineering Co., Ltd. Clean Environment Engineering Korea Jiban Environment Engineering Hoe GK Environment Engineering Co., Ltd. Urim Environment Engineering Co., Ltd. Sansu Environment Engineering Woonsan Environment Engineering Daedong Environment Engineering Hanyoung Environment Engineering Co., Ltd Pureun Environment Engineering Co., Ltd. REBIZ CONSULTING CO.,LTD. Atlas Shipping Co., Ltd. ATLAS EXPRESS CO Atlas Finance Service Inc. ATLAS PLANNING CO.,LTD. Atlas Investment Consulting Inc. Sinu Atlas Atlas Co., Ltd. Atlas Finance Co.Inc. Atlas Co. ATLAS Research & Consulting Atlas Labs Inc. ATLAS Engineering Company Atlas news Atlas Pacific Holdings Limited Asian Tigers Real Estate Co., Ltd. Asian Technology Incorporated Co., Ltd. TIGER CORPORATION CO., LTD. Asian TV Co.,Ltd. Asian Trading Co., Ltd. Asian Tigers Korea ASIAN TIGER GROUP Co.,Ltd. Asean Tiger Investment Development Co., Ltd. A Won Tiger Co., Ltd. Tiger Animation Co., Ltd. BOK Corporation KORE STEEL CO.,LTD. KoRe-seu-ko Plus Co., Ltd. Kore Co., Ltd. Kore B Seu Co., Ltd. KoRe-seu-teu Co., Ltd. JM INTERNATIONAL J.M International Co., Ltd.. Maple Bear Language Institute MAPLE BEAR LANGUAGE SCHOOL CO.,LTD. Mapo Maple Bear Co., Ltd. MAPLE BEAR LANGUAGE SCHOOL Maple Maple Maple Twelve Co.,Ltd. Twelve Inc. THE TWELVES CO.,LTD. 12 Corporation One in two Co., Ltd HC Je 12Ho Co., Ltd. Energy Tech Solution Co., Ltd. ENERGY TECH CO.,LTD. Tech Solution Co., Ltd. Technical Solution Company CAM Co., Ltd. CAM & COMPANY LTD. Cam Corporation Co. Cam Leader Co., Ltd. CAM CORPORATION Consus Asset Management Co., Ltd. CONSUS ASSET MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Aus Coporation Aus DR Made Co., Ltd. The Made Co., Ltd. ACE Auto Invest the 37th Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. D E Korea Co., Ltd. WOORI F & I 37th SPC 37 Degree Communication rapid sister 37th Co .,Ltd. Cheongjeong Third Degree Industry Dongkuk University Management Master Degree Yeonse University Master Degree Jungsimdae Decore Co., Ltd. Decorea Co., Ltd. De Korea DEUGRO KOREA CO.,LTD. DKRE Co. Ltd Dogear, LLC Dageuru Golden Seute B A Co., Ltd. DJKOREA RECORD Co., Ltd. Dugeuru Deukra E Eo Co., Ltd. DeSquare Digital Asset Inc. Digiware Co., Ltd. DEOKRYE AGRICULTURAL INC. DHKKOREA Dejaru Co., Ltd. Dejour 1st Co., Ltd. Three Dion Co., Ltd. 3dis Co., Ltd. 3D 3D Corporation 3DIK Co., Ltd. 3 Days Co.,Ltd 3DONE 3D MD Co., Ltd. 3D Co., Ltd. 3 Digm 3DAge Co Ltd the seventh. co.,ltd THREE SEVEN TRADING CO., LTD. KDJ CO.,LTD. SANSAN CO.,LTD. Sansarang Dongnam Crane Soda Soda Co., Ltd. SODA CO. Soda The 1st Promise Service International PROMISE INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. PN Service International PF SERVICE INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. KYL Co., Ltd. KYL Corporation Co., Ltd. Blue Plus International Co., Ltd. Namsung Shipping Co., Ltd. NAMSUNG Corp. NAMSUNG CORP. Co., Ltd. NAMSUNG SHOES CO. SY Company Inko Epik Co., Ltd. Limited Liability Company Epik Ad Epik Tech Epik Nine Co., Ltd. Epik D&C Co., Ltd. LN COMPANY CO.,LTD. MS Line Co., Ltd. Line & Line Pro Line Co.,Ltd. Dr.Line LNS LN Line Company Co.,Ltd. Winwin Logistics Korea Co., LTD. Winwin Corporation WinWin Company Co., Ltd. Leaders Winwin Co., Ltd. Ark Shipping Co., Ltd. KDCN Company Co., Ltd. Kdcm Co., Ltd. KDCS Co., Ltd. Flex Co., Ltd. Flex C&M Co., Ltd. Motor Flex META FLEX CO.,LTD. DMS Flex Co., Ltd. Hongcho Buldak Shinhwa Buldak Amorepacific Corporation Juhuiosbang Jjusoban Co., Ltd. Jukbon Industrial Co., Ltd. Juseobang Co., Ltd. Joseban The Juha Co., Ltd. Madi Co., Ltd. Madi The Pictures Mami Pictures Co., Ltd. MIN PICTURE CO.,LTD. Made Pictures Co., Ltd. May Picture Co., LTD. Media Pictures Co., Ltd. Mabu Pictures Co., Ltd. Make Pictures Co., Ltd. Maha Pictures Co., Ltd. Maedeu Pictures My Pictures Mo Pictures Bandi Pictures Co., Ltd. Picture Mall Miin Pictures Mag Pictures Co., Ltd. PHARMIX CORPORATION SP Pharmix PHARMIST Co., Ltd. MFI Co.,Ltd. HD Korea Mobile Korea Co., Ltd. Mobile Korea MB Korea Co., Ltd. M.B. Korea Co., Ltd. Robo Planet Co., Ltd. Rok Planet Rail Planet DO Planet Co., Ltd. EDUKOREAN Co.,Ltd. IDC Korea Ltd. EDC Korea Co., Ltd. EDAKOREA IDC Korea Co., Ltd. KDC Korea Co., Ltd. CDC Korea DS Global Co., Ltd. DS GLOBAL D&S Global D&S Global Co., Ltd. DS Global Networks Co., Ltd. Global DS The 2nd Co., Ltd. Skin Care COSMETICS CO. LEADERS COSMETICS CO.,LTD. MS Cosmetic SVIC3Hoshin Technology Investment Union SVIC2Hoshin Technology Investment Union SVIC5Hoshin Technology Investment Union SVIC 29 New Technology Investment SVIC 23 New Technology Saeob Investment SVIC NO.6 FUND SVIC NO.26 FUND SVIC NO.28 FUND S.b.i.c Co., Ltd. Sovico Corporation Shuvic Co, Ltd Sevic co corp Hephzibah Mijang Hephzibah Logistics Co.,Ltd. Sally Salli Co, Ltd sallyna SallyNail Henry & Sally sallyGita HANBIT SOFT INC Hanbits Co.,Ltd. Hanbit Tms Co., Ltd. Hanbit INC Co., Ltd. Bearing Bearing T Co., Ltd. Bearing Partners&Company Co., Ltd. TS Bearing Co., Ltd. Alpha Bearing Co.,Ltd. Bearing Point Inc. HAHO Co., Ltd. Haha Haha Hahaha Co., Ltd. HAHA TOUR CO.,LTD. Hahn & Co. Auto Services Holdings Co., Ltd. Haha Travel Nittan Capital Money Brokerage (Korea) Limited MG Corporation MG CO CO.,LTD. G&G Real Estate Co.,Ltd Real M Co., Ltd. M Real Estate Ground M Real Estate Brokerage Corporation Co., Ltd. Soelim International Inc. Areum EN M Co., Ltd. Dam Corporation Sungdam Co.,Ltd. Teseulreo Co., Ltd. Teseuseu Co., Ltd. TESE & PASS INC. Chamjoeun Tax Accounting CHAMJOEUN CO.,LTD. Chamjoeun Prostech Prost Prospect Yongma Agency Prospi Co.,Ltd. PROSENCE INCORPORATED Richemont Korea Limited Macquarie Capital Korea Limited Victors Capital Korea Co., Ltd. Macquarie Securities Korea Limited Macquarie Korea Macquarie Finance Korea Co., Ltd. BIT CAPITAL Korea CO., Ltd Mac Quary Capital korea Co., LTD. MASA CAPITAL KOREA CO.,LTD. LOAN KOREA CAPITAL CO.,LTD. Korea CIS Capital Co., Ltd. Bain Capital (Korea) Co., Ltd. New Majin Capital Korea Co., Ltd. Gmoney Trans Co., Ltd. O Ha Food Co., Ltd. Oha Co., Ltd KT Sports Wear Co., Ltd. Kt Estate Co., Ltd. KT Sat Corp. KT Optician's Shop WORLD OCEAN TRADING CO MBD Co., Ltd. Decision Co.,Ltd. Kbc Corporation K & BC Co., Ltd. KBC The 1st KBC The 2nd KBC The 3rd KBC KB & C CO.,LTD. KBC & Air Co., Ltd. KBC ENG CO.,LTD KBC System Unico Corporation Unico Unico Logistics Co., Ltd. Mti Corporation MTI CO.,INC. Ilshin Stone Co., Ltd. SHIN IL CO. Shin Il SHIN IL STONE CO., LTD. IL SHIN CORP Ilshin Stone Co., Ltd Shin Stone Co., Ltd. SHIN IL STONE Jae Jae EMC Co., Ltd. JAE KOREA INC JAE-IL CO. JAE WON CORPORATION Jae Won JAE WOO JAE JUN CORPORATION JAE MIN CO.,LTD. Buysoft Inc. Compark Co.,Ltd. Compara Co., Ltd. Korena Co., Ltd. Korean Government KOREANA MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. KKOREANO CO.,LTD. Korean Toy Comverse Korea Com Pa Rex Korea Brilliant Co., Ltd. BRILLIANT Brilliant & Company Co. Ltd BRILLIANT COMPANY BRILLIANT Ltd. Brilliant Roasting Rab Soorim Electric Power Inc. Soorim Co.,Ltd. Soorim Shipping Soorim Construction Co.,Ltd. Soorim Security Industry Co., Ltd. Soorim Asset Management Co., Ltd. Pro Teseu Co., Ltd. Samsong Industries, Ltd. SAMSONG CO.,LTD. KOAM CORP Koam Pacific Co., Ltd. Koam C&C Corporation MST Inc. MST Limited Mst Co.,Ltd. M Street Co.,Ltd. You & Me Construction M.E.C.O ME LIM CORPORATION Me EL Mil N Me Confectionery Store Me Tech Co Ltd E Su Trade Co., Ltd. EMAX CO., LTD E Ta Max Max Trading Max Trading Co., Ltd. The Max Trading TRADE MAX CO.,LTD. T Max Trading E-Max Trading Co., Ltd. T-Max Trading Co., Ltd. K Max Trading Co., Ltd. Be Max Trading Co., Ltd. STEL Corporation SAM WEON CIRCLE CO., LTD. Leaders Distribution Co., Ltd. DIST CORPORATION Pro Distribution Co.,Ltd. Leaders Distribution Distribution In The Pro Distribution Co., Ltd. District Johan Corporation Johasna Joha Co., Ltd. Johae Co., Ltd. Johand Johanug L AND K CORPORATION L&K COMPANY INC. The L&K L&K Motor Life GM Life Science Co., Ltd. Life Motors Co., Ltd. Sune Suneum SUNELP SUNET Sunedu Co.,Ltd. Common Computer DAEWON BROADCASTING CO.,LTD. Stone Co., Ltd. Stone & Company Stone Company Co., Ltd. ST-On STON Co.,Ltd. Wonchang corporation Co., Ltd. Wonchang ST WONCHANG CORP Gaia 3D Gaia P&C Zta DSN Sports Co., Ltd. DSN DSN CO.,LTD. DSN company DS Network Co.,Ltd. ALLURE Cafe The Allure Alluen Biztino Co., Ltd. Biz Town Co., Ltd. Biz tier Co.,Ltd. Biz Time Co.,Ltd. Biz Time Global&Investment Co., Ltd. Global Invest Global Investment Global Investment Co., Ltd. Invest Global Co., Ltd. Invest Global The 2nd B.I.G. Global Inc. Global I Invest Co., Ltd. EG Investment Global Co., Ltd. Global Finance & Investment Co. Global Finance Investment Investment Trust Global Co.,Ltd. D Global Investment Co., Ltd. CK Global Investment Co., Ltd. Global Investment Group Co., Ltd. Big Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. Boss Riga Global Investment Co., Ltd. PINK COMPANY Pink Panda Pink Painting Ppane Pasta Dong Jin DONG JIN CO. JIN INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Jin International Jin International Corporation P&P Inc Co., Ltd. P&p P&P CO.,LTD. P&P Corporation Co., LTD. Samsin P&P P & P CO. HANPLUS CO.,LTD. Hanpyung Hanppa Hanpumhoe Co., Ltd. HanPCM Co., Ltd. CHUNG SUNG CORP. SEOK ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. Seok Jung Engineering Chung Un Engineering Co., Ltd. Seung Chung Co. Chung Ho. Chung Ho Corp. Chung Sol Medical Co Ltd Chun Seok Chung Engineerin Co., Ltd. Chung Suk Engineering Co., Ltd. Hanip Appier Korea Co., Ltd. APPIA Co., Ltd. APPIA Essential Co., Ltd. Korea Orphan & Essential Drug Center GLOBAL ESSENTIAL PARTNER CO.,LTD. Essential Soap Essenti Co., LTD. Essentiality Safety Essent Media Co., Ltd. Eossentik Life Co., Ltd. MBK Co.,Ltd. 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