List of Corporate Headquarters in SEOUL

Search a company in South Korea with your criteria (trade name, adress, Korean registry number...). provides business and credit information about Korean firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
Follow changes in legal forms, executives and legal representatives...

If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Korean register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in South Korea, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Korean company.

A&a Co., Ltd. A In Trading A Pl Trading Co.,Ltd. A Pl Trading A Trade A.A Trading A&A ZENITH&Company Ltd. Zenith Corporation Zenith Holdings Co., Ltd. K. B Material Co., Ltd. Dan World Korea Co., Ltd. Venture With Venture The Ventures NISSOFT Corporation NC Soft Co., Ltd. NSOFT Inc. MODA AARON CO.,LTD. CEVA Logistics Korea Inc., CEVA COMPANY Co.,Ltd. Buttikeu Monaco Beauty Monaco Co., Ltd. Korea Wind Windeu Korea Energy Co., Ltd. Korea Energy Industry Co., Ltd. SN S Energy Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Information & Communication Service Co., Ltd Korea Credit Information Korea Info Service KOREA CREDIT INFORMATION SERVICE KOREA INFORMATION SERVICE CO LTD Korea Construction Information Korea Information System & Service KOREA MEDICAL INFORMATION SERVICE CO.,LTD. Korea Info Rab Service S&S Inc. S & S S&S Company Inc. Dawoo Company Co., Ltd. Dawoo Steel Trading Co., Ltd. Natracare Distributing Inc THE ACT CONSCIENCE CORP. VPI Co., Ltd. FX INC CO.,LTD. FX Leader FX CO.,LTD. FX TRADING CO.,LTD. FX Trading Oil Trading FX Korea Co., Ltd. Janghan Patent Incorporation Janghan JANGHAN ELECTRICAL CO.,LTD. Janghan Trading Co., Ltd. Janghan Store Janghan Trading HGNS Inc. SB INC. SB Tour HEUNGIN CO. Heungin Company Co., Ltd. Heungin Tax Accounting Corp. Heungin Publishing Heungin Sangsa Heungin Building Seoul Heungin Elementary School HEUNGIN LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. Heungin Industrial Co., Ltd. Heungin Pharmacy Heungin Leather Heungin Food Heungin Fresh Meat Center Guten Co., Ltd. Fieldlo FIELDSHARE Inc. Jungwon E&C Co., Ltd. Jungjun C&E Co., LTD. Jungwon C&M Co.,Ltd. HAESEUNG INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Haeseung Information Co., Ltd. F&B Co Ltd F&B Corporation Co., Ltd. F&B co., ltd. F&B And F&B Co., Ltd. Korea Wind Power Machinery Winds Korea Wind Tunnel Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Wind Power Co.,Ltd. Vestas Korea Wind Technology Ltd. KOREA OFFSHORE WIND POWER COPORATION CO., LTD Korea Wind Power Co., Ltd. KOREA WIND POWER INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION CORP. Korea Wind Power Baljeon Co., Ltd. WIND TECH KOREA CO.,LTD. TRADE WIND KOREA CO.,LTD. GENESIS WIND KOREA CO.,LTD. Korea Bu U Shik Wind Power Co., Ltd. JUNGWON ENG CO.,LTD. Jung Won Corp Jung Won Co.,Ltd. Jung-Won Electric J Won ENC Co., Ltd. PIG Punky Pig Buil CND CND CO.,LTD. CND Company Co.,Ltd. Leaders CND Co., Ltd. CND Corporation Co., Ltd. DOCTOR PR Inc. P.R Co.,Ltd. Pro PR Co., Ltd. The PR Co., Ltd. Doctor Pr THE PR CO.,LTD. PR Bom Co., Ltd. PR & Books Co., Ltd. PR Biz Co.,Ltd. PR & BIZ CO.,LTD. Pharma Research Sanaegeunro Welfare Gigeum PHARMA RESEARCH CO Pharmaceutical Patent Research Institute Co., Ltd. Nexmotion. Inc Nex More Systems Co., Ltd. Nex Mon NEXMT Co.,Ltd. Wind & Win Inc. Wind and Sound Wind Air Conditioning Wind Kids Win D Co., Ltd. Sion Trading Co. Sion Trading Co.,Ltd Sion General Trading Co., Ltd. Global Technology Co., Ltd. Global Technology Global tech Co., Ltd. Samil Industrial SAMIL INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Global Engineering Technology Global Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. GLOBAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY CO. Global Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Techno Engineering Co., Ltd. Sunrise Corporation GLS Service Co., Ltd. Gate Language School GL&S GL Service Co., Ltd. GL Shopping Co., Ltd. Gimjeongjun Language School GL System Co., Ltd. GLS System G&L Sangsa Glass Stars Co., Ltd. Institute Pia Co., Ltd. WORRI PHARMACETICAL. INC. Infinity Invest Co., Ltd. Infinity Infinity ad Co., Ltd. Infinity Works Infinity M & C INFINITY C9 INFINITY CR REIT CO.,LTD. Infinity Telecom Co., Ltd. Irene Infinity Co., Ltd. L.S.Y. INFINITY KOREA CO.,LTD. INFINITY NPS REIT 1 CO.,LTD. FUTURE INFINITY CO.,LTD. O-SUNG Infinity Co.,Ltd Infinity Company Infinity ICT Co., Ltd. CHANGSEONG INFINITY CO.,LTD. Momentum Infinity Co., Ltd New World Infinity Co., Ltd. SANGYOUNG INFINITY CO.,LTD. Infinity Commercial Co., Ltd. Donghee Industrial Development LG Hausys, Ltd. LGH Hankook Inc Hankook ESI Co., Ltd. Hankook Research Co., Ltd. HANKOOK Corporation Inc. HANKOOK Engineering INC. Capri Electronics CIPHER ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. ESI COMPANY ESI Co., Ltd. Anz C & I AnZ International Co.,Ltd. GUROARTVALLEY PAUL CO. Paul & Company Co., Ltd. Paul &Co Co.,Ltd. GPC Holdings Co., Ltd. GPC Co., Ltd. URBANS CO.,LTD. Urban R Property Urban Company Co., Ltd. Urban Place Co., Ltd. Urban People Co., Ltd. Urban PCM Co., Ltd. Ma Car Na Urban Shop Urban Peulros Urban Plus Co., Ltd. Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd. Korean Airline Labor Union Korean Air Lines Co, Ltd Korean Air Lines Co, Ltd Sic Signal Entertainment Group Corp. Cosmo&Company Co., Ltd. COSMOPOLITAN CO LTD Cosmo Corporation Co., Ltd. Chase Manhatton Bank, N.A. Seoul Branch FM Gold & Silver Co., Ltd. FM Holdings FM Corporation Co., Ltd. INFINITY CO. Infinity Corporation U&I System Co.,Ltd. U In System U Systems Co.,Ltd. I&U System Co., Ltd. U&I System Cowon Systems, Inc. Cowon PMT Co.,Ltd. Cowon Agency Cowon Sangsa Co., Ltd. Cowon Logistics Co.,Ltd. Cowon IND Co.,Ltd. Cowon Development Co., Ltd. SK GLOBAL CO.,LTD. SK Global Chemical Co., Ltd. GLOBAL CHEM CO.,LTD. Global Chemical Co., Ltd. Global Chemical Chem Global Corporation BitPAX, Inc. Bitpia Co., Ltd. Brainic Co., Ltd. Brain Company Brain ICT Co., Ltd. Brain Leader Co., Ltd. BrainIPS Co.,Ltd. CKcorporations Tagtech Co., Ltd. Koframc Vega Vega Co., Ltd. VEGA CORPORATION VEGA CORP Vega Project Korea Limited Vega Co.,Ltd. GOOD PROJECT KOREA CO.,LTD. Korea Project Management Co., Ltd. Korea Virtue Project Solvay Chemicals Korea Co., Ltd. PUBG CORPORATION Publ Co.,Ltd. Publishing Company PUBLISHING CO. Publish Company The Publishing The Public Co., Ltd. Public Corporation Co., Ltd. PUBLY PUBLISHING YEMUN CO.,LTD. Publishing Yosan Baekyung Laundry Dana DANA CORPORATION HANA CELLAR AQUA CELLAR CO.,LTD THE TRUEMETIC Co., Ltd. ABS Outsourcing Co., Ltd. UK Trading UK Corporation Co., Ltd. UK-IL TRADING CORP. Korea Det Co., Ltd. Detpack Korea Co., Ltd. Detox Korea Co., Ltd. Duldul Chicken Hanyang University Agency Deltalok Korea Co., Ltd. Deltalo Grand Delitail Corp. Dialdalgteo Daldalhan Kitchen Doldol-I and Duldul-i Duliduli Co.,Ltd. Daldali Chicken Daldal Friends Ddolddoli Sanghoi Daldal Board Reguro Daldalhan Rice Cake Duldul Chicken(Samgakji Agency) Doldol E DALDALWORKS inc. Duldul Hof Daldal Day Duldul Chicken Duldul Pocha DillyDilly Inc. Wirebarley Corp. YOUNGIL CORP. Nexon Electronics Korea Co., Ltd. Nexon NEXON CORPORATION Nexon DD Corporation NEXON M&E CO.,LTD. Lonix Co., Ltd. Link I & T Co., Ltd. Linsia Lunix Co.,LTD. LINEX Co., Ltd. Linki Co., Ltd. LINK IT Co., Ltd. Linin Co., Ltd. Food Co Co., Ltd. Foodmarket Co., Ltd. Chefs Food Co., Ltd. Professional Food DOCTOR & FOOD CO.,LTD. The Food Company M's FOOD CO., LTD. MS Food The Food Food In DR Food Box&Company Co., Ltd. The Box The Box Company Co.,Ltd. Oak Loan Information Co., Ltd. Dara Distribution Co., Ltd. Doore Distribution Dure Distribution Co., Ltd. Dari Distribution Daero Co Daera Co.,Ltd. Daerae Sungin Co., Ltd. Daerae Moolsan Co., Ltd. Daeraesung Da E A Road Co., Ltd. UNITED CORP United Co., Ltd. United Cities Korea Co., Ltd. UNITED COMPUTER INC. United Creative Co., Ltd. United D&C United M&T Co., Ltd. United IT Co., Ltd. United Corp. UNITED C&D CO.,LTD. United Consulting Bittel Co., Ltd. Biteuel Bitec Biteu Biteme Inc. TINTEC Co., LTD Twintech Tointech Co., Ltd. TINATECH Co.,Ltd. Six Company Co.,Ltd. The Six Co.,Ltd. PJA Six Co., Ltd. Pie Six Co.,Ltd. Page Six KOREA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST CO., LTD. Real Invest Co.,Ltd. Real Estate Investment The 1st Real Estate Investment The 2nd KY Real Estate Investment Trust Co., Ltd Real Trust Investment PLUS Real Estate Investment Trusts Co.,Ltd. Posco International Corporation Posco Express Posco Enterprise Co., Ltd. POSCO O&M Heartychem Corp. The FB Co., Ltd. FB Co., Ltd. B&F Bank Co., Ltd. PROFESSIONAL Hydraulic HYD&C Co., Ltd. HYDRO BANK Inc Hydro ENG Co., Ltd. Hydro International Co., Ltd. HYDRO MEDI Co., Ltd. Rotech Suntime travel Co., Ltd. YBLD Daegu Co., Ltd. Waters Korea Limited Jinbo Trading Co.,Ltd. Anga Co., Ltd. Law Firm JIPYONG Jihyang Law Firm Jihyang Law Firm J Law Firm Jeonghyang Law firm Jaesang Law Firm Jinun Law Firm Jeha Law Firm Jun Law Firm JP Law Firm Jinseong Law Firm Janggang Korea Cyber Payment Inc. NHN NHN Investment Corp. N.H.N Co., LTD. NHN Investment Partners Co., Ltd. NHN Godo Corp. KCP CO.,LTD. NHN Ticketlink Corporation KCP TECH CO.,LTD. KCP Well Niseu Co., Ltd. KCP Group Co., Ltd. KCP METAL CO.,LTD. KCP Trading KCP Resources Co., Ltd. KCP Pos Partners GK Consulting Co., Ltd. GKC Co., Ltd. GKC Partners GKC International Co., Ltd. GK&C Co., Ltd. GK COMMUNICATIONS CO.,LTD. OSF Co., Ltd. Humane Co.,LTD. Hwa Sung International Korea MOKCHEON COMPANY Kendall Square LP Opo REF Kendall Square Investment Co.,Ltd Kendall Square LP Sanha REF Kendall Square LP Gimpo REF Asia Private Equity Fund Aureum Corporation Aeseukeu Private Equity Fund Fine All Corporation Fine Invest Fine Investment Consultation Co.,Ltd. Rex Fine Investment Limited Liability Company D Fine Investment Co., Ltd. Fine Invest Money Co., Ltd. Fine Investment Consulting Fine Street Investment Co., Ltd. L&P Cosmetic Co., Ltd. L & P Consulting L & P Corporation Co.,Ltd. L&P Consulting Co., Ltd. L&P Construction Co., Ltd. Taesung Accounting Corporation Gaeun Accounting Firm Law Firm Taesung Inc. Baeyun Accounting Firm Ian Tax Accounting Firm Giljaeseong Accounting Firm Hanhwa Co., Ltd. Hanhwa International Co., Ltd. HANA ICT Co.,Ltd. Hanhwa IND Co.,Ltd. Hanhwa Industrial Co.,Ltd. MUGUNGHWA TRUST CO.,LTD Mugunghwa Co.,Ltd. Mugunghwa trading ASIAE CO.,LTD. Paxnetetv, Inc. Cube INC Co., Ltd. Cube Co.,Ltd. Cube EL Co.,Ltd. Cube Glass Cube In MXM Co. MXM COMPANY MXM Development saplus Saeplus Seaple Co. SPLUS F.A.M Fam International Corporation SO'S FAM INTERNATIONAL Siegen Corporation SIEG CO. Re E Land Holdings Co., Ltd. Softiz Softix Corporation Softizen Co., Ltd. ILSHIN COMPANY Ilshin THE Co., Ltd Ilshin Co.,Ltd Ilshin Company Co., Ltd. Mission 21 Inc. Cisco Shipping Co., Ltd. kKIMEX HANYOUNG INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION LH Co., Ltd. LH Corporation Act Corporation Co., Ltd. Act Corporation Taekyung Corporation Co., Ltd. Taekyung Inc. Althea Dr.Althea Althea Inc Dada Electronics Co. Ge & Construction Co., Ltd. GE Construction Co.,Ltd. QUANTUM WELNIS CO.,LTD. Quantum Asset Co.,Ltd. Quantum Co., Ltd. Quantum R&C Co., Ltd. Quantum Works Co., Ltd. Quantum Trust Ltd. QuantumWave Inc. Quantum Investment Co.,Ltd QUANTUM I&C CO., LTD. Quantum Able KORYO Koryo Co. Koryo Tech Four Ones Inc. SY Corporation CO., LTD SY Franchise Co.,Ltd. SP Franchise Co., Ltd. SFMK Franchise Co., Ltd. Samo Franchise Co., Ltd. Garam Franchise System Co., Ltd. Dowool Franchise System Co., Ltd. SUN FRANCHISE SYETEMS INC. JS FRANCHISE CO.,LTD. FRANCHISE SERVICE ASIA LIMITED. co. Franchise System Development Won Co., Ltd. SY Furniture AgreeYa Mobility APAC Ltd. KDM Mega Holdings Co., Ltd. L.O.M Leaders Co., Ltd. MS Bogo Company Bogo Corporation BOGO CORPORATION BOGO CO.,LTD. BOGO CORP. BOGO COMPANY Bo Go Ta Bo Go Company Co., Ltd. The Bo Go Silvertex Hosiery International Co, Ltd BourbonShake Inc. Omega Fa Omega GL Co.,Ltd. Omega Point Co., Ltd Omega Omega Industrial Omega Science OMEGA INTERTRADE CO.,LTD. Omega Eagle Co.,Ltd. Omega Information Communication Omega Trust Co., Ltd. Omega Service Co., Ltd. Omega M&C Co., Ltd. Korea Omega Investment Financial Co., Ltd. Omega Interactive Co., Ltd. Omega Institute Omega Information System Co, Ltd Omega Kims Omega PC Room Interpu Co., Ltd. INTERGRAPH KOREA CO.,LTD. Intergram Co., Ltd.. Intergram ENC Co., Ltd. Intergram Graphics Co.,Ltd. Intergraffy Co., Ltd. Korea Windeu Energy Co., Ltd. Irina Willis Telecom Wills Company Co.,Ltd. Willis Bank Wilus Inc. Willis Towers Watson Korea Non-life Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd. SAMJONG KPMG AAS Inc. PH Pharma co., Ltd. Daelim Corporation Daelim Maritime Co., Ltd. Genius Genius P Co., Ltd. Genius ER Co., Ltd. Genius St Inc. Genius Consulting Co., Ltd. Sunbong Trading Co., Ltd. Sunbong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Sunbong Construction Machinery SUNBONG CO.,LTD. Sunbong Construction Machinery HD Pro BM Global Co., Ltd. BM Corporation Co., Ltd. BM Global Sourcing Co., Ltd. The BM Co., Ltd. B&M Global Co., Ltd. BM Global Industry Global BM Co., Ltd. BM Glass Co., Ltd. BM Korea Global Co., Ltd. CIDT Ciad Co., Ltd. CIIT Co., Ltd. CIAT Inc Pro Metal Korea SK Holdings Co., Ltd. SK Holdings Co., Ltd. SKH Co, Ltd S&K Holdings Co., Ltd. LOTTE CORPORATION KOMATICS KOAMTECH Co., Ltd. Kmtec GMGateway, Inc. Regus Yeouido Limited Regus Euljiro Limited Re G Um Regus Korea Ltd. Regus Jongro Co., Ltd. Regus Seocho Limited Regus Yeoksam Limited Regus Gongdeok Limited. Regaseu Regus Korea Group Ltd REGUS SAMSUNGDONG Ltd. Regusi 21 Co., Ltd. Regulruseu The 1st Regulruseu The 2nd Regsys Co., Ltd. Regis Signal Vision Co.,Ltd. E Land World Ltd. E-LAND WORLD CO.,LTD. Eland World Roed Gangnam Eland World Miso Myeongdong Dains Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. AD Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Analog & Digital Co., Ltd. Digital & Analog Co., Ltd. Analog & Digital Micro Co., Ltd Analog & Digital Engineering Analog Co., Ltd. Analog SR Ltd. Power Analog And Digital Co.,Ltd. Analog&Digital Soft Co.,Ltd. Alti Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Korean Broadcasting System Korea Broadcast Co., Ltd. Korea Broadcasting Enterprise Co., Ltd. Korea Network Broadcasts Co.,Ltd. Koryu Broadcasting Co., Ltd. KOREAN BROADCASTING SYSTEM SAUHOI CORP. Korean System Co., LTD. Korea Broadcasting Association Korea Broadcasters Association Host Broadcast Service Korea Korea Music Broadcast Korea Broadcasting Commission Korea Work Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Korea Medical Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Korea Broadcasting Institute Korea Broadcasting Event Association Co., Ltd. Korea Broadcasting Event Association Korea Fishing Broadcasting Co., Ltd. ORGAJJA Co.,Ltd. LEO Pharma Limited Fresh Company Co., Ltd. Fresh-in Co., Ltd. Sea Fresh Co., Ltd. Fresh Sun Fresh Co., Ltd. Fresh Sangsa Fresh Store N Fresh So Fresh Youngdeungpojeom Sunny & Fresh Co.,Ltd. Cheonhae Co.,Ltd. Cheonhae Building New York Life Insurance of Korea Ltd. Chubb Life Insurance Korea Co.,Ltd. MetLife Insurance Co. of Korea, Ltd. PRUDENTIAL LIFE INSUR CO OF KOREA PRUDENTIAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF KOREA LTD. INS KOREA INC. LINA Life Insurance Company of Korea Jungang Ins Korea Co.,Ltd. Gloviswon Co., Ltd. GLOVISION CO.,LTD. Glovise Gloviva Module&Company Segi Milliner Co., Ltd. SGS TESTING KOREA CO.,LTD. VUE Teseuting Service Korea Intertek Testing Services Korea Ltd. Korea Life Supplies Testing MATE CO.,LTD. Trade Mate Co.,Ltd. Mate Trading Co., Ltd. Samsung Corporation Co., Ltd. Samsung Co.,Ltd. Golden Global GOLDEN ACE GLOBAL CO.,LTD. Golden Gate Global Co., Ltd. Golden Bridge Global Golden Global FNB Global Golden Goal Co.,Ltd. Golden Global F&B Co., Ltd. Golden Apple Global Co., Ltd. Golden Global Shipping Co., Ltd. GOLDEN RAY GLOBAL INC. Golden Code Global Co., Ltd. SANG JIN CO., LTD. Daeil Dongryuk System Co., Ltd. Hanwha Corporation Hanwha Life Asset Co., Ltd Hanwha Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Hanwha Life Insurance Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Claim Adjustment Service Co., Ltd Samsung Life Co., Ltd. korea investment & securites Saino Korea Investment BK KOREA INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. Korea Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Corporation KOREA PRIVATE INVESTMENT RESEARCH CO.,LTD. KOREA INVESTMENT & SECURITIES CO LTD KOREA INVESTORS SERVICE, INC. NEW KOREA INVESTMENT MNAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd._Jongro Branch KOREA INVESTMENT STRATEGY CENTER CO.,LTD. Korea Investment Partners Co.,Ltd Korea Investment Partners Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Korea Investment Capital REI Holding Group Inc. Energy Holdings Group, Inc. E Holdings Co., Ltd. E Ta Holdings Co., Ltd. J Group Holdings Co., Ltd. JM Group Holdings JP Holdings Company Co., Ltd. Ja E Holdings Co., Ltd. SJ GROUP RE HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. Jun E Holdings Group I Holdings Co., Ltd. JP&D Group Co., Ltd. Dae Go Energy Co., Ltd. Daego Company WeWork Korea Yuhan Hoesa Tencent Korea Yuhan Hoesa Teleplan Korea Yuhan Hoesa CABOT KOREA YUHAN HOESA Michael Kors Korea Yuhan Hoesa Mimimam MINIMUM FOR MAXIMUM Mamimamma Minimum Co., Ltd. MINIMUM Mamimamseu INTECH UNITED CO., LTD. United Technologies International Operations United Telecom United Information Technologies Co., Ltd. UNITED CORUS CO.,LTD. Tu X United Co., Ltd. Enertopia Korea Co. Korus Corp. Korue Co.,Ltd. Korus Trading Ad Korus Co., Ltd. Korus Industries Co.,Ltd. Koru Pharmaceutical Korusa Co., Ltd. Korucis Inc. KORUS PACK CO LTD Hankook Metal Fence Industry Association Hankook Metal Furniture Industry Association Silicon media Co., Ltd. M Silicon Co., Ltd. Silicon Window Silicon Pia Co., Ltd. HS Silicon Co.,Ltd. Silicon Max ST Silicon Co., Ltd. DNY INFORMATION COMMUNICATIONS CO.,LTD. Scoop Skoop Media, INC. Skopi Inc. LIAHNSON & COMPANY Woori Financing Woori Finance Co., Ltd. Woori Finance Holdings Co., Ltd. Woori Group Co., Ltd. Woori Sales Finance Co.,Ltd. LEADERS FINANCIAL GROUP Woori Financial G Ju Co., Ltd. Woori Financial Service Co., Ltd. Welrix Financial Group Corporation Woori Financial Consulting Co., Ltd. Woori Loan Financial Co., Ltd. Core Finance Group Co., Ltd. Nanum Woori Finance Net Co., Ltd. Woori Finance 2-cha Special Proposal Company Woori Finance Research Institute Woori SM Finance Loan Brokerage Co., Ltd. Industrial Bank of Korea Nambuk Trading Co., Ltd. HIGH GS CO.,LTD. HIG Co. Human Insight Group Henes Investment Group Co., Ltd. High GV Hawaii Gym Hi Global Hi-Glotex Co., Ltd. Hui I&G Co., Ltd. Huni I&G Co., Ltd. ONE MIND GORGEOUS ACCOMPANY CO.,LTD. H&I Global Co., Ltd. Here Is Good Health Island Group Co., Ltd. Hite Ilbeon G Hyeonju Imported Goods WORD 4TH INC. Word Co., Ltd. Word CPL PL Printech The Ol Printech Printech C&C IPA Printech Alpha Printech Power Printech Mo B Days DKC SAFETY CO.,LTD. Newsis News IT Co.,Ltd. Newsis Health Co.,Ltd. New Sindo Corporation. New Sima Co., Ltd. NEWSIN MUSIC CO.,LTD. NEW SINSONG CO.,LTD. New Sidae NEW SINNISTA CO.,LTD. Korea Development Institution Co., Ltd. North Korea Development Institute Posco Development POSCO INT'L OSAKA POSCO Research Institute Posco Travel Co., Ltd. DR Nano Co., Ltd. NCCad NCC NCC CO.,LTD N C&C Co., Ltd. NCC Investment Co., Ltd. NCC TRADING CO.,LTD. N.C.C ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. KB Securities Co., Ltd. KB E&C Co., Ltd. KB LEADERS K. B Technology Security Co., Ltd. K. B Fire Security Co., Ltd. KwangDuck Co., Ltd. DUCK KWANG KWANG DUCK SPECIAL PAPER CO LTD JTBC Sports Co., Ltd. JTBC Co., Ltd. JTBC Content Hub Co.,Ltd JTBC Po Co., Ltd. JTBC Plus Co., Ltd. JTBC PLUS CO.,LTD. 88 TRAD INT CO.,LTD Trad International Co., Ltd. Inter Trading Co., Ltd. International Trading Company Co., Ltd. INTERNATIONAL TRADING CORPORATION International Trading Company INTER TRADE COMPANY CO.,LTD. INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. INTER TRADING DAIN INTERNATIONAL TRADING SM Ceramic SCG Solutions Co., Ltd. SCT Solutions Co., Ltd. The Solutions Co., Ltd. SD Solutions Co., Ltd. SM Solutions Co.,LTD Neowaiz Co., Ltd. Neowiz Internet Co., Ltd. Neo Wiz NEOWIZ ENC Co., Ltd. Neowoori Co., Ltd. Neowa Neowiz Mobile Corp. Neowini Co., Ltd. DKS Global Co., Ltd. IMOMAD Inc. IMOM CO.,LTD. MezzoMedia Inc. Mezzo MI KNIT SKL Security Services Dae Kwang Control Co., Ltd. DK Corporation DK Corp, LTD. DK LEADERS CO.,LTD. DK INC Co., Ltd. DK&CO Co., Ltd. DK&C Co., Ltd. DKCI D K C & C DKCO CO.,LTD. yellowsox Co., Ltd. Yellowduck Yellowegg Co.,Ltd Oops Company Oopsclean Co., Ltd. HEESUNG ELECTRONICS LTD Heesung Electronics Co. Heesung Electronics Ltd. Andromeda Games Co.,Ltd Andromeda Inc. Andromeda Entertainment Co., Ltd. U&S Company Co., Ltd. U Us U&US U And US Co., Ltd. U N USA Co., Ltd. U US Com U US Global Co., Ltd. U US Soft Co., Ltd. U&US PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. U Mi US In U US Ta Co., Ltd. Seoul Industry SEOUL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Seoul Industrial Seoul Industrial Co. SEOUL HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO. INC. Chungwoo Co.,Ltd. Global Corporation Global Co., LTD. Global SA Co., Ltd. Global Company Co.,Ltd. Global Leader MS GLOBAL CO., LTD. Global G.N Power Glass Korea Co., Ltd. POSH GLOBAL KOREA Posel Global Korea KYUNG YON EXHIBITION CO.,LTD. KEB Hana Bank KEB HanaCard Co., Ltd. KEB Jeu Co., Ltd. Societe Generale Dae Suk Suh Patent & Law Office SUH IL CO., LTD. SUH IL INDUSTRIES CORP. SUH International Co., Ltd. SUH CHUN SUH JUNG CO., LTD. SUH HWANG INC SUH-O DEVELOP CO SUH ARCHITECTS Suh Won Industrial Co. DONG SUH SERVICE G&s G Metal BR Korea Co.,Ltd. Cafe31 Ewha Womans Univ.Jungang Agency Ewha Women's Univ. Hospital Tom N Toms Ewha Womans Univ. Station Branch Paris Baguette Ewha Womans Univ. Station Agency Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital Baskin Ewha Woman's University Icarus(ewha Womans University Agency) Jacques Dessange(Ewha Womans University 2nd Agency E Hair Expension Ewha Womans University Sinchon Branch Galnaengssam Ewha Womans University Branch Heart Chyu Ewha Woman's University Agency Teenie Weenie Ewha Womans University Agency Ehwa Womans University Medical Center Cleantopia Iwha Womans University Branch Ewha Womans University Medical Center Olense Ewha University Agency Ewha University-Industry Collaboration Foundation Nanum Co.,Ltd. The Nanum Nanum Company Co., Ltd. Nanum Medical Group Quinvir Investment Inc. Piat The Dong-A Ilbo Donga Ilbo Dong-a Ilbo Bongchun Agency Dong-a Ilbo (Yoido Office) Dong-A Ilbo Seosinwol Branch Dong-a Ilbo Bulgwang Branch G2IN&CO CO.,LTD. G2 G2 Inc. GNC21 Co., Ltd. Genesis 21 Co., Ltd. GN2 EPS Genic Co., Ltd. Genix Corp. Genic Genis Genie Company Corset Keumsan Corporation Keumsan Jijil Co., Ltd. Keumsan Sensy Co., Ltd. Keumsan General Architects Office G&B SYSTEM GBSC Co., Ltd. GBS CO.,LTD. One&G Co., Ltd. One Golf Co.,Ltd. One Gold 1GAMES 101GT Co., Ltd. 1gram DONG A INC. CO., LTD. Dong-A Corp. Donga Corporation Donga Co, Ltd DAE YANG CORP. DAE YANG COMPANY DAE YANG COMPANY Bj Global BJ Corporation Co., LTD. Goormsoft Ltd. Gooroomee Co., Ltd. YU JEONG CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. Yu Jae Seon English Jeong ENT Co., Ltd. Yu Yeon Jeong Yu Sung Enterprise Co. Sin Yu Jeong Esthetic Dongwoo TR Co., Ltd. Burton Snowboards Korea Limited Burton Korea Co., Ltd. MCKINLEY INC. AMOTE CO. Amo Technology Co., Ltd. FinetecEco Co., Ltd. Finetech Network Co., Ltd. Finetech I Co., Ltd. Safe&Company Co., Ltd. Safe Mother Co., Ltd. Safe Co., Ltd. Safe Leader Co., Ltd. Safe Water Line Korea Co., Ltd. Caltech Trading Korea Co., Ltd. Kode Co., Ltd. Kodebox, Inc Kodeok Kodebeu Co., Ltd. Basco Co., Ltd. Basco Work Co., Ltd. BASCO INFORMATION Basco Plant & Engineering Co., Ltd. SEIL BASCO CO.,LTD. Eusu Holdings Co., Ltd. EUSUNG CO. Eusu Logistics Co., Ltd. ESEU Co.,Ltd. Korea Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Soma Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ARI BIOTECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD MIR BIOTECHNOLOGY Career Full Service Co., Ltd. Sampyo Motor pool POL S&A Co., Ltd. The Pol The Co., Ltd. M Pol System Co., Ltd. mota pool service co.,ltd Pol Star Company Co., Ltd. Metro Pol Co., Ltd. Pol Square Co., Ltd. S Pol Me E Pol S Co., Ltd. And Pol Pol Junior Pol Pool Pol Corporation Co., Ltd. Mari & pol Modern Pol Studio Pol M Co., Ltd. Pol Sports Taeyoung Motor Pool MAET & POL CO.,LTD. Pol Soft Co., Ltd. The Pol Star Entertainment Co., Ltd. KCH Co.,Ltd. KCH ENERGY CO., LTD. Taesung E&S Corp. APRO SERVICE GROUP CO.,LTD A Pro Systems A Pro Sys Co.,Ltd. THE APRO CO.,LTD. Apro Sangsa Apro APRO Inc. ITW KOREA CO.,LTD. ITW PP&F Korea Ltd. ITW It Works Look Optics Co., Ltd. Looks Company Look&Look Optical Shop Cheonho I Look Optical Look Optical(Myeongdong Seongdang Agency) HB INC. HB Company Co., Ltd. HB Healthcare Co., Ltd. HB Health Care Co., Ltd. Shekoy Korea Semiconductor New Material Co., Ltd. Air Rin Co., Ltd. Air Ruta Co., Ltd. The Air Riseu Air Ripeon Co., Ltd. Air Reoshia Air ROM VEZT Korea ATOS Co., Ltd. ATSG CO.,LTD. ATSS Atssa Restaurant Korea Oil Co., Ltd. Doorae Company Co., Ltd. Kunwon Construction Co., Ltd. Eco Global Co., Ltd. UNID Global Corporation Unidi UNID Co,.Ltd Unite Global One Two One Print Room121 Global FD Co., Ltd. Daelim & Co. Dalim Corporation DALIM INC. Daelim Estate Co., Ltd. Future Tel Future ENC Co, Ltd e-future Co.,Ltd. FUTURE INDUSTRY ELECTRONICS Future Electron FUTURE RETAIL CO.,LTD. Future Rex Co.,Ltd. Future C&D EASTERN FABRIC INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD GNL Shipping Co., Ltd. Global Saint Co., Ltd. Global New Tech Co., Ltd. Global New Ra Global New Soul Co., Ltd. New Global Co., Ltd. I New Global Company Co., Ltd. New Star Global Co., Ltd. New Port Global ST Global Co., Ltd. Parma Co., Ltd. Parma Parma International Parma International Co., Ltd. Glosfer Co., Ltd. Glosoft HY Construction Hy Com HY COMMISSION CORPORATE CO.,LTD. HY Construction Co., Ltd. Hycore Co., Ltd. H.Y.C Co., Ltd. HYCOOP HYCORPORATION JINHAO KOREA INC Jihao KAIST Air Co., Ltd. Kaist Edu Institute KAIST Ventures Co., Ltd. Min Inc. Mine Co., Ltd. MINES Co., Ltd. Mines Corporation MIN COMPANY CO.,LTD. Mine Min Mine Company Co., Ltd. The Mining Mining Co., Ltd. Pro Min Mine S.A. Mine Sa Co Ltd Min Corporation GLXTRADING Choice M Choice Choice Meat MOTHER'S MOM Co., Ltd. Motherco CO., LTD Digitech Digitech Digitech Co.,Ltd Sanup Co., Ltd. Daea Sanup Daeryuk Sanup Corporation Taewoong Sanup Dae Yong Sanup Co. ISLAND CO.,LTD. Holy Square Co.,Ltd. Holy L Hongsam Nara Hongsam Nara Co., Ltd. Jeil Industry Jeil Industry Co SILLA CORP SILLA INC. Silla SG Co., Ltd. Korean Reinsurance Company Korean Star Co., Ltd. Group 4 Falck Security Support Service Ltd. Korean Recovery Ministry Institute Biz & Biz Biz in Biz Biz & Biz Network Co., Ltd. GUUI BIZ IN BIZ CO.,LTD. MAPO BIZ IN BIZ CO.,LTD. KEPCO IT Support KEPCO-ALSTOM PES, Inc. Good Morning Food Morning Food Co., Ltd. Bucket List Hanwha General Insurance Co., Ltd. Life Ins Co.,Ltd. Hana Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Handuk Life Insurance KISS CO., LTD. Kiss Co. Kiss VADER ENTERTAINMENT KOREA CO., LTD.) Tide Square Co., Ltd. Winners MD Co., Ltd. Winner Shipping Co.,Ltd. Winners Company Co.,Ltd. Hanwha Q CELLS Korea Corp. Hanwha Q CELLS Corp. INS Ltd. INS Pro Ins Co.,Ltd. Pro Insur Co., Ltd. INS Corp. P.S.N Co., Ltd. PS ND Co.,Ltd. PSNEWS PS NETWORKS CO.,LTD. I.NET PRODUCTION CO.,LTD. Dai Ryung Trading Co., Ltd. DAI PUNG CO. Dai Young Trading Company DAI KYUNG TRADING LTD. DAI HENG TRADING CO LTD DAI YANG TRADING CO., DAI CHUNG TRADING CO., LTD Ank ANK Limited Sein TNL Co., Ltd. TNL SCHOOL Is T.N.L. Co., Ltd. Seho TNL Co.,Ltd. TNL WORLD WIDE CO.,LTD. TN LIPD Co., Ltd. TNL Sport Co., Ltd. TNL DASANART CO.,LTD KAHA CORPORATION National Pension Service Dunamu Inc. Duna Duna Miss Dunamis Co.,Ltd. Dunamiseu Dunamu & Partners Bounty Begem Co., Ltd. Hanryu Tech Co., Ltd. TY HANRYU 1ST CO.,LTD. Hanryu Development Co., Ltd. Hanryu .com Hanryu Ivy Co., Ltd. Leaders AI Co., Ltd. AI COMPANY CO.,LTD. Hanryu A.I. Center Co.,Ltd. HANRYU ART CO.,LTD. Hanryu PD A Han AI Co., Ltd. HANRYU MEDIA CO.,LTD. Hanryu C&C Co., Ltd. Hanryu Made Co., Ltd. Hana AI The 2nd Co., Ltd. Hana AI The 4th Co., Ltd. Hana AI The 3rd Co., Ltd. Probest Kingdom 1st Co., Ltd. Silkroad Co Silkroad Co.,Ltd. Silkroad Silkroad Co., Ltd. GN Silkroad Co., Ltd. Sinnyum Sinnuri Co., Ltd. Extrim Co Top Point International Co., Ltd. Bluebird Inc. Bluebird Child Publishing Co. Bluebird Co., Ltd. BLUEBIRD TOTAL COMMUNICATION CO.,LTD. BLUEBIRD ENTERPRISE Bluebird HairArt Bluebird Music Academy Guro Bluebird Nanumteo Regional Children's Center Bluebird Beauty Shop Bluebird Kids Lab Harbor KOREA GREEN INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Hana Electronics Hanwha Chemical Corporation Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Petrochemical Company Petrochemical Hanwha Chem Hanwool Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Union Net Uninet Pc UNINETEC CO.,LTD. Income INCOMS Incoterms Co.,Ltd. inost Incobe Co.,Ltd. InConnect Co., Ltd. INCOA Co. Incou INSTAR ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD. INSTEC CABLE CO., LTD. Institute of North Korea Studies Incob National Defence Computer Center National Defense Cultural Property Research Institute Space & Astronomy Co., Ltd. NUTEC Co.,Ltd NUTEX INC WORLD RESOURCE CO.,LTD. World Resources World Resources Eco Co., Ltd. SEMON WORLD RESOURCES CO.,LTD. World Resources Cheolgeo ECO FARM WORLD CO.,LTD. World Human Resources Kimids Co., Ltd. KIMI Kimidata Co., Ltd. Kimatad KIMI Co., Ltd. KIMI, Ltd. Western Western INC Co., Ltd. BEST WESTERN GANGNAM HOTEL CO.,LTD. Best Western Hotel Vision BEST WESTERN CO.,LTD. BTS Western Co., Ltd. BK Western The 1st Seven Springs Co., Ltd. Seven Spring Scope Co., Ltd. Seven Springs Co., Ltd._Seoul Branch Seven Spring Seujamwonjeom Co., Ltd. Seven Spring Seujamshil Lotte World Co., Ltd. Seven Spring Seumokdong 41Tower Jeom Humania HUMANSI CO.,LTD. Humansis Co.,Ltd. Humanix Co.,Ltd. Humanist HUMANITAS CO.,LTD. C & B Corporation Ltd. C & B CO., LTD Lian Corporation Lynn Co.,Ltd. LYAN G & D CO.,LTD. LIAN CORPORATION Luan L & Ya Corp Lya Nature Co.,Ltd. Emjs Tech Co., Ltd. Korea Graph Co.,Ltd. Nayana Internet NAYANA Inc. Nayang Naya Eng Nana Yangpum Nayard Planning Co., Ltd. BEX Travel Korea Co., Ltd. Silla Holdings Co., Ltd. Silla S&D Co., Ltd. DK Oil&Gas Co., Ltd. Oil Gas News Paper FOREST CO. THE FOREST CO.,LTD. Forest Ol Co., Ltd. Dongyang DC Co., Ltd. HRM Fast Shipping Korea Co.,Ltd. Festo Korea Co., Ltd. Fast B Korea Co., Ltd. FISHPET KOREA Pact Korea Post Korea Net Co., Ltd. PTK Co., Ltd. Post & Co (Korea) Ltd. Post Korea Co., Ltd. Paekteo Korea Co., Ltd. Constant Technology Corp. VISION S&C CO.,LTD C And Vision Co., Ltd. Chungdahm i-Garten, Inc. Vision C&I Co.,Ltd. Vision C&H Co., Ltd. Vision C&b E Vision Co.,Ltd. Vision C&N Co., Ltd. Vision I&C Co., Ltd. THE VISION C&D CO.,LTD. Motorix Motro Co., Ltd. MATREX KOREA LIMITED AIA Life Insurance Co. Ltd. TAEWOO CORPORATION Imt Complex Korea KOREA INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX EXECUTIVE COUNCIL ASSOCIATION CORP. IND KOREA CO.,LTD. Korea Art General School Educational-Industrial Complex K Ulsan Industrial Complex The 1st Co., Ltd. Biz Link Co.,Ltd NY corp. NEW YORK CORPORATION New York NYS Co., Ltd. NY Company NY The 1st Co., Ltd. MEE KWANG SANG SA DONG KWANG SANG-SA SANG KWANG INDUSTRIAL CO LTD Kwang San Kwang San Farm Co., Ltd. Suk Kwang San Up Kwang San Changho Co., Ltd. LG HOUSEHOLD & HEALTH CARE NC Household & Health Care LG Health Care O Hwi LG Ohui Household & Health Care wellpia household & health care co.,LTD ASIAN SYSTEMS CO LTD Asian business Consultant Korea Boss Asian Boss Co., Ltd. Asian Consulting Corporation Asian Bridge Asian Pass YIC Co., Ltd. YI&C Co., Ltd. Yujin International Construction Co., Ltd. Yujin Internet Cafe Friday10pm Co., Ltd. Friday 6PM Ten PM R&F JL Company Co.,Ltd. JL LIMITED. Hangyeol Partners Co., Ltd. JL CO.,LTD. JL Gold Co.,Ltd. J&L Global Co., Ltd. Enterdy N P CT&C Co., Ltd. REC&C Co., Ltd. RECORD CO. REC Co., Ltd. C&t Corporation C & T CO.,LTD. C & T Corporation C&T LEADERS C&T Co., Ltd CT CT Corporation CT CO.,LTD. C & L RECORDS Chemical Record Co., Ltd. C T CORPORATION C & T CO., LTD. C&T Company CT E NC Co., LTD. Abillkorea Co,. Ltd. AT&T Global Network Service Korea Ltd. A Global Networks Co., Ltd. A.I.F. Global Network Co., Ltd. AT & T Corporation A&T Travel Co., Ltd. A & T Textile A Tis T Co., Ltd. A&T Technology Co., Ltd. A Team Tu Co., Ltd. LM LM CO.,LTD. LM Co., Ltd. LM 1st Co.,ltd LM 2nd Co,.ltd LM 3rd Co,.ltd LM 4th Co,.ltd LM Company Co., Ltd. LM Entertainment Co., Ltd. MMO Entertainment Co., Ltd. MM Office HK 4545 THE SHINY Unicore Co., Ltd. Umicore Marketing Services Korea Co., Ltd. UNICORE COMMUNICATIONS CO.,LTD. LG International Corp. Log International Co., Ltd. Saea Saeam Co.,Ltd. SHIN HEUNG TRADING CO MI Patent & Law Firm D.I. International Patent & Law Firm Patent & Law Firm LNK Patent Law Firm D&Patent Law Firm JH Patent Law Firm Ein Patent Law Firm Dasol Patent & Law Firm Yuno Patent & Law Firm Sejin Patent Law Firm Darae Law and Patent Firm Now Patent Law Firm Daham Patent Law Firm Wi Patent Law Firm YNG Patent Law Firm HYUN PATENT & LAW FIRM Codi Patent Law Firm Damin Patent Law Firm G On Patent Law Firm Dongwon International Patent & Law Firm K&S Patent Law C&S Patent and Law Office Shinwon Patent & Law Firm Sinji Patent Law Firm SKY International Patent & Law Firm Zenith Patent & Law SYP Patent Law Firm Saeon Patent Law Firm Sarang Patent Law Firm Shinra Patent Law Firm Seyeon Patent Law Firm Shian Patent Law Firm KOREA INVESTMENT CO., LTD Korea Investment & Securities (Kwanghwamoon Branch) Uqsoft Yuhan Hoesa AE Brand Korea Ltd. Brand Korea VMS BRAND KOREA CO.,LTD. Brand Builder Korea Co., Ltd. Asahi Communication Korea Corporation Korea Brand Association Korea Asahi Trading Co Ltd KOREA ASAHI OPTICAL Asahi Sogyo Korea Co., Ltd. The Brands BRAND MS CO.,LTD. Brand Co., Ltd. Brand & Company Co., Ltd. ASAHI BANK SOUL BRANCH Asahi Brothers Co., Ltd. Shinhan Alternative Investment Management Inc. Hana Alternative Asset Management Co., Ltd. Alternative Consulting Alternative Investment Co., Ltd. Evan Evin EVON Corporation SEUN COMMERCIAL Co., Ltd. Phillip Seun International Group Seun Inter Tech Zone Seun International Skypark FREE LED CO.,LTD. Source The Source Mus Humanly Source Consulting Co., LTD. Source & Life Inc. M & S Source MIR Co., Ltd. Mir Mir INC Co., Ltd. Mir Company Co.,Ltd. Ariba Inc. Varied Vaross Inc. VARIOUS CO.,LTD. VERIS CO.,LTD. Arms Co., Ltd. Arimsa Aramso Aramis Ariko Arise Co. ARISE CO.,LTD Aries Co., Ltd. Arito Co., Ltd. Arado Arida E Co., Ltd. AIRD CO.,LTD. Aridan Arin Corporation Arin ARIAIN CO.,LTD. Arina Arino Co., Ltd. ARIS CORPORATION ARAS Co., Ltd. Arisa Arias Arisa Beauty Shop Araise Ltd. Arisu Resturant Arca Inc. Arico Aricha Aricom ARICLASSIC CO., LTD. Arichang Co.,Ltd. Aribebe Aribaba Arab Co., Ltd. ARIBADA INC. Aribaenwirib Co., Ltd. Aribelra Arada Art Da Arydda Co., Ltd. RMK In Corporation Co., Ltd. R.M Ko Co., Ltd. RMK Trading Co., Ltd. RMK SHOUJI CO.,LTD. RMK Engineering Shiho Company Co., Ltd. Shiho Company bitHill corp. Hanyang MSL Co.,Ltd. Workday Korea Limited SAMBO Corporation L.T Corporation Co., Ltd. L.T L.T Company Co., Ltd. Oil Corporation Co., Ltd EZ Petroleum Co., Ltd. SUDO PETROLEUM Co., Ltd. GLOBAL PETROLEUM CO LTD DA O PETROLEUM CO., LTD. Taenam Petroleum Co.,Ltd. GWANAK PETROLEUM CO. DAENONG PETROLEUM CO.,LTD. JNB Limited Co., Ltd. Jnb Corporation Data Bank Korea Co., Ltd. KOREA DATA CORPORATION CO.,LTD. Korea Data Co., Ltd. Big Data Korea Ltd. Big Data Co., Ltd. Korea biz data Co.,Ltd. Big Korea Gio Data Korea Korea Data Bank Co., Ltd. Korea Bik Data Institute Sony Music Entertainment Korea Inc Music K Entertainment Line Music Entertainment F Music Entertainment Co., Ltd. Pro Shima Music Entertainment Co., Ltd. Stone Music Entertainment Co., Ltd. Pop Music Entertainment Co., Ltd. KJ Music Entertainment Co., Ltd. Sponge Music Entertainment Co., Ltd. Doen Music Entertainment Noa Music Entertainment Works Music Entertainment Co., Ltd. Hotel KP Co., Ltd. BHK Co., Ltd. Aramko Co., Ltd. ARI Corporation ARI Co.,Ltd. Ariojo Co., Ltd. DOWON UBTECH CO.,LTD Dowon Dowon Corporation Dowon The 1st Dowon The 2nd Co., Ltd. The Dowon Co., Ltd. Dowon The 3rd Co., Ltd. Dowon the 4th Co.,Ltd. DOWON CO.,LTD. Dowon Co., Ltd. Dowon Co.,Ltd DOWON CO. Dowon tech Co., Ltd. Dowon Technology Co.,Ltd. Emoldino Co., Ltd. EPPN Co.,Ltd. EPME Eban Stone Partners Co., Ltd. Epaen Co., Ltd. SB Partners The First Co., Ltd. SB Partners Holdings SB Partners S&B Partners Co., Ltd. SB Jeu Partners Co., Ltd. SB Project The 1st ISAC SEMICONDUCTOR CO.,LTD. IM Semiconductors Am Semiconductor Mt Semiconductor IP Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. K Semiconductor Co., Ltd. BI Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Intu Semiconductor Iset Semiconductor IXYS SEMICONDUCTOR LTD ITM CORPORATION CO.,LTD. ITM Company Co., Ltd. I.T.M Co., Ltd. I.T.M INC. ITM System I.T.M Investment Co., Ltd. ITM Development Co., Ltd. Daily Co.,Ltd DAILY INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD Daily Food International Co., Ltd. Daily Company Co., Ltd. The Daily Co.,Ltd. IT Daily Co., Ltd. Daily Roseuteu International Co., Ltd. BNK Roasters Co., Ltd. Arisys Co., Ltd. CIC&Cops Co., Ltd. CIC CO.,LTD CIC The CIC Co., Ltd. C&IC CIC Financial Co., Ltd. CIC Holdings CIC International Co., Ltd. BASF Korea Ltd. Serasf Korea Orbis Co, Ltd Myung in Co.,Ltd. M Stone KR Co., Ltd. M Stone Investment Co., Ltd. Top Stone M&G Kim & Chang Kim Chang & Lee Kim Chang In Taxation Office Kim Chang Suk Fashion Kim Chang Ju Good Fashion Kim Chang Sik Tax Accounting Office Lawyer Kim Chang Hong Office Kim Chang Ho Science Math Institute New Zealand homes Z'nz Co. Z`NZ Newzealand House Co., Ltd. Newzealand Natural Icecream Co., Ltd. Ever Green Newzealand Co., Ltd. Newzealland Dream Line Co., Ltd. All That New All That N Co.,Ltd. ALL Co., Ltd. All That Corporation Co.,Ltd. ALL DC CO.,LTD. ALL CO. ALL IN CO. All In All ALL THAT COMPANY CO.,LTD. ALL NATIONS CO., LTD All Nations Company.,Ltd. All Next Co., Ltd. All of the nature Co.,Ltd All Of Nature Co., Ltd. IVOCLAR VIVADENT INC. Samkirap Co., Ltd. SAMKKINI CO.,LTD. Samki Metal Co., Ltd.. Samki Corporation Samki Tech Co., Ltd Samki Energy Co., Ltd. Samkirap Samki Youngjin Co.,Ltd. BOK Corporation Food Information FU CO.,LTD. Genes Co., Ltd. EUGENE Dr.Gene Co.,LTD EyeGene,Inc. Egene Co., Ltd. ANY IN CO.,LTD. Any PC Co., LTD. Caltech I&D Coolidge Corner Investment Co. Colets Co., Ltd. Truman Co., Ltd. Catenoid, Inc. Soft Tech Co. Pro Safety Technology Saftec Co Ltd Soft Tech Korea Inc SOFT BIO TECHNOLOGY Kimco World Co., Ltd. Kimco KIMCO CO LTD KIMCO. KIMCO TECH CO., LTD. KIMCO BEVERAGES SALES INC Kimco General Sangsa Co., Ltd. KIMC Co., Ltd. Kimcheon Co. Altran Technologies Korea Ltd. ALTRAN TECHNOLOGY KOREA INC. A Tech Korea Co.,Ltd. ATK CO.,LTD. ATK A-Tech Korea Alloy Tech Korea Co, Ltd Able Tech Korea Co.,Ltd. ALTe Technologies Korea Co., Ltd. ATI Technologies Korea Agilent Technologies Korea Ltd. ALLYN INTERNATIONAL SERVICES KOREA YUHAN HOESA Mind Company MISS MIND CO. The Mind Mind All Co.,Ltd. Mind&Company Co., Ltd. Mind In Co., Ltd. Mind AI Co., Ltd. D Mind Asia The Mind I&C Inc. Harim Corporation Ltd. Harim Corporation Harim Sangsa HA RIM CO LTD HARIM Harim & Bori Company Co., Ltd. Harim Chicken Harim Chicken Express Harim Mexican HARIM TRADING CO. Harim Mexican Hof KBIC KBAS KPIS Co., Ltd. KIBS KBIC Co., Ltd. KBSi KBIC Corporation Co., Ltd. Kbsc Co., Ltd. Baekdoo Intersystem Co., Ltd. Baekdoo International Co., Ltd. BAEKDOO INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd. Baekdoo Gosiwon Baekdoo Electric Baekdoo Travel Service Co.,Ltd. Labor Corporation Baekdoo Baekdoo Certified Realtor Baekdoo Distribution Baekdoo Industry Baekdoo Computation Baekdoo Communication PN Co., Ltd. PN Co.,Ltd. PN P.N INC Co., Ltd. P&N INCORPORATION P No and Company Yim International Patent & Law Firm CISUN International Patent & Law Firm Olbareun Kukje Patent Law Firm Haeum Patent Corporation H&T Kukje Patent Law Firm IP Seuteu Patent Law Firm Hyeonseong Kukje Patent Law Firm Haein Patent Law Firm Haneul Patent law office Jeongseok International Patent Law Firm Hanyang International Patent and Law Firm Century International Patent & Law Firm Techvil International Patent & Law Firm Ne E Teu Patent Corporation Neo International Patent And Law Firm Yeswon International Patent & Law Firm Sayhaw International Patent And Law Firm Hupia International Patent & Law Firm Gain International Patent & Law Firm UIP International Patent & Law Firm Seoul International Patent Law Firm Nobel International Patent & Law Firm Won International Patent & Law Firm IPLF Next won International Patent Law Firm Nice International Patent & Law Firm Taeul Patent Law Firm Jiwu International Patent & Law Firm Selim International Patent Law Firm HAEAN PATENT & LAW FIRM Haeum Haeum ID Co., Ltd. Haeum Musical Instrument Hanul Patent Office Haeram Patent Law Office Patent Corporation Haedam Haeum Planning Patent Corporation (U Han )Haedam Haeum Art Co., Ltd. APPSBIZON Inc. Apps Appsolution Co, . Ltd. Bodywise Asia Ltd. Argio Co., Ltd. Argo Corporation Co.,Ltd. Arigatou Soom Ltd. Somaru Soom Co., Ltd. Mijin Inc. Mijin MIJIN CO. Ario P&C Arion Company Limited Arion Company Co.,Ltd. Cong FS Corporation Korea Communications Industry Cooperative Electric Contractor's Financial Cooperative Coops Communication Co., Ltd. Korea Information Communication Leader Cooperative Information Design Cooperative Korea Financial Information Industry Cooperative Information Technology Cooperative KORE INFORMATION INDUSTRY COOPERATION Science Technology Information Cooperative International Information Technology Private Cooperation Bareun Financial Consumer Cooperative JS COMMUNICATIONS INFORMATION CO.,LTD. Information Communication Forum Isac Financial Information Co., Ltd FINANCE AND INFORMATION Information & Communication Manpower Co, Ltd Doctor Information Communication Pro Information & Communication MS Information & Communication Information Communication MS Information Communication Information & Communication Qualification Association of Korea Info-communications development institute Information Communication Bu Electric Wave Research Institute Information Communication System Yeongu Union Coint Co., LTD Seokmun Co., Ltd. Seokminne LEADERS EDUCATION Education The Education Co.,Ltd. Education + Co.,Ltd. The Education Co., Ltd. Education Times Co.,Ltd. EDIKET INC Education First EA1 Co., Ltd. E&A E A EA Co., Ltd. Kiswel Co., Ltd. (Branch) WS&Company Co., Ltd. WS Company Rosenberg Korea Co., Ltd. Rosen MIRAE CORP. Mirae Corporation Co., Ltd. 300CBT Inc. Eleven Ten JC Corporation Korea Co.,Ltd. Handeul Co., Ltd. Seoul Guarantee Insurance Company Seoul Guarantee Insurance Hongduk Textile Hong Duk Co., Ltd. Hongduk Goryuinsam Co., Ltd. U Skin U Re Co., Ltd. Skin R Re Co., Ltd. Seong U Skin Care Re & U Skin Care U Skin En Body Ryu S&U Cosmetic U&MI COSMETICS CO.,LTD. U Won Cosmetic U Aenmi Cosmetic Co., Ltd. U US Cosmetic Co., Ltd. On U Cosmetics Re R.e El Re-Up Re US U Re D Eonteu Co., Ltd. U Con Car Re Han U Re Edu Co., Ltd. Inet Daechang Co. Daechang Company Co.,Ltd. Bumchun Special Purpose Company Moon Poong Moon Sa Co. WON POONG METAL CO., LTD. POONG CHEON CORPORATION POONG WOON CO., LTD POONG MOO ENGINEERING CO LTD Poong Won Co.,Ltd. POONG JUNG MOOLSAN CO LTD Smart Media Representative Co., Ltd. SMR Entertainment Co., Ltd. Sm Rap SM Ron Co., Ltd. SM Retail Co., Ltd. KMH Co., Ltd. Kmh Inc. KMHG Kmho BK Co., Ltd. Kmhyo Engineering Co., Ltd. KM Hanaro Co., Ltd. KMH CORPORATION LTD Lava Optic Co., LTD. Lava Opticis Lava Corporation Lavis Lavangd Co., Ltd. Lapa CRISTAL SR KOREA CO.,LTD. Tangram Factory Inc. NEPA KOREA CO.,LTD. The Plus Co., Ltd. Plus INC Plus AND PLUS CO.,LTD. Plus Inc, Ltd Ms Plus Poolus Inc. Hyundai Asset Management Co., Ltd. Roman lnternational Co.,Ltd. Bun Bun SIN-AH TRADE SE-HYUN TRADING CO., LTD. SUNG-AH TRADING COMPANY REE DAE AH TRADING CORPORATION SANG AH TRADING CO.,LTD SE-A TRADING INC. SEAH TRADING CO. SE Trading Co.,Ltd. SE Trading Co., Ltd. SE Trading SE HAN TRADING CORP. Se Ah Tns Se Hwa Trading Company SE-RAM TRADING CO.,LTD Dae Se Trading Co. Se Se Trading Co. SE YANG TRADING CO LTD SE HHYO TRADING CO., LTD KCC Corporation Co., Ltd. IT Control Co.,Ltd. Mirae Control Co., Ltd. Mido Controls The Korean Teacher's Mutual Fund Teachers' Pension Teachers Korea KOREA TIGER PRESERVATION FUND CORP. Korea Institute Association Korea System Engineering Association Hanguk Science Engineers Cooperative Association Korea Tourbus Mutual Aid Association Korea Engineering Services Association Korea Mutual Aid Co.,Ltd. Korea Dentistry Association Sema Company Co.,Ltd. Sema SEMA INDUSTRIAL CO. NS Sema The 1st Co., Ltd. Sema Oil Co., Ltd. Sema Textile Sema Travel Co., Ltd. Seron Tech SeRon Telecom Co., Ltd. VL & CO CO.,LTD. VL Investment Co.,Ltd. VL Kobalteusamo Investment VL Boeosamo Investment VL Tomseunsamo Investment VL Bandereusamo Investment Pierre Fabre Dermo Cosmetique Korea Co., Ltd. HAESUNG CO. Hanhwa Trading Co., Ltd. Hanhwa Transport Co.,Ltd Hanhwa Todam Hanhwa teobi Co., Ltd. Total IT Co., Ltd. IT Total Samsung Total Electric Construction Co., Ltd Samsung Total Co. Samsung Total Construction Touch In Sol Co., Ltd. TPK Touch Solution Korea INC Ever Touch Solution Communication Co Ltd Aueori Co., Ltd. Neo Silk Road Co., Ltd. New Silk Road Co., Ltd. E No Silk Narae Silk EN Silk Co., Ltd. Smile Family, Inc. Smile & Company senda Co.,Ltd. Koriz Co.,Ltd Human Bridge Korea Co.,Ltd. Sea Bridge Korea LTD OCEAN BRIDGE KOREA CO.,LTD. The Bridge Korea Co., Ltd. Cargo Bridge Korea Co., Ltd. E Bridge Korea Co., Ltd. Ever Bridge Korea Co., Ltd. Sakeo Bridge Korea Bank Bridge Korea Co., Ltd. The Bridge Company Co., Ltd The Bridge Co.,Ltd. Bridge TA Co., Ltd. Bridge Corporation Co., Ltd. The Bridge The Bridge Corporation Inet Builder Co., Ltd. Baum Baum Baum Corporation Co., Ltd. DELICIOUS SPACE CO.,LTD. Datas Co., Ltd. MR Data Co.,Ltd. Dealicious Inc. Delicious Dataline DATA Co.,Ltd. Leaders Data Co., Ltd. THE DELICIOUS FILM CO.,LTD. Delicious Kalguksu Delicious Hankki Delicious Gyoto Delicious Chicken Delicious Dishes DataN Company Co., Ltd. Delicious Jjukkumi Datable Inc. Datalobby Inc. DATACOMM CO. LTD. Datawide co., Ltd Cham Delicious House Chef Gang's Delicious Jjajang Delicious Dubu & Gimcijjim DATATEK Inc. Eban Co., Ltd. Eobeon Star Co., Ltd. Efonia Co,. Ltd. Efim Trading Co. THE EVAN STYLE CO.,LTD. EPIN F&T CO.,LTD. Ebom Eobein Corporation Co., Ltd. Ebon Insurance Co.,Ltd. Eboni Ivory Recycling Center Advanced Technologies Corp. Gojin Co., Ltd. gojin Gojin Industry Gojin Motor Co.,Ltd Gojin Motor Co., Ltd. Gojip Gojin Engineering Co.,Ltd. Gojin Logis Co.,Ltd. Gojin Global Gojin Information Communication Eight 1 M Ten Motor One Co., Ltd. M One Co., Ltd. MAX ONE MOM 1 M 114 Co., Ltd. Max One Trading Mimo 1 MNS1 Co., Ltd. M153 Co., Ltd. Main One Co, Ltd Maxon Soft Corp. MAXWON ERINK CO.,LTD. Maxon Marketing Co Ltd Maxon Motor korea Co., Ltd Maxon Electronics Co., Ltd. MAXON EURO CO.,LTD. Jisan Motors Co., Ltd. Jisan INC Jisan Corporation Daekyung Co.,Ltd. Prime Investment Partners Co., Ltd. Prime Investment Co., Ltd. The Prime Investment Co., Ltd. Prime Invest Deonteu World Prime Investment Co., Ltd. SW Prime Invest Co., Ltd. Prime Incheon Investment Development Co., Ltd. Pearls Art Co., Ltd. Cheum. Co., Ltd. Cheutu Cheudun Co., Ltd. Commuinternational Deals Company DEALCOM Tremo Co., Ltd. Trans Global Inc. Yonwoo Corp Yonwoo LRT, Inc. Yonwoo Steel Yonwoo Battambang Inc. Yonwoo Planning Yonwoo International YONWOO F&D CO.,LTD. YONWOO KMER CO., LTD. B.C. Holdings Co., Ltd. B.C Gold Co., Ltd. Bc Pc BC CORPORATION BC&Company Co., Ltd. Monkey The Museum Museum MONKEY HOUSE CO.,LTD. Monkey Family Mokin Museum HAP Happy A Pub Yuring Co., Ltd. Suhyup Bank 2012 SUHYUP BANK 1ST INC. 2014 Suhyup-bank 1st Co.,Ltd. Suhyup Service Co., LTD. Sewoon Electronics Sewoon Electric SO WOO CORP. Daejeong Clean Tech Shin Sung Global Co., Ltd. Connection Co., Ltd. CONNECTION CO.,LTD. Bags Connection Korea Co., Ltd. Digital Connection Korea Inc. EG Connection Co., Ltd. Daon Connection Co.,Ltd. Design Connection H Connection Co., Ltd. Connection Digital Co., Ltd. IT Connection Co., LTD. Edu connection Co., Ltd. Geori Connection Co.,Ltd. Daegwang Connection Connection A V Connection Co., Ltd. Withus In Vision Co., Ltd. With Vision Co., Ltd. With Vision Inc. With Vision System Co., Ltd. With us Co., Ltd. WITH US COMPANY INC. With Us Corp With US In With US Company With US Online Co., Ltd. With US International Co., Ltd. SMART CARE KOREA CO.,LTD. Korea Smart Card Co., Ltd Smart korea Smart Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Smart Card CS Partners Korea Smart City Co., Ltd. Smart City Korea Co., Ltd. Elysia the 7th Co.,Ltd RF System Co., Ltd. R&F System Co., Ltd. RF SYSTEM KOREA CO.,LTD. RF SKY CO.,LTD. SEHAN RF SYSTEM CO.,LTD. R&F korea RF Korea R.F. KOREA CO. RF KOREA CO., LTD. RF KOREA CO.,LTD. Opier RF Korea KOREA R.F RF Mon Korea Co., Ltd. Korea RF Sales Co., Ltd. Korea R.F Data RF Logics Korea Co., Ltd. RF Three World Korea Co., Ltd. Actico Co., Ltd. Actco Korea Actco Co., Ltd. Actcop Co., Ltd. ACTYCON CO.,LTD. IICOMBINED Co., Ltd. Far East Corp. FAR- EAST CO.,LTD. Far East Commercial Corp. E COMMERCE CO.,LTD. E&Commerce Co., Ltd. E&R Commerce Co., Ltd. E&M Commerce E Commerce Trade Co., Ltd. E No Commerce Co., Ltd. E Re E Commerce Co., Ltd. E Commerce Infra Holdings Daelim International Co. Delma International Daelim International Co., Ltd. Dalma International Co., Ltd. Delmi TV Co., Ltd. UKC Korea Co., Ltd. On Track Co., Ltd. OnTrans Co., Ltd. Ontrance Yumyung Jungin Co.,Ltd. Jungin World Co., Ltd. Jungin Wood Co.,Ltd. A.C.A ACA Co., Ltd. The ACA Co., Ltd. VME Co., Ltd. V Media Co., Ltd. V Media V Media Co.,Ltd. Beeline Consulting Co.,Ltd. B Line Korea Co., Ltd. Cheonsu Group Co., Ltd. Cheonsu Company Co., Ltd. HICOS Ltd. LG Chem, Ltd. SJL Partners, LLC SJL Partners Co., Ltd. SJL Co.,Ltd. SJL Corporation Co., Ltd. Amorepacific Corporation AMOREPACIFIC Group Three K Incorporated Three K Company Co., Ltd. Han Global Convergence Co., Ltd. LEADING CONVERGENCE CO.,LTD. HUMAN CONVERGENCE CO.,LTD. Power Convergence Co.,Ltd. TSK CONVERGENCE CO.,LTD. CROSS & CONVERGENCE CO.,LTD. Convergence Square Inc. ITS Convergence Co., Ltd. Convergence M Co,.Ltd. NEO CONVERGENCE CO.,LTD. IP convergence Co., Ltd. BIT CONVERGENCE CO.,LTD. Bio Convergence Co.,Ltd Neolab Convergence Inc. CONVERGENCE TV CO.,LTD. TI LAB CONVERGENCE RESEARCH CO.,LTD. LKconvergence Co.,Ltd Xmerce Convergence Co., Ltd. Enzyme Convergence Convergence Design Corp. JNY CORPORATION JNY AutoMotive Co.,Ltd. JNY Consulting Co., Ltd. JNY C&C CO.,LTD. JnY Trading Co JNY Construction Co., Ltd. ABL Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Allianz France Life Insurance Allianz General Insurance Company Korea Ltd., ALIKA Co.,Ltd. Quanta Matrix Co.,Ltd. TI M&S Co., Ltd. Timsco Co., Ltd.. Seungji Seungji Steel Seungji Liquor SEUNGJI DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. SEUNGJI TEXTILE CO. Seungji Communication Co., Ltd. HM Systems Home&Home System Co., Ltd. HS Home System Home Key System HM Food System Co., Ltd. Home Tech System Green Home System Co., Ltd. INTEK PACKAGING LTD. Intek Pos Co.,Ltd. IWI Limited Iwin Semicon Co., Ltd. I Win Net Co., Ltd. I Wil Company Co., Ltd. Iwix Co., Ltd. I-Wings., ltd. I Wing Co., Ltd. I WINS CO.,LTD. Iwincom I Wings .Com Namus NAMUSAE CO.,LTD. Namu Ga Co., Ltd. Namusa Namuga Itneun House FirstLaw P.C. Firstlady Co., Ltd. Firstra Co., Ltd. FIRSTWAVE CAPITAL CO.,LTD. Carecom Co., Ltd. Core Com Corecom Co Corecomsolution Co., Ltd. Corecomm Corporation Crecom Co., Ltd. Corcomo Co., Ltd. Corecon Industry Co., Ltd. Leaders Chem Leaders Chemical Co., Ltd. MS Chemical Co.,Ltd. DR Chemical Co., Ltd. Leaders Chem Co Air China Bank of China Master Trading Masters Trading Co., Ltd. MASTER TRADING CO.,LTD. ASIA TRADING CO. Asia Trading Corporation Asia Master Trade Co., Ltd. Rosso M Jimmy Choo Korea Limited James An College Korea Co., Ltd. Jejung Building Jejung Trade Co., Ltd. Jejung Co., Ltd. Space Korea Co., Ltd. Space Korea Space In Korea Co., Ltd. Space Korea Co., Ltd. Kyobo P&B Co., Ltd. Kyobo Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Kyobo Securities Co., Ltd. Kyobo Book Center Co., Ltd. Kyobo Tower Kyobo Special Sales Kyobo Information & Communication Co., Ltd. Kyobo Securities Co, Ltd Rpnetworks Co., Ltd. GUEST HOUSE CO.,LTD. Guest House Guest House The Hill Boa Guest House I Guest House U Guest House K Guest House G&P Tech Co., Ltd. G-SMATT GLOBAL CO., LTD. Samsung Asset Management Co., Ltd. Samsung SRA Asset Management Co., Ltd. SAMSUNG WITH ASSET INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. SAMSUNG ASSET ID CO.,LTD. Samsung Active Asset Management Samsung Hedge Asset Management Samsung SM Asset Management Co., Ltd. Suseo Samsung Apartment Management Office Samsung Building Management Co., Ltd. Asset Management Financial Center Co., Ltd. Asset Management Co.,Ltd. Asset Management U Plus MS ASSET MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Leaders Asset Management Co., Ltd. ASSET MANAGEMENT GROUP HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. Asset Management & Consulting Asset Management Rak Co., Ltd. Asset Management Cooperative Asset Management Jaemu Co., Ltd. Asset Management Auto Riseu Co., Ltd. Asset Management Alpha Asset Management Start Co., Ltd. SJ Asset Management Asset Loan Co., Ltd. Mae E Seun Asset Management Co., Ltd. The Asset Management Loan Co., Ltd. IBK Asset Management Co.,Ltd IGIS Asset Management Co.,Ltd. Inter Asset Management Co., Ltd. International Asset Management Co., Ltd. Iam Co Co., Ltd. I On Asset Management IAM Co., Ltd. Insa Asset Management Co., Ltd. IPC Asset Management Co., Ltd. Ilu Asset Management Co., Ltd. B&T ELECTRONICS CO. Ha Dong Co., Ltd. B&T Corporation YOOIL Engineering Co., Ltd. MONITOR Monitorapp ADN Monitor Advisors Limited Liability Company MONITORAPP CO.,LTD. Monitor World Monitor Consulting Co., Ltd. Mmonitor World Co., Ltd. ALPA SCAN MONITOR CO.,LTD. Monitor Korea Ltd. Madina Co., Ltd. Ma D E NC Co., Ltd. Madnibak Co., Ltd. Tang Tong-In BEIJING TONG REN TANG BORYUNG CO.,LTD. Tongtong Co., Ltd. NComputing Co., Ltd. NComputing Global Services Sarl C Line Distribution Co., Ltd. C&K Loan C Line CLN Co., Ltd. C&C Line C & H LOAN CO.,LTD. L&C Loan C&R Loan S&C Loan C&P Loan Co., Ltd. C Line Consulting GI & C LOAN CO.,LTD. C&SS Loan C Line Media Co., Ltd. C As Loan Co., Ltd. C&Moa Loan Co., Ltd. LS Corp. LS Cable Co., Ltd. LG Cable Co.,Ltd. Onet Kocom Corp. KOCOM CO. Kokomo Kozoom Cuesco CO.,Ltd. NH-Amundi Asset Management Co.,Ltd. NH Corporation NH Corporation Co., Ltd. NH Company Co., Ltd. AGROTECH Co., Ltd. AGRO AGRO VALLEY CO.,LTD. Sale Agro Co.,Ltd. TRADE ALL IN CO.,LTD. AND Trading Leaders Trading Co. M.S TRADERS M.S TRADE COMPANY Pro Trading Co., Ltd. MR Trading Co.,Ltd. Pro Trading TRADING Keum Chun Inc. KEUNWOO IND CO LTD Keundo Motion Systems e-motion Global Motion System Co., Ltd. Global Management System Co., Ltd. Global Sys Co.,Ltd. Global Leader System Co., Ltd. Global General System Global I-System Co., Ltd. AIR PALACE CO.,LTD. Star Palace Star Palace Resident Representative Meeting E Star Palace Resident Representative Meeting Adecco Korea Co., Ltd. Adec Adecco Ados Korea Co., Ltd. Atico Korea Ltd. ADEXA KOREA adtex korea inc Aidec korea Co., Ltd. Adeka Korea Co., Ltd. BACK Chun BUM COMPANY CHUN BO CO,.LTD. BUM CHANG CORP. U Ni Sea Co., Ltd. Hwaseong Trading Hwaseong MIMC Maxuracy Co., Ltd. MjacyN Company Co.,Ltd. MACY TRADERS Bon Macy's HIGGINS LTD. Higgs Korea Co., Ltd. Sigwangsa V&K Corporation Co., Ltd. VETA KOREA CO LTD Vivol Korea Co., Ltd. HAE CHEON INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Korea Filter Co. KOREA FILTER CO.,LTD. FILTER GUEEN KOREA CO. Filter-Tech Korea Co., Ltd. Aluminum Samil Aluminum Daeje Aluminum Co., Ltd Aluminum Sashi Pro Idea Co., Ltd. IdeAN Co.,Ltd. IDEAN IDEAN CO.,LTD Firstface Co.,Ltd. Super Super Trading Co., Ltd. SCS Pro Co., Ltd. Super Bau Oak Meat Oak Goeun Goeun SNC Co.,Ltd. Goeun Shoes Goeun I Brain And Technology Brain Tech Co., Ltd. Braintech.,Co Ltd No.2 Netro21 Co.,Ltd Neo 21 NFO2 Namhyeon 2 Co., Ltd. NEA 21 Co., Ltd. NEXUS21 Co., Ltd. News 21 Nazca 2 Nets 21 Co., Ltd. Now 21 Co., Ltd. NEED 21 CO.,LTD. Net 2 K Co., Ltd. Solid Solid Co., Ltd. Solid Co. SLID Solid Company Leaders Global Co., Ltd. Nonghyup Bank Nonghyup Bank Co.,Ltd. Janghanpyeong Station Branch Sintoburi Nonghyup Bank Co.,Ltd. Sungdong Branch Nonghyup Bank Co.,Ltd. Sadang-dong Branch Nonghyup Bank Co.,Ltd. Daechi-dong Branch Nonghyup Bank Co.,Ltd. Sinsa-dong Financial Center Nonghyup Moguchon Co., Ltd. Nonghyup Feed Inc. NongHyup Financial Group Inc. NongHyup Life Insurance NongHyup Property&Casualty Insurance Co.,Ltd NongHyup Agribusiness Group Inc. North Seoul Nonghyup Cooperative Nonghyup Networks Dongseoul Nonghyup Cooperative Advanced Material Corporation Jungwoo Corporation XK Co., Ltd. KARD Co.,Ltd. Rich Food Rich Food Co.,Ltd. In Rich Food Co., Ltd. REAL ESTATE OUTLET F&D CO.,LTD. Samsung PC Co., Ltd. I&O Medical Co., Ltd. Io Medical Hyosung Company Co., Ltd. ARTrans Co., Ltd. Anytech Ainnotech Aintech Information Technology Co., LTD. Aiontec Co., Ltd. Aiontec Wi D Eo Co., Ltd. WIDEEAST CO., Ltd. P.N.P Pnp Co. LIMITED CO.,LTD. LP Corporation LLP CO., LTD M3 Mobile Co., Ltd. M3 M3 Co., Ltd. M3 Technology Co., Ltd. The M3 International M3 Tech M3 Electric Co., Ltd. M Three International Co., Ltd. M Three Display Co., Ltd. M3 E&C Co., Ltd. Grand InterContinental Seoul Gispeul Co., Ltd. May Indsutrial Co., Ltd. Saedam CS Co.,Ltd. memebonbon Sk Ad TCC TCC Co., Ltd. TCC Corporation Co., Ltd. TCC GLOBAL CO.,LTD. Tc Club Daejoo Inc. Dae Joo Enterprises Co., Ltd. DAE DO ENTERPRISE CO LTD DAE JOO INDUSTRIAL CO. Dae Joo Industrial Co., Ltd. DAE JOO INDUSTRY & GAS ENGINEERING Always Co.,Ltd. Always with Co.,Ltd. Always Co. Always US Co., Ltd. ALLWAYS COMPANY, Inc. Always Home Always On Always Bom Co., Ltd. CORE INCORPORATED CORE CORPORATION Core Ad Co., Ltd. CORE A&F CO.,LTD. Core Development Co., Ltd. Core Development Co., Ltd Core AND Co., Ltd. THE CORE CO LTD CORE Corp. Leaders Core Co., Ltd. Core Data Co., Ltd. The Core Core Company Co., Ltd. MS Core Co., Ltd. Core&A Co., Ltd. Core Dump Core Da E Beu Co., Ltd. Core Deom Co., Ltd. Core Lab Core Distribution Co., Ltd Core C&D Co., Ltd. Core Cam Core Media COREDATA CO.,LTD. Coreal OVERSEAS ENTERPRISE CO LTD OVERSEAS TRADING CO LTD Overseas trading Corp. D.M. OVERSEAS CO LTD TRW Overseas Inc. Overseas Education Co.,Ltd. Overseas Educational Corporation Overseas Medical OVERSEAS INDUSTRY OVERSEAS ENTERPRISE LTD. Overseas Trading BTM OVERSEAS PVT LTD Ncb Detail NCB Holdings NC Biz NCBlic Co.,Ltd. NC Bank Nawoo Patent & Law Firm Kip Patent Law Firm KLP Patent Law Firm BLT Patent Law Firm Verygoodweb VERY CO.,LTD. VERY FirstFN Co., Ltd. Firstic Co., Ltd. El Corporation El & El EL CAFETAL CO., LTD. EL EL Company EL Corp. Standard Chartered Private Equity Managers Korea Limited Standard Chartered Bank Korea Limited Standard Chartered Private Equity Korea 1 Standard Chartered Private Equity Korea 2 Standard Chartered Securities Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Standard Chartered Bank Cheongryangri Branch Korea Standard Chartered Bank Jangandong Branch LENS IN CO.,LTD. LEONARD Len Hair LEN & COMPANY CO.,LTD. Igis net Co., Ltd. IGIS TEC CO.,LTD. Igis Global Co., Ltd. Joosung Sea & Air Co, Ltd Kosan Corporation Kosong KOSENA CO.,LTD. KOSONET Co., Ltd. Kosen KOSNEY CORP Koso KEOSON MS CO.,LTD. ABL Co., LTD. Able Company Co.,Ltd. Able CO Co.,Ltd. Able Company Co., Ltd. Able SG Co., Ltd. The Able Corporation Co., Ltd. Able Company Hyundai Motor Company Auto Korea TC & C CO.,LTD. TC COMMUNICATION CO., LTD. T&CC Co., Ltd. TCC&B Co.,Ltd. TCC Won Co., Ltd. TCC Trading Corporation Kwangsung P&C Co., Ltd. Dominus Investment Co., Ltd. Dominus Investment Advisor Co.,Ltd. DS Corporate Services Hanwha Second Securitization Specialty L.L.C. HANWHA INVESTMENT & SECURITIES CO.,LTD. Hanwha Securities Co., Ltd._Apgujung Branch Hanwha Securities Co., Ltd._Youngdong Branch Hanwha Securities Co., Ltd._Songpa Branch Carpo.Co., Ltd. CARPE CO.,LTD. Carver Korea Co., Ltd. Samsung Securities Co., Ltd. Samsung Securities Co., Ltd._Daechi Branch Samsung Security Tool Samsung SEC Co., Ltd. SB&F Co., Ltd. F ENG SB ENC SB Engineering & Manufacturing SB Enterprise Co., Ltd. Unipros Marine Co., Ltd. Unipros Busutgol Boiled Barley BARREL Co., Ltd. Barrels Co., Ltd. Red Bean & Barley Daewoo Electronics Corporation Taot TOSTAR Dongbu Daewoo Electronics Hai The 1st Dongbu Daewoo Parts Pan Ocean Co., Ltd. STX Pan Ocean Co, Ltd Hanbada Training Center PAN Co.,Ltd. THE PAN CO. Spc Eura Corporation SHIN IL CO. Shin Il Shin il Co.,Ltd. SHIN IL Co.,Ltd SHIN IL MACHINERY CO., LTD SHINIL MACHINERY CO. SHIN - IL VAN TEXTILE Van Tek INC Co., Ltd. Van Tu C Co., Ltd. Van Trade VaNet, Inc Chicago CHICS MISS CHICKEN CO.,LTD. Chicken The Chicken Chico General Trading Co., Ltd. Chicago Samtek Inc. Smatel Inc. Smaterzone Co.,Ltd. Smate Co., Ltd. Smatep Sanatek Corporation TV Net Cofe Co., Ltd. Car Net TV Co., Ltd. Car Network Co., Ltd. CNS TV Net Co., Ltd. Law TV Network Car Ra Net The Car Ra Net Co., Ltd. Car On Networks Co., Ltd. E Car Net Co., Ltd. Car TV Net & TV Inc. FIDES Co., Ltd. FID Corporation Co., Ltd. FID Co., Ltd. Fidellise FIDELIS INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. Fidelis Korea Co.Ltd. FIDELIS International Co., Ltd. Fidelis Maximus Kodenshi International Corp. KODENSHA KOREA CO.,LTD. Daewon P&C Co., Ltd. Daewon Corporation DAEWON Co., Ltd. Chemtopia Co., Ltd. Chemtopia CAMTOPIA Co. KONTHAI Mill & Rice cake Shop MECEN IPC Co., Ltd. LF Corp. Life The Life Co.,Ltd. LF CO.,LTD. L.F., Inc. LIFE CO.,LTD. Coloplast Korea Ltd Sils Co., Ltd. Skylake Investment Co. INCUVEST The Smart Solution Co., Ltd. G Smart Solution Co., Ltd. Hyundai Smart Solution Co., Ltd. Total Smart Solution Co., Ltd. Smart Solution Corea Co.,Ltd. Good US Smart Solution Co., Ltd. Smart Solution OA Smart Solutions Smart Card Solution Co., Ltd. Smart Ware Solution Co., Ltd. Smart Solutions Co., Ltd. Smart Network Solution Co., Ltd. Smart Line Solution Leaders Software Software Co., Ltd. S.A Software E Software Co., Ltd. EA Software WITH CO.,LTD. With All Co., Ltd. With Co., Ltd. With Hotel Kim, Yun Jung Kim, Jo Eun Jung & Kim Kim & Jung Co., Ltd. Kim, Eun Jee Kim, Jung Hee Kim Jung Mook Internal Medical Clinic D&J Food social network Co., Ltd. Social Networks Co.,Ltd. Net Society QT Social Networks Co., Ltd. Social Enterprise Network Social Cube Networks Co., Ltd. SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS CO.,LTD. Social Network Research Institute Co., Ltd. Social Network BK Co., Ltd. Social Business Networks Society Gongheon Net Co., Ltd. KLH International Co., Ltd. DAVE COMPANY CO., LTD. David & Co., Ltd. DAVID & CO. DAVID AND CO. David Company David DAVID COMPANY CO., LTD Double DoubleS Dabal star vision Co., Ltd. Vision Star Co., Ltd. Star Vision Car Rin Co., Ltd. Solar Vision Star Co., Ltd. Star Keu Vision Vision Star World Co., Ltd. Sunjin Enterprise Co. Sunjin Enterprise Co., Ltd. SUNJIN TECH CO. Sinokor Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. SMM CO.,LTD. SMM Co., Ltd. SM Mobile SM mobile Co.,Ltd. Yung Jin Trading Co., Ltd. MEDIA & CONVERGENCE CO.,LTD. TBT Convergence U CONVERGENCE CO.,LTD. SI CONVERGENCE CO.,LTD. I-CONVERGENCE CO.,LTD. Next Convergence Group, Co., Ltd. Limited Liability Company Epik Ad Epik Tech Epik Nine Co., Ltd. Epik D&C Co., Ltd. Ei Plus EI&P Co., Ltd. EIP E.I.P Co.,Ltd. EIP Investment Co., Ltd. EIP Communication EIP Six Co., Ltd. KTB Asset Management Co., Ltd. Casa Ceramic 21CENTURY PATENT & LAW FIRM 21ST CENTURY CO.,LTD. 21st Century Co., Ltd. The 21st Century Labor Corporation Law Firm Century 21st Century Productions Co., Ltd. Sampyo Railway Co., Ltd. Songdo MS Songdo The 2nd Co., Ltd. Chungrok Development Co.,Ltd. DC&C Co., Ltd. Samgu Communications Co., Ltd. Samgu INC Co., Ltd. Samgu Tooling Co., Ltd. Samgu Communications Samgu Electricity DUX CREO CO.,LTD. DUX Co., Ltd. B-DUX CO.,LTD. Dux Steel Corporation YS & Global YS Company Y.S GLOBAL YS&G YS Glovis Co., Ltd. Tridea Co.Ltd Tridge Co., Ltd. Kim & Company Kim & Co Ltd. Kim,Co.,Ltd. Doctor Kim The KIM Co., Ltd. BUSY BEES TRADING CORP Logen Logen Co., Ltd LOGEN HS CO.,LTD. Logen K Co., Ltd. OSB savings bank CENTRAL CO.,LTD. CENTRAL LEADERS CO.,LTD. Central Co., Ltd. Central Sherpa Sharp Ran Korea Co., Ltd. Doctor Shirabo Korea Co., Ltd. Doctor Shirabo Korea KARATICA CO., Ltd. DB FINANCIAL SERVICE. CO. LTD DB Financial Investment Co., Ltd. D & B FINANCIAL CO.,LTD. db Hana Financial Group Inc. Hana Financial Investment Co., Ltd. Hana Financial Nanum Foundation Hana Financial ninth Special Purpose Acquisition Company Hana Financial Investment Gwangjangdong Co., Ltd. Hana Financial 11Ho Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. Musung Textile Mastercard International Korea Co., Ltd. Care Max Co., Ltd. Max Care Max Health Care Co., Ltd. Max Care Rental Co., Ltd. Ru Max Health Care Co., Ltd. The Max Korea Co., Ltd. Nature In Co., Ltd. THE NATURE COMPANY Inc. Doctor Nature Co., Ltd. Natural Land Co., Ltd. The Nature Lab Co., Ltd. Nature Lab Nature Lab Co., Ltd. Infolio inc Innoflow Co, Ltd Innoflex Inc. INFLOW Innoflex Co., Ltd. Carnec Carnac CHARMAX Co.,Ltd. CARNEX CHARMCARE CO., LTD Carmex Parts Inc CARNCAR CO.,LTD. Ceramics Cafe Damda Caraenikseu Co., Ltd. MIRAE ASSET DAEWOO CO., LTD. MIRAE ASSET LOAN CO.,LTD. Mirae Asset Co.,Ltd. Mirae Asset Co., Ltd. MIRAE ASSET DAEWOO SPECIAL PURPOSE ACQUISITION 1 CO., LTD Mirae Asset Daewoo Opeotyuneotisamo Investment Mirae Asset Daewoo Heonteoseusamo Investment Mirae Asset Daewoo Invest The 1st Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Daewoo Global Jeilhosamotuja Mirae Asset Daewoo Special Purpose Company 2Ho Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Daewoo Korea Jeihosamotuja Carmax The Flow Co.,Ltd. The Flow KOREA KOLMAR HOLDINGS CO.,LTD Seoul Office DSC Value Ha E 1Ho Co., Ltd. HIGH ONE CO.,LTD Hi One 4th Co.,Ltd Element Element ltd. Element AI Korea Ltd. element-a architects Est Element Co., Ltd. ELEMENTPICTURES Element Partners Co., Ltd. Pix Element Co., Ltd. ELEMENT KOREA Co., Ltd. Foamtech Foamtech E&C Co., Ltd. Medi TNT Co., Ltd. Education Media TNT Co., Ltd. Hae Sung TNC Co, Ltd Hyosung TNC Corporation Hyoin TNC Uyoung TNC Hayoung TNC Co., Ltd. Hansung TNC Hanyoung TNC Co.,Ltd. Dalcomsoft, Inc Dalgona Soft Co., Ltd. Dalcom Net Co., Ltd. DEWYTREE CO. ,LTD SOLTECH HANBIT SOFT INC Newtec INC Co., Ltd. Newtech Corporation Newtex NEWT Co., Ltd. WOOJUNG CO.,LTD. Woojung Textile Co.,Ltd. woojungtech JW company Co., Ltd. JW company JW Tech YOLS HOLDINGS CO., LTD. YOOILSA Yoolga General Sangsa Co., Ltd. Daegyung Daegyung CO Co.,Ltd. Daegyung Company Co.,Ltd. Daegyung Meat Shop Koo Yi Industry Co., Ltd. KOREA CORP. Ltd. KOREA BIO SCIENCE MEDICAL INC. Shima Seiki Korea Inc KNO Kims&Woori Partners Co.,Ltd. Kusi Kids Ins Co.,Ltd. KIM SEUNG JIN TAX ACCOUNTING OFFICE CO. KIMYOHAN ORIENTAL MEDICAL CLINIC Kihl Naegwa Kimaz Korea Co., Ltd. KeunBit Inc. Kimjinho Tax Office Kt Trading NK Korea Co., Ltd. Kimgichan Tax Accounting Office MANHO TRADING CO.,LTD GKT Korea KOSTA INTERNATIONAL CORP. Kryco Co, Ltd KOBEAK FOODS INCORPORATED Great Gate GRAT GRIT Co., Ltd. Gritech Co., Ltd. The Great&Co Co., LTd. The Great Co., Ltd. The Great Company Co., Ltd. The Great GRITIS Corp. Gerit Corporation GREIT Inc. GRIT Comm. Co.,Ltd. Grid Grid Co., Ltd.. Santen Pharmaceutical Korea Co., Ltd. Shine Park Korea Co., Ltd. Sun Pharma Korea Co., Ltd. Serest Pharma Korea SCHWARZ PHARMA KOREA Ham Heungkuk asset management THE HAM Ham Co., Ltd. The Ham Corporation HAM,Inc Godo Godo Plan Co., Ltd. GODO Co., Ltd. Godo Moolsan Godo KDN Co.,Ltd. Godo Nba Co., Ltd. Godo Steel Co.,Ltd. Godo Eng Co.,Ltd. Godo ENT Co.,Ltd. Myeongseong Industry Co., Ltd. KDB VENTURE M&A PRIVATE EQUITY FUND CO.,LTD. KDBC Meti Stone The 1st Private Equity Fund H2 MEDIA CO.,LTD. H2 Medi Co., Ltd. H2 Corporation H2 D&I CO.,LTD. H2 CO.,LTD H2 & Company The H TWO Co., Ltd. H2 Inc. H2 Company Co., Ltd. Spacewol Woongjin Co., Ltd. Think Big Shine INC Co., Ltd. Happy Sun Shine Tour Co., Ltd. Hello World Co., Ltd. Ocean World Co., Ltd. World Ocean Hello Hana Ocean World Co., Ltd. GIMCO Co., Ltd. Gimcheon Gimcheol IN CLOVER CO.,LTD. Blockware Corp Blockwave, Ltd. Blockbuster,Co.,Ltd Blockmaen Korean Chemical Safety and Health Association Korean Society For Railway Korean Bible Society The Korean Society Of Costume THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The Korean Society of Anesthesiologists The Korean Ceramic Society The Korean Society of Cardiology Infosion Co., Ltd. Infosol Co., Ltd. Info Solution Co., Ltd. Inbikteoseu Solution Co., Ltd. INBIZ SOLUTION CO.,LTD. Glotech Apas Industrial Co., Ltd. Apac Investors Co., Ltd. Apex Investment Co., Ltd. SAMSONG Food Infos Co.,Ltd. Com Info Solution Gold Mun Infotech Solution Korea Co., Ltd. Bareun Information Solution Co., Ltd. Dowon Information Solution Co., Ltd. Insoltec., Inc. Hanul Solution Information First Solution Information Inopay Solution Co., Ltd. Hanyang Information Technology Solution Inc. Info Info Lion Co.,Ltd. Provest UnJung First Co.,Ltd. Provest Ace Co., Ltd Provest daehan 2nd co., ltd Kingdom PC Limited Liability Company Kingdom Blue Entertainment Co., Ltd. Blue Sky Entertainment Co., Ltd. Blue Stone Entertainment Co., Ltd. Star Blue Entertainment Co., Ltd. Blue I Entertainment Co., Ltd. Blue City Entertainment Blue Fox Entertainment Co., Ltd. Blue Star Entertainment Co., Ltd. Blue Badeu Entertainment Co., Ltd. Blue Dragon Entertainment Co., Ltd. Dream And DREAM CORPORATION Dr. Dream Inc Dream & Company Co., Ltd. Dream Leader Dream Company Co.,Ltd. THE DREAM CO.,LTD. Dream Co.,Ltd. The Dream Company Co.,Ltd. Dream Company Dream & Co., Ltd. Dream co Co.,Ltd. Dream With Dream Corp. The Dream Chungdahm Learning Inc. CHUNGDAHM Learning inc CHUNG DAHM CHUNG AHM LAND CO,. LTD. Daechi Chungdam April GHK Co., Ltd. MHK CO.,LTD Cafe Got GOT NC M Got HANSA INDUSTRIAL CORP Laputa Lipti korea MX MX Corporation Co., Ltd. MXD Co.,Ltd. Portfolio PORTFOLIO CO. Portfolio J Co., Ltd. E San Portfolio Portfolio The 2nd Co., Ltd. KIPM,Inc.(Korea International Portfolio Management) Portfolio ROK Co.,Ltd PORTFOLIO KH CO.,LTD. Portfolio ROK Je 2-Cha Co., Ltd. Portfolio ROK the 4th Co.,Ltd Portfolio ROK the 3rd CO., Ltd Shinhan Infra PortfoliO2yungja Company The Portfolio Yuhak Art Institute Korea Portfolio Management Co., Ltd. Threadneedle Portfolio Services Hong Kong Ltd, Korea Representative Office Portfolio K 1 Portfolio K 2 Bio Portfolio Co., Ltd. International Carbon Portfolio Ltd. GIB Portfolio A The 4th Co., Ltd. GIB Portfolio AJ Cha Co., Ltd. GIB Portfolio A The 1st Co., Ltd. GIB Portfolio A The 5th Co., Ltd. GIB Portfolio A The 3rd Co., Ltd. PORTFOLIO C CO.,LTD. SHINKI ENERGY CORP. Shinki E&T Co., Ltd. Shinki Construction Co., Ltd. Shinki Korea Co., Ltd. SHINKI MEDITECH CO., LTD. Nice's Trading Co., Ltd.. Nigerian Tuxedo NEOCORNERSTONE Inc. Nogariaen Beer NOYESRUN Naeicheoreom Nasarang Clinic ENTERPRISE & SOCIETY INSTITUTE INC. Nageurang Nageurang Motel Intereobaeng Square Co., Ltd. P Nation Corporation Namil Construction Co., Ltd. Intru Friend Co, Ltd EN Dental ClinicHospital Najarino Co., Ltd. New Mode InternationalCo.,Ltd. Naesarang I Itaewon Nike Neul Pureun Garden National Defense Guard Changgun Institute Samie Trendy And Trading Co. The Plus Asset Management Co., Ltd. LEADERS KR CO.,LTD. K.R COMPANY KR Company Co.,Ltd. KR Development Co., Ltd. KR Developer Co.,Ltd. KR INVESTMENT DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. KR Investment Development Co., Ltd. KR Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Pamir Co., Ltd. Pamir Pamiereu Co., Ltd. Pamir Industry FAST Corp. Fast Fast O The Co., Ltd. FAST Airline Fast Net Co., Ltd. FAST TRACK ASIA Fast Mobile Fast Call Co., Ltd. Fast Rain Co., Ltd. Fast Media Co., Ltd. Thefact Co., Ltd. Siheung Siheung Co. Siheung Development Co. South Siheung Siheung Development Co., Ltd. MRCOM Co., Ltd. HDGSK JV Miteu Bank Miteu M Co., Ltd. Shinhan Bank Co., Ltd. SHINHAN BANK Shinhan Bank Co, Ltd MFD Korea Co., Ltd. Taerim Corp. Taerim Corporation Galaxia SM, Inc. H-Plus Eco Ltd. H&Plus Co., Ltd. The H Plus H Plus FS Co., Ltd. The Royal Bank of Scotland plc tecace TECA Co.,Ltd. Kostec KOSTEC CO.,LTD. Kostech, Inc. ROI System Co., Ltd. Roi Service The Roi Visual Visual Leader The Visual Visual Company Visual Rob RED VISUAL CO.,LTD. Refine Visual DC SEO CORPORATION Seo & Company Seo-do Company SEO INC. SEO Corp. Se O Company Co., Ltd. goodluck Good Reok Entertainment Good Luck Key GOOD & GOOD ENTERTAINMENT STARONE CORP. Starone STARINDEX Incorporated Starion Co., Ltd. STARNEX MediPark Kun Jung Construction Co., Ltd. AVA Corporation Co.,Ltd. The Galaxy Richemont Korea Limited Eagle Eagle 1st L.L.C. STC Co.,Ltd. STC Co Producer Korea PDS Korea Co., Ltd. PDT KOREA KOREA MOTOR PERFORMANCE CHECK CO.,LTD. PDS Korea Co., Ltd. PRD Korea Co., Ltd. Performance Materials Products Korea, Ltd. Neo Performance Materials Korea, Inc. KOREA PERFORMANCE PRODUCER ASSOCIATION CORP. JB CHEM. CO., LTD. J & B Consulting Co., Ltd JB CHEMICAL CORP.,Ltd JBC Corporation Co.,Ltd. KJBC CO.,LTD. JB COM CO.,LTD. J&B Communication Co., Ltd. JB Com Seu Company Co., Ltd. Lee & Ko & Lee Ko Co., Ltd. Leeko Corporation RankingBall Korea, Inc. RANKING MALL CO.,LTD. Ranking Shop Eden Gardening Construction Co., Ltd. Han Myung Suk Beauty Line Han Myung Co.,Ltd. Myung Suk Industry Co.,Ltd. Wonjin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. Greentech International Greentech ENG Hwaseung Corporation KL Investments 3, L.L.C. K & V Corporation KF Aen Co., Ltd. D Three Invest Co., Ltd. THREE J INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. KV Company Co., Ltd. Three S Invest Co., Ltd. KV Corporation Co., Ltd. K THREE INVESTMENT HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. KV&I Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Capital Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Credit Co., Ltd. Paxnet Inc. PIXNET CO. NAVER DOUT CO.,LTD. Naver Star Co.,Ltd. Naver Star UbiLAB UbiLAB Co., Ltd. T&N Co., Ltd. Navigation UBI Co.,Ltd. UBI Corporation Co., Ltd. Ubi Corporation Beauty Leader Co., Ltd. Beauty & Co Jungsaemmool beauty Co., Ltd. Digital EL Co., Ltd. Pro Digital Co., Ltd. Digital Leaders Co., Ltd. Digital Digital With Co., Ltd. Digital I I MS Digital DR Digital Digital INC Digital Corporation Digit Co., Ltd Digital Leaders Co., Ltd Digi-Q Korea C & S C & S Korea C&S Korea Ltd. C&S KOREA The C&S Korea Korea CS Co., Ltd. Plus Korea C&S Co., Ltd. Korea CS Korea S Line Platform THE PLATFORM CO.,LTD. Platform Co., Ltd. Platform B Co., Ltd. Platform BCD Platform Co., Ltd. Business Platform Co., Ltd. The Platform Company Ba R Ri Platform Co., Ltd. BI Platform Co., Ltd. BM Platform Co., Ltd. Ban D Platform Co., Ltd. Platform Inc. B&Z Co., Ltd. Dong-il bz system B.Z KOREA CO.,LTD. 2 Forex Inc. Bz21 Inc. B'z Marini MH&Company Co., Ltd. MH CORP M.H.CORPORATION LTD. MH Co., Ltd. M & H CO.,LTD. M And H Co., Ltd. M&H Company Co., Ltd. MH&Co. MH CO.,LTD. MH MH The 1st Co., Ltd. M&H Company Co., Ltd. M&H Co., Ltd. MH Company Lily ELI Eli Corporation Travel Partners Co.,Ltd. Travelers Partner Co., Ltd. Travel Partners Exchange Korea Co., Ltd. Uflow Co., Ltd. U Flower A & F AF Company AF Corporation AF Company Co., Ltd. AF Inc. Veto INC Co., Ltd. Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd. Nemo ITG Co.,Ltd. Nemo Investment Co., Ltd. Nemo Company Feelway Textile Co., Ltd. Capital Advisor Co.,Ltd. Leaders Advisory Co., Ltd. Bon Capital Advisor Co., Ltd. JBJ Capital Advisor Co., Ltd. BOGO CAPITAL ADVISOR CO.,LTD. ES CAPITAL ADVISER CO.,LTD. Shilla Capital Advisor Co., Ltd Jemini Capital Advisors Co., Ltd. Geo Capital Advisors Korea Co., Ltd. Oseong Capital Advisor CK Capital Advisers Co., Ltd. Real Capital Advisors LONDON CAPITAL ADVISERS CO.,LTD. MIRAE ASSET MAPS Investment Management Co., Ltd. (MAPS FRONTIER 18) Pos Tech Pos Tech Co., Ltd. Universal Science Universal Science Co., Ltd Nova tech Co.,Ltd. Cell Tech Corporation Co., Ltd. MSSELTEK Inc. Cell Tech Limited Co., Ltd. Nara Cell-Tech Corp. Macquarie Korea Opportunites Fund Macquarie Korea Opportunities Management, Ltd. Macquarie Korea Macquarie Finance Korea Co., Ltd. Macquarie Korea Opportunities Fund No.3 C.H.ROBINSON FREIGHT SERVICES KOREA LTD. Crown Worldwide Korea Ltd. SsenStone Inc. SSENTEN Hankook Tire Worldwide Co., Ltd. Han Kook tire Co., Ltd. HANKOOK ALBRON CO., LTD. HANKOOK COSMETICS MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD. Hankook Co HANKOOK Technology Inc. Hankook CTS Co.,Ltd. Hankook Tra Co., Ltd. HANKOOK COSMETICS CO,.LTD. HANKOOK SANGYOK DEVELO., CO DSK Corporation Co., Ltd. DSK The 1st DSK The 1st Co., Ltd. DMC The 1st GTS CORPORATION KOREA Kuoni GTS Korea Co., LTd. GTS Corporation Mitotech global co., ltd. Dongyang Safe Mfg Shanghai Startup inc. Mr. Challenge Co., Ltd. K CHALLENGE CO.,LTD. SJ GLOBAL LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. Fuji Logistics Co., Ltd. Yuni Global Logistics Co., Ltd. MCI Global Logistics Inc K n R Corporation WOOYOUNG CO., LTD. Wooyoung Co., Ltd. Wooyoung Co. WOOYOUNG Wooyoungsangsun Wooyoun Master of Science Co., Ltd. Invent Co., Ltd. C3 CO.,LTD. C3 P O CO.,LTD. C Three Service C3PR CO.,LTD. Studio 8 EIGHT CO.,LTD. EIGHT 8 Seconds Co., Ltd. JS 8 Co., Ltd. Space 8 Co., Ltd. EIGHT CO.,LTD. HWA SEUNG CORPORATION Hwa Seung Co. DN Secu Co, Ltd DNSC Co., Ltd. YYAC Colorin Cholrin Chelrin G Service Co., Ltd. CLARINS KOREA LTD. Chalrine Beer House CELRANICO Co.,Ltd. Clraon Co.,Ltd. Clraon Chalrine Beer House (Suyoo Jeom ) Clariant Plastics & Coatings Korea Ltd. Cllirens Korea Cielran Co., Ltd. Celrun Celrun Co., Ltd. Chaelrin G Institute Clairnyx Co., Ltd. Chelrina CHULLRYUN CO., LTD. Chilryang Chaelrin G Human Resource Development Center Co., Ltd. Chelrinjeo J Shibgucha Securitization Specialty Chelrin G Korea Co., Ltd. Jesus Valley Co., Ltd. Jesus Coffee Jesus 24 Co., Ltd. Jesus On Net JESUS FOR YOU TRADING CO.,LTD. Daehan Jesus Jesus Center Church Jesus Sarang Church KOREA POST (Office of Postal Service) Korea Post (Yoido) Real Post korea Co., Ltd. Korea Post Human Research Institute Bel Post Korea Green Post Korea Heopingteon Post Korea The Seomeo Ville Post Korea KOREA POSTAL SERVICE AGENCY Korea Post-After Education Association Guide Post Korea Co., Ltd. Yoo Hyun C&C Trading Co., Ltd. YOUME PATENT & LAW FIRM G Hae Patent Law Firm Choegim Patent Law Firm Hyeonshin Patent Law Firm A&A Patent Law Firm Pa E Patent Law Firm Yangu Patent Law Firm Five Nine FULLSTOP CO., LTD. fullstop Co., LTD. LBS Tech Co.,Ltd. LBS Tech Changchun & Company Co.,Ltd. Changchun Building ChangChun CCTC Changchun Korea Co., Ltd. CHANGCHUN INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION MICHAEL SCHULTZ KOREA CO.,LTD. Schultzer Chemtech PTE Limited Korea_branch KNAUF KOREA CO., LTD. GLOBAL HOLDING LOAN CO.,LTD. LNS Global Co.,Ltd. Global Line Golden World Global Entertainment Co., Ltd. Golden Bol Loan Co., Ltd. GOLDEN & COMPANY LTD GOLDEN CORPORATION GOLDEN ESTATE CO.,LTD. Golden I Co., Ltd. Golden West Co.,Ltd. Golden Loan Asset Management Co., Ltd. GOLDEN INVESTMENT LOAN CO.,LTD. GOLDEN LEATHER GOLDEN LAWN GLOVE INC. DECO&CO DECO&COMPANY CO.,LTD Deco All Co., Ltd. Wonchang Industrial Wonchang Industry Co., Ltd. The Chan Chain Co., Ltd. PI Chain Co., Ltd. PK Mining Co., Ltd. Park Chul Min Pictures Co., Ltd. PI Chain Co.,Ltd. Mijin Chain SS Engineering SS ENTERPRISE INC. Sam Hwan Co. SAM HWAN CO LTD SAM HWAN CO.,LTD. Hwan Company A-HWAN CO,LTD AH WAN CORPORATION Hwan corporation Co.,Ltd. I Hwan Co., LTD. Hwan Yeong A&C Co., Ltd. DAE HWAN CO. LTD Hwan Music Av Mastem Corporation KOREAMTECH CO.,LTD. MASTECO mastercompany inc. Mastertech Co., Ltd. KST Partners Co., Ltd. A-top Atop Inc Atop Inc. A Top Company A-TOP FM CO.,LTD. A Top System Co., Ltd. Murex Alternative Investment SAIMS CO.,LTD. Ilshin INC Lee & Kim Private Balanced 1st Fund Bae Kim & Lee IP Group Bae, Kim & Lee LLC KIM & LEE INC. CO., LTD. THE HOUSE OF KIM & LEE LTD Lee&Kim Land Co., Ltd. Design Agent Jin SILVER STAR CORPORATION SILVER STAR KOREA CO.,LTD. Silver Star Management Office New El Corporation Co., Ltd. The New Company Co., Ltd. New Company Co., Ltd. New Ta Co., Ltd. RB Soft Co.,Ltd. R & B System Co., Ltd.. RBS Korea Co., Ltd. RBS Tec NetEast J'aime Blanc TOP TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Top&tech Hyundai AND Hyundai Corporation Infinitech Infome Co., Ltd. Info Meditech Co., Ltd. Infomedi Co, Ltd Inben TO Media Tech Co., Ltd. Ssailink Co., Ltd. Seal Corporation Co., Ltd. Se-a lines Co.,Ltd Sealim Co. Sealink Corp. SEALink MARITIME Corporation En PL Loan Investment EN L International KOREA OZONE CORP. Ozone Tech Korea Co., Ltd. OZONE CRIN KOREA CO.,LTD. OZONE COMPANY Chiron Consulting Group Carat Creative Group A The Co., Ltd. Creative Group Arthur Co.,Ltd. CREATIVE GROUP DADA CO.,LTD. THE CREATIVE GROUP HON CO.,LTD. Creative Group Raon Locus Nine Locus Logistics Co.,Ltd. Locus International Co., Ltd. LOCUS Locus Trading Co., Ltd. Locus Solution Co., Ltd. Locus Corporation locust Co., Ltd. Locus Science LOCUS DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. LOCUS HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. LOCUS PARTNERS CO.,LTD. LOGUS.Co., Ltd. Locust Co., Ltd. MICHAELS CO.,LTD. Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. Hyundai Engineering Co. Hawang Super Hawang Fleebud Shinhang Super DAHAE WORLD CO.,LTD. MERLIN INC. JWB MERLIN Inc. ME Korea Co., Ltd. M.E.K Pro Me Korea Maseu Entertainment Korea M Enen Korea Co., Ltd. LISTEN KOREA CO.,LTD. Listem Sangsa Co., Ltd. Listen Soft Location Sound Co., Ltd. LASTING BEACON CO.,LTD. Listen Communication Co., Ltd. Lastmile Inc. GEUMBITWI CO.,LTD. Crazy Pam Crazy Company Co.,Ltd. Karam Corporation KARAM COMPANY, LTD. AL International Co., Ltd. A&L International Co., Ltd. SHAMS CO., LTD. Jeisys Medical Inc. Clio Communication Co., Ltd. Clio Comunications CLIO Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd. Swiss SWISS & COMPANY LTD. Swiss Asia Consulting Korea Y.N Communication Co., Ltd. YNC Communication Co., Ltd. YNCK Co., Ltd. Korea Air Air tech Co.,Ltd. AIR TECH Health Air Technology Korea Co., Ltd. Air Tech Korea Co., Ltd. Air Tech Co., Ltd. AR-Tech Co., Ltd. SY Company SY Media Group Co., Ltd. ENTER INC CO.,LTD. Enter Valley Co.,Ltd. Enter Valley ENTER SUPPLY CO.,LTD. Enter Supply Enter SY Co., Ltd. Enterfly Co.,Ltd. ESLOW CO., LTD. Korea Pipe Co.,Ltd. Soundpipe Korea Inc. Piping Korea Co., Ltd. Sound Korea Co.,Ltd. Korea Sound SOUND SCAPE KOREA CO.,LTD. Sound Mireo Korea Pal Sound Korea Co., Ltd. HANTECH CO. Han Tech Inc. Enso Enso Co., Ltd. EN Soft Co.,Ltd. E No Soft Co., Ltd. ENSSoft Co., Ltd. EncSoft Co., Ltd. Ensof Technology Inc. Einsof Co., Ltd. Eunwoosoft Co.,Ltd KOREA FUJIFILM CO., LTD. KOREA FUJI FILM SALES CO LTD KOREA FUJI CORPORATION FUJITSU KOREA LIMITED KOREA FUJI FINE CHEMICAL CO.,LTD FUJIFILM ELECTRONIC IMAGING KOREA Korea Fuji Packing Co., Ltd. Fujiyama Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Fuji ENC Korea Fuji Fujifilm Electeonic Materials Korea FUJIFILM SonoSite Korea Ltd. Mirae Asset Maps Investment Management Co., Ltd. Frontier Asset Management Co., Ltd Miraeasset Maps Retail REIT 1 Co., Ltd C.H CORP. GLG Corporation GLG Co., Ltd. Yoojin Meditec Co.,Ltd. DAE YANG MEDITEC CO SM Meditec Co., Ltd. YB Meditec Co.,LTD. CL MEDITEC CO.,LTD. MB MEDITEC CO.,LTD. Wonder Meditec SNJ Meditec SEO KWANG MEDITEC KIM'S MEDITEC Co., Ltd. K&H MEDITEC CO.,LTD. Seoul Meditec korea Co., Ltd. Angel Meditec Hanlim Meditec Corp. EU Meditec Daeju Meditec Korea Meditec Co., Ltd. Jinseo Meditec Hangil Meditec Co. Daeung Meditec SH MEDITEC CO. Ocean Pam Medi Co.,Ltd. Pro Secure B2B Secure Co., Ltd. Feel Corporation Feel Co.,Ltd. Feel Corporation THE FEEL CO.,LTD. FEEL CO. The Feel Feel Corp.,Ltd. Feelaware. Co., Ltd. Underwear Store Underwear Sale Underwear World Silver Line Sil Silver Corporation Boji Silver Line Co., Ltd. Soil Industrial Co.,Ltd. IE Sung International Co., Ltd. Christmas Company Christmas Ad Christmas Ad Co., Ltd. SILVERTEX Silverzone Co.,Ltd. Silverzone Silverti Silverland Industry Co.,Ltd. silverdice corp. Silvervic Inc. IN LITE Co.,Ltd In Light Co., Ltd. Lite Co., Ltd. SAM AN LITE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Hanol Corporation Hanol Hanol Co. Tom N Toms Korean Air Seosomun Agency Hanon Hanon System EFP Co., Ltd. PULDA CO. PLEDU Co., Ltd. Pulda Co., Ltd. Puleun. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. AMS KOREA LTD. Amskorea Co., Ltd. AMS Co., Ltd. A.M.S. CORPORATION CyberLogitec Co., Ltd. Cyber Logitec Kuk Dong Corporation KUK DONG CORP. KUKDONG CO LTD Kukdong MES Co., Ltd. Picos Co., Ltd. Korea Total Logistics Co., Ltd. Joongang Total Logistics Co., Ltd. Schoolin HQ International Inter PC Co., Ltd. MS International Inc. THE INTERNATIONAL YB Co., Ltd. YB,.CO Global Oil O Shibchil Korea Co., Ltd. Global Oil Company Global Oil Survey Korea Co., Ltd. DongEob Enterprise Global Oil Sangsa Seondo Culture Promotion Association SEJONG CULTURE ART INDUTRY CO.,LTD. Seoul Metropolis Subway Culture Promotion DASOM CULTURE PROMOTION CO.,LTD. Sejong Cultural Center Seoul Culturral Promotion Co.,Ltd. Seokpa Cultural Co., Ltd. SNJ Corp. SNJ Co., Ltd. SNJ DC Mega Mark Co., Ltd. Mark PC Co., Ltd. MARK & Company Co., Ltd. Marks and Company LLC Mark P&C Co., Ltd. Mark&Company Co., Ltd. Mark Maen Mark Maker Mark&Market Co., Ltd. Glassie Co. GLse co.,Ltd GLSC GLEX CO.,LTD. GLIS Co.,Ltd. GLOSS GLEC Co., Ltd. GLSI SI APU KOREA APU Co., Ltd. Vapur Korea Co., Ltd. Olympic Parkview YG Entertainment Co., Ltd. YG NETWORKS CO.,LTD. YG ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. YG Company Co., Ltd. YG Corporation Co., Ltd. YG Company YG In Company Co., Ltd. The YG YG EN Co., Ltd. YG Engineering SV Entertainment Corporation Kims Co.,Ltd. KIMS Co., Ltd. Kim's Manhattan The Picture The Pictures Leaders Pictures Opus Pictures Co., Ltd. ONR Pictures Co., Ltd. In&In Pictures Co.,Ltd. Onion Pictures Co., Ltd. D On Pictures Co., Ltd. Bon Pictures Co., Ltd. Olribin Pictures Motion Picture Co., Ltd. Gaon Pictures Co.,Ltd. Motion Picture Doowon Pictures Co., Ltd. Pop Con Pictures Co., Ltd. UB Con Pictures Co., Ltd. Siwon Pictures Co., Ltd. OLYMPIA PICTURES Hyeon Pictures Co., Ltd. Ocean Picture Co., Ltd. Only Pictures Co., Ltd. Deutsche Asset Management (Korea) Company Limited. Deutsche House DWS 1ST INC. DWS 2nd Co.,Ltd. DWS D.W. S&T INC. DWS Marine DWS GLAD Co.,Ltd. DWS G-ONE Co.,Ltd. DWS Green City Co.Ltd DWS newspring Co., Ltd. DW System Co., Ltd. DTS MG Co., Ltd. DTS DT&S Co., Ltd. DTSI Co., Ltd. dtss DTSYS DTS Trading Dain DTS Co., Ltd. DTS Korea Inc. DDTS Co., Ltd. hycar HY Cam&T Hankook KRC Co., Ltd. KN Tech Korea Co., Ltd. The Korean Nutrition Society KN Technology KN-Tech Co., Ltd. KN Trading Co., Ltd. KN TAEK SHL CO.,LTD. QUEST QST Co., Ltd. AD Quest Co., Ltd. JB Quest Quest System Quest Jem B Quest Co., Ltd. Quest Tech Co., Ltd. We Quest IT Quest Co.,Ltd. C.N Quest Co.,Ltd. Korea Venture Co.,Ltd. Korea Ventures Korea Venture Co., Ltd. Joint Venture Co., Ltd. Harrison & Company Co., Ltd. PANA HARRISON KOREA CO., LTD. Harrison Co.,Ltd. Harrison Taylor Createx Inc HAVE&BE CO.,LTD. Han Be Have Bio-Medical Science Co., Ltd. BIO MEDICAL CITY CO.,LTD. Aju Ceramic Industry Co., Ltd. J&O COMPANY Jo&Company Co., Ltd. Jo L.T KMB K Mobile Co., Ltd. K Mobile K&mobile Co., Ltd. Sea Food World SS TEX CO., LTD. STX Oil & Service Co., Ltd. STX Industrial Plant Co., Ltd. STX MEDICAL CO.,LTD. S Tex Co, Ltd S&Tex Co., Ltd. STX Holdings Co., Ltd. STX Moolsan Co., Ltd. STX Daeryeon Hotel Lotte Co., Ltd. Hotel Lotte Korean Federation of Community Credit Hotel Lotte Saemaeul Safe Mfg Co., Ltd. Hotel Lotte World Hotel Lotte Shigeuni L Seoul Co., Ltd. HOTEL LOTTE LOTTE RESORT CO.,LTD Daewoo P&C Dae Woo Company DAEWOO LIMITED CORPORATION Daewoo Corporation Co., Ltd. PULSUS TECHNOLOGIES INC Hannam Co.,Ltd. Hana Mulsan Hansan Mulsan Miho Holdings Co., Ltd. Miho Live Miho Landscape Co., Ltd. soosan cmc co.,ltd. Donghae Soosan Co Storings Co., Ltd. Timber Construction Co., Ltd. S.L.P Co., Ltd. SLP ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. Igen Co., Ltd. Izen Coporation Co., Ltd. The Izen Co., Ltd. Icent Co., Ltd. Icener Co., Ltd. THE ICON CO.,LTD. Icon ICZEN Co.,Ltd ICONTECH Icontrotech Co., Ltd. Isentech Systems Co., Ltd. Inexion Co., Ltd. INECTION Inex Corporation Inex Corp INEX Nextones NEXTEN CO.,LTD. Nextomo Nextin Co., Ltd. IC Source I Source Co.,Ltd. JH Source Co., Ltd. Uni Source Incorporated Co.,Ltd. Source Biz Co.,Ltd. Chilri Source Co., Ltd. Source Tile OMNI SOURCE CO.,LTD. X-Source Co., Ltd. MG Non-Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Pro Security Pro Security Co., Ltd. Security In Security The 1st Hayan Duck Seoul Industry Jinheung Won JEON COMPANY CO.,LTD. Mr. Jeon JUN YOUNG CORPORATION JUN YOUNG CORP LTD. YOUNG JEON CO., LTD. JUN YOUNG MEDICAL CO., LTD. Jin Jeon Sa Jeon Yeong Jun Tax Accounting Office Jeon Hyeong Jun Alphen Hof Fast Seconds Co., Ltd. Fastec Inc. BP Korea, Ltd. The Holdings Korea Co., Ltd. MS Holdings Korea Co., Ltd. The Korea Holdings Co., Ltd. SB Korea Holdings Co., Ltd. BK Holdings Korea Co., Ltd. BP Holdings Korea BN Holdings Korea Co., Ltd. B.B Holding Korea Co., Ltd. B&B Holdings Korea Co., Ltd. G.P Holdings Korea Co., Ltd. BP KOREA LIMITED BP Korea Ltd. BP Korea Co., Ltd. Boteom Holdings Korea Co., Ltd. Glam Co., Ltd. GLAM CORPORATION Soko Becton Dickinson Korea Co., Ltd. SKD Holdings Korea Co., Ltd. Board Korea Co., Ltd. BDS Korea Co., Ltd. ADI Holdings Korea ERD Holdings Korea Co., Ltd. Hyundai Engineering Bagelcode Alan Company Co., Ltd. Joa Joa Joa Commerce Co., Ltd. Cloud Cloud Company Cloud PC Co., Ltd. Cloud INC Cloud T Co., Ltd. Top Cloud Co.,Ltd. Tree & Cloud Top Cloud Corporation Co., Ltd. K&J Leisure Co., Ltd. J Won Leisure&Edu Co., Ltd. E Cloud TB Cloud Co.,Ltd. To Cloud Cloud Tek Co., Ltd. AGRICULTURAL SU CO.,LTD. AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT CORP McGraw-hill Education Korea Limited YOUNG LIM TEXTILES CO.,LTD. Young Textile Co., Ltd. Youngtex Youngtex International Inc. Youngtex Outerwear Inc. Samilchil Samilcom Co., Ltd. Blossom Entertainment BLOSSOM Blooms Co., Ltd. Bloom Co., Ltd. BLOOM & CO CO.,LTD. Bloom DC ICC<D I.C.C Corp. ICC CO.,LTD ICC Korea Co., Ltd. Korea ICC Icc Korea Korea ICC general education Korea Maritime Institute Korea Maritime Consultants Co., Ltd. Korea Maritime Co.,Ltd. Korea Maritime Co., Ltd. Kusta KUST Woori Bank NEXINNO CO.,LTD. Nexian Co., Ltd. Nexin It Co., Ltd. NEXINO Co., Ltd. Nexinova Corporation Nexi Co., Ltd. NEXUN CO.,LTD Nexinfo Co.,Ltd. PROGRESS JDN Co.,Ltd. J & DNC CO.,LTD. JD Net Co., Ltd. J&D Networks Co., Ltd. JDNC Co., Ltd. JD Networks Co.,Ltd. Chef's Pizza Pizza Company The Pizzas Co.,Ltd. Seven&korea Co., Ltd. SEVEN MOBILE KOREA CO.,LTD. Seven Days Korea Co., Ltd. Wa Korea Co., Ltd. Seven Carwash Korea Inc. Korea Wash JND JND Co.,Ltd. JND Company Co.,Ltd. Shape Co., Ltd. Shapen Co., Ltd. shaper inc. Shaperon Co.,Ltd. BO KWANG INVESTMENT CORP. BO KWANG TEXTILE Bo Kwang Telecom Co.,Ltd. Bo Kwang Knit Wellness The Wellness Company Ltd. DOCTOR&WELLNESS CO.,LTD. Wellness wellness A Co.,Ltd. GTG Co., Ltd. Yeongjin Heavy Industry YHI CO.,LTD. Yeoungnam Heavy Industry Hana F.A Co. Hanrim Fa Hansin Fa HANA FA CO., LTD. HANG FA Hanmi Fa Industry Global Consulting Global Network Consulting Co., Ltd Global Networks Global Network Inc GLOBAL NETWORKS CO.,LTD. Global Network Consulting Co., Ltd MS Global Consulting Consulting Net Global COMmunication Networks. Ins Global Consulting Company Co., Ltd. GCN Co., Ltd. GCN GCN STEEL CO.,LTD. GCN ASIA CO.,LTD. GCN Broadcasting Inc. G&C Networks Humantec Co. Humantech Corporation Humantier Co., Ltd. Humantech Natural Co., Ltd. Humantech Global Co., Ltd. On Visual Visual Tech Co., Ltd. VISUAL TECH CO., LTD Hanmi Corporation Hanmi SMS Co.,Ltd. Hanmi Co.Ltd Hanmi Glass HANMI GLOBAL TRADING CO.,LTD. Hanmi Global ENC Hanmi Global Sanaegeunro Welfare Gigeum HEADQUARTER-A CO.LTD Apple APPLE & COMPANY LTD. APPLE CORPORATION Poel Corporation Co., Ltd. Polle Inc. Pollead BOM Co., Ltd. Bom Medical Bom Media BIOMEDICAL Bomme IWi Service Co.,Ltd. IW International Inno Kiwi Co.,Ltd. iWindy Co., Ltd. HY Intech. Corporation H.Y. INTERNATIONAL INC HY International Co.,Ltd. SH Trading Corporation Hyundai Elevator Co.,Ltd. JC Company JC Resources Co., Ltd. ACE ELEVATOR CO.,LTD. Petra Capital Management Compas Capital Management Co., Ltd. Ace Capital Management Co., Ltd. LIG CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. ACTS Capital Management Co.,Ltd HR CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. ENTI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. AT CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. RAY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. PRISM CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. B&Y MELON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. ROBUST CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. J & J Capital Management Co.,Ltd. QUAD CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. MASTER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. SLBF CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Orion Capital Management Co., Ltd. Blackpine capital management Pulsar Capital Management Co., Ltd. Hyundai Elevator Seolchihyeobryeokeobchegongdong Geunrobokjigigeum Hyundai Seojin Elevator G&G Corporation Co., Ltd. G & G Corp Monclear Trading Co., Ltd. MONOCLE & COMPANY A Jin Inc. Hyunseung Elevator Co., Ltd. Sein Sein Corporation Sein Corp.,Ltd. Sein Sein SEIN. Co., Ltd. Seins Co., Ltd. Sein Company Co., Ltd. Sein Corporation Co., Ltd. Seins PNCTECH PNCTECH INC PNC TECHNOLOGY Co.,Ltd. EPNC tech Co.,Ltd. PNC Coporation Co,.Ltd. PNC COMPANY CO.,LTD. Hankook Chinaware Hankook Chinaware Daechi Center Hankook Chinaware Yeongdeungpo Center Hankook Chinaware Center Hankook Chinaware Songpa Center Hankook Chinaware Living E-CHAN CORPORATION THE CHAIN CO., LTD. Chain Partners Block Chain Partners Co., Ltd. Blue Chain Partners Co., Ltd. DX Chain Partners SL Block Chain Partners Co., Ltd. Life Chain Partners Co., Ltd. Sun INC Co., Ltd. Sun Corporation Sun Company Co.,Ltd. Korea P.N C Technology Co., Ltd. P.N C Tek INC Co., Ltd. HYUNDAI E&T CO.,LTD. SAMPYO.Co.Ltd Sampyo Corporation Merosa Intertrading Limited Meroseu MRSA Co.,Ltd. Merosa Palm Co., Ltd. Mersi Corporation Co., Ltd. MEROT CO.,LTD. Sambok International Co., Ltd. Hyundai Rotem The 1st LE MEILLEUR STARPLUS CO.,LTD. LMS System Co., Ltd. LMS International LMS Consulting Co., Ltd. KOREA MARINE EQUIPMENT ASSN NEW KOREA MARINE TRANSPORT CO.LTD. Korea Marine Leisure Boat Association Inc. KOREA MARINE FINANCE CORPORATION Korea Marine Transport Co., Ltd. Korea Marine Equipment Association Korea Marine Surveyor & Sworn Measureres' Corporation Royal Korea Marine Co., Ltd. WIP DAE-IL COMP Dae Il Co. Compara Co., Ltd. Compuworks Korea Co., Ltd. Pine Tree Investment & Management Co., Ltd. Big Pine Tree Co., Ltd BIG PINE TREE CO.,LTD. Pine Tree Publishing Pine Tree Trading Co., Ltd. Pine Tree Chemical Pine Tree Partners Ltd. Pine Tree Bh Korea Co., Ltd. Pine tre house Suyudong Songwol Towel Co., Ltd. Esa Co., Ltd. ES Ad Co., Ltd. ESA CO.,LTD. RATIN CO.,LTD. Ratio Architect Office Ratic Co., Ltd. Phantagram Interactive Inc. MMT Seoul venture university Seoul Ventures Co., Ltd. Seoul Venture Base Co., Ltd. K-One Corporation K&ONE INC. KWON SOULTION CO.,LTD. K One Songdo Co., Ltd KIRIKI CO.,LTD. Kraze International Inc. Kraze International Co.,Ltd.Tower Branch Kipo Korea Kapa korea Co., Ltd. Kappa Kopa Data Korea Co., Ltd. KIPI KOREA CO.,LTD. Kabeu Korea Kooba Korea Co., Ltd. KEPA KOREA CO.,LTD. Seoha Brand Networks Inc. Brand New Brand New Co., Ltd. Brand Networks Co., Ltd. Brand Network SEIL INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. Seil Trading Co., Ltd Seil Trading Company SE IL TRADING Seil Transportation Co., Ltd. Jihyung Apparel HOMA INTERTRADING CO.,LTD. HANA INTERTRADING CO., LTD. Woojin Co., Ltd. WOOJIN CORP. Woojin & Co Co.,Ltd. Hankook Consultant Co., Ltd. Hankook Bosa News Co., Ltd. Hankook Kisang Hakhwi Korea Exchange Bank(Bnb) Korea Exchange Bank Hanjeon Branch BANGJOO A.SPACE CO.,LTD. Bang Joo Co.,Ltd. BANG JOO CORP. K.T.I. CO.,LTD. KTIT CO., LTD. KO San The 1st Co., Ltd. KO San The 3rd K-OSAN 2nd Co.,Ltd. Kosa Corporation Kosa KOSAN IND. CO., LTD. KOSAD Sound Corporation Co., Ltd. Sound & Company Sound Research Kt Estate Co., Ltd. KT Investment Inc. KT Industry Co., Ltd. KT Insur KT Industry K. T. INTERNATIONAL CO. KT Information Co.,Ltd. YEDANG CO.,LTD. Yedang Company Co., Ltd. Yedang Textile Co., Ltd. Yedang Textile UBASE International, Inc. Ubase Inc. Ubase Co., LTD. UBASS Co., Ltd. Ubase Apple UBASE INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. Ubase Inc Bucheon Center Ubseu Ubaseu Korlao KORLOY Inc. KOREA KORLOY Korloy Inc Daegu Sales Office KYUNG SENNG CORP SUNG KYUNG sung kyung in co.,ltd SUNG KYUNG FISHERIES CO., LTD. kyung seong Korea Railroad Technical Corporation KORTECH INC Kortek Corp. KORTEC Co., Ltd. KORTECO AUTOMOTIVE KOREA RENTAL SERVICES CO LTD korea Rental Service Rental PC Korea Korea Rental Corporation Rental Korea Rent In Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Rent Car Co.,Ltd. Korea Rental Special Transportation Korea Rental In Association Co., Ltd. Korea Rental Systems Co., Ltd. Korea Rent Ro Vision Co., Ltd. Korea Rental The 1st New Korea Rent Car Co., Ltd. KOREA RENTAL AND SALES Korea Rent Car Korea Rental Investment, Inc. REX Counselor Rex Con Co., Ltd. Rex Consulting Co., Ltd. Rex Cool Company Co., Ltd. SAMSUNG ENTERPRISE Noir DuPont (Korea) Inc. DUPONT DOW ELASTOMENS LTD. Dupont (Korea) Ltd. DUPOONG CORPORATION Hancom Inc. Hancom .com Hancom Hancom System Hancom Ace Co., Ltd. Hancom Co., Ltd. Hanwha General Chemical Global Co.,Ltd. INST CO.,LTD. Ineast Co., Ltd. Inst Inc. Garion Co., Ltd GARION CO.,LTD. Garimto Co., Ltd. Garino Co., Ltd. GUBONG CO.,LTD. Project G Gubong Beer KOM CO., LTD. KOM & S CORPORATION Kom B Company Korea Kom Pro A Kom Y Kom F Kom Kom B Ko Future Corporation Samsung Futures Inc. SAMJUNG FUTURE TECHNOLOGY Sejung & Future Co., Ltd. Future sangun Co., Ltd. SM Futures Co., Ltd. Le Cellier Ltd. Humax Optic Corp. HUMAX JEYUKCHA INC. Humana INC Co., Ltd. HuMab Co.,Ltd. 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