List of Corporate Headquarters in SEOUL

Search a company in South Korea with your criteria (trade name, adress, Korean registry number...). provides business and credit information about Korean firms.
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Korean register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
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Global JSK Fastener Co., Ltd. JSK Global Co., Ltd. Global JSK Zipper Corporation Samsung Corporation Co., Ltd. Samsung Co.,Ltd. Aco TNG Co., Ltd. Aco Industry Co., Ltd.. ACO RENT CO.,LTD. Aco Inte Aco Global Co., Ltd. ACO INTERNATIONAL INC Aco Korea KMHG Alloy Tech Korea Co, Ltd Tangram Factory Inc. ez PC Ez-SM Co., Ltd. EZ INC Co., Ltd. E.Z Co., Ltd. Seoulfull Sports Co.,Ltd. Zeus LCD Co.,Ltd. Zeus Trading Co., Ltd. Zeus ID ZEUS CORPORATION Zeus Company Co., Ltd. Zeus T Zeus Art Company Co., Ltd. Zeus d%i Co.Ltd Zeus U&G Co., Ltd. Zeus Airline Co., Ltd. ZEUS LOAN ASSET MANAGEMENT INC. DS & M Co., Ltd. DS Mobile Yuhan Yuhan Corporation Yuhan Corporation Co., LTD. YUHAN INCORPORATED The GPMC G&GPM GPM International Co., Ltd. Il GPM Co., Ltd. GPMS GPM & C CO.,LTD. GPM Global Aero PHE Co., Ltd Aro Corp. Aero Co., Ltd Aero Planning ARO Limited Liability Company Aro Aero Photo Aero Pass Co., Ltd. Cathey Pacific Airways, Ltd. Catherine Daehan Control Daeyun Control DAEJUNG CONTROL VALVE Daeyang Control Co., Ltd. Jin Trader Co., Ltd. Sae Young Chemicals Co., Ltd SAM-RYUNG COMPANY INC DONG RYUNG CHEMICALS Co., Ltd. Dong ryung Chemical Co.,Ltd. SAE MYUNG CORPORATION LTD WISE INCORPORATION WISE Corp. The Wise Co, Ltd The Wise Company Wise In Company WISE CO.,LTD. Wise Trade Co., Ltd. ECO WISE TRADING CO.,LTD. Asia Wise Trading Wise Trend Payletter Inc. K & J CORPORATION The K&J K&J The 1st Co., Ltd. YBLD Daegu Co., Ltd. Southern Fishing S&F System Co., Ltd. J&SFS Co., Ltd. SF SYSTEM HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. KUM YANG CORP. Kumyang Heungeop Co., Ltd. Kumyang Industrial Co., Ltd. Posco International Corporation Posco Express Posco Enterprise Co., Ltd. POSCO O&M Posco Aen SG INC Co., Ltd. SG Corporation Co.,Ltd. SG COMPANY CO.,LTD. SG Company SG Company Sg Co., Ltd. SG SG Company SGT Co., Ltd. S And G.T Co., Ltd. SG&Company Co., Ltd. GENOX INC. Geno SND Co.,Ltd. Genomsys Co., Ltd. Genome & Medicine genone Genome And Natural Food Co., Ltd. GENODERM CO., LTD. Smart Pay Co., Ltd. Smartpay Korea Co., Ltd. TEX CORP. Pro Tex The Tex Inc The Tex Rene Korins Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd. Korea Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd. G In K Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd. HK Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd. K&J Investment Co., Ltd. K Ins Ta K&J Non-life Insureance Brokerage Co., Ltd. K&J International K&J insu Co., Ltd. K & J International National Insurance Brokerage United Wings International Co., Ltd. United Services International United International UNITED INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD. United PM International BT International Service Co., Ltd. United MFG International Inc. Steady State SK State Co., Ltd. State Asset Co., Ltd. SEIN STATE CO.,LTD. GENERAL STATE NIGHT STUDY ASSOCIATION CORP. SJE State Co., Ltd. State Street Global Advisors Korea Limited EK Global Co., Ltd. Ekka Ecoeye Co., Ltd. SK Enron Co., Ltd. Enrin Co., Ltd. Enroben Metanet METANET, LLC MTNT Co., Ltd. MTMTV Co., Ltd. Addcom IMC&D Co., Ltd. I MAX C&D, Co. Ltd Incom C&D Co., Ltd. Dk S& Co., Ltd. DK Shipping Co., Ltd. DKS & JH CO.,LTD. DKSH Korea Ltd. DK Shipping Co.,Ltd. DKSH Pharma Korea Co., Ltd. CL BROTHERS CO.,LTD. CONNELL BROS. CO. (KOREA), LTD Company Brothers Co., Ltd. Con T Brothers Coffee Brothers DMP Trading Co., Ltd. UNIKORE CO.,LTD. UNG KOREA UNIKOREA UNIKORE Princo Limited Co., Ltd. Princess The Princess Ade & Tech Empire Holdings Corp. Empire Holdings Co., Ltd. E&R Power Holdings Co., Ltd Holding Power Co.,Ltd. Man Power Holdings Co.,Ltd. POWER VENTURE HOLDINGS, Inc. M.I&Company Co., Ltd. Matin International Co., Ltd. Midam Kitchen Medien Biz Co., Ltd. Midmi D&C co.,Ltd MIDMI COMMUNICATION CO.,LTD. MIDMI NOTE CO.,LTD. Midmi Flower MIDMI CO.,LTD. HOAM FACULTY HOUSE Seoul National University Seoul National University of Education Seoul National University Foundation Seoul National University of Technology Seoul National Univ. College Of Veterinary Medicine SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY DENTAL HOSPITAL Academic Affairs Office-Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Health Seoul National University Seoul National University Gas Station Seoul National University R&DB Foundation Seoul National Universty High School Alumni Seoul national University of Education Seoul National University of Science and Technology Seoul National Univ of Technolgy Seoul National University of Science&Technology Agriculture Development Seoul National University Electronics and Telecommunications Research Sponsored foundation College of Business Administration Seoul National University LG25 Seoul National University of Technology Branch LG 25 Hours Seoul National University Station Seoul National University Museum Of Art Seoul National University Durae Association Seoul National University Hospital Quiznos Seoul National University Branch Citibank Korea Inc. DAS Marketing Co., Ltd. DAS CORP. Multimedia Digital Audio Solution Co., Ltd. M Das Korea Co., Ltd. Media Das DAS MEDIA CO.,LTD. Feltics Duta Branch Feltics Company FX INC CO.,LTD. FX Leader FX CO.,LTD. FX TRADING CO.,LTD. FX Trading Oil Trading FX Korea Co., Ltd. FX E Pop Con Co., Ltd. K-1 K-One Corporation K&ONE INC. K one C&C Co., LTD. Beebong Corporation Beebong Pharmaceutical Beebong Publishing Beebong Industry Co. BEE BON INTERNATIONAL CORP. YOUNGWOO CORP. YOUNG-WOO CORPORATION Young Woo Corp. YOUNG WOO YOUNG WOO COMPANY Youngwoo Haesol Co., Ltd. Interactive DR Interactive Co., Ltd. Be Interactive Co., Ltd. BSUS INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. Leaders Interactive Co., Ltd. East Interactive Co., Ltd. Box Interactive Co., Ltd. BK Interactive Co., Ltd. Bon Interactive Co.,Ltd. Bul Interactive Co., Ltd. Blue Interactive Co., Ltd. Ibent Interactive Brand Interactive Co., Ltd. Banana Interactive Boin Interactive Co., Ltd. Elite Model Look Korea Co., Ltd. Elite Model Korea KB FINANCIAL CO.,LTD. KTB Bond Fund KOREA BUDDHIST FOUNDATION KOREA VACCINE CORP The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry GUCCI KOREA Korea Boccia Fedration For The Disabled Korea Billiards Federation Korea Bicycle Federation Korea Bio Fuel Co., Ltd. K. B Food K. B Factory Co.,Ltd. K. B Futures K. B Funding Co., Ltd. K&BC Food Co., Ltd. L'occitane Korea Ltd KOREA CULTURE MICCION CO.,LTD. PMC Ciera Korea Korea Bangsaseonyeongu Foundation Electronic Cigaret Korea Korea Electronic Cigarette Co., Ltd. Cheonho Branch Korea Electronic Cigarette Co., Ltd. Gildong Branch Dong Chang Corp. DONG YANG TECH CO., DCT CORPORATION Next & Bio Inc. Nextbiz Co., Ltd. Top Run Co., Ltd. TOP TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Techno Top Co., Ltd. DIC Corporation Co., Ltd. D&IC Co., Ltd. Eight 1 CITY TRADINGCO City Trading Sangsa Co., Ltd. G City Trading Co., Ltd. City Kukje Trading Daewoo Corporation Daewoo DAEWOO CO. DAEWOOS CO.,LTD. Daewoo P&C Dae Woo Company DAEWOO LIMITED CORPORATION Daewoo Corporation Co., Ltd. Sun Investment Advisory Co., Ltd. Sun Investor Co., Ltd. Invest Sun Co., Ltd. Sun Up Investment Co., Ltd. Sun Tree Investment Sun Core Investment Sun Rise Investment Sun Shine Investment Co., Ltd. Sun Pacific Investment Co., Ltd. Kim & Chang Kim Chang & Lee Kim Chang In Taxation Office Kim Chang Suk Fashion Kim Chang Ju Good Fashion Kim Chang Sik Tax Accounting Office Lawyer Kim Chang Hong Office Kim Chang Ho Science Math Institute NEW KOREA MARINE TRANSPORT CO.LTD. Korea Marine Transportation Co., Ltd. Korea Marine Transport Co., Ltd. Korean Marine Transport Co., Ltd. Marine Trans Korea Samsung C&T Corporation Samsung C&C Co., Ltd. Samsung C&c Samsung C&H Co., Ltd Shinhan Investment & Development Co.,Ltd. Shinhan Investment Finance SHINHAN INVESTMENT Corp. Shinhan Investment Bank Shinhan Investment Corp._Sampoong Branch Yuhan Precision Yuhan Precision Co., Ltd. Descom DESCA CO., LTD. desco drillrig Daehan Desco Desco S&L Systems Co., Ltd. Great Box Great Park Co., Ltd. The Great&Co Co., LTd. The Great Co., Ltd. The Great Great M Co., Ltd. Great H Co.,Ltd. Great Books Co., Ltd. Great Life Co., Ltd. GREAT SERVICE Corp. GREAT FALSE CO.,LTD. Great Art Great Fund Co., Ltd. Great Motors Co., Ltd. Leaders Advisory Co., Ltd. Korea Advisor Co., Ltd. Advisory Korea Energy Advisor KAON ADVISORS CO.,LTD. Korn-ferry International Korea Co.,Ltd Corner Ferry Huerals Korea Car Ferry Koreana Co., Ltd. K Trans Ferry Cheong ENT Co., Ltd. CHEONG IN INTERNATIONAL INC Cheong Am International Co Ltd Cheong-Il Co. Cheong G Institute Cheong Dental Clinic Omae Omiya Co.,Ltd. Omoya Omao ORGOS CO., LTD. CAPACOM CO.,LTD. Koko Capcom Co., Ltd. CAPCOM ENTERTAINMENT KOREA Co., Ltd. Lee&B Co.,Ltd. Dong Ji Inter-Tech Co., Ltd. KIYOHARA & CO.,LTD SEOUL BRANCH Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Petrochemical Company Petrochemical DUKSAN PETROCHEMICAL IND CO LTD PSJ The 1st Co., Ltd. PSJ The 3rd Co., Ltd. PSJ The 2nd Co., Ltd. Infra Tech Co., Ltd Knowledge Technology Co., Ltd. Knowledge Information Technology Co.,Ltd. Tech Infra Company Co., Ltd. Korea Knowledge Information Service Co., Ltd. Total Service & Information System Co.,Ltd. TKIS CO TSIS Tikseuis Co., Ltd. TKES Co., Ltd. UK DO-I Co., Ltd. HANA INTERTRADING CO., LTD. SHINSEGAE FOOD Inc Shinsegae Food Shinsegae Food Youngwon Trading Shinsegae Food Mapo Jeom Shinsegae Food Seongdong -gu office Shinsegae Food Keungil Tower Shinsegae Inc. Shinsegae Co., Ltd. Gram Co., Ltd. The Gram Gram Grammy Pro gram Hwachang Enterprise Hwachang Information Communication HWACHANG TRADING CORPORATION Caltech Trading Korea Co., Ltd. Pencil Co.,Ltd. Young In Corporation Young's Corporation Young In Corp. Yonwoo Corp Yonwoo LRT, Inc. Yonwoo Steel Yonwoo Battambang Inc. Yonwoo Planning Yonwoo International YONWOO F&D CO.,LTD. YONWOO KMER CO., LTD. GRAPH CO.,LTD. Graphy The Grap Musinsa Co., Ltd. GRAB Co., Ltd Grafe Giraffe Security Industry Groove Way Co., Ltd. GROOVE SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. Groovy Co., Ltd. Garibiya Groovy X Corp. grib Garb GRUB Co.,Ltd. Grapy Code Co., Ltd. THE GRAPE GALLERY CO.,LTD. Gravo Co., Ltd. Graphic Sang Co., Ltd. Geurib Play Grapia Wooseong Company Wooseong Restaurant Wooseong Point Co., Ltd. WOO SEONG IND CO. WOO SUNG SEMICONDUCTOR CO,.LTD WOO SEONG TEXTILE CO., LTD WOO SEONG FEED CO LTD Asia M.S Asia Co.,Ltd. ASIA CORPORATION CO., LTD. Asia Company ASIA SA CO., LTD. Wegen Roborus Co., Ltd. RoboRisen MTM Korea Co., Ltd. Mtm Co. M.T.M Co., Ltd MTM Corporation Co., Ltd. Mercedes Benz Korea Ltd. Mercedes-Benz Insurance Services Korea Ltd. Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Korea Ltd. Mercedes Misolighting Maclighting Komex Corporation Komen KOMEX INC. KOMET Komex International KOMEX INCS Inc. Komex Dot Com Co., Ltd. Komereu Co., Ltd. LG Electronics Inc. Teletech Korea ink Co., Ltd. Ink Tech Korea Co., Ltd. Ink Tomy Korea Co., Ltd. Toyo Ink Korea Co., Ltd. M INK KOREA CO.,LTD. TOYO CARBON KOREA CO.,LTD. Toyo Engineering Korea Ltd. Tele Tek Korea Ink THE MICE Good Partners Co., Ltd. Good Partners Shipping Co., Ltd. Partner Shipping Good&Partners Co., Ltd. Woosin Co.,Ltd. Woosin Transportation Co.,Ltd. WOOSIN TRADING CO Woosin Trading Co., Ltd. Woosin Transportation TL Holdings Co., Ltd. Anz C & I AnZ International Co.,Ltd. I Bank Communication Co., LTD. I Bank Communication Co.,Ltd. Contents Bank Communications Co., Ltd. Media Bank Communications Co., Ltd. Han Bank Communication Co., Ltd. Intelligens Communication Bank Co., Ltd. MY PHARMA Ssangmun My Pharm Pharmacy Dokripmun My Pharm Pharmacy My Partners Co., Ltd. MY PARTNERS CO.,LTD. My Pan Co., Ltd. My pay Co., Ltd. MK Coporation Mk Lim Co., Ltd. M.K CO., LTD MK Company Co.,Ltd. MK. APPL CO.,LTD. General Household Appliances Mart Grand Electric Appliance Dongseong General Household Appliances EO CO.,LTD. EO Sys Co.,Ltd. EO System Eo B Seu Systems Gain Plus Co.,Ltd. Korea Laser Technology Co Ltd Laser Techno Laser Tech Co., Ltd. LASER TECH INC Laser Tek Korea Co., Ltd. E-ONE CORP., LTD. E1 Corporation E-One ENG co.,Ltd. GENES ONE CO.,LTD. Edu One Co., Ltd. EnB1 Co., Ltd. ENO-ONE CO.,LTD. KLT CO., LTD. KLTC KL travel Co., Ltd. KLT Tower Co., Ltd. KLT LOGIS CO.,LTD. K L.T Logis Kl Textile KL Technology KlT Co.,Ltd Solid Solid Co., Ltd. Solid Co. SLID Solid Industry Co., Ltd. Solid Inderstrial Co.,Ltd. Advance Tech Research Co., Ltd. Advanced Technology Inc. Advanced Technologies Corp. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION Advanced Technology Inc. Advance Teu Technology In Corporation Around US AROUND INC. Around A Around HQ Co., Ltd. Around K Co., Ltd. Around Ventures Co., Ltd Around World Co.,Ltd. Around The World A O Ma A O Mi Co., Ltd. A O Company Inisium Partners Co., Ltd. Inisium Resource Co., Ltd. Iniseu Read & Leader RADE TECHNOLOGY KOREA CO.,LTD. Reed Korea Co., Ltd. Riyad korea Co., Ltd. RODA KOREA CO.,LTD. READ KEY CO.,LTD. RUTAI KOREA CO.,LTD. RUDIA KOREA CO.,LTD. Roda korea IBG Smart City LED Korea Co., Ltd. Bunt Company Co.,Ltd. BOONT CO.,LTD. APEX MARINE CONSULTING CO. ATOM MFG CO., LTD Team Marine Consulting Co., Ltd. Won Marine Consultant JS Marine Consulting Co., Ltd. Samsung Asset Management Co., Ltd. Samsung SRA Asset Management Co., Ltd. SAMSUNG WITH ASSET INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. SAMSUNG ASSET ID CO.,LTD. Samsung Active Asset Management Samsung Hedge Asset Management Samsung SM Asset Management Co., Ltd. ZNZ Asset Mangement Inc. Hightech Polymer Ltd. Pharos Networks Co., Ltd. PHAROS CORPORATION Pharos Co Pharos Com Co, Ltd M Pharos Co.,Ltd. Pharos Jen Co., Ltd. Pharos Oil Co., Ltd. Hyun Woo Trading Co., Ltd. WOOYANG INC WOOYANG CO., LTD. Wooyang Co. WOO YANG CO., LTD. DaeShin Co., Ltd. Daeshin Pharm and Trading Co., Ltd. ARCHITECTS STUDIO BIG Inc. Studio Sam Architecture Co., Ltd. STUDIO META ARCHITECTS CO.,LTD. STUDIO MOB ARCHITECT CO.,LTD. A&L Studio Architects & Engineers Architects & Engineers Studio Alice Yonsei University YONSEI UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY-INDUSTRY FOUNDATION Institute of East and West Studies Yonsei University Yonsei University Life Cooperative Federation Yonsei University College Of Medicine Dept Of Microbiology Center for Space Astrophysics, Yonsei University GS 25hours Yonsei UNIV. Seomun Branch CU Yonsei University Seomun Branch Alumni Association of The College of Business and Economics of Yonsei University Education Foundation Yonsei University TRADICS KOREA CO., LTD. Play Lab INNOVATIVE ELECTRONICS INC Hello Hello Co., Ltd. Hello PC Hello 3D Ben Corporation BEANS COMPANY GLXTRADING BEST BLUE INC. Blue Best Co.,Ltd. Best Blue Won Co., Ltd. Byeoksan Best Blue Ming Real Estate Agency Blue OA Best TOWER CO TOWER CORPORATION CO LTD Junaen City Tower Energy Junaen City Tower Energy The 3rd Junaen City Tower Energy The 2nd Junaen City Tower Energy The 4th Tower City Co., Ltd. Junaen City Tower Energy The 5th Junaen City Tower Energy The 6th MAT Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. Asia Pacific Co, Ltd Asia Pacific Aviation Inc ASIA AND PACIFIC CORPORATION Asia & Pacific Corporation THE ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED CO.,LTD. D&S Asia Pacific Asia Pacific Satellite Inc. ASIA PACIFIC SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS COUNCIL CORP. Asia Pacific Capital Co., Ltd. Asia Pacific Satellite Industries Co., Ltd. Asia Pacific Satellite Industry Co., Ltd. FASTAR ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED GS Global Corp. G's 9 Global Co., Ltd. GS Global Ad Ltd. Jeonggeum GS Global Co., Ltd. Hyundai Golf School Datas Co., Ltd. MR Data Co.,Ltd. DATA Co.,Ltd. Leaders Data Co., Ltd. NF Investment Nomura Financial Investment (Korea) Co., Ltd. E Wan Studio Co., Ltd. Leon Studio Lain Studio Co. Redri Yesaeum Co., Ltd. Yesa Co., Ltd. YESAV DAE AH Co., Ltd. SAM-AH CORP SANG AH CO., LTD. SEO-AH CORPORATION MSD AH KOREA CO.,LTD. A&H CORP. Se Ah Tns The MSD Co., Ltd. MSD Co., Ltd. Mode Ah MSD Bay The 1st Co., Ltd. AH Co., Ltd. MSD&I Co., Ltd. MSD Media Co.,Ltd. AH Media Co., Ltd. MSD Shop MSD Korea Ltd. MSD En P MSD Consulting Co., Ltd. SO AH IND. CO., LTD. Sangwoo MSD Co., Ltd. Seyon MSD Co., Ltd. DONG-AH BUSINESS MACHINES CO., LTD. Woori Bank E Banking E-Banking Co., Ltd. E.Bank Ne E Beo Bank Co., Ltd. Nesyeoneol E Bank Co., Ltd. Bank Gol E Virtual E-Bank Co., Ltd. E-Bank City Joy & E Bank Co., Ltd. E-Auto Bank Co., Ltd. E Konwhow Bank Co., Ltd NongHyup Financial Group Inc. LEADERS FINANCIAL GROUP INNOIO Co., Ltd. Taewoong Logistics Co., Ltd. JNJ Hightech Daewon Hightech Niod Hightech Co., Ltd. Ilseung Hightech Co., Ltd. Hightech Marketing Group Samsung Electronics Service Co., Ltd._Seoul Hightech Center LD Hightech Co., Ltd. Modern Hightech Co., Ltd. Wiil Hightech Co., Ltd. Hankook Hightech Energy Co., Ltd. IJ Hightech Co., Ltd. Kisung Hightech Co., Ltd. June Hightech Construction Co., Ltd. Nasun Hightech Yusung Filter Hightech OSUNG HIGHTECH CO.,LTD. SUN WOOG HIGHTECH CO., LTD. Tourism Hightech International Sevice Co.,Ltd. AUTO HIGHTECH CO.,LTD. WM HIGHTECH CO.,LTD. Bojeon HighTech Co., Ltd. The Joun JOEUNJARI CO.,LTD. Korean Broadcasting System Korea Broadcast Co., Ltd. Korea Broadcasting Enterprise Co., Ltd. Korea Network Broadcasts Co.,Ltd. Koryu Broadcasting Co., Ltd. KOREAN BROADCASTING SYSTEM SAUHOI CORP. Korean System Co., LTD. Korea Broadcasting Association Korea Broadcasters Association Host Broadcast Service Korea Korea Music Broadcast Korea Broadcasting Commission Korea Work Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Korea Medical Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Korea Broadcasting Institute Korea Broadcasting Event Association Co., Ltd. Korea Broadcasting Event Association Korea Fishing Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Korea Bus Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Ibong I Bong Co., Ltd. IBNG Co., Ltd. Ibing Co., Ltd. YUYU CO.,LTD. Yuyu Yuyu Co., Ltd. Yuyu Precision Yuyu Yuyu Industry YUYU INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD, Yuyu Electronics Sinjin SinJin Co.,Ltd. R&TECH Corporation R Tech Keumyeong Steel Industrial Co.,Ltd. Kaemyeong SIK CO LTD Damon DAMON CORPORATION DAMON TRADING CO.,LTD. Damon Tech Damon Holdings Damon Media Co., Ltd. CS Holdings CS Holdings Co., Ltd. Kkadia KK Day Co., Ltd. OCEANUS CO.,LTD. OCEANUS Oceani Inc. Oceanos Co., Ltd. Tempos Co., Ltd. TEMPUS TEMPUS CO.,LTD. PS Tempus Media Co.,Ltd. Onbix Corporation Cheoeum Soft Ubix Systems Co., Ltd. Mebixon Co., Ltd. IXION CO.,LTD. Ebixtech Co., Ltd. Woeneo bix Co., Ltd. Creative Bix WIDE BIX CO.,LTD. UBIX ARCHITECTS CO.,LTD Cheom Networks Co., Ltd. Ubix Computing Co., Ltd. Yubix Co., Ltd. Nabix Co.,Ltd. Crebixworks Co., Ltd. Ubix Technology Co., Ltd. UBIXON CO.,LTD. Bixen Hydraulics Co, Ltd Pobix Information Telecom Co., Ltd. Sign Bix Co., Ltd. Ubix I Co., Ltd. M Bix Co., Ltd. Bixelmedia Korea, Inc Imobix Co., Ltd. Ubix Rabito Co., Ltd. RABITO CO.,LTD. REBATI CO.,LTD. RABITO CO.,LTD. Rabito DC REHOBOT CO.,LTD. RABATO CO.,LTD. Rabbit B Rabbit bread Co.,Ltd Rabbit Work Co., Ltd. Rabbit Boy Rabbit Ne Mart Rabbit Soft Co., Ltd. Revita Co.,Ltd Robito Repeat Rabotte Hair Rabida Robot Club RaVita Korea the Rabbit hole Studio Co.,Ltd. A-Team Merchandising Inc. MS MERCHANDISING CO.,LTD. Asia Merchandising Co. Ua U A The 1st U A Co., Ltd. Ua Pharmacy UA Co.,Ltd. Mass Merchandising Co., Ltd. Harbour Korea Co., Ltd. HANLIM MARINE SERVICES Radil Co., Ltd. Deer Corporation Co., Ltd. Han Ho Co.,Ltd. Han Ho construction Co.,Ltd Han Sang Ho Internal Medical Clinic Han Ho-yeon Insurance Agency Vodafone Enterprise Korea Limited VODA Ponpaem STAM Wipro Limited Wiproma Win&Biz Winibiz WINBIT, Inc. Winbo Co., Ltd. YS & Global Y.S GLOBAL YS&G YS Glovis Co., Ltd. Doctor Produce Co., Ltd. PRD Co., Ltd. PDS CO.,LTD. PRD CORPORATION CO.,LTD. Production Co., Ltd. Proto Inc. M.S Produce Co., Ltd. Production Zoo Co., Ltd. Production SR Production O Co., Ltd. Production Tool Jeu Proto PDS Textile The Sharp SHARP SHARP CORP CORPORATION Sharp AV Sharp Aviation K Inc. True Trading Co., Ltd. KB Financial Group Inc. KDB Financial Group Inc. Liberty Financial Group Korea Co., Ltd. Kukje Financial Group FINANCIAL MARKETING GROUP CO.,LTD. Kukje Investment Financial Group Co., Ltd. K. B Financial Loan Co., Ltd. Kukje Financial Loan Group Co., Ltd. The Black Financial Group Co., Ltd. Art & Technology Art & tech Co., Ltd. ART AND TECH Co., Ltd. Art and Tech Co., Ltd. Unidi UNID Co,.Ltd UNID I&C CO.,LTD. Shincheonji Real Estate Counsulting Shincheonji Joegaegui K&C DISPLAY CO.,LTD. S Display Co., Ltd. Daebo Display Display Company Co., Ltd. G Display Co., Ltd. Advance Display Technology Co., Ltd. C&C Display Tech Co., Ltd. EG Display Tech Co., Ltd. A&H Display Co., Ltd. DISPLAY AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Orion Display Tech Co., Ltd. MAUNTIN DISPLAY TECH CO.,LTD. Silicon Display Technology Ace Display Ardeco Display Co., Ltd. Touch&Display Display I Co., Ltd. TAEHWA DISPLAY SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. Top Display I Display Co., Ltd. Darin Display Co., Ltd. Hana Display Hana Display The 1st IDO DISPLAY CO.,LTD. Petro World Group Co., Ltd. World Group Co., Ltd. J World Group Co., Ltd. G World Group Co., Ltd. C World Group Co., Ltd. K-pop world group Co., Ltd. FINE CHEMICALS CORP. FINE CHEM CO.,LTD. FINE CHEM Shinhan BNP Paribas Asset Management Co., Ltd Shinhan BNP Pariba Investment Trust Management Co. Shinhan BNpipariba Asset Management Sanaegeunrobokjigigeum Shinhan Asset Management Loan Co., Ltd. Shinhan Guk Asset Management Zeus Enterprise Co., Ltd. MI Patent & Law Firm Kip Patent Law Firm Patent & Law Firm LNK Patent Law Firm D&Patent Law Firm JH Patent Law Firm Ein Patent Law Firm Yuno Patent & Law Firm Taeul Patent Law Firm SYP Patent Law Firm Now Patent Law Firm Wi Patent Law Firm YNG Patent Law Firm HYUN PATENT & LAW FIRM The Wise Patent Law Firm KLP Patent Law Firm BLT Patent Law Firm OhKims PATENT LAW FIRM K&S Patent Law C&S Patent and Law Office Shinwon Patent & Law Firm Sinji Patent Law Firm SHINSEGI PATENT LAW FIRM SKY International Patent & Law Firm Dae Suk Suh Patent & Law Office Zenith Patent & Law Sejin Patent Law Firm Saeon Patent Law Firm Sarang Patent Law Firm Shinra Patent Law Firm Seyeon Patent Law Firm Shian Patent Law Firm CE S Co., LTD. CE S Co., Ltd CE S Co., Ltd CES Co.,Ltd. CES, Inc. CES Corporation Co., Ltd. C&Es CES Company CES The 1st Co., Ltd. CES The 2nd C&ES Co., Ltd. Wizpace Wiz Paket WIZPAM CO.,LTD. Wiz Pay Co.,Ltd. Adwin Korea Corporation Adam Co.,Ltd. G Link Express Logistics Korea Co, Ltd G.L.E.N.G Co., Ltd. GEOLINK CO., LTD. GLNS Co., Ltd. GLOWINS CO.,LTD. Gilmok GLONIX CO.,LTD. Gil Link Link & Company Co., Ltd. Link INC Co., Ltd. Link Inc. G Link korea Co., Ltd. The Link Co., Ltd. G I Link Co.,Ltd GL Investment Ink Co., Ltd. G Link International Co., Ltd. Mae G Link Co., Ltd. Gate Link Co., Ltd. GNP Link Co.,Ltd. MAN KOREA INC. MN Korea Co., Ltd. Man Turbo Korea Man Turbo Korea Ltd. The Diesel AHSAY,. E Land World Ltd. E-LAND WORLD CO.,LTD. Eland World Roed Gangnam Eland World Miso Myeongdong Commodity Korea Company K Commodity KIMBALL COMMODITY CORP MJ Commodity Co.,Ltd. Spot Gunwoo Co.,Ltd Gunwoo ENI Co.,Ltd. Hydis Technology Co., Ltd. HTTC BUMIL ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. BEOMIL ENERGY CO.,LTD. Beomil Co., Ltd. Beomil SN S Co., Ltd. Beomil Textile Daeki corporation DAEGI EXPRESS CO.,LTD. Crossfit Hon Koam Trading Co., Ltd. KOAM CORP Koam Tex Co.,Ltd. Koam Tech Corporation KOAM TECH CORP. Koam Technical Co., Ltd.. Koam Development Co., Ltd.. Koam Pacific Co., Ltd. Koam Development Co., Ltd. Koam Consulting Co., Ltd. Koam World Co., Ltd. Wirebarley Corp. SEONG HO INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. Ahn Seong Ho Tax Accounting Office Lee Seong Ho Tax Accounting Office Wi Seong Ho Internal Medicine Choi Seong Ho Dental Clinic Kim Seong Ho Dermatologic Clinic Coway Holdings Co.,Ltd. Deawoo Coway Co., LTD. Sei coway Co., Ltd. Coway Beu M Co., Ltd. Viva Coway Co., Ltd. COWAY Co., Ltd. Woongjin Coway Woongjin Coway WOONGJIN COWAY RENTAL CO.,LTD. Woongjin Coway Jumun Center. Woongjin Coway Jumun Jeopsu Center Woongjin Coway Woongjin Coway WOONGJIN COWAY EnTech Co., Ltd. HWASUNG CORPORATION HWASUNG TRADING CO. Biber Korea Co., Ltd. Baber korea Beaver Co.,Ltd. Beavers Bafer Korea ENG Co., Ltd. BEVERAGE CO.,LTD. Beaver Communication BEAVERS DESIGN CO.,LTD. Beverage Beaver Bit Co., Ltd. BEAVER GAMES CO.,LTD. UNI Enterprise Co., Ltd. Uni Security UNIT CORP UNI Uni SNT Co.,Ltd. PECO Co., Ltd. PECO COMPANY Peco Trading Co., Ltd. CRS Incorporate Co., Ltd. CRS CO.,LTD. Credit Service Co., Ltd. The Heim B Heim Co., Ltd. Heim Book Bio Heim Co., Ltd. Pro Heim JAC CO.,LTD Jac JA Communication Co., Ltd. Jac Sung Co., Ltd. JAC Engineering Co., Ltd. JA Creative Co., Ltd. Ja Con Ja Code JA Com Korea Coupling Co.,Ltd Joong Ang Coupling Co Chosun IS Chosun Ilbo Co., Ltd. CHOSUN IKI MFG, CO. Chosun Instrument, Inc. Chosun International Inc. It Chosun Co.,ltd Chosun Finance Co., Ltd. Digital Chosun Inc. Digital Chosun Ad Co., Ltd. Yokogawa Electric Korea Co., Ltd. Gpzone Cheil Trims Co., Ltd. JEIL CORP JEIL CO.,LTD. TC CO.,LTD. T&C Co Ltd TC CO. TC Company Co,.Ltd. Sina Accounting Firm Sol Accounting Firm Seongjin Accounting Firm C&S Accounting Firm Seongnakho Accounting Firm Seoaenjeong Accounting Firm Daehae Accounting Firm Songhyun Accounting Firm E Sangbae Accounting Firm Sewhan Accounting Firm Gongin Accountant Saehan Accounting Firm Danwang The Games Co., Ltd. HQ Game Co., Ltd. THE GAME CO.,LTD. Game Land LINE Games Corporation Lynx Games Co., Ltd. Lynx Golf Game land Co.,Ltd. Led Pc Game Sharing Starry Viva Corporation Viva Do Co., Ltd. Doctor Viva VIVA CAMP CORPORTION Viva AP Viva Chae Co., Ltd. Viva Com Co., Ltd. The Viva Che Co., Ltd. Viva Ceramic Viva Corea YOUNG SHIPPING GANGNAM SEVERANCE HOSPITAL Severance Hospital Sinchon Severance Hospital Jongro Severance Hospital Ecube Labs Co.,Ltd. En Cube Lab Co., Ltd. E The Lab Co., Ltd. KH International Co., LTD. K & H International K&H International Co., Ltd. KH International K.H INTERNATIONAL CORP. Multi Asset Management Co., Ltd. Multi Asset Co.,Ltd. Mr.Multi MULTI CO., LTD. Multi MS Co., Ltd. MULTI Multi Asset Research Multi Asset Investment Co., Ltd. Multi Art Co.,Ltd. Multi Store Multi cast Mirae Asset Global Investments Co., Ltd. VIP RESEARCH & MANAGEMENT Global Multi Co., Ltd. Global&Investment Co., Ltd. Global Invest Global Asset In Co., Ltd. Global Asset Investment Co., Ltd. Asset Invest Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Global bio investment Global Investment The Global Asset Management, Inc. Global Asset Management Co., Ltd. Global Investment Co., Ltd. Hyundai Department Store Co., Ltd. Hyundai Department Store Pharmacy HYUNDAI DEPARTMENT CHUNHO Hyundai Department Store Club INJ Co.,Ltd. Soda Hyundai Department Store Hyundai Green Food Hyundai Dept. Sinchon Branch Hyundai Department Store Hyundai Green Food Hyundai Dept. Bonjeom Hyundai Department Store Ggarbenjung Hyundai Department Store Co, Ltd Hyundai Department Store Cheonhojeom Multi Plaza Co., Ltd. Hyundai Department Store Society Welfare Foundation Hyundai Department Store Shinchonjeom Eider Hyundai Department Store D Jel Hyundai Department Store Shinchon Jeom Co., Ltd. G&C Hyundai Department Store Abgujeongbonjeom Hyundai Department Store Miseu G Collection Kkanbu Chicken Abgujeong Hyundai Department Store Hyundai Department Store Insurance Business Snow Co. Snow Pipe Co., Ltd. SV Holdings Co., Ltd. My Trading Holdings Co., Ltd. G&G Trading Holdings Co., Ltd. Raon Trading Holdings Grand Grand Co., Ltd. GRAND CO. GRAND THIRD CO.,LTD Grand Aespio Inc. M.A.D MAD Co., Ltd. Mad MAD The 1st Co., Ltd. M Ad M. Ad M.Ad Co.,Ltd. Maedeu Square Co., Ltd. Mad Dog MAD Corporation Co., Ltd. RATIONAL SOFTWARE KOREA LTD. RATIN CO.,LTD. Ratic Co., Ltd. rational owl Ratiabe Ratteemielre Redeumol PL corp PL Bio THE THIRD PLACE CO.,LTD. P.L&CO.,LTD. Partner International Partner International Co. Intel Korea Limited INTERNATINAL CORPORATION KOREA LTD. REAL ESTATE PARTNERS CO.,LTD. Real Partners Co., LTD. Real Partners LIFE PARTNERS CO.,LTD. LF PARTNERS CO.,LTD. LF Partners Co., Ltd. GLL Real Estate Partners LLC) Partner Life Co., Ltd. REAL TDI PARTNERS CO.,LTD. Real Estate Brokerage Corporation Partners Co., Ltd. Life Rex Co., Ltd Life Reori Co., Ltd. Life Resources LF Retail Co., Ltd. Life Real Estate Agent Office Life Rental Co., Ltd. Life Republic Co., Ltd. LIFE RENTCAR Real Estate Trust Life Co., Ltd. REL REAL ESTATE LIFE CO.,LTD. Jeil Real Life Co., Ltd. New Life Real Estate Consulting La Francesca Francaise Bakery Francaise Confectionary Alliance Francaise SKY INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT CO.,LTD. SKY International Co., Ltd. Sky International Corp. Sky International East Sky International Sky International Samil Semiconductor SR Semiconductor Co., Ltd. SK Semiconductor Co., Ltd. SK Semiconductor SH Semiconductor Semok Semiconductor Co., Ltd. SESOL SEMICONDUCTOR CO.,LTD. Seongu Semiconductor Sein Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Sein Semiconductor Seoyeon Semiconductor Sung Ho Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Seungju Semiconductor Hanjin Transportation Co.,Ltd. Sangmyung Co.,Ltd Sangmyung University Seoul Industry and Academy cooperation foundation Sangmyung University the girls high school attached to college of education, sangmyung univ Hansot Dosirak Sangmyung University Front Agency Toast Gubneun Saramdeul Sangmyung Univ. Branch NEVEN Neveb Co., Ltd. Nevergreen Co., Ltd. Sang Myung Company Sangmyung Architecture Sangmyung Sangsa Sangmyung Electronics Sangmyung Supplementary Lesson Academy Sangmyung General Sangsa Withus Corporation Wedding Group Withus Jungrang Co., Ltd. Leaders Wedding Group G.P Withus Co., Ltd. Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd. YBM Engloo English Academy Leaders English Academy GLOBAL FILM ENGLISH ACADEMY CO.,LTD. MAX ENGLISH JUNIOR ACADEMY Isien English Academy Choice English Academy Shekoy Korea Semiconductor New Material Co., Ltd. STC Co.,Ltd. STC Co Suho Invest Suho Investment Co., Ltd. Suho Information PUBG CORPORATION Publ Co.,Ltd. Publishing Company PUBLISHING CO. Publish Company The Publishing The Public Co., Ltd. Public Art Co.,Ltd. PUBLISHING TOP CO.,LTD. Public Corporation Co., Ltd. PUBLY The Meat Korea Mont Korea MEAT KOREA CO., LTD. korea Mt. Co., LTD. Lotte Chemical Corporation Hero Chefs Food Co., Ltd. The Food Company MS Food The Food Food In Giant Strong Ltd. Giant Co., Ltd. GIANT,INC. Giant Seuteurong The Khan Brother Traders KHAN TRADING COMPANY Rana Brothers Trading Co., Ltd. Metal Force Co., Ltd. Yumyung Sam Hwan Co. SAM HWAN CO LTD SAM HWAN CO.,LTD. SAM HWA STEEL Co.,Ltd SAM HWAN TRANSPORTATION CO., LTD. ATLAS EXPRESS CO Atlas Co., Ltd. Atlas Co. Atlas Express Co Ltd Atlas Labs Inc. Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund Technology Korea Credit Guarantee Fund Fund tech Co., Ltd KDB Consus Value Ltd. KDB-Consus Value PEF POLATAM CORPORATION HALLA CORPORATION Hyundai Asset Management Co., Ltd. Hyundai Swiss Asset Management Co., Ltd. Hyundai Asset And Investment Co.,Ltd. Hyundai Capital Asset Management Co., Ltd. CM Hyundai Asset Management Loan Co., Ltd. Hyundai AI Asset Co., Ltd. Shin Hyundai Bad Asset Management Co., Ltd. kims travel Co., LTD. Kims Travel Co.,Ltd. Federation of Korea Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Copper Korea Non-Ferrous Metal Jeyeon Association Korea Non-Ferrous Metal Powder Co., Ltd Hanwha Galleria Co., Ltd. Hanwha Galleria TimeWorld Galleria Duty Free 63 Hyundai Card Co., Ltd. HYUNDAI MEMBERSHIP CARD EXCHANGE CO.,LTD. Hyundai Membership Card Consult Fortune Corporation FORTUNE Co., Ltd. Fortune Fortune Bond Co., Ltd. Fortune Industry Fortune S Co., Ltd. FORTUNA GAMES Co.,Ltd. The Fortune Trading Fortune Trading Co., Ltd. Fortune Ireland Co., Ltd. Fortune Partners Co.,Ltd. Fortune Enterprise SNE Holdings Co., Ltd. Hyosung Chemical Inc Hyosung Chemical Inc. Hyosung Chemical Corporation BNP Co. BNP Paribas Securities Korea Co., Ltd. BNP Paribas Cardif General Insurance Co., Ltd. BNP Paribas Cardif Life Insurance Co., Ltd. RODEMTECH Co., Ltd. Honey Tech KDB Infrastructure Investment Asset Management Co., Ltd. Korea Development Bank KDB CAPITAL CORPORATION KDB Leaders The 1st KDB Life Insurance Co., Ltd. KDB Life KDB Development Co., Ltd. KDB Industry KDB Biz Co., Ltd. KDB Foundation KDB Partners Co., Ltd Gardenhada Co., Ltd. Gardensa En R.E Co., Ltd. P.ENR Co.,Ltd. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Inc. Worldwide Logistics Co., LTD. Insol korea Inshilriko Korea Co., Ltd. Insulation Korea Co., Ltd. Inosel Korea Co., Ltd. LK INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. Planet The Planet Co., Ltd. FLANET INC. A Planet Another Inc. Another Language Angel Planet Co., Ltd. Ato Planet Co., Ltd. Another D Ad Planet Co., Ltd. AB Planet FRL Korea Co., Ltd. Haeseong Corporation Co., Ltd. Haeseong The 1st Ge & Construction Co., Ltd. SMART LEADER CO.,LTD. SMART CO.,LTD. Smart INC Co.,Ltd. Smart Senior Co.,Ltd. Smart Corporation Smartcon Co., Ltd. SMART The Smartcare Co., Ltd. EIGHT CO.,LTD. EIGHT 8 Seconds Co., Ltd. EIGHT CO.,LTD. GPI8 Co.,Ltd. GPI1 CO.,Ltd. GPI9 Co.,Ltd. G Eight International Co., Ltd. GPI12 Co.,Ltd. GPI13 Co.,Ltd. GPI11 Co.,Ltd. Enex Co., Ltd. ENEX E NEX CO.,LTD. Enex Wear Co., Ltd. Enex MNC Co.,Ltd. Berkana Wireless Inc The Stylist Stylist Steelcon Co., Ltd. Stelsis Telecom Korea Investment Management Holdings Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Corporation KOREA INVESTMENT CO., LTD Korea Securities Investment Management Co., Ltd Korea Venture Investment Management Co., Ltd. RASAL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT KOREA INC. Korea Musical Investment Co., Ltd. BlackRock Investment Management Korea Ltd. ING Real Estate Investment Management Korea L.L.C Korea Asset Management Invest Co., Ltd. Korea Asset Investment Management Co., Ltd. KS Investment Management Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Trust Co., Ltd. GMC Investment Korea Co., Ltd. CYCLA Parma Co., Ltd. KPC Co.,Ltd. K.P.C KPC INC Co., Ltd. KPC.Co.Ltd KPC Inc. KPC Company Co., Ltd. K P & C Inc KEB Hana Bank EBADA INDUSTRIAL CO. Gangnam Beauty Material JH Gangnam Beauty Center Gangnam Beauty Secret Cheongho Nice Beauty Gangnam Branch Gim Seonyeong Beauty Shop Gangnam Artisan Co., Ltd. The Artisan Artisan Naerok Holdings co., Ltd Naerok Resources co., ltd Naerora Na E Re Naeri Company Co., Ltd. YS Company YS Corporation Co., Ltd. Iloom Inc. Philip Philip Co.,Ltd Phil International Co.,Ltd. Phil International PHIL International Co., Ltd. Phil Pharmacy Phillip Interior Co.,Ltd. UNITED INTER PHARM INC. Phillip International Holdings Co., Ltd. SEMPIO COMPANY Sempio Foods Company Hongcheon Branch SEMPIO FOODS COMPANY LCPARK International Co., Ltd. KANGS CORPORATION Cheon Kwang Electric Co., Ltd. Seokang Trading Seo Kang Trading Co Seo Kang Trading Co., Ltd. Seokang C&D Co., Ltd. Wise In Co.,Ltd Wisekids Co. , Ltd. Wisekids Korean Nail Association Korean Association Korean Volleyball Federation KOREA FOOT VOLLEYBALL ASSOCIATION CORP. Info Media Korea Media Information Communication Co., Ltd. Media Communication Co., Ltd. Sima Media Information J Media Communication DC Media Communication Co., Ltd. Pacific Media And Communication Co., Ltd. BS Media Communication Co., Ltd. Information Wa Media Co., Ltd. Naeoe Media Communication Co., Ltd. Info Media Korea Co., Ltd. KS Neotek Inc. Midas Trading Co., Ltd. Sung Woo Corp Sungwoo Corporation DEVICE Pro Device DVC Co., Ltd. Device Mall Device Korea Net Device Co., LTD. KEC Device Co., LTD. MS Device Co., Ltd. Korea Medical Devices Industry Association Applied Device Co., Ltd. HuFarma Co., Ltd. Media Devices Co, Ltd BJ Medical Device Co., Ltd. Device Co., Ltd. Han-Il Device Hyundai Device Co., Ltd. Ba E Device Hifarm Pharmacy KEC DEVICE Co.,Ltd Bird Device Co., Ltd. Hwiparam Co., Ltd. Nubicom Inc. Nubigo Nubino Co., Ltd. SK Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. GS Engineering & Construction Corp. SW Engineering & Const. Co., Ltd. CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. Seun Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. KR CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. SESE Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. SEHWA ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION CO. Smartline Co., Ltd. SMARTIER CO.,LTD. Smartrizen Co.,Ltd. Watch's Pro Watch Ecco Watches Co., Ltd. The Chan THE CHAIN CO., LTD. Chain Co., Ltd. DS Chain Co., Ltd. Chan Dae Chan Dvd Chain Co., Ltd. Donna Chains Daeju Chain Co.,Ltd. Latex House Hiron Co. HANKOOK IND INC Hankuk Industrial Co., Ltd. HANKUK GLASS CO. HANKUK PAIR GLASS INDUSTRY CO LTD Hankuk Industry Gold Co.,Ltd. Hankuk Industrial Engineering Co., Ltd. EAST ASIA DEVELOPMENT INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. E Dea Development Industry Co., Ltd. Ebada Development Co., Ltd. Standard Chartered Bank Korea Limited JRtech Co., Ltd. J&R Technology JR Bio-tech Co., Ltd. Yangmyung Yangmyung Chemical Seoul Yangmyung Elementary School Yangmyung Industry Development Co., Ltd. Yangmyung Sangjo Co., Ltd. Yangmyung Construction Engineering & Manufacturing SAMBO Corporation HWA SUNG CO LTD HWASUNG Sung Hwa Corp. HAN SUNG NONG SAN CO. Amorepacific Corporation AMOREPACIFIC Group Entbrain Inc. A-Tech Co. A Tech A-Tech Ltd. DA A TECH CO.,LTD. A-Tech Co. Adtech ADTECH CO.,LTD. PROGRESS D.I.G Co., Ltd D.I.G CO. Daesung Industrial Gases Co., Ltd. Daesung Industrial Gas DIG Co., Ltd. Action Trading IDA Id I.D Corporation Co., Ltd. ID Company Inter Action Co., Ltd. Ain ID IdeaCommunications Co.,Ltd. Ideacom Lape Co., LTD. Lapa Hongwon Apparel Co., Ltd. Hongwon Hongwon Company Co., Ltd. Samsung Securities Co., Ltd. Samsung Securities Co., Ltd._Daechi Branch Samsung Security Tool Samsung SEC Co., Ltd. NRT Co., Ltd. Asia Master Trade Co., Ltd. Humana INC Co., Ltd. Humania Humansupia Co., Ltd. Humanca Co.,Ltd. HUMANSI CO.,LTD. Humane Co.,LTD. Humansis Co.,Ltd. Humanscape HumanStar Co.Ltd ABL Life Insurance Co., Ltd. KOREA MARINE FINANCE CORPORATION Auto Korea Ace Fire Marine Insurance Youngwoo Co.,Ltd. Youngwoo Young Woo Digital Co., Ltd. SAMJIN CO.,LTD samjin company HAESUNG CO. Haesung International Co.,Ltd. Lavis Pledis Entertainment Co., Ltd. PLEIDIS CO.,LTD. PLEDU Co., Ltd. FAB WELL CO.,LTD. Tour TTL Co.,Ltd. Tour Talk Tour Leaders Co., Ltd. Tour Talk Co., Ltd. Tour In Tour Co.,Ltd. Tour Tori Co.,Ltd. Tour Mall Co., Ltd. Tour Valley Joeun International Co., Ltd. Joeun International Co.,Ltd. Joeun Leather International Alliance Co.,Ltd. ALLIANCE INC. AOI Communication Alliance Corporation ACE American Insurance Company American Co., Ltd. America Academy Co., Ltd. American Airlines American Apparel Ace Company & Co. ACE Corporation Good Friend Corporation Good Friends Corp. Good Friend Korea Co., Ltd. Jungto Society Jungto ENC Co., Ltd. Goodfriend Logistics Goodfriend Vocation Agency Goodfriend Industrial Welfare Foundation JTS Korea Inc. JTS Corporation JTS Corporation Co., Ltd. TOGETHER.CO In Together Co.,Ltd. J.S.K Corp. JSK Incorporated Co., Ltd. JSK Corporation Co., Ltd. Jeongwoo JeongWoo M.I.T Corp. K & V Corporation KF Aen Co., Ltd. KV Company Co., Ltd. KV Corporation Co., Ltd. KV&I Co., Ltd. Mibo Mountain Gear Mibo Geumsok Ijo Gear MM Gear Pakson PAKS Korea Maritime Co., Ltd. Korea Maritime Co., Ltd. Hwaseung Corporation KL Investments 3, L.L.C. D Three Invest Co., Ltd. THREE J INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. Three S Invest Co., Ltd. K THREE INVESTMENT HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. PAXNET,Inc. PIXNET CO. WONKWANG CORP Wonkwang Company Wonkwang Co.,Ltd. KOREA FUJIFILM CO., LTD. KOREA FUJI FILM SALES CO LTD KOREA FUJI CORPORATION FUJITSU KOREA LIMITED KOREA FUJI FINE CHEMICAL CO.,LTD FUJIFILM ELECTRONIC IMAGING KOREA Korea Fuji Packing Co., Ltd. Fujiyama Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Fuji ENC Korea Fuji Fujifilm Electeonic Materials Korea FUJIFILM SonoSite Korea Ltd. MIRAE ASSET MAPS Investment Management Co., Ltd. (MAPS FRONTIER 18) C.H.ROBINSON FREIGHT SERVICES KOREA LTD. Crown Worldwide Korea Ltd. Macquarie Korea Opportunites Fund Macquarie Korea Opportunities Management, Ltd. Macquarie Korea Macquarie Finance Korea Co., Ltd. Macquarie Korea Opportunities Fund No.3 BANK OF AMERICA NATIONAL TRUST& SAVINGS ASSOCIATION Capital Advisor Co.,Ltd. Korea Credit Capital Korea Leaders Capital Co., Ltd. Bon Capital Advisor Co., Ltd. JBJ Capital Advisor Co., Ltd. BOGO CAPITAL ADVISOR CO.,LTD. Geo Capital Advisors Korea Co., Ltd. Orchestra Capital Advisors Korea Limited Admon Capital Korea Co., Ltd. KOREAN LIFE ENGINEERING CENTRAL Learn Tec Korea Company Ltd. Lear Korea Whitney Corp. Doctor Wave Co., Ltd Wave Company Wavepia Co., Ltd. Wave Corporation Daelim Corporation Daesung Petrochemical Daelim D & I Co., Ltd. Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd. Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd Woori EA Sixth Asset Securitization Specialty Co.,Ltd. Meritz Auto Sixth Securitization Specialty Company Super Series 3rd Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. Super Series 1st Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. Super Series 2nd Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. Super Series 4th Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. Super Series 5th Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. Super Shirijeu The 6th Securitization Specialty UD The 6th Securitization Specialty UK Sixth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. MNS The 6th Securitization Specialty KA The 6th Securitization Specialty IA The 6th Securitization Specialty Woori SB The 6th Securitization Specialty SMORE Thirty-sixth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd Master CDO the Sixth Securitization Specialty Co., Whain The 6th Securitization Specialty T-World Sixth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. Singok the Sixth Zone Securitization Specialty Inc. JB SPC 13th Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. Uplus LTE Twenty Sixth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. Uplus LTE Thirty Sixth Securitization Specialty Co..Ltd. Supreme Sixth Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd SMART S 6TH SECURITIZATION SPECIALTY INC. SMORE SIXTH SECURITIZATION SPECIALTY CO.,LTD. SK Incheon Oil Co., Ltd._Seoul Office SK Incheon Oil Co., Ltd. SK INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. SK Industry The Ski Ski Ski The Co., Ltd. J-TBC Media Tech Co.,Ltd. Re E Land Holdings Co., Ltd. Stonebridge Capital Inc. Stonebridge Ventures, Inc. MOKCHEON COMPANY Kendall Square LP Opo REF Kendall Square Investment Co.,Ltd Kendall Square LP Sanha REF Kendall Square LP Gimpo REF K Square Coms Kendall Square Logistics Properties, Inc. Kendall Square Asset Management, Inc. Kendall Square LP Kimhae Sangdong REF Kendal Square Partners Co., Ltd. K Square PR Co., Ltd. K Square Co., Ltd. KENDALL MEDICAL LTD Dan World Korea Co., Ltd. Hyundai Capital Auto Fifth Securitization Specialt HYUNDAI CAPITAL SERVICES, INC. Hyundai Economy Capital Hyundai Capital Auto 9901 ABS Co., Ltd. Hyundai Capital (Korea) Auto Funding Limited Hyundai Capital Yangjae Office Premises Booth I Capital Co.,Ltd. I Capital Co., Ltd. Hyundai Capital Auto Fourth Securitization Special Hyeondaegeurin Food Hyundai Capital Branch Co., Ltd. HANA CAPITAL CO.,LTD M & S Korea MSK Co., Ltd. MSK Company Co., Ltd. Hwa Sung International Korea Bookuk Corporation Bukak Electronics Bosuk Electronics Co., Ltd. Dong Sung Printing Company MOORIM P&P Co., Ltd._Seoul Branch Moorim SP Co., Ltd. Shinpoong Works Co Ltd Shinpoong Pharmacy Shinpoong Enterprise Shinpoong Paper Mall Co., Ltd. Shinpoong Co., Ltd.. Nexen Tire Songpa agent Sam Chun Lighting Co.,Ltd. Chun San Co.,Ltd. Sam Chun Co. Chung Su Dang Co.,Ltd. SUN IN DANG Hanwha Corporation SamChun Co.,Ltd. Samchung Co.,Ltd. Samchung Co., Ltd. BUTTONCOM MK Industrial Co., Ltd. MJ Industy Origin Co.,Ltd. Origin The Origin Co., Ltd. Miss Origin Origin & Co.,Ltd. Originway Co.,Ltd. Originway Co., Ltd. Che Il Corporation Cheil Medical Co., Ltd. Cheil Science Co., Ltd. 202 Corporation Co., Ltd. 202I Co., Ltd. 202Company Co., Ltd. Worldwide Corp. Cheil Communications Inc. CM Worldwide CI WORLDWIDE. CO., LTD. Samsung SDS SAMSUNG SDS CO., LTD. Samsung SDS Korean Federation of Community Credit Asiana Airlines(Seoul International Departure) Asiana Airlines Inc. Asiana Airlines Inc Incheon International Airport Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd. Korean Airline Labor Union Korean Air Lines Co, Ltd KOREA ADVANCED MATERIALS INSTITUTE Lintec Advanced Technologies (Korea) Inc. CU Korea Advanced Institute Of Science & Technology Oneroom Agency Korea Advanced Institute Of Labor KAIST Air Co., Ltd. Kaist Edu Institute Kaist Math Institute KAIST Ventures Co., Ltd. Sunjin SUNJIN CORPORATION Sunrise Co.,Ltd. Sunrise Corporation Yellow Sunrise Co., Ltd. Sam H Co., Ltd. H&d SAM H INFORMATION COMMUNICATIONS CO.,LTD. Jung Am H&D Co.,Ltd. H&D Investment Company H And D Company H&D Company Samshin E&B Co., Ltd. Shine H Samsu H&D Co., Ltd. H&D CO.,LTD. Sam H Company Co., Ltd. Shine D&P H & D CORPORATION Shinyoung H&D Samshin E&B Yongsan Branch D&H Company D AND H CO LTD D&H Co., Ltd. H&D System Co., Ltd. Sinyoung H&D Co., Ltd. H&D Solution Co., Ltd. Lux H Shi &D Co., Ltd. SANGWOO D&H CO.,LTD. Shine INC Co., Ltd. KOOKYANG LOGITECH CO LTD Kongkong Food Dynamic Kongkong Pictures Co., Ltd. Kongkongshimshim Co., Ltd. Kongkong E Kids Kongkong Jeoo Kongkong Kongkongtta Style Kongkong Steel Eis Co., Ltd. Kongnk BR Korea Co.,Ltd. Cafe31 Ewha Womans Univ.Jungang Agency Ewha Women's Univ. Hospital Tom N Toms Ewha Womans Univ. Station Branch Paris Baguette Ewha Womans Univ. Station Agency Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital Baskin Ewha Woman's University Icarus(ewha Womans University Agency) Jacques Dessange(Ewha Womans University 2nd Agency E Hair Expension Ewha Womans University Sinchon Branch Galnaengssam Ewha Womans University Branch Heart Chyu Ewha Woman's University Agency Teenie Weenie Ewha Womans University Agency Ehwa Womans University Medical Center Cleantopia Iwha Womans University Branch Ewha Womans University Medical Center public Officials Trade Unions Public official Seochogu Concession Dongjak-gu Council of Public Officials Workplace PEOPLE AND JOB CO.,LTD. People Com SEBON & COMPANY LTD Seobon Construction Co.,Ltd. Sebon Construction Co., Ltd. Seban Construction Co., LTD. Sebon Seoban Construction Co., Ltd. Sebin Construction Co., Ltd. SAEBOM CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. Sebon Book Store The Trade Desk Korea The Desk Co., Ltd. NATION F&C CO.,LTD. NFC Korea Co., Ltd. Leaders Software Software Co., Ltd. S5-Software O2mobile Software Co., Ltd. Y2K Software EM COMPANY CO.,LTD. EM&I I Co., Ltd. EM Co.,Ltd. Korea Travels Co., Ltd. KOREA TRAVEL COMPANY LTD. Leaders Korea Travel Co., Ltd. Korea Leaders Travel WORLD RESOURCE CO.,LTD. World Resources World Resources Eco Co., Ltd. SEMON WORLD RESOURCES CO.,LTD. World Resources Cheolgeo ECO FARM WORLD CO.,LTD. GOLDEN & COMPANY LTD GOLDEN CORPORATION GOLDEN ESTATE CO.,LTD. Golden I Co., Ltd. Golden West Co.,Ltd. Golden Loan Asset Management Co., Ltd. GOLDEN INVESTMENT LOAN CO.,LTD. GOLDEN LEATHER Golden Bol Loan Co., Ltd. GOLDEN LAWN GLOVE INC. KC Trade K-C TRADING CORPORATION K.C. TRADING CO., LTD. KC Trading K&C Trading Co., Ltd. K.C. TRADING CO LTD K&C Trade Co.,Ltd. JPMorgan Asset Management Korea Co., Ltd. Filco Co. Filco Corporation FILCOM FILCOMM Co., Ltd. FOREVER CORPORATION FOREVER CO.,LTD. Forego Corporation. foren Co., LTD. Foren Foresco Co., Ltd. Forever If Auction Co., Ltd. DI Auction Co.,Ltd. Doctor Auction The Auction Co., Ltd. In Auction Co., Ltd Jin Auction Co., Ltd. Pin Auction Co., Ltd. Pin Auction Financial Loan Co., Ltd. I Auction Co., Ltd. DUIN AUCTION CO.,LTD. Mini Auction Ujin Auction Co., Ltd. China Auction Co., Ltd. Dain Auction Co., Ltd. Auction Invest Co., Ltd. GI Auction Co., Ltd. Ki Auction Co., Ltd. KOREA FUTURE CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. Suhyup Bank Suhyup Service Co., LTD. Suhyup Department Store Moro Sports Marketing Company MORO CO. Barungil Asset Management Co.,Ltd. Baring Asset Management Korea Limited Brain Asset Management co,.Ltd BARUN Asset Management Co., Ltd Bareun Asset Management Co., Ltd. The Bareun Asset Management Co., Ltd. BNB Asset Management Bridge Asset Management Co., Ltd. BNK Asset Management co.,Ltd. The Best Asset Management Co.,Ltd. The Best Asset Management Co., Ltd. Beomjin Asset Management Hyundai Heavy Industry Mokpo Branch Lumiere Co.,Ltd. Studio All Studio SA The Studio Lumiere Studio Lumiere Co. Studio Lux Hanon HANO CO.,LTD. hanon ENG Co., LTD. Hanol Corporation Hanol Hanol Co. HANOK CO.,LTD. Hanon Ind.,Co. Yoon, Jung Sun JSB JSB Corporation J.S.B JSB INC. JPFG Co., Ltd. JGPC Co., Ltd. JPOS Co., Ltd. JPBiz Co., Ltd. JSBC Co., Ltd. JPGO Lab Co., Ltd. JSBT CO.,LTD. J S BM The Jeps World JSBK, Ltd. JSB&I Co., Ltd. JPIC Holdings Co., Ltd. JEPEX CORPORATION JSpec Jipec Co., Ltd. Jipsi Jabja Co., Ltd. JIPAS JAPEX LLC JSB Mode Co., Ltd. Jepesa Hummus Investment Co., Ltd. Hummus Kichen INC. Humme S & P S&P Company Co., Ltd. S&P Co., Ltd. Bridging Group Korea Co., Ltd. Dongwoo TR Co., Ltd. LG Uplus Corp. Global Corporation Global Co., LTD. Global SA Co., Ltd. Global Leader MS GLOBAL CO., LTD. Global G.N WaveStone Inc. Waveseu GANG TECH CO.,LTD. Gang tech Co., LTD. GANG PEDIATRICS Gang Rim Gang Apparel Co.,Ltd. Gang To Construction Co., Ltd. Gangs & Associate Monster & Company Co., Ltd Monster 3D Co., Ltd. Monster Monster Company Video Monster Co., Ltd. Korea Online Co., Ltd. Korea Online Co.,Ltd. TIM PLUS Doobee Co., Ltd. Doobo Co. Ltd. DOO BO CO., LTD. doobo Co.,Ltd. DOO BO CORPORATION Deobo dooub DOOV doobo Tech Engineering Co., Ltd. DOOBOFOODS CO., LTD Doobis Co.,Ltd. Honors Asset Management Co.,Ltd. HONORS ASSET CO.,LTD. TH International Co., Ltd. TH Company T H CORPORATION, LTD T.H. CO.LTD HAI CHUNG CO LTD Chung Ho. Chung Sa Co. Chung CHUNG HAE JIN CORP. CHUNG HAN INCORPORATED CHUNG HWA ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. CHUNG YANG ELECTRONICS CO Ku Company Ku Corporation Ku LS Co., Ltd. Ku Sound KU Sports Ku Phone Square Co., Ltd. Ku Bus Co., Ltd. Korea Union Co.,Ltd. Fix Trading Co., Ltd. Korea Union News Co., Ltd. SAE KOREA CREDIT UNION FIX Co., Ltd. Seafood Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Soho Union Co., Ltd. JR& Korea Union Co., Ltd. U N HS Korea Co., Ltd. Korea MM U N Co., Ltd. G Un Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Union Information Technology Systems Co. DR Face Co., Ltd. face3d co., ltd. Facebook Korea Limited Face Company Co., Ltd. FELLTECH CO.,LTD. Feel Tech Co.,Ltd. JB In Corporation J&B Plus Co., Ltd. J & B PLAN CO.,LTD. JBP JBP Korea Co., Ltd. J&B Power Co., Ltd. JB Plan Co., Ltd. J&B Plus Co., Ltd. H & Q Lacasa Hotel LACASA Seoul La Live Web Link Co., Ltd. EB Link Co., Ltd. Web Line Co., Ltd. Web Link Co., Ltd. Zio Web Link Web Land Co., Ltd. Human E-Solution Co., Ltd. Human & Solution Co., Ltd. BM Human Solution HSG Human Solution Group Co., Ltd. BM Human Solution Won Co., Ltd. Jase Human Solution Co., Ltd. Dongbang Human Solution Co., Ltd. korea News Wire Co., Ltd. Absolute Absolute International Co., Ltd. Absolute Value Co.,Ltd. Efonia Co,. Ltd. Ovearup&Korea Co.,Ltd. Areupu Areupa Co., Ltd. ARPE Areupa Answer Co., Ltd. Answer Systems Co.,Ltd. THE ANSWER CO.,LTD. The Answer Answerer.Co.Ltd Hanyang Universal Co., Ltd. Alumni Association of Hanyang University Baskin Hanyang University Center for Business Incubation of Hanyang Univ. SONGJAESEONG HANYANG UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION Hanyang University Graduate School of Business Scholarship Committee Paper Stationery Center Hanyang Univ. Branch Syobu Hanyang University branch Hanyang Univ. Sindakbal & Odolbbyeo Cleantopia Hanyang University Agency Duldul Chicken Hanyang University Agency HANYANG UNIV. RELIABILITY ANALYTICAL LABORATORY Code Co., Ltd. Code A Co.,Ltd. Coda Corporation Company Da Codap Co., Ltd. Codas Limited Coda CNC Co.,Ltd. Material Nara Material & System Inc. (MSI) MATERIAL BANK CO.,LTD. Material Science Co., Ltd. Material E Ho Material Partners Co., Ltd. Material Ri Furniture Landsi Co., Ltd. Land Smile Co.,Ltd. LandSet Co., Ltd. Marine Technology Co., Ltd. S & B S&B COMPANY Airtech Co.,Ltd. Artech DAERIM CO. Daelim & Co. Daelim Estate Co., Ltd. Daelim Leaders Co., Ltd. Wow Golcom Co.,Ltd. Mission 21 Inc. 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Alaska AK Chemical Co., Ltd. AK ChemTech Co., Ltd. Gongbang Tech JEIN CO.,LTD. Jein Company Co., Ltd. Sub Zero Korea Co., Ltd. Sub Korea Net Co., Ltd. T.One Co.,Ltd. T & One T-ONE CO., LTD. T1LS Co.,Ltd T 12 Tim One Co., LTD. T1 DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. Gansam Architects & Partners Co., Ltd. Robert Walters Korea Ltd. B.O.B. CORPORATION LTD BOB & CO CO.,LTD. Doctor BOB Co., Ltd. The Bob BOB Motors Korea Eins Co., Ltd. Eins EINS CORPORATION Shopee Korea Company Limited Kumdo C&C Co.,Ltd. GAJA GS CO., LTD. FLAGSYS DAGS, INC Present Bagsa J-IN MODE CO.,LDT. IL Jin Co.,Ldt. podbbang tssystem co., ldt. UWELL DESIGN CO., LDT. JK GLOBAL CO.,LDT Ags Film Co., Ltd. The Glass Bagsa Korea Shim Card Co., Ltd. Galag Sound Banghag Segyero Pharmacy Jun Tags Yagsu Building Munchangdo Bagsoyeon Hair Pose Korea Digital Image Steno Association Kkonags Co., Ltd. Miajeom Bagsa Glass Mobile run Co., Ltd. Mobile Running Co., Ltd. Jei JEI Corporation Jei Printing Jei Printech Jei Planning Printing Jei Pitu Jei Corp. Jei DC HB INNOVATION Co.,Ltd. BT Innovation Co., Ltd. Bounty Begem Co., Ltd. DAE SUNG CORPORATION DAE SUNG CORP KOREA EDUCATION CO., LTD. Korea With Education Korea Education Consulting Korea Education Center Korea Education Consulting Co.,Ltd. KOREA ENTERPRISE CONSULTING CO.,LTD. Korea Education Consulting KECI(Korea Educational Consulting Institute) Global Education Consulting in Korea Korea Economy Education Co., Ltd. Korea Enterprise Consulting Korea Consulting Research Institute Korea Consulting Co., Ltd. KOREA CONSENSUS INSTITUTE Korea Management Consulting Institute Korea Convension Institute Korea Engineering & Consulting Co.,Ltd. Korea Energy Consulting Co., Ltd. Korea Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. korea DND consulting Korea CE Consulting Co., Ltd. DANAM CO.,LTD. Danam Corp. Danam JJ Co., Ltd. Danam Industry DANAM INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. Danam Systems Inc. CYH Co., Ltd. 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Kumho Tire Motors Kumho Tire Kyungnam Sales Kumho Tire Wonhyo Agency KUMHO TIRE JAMSIL AGENCY neez.n SE YOUNG CORPORATION YOUNG METAL Se Young SR Co., Ltd. Se Young Corporation Viana Co., Ltd. Posco Development Posco Daewoo Sanaegeunro Welfare Gigeum Core Holdings Co.,Ltd Core Holdings Co.,Ltd. G Codi Holdings Co., Ltd. G In Leader Holdings Co., Ltd. The Core Holding Co., Lrd. Core Inte Holdings Co., Ltd. G&R Holdings Co., Ltd. Jeongil Core Holdings Co., Ltd. A CORE HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. L.T Corporation Co., Ltd. L.T L.T Company Co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Corporation(Korea) Ltd. Mitsubishi Elevator Korea Co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Electric Automation Korea Co., Ltd. MEDASOFT CO.,LTD MDSEVEN CO.,LTD. Mitsubishi Electric Korea Co.,Ltd. Mydacom Co., LTD. MIDESPACE CO.,LTD. MDSEP CO. MediaCube Modakbul MEDIASCOPE Inc. Midaseupin Tech Co., Ltd. Metaspace MADWLCP Co., Ltd. MDCP INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. MTGF Holdings Co., Ltd. Modakbul Hof Mitsubishi Elevator Korea. Mediaspot modoocapital MADWLCP Second Deu Medispo Co.,Ltd Motuspi Co., Ltd Mitzba Co., Ltd. MUTzip Co., Ltd. Matokoba E Valley Car Co., Ltd. MTUASIAPTELTD A&A KOREA CO.,LTD. Belray Korea New Ray Korea Co., Ltd. A RAM KOREA CO., LTD. A Da Korea Co., Ltd. A Korea Co.,Ltd. R&A Korea Co., Ltd. A Miss Korea Co., Ltd. Korea A Corp Co., Ltd. AP & A KOREA CO.,LTD. A Car Korea Co., Ltd. A&D Korea Co., Ltd. A Resource Korea Co., Ltd. A&F Korea Co., Ltd. A & T KOREA, LTD. NEEZEN Co., Ltd. Nexzen Co.,Ltd. NEXZEN Seoul Guarantee Insurance Company CIG SHIPPING CO.,LTD. Cig FORYOU AUTO PARTS CO., LTD Alex Trading Company Ltd. ALA TRADING CORPORATION Al Trade Allen Trade Co.,Ltd. AL Trading Co., Ltd. Point Nix Co., Ltd. PointNews Inc. Neuros Fine Co., Ltd. Neurocoms Inc. Neuropy NEUROASSOCIARES CO.,LTD. Neurolines Neuru The Neuru Co., Ltd. Geumsung Sangsa CM INC Co.,Ltd. CM Corporation CM Corporation Co.,Ltd. CM Company Co.,Ltd. Tour Bliss Co.,Ltd. Marvel and Company MIRIBUL CORP. Miribeol Miribyeol Telecom Co.,Ltd. Miribyeol Telecom Meribel Miripeul Co., Ltd. Mereubel Co., Ltd. Mirabell S Co., Ltd. Miraebalgeon Co., Ltd. EVERBLESS CO.,LTD. Mireabalbu Industry MARBLING E&M Inc. Meribel Flower Mirobolbabsulsang Meripol Marblanc Marblelotus Co. Marvel S&M Co., Ltd. Marbel.Co.,Ltd Marvel Y Zipper Blising Co., Ltd. Maribelreu Co., Ltd. MoreBlucean Herb Life Herb Line Marublo Pulications ever Building Hyundai Pharmacy GENESIS Co., Ltd. Genesis 4th Co., Ltd. Genesis 3rd Co., Ltd. Genesis Corporation GENESIS 2ND INC. Genesis Power Co., Ltd. Genesis Power Tu Safe C&E Co., Ltd. Mat MAT Co., Ltd Pro Ma T Co., Ltd. Ma T In Mat Ta Hanwha General Insurance Co., Ltd. Hanwha Life Asset Co., Ltd Life Ins Co.,Ltd. Hanwha Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Hana Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Handuk Life Insurance Hanwha Life Insurance H & M HENNES & MAURITZ LTD. Mirae Asset Co.,Ltd. Mirae Asset Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Global Unicorn Samotuja E Asset Global Co., Ltd. Mirae&Global Co., Ltd. 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Hyundai Motor Company SB INC. SB Tour Healthen Co., Ltd. Healthlim Co., Ltd. Huchems Fine Chemical Corporation Kapa korea Co., Ltd. HICOS Ltd. New Gene Medical Co., Ltd. Business Platform Co., Ltd. NS Platform Co., Ltd. IM Business Platform Asia Business Platform Co., Ltd. Krypton Co., Ltd. K & Z Corporation Co., Ltd Korea Zinc Company, Ltd. Daewoo Security Daewoo Securities Co., Ltd. MIRAE ASSET DAEWOO CO., LTD. MIRAE ASSET DAEWOO SPECIAL PURPOSE ACQUISITION 1 CO., LTD Mirae Asset Daewoo Invest The 1st Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Daewoo Special Purpose Company 2Ho Co., Ltd. Artist Artist Company Co., Ltd. Artist Agency Bridge Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Securities Co., Ltd. Oewhan Mirae Asset The 2nd Securitization Specialty Mirae Asset Securities PEF 1 Green Growth 2009 Mirae Asset Credit Co., Ltd. Gampler Co., Ltd. HANSA INDUSTRIAL CORP DOF Corp. DOF Co., Ltd. DOF Corp. DOF Inc. DOF Sydney Co., Ltd. Do Flower Dof Tech Co., Ltd. DOF International HANKUK FIDELITY & SURETY COMPANY FIDES Co., Ltd. Fides PMC Co., Ltd. FIDES INTERNATIONAL CO. Fides INT Co.,Ltd. Fides Investment Management Fides Investment Management Co.,Ltd FID Corporation Co., Ltd. FID Co., Ltd. Fidellise Fidelis Korea Co.Ltd. FIDM Co., Ltd. Fiducia FID Mobile Co., Ltd. Fid Sign Fidusmedia Land Mark F ID Fidel Engineering Co., Ltd. Fidicen(Sun Triing) FoodSense Co., Ltd. FTAZONE CO., LTD. General Architects Office ID Group 21 Co., Ltd. Foodking mart Co.,Ltd CONFIDENCE & BELIEVERESOURCE DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. GCT Co.,Ltd. GCT SERVICES GCT Research Inc. Cheonun Plaza Co., Ltd. EG Bay ENGLISH LEARNING BAY CO.,LTD. Rich & Co. Co.Ltd RICH CO.,LTD. RICH CO. Ronix Incorporated Ranix Inc. Rani Rani Company Co., Ltd. Rani Co., Ltd. Semichem Semichem Co., Ltd. VALENTINE CO.,LTD. Valentine Crebin Co., Ltd. Crebue Co., Ltd. CREBIS CORPORATION Crebel Co., Ltd. CREBIZ CO., LTD Crebit Co., Ltd. Crebia Crebiz Co., Ltd. Selim Intellectual Property Law Firm Korea Institute of Intellectual Property Prime Intellectual Property Law Firm MARU Intellectual Property Law SU INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY P&T Intellectual Property Law Firm Taebaek Intellectual Property Law Firm Central Intellectual Property & Law Sigong Intellectual Property Firm HB INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CENTER AnK Intellectual Property UC Management Co., Ltd. UC Company Co., Ltd. The Ocean INC Co., Ltd. OCEANS Co., Ltd. The Ocean Co.,Ltd. Mcdonalds MCDONALDS CORPORATION AIP Asset Management Co., Ltd. KB Life Insurance Company KB LEADERS K. B Life Co.,Ltd. GKR Tech S Capital Co., Ltd. Post The Post Co., Ltd. The Post Co., Ltd Postd Co.,Ltd. Post AM Co., Ltd. Post DM POST PM CO.,LTD. KOREA POST (Office of Postal Service) Korea Post (Yoido) Post Korea Net Co., Ltd. Real Post korea Co., Ltd. PTK Co., Ltd. Post & Co (Korea) Ltd. Korea Post Human Research Institute Bel Post Korea Green Post Korea Heopingteon Post Korea The Seomeo Ville Post Korea Post Korea Co., Ltd. KOREA POSTAL SERVICE AGENCY Korea Post-After Education Association Guide Post Korea Co., Ltd. HANSUNG CORP KRCT Co., Ltd. D&J Trading Co., Ltd. D&W Trading Co., Ltd. W Trading W Trade Co., Ltd. D Won Trading Co., Ltd. D&W Company Co., Ltd. D&H Trading D&i Trading SBT Company SBT&S Co., Ltd. SBT Lab Co., Ltd. SBT Trading SBT Korea Co., Ltd. Useong SBT Co., Ltd. SB Textile KST Partners Co., Ltd. ACEM CO.,LTD. Acme Medical Inc. Acme Solution Co., Ltd. ACME Engineering Co., Ltd. ACSM Co., Ltd. Acme de la vie Co., Ltd. Ducksan International Co., Ltd. DUCKSAN CLOTHING CO.LTD AMS Co., Ltd. A.M.S. CORPORATION Erae Auto H2 C Company H2 C Co., Ltd. H2 Communications Co., Ltd. H2 Communication Co., Ltd. H2C Global Co., Ltd. H2 Commerce Co., Ltd. H2 CNC Co., Ltd. DASTECH. INC. DSHITECH, INC DISSTECH CO., LTD. Dset Co., Ltd. DSETCO N.T.C LIMITED AIM Co., Ltd. Aim Aim Corporation AIM CO.,LTD. Doctor Aim Co., Ltd. AIM APPAREL CO., LTD TNC Co.,Ltd. TNC Korea Industry Co., Ltd. TNC KOREA UNITED CO.,LTD. TNC Tek Korea Co., Ltd. TNC Company RBM Korea RB Mall Co., Ltd. ANP ANP K Co., Ltd. ANP Finance Co.,Ltd. ANP Communications Co., Ltd. ANP Trading Baega ANP Co., Ltd. O Nion Co., Ltd. Happy Nion Co., Ltd. Tech Nion Co., Ltd. Ko O Nion Co., Ltd. NION TECH CO.,LTD. Ski Nion Co., Ltd. Nion Golf Korea H Beauty Co.,Ltd. HBT INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. HBT Korea HB Travel Co., Ltd. Health & Beauty HB TECH Leaders TTL Co., Ltd. TTLT CO., LTD. TTL Networks T.T. LINE Compania Co., Ltd. Company F Co.,Ltd. Compa Co., Ltd Co INC Co., Ltd C&O Co FC Inc. CO-LIFE CO., LTD. Econion Co., Ltd. S&b Global SB Global Co., Ltd S&B Global Co., Ltd. SB Global Partners Swibgieobjaemuanjeongsa Motuja SB GOLD CO.,LTD. CJ CheilJedang Corporation CJ Cheiljedang Corp Jeju Office CJ CheilJedang Corporation Seoul Branch seoul technical High School songpa technical High School Sungsu Technical High School mire science & technology High School Sinjin Technical High School S.K.C. SKC Inc. YOU YOUNG IRON & STEEL CO. You Young Co., Ltd. YOU YOUNG ENTERPRISE CO LTD YOUNG YOU APPAREL CO LTD Taeyang Trading Co.,Ltd. Sungam SungAm Suh International Patent and Law Firm Sungam Co.,Ltd. Sungam Steel Sungam Sangsa Sungam E&C Co., Ltd. IE Sung International Co., Ltd. The Alpha Labs Alpha Lab Co., Ltd. Alpha Labs Co., Ltd. Alpha Co., Ltd. Alpha OR Co., Ltd. Alpha Bio Labs A&B Global Co., Ltd. AB Global Co.,Ltd. A&B Global Logis ABS Golf Co., Ltd. AB & G CO.,LTD. AB&G Co., Ltd. ABS Inc. A B ABS Company AB Corporation The AB ECMiner HA SEI TRADING CORP. Bum Sei Trading Co SEI RIM TRADING CO. SEITECH SEI Corporation Co.,Ltd. SBK KOREA CO.,LTD. Dongjin Special Dongjin Specialty Co., Ltd.. Air tech Co.,Ltd. AIR TECH ACRO WATER TECH CO.,LTD Digital Wave Co., Ltd. Digital EL Co., Ltd. Pro Digital Co., Ltd. Digital With Co., Ltd. Digital I I Digital A Works Co., Ltd. Dain Digital Works Co., Ltd. NARA DIGI WORKS CO.,LTD. Human Digital Works Co., Ltd. DIGITAL BOOKS CO.,LTD. Digi World Co., Ltd. Digital World Co., Ltd. Market Leader Korea Market Korea Inc. MARKET KOREA AIR MARKET KOREA CO. Aun Korea Marketing Co., Ltd. Alliance Global Marketing Korea Marketing Korea Co., Ltd. MKT Korea Co., Ltd. The Market Korea Co., Ltd. Aun Korea Marketing Korea E Market Neobase Corp. Neobis, Inc. NeoBAS BN BN INC. BN Corporation BN Co BN COMPANY B NO Partners BN Korea Co., Ltd. BN KOREA CO. B No Korea Co., Ltd. Benkorea Corporation Bmckorea BINARI CO LTD Plex Plex Company Doctor Plex Plex Ta Dae Hyun Dae Hyun Corp. Dae Hyun Co., Ltd. Dae Hyun Dae Hyun Textile Co, Ltd DAE HYUN TEXTILE CO.,LTD Daehyun Co.,Ltd TULLET PREBON MONEY BROKERAGE(KOREA) LIMITED Tulet-Prebon Money Broker Softiz Softix Corporation Soft Wiz Soft Wiz Co., Ltd. SOFTWISE Co., Ltd.. VACUUM CO.,LTD. VACUUM INDUSTRY CO. Vacuum Net Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Sangsa M & S Vacuum YONG CORP Yong Do Textile YONG YEON CO.,LTD. YONG WON TEXTILE CO. National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Premises Restaurant Autonomy Manage Member National Agricultural Cooperative Federation 20 National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Sinchun National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Red Ginseng & Gnseng National Agricultural Cooperative Federation National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Joonganghoe Kangwon Local Office National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Gangseo Joint Market Nonsan Store National Agricultural Cooperative Federation 301 Wintech ENG Co., Ltd. Hiswill Co., Ltd. Hiswill Comms Co., Ltd. Hiswi Company Co., Ltd. CURIP CO.,LTD. Dai Han LT Co., Ltd DAIHAN SPORTS DAI HANG CORPORATION Han Sports Co. Dae Han Sports Industry Han Mi Sports Co., Ltd. Dai Han Motors Co., Ltd. Illo Tech Co., Ltd. ILWOO TEC CO.,LTD. Ilhwa Tech Ilhwa IT Co., Ltd. Asapchina Co. Aspasia AsPac Tech Corp. Aspac World Co., Ltd. Aspac Trading Inc. Aspace Marketing Co., Ltd. Aspack ENT Co., Ltd. ASPAEK D & C CO.,LTD. ASPAEK D & C Aspac International Co.,Ltd. NHN NHN Investment Corp. N.H.N Co., LTD. NHN TX Corp. NHN Godo Corp. NHN Games Corporation NH Network Co., Ltd. SC CORP CO.,LTD. SDC Company Co., Ltd. Kitnet Co., Ltd. Infinity Infinity ad Co., Ltd. INFINITY C9 INFINITY CR REIT CO.,LTD. Infinity Telecom Co., Ltd. Irene Infinity Co., Ltd. L.S.Y. INFINITY KOREA CO.,LTD. INFINITY NPS REIT 1 CO.,LTD. Infinity Company INFINITY CO. Infinity Corporation Infini Infina Inc. Infinity L&S Infinity Service Co., Ltd. JM Company Co.,Ltd. JM CO. Parksn Co., Ltd. Green Cross Hospital Green Group Co., Ltd. Seongbuk Green Cross Pharmacy Songjeonghwa Green Cross Pharmacy Cross Pharmacy Gc Corporation Co., Ltd. Aswi Aswi Co., Ltd. As Win Co., Ltd. Aroma Swing Uwayapply Co., Ltd. Uwayedu Co., Ltd. uwha Jun P&C Jun Company JUN Jun & Co Co., Ltd. Jun Co., Ltd. Jun Leaders Magnum co.Ltd TS Global Co.,Ltd. Korea TS Inc. Korea TS Co.,Ltd. TS Global Co.,Ltd. Magnum Korea Co., Ltd. TS GLOBAL LINE CO.,LTD. TS Global Seu Co., Ltd. Carrier TS Global Co., Ltd. GLOBAL TS GLOBAL TS CO.,LTD. TS Glovis Co., Ltd. SAMJIN E&C. Co.,Ltd. SAMJIN E & R Co., Ltd Samjin C&C Co., Ltd Samjin R&C., Ltd. Sangjin C&E Samjin C&C Holdings Co., Ltd. Samjin C&I Co.,Ltd. Samjin I&C Co.,Ltd. Samjin C&P EDITION CO. Edition Co., Ltd. The Edition Co., Ltd Edit Co., Ltd. Edit Corporation Edit Shop Eo Edition Edge Edition Co., Ltd. Edit Com EDITION LAB Edition Cue Co., Ltd. KOREAN APPAREL INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION Korea Aerospace Industries Association KOREAN INDUSTRIAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION KOREAN INDUSTRIAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION Kai Net Co., Ltd. Kai Shoes Kai Lab Co., Ltd KAI-EC CO.,LTD. Kai Sen Co., Ltd. D.K. INTERNATIONAL LTD. DK INT DK International Co., Ltd. D&K International Co., Ltd. D & K INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD Joong Ang Joong Ang AR Co., Ltd. JOONG SAN TEXTILE CO Joong Ang Co., Ltd. JOONG ANG TEL-COM LNC.,CO. Wonjin Technology Co., Ltd. DUCK SAN CO. Duck San Kigong DUCK SAN TRAIDING CO San Sarang Duck Farms Eunsung Industrial Co., Ltd. DONG JIN TEXTILE Co., Ltd. Mo Do Ga E Mogadeuk Co., Ltd. Moga AND Co.,Ltd. Mogaero NC Soft Co., Ltd. NSOFT Inc. NISSOFT Corporation Youjung Embroidery Younghyeon Embroidery Yuyung Embroidery Uyoung Embroidery Young Jin Embroidery Younghwa Embroidery Youngin EMB Young Hwa Embroidery DAE YOUNG EMB CO., LTD. SAE YOUNG EMBROIDERY Yunga Embroidery YOUYOUNG MIT CO.,LTD. Mirae Equity Partners Co.,Ltd. B EQUITY PARTNERS Cosmo Equity partners IMM Private Equity, Inc. OPHIR EQUITY PARTNERS CO., LIMITED STR Equity Partners Inc. SG Equity Partners Co.,Ltd. Trinity Equity Partners Co., Ltd. PAGASUS PRIVATE EQUITY PARTNERS CO.,LTD. Nautics Equity Partners K Partners Private Equity Fund Jeongsan&Company Inc. Jeongsan International Co.,Ltd. Jeongsan Enterprise Jeongsan Dental Line Co., Ltd. Jeongsan Investment Development s.W Company Co., Ltd. SW COMPANY SW Inc. Woo In Meditech Co., Ltd. Youngwoo Meditech Co., Ltd. Young Woo Corporation General Reinsurance Korean Reinsurance Company Korean Reinsurance Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. Korea NRE RE GREEN KOREA CO.,LTD. Sun Re O Korea Sun Re E Korea Co., Ltd. Re O Mina Korea Co., Ltd. Miller Re Korea Co., Ltd. Enkok Co., Ltd. Geo Enko Enko Bridge Co., Ltd. K Enko Co., Ltd. Enko Global Co.,Ltd. Enko Storm Co., Ltd. TM Enko Ad Enko Co., Ltd. Chang Kun Trading Corporation IP SUNG CO,LTD IP Engineer SUPERBLOKE Corporation Hyundai Engineering Dongwha Corp. Dongwha Dongwha Corp. Dongwha Enterprise DONGWHA SFC HOUSING CO.,LTD. DONGWHA INTERNATIONAL DONGWHA PRINTING CO. Dongwha Duty Free Shop Co.,Ltd. Dongwha ES Co., Ltd. Dongwha Duty Free Shop BS Corporation BS and Co. Ltd BS Inc Internos Co., Ltd. Internov Interuno INTERZION Intertrans Co., Ltd. Interound Co., Ltd. INTRON CO LTD Interior Holdings Co., Ltd. Interonet Line Co., Ltd. Internet Pc Jon Internet Yeoron Co., Ltd. GRAVITY Co., Ltd. Anti Gravity Korea Co., Ltd. Gravity Production Co., Ltd. GRAVITY KOREA CONTENTS GRAVITY Inc. GRAVITY CO.,LTD. Gravity Games Corp. THE GRAFFITY CO.,LTD. Grafity Co., Ltd. BS Korea Entertainment Co., Ltd. ZEON SHINHWA INC. ZEON SHINHWA INC THIS IS GAME DOTCOM CO.,LTD. TIG Co., Ltd. This Is Co., Ltd. This THIS ME CO., LTD. THIS IS IT CO.,LTD. U Fit Co., Ltd. K Services KSV Company Co., Ltd. Abatara Co., Ltd. Abetree Electronics Co., Ltd. Abitcon Co., Ltd Abtiron Bio Co.,Ltd After Care Co., Ltd. AFTER ABC GANGSEO CO.,LTD. After M Co., Ltd. Auvitron Co., Ltd After Nun Korea Co., Ltd. After U After Seon Set afterU After School Prime English Co., Ltd. After Work After J International After J International Co., Ltd. After You Co., Ltd. AFTER SCHOOL After Nun After Nun Coffee AFTER SCHOOL CO.,LTD. After Tun Co., Ltd. After Kuk After Moon After Plus Co., Ltd. Corning Co., Ltd. Corning Co. WEMIDEA Co., Ltd. WEMAKEPRICE Inc. A NS Korea Co., Ltd. GD NS Korea Yuhan Company GD NS Korea K NS Korea Ri NS Korea Co., Ltd. LI Corporation L & I CO.,LTD. LI&T Co., Ltd. LI NK AMF Medical Union Co.,Ltd. Med Union Co., Ltd. Ian IAN CORPORATION MS YOUNGSIN 1st. Ltd. Youngsin Metal Sangsa Yuchang Sangjae Co., Ltd. Sinsa Wallpaper Sangjae Daedo Sangjae Sindo General Sangjae Gangseo Sangjae Jinyoung Sangjae Co., Ltd. Samil Sangjae Co.,Ltd. S One Industry Shinwa Trading Co., Ltd. SHINWA SPECIALTY CO.,LTD. Smile Family, Inc. senda Co.,Ltd. Moa Doa Co., Ltd. Moksan I&C Auto Motor K. B Motors Co.,Ltd. Pro Auto Motor Service Auto &D Motors Auto Body Motors U N I Auto Motors Co., Ltd. Pro Motors Automotive Service Auto Line Motors Co., Ltd. VALUE ASIA CAPITAL CO.,LTD. Pie Capital Asia Co., Ltd. CCMP Capital Asia Paen Asia Capital Co., Ltd. Top Capital Co., Ltd. Pan Asia Capital Limited Leo Company Ltd. Leo Leo Corporation Leo company.,co.LTD LEO Co., Ltd. LEO MART Joosung Sea & Air Co, Ltd POWERCALL, Inc. DJI Korea Korea Adjin Co.,Ltd. DJI Technology Korea Ltd LEEU CO. U&Win Co., Ltd. U Win and Company Co., Ltd. Win The U Cube INC Co., Ltd. Cube Co.,Ltd. Cube EL Co.,Ltd. Cube Glass Cube In Blossom Entertainment BLOSSOM Europe Co., Ltd. Euro Trading Co. Euro Trade Co., Ltd. Euro Trading I&J Euro Trading Co., Ltd. Euro Trading Int'l.Co. EUROPEAN TRADING CO., LTD. Euro Trading Co.,Ltd. Euro Trade Impek Korea Euro Moto Trading Euro YK Trading Co., Ltd. MS SEMICON Semicon SI Semicon Digix Semicon Co., Ltd. Iwin Semicon Co., Ltd. IK Co., Ltd. IK Semicon Co., Ltd. AK SEMICON Co., Ltd. DK SEMICON CO.,LTD KP SEMICON Co., Ltd. Mtek Semicon Co.,Ltd. Citi Semicon Co., Ltd. Bik Tree SEMICON Co., Ltd. Hyundai Materials Corporation Hyundai Material Guten Co., Ltd. MISCO CORPORATION LTD. CHUNG & COMPANY CORP Chung Ho Corp. S Enertech Co., Ltd. Max Planning Company Co., Ltd. Max Plan Co., Ltd. Glotec Korea Ltd. Gltech Glotech Go Glotec Co.,Ltd. Glotec Engineering Co., Ltd. Glotec Engineering Gunam Glotec Co., Ltd. Binergy Co., Ltd. Gioeast Co., Ltd. Bio En FX Bank Co., Ltd. FX Edu Co., Ltd. FX System FX Now Co., Ltd. FX Top Co., Ltd. FX Code Co.,Ltd. FX BULLS CO.,LTD. Mission Bread & Co. Bread & Co IH Bio Co., Ltd. Pro Link PL Link Co., Ltd. E Pharma Link KR Co., Ltd. Pharma Link Korea Link And Co. The Galaxy Galaxy The 1st Riiid, Inc. Y&Tech Co.,Ltd. Sam Tech Co., Ltd. SAMTECH SAM-Tech E&I Co., Ltd. DONGHA CO.,LTD Bae Kim & Lee IP Group Altoran Food Altron Electronics Alltrend Creative Co. ALTRIA COMMUNICATIONS CO.,LTD. Altron Co., LTD. Altrabis Co., Ltd. Altoran Altran Technologies Korea Ltd. Alternative Investment Co., Ltd. ALTRAN TECHNOLOGY KOREA INC. Content Alliance Platform Inc. DAEDEOK IDEA SCIENCE ACADEMY CO.,LTD. DADA Associates, Inc. Double Ace Co.,Ltd. Enoch Applied Music Academy Sangam G Aenmi Dental Clinic I TECH ACE CO.,LTD. AD Pack A Story Co., Ltd. Ad Soon Mass C&G Co.,Ltd. Little Jacobs Sangam Agency J.R Company Co., Ltd. J.R Corp. JR Co, Ltd JR Co.,Ltd. JR Company Double OK Co., Ltd. J&RAMC JNR LS Corp. PIM Co., Ltd. Pimz Co., Ltd. PIMS PIMS CO., LTD. PI&M Co., Ltd. Pims & Peters Co., Ltd. Pims Thnology Co., Ltd. Arm ID Co.,Ltd. Do Ri International Do&B International Do Ru International Co., Ltd. Wosk Co., Ltd. RNIC Co., Ltd. Runico Co., Ltd. RINC CORPORATION RINCOM CO.,LTD. Renco Co., Ltd. Rienco System Co., Ltd JUSTDEV INC. JigooDevelopment Jestfarm Co., Ltd. Hankook Pet Beautyinstitute Jeoseuteupil Jeseuteubis Co., Ltd. Jeseuteubinseu Co., Ltd. JustiapackKorea Co., Ltd. Beauty Line Pet Beuty Academe Just Co., Ltd. Just in Just MS Co.,Ltd. Just Beauty Co., Ltd. The Beauty Trade Co., Ltd. Just Trading K Beauty Trading CK Beauty Trading Company Co., Ltd. Just Ad Just BB Co.,Ltd. Just Stay NEW BEAUTY TRADING CO. Just Brain V Life Beauty Trading Co., Ltd. Just Car Co., Ltd. Shinwoo Trading SHINWOO TRADING CO. SHIN WOO TRADING CO. SHIN WOO TRADING CO SHIN WOO TRADING CO.,LTD. Simon Corp. Simon SIMON TRADING COMPANY Simon Tour KEVIC, Inc. Kevin KEVIN & Company, inc. Bumil Trading Co., Ltd. Kevins Pie K Kevin Vinideus Korea Co., Ltd. Made in Shop Good Shop Co., Ltd. The Good Shop Co., Ltd. Hand Made Shop Crescent 1st Ltd. Crescent,ltd CREST CO.,LTD. cresoty Aesmomenteu Co., Ltd. CNS LG CNS Co., Ltd. Pro CNS Co.,Ltd. C.N.S CO. SVIC 29 New Technology Investment SVIC 23 New Technology Saeob Investment SVIC NO.6 FUND 30 Seconds Co., Ltd. S30 Co., Ltd. SVIC NO.26 FUND SVIC NO.28 FUND S.b.i.c Co., Ltd. Sovico Corporation Shuvic Co, Ltd Sevic co corp BestMD BESTIN CO., LTD. Bestino Co., Ltd. Toil Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. Sejin Stainless Steel Seungho Stainless Steel Woosung Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd. MYUNG-JIN STAINLESS STEEL CO.,LTD INU STAINLESS STEEL CO.,LTD. L.O.V. Mediteck Co., Ltd. Tellet Telline Networks Co., Ltd. TelEN Life Co., Ltd. Tells Co., Ltd. Hana Shik Material Co., Ltd. Hana New Material 1532 LC Co., Ltd. Studio506 Trend Lab 506 Coffee 1896 GSAK Co.,Ltd. Kering Korea Ltd. Silkroad Co Silkroad Co.,Ltd. Silkroad Silkroad Co., Ltd. GN Silkroad Co., Ltd. ECOSAVER CO., LTD Chungwoo Co.,Ltd. Chung Woo Fluid Ltd. Chung Woo Corporation CHUNG WOO TNG Chung Woo Express Co., Ltd Stanton the 6th Co., Ltd. TENTH inc. Hyundai Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. Hyundai Merchant Marine Pacific Co., Ltd. ALLSTAR GLS Co., Ltd. Grey Valley B Je 2Cha Loan Grey Valley B The 1st Loan Green Valley G-Valley GREY M Co., Ltd. Green Valley INC Co., Ltd. SUNJIN TECH CO. LakeWood Partners Co., Ltd. Easy INC Co., Ltd. Easy Puzzle Easy Parking Easy Paper Co., Ltd. EASY PAY CO.,LTD. Easy Us Ju Easy Peom EASY PLEX CO.,LTD. Treasure Island L.A.C Lighting Korea Co., Ltd. Light House Korea Light Korea Co.,Ltd. Shi Light Korea Co., Ltd. Smart Lighting Korea Co., Ltd. One Three Co., Ltd Thirteen 13 Co., Ltd. Gold Peak Co., Ltd. Goldpet Mpack Innovations Co., Ltd. Infoseek Co., Ltd. Infoise Co.,Ltd. INFOSEC INFOEQ Co., Ltd. KRPNC CO., LTD. Logos Electronics Cisco Systems Korea Ltd. Cisco Systems Capital Korea Ltd. CISCO CORPORATION Cisco Shipping Co., Ltd. Cisco Services Korea Limited Cisco Systems Capital Korea Ltd. CISCO CORPORATION I.B.S. CO., LTD. IBS Co. IBS The 4th IBS IT Co., Ltd IBS INDUSTRY CO.,LTD DYNA THERAPEUTICS CO.,LTD. PSOMA THERAPEUTICS INC. Sel River Ri Co., Ltd. PARMIR Therapeutics Inc. DIDIM CORPORATION CO LTD DIDIM CO.,LTD. The 365 Co., Ltd. VAN TEXTILE Van Tek INC Co., Ltd. Van Tu C Co., Ltd. Van Trade VaNet, Inc YOUNG HEUNG CORPORATION CO.,LTD. Young Heung Instrument Co., Ltd. Young Heung Trim Co., Ltd. Young Heung Chemical Co., Ltd. Heungin Store Youngin Store DONG YOUNG INSTRUMENTS CO DAE YOUNG INSTRUMENTATION CO., LTD. Trans Link Co.,Ltd. Andes Link Trading Co., Ltd. World Link Trading Co., Ltd. Links World Trade Tour Link Trade Link Company Tera Link Co., Ltd. Triple Link Co., Ltd. A Link Trading T Link Link Top Trading Co., Ltd. Techwin Hana Techwin Hanju Techwin Techwin Co., Ltd. Dong Hwa Surveyors & Adjusters Corporation Daska Loss Adjusters & Surveyors Co.,Ltd. Claim Adjusters & Surveyors Co., Ltd. I - YUNO GLOBAL Co.,Ltd. I Yuno Co., Ltd. I Global Leader I unit global. co., ltd I Bo Global I Nod Global Co., Ltd. I&C GLOBAL I&S Global Co., Ltd. I&D Global Co., Ltd. I&I Global Co., Ltd. U&I Global Co., Ltd Webactually Korea, Inc. Weba WeBas Co. HALLIM CO.,LTD. Daedo INC Co., Ltd. Daedo Textile Co. Basco Co., Ltd. Basco Plant & Engineering Co., Ltd. Natracare Distributing Inc Ally Sewon Corporation Sewon Corporation Co.,Ltd. Sewon MS Co., Ltd. Bando Plant Engineering Int'l Dana Patent & Law Firm Daewon Patent & Law Firm Patent Corporate body Dana Park Patent & Law Halla Patent Law Dasol Patent & Law Firm Daesan Patent Law Office Dawon Patent Law Office Darae Law and Patent Firm Daham Patent Law Firm A&A Patent Law Firm Damin Patent Law Firm HAEAN PATENT & LAW FIRM Halla Patent Law Dayeon Kukje Patent Law Firm Daehan International Patent Law Office Daeha International Patent & Law Office Giant Deuron Co., Ltd. Shiwon Company Shiwon A Deu Co., Ltd. Shiwon Art Co., Ltd. Shiwon B En B Co., Ltd. SNW Co., Ltd. MCNEX CO.,LTD M&C Net Co., Ltd. M&C NETWORKS CO.,LTD. MC net Co., Ltd. Mc News Co., Ltd. Mc Network Co., Ltd. MMCNET CO., LTD. Hanafos Fresh Aqua Co., Ltd. Hanwha Q CELLS Korea Corp. Spa Shaqra Korea Co., Ltd. Shaquri Traders Happy Fish Aquarium POSCO ENERGY Co., Ltd. LITTLE Littles little big pictures Co., Ltd. Little Boy Pictures Little Boy Pictures Co., Ltd. Little Biz Little Box Little Bear Bili Pictures Co.,Ltd. Little big Tee Ocean Food System JS Ocean Food Co., Ltd. G&E Korea Korea GE Ge D Korea OWS Co., Ltd. DICK Co.,Ltd. Richard RICHARD CO. Ricardo RICARDO ASIA LIMITED (Branch) Unidus Techpia Co., Ltd. BitPAX, Inc. Bitpia Co., Ltd. SILK ROAD CORP. Silk Road CU Co., Ltd. WOO WON CORP WON WOO CO.,LTD WOOWON.Co.,Ltd. Woowon Co.,Ltd. SHINYOH KOREA CO.,LTD. WORLD POLICE TAEKWONDO FEDERATION CORP. CORE INCORPORATED Core AND Co., Ltd. THE CORE CO LTD CORE Corp. Leaders Core Co., Ltd. The Core Core Company Co., Ltd. Amkor Trading AMKOR ELECTRONICS Amkor A&E Inc. Amkor Corp. Kantar Korea Ltd. Kantaru Co., Ltd. Kantara VU Kantara Musical Co., Ltd. Kanadara Co.,Ltd. Kantara Commerce Co., Ltd. Migun BI Co., Ltd. Migun GS Co., Ltd. Nuga Nuga Co., Ltd. NUGA BEST CO., LTD Nuga Fashion Nuga Pharmacy Lodip Co., Ltd. Lodis Company Chocolate KR Development Co., Ltd. Eastar Investment Co., Ltd. Eastward Trading Co.,Ltd. Eastar Ltd. Eastar Holdings Co., Ltd. EASTAR FNP Co., Ltd. EstarK Co., Ltd. IPS Incorporation IPS Co.,Ltd. Bellonet Co.,Ltd. Shinhan Finance Co.,Ltd. Shinhan Financial Group Co., Ltd. Hana Financial Group Inc. Hana Financial Investment Co., Ltd. SM Capital Co., Ltd. SC Capital Samsin Capital Co., Ltd. SAM Capital Ltd Sinwoo Capital Co., Ltd. SinHwa Capital Co., Ltd. J Lee Communication J LEE TRADING CO.,LTD. J Lee Consulting Co., Ltd. J&Lee Consulting Co., Ltd. J & Lee Ko Co., Ltd. J. LEE INTERNATIONAL LTD. J&lee Co., Ltd. J & Lee Corporation J & Lee Co., Ltd. J Lee & Associates Wid J&Lee Investment Co., Ltd. J&Lee ENC Co.,Ltd. SNJ Corp. SNJ Co., Ltd. SNJ DC TAEWOO CORPORATION Hahn & Company Eye Holdings Co., Ltd. Hahn Company Hahn & Co. Fourth Co., Ltd. Hahn & Company Holdings HAHN & CO AP HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Hahn & Co. Auto Holdings Co., Ltd. Hahn & Co. F&B Holdings Hahn & Co. AP Holdings Co., Ltd. Hahn & Co. Shipping Holdings Co., Ltd. Artist&Music Co., Ltd. INPOCK Inc. INPOS Inpocel SAMSONG Food Ban Do Company.,Ltd Bando Medical Ido Maritime Co.,Ltd. BANDO MEDICAL CORP. Bando Medical Co., Ltd. GOLDEN DREAM FN CO.,LTD. Golden Dream Co., Ltd. Golden Dream The 1st Co., Ltd. K. B Material Co., Ltd. Eunsung Co.,Ltd. EUNSUNG Corporation Eunsung Co., Ltd Everyday A&a Co., Ltd. A In Trading A Pl Trading Co.,Ltd. A Pl Trading A Trade A.A Trading A&A ZENITH&Company Ltd. Zenith Corporation Zenith Holdings Co., Ltd. Venture With Venture The Ventures MODA AARON CO.,LTD. CEVA Logistics Korea Inc., CEVA COMPANY Co.,Ltd. Buttikeu Monaco Beauty Monaco Co., Ltd. Korea Wind Windeu Korea Energy Co., Ltd. Korea Energy Industry Co., Ltd. SN S Energy Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Information & Communication Service Co., Ltd Korea Credit Information Korea Info Service KOREA CREDIT INFORMATION SERVICE KOREA INFORMATION SERVICE CO LTD Korea Construction Information Korea Information System & Service KOREA MEDICAL INFORMATION SERVICE CO.,LTD. Korea Info Rab Service S&S Inc. S & S S&S Company Inc. Dawoo Company Co., Ltd. Dawoo Steel Trading Co., Ltd. THE ACT CONSCIENCE CORP. VPI Co., Ltd. Janghan Patent Incorporation Janghan JANGHAN ELECTRICAL CO.,LTD. Janghan Trading Co., Ltd. Janghan Store Janghan Trading HGNS Inc. HEUNGIN CO. Heungin Company Co., Ltd. Heungin Tax Accounting Corp. Heungin Publishing Heungin Sangsa Heungin Building Seoul Heungin Elementary School HEUNGIN LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. Heungin Industrial Co., Ltd. Heungin Pharmacy Heungin Leather Heungin Food Heungin Fresh Meat Center Fieldlo FIELDSHARE Inc. Jungwon E&C Co., Ltd. Jungjun C&E Co., LTD. Jungwon C&M Co.,Ltd. HAESEUNG INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Haeseung Information Co., Ltd. F&B Co Ltd F&B Corporation Co., Ltd. F&B co., ltd. F&B And F&B Co., Ltd. Korea Wind Power Machinery Winds Korea Wind Tunnel Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Wind Power Co.,Ltd. Vestas Korea Wind Technology Ltd. KOREA OFFSHORE WIND POWER COPORATION CO., LTD Korea Wind Power Co., Ltd. KOREA WIND POWER INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION CORP. Korea Wind Power Baljeon Co., Ltd. WIND TECH KOREA CO.,LTD. TRADE WIND KOREA CO.,LTD. GENESIS WIND KOREA CO.,LTD. Korea Bu U Shik Wind Power Co., Ltd. JUNGWON ENG CO.,LTD. Jung Won Corp Jung Won Co.,Ltd. Jung-Won Electric J Won ENC Co., Ltd. PIG Punky Pig Buil CND CND CO.,LTD. CND Company Co.,Ltd. Leaders CND Co., Ltd. CND Corporation Co., Ltd. DOCTOR PR Inc. P.R Co.,Ltd. Pro PR Co., Ltd. The PR Co., Ltd. Doctor Pr THE PR CO.,LTD. PR Bom Co., Ltd. PR & Books Co., Ltd. PR Biz Co.,Ltd. PR & BIZ CO.,LTD. Pharma Research Sanaegeunro Welfare Gigeum PHARMA RESEARCH CO Pharmaceutical Patent Research Institute Co., Ltd. Nexmotion. Inc Nex More Systems Co., Ltd. Nex Mon NEXMT Co.,Ltd. Wind & Win Inc. Wind and Sound Wind Air Conditioning Wind Kids Win D Co., Ltd. Sion Trading Co. Sion Trading Co.,Ltd Sion General Trading Co., Ltd. Global Technology Co., Ltd. Global Technology Global tech Co., Ltd. Samil Industrial SAMIL INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Global Engineering Technology Global Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. GLOBAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY CO. Global Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Techno Engineering Co., Ltd. GLS Service Co., Ltd. Gate Language School GL&S GL Service Co., Ltd. GL Shopping Co., Ltd. Gimjeongjun Language School GL System Co., Ltd. GLS System G&L Sangsa Glass Stars Co., Ltd. Institute Pia Co., Ltd. WORRI PHARMACETICAL. INC. Infinity Invest Co., Ltd. Infinity Works Infinity M & C FUTURE INFINITY CO.,LTD. O-SUNG Infinity Co.,Ltd Infinity ICT Co., Ltd. CHANGSEONG INFINITY CO.,LTD. Momentum Infinity Co., Ltd New World Infinity Co., Ltd. SANGYOUNG INFINITY CO.,LTD. Infinity Commercial Co., Ltd. Donghee Industrial Development LG Hausys, Ltd. LGH Hankook Inc Hankook ESI Co., Ltd. Hankook Research Co., Ltd. HANKOOK Corporation Inc. HANKOOK Engineering INC. Capri Electronics CIPHER ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. ESI COMPANY ESI Co., Ltd. GUROARTVALLEY PAUL CO. Paul & Company Co., Ltd. Paul &Co Co.,Ltd. GPC Holdings Co., Ltd. GPC Co., Ltd. URBANS CO.,LTD. Urban R Property Urban Company Co., Ltd. Urban Place Co., Ltd. Urban People Co., Ltd. Urban PCM Co., Ltd. Ma Car Na Urban Shop Urban Peulros Urban Plus Co., Ltd. Korean Air Lines Co, Ltd Sic Signal Entertainment Group Corp. Cosmo&Company Co., Ltd. COSMOPOLITAN CO LTD Cosmo Corporation Co., Ltd. Chase Manhatton Bank, N.A. Seoul Branch FM Gold & Silver Co., Ltd. FM Holdings FM Corporation Co., Ltd. U&I System Co.,Ltd. U In System U Systems Co.,Ltd. I&U System Co., Ltd. U&I System Cowon Systems, Inc. Cowon PMT Co.,Ltd. Cowon Agency Cowon Sangsa Co., Ltd. Cowon Logistics Co.,Ltd. Cowon IND Co.,Ltd. Cowon Development Co., Ltd. SK GLOBAL CO.,LTD. SK Global Chemical Co., Ltd. GLOBAL CHEM CO.,LTD. Global Chemical Co., Ltd. Global Chemical Chem Global Corporation Brainic Co., Ltd. Brain Company Brain ICT Co., Ltd. Brain Leader Co., Ltd. BrainIPS Co.,Ltd. CKcorporations Tagtech Co., Ltd. Koframc Vega Vega Co., Ltd. VEGA CORPORATION VEGA CORP Vega Project Korea Limited Vega Co.,Ltd. GOOD PROJECT KOREA CO.,LTD. Korea Project Management Co., Ltd. Korea Virtue Project Solvay Chemicals Korea Co., Ltd. PUBLISHING YEMUN CO.,LTD. Publishing Yosan Baekyung Laundry Dana DANA CORPORATION HANA CELLAR AQUA CELLAR CO.,LTD THE TRUEMETIC Co., Ltd. ABS Outsourcing Co., Ltd. UK Trading UK Corporation Co., Ltd. UK-IL TRADING CORP. Korea Det Co., Ltd. Detpack Korea Co., Ltd. Detox Korea Co., Ltd. Deltalok Korea Co., Ltd. Deltalo Grand Delitail Corp. Dialdalgteo Daldalhan Kitchen Doldol-I and Duldul-i Duliduli Co.,Ltd. Daldali Chicken Daldal Friends Ddolddoli Sanghoi Daldal Board Reguro Daldalhan Rice Cake Duldul Chicken(Samgakji Agency) Doldol E DALDALWORKS inc. Duldul Hof Daldal Day Duldul Chicken Duldul Pocha DillyDilly Inc. YOUNGIL CORP. Nexon DD Corporation NEXON M&E CO.,LTD. Lonix Co., Ltd. Link I & T Co., Ltd. Linsia Lunix Co.,LTD. LINEX Co., Ltd. Linki Co., Ltd. LINK IT Co., Ltd. Linin Co., Ltd. Food Co Co., Ltd. Foodmarket Co., Ltd. Professional Food DOCTOR & FOOD CO.,LTD. M's FOOD CO., LTD. DR Food Box&Company Co., Ltd. The Box The Box Company Co.,Ltd. Oak Loan Information Co., Ltd. Dara Distribution Co., Ltd. Doore Distribution Dure Distribution Co., Ltd. Dari Distribution Daero Co Daera Co.,Ltd. Daerae Sungin Co., Ltd. Daerae Moolsan Co., Ltd. Daeraesung Da E A Road Co., Ltd. UNITED CORP United Co., Ltd. United Cities Korea Co., Ltd. UNITED COMPUTER INC. United Creative Co., Ltd. United D&C United M&T Co., Ltd. United IT Co., Ltd. United Corp. UNITED C&D CO.,LTD. United Consulting Bittel Co., Ltd. Biteuel Bitec Biteu Biteme Inc. TINTEC Co., LTD Twintech Tointech Co., Ltd. TINATECH Co.,Ltd. Six Company Co.,Ltd. The Six Co.,Ltd. PJA Six Co., Ltd. Pie Six Co.,Ltd. Page Six KOREA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST CO., LTD. Real Invest Co.,Ltd. Real Estate Investment The 1st Real Estate Investment The 2nd KY Real Estate Investment Trust Co., Ltd Real Trust Investment PLUS Real Estate Investment Trusts Co.,Ltd. Heartychem Corp. The FB Co., Ltd. FB Co., Ltd. B&F Bank Co., Ltd. PROFESSIONAL Hydraulic HYD&C Co., Ltd. HYDRO BANK Inc Hydro ENG Co., Ltd. Hydro International Co., Ltd. HYDRO MEDI Co., Ltd. Rotech Suntime travel Co., Ltd. Waters Korea Limited Jinbo Trading Co.,Ltd. Anga Co., Ltd. Law Firm JIPYONG Jihyang Law Firm Jihyang Law Firm J Law Firm Jeonghyang Law firm Jaesang Law Firm Jinun Law Firm Jeha Law Firm Jun Law Firm JP Law Firm Jinseong Law Firm Janggang Korea Cyber Payment Inc. NHN Investment Partners Co., Ltd. KCP CO.,LTD. NHN Ticketlink Corporation KCP TECH CO.,LTD. KCP Well Niseu Co., Ltd. KCP Group Co., Ltd. KCP METAL CO.,LTD. KCP Trading KCP Resources Co., Ltd. KCP Pos Partners GK Consulting Co., Ltd. GKC Co., Ltd. GKC Partners GKC International Co., Ltd. GK&C Co., Ltd. GK COMMUNICATIONS CO.,LTD. OSF Co., Ltd. Asia Private Equity Fund Aureum Corporation Aeseukeu Private Equity Fund Fine All Corporation Fine Invest Fine Investment Consultation Co.,Ltd. Rex Fine Investment Limited Liability Company D Fine Investment Co., Ltd. Fine Invest Money Co., Ltd. Fine Investment Consulting Fine Street Investment Co., Ltd. L&P Cosmetic Co., Ltd. L & P Consulting L & P Corporation Co.,Ltd. L&P Consulting Co., Ltd. L&P Construction Co., Ltd. Taesung Accounting Corporation Gaeun Accounting Firm Law Firm Taesung Inc. Baeyun Accounting Firm Ian Tax Accounting Firm Giljaeseong Accounting Firm Hanhwa Co., Ltd. Hanhwa International Co., Ltd. HANA ICT Co.,Ltd. Hanhwa IND Co.,Ltd. Hanhwa Industrial Co.,Ltd. MUGUNGHWA TRUST CO.,LTD Mugunghwa Co.,Ltd. Mugunghwa trading ASIAE CO.,LTD. Paxnetetv, Inc. MXM Co. MXM COMPANY MXM Development saplus Saeplus Seaple Co. SPLUS F.A.M Fam International Corporation SO'S FAM INTERNATIONAL Siegen Corporation SIEG CO. Softizen Co., Ltd. ILSHIN COMPANY Ilshin THE Co., Ltd Ilshin Co.,Ltd Ilshin Company Co., Ltd. kKIMEX HANYOUNG INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION LH Co., Ltd. LH Corporation Act Corporation Co., Ltd. Act Corporation Taekyung Corporation Co., Ltd. Taekyung Inc. Althea Dr.Althea Althea Inc Dada Electronics Co. GE Construction Co.,Ltd. QUANTUM WELNIS CO.,LTD. Quantum Asset Co.,Ltd. Quantum Co., Ltd. Quantum R&C Co., Ltd. Quantum Works Co., Ltd. Quantum Trust Ltd. QuantumWave Inc. Quantum Investment Co.,Ltd QUANTUM I&C CO., LTD. Quantum Able KORYO Koryo Co. Koryo Tech Four Ones Inc. SY Corporation CO., LTD SY Franchise Co.,Ltd. SP Franchise Co., Ltd. SFMK Franchise Co., Ltd. Samo Franchise Co., Ltd. Garam Franchise System Co., Ltd. Dowool Franchise System Co., Ltd. SUN FRANCHISE SYETEMS INC. JS FRANCHISE CO.,LTD. FRANCHISE SERVICE ASIA LIMITED. co. Franchise System Development Won Co., Ltd. SY Furniture AgreeYa Mobility APAC Ltd. KDM Mega Holdings Co., Ltd. L.O.M Leaders Co., Ltd. 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