List of Corporate Headquarters in SEOUL

Search a company in South Korea with your criteria (trade name, adress, Korean registry number...). provides business and credit information about Korean firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
Follow changes in legal forms, executives and legal representatives...

If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Korean register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in South Korea, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Korean company.

DPR Co., Ltd. Fourfree CSPLUS Comtec Systems Co., Ltd. Comtec Systems Co, Ltd Bupyeong Factory Comatec System Comtech System Co.,Ltd. Comtec Soft Co., Ltd. Comtech Research bu-young Bu & Young BU YOUNG INDUSTRY CO LTD Bu Young C&C Co.,Ltd. Moto Co.,Ltd. Moto IE MOTO INC. IE Limited I.E.3D CO.,LTD. IMOTTO Co.,Ltd. IE Motion Indos Co., Ltd. Indigo and I Co., Ltd. INDIGO CO. INDIGO CORP. Indigo Paris Innodis INDUSIS CO. Indisyeon Co., Ltd. INDISCHOOL Indico Co., Ltd. Indigo JYP Entertainment J.Y.P Entertainment Co., Ltd. JYP Entertainment Corporation JYP CORP. HMM Hyundai Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. HM&M Co., Ltd. HMM CO.,LTD. Anex Corporation Ange Co Ltd BUTTONCOM RegenIT Regent D&M Co., Ltd. Regent Travel Co., LTD. Regent Development Co., Ltd. Regent Distribution Co., Ltd. LG Regent Interior Regent Insurance Co., Ltd. Richmond Bakery RK International Co., Ltd. Rigent Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. Rheegend Industrial Co., Ltd. Riconet Rijenteu Co. Rijenteu Co., Ltd. Cheongho Industry Co., Ltd. Awabot Korea Co., Ltd. STAR FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED IT Solutions. Inc. IT Solutions Co., LTD. GTS SOLUTIONS, INC. G&I Solutions Co., Ltd. G Ni Solutions Co., Ltd. The Solutions Co., Ltd. G.N Solutions Co., Ltd. Geo Solutions Co., Ltd. YGI SOLUTIONS G&T I Co., Ltd. GTI&C Co., Ltd. Hahn & Co. Auto Holdings Co., Ltd. Andy Care Clinic Mind Care Clinic Doosan Corporation KB Financial Group Inc. KDB Financial Group Inc. LEADERS FINANCIAL GROUP JB Group HK Financial Group Co., Ltd. Samsung Futures Inc. Old Future FUTURE INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. D & Futures Co., Ltd Fonterra Asia Ltd. - Korea Branch Hana Financial Group Inc. Hana Financial Investment Co., Ltd. Hana Financial Nanum Foundation Hana Financial ninth Special Purpose Acquisition Company Hana Financial Investment Gwangjangdong Co., Ltd. Hana Financial 11Ho Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. Hana Financial 13Ho Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. Hana Financial 16Ho Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. Hana Financial 15Ho Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. Hana Financial 14Ho Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. Hyundai Rotem The 1st Midas International Asset Management Ltd. Midas International midas investment KUKDONG CO LTD KUKDONG KUKDONG CO., LTD. Kunyang Automation Co., Ltd. K Automation Kuk Dong Corporation KUK DONG CORP. Kukdong MES Co., Ltd. BM Corporation Co., Ltd. BM LIMITED CO.,LTD. The BM Co., Ltd. BM Cosmetics BM COMMUNICATION BM CS Co.,Ltd. B&M Communication BM&Com Co., Ltd. BM Consulting Co., Ltd. Company BM Co.,Ltd. Sejoong Information Technology Co., LTD Sejoong Co., Ltd. SEJOONG MS sejoong 4th SEJOONG INC. Sejoong F&C Co., Ltd. Daeryook & Aju International Law Group LLC Aju International Human International Korea Co., Ltd. Harman International Korea HIK CO.,LTD. Hanseu International Korea HONO INTERNATIONAL KOREA CO.,LTD. huda international korea co.,ltd. Hoteun International Korea Co., Ltd. Huda International Korea Hans Interational Korea Inc Hukushima International Korea Co., Ltd. SAM HWA STEEL Co.,Ltd Sam Hwa Corporation International IP Law Firm Mireyun Kasan IP & Law Firm Lee Ip Patent And Law Firm Lee & Park Patent & Law Firm Tera IP Law Office Bell Park Patent & Law Firm Ip Park Law Office Manmin IP & Law Firm INSIGHT+ IP & LAW FIRM Nanum International IP Law Firm Lee International IP & Law Group IPLF JOOYON IP&LAW FIRM ISIS IP Law Firm Law Offices of Park International VEZEL IP&LAW FIRM Chungam IP & Law Firm Unicorn IP Law Firm IP Park Co., Ltd. WeThePeople IP & Law Firm Koryo Ip & Law Law Firm Baro Law Law Firm Good Saenggak Barun IP & Law Bomsen Co., Ltd. Bomsaem Co., Ltd. ADC Energy Korea ADC Energy Co., Ltd. ADC Ad&C Co., Ltd. AD&C Office ADC RayVis INC. Agape Pharma Corp. PHARMACHEM CO.,LTD MS Pharm Co., Ltd. The Pharma PHAROS CORPORATION PHARMIST Co., Ltd. PHARMSYS LC. MIRAE ASSET DAEWOO Co., Ltd. MIRAE ASSET LOAN CO.,LTD. Mirae Asset Co.,Ltd. Mirae Asset Co., Ltd. MIRAE ASSET DAEWOO SPECIAL PURPOSE ACQUISITION 1 CO., LTD Mirae Asset Daewoo Opeotyuneotisamo Investment Mirae Asset Daewoo Heonteoseusamo Investment Mirae Asset Daewoo Invest The 1st Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Daewoo Global Jeilhosamotuja Mirae Asset Daewoo Special Purpose Company 2Ho Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Daewoo Korea Jeihosamotuja Mirae Asset Daewoo Special Purpose Company 3Ho Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Daewoo Special Purpose Acquisition 4 Company Honeywell Co., Ltd. Honeywell Analytics Co,. Ltd. HAAP Co., Ltd. Sun International Woo Sung International Sun Inter Sun International Bin International Co., Ltd. Sung Woo International Inc. Young Woo International Seog Woo International Co., Ltd X Line X Life Lucas Company Co., Ltd. Lucas Co., Ltd. LUCAS 3RD CO.,LTD. VITA CO., LTD. Vita Company Co., Ltd. Neo Vita Co., Ltd. Kunchong G.V.S. Co., Ltd. New Land Farm Corporation Co., Ltd. G Land Farming Association farmerslab Co.,Ltd. Farmsplan Inc. SERVEONE Serveone Co.,Ltd. A Serveone Co.,Ltd. Hanwha Corporation Hanwha Hotels&Resorts Co.,Ltd. Hanwha General Chemical Global Co.,Ltd. Hanwha Investment Corp. Global&Investment Co., Ltd. Global Invest Global Investment Global Investment Co., Ltd. Lotte Shopping Co., Ltd. lottemart world WOOSAN CORPORATION Woossam Canix Co., Ltd. Canis Co., Ltd. Cani NIs Co.,Ltd. Canis Majoris S Capital Co., Ltd. BIOIS Co.,Ltd. Bio Is Bioil Co., Ltd. Bioinsec Co., Ltd. Supersonse Co.,Ltd. Superso Superuser Korea Co., Ltd. A-One Corporation A-One Corp. A One Company A1 Pc Leaders A1 Co., Ltd. 105 Co.,Ltd. P 105 Co., Ltd. JP 105 Co., Ltd. To Me And 105 J.P. Morgan Futures(Korea), Ltd. JP Company Co.,Ltd. JPMorgan Asset Management Korea Co., Ltd. JP Co.,Ltd Kumho Tire Motors Kumho Tire Kyungnam Sales Kumho Tire Wonhyo Agency KUMHO TIRE JAMSIL AGENCY J&P International Co., Ltd. JP International JP International Co., Ltd. MK Industrial Co., Ltd. Mk Industrial Mamo MAMOD CO.,LTD. Mamo Co., Ltd. MAMORO Mamos Corp. RootLoc Co., Ltd. SJ Chemical Co., Ltd. MSR Technology MSR CO.,LTD. MSR MSR The 1st Co., Ltd. MSR The 2nd msr Corporation Dong-A Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. DongWha Pharm.Co.,Ltd DONG KYUNG PHARM.CO,.LTD Dong Kwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Dong-Gwang Pharmacy Dong-in Plaza Pharmacy WHA-DUCK PHARM CO LTD Dong Wha Pharm. Co., Ltd. Dong Il Pharm Co., Ltd. Pure Corporation Co., Ltd. Pure Nature Co., Ltd. Pure&Nature Reol KSY Co., Ltd. Pure Nature World J & J COMPANY CO.,LTD. Kookmin Bank K. B Kookmin Bank Labor Union KB KOOKMIN BANK LABOR UNION KB Kookmin Card Co., Ltd. KB Kookmin Card Third Securitization Co., Ltd. KB Kookmin Card Second Securitization Co., Ltd. Biosensor Laboratories GLOBAL HOLDING LOAN CO.,LTD. LNS Global Co.,Ltd. Golden Global GOLDEN ACE GLOBAL CO.,LTD. Golden Gate Global Co., Ltd. Global Line Golden Bridge Global Golden Global F&B Co., Ltd. Golden Apple Global Co., Ltd. Golden Global Shipping Co., Ltd. Golden Bol Loan Co., Ltd. GOLDEN RAY GLOBAL INC. Golden Global Tour Co., Ltd. COSMOSIS CO.,LTD. Spak Korea Co., Ltd. SCK Corp. I MEDI TOUR CO.,LTD. I Medi Solution Co., Ltd. I-Medi Ophthalmology Hospital Medi Seu I Co., Ltd. B&I Medi Tour Co., Ltd. Medi Useu I&T Co., Ltd. Medi-I Women's Clinic DAO CO.,LTD. DLS LEGAL CORP. DAEA LEGAL CORP. DAO TRADING CO., LTD. Da O Company Co., Ltd. Dao Net Co., Ltd. Dao Consulting GS Retail Co., Ltd. GS Retail Co.,Ltd. Garam Fresh Co., Ltd. Fresh Company Co., Ltd. Fresh-in Co., Ltd. Fresh Gold Fresh Co.,Ltd. Fresh Good Co., Ltd. LAON CO.,LTD. Laonz Co.,Ltd. Laon Sc Co., Ltd. Laon I LAON ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. Laon SNL Laon Story Inc. Laon Plus Laonel KDB TRINITY DHIC PRIVATE EQUITY FUND SHIN WHA INTERNATIONAL CORP point Park Co., LTD. PT Plus Inc. P Tu P Loan Point Plus Co., Ltd. Point Plus Co., Ltd PITPLE Inc. Aero PHE Co., Ltd Aro Corp. Aero Co., Ltd ARO Limited Liability Company Aro Aro Company Co., Ltd. AEROS CO., LTD. Aero Precision Korea Limited Company SamWon Company Gowoonsesang Cosmetics Co., Ltd Gowoonsesang Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Bostic Boston Boston Corporation Bost Corporation Bost Development Corporation Gallery SP Seoul Print Gallery SU Samyang Co.,Ltd. Samyang MS Batex PJA Six Co., Ltd. Pie Six Co.,Ltd. Page Six Pride Of Six Co., Ltd. Poen Six Co., Ltd. Potu Six Co., Ltd. Patin Six Co., Ltd. Hyundai Motor Company DB HiTek Co., Ltd. DB Inc. D&B Corporation DB 2nd co.,ltd DB 1st db The DB Co., Ltd. McGraw-hill Education Korea Limited Moin Corporation Co., Ltd. Moin, Inc MOIN CO.,LTD GOLDEN & COMPANY LTD GOLDEN CORPORATION GOLDEN ESTATE CO.,LTD. Golden System Golden Steel Co Ltd Golden Sky Co.,Ltd. Golden Sky Co., Ltd. Golden Sky The 1st Co., Ltd. Golden Sky Intl Co., Ltd. Golden Square Co.,Ltd. BILLIONS Co., Ltd. BULIMBM.INC Bloomberg Korea Co., Ltd. BLMP CO.,LTD. Belennubo BookBox Ronbox Kim Jeong Beom Power Boxing Club Boxtec Co., Ltd. Boxring Co., Ltd. BlueBox International Co.,Ltd BallmoaBilliards CU BOX CO.,LTD. Biwelmobile Computing Co., Ltd. Bumil Strongbox BOXSTER CO.,LTD. Insbox Co., Ltd. Madeul Boxing Club Macheon Boxing Club Vision Boxing Gym Jamsil Boxing Club 2ho Branch Baleunbit Hannam Boxing Byeolmibanchan Boxter Intercargo Co., Ltd. WELLS BIO, INC. Gangsan Well Bio Co., Ltd. Ko Well Bio Digm Co., Ltd. Denteu Well Bio Co., Ltd. City Well Bio Co., Ltd. Velocity Corp. VEGETABLES CO. VG Co., Ltd. DTS MG Co., Ltd. P & D Jcpenney Korea Co., Ltd. JCPE Korea Co., Ltd. J.C.P LTD JCPenney International Catalog Korea JCPNP Co., Ltd. DR Face Co., Ltd. face3d co., ltd. Facebook Korea Limited Face Company Co., Ltd. facebooklab Hannong Chemical Co., Ltd. HANSUNG PHARM CO.,LTD. Medipharm Hansung Pharmacy Posco International Corporation Posco Enterprise Co., Ltd. POSCO O&M Posco Aen Tae-Il Co., Ltd. TAE IL CO. LTD TAE IL CO., LTD. baraco BAROC BARCO LTD.(KOREA) BAROCA CO.,LTD. BARCO VIEW KOREA Brics Korea Co, Ltd Beraca korea BAROQUE KOREA CO.,LTD. Intech Corporation Ltd. InTech INTECH Intech & Company Inc. Co. IN Tech Co., Ltd. IN Techs Co., Ltd. Intech Co.,Ltd. In & Tech I N Tech I N Tech Co., Ltd. IN TECH CO. Lumensoft Co., Ltd. LUMENLINK CO., LTD. Design Lumens GENERTE INC INTERNATIONAL AERO-SEA FORWARDERS, LTD. HQ International Inter PC Co., Ltd. MS International Inc. THE INTERNATIONAL International Air Transport Association_Korea ATA International Co., Ltd. Inter Art Co., Ltd. Inter Ad IIAT Co., Ltd. ITAE CO.,LTD. Itae Coporation Co., Ltd. SH International Corp. SH-INTERNATIONAL SH INTERNATIONAL S & H International KH Medical Co., Ltd. BSGCO.,LTD. BSG Co., Ltd KC BioScience Co., Ltd. TOW Bioscience Inc. M5 Bioscience Group Co.,Ltd. BTS BIOSCIENCE Co., Ltd. R Anz Bioscience Co., Ltd. Hyurim The Hyurim Co., Ltd. GRIT Co., Ltd. The GRIT Company Gritech Co., Ltd. The Great&Co Co., LTd. The Great Co., Ltd. The Great GRAT GRITIS Co., Ltd. Gerit Corporation GREIT Inc. GRIT Comm. Co.,Ltd. Grid PRIMA MOTORS INC. PRIMA C & M CO.,LTD. PRIMA ATEC, INC. Prima Inc. Hanwha Group Studio Hyu Hu:Corp HU CO. Hu Company Industrial Bank of Korea Celltrion Skincure CO.,LTD. HELINIX CO., LTD HELINOX Helio Helikon Helio Helicon Helios ABC-Mart Korea Inc. Arirang Arirang Co.,Ltd. ARiRang DRX Corp. Shinhan Bank Co., Ltd. SHINHAN BANK Shinhan Bank Co, Ltd SHINHAN Inc Shinhan P&C Co., Ltd. POSCO INT'L OSAKA POSCO Research Institute Posco International Sanaegeunro Welfare Gigeum Kanbay (Ligong) Co., Ltd. Kanpa Co., Ltd. Coupang Corp. Coupang Fulfillment Services Ltd. Coupang Logistics Service Ltd. KTIT CO., LTD. KTOT Co., Ltd. Luxury Co. Whoborn Inc. I&LAB S&I Lab Co., Ltd. I-nori LAB., LTD. I Lab Media Co., Ltd. I Lab 21 iSciLab Corporation I Aem Lab I Mel Lab Co., Ltd. Cross I-Labs Co., Ltd. Alvarez & Marsal Holdings, LLC Hue Robotics Co., Ltd JY Robotics Co., Ltd. J I ROBOTICS CO.,LTD. Altran Technologies Korea Ltd. ASTRA CO.,LTD. Astra Penta A Penta Corporation Co., Ltd. Penta Co., Ltd. Penta S Co., Ltd. Penta CA Co., Ltd. Penta Airline Penta Star Co., Ltd. Penta O Co., Ltd. Penta H Co., Ltd. ASTRA COR PANDORAPIA CO.,LTD. Pandora Shop Co., Ltd. Pandora YP Co., Ltd. Gold Company Gold SND Co.,Ltd. Paraqua Co., Ltd. Gold Parm Gold Prime Co.,Ltd. Gold Pia Co., Ltd. Gold Pia Co.,Ltd. GOLD PK CO. SS Global Logistics SS Logis SS Logis Co., Ltd. HHI Hyosung Heavy Industries Corporation Hyosung Heavy Industries HHI The 1st HHI HYOSONG HEAVY INDUSTRY CORP Panasia Corporation Pan Asia Corporation Co., Ltd. Panasia Paper Corp. Panasia Holding Pan Asia Co. PANASIA Inc. Planner Limited Liability Company Planner The Planner Company Co., Ltd. The Planner Co., Ltd. U Planner Co., Ltd. GU PLANNER CO.,LTD. Ad Planner Co.,Ltd. Ad Planner DG Planner Co., Ltd. GD Planner Good Planner Co., Ltd. The Good Planner Co., Ltd. FIDES Co., Ltd. Fides PMC Co., Ltd. FIEDS Co., Ltd. Fides Trading Co FIDES INTERNATIONAL CO. Fides Tech Co.,Ltd. Fides INT Co.,Ltd. Fides Investment Management Fides Investment Management Co.,Ltd Fidellise FIDES company Fides Trade Shinyoung Corporation SHINYOUNG INC Shinyoung Asset Co., Ltd. Shinyoung Asset Management Co., Ltd. Atlas Co., Ltd. Atlas Co. Hanjin Filter Tech Co., Ltd. SFTechnology Co.,Ltd Frontier Technology Co., Ltd. Frontier Textile Co., Ltd. Sena Frontier Co., Ltd. Frontier Tech SL Frontier Co., Ltd. Frontier Bio-Tech Sangha Frontier Frontier ST Co., Ltd. FRONTIER TECHNOLOGY KOREA CO.,LTD. ESTSoft Corp. ESTsoftCorp ESTS Co.,Ltd. Dido Didi Diid Co., Ltd. DADA CORPORATION Diad Co.,Ltd. Diadem Co.,Ltd. Diadia Gigavil Gabia Company Co., Ltd. Any Diet G An CNS Co., Ltd. G&CNS Co., Ltd. SANWA CO.,LTD. Sanwa Loan Co.,Ltd. Sanwang Sanwon Co., Ltd. SANWOO LIMITED Sanwasupply Co., Ltd. MIKOWELL CO.,LTD. Miko Corporation Mikos Co., Ltd. MIKO CO.,LTD. Nonghyup Bank Nonghyup Moguchon Co., Ltd. Nonghyup Feed Inc. NongHyup Financial Group Inc. Nonghyup Life Insurance Co., Ltd. NongHyup Property&Casualty Insurance Co.,Ltd NongHyup Agribusiness Group Inc. North Seoul Nonghyup Cooperative Nonghyup Networks Dongseoul Nonghyup Cooperative DRAGON CORPORATION Dragon Spa Co., Ltd. DRAGON SKY CORPORATION Dragon Hill The 1st Dragon G Co., Ltd. Dragon Company Dragon Co., Ltd. Dragon DNC Dragon HR Co., Ltd. THE SECOND FIVE STAR ASSET SECURITIZATION SPECIALTY CO.,LTD. UN Fifth Asset Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. KAL 5 Asset Securitization Specialty Company One KDB the 1st Asset Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. WHITE ONE ASSET SECURITIZATION SPECIALTY LIMITED LJ First Asset Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. KSJ 2nd Asset Securitization Specialty Co.,Ltd. K2 Asset Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. KAL 20 Asset Securitization Specialty Company KAL 21 Asset Securitization Specialty Company KAL 24 Asset Securitization Specialty Company KAL 3 Asset Securitization Specialty Company KAL 20-A Asset Securitization Specialty Company KAL 10 Asset Securitization Specialty Company KAL 16 Asset Securitization Specialty Company KAL 15 Asset Securitization Specialty Company KAL 12 Asset Securitization Special Company KAL 6 ASSET SECURITIZATION SPECIALTY COMPANY KAL 7 Asset Securitization Specialty Company KAL 9 Asset Securitization Specialty Company KAL 11 Asset Securitization Specialty Company KAL 13 Asset Securitization Specialty Company KAL 11B ASSET SECURITIZATION SPECIALTY COMPANY KAL 19st Securitization Specialty co,. ltd Five Star III Asset Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. Solvasystem Co.,Ltd. Solva Technology Co., Ltd. Solvay Energy Services Korea Co., Ltd. Solvay Chemicals Korea Co., Ltd. Solvang TRASOL CO.,LTD TRASOL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD Bagelcode B & B Corporation B THE B CO.,LTD. THE B&B CO.,LTD. B & B Co. B&B Co. Leaders Medicare YOUSEUNG MEDICARE CO. Junyoung Medicare Co., Ltd. Taesan Medicare Streamingway Co.,Ltd. Stream Information Communication STREAM Co.,Ltd Stream Wiz Co., Ltd. Stream Line Co., Ltd. Stream Line Stream On Co., Ltd. Stream Communication Stream Net Co.,Ltd. Streami Inc. Streaming Korea Co., Ltd. Streaming Media Hub Co., Ltd. Stream Bio Co.,Ltd S & D Co., Ltd. Xi S&D, Inc. S & D XI SERVICE Co., Ltd. Chunghae Chunghae Corp. Furninet Co., Ltd. B&S Road BS R&D Co.,Ltd. BS&D Co., Ltd. Mezzion Pharma Co., Ltd. KT Happycall Co., Ltd. Happycall Fortune Co.,Ltd. Happy Call Happy Cat Co., Ltd. Hyundai Capital Auto Fifth Securitization Specialt HYUNDAI CAPITAL SERVICES, INC. Hyundai Economy Capital Hyundai Capital Auto 9901 ABS Co., Ltd. Hyundai Capital (Korea) Auto Funding Limited Hyundai Capital Yangjae Office Premises Booth Hyundai Capital Asset Management Co., Ltd. I Capital Co.,Ltd. I Capital Co., Ltd. Hyundai Capital Auto Fourth Securitization Special Hyeondaegeurin Food Hyundai Capital Branch Co., Ltd. HANA CAPITAL CO.,LTD Hyundai AND Hyundai Corporation E FOR C CO.,LTD. E & C CORPORATION EC Corporation East C Co., Ltd. EC The Co., Ltd. Quality Tech Co., Ltd. Finders Co.,Ltd. The Finders Co., Ltd. NFinders Company Limited Solution Finders Co., Ltd. En Finders Co., Ltd. finders Co Ltd E No Finders Co., Ltd. Finders Invest LECLE Corp. LeCiel LYCL Inc. Locle LECIEL CO.,LTD. Ms Leichel DOUBLE M CO.,LTD. DOUBLE M WORKS CO.,LTD. Double DoubleS Double J Corp Double Won The 1st Blanc & Eclare Korea Co.,Ltd. Royal Corporation ROYAL & CO.,LTD. Royal Company Royal Automobile Co., Ltd. Auto Company Auto Leader Co., Ltd. Auto Company Ltd. Auto Moa Auto Roman Co., Ltd. MS AUTO 1ST INC. Auto Mart Co., LTD. Automart .co.,LTD Auto Mart Service Auto Mart Service Stock Company Auto Mate Co.,Ltd. Auto Manager Co.,Ltd. Auto Max Co.,Ltd. Hami Hami Company Auto Fix Engineering Corporation RAPAM Rapam Co., Ltd. CROWN CORP CROWN Crown PC Co., Ltd. Crown Auto Part Co., Ltd. TPS Co., Ltd. Liwoo Equipment Co.,Ltd. Liwoo Construction Co.,Ltd. Handsome Fish Co.,Ltd. Handsome Scissors Belle And Handsome Man Handsome Corporation Shinwon Corp. Shinwon INC Co., Ltd. Shinwon Materials Co., Ltd. Texview Corporation TEXV Texville Co Nexview Co., Ltd. TEXVILL CO.,LTD Tex View Co., LTD. TEXVILLE OriC Oraco Co., Ltd. Orca Inc. Orca IT Co., Ltd. ORQCA Co., Ltd. Orca Shipping Co., Ltd. ORCA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. ORCA Partners LLC. ORSA Co., Ltd. ORCA CONSULTING CO.LTD. KOREA EQUIPMENT CO. Korea Equipment & Materials Co., Ltd. M.I. KOREA Mi Korea INC Co., Ltd. Pine Corporation Pine Tree Bh Korea Co., Ltd. Pine Inc. Pine Hill Korea Air China Bank of China NK International N&K International Co. NK G International Co., Ltd. M NK International L NK International Co., Ltd. Ssa NK International NK Invest Co., Ltd. SoftZam Co., Ltd YC Techs Co., Ltd. TEC 2ND INC. C&tec Y&C Co., Ltd. YC corporation YC&T Co.,Ltd. YC Tex Co., Ltd. Yuil Tec TULLET PREBON MONEY BROKERAGE(KOREA) LIMITED Tulet-Prebon Money Broker Imir Co. Speed Pro Speed Speed Line Co., Ltd. Speed Line U An Speed Loan Brokerage Co., Ltd. NEW AFGHAN BROTHERS TRADING CO., LTD New Afgan Brothers Trading Co., Ltd. Neo Max Global Co., Ltd. Max Global Arosi Co., Ltd. Global Max Corporation Co., Ltd. C-Max Global Co., Ltd. Ad Max Global Global Max Co., Ltd. Global Max Best Cargo Logistics Co., Ltd. Best Cargo Partners Logis Co., Ltd. Greensu Dream Car DREAM CAR CO.,LTD. Seongji Dream Car Service DREAM CAR AUDIO CO. Dream Car Design Sky Zone Dream of Car Semok Semiconductor Co., Ltd. DANA CORPORATION Dana DANA CO.,LTD. Caltech Trading Korea Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Irae Finance Group Mirae Ro Asset Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Credit Co., Ltd. BIOMEDICAL Sunmi SUNMIN CO. SUNMI CO LTD Sunmin Corporation DAESANG CORP. Steel Enertech Co., Ltd. Open Intertech Co., Ltd. SC Intertech Co., Ltd. Dream Intertech Co., Ltd. INTERTECH MASTER CORPORATION LTD Mayekawa InterTech Korea Co., Ltd. Nawoo Intertech Corporation SAMGI INTERTECH CO.,LTD. Dowun Intertech Co., LTD. hanguk InterTech Testing Service Co., LTD. SY Intertech Co.,Ltd. DAEJIN INTERTECH INC. Y&K Trading YK TRADING CO. Y K TRADING CO., LTD. YK Trading YK Trans Co.,Ltd. Chp CHP Corp Pan Pacific Travel Development Co., Ltd. Pan Pacific Korea Co., Ltd. PAN Co.,Ltd. Pan-Pacific Co., Ltd. PAN PACIFIC CORP Pan Pacific Co., Ltd. Pan Pacific Trading Co. Daewoo Pan Pacific Co., Ltd. Lintech Trading Lint , Co., Ltd. Limatech Co., Ltd. SILLA CORP SILLA INC. Silla SG Co., Ltd. Silla Jewerly Silla Development Silla S&D Co., Ltd. Silla Travel Silla Industry Seoul Industry SEOUL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. SEOUL INDUSTRIAL MACHINES CO., LTD. Seoul Machinery Industry SIM Company Co., Ltd. Sum SUM Co., Ltd. The Sum Co., Ltd. Sung Kwang Air Services Inc. Aps Green Jino Mix Co., Ltd. Provet P&CL Co.,Ltd. PCL CORPORATION CO.,LTD. PCL P&C Logitec Clebio Co. Ltd. CL Bio Co.,LTD. KOREA INVESTMENT & SECURITIES CO LTD Eugene Investment & Securities Co,. Ltd. CAPE Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. KR Investment Securities Co., Ltd. Korea Securities Investment Management Co., Ltd Ebest Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. Meritz Deoumeon Securities Investment Company Co., Ltd. Multi Asset Investment Co., Ltd. DS INVESTMENT & SECURITIES CO., LTD. Multi Investment Co., Ltd. JP Investment Loan Co.,Ltd. Hae In Corp. HAE Co., Ltd. Spotainment Co., Ltd. Venticake Inc. GS Holdings Corp. G&S Holdings Co., Ltd. GS Sports Ltd. LIMITED CO.,LTD. LP Corporation LP Co., Ltd. LIMITED LP L.P CO., LTD. CLSA Co., Ltd. CLSK Co., Ltd. CLSK CO.,LTD. CLSC 2ND INC. CLSA Securities Korea Ltd. CLS The 3rd Co., Ltd. CLSD Co.,Ltd. CLSI Co., Ltd. CL Systems Cls System The CLS C & L Shoes TIGER CORPORATION CO., LTD. Tiger Express Tiger PC Room T-Tiger, Co., Ltd. Tiger Loan Innisfree Corporation Child Fund Inc. Life Ins Co.,Ltd. Ins Life Co.,Ltd. Orange Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Wine Doctor Wine THE WINE CO.,LTD. Wines Company All That Wine Anseu Wine Co., Ltd. Wine Agent Co., Ltd. Inpi Niti Inipia Pia Co., Ltd. Fibertech Fiber Fibertec Co., Ltd. Top Co. Top Corporation The Top Co.,Ltd. TOP COMPANY CO.,LTD. TOP INC Co.,Ltd. TOP CO.,LTD. Top Top P&C Co., Ltd. T.O.P The Top Top & company co., ltd. Top&Company Co., Ltd. Top SA Top Of Top Inc. The Classic Co.,Ltd. Classic SoPa The Classics EO Classic Classic Co., Ltd. Time Classic Classic On Co., Ltd. KEKKI Co. Ltd. Kkekki Kekri Co., Ltd. DAW Partners Co., Ltd. DAW DAW The 1st DAW The 2nd DYNA THERAPEUTICS CO.,LTD. Sel River Ri Co., Ltd. PARMIR Therapeutics Inc. Pin Therapeutics Inc. iPrime Therapeutics Co., Ltd. Procell Therapeutics Co., Ltd. SCAI Therapeutics Co.,Ltd. GPCR Co., Ltd. AniCom Therapeutics, Inc. Anenti Therapeutics, Inc. SAlpha Therapeutics Inc. Kanaph Therapeutics Inc. Coagulant Therapeutics Corporation GPCRC Co., Ltd. G & P CREATIVE CO.,LTD. GPKR GEFKOR CO.,LTD. PSOMA THERAPEUTICS INC. DAE YANG SHIPPING CO., LTD. Dongwha Corp. Dongwha Dongwha Corp. Dongwha Enterprise Io Company IO Inc. IO Corporation The IO Co., Ltd. IO Company CO., Ltd. Pro IO I & O I OK Co., Ltd. Ilri O Co., Ltd. I ONE I-One I & One The One Office 114 OA Co., Ltd. Hanguk Investment Management Co., Ltd. HANGIL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Hyundai Investment Management Haeremis Investment Management Co., Ltd HD INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Hub Investment Management Co., Ltd. Huiseong Investment Management Co., Ltd. JNB Investment Management Co., Ltd. Solugen Co., Ltd. SOLGED CO LTD Solgeo Co.,Ltd. Seolgang Enterprise Co., Ltd. Hanol Corporation Hanol Hanol Co. HANOK CO.,LTD. Hanoi Saebom Company newspringmeat Saebom ENT Co., Ltd. Saebom RMP Co., Ltd. Sebon Seboo Corp. Cafe24 Corp. Coating 24 CS 24 Co., Ltd. CIA 24 Pro 24 CJ 24 SFA Title S.F.A Korea Co., Ltd. SFA Entertainment Co., Ltd. SFA Cosmetics EIGHT CO.,LTD. EIGHT CO LTD DOUBLE EIGHT CO.,LTD. Double8Games Co., Ltd. Double 8 Design 8 Double Eight Entertainment Co., Ltd. Double J Games Co., Ltd. Turner & Townsend Korea Co., Ltd. BGPworks Inc M.E.C.O me2Day Co., Ltd. ME LIM CORPORATION ME2 ON CO.,LTD. Me 20 Dotcom Me EL Me E 20 M En 25 Co., Ltd. Cancer Rop Co., Ltd. NATIXIS INVESTMENT MANAGERS KOREA LIMITED Nios Nosol Co., Ltd. N2 Design FLOWING CO.,LTD. Flowing Jc Korea JC Corporation Korea Co.,Ltd. J & C Korea J&C Korea Co.,Ltd Tradition Korea Ltd. Korea Traditional Deung Korea Traditional Uijeon Co., Ltd. Korea Traditional Ginseng Co., Ltd. Korea Traditional Music Hoe Korea Traditional Music Institute Korea Traditional Industry Co., Ltd. Korea Traditional Art Association Traditional Co., Ltd. Traditional house Traditional Restaurant Traditional People Traditional Mandu Eagle Eagle 1st L.L.C. Eagle Co., Ltd. EAGLE CO.,LTD. KA ASSOCIATES CO.,LTD. Kaam Trading MY KAA Co., Ltd. KAA Media Co., Ltd. KAA Members Co., Ltd. Kaan Systems Co., Ltd. KAA FAMILY CO.,LTD. KAA Publishing Co., Ltd. LE Le premier LE-MEILLEUR CO., LTD. Le Meilleur LE MEILLEUR CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD LE MEILLEUR STARPLUS CO.,LTD. LE Company Co., Ltd. Le Meilleur Theater Le Meilleur Jongro Town Le Meilleur Jangan Town Le Meilleur Jangan Town Tu Le Meilleur Mart Pigeon Corporation Pigeon In Seoul NICE PIGEON CO.,LTD. Pigeon Seonggusa Pigeon Eunpyung Store Pigeu Hyundai Electric & Energy System Co., Ltd. Hyundai Electric & Energy Systems Co., Ltd. Hyundai Electric Hyundai Electronics Hyundai Electric&Energy System Co., Ltd. Porte PORTI CO., LTD AD porte Porte Furniture Co., Ltd. ITM CORPORATION CO.,LTD. ITM Company Co., Ltd. I.T.M Co., Ltd. I.T.M INC. ITM System I.T.M Investment Co., Ltd. ITM Development Co., Ltd. MAT Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. ASIA AND PACIFIC CORPORATION Asia & Pacific Corporation THE ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED CO.,LTD. GCT Asia Pacific, Inc. E-BAY Asia Pacific Regional Management Services Ltd. G.N Asia Co., Ltd. Geulras Co., Ltd. Geulrase J-S GLOBAL CORP. JS Global Corp JS&Global Co., Ltd. CHARMAX Co.,Ltd. CHARMSOL CO.,LTD. Charmjoeun FC Korea Nomura Nomura Financial Investment (Korea) Co., Ltd. Heewoo Industrial Co.,Ltd. Heewoo Trading Heewoo Corporation Co.,Ltd. Heewon Id Co., Ltd. HEEWOO TRADING CORP SEOWOO ID Co., Ltd. Acetronix Co AceTronix Co., Ltd. Acetronix Actronic Corporation Sungjin Inc Co., Ltd. Sungjin Corp. NF Investment Two S Networks Co., Ltd Two B Networks Co., Ltd. DAESEUNG INT'L CO.,LTD. DAESEUNG.CO,LTD Daeseung MS Co., Ltd. Times Mall Time Distribution Mall Hankook Inc Hankook KRC Co., Ltd. HANKOOK Corporation Inc. Koru Pharmaceutical Society of Saint Paul Society of St. Paul Lenovo Korea Co., Ltd. DECO&CO DECO&COMPANY CO.,LTD Deco Texpia Co.,Ltd. DECO&E CO., LTD. Deco travel Co., Ltd. Tree Deco Rex Deco Lyreco Korea Co., Ltd. Buzzvil Co., Ltd. Buzzni Co, Ltd THE BUZZ WINGS Co., ltd. OTOS Wing Co., Ltd. COS WINGS CO.,LTD. Daeho Shipping Co., Ltd. Daeho Company Co.,Ltd. IC of G.P Co., Ltd. Jihan Co., Ltd Pro-IC Inc. JIHAN IC CO.,LTD. Jihan E&C Co., Ltd. JIHAN INTERNATIONAL Inc. Jiin IC Co., Ltd. Jinwon IC KORYO Koryo Co. Koryo Eye Tech Co., Ltd. Koryo Electronics Fine Global Group Co., Ltd. Robotis Co., Ltd. Robopin Co., Ltd. Korea Asset Lazard Korea Asset Management Co., Ltd Korea Asset Management Company Co., Ltd. Korea Asset Management Research Institute Co., Ltd. Dongwha art construction Co.,Ltd. DONGWHA INTERNATIONAL DONGWHA PRINTING CO. Dongwha Duty Free Shop Co.,Ltd. Dongwha ES Co., Ltd. Dongwha Duty Free Shop Dongwha Fruit & Vegetable Co., Ltd. I-Tech Information Technology Co., Ltd. Information & Technology Co., Ltd. DR Info Tech Co., Ltd. Info-Tech Research Information Industry Co., Ltd. Techno Information Technology INFO-TECH CO LTD Hi Tech Information Technology Co., Ltd. Korea Institute of Science and Technology Korea Technology Science Co., Ltd. Scitech Korea Inc. SCITECH KOREA CO. Korea Science Technology Development SCIENCE TECHNOLORY KOREA CO.,LTD. Korea Science Technology Publishing Association IBridge Korea Co., Ltd. Lion Bridge Technologies Korea Co., Ltd. INBO CORP. INNOEVO Co.,Ltd. INNOB CO.,LTD. Ineb Co, Ltd Inbo Co.,Ltd. Ineobi Ionpia Invio Co, Ltd Inpio Co., Ltd. Inbe Nix Co., Ltd. Inobeo T Beu Bio Sel Co., Ltd. Inobeo T Beu Consulting Enko Co., Ltd. Inoweb Co., Ltd. Inbe Stone Limited Liability Company Inbo Equipment Info Network Co., Ltd. Info Net Ionesoftbank Inoba IONEHOMETECH Co., Ltd. Inhobeo Co., Ltd. iMobi, Inc. Uever Co.,Ltd. UV E&S Co., Ltd. Uveex Co., Ltd. TRADE ALL IN CO.,LTD. AND Trading Leaders Trading Co. M.S TRADERS M.S TRADE COMPANY Pro Trading Co., Ltd. MR Trading Co.,Ltd. Pro Trading TRADING Only Only Co., Ltd. Onyul Mille Cake House Mille CAREMALL Co.,Ltd. Caramel Co., Ltd. Carewill Co.,Ltd. CAREVILL CORPORATION Caramel Advan Inc. Advanced G&P Co.,Ltd. ADVANCED EDGE CO.,LTD. Advantes Co., Ltd. ADVANTES Advance Tel Co., Ltd. LEADERSHIP ADVANTAGE CO.,LTD. Advantage Media Advantage Sales Korea Co.,Ltd ADVANTAPP CO., LTD. AD Vans Co, Ltd Ad. V Co., Ltd. Enliple Co., Ltd. Geumseonglu STIC Alternative Co., Ltd. TTH Company Co., Ltd. TT Home KMC Components Co.,Ltd. Telechips Inc. Telec Co.,Ltd. Telec Co., Ltd. The Fact Co.,Ltd. Factsis Co.,Ltd. Law offices of Kim&Chang Kim Chang & Lee Kim Chang In Taxation Office Kim Chang Suk Fashion Kim Chang Ju Good Fashion Kim Chang Sik Tax Accounting Office Lawyer Kim Chang Hong Office Kim Chang Ho Science Math Institute KONC CO.,LTD Kim & Company Kim & Co Ltd. Kim,Co.,Ltd. Doctor Kim The KIM Co., Ltd. DOCTOR KIM CO.,LTD. SUNGREEN CO. Korea Center for International Finance International Finance Inter Finance Co., Ltd. INTERNATIONAL FINE TECHNOLOGY KOREA LTD. Inter Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Hanguk International Finance Research Institute Yangchun International Finance Co., Ltd. ACADEMY OF INTERNATIONAL FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING Manoffin Express Seoul International Finance Center Agency Jusik INT Financial Consulting Co., Ltd. JIN SUNG INTERNATIONAL FINANCE DEVELOPMENT CO LTD Gltech GGLtech Co., Ltd. Glotech Gelteu Co., Ltd. CHOI'S Company Choi Inc. Choi Laoshi Global Co., Ltd Moderndeco Co., Ltd. Modern Inc. SECOS Co., Ltd. Secos GY Communication GYCOSMETICS GY Consulting Co., Ltd. Coint Co., LTD Coinone Coinone Transfer Inc. NP Tech Co.,Ltd. Habib.b Habibi international Lava Corporation Lavaart Group Co., Ltd. Donghaeng Ara Holdings Co., Ltd. DA Holdings Co., Ltd. DA Holdings E Da Holdings Co., Ltd. D Am Holdings Da EO Holdings Co., Ltd. D Ajeu Holdings Da Woori Holdings Da Hong Geo Da O Holdings Co., Ltd. Da Home DA Hall Donga Ace Holdings Co., Ltd. Dongbuka No.9 Ship Investment Company Co., Ltd. Dongbuka No.32 Ship investment Company Dongbuka No.3 Ship Investment Company Co., Ltd. Dongbuka No.18 Ship Investment Company Dongbuka No.30 Ship Investment Dongbuka No.33 Ship Investment Company JYT Consulting Co., Ltd. JYT J&YT Co., Ltd. JYT&L Co., Ltd. The Begi Skid Bike HASH Inc. HESED CO.,LTD. Hesed CK Medicom Co., Ltd. CKM company Co.,Ltd. CK Meat Co., Ltd. Hanwha Corp. Hanwha Corp. Espa E-sop eSOP Learning Esob Company Esop Hair Max Co., Ltd. Espi ESOP STORY STORE Espy EZspo Co., Ltd. A&G Korea Insurance Broking Ltd. Koreana Ship Broking Com DC Co., Ltd. Com & In Co., Ltd. CO-M CORP. LTD. COMPANY M C O M CO.,LTD. COM WITH CO. LEADERS IN COM CO.,LTD. COM PC CO.,LTD. DR Com The Com Doctor Com MR Com Co., Ltd. COM AND CO.,LTD. MS Com Ltd. Pro In Com DR .com Co., Ltd. Koultech, Inc. Merosa Intertrading Limited HOMA INTERTRADING CO.,LTD. HANA INTERTRADING CO., LTD. Woori Bank I Bank Communication Co., LTD. I Bank Communication Co.,Ltd. Contents Bank Communications Co., Ltd. Media Bank Communications Co., Ltd. Han Bank Communication Co., Ltd. Intelligens Communication Bank Co., Ltd. Mega INC Co., Ltd. MEGA CO.,LTD. Mega Corporation Co., Ltd. Mega Corp. Co., Ltd. Mega Company Co., Ltd. megaincome Megainet Co., Ltd. Taejin Corporation Co., Ltd. TAEJIN CORPORATION Taejin Mart LG Chem, Ltd. Asus Korea Co., Ltd. Bloomberg Uni Trading Co., Ltd. UNI TRADING CORPORATION Uni Textile Co.,Ltd. UNIT CORP UNI SAM SAN CORPORATION Samsan Planning ORION MD CO.,LTD. Orion Corporation ORION COMPANY Co.,Ltd. Orion Fc Co., Ltd. Orion Corp. Socks Pia Asin Socks Bithumb Korea Co., Ltd. BK Withus Co.,Ltd. EXPLZN Inc. KOREA PAUL MARIN CO.,LTD. WBM Co., Ltd. T-Bottle PAK Co., Ltd. Doctors Pak Co., Ltd. PAK In D A Pak Ski Co., Ltd. I PAK CO.,LTD. Apeurilriseu Co., Ltd. D Pak Pak Span Co., Ltd. Pak Star Pak Paradise Co., Ltd. First Global Corporation Like Like Corporation Co., Ltd. Like Company Co., Ltd. The Like Co., Ltd. LIKEA Softchem Inc. SoftCreek Korea Inc. Softgram Co., Ltd. Shanghai Hong Kong Bank Shanghai Bay L S K LSK Co.,Ltd. LSK Company Co., Ltd. L And SK Co., Ltd. LSK Network Co., Ltd. LSK Investment LSK Industry Co., Ltd. LSK Trading Co., Ltd. LSK COMMUNICATIONS CO.,LTD. LSK Communications Co., Ltd. LSK Consulting Co., Ltd. LSK NRDO Co., Ltd. Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. Sjs Id Co., Ltd. Hauseu HAUS HAUSOL CO.,LTD. HAUSZEN Hoemun Airline Universal Science Education Co., Ltd. HAUSA CO.,LTD. Cjt Venture Zemax Co., Ltd. Jupiter Aerospace Co., Ltd. TRUST Co., Ltd. UNIONE COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD UNIONE CHEMICAL CO LTD UNIOM COMMERCIAL CO. code&co.,ltd The code Code Corp. CODE INC. Ba Code Code Ba Co., Ltd. BAGEL COSMETIC KOREA CO.,LTD No.2 Triple H TRIPLE H.COMPANY H Triple Co., Ltd. Tourism Korea Co., Ltd. Tours Korea Trek Korea Co., Ltd. Trace Of Korea Co., Ltd. Trugo Korea TRIZ KOREA Co., Ltd. Vaiim Tech Inc. Visa International Asia-pacific Korea Vaimi Co., Ltd. Vaiim Consulting Inc V.A.I Korea Co., Ltd. Circle CIR Co., Ltd. Circle In Circle Company Golden Circle Foundation Choheung Leather Co Chokwang Corporation CHOKWANG CHOWANG LEATHER CO LTD Chokwang Planning Co., Ltd. Chokwang Finance Korea Development Bank Alphain Korea Co., Ltd. Alpha Korea Co., Ltd. Star Alpha Korea Co., Ltd. Advance Alpha Korea Co., Ltd. Alpha Meat Korea Co., Ltd. Alpha Way Korea Co., Ltd. Alpha Tek Korea Alpha Net Korea Co., Ltd. Alpha Co., Ltd. ALPHA COPORATION Alpha OR Co., Ltd. Korea Alpha Line Co.,Ltd. Korean Alpha Solar Second Deu Alpha Mega Korea Safilo Korea Co., Ltd. SMART LEADER CO.,LTD. SMART CO.,LTD. Smart INC Co.,Ltd. Chyujeu Smart Golf Management Co., Ltd. Smart Golf Academy Smart Plus Golf Co., Ltd. Sumsuineunsesang Cm Art Art CM Dongwha Auto Part Dongwha Store COMPAM Co., LTD. COMPANYAR CO.,LTD. Companian Compant Trading Iljin Enterprise Iljin Enterprise Co., Ltd. Iljin Energy Co., Ltd. ILJin Enc Co.,Ltd. Top Class Investment PROFESSIONAL Co., Ltd. Saea Saeam Co.,Ltd. Cisco Shipping Co., Ltd. G Oseong Go Sen Go Sen Company Co., Ltd. Go Sang Company Go Seongsa GO Sox Go Sol Co., Ltd. BF Global Co., Ltd. Shinhan Card 2012-1 Asset Securitisation Specialty Co., Ltd. Shinhan Card Co., Ltd. Shinhan Card Company shinhan card 2003-1 securitization specialty Shinhan Card 2011-1 Securitisation Specialty Co.,Ltd. Shinhan Card 2007-1 asset Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. Shinhan Card 2007-2 asset Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. Shinhan card 2017-2 Asset securitization specialty Co.,Ltd Shinhan Card 2011-3 Asset Securitisation Specialty Co.,Ltd. SHINHAN CARD 2011-2 ASSET SECURITISATION SPECIALTY CO., LTD. Shinhan Card 2014-2 Asset Securitisation Specialty Co., Ltd. Shinhan Card 2017-1 Asset Securitisation Specialty Co., Ltd. Shinhan Card 2017-3 Asset Securitisation Specialty Co., Ltd. SJW Je 1Cha Securitization Specialty K. B Gukmin Card The 5th Securitization Specialty Shinhan Card 2008-1 asset Securitization Specialty Co., Ltd. Shinhan 5th Securitization Specialty Co.,Ltd. SHINHAN 4TH SECURITIZATION SPECIALTY CO.,LTD. GATE Korea Gate Korea Co,.Ltd Gate Korea Co., Ltd. Digital Gate Korea Co., Ltd. BEAUTY GATES KOREA CO.,LTD. Cross Gate Korea East Gate Korea Co., Ltd. Seven Gate Korea Co., Ltd. GATES KOREA CO.,LTD. MOBILE GATE KOREA CO.,LTD. WORLD GATE KOREA CO.,LTD. GOLD GATE KOREA CO.,LTD. Natures Gate Korea Contents Gate Korea Co.,Ltd World Wide Web Gate Korea Co.,Ltd. Code 42 Co.,Ltd. code42 Co., lnc. CODE 1 Code3 Co., Ltd. Code Nine code nine Co.,Ltd. JB Asset Co., Ltd. J&B Asset Loan Co., Ltd. JB Asset Holdings Co., Ltd. Blackberry Hair BLACKBEARD INC. Blackbay Co., Ltd. UNIPART KOREA Ltd. Unipros UNIPATRO CO.,LTD. UNIPAIR Inc. Unipam Co.,Ltd. Unipiat Co., Ltd. unipia Navicom Co., Ltd. S&I Corporation S & I COMPANY S&I And Samsung SDI Sdi Alternative Investment Co., Ltd. Murex Alternative Investment Tiger Investment Co., Ltd. Tiger Asset Investment Co., Ltd. Alternative Invest Co.,Ltd. Tiger Alternative Investors Co., Ltd. Flex Co., Ltd. MUGUNGHWA TRUST CO.,LTD Mugunghwa Co.,Ltd. Chemi Korea Co., Ltd. The Movement MOVEMENT CORPORATION Korea Federation for Environmental Movement Bowl Co. THE BOWL KOREA CO.,LTD. Bowl Story Happy Bowl Rice Bowl SC CORPORATION CO.,LTD. S CAR CO.,LTD. SC CORP CO.,LTD. Pro Leisure LEISUREQ Co., Ltd. Leaders Leisure Co., Ltd. Leisure Leader Co., Ltd. Travel Plus Co., Ltd. Leisurepiain Co., Ltd. Leisuretong Co., Ltd. bulam Middle School Bulim Company Limited BLOOM & CO CO.,LTD. BYLIM CO.,LTD. Bulam High School BELLEN CO.,LTD. Bulam Oriental Medical Clinic Baleun Jeong Dental Clinic Belloin Byuline Bau House Ballon Corporation The Belaen Company Co., Ltd. Bolim C&C Co.,Ltd. Ballin All Day Co., Ltd. Bulloon School Billin RE Co., Ltd. Balhan Co., Ltd. Bellyna BILIM BELON TEC CO.,LTD. SJ Asset Management Asset Loan Co., Ltd. LS Asset Management Co., Ltd. L&S Asset Corporation Co., Ltd. ADTECH CO.,LTD. KB Tech Co.,Ltd. K & B Tech K. B Auto Tek The 1st Wooil Precision Industry Wooil Company Compact Co.,Ltd. Compact COMPACT DESIGN Inc. SUNGSHIN CUSTOMS AGENT Sein Agency Sein Agency Co., Ltd SEIN CUSTOMS AND AUDITING CORP SUNIL CUSTOMS AGENCY CUSTOMS AGENCY DAEIN CO. DAEYOUNG ENGINEERING CO. DAERIM AF CORPORATION AIMCOM Co., Ltd. Amico Amica Amicom Inc. Amick Co., Ltd. AmiCosmetic Amicoose Am Information Communication D.K TECH Dk Tech Corporation DK & Technology Green Industrial Co., Ltd. Green Industry KNP Partners Investment IM PARTNERS INVEST CO.,LTD. Plus Partners Investment Specialty Real T Partners Investment Consulting NC & Partners Investment Co.,Ltd. V PARTNERS INVESTMENT Co., Ltd. Play US Partners Investment Group Co., Ltd. J&Partners Investment Co., Ltd. K&Investment Partners The Investment Partners Co., Ltd. Partners Investment Co., Ltd. LEO Partners Investment Inc. ER Partners Invest Co., Ltd Polrariseuaen Partners Invest Co., Ltd. R.D.Partners investment 2 LLC. HL Partners Investment Group Co., Ltd. R.D.Partners investment 1 Co.,Ltd. Credit Investment Partners Co., Ltd. PO Investment Partners Co., Ltd. W Investment Partners Co., Ltd. Granite Venture Capital Corporation Max Venture Capital Co., Ltd. Hana Venture Capital CUBE VENTURE PARTNERS INC. Dawin Venture Capital Co., Ltd. THE Venture Capital Michigan Venture Capital Co., Ltd. Pal Capital Partners Q Capital Partners Co., Ltd. E Capital Partners Co., Ltd. Capital Works & Partners Co., Ltd. Leaders Venture Capital Co., Ltd. e-venture Capital Inc. E&Venture Partners Co., Ltd. EL-PAO VENTURE CAPITAL INC. Frontier Capital Partners Tarp Venture Capital Co., Ltd. ReN Partners Capital LLC. Partners Capital Loan Co., Ltd. PS Capital Partners Co., Ltd. AM Capital Partners Co., Ltd. MAIET Entertainment, Inc. Kwangwon P&I Co., Ltd. KWANGWON LNS CO.LTD Kwangwon Electric Co.,Ltd. Selvas AI Inc. Shinhan AI Co., Ltd. Wise Holdings Wise&Holdings Co., Ltd. Wise Holdings Co., Ltd. S&C Holdings Co., Ltd. So E Holdings Co., Ltd. SN C Wise Co., Ltd. S Holdings Company S&Wise Co., Ltd. The S Holdings Co., Ltd. SN C Holdings S & C Company S&C CO. S&C Corporation Co., Ltd. WISE INCORPORATION WISE Corp. The Wise Co, Ltd The Wise Company Wise In Company Wise In Co.,Ltd WISE CO.,LTD. Wise Company Wise LS Corp. LS Nikkodong Smelting Co., Ltd. Nikko KM-ITEK CO.,LTD. I-Tek Itekeu ITES Co., Ltd. STIC Investment, Inc. STIC Investment Management Co., Ltd. STIC Co.,Ltd STIC Co., Ltd. Stico Co., Ltd. STIC&S Co., Ltd. The Stick Co., Ltd. STIC VENTURES CO.,LTD STIC Ventures Inc. STICND Co., Ltd. SPX Korea Co., Ltd. SABA CO.,LTD. SAIB & Co. Co., Ltd. Saibigs Co., Ltd. Saibwang Co., Ltd. SaeHib Co.,Ltd. Saebeol Street Astrazeneca Korea Ltd. ASTRAN CO.,LTD. ASTRAC CO.,LTD. KIST Inc. KIST Inc. Korea Institute Co., Ltd. Atomsa Atom Communication AT&M Co., Ltd. Atomu Co., Ltd. Atom V Co., Ltd. Atoma Co.,Ltd. Aheadone Co., Ltd. Ahead Aheads Corporation Co., Ltd Adon Mars MARS Co., Ltd. Mars Corporation MARS Company Co., Ltd. Sewon Mars Co., Ltd. MJ Trading Co., Ltd. MJ Trading MJ TRADE Eden Co.,Ltd. Eden Electronics The Bear Company Co., Ltd. Bear Company Co., Ltd. Boba Bear Boba E Co., Ltd. Boba Co., Ltd. BOBA Inc. Sungjin Electric Co., Ltd. SUNG JIN ELECTRONIC CO LTD Samsung Sungjin Electronics Sambo tech Co., LTD. SAMBO Corporation Gate GAT CO.,LTD. The Gate Co., Ltd. GA Textile Gate Gate Co., Ltd. Ecos Co., Ltd ECOS CO.,LTD. Ecos Inc Ecosia Co., Ltd. ECOSIAN LTD. ECOS Co., Ltd. EcoStay Co., Ltd. Ecost Semin & Company Ltd. Semin Corporation Semin Corp KOREA COMMUNICATIONS CO LTD Communications Korea Inc. Market Korea Inc. MARKET KOREA COMMUNICATION & MARKETING KOREA INC. MARKET CONSULTING KOREA CO.,LTD. LEADERS MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD. MARKETING & COMPANY COMMUNICATIONS CO.,LTD. Marketing Korea Co., Ltd. MKT Korea Co., Ltd. The Market Korea Co., Ltd. Marketing Communication Damotech Co., Ltd DIMOTECH. Co., Ltd. Damotex E-ONE CORP., LTD. E1 Corporation GENES ONE CO.,LTD. Edu First Edu One Co., Ltd. EnB1 Co., Ltd. ENO-ONE CO.,LTD. S.DESIGN CO.,LTD. HS IN DESIGN CO.,LTD. S & H DESIGN CO.,LTD. H Design Co., Ltd. Design H H Square Design Works Co., Ltd. H&A Design Co., Ltd. SAMHONGSA CO.,LTD. Beulauni Belun korea BALEUN ELECTRIC Bolin Company Co., Ltd. Bellaan Bline Pictures Co., Ltd. Billiwin Co., Ltd. Byulmi Heaven Bellaumo Woosung Air & Sea Service Co., Ltd. Joosung Sea & Air Co, Ltd TAE SUNG SEA & AIR Co., Ltd. Taesung Sea & Air Co.,Ltd. JOO SUNG CORP. JOO SUNG DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. Jungwoo Sea & Air Co., Ltd. Jinsung Air & Sea Co., Ltd. Sungkwang Air & Sea Co., Ltd. SNP SEA&AIR CO.,LTD Seryung Sea&Air Co., Ltd. JJ Sea and Air Co., Ltd. Dae Sung Air & Sea Co., Ltd SNC LOGIX CO., LTD. SEINO CO.,LTD. Sean N Logix Co., Ltd TEAMS CO Teams Co., Ltd. Nature Republic Co., Ltd. Nature Republic Shinchonjeom Nature Republic Geondaejeom Nature Republic Noryangjinjeom Nature Republic Suyu Agency Nature Republic Nowon Agency KCTC KCTC International Ltd. KCT Co., Ltd. Samsung Co.,Ltd. E&Investment, Inc E Investment Co., Ltd. E&I Investment Co., Ltd. E Il Invest Co., Ltd. E&U Invest Co., Ltd. H&E Invest E Hu Investment Co., Ltd. EON Investment Co., Ltd. Teuro E Invest Co., Ltd. E&I Investment Development Co., Ltd. O&E Investment Development East Bay Investment Co., Ltd. E Jin Investment Co., Ltd. E Eum Invest Co., Ltd. E Pop Investment Co., Ltd. Prog Special Effect YEWON A.I.D. CO. Parakorea Co.,Ltd. Parkor Korea Indus Co., Ltd. PRGR Korea Co., Ltd. Praxair Korea PARKOR INC. Parakorea Parkour Generations Korea Co., Ltd. PARKOR INDUSTRIAL INC Progress Tech PROKOREA Co.,LTD Parkrio Travel PARKRIO CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. Parkri Plus Gimbap PARKRYEOSUK HWARANG CO.,LTD. Parkrihye Tax Accounting Office Procare Co., Ltd. Procrashon Korea PRESSURE TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Parkhyorigun Animal Hospital Proservice Safty Kongsa PharosArchitectureOffice Peuresereu Coffee Roasters Humed co. Ltd. Humedi Co., Ltd. Humein Co.,Ltd. Humex Shipping & Air Freight Corp. HUMEDI Humelo Inc. Lava Opticis Opticon Co., Ltd. Optiwiz Inc. PRO OPTICOM Co., Ltd. Opticom Co., Ltd. OPTISYS CO.,LTD. Dentsply Sirona Korea Ltd. DENTSPLY KOREA Sirona Dental Systems Korea Ltd. Eosunjung Eogung Eosung Store Hydra Hunter Technology Co., Ltd. Hydrate Huntu Huntex HUNTO CO.,LTD Antz International Hi Medical Co., Ltd. HYUNTEX INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD Intz.Co.Ltd Shinhan Finance Co.,Ltd. Shinhan Financial Group Co., Ltd. Shinhan Investment Finance Shinhan Finance Asset Holder Kan Mall Shinhan Financial Investment Snacks Agency Shinhan Finance Asset Possessor Shinhan Changjo Financial The 1st Shinhan Changjo Financial The 2nd Shinhan Changjo Financial The 3rd Co., Ltd. Shinhan Changjo Financial Yudongwha The 1st Co., Ltd. Shinhan Financial Ivy The 1st Co., Ltd. Daesung G.p U N I Unity Partners Inc. UNI Partners Co., Ltd. Uni Pro Co.,Ltd. Uni Parts Express DA Pizza YRM Co., Ltd. Asian Tigers Real Estate Co., Ltd. Asian Tigers Korea Korea SD Co.,Ltd. Korea S&D Co., Ltd. ASD ASD Corporation Co., Ltd. asdk Korea S.D.I Co.,Ltd. New White Cross Pharmacy WHITE CROSS PHARMACEUTICAL Co., Ltd. FRIEND SHIPPING Co., Ltd. Friend Ship Corp.Ltd. Friendship Electronics Co., Ltd. Friendship Corporation Co., Ltd. FRIENDSHIP CO. FRIENDSHIP ELECTRONICS CO LTD FRIENDSHIP CO LTD Friends Electronics FRIENDSHIP SHIPPING CO., LTD. Friends Service Co., Ltd. Friend Electronics Co., Ltd. FRIENSHIP CO LTD FRIENDSHIP PANCAKE FRIENDSHIP TRADING Co., Ltd. Home and Shopping Co.,Ltd Home Shopping Co. Home Shopping Home & Shopping HM Shop GS Home Shopping Inc. GS Home Shopping Co., Ltd. GC Home shopping GS Shop BS Home Shopping Co.,Ltd. Giseong Home Shopping Co., Ltd. Home Shopping Go Go Co., Ltd. Gukbang Home Shopping Geuma Home Shopping Co., Ltd. Koreana Furniture Co.,Ltd. KOREAIN Co.,Ltd. KOREAN FREIGHT INTERNATIONAL Hotel Lotte Co., Ltd. Hotel Lotte Co., Ltd. Elreu Lotte Hotel Jamsil Agency LOTTE Corporation Lotte Zexia International Co., Ltd. Zexia Co., Ltd Miro Industrial Development Miro Ins Miro International Co., Ltd. Miro IT Co., Ltd. Miro I&C Co., Ltd. Miro Items TN Core Co., Ltd. CY BIO SOLUTIONS BT Solutions Co., Ltd. BLS Solutions Co., Ltd. B&P Solutions Co., Ltd. Bao Solutions A SOLUTIONS INC. A-Solutions AB Solutions Co., Ltd. Bok Solutions Co., Ltd. Batara Solutions Co., Ltd. Bridge Solutions Co.,Ltd. JIM Corporation JAMES COMPANY CORPORATION James in Co., Ltd. Jim and Company Co., Ltd. Leaders Jim Jim Studio JIM Community Co., Ltd. Fine All Corporation Fine Invest Fine Investment Consultation Co.,Ltd. Rex Fine Investment Limited Liability Company D Fine Investment Co., Ltd. Fine Invest Money Co., Ltd. Fine Investment Consulting Fine Street Investment Co., Ltd. Fine Man Invest Co., Ltd. Fine Idea Investment Co., Ltd. Qualified Co., Ltd.. HDGSK JV Platform THE PLATFORM CO.,LTD. Platform Co., Ltd. Platform A Platform A Co., Ltd. Platform The Platform Company Platform Inc. Real Asset Platform Co.,Ltd. Platform Partners Asset Management Co., Ltd. Math Platform Co.,Ltd. AG Platform MLS Corporation Co., Ltd. MLS Co., Ltd. Mlss Co., Ltd. ML System Co.,Ltd. MLS Care DB Insurance Co., Ltd. DB Life Insurance Co., Ltd. DB Investment Co., Ltd. DB Insoul Co., Ltd. D&B INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. D & B INTERNATIONAL CO. D&B International Co., Ltd. D & B International Co., Ltd. Indus DB Co., Ltd. DB ING Co., Ltd. DB Island Co., Ltd. CART INDUSTRIAL CO LTD Carrot THE CARROT Co., Ltd. I-Carrot Co., Ltd. Carrot ANC Co., Ltd. Carrot Solutions, Inc. Min Corperation Seyu Corperation Co., Ltd. Jin tex corperation Co.,Ltd. MOCONS CORPERATION MYC CORPERATION SE WOONG CORPERATION Croquis Inc CROQUIS CO.,LTD Jinseonyoung Hair Croquis Amazing Co., Ltd. Amazing Brothers DAIM Korea Co., Ltd. DAIM CO.,LTD. Daim Corporation Co., Ltd. DAIM DAIM ASSET SOLUTION INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. Daim Net Co., Ltd. Daim Enterprise Investment Daim Samo New Primium Gongsam Bond Fund Daim Consulting X Daim Co., Ltd. Daim Private Apollo 06 Bond Balanced Fund Daim Tech Mobile Daim Co., Ltd. Daim Prime Bond Balanced 1-ho Fund Daim Balance Bond Balanced 2nd Fund Daim Samo Apolo Janggi 4-ho Bond Honhap Daim Private National Bond Plus Middle Term 1st Bond Fund Daim Information Communication Technology Business Platform Co., Ltd. NS Platform Co., Ltd. IM Business Platform Asia Business Platform Co., Ltd. NICE Business Platform Co., Ltd. Sum Business Platform Co., Ltd. Brick Brick & Co. , Ltd. The Bricks Co, Ltd B-brick. Inc. Bricks Company Co., Ltd. The Blue Bricks Co., Ltd. Brown Bricks Black Bricks Co., Ltd. I Bricks Co., LTD. Bricks D&K C Bricks SAEBONG CO., LTD. SAEBONG SAEBONG AD CO. Saebong Computer Co.,Ltd. Saeb SEO PYUNG CO LTD TAE PYUNG CORPORATION KEO YANG CO LTD WHA PYUNG KOREA Pay Keo Company Hyungje Agro-fishery Products Eugene Investment & Futures Co., Ltd. NH Investment & Futures Co., Ltd. Future Investment Development Future Investment Development Co., Ltd. NH Futures Co., Ltd. INVEST FUTURE SIX CO.,LTD. Future Technology Investment Co., Ltd. O Yang Investment Futures Co., Ltd. Future Invest Entertainment Co., Ltd. Future Research and Investment Bank i-Novia Co, Ltd INNOVIA Innovay Co., Ltd. INNOV Co., Ltd. Innowave Inc INNOVU NETWORK Purple Purple Oceancom Co.,Ltd. Purple Ocean Ninth L.L.C Purple Ocean Sixth L.L.C Purple Ocean First L.L.C Purple Ocean Eighth L.L.C Purple Ocean Fifth L.L.C Purple Ocean Fourth L.L.C Purple Ocean Third L.L.C Purple Ocean Second L.L.C Purple Ocean Studio (Purpleoceanstudio) Purple Ocean Seventh L.L.C PURPLE OCEAN CO.,LTD. Pacific Advanced Systems Advance Corporation ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM CO.,LTD. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS INC. Advanced Oa System Advanced Trading Systems Inc JIN DATA PROCESSING SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. UR Co., Ltd. UR Corporation Co., Ltd. U&R Company Co., Ltd. U&R UR Planning Co., Ltd. UR Energy Co., Ltd. C&UR Co., Ltd. UR Construction Co., Ltd. C. Steinweg Distripark Busan Co., Ltd. C. Steinweg Warehousing Korea Ltd. Stein Co.,Ltd. STEIN METAL CO.,LTD. Toil Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. Sejin Stainless Steel Seungho Stainless Steel INU STAINLESS STEEL CO.,LTD. Jeil Stainless Steel DAEDONG STAINLESS STEEL IND. CO. Woosung Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd. MYUNG-JIN STAINLESS STEEL CO.,LTD creApple Inc. Creaple Inc. Trand CO Co., Ltd. Trand Leader Co.,Ltd. Trand In Co.,Ltd. Trand Investment Co., Ltd. MS Trand Co., Ltd. Hanguk Farm Cooperative Livestock Trading Business Business Trading Co., Ltd. Ipeg Eng Co., Ltd. Shinhung Co., Ltd SHINHUNG Shinhung Co.,Ltd. Shinhung Co., Ltd. SHINHUNG LIGHTING Shinhung Munhwa National NPC Shinhung Co.,Ltd. Double J Corporation DOUBLE J CO.,LTD. Double J Double J Company Double J Co., Ltd. Double J The 1st Co., Ltd. Double&J Company Co., Ltd. J. S. CORP J's Co., Ltd. 2003 KIF-KTAC IT Fund If Korea Co., Ltd. IPSOFT Co.,Ltd. Ipikup Ipgoipgo IBKPSEP Samo Investment IBKKIP Seongjang Didimdol Samo Investment IBKKIP Seongjang Didimdol The 1st Samotuja TIF KOREA CO.,LTD. IBKB En W Technology Financial 2018Samo Investment IBCUBE CO., LTD ibsoft ipasssoft Ibukjip Chapssalsundae Trade E Co., Ltd. E-LIM TRADING INC. Ace Pro Trading E Po Trade E Pro Ad East Trading Co., Ltd. SP PRO TRADERS CO., LTD. Agency Co., Ltd. AGT Co., Ltd. Agency Market THE Agency Agent Co., Ltd. Agent corporation AGENCY W CO.,Ltd. Agency TK Co., Ltd. Agency PNL Co., Ltd. Agency Pro myRealTrip Inc. Artist Artist Company Co., Ltd. Artist Union Co., Ltd. Artist Agency Bridge Co., Ltd. United AG Yoon inc P.N.P yoono Yoonwoo Planning Co., Ltd. Yoonsol Co., Ltd. SEOUL CHEMICAL RESEARCH YOONOWARD CO. Global Trading Co., Ltd. Global Trading Corporation GLOBAL TRADE LTD. Global Trading Co.,Ltd. The Global Trading Co., Ltd. Global Trade Co., Ltd. The Bridge Company Co., Ltd The Bridge Co.,Ltd. Bridge TA Co., Ltd. Bridge Corporation Co., Ltd. The Bridge The Bridge Corporation Bridge Asset Management Co., Ltd. Bridge MK Global Co., Ltd. Bridge M Co., Ltd. Bridge Marketing Co., Ltd. The Bridge M&C Co., Ltd. Bridge Bridge Company MR Bridge Co., Ltd. Bridge Company Co., Ltd. BRIDGE & COMPANY Co., Ltd. Bridge With Co., Ltd. braddisLK Bridge Trading Whistler International Korea Grace Co. Grace The 1st Co., Ltd. Grace K Co., Ltd. The Grace K Grace Kid VICTURA Limited Victoria Tour Co., Ltd. The Victoria VICTORIA CORP. Victoria The 3rd SC Corporation QRonTech Gallery Tableau Tabella Co., Ltd. Ebay Korea EBAY AUCTION CO., LTD e-BAYTECH Co.,Ltd Ebay Holdings Co.,Ltd. eBay Auction Co., Ltd. IMB Company Co., Ltd. IMB Co.,Ltd. IMB I MOBILE CO.,LTD. Dream Maker Communication Co., Ltd. Dream Maker Investment Development Co., Ltd. Dream Maker International Co., Ltd. Education Dream Maker Jeu Co., Ltd. Dream Maker Seu Co., Ltd. Dream Maker Cooperative Dream Maker DREAM MAKER ENTER COM CO.,LTD. D Maker Dreams Dreamket Co., Ltd. The Spring Company spirink Inc. Springborn Corp. SPRING CO.,LTD. Spring Cotrans International Co., Ltd. Cotram Industry Co., Ltd. KOREA SHIPPING CORPORATION KOREA SHIPPING CORP KOREA SHIPPING EXPRESS CORP. Sino Trans Korea Shipping Co.,Ltd. KOREA SHIPPING GAZETTE Co., Ltd. Korea Shipping Education-won korea Shipping operation Co,.Ltd Haott Solution Inc. CJ Corporation Asan International Patent & Law Office Dow International Patent Law Office Hanbyol International Patent & Law Office Hong International Patent And Law Office Dr. Ahn International Patent Law Office Asiana International Patent & Law Office HNH International Patent Law Office Ace International Patent & Law Offices JS Int Patent & Law Office Ye International Patent Law Office Shinjin International Patent & Law Office Hanjin International Patent Law Office YULIAHN International Patent & Law Office Yuliahn International Patent & Law Offices Green International Patent Law Office Ahn International Co., Ltd. Max International Patent Law Office LOUISIANA CO.,LTD. La Prairie Korea, LLC LA PRAIRIE KOREA LIMITED PRAIRIE CORPORATION K Y C CO.,LTD. KY&C Co., Ltd. KYC Investment Co., Ltd KYC Trading KYC Global Co., Ltd. KYC Construction Co., Ltd. KY .com KYC Korea Korea Trading Group Co., Ltd. Sky Trading Group G&B G&B Korea Whole Paper Study Association Optimum Media Korea Co., Ltd. Optima Medical Optimed LDL Company Visual Art Modern Art VISUAL LABORATORY CO.,LTD. Visual Lab Co., Ltd. Art Lab Corporation Co., Ltd. Bulky Tree Co., Ltd. Crenet Co.,Ltd. CoreNet,Inc. Crenet Co., Ltd. Corenet Co., Ltd. CORENET Corentec,Co. Ltd. Coreintec Co., Ltd. Corantech Co., Ltd. CORENET INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Dae-A Intellectual Property Consulting Selim Intellectual Property Law Firm Stellar Intellectual Property Law Office Central Intellectual Property & Law Hanol Intellectual Property & Law Prime Intellectual Property Law Firm MARU Intellectual Property Law SU INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY P&T Intellectual Property Law Firm Taebaek Intellectual Property Law Firm Central Intellectual Property & Law Kim Joong Hyo Intellectual Property Law Macro Intellectual Property Law Firm G1 Intellectual Property Law Firm HB INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CENTER AnK Intellectual Property Leechae Intellectual Property HANNAM INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW FIRM SAP Investment Co., Ltd. SAP Co.,Ltd. Sa P Dongsan Corporation PNIX, Inc. Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat Shine Dental Co., Ltd. Bong Shin Industrial Co., Ltd. BONG SHIN FISHERY CO., LTD. Murzi Design Co., Ltd. YESOYES Co., Ltd. Bong Skin K & Z Corporation Co., Ltd Korea Zinc Company, Ltd. Korea Zipper Co Ltd Korea Zenemall Co., Ltd. Korea Zipper Co.,Ltd. Korea & Ziraum Co.,Ltd. Korea Zytel Co., Ltd. Korea Zeus Co., Ltd. Korea Zipper Company Co., Ltd. Korean Zombie. co., ltd. World Apex Co., Ltd. VAST CO.,LTD. VAST Co., Ltd. Be Van BE DO BE Company Co., Ltd. BE Corporation Co., Ltd. Be G.N Co., Ltd. Beacon Co., Ltd. LASTING BEACON CO.,LTD. Beacon Co., Ltd. Beacon Hill Co.,Ltd. Becom Co., Ltd. Becos Inc. BEACON CONSULTING CO.,LTD. Beacon Studio Co., Ltd. BEACON-S INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd. Global Beacon Co., Ltd. Become Company Become Co.,Ltd. korea investment & securites Saino Korea Investment Korea Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Corporation KOREA INVESTORS SERVICE, INC. NEW KOREA INVESTMENT MNAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd._Jongro Branch KOREA INVESTMENT STRATEGY CENTER CO.,LTD. Korea Investment Partners Co.,Ltd Korea Investment Partners Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Korea Investment Capital Korea Investment Bank Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Co., Ltd. Lime Like Likelion LIKER CO LTD K Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. K Innovation Lab Co., Ltd. U & K Innovation Corp. Y & K Innovation Co., Ltd. K&D Innovation Co., Ltd. U Jin Innovation Co., Ltd. Seon U Innovation Co., Ltd. Furla Korea Co., Ltd. FURYL CO.,LTD. K. B Textile COLTD Yongma Corporation. Ziin Leaders Co.,Ltd. Gemma MOUST CO.,LTD. My RF Co., Ltd. Unist UNIST CO.,LTD. Unisteff Korea Corporation Co.,Ltd. Unistar Co., LTD. Dongbu Asset Management CO., LTD. Dongbu Express 2nd Asset Securitization Specialty Dongbu Asset Asset Management Loan Co., Ltd. Hankuk HANKUK A.V. CO., LTD. ML square co., ltd. M & L Co., Ltd. Ming The Ming Minga MINGA CO. Mingo&Co. Mingi Mingtian Minggu Co., Ltd. KoreaPop Korea Pop Seu Co., Ltd. KOREA STORE Inc. Pop In Korea Say Pop Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Ico Store Palcon Store Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Heritage Pop Seu Orchestra Co., Ltd. Dot Company DOT CO.,LTD. The Dot Inc dot incorporation Dorothy Corporation MEC Industries Mec Co, Ltd DSTM Co.,Ltd. The Bridge Korea Co., Ltd. DCTM Co.,Ltd. NORTH DEACH Co., Ltd.. Dream Kaechyeo Corporation Co., Ltd. DESTENY CO.,LTD. Academy Co. Dachaedongdaemunjeom DAECHIDONG SAEMAEUL FINANCE FIRM Daechidong Lotte Castle Apartment Daehakdang Pharmacy Dajaedaneung Dream Perfect Ri Gym Co., Ltd. Daegeum International Co., Ltd. Destiny Co., Ltd. Daechidongpungrim I Wonsamsacha Apartment Daepyohoe daeyoustone Dream Hair Co., Ltd. Daechidong FX Mine Daesdongrium Co., Ltd. Daechidong Catholic Church Dagadong The 1st DYSTEM CO., LTD. Destiny Communications Daechihwiteun Institute Dabo Corporation Dabo Industry Co., Ltd. DABO Industry Co.,Ltd. Dabo Industrial Baesung Chemical Baesung Agricultural Co.,Ltd. HIMetal Co., Ltd. J.S INT'L CO. B.F INT'L Mi L International Co., Ltd. M.R.INT'L International L&K Co., Ltd. I.S Int'L Corp. Eins Int'l Co.,Ltd. Item Int'l Co.,Ltd. Jp Int'l NF INT'L CO.,LTD. GG INT'L CO., LTD. H.S.INT'L CO., LTD SINDO INT'L CO. LTD. MILIM INT'L CORP FILCO INT'L CO.,LTD. S&F Inc. S&F Company S&F Corporation EMERSON CO.,LTD. Emerce Co., Ltd. E&M Research Co., Ltd. Emerging korea Co.,Ltd. ALBA Corporation Albaicin Jane Tera Alba Alba Food Machinery ALBA AUCTION INC. ALBA Holdings ALBAS TECH Alba Tech Co., Ltd. Alba Industry Co., Ltd. ALBA CO., LTD Alba Co.,Ltd. Albatar Inc. G-One Trading G&One Co., Ltd. Gath-One Trading Co., Ltd. SBT Company Evert Co., Ltd. Evertech Corporation Co., Ltd. Evertech Corporation Evertech System Co., Ltd. EVERTECH KOREA CO.,LTD. Evertel Co., Ltd. H&B Natural Co., Ltd. P&H P&H P&H Co.,Ltd. The P&H P&H Corporation P And H Co., Ltd. NATURAL D&P CO.,LTD. H&H Natural Co., Ltd. GOLDEN GS CO.,LTD. Goldman Sachs Asset Management Korea Co., Ltd. Goldman Cam Co., Ltd. Goldmass UNICOR INC Unicomnet Co., Ltd. UNIC Co., Ltd. Sunrise Corporation SUNRISE Hye Jo Industry Co SHIN YOUNG CO LTD Shin Young Corporation YOUNG METAL SHIN-YOUNG METAL DNDS Co., Ltd. J X JX JX Ko Co., Ltd. JX Ko Trading Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co., Ltd._Seoul Office Aseptic Inc. 10 DR Co., Ltd. Ten Company Co.,Ltd. The Ten Co., Ltd. DIAMONDS CO.,LTD EHWA INDUSTRIAL Mr. Foot Co., Ltd. Tex&book Co., Ltd. Young Kwon Co. Caltech I&D EXIM CORPORATION LTD. EXIM CORPORATION Exim EXIMBAY Co., Ltd Eximbay Korea Co.,Ltd. SBS Express SOS Express Sexy Eye Co., Ltd. Sexy Queen Sexy fox SALT Co., Ltd. Salt In Co., Ltd SALT HOUSE CO.,LTD. Salt Marketing Co.,Ltd. Salt Cake Co., Ltd. Future Corporation SAMJUNG FUTURE TECHNOLOGY Sejung & Future Co., Ltd. Future sangun Co., Ltd. SM Futures Co., Ltd. FM Corporation Co., Ltd. Gamebase Co., Ltd. I Den Care I Care Co., Ltd. Doctor I Care Co., Ltd. Hyundai Motor Group Hyundai Motor Glass ILJIN GLOBAL CO.,LTD Aqua Co HQ Co., LTD. GLORYS CO.,LTD. Ppumppum Co., Ltd. Napoleon Confectionery NEOFILM CO.,LTD Nobelman NeoPolymer Co., Ltd. NEO PLAN PLUS Noblian General Construction Co., Ltd. Nobland International Inc. Napoleon Tour Co.,Ltd. Napoleon Nubelmari NUBELMARIE Napoleon Bakery Nepalloombini Napoleon Bakery Store (Bangbae Agency) Noblewon Co., Ltd. Nouvellmariee Wedding Co. Nebulony Korea Nobelian 21 Co., Ltd. Nobeullian Furniture Napoleon Texile Nplain Enutite The KSD Co., Ltd. MASAN CO., LTD. MASANG COMPUTER CO.,LTD. Masa ET Co., Ltd. Masanjib rare Rare Market Ruri Market Co., Ltd. Trident Corporation TRIDENT INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. TRIDENT INVESTMENT LIMITED INC. East Nine the 1st Co., Ltd. E9PAY Co., Ltd. East Nine Company E Nine Bank Co., Ltd. Greenness Bogo Mobis Co., Ltd. Good Mobis Mobis Co.,Ltd J Mobis Mobis Plaza Sky Mobis Co., Ltd. Lotte Sa EJ Technology Co., Ltd. Ade & Tech DXM Corp. Shina T&C Co., Ltd. SK C & T CO.,LTD. C Say TLS SAY C&C CO.,LTD. Sigma T&C Co., Ltd. SAMDEOK T&C CO.,LTD. TNC Co.,Ltd. Say Textile Co. The Say Co., Ltd. SAY CORPORATION CO.,LTD. Say Tech Net Co., Ltd. Say Tex TNC System TNC System Co., Ltd. SK TNC Co., LTD. NAVER DOUT CO.,LTD. Naver Star NAVER LAND CO.,LTD. GOOD NAVER CO.,LTD. Kim, Lee & Partners Kim & Lee Partners Co., Ltd. PK & Partners Co., Ltd. Park Avenue Partners Co., Ltd. Kim, Lee & Partners Co., Ltd. KIM & PARTNERS CO.,LTD. Kim & Patners KIM&PARTNERS KIM Partners Co., Ltd. PK Partners Co., Ltd. Partners Park Co., Ltd. Shon Kim and Partners Ernst & Young Advisory, Inc. ERNST YOUNG MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Ernst & Young Han Young Ernst & Young ERNST & YOUNG KOREA SOLUTIONS, INC. Ernst & Young Han-Young Ernst & Young Korea Solutions, Ltd. Ernst & Company Inc. Hankuk Import and Export Transportation Co.,Ltd. Ulike Co., Ltd. Info Pia SKT CORPORATION. SAS Software Korea Ltd. Korea Software INC Co.,Ltd. SAS SOFTWARE KOREA LTD JDA Software Korea, Inc. Software AG Korea Co., Ltd. KOREA OA & SOFTWARE CO LTD G Ju Software Korea Co., Ltd. BMC SOFTWARE KOREA CO.,LTD Korea Software Service Co., Ltd. MRO Software Korea Co., Ltd. MRO Korea Korea MRO Tipco Software Korea Ltd. MontaVista Software Korea Co.,Ltd. Concerto Software Korea Inc. Quest Software Korea Co., Ltd. Monta B Star Software Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Software Development AGILE SOFTWARE KOREA LTD. Korea Software Technology Co., Ltd DANKOOK UNIVERSITY MIDDLE SCHOOL Dankook University Alumani Association DANKOOK UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Danguk University ASSARI CO.,LTD. CONE Inc. The Cone Co., Ltd. Conelco Co., Ltd. Advanced Technology Chips Inc. Advance Tech Research Co., Ltd. Advanced Technology Inc. Advanced Technologies Corp. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION Advanced Technology Inc. Advance Teu Technology In Corporation Future Advance Tech Co., Ltd. Advanced Technology Services The Health Health In Health Ta Co., Ltd. Health Leader Co., Ltd. THE HEALTH CO.,LTD. Health Road Health Management Miss Hwang Hwang & Company Hwang'S Corporation CHUN HWANG CO., LTD. Hwang Children Hospital Dae Hwan Kang Chul CHUN JUNG HWANG PYLONTECH Puloon Technology Inc. Plan Tech Pillan Technologies Pylon Co., Ltd. Pillan Technology Co., Ltd. MKJ Co., Ltd. PYLN Company J International J International Co. J-International Co. J Inter J Inter Co., Ltd. Daechi Youngjin Supplemetary Lessons Institute HIYO CO.,LTD. Hiyoung Media Group Co.,Ltd. Attorney Jung Chi-Young Office Hill B Co., Ltd. HLB PARTNERS CO.,LTD. HLB Trading Co. HL BMC Co.,Ltd. H Loan H Line Company Co., Ltd. H&Company Loan Co., Ltd. Health Line HLS Networks Co., Ltd. Hill Network HANA TECH LINE CO.,LTD. Silicon media Co., Ltd. M Silicon Co., Ltd. Silicon Window Silicon Pia Co., Ltd. Silicon Mine Jeu Co., Ltd. HS Silicon Co.,Ltd. Silicon Max ST Silicon Co., Ltd. Flow Tech Co., Ltd. flow Tech Flowtech Engineering HYOSUNG FLOWTECH Flowtech Co., Ltd. DOOWON FLOWTECH CO., LTD. Semitech Co., Ltd. Semitech Sebo Semitech M.S Asia Co.,Ltd. Asia Company Asia Link Co., Ltd. AICO Corporation Asia International Asia Instrument Akia Co., Ltd. Aican Corporation Ltd. JOYANG LOGISTICS INT'L CO.,LTD. Cummins Korea, Ltd. BCF CO.,LTD. BC&F Co., Ltd. BRIGHT CORPORATION Co. BRIGHT COMPANY CO.,LTD. Bright Gain Korea Ltd. Go Bright Korea Co., Ltd. King Bright Korea Co., Ltd. Ol Bright Korea Co., Ltd. Bright Diva Korea Company Limited OHKIMS HITAO Co.,Ltd OhKims Sports Co., Ltd. Sandong Industrial Co., Ltd. Sandong Meat Co., Ltd. Sandong International EMC Global Co.,Ltd. EMC Corporation EMC &Co Co., Ltd. EMC CORPORATION CO.,LTD. DI Co., Ltd. DI G.N Co.,Ltd. DI DI Company DI Leaders Co., Ltd. DI Do Co., Ltd. Di Industry D Ten Invest Co., Ltd. D1TV Co., Ltd. Nasign Co., Ltd. NASIS Co.,Ltd. Nasit Co., Ltd. Square Holdings Co., Ltd. E Square Holdings Co., Ltd. R Square Holdings Cadia Co., Ltd. CADian Soft Limited Cadi Catina Co, Ltd. Cadiz Co.,Ltd. Alla Corporation Alliance Co.,Ltd. ALLIANCE INC. Alliance Corporation Korea Consumer Cooperative Allance JEONGUK CHOKPA PRODUCER ALLANCE CORP. WM Company Co.,Ltd. Will Do Co.,Ltd. WM INC. W.M WM Corporation Co., Ltd. W.M CO., LTD. William Company WM Alliance Co., Ltd. Komax Co.,Ltd. Komax Limited Komax Co., Ltd. Cleo Co.,Ltd. ALL Co., Ltd. ALL SAINT KOREA CO.,LTD. All That Corporation Co.,Ltd. ALL DC CO.,LTD. ALL CO. ALL IN CO. All In All ALL THAT COMPANY CO.,LTD. Angel KOR All to All All Pack Co., Ltd. All In for System Korea Co., Ltd. ALL THAT FINANCE KOREA CO.,LTD. MASON CORPORATION MASON CO.,LTD. RGC korea Co., Ltd. MASON KOREA CO.,LTD. KOREA STRATEGIC DATA JM & ID JMI Co.,Ltd. J Mi The J Mi J Mi Company J Mi Company Co., Ltd. JMI Company Co., Ltd. Nittan Capital Money Brokerage (Korea) Limited Nonghyup Foundation Act Corporation Co., Ltd. Act Cash Co., Ltd. Act Corporation Act RMT Co.,Ltd. Actin Home Project Co., Ltd. ACT Company ACT CASH CO.,LTD CJ Foodville Corp. Foodvill Co., Ltd. Iljin Foodville Co., Ltd. YS Foodville JC Foodville Co., Ltd. CN Foodville YN Foodville SNK Foodville GMS Korea G.M.S. Korea Inc. INTmanagement.corp GMS Asia Pacific Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Continental Corporation Continental Co.,Ltd. CONTINENTAL CO. Daeryuk Technology Ltd. Continental Tire Korea Co., Ltd KOKA CONTINENTAL CORP Continental Aero Flying School Korea Co., Ltd. Saeseoul ENG Industry Saeseoul Boiler Saeseoul Orthopedic Surgery Saeseoul Media Co., Ltd. Saeseoul Studio Saeseoul Electronics Co. Saeseoul Engineering Co.,Ltd. Saeseoul Industrial Co.,Ltd. Saeseoul Travel Co.,Ltd. Daejoo Co.,Ltd. Daejoo Inc. Daejoo Korea Daejoo Medical Co., Ltd. SeMicom First Semicom Co. SEVENTEEN NETCOM CO.,LTD. EG NetCom Co., Ltd. EH NetCom Co., Ltd. Audio General Audio Den Audio GH Audio Co., Ltd. Geuraepin Audio Co., Ltd. Open Audio Jaber Co., Ltd. Jabara Co., Ltd. Jabeura Co., Ltd. Time Ware Systems Co., Ltd. Advanced Real Time System Co, Ltd Good Time System Co., Ltd. Real Time System Co., Ltd. Real-time System Technology, Inc. Time Space System Co., Ltd. Kuk Time Food System The Flash Co., Ltd. FLASH. Inc. Flash Networks Co.,Ltd. Althea Dr.Althea Althea Inc Foundation Foundation korea Co., Ltd. Leaders In Fund Co., Ltd. Foundation Co., Ltd. FOUNDA CORPORATION Foundation X Co., Ltd. FOUNT CO.,LTD. The Fund Co., Ltd. foundation ziip Co., Ltd. Foundation Health Co., Ltd. Foundation Real Estate, Inc. The Founders Inc. Foundation Construction Foundation of Love is MIRAE ASSET MOBILE CO., Ltd. Core Solution Solution Technology Con Tech Solution Co., Ltd. SD Commerce, Inc. Asiance Korea Co., Ltd. AGMARK Kuk Sun Do Yeouido Center Kuk Sun Do Gaepo Center Hot Sun Barbeque Gangnam Station Branch GANGNAM CO. Gangnam Company Leaders Gangnam Co., Ltd. Gangnam Leaders Co., Ltd. Samsung Electronics Service Co., Ltd._Gangnam Center Gangnam Financial Center Co., Ltd. Gangnam Music Center Gangnam Sseon Center Gangnam OA Center Co.,Ltd. GANGNAM NLP CENTER CO.,LTD. Gangnam Center Building Sharp Gangnam Service Center Oseong Gangnam Center CU Gangnam Center Jeom Seoul University Hospital Gangnam Center Gangnam Center Loan Brokerage Co., Ltd. Inkel Service Center Gangnam Agency Nikon Camera Service Center Gangnam Gangnam Service Center Gangnam Stationery Center Gangnam Meat Center Apple Edunet TONY & COMPANY LTD. Anthony Tony & Tex Co., Ltd. The Face Shop/ Tony Moly Tony McGee Co.,Ltd. J&C DISTRIBUTION CO.,LTD. JC Digital Co., Ltd. Sun Technologies Co., Ltd. Intrans Co., Ltd. Hasmona Co., Ltd. The HFC Co., Ltd. H.Factory CHO YANG Co., Ltd.. SAM HYANG TRADING CO.,LTD. CHO-YANG TRADING CO LTD CHO YANG TRADING CO LTD Chohyang Trading Co., Ltd. CHO YANG TRADING CO.,LTD. CHO YOUNG TRADING CORP CHO PYUNG TRADING Hyang Seongbuk Green Cross Pharmacy Green Cross Korea Green Cross Dental Engineering L&O korea L.O.K Ltd. L.O.K L'occitane Korea Ltd The LOK Co., Ltd. SAMBON & CO LTD samboeng Sambong Enterprise Co., Ltd. Samnong Samna Co.,Ltd. Hana Corporation HANA Company Hana And Company Co., Ltd. Medison E&C HYUNDAI GLOVIS Co., Ltd. KPMG Samjong Accounting Corp. SAMJONG CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. Samjong Sangsa Samjong Store LEE SAEM INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd. R. N A Holdings Co., Ltd. RNA Co., Ltd. RNA Songpa King's Kids Language School Dongyang Life Insurance Co.,Ltd Chubb Life Insurance Company Ltd. ABL Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Daehan Life Insurance Co., LTD. KB Life Insurance Company KDB Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Life Doctor Insurance Co, Ltd Sein Corp.,Ltd. Sein SEIN. Co., Ltd. SEINUS CO.,LTD. RingNet Plus Co., Ltd. SG Steel Co., Ltd. SG Corporation Co.,Ltd. SG COMPANY CO.,LTD. SG Soft Co., Ltd. SG Service Co.,Ltd. Dongbu Inkel Gangbuk Inkel PRP Co., Ltd. Gyeongbokgung Co., Ltd. Three A Communications Co., Ltd. The Three A Co., Ltd. 3A CORPORATION Three A Jung Kwang Inc. Co., Ltd. Jungkwang Industrial Co.,Ltd. Seoul Jungkwang Elementary School Jungkwang Metal Co., Ltd. JungKwang Lighting Co., Ltd. Lotte OA Center Co., Ltd. LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATION COMPANY H & S CORPORATION H&S Corporation Co., LTD. Focus D&S Co.,Ltd. S & H ICT KOREA CO., LTD Korea ICT Co., Ltd. ICT Korea Co., Ltd. GE Electric Co.,Ltd. GE&E Co., Ltd. Green Echo Energy Co., Ltd. General E Engine G.N En ER Co., Ltd. GE ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. GEC Electronics GEC Electronics Co., Ltd. HI AI 1ST Special Purpose Acquisition Company MILAE BIORESOURCES CO., LTD. NH SPECIAL PURPOSE ACQUISITION 12 CO., LTD. KB No.17 Special Purpose Acquisition Company Hanwha Ace Special Purpose Acquisition 2nd Co., LTD. Hana Finanacial Tenth Special Purpose Acquisition Company Hana Financial Service Co., Ltd. Hanyu The First Special Purpose Co., Ltd. DB Financial The 7th Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. DB Financial The 6th Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. Hana Must 3-Ho Special Purpose Acquisition Co., Ltd. Hanyang B.H.E. Special Purpose Acquisition Company Ltd. NH Special Purpose Acquisition 7 Co., Ltd. Riken T A Co., Ltd. K&C Shipping Airline Co., Ltd. C&Shipping Co., Ltd. O&C SHIPPING CO.,LTD. B&C Shipping Co., Ltd. C Ace Shipping Co., Ltd. C Cam Shipping Co., Ltd. C ZONE SHIPPING CO.,LTD. C Fine Shipping Co., Ltd. C Bright Shipping Co., Ltd. C&G Shipping C Won Shipping Co., Ltd. Tagtech Co., Ltd. AI Cinema Co., Ltd. SP Cinema Co., Ltd. ZIP CORPORATION CO, LTD PORTO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Compania Co., Ltd. Cmp Com Co & Com Co., Ltd. Cocom Co.,Ltd. Company Mo Do Co PR Communication Co., Ltd. Co&C Co., Ltd. Co Work Communications Co., Ltd. Company C Co., Ltd. C&O Consulting Co., Ltd. Hway Inc. Hwayo Forum Hwayoil Hwayo Sangsa Hwayoung Hwayoungsa Co., Ltd Yeolnamu BNP Paribas Securities Korea Co., Ltd. Free MS Co.,Ltd. Free Free & DC Co., Ltd. Free L Free Line Co., Ltd. Free Life Co., Ltd. Amazon Corporate Services Korea LLC Comes Co., Ltd. Comes Homeplus eparan Foundation DAYLI Financial Group Inc. Korea Game Technology Co., Ltd. MUSINSA Co. , Ltd MUSINSA Partners Co., Ltd. Chungbo P&C Co.,Ltd. Chung Ho. Chung Ho Corp. Chung Sa Co. Chung CHUNG BO ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. CHUNG BAK CO CHUNG BO FOODS CO LTD CHUNG BO CO LTD CHANG BO Yuha YUHA CO.,LTD. Citi Semicon Co., Ltd. CITI INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd. citi ap CITI POLYMER LTD Citi 101 Corp. Citimania Co., Ltd. Citiweb Co., Ltd. Koh Young Technology Inc. Koryo Pure Chemical Eng. Co., Ltd. PURE COMPANY CO.,LTD. Pure Chem Co., Ltd. TAYKWANG PURE CHEMICAL Koryo Pure Chemical Eng Co, Ltd Gongju Factory Seogyeongbae Science Foundation LES CO.,LTD. Les T A Les Cool Co., Ltd. BK En G Co., Ltd. ENG Book BK En Co., Ltd. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Claim Adjustment Service Co., Ltd Prephis Corea Co. , Ltd COREA PROM CORPORATION Uptown Architecture Office UBIT UPAT Inc. Upate Inc. UBAT Co.,Ltd. Upid international Co., LTD. Ubitia Uptu Co., Ltd. UBIOT Co., Ltd. UPID CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. UiPath Korea UHSoft Uptown Development Press Dongwan Industry Co., Ltd. Dongwan Construction Co., Ltd. Bon Company Co.,Ltd. Bon Company BON CO.,LTD. Bon World Co.,Ltd. BON WORLD CO., Ltd Bon World Seongyo Center New Bon World Co., Ltd. Bon Wood Co, Ltd Jigeul Jigeo Jigeum JIGETS CO.,LTD. Jigeusso Jigeumyeogi G&C Global Co., LTD. G.C Company Co., Ltd. G.C&Company Co., Ltd. G.C Global Co., Ltd. G&C Life Co., Ltd. AWESOME The Awesome Awesome ENA The Pharms Co., Ltd. Ls Trading L.S TRADING CO.,LTD LS International Trading L&S Trading LS Trading Co.Ltd LS Trading In Corporated GENCORE Co., Ltd. Ganacratia Naegwa Gwangrim Dental Clinic Gwangrim Oriental Medical Clinic Gyungrak Oriental Medical Clinic Gongreung Car Center Gangreung Car Center Gongreung Seoul Denstal Clinic Gongreung Chicken Hanmari Gongryong Computer Geumsarang .com Co.,Ltd. Gangreung Construction Co., Ltd. Gongreung Construction Co., Ltd. Gongryong Heavy Machinery Gongreung Heavy Machinery Ginger Enter Inc. Gangreung Chodangjip Gimjuryeong Art School Gongreung Dental Clinic Gongreung Bowling Center Gangreung Call Forklift Gongreung Chinese Food Gongreung Junior Lab English School GENNAKER Investment Co., Ltd. Gwangrim Ironware Gwangrim CNC Co.,Ltd. GREEN P&F CO., LTD. GREEN F & C CO.,LTD. Green F&C Co., Ltd. Green F&V Green F&B Co., Ltd. Green F&S Co., Ltd. GREEN C&F CO., LTD Green F En D Green Food F&S Co., Ltd. Green Egg F&B Co., Ltd. Number2 Ltd. NEXGEO INC. Freesys NEPA KOREA CO.,LTD. Woobo Co., Ltd. Woobo Co.,Ltd. Woobo IT Co.,Ltd. Woobo Networks Co., Ltd. China Co., Ltd. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited. Dr.China Co., Ltd. China Item Bank BS China Co., Ltd. Bobo China Blue China DC BS IN CHINA CO.,LTD. Kia Motors Corporation Cosro Co., Ltd. Cosrier Co., Ltd. Chefs Food Co., Ltd. Doctor Produce Co., Ltd. PDS CO.,LTD. Production Co., Ltd. Production SR C&K Production Co., Ltd. Production O Co., Ltd. Production 3D Docu Co., Ltd. C&S Product Inc. C&C Production Co.,Ltd. Production Channel D Proud Co.,Ltd. Production O-Two Gulf Trading Co. Mix Sports Co., Ltd. Toms Korea TOMS Tom N Toms Korean Air Seosomun Agency TOMS KOREA Co., Ltd. Toyota Toms Korea Co., Ltd. Toms Food Korea Co., Ltd. Bubble Bubble In Co., Ltd. Bubbleming The Bubble WithPlanet WATCH PLANNING CO. WITHPLAN With Planning Co.,Ltd. With Plan With Planning WITH PLAN DESIGN CO.,LTD. Win Tech Plan With Player WITH & PLUS CO.,LTD. With & Plus With Plus S&C Trade SC Trading Co.,Ltd. S.C Trading S&C Trading Co., Ltd. SC Trading co. S&C Trade Co., Ltd. SC TRANDS CO.,LTD. SC & T CO.,LTD. WHOIS CO.,LTD. Who Is Who is CRM Co., Ltd. WHO N I CO., LTD. WHOIS HOLDINGS Whoain Co., Ltd WHOIT Whoni Co., Ltd. Doctor Who Co., Ltd. Whodie Who is M Who is Car Who is Ivy Co., Ltd. Who is System Co., Ltd. Who is Development Co., Ltd. Who is Dream Co., Ltd. Who is Social Loan Co., Ltd. Who is Solution Co., Ltd. Who is Invest Advisory Co., Ltd. Who is Solution Partners Co., Ltd. Apec Industrial Strategy Research Institute APEC Industrial Institute Apac Investors Co., Ltd. APEC CO.,LTD Apex Investment Co., Ltd. APEC Co., Ltd. A plus Engineering Company A.P.E.C Co.,Ltd APEC CO. Apecs Industry Apek Industrial Co., Ltd. APEX International DONG WOO APEX INDUSTRY CO., LTD. APEX Co., Ltd. APEX CORPORATION APEX INFO Co.,Ltd. Apex International Inc. A Pex Industrial Co., Ltd. BK Korea Wire Co., Ltd. korea News Wire Co., Ltd. Korea Deu Wire Co., Ltd. MESHKOREA Co., Ltd. Korea Wire Cloth Korea Mesh Trading Korea Micro Wire Co., Ltd. Les Wire Korea Co., Ltd. Rael Co., Ltd. Rael RAEL SOFT CO.,LTD. Real Wave Co.,Ltd. Real Base Co.,Ltd. Real Estate Mate Co.,Ltd. DOCTOR BASS CO.,LTD. Bass Agora Asset Ltd. DAE HWA CO. LTD DAE HWA ENTERPRISE DAE HWA INDUSTRIES LTD DAE HWA JU CO., LTD. Dae hwa Co.,Ltd. T.K Corp TK Corporation Co.,Ltd. Dong Sung Trading Co., Ltd. Dong In Trading Co., Ltd. Dong Lim Trading Co., Ltd. DONG SU TRADING CO LTD Dong Sung Trading Dong Shin Trading Co Ltd Dong Trading Co., Ltd. HONG IN TRADING CO LTD HONG SIN CO. hong lim HONG JIN TRADING CO C Site Trading Co., Ltd. Hong Trading HONG-LIM TRADING CO., LTD. SOON HONG TRADING CO. HONG WOO TRADING CO Onsite Co., Ltd. ONESTOP-trading Korea Electric Company Co., Ltd. S.I.T Co., Ltd. The Second Site SIT Corporation The In Site Co., Ltd. SIT The 1st Co., Ltd. Chae Chae CHAE IN CO., LTD. Kyung Lim Corporation KYUNG SENNG CORP KYUNG SUNG CORPORATION Kyung San KYUNG SUNG ENT KYUNG IN ENTERPRISE CO. KYUNG SEO ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. LG International Corp. Log International Co., Ltd. L Gate International Co., Ltd. Reliance Leaders Investment Co., Ltd. INVESTS CO.,LTD. Leaders Invest DR Invest Invest In Co., Ltd. Invest In The The 1st Co., Ltd. LG Electronics Inc. Cheongshim Cheon G Shim Co., Ltd. Cheongshim Taekwondo Gym Cheongshim Fisheries Co., Ltd. Cheongshim Scholarship Foundation Jaf K Co., Ltd. JAFA KOREA LLC J.A. Fashion Co. Ltd. Construction General Development Co., Ltd. Yeosan Construction General Co., Ltd. Hanyu Co., Ltd. HANYU SNG CO.,LTD. Hanyu Chemical Co.,Ltd. Hanyu Trading Hanyu Hardware Hanyu Trading Co., Ltd. Hanyu Energy Co., Ltd. Hanyu Chemical Co., Ltd. Ilshin THE Co., Ltd Ilshin Co.,Ltd Ilshin Company Co., Ltd. Ilshin INC Ilshin Accounting Corporation Minetro Co., Ltd. Elim Fire Co., Ltd. Elim Ind.,Co.,Ltd. Hyundai Investments Co, Ltd. korea institute for industrial research Korea Industry Security Institute KOREA INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE KOREA DEVELOPMENT INVESTMENT CORP Korean Insurance Development Institute Inc. North Korea Development Institute LYSL Co., Ltd. Korea Insurance Development Institute Korea Local Industry Development Institute KOREA INSTITUTE OF HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT Korea International Tour Development Institute Inter Health Korea Co., Ltd. Ivy Leaders Co., Ltd. Ivy Ivy Corporation IVY C&D International CD INTERNATIONAL CO. C&D International Co., Ltd. C D I CO.,LTD. CDI&T Co., Ltd. CDI Tech Co, Ltd CDI Korea Co., Ltd. CDI Feed Sales HAOTV INC. Hao Company Co., Ltd. hao Technology Co., LTD. Hao Trading Co., Ltd. Hao Tech Co., Ltd. Happy TV Shinsegae Inc. Shinsegae Co., Ltd. Raru Rara Company S&K CORPORATION S&K Corporation Co., Ltd. SK Company TEX CORP. The Tex Inc The Tex YG Entertainment Co., Ltd. YG NETWORKS CO.,LTD. YG ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. YG Company Co., Ltd. YG Corporation Co., Ltd. YG Company YG In Company Co., Ltd. The YG YG EN Co., Ltd. YG Engineering Kt Solutions Co., Ltd. N-Solutions Co., Ltd. K Solutions Co., Ltd. KM Solutions Corp. E No Solutions Co., Ltd. AIDTECH Co., Ltd. AidTech Atech SELIM CORPORATION KleanNara Co., Ltd. MCKAS CO.,LTD. Mckali Corporation THE BLACKS CO.,LTD. Black Blackhawk Network Korea, LLC Lemon Co. Lemon Korea Co., Ltd. Lemon Korea Trading Co., Ltd. The Ground Co., Ltd. Ground D Co., Ltd. Ground GROUND COMPANY Corp. G Road G Road Co., Ltd. G&RD Ground B Ground S Co., Ltd. YOON&INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD YOON&YOON CO.,LTD. Jang, Young Yoon Yoon, Sang Won Humandream Co., Ltd. Richen Co., Ltd. Sang Yoon Corporation Yoon & Yang LLC. LEGEND CO.,LTD. Legend Corporation ATL Co., Ltd. Legend ID TRADING CO. IDA TRADING Co., Ltd. I&D Trading Co., Ltd. I&D Trading Favonex Korea Co., Ltd. J Beauty Line J&C Beauty J&S Beauty Co., Ltd. J Beauty Hair J Beauty Mate Co., Ltd. J & B Beauty Shop J Beauty Korea J Yun Beauty Co., Ltd. J Hair Beauty Shop Macquarie Capital Korea Limited Victors Capital Korea Co., Ltd. Macquarie Securities Korea Limited Macquarie Korea Macquarie Finance Korea Co., Ltd. GE Capital Korea, Ltd. Korea Credit Capital BIT CAPITAL Korea CO., Ltd Korea Leaders Capital Co., Ltd. Pen Capital korea Mac Quary Capital korea Co., LTD. ORIX Capital Korea Corporation MASA CAPITAL KOREA CO.,LTD. LOAN KOREA CAPITAL CO.,LTD. Korea CIS Capital Co., Ltd. Bain Capital (Korea) Co., Ltd. New Majin Capital Korea Co., Ltd. RCI Capital Korea Co., Ltd. Pomento Po M Entertainment Ponette Pomet Line Co., Ltd. LK INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. Bikin Co., Ltd. In Mark Asset Management Co., Ltd. Mi Ju Mi Ju Co., Ltd. MIJU CO., LTD. Miju Co.,Ltd. Miju Miju Corporation Co., Ltd Miju MD Co., Ltd. Miju Company Co., Ltd. Mi Ju Mi Ju Co., Ltd. Mi Ju Corporation AND US Co., Ltd. US&Company Co., Ltd. US U S A Clear Corp. nana&company Inc. Nana El Standard Chartered Bank Korea Limited. C.H CORP. CH Promotion CH PROPERTIES CO.,LTD. CH PRODUCTION CO.,LTD. Gold Trading Inc. KOREA TRADE DATA CENTER Gold Trading Co. KOREA GLOBAL TRADE CO.,LTD. POSH GLOBAL KOREA Korea Gold Exchange Co., Ltd. Global Exchange korea Co., LTD. Korea gold exchange 3M Co.,Ltd. GOLD EXCHANGE KOREA CO.,LTD. Korea Gold Exchange Bangbae Sadang Branch KOREA GOLD TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. AEROSPACE CORP DNS CO.LTD DNS Corporation DNS Corp. Big Hit Entertainment Co., Ltd. Big Brothers Entertainment Co., Ltd. BIG ENTERTAINMENT BIG I ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD. Big I Entertainment Co., Ltd. BIG BROTH ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD. Big Com Entertainment Co., Ltd. Big I Entertainment HIT ENT CO.,LTD. Star & Hit Entertainment BIG PICTURE ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd. SKY International Patent & Law Firm SKY INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT CO.,LTD. SKY International Co., Ltd. Sky International Corp. Sky International East Sky International Sky International Dong-A Electric Co.,Ltd. DONG A ELECTRIC Auto Korea infoguidekorea KOREA FAR INFRARED ASSOCIATION Co., DAELIM GLOBAL Dalm Dalma Co.,Ltd. Dalma LABO M-Trans Co., Ltd. HANKOOK Technology Inc. Hankook Tech Co. HANKOOK LATECH Misuljaemi Co., Ltd. MISUMI KOREA CORPORATION Misuki Misu Misu Co., Ltd. Misumok Misuk EnhancedBio Inc. Enhanceko Inc Market Leader Korea Tour Marketing Korea Inc. Mignon Shoes Mi G Ni Petit Mignon City Airport, Logis & Travel, Korea Co., Ltd. CALTECH VISIONCO.,LTD. Coltech I CULTECH CO.,LTD Caltec International Co.,Ltd. C.I.S. Co.,Ltd. C&IS Co., Ltd. France France Mode Co., Ltd. FRANCE IMPORT France Mall Furniture Mate avenue france Co., Ltd. Fresh Mate Co.,Ltd. Francewa Co., Ltd. N2 Plus Co., Ltd. Balbeos Balbec KPL Partners Co.,Ltd Balbec KPL Asset Management Co., Ltd. Shinhan Investment & Development Co.,Ltd. Shinhan Investment Corp. Shinhan Investment Bank Shinhan Investment Corp._Sampoong Branch Technology & Information Technology Information Tech Info Co.,Ltd. Sea Technology Information Co., Ltd. Saeroun Technology Information Co., Ltd. Suin Technology Information Co., Ltd. Seokho Technology Information Co., Ltd Seil Tech Information Co.,Ltd. Sigong Tech Information Telecom Saehan Technology Information Co., Ltd. ABC Co., Ltd. ABC Company ABC Corp. Co., Ltd. A&BC GEE & ZONG CO., LTD. EG Connection Co., Ltd. Connection Co., Ltd. CONNECTION CO.,LTD. Brain Connection Co., Ltd. H Connection Co., Ltd. IT Connection Co., LTD. Geori Connection Co.,Ltd. Connection A V Connection Co., Ltd. United Connection.Co., Ltd Circle Connection Co.,Ltd. Sports Connection Co.,Ltd. Geuris Connection Co., Ltd. Go NJ Gonjou Gonjoya The Gong Co., Ltd. Gong Gong U Gong U Lab Co., Ltd. Gong U Funding Loan Co., Ltd. U Il G Gong Co., Ltd. FINE CHEMICALS CORP. FINE CHEM CO.,LTD. FINE CHEM Gyeongil Trading Gyungil Trading Gwangil Trading Gensol Trading KI Techno Co., Ltd. K&I Technology Co., Ltd. SK Global Chemical Co., Ltd. INTECH INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL TRANSLATION CO. HANJIN TRADING CORP. HANJIN TRADING CO LTD HANJIN TRADING CORPORATION Hanjin Trading Co.,Ltd. Hanjin Trading HANJIN TRADING CO. Korea Precision Parts Co., Ltd. D Part Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Parts Korea Third Part Co., Ltd. Parts korea Parts korea Co.,Ltd. Korea Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd. Korea Car Parts Cooperative GALLERY ANT STUDIO CO. ANT COMPANY ANT Co.,Ltd The ANT Co., Ltd. Ant Study Co., Ltd. Ant Stdio Inc. A & USA Around US Around US Entertainment Around US ENT Co., Ltd. AROUND INC. Around A Ad In USA Co., Ltd. Raben The Pogeu Co., Ltd. RUBIN CIRCULATION CO.,LTD. Datas Co., Ltd. MR Data Co.,Ltd. Data Work Data Park Co., Ltd Data Point Co.,Ltd. Power Data System Co., Ltd. Data Power Co., Ltd. Data Pro Co., Ltd. DATA PLUS CO.,LTD. Data Plate Co., Ltd. Data Plaza BRGames Co. Ltd. SK innovation Co., Ltd Yongil Yongil Co., Ltd. YONG IL Yongil Leather YONGIL FNB CO.,LTD. YONGIL METAL CO. Siemens Co., Ltd. Siemens Industry Software Ltd. SIEMENS BENDIX ELECTRONICS KOREA LTD. SIEMENS HEALTHINEERS LTD NOTEGG NOTAG CO., LTD. Samwon CIC Il Jin Hitech Ltd. SAMJIN HI-TECH CO., LTD SAM JIN CO Sam jin Co.,Ltd. SAM JIN PRINTECH CO., LTD. SUN JIN HI-TECH CO.,LTD. TESLA S.E Co.Ltd. Tesla & Co., Ltd. Tesla Engeneering Co., Ltd TSEL Co., Ltd. Korea Instrument Co Korea Instrument National Instruments Korea. Co., Ltd. KLA INSTRUMENTS KOREA SPM Instrument Korea Co.,Ltd. Texas Instruments Korea Ltd. Toto Instrument Korea Co., Ltd. Tex Korea Co., Ltd. Lee & Co Trading Lee Trading HAN LEE TRADING CO. Lee-O Trading Co. LEE,AN-TRADING LEE WON TRADE CO., LTD. Lee-Jung Trading Co Ltd Lee & Kang Trading Co., Ltd. LEE CHANG TRADING CO. Tabo Taboktabok Co., Ltd. Tabore Indulge Co., Ltd. KORTECH INC KORTEC Co., Ltd. KORTECO AUTOMOTIVE Pacific Gas Korea Co., Ltd. Pacific Korea Corporation PACIFIC&KOREA Pacifica Korea Co.,Ltd. Pacific Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Pacific Co.,Ltd. Circom Pacific korea Co., Ltd. Pacific Coast Korea Co., Ltd. KOREA PACIFIC CHEMICAL CORP. Pacific Korea Capital Loan Co., Ltd. Mountain Pacific Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Asia Pacific Center Intra Company INTRA Intralinks co.,Ltd INTRAS CORP UE Co.,Ltd. Cardin fansia Corporation Fansta Korea Asset Co., Ltd. KuEnergy Holdings Co.,Ltd. KH Energy Co.,Ltd SHINHAN TRADING SHINHAN TRADING CO. SHIN HAN TRADING CO., Won Shinhan Trading Co., Ltd. THE FACTOR CO.,LTD Factorian Co.,Ltd. FactorialGames Inc. BS Eng Co., Ltd. B.S E&C BSED Co.,Ltd. BSE&C Group Co., Ltd. National Theater Of Korea Jihwaja Co, Ltd The National Theater of Korea Branch The National Theater BARUDA Co., Ltd. IBK Insurance Co., Ltd. Meritz Securities Co., Ltd. E&C Meritz Co.,Ltd MERITZ SECURITIZATION SPECIALTY INC. KOREA INTEGRATED SERVICE CO.,LTD. Electronic Display Industrial Research Association Korea Insurance Research Center Research&Advance Deu Print Art Research Center Advance Display Technology Co., Ltd. Korea Digital Policy Research Center E&J Research Center Co., Ltd. Learning Sentiment Analysis Research Center Hopkins Bio Research Center Donghae Research Center Print Art Research Center Co.,Ltd Asia Research Center Co., Ltd. Korea Financial Research Center Canon OA Research Center YK Research Center Co., Ltd. People Research Center Co.,Ltd. Data Research Center Co., Ltd. Great eastern industry research center Korea Research Center of Administration Korea Research Center Co., Ltd. Korea Display Convention Research Institute Co., L Advance Ta Advance Company Display Company Co., Ltd. Advance Deu Retail Co., Ltd. BIOSTANDARD INC. DOCTOR BALANCE CO.,LTD. BALANCE CO.,LTD. Balance In Co., Ltd. Monster & Company Co., Ltd Monster 3D Co., Ltd. Monster Monster Company Balance Corporation Balance Monster Co., Ltd. Bens Beauty korea Co., Ltd. Beauty Korea Co.,Ltd. Nanum Beauty Korea Co., Ltd. Tree A Beauty Korea Wow Beauty Korea Co., Ltd. Beauty Korea Cooperative Eden Beauty Korea Co., Ltd. PO Ra Beauty Korea Co., Ltd. New Dream Beauty Korea Co., Ltd. The Beauty Korea Co., Ltd. JK Beauty Korea Co., Ltd. Beauty Korea Group Heaven Beauty Korea Co., Ltd. KH Beauty Korea Jem Beauty Korea Beodeul Beauty Korea Polaris Co., LTD. Handu Service Insurance Co., Ltd. HIS Insurance Services Co., Ltd. BS Connection Co.,Ltd. Connection Digital Co., Ltd. LB Connection Co., Ltd. K In Tech Co., Ltd. K-Tech Co., Ltd. K-Technology, Inc. SAMJIN CO.,LTD samjin company Supreme Networks Co., Ltd. SUPREME LTD Supreme Sports Co., Ltd. DY Menics Co., Ltd. Katoko Co, Ltd Kkotbora Flower KidBurs Com Co., Ltd. Kkotbaragi KKODEUBEREU CO.,LTD. Katok KTPark Corp. SUWON MEAL CO.,LTD. Meal&J Co.,Ltd. Meal & MEAL2HEAL CO.,LTD. Yedam Meal Meal For Me Jasan Architectural Firm Jasan Co.,Ltd. Jasan Industry Co., Ltd. Jasan Telecom Co., Ltd Jasan Instrument Inc JASAN INDUSTRIAL CO. Jasan ENG Heeyong D & C Co. Ltd. Heeyong Technology Co., Ltd GENEX INC Genex Genesco Co., Ltd. GeneX Inc. GENESIS Co., Ltd. Genefer Co., Ltd. Genesem Co.,Ltd. Genesen Co., Ltd. YUIL ENG. & CONST. CO,. LTD. Ye Communications YooMyung Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. YOOJUNG ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. Yulim Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd Kocom Corp. KOCOM CO. Kocom Tech Co., Ltd. BM Enter Plan Co., Ltd. KOCOM Co., Ltd KoCore Hancom .com Hancom Hancom Co., Ltd. Hancom Digital The Export-Import Bank of Korea Korea Export Packing Industrial Co., Ltd. Korea exportation & Mining Korea Export & Import KOREA EXPORT & IMPORT CO., LTD. KOREAN CAMPING EXPORT CO., LTD. Ana Export Korea Corporation Korea Imp & Exp Co., Ltd. Korea Export Industry Gongdan Korea Export Stone Industry Korea Gisang Enterprise Export Association KOREA EXPORTS IN IMPORT INTENATIONAL Kkotsul Sure Korea Enterprise Certification Institute Institute for Testing and Certification Korea Mobile Certification Korea Official Certification UTAC KOREA Certification Co.,Ltd. Korea Iso Certification Co., Ltd. KOREA CERTIFICATION CONSULTING SERVICES Korea Testing Inspection Certification Industrial Association Korea Certification Service Co.,Ltd. Korea Quality Certification Inc. Leaders Tel Tel US U Tel Com U-TEL CO LTD U&TEL CO.,LTD. Giga Giga Telecom Giga Corporation Co.,Ltd. Tera Gate CNS LG CNS Co., Ltd. Pro CNS Co.,Ltd. C.N.S CO. LIG Corp. LIG 1ST CO.,LTD. LIG Kemco Tech CO., LTD. Haneul Corporation Co., Ltd. Haneul Tour Co., Ltd. HANEUL INC Haneul Telecom Co., Ltd. Haneul Trading Haneul S&T CO.,LTD Haneul Electronics Co., Ltd. Haneul HAN EUL CO., LTD. Sungjin Industrial Visual Dart Co., Ltd. DART COMPANY The Darts Dart Co.,Ltd. D'ART Co.,Ltd. D Art Company Co., Ltd. Dartz Dart Ad DART TRADING CO.,LTD. DART Media Co., Ltd. Dart Graphics DART SHARING Inc. Jeil Dart World Dart Dart M Dart Com K&J International K.J International Co.,Ltd. K J International Corporation K.J. International Co., Ltd. K & J International KJ International Co. DM 2ND CO.,LTD. DM Company Tonymoly Co., Ltd. Tonymoly Yeongdeungpo Station Shopping Center Agency Tonymoly Myoengdong 6th Branch Tonymoly Siheung Second Branch Widus Corporation Widus&Co Co., Ltd. Widus Professional Withus Partners Korea Withus&Partners Co., Ltd. Withus Partners Co., Ltd. JTNet. Co., Ltd. Elsevier Korea L.L.C. Konkuk University Konkuk Univ. Treatment Konkuk Konkuk Angle Konkuk Nuri Co.,Ltd. Nayuta Humans Co.,Ltd. ITOT Net Co., Ltd. Itote Co., Ltd. Prince Investment Co., Ltd. Prince Co. PRINCE CO.,LTD. Prince Prince Co., Ltd. Prince Ta ADOP Inc. Republic of Korea Heonjeonghoe Scholarship Foundation Supply Administration, The Republic of Korea Republic Of Korea Embassy Of The Mongolian People's Republic In Korea Government of The Republic of Korea Seoul Regional Ministry of Republic of Korea Tripartite Commission Republic Of Korea Sea Power League Of The Republic Of Korea The National Academy of Arts, Republic of Korea Geongang Republic of Korea Co.,Ltd. Republic of Korea ROT Shi Joongang Hoe Republic of Korea Jaehyanggyojeongdonguhoe Republic of Korea Heonbyeongjeonuhoe Republic of Korea Travel Jakga Cooperative Republic of Korea Eulsaenggakhaneunhonam Mirae Forum Republic of Korea Navy PRESIDENIAL SECURITY SERVICE REPUBLIC OF KOREA The National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Korea Republic of Korea Veteran's Association THE PRESBYTERIA CHURCH IN THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA FO National Academy of Sciences Republic of Korea Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea The National Academy of Arts The Republic Korea The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea Gangnam Church Chemland JB In Corporation jb customs JP Custom The Custom Jb Corporation JB Co.,Ltd. JB Company AIC Innovation MS Innovation Co., Ltd. INNOVATION CO.,LTD. A2 Innovation Co., Ltd. A&M INNOVATION CO., LTD Anarchy Inc. SOHA International Co., Ltd. Dasan Co. Dasan INC Co., Ltd. NTT Co.,Ltd. NTT Korea Co., Ltd. NTT Korea Solutions Inc. DIMENSION IEG CO.,LTD. I-DIMENSION CO.,LTD. Dimension Planning Dimension Planning Co., Ltd. IP In IP Corporation Co., Ltd. IBE No City Co., Ltd. IPNC Co., Ltd. CITY N CO.,LTD. IP NECT CO.,LTD. IP Ni Ip Networks Gc Corporation Co., Ltd. Green Cross Hospital Green Holdings Cross Holdings Co., Ltd. Green Holdings Company Co., Ltd. Oasis 1Ho Applied Plasma Inc Plasma Plasma Co., LTD. Plasma Lamp Co., Ltd. Plasma In Co., Ltd. Plasma Bond Co., Ltd. Plasma Institute Tmecca Korea Inc. Cell Corporation Cell Big Co., Ltd. THE CELL CO.,LTD. The Cell Cell Bio Stem Cell Bio Investment Ltd. Mega Cell Bio Co., Ltd. Hankuk Cell Bio Co.,Ltd. KCN Global Co. K C.N Do Co., Ltd. K&C NC Co., LTD. KC NL Co., Ltd. KCN Medical Co., Ltd. KCN WORLD CO.,LTD. K C.N Korea Co., Ltd. FIS Investment Partners Co., Ltd. KC ND Co., Ltd. KEB Hana Bank Warehouse Warehouse Co., Ltd. Nine PX Beer Warehouse B Three Warehouse 43Myeongdongjeom Bujadoeseyo Warehouse 43VIP Jeom Co., Ltd. Warehouse People Life Warehouse BAN WAREHOUSE CO.,LTD. 4 POINT Co., Ltd. Suhyup Bank 2012 SUHYUP BANK 1ST INC. 2014 Suhyup-bank 1st Co.,Ltd. Suhyup Service Co., LTD. Yura Corporation Yura Yura Yura Cop YURA COM CO.,LTD. Yura Planning Co.,Ltd. DAE JIN CORP. Dae Jin I.M Co., Ltd. DAE JIN TEXTILE CO LTD YOUNG SUNG TRADING CO. YOUNG SUNG MEDIA.CO.KR Young Sung Electronics Co., Ltd. LG Innotek Alliances Fund Mirae Asset Global Investments Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Investment Full Bond Balanced Samo Fund Mirae Asset Capital Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Private Equity Fund V Mirae Asset Armful Conversion Mix 3ho Fund Mirae Asset Hanareum Mirae Asset Immunity Plus Honhophyung Fund Mirae Asset Hanareum Fund Mirae Asset M&A Fund Mirae Asset Modereuno Stock 2-ho Fund Mirae Asset Hanareum Honhaphyung 3-ho Samo Mirae Asset Hanareum Honhaphyung 1-ho Samo Mirae Asset Sesamo M&A Fund 5-ho Mirae Asset Union Samo Honhaphyung Fund 7 UI International Co., Ltd. U & I INTERNATIONAL CO. The U International Co., Ltd. I International Gu & I International U Min International Co., Ltd. U Min INT Co., Ltd. Inter I DVS(Digital Voice Solution) Network Korea Co., Ltd. DVS Co., Ltd. Accounting Corporation Daemyung Cameron Korea Ltd. Chaemran Korea Co., Ltd. Cemron FDA korea Co., Ltd. Baeksang INC Co., Ltd. Baeksang E&C Construction Co., Ltd. Baeksang Building Maintenance Service Co.,Ltd. Baeksang Industry Development NEW KOREA MARINE TRANSPORT CO.LTD. Korea Marine Transportation Co., Ltd. Korea Marine Transport Co., Ltd. Korean Marine Transport Co., Ltd. Marine Trans Korea CD Kom Korea Co., Ltd. CDCOM Cadcam Korea Cdcom Co.,Ltd. KHJM Co., Ltd. C&Us Co., Ltd. Com2us Corporation Com2in COM2SYDNEY Com2tv Co., Ltd. Com2Biz SU COM 2 COM CO.,LTD. Korus Corp. KORUS PACK CO LTD STEK Co. Ltd Sitek Co Ltd STEG Inc. Stex DR Made Co., Ltd. The Made Co., Ltd. N-Made Co.,Ltd Made On Made In ENC Co., Ltd. Made ENC Co., Ltd. Seojong Sanghoe SINCHEONGU SANGHOE CO.,LTD. JEONJU GREEN SANGHOE CO.,LTD. DONGSEO CHICKEN SANGHOE INC. YOUNGJU SANGHOE CO. CHUNGNAM SANGHOE CO. BUIL SANGHOE CO. Hunjin Sanghoe Seorim Sanghoe Ilheung Ironware Sanghoe Ocean Agency Co., Ltd. GUKIL CO.,LTD. Gukil Co. Kim, Gijun Guk-Il Building M Mart Jeongyuk VSG KOREA VSG KOREA VSG Korea Co., Ltd. Wing Korea Co., Ltd. Wings Korea Wing Korea WING KOREA CONSULTING CO.,LTD. WING ON (KOREA) TRADING LTD. World Wing Korea Co., Ltd. Pay Wing Korea CMT GLOBAL On Day Cosmetic Co., Ltd. On day cosmetic Onda Com Co., Ltd. Onto Communication Omto Communication Co., Ltd. BITL Co., Ltd. BITLINK Inc. BITLINE Co., Ltd. Fabtec Corporation Milex Ecoway Co., Ltd. The Daeyeon Company Co., Ltd. Daeyeon Daeyeon Company Co., Ltd. R&A Company Co., Ltd. R & A A&R CORP. EO CO.,LTD. EO Sys Co.,Ltd. EO System Eo B Seu Systems Ga EO System Co., Ltd. Spc SPC Group S Management Specialist Group Co.,Ltd. Global Maiseu Specialist Group Co., Ltd. Hwahue Specialist Group Co., Ltd. Korea Insurance Specialist Group Adjusting SCIENCE ONES SPECIALTY GROUP PENTAS CO.,LTD. Cultural Assets Specialists Group Atti KIMCO BEVERAGES SALES INC CMP Beverages Ltd. Company B Co., Ltd. Semo AND Co., Ltd. Semo Co., Ltd. Semo Smile & Company TI & LEADERS CO.,LTD. TI Telecom Co., LTD. Ti-Amo Korea Co., Ltd. TI&C TI M&S Co., Ltd. TI Company Co., Ltd. TI Co., Ltd. Ti TI Corporation Co., Ltd. TI For Men TI CORPORATION T.I.Max Inc. TI Media TI Media Co., Ltd. T&I Co., Ltd. T&I T&I Media Co., Ltd. TI SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD. TI Media Korea Co., Ltd. TI Telecom Mirae TI Co., Ltd. Good Morning TI Co.,Ltd. Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Limited DK Corporation DK Corp, LTD. DK LEADERS CO.,LTD. DK INC Co., Ltd. DK&CO Co., Ltd. Transmart Logistics Inc. Smart Logistics Co., Ltd. Smart Logistics Co.,Ltd. Smart Logics Co.,Ltd. S-port Logistics Co., Ltd. Intromen Co., LTD. INTRO Corporation Introes Co., Ltd. Introtech Co.,Ltd. Introtecs Co., Ltd. Intro Company Ltd. Seoul National University Seoul Univ. Seoul National University of Education Seoul National University Foundation Seoul National University of Technology Seoul National Univ. College Of Veterinary Medicine College of Business Administration Seoul National University Korus Trading KORUS Trading Company K & YOUNG KYOUNG DO CO. The K Young Co., Ltd. KYOUNG`S Young In Corporation Young's Corporation Young In Corp. Kim Woo Kyoung Law Office Kim Young Ho KIM KYOUNG TAI Royal Tech Industries, Inc. Golden Rich The 1st Co., Ltd. Golden Rich Co., Ltd. The Rich Development Co., Ltd. Golden Developer L Golden Rich Co., Ltd. Taekyung Corporation Co., Ltd. Taekyung Inc. Tae Kyung Medlab Co., Ltd. Taekyung Medical Co. Daewoo P&C Dae Woo Company DAEWOO LIMITED CORPORATION Daewoo Corporation Co., Ltd. Daewoo Company Co., Ltd. The Cream Cream Cream Soft Co., Ltd. Cream Sys Co., Ltd. CREAM CO.,LTD. Cream Corporation Cream & Sugar Cream House Co., Ltd. Cream CSK Ice Cream Sesang CREAM SOFT I & C CO.,LTD. CREAM SOFT GAMES CO., LTD. Cream I&C Co., Ltd. Cream Cheese Films Shin Co.,Ltd. SHIN CORPORATION., LTD Shin & Co Co.,Ltd. Shin Shin and Company Shin And Co., Ltd. Shin () SHIN DO Kyung Won Co.,Ltd. Won Trading Co., Ltd. Won Trading WON TRADING CO Won Trade Kyungwon Corporation Costech Corporation COSTER Co.,Ltd. Costume A-One SPC Co., LTD Radian1SPC Co., Ltd. Dr.Balance The Balance Dr. Balance Balance care Co., Ltd. Balancehero Company Limited The Balance Co., Ltd. Balance Tech Balance Co., Ltd. Coway Holdings Co.,Ltd. COWAY Co., Ltd. DONGWON PAPER CO. Dongwon Paper Co., Ltd. Dongwon Special Paper H&B Co., Ltd. H & IC Co., Ltd. LEADERS H&B CO.,LTD. H&B Corporation H&B Company Co., Ltd. ICH&B H&B Neo Campus 814 B&E TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Be In Tech Co.,Ltd. B.E tech Co.,Ltd. WBC Co., Ltd. WBC BS Conductor APPL CO.,LTD. FINE APPLIANCES CO., LTD. Korea Pi El Assotiation P.I. Corporation P & I SERVICES OF KOREA,LTD. PI K Co., Ltd PI Korea Inc. PI Korea LTD Co., Ltd. PI PACKS CO.,LTD. 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