List of Corporate Headquarters in SEOUL

Search a company in South Korea with your criteria (trade name, adress, Korean registry number...). provides business and credit information about Korean firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Korean register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in South Korea, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Korean company.

SMW Co., Ltd. SM Korea Corporation Sm Korea Co. Pax Co.,Ltd. Pax P&C Co.,Ltd. PAX CORPORATION GAZE, INC. Gaze GAZELAB, INC. GOOD DAZE CO.,LTD. Hyperconnect Inc. Hyundai Motor Group Hyundai Motor Glass GENESIS Co., Ltd. Genesis 4th Co., Ltd. Genesis 3rd Co., Ltd. Genesis Corporation GENESIS 2ND INC. Hanguk Recycling Bumper Processing Cooperative Hanguk Recycling Electric Co.,Ltd. Hanguk City Recycling Society Corp. hanguk Computer Recycling Center Electric Sale Co., LTD. sale Electric Korea Development Bank INTRAGENT Intra Company INTRA Intragames Co., Ltd. INTRAVEST CO. LTD INTRAS CORP NEXON MOBILE Corporation Nexon NEXON CORPORATION Nexon Book Nexon DD Corporation NEXON M&E CO.,LTD. Beyond the World Beyond IT Co., Ltd. Beyond N beyondN inc., The Beyond Co.,Ltd. And Beyond Co., Ltd. Beyond Company Beyond the company co., Ltd. Beyond Corporation Co., Ltd. BEYONDSSI CO.,LTD. Beyond The Media Co.,Ltd. Beyondedu Co.,Ltd. beyondchip Co.,Ltd. BeyondApp Co., Ltd. DNV GL Business Assurance Korea Ltd. Dae Ju Corp. DAE JU CORPORATION DAE JIN STEEL CO.,LTD. J&S Paper Co., Ltd. Hyundai Glovis Co., Ltd. Etru Co.,Ltd. Etour Talk Co., Ltd. Etour Co.,Ltd. MS Bogo Company Bogo Corporation BOGO INC CO.,LTD. BOGO CORPORATION Bogo Corporation BOGO CO.,LTD. Bogos Co., Ltd. BOGO CORP. BOGO COMPANY Bogo Corporation Inc.Co.,Ltd. SAETONG CORP Satang Saetong Corporation Sateuren Co., Ltd. Satex Corp. Samsung Corporation Co., Ltd. Samsung Co.,Ltd. Samsung PC Co., Ltd. DAEWOONG CORP. Daewoong Corporation Daewoong Pharm Beverage Seobu Agency Unicof Korea Gim Co., Ltd. GIM Harin VL & CO CO.,LTD. V & Life Co., Ltd. Valve Line Co., Ltd. Valve Line VL Soft Co., Ltd. VL Investment Co.,Ltd. VL Global Co., Ltd. VL Motors Co., Ltd. VL Water Co., Ltd. VL Holdings Co., Ltd. HD Pro Global Mate Korea Inc. Global Mate Co.,Ltd. Global Mate Co., Ltd. Mate Korea Co., Ltd. Kolon Sa Kolon Pet FX INC CO.,LTD. FX Leader FX CO.,LTD. FX TRADING CO.,LTD. FX Trading Oil Trading FX Korea Co., Ltd. KEB Hana Bank KEB HanaCard Co., Ltd. KEB Hana Stay Je 2Howitak Management Real Estate Investment Company KEB Hana Stay Je 1Howitak Management Real Estate Investment Company RH Mando Machinery Co., Ltd. G&Care Co., Ltd. G Ni Care Co., Ltd. W Care G Co., Ltd. G Human Care Co., Ltd. CRE&G G Care PC Zone Gares JIN SUNG ELECTRONIC CO LTD Jin Sung Electric Jinsung Electric Jinsung Electronics Jinsung Electric Co., Ltd.. The SUS Co.,Ltd. SU & S CO.,LTD. Su&Su Co., Ltd. S.J. INTERNATIONAL LTD. S.J. INTERNATIONAL SJ International Co, Ltd Chocolate HarbourVest Partners Korea, Ltd. J-TBC Media Tech Co.,Ltd. GUSUNG CO. GS Geoseong Lighting Gusung SP Co.,Ltd. Sound Corporation Co., Ltd. Sound & Company Sound Town Sound Topia Co., Ltd. Sound Hunt Co., Ltd. Mizar Airline Co., Ltd. MIZMA CO. Miss Miz MIZ CO.,LTD. Dr. Miz Dr.Miz Co., Ltd. KAIMAX Co.,Ltd. KAIMEN CORP. VSP Kim Sook Jin Co. Kim Min Jin Hair Kim Jin Min Hospital Clore Kim Sun Jin Kim Woo Jin Biz Link Co.,Ltd Bizlink Co.,Ltd. Bizline Communication Corp. Bizline International Co., Ltd. BIZLAND CO.,LTD Bizline Communications Corp VF VF Korea Limited Celltron Co. CELLTRUMENT Co.,Ltd. MIRAE ASSET DAEWOO CO., LTD. MIRAE ASSET LOAN CO.,LTD. Mirae Asset Co.,Ltd. Mirae Asset Co., Ltd. MIRAE ASSET DAEWOO SPECIAL PURPOSE ACQUISITION 1 CO., LTD Mirae Asset Daewoo Opeotyuneotisamo Investment Mirae Asset Daewoo Heonteoseusamo Investment Mirae Asset Daewoo Invest The 1st Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Daewoo Global Jeilhosamotuja Mirae Asset Daewoo Special Purpose Company 2Ho Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Daewoo Korea Jeihosamotuja Techwin Hana Techwin Hanju Techwin Techwin Co., Ltd. Posco Express Posco Enterprise Co., Ltd. NongHyup Agribusiness Group Inc. Gem Co., Ltd. HUBGEM Geo Hub Co.,Ltd. Hub Gate Co., Ltd. IndiCOM Imed IMED Co., Ltd. Imedios Co., Ltd. IMED Co.,Ltd Noh & Company Co., Ltd. Noh, Eun Soo NOH DANG CO LTD NOH SONG FURNITURE CO.,LTD. SAMT Co., Ltd. Samtan Co., Ltd. SAMT 1ST INC. Samtami Co., Ltd. SAMT The 2nd Shin Myung Engineering Co., Ltd.. Jung-Myung Engineering Co.,Ltd. MYUNG IN SI ENGINEERING Dong Myung Engineering Co Ltd Myung Seong Engineering Co., LTD. Sinokor Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. GL Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. Time Merchant Marine co.,LTD INTER MERCHANT MARINE CO.,LTD. Asan Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. Ace Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. Hyundai Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. C&Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. LOTUS MERCHANT MARINE CO.,LTD. Time Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. Hyundai Merchant Marine Pacific Co., Ltd. Daehae Merchant Marine Co., Ltd. Marine C With Seyang Inc. Mexim Corporation ATLAS EXPRESS CO Atlas Co., Ltd. Atlas Co. Atlas Express Co Ltd LM LM CO.,LTD. LM Co., Ltd. LM 1st Co.,ltd LM 2nd Co,.ltd LM 3rd Co,.ltd LM 4th Co,.ltd LM Company Co., Ltd. Izen Coporation Co., Ltd. The Izen Co., Ltd. Izen Soft IZEN C & C CO.,LTD. IZEN INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Izen I&D Co., Ltd. Izen Housing Cheil Industries Inc._Kumchon Center Cheil Industries(Kangnam Plaza) Cheil Industries(Myung Mbio) Cheil Industries Myeongdong Bean Pole Leaders Logics Logics System Logics SYSTEM LOGICS CO., LTD. Sp Logics SR Logics Co.,Ltd. Sky Logics Co.,Ltd. Sky Pace Logics Co., Ltd. SU Logics Co., Ltd. SJ Logics SJ Logics Co., Ltd. Global FD Co., Ltd. C&THOTH Co., LTD. C&Thoth Learning Center Big Hit Entertainment Co., Ltd. Big Brothers Entertainment Co., Ltd. BIG ENTERTAINMENT BIG I ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD. Big I Entertainment Co., Ltd. BIG BROTH ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD. Big Com Entertainment Co., Ltd. Big I Entertainment HIT ENT CO.,LTD. Star & Hit Entertainment BIG PICTURE ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd. SC INC SC CORPORATION CO.,LTD. S CAR CO.,LTD. SC CORP CO.,LTD. Jeil Industry Jeil Industry Co SNW Co., Ltd. Eotei Eiteu Dou IND Co., Ltd. E Deun Industry Co., Ltd. E Deun IND Co., Ltd. E Do Industry Co., Ltd. O&E Development Industry City Food Co., Ltd. Anyfood Co., Ltd. MS SEMICON Semicon SeMicom Semicomm VICTORY CORPORATION VICTORY DH Cosmetic Co.,Ltd. DH Communications DH Communication DH Communications Co., Ltd. DH D&C Finno Holdings Co., Ltd. SAMMO CORPORATION Median Median SAMMO CORP. Samra Samra IT Co., Ltd. SAMRA ENC CO.,LTD. Samra Midas Co., Ltd. Samra Midas Samra Distribution Co., Ltd. Advan Inc. Advance Corporation Design Value Value Design Ad Value Co., Ltd. Costok Co., Ltd. COSTEC Costech Costech Corporation Phantom Phantom Meat Co., Ltd. Phantom Meat Musical Phantom Phantom Team Last Phantom Co., Ltd. Phantom Trading Co., Ltd. Phantom Myeongpum Phantom Entertainment Co., Ltd. KOLON INDUSTRIES, INC. KOLON GLOTECH, INC. Burning Butter Burning Bins S&S Inc. S & S S&S Company Inc. S Works Co., Ltd. Changjae Major Co., Ltd. Sino Asia Associates Co., Ltd. Asia Asset Management Co., Ltd. M.S Asia Co.,Ltd. Asia Company Asia Gija Association Asia Model Association Asia Exchange Association Association Of Japanology In East Asia ASIA PROFESSIONAL GOLF ASSOCIATION CO.,LTD. ASIA PGA GOLF ASSOCIATION CO.,LTD. ASIA AIR SYSTEM CO.,LTD. BIOMEDICAL GP. GLOBAL L&s Korea Co., Ltd. G&P GLOBAL LTD. GP & Company Co.,Ltd. G P Company GP CORPORATION GP & G CO.,LTD. G.P The 3rd Co., Ltd. OIL TRADING CO., LTD ASIA TRADING CO. Asia Trading Corporation Asia Oil Trading Co., Ltd. YSL AGENCY CO.,LTD. YSL Co., Ltd. YBLD Daegu Co., Ltd. Point POINT CORP INC. Leaders PT Co., Ltd. Point Sign PT House Del Trading Co., Ltd. D E TRADING CO SAMJIN CO.,LTD samjin company Pirania Co.,Ltd. Print I Pira Pirate Piras Piranya korea investment & securites Saino Korea Investment BK KOREA INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. Korea Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Corporation KOREA PRIVATE INVESTMENT RESEARCH CO.,LTD. KOREA INVESTMENT & SECURITIES CO LTD KOREA INVESTORS SERVICE, INC. NEW KOREA INVESTMENT MNAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd._Jongro Branch KOREA INVESTMENT STRATEGY CENTER CO.,LTD. Korea Investment Partners Co.,Ltd Korea Investment Partners Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Korea Investment Capital Hancom Inc. Hancom .com Hancom Hancom System Hancom Ace Co., Ltd. Hancom Co., Ltd. SALUS CO.,LTD Salus Co., Ltd. SALT Co., Ltd. Salt In Co., Ltd Salt Namu Ebin EBINC EBINFRA, Inc. Eban Co., Ltd. Ebin Korea Evan Evin EVIN HAIR CO. Onplan Co. ONPLAN onplay corp. Whitney Corp. Hana Financial Group Inc. Hana Financial Investment Co., Ltd. Hana Financial Nanum Foundation Hana Financial ninth Special Purpose Acquisition Company Hana Financial Investment Gwangjangdong Co., Ltd. Hana Financial 11Ho Special Purpose Company Co., Ltd. New Korea Electric Co., Ltd. New Korea World Distribution Co., Ltd. MI Patent & Law Firm Nawoo Patent & Law Firm Ne E Teu Patent Corporation Neo International Patent And Law Firm Patent & Law Firm LNK PANKOREA PATENT AND LAW FIRM Patent Law Firm D&Patent Law Firm JH Patent Law Firm Ein Patent Law Firm Nobel International Patent & Law Firm Shinra Patent Law Firm Darae Law and Patent Firm Now Patent Law Firm Wi Patent Law Firm A&A Patent Law Firm Pa E Patent Law Firm YNG Patent Law Firm The Wise Patent Law Firm NC Kukje Patent Law Firm AU CORPORATION CO.,LTD. AU Corporation AU Corporation Co., Ltd. AU Company Co., Ltd. MK Road Co., Ltd. MSRD CO.,LTD. Dentium Co., Ltd. Dentiedu Dentistry DENTAIM Co.., Ltd. DENT Co., Ltd. Dentia co.,Ltd. Kalri Star Power Gold Star Power Distribution Sangsa Star Power EN M Co., Ltd. Kalri Star Power Samo Investment Kalri Star Power Synergy Kalri Star Power Synergy Private Equity Fund Star Power Entertainment Co., Ltd. Sejong Power Star Co., Ltd. Dongyang Power Star Hanwool INC Co., Ltd. EDO Co.,Ltd. E D O Co.,Ltd. Seoul Bio Seoul Bio Co.,Ltd. BIO-METHANE SEOUL CO., LTD. Seoul Bio Bank Co., Ltd. Seoul Bio Energy Co., Ltd. Seoul Dae Bio Angel Club Co., Ltd. Bon Bio Seoul Branch Co., Ltd. Ncony Enterprise Co., Ltd. Cosro Co., Ltd. Cosrier Co., Ltd. Ad Company Ad Company Co.,Ltd. The AD Co., Ltd. The Ad AD For Ad In Company HANDS MR Hands Han D Web Line Co., Ltd. Web Life Co., Ltd. WEB LOG Co., Ltd. Web Logistic Weblog System Inc. Tudor&company Co.,Ltd Tudol Trustek Temcoline Co., Ltd. TP & Companies KOREA FUTURE CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. FUTURE CHEM CO. Futures Korea Co., Ltd. We Can Do Co., Ltd. We Can Do We Can Company Wecan Chemical Co., Ltd. WECARE TEXTILE CO.,LTD CAN INC. Can WE CAN & CHRISTINA CO., LTD. We Can Do It CAN Creative Co., Ltd. NH-Amundi Asset Management Co.,Ltd. NH Corporation NH Corporation Co., Ltd. NH Company Co., Ltd. GE Company Co., Ltd. GE Corporation Co., Ltd. Ge & Construction Co., Ltd. GE Consulting Co., Ltd. G&E Consulting Co., Ltd. Hermes STX Co., Ltd. HERMES INC Hermes Corporation Co., Ltd. Hermess INC Co., Ltd. HERMES YEDAM INC. JMK CO., LTD. Cosmetics Wholesale Center Cosmetics Wholesale Power HI INVESTMENT & FUTURES CORPORATION I-Future Hyundai Future Partners Co., Ltd. The Patron Pay Tron Holdings Co., Ltd. GLXTRADING Y&K Trading YK TRADING CO. Y K TRADING CO., LTD. YK Trading YK Trans Co.,Ltd. Sharmang Oliver OLIVER CO. LTD Oliver Wyman OLIVER TRADING Ltd. OLIVER LEARNING CO.,LTD. Oliver Namu Oliver Namu Co.,Ltd. Oliver Sweet S.Oliver BASF Korea Ltd. Daehong Communications Inc. DAEHONG CO. DAEHONG CORPORATION CO.,LTD. Daehong Communications Investment Inc. Lear Korea Kookmin Bank Kookmin Bank Venture Capital Co Ltd Our Home Kookmin Bank Yeouido Donggwan Agency K. B Kookmin Bank Labor Union Kookmin Bank Ssangmun Book Branch Kookmin Bank Mokdongchil Danji Branch Kookmin Bank Namgajwadong Branch Kaemo Co., Ltd. Kaemik KOREA AVIATION SECURITY CO.,LTD. KOREA AVIATION ELECTRONIC IND LTD KOREAN AVIATION COLLEGE CO.,LTD. Korea Aviation Consulting Group Co., Ltd. Aju Corporation DR & AJU LLC K Industry Trend K Co., Ltd. Quinvir Investment Inc. Quinvir Networks Inc. Quinvir Lab Inc. Isco Co.,Ltd. IASO Inc. Iksco Co., LTD. IACS Co., Ltd. adj ADJ Co.,Ltd. VADA SHIPPING TRADING LONGTU KOREA Inc. Langtran Translation Service Line S&T Co., Ltd. LANEST Lonestar Korea LNSID CO.,LTD. LONSTAR CAPITAL LOAN CO.,LTD. LMSD CO.,LTD. LNKDM Co.,Ltd. Longtian Intl. Co. Langstech Co.,Ltd. L NK Security Tech Co., Ltd. LONGTEX Corp. Well Made Well Made Media Well Made SJ Co.,Ltd. Well Made Style Well Made J&C Co., Ltd. Fine All Corporation Fine Company Co., Ltd. Fine Twelve Co.,Ltd. FINE.Co.,Ltd Shin Sung Global Co., Ltd. BASIT TRADERS.CO Hyundai Motor Company Sein Inno Tech Co., Ltd. Hanmi Corporation Hanmi SMS Co.,Ltd. Hanmi Co.Ltd Hanmi Health Co., Ltd. Hanmi Health Food Hanmi Life Health Hanwha Corporation HANWHA ESTATE AEROSPACE CORP Condor Vacation Co.,Ltd. CONDOR CO.,LTD Center Tour Co.,Ltd. Gogo Company Co., Ltd. Gogo Pet K Gogo Co., Ltd. GOGO SN GOGO Consulting Co.,Ltd TOKEN CO.,LTD. C & DESIGN CO.,LTD. C&Design Design F F&B Design J&C Design Co., Ltd. B&C Design Co., Ltd. G&C Design Co., Ltd. Design Research E&C Design C&S Design Co., Ltd. face3d co., ltd. KOREA MAN FASHION CULTURE ASSOCIATION CORP. Korea Fashion Culture Association Korea Fashion Culture Bokhab City Co., Ltd. Korea Fashion Culture Research Institute FEAC Logics I Co., Ltd. MS Logis LOGIS NET CO.,LTD. Wanda Apparel JERUSALEM CO.,LTD. Education Welfare Office_Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Kangdong Education Office Korea Intellectual Property Rights Management Asso Dae-A Intellectual Property Consulting Selim Intellectual Property Law Firm Korea Institute of Intellectual Property Korea Intellectual Property Association Stellar Intellectual Property Law Office Hanol Intellectual Property & Law Prime Intellectual Property Law Firm Doo Interactual Property Law Office MARU Intellectual Property Law Global Intellectual Services SU INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY P&T Intellectual Property Law Firm Taebaek Intellectual Property Law Firm Central Intellectual Property & Law Sigong Intellectual Property Firm Kim Joong Hyo Intellectual Property Law Global Property Co., Ltd. G1 Intellectual Property Law Firm HB INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CENTER Central Intellectual Property & Law Macro Intellectual Property Law Firm HANRU CO.,LTD. Koriz Co.,Ltd Lee Young Corp. LY Company Co., Ltd. LY Corporation Co., Ltd. Lee&Youn Value Plus 2nd Co.,Ltd VALUE PLUS 4TH INC. Value Plus Co., Ltd. VALUE PLUS 3RD CO.,LTD. VALUE PLUS CONSULTING CO.,LTD. Value Plus B Na The 1st Co., Ltd. Value Plus Mine Co., Ltd. Value Plus LI Co., Ltd. Value Plus OH Co., Ltd. Value Plus HM Co., Ltd. Value Plus BY Co., Ltd. K Value Plus Co., Ltd. Value Plus Trading Co., Ltd. Value Won Plus Co., Ltd. VALUE PLUS & PARTNERS CO.,LTD. TIGER CORPORATION CO., LTD. Tiger Dragon The 1st Co., Ltd. Tigeo Uam Uil Asset Management Co., Ltd. Urban Asset Management Co., Ltd. Uno Asset Management Co., Ltd. Ushin Asset Management Co., Ltd. Fides Investment Management Fides Investment Management Co.,Ltd HD INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Friend Investment Information Co., Ltd. Foy Investment Management FINDVALUE Investment Management. Friend Investment Partners Co., Ltd. Friend Asset Management Co., Ltd. Fusian Investment Management Co., Ltd. Bank of America Seoul Branch Ubarf Bank Seoul BNM Seoul Branch Co., Ltd. Bank Negara Indonesia Seoul Branch Fuji Bank Ltd. ( Seoul Branch ) Maekkwori Bank Seoul Branch Me Do Sa Seoul Branch MIRAE CORP. MIRAE HQ CO.,LTD. Mirae Corporation Co., Ltd. Power Korea Investment Finance Co., Ltd. Korea INC Co., Ltd. Korea DMD Co., Ltd. Consulting & Service Co., Ltd. AGRICULTURAL SU CO.,LTD. AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT CORP Frame Farming and Company Inc FORM CO. Farms Co.,Ltd. DOCTOR FARM CO.,LTD. Leaders Form Frame In Company Shinhan BNP Paribas Asset Management Co., Ltd BS Korea Entertainment Co., Ltd. Chemon Corporation Chemical-Solution Inc. Chemical Solution Chemisol Co., Ltd. CKX CO.,LTD. Korea Institute of Science and Technology KIST YEONUHOE CORP. KISTECH Kistech Co.,Ltd. Kisty Dds KIST INTERNATIONAL CO LTD KIST Inc. KIST Inc. KIST ENG CO., LTD. Kist Engineering Co.,Ltd. KISTEMP Co., Ltd. AGL Co., Ltd. A Glass Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Hanguk University Of Foreign Studies Beaute Cosmetics Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies Branch Paris Baguette Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Humun Seoul Orthopedic Surgery Clinic(Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) Ediya Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Graduate School Agency Hankuk University Service Bonjuk Foreign Studies University Agency Yeongkwang C&C Co., Ltd. Yeongkwang Distribution YEONGKWANG GOSIWON IP MIRROR KOREA I&p Korea I&P Korea Co.,Ltd. IP&P Korea Co., Ltd Willis Towers Watson Korea Non-life Insurance Brokerage Co., Ltd. Willis Telecom Wills Company Co.,Ltd. Willis Bank Alex Global Alg Enter Works Co., Ltd. ALG ALG Partners Co., Ltd. AL Group Co., Ltd. AL Global Co., Ltd. Opus Pictures Co., Ltd. OPUS CO.,LTD. Opus Opus 1st Co., Ltd. Opus Pearl Opus Design Opus Design Co., Ltd. OPUS LIFE SCIENCE CO.,LTD. Opus 1979 Co.,Ltd. Best's Opus Korea Needs Co., Ltd. Sselra Needs Korea Needs Company Co., Ltd. The Needs Needs With Co., Ltd. Needs&More Co., Ltd. Needs For Enple Corp. Enple ENPlus Co., Ltd. Enpla Co.,Ltd. Lenovo Korea Co., Ltd. BRS Record Brothers Record Co., Ltd. RESPECT COMPANY Respect Actors.Co.,Ltd Respect Entertainment Co.,Ltd. CJ Powernet Co., Ltd. MS Rits Co.,Ltd. Doctor Rits Rits Line Co., Ltd. UTC Co.,Ltd. UTC Co., Ltd. UTC & COMPANY CO. UTC Investment Co., Ltd. Epos Co., Ltd. Epass Co., Ltd INS Ltd. INS Pro Ins Co.,Ltd. Pro Insur Co., Ltd. INS Corp. NongHyup Financial Group Inc. LEADERS FINANCIAL GROUP AMI AMI CO.,LTD. A.M.I. AMI Inc. Chae Youngjin Green Chae Neul Green Chae Co., Ltd. Green Chae Nara Co., Ltd. Green Chaes Members Chae AMOTE CO. Amo Technology Co., Ltd. Millenium Life Co., Ltd. Millenium ID Co., Ltd. Milriniumin Mark Asset Management Co., Ltd. New Millinium Gift Millenium Co., Ltd. Millenium Place Co.,Ltd. Millenium Art Co., Ltd. Millenium ENG INMARK J CO.,LTD. Inmark INM Inrak Hoban Industry Co., Ltd. Hoban City Industry Co., Ltd. Human International Korea Co., Ltd. Harman International Korea HIK CO.,LTD. Hanseu International Korea HONO INTERNATIONAL KOREA CO.,LTD. huda international korea co.,ltd. Hoteun International Korea Co., Ltd. Huda International Korea Hans Interational Korea Inc Hukushima International Korea Co., Ltd. Beautiful Hill SUMMER CO., LTD. SUMMER DESIGN CO.,LTD. Summer Ware Summer Field Co., Ltd. The Summer Set Co., Ltd. Spring Summer Fall Winter Mayple Win Co., LTD. Always Co.,Ltd. Always with Co.,Ltd. Always Co. Always U Mart Co., Ltd. Always US Co., Ltd. Always E&M Co., Ltd. FOREVER CORPORATION FOREVER CO.,LTD. Forever Pc The Forever Co., Ltd. Forever My Girl Hyundai Sungwoo Holdings Co., Ltd. Hyundai Digitech Holdings Co., Ltd. Shinu Hyundai Holdings Co., Ltd. LCPARK International Co., Ltd. Korea Oil Co., Ltd. Paldo Co., Ltd. Paldo DB Co., Ltd. PALDO FOOD CO. EBSCO KOREA CO.INC. Ebeseu Corporation Ebase Co., Ltd. Ebiseu Ebaseu EBIS CO.,LTD. EBiz Company Co., Ltd. Ebis Co., Ltd. EABS Co., Ltd. ebuzz Ebisu EBISS Ebook Tree EBCK Korea Co., Ltd. EBIZ SERVE CO.,LTD. EBISU KOREA CO.,LTD. Eibseu Company Co., Ltd. Ebbujeu Flower Eobiseu EBiz Investment Development Co., Ltd. Ebada Hanjin Construction Industry Hanshin Industrial Contruction Co.,Ltd. Hanjin Construction Hanjin Heavy Industry HHI Varem International Co., Ltd. Resshi DOCTOR BALANCE CO.,LTD. BALANCE CO.,LTD. Balance In Co., Ltd. Dr.Balance The Balance Dr. Balance Balance care Co., Ltd. Balancehero Company Limited Balance Corporation The Balance Co., Ltd. Balance Tech Kolon IndustriesCo.,Ltd.F & Cbumun Kolon Kolon IndustriesCo.,Ltd.F & C Bumun Madus WE MADE CO.,LTD. Wemade Wemade PC Co., Ltd. WeMade I&C Co.,Ltd. WEMIDEA Co., Ltd. WEMAC Wemade IS We Made Soft Co., Ltd. TIMEFOLIO Asset Management Co.,Ltd Time Asset Daewoo Engineering Co. Daewoo Eng Co. WORLD BRIDGE Co., Ltd. World Bridge Enterprise Co., Ltd. World Bridge Express Co., Ltd. Bridge World Co., Ltd. Lee Expo World Bridge Co., Ltd. World Bridge Trading Corp. World Bridge Fund& Insu World Bridge Korea Co., Ltd. World Bridge Of Culture World Be Bridge WORLD HUMAN BRIDGE CORP. CKD Bio Corporation C.K.D biotech Co.,Ltd Changjin Company Co., Ltd. EJ CORPORATION EJ MD Co.,Ltd. E.J. Co. EJ Company EJ Company Co., Ltd. E & J Korea Co., Ltd. E.J KOREA CO. Me EJ Korea Co., Ltd. E&J Korea Co. J & J INTERNATIONAL CO. J & J INTERNATIONAL J With J International Co., Ltd. J J International JJ International JJ Inter Sino Corporation Sino Corporation Co., Ltd.. SINO EASTERN SHIPING CO.,LTD. Tong Yang Asset Management Corp. Jiwon Human Resources Co., Ltd. Trans-Pacific Resources Ltd. PREL (Pacific Resources Export Limited) Korea Asia Pacific Resources & Development Co Ltd THE PACIFIC RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. Pacific Forest Resources RESEARCH R & C CO.,LTD. MS RESOURCE CO., LTD. Resource Bank Co.,Ltd. Resource Power Co.,Ltd. Trusteel Co., Ltd. Industrial Bank of Korea Arion Tech Co., Ltd. AERIN TECH CO.,LTD. Aram InTech Co., Ltd. AERIAN TECH CO.,LTD. Arion Trading Co., Ltd. Arum Technology Co., Ltd. Arom Information Technology Co.,Ltd Equity Anchor Equity Partners Korea Co., Ltd. Anchor ANCHOR CITY CO.,LTD. THE ANCHOR CO.,LTD. Pro Poly Poly Trading Co.,Ltd. Poly Trading MEGA POLY TRADING CO.,LTD. KOREA POST (Office of Postal Service) Korea Post (Yoido) Post Korea Net Co., Ltd. Real Post korea Co., Ltd. PTK Co., Ltd. Post & Co (Korea) Ltd. Korea Post Human Research Institute Bel Post Korea Green Post Korea Heopingteon Post Korea The Seomeo Ville Post Korea Post Korea Co., Ltd. KOREA POSTAL SERVICE AGENCY Korea Post-After Education Association Guide Post Korea Co., Ltd. Pharm Korea The Pharma Korea Sun Pharma Korea Co., Ltd. Hana Tax Corp. Hana Management Tax Corporation Hana Hana Estate Management Inc. TAX HANA Hanul Tax Management Corporation Co., Ltd. Tax Hana Co., LTD. Hana Tax Accounting Consulting Doosan Corporation Mcube Technology Co., Ltd. Ecuv Tech GS Energy&Materials Co., Ltd. GS Energy Sanaegeunro Welfare Gigeum Greentown Holdings Korea Inc. Shekoy Korea Semiconductor New Material Co., Ltd. VFS Tashil Korea Ipso Co., Ltd. Dail Semicon Co., Ltd. Kintex Ltd. KIEC Co., Ltd. KIEC Korea Exhibition Industrial KW Convention Center Korea Exhibition&Convention Business Cooperative Korea Usu Furniture Exhibition Center Korean Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. International Exhibition News Co., Ltd. BYC Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. Mega Fasteners Co. MEGA INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. MEGA CO.,LTD. Mega Corp. Co., Ltd. Mega Flow MEGA FINANCE CO.,LTD. MEGA FEEL CO.,LTD. Mega Fors Les&More Lesmore Co., Ltd. Sun Jin Air-crean Jinair Co. Ltd Air Shabu Jin Hello Museum Hello Hello Co., Ltd. Hello Museum Hello M Co., Ltd. HAVE&BE CO.,LTD. Han Be Have Chang Sung company Chang Sung CO., Ltd BTC BTC & Co.,Ltd. BTC Communications Co, Ltd 678.CO.,LTD. 678.CO.,LTD. Chicken 678 Shinoh E&T Co., Ltd. Shinki E&T Co., Ltd. SINWOO E&T CO.,LTD. Shinwoo E&C Co., Ltd. Shinwoo F&T Co., Ltd. Shinwoo C&E Co., Ltd. Sungwoo E&T Co., Ltd. Shinheng E&T Corp. Shinwoo HanpassGlobal HANPASSHOLDINGS CO.,LTD HANPAC CO., LTD. Hanpos Co., Ltd. OCI Company Ltd. OCI POWER CO.,LTD. O&C Industry Co., Ltd. OC IT Co.,Ltd. Top Trade Co., Ltd. TOP Trading Co.,Ltd. TOP TRADING COMPANY The Top Trading V Top Trading Yuri Top Trading Bond Balanced Fund Jeil Top Trading Baek Doosan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. KD INC Co., Ltd. PREMIERE Premier Corporation Premier Premier Expo Logistics Inc. PREMIER LOGISTICS SERVICE CO.,LTD. Seoul Communication Co., Ltd.. SEOUL COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION Kocom Co, Ltd Seoul Branch Beomu Seoul Branch Co., Ltd. Bowon Seoul Branch Co., Ltd. I Bank Communication Co., LTD. I Bank Communication Co.,Ltd. Contents Bank Communications Co., Ltd. Media Bank Communications Co., Ltd. Han Bank Communication Co., Ltd. Intelligens Communication Bank Co., Ltd. Oriental Shipping Co., Ltd. J-Chem Co., Ltd. JB CHEM. CO., LTD. J Chem Corp. JB CHEMICAL CORP. J&B CO.,LTD. SSCK SSCK 4th Co., Ltd. SCK Fine Co., Ltd. SC KOHP CO.,LTD. SCK Partners Co., Ltd. SCK Corp. SCK Co.,Ltd. Masstige Deco Co., Ltd. Masstige Presen Co.,Ltd. Seong-Won Masstige Second SPC TN Masstige Corporation INC Co., Ltd. Rooms R & M R&M RMS RM CO.,LTD. RMS CO.,LTD. The Room Room RM R.M DC Co., Ltd. R&M Corporation Co., Ltd. R.M Co., Ltd. Myungjin Company Myungjin Corp. Myungjin System R Tek Corporation M Tree Tek R Tu M Co., Ltd. The Export-Import Bank of Korea ZARANA IMPORT EXPORT KOREA EXPORT & IMPORT CO., LTD. GUN SEUNG IMP&EXP., LTD. GORYEO EXPORTATION AND IMPORTATION INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Seoul Tour Co., Ltd. Seoul Tour TOUR SEOUL KOREA CO.,LTD. Korea Seoul Co., Ltd. SEOUL KOREA TOWN CO.,LTD. WITH CO.,LTD. With All Co., Ltd. With Co., Ltd. ABB Ltd. A B Beu Company Co., Ltd. AB Bio Co., Ltd. ABB Company Co., Ltd. HDGSK JV Paar Co., Ltd. PaAran Co., Ltd. Paarang Co., Ltd. PAARAN INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Paaran Bada Dae UMEC Co., Ltd. UMES CO., LTD. Energen Co., Ltd. Hyundai Wia MT Co.,Ltd. Hyundai Wia Seoul Co., Ltd. Hyundai Wia Joongang Sales Hyundai AND Hyundai Corporation Actco Korea ACTS KOREA, INC. Actis KOREA Limited Acotex Korea Ltd. Mission 21 Inc. Sanbon Precision SAMBON & CO LTD SAMPOONG PRECISION CO. Sambong Precision Sambon Electric Sambong Electric Co., Ltd. Blanc Blanc & Eclare Korea Co.,Ltd. Balance Career Inc. Blanc Co., Ltd. Blance Co., Ltd. CORIDEL ENTERTAINMENT SM Entertainment Co., Ltd. JP Company Co.,Ltd. BROTHERS CORP BROTHERS CORPORATION BROS CO., LTD. JP Co.,Ltd JP Brothers, Inc. J Bros JK Brothers OneCan Networks Co, Ltd ATOS Co., Ltd. ATSG CO.,LTD. ATSS Atssa Restaurant DM Ocean Co.,Ltd. D.M.OPTICAL Co., Ltd. DM&Oscar Dongbuk Management Office GAMEBERRY INC. GAMEPER Co., Ltd. BSCO Co., Ltd. Kokam RX Co., Ltd. KoKam Resources Co., Ltd. KOKAM INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. Kokem Co., Ltd. Kokam Company Co., Ltd. Kokam I&T Co., Ltd. Kokomo KOKANG CO.,LTD. Koka Corporation Kokata Ko A Korea koako Food Co., LTD. DIGITAL BANK KOREA CO., LTD. Ray Bank korea Co., Ltd. Standard Chartered Bank Korea Limited The Bank of Korea Pan Uro Credit Bank Korea Co., Ltd. BT Bank Korea Co., Ltd. One Bank Korea Co., Ltd. E Peu Bank Korea Data Bank Korea Co., Ltd. Biz Bank Korea Co., Ltd. MEAT BANK KOREA FOOD BANK KOREA CO.,LTD. SOLUS BANK KOREA CO. LTD A&T International Co., Ltd. Ati ATI Corporation ATI Company Co., Ltd. ATI NC ATI Enterprise Co., Ltd. ATI Tek Co., Ltd. YSK Media Co., Ltd. Y.S.K YSK Corporation Neomad Co., Ltd. NEOMC INC. Neom Co., Ltd. NEOMECCA CO.,Ltd NEOMAC lnc. NeoMecca Co., Ltd NeoMCC Corp. Neomrak Nexfil Co.,Ltd. Nexvil Co., Ltd. Nexfair Co. Petra Petra Mart Patrasche LOUISIANA CO.,LTD. La Perla Korea Limited La Perla LA Project Co., Ltd. L & A Co., Ltd. L & A Natural Cement Co., Ltd. KH Electronics Co., Ltd. Korea Hansong E Co., Ltd. KH EXPRESS 2ND INC. Azubu korea Co., Ltd. Azubu Plus Co., Ltd. AZUR.,LTD Career Career Leader,ltd The KOSDAQ Market Inc Kosdaq Mart Co., Ltd. Law Incorporation YBL Hwang Jang-Yop The Democracy Building Committee Y BL YBL Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Daekung Convey Belt Y Blue Net Co., Ltd. CY Building Design Factory Blue Every Blue GS Dental Clinic My Bloomy Co., Ltd. Sky Building Bethany Building Family Building City Building BUY BLUE CO.,LTD. Ko Stock Co., Ltd. Kosdaq Securities Co., Ltd. Orchestra H Orchestra Seoul Orchestra HAPPY VIRUS ORCHESTRA CO.,LTD. Orchestra Coffee Doubler Hanwha Q CELLS Korea Corp. Advanced Material Corporation Hanwha Q CELLS Corp. Global JH Co., Ltd. JH Global Company Co., Ltd. J.H. GLOBAL CORPORATION NCG Co.,Ltd NCG Co., Ltd. AK&K Co., Ltd. Akuku Dae Myung Co., Ltd. Dae-Myung Trading Co. DAE MYUNG CO DAE MYUNG HYDRAULIC MACHINERY CO., LTD. DAE MYUNG IND Daemyung Industry Co.,Ltd. Daemyung Industrial Daemyung Industry CEM Co., Ltd. CEM Corporation Co., Ltd. MS Consulting Group The Consulting Group Co.,Ltd. Compas Consulting Group Co., Ltd Professional Consulting Group Co., Ltd. Leaders Consulting Group The Won Consulting Group Co., Ltd. Y Consulting Group Co., Ltd. New York Consulting Group Co., Ltd. The Way Consulting Co., Ltd. K And Consulting Co., Ltd. KIPC Consulting Group Co., Ltd. K Way Co., Ltd. JW Consulting Group Co., Ltd. Donga Aeltek Co., Ltd. D A E DAE Intromen Co., LTD. Intermedia INTRO Corporation IntroMedic Co., LTD. Intro Company Ltd. Wirebarley Corp. Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd. Korean Air Lines Co, Ltd Korean Air Lines Co, Ltd Hanbit Fidelity & Surety Co., Ltd.. HANKUK FIDELITY & SURETY COMPANY Impression Fidelity Co., Ltd. Print Fidelity Tn`s Corporation Co., Ltd. TN Sys Co.,Ltd. TS T.N Co.,Ltd. Consulting Sympathy Co.,Ltd. AD Sympathy TROUBLES WOMAN SYMPATHY T & Sympathy Co., Ltd. VIP Co., Ltd. VIP Vip Company Neonos Co., Ltd. Neon Co., Ltd. Pop Top Pop Leaders Pop Co., Ltd. Pop In J Pop&Pop Co., Ltd. Jaino Co.,Ltd. Jainjo Co., Ltd. Jain Co., Ltd. Jainentek Co., Ltd. JAINTEC CO.,LTD. JAINMED Jinaenpu Co., Ltd. Jainjang The Jaingangnam Juminhyeobuiche Environment Gaeseonchujin Committee Jemmaneppeutti Jinampeurapeoti Co., Ltd. Jeomeunbuja Maeul Co., Ltd. Junmanbae Dental Clinic Jainhyang Co.,Ltd. Jinwonappa Studio JOWONINFO Jinnampo Makguksu Jenuinpekteu Jinhanbang Samgyetang TK HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. TK Holdings Co., Ltd. T&K Holdings Co., Ltd. T.K Corp TK Corporation Co.,Ltd. TK Gold Co., Ltd. Just Co., Ltd. Just in Just MS Co.,Ltd. Nex Gen NCG Inc. NC Gate Co., Ltd. NCG Art Work Co., Ltd. Blue NCG Co., Ltd. ARA Company Ltd. ARA CORP Ara Co.,Ltd. Ara Corporation Co., Ltd. Ara PLC Co.,Ltd. The Ara Co., Ltd. Profit Co., Ltd. THE PROFIT Co., Ltd. Profit Co.,Ltd. Union Profit Co., Ltd. Non Company Hanbum Limited Co. Hanpyung People People & Pc THE PEOPLE CO.,LTD. PEOPLES CO.,LTD. PEOPLE & CO CO.,LTD. People Co., Ltd. People & Company Pscom Corporation Kyung Hee Trading Co., Ltd. JI Trading Co., Ltd. J.I. Trading Co. KYUNG IN TRADING CO., LTD. KYUNG JIN TRADING CO Kyung Jin Trading Co., Ltd. KYUNG JI TRADING CO. LTD. MIN KYUNG TRADING CO.,LTD SEUNG JI TRADING CO.,LTD Coopera Seoul Ltd MNC Corporation MNC Company Man Commerce MNC Corporation Co., Ltd. Digital Effect Co., Ltd. Digital EL Co., Ltd. Pro Digital Co., Ltd. Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Digital Tech Digital With Co., Ltd. Digital I I Eco Digital Co., Ltd. Digital Echo Co.,Ltd. Digital Electronics Digital Record Co.,Ltd. Peal-Star Pictures Co., Ltd. Aistar Pictures SRE Pictures Co., Ltd. The Picture The Pictures Leaders Pictures Star Picture BIZ STAR PICTURES CO.,LTD. Star Fish Pictures Co., Ltd. DAVID STAR PICTURES CO.,LTD. Star Pictures Entertainment Co., Ltd. Spear Pictures Co., Ltd. Story Pictures PICTURE SUPARK CO.,LTD. Picture and Letter SR Pictures Co., Ltd. PICTURE AK CO.,LTD. PICTURE SPIDER CO.,LTD. Picture E Say Co., Ltd. Alpha R&D Co., Ltd. ALPHA D & T CO.,LTD. D Alpha Alpha T&D Co., Ltd. ALPHA C & D CO.,LTD. Home Plus HM Plus Co., Ltd. Home&Plus Co., Ltd. Homeplus eparan Foundation Homeplus Co., Ltd. Mirae Homeplus Bala Homeplus Yeongdeungpo Jeom Gimpo Homeplus Pharmacy Dunkin Donuts Siheung Homeplus Branch KNOCK CO. Knock Mall. Co.,Ltd Somian Soming Co., Ltd. Somi Somia Somin Jiseong Co., Ltd. JDC & COMPANY Co.,Ltd JDC CO.,LTD Jeil Data Communication JDC International J&D&C JDC&G Co., Ltd. JDC&G INFINITY CO. Infinity Infinity Corporation INFINITY Infinity Company Essor Corp. Essor ESKorea Biz Co., Ltd. Multinet Multinet System MULTINET KOREA CO.,LTD. MULTINET KOREA CO., LTD. Nonghyup Bank Nonghyup Bank Co.,Ltd. Janghanpyeong Station Branch Sintoburi Nonghyup Bank Co.,Ltd. Sungdong Branch Nonghyup Bank Co.,Ltd. Sadang-dong Branch Nonghyup Bank Co.,Ltd. Daechi-dong Branch Nonghyup Bank Co.,Ltd. Sinsa-dong Financial Center Andus Metals Corp. ANDUS ANdus Co., Ltd. Aindus ANADCS KYUNG JIN CO.,LTD Yung Jin Trading Co., Ltd. Kyung Jin KYUNGJIN TRADING CO. KYUNG JIN CO., Kyung Jin Co JISEON COMPANY LIMITED Legend Of The Eel Organic Organia Co., Ltd. ORGANICS CO.,LTD. Organic Bay Organic Avenue Co., Ltd. Organic Korea Co., Ltd. Organic For You Kaka Kaka Oti Kaka Odok Kaka Obin Jesus Valley Co., Ltd. Jesus Coffee Jesus 24 Co., Ltd. Jesus On Net JESUS FOR YOU TRADING CO.,LTD. Daehan Jesus Jesus Center Church Jesus Sarang Church Flex Co., Ltd. FLUX Co.,Ltd Flux Flux Co., Ltd The Flux Co.,Ltd. I DO FLUX CO., LTD. FLUX & COMPANY CO.,LTD. Flux International Ltd. Js Flux Co., Ltd Flux Planet, Inc. FLUX Investment Firm Co., Ltd. Flux Interconnect Co., Ltd. FLUX Media Co, Ltd Flux Design Kino Flux Co., Ltd. Il Planning ILP Ilwha L&P Co., Ltd. IL Plan Co., Ltd. IL Plus Co., Ltd. IL PEUREOS CO.,LTD. I Love PR Co., Ltd. I Love Pizza I Love Pub P&P Inc Co., Ltd. P&p P&P CO.,LTD. P&P Corporation Co., LTD. ACCS, Inc. Awis Co.,Ltd. Asia Communications Co., Ltd. ASIA COMMUNICATION CO.,LTD. Acha Asia C&i Co., Ltd. BOK Corporation 21 CENTURY CO. 21 Century Hof AMC CORPORATION., LTD. Semichem Semichem Co., Ltd. AMC Semichem AMC Semicam Co., Ltd. Kt Estate Co., Ltd. K&T Co., Ltd. K&& T The KT The 1st Co., Ltd. SAMDUK CORPORATION SAMDUK CORP SAMDUK Co., Ltd.. Gluon I&S Co., Ltd. Gilwoon International Co., Ltd. KB LEADERS KB Gold Co., Ltd. K. B Glovis Co., Ltd. D&B Corporation DB 2nd co.,ltd DB 1st DB The 4th db DB Metal Co., Ltd. D&B Meat Co., Ltd. Hana Savings Bank Yesung Saving Bank Co., Ltd. Yuanta Securities Korea Co., Ltd. Yuanta Investment Co.,Ltd. Yuanta Securities Korea Co., Ltd. IWI Limited Park&People Co., Ltd. People&D Co., Ltd. People A&D Co., Ltd. People Parking People P&D Co.,Ltd. SDPlex Co., Ltd. Act Corporation Act Corporation Co., Ltd. Act INC Co., Ltd. Act Corporation CHUNG & COMPANY CORP Chung Sa Co. Chung CHUNG LIM Chung-Ra Shipping Co., Ltd. CHUNG JO SHIPPING CO., LTD. CHUNG TONG SHIPPING CO.,LTD Chung San Co., Ltd. B.H CORPORATION B H International Co.,Ltd. B.H INTERNATIONAL B.H. INTERNATIONAL INC. B&H International Co., Ltd. BH Lab International BH INFO CO.,LTD. Rienri Partners RAINIER BAKERY CO.,LTD. Raaenri Co., Ltd. Rayner co., Ltd Rienri Family Physician Hospital THE RUMOR CO.,LTD. RENOIR INC. Remare DC FR Net Co., Ltd. VMware Korea Co., Ltd. Hyundai L&R Co., Ltd. Hyundai C&S Hyundai C & L Hyundai C&C Co., Ltd. Hyundai C&R INC Hyundai M&C Co., Ltd. Hyundai R & C Co., Ltd. Hyundai C&F Hyundai C & S Co, Ltd Bf Korea BF Company Co.,Ltd. BF The 1st BF KOREA CO. B&F In Korea Co., Ltd. Korea BF Co.,Ltd. Comerstone Consulting CO.,Ltd. Conerstone B Co.,Ltd. CONERSTONE PARTNERS CO.,LTD. Cornerstone CIG Co., Ltd. Cornerstone Equity Partners Co., Ltd. The Cornerstone Company Cornerstone E&M Inc. CORNERSTONE INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. E-Cornerstone Co., Ltd. Cornerstone Technology Cornerstone Realty Co.,Ltd. Cornerstone AMC Co.,Ltd. CORNERSTONE KCC CO.,LTD. IB CORNERSTONE CO.,LTD. CORNERSTONE67 Co., LTD. Seoul cornerstone Cornerstone Co.,Ltd. CORNERSTONE INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. Cornerstone Advisors, Inc. Cornerstone Academy Co., Ltd. Cornerstone NHN Global Growth 1st PEF Cornerstoneidea Co.,Ltd Cornerstone CIG CORNERSTONE ENTER CO.,LTD. CORNERSTONE CHILSUNG INC. Try Cornerstone Co., Ltd. Gansam Architects & Partners Co., Ltd. Gansam Co.,Ltd. Forall Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Fora Forall Motors Co.,Ltd. Medicat Co., Ltd. Mediaset Co., Ltd. MEDIACT Aju Plus Textile Co, Ltd PLUS TEXTILE CO.,LTD. A-PLUS TEXTILE AJU PULP CO.,LTD. HUE TECH WIN CO.,LTD. Hyundai Food Tech Win Co.,Ltd. Suju Tech Win Ad Robot Co., Ltd. Flybook FlyB Dongbuka No.9 Ship Investment Company Co., Ltd. Dongbuka No.32 Ship investment Company Dongbuka No.3 Ship Investment Company Co., Ltd. Dongbuka No.18 Ship Investment Company Dongbuka No.30 Ship Investment Dongbuka No.33 Ship Investment Company SK Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. GS Engineering & Construction Corp. SW Engineering & Const. Co., Ltd. CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. Moa Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. PACIFIC ENGINEERING CO. LTD. PACIFIC ENGINEERING CORP KR CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. Fil Co FIL International Co., Ltd. F.I.L CO.,LTD Fill Line Fill Enterprise Co., Ltd Salesworks Korea Limited TGS Pipe Co., Ltd. Medinoba Co., Ltd. CNP International CO.,LTD JoongAng Ilbo JoongAngIlbo Marketing Co., Ltd. JOONGANG ILBO PLUS Joongang Ilbo Joinsland Co., Ltd. Joongang Ilbo Sindorim Center JoongAng Ilbo Gwanak Center Joongang Ilbo Doglibmun Agency JOONGANG ILBO SOGONG CENTER Joongang Ilbo Geoyeo Center Joongang Ilbo Credit Cooperative Mega Power YPP MEGA power Co., Ltd. Mega Power Tech Osung Mega Power Co.,Ltd. Sell Mega Power Co., Ltd. Mega Pr JSB JSB Corporation J.S.B JSB INC. JS&B Co., Ltd. KHJM Co., Ltd. Lan Tech LnTech Co., Ltd. Lantzwatch Co., Ltd. Taeyang Apparel TAEYANG APPAREL CO.LTD 81 Company 81 Company Eight 1 815 Sereine Lab Co., Ltd. CS WELDING CO.,LTD. CS.WIN.LTD C&s World C&S World Co., Ltd. CSW Co., Ltd. C S WORKER CO.,LTD. Gyeongjin Electric Co. Joongang Sa KoreCorp Co., Ltd. NCC And Co., Ltd. NCC NCC CO.,LTD N C&C Co., Ltd. NC COM CO.,LTD. NC .com Co., Ltd. NC City NCI Corp. NCI Development NCI Technology Co., Ltd. NCI korea Co., Ltd. NC Info NCI System Co., Ltd. NICE C&I Co., Ltd. NC IT Co., Ltd. Nasan C&I Atlantis Atlantis Wagonri WID ARTIST COMPANY Nonghyup Feed Inc. Jeisys Medical Inc. Jei System Jeisis JEISYS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Jeisys SNU R&DB Foundation Seoul National University Seoul National University of Education Seoul National University Foundation Seoul national University of Education Seoul National University Tripe Homenara Homecare SNP Limited Co., Ltd. Compas SNP Co., Ltd. Team Nine Team Team Corporation Team Twelve inc Team 2 Team And Team With Co., Ltd. First Line Team Team Nine Corporation Co., Ltd. Dong Jin DONG JIN CO. G.N Enterprise Co., Ltd. GN Enterprise Geumho General Enterprise CORYO GENERAL ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. ENT General Construction Co., Ltd. Companyn General Enterprise Pan Dc Pan Asia Investments Limited Company PAN Co.,Ltd. Pan Asia Corporation Co., Ltd. AS Co., Ltd. PAN ASIA RE,INC PAN ASIA SHIPPING CORP. PAN ASIA TRADING CO LTD Pan Asian Marketing Co., Ltd. KOREA ADVANCED MATERIALS INSTITUTE Lintec Advanced Technologies (Korea) Inc. CU Korea Advanced Institute Of Science & Technology Oneroom Agency Korea Advanced Institute Of Labor Advanced Technology Inc. Advanced Technologies Corp. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION Advanced Technology Inc. Cisco Systems Korea Ltd. Cisco Systems Capital Korea Ltd. CISCO CORPORATION Cisco Shipping Co., Ltd. Ciscorp,Inc Cisco Services Korea Limited Cisco Information Technology Cisco Systems Capital Korea Ltd. CISCO CORPORATION CI&S Consulting Co., Ltd. C&I Soft .com Co., Ltd. Inseong Freeze CISCO CI SYNTHESIS CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. CSP Information Supervision Consulting Co., Ltd. Chosun Ilbo Seogangjeungsan Center Hyundai Cisco ENG Nasung FA DACO CO.,LTD. Dacon Corporation Daco DACOMOS CO.,LTD Dacoa Dacos Technologies, Inc. Dacos International TELLOS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Telos Co., Ltd. Telos Co.,Ltd. Taelo Corporation Telos Apparel Co., Ltd. S Telos Co.,Ltd. Telos Technology TELOS WorldWide Inc Tell For You Telodis Co., Ltd Tellos Apparel TELL K CO.,LTD. RHEESOO DYES & CHEMICALS Co., Ltd. Leo Company Ltd. Leo Leo Corporation Leo Phone Leo company.,co.LTD LEO Co., Ltd. LEO Pharma Limited GK OPTICAL GROUP LTD. Seoul Money Brokerage Services, Ltd. Seoul Motor Service SEOUL MARINE SERVICE CO.,LTD Buk Seoul Service Co., Ltd. KYUNG NAM TEXTILE CO. NAM KYUNG co.,ltd KYUNG NAM C & I KYUNG NAM TRADE PROMOTION Co., Ltd.. KYUNG NAM ENTERPRISES LTD Jjokkijjokki(Dongseoul Terminal agency) PAN ASIA CORP Pan Asia Co. PAN-ASIA CO., LTD Pan Asia International Co., Ltd. Shin Se Gi Sang Sa DONG SHIN JEON GI Shin Jeong Gi Tax Office Shin GI NC C&P Co., Ltd. C&p THE C&P CO.,LTD. C&P Corp. Ltd. C&P Corp. YUDU CORPORATION Yuda Yudo Realying Yudoheo Yedo vonvon. inc. Green Textile Co., Ltd. Green Textile Co. EVER GREEN TEXTILE Co., Ltd. Auto System Co., Ltd. Auto System Co. Auto Systems Co., Ltd Asia Pacific Co, Ltd Asia & Pacific Corporation THE ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED CO.,LTD. POWER IN ASIA CO.,LTD. Royal Tower Co.,Ltd. ROYAL PLACE CO.,LTD. ROYAL PROCESS CO., LTD Royal Partners Co.,Ltd. Real Estate Power Co.,Ltd. Royal Publishing GS Engineering G.S. Engineering Co. UQI Partners Co., Ltd. HR Net HR Networks Co., Ltd. LG Electronics, Inc. Jjukkijjokki CGA CO.,LTD. Yongsan Composite Cons. Co., Ltd. RootLoc Co., Ltd. KT Ribbon KT Internet Co., LTD. KT Entertainment Co., Ltd. KT Road Co., Ltd. MARINTEC CORPORATION Morantech Co.,Ltd. Jin tex corperation Co.,Ltd. G.F. CORPERATION Taeil Corperation The Inspection Company of Korea Co., Ltd. Inswep Korea Co., Ltd. Decoin Deconi Decolian Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Claim Adjustment Service Co., Ltd Sabic Korea Co., Ltd. Space Korea Spax Korea Spak Korea Co., Ltd. SABIC KOREA LTD. SAVVIS KOREA LIMITED. S.b.i.c Co., Ltd. Sabic Far East Ltd. SABIN.CO.,LTD Sabin Sabia Capital Market Compas Capital Management Co., Ltd. BGC Capital Korea Ace Capital Management Co., Ltd. LIG CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Bridge Capital Co., Ltd BL Capital Co.,Ltd. J&SK CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Korea Leaders Capital Co., Ltd. Rotech DUKE COMPANY Duke Cinema Co., Ltd. CNA CO.,LTD. CNA Gyeongwon FNV Co., Ltd. Gyeongwon II SHINHAN Inc Shinhan P&C Co., Ltd. Neo World DMC Co., Ltd. Neo World Tour Co., Ltd. Neo World Co., Ltd. WORLD NEO Co.,Ltd. Neo Data World Neo Cyber World Co., Ltd. WaterWall Systems CO., LTD. A&A Communication Co., LTD. AAC Holding Ltd. AAC KOREA Co., Ltd. Hankook AAC A&A Computer Dasan SR Co., Ltd. Dasan INC Co., Ltd. Dasan FA Co., Ltd. Rojin Mitsubishi Corporation(Korea) Ltd. Mitsubishi Elevator Korea Co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Electric Automation Korea Co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Electric Korea Co.,Ltd. Mitsubishi-energy GRABIS CO.,LTD. GRAB GRAB Co., Ltd Grabig co., Ltd. Pro Meditech Meditech Meditech Co., Ltd. Leaders Meditech Daeum Meditech D Meditech Co., Ltd. Daeho Meditech Daewoo Meditech Doctors Technology Co., Ltd. Bapeuro Bepe Avalon Avillon Networks Corp. UBK COMPANY CO., LTD. UNIT CORP UNI U N I Uni-M Co.,Ltd. Uni Micro Techology Co., Ltd. Uni Mile Co.,Ltd. Komarine Engineering & Construction Co, Ltd G.W. CO., LTD. Wishcompany Inc. BORD CO.,LTD Baroden Co., Ltd. Bordo YUMI ONE J CO.,LTD. J ONE COMPANY LTD. The J One Co.,Ltd. J One Corporation Co., Ltd. J. One Limited J & B ONE CO.,LTD. Korea Bio Technology Research Institute Korea Technology Management Research Institute Co., Ltd. Korea Chem-Tech Co., Ltd. Korea Financial Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. KRIST Co., Ltd. Three K Incorporated Three K Company Co., Ltd. Worldwide Corp. IN Tech Co., Ltd. IN Techs Co., Ltd. KOM CO., LTD. Ko M.I Co., Ltd. AS INC Co., Ltd. Pro A.S Co., Ltd. As Say The 3rd Co., Ltd. As Say The 2nd Co., Ltd. As Say The 1st Co., Ltd. As Say The 4th Co., Ltd. Platinum Dental Clinic P&A Co., Ltd. P&A Corporation P&A Pen&Company Co., Ltd. PEN Co., Ltd. P&A CO.,LTD. TM Corporation T.M Corporation Co., LTD. KB Insurance Co., Ltd. USGA & A CO.,LTD. UASA CO. Korean Blockchain Exchange Inc. BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY KOREA. Co.,Ltd.) Biz Partners Korea Co., Ltd. Best Partners Korea Co., Ltd. Shape Co., Ltd. Shapen Co., Ltd. shaper inc. Shapco Shapoll Co., Ltd Samsung Securities Co., Ltd. Samsung Securities Co., Ltd._Daechi Branch Samsung Security Tool Samsung SEC Co., Ltd. Inbex IBEX PT HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. Ibex Co., Ltd. IB Express SECUi Corp. SecuM SECUX CO.,LTD. SECUWIN CORP. SecuWiz Inc. Secujin Co., LTD. Securus Co., Ltd. Seculine Co., Ltd. Pro Secure SECUVE Co., Ltd. Secube Inc Secuon SECUI SecuNM Co., Ltd. Seculine Secuwide Corp. The Whain Whain Corporation Whain S&Company Co., Ltd. Whain J Whain M Whain With Win Co., Ltd. Whain E&I Co., Ltd. Whain Leaders Whain Com Whain Consulting Whain C&T Co., Ltd. F & T INC. Mr. Foot Co., Ltd. Leaders F&T Co., Ltd. BF Global Co., Ltd. Altran Technologies Korea Ltd. MoneyBrain Inc. E Seu E Co., Ltd. ESE NC Co., Ltd. ES Electric Co., Ltd. E So Electronics ESE STATE CO.,LTD. Hsbiz Co., Ltd. Hsbiz Co., Ltd. CHIMBUSCO KOREA Co., Ltd. CHAKRAA Chakra Chakra Shop Aimmi Co., Ltd. Aiyan Aini Co., Ltd. ANNA international Co., Ltd. Aini AIIM Co.,Ltd Amia AEON_INTERNATIONAL Ahwin Co., Ltd. Ahinoam Inc. Da Q Dream Depo Co., Ltd. Depo M Corporation I Depo DAIL SCIENCE TRADING CO.,LTD. Dail Science Trading Horus Co., Ltd. Hanhwa Co., Ltd. Hanhwa AF The 3rd Co., Ltd. PROGRESS JJ Company JJ CO. JJ CORPORATION CO.,LTD. J-J Corporation EAST ASIA DEVELOPMENT INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. South Asia Development Asia Development Research Institute Dong Asia Development Gongsa Co., Ltd. Asia Development Corp. ASIA Development & Construction Co., Ltd. Jungang Asia Development Co., Ltd. Fan Asia Development Co., Ltd. Caltech Trading Korea Co., Ltd. KF Rental Co., Ltd. KF Co., Ltd. KF Company Co., Ltd. STD Co.,Ltd. Standard Co., Ltd. Access Access Co., Ltd. ACCESS CO.LTD Access Mobile Co., Ltd. Access AD Access M Co., Ltd Access Media Co., Ltd. Access Mania Co., Ltd. Access Motion Co., Ltd. MODU ACCESS, INC. Access Net ACCESS PHARMA INC. G Access Access ENT Co.,Ltd. Linkwon Co., Ltd. LINKIN CO.,LTD. LinkING Co., Ltd. Linking Co.,Ltd. Linkone Inc. Linxon Corporation Ben Corporation BEANS COMPANY Digital Leaders Co., Ltd. Digital MS Digital DR Digital Digital INC Digital Corporation Digit Co., Ltd Digital Leaders Co., Ltd GT Interface MS Interface Co., Ltd. Interface Digi-Q Digital Bio Interface Co., Ltd. Design Interface Co., Ltd. Interface Design Co., Ltd. Itu Interface Co., Ltd. Dream Interface Co., Ltd. INTERFACE PC ROOM Tim Interface Interface Engineering NEO LAB CO.,LTD. Neo Lab Neolab Convergence Inc. Neilba Neolance Co., Ltd. Firstra Co., Ltd. Firstic Co., Ltd. Firstro Co.,Ltd. FirstMover firstorder Jin E Yong Yong Jin Co.,Ltd. YONG JIN TECH CO.,LTD YONG JIN CORP YONG JIN CORPORATION JINYONG CORP. ENERTEC CORPORATION Jinyong Corporation Co., Ltd. ALLSTAR GLS Co., Ltd. Allst Co., Ltd. Allstay Co., Ltd. All That Stay Co., Ltd. Allstar VAN TEXTILE Van Tek INC Co., Ltd. Van Tu C Co., Ltd. Van Trade VaNet, Inc MP Computing Co.,Ltd. mp&c MPC Co., Ltd. MPC Partners Co., Ltd. MP C&C Co., Ltd. Peterpan Media Peterpan Travel Co.,Ltd. Peterpan Hof Peterpan Confectionery Peterpan Bakery Shop K K KK The 1st KK Corporation NK Mulsan Co, Ltd Peter Pan tech Co., Ltd. Peter pan media Peter Pan Media Co., Ltd. Mister Peter Pan Peter Pan Lab Peter Pan Art Peter Pan Flower Peter Pan Food Co., Ltd. McTAH Trading Co., Ltd. S.J MODE Sm Mode SM Mode Co., Ltd. J.Mode Standard Mode Co., Ltd. SURES MODE CO.,LTD. LJ Mode Co.,Ltd. JM Mode JM Mode Corporation Blooms Co., Ltd. Bloom Co., Ltd. BLOOM & CO CO.,LTD. Bloom DC Bloom Energy Korea, LLC BLOOM ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD. Dongguk University Dongguk PL Co., Ltd. WORD 4TH INC. Word Co., Ltd. Word CPL MS Pearl Pearls Art Co., Ltd. GLOMEDI CO.,LTD. KOOKMIN UNIVERSITY Kookmin University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation Kookmin University Economy Institute Kookmin University Foundation Yeongu Kookmin University Cafeteria Kookmin University Consumer cooperative Kookmin University Optical Store Jeongneung Agency Kookmin University Reunion Kookmin University Beauty Copy Works(Kookmin Univ. Agency) Buy The Way Kookmin University Back Gate Agency KOOKMIN INF CO.,LTD. AIR PALACE CO.,LTD. Amdocs Inc., Korea Branch Gatae Co., Ltd. Gatarina Sh Trading S.H TRADING CO.,LTD. SH Trading Corporation UNITED SHOE TRADING LT SH International Trade Co., Ltd. SH Global Trading Inc. SH Daedong Trading Sangsa HANGUK HWAJAE SAFETY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. SH TRADING CO.,LTD. Sh Global Trading Gidtech Co., Ltd. KOROSIN Co.,Ltd KORSINO CORPORATION Korism Co., Ltd. Koreasun Medical Co., Ltd. Korejin Co., Ltd. KRSM Electric Keuresendo Media Co., Ltd. Korisen ICT Co., Ltd. Keuresendo Korea Co., Ltd. Koreasms Korezon Co., Ltd. KOREAGENE CO., LTD. Keurisaen Industries Korea Ade & Tech NK CORPORATION LIMITED MPC Life Co., Ltd. MPC LOAN CO.,LTD. PETERPAN IN NEVERLAND CO.,LTD. Piterpan Persons Co., Ltd. Piterpen Co. Seohan MPC Co., Ltd. Peterfan Yuhang Co., Ltd. petroplaza MPC Yulchon Power Plant 1 Co.,Ltd MEDIA TECH.CO.,LTD Root Mediatech Co., Ltd. JM Mediatech MediaTechnology Co., Ltd. Broadcasting Culture Mediatech Channel A Mediatech Co.,Ltd Yes Mediatech The Sand SND I Ring Irina Irang General Reinsurance Korean Reinsurance Company Korean Reinsurance Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. TRINITY PNF CO.,LTD. Trimble Eepert Co., Ltd. Triump Co., Ltd. TRUMP&CO. Trump Co., Ltd. TRUMPF Korea Co., Ltd. Tteuranebaldoreupeu Teuraenbol Co., Ltd. Trampoline Co., Ltd. Teureompeu Convenience Store Termbile Korea Co., Ltd. Teureompeu World Co., Ltd. Trends Co., Ltd. Trend Trend Co. Trene TREND IN CO.,LTD. The Trend Co., Ltd. Trenew MONSANTO KOREA INC. Deutsche House DEUTSCHE STRING CO.,LTD. Hanwha L&C Corporation Hansin L&C Co., Ltd. Hana L&C Co., Ltd. Tom & Jerry Pictures Tom & Jerry Kam Koam Asset Management Pro Kam Kwonteom Asset Management Co., Ltd. KGM Asset Management Co., Ltd. KMD Asset Management Co.,Ltd. Osquare CREATIVE HON CO.,LTD. SA CREATION CO.,LTD. CREATIVE IN CO.,LTD. CREAT CO.,LTD. Creative Art In Smart Creative Co., Ltd. Smart Creation ROUTE CREATION CO.,LTD. Salt Creative Co.,Ltd. Smart Tomorrow Creative Inc. Banana Van D Deu Co., Ltd. Banana THE THREE S CO.,LTD. 3S CO.,LTD. 3S Company Three S Corporation Co., Ltd. The Three S Co., Ltd. Heritage&G Co., Ltd. Heritage Craft Heritage International Co., Ltd. HERITAGE INVEST CO.,LTD. Heritage Project Co., Ltd. Heritage CNS Co., Ltd. Heritage Ventures Co., Ltd. Heritage Sen T Nel Co., Ltd. Heritage AMC Co., Ltd. Heritage HR Korea Co., Ltd. The Heritage Co., Ltd. Heritage Production Heritage&F Co., Ltd. I Heritage J Heritage Co., Ltd. The K Heritage Co., Ltd. Heritage Holdings Co., Ltd. Heritage Mall Co., Ltd. Hair Heritage Hyundai Heritage Law Firm Heritage Heritage Interior Co., Ltd. Heritage Sorento Co., Ltd. Korea Munhwa Heritage Total Publishing Association Heritage Cashmere Korea Jubicos Gangseo Branch Charis IT Co., Ltd. Charis Net In Charis In Charis Co., Ltd. Charis Metal SEKO CO.,LTD. Seko Co., Ltd. Sekosi Jungang Trade & Coatings Jungang Trading FS Co., Ltd. Jungang Trading Samho Boiler Co., Ltd. Sungwon Boiler Co., Ltd. Samhwa Boiler Co. Smile Boiler Sudo Boiler Smile Boiler Co., Ltd. Samsung Boiler Co Ltd STUnitas Unitas Co., Ltd. Stuart Co., Ltd. Unitas Tech Co.,Ltd. Unitas ST Co., Ltd. WIZIAN CO.,LTD. Wiz IT Co., Ltd. Wiziwic Co., Ltd WIZWID CO.,LTD. wizinc Global Corporation Global Co., LTD. Global SA Co., Ltd. Global Company Co.,Ltd. Global Leader MS GLOBAL CO., LTD. FineComSE Co., Ltd. Leaders Advisory Co., Ltd. Advisory Asset Advisor Kim & Chang Kim Chang & Lee Kim Chang In Taxation Office Kim Chang Suk Fashion Kim Chang Ju Good Fashion Kim Chang Sik Tax Accounting Office Lawyer Kim Chang Hong Office Kim Chang Ho Science Math Institute Yeweowon Mesdia Co., Ltd. Most Best Media Co.,Ltd. Mastmedia Next Media Co.,Ltd. Next Media Next Media I Co., LTD. Rockwell Automation Korea Ltd. Rokeu Well Automation Korea Co., Ltd. JOT Automation Korea Hass Automation Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Automation Industry Corp. Rockwell International Korea HB Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. Hohotel Golden Bridge Asset Management Co., Ltd. Golden Bridge Co., Ltd. GOLDEN BRIDGE INVESTMENT & SECURITIES Co., Ltd. Golden Bridge GOLDEN BRIDGE TEXTILE CO., LTD Golden Bridge WM Auction Real Est. Fund1 Dasol Technology Dasol tech Co.,Ltd. Dasol Tech Dasol Industry Technology KOREA AGRICULTURE CULTURE CENTER CORP. KOREA AGRICULTURE BIZ INDUTRY CO.,LTD. Korea Agriculture and Forestry Weather Association Korea Agriculture Food Korea Agriculture Institute Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp. Korea Agro-fisheries Trade Corporation KAFCO Korea Agriculture and fisheries and industry Recycling Cooperative Korea Do Agriculture Saeng Federation STONE GALLERY CO., LTD. unimedics Unimed LF Logistic Co., Ltd. Hana Life Logistics LF Logistics Korea SNM CO.,LTD. SNM SNM Co., Ltd. South North Medical SN MOBILE CO.,LTD. Solomon SNM SN Media GOOD SNM CO.,LTD. SN Mobile Technology Co., Ltd. Beauty SNM Susung SnM Co.,Ltd SNM Co.,Ltd. Infinity Invest Co., Ltd. Infinity ad Co., Ltd. Infinity Works Infinity M & C C9 INFINITY CR REIT CO.,LTD. Infinity Telecom Co., Ltd. Irene Infinity Co., Ltd. L.S.Y. INFINITY KOREA CO.,LTD. INFINITY NPS REIT 1 CO.,LTD. FUTURE INFINITY CO.,LTD. O-SUNG Infinity Co.,Ltd Infinity ICT Co., Ltd. CHANGSEONG INFINITY CO.,LTD. Momentum Infinity Co., Ltd New World Infinity Co., Ltd. SANGYOUNG INFINITY CO.,LTD. Infinity Commercial Co., Ltd. voiceloco, Inc. Voice Voice Telecom Co., Ltd. VOICE & LIFE CO.,LTD. The Voice Golden Bridge General Construction Co., Ltd. Infina Inc. Infinity Sabeu Co., Ltd. Infinity Service Co., Ltd. Infini Systems Co.,Ltd Element Element ltd. JAY TRONICS INC DAE MYEONG STAINLESS CO., LTD. Dae-A Company DAE A CO Dae Ah Stainless Co., Ltd. Dae Chang Stainless Co. DAE A STEEL CO., LTD. KWANG NAM Co., Ltd. Kwangnam High School Seoul Kwangnam Elementary School Kwangnam Construction Co.,Ltd. The Bobos Kwangnam Co., Ltd. Inet Seon Bijoux Co., Ltd. BIJOUX Sha Bijoux Co., Ltd Bijoux Sangsa Kyungdong Corporation Kyungdong Express Kyungdong Enterprise Co., Ltd. KYUNG DONG CORPORATION Kyung Dong Company Ltd Kyung Dong KYUNG DONG CORPORATION CO., LTD KYUNGDONG CO. Inchun Container Terminal Inchon Consulting Port Co.,Ltd. ports Leader Co., Ltd. Port The 1st Co., Ltd. KANG BYUN Pyung Yang Co.,Ltd. Pyung Kang Vital Co., Ltd. Pyung Bang International Co., Ltd. Pyeung Kang Industrial Co., Ltd. PYONG KANG Lotte Chemical Corporation D&A Edu Co., Ltd. Daedu Edu A Co., Ltd. Edu & D Co., Ltd. Doctor D&A Co., Ltd. D&a D&A Co., Ltd. DongHang Lottery company Donghaeng Lottery Co., Ltd. Donteo Lottery Bang Sudong Lottery Donghang Media Holdings Co., Ltd. JOEUN NEGGIM DONGHANG CO.,LTD. IsakRye Donghang Jjim Donghang Motor Ind. Co., Ltd.. TODAY & COMPANY CO.,LTD. TODAY CO. Today Co., Ltd. Leaders Today Co., Ltd. Winners MD Co., Ltd. Winners Company Co.,Ltd. Songpa King's Kids Language School Whynot Co., Ltd. Why Needs Co., Ltd. WHYNOT COMPANY CO.,Ltd Whynot Why Net Co.,Ltd. FF FF Company Co., Ltd. F&F Co., Ltd. F&F Enterprise Co., Ltd. F& F FF Co., Ltd. Biorbit Inc. Bankers & Company Co., Ltd. BNK LTD., BNK CO., LTD. MS Bank Co., Ltd. Pro Bank Co., Ltd. BNK Company Bank&Company Co., Ltd. S & SD CO.,LTD. S&S DM Co., Ltd. SSDC Co., Ltd. SSD&D SS Display Ssd Construction Co., Ltd. Shiaen SSD Co., Ltd. Dreamers Bae Kim & Lee IP Group Bae, Kim & Lee LLC BAE BAE Company HICOS Ltd. BAE JIN Co., Ltd. Ba E Leader Ba East Ba E Ta Ba E The Company Hwasun Trading Co., Ltd. Hwasun Co. Hwasun Industrial Hwasun Industrial Co., Ltd. Hwasun UNITEX KOREA LTD. Prime Winners Winners PR WINNERS INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. ID Winner Winners ID Co.,Ltd. I Winners Seonjin INC Co., Ltd. SEONJIN C.D.P CO. Block INC Co., Ltd. Golden Blocko Co.,Ltd. Blockmongki BLOCKGOLF Co., Ltd. BlockSource LLC. BlockPost Corp. Blocko xyz Co., Ltd IICOMBINED Co., Ltd. Reports Camp Co.,Ltd. Reports Camp Rappa Corporation Reports Tour Co., Ltd. Rappa Co., Ltd. Reports Korea Reports Valley Co.,Ltd. REPORT KOREA MEDIA CO.,LTD. Reports Life Co., Ltd. RUPERT CO.,LTD. Rapport Co.,Ltd. Vinideus Korea Co., Ltd. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited. Donga Industry & Commerce Co.,Ltd. Gana Commerce and Industry Co., Ltd. Sunho Commerce and Industry Hanguk Commerce & Industry Hyundai Commerce and Industry Co.,Ltd. Korea Pharmaceutical Industry Cooperative Korea Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Rhone-Poulenc Korea Pharmaceuticals Rorer Ltd. RHONE POULENC KOREA PHARMA LTD Ferring Korea Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Leaders AI Co., Ltd. AI COMPANY CO.,LTD. AI Company AI The Co., Ltd. The AI Company Co., Ltd. A I. CO. AI&T Co., Ltd. Swikoah Greenfond Co., Ltd. GREENBELL FOOD CO. Greenbell Food Co., Ltd. Xi O&M CO., LTD. XION COM CO.,LTD. Tamaru SMS Road Lab R Lab The D Lab Co., Ltd. D&D Lab Co., Ltd. NO D Labs Co., Ltd. C&D Lab Co., Ltd. D&S Lab C And S International Co. C&S INTERNATIONAL INC. CS International S&C INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. C & S INT Ltd C&S International C.S. International Co., Ltd. CS International Co. C & S INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION C&S INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Co S International Alliance Co.,Ltd. ALLIANCE INC. G.C. Alliance Inc. GS alliance Co., Ltd. GT Alliance Co.,Ltd. INTECH INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL TRANSLATION CO. ABL Co., LTD. Able Company Co.,Ltd. Able CO Co.,Ltd. Able Company Co., Ltd. Able Coffee Group COFFEE GROUP Able Group Co., Ltd. SIGMA CO.,LTD. SIGMA SIGMA Elevator Company SIGMA ELEVATORS COMPANY Korea Sigma Elevator Co., Ltd. Songam Elevator Co., Ltd. Sigma Co., Ltd. Saman Elevator Co.,Ltd. Rock&Roll Rolls Royce International Limited_Korea branch Roll GS Caltex Corporation Link & Company Co., Ltd. Link INC Co., Ltd. Link Inc. Pro Link The Link Co., Ltd. UPO Link Co., LTD. 5&2 Inc. FIVE TWO Korea Fiber Economy Newspaper Korea Industry Economy Newspaper Co., Ltd. Korea Gas Newspaper Co, Ltd Korean Textile Economy Newspaper Korea Social Enterprise Newspaper KOREA NO DISASTER NEWSPAPER CO. KOREA CONSTRUCTION NEWSPAPER CO. Korea Newspaper Service Co., Ltd. Korea Newspaper Advertisement Invest Financial Newspaper Furniture Newspaper Korea Welfare Newspaper Co., Ltd. Korea Law Court Newspaper TULLET PREBON MONEY BROKERAGE(KOREA) LIMITED Tulet-Prebon Money Broker IT Desk Co., Ltd. Archiven Co.,Ltd. Archive Cipher Korea Co., Ltd. CIP korea Co., Ltd. Nala Co.,Ltd. WeWork Korea Yuhan Hoesa One Communication Co., Ltd. THE ONE CNP CO.,LTD. THE ONE CV CO.,LTD. The One Communication One Cap Co.,Ltd. One Chicken Eureka Co., Ltd. EUROKO TRADING CO EUROKO Trading Ltd. EUROCA CORPORATION EUREKA CORP Erok Co., Ltd. Hyunin Corporation Co., Ltd. Hyunin Industrial Co., Ltd. Hyunin Pharmacy Hyunin Architecture Hyunin International S Hyunin Labo Tech Hyunin Constrution Dongjin Autonics Co. Aswi Aswi Co., Ltd. Corning Co., Ltd. CIBA CORNING KOREA LTD SAMSUNG CORNING Co., Ltd. Corning Korea Co., Ltd. Corning Co. Corners Corong Farm Cornea Co., Ltd. Young Kwang Young Kwang Sa Young Kwang Corp Youngkwang Corp. Media Firstec KOREA FIRSTEC NASAN PLANNING CO. Nasan Wood Nasan SLC Co., Ltd. Nasan Enterprise Nasan Stationery Nasa Industry Nasa System MJ Corporation Co.,Ltd. MJTSR Co., Ltd. My Tai MY Trading Co., Ltd. MY TRADING CORPORATION My Tera The My T My Tour Co.,Ltd. MYT Co., Ltd. Taot TOSTAR Donghaedo HAEDO CO.,LTD. Donghaedo Haedo G Co., Ltd. Dong Hae Dongha E&F Co., Ltd. DONG HAE IC CO., LTD. Joongwon Games Co., Ltd. Joongwon GLS Co, Ltd Joongang Games Co.,Ltd. JOONGWON E&I CO.,LTD Joongwon L&S Co. Joongwon I&T Co., Ltd. JOONGWON ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. Joongwon Commerce Chicago CHICS Chic MISS CHICKEN CO.,LTD. Chicken The Chicken Chico General Trading Co., Ltd. Chicago M S L Co., Ltd. MSL Construction Co., Ltd. Woojoo Civil Structure & Constrcution Co., Ltd. FIDES Co., Ltd. FID Corporation Co., Ltd. FID Co., Ltd. Fidellise FIDELIS INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. Fidelis Korea Co.Ltd. FIDELIS International Co., Ltd. Fidelis Maximus LEADERS KR CO.,LTD. K.R COMPANY KR Company Co.,Ltd. KR Development Co., Ltd. KR Developer Co.,Ltd. KR INVESTMENT DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. KR Investment Development Co., Ltd. KR Industrial Development Co., Ltd. DPG Co., Ltd. Daewon Plus R&C DAEWON PLUS RENT CAR CO.,LTD. A Plus Group Co., Ltd. Doctor Wave Co., Ltd Wave Company Wave Point Wave Project Limited Liability Company Wave Works Co., Ltd. KORBEI Korbit Inc. Korbrain Inc. KORBI CO.,LTD. Korbay Co., Ltd. Shin & kim Hair Shop DIGITALEVOLUTION.CO.,LTD Hyun Dai Medical X-Ray Co., Ltd. Myungshin & Partners korea Shipping operation Co,.Ltd Andsome & Company Co., Ltd. Brain English Co., Ltd. Isco Steel Co., Ltd. JMPBIO co., Ltd. LEADER CORPORATION Leader In Leader Company Co., Ltd. SAPIENS Co., Ltd. Leader Shop LEADER SAVE CO.,LTD. HANNAM TRAVEL SERVICE CO.,LTD Hanjin Travel Service Co., Ltd. Hope Travel Service Travel Service Co., Ltd. Hyundae Travel Service Co.,Ltd. Hannam Travel Service Co., Ltd. Auto Trade Auto Trading Co., Ltd. AUTO TRADING COMPANY Top Auto Trading Co., Ltd. REAL CO.,LTD. REAL 3D CO.,LTD. Leaders The real estate Co.,Ltd. REAL ESTATE NET CO.,LTD. Real Estate News REAL ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. Real ST Co.,Ltd. Nuts Company Co,.Ltd. Doctor Auction The Auction Co., Ltd. OK Auction Co.,Ltd. Da Auction Good Auction Yeolnamu TG COMPANY CO.,LTD. TG Limited Co., Ltd. TG Co TG MS Co.,Ltd. TG In Co., Ltd. DJI Korea Korea Adjin Co.,Ltd. Coint Co., LTD Coinone Coinone Transfer Inc. Electrom Inc. Korea Talent Educational Testing Service Co.,Ltd. N&C TECH CORP. NNC Co. NNC Simple Bit Co., Ltd. Caterpillar Financial Services Korea.Ltd Cell Corporation THE CELL CO.,LTD. The Cell Doctor Cell Co., Ltd. APHROZONE CO,.LTD Pepper Co., Ltd. Pepperplay Corp. Prometric Korea Inc. BANK OF AMERICA NATIONAL TRUST& SAVINGS ASSOCIATION Aqua Co HQ Co., LTD. Aqua Max Olive Co. Olive MNC Olive MNB Co., Ltd. Olive In Olive Company Eukor Car Carriers Inc Crocell Co.,Ltd. ASTRA COR ASTRA CO.,LTD. Astra Penta A Penta Corporation Co., Ltd. Penta Co., Ltd. Penta S Co., Ltd. Penta Motors Co.,Ltd. Penta CA Co., Ltd. Penta Airline PENTA TRADE. CO. PFD CO.,LTD. ABM Media INC. Haeden Bridge Co., Ltd. Hongbog Co. Ltd ALPHA ART MATERIALS CO., LTD. Wash Seuwas Phone Tu Joy Geo Nam Co.,Ltd Kiheung International LLC KIHEUNG CORPORATION LIMITED Kiheung Steel Kiheung Motors Ltd. Mirae Asset Global Investments Co., Ltd. Gold Asset Investment Management Co., Ltd. Global Multi Co., Ltd. Multi Asset Co.,Ltd. Global&Investment Co., Ltd. Global Invest Global Asset In Co., Ltd. Global Asset Investment Co., Ltd. Asset Invest Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Global bio investment Global Investment Multi Asset Investment Co., Ltd. The Global Asset Management, Inc. Global Asset Management Co., Ltd. Pledis Entertainment Co., Ltd. PLEIDIS CO.,LTD. PLEDU Co., Ltd. Mist Co., Ltd. Mesto Corporation MESTA Co., Ltd. Mestos Most and Best Co., Ltd. EASTERN FABRIC INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD Petro World Group Co., Ltd. NEX TEAM CO.,LTD. Nex Corp Co., Ltd. NEX TAP CO.,LTD. Nex Corporation Nex & co Nex Trading Nex Telecom Co., Ltd. A&K Asia Trading Co., Ltd. C.L Trading Corp. Naro Naro INC Co., Ltd. Naro Investment Partners Co., Ltd. Naro Information Technology Co.,Ltd. Naro International Co.,Ltd. Naro Service Co., Ltd. NARO TRADING CO.,LTD. Hankuk Emerdax Co.,Ltd. BENES CO.,LTD. Bene Beneno Co., Ltd. Beneco Co.,Ltd. Benecop Co., Ltd. Benecons Co.,Ltd. Beneincom Co., Ltd. EG Bank korea Dongo Carbon Carbon D/P Deogsu Carbon Carbon Deil Co., Ltd. PAA Co., LTD. Ekkorr Co., Ltd. Eos Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Investment Full Bond Balanced Samo Fund Mirae Asset Capital Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Private Equity Fund V Mirae Asset Armful Conversion Mix 3ho Fund Mirae Asset Hanareum Mirae Asset Immunity Plus Honhophyung Fund Mirae Asset Hanareum Fund Mirae Asset M&A Fund Mirae Asset Modereuno Stock 2-ho Fund Mirae Asset Hanareum Honhaphyung 3-ho Samo Mirae Asset Hanareum Honhaphyung 1-ho Samo Mirae Asset Sesamo M&A Fund 5-ho Mirae Asset Union Samo Honhaphyung Fund 7 QNIX INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COLTD Microsound Co., Ltd. Microsoft Korea, Inc. L Microsoft Macrosoft Networks Co.,Ltd The Microstar Co., Ltd. NOONCY COMPANY Inc. KIA KI Apparel Co., Ltd. KMHG JOYANG LOGISTICS INT'L CO.,LTD. DB Life Insurance Co., Ltd. ABL Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Life Ins Co.,Ltd. KB Life Insurance Company AIA Life Insurance Co. Ltd. AIA Life Insurance AIG Life Insurance Pil Branch Woori Abiba Life Insurance KDB Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Camel Life Insurance Hansol Life Insurance Agency Co., Ltd. Kesan Enterprise Co., Ltd. CENTRAL CO.,LTD. CENTRAL LEADERS CO.,LTD. Central Co., Ltd. Central Central National Korea Co., Ltd. Alliance Global Marketing Korea GLOBAL ALLIANCE SHIPPING CORPORATION Global Alliance Co., Ltd. Intuitive Surgical Korea Ltd. Korea Event Wow Interactive Co., Ltd. WeGo Interactive Co., Ltd. Interactive DR Interactive Co., Ltd. Soo Interactive Co, Ltd Be Interactive Co., Ltd. EZ Interactive Co., Ltd. Leaders Interactive Co., Ltd. Geo Interactive Co., Ltd. Neo Interactive Co.,Ltd. Neo Interactive Co., LTD. WAW interactive wooin Interactive Co.,Ltd. East Interactive Co., Ltd. G Interactive Delta Information Co., Ltd. ASCENT Ascent Co.,Ltd. Seoul National Univ. College Of Veterinary Medicine Newyork Veterinary Hospital Neul Pureun Veterinary Hospital New World Veterinary Hospital KOREA VETERINARY PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY CO-OPERATIVE, Jojungyun Veterinary Hospital Kanghyunlim Veterinary Hospital Chajiwoo Veterinary Hospital Coolbitx Korea Co., Ltd. Seoheung Seoheung Design Co. Seoheung Heavy Machinery Seoheung Environment Industry Co., Ltd. Seoheung Publishing Mighty MIGHTY CO.,LTD. Mighty Inc. Co., Ltd. Mighty Works, Inc. Mighty Ad CO.,LTD. Mighty Bag Max & Mighty MIGHTY MARKET CO.,LTD. Mighty Power Co., Ltd. MIghty C&C Co., Ltd. Mighty Korea Co., Ltd. Mighty Sangsa Mightygen Co., Ltd. MIGHTY SOULTION CO.,LTD. Mighty Max Movie Co., Ltd. Mighty Net Mighty Security Co., Ltd. Mighty Development Co.,Ltd. Mighty Net Co., Ltd. Mighty Product Nex DO Co., Ltd. Coco Nex Co.,Ltd. Core Nex Co.,Ltd. Max Factory GIFTS CO.,LTD. Doctor Gift GSFTIT Co., Ltd. GSFT International Co., Ltd. ETHEREAL Brilliant LimeAD Inc Brilliant Co., Ltd. BRILLIANT Brilliant & Company Co. Ltd BRILLIANT COMPANY BRILLIANT Ltd. Brilliant Lab Inc. Brilliance Brilliant Factory Co., Ltd Brillant international Co., Ltd. Inno Leaders Co.,Ltd. Inno MC Co.,Ltd. Chain Co., Ltd. Inno Chain Inc. Inno Chemical Co.,Ltd. Inno CNF Co.,Ltd. Inno CNE Co.,Ltd. Inno City Co.,Ltd. Inno Copy INNO CUBE CO.,LTD. Uiin Uiyun Co., Ltd. Imedi Shop Co., Ltd. IMEDI CONSULTING CO.,LTD. IMedia Korea Indy Media Program Erae Auto Erae Auto BETHEL CORP. Bethesda Cultural Foundation BD S A Bethel Co., Ltd. Bethel Co.,Ltd. Bethel Co. BETHEL CORPORATION Bethel Bethel Corp Bethesda BETHESKIN Co.,Ltd Bethelsa Beautyestetang Bethesda MunhwaFoundation Bedestar Bedesda Bedeseuda Line Co., Ltd. Bedeseuda Restaurant Bedeseuda Hospital Nonhyeon Baettochtteoleo G Nibom E Roda Bedeseuda Baettochtteoleo G Nibom E Roda Co., Ltd. BITSTREAM Co.,Ltd. LG Corp. LG Co.,Ltd. Log LG Company Co., Ltd. DIAMONDS CO.,LTD Diamond Water Co., LTD. Walkers KB Securities Co., Ltd. KB E&C Co., Ltd. K. B Technology Security Co., Ltd. Daishin Securities Co.,LTD Daishin Securities Central Office Daishin Securities Growth Alpha Special Purpose Acquisition Company Daishin Securities Co, Ltd Arden Partners Limited Arden Technologies STAR EN CO.,LTD. Pro Star Star News Co.,Ltd. W STAR NEWS CO.,LTD. Star Net Shipping Co., Ltd. ZEN TRADING CO ZIC Trading Co., Ltd. Zaesang Trading Co. The Zone Trading Z Travel Co., Ltd. Hankuk Hanku Co., Ltd. HANKUKART CO.,LTD Haneul Corporation Co., Ltd. Hanel Hane Samsong A&A Co., Ltd. Samsong Industries, Ltd. Mirae Samsong Asset Management Co., Ltd. SAMSONG Food Samsong Building Samsong Building Co., Ltd. SAMSONG CO.,LTD. Samsong Forestry Co., Ltd. Samsong Chemical Samsong General Construction Samsong HK Trading SAMSONG MAGMA CO.,LTD. Samsong Tax Samsong Oriental Medical Clinic Samsong E&M Holdings Mirae Samsong Jeilcha Co., Ltd. Mirae Samsong Jeicha Co., Ltd. Samsong Wheel Mirae Samsong The Second (Inc.) Mirae Samsong The First (Inc.) Samsong Inte Food Co., Ltd. Samsong G Gu Logistics Samsong Partners Touchon Co., Ltd. Heungkuk Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. Heungkuk Life Insurance Co., Ltd. HeungKuk Co.,Ltd. Heungkuk Glass HEUNGKUK ENG. CO., LTD. Heungkuk Fire & Marine Insurance Our Home Heungkuk Life Insurance Yeongdeungpo Agency Handuk Life Insurance HLI Company Limited Heungkuk Paint SKS Corporation SK Solution National Pension Gwanak Part National Pension Service NATIONAL PENSION CHUNCHEON AGENCY Tania Tanita Korea Co., Ltd. TANI CO.,LTD. Tani Tania. Co., Ltd. Tantu IND KOREA CO.,LTD. Group Industries Korea, Inc. S.E.C Industry Korea Co., Ltd. Neo Indus Korea Co., Ltd. I.J INDUSTRIES KOREA GREEN INDUSTRIAL KOREA CO.,LTD. GENIE KOREA LTD. GROUP INDUSTRIES KOREA INC. Fuji Xerox Korea(Lead Office Supplier) Fuji Xerox Korea Co., Ltd. Fuji Xerox Asiapacific Pte Ltd (Korea Branch) Fuji Xerox Co. Fuji Xerox Korea Information System Co., Ltd. Seoul Fuji Xerox Service Co., Ltd. FUJI XEROX YEONGDONG OA CO. Fuji Xerox Songgang Digital Hanguk Fuji Xerox Daeyon ID Co., Ltd. daeyeon The Daeyeon Company Co., Ltd. Daeyeon Daeyeon Company Co., Ltd. EHK CO.,LTD. DDB Korea Inc. DDB Co., Ltd. A-TEX INC. Ara Tex Co. ATX Co., Ltd. A & Tex ATX Investment Co., Ltd. A Tu X Company Co., Ltd. Woori Bank Try Post Co., Ltd. Trypod & Co Co., Ltd. Line Plus Co., Ltd. Plus Loan Co., Ltd. Loan Plus Co., Ltd. The Line Plus Co., Ltd. Line Plus D&C SK Science SK Shipping Co., Ltd. Doublem, Inc. Doublewin Enterprise Ltd. DoubleN JungMyung Co.,Ltd. Yuwon Corp JUNG MYUNG TAX ACCOUNTING CORPORATION Jung Myung Trade Co Jung Myung Textile Co., Ltd. JUNG MYUNG INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION Studio All Studio SA Studio EXE Co., Ltd. The Studio Studio ID Co.,Ltd. Studio Ida Studio E De STUDIO EAST CO.,LTD. Studio MG Inc. Studio Co., Ltd. And Studio ID Studio Sjs Id Co., Ltd. Pro Idea Co., Ltd. Idea Studio Co., Ltd. Sili Idea Co., Ltd. Service Idea Co., Ltd. Idea Cream Studio TS Mtech The 3rd TS Mtech Co., Ltd. TSM Tech Je 4-Cha Co., Ltd. TSM TECH 2ND INC. BENE CORPORATION Evergreen Corporation Co., Ltd. Evergreen Co. Evergreen Co.,Ltd. EVERGREEN CO., LTD. Hankuk CNC Construction Co., Ltd. HANKUK PODO CONSTRUCTION CO. Hankuk Trade Society Hankuk Construction Geological Engineering Co.,Ltd. Hankuk control Co., Ltd. HANKUK A.V. CO., LTD. SHINYOH KOREA CO.,LTD. The Newtory Co., Ltd. Newtory Co.,Ltd NEWTOP CORP Newton NEWT Co., Ltd. NEWTURN Seoul National University of Technology SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY DENTAL HOSPITAL Academic Affairs Office-Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Health Seoul National University Seoul National University Gas Station Seoul National Universty High School Alumni Seoul National University of Science and Technology Seoul National Univ of Technolgy Seoul National University of Science&Technology Agriculture Development Seoul National University Electronics and Telecommunications Research Sponsored foundation College of Business Administration Seoul National University LG25 Seoul National University of Technology Branch LG 25 Hours Seoul National University Station Seoul National University Museum Of Art Seoul National University Durae Association Seoul National University Hospital Quiznos Seoul National University Branch DMP Trading Co., Ltd. Woosun Energy and Construction Co., Ltd. Woosun Consulting JUNGJIN ENERGY CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. Bit Energy Construction Co., Ltd. Tomtom Net Co., Ltd. Tomtompc Tomtom Korea Tomotomo Tomotomo Beauty Shop Tamtam tantan company Tantan Co., Ltd. Tamtama Tomntoms Tamtamtam TANDEMKOREA Tantan Travel Co., Ltd. Tamtam Beach Tomntoms International Co., Ltd. Tamtam Food Tantan Tech Tamtam Hair Tantan Fashion TANTAN INTYL LTD. Tomntoms Travel Tantan Korea Co., Ltd. Tomntoms I On Square Co., Ltd. Tamtam Studio Co., Ltd. Fortune Media Co., Ltd. Forte Forte Co., Ltd. Foretech Co., Ltd FORTECH Inc. FORTTEC CO.,LTD. FORTEK Inc. Fortek FOR Tech Co., Ltd. Fortex Fairtech Co., Ltd. Fartech I&C Co., Ltd. Fioritech Co., Ltd. KNAUF KOREA CO., LTD. Chennai Corporation Work Peoples Co.,Ltd. People Work Co., Ltd. Peoples Work Working People PEOPLEWARE CO., LTD Peopleworks Co., Ltd. PeopleworksCommunication Co.,Ltd. PeopleworksCommunication Co., Ltd. Kenertec Co., Ltd. Kened Co., Ltd. Kenenteu KENEX CORPORATION Kkumdong E Nol E Physical KMRT Co., Ltd. K-Mart K-Mart Co. Harumi Harum Company HARAM-I CO.,LTD. HAURIM CO.,LTD. HARIM HARIM I & M CO.,LTD. Haruwon Haram D&I Co., Ltd. Haeorum I&C Co., Ltd. Haruna Haram Kim Haram INC Co.,Ltd. Haram & Co HARMA.INC Haram Company Haram Solution Co., Ltd. Haron Co., Ltd. haram Haeorum Infotech Co.,Ltd. Harim & Bori Company Co., Ltd. WithNet Co., Ltd. With Networks Co.,Ltd. Withnet With Network Co.,Ltd. WITH N CO.,LTD. Dong Ji Inter-Tech Co., Ltd. Le Chateau THE ICON CO.,LTD. Icon Icon Click Icon Icon Co., Ltd. Icon&Company Co., Ltd. The Trims TRIMMATE CO,.LTD Trimex Co., Ltd. TRIM TV TRIMED CO.,LTD. Trimming Trim LS Co., Ltd. TRIMAX CO.,LTD Seoul Next Development Co., Ltd. European Union Chamber of Commerce In Korea The European Union Chamber Of Commerce In Korea The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry America Chamber Of Korea COMMERCE KOREA CO. ST Commerce Korea IT Commerce Korea MOBILE COMMERS KOREA CO.,LTD. THE AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN KOREA The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Korea Corp. French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry KOREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY Korean-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry American Chamber of Commerce in Korea Korea Commerce Co., Ltd. The Japan Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Chad Chamber Of Commerce Juhan Arab Federation Chamber of Commerce & Industry Seoul Yangjae Junior Chamber Commerce National Merit National Railway Chamber of Commerce HubChem Korea Co.,Ltd. Between BETWEEN CO.,LTD. Osio Device Co., Ltd. Sewon Enertech Co, Ltd June Enertech Woojin Co., Ltd. Woo Jin Co., Ltd. Tech In System Tech System Co., Ltd. Techsys Techno System TECH-SYS CO.,LTD Dae Kyoung Co., Ltd. Daekyoung Daekyoung CNE Co., Ltd. Inhae Inhee Co.,Ltd. Inhe Homme Co., Ltd. Inhee Fashion Inha Electronics Woorim Trading Co., Ltd. Woorim Trading Co.,Ltd. Woorim Trade Co Woorim Trading WOORIN CO. Woorim Transportation Co.,Ltd. Wooram Trading Woorine Dentist Woorine Woorin International Coporation Co., Ltd. Woorin Art Co., Ltd. Woorian Co., Ltd. Woorin tech Co., Ltd. Buy Flower Co., Ltd. Accommate Korea Co.,Ltd Lotte Sa LOTTE CORPORATION Sungshin SNR Co., Ltd. Sungshin Cement Co., Ltd. SUNGSHIN CORP. YUSUNG E&C Co., Ltd. Yujin G&E Co., Ltd. ADD Data Co.,Ltd Add Data Co., Ltd. Datas Co., Ltd. MR Data Co.,Ltd. Data Trend Data Doctor DATA MOND CO.,LTD. CD Data Co.,Ltd. Air Aliance Co., Ltd. SD ALLIANCE CO.,LTD. DATA WORLD CO.,LTD Alliance Trading Co, Ltd Ditu Alliance Co., Ltd. Adipo LABs Co.,Ltd. STATS CHIPPAC LIMITED CO.,LTD. Gain Plus Co.,Ltd. Choice International Ltd. Choice Doctor's Choice Co., Ltd Choice International Co., Ltd. Choice International Ariba Inc. Arbo Co., Ltd. Arab Co., Ltd. Arbins BnTech Co., Ltd. ARM Co., Ltd. PORTO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Merix Merche Co., Ltd. DAON MERCI CO.,LTD. Merci Beauty House Mersi Corporation Co., Ltd. maison de merci Mercury Co, Ltd MERIZ CO.,LTD. Mercy L Co., Ltd. SAM HEE KNIT CO Jiyeo Knit Needle and Needlework Shop Sesun Sesun Industry Co., Ltd. Sesunhoe Sesungkorea Co., Ltd. Ubios Co., Ltd. Next Company Next D.C Co., Ltd. NEXT CORP. Next Holdings Co.,Ltd. Next H Next Media Holdings Co., LTD. KISWIRE HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. VEGA NETWORKS CO.,LTD. D&D LIMITED DD COMPANY Co., Ltd. D & D Promotion Co, Ltd Solus Co., Ltd. Solussoum, Inc. Solufarm Co, Ltd Solus Solusium Co., Ltd. Solul Co., Ltd. Dongyang Life Insurance Co.,Ltd DB Insurance. Co.,Ltd. Daehan Life Insurance Co., LTD. Life Doctor Insurance Co, Ltd Aro Magic Wood Line Co., Ltd. Wood Line Co.,Ltd. Wood & Life Co WDL CO.,LTD. WOOD & LIFE KoMets Komatsu Korea Co.,Ltd. KOMATICS KMTS Co.,Ltd. Koreamob Co.,Ltd. EMPACK KOREA CO., LTD. Emv Corporation Emvil EMV Tech EM Van Co., Ltd EMVIEW CO.,LTD. Northpole Korea Holdco Inc. Northpole Korea Bidco Inc. Northpole Far East Co. NorthPoint NorthPoint Co., Ltd. Northshore NORTHPOUL CO. Selim Timber Co Ltd SEONGLIM TEXTILE CO. Thewin Communication Co., Ltd. Lotte Food Service Lotte Food Co., Ltd. Lotte Food Plaza Co., Ltd. Lotte Food System Lotte Food Headquarters Co., Ltd. DB Asset Co., Ltd. DB Associate Co., Ltd. Clay And Clay Art Clay Pul Clay International Co., Ltd. Clay Mall M Clay Co., Ltd. Sugar & Clay Clay Solution Stone Clay Co., Ltd. Gold Clay CLAY WORKS KOREA CO.,LTD. Passport English Institute The Pass Co., Ltd. Muji Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Main Semiconductor Milal Semiconductor Mirae Semiconductor Co., Ltd. MIRAE SEMICONDUCTOR CO. Mirae Semiconductor MJ Semiconductor Mir Semiconductor Mt Semiconductor MARVELL SEMICONDUCTOR KOREA, LTD CLL Semiconductor Inc. DRAGON CORPORATION Dragon Spa Co., Ltd. DRAGON LAKE INC. DRAGON SKY CORPORATION Dragon G Co., Ltd. Dragonsky. Co.,Ltd. Sky Dragon Co., Ltd. Dragon System Dragon Company Dragon Co., Ltd. Dragon Star Co., Ltd. Dragon Sports Co., Ltd. The K Dragon Unitruss Co.,Ltd. Yire Information System Co.,Ltd. YIRETECH Inside Inside PC SJ INSIDE CO.,LTD. SUN Inside Co., Ltd. Inside System Co. TECH INSIDE & COMPANY CO.,LTD. Inside Seu Tough Inside Leader Shib Co., Ltd. Segi Inside Co., Ltd. SP Inside Co., Ltd. SE BANG INSIDE Soft Inside Co., Ltd. Daewoo Container Logistics Air Korea Logistics AIR CONTAINER LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. AR Inte Logistics Co., Ltd. Sea & Air Logistics Co., Ltd. Bogwan Container OK Logistics One 21 Co., Ltd. Kia Motors Corporation Kukdo Chemical Co., Ltd. Kukdo Machinery Co. Kukdo Corp. YS & Global YS Company Y.S GLOBAL YS&G YS Glovis Co., Ltd. LOCUS Locus Corporation Locus Planning LOCUS CHEMICAL INC. The Chan Lock & Chan WTIA Co., Ltd. Korea Technology Science Co., Ltd. KOREA INSTITUTE FOR ECONOMICS AND TECHNOLOGY Korea Institue Of Environmental Science And Technology Foundation Korean Institute of Police Science Korean Institute Of Communication Sciences DAE SUNG CORPORATION Daesung Auto DAE SUNG AUTO DOOR CO.,LTD. K MEDICAL GROUP Co.,Ltd K&M GROUP KM Group Co., Ltd. K & GROUP Inc. K Group Co., Ltd. M Group Co., Ltd. K&M Company Co., Ltd. K&M Corporation Co., Ltd. Marketing Group K Co., Ltd. ZIN CORPORATION Co., Ltd. Y.Zin Company INC. allclean Allcam Co., Ltd. AllClassicKorea Co.,Inc. allcap Studio 8 EIGHT CO.,LTD. EIGHT 8 Seconds Co., Ltd. Studio Eight Plus Co., Ltd. 8Studio Co., Ltd. JS 8 Co., Ltd. Space 8 Co., Ltd. EIGHT CO.,LTD. Planet IS Planet Co., Ltd. The Planet Co., Ltd. Wi Planet Co., Ltd. K Planet Co., Ltd. Planet Co., Ltd. K&J Planet K En Planet Co., Ltd. Cuisine R Youngdo Velvet Co. Ltd. Youngdo Velvet Co.,Ltd. YOUNGDO INCORPORATED CO.,LTD. Youngdo Metal Co., Ltd. Youngdo Enterprise Youngdo ENT Co.,Ltd. ES Orient Co., Ltd. Eso ESO Company Co., Ltd. ESO BANK CO.,LTD. Eso Pia ESO DESIGN GROUP CO.,LTD. MAPLE KOREA Byeongcheon-style Korean Sausage Specialty Resturant LEK Elisia Consulting Co., Ltd. Hansytle korea Co.,Ltd. K-One Corporation K&ONE INC. K One AV K one C&C Co., LTD. K&H One Co., Ltd. K-ONE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION Trust K Co., Ltd. K Trust Loan Koko Trust Co., Ltd. Casa Ceramic Co., Ltd. Casa Ceramic CASA CO. CASA 1ST INC. Able SG Co., Ltd. The Able Corporation Co., Ltd. Able Company Daeshin Networks Co., Ltd. Daeshin Network Co., Ltd. RATIN CO.,LTD. Ratio Architect Office Ratic Co., Ltd. JY Corporation jy corporation co.,ltd RSUPPORT Co.,Ltd Rsupport Co., Ltd. NEPA KOREA CO.,LTD. BM Corporation Co., Ltd. BM LIMITED CO.,LTD. BM Company Co.,Ltd. BM Co International Co., Ltd. BM International The BM International Co., Ltd. BM INT Co., Ltd. The BM Co., Ltd. HuFarma Co., Ltd. Coupang Corp. Coupang Fulfillment Services Ltd. Korea Maritime Institute Korea Maritime Consultants Co., Ltd. Korea Marine Transport Co., Ltd. Korea Maritime Co.,Ltd. Korea Maritime Co., Ltd. Marine Trans Korea Colazoo Inc. New M Inc. New M Co., Ltd. NEW M HY HY Corporation Co., Ltd. HY Company Hana Power Tech Co., Ltd. Hana Power Hana Power Package Ltd. Hana Power Ri New Eobeul Hana Power Bio Ming Korea Donglim Corp. DONGLIM HOMES CO., LTD. DONGLIM CO Donglim Science TINTEC Co., LTD Twintech Tointech Co., Ltd. Tinteoseu Co., Ltd. TN Core Co., Ltd. SD 2ND INC. S D UNITECH CO.,LTD. D SQUARE CO.,LTD. Rich & Co. Co.Ltd RICH CO.,LTD. Adtalk D&P Art Co., Ltd. D Part Korea Co., Ltd. Sungwoo Co.,Ltd. Hyundai Sungwoo Solite Co., Ltd. SUNGWOO CORP LTD Sungwoo Sungwoo Corporation ECO WIN CO.,LTD. ECOWINSYSTEM CO.,LTD. Ecomi Co., Ltd. GLOBAL HOLDING LOAN CO.,LTD. LNS Global Co.,Ltd. Golden Global GOLDEN ACE GLOBAL CO.,LTD. Golden Gate Global Co., Ltd. Global Line Golden Bridge Global Golden World Global Entertainment Co., Ltd. Golden Global F&B Co., Ltd. Golden Apple Global Co., Ltd. Golden Global Shipping Co., Ltd. Golden Bol Loan Co., Ltd. Server Bank Server Bank Co.,Ltd. Server Bel Co., Ltd. Beworks Media Inc. BEWORKS INC. Bris Media Hanwha Chemical Corporation Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Petrochemical Company Petrochemical Hanwha Chem Hanwool Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Coffee Brake SK Telecom Shinhan Alternative Investment Management Inc. Hana Alternative Asset Management Co., Ltd. Alternative Investment Co., Ltd. Murex Alternative Investment SAIMS CO.,LTD. Kmarine Co.,Ltd. THE BEAU CO.,LTD. Beautyad Beautyaid BeautyI Co., Ltd. BeautyI Beautyrang Beautyking BEAUTYPIA Beautybaibi N.T.C LIMITED MANSU CORP. Shinhan The 2nd Private Equity Fund DAISHIN PRIVATE EQUITY Co., Ltd. SE EQUITYS CO.,LTD. Shinhwa Equity Holdings Inc. Shinhan Gukmin Yeongeum The 1st Private Equity Fund GX SHINHAN INTERVEST 1st Private Equity Fund) KAT Corporation Co., Ltd. Hights Co., Ltd. HIGHLIGHT HIGHD Co.,Ltd OH SONG TRADING CO., LTD SEO JUN TRADING CO. SEO JIN TRADING CO SEO JOO TRADING CO.,LTD. Seo E Trading Seo U Trading SEO HWA TRADING CO., LTD. Seo Bu Trading Co. SEO SONG TRADING CO., LTD. HAN SEO TRADING CO., LTD. Oh Sung Trading Corporation SEO JIN TRADING CO., LTD. OH SUNG TRADING COMPANY Supex Corp. Supex Technology Co., Ltd. One Way One-way System One Way Drum One Way Lojis One Way Geumcheon Branch ONE WAY TEXTILE CO.,LTD ONE & WID CO.,LTD. ONE WORLDWIDE Co., Ltd. First Way Co.,Ltd. Denka Chemicals Korea Co., Ltd. Solvay Chemicals Korea Co., Ltd. S&C Korea SC Korea SINO CHEM KOREA CO LTD Save the Children Korea S Car Sa Korea Co., Ltd. View Technology Co., Ltd. VIEW CON SMC CO.,LTD. View Tree Cosmetics Co., Ltd. View & Feel The View Zone Alra KCN Global Co. K C.N Do Co., Ltd. K&C NC Co., LTD. KC NL Co., Ltd. KCN Medical Co., Ltd. K C.N Development Co., Ltd. KCN WORLD CO.,LTD. K C.N Korea Co., Ltd. KC.Net Co., Ltd. Tridge Co., Ltd. Amazon Corporate Services Korea LLC SBS CO.,LTD Saehan Marine Co., Ltd. Saehan Marine Damage Insurance Co.,Ltd. Saehan Marine Community JP Asset Corporation JP Asset Co., Ltd. JP Asset Ivy Center Co., Ltd. JP Asset Holdings Loan Co., Ltd. JP Asset Management Ltd. E-Land China Fashion Design Co., Ltd. Land F Design E-PLAN design Design Land Corp. E An Design Co., Ltd. Land Designer Co., Ltd. Land Design Co., Ltd. JPMorgan Asset Management Korea Co., Ltd. Optoone Co., Ltd. design appetizer SALAD Appetizer Corp Vega Vega Co., Ltd. VEGA CORPORATION Vega Max Co., Ltd. VEGA CORP Vega Co.,Ltd. Jo&Lee Media Co., Ltd. Doctor Jo & Lee Co., Ltd. JO Metal Seu Co., Ltd. Jo & Lee Corporation Co., Ltd. Celltron Skincure Co., Ltd. Celltrion Skincure CO.,LTD. CELLTRION ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. CELLTRAZONE CO.,LTD. KB Financial Group Inc. KB FINANCIAL CO.,LTD. KDB Financial Group Inc. Liberty Financial Group Korea Co., Ltd. Kukje Financial Group FINANCIAL MARKETING GROUP CO.,LTD. Kukje Investment Financial Group Co., Ltd. K. B Financial Loan Co., Ltd. Kukje Financial Loan Group Co., Ltd. The Black Financial Group Co., Ltd. SOLTECH Sol Tech Co, Ltd HUVIS Corporation The Korean Teacher's Credit Union The Korean Teacher's Mutual Fund KOREAN TEACHERS & EDUCATIONAL WORKER'S UNION Korean Teachers Customs Union Credit Union Korea Co., Ltd. Coni & Co Coni Conisi Coni MND Co.,Ltd. Coni Trading Co., Ltd. Coni Tour Co., Ltd. Coni Training Co., Ltd. conibambini Co.,Ltd. Ens Korea Co., Ltd. Ens Korea HANTLE CO.,LTD. Hantle Engineering Co., Ltd. Hanttal Hantel Communication Hanteoul Hantel 21 Hantteul Networks Co., Ltd. CJ Corporation CJ CGV Co., Ltd. CJ CGV CJ GLS CO, World Holdings Co.,Ltd. BNF LTD Co., Ltd. Addcom FLEXIBOX KOREA LIMITED Hyundai Heavy Industry Mokpo Branch 302 CO.,LTD. Parkor Korea Indus Co., Ltd. KOREA PLASMA TECHNOLOGY INC. Plasma Plasma Co., LTD. PLASMA TAEWOO CO.,LTD. Plasma In Co., Ltd. ADVANCED PLASMA TECH. Co., Ltd. With Newyork JM Company Co.,Ltd. JM Science Co., Ltd. JM Science JM Shopping Co., Ltd. Samsung Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. SAMSUNG & TECH CO.,LTD. Samsung New Tech Samsung Information Technology Samsung DM tech Co.,Ltd. Samsung Clean Tech Earth Enviroment Technology Company hangaram Enviroment Technology Co., LTD. Samsung Telecom Technology Kolon IndustriesCo.,Ltd.F & Cbumun Kolon Sports Iwaki Korea Compania Co., Ltd. Compa Co., Ltd Co INC Co., Ltd C&O Asset One Happy 1With U Asset Co., Ltd. THE ONE MOGIJI & ASSET CO.,LTD. 1 First Asset Co., Ltd. A ONE Asset Management Co., LTD One & One Plus Asset Co., Ltd. J One Asset Co.,Ltd. Eight Communications EIGHT RIT CO.,LTD. Eight JP Co.,Ltd EIGHT CO LTD Eight Works Co.,Ltd. THE EIGHT H CORPORATION Four Craft 8Con Co., Ltd. Cheong 8Craft Eight Coms Co., Ltd. 8 CRUZ Co., Ltd. Eight Coms 8China Co., Ltd. THREE D CRAFT CORP Eight China 3D Craft Corporation Wookyung Enterprise Co.,Ltd. Human Cash Tec. Co. Daejoo Co.,Ltd. Daejoo Inc. Daejoo Korea Daejoo I&D Daepyung Engineering Co., Ltd. Daepyung Construction Co., Ltd. Daepyung Textile Daepyung Construction Daepyung Daepyung Jokbal Daepyung Textile Daepyung Sangsa Daepyung Travel Daepyung E&C Co., Ltd. Daepyung Trading Co. Daepyung Super Daepyung Development Daepyung E&I Co., Ltd. Daepyung Store A Three tech Co.,Ltd. A3 Tech Co., Ltd. A Three Security Co., Ltd. A Three Co., Ltd. A3 Stationery A3 ID CO.,LTD. A 3 Trade Las vegas Co., Ltd. Vega System VEGA INVESTMENT CO.,LTD Vega Sys Co., Ltd. Vega Tech Co., Ltd. VEGA TRADING Vega Brain VEGA Logics Co., Ltd. Las Vegas DONGNAM VEGETALBLE CO.,LTD. Vegas Entertainment Co., Ltd. Vegemil Banghwa Branch Vegemil Banpo Branch SONGHAK CO.,LTD. Aram General Advertising Deotab Of Habjeongyongji Development Service Co., Ltd. Hana ECRM Seogyo Publishing Gallery Giche Del Box Seoul Mujigae Seongyeong OA Books Publishing Gaemagowon Habjung Housing Gongsa Lottery Heaven Bang Yetnal Jangteo Chicken Century Sales (Seoul Western Part) Co., Ltd. B.O Enterprise SINBARAM CO.,LTD. Lotte Ria Habjeongjeomha E US Co., Ltd. Gimdohyeong Internal Medicine Hospital Jeonguk Senior Welfare Danche Federation Sanaran Ili Engineering Deoksin Freezing Air Conditioning Technique Gamu Design MAEGO ELECTRIC Daedo Sangsa Christian Christian Today Co., Ltd. C h r i s t i a n Christian Total Christian Television System Christian Daniel Co., Ltd. CHRISTIAN DANIEL CO.,LTD. Christian Happy Tour Co., Ltd. Ever Co., Ltd. Ever EVER&I CO.,LTD. East Eight Co., Ltd. Ever Five Co., Ltd. Eil Eight Clover Eight Co., Ltd. EVERSIGHT KOREA LLC EVEREST CO.,LTD. Everest Corporation ALICONA KOREA PACIFIC Global Loan Asset Management TS GLOBAL LINE CO.,LTD. SOLOMON GLOBAL LINE MMIN GLOBAL LOAN CO.,LTD. Next Global Loan T&J Global Line GLOBAL LINE LOGIC Co., Ltd. Taewon Global Loan Co., Ltd. GLOBAL LOAN FINANCE CO.,LTD. CF Global Loan Global EMG GLOBAL & LOCAL BRAIN PARK CO.,LTD. Global Village Co., Ltd. Red Apple Korea Co., Ltd. Apple APPLE & COMPANY LTD. Golden Apple Korea Co., Ltd. Apple Korea Ltd. Bik Apple Korea Co., Ltd. Green Apple Korea Co., Ltd. Apple Computer Korea Co., Ltd. Apolo Korea For You Cosmetic Co., Ltd. MS Global Sourcing Sourcing Global Co., Ltd. Global Sourcing Center Co., Ltd. BM Global Sourcing Co., Ltd. Global Garment Sourcing Co., Ltd. Global Sourcing International The Naeun Global sourcing Seokkyo Global Sourcing Inc Global Sourcing Solution Co., Ltd. RE GLOBAL SOURCING CO.,LTD. Global Sourcing Textile, Inc. L.K GLOBAL SOURCING CO., LTD Inno Global Sourcing Co., Ltd. Global Product Sourcing Co., Ltd. Taehwa Co.,Ltd Taehwa Co.,Ltd. TAEHWA CO.,LTD. AMIGA CORPORATION Amisa AMIJAE Amica Integral SA Co., Ltd Integrity INTEGRITY PICTURES CO.,LTD. Munich Re Korea Branch Munich Reinsurance Co Ltd Rain Co., Ltd. Rain Company Rainist Co., Ltd. MIR Co., Ltd. Mir Mir INC Co., Ltd. Mir Company Co.,Ltd. Auto Company Ltd. Pro Auto Co.,Ltd. The Auto Co., Ltd. ABC Solutions, Inc. S&CO Logis Korea Co., Ltd. Beaucom Co., Ltd. Coco Coco IN BEAU CORPOATION Ostin Co., Ltd. Osti Co., Ltd. IBK Securities Co., Ltd. Wive Co., Ltd. TS Company TS Leader Co., Ltd. TS F & Five Fast Five Co., Ltd. FINALDS5 TEG Co., Ltd. Verona VERONA COMMUNICATIONS CO.,LTD. VERNI Verona Studio VERONA COLLECTION Environment And Technology Environmental Tech Environ Tech Co., Ltd. Technology And Environment Co.,Ltd. Better Corporation BETTER TRADING CO.,LTD The Better Inc. The Better Co.,Ltd. BETTER PC CO.,LTD. Better World BETTER WORLD CO. Making a Better World THE BETTER CO.,LTD. Bettor Co., Ltd. BetterThan Co., Ltd. Bettersoft Inc. LG Display Co., Ltd. LG PHILIPS DISPLAYS Good Display Co.,Ltd. EG Display Co.,Ltd. LS Display Co., Ltd. Display Company Co., Ltd. G Display Co., Ltd. Taeyoung F En B Zoo Coffee Co., Ltd. Zoo Coffee Youngdeungpojiha Sangga Jeom Zoo Coffee Yeouido Ivy Jeom Zoo Coffee Go Cheokjeom Zoo Coffee Yeosam agency Zoo Coffee Gimpo Airport Kukje Seonjeom E&T Zoo Coffee SamsunRegionjeom JLP Corporation JLPS CO.,LTD. JLP Holdings Co., Ltd. JLP Industrial Systems CO., LTD. Jl Planning JL Plaza JL Plus JL Planning Co., Ltd. JL Plan Co., Ltd. Trade Fair Co.,Ltd. FAIR TRADING Co.,Ltd. Chaco Trading Cooperation Co., Ltd. Jeonguk Car Trading Cooperative Chakhan Trading Cooperative Online Trading Cooperative Korea Trading Cooperative KTC ML Soft Co., Ltd. MLS Corporation Co., Ltd. MLS Co., Ltd. LENS IN CO.,LTD. LEONARD Len Hair LEN & COMPANY CO.,LTD. Tempera The Temper Nexus Corporation Nexus Co., Ltd. NEXUS CO.,LTD. NEXUS P&C Netmarble Corporation Netmarble Inc. Netmarble Nexus Co. Ltd Nexus Networks Co., Ltd. Netmarble N2 Co., Ltd. Nexus Net RK&Partners Co., Ltd. R&K Partners RK RK Company RK Corporation RK Company Co., Ltd. Oak Oak Meat Oak Field Co.,Ltd. rona Co., Ltd. A Rona Co., Ltd. Car Rona Ronammaene rona holldings Co., Ltd. Uniwellsys, Inc. UNIWELL CORP UniWebs Co, Ltd UniwellsTec co.,Ltd NGK Co., Ltd. N.G.K NIS GROUP KOREA CO.,LTD. Tae Hyun International Transportation Co., Ltd. Tae Hyun Engineering and Construction . Ank ANK Limited ANK K Co.,Ltd. Green Innovation Holdings Co., Ltd. GAON Innovation Holdings Co., Ltd. G.N Innovation Co.,Ltd. General Innovation Firstmarket Co., Ltd. FIRSTMALL Daily Dog Co., Ltd. Dog Dot Co., Ltd. Dangke Dog Dog Father blockchainos. inc Blockchains Co.,Ltd. Blockchain Factorys inc. BLOCKCHAINPARTNERS Blockchain Ventures Co., Ltd. HUOBI BLOCKCHAIN Co.,Ltd. Blockchain Rich club hello blockchain SGA BlockChain Co., Ltd. Sae-A Eins Inc. SNT SN T Company Co., Ltd. Young Pharmacy YOUNG IM PHARMACY TAE YOUNG PHARM CO., LTD. White Young Pharmacy Young Woo Pharma. Co., Ltd. Young Dong Pharm Co Ltd YOO YOUNG APPAREL CO LTD Se Young Pharm Co Ltd JW company Co., Ltd. JW Pharmaceutical Corporation JWPHARM CO.,LTD. JW company JW Corporation JW JW The 1st Co., Ltd. HRB Trading Co., Ltd. Samboo ST Co., Ltd. Samboo System Corp. Samboo Brothers Co., Ltd Mast Entertainment Co., Ltd. MOST Co., Ltd. MAXST CO.,LTD MAST TRADING CO MAST Games Moaeast Co., Ltd. H.Y.C Co., Ltd. Hobakbeol Yonhap Cooperative Ace Technology Corp. ACE Tech Co., Ltd. Ace Techno ACE TECH CO. Credif Co., Ltd. Credo Inc Credo Credo Insu Co.,Ltd. Credo Sangsa Co., Ltd. Cred RND Co., Ltd. CERD Co., Ltd. Cread Com Co.,Ltd Creide Co.,Ltd. cretoy Co.,Ltd. Credea Co.,Ltd. Yoojin Auto Parts Oak Global Co., Ltd. Lezhin Entertainment, Inc. NJK Co., Ltd. Green & Company GREEN LTD Seven&Three Co., Ltd. K Three Seven THREE SEVEN LUCK CO.,LTD. THREE SEVEN TRADING CO., LTD. 37 point Co., Ltd. Three Seven Distribution DB 37 Co., Ltd. BCA 37 CO.,LTD. 37 BEAUTY CO.,LTD. Doumsa Doun Co., Ltd. Donbail Co., Ltd. Donbaksa Glenview International Co., Ltd. Guarantee Ltd. Expernet Co., Ltd. Excel Tough Co.,Ltd. TEST-RITE KOREA CORP Excelnet Co., Ltd. Excel Express Co., LTD. Excel IT Co., Ltd. EXCEL POINT CORPORATION Excel Biz Co., Ltd. Excel Tax Company Excel S & C Excel International Co. EXCEL FUND CO.,LTD. Excel Electronics Co., Ltd. Excel Venture Co.,Ltd. Excel Korea Co., Ltd. Excel Wiseu Media Excel Co., Ltd. Hi Medics Hi Medical Co., Ltd. HIMED The Med Hawaii Co., Ltd. High Medical Hospital HI Media Co., Ltd. Clebio Co. Ltd. CL Bio Co.,LTD. Eastar Ltd. VUE Teseuting Service Korea Golden Fitness Ean Fitness EM Fitness Gwangmyeong Fitness Geongang Fitness VUNO Inc. VINO CO.,LTD. VANO Asiana Airlines(Seoul International Departure) Asiana Airline, Inc. Asiana Airlines Inc Incheon International Airport Miss DD DD Fit Korea Money Brokerage Corporation St Tex Co., Ltd. SeaWon Co.,Ltd. T.S.Seawon Co.,Ltd. SEAWON TEX CO.,LTD Sewon Tex Tile Bizno Consulting Biznet Tech Co., Ltd. Pungjok The Punggok Intel Korea Limited INTERNATINAL CORPORATION KOREA LTD. JS International Korea Co., Ltd. JT International Korea Co., Ltd. JH International Korea, Inc. Delta DELTA CORP Delta Corporation DELTA INC. Delta Co.,Ltd. Delta Limited Co., Ltd. Delta&G Co., Ltd. Delta Cargo Agency Cross Delta Delta C&T Co., Ltd. Delta C&s Co., Ltd. Delta Consulting Delta Communications SANGWOO Co., Ltd., SANGWOO CORPORATION CO. A In Trading A Pl Trading Co.,Ltd. A Pl Trading A Trade HEUNG-AH TRADING CO. Heung-A DAE HEUNG TRADING CO., UZINMEDICARE DSI BROADCAST CO., LTD. Korea Digital Audio Broadcasting Unipia Digital Broadcasting Adtech ADTECH CO.,LTD. Jupiter Aerospace Co., Ltd. NS Studio Co., Ltd. NS Co Co.,Ltd. NS COMPANY LST Semi L&S Semi Co., Ltd. LST CO., LTD. H One Co.,Ltd. H1 H One H1 System Co., Ltd. H1 Care Co.,Ltd. H One Trading Co., Ltd. The Elixir Co., Ltd. HESED CO.,LTD. Hesed Hesedeu Investment Co., Ltd. The Hessed Co.,Ltd. Korea Game Technology Co., Ltd. Game Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Game Yunmaeng Korea Game culture industry cooperatives Korea Game Developers Association Korea Game Information Co., Ltd. Korea Game Industry Assotiation Korea Game Fish Association Korea Game Beob Institute Korea Game Jungdok Association Game Korea KOREA GAME DEVELOPMENT AND PROMOTION INSTITUTE GQ Game Korea Co., Ltd. Po Game Korea Wi Games Korea Co., Ltd. Game Hub Korea Co. Ltd GMO Games Korea Co., Ltd. Epic Games Korea CRIS GAMES KOREA CO.,LTD. Riot Games Korea Limited THE BNI CO.,LTD. Lotte OA Center Co., Ltd. Seoho Electronics Telecom Co.,Ltd. SEOHO CORPORATION SEO HO LIMITED Pantos Logistics Co., Ltd. ONE UP GLOBAL CO.,LTD. U PLUS GLOBAL UP US Global UP Gold Co., Ltd. up giobal Up Teureompeu Global Co., Ltd. Up&go U PLUS GLOBAL CO.,LTD. UPG Company K Duty Free Co., Ltd. Duty Free Asia Co., Ltd. PAN DUTY FREE CO.,LTD. Duty Free Networks Co., Ltd. YMK Holdings Co., Ltd. Citibank Korea Inc. Posco Daewoo Corporation Posco Development Posco Daewoo Sanaegeunro Welfare Gigeum IDEAL POINT HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. Tech Machine Co., Ltd MACHINE TECH, INC. Machine Tech Inc. Sain Corporation Yooil Co., Ltd Yooil Kos Co., Ltd. Yooil Star Co., Ltd. YOOIL Engineering Co., Ltd. YOO IL Yooil CNR OPENCARE CO.,LTD Tech Trade Co., Ltd. Pro-Tech Trading Co., Ltd. AP Tech Trading Co., Ltd. Erac Technology & Trading Inc. DAE YOUNG TECH & TRADING CO LTD Dongu Tech Trading Co., Ltd. Hi-tech Trading Co., Ltd. Uni Tech Trading Corp. CHUNG-ANG TECHNICAL TRADING CO LTD Chem Tech Trading M-Tech Trading Com. Korea Technology Trade Inc. JIN TECH TRADING CO.,LTD. YOUNG IL TECH. TRADING CO. Techno Trading Corp. The Pilates BNS Pilates Bon Pilates Pilates The Balance Intuice TUWIN WIZTECH CO.,LTD. Wiz Tech Co., Ltd SG Corporation Co.,Ltd. SG Holdings Co., Ltd. SG Food Holdings Co., Ltd. SINDOH Ace Co., Ltd. SINDOH Co., Ltd. sindo company Archem Co., Ltd. ARCHE CO.,LTD. Korea TV K&TV Co., Ltd. K TV Young Tech Company Young Tech Corp. WHITE CORPORATION SECO., LTD. Laundry Shop AIP Asset Management Co., Ltd. ARKEMA Co., Ltd. Yooyoung Co. YOOYOUNG PAPER CO.,LTD. Yooyoung Tex Yooyoung Information Communication Co., Ltd. Eunpyeong -gu office Yooyoung Consultant Co., Ltd. Yooyoung International Yooywun Co., Ltd. Yooywun Yooyang Co.,Ltd. Eusu Holdings Co., Ltd. EUSUNG CO. Eusu Logistics Co., Ltd. ESEU Co.,Ltd. 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