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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Korean register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
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ILDONG CORP. ILDONG PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. Ildong Pharmaceutical Ildong P&C Co., Ltd. Shinsegae Food Ildong Pharmaceutical TAKETWO CO.,LTD. One in two Co., Ltd Take One Co., Ltd. Two Shop One Two In One Co. TAKE ONE INC. 1or2 Digi Factory Co., Ltd. Digital Factory Inc. Digital Screen Digital LCD Land Screen Screen L&A Screen With MR.PHONE CO.,LTD. Doctor Phone Co., Ltd. The Phone Phone Line Phone Line Co., Ltd. L Phone Care L.C.D Planning Co., Ltd. CJ Phone Phone Life PHONE LAND CO.,LTD. Phone Link Co., Ltd. World Phone Phone School Co.,Ltd. Lg Key Phone G Phone Line Co., Ltd. Alice Phone LS Phone Seu Co., Ltd. LCD Plaza Phone World E Phone Lace Dum Phone Store X Phone Co., Ltd. LCD Com Co., Ltd. Phone Shop Phone Store Smart Phone Store Phone Ssa Market LG Key Phone Service Polymer Screen Hand Phone Discount Mart Magic Screen Korea Herald Phone School Co., Ltd. Cell Phone Shop Phone Discount Mart Master Ki Phone Phone Star Hold Co., Ltd. SCREEN CLOUD CO.,LTD. Moby Dick Screen Golf AD Screen MC Screen Golf Screen Light Co., Ltd. DCS SCREEN Co., Ltd. Screen Media Mirae LCD Co., Ltd. Screen Holdings Co., Ltd. Maepsi Screen Screen Industry Co., Ltd. Wire Screen Myungin Screen Ik Screen Co., Ltd. En Screen Co., Ltd. Samsung LCD Dado Screen Hair Screen World Screen Golf Co, Ltd Tera Screen Leaders Screen Golf GICOVILL CO.,LTD. KIOS Co.,Ltd KIOS CO.,LTD. O2KOREA O2Korea .com Korea O2 O Co., Ltd. O2 Up Korea Co., Ltd. O2 En B Korea Co., Ltd. O2 K Co., Ltd. IC O2 Go Korea Co., Ltd. O2 CO.,LTD. Agora Asset Ltd. Microsoft Korea, Inc. MicroStrategy Korea Co., Ltd. MKRK Co., Ltd. MKROK CO., Ltd. Rodeo Building Rodeo Co., Ltd.. HP The 1st Co., Ltd. H.P Tech Co., Ltd. Kunwoo C&C KUNWOO & CO., INC. Kunwoo C-Tech Co, Ltd CENTRA CO.,LTD. CENTRA CORP CENTRAL CO.,LTD. CENTRAL LEADERS CO.,LTD. Central Co., Ltd. Cenal Company CENad Co., Ltd. SCK Corp. I Bank Communication Co., LTD. I Bank Communication Co.,Ltd. Contents Bank Communications Co., Ltd. Han Bank Communication Co., Ltd. Techno Park Co., Ltd. PK Tech Co., Ltd. Darae Techs International Company Co., Ltd. Testra Net Co., Ltd. Tectura Korea Corporation TECDER PLUS KOREA LTD. Texteria Co, Ltd TEXTRA CO.,LTD. TOSTAR TESTWORKS.,INC Together Tour Korea Inc. TEASTREAM Co., Ltd. Tasters CO.,LTD. Testronix Tstar Together Work Co., Ltd. GOYANG GU Company Co.,Ltd. GU Company Gangdong-gu Office Goyangi Goya Co., Ltd. Goya GOYANGYANGJUGANGKOON CORPORATION SBK Importers Co., Ltd. The FS FS Corporation FS Solution Time Story TimeStoryGroup Co., Ltd. TOMSTORY Co., Ltd. Tomstory Blackstone Korea Advisors Ltd. Blackstone(KOON) Leaders Advisory Co., Ltd. Korea Advisor Co., Ltd. Safe Korea Advisors Co., Ltd. Advisory Blackstone Korea Inc. Black P Gyeoseu Advisory Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Coner Stone Advisor WOOJIN CORP. Woojin & Co Co.,Ltd. Woojin Ad Kryco Co, Ltd Korex Koresco Golf Club Kkoreuk KOREX planning Inc. Koraekseu Chemical KUROS IT CO.,LTD. The Win Energy Co., Ltd. WIN ENERGY KOREA Co.LTD TJ Media Co., Ltd. T&J Media TJ Company Co.,Ltd. TJ The 1st Co., Ltd. TJ And Company Co., Ltd. Bellco Bellmoa BELLO Bellok Co., Ltd. Bellcom Co,.Ltd Bellkor Inc. Bella Co.,Ltd. Bello F&B Co., Ltd. Sinhan Industrial Inc. Altran Technologies Korea Ltd. Dareli Korea Co., Ltd. Reliquum Relics Double J Corp KYUNG DONG CORPORATION Kyung Dong Company Ltd KYUNGDONG CO. Littauer Technologies Co., Ltd. Nonghyup Bank Nonghyup Bank Co.,Ltd. Seokchon Branch Nonghyup Bank Co.,Ltd. Haeundae Branch Nonghyup No.252(Daebu Sannghwei) NongHyup Financial Group Inc. NongHyup Property&Casualty Insurance Co.,Ltd NongHyup Agribusiness Group Inc. North Seoul Nonghyup Cooperative Nonghyup Hanaro Mart Inc. Bear Korea Co., Ltd. Bear Robotics Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Robotics Co., Ltd. Bio Robotics Co., Ltd. Ateulraseu Robotics Korea TOSS Co., Ltd. Toss&lee Toss Investment Co., Ltd. Toss Kan Toss Express Co., Ltd. Toss Tek Toss & Lee Co., Ltd. Toss W Co., Ltd. KE LIM CORPORATION KE LIM COPR KE Corporation Co., Ltd. KE&I KE Co., Ltd. KE Company Ke IC Ko E Ke International Korea Semichem Co., Ltd. Mijung And Future Co., Ltd. Future Media Co., Ltd. FUTURE OF MEDIUMCO.,LTD. SC Future Media Co., Ltd. Futures Media Futures M Co., Ltd. The Futures M Co., Ltd. Amazon Corporate Services Korea LLC Fawoo Light Panel,Ltd Ke Intech Won Co., Ltd. KE Net Ke B Industry Co., Ltd. Ke CB Investment Co., Ltd. NARA BIOTECH CO.,LTD. Shin Sung Global Co., Ltd. DPT Co., Ltd. DEP DUAL PACK TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Daea Power-tech Co., Ltd. Dare Wonder Wonder Corporation Co., Ltd. The Wonder Co., Ltd. Wonder Glass Co., Ltd. Wonder Seu Company Co., Ltd. Wonderbrand wonder bee.Co.,Ltd Wonder B.G Teo Wonder Core Co., Ltd. Wonder Pul GM The 4th Co., Ltd. Wonder Pul GM The 1st Co., Ltd. Wonder Pul GM The 2nd Co., Ltd. Wonder Pul GM The 3rd Co., Ltd. MIRAE ELECTRIC MACHINARY ELEVATOR Hanra Elevator Co.,Ltd. hanra Elevator Co., LTD. Hyundai Elevator Co., Ltd. Hyundai Elevator Seolchihyeobryeokeobchegongdong Geunrobokjigigeum HYUNDAI ELEVATOR SERVICE CO., LTD. Handae Elevator Co., Ltd. Esse Corporation ESSEN Co., Ltd. Essen Company ESSEN Corp. Esse Co. Essenl Enterprise Esselseu Co., Ltd. ESSEDUE Bc Pc BC CORPORATION B&C CO. The B&C Co., Ltd. BC&TC BC TECH NEWTC CORPORATION The Newtory Co., Ltd. NEWTOP CORP Newton NEWT Co., Ltd. Newton Newton System NEWTURNGROUP I-NEWTON INC. Newton International Co., Ltd. Newton Institute Newton Sangsa Newtro Co., Ltd. Newtros Co.,Ltd Newton School Newton Networks CO., INC. NEW TON COMMUNICATION CO.,LTD. New Tops Co.,Ltd. Newton E&S Co., Ltd. BOX BOOK CO.,LTD. Mind Box Korea C Box Korea Swe E Keu Box Korea Co., Ltd. Glass Box Korea Co., Ltd. Medi Box Korea Co., Ltd. Play Box Korea Co., Ltd. Binjeu Box Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Box Tool Box Korea Co., Ltd. Care Box Korea Co., Ltd. THE K-BOX KOREA Co.,Ltd Susung Trading Co., Ltd. SUSUNG Songnam Store SONGNAM FC CO.,LTD. Songnam Textile Co., Ltd. Songnam Trading Co Ltd MD&Company Posco Terminal Posco Tour Co., Ltd. POSCO RTECH Posco Aen Posco Tech Co., Ltd. Posco Housing Co., Ltd. Wonu Textile Wonu Co., Ltd. Wonu Limited Co., Ltd. WONU FC CO.,LTD. Wonu IT Wonu Company Co., Ltd. Won U ABC Co., Ltd. ABC Company ABC Corp. Co., Ltd. A&BC Pinco LTD Co., Ltd. Pinchi Co., Ltd. Pinchiaen Company Co., Ltd. Pinchi Pinchi Company Co., Ltd. Shinsegae Co., Ltd. Navers Co., Ltd. NAVER DOUT CO.,LTD. Naver Star NAVER LAND CO.,LTD. GOOD NAVER CO.,LTD. Korea Investment Corporation Korea Investment & Securities (Kwanghwamoon Branch) KOREA INVESTMENT & SECURITIES CO LTD Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd._Jongro Branch Korea Investment Total Service Total Service & Information System Co.,Ltd. Total Insu Service Total Trading Total Transportation Service Co, Ltd Total International Trading Taein Insurance Total Service Branch Insu Dream Total Service MOORIM P&P Co., Ltd._Seoul Branch Moorim SP Co., Ltd. Mirim PI Dong Sung Printing Company Dong Sung Limited DONG SUNG INC SUNG PRINTING SUNG LIM PRINTING Dong Sung Corporation TJS T&J System Co., Ltd. TJS Oil Co., Ltd. TJS Trading Co., Ltd. T&J Sangsa Co., Ltd. GMS INC Co.,Ltd. GMS In Global Co., Ltd. GMS Co., Ltd. GMS Corporation Co., Ltd. GMS The 2nd Co., Ltd. Gabia Company Co., Ltd. IoTrust Co., Ltd KhRoss Electronics Co. Compas Capital Management Co., Ltd. UNIC Co., Ltd. Unick And Gangdong Glass Gangdong Gardening Gangdong Branch Gangdong Car Eura Corporation PSIC Asia Co., Ltd. SEE & EAT CO.,LTD. SEE LIVE CO.,LTD. See & ID SEE & HUE CO.,LTD. See Eyewear See Nine See9 SEE DREAM INC. NAYUTA CO.,LTD. Nayuta Humans Co.,Ltd. NAYUTA KOREA CO.,LTD. Nayul NAYUTA CO.,LTD. NAYUTA Nayuda Co.,Ltd. Nata Co., Ltd. nayuta games inc. NAYUTA CREATION SOFT CO.,LTD. LG Hausys, Ltd. LGH J Hausys Co., Ltd. Samsung SDS SAMSUNG SDS CO., LTD. Samsung SDS Korean Federation of Community Credit Hyundai Rotem The 1st Lotte Engineering Co. Lotte Engineering & Construction LOTTE Corporation Lotte Banobagi Vanity Surgery Banobagi Dermatologic Clinic Hospital Yeoksam Banobagi Cosmetic Ba Nova Gi BANO CO., LTD. Echo MS Co.,Ltd. Echo Co. ECHO & COMPANY CO.,LTD. ECHO Co., Ltd. Bluetree Co.,Ltd. BlueTravel Co., LTD. Space Tech Co. THE SPACE INC Space Corporation Inc. The space Co.,Ltd. SPACE CO., LTD. THE SPACE D&C CO.,LTD. SPACE ON CO.,LTD. Space Echo Space Com Co., Ltd. Space Intech Co.,Ltd. Kortek Corp. KORTEC Co., Ltd. KORTECO AUTOMOTIVE Lucky Global Sungchan Moolsan SCH Co., Ltd. Sungchang SCM Co.,Ltd. Sungchan Resturant Sungchan Construction SCM Company Co., Ltd. SCM Company Heaven Co. Heaven Co., Ltd. Heaven DC Heaven Heaven Corporation Heaven Corporation Co., Ltd. Heaven Company Co., Ltd. The Heaven Co., Ltd. Hanwoon Electronic Wire Co., Ltd. HANIL ELECTRIC WIRE CO LTD TNK Co. In Soo Machinery Co. Channel Co. My Channel Co., Ltd. Daeil Stationery J&K Korea KJ KOREA CO., LTD. J&K Korea Co., Ltd. K. AND J. CORP KOREA KJ KOREA K KOREA WORLD POLICE TAEKWONDO FEDERATION CORP. bepro Company Co., Ltd BePro Enterprise Co., Ltd. Bebero Co., Ltd. Hyunjung Plant Engineering Co., Ltd. HANSEONG PLANT CO., LTD. Hansin Plant Engineering Co., Ltd. Hanguk Plant Engineering Hanseong Machinery Engineering Daeseon Plant Engineering Seonu Plant Engineering Korea Electric Company Co., Ltd. Danang World Co., Ltd. UNIVERSAL CORP. Universal INC Co., Ltd. Myeongji University Church Ehwa University Church Seoul Women's University University Church University Yonhap Church Limited Liability Company Kingdom Y&K Trading YK TRADING CO. Y K TRADING CO., LTD. YK Trading IK SAN CO LTD Iksan Development Co.,Ltd. Iksan Lighting Co.,Ltd. Iksan Store Doosung Leaders Doosung P&C Co.,Ltd. DOOSUNG CO. Doosung Coproration OSUNG PLASTIC CO.,LTD. flavor My Flower The DNA Co., Ltd. DNA DNA Corporation Co., Ltd. DNA C Co., Ltd. DNA D Co., Ltd. DR.DNA Doctor DNA LG Electronics Inc. PSG Co., Ltd. PSG Korea Psg Co.,Ltd. PSG PEF PSG Partners Co., Ltd. Blue & Tech Blue Tech Co., Ltd. BLUETECHKOREA ATSinternational. Inc. Ateujim Jongmin International Co., Ltd. J&IM Company Co., Ltd. Jongmin S Ad Co., Ltd. Jongmin ENC Co., Ltd. Jongmin Enterprise Jongmin Distribution Co., Ltd. INTER TECH Co. International Technology Co Ltd TECHNO INTERNATIONAL CORP INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES INC. Inter Tech Co. M Tech International Co., Ltd. Dot Company Dorothy DOT CO.,LTD. The Dot Inc dot incorporation Dorothy Corporation DOT Co., Ltd. Dorothy Dorothy&Company Co., Ltd. Dot BGIS Limited BGIS Ltd. LG Chem, Ltd. Lg Chemistry Jung Ad Ro T Trading Co., Ltd. Store STR Doctor Store Co., Ltd. Arirang Arirang Co.,Ltd. ARiRang ZHONG HAN CORP. ZHONG SHAN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. ZHONG HAN TRADING China Co., Ltd. Dr.China Co., Ltd. HESED CO.,LTD. Hesed Hesedeu Company Co., Ltd. HESSED COMPANY Co.,Ltd. Kt Solutions Co., Ltd. Vision Tech Solutions A Tech Solutions Co., Ltd. TNC SOLUTIONS CO.,LTD. TA Solutions Co., Ltd. Technology Solutions G U Tech Solutions The Solutions Co., Ltd. Cell Corporation GS Fuel Cell Co., Ltd. The Cell Cell DR FuelCell Ltd. Gangneung Sacheon Fuel Cell Co., Ltd. GY Corporation Co., Ltd. GY TECH CO.,LTD. G.Y In Tech Co., LTD. GY Kok Company Buhmwoo Co., Ltd. BUHM WOO CO LTD DBWORKS CO. LTD DFRC Co., Ltd. Duperson Systems Co., Ltd. Dbarsiah Industry Co., Ltd. Deprogworks Incorporation Daparas Co., Ltd. PriceWaterhouse Coopers Consulting YOUNG JIN RESOURCES Co., Ltd. MJ Road Co., Ltd. MJ Room F Five NetWorks Korea Co., Ltd. F Five Co., Ltd. SBC Technology Co., Ltd. SBC Co., Ltd. SB COMTECH CO., LTD. SBC Company SBC Co. Korea University of Internation Studies Institute of North Korea Studies Korea Industry KOREA H.R. INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Korea In HR Co., Ltd. Korea Industrial Ally DREAMFREE. INC. Dream Field Korea Co., Ltd. Da Field Co., Ltd. Kokam RX Co., Ltd. KOKAM INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. Kokem Co., Ltd. Kokam Company Co., Ltd. Kokam I&T Co., Ltd. Kokomo KOKANG CO.,LTD. Koka Corporation Kokata Kosam Co., Ltd. CMT Corporation Co., Ltd. THE MAC CO.,LTD. Mac Corporation SPORTS KOREA Sports. Korea Co., Ltd. Sports Marketing korea Co., Ltd. J Sports Korea Co., Ltd. KSVE Sports Korea Co., Ltd. Sports Korea Ad Korea Sports Marketing Co., Ltd. KD KOREA KD KOREA CORPORATION HS GLOBAL TRADING CO.,LTD. Global PK Trading Co., Ltd. JS Global Trading Co., Ltd. Global Trading Co., Ltd. GLOBAL TRADE LTD. The Global Trading Co., Ltd. Global HR Aen Trading Co., Ltd. Global Trading HS GLOBAL TRADING KH Trade Global Co., Ltd. Global E Trade HR Trade Co., Ltd. M Global Trading Co., Ltd. K Global Trading Co., Ltd. Global Graphics Trade Co., Ltd. SG Global Trading Co., Ltd. S V Global Trade Co., Ltd. BS Global Trading KS Global Trading SM Trade Global SJ Global Trading Co., Ltd. SP Global Trading Co., Ltd. 101Company Co., Ltd. 101Company The101 Co., Ltd. Green Service Green Service Drive Green Sky Service Co., Ltd. SHOW & TEL CO.,LTD. Show Company Co., Ltd The Feel Feel Corp.,Ltd. The Show Show film Co.,Ltd. SG Equity Partners Co.,Ltd. Sung Woo Corp SUNG WOO TRADE SUNG WOO TRADE CO. WOO TRADE Inc. Saint Corporation ST IN CO.,LTD. Santa Co. Santa ST ENT Co., Ltd. Saint Korea Mirae Research Institute Korea Medical Research Institute Korea Marine Education Research Institute Korea Senior Research Institute Co., Ltd. Korea Equipment Research Co., Ltd. Korea Management Research Institute Arab Co., Ltd. Arab Bank Co., Ltd. Universe ST Corp. Free Doctor Free Zone Co., Ltd. Free Zone Co., Ltd. Free Flower M Free Zone POSCO INT'L OSAKA POSCO INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION Posco Enterprise Co., Ltd. Posco International Sanaegeunro Welfare Gigeum Aron Aaron Trade Co. AAORN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Aram Trading Co., Ltd. Arim Trading Aram GTC Co.,Ltd. Aram Mart Co.,Ltd Aram Trading ARAM TRADING CO.,LTD. Emotion Emotion Company Co., Ltd. Emotion Co., Ltd. Emotion Books Co., Ltd. Smart Family Co.,Ltd. Smart Fitness Smart F&D Smart Fun SMART FN CO.,LTD. Concerto Inc. Concerto ConCook Co.,Ltd. CONCAT Concordia Co., Ltd. Gameberry Inc. GAMEPER Nuktec Inc. Transportation /Shipping Up Up Town P&C Co., Ltd. Up Town UP TRADING CO.,LTD. U Point Co., Ltd. Trianong trinione Co.,Ltd. Ebeu Co., Ltd. JY Corporation JY Stone J.Y. ST. Co., Ltd. JY Solution JY Company ALL Co., Ltd. All That Corporation Co.,Ltd. ALL DC CO.,LTD. ALL IN CO. All That Co., Ltd. All F Co., Ltd. All That Life Co.,Ltd. All The Food Inc. all that FLO FLO. FMC FASHION KOREA CO.,LTD. Intertek Testing Services Korea Ltd. Korea Testing & Reserch Institute Korea Synthesis Pollution Institute of Testing Co.,Ltd. Harim Corporation Harim Building Harim D&C Co., Ltd. PUNGNONG CO., LTD Pungnong Gardening Pungnong Research Institute Pungnong Co, Ltd Janghang Factory Unix Electronics Co., Ltd. CHANG SHIN CORP Shin Development Co., Ltd. Changshin Development Investment Loan Co., Ltd. Changmin Investment Development Co., Ltd. Shion Development Investment Co., Ltd. SL Union Green Life Co. DIGITAL BANK KOREA CO., LTD. Ray Bank korea Co., Ltd. EG Bank korea The Bank of Korea Pan Uro Credit Bank Korea Co., Ltd. BT Bank Korea Co., Ltd. One Bank Korea Co., Ltd. Biz Bank Korea Co., Ltd. FOOD BANK KOREA CO.,LTD. SOLUS BANK KOREA CO. LTD Semicon Bank Korea Co., Ltd. Business to Bank Korea GOLD BANK KOREA CO., LTD. Battery Bank korea Co., Ltd. AP POWER SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. Hanshin Power System Co., Ltd. H Power Systems Co., Ltd. Hanwha Systems Co., Ltd. Hwain Power System Co., Ltd. Power Sys Co., Ltd. Plus International Ltd. Blue Plus International Co., Ltd. A Plus International Co., Ltd. Ol Plus International Co., Ltd. S-PLUS INTERNATIONAL CORP. The Blue International Co. Ltd Blue Plus M Plus International Co., Ltd. AMOREPACIFIC CORPORATION HUE Place Korea Univ. Anam Agency Cosmetics DC Mart GODI Co.,Ltd Goodie Company Co, Ltd. Goodies Goodday Co. Goodi Bag GOOODDAY IT CO.,LTD. GOODY CO.,LTD. Goad Gyodai Goodday Orio Co., Ltd. Owoori Consulting Co., Ltd. IP PARTNER CO.,LTD. IP Parts Co.,Ltd. Oori Patent & Law Office Patent Corporation Olrim DAEWOONG CORP. Daewoong Corporation HS Ad Inc. HS Company Daedo Sangsa Festo Korea Co., Ltd. SANWA CO.,LTD. Sanwa Loan Co.,Ltd. Save Money Money Sangsa Co., Ltd. Princo Limited Co., Ltd. Princess The Princess prin Co.,Ltd. Mec Co, Ltd ME&C Co., Ltd. ME And C Co., Ltd. Hyundai AND Hyundai Corporation SINTEZ GROUP MAXWIN Co., Ltd. Maxwin Construction Maxwin Information System Max Wine Co.,Ltd. Max & Wood Co., Ltd. KB Life Insurance Company KB LEADERS K. B Life Co.,Ltd. Samsung Co.,Ltd. Daewon P&C Co., Ltd. DAEWON Co., Ltd. Sangjin Company Merit Merit Co.,Ltd. Merit Company Co., Ltd. The Merit Company Co., Ltd. Daehan Analysis Instrument Co., Ltd. Daehan Construction Instrument Co., Ltd. Daehan Beauty Instrument Cooperative Woori Bank DS MEDIA CO.,LTD. D&S Media L&C Trading Co., Ltd. L.C.TRADING L.C. Trading Corp. LC & Company LC Trading Co.,Ltd. LC Ad DENTCOM CO. Dentwon DENTOS CO.,LTD. DENT Co., Ltd. DENTOZONE Corp. Dentebon Dentove Pro Denty Ain Intelligence Co., Ltd. Korea Restaurant Assoication KARLWITTE KOREA INC. Cheilsystem Co. Cheintex Co., Ltd. Cheinji Cheongun Haebeop English Institute Whirlwind Sports Planning Clearlad COLURL ENGLISH CO.,LTD. I&C Sunjin I&C Shinan C&I Co., Ltd. Shinhan I&C Co., Ltd. Sein I&C Sinsung I&C Co,. Ltd SANGAA I&C CO.,LTD. Saehan I&C Co., Ltd. LS Metal Co., Ltd. Eltec Co., Ltd. Eltech Eltech Corporation EL Textiles Co., Ltd. Eltecs Co.,Ltd. Delhi Delhi News Delhis Bakery New Delhi DOUBLE S DELHI CO.,LTD. Delhi Cheese Rice Delpa DELPHIEYE Co., Ltd. KS Ket Co.,Ltd. KS KC CO.,LTD. KSK Textile Co. KSK Investment Co., Ltd. K.S. KIM & CO. KS Kab Co., Ltd. QOOL TECHNOLOGIES INC. Qoo motion QuickTurtle Co., Ltd. Aeqoo Guide QUESTAR CO.,LTD. Questar Information Co., Ltd QOOKS ENC CO.,LTD. Seoul Integrated Freight Terminal PFV Co., Ltd. The Games Co., Ltd. HQ Game Co., Ltd. Games HA Games Co., Ltd. HUP Games Inc. HB Games Game In Co., Ltd. TunUp Games Inc. Hana Games Co., Ltd. Hama Games Co., Ltd. Heart Games Co., Ltd. Shinhan BNP Paribas Asset Management Company Hanah G&B Co., Ltd. Hanah C&D Co., Ltd. G&B Parnas Hotel Co., Ltd. Parang Clean Shop Parangsae Animal Hospital Prince Dcm Co., Ltd. MEA Korea Co., Ltd. K Mea Co., Ltd. Lux Mea Co.,Ltd. KORYEO VEGETABLES CO.,LTD. KORYEO INDUSTRIAL CO. Korea Appraisal Korea Appraisal Co.,Ltd. Korea Art Appraisal Co., Ltd. Korea Appraisal Board Co.,Ltd. BR Korea Nara Appraisal Co, Ltd Busan Branch Bank of Korea Pusan Branch Jiff Jifa Co., Ltd. Jeffrey H-LINE Shipping Co., Ltd. HLS Service Co., Ltd. Hyundai LNG Shipping Co., Ltd. H&L System Co., Ltd. HL SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. H Loan H Line Company Co., Ltd. H&Company Loan Co., Ltd. H&S Loan Co., Ltd. NS H Loan Co., Ltd. S&H Loan Co., Ltd. I&CORE CO.,LTD. I Core Co., Ltd. iCORE E&C ICoreTech CO., Ltd. Iscore Co., Ltd. iCorp Ltd. AO Station Co.,Ltd. Aos AOS INVESTMENT CORPORATION AO Star AOS Pin Tech Co., Ltd. AOS KOREA CORPORATION A& O Sangsa Q.S.I.CO.,LTD FS Corp. Co., Ltd. FS Company Co., Ltd. KYOCERA Korea Co., Ltd. AVX Kyocera Korea Branch Kyocera Electronic Devices Korea Ltd. KYOCERA Document Solutions Korea Co.,Ltd Mastern Investment Management Co., Ltd. Midas & Company., Ltd. Midas Trading Co., Ltd. Quantum Investment Co.,Ltd EUGENE Accounting Corporation EUGENE Co.,Ltd. The Gene MC Genes Co., Ltd. Eugene International Corp. EU GENE INDUSTRIAL COMPANY Dr.Gene Co.,LTD EUGENE S AND T Co., Ltd. Eugene Jane Co.,Ltd. Eugene F&B, Inc. Eugene kayang 1st Co., Ltd. EUGENE TRADING Eugene F&B, Co., Ltd. Eugene Private Equity Co.,Ltd. Eugene Homeday Co.,Ltd. E.H.C EHC CO., Ltd. EHC Korea Inc. E & H Consulting Co, Ltd

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