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Star Elevator Co., Ltd. All About Communication Co.,Ltd. DONGA ELEVATOR Kyungpook National University_Supporting Organizations Korea Elevator Service Co., Ltd. Mitsubishi Elevator Korea Co., Ltd. Schindler Elevator Co., Ltd. Seuwim About Co., Ltd. 1001 Glass Contact Cheolsan Agency BASS Co., Ltd. IS Dongseo Co., Ltd. Dongseo Co., Ltd. Gyongbuk Small & Medium Business Support Center I&E AI Co., Ltd. Think Co.,Ltd. YS Global Co., Ltd. TJS Co., Ltd. Korea Traditional Sauces PNComma GPL Global Co., Ltd. HYUN IN ELEVATOR LSK Co.,Ltd CI Co., Ltd. G Ham Co., Ltd. IS Dongseo Industry Sundong Meat Processing Factory ITSB Co., Ltd. Ace Trading NGC Co.,Ltd. Ace Trading Co. All About Korea Elevator Co.,Ltd. Sansung Elevator Changwon Industrial Technology Support Center Saebit Contact Goods Suh Heung Co.,Ltd. Enhanced Chip Technology Inc. Hana Card Co., Ltd. Korea Elevator Jeongcheol Dosaeg Preco Phoenix Contact Co., Ltd. JIN HAN INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Hankuk Polytech Support Co.,Ltd. SL Semi Co.,Ltd. Korea Support Pohang City People with Severe Disabilities Independence Support Cente JY CO.,LTD. IMG CO.,LTD. CCL CROWD CO.,LTD. Cerot Korea Co., Ltd. Hyundai Motor Company Kangjin FIAA Korea Co., Ltd. Samsung Elevator Co, Ltd Eumseong Equipment Korea Elevator Co., Ltd. BAE, KIM & LEE IP GROUP Inootex SF Robotics Co., Ltd. LKS Holdings Co., Ltd. BRANDUO KOREA Jisung S&H Co., Ltd. Hooni Simply in season Inc. Remedygen Co.,Ltd. BENTALL GREENOAK ADVISORS (KOREA) LTD. Neo Active Co., Ltd G In Bio-Tech Kane Associate Inc. starcompany Co.,Ltd. Muhan Corporation Co., Ltd. Gyeogbuk University Techno Park SBI FinTech Solutions Korea Co., Ltd. SHOMGRIN LP Tintin Ltd. Iaan Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. 101Corporation Co., Ltd. Cheong U Co., Ltd. Athena Corp. BEVAR RICO Inc. Kudo Marine Technology Co., Ltd. forestaJ Corp. DH Auto Holdings Co., Ltd. Ocean Love The 6th Co., Ltd. Ju D Co., Ltd. Daol Lab Teo The 6th Co., Ltd. N The First Co., Ltd. PULSE STUDIO Co., Ltd. Mercury Co.,Ltd. saluli.lnc Tide Solution Co., LTD. Crea Do Co., Ltd. Asia Energy Ltd. IBKS Je 20Ho Special Purpose Acquisition Company Co., Ltd. Title Company Ltd. Almaz LLC AD Teo Co., Ltd. WOORIM International Co.,Ltd. Coway The First Agency Co., Ltd. J World 2Cha Co., Ltd. Ri&yun Commerce Co., Ltd. Virtual Company Mono Thinking Co., Ltd. Moa Mirae Asset Co., Ltd. Ground Corporation NH Special Purpose Acquisition Company 26Ho Co., Ltd. 1BIM GROUP Posco Chemical Juyo Cooperation Sagongdonggeunrobok Jigi Geum Corporation Most Corporation Co., Ltd. SM LNS U&K COMPANY FLUXR INC. Creative Resource Inc. Second Life Co., Ltd. OCTAGON To Hyphen Inc. BH Estate Co.Ltd. Gaia Venture Partners Employee Welfare Fund Draftify frog seoul Mama & Co D Ltd. JUD KOREA CO., LTD. Ron Title Hall The Loan Co., Ltd. Samsung Special Purpose Acquisition Company 7Ho Co., Ltd. TRIT PASSION Inc. SO Com Co., Ltd. J Ko Partners Co., Ltd. Taeil M2 Co., Ltd. kwinpartners Co.,Ltd. MS&Platform Co., Ltd. CHLIFE Inc. Soul Contact Inc. NKS Co.,Ltd. S9 Bioscience Co.,Ltd. Eternal Pohang The 3rd Co., Ltd. SLG Co., Ltd. Gloview Inc. insella JnY International inc. ANH Korea Co., Ltd. Young Eco Co., Ltd. Daelim Tile Bath Co., Ltd. TrustA Inc. Han & Lee Distribution Co., Ltd. 156 Co., Ltd. NVTech Inc. Vivity AI Korea Inc. Salt In Soul Co., Ltd. Hansong M&T Employee Welfare Fund Eternal Pohang The 4th Co., Ltd. America Energy Inc. Clabi Co.,Ltd Natronics Co.,Ltd. EARTHBAKERY Co.,Ltd. Eternal Pohang The 2nd Co., Ltd. Juice Co., Ltd. Eternal Pohang The 1st Co., Ltd. WooriF&B ERROR Co.,Ltd. Min & Lee Co., Ltd. MabTics. Co., Ltd. NH Special Purpose Acquisition Company 25Ho Co., Ltd. L BACK Ltd. DOR Corporation Sky Care Lab Co., Ltd. PRIMERO LUXS eat and fit Co., Ltd. fullswinggolfkorea Doobee T Co., Ltd. Hanwha Precision Machinery Changwon Office Employee Welfare Fund Co., Ltd. CRO Co., Ltd. Vestas Net Co., Ltd. MS Robo Co., Ltd. Laser Co., Ltd. MERIT TECH CO.,LTD Deungdae Makers Co., Ltd. Korean Service Impact Construction Co., Ltd. Kpopmap Inc. Daeshin Balance Je 13Ho Special Purpose Acquisition Company Co., Ltd. J E Port Co., Ltd. MSJ Plus Co., Ltd. uniloan Inc. METAFORA Redwood Forest Partners Euro Motor Trading Co., Ltd. Supply Chain Co., Ltd. Shinhan Card Icheon 22 Ui EU Donghwa Professional Ltd. Sunday Workers Co., Ltd. COMMUNIPET Co., Ltd. POL The 3rd Co., Ltd. Right Inc. PCN Global Co.,Ltd Maison Tech Ltd. TB Outlet Co., Ltd. Bluelions Co.,Ltd. CARGO CONTAINER SOAR Interactive Corp. AIR PRO Co.,Ltd. BF-Mobility Co.,Ltd. Cheong ING Co., Ltd. K-Soosan Co., Ltd. Vida Feliz Special Purpose Acquisition Company Takeul Co., Ltd. Freedom In Co., Ltd. KCC Ltd. Jeju the Hyphen Co.,Ltd. Myungsung Power Co., Ltd. Life Housing Co., Ltd. Bucket Square inc. Rich Wings Co., Ltd. Alphacell International Co.,Ltd. Miri& Company Co., Ltd. Walrus Inc. Global H&YS Co., Ltd. ASTER Design Inc. JL Traders Co., Ltd. Korea international Group Chaeum Co., Ltd. changwoo Inc. Arista Seafood Co.,Ltd Chai T Co., Ltd. HD Household & Health Care Co., Ltd Com2us Network Co., Ltd. The Camera Co., Ltd. POLLIWORKS Co., Ltd. Thomas Eco Energy Co., Ltd. Kamala LLC. Nine Circles Corporation Sajo Food Co., Ltd. Sunil ST Co., Ltd. Matter LLC Next Entertainment Co., Ltd. Chai Inc. PiloDita Co., Ltd. NH Special Purpose Acquisition Company 24Ho Co., Ltd. RTS IMA Inc. Plan 1.5 Songeun I&C Co., Ltd. GON Group Partners Co., Ltd. GIGA Pureun Football Club Co.,Ltd. Arie-SFS Co.,Ltd We Are E Ltd. Collab Technologies Inc. AC Pathfinder Co.,Ltd. NON Ltd. Private MS Co., Ltd.

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