List of Corporate Headquarters in SEOUL

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Samsung SDI Sdi BOBC Co., Ltd. Bobcat Heavy Machinery Bo B Cosmetics Artist Company Co.,Ltd. Artist Group Artist & Company co., Ltd. ENVY CO.,LTD. Envy A CS Global Inc. CS Global Company Co., Ltd. C&S Global Seu Co., Ltd. Bel Corporation Co, Ltd Bel Corporation Bell Corporation Co., Ltd. The Bells Co., Ltd. THE BELL CO.,LTD. BEL Co.,Ltd. One-Two-Two 1229 CS Land Co., Ltd. CS LOAN INC. CS Lab Co., Ltd. CS Life Co., Ltd. Envy World Envy Information Envy Of The Been Envy L&C Co., Ltd. Embeo Embeo Co., Ltd. Samwon Industry Bureau Veritas Korea Co., Ltd. VERITAS Corporation Veritas Company Co., Ltd. Veritas Korea Ltd. Veritas Korea Co., Ltd. Veritas Dream Co., Ltd. IRONGREY CO.,LTD. TERRA Co., Ltd. Terra Life O2 CO.,LTD. O2company Co.,Ltd Pure9 Co., Ltd. Pyuri O2 Co., Ltd. WDC CO.,LTD. WOOD E&C Co., Ltd RED WOOD D & C CO.,LTD. Me E Wood C&C Co., Ltd. Mei Wood C&D S&S Inc. S&S S&S ASICS Korea Corporation ASUS Korea Co.,Ltd Akuku Asek Co., Ltd. Aceco Korea Corp. Ashoka Korea ACESSE KOREA LTD. ASK Co., Ltd. Aeseukeu Korea Aijak CENTUM CO.,LTD. Science Park ASIA AND PACIFIC CORPORATION Asia Pacific Express Co., Ltd. CMS Asia Pacific Co, Ltd AGX Asia Pacific Limited ASIA PACIFIC COMMUNITY CORP. Asia & Pacific Corporation Creo Asia Pacific Limited Korea Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology LINTEC ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES KOREA INC. Advanced Technology Chips Inc. Advanced Tech Research Co., Ltd. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION Future Advance Tech Co., Ltd. Advanced Technology Services Terra Locus Co., LTD. MISS TERRA BELLA CO., LTD. La Terra A&T Co.,Ltd ASTRA COR ASTRA CO., LTD. ASTRAC CO.,LTD. ASTRAZ Inc. ASTUTR Co., Ltd. AESTURA CORPORATION Terra Trust Co., Ltd. Terra Works Co., Ltd. Terra IT Igis Global Co., Ltd. Euro Core Co.,Ltd. Global Core Co. ltd. Core Global IT Co., Ltd. Global Core Edu Co., Ltd. Euro Global Company Co., Ltd. Terrafarmer Inc. EXIMBAY Co., Ltd Eximbay Korea Co.,Ltd. DGB JCI Co., Ltd. JCI JCI Company Co., Ltd. JCI Industry Co., Ltd. JCI CONSULTING CO.,LTD. JCI Holdings Co., Ltd. JCI Korea Co., Ltd. JCI 365 JCI Eco Network Co., Ltd. MITSUI SUMITOMO INSURANCE MONO CORP Mono MONO CO. MONOSIG YUANTA SECURITIES KOREA INC. WE MADE CO.,LTD. Wemade WE MADE I & C CO.,LTD. Wemade IS Traco Co., Ltd. Track Trust A&C The Track The 1st Ltd. Tracer Co., Ltd. Trachem Corporation Teracle Inc. Tracktal Co., Ltd. Taewon Scientific Co., Ltd. Taewon Scientific Co. Taewon Company I Technology Co., Ltd. ITECH CO. Trustop TrustIT Co., Ltd. TrustID Inc. TRUSTH Co., Ltd Trustchain ENERGY SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd. Hyundai Energy Company Ltd. TMC Corporation Co., Ltd. TMC TMC Co., Ltd. TMC Co., Ltd. OBELL CO.,LTD. OBELAB, Inc. Obelo MILLENNIUM SEOUL CO.,LTD. CDL Hotels Korea Ltd. Millennium Corporation MILLENNIUM CO LTD MILLENNIUM Millennium Corporation Millennium MILLENNIUM HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. KOTI Corp. KOTI CORPORATION KOPAK INC. Kotinpack KOTIKA CO LTD Marineous Co.,Ltd. Coses Co., Ltd. Cosnit Corporation CESNET Co.,Ltd. COSENPAY CO., LTD. Cosevent Co., Ltd. Juju Juju Zuzu Korea Ltd. HYUNIL CORPORATION LTD. Hyunil Corporation Hyunil Lab-Mate Co., Ltd. SJ Marine Co.,Ltd. SJ Power Marine The 2nd Co., Ltd. SJ Mall SJ Materials Co., Ltd. Mugeuk Center ENT Co., Ltd. TAEAM Holdings Co.,Ltd. TWO TOP ENTERPRISE EDAM ST Co., Ltd Edam Co., Ltd. SO Solution Co., Ltd. S Solution The 1st Ltd. S Solution The 3rd Co., Ltd. S Solution The 2nd Co., Ltd. Na Seong Sook Goldtree Lacquer GoldTrack Co.,Ltd. Fine Chemicals Corporation FINE CHEM CO.,LTD. HWAINCAM CO. Panasia Corporation PANASIA Inc. Panax Inc. PANACOM CO. Panac Co., Ltd. Panapia Co., Ltd. PanaCura Inc. Panasia Whatever WhaTap Labs Inc. WATPA Pharm Korea Co., Ltd. Pharm Korea The Pharma Korea Co., Ltd. GD pharma korea Co.,Ltd. AK CONSULTING CO.,LTD. AKC CO.,LTD. AKC Corporation Co., Ltd. AK Communications, Inc. Alaska Communications AK Chemical Co., Ltd. AKC&CS A&K Communication AKC Korea AK cosmetics co. Ltd. A&K Consulting Co., Ltd. AKC NS Co., Ltd. STC Co.,Ltd. STC Corporation Netmaul PC Netmarble Corporation Netmarble Inc. CJ NETMARBLE Corporation Netmarble Nexus Inc. Netmarble N2 Inc. NetmarbleNeo inc. Netmarble Monster Inc. NetmarbleNpark Inc. NetmarbleST Inc. Netmarble F&C Inc. NetmarbleCherry INC. Netmarble N Tu Employee Welfare Fund Netmarble Employee Welfare Fund Netmarble Neo Employee Welfare Fund Netmarble FNC Employee Welfare Fund Netmarble Healer.B Co., Ltd. National Institute of Forest Science Union Community Co., Ltd. FAST Corp. Fast Fast Seconds Co., Ltd. Fast Track Asia Co., Ltd. Foot Track Co., Ltd. FasTracKids Daechi INCORPORATION FasTracKids Dongjak INCORPORATION FASTRACKS CO.,LTD. CRYSTAL CO. City College Co., Ltd.

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