List of Corporate Headquarters in LUXEMBOURG

Search a company in Luxembourg with your criteria (trade name, adress, Luxembourg registry number...). provides business and credit information about Luxembourg firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Luxembourg register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in Luxembourg, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Luxembourg company.

Magnolia Road Capital SARL ALL ROAD MANAGEMENT S.A.R.L. Claren Road Opportunities Luxco T SARL Claren Road Opportunities Luxco B SARL Road And Fast SARL Road Estate SARL Rd Group Rd Promotion SARL RD Investment S.à.r.l. Société en Commandite Spéciale Silk Road SARL Queens Road (Gp) SARL European Road Infrastructure Investments SARL Rd 2 Investment Yellow Brick Road (Lh2) SARL Yellow Brick Road (Lh1) SARL Rd Card Luxembourg SARL LUX BUSINESS MANAGEMENT S.à r.l. European Business SARL Business Development Luxembourg SA Lux Business Time SARL East-lux Business Center SARL BUSINESS CAR LUX SC F.L. Lux Entreprise SARL FL Trust Asia Sicav Fl Participations SA Fl Trust Switzerland SICAV (dr.Eur.) FL Finance S.A. Florida Real Estate Investments SA Florida Immobilière SA Florida (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. F&L Fuel S. à r.l. FL Academy S.à r.l.-s Lux Brokerage S.à r.l. Lux Board S.A. SA Lux Board SA La Broderie SARL Luxbra SARL CGH AMSIA S.à r.l. ELWE GESTION S.à r.l. ProsperoCapital S.à r.l. SOCIETE DES CADRES EIS SA TRIDEX A.G. TRANSCULTURAL Asbl Lyxor Investment Funds The European Strategic Investments Fund European Investment Fund Worldwide Trading & Investments S.àr.l. Investment Management & Trade European Specialist Investment Funds SICAV (dr.Eur.) Cs Investment Funds 2 Carnegie Investment Fund Alma Capital Investment Funds SICAV (dr.Eur.) Saphir Capital Investment Fund LONG TERM INVESTMENT FUND (SIA) Wine Estates Fund Of Investments SA Ace Investment Fund Norma Investment Fund SA Hb Reavis Real Estate Investment Fund Investment Fund Of Energy Development SARL Harvest Investment Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) Aps Investment Funds Aina Investment Fund Juglans Investments Fund TOPAZ CAPITAL MARKET S.à r.l. Jungels Nelly Trocadero Cosmetic Group Luxembourg SA Cosmétique Groupe SA WORLD COSMETICS S.A. LUX BRAND INTERNATIONAL S.à r.l. Lux Brands S.A. Lux-or Brand LUX COSMETICS SARL Newell Brands Lux Holdings S. à r.l. LUXURY BRANDS (LUX) S.à r.l. Restaurant Brands Lux S.à r.l. Newell Brands Lux Real Estate Holdings S.à r.l. Ech 2 UBS Global Private Equity GP S.à r.l. SIE, Henrik Stoltz AF PROPERTIES S.à r.l. STOLTZ, Kevin Dalba Partners SA Pipers Overseas SA Piper SA DeA Participations SA Pipe Luxembourg S.àr.l. FREE PIPER S.A. Dla Piper Luxembourg Dlf Participations Pisecky Coiffure G-build Minafin Nero Jeans Reuter The Nero Company L'Oro Nero SARL Nero SARL Caffe Nero SARL L.B.C. SA W.I.T.S. SARL Harry Holdings S.à r.l. Harry'S SOC.CIV. Harry Financial S.à r.l. W.I.T.S. SARL Wit SA DESTREM, Luxembourg S.A. Min Participations SA MIN S.C.A., FIS Volta Energy Solutions S.à r.l. A.Round Trade Company Jung, Min Hye MIN Woodgate S.C.A., SICAV-FIS MIN ASSET MANAGEMENT S.A. INZDR IP S.A. Kington S.à r.l. Min Invest SA ener'gine s.àr.l. UNIFRAX LUXEMBOURG II S.à r.l. ING Luxembourg Tilani Talon Shop SARL TALAN Luxembourg S.à r.l. Tallon Group S.à r.l. Tilani SARL THALAN S.A. Talyna SARL CLUB MED ASIE S.A. K-group Engineering SPORT-ELEC INTERNATIONAL S.A. SYSTEM ELEC S.A. Select Europe S.à r.l. 1640 Investment 5 S.à.r.l. Luxbis TMM Express S.à r.l. Top Evasion Timz Express SARL TOMMY'S EXPRESS EUROPE S.à r.l. Les Résidences du Lac COMPAGNIE FINANCIERE DU LAC S.A. Lac Majeur SARL Financiere Du Lac Le Lac Blanc Lux Ac Concept Le Lac L.A.C. S.A. LAC Fund I GP (Lux) S.à r.l. SURIDAM HOLDING S.A. ArcelorMittal ArcelorMittal Mondercange ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions S.A. ArcelorMittal International Luxembourg ArcelorMittal Insurance Consultants ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe S.A. ArcelorMittal Sourcing Arcelormittal Reach Or ArcelorMittal Dommeldange S.à r.l. ArcelorMittal Luxembourg ArcelorMittal Finance ArcelorMittal International ArcelorMittal Energy S.C.A. Arcelormittal Europe Arcelormittal Foundation ArcelorMittal Kirchberg ArcelorMittal Kirchberg Real Estate S. à r.l. Curator SA Curatus SARL Rignet Global Holdings Regent Property Holdings (Luxembourg) S.àr.l. Rignet Luxembourg Holdings RFR Lux Holdings S. à r.l. Ray Investment SARL RAY ESTATE CORPORATION SOPARFI S.A. Ray Globo Int SA Ray Invest MANTA RAY PARTNERS S.A. X-ray Holding R.A.Y.S. S.à r.l. SPF Ray Societe Anonyme Societe Holding De Transport Ray Holdco S.à r.l. R.A.L. HOLDING, Société de Gestion de Patrimoine Familial (SPF) Ray Pledgeco S.à r.l. Golden Springs Funds Proximus Proxima SA Proximus SARL MABULOUS S.à r.l. Lycée de Garçons de Luxembourg Les Garçons SARL Association Des Parents D'éLèves De Vauban : ÉCole Et Lycée Français De Luxembourg Association des Parents d'Elèves du Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers de Luxembourg a.s.b.l. Animation culturelle et sociale - Lycée de garçons de Luxembourg A.s.b.l. (ACS - LGL) Comité Des Enseignants Au Lycée De Garçons De Luxembourg Comité Des Elèves Des 13E Du Lycée Technique Des Arts Et Métiers Association Des Parents D'éLèves Du Lycée Technique De Bonnevoie Association Des Parents D'ÉLèves Du Lycée Robert-schumann Luxembourg, Association Des Parents D'Elèves Du Lycée Michel Lucius à Luxembourg ASSOCIATION DES PARENTS D'ELEVES DU LYCEE MICHEL-RODANGE, LUXEMBOURG ASSOCIATION DES PARENTS D'ELEVES DU LYCEE ALINE MAYRISCH A.s.b.l. Association Des Parents D'éLèves Du Lycee De Garcons, Luxembourg Association Des Parents D'éLèves Du Lycée Technique Du Centre (Ltc) Lycee Holdings S.à r.l. GPE INTERNATIONAL S.A. PG EUROPE 1 S.à r.l. AGGMORE EUROPE 1 S.A. PI EUROPE 1 S.à r.l. Whitehall European RE 1 S.à r.l. Gazeley Azure Europe Lux 1 S.à r.l. Orion IV European 1 S.à r.l. PGE Europe one S.A. SOF-10 MStar Europe 1 Lux S.à r.l. European Cooling 1 S.à r.l. HayFin DLF (Europe) Luxco 1 S.à r.l. European Biscuits 1 S.à r.l. Orion V European 1 S.à r.l KAG Europe 1 GP SARL PAI Europe VII-1 SCSp Euro Concept One S.à r.l. Europe 1 Propco S.à r.l Infrastructure Alliance Europe 1 SCSp PAI Europe VI-1 Alcove Europe One S.à r.l. Equitix European Holdco 1 S.à r.l. MEC European Investment 1 S.à r.l. Aip Euro Nordic 1 Tecumseh Europe 1 S.à r.l. Pai Europe Vi-1 Global Euro Belgium 1 S.à r.l. Imex Sogimex SARL HAPPY MEX S.A. Traimex Imexine SARL Imextrad Imex Trading Imex SARL Imex Limited SA Imexco Lux-imex SARL Arimex Multinational SA Bovimex SA Unimex International SARL IMEX INVEST Imex France Volimex SA Lux-Imex Imexcom SARL Imex Vins De Bordeaux SA Pro-Imex SARL Imex Europe SARL Imex Trade SARL Inter Imex SA Imex-processing SARL Imexal SARL Imex Gabbeh S.à.R.L., Tapis D'Orient SARL B 4 B4 INVEST S.A. B4 B Iv Groupe Potsdamer Platz B4 S.à r.l. AB Commercial Real Estate Debt - B4 S.à r.l. LC Asset 1 S.à r.l. European Partnership Holding SA Partners Corp. SA DCSF (Parallel) Holding S.à r.l. Sys-dis Luxembourg SARL Dis Partners Holding Luxembourg Dis Investments Holding SA Euro-dis Trading SARL VISIOCOM EUROPE S.A Quadia S.à r.l. Framalux CONSTANT CAPITAL S.A. Constant Invest SARL Constant Shipping SA Constant International Logoplaste Group S.à r.l. New Consulting SARL New Ro'De Le'W SARL Art, Science, Technique, Import, Export, Construction SARL NEW CONCEPT CONSTRUCTIONS S.àr.l. New Art Management SA Art Construction Decoration Industry And Foreign Trade Co. (Luxembourg) SPRL TOXIC NEW ART s.à r.l. Euromusic SA Gooday SA GOOD@IT S.à r.l. Métal Négoce Invest Frégate Investments S.à r.l. NEO VIANDES « THE BUTCHER » S.à r.l. Oracle Finance SARL GREAT GALAXY S.A. Great Leisure Group SA Great Pacific Luxembourg Great Performance Europe SA Great German Stores A Great River International S.A. Luxembourg SA General Cars SARL Great Capital S.à.r.l. GRAND CAP S.à r.l. GPF Catering S.à r.l. Greater Canada Corporation Angel Angela S.à r.l. Angelina SA Kirchberg Consulting SA KIC S.à r.l. Kirchberginvest Holding Kirschberg Properties SARL Krichberg Grill SARL Kirchberg Property Company S.C.A. Kirchberg Gate SARL Kirchbergsee 3 V V SARL Kirchbergsee 4 V V SARL Kirchberginvest Capital Automotive SA AC Automation Center AZ Auto SARL AUTO ECOLE NICOLAS S.à r.l. A & K - SA A&K Property Management S.à r.l. KLUX A S.à r.l. SCG K Fund A, SCSp SCG K Fund A Management Lux, S.à r.l. Aka SA PIMCO Private Income Fund II SCA, SICAV-RAIF HSBC Diversified Loan SCSp-RAIF Xenon Private Equity VI SCA SICAV-RAIF GINZA Capital S.à r.l. GINZA S.A. GINZA PROPERTY S.A. Ginza International SA Ginza Enterprises SA Chrysalide SA Cristalline SA Crisalide S.à r.l. Criseide SARL NREP Nordic Strategies Fund II Limited Partnership NREP LPF GP S.à r.l. NREP Management Company S.à r.l. NREP Finnish Strategies Fund Nrep Nordic Strategies Fund Iii Gp Nrep Nordic Strategies Fund Iv Gp Nrep Nordic Strategies Fund Iv Limited Partnership Nrep Nordic Strategies Fund Fcp-fis NREP Nordic Strategies Fund III Limited Partnership SCS NREP Income+ Fund SCSp NREP Income+ Fund GP S.à r.l. NREP Income+ Fund Holding 3 S.à r.l. NREP Income+ Fund Holding 2 S.à r.l. NREP Income+ Fund Holding 1 S.à r.l. NREP Income+ Fund Holding 4 S.à r.l. NREP Income+ Fund CIV I SCSp NREP Income+ Fund MasterCo S.à r.l. NREP Income+ Fund Feeder I SCSp Nrep Finnish Strategies Fund 2 IP Holding SA I&P International SA I.P. Investments SARL C-IP S.A. Ip Lux 1 - Ip Lux 2 SNC I.P. Holding Ip Management SA Pimlico SA Teqball Holding S.à r.l. United UK Topco S.à r.l. United UK Propco 8 S.à r.l. United UK Propco 9 S.à r.l. United UK Propco 4 S.à r.l. United UK 2019 Propco S.à r.l. United UK 2019 Propco 2 S.à r.l. United UK 2019 Propco 3 S.à r.l. United UK 2019 A2 Topco S.à r.l. United UK 2019 Propco 5 S.à r.l. United UK 2019 Propco 4 S.à r.l. United UK 2019 Propco 6 S.à r.l. United UK 2019 B1 Topco S.à r.l. United UK 2020 Holdco S.à r.l. United UK 2020 Topco S.à r.l. United UK 2020 Finco S.à r.l. United UK 2020 Propco 7 S.à r.l. United UK 2020 Propco 8 S.à r.l. United UK 2020 Propco 12 S.à r.l. United UK 2020 Propco 10 S.à r.l. United UK 2020 Propco 11 S.à r.l. United UK 2020 Propco 9 S.à r.l. United UK 2020 Pledgeco S.à r.l. United Spain 2020 Topco S.à r.l. United France 2020 Topco S.à r.l. United Germany 2020 Topco S.à r.l. COMPLENT GLOBAL MANAGEMENT S.A. PineBridge Eurasia Financial Investments S.à r.l. Partners Partnership II, SCSp NMC International S.A. Techni Finances HOME INVESTMENT S.A. Home Technology (Soparfi) SA Techni-TIE S.à r.l. Techni Advisor SARL TECHNI ARTISAN G.S.P. Holding SA G.S.P. Technology SARL Gsp Group SARL Kingspan Luxembourg SARL Kingspan Luxembourg Finance SARL Koenigspitze SA GSP Holding S.A. Tradingsports Holdings Secure Capital S.A. Silverscreen SARL Silverstone Trading Company SA Silver Management SA Silverstreet Private Equity Strategies Soparfi Silvermount Ltd SOC. ETRANGERE Carmo da Costa Raffaele Maria Silversea Cruise SA SILVERSTREET PRIVATE EQUITY STRATEGIES SICAR SilverStreet Management S.àr.l. SilverStreet Private Equity Strategies M Soparfi Silvestri Investment International SA Sotralux SARL Sgam Luxembourg SA FINDEL BUSINESS CENTER S.A. Findelux SA Findel Investments SA Findel International Holding SA Findel Finance Holding SA S.G.A. Ventura Findel Aviation S.à r.l. Sh Findel SARL S.G.A. SERVICES S.A. SGA Growth Investments S.àr.l. Fondel Silicon SARL Findel & Bridel SARL Somo Services S.à r.l. Somo International Simex Sport International SA International Sports Rights Management SA Hp Hotels International SA Giacomelli Sport International SA HÔTELS ET SPORTS INTERNATIONAL S.A. International Sporting Travel SA Promo Sport International SA Jolly Hotels Internationale - Societe Anonyme De Participations Et De Financement G.M. & G.F. Sport International SA International Luxury Hotels SA Hellas Sport International SA International Hotel Development Company SA Hotel Collection International S.A. Sun Hotels International SA Cipriani Hotels International SA Cisalfa Sport International SA LUXE Hôtel International SFD- Financière Immobilière Europe (F.I.E.) SCPA Arteva Europe SARL Deloitte & Touche Luxembourg SARL Deloitte Audit Jbi - Deloitte SARL Delos SARL Deloitte & Touche Tohmatsu SARL Deloitte Tax & Consulting Deloitte Services SA Deloitte General Services Deloitte-extended Services SARL Deloitte Consulting SARL Deloitte Pim Goldby SARL Deloitte-corporate Services Delos Deloitte Haskins & Sells SNC DELO S.A. Deloitte Solutions Deloitte Lis Deloitte Lis 2 Deloitte EMEA Holdings S.à r.l. Deloitte DCE GmbH Believe International Kremer Roger Kremer André Kraemer Jean Kramer Venture Indiana RODRA INVESTISSEMENTS S.C.S. Turtle SNOW TURTLE S.A. H.B.P. (Holding) SA H.B.P. INVESTMENT S.A. H.B.P. S.A. SYRHA S.A. Altum, S.à r.l. ALTMUNSTER INVESTMENT S.A. Altum Mexico SARL Satisfactory SATISCO S.A. SATISCO INTERNATIONAL HOLDING WP Sky Investment S.à r.l. LAG INTERNATIONAL S.A. SR-B S.à r.l. Stibbe Properties Luxembourg S.à r.l. Darrel G. Blomberg F.I. (Luxembourg) Holding SA Dorel Luxembourg Dorel Hungary S.à r.l. Dorel Sports Luxembourg Darhill Finance SA Dorel Investments SA BRIDGEPOINT EUROPE III INVESTMENTS S.à r.l. BRIDGEPOINT INVEST S.A. BRIDGEPOINT EUROPE II INVESTMENTS S.à r.l. Bridgepoint Europe Iii Investments (2) SARL Bridgepoint Europe V Investments S.à r.l. Bridgepoint Europe V Investments (2) S.à r.l. Bridgepoint Europe VI Investments (2) S.à r.l. Bridgepoint Europe VI Investments S.à r.l. CORFU S.A. Association Professionelle du Cadre Suprerieur de la Police Grand-Ducale ASBL Fanfare Royale Grand-ducale Luxembourg (Grund-fetschenhof-cents-pulvermuhl) FIDUCIAIRE GRAND-DUCALE S.A. Le Musée de la Police Grand-Ducale asbl Cercle de Plongée de la Police Grand-Ducale, association sans but lucratif (a.s.b.l.) G.C.P.G.D., GOLF CLUB POLICE GRAND DUCALE, association sans but lucratif (a.s.b.l.) Football-Club Police Grand-Ducale, association sans but lucratif (a.s.b.l.) Association Du Personnel De La Police Judiciaire Association Professionnelle Du Cadre Superieur De La Police Grand-ducale ASBL Syndicat Du Personnel Civil De La Police Grand-ducale (Spcpg) SYNDICAT NATIONAL DE LA POLICE GRAND-DUCALE LUXEMBOURG, A.s.b.l. TAIJITSU RYU Police Grand-ducale A.S.B.L. La Pédale grand-ducale Cercle Des Anciens De La Garde Grand-ducale Association Du Personnel Policier Détenteurs D'Un Diplôme De Fin D'ÉTudes Secondaires De La Poli SOLVER S.A. Solva SA COM'UNITY S.àr.l. Community Link Christian Community Church, Asbl Community Investments SA Community Investing Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) Worldwide Community Of Stock Investments Community Of Leaders & Entrepreneurs Serving The Kingdom Of God (Clesking) ASBL Cloud Community Europe - Luxembourg a.s.b.l. Cloud Community Europe ASBL Europe Community Consulting SARL International Communities of Luxembourg asbl Euroleague Basketball Community Trust ASBL OTR Community A.s.b.l. Open Dental Community ASBL Afghan-lux Community Outreach Community of Digital Identities for Europe asbl CALIFORION S.à r.l. La Financière Solange S.A. Confor Confor Visual Config Config VI SARL Confien International SA Confinaco MAPLES S.A. V.A.G. SA RAVAGO LM S.A. RAVAGO Reinsurance S.A. Caravaggio SICAV (dr.Eur.) KORYFES S.A. RAVAGO DISTRIBUTION S.A. Allgemeine Vermögensverwaltungs Ag Ravago Chemicals S.A. Ravago Holding Rava SARL RAVARA S.A. RAVAGO MANAGEMENT S.à.r.l. RAVAGO GALE S.A. Ravago Building Solutions S.A. RAVAGO INDIA S.A Vasuki 2019 Gp VASUKI 2019 SCSP Epsilon Capital S.A. OpenGate Capital Group Europe S.à r.l. Orion Capital Management OpenGate Capital Management Lux SARL Finasset S.A. I.G. INVESTMENTS S.A. B. & G. Investissements SA IMMO G INVESTISSEMENTS S.à r.l. Ness-immo Investissements SA Atlan G Investissements S.àr.l. REAL G IMMO S.à r.l. REAL G IMMO (PARTNERS) S.à r.l. GROUPE 555 S.à r.l. Albarclub Holding N. 555 555 C & W (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. Goodman Industrial Real Estate Germany I SARL German Residential Investment Holding SCA German Retail Luxco S.à r.l. German Retail Property Fund Manager SARL German Retail Property Luxco SARL German Retail Investment Properties S.à r.l. Re German Office General Partners Bre/German Hotel Holding I SARL LaSalle German Retail Investments S.à r.l. RE German Small Properties Re German Small Properties General Partners SARL Re German Office SARL Holdco Germany RE S.à r.l. IC Germany RE S.à r.l. IC Netherlands RE S.à r.l. IC Austria RE S.à r.l. IC Eastern Europe RE S.à r.l. Re German Properties SARL Re German Properties General Partners SARL Alves Anton Aleixo Alves Perez J. Peinture et Décoration Nelson ALVES S.à r.l. Global Investments (Luxembourg) Global System Luxembourg Global Luxembourg SARL Global Luxembourg Finance SCA Globe Luxembourg Global Blue Luxembourg S.A. Kkr Jet Stream (Luxembourg) SARL Luxembourg Global Securitization S.A. GLOBAL JET BOOKING S.à r.l. Global Jet Capital Luxco One S.à r.l. Global Jet Capital Luxco Two S.à r.l. Luxembourg Global Business GP Global Luxembourg S.à r.l. Limon SA LEMAN PROPERTIES S.à r.l. Lemon Investment SA Lemon International Holdings SA Lemon SA LEMON TREE S.A. Ice Lemon S.à r.l. Aparthotel Leman Street S.à r.l. Lemans S.à r.l. BLACK LEMON S.A. LEMAN BEVERAGES HOLDING S.à r.l. LIMON SARL LEMAN INTERNATIONAL S.A. Lemon Green LEMAN INVEST Leman Finance Lemon Tree Services S.A. Green Lemon SARL Lemon Finance SA Nyon Leman SARL LEMAN S.C.I. Léman Family Funds Lemon International S.à r.l. Leman Holding SA L.M.B.E. EUROPE S.A. Fitness First Luxembourg S.C.A. Network Holdings SA International Network SA Network Services Luxembourg SA Télécommunications Network Services SARL Food Service Network SARL TECHNICAL WORK APPLICATIONS AND INDUSTRIAL SERVICE SARL IT WORKS S.A. European Network Services Ip Networks Holding SA Works SA Nt Network Services, Llc, SCS IP Network Services S.A. Network Services Europe IP-SERVICES S.A. Investment Services Network Ag (Isn) PCC Finance Luxembourg S.à r.l. LTD S.à r.l. Myholdinglux S.à r.l. Weatherford Financing (Luxembourg) S.à.r.l. VIAE Groupe S.A. ITZIG 25 S.à r.l Société Luxembourgeoise Des Energies Renouvelables Société Luxembourgeoise d'Entreprises et de Constructions Société Luxembourgeoise D'Investissements Et De Participations Société Luxembourgeoise Etam Societe Luxembourgeoise D'Investissement SOCIETE LUXEMBOURGEOISE DES EQUIPEMENTS AFRICAINS S.A. en abrégé SLEA S.A. Société Luxembourgeoise de Gestion d'Investissements S.à r.l. Société Luxembourgeoise Des Mines Société Luxembourgeoise D'Information Scientifique Et Technique SARL Camber Investments SA Camber 2 SA Camber Investments Besix RED Luxembourg, anciennement SGT SA Société Générale Luxembourg Sg Services SG Management S.A. SG Investments SA Sg Finance SA SG Immo SARL S.G. Lux SGTrading S.à r.l.-S RE&F S.A. Lsrc Ii F&F Investor SARL H&F Iridium Lux 1 SARL F&F HOLDINGS S.A. Group Life International SA 4 Life FIT First in Travel A.G. SA Evli Life - International Insurance Broker Yasuda Life International Investment Jewish Life In Luxembourg Nasseri Sylvain NCI LUXEMBOURG S.A Money NCI SCS Nashira SA Winday SA Queensgate Generator S.à r.l. OBERWEIS S.A. Oberweis-Centre Aldringen SARL Oberweis-Centre Aldingen OBERWEIS CLOCHE D'OR S.à r.l. MOBISTO FINANCE SARL Auxadd S.à r.l. OJACO S.à r.l. H & Q New Technology Networks Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) Q Q-Capital S.à r.l. Q Cyber Technologies Haven Cyber Technologies S.à r.l. AFD Rivesaltes A S.à r.l. AALIA PUBLISHING S.A. European Value Partners Holding S.à r.l. Cheyne European Strategic Value Credit S.à r.l. 3 Cheyne European Strategic Value Credit Fund SCS SICAV-SIF Cheyne Real Estate Credit (CRECH) Fund IV- Loans SCS SICAV-SIF Cheyne Real Estate Credit (CRECH) Fund V - Opportunistic SCS SICAV-SIF Alcentra Strategic Credit Fund II (Holding) SCSp Credit Strategies Access Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) European Credit Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) European Credit Fund Sicav European Value Partners SARL European Value Partners SICAV (dr.Eur.) Credit Opportunities European Funding SARL Strategic Credit Fund Ib The European Asset Value Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) CIFC Global Strategic Credit Fund SCSp Cheyne European Strategic Value Credit S.à r.l. 2 Cheyne European Strategic Value Credit S.à r.l. 1 Cheyne Deutsche Fond I GP S.à r.l. Cheyne Deutsche Fond I S.à r.l. Cheyne Special Situations Investments (No. 2) S.à r.l. Cheyne Social Property Impact LuxCo 1 S.à r.l. DC Cheyne Deutsche Fond V S.C.S. DC Cheyne Deutsche Fond XI S.C.S. DC Cheyne Deutsche Fond XII S.C.S. DC Cheyne Deutsche Fond XIII S.C.S. DC Cheyne Deutsche Fond XXIV S.C.S. CHEYNE EUROPEAN STRATEGIC VALUE CREDIT RAIF Cheyne General Partner S.à r.l. Cheyne SVC General Partner S.à r.l. Cheyne European Strategic Value Credit S.à r.l. 4 Cheyne Real Estate Credit - Golden Share S.à r.l. Cheyne European Strategic Value Credit Fund II S.à r.l. 1 Cheyne Real Estate Credit (CRECH) IV - Loans S.à r.l. 2 Cheyne Real Estate Credit (CRECH) IV - Loans S.à r.l. 1 Cheyne Real Estate Credit (CRECH) V - Opportunistic S.à r.l. 2 Cheyne Real Estate Credit (CRECH) V - Opportunistic S.à r.l. 1 LOCAFER S.A. C&E Holdings Luxembourg BOUNAIM MOHAMED Charlie SA Charlie S.à r.l. Cafe For You SARL LYMM S.à r.l. Middlegame Ventures Middlegame Ventures Cv Middlegame Ventures Gp Middlegame Ventures Fund I Middlesex THERMIDOR S.A. Thera SA Kitchen-Center Kitchens SA Mom SA MOM PARTICIPATIONS S.à r.l. MOM Asbl Kitchens (Luxembourg) SA Immobilière M. Et A. Losch Moms Kitchen International S.à r.l. S.C.I. MAMAS Centrale d'Achats du Parlement Européen KV PROMOTIONS S.à r.l. Vivalto International S.à r.l. Db World Group Alcentra ECOF S.à r.l. HECF UK 1 S.à r.l. One 2 One SARL One + One oneOone Luxury S.à r.l. One Arendt One HECF Luxembourg Master 1 S.à r.l. HECF One Clarendon Row 1 S.à r.l. HECF One Clarendon Row 2 S.à r.l. Clarendon Clarendon Properties Europe SARL Castek International Holding Castik Capital, S.à r.l. KILCE S.à r.l. Kilkea Acquisitions Cercle Sportif De La Caisse Nationale D'Assurance Pension Et De La Caisse Pour L'Avenir Des Enfants Caisse Pour L'Avenir Des Enfants Kreutz Fabrice PORTET-LUX S.à r.l. Portetta Holding S.à r.l. PROPHARMA-DEVELOPPEMENT S.A. Promoscents Holding SA MACADAM 1818 S.A. NORDIC HOLDINGS S.A. Trade Wind Holding SA Wind Holding Trade Wind Holding Lux Wind Holdings NORDIC FINANCE HOLDING S.A. EIP Nordic Onshore Wind GP S.à r.l. EIP Offshore Wind I GP S.à r.l. EIP Nordic Onshore Wind SCS EIP Offshore Wind Germany I SCS Nordic Holding SA EIP Hermod Nordic Onshore Wind Holding S.à r.l. Lux Nordic Holding EIP Nordic Onshore Wind Holding I S.à r.l. EIP Offshore Wind Germany Holding S.à r.l. EIP Arkona Offshore Wind Germany Holding S.à r.l. EIP Odin Swedish Onshore Wind Holding S.à r.l. Nordic Invest Holdings Cross Valorem Valor Investors SA VALEUR S.A. Valora Luxembourg S.àr.l. VALORE 5 S.A. Valor Valor S.A. Valori Asset Management Valar Valor 2 S.à r.l. O.I. Valor Valor 1 S.à r.l. Valor Industrial QR 1 SCSp Valor Industrial QR 1 GP S.à r.l. Valor Frankfurt 1 S.à r.l. Valor Industrial Partners 3 S.C.Sp Valor Park Royal 1 S. à r.l. Valor Crawley 1 S.à r.l. Valor Industrial Partners 3 GP S.à r.l. Valeur Investors S.à r.l. Valor Mitcham 1 S.à r.l. Valor Merton 1 S.à r.l. Valor Thurrock 1 S.à r.l. Chestone Industry Holding SCS ULYSSE CONSULT S.à r.l. DWS ACCESS S.A. Development Access SARL Digital Access S.à r.l. BMS Finance (UK) S.à r.l. Stanley International SA BROADCASTING CENTER EUROPE S.A. Broadgate Stockholm Properties SA Broad Development SA Broadstreet of Münsbach S.à r.l. BROADSTREET CONTINENTAL FINANCE S.à r.l. Broad Point I SARL Stanley Invest Holding SA BROAD & STANLEY S.àr.l. Royal Capital Investments S.à r.l. F.W.L. SAS NDT European Holdings S. à r.l. Finaluxe SARL Finalsa Finalsa Immobilien AG SA Finalsa Immobilien Finalys SA FINALYSE S.à r.l. Cave Royale SA Cave SA Gale Holding Fiduciaire comptable Becker, Gales & Brunetti S.A. Gale Estate Enterprises SA Gws SA Galeo Belfry Limited Partner S.à r.l. GALENTE S.A. Galejos DFI European Value-Add Fund GP S.à r.l. Galene S.à r.l. Galeasen S.à r.l. Fédération Luxembourgeoise des Vins et Spiritueux Slate European Real Estate II S.à r.l. Truss Limited Partner S.à r.l. Dawn Capital IV Corporate GP S.à r.l. Retinne23 S.A. Communication, Development, Marketing Promotions SARL Software Development & Consulting Industrial Software Development SA Communication - System & Business Consulting SARL Communication Services Investment C.S.I. SA European Software Development CommuniGate Software Development and Licensing CommuniGate Systems S.à r.l. Software Development Capital S.à r.l. Communication, Development, Marketing Promotions SARL UNIK FUND S.C.A. FIA Unik Capital Solutions Unik Capital Gp SARL W Capital Solutions UNIK Capital Participations S.A. ES Capital Solutions S.à r.l. Sp Capital Invest Ataulfo Alves Shipping Investment SARL Liberty SARL AZIMUTH INTERNATIONAL S.à r.l. Help Helvert Finance SA Barclays Capital Trading Luxembourg S.àr.l. Barclays Luxembourg Finance Holdings Barclays Luxembourg Investments SARL Barclays Capital Luxembourg S.à r.l. Barclays Capital Investments Luxembourg SARL Seta Securitisation S.à r.l. Logo Project SA Tf International Fund Logos International Logo-project Logos International SICAV-FIS Logos Development SARL Logos SA Logo-immo SA Logos Capital Partners SARL Tf Solutions International Audio Tf Ana Tf ARIES TF S.à r.l. Logo Holdco S.à r.l. Logo Topco S.à r.l. Logo Pledgeco S.à r.l. Logo Mezzco S.à r.l. Tf Film SARL L.L.C. SC Karmorneftegaz SARL Karmorneftegaz Holding SARL ARTE CASA Groupe SA The Emerging Markets Strategic Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) The Emerging Markets Strategic Management SA The Latin American Emerging Markets Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) Partner Emerging Markets Umbrella Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) Pimco Emerging Markets Funds SICAV (dr.Eur.) Seb Sicav 4 SICAV (dr.Eur.) Partner Emerging Markets Advisory Co.S.A. Ol Finance SA Ol Trading Ol Mietgesellschaft SA Euro-Lux Ol-Und Gasbrennervertrieb O.L. Company S.à r.l. Ol Trading Euro-lux ÖL - Und Gasbrenner Vertrieb SARL O.L. Holdings S.à r.l. CMC GROUP FINANCIAL COMPANY S.A Cmc Finances SA Cmc Investissements SA Compagnie Maritime Commerciale SA CM CAPITAL MARKETS LATINAMERICA S.A. CMC & Partners SARL Cmc Biologics SARL CMC Capital Luxembourg S.à r.l. CM CAPITAL Cmc Capital Luxembourg 2 Cmc Capital Luxembourg 4 Cmc Capital Luxembourg 5 Cmc CMC Mexico Limited S.à r.l. Cmc-mib SARL Cmc Biologics Ii SARL COMMERCIAL METALS COMPANY US (LUXEMBOURG), S.C.S. Cmc Biologics Iii SCS La Costa SARL Costa SA COSTELEY DEVELOPMENT S.A. Castile S.à r.l. KREAFIN GROUP S.A. Sa-lu-trans SARL Office pour les Infrastructures et la Logistique à Luxembourg Colt Lux Finance Colt Lux Group Holding S.à r.l. Colt Group Colt Lux Holding Colt Telecom Luxembourg S. à r.l. Colt Lux MP S.à r.l. Colt Financial Holding SA L Capital Luxembourg S.A. Luxembourg Capital Holding S.A. LUXEMBOURG CAPITAL S.A. Bock Capital Investors S.à r.l. Bock Capital EU Luxembourg Fisher S.à r.l. Bock Capital EU Luxembourg TP S.à r.l. Bock Capital EU Luxembourg List S.à r.l. Bock Capital EU Luxembourg NR-2 S.à r.l. Bock Capital EU Luxembourg NR-1 S.à r.l. Bock Capital EU Luxembourg Surfaces I S.à r.l. Bock Capital EU Luxembourg Surfaces II S.à r.l. Europa Capital Luxembourg S.à r.l. Bock Capital EU Acquisitions Surfaces S.à r.l. CEP IV Participations S.à r.l., SICAR Progest SA

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