Company Financials


Assess a company's financial performance with latest key figures such as sales volume, revenues, net worth, debt, assets and liabilities.
Content is from most recent available accounts.

Source : Dun & Bradstreet
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Sample Report

Business namePrimary name of business
D-U-N-S® NumberIdentifier of case, This 9-digit number is assigned to each separate commercial entity in the Dun & Bradstreet database
CountryCountry where business is located
CurrencyDefault currency code for figures in report.
Income statement dateDate of Income/Profit & Loss Statement
Intangible assetsTotal of intangible assets.
Fixed assetsAmount of property owned by a business that has a life longer than a year such as buildings, equipment and land.
InventoryIncludes merchandise on hand ready to be sold. May also include work in progress and raw materials minus depreciation.
Accounts receivableAmount of sales made and billed to customers on credit terms. This is money owed by customers and not yet received
Cash and liquid assetsAmount of Cash on hand and in banks and other liquid assets.
Total current assetsTotal amount of all current assets
Total assetsTotal amount of current and long-term assets.
Capital amountAmount of capital which has been issued.
Net worthTotal amount of Equity (Net Worth) Includes capital stock, retained earnings treasury stock, etc
Retained earningsRetained earnings.
Total current liabilitiesTotal amount of all current liabilities.
Long term debtLong Term Debt owed by business.
Accounts payableAmount of merchandise purchased on credit
Total long term liabilitiesTotal long term liabilities owed by business.
Total liabilitiesTotal liabilities owed by business.
Total liabilities and equityTotal amount of Liabilities & Equity
SalesNet sales for the period after returns, allowances and discounts are deducted
Cost of goods soldCost of Sales (Cost of Goods Sold for Manufacturers).
Gross profitAmount left over after deducting the Cost of Goods sold from Net Sales. May be negative
Net income before taxesNet Income/Profit before taxes
Net incomeAmount left over after all expenses and taxes are deducted.
Paid dividendsDividends paid to shareholders.
Total employeesTotal number of personnel employed by the business.
Employees (at this adress)Number of employees at the referenced address
This is a fictitious document used for demonstration purposes only.
Actual reports may vary in the amount of information available per business profile and may not include all information seen in this sample.
When the «Company Financials» report is available for a given company, it means the company publishes financials accounts. In this case, financial figures are included in reports when so specified.
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