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SBB Fjällräven 15 Fastighets AB Atlas Copco AB A Mountain Higher AB W&W Nordic Forest AB Ls Agency AB Ardahini Emc Consulting AB Fam, Alex Bonnier Fastigheter Uppsala 2 AB PJH Holding AB Addnature AB SAV Winery AB (publ) Alex&Phil AB Vavia AB Liquid Swords AB Liquid Services AB Tor & Co AB Norvida AB Proalci AB Pinto HB LC KTH AB Cardiocon AB MM&I Holding AB Fall, Alioune K&B Invest AB Clinical Trial and Consulting Services Sweden AB Bn Networks AB Inject Pharma Sweden AB Ec-Com Medical AAA Sweden AB Unisto AB Re-Solutions AB Sweden International Import & Export Stone Properties AB Atlas Copco Industrial Technique AB Atlas Copco Compressor AB Atlas Copco Pistolskytteklubb Teama AB Adestam Concept Atria Concept AB Born Collector HB Club 99 AB Funkia AB All Stage AB H Service Sverige AB Logica Holdings AB N Trafikskola AB CYGMED AB Car Management Sweden AB Consilium Navigation Group AB TUN3R Standab AB Strå AB Camanio AB Epiroc AB Epiroc Treasury AB Oden Business Intelligence AB Silverspoon AB Advino AB Second Ten AB Betty Barclay Sweden AB Aena AB End Ecocide Sverige Aurora Lighting AB Aurora Home AB HAILEY Nämnden För Båtlivsutbildning, Nfb T.Sundh AB Brf Ekuddshöjden PADEL GLOBAL HOLDING AB Sportex Klubb & Företag AB Digital Akers HB In Case Scandinavia AB Nacka Enskilda Gymnasium AB NU Nordic Unit AB Nordic Unit Rör AB Nordic Unit Construction AB Mandel Förvaltnings AB Urban Green AB Mandel Projektutveckling AB Mandel Fastigheter Slakthusområdet AB Fryksås Fäbodfastigheter AB Mikael Gille Agentur AB Trumfator Fastigheter AB Predictor Fastighetsutveckling 1 AB Predictor Fastighetsutveckling 2 AB G H Italiana Food Selections AB Kaya Group AB RW Förvaltningsfastigheter AB Fagerhyltan AB RW Bostad AB (publ) Målmarks International AB Fastighetsbolaget Arlöv 17:22 AB Fastighetsbolaget RW Almen 1 AB Stockholms Skohus AB Hansa Advokatbyrå AB Desegno AB Simplicus AB Voi Elämä! Alternativet Ellenor Engholm Prisma Security AB Tara AB Lb Sourcing AB Spine AB Dustin Sverige AB Dustin AB Dustin Group AB DUSTIN, UNIONENKLUBBEN Nyfosa NYAB 120 AB Nyfosa NYAB 130 AB Nyfosa NYAB 160 AB Nyfosa NYAB 70 AB Nyfosa NYAB 107 AB Nyfosa NYAB 110 AB Nyfosa NYAB 100 AB Nyfosa NYAB 140 AB Nyfosa NYAB 150 AB Nyfosa NYAB 127 AB Nyfosa NYAB 117 AB Nyfosa NYAB 157 AB Nyfosa NYAB 80 AB Nyfosa NYAB 121 AB Nyfosa NYAB 122 AB Nyfosa NYAB 123 AB Nyfosa NYAB 124 AB Nyfosa NYAB 125 AB Nyfosa NYAB 126 AB Nyfosa NYAB 128 AB Nyfosa NYAB 129 AB Nyfosa NYAB 131 AB Nyfosa NYAB 132 AB Nyfosa NYAB 133 AB Mikael Ström Konsult AB K Ström Consulting Kinnarps Sverige Försäljning AB M3Resource AB Urban Deli Sickla AB Intrum AB Houdini AB Houdini Sportswear AB Bambusa AB Ledab AB Solutionis AB Lea Aggett Care S.L.G. International AB S.L.G. Thomas International AB Blomquist Hrm AB Habity AB byrdy AB Stockholm Coffee Tools AB FC Gläntan AB Nordic Science Capital AB Stockholm Medicare AB Effectiv AB Pharmalev HB A-Ark Pharmadule AB Nordic Consumer Health AB Nordic Consumer Health II AB Everdea AB Needham, Travis Globalnet HB Nitobom Nordholm, Mikael Value Development Scandinavia AB DC Maritime AB Nord Fashion Sweden AB Stamenkovic Consulting AB Stamenkovic Ahola, Angela Ahlmark, Mikael App Start-Up AB Fotograf Michael Pettersson Söder El A.G.R. Certification Sweden AB Le Croissant i Sverige AB Idéstorm AB J&J VVS AB Circus Le Fou AB Allgrow AB L.M Ericsson A/S Allegat Redovisning och Administration AB Firma Patrik Aronsson AdvertisEnt AB Glocal Stories AB Glocal Stories Trygg, Robin MW Ekonomikonsult AB Talk Advertising HB The Pure Water Co Sweden AB Nama Leach, Dan BA in Sweden AB EpicSauce AB Vality AB Wiget Group AB Second Wind Aviatör AB Hill, Ray Urban Stener Holding AB INFix AB The Alan Company AB Exidea Produkter HB ImmunoIVD AB 3S Supply, Support & Service SWENCN AB Asmaye AB Pt Produktion Brf BoKlok Neptunus We Run Sweden AB A&A Investments AB Intrum Sverige AB Intrum Finans AB Intrum Intl AB Swedish Emergency And Rescue AB Game Advisor Sweden AB Salong Aura AB SWEDA-Group KB Asda HB EMS Studio Isv Gate AB IR GROUP AB Rightsized Games AB Scandi-Stuff HB Key2Compliance AB Nacka däck och bilverkstad AB Day Sweden AB Scisco AB Spånga Rangers Football Club Brain Company AB COPR AB Raycore Fiber Optic Solutions AB Sandspire Interactive AB P.Z.Ställningar AB Vår Frus Systraskap SNE Northern Europe AB Estex AB Pharmadule Morimatsu AB Da Capo Unlimited AB Ragnaröksstrand Samfällighetsfören Ragnaröksstrands reningsverksfören Ekonomisk för ÅK Sweden AB Nacka Stormarknad AB Northern Sense AB AAA Foundation Rescue Mr Servisec AB AnetteWork AB Khan, Inam Global Team Sweden AB Brf Flora i Hägersten

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