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HT GREEN CLEAN Lair AB M.R.Smycken AB AF Group AB Abrovink AB Niam VIII Slipstenen AB Termino C 796 AB Gibon Eskilstuna AB Sparren Security AB MTM Group AB Fellom AB Time Change Solutions AB PaRa Wara AB Schoppe AB Swedish Nutra AB Bettans Bod If Skadeförsäkring AB (publ) Blandab AB Dan & Co AB Victor Hasselblad AB Lundberg, Anna-Karin Driving, Thomas Syntesia AB Nijin HB SO AGENCY AB SISTER WOODS JH Ekonomikonsult AB Zebrowski Advokat AB Sanaz S AB Seve System Solutions AB OG Agro Konsult AB Poab holding AB Montano Holding AB Evernet AB Envy AB DEMARSO Management KB SH15 AB Niam VII BidCo Gallerian 9:an AB Niam VII Port 73 Holding AB Niam VII Port 73 AB Wåhlin Advokater KB Kapital AF AB Access Duo Incentive AB Osmos Holding AB Stedle Exploration AB Ragnar Exploration AB CO-OP AB Ahlsell, Anna SSU 25+ Goldcup 32276 AB Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Nordics AB J.Lindeberg Installationer PM Sörlander AB SO AB Fertile Holding AB Gym Royal AB Domemi AB DILUTIONAL AB Parint AB Bright Cut Engineering Sweden AB KilenXB 110 AB ANS Entreprenad AB Codira AB WOW! Laffitte Vin o Dryck AB Takhem i Väst AB VEW Holding AB Goldcup 32467 AB ANICURA FRANCE SAS VPK PACKAGING AS MS59 AB LG Konsult AB Verdes AB Goldcup 32477 AB ATC Computer Transport and Logistics AB Q-planet P.M Holding Group AB Philip - Hållbar häst AB AS INVEST & HOLDING AB PaB Holding AB Nova Grupp AB AVAVAV RETAIL AB Johansson, Andrea Shivyog Trans AB Seamus Holdings KB AF Invest AB ESS - Energy Storage Solutions AB AG. Invest AB Goldcup 32576 AB Renewcell Sweden AB Castlewood Media AB ROYAL INDIAN AB Davves Bolag GRAM SCIENTIFIC APS AlMed AB ÖSSA Goldcup 32607 AB Goldcup 32617 AB EA N the game AB EASYPARK AS AVALON NORDIC OY AS Agro AB DR Transport AB SS7 AB Bright Accounting Holding AB Goldcup 32647 AB Goldcup 32657 AB SWEEDEN Co. AB Goldcup 32676 AB Goldcup 32677 AB Goldcup 32687 AB Goldcup 20867 AB Goldcup 32727 AB Goldcup 32737 AB Goldcup 32747 AB Qarlbo NAC Forest AB Goldcup 32766 AB Goldcup 32767 AB Josefin Lindeberg AB Terrax AB Ragnarsson, Daniel Steel Trade Innovations & Manufacturing Sweden A BW agro AB Al Machinery AB Aurezzi International AB The Northmen Dayz AB Niam VIII Bor AB Niam VIII Halm AB Binaries Fort AB DUAL NORDICS FILIAL Viby Solenergipark AB Cube III Environment Nord BidCo AB Prestanda Auto Umeå AB VENT4YOU CF Arendal 17 BidCo AB CF Eneberga BidCo AB CF HoldCo 2 AB CF Arendal 13 BidCo AB Investa AB Capital D Holding AB Kattegat Project Bidco AB Goldcup 101252 AB Lisade IV AB FIFTY Holdings AB Anytec AB Pet4Life Bernstrom Consulting Frisör Rebecca Granqvist Ög Event HB Smsb Restaurang HB Cybercom Romania Holding AB Benson Medreg AB Wermgo AB AB Tribeck Daniel Fara AB Design From Sweden AB Mooni Retail AB Thousand 15 Oaks AB BoKe Psykoterapi Proactor AB EBLA AB Sportsday HB Swedish Company Industry AB Apoteksamariten AB Takeda Pharmaceuticals Nordics AB R & G Service HB Arjo Tak HB Aurora Lillieros Fond Alekton Nordholm, Martin Gustavsson, Daniel Presentkakan Equity Holding AB One Stage On 67 Totum HB Anconia HB Concordia HB Sportamore AB (Publ) SANDVIK IT Services AB Je Motor HB Me&De HB Gradientech AB Crypto Networks AB Benefit Provider Sweden AB Antti Ojala Armi HB Jma Media Group HB Sakkan AB Rb Communication AB Aaemeo AB Design In West Corinne Ericson Wiklunds Import Soltorpet AB Midnattsloppet Nordic AB BILÖ AB Sol Ahlmark Lines AB We Know IT Sweden AB Brf Mäster Samuel Saleteg, Sofia Taxi Welcome Service KB O-Ringen i Boden Broker Unlimited Lind, Carl Göran Bertil C2 Consulting Aurora Polaris Lawson, Late Rene Msm Service Hållbar Hälsa Lizah Almgren Firma Jenny Seth Ma Entreprenad & Bygg Hansson, Erik Faltin, Maximilian Arkenex AB Folia Landskapsarkitektur Baau Therapeutics AB Törna Maskin & Transport AB Johanna Rautila i Dig Denim AB Innovateket AB Fooda AB Nordic-Trail Best IT Solutions Ke Dana HB Dreamlife HB HB Business AB Exide AB Landskronabo AB Improvanza AB Startplattan 135560 AB Norrmalm 20 i Norsjö AB Terra Nova Sweden AB Haga Fastighetsrådgivning AB Ba-King Carlssons Fastighet & Hushåll Brf Mästerlotsen På Ön Totta Oas Reklambyrå HB Corecon AB Stena Fastigheter Stockholm Invest AB Swedow AB Barclay, Mikael Kry, Marie Crazy Leather HB Carbix HB Unitech Spolka Akcyjna Lars Pettersson Elektronik Ab:S Särskilda Pensio Orion II Pah Sverige Unionen Klubb Mölnlycke Health Care

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