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Carnet Capio Support AB Move About AB Move About Technologies AB Move About Group AB Goldcup 30413 AB ÅB Consulting AB Gratech Grand Banks Owners Club Sweden C4Wave Capital KB Still Consulting AB Zandic Management och Trading AB Bawik - Consulting AB Bawse Consulting AB BT Kapitalförvaltning AB Tomorrow AB KB Smartex Building Ortmans Plåtslageri AB DoS AB Onflow Communication AB Stift Västeråsklubben Vip100 Svenska Handelsbanken AB Atlas Copco AB Happy & Co AB Stockholm School of Energy (SSE) AB Eitech AB Canten AB Ocean Infinity (Sweden) AB Extenda Retail AB Northvolt AB Clas Ohlson AB Elastx AB NKT HV Cables AB Praktikertjänst AB European Digital Trust KB BrightMED AB Temperatur Sensitive Solutions Systems Sweden AB Boozt AB SmartRex Zoo Support Scandinavia AB Jacobsson, Arne Lennart Harald Medhelp Care AB (publ) Happy Boss AB Human IT-support AB Pinmeto AB BeeScanning Global AB MOTIKON AB MOTIKON HOLDING AB Nordiska Kommunikationsbyrån AB Avantir AB Wholesale Modern AB Readspeaker AB MORSHEDI MEDIA AB IndoorGolfOneGroup AB Milstenen Invest AB Miles, Thomas Högsbo Bil och Rekond AB Swegeo i Göteborg AB Mypicnic AB Solid Wine AB Lendo AB Södertälje Kundtjänst AB Bap Goldcup 30543 AB Returpack Svenska AB Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB AB Electrolux AB Volvo Nouryon Surface Chemistry AB Ewab Engineering AB Pareto Securities AB Mfex Mutual Funds Exchange AB Koenigsegg Automotive AB Stockholmsmässan AB Scandinavian & UK Machines AB Eurofins Agro Testing Sweden AB Atoy Automotive Sweden AB Beetroot AB Electrolux Professional AB (publ) ICA Sverige AB Nouryon Functional Chemicals AB Epayment Service Europe AB Mercuri International Group AB Alfa Laval Holding AB Optimity AB M4 Gruppen AB Klarna Bank AB Rembene AB Atlings Maskinfabrik AB IKEA Industry AB Eurofins Food & Feed Testing Sweden AB Mojang Support AB Hoist Finance AB (publ) Prototal AB Karolinska Inst Karolinska Inst Support AB Kvalitena AB (Publ) LKAB Minerals AB Bonnier AB Klippan Yllefabrik AB EQT AB Beat Food For Progress Not For Profit Associatio Bone Support AB Bonesupport Holding AB Volvo Car AB EVRY Sweden AB Stockholm Exergi AB Wall Street Systems Sweden AB Electrolux Professional Holding AB Cejn AB Becker Industrial Coatings Holding AB Embracer Group AB H.E.A.R Stift H&M Incentive Program Göteborgsoperan AB HB Fam Cato Alligator Bioscience AB Ca Real Estate AB NTG East AB North Castle AB Daga AB Am Group Redback AB Mr Pizza AB Red Creek Production As Group AB MacGregor Sweden AB Parabellu.-Studio Reklambyrå Bruksallén AB Hatt Et Söner Holding AB National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB Flow Neuroscience AB TV4 AB CANTARGIA AB Tobii Dynavox AB Intrug ÅF Digital Solutions AB Playground TV AB Acast AB (publ) Alex Therapeutics AB Unionens Medlemsklubb Nkt Hv Cables AB Sixten & Blixten AB Red AIR AB Gant AB WhistleB Whistleblowing Centre AB Amuze Interactive AB Polestar Performance AB Easy-Laser AB Neosupport AB Q-Matic Group AB Precise AB Tribe Sports Marketing AB Mullvaden AB Mullvad VPN AB Telescope Services AB Tcne Aircraft Leasing AB Inkonova AB Proac AB Integrationsbolaget Sverige AB Alfa eCare AB AB Fagerhult Fagerhult Griffeye Technologies AB Komplett Services Sweden AB Seamless Distribution Systems AB Seamless Digital Distribution AB AB Fastator (publ) Fastator PM AB Deloitte AB BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Nordic AB Eolus Vind AB (Publ). Mycronic AB (Publ) Bark Partners AB Glenmuir Capital Trust KB Advokatbyrån Tore Brandtler AB Svenska Homeopatkliniken Liv och Naturlig Hälsa Ps Soft HB Skal Soft AB Dote AB D.R. Datakonsult AB Novacura AB Arc Swan, Josefin DM-support HB Tieto Sweden Support Services AB BC Support & Service EPICO AB Srs Security AB NorthStar Technology AB Stockholm VR Center AB OX2 Holding New Markets AB Innospec Sweden AB 10 Chambers AB Blokada Holding AB Mybw Office Support Group AB Sharkmob AB Fidelio Capital AB Solmark Gruppen AB Qapital Insight AB (publ) Qapital Insight Technology AB Torle, Patric B3H AB Cancer Care Company Sweden AB Asset Stockholm AB Bb Holding AB Trionara Technologies AB MetaCru AB Media Markt Sweden AB Haga Vadstena AB North Pole Vindkraft Holding AB Beeliveit AB Limavi AB Believeit Strömma Textil AB Cleancon AB The Untamed of the North AB Synsam Group One AB JGMG IT Support AB JJ IT Support Swedish Import Contact AB Oresund Drydocks AB Ecom Projects AB Rigel Holding AB Sol Voltaics AB Donn, Hanna Madelene V.S. Visitsweden AB 59 North Adventure AB RJWC Powersports AB Waytobill AB BrightBid AB Nibiru Development AB Nibiru e-gaming AB Anodox AB Clevry Work AB Recordati AB Camerontec AB ABEA AB Roze Recruitment AB BILLACK & PLÅT KLINIKEN i Uppsala AB Fibbl AB Studio Mikael Jansson AB Kemlab Instrument Sweden AB GE-Li HB Tosic, Ljupka Bygging-Uddemann AB LeeWrangler Sweden AB Faiveley Transport Malmö AB Isbrytaren Holding AB Talkative AB Speeron AB Elis Design & Supply Chain Centre AB

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