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Tell C Korea Youngju YMCA Speed Special SOPPLE Co., Ltd. E Sak Toast Punggijeom SK Materials Co., Ltd. SK specialty Co., Ltd. Osung ENG Co,, Ltd. Case Co., Ltd. London Confectionery KYUNGBUK COLLEGE INDUSTRY-ACADEMIC COOPERATION FOUNDATION Smilestory Dwaeji Yanolja Restaurant Korea Red Ginseng Federation Co., Ltd. Novelis Korea Limited Novelis Korea Anteen Heeraewon T & T CO. Korea Furniture Plaza Dong Yang Co, Ltd Saramin Construction Cooperative Saramin Community Cooperative Dream Co., Ltd. Hyejeu Munhwa Bank Co, Ltd Chemical Clean Energy Co., Ltd. Computo Pia Doosan Heavy Service Parts Goodfellas Restaurant Muwon Industry Co., Ltd. Namhae Chemical Yonghae Gas Station Toni Mori Yoolim Industry Development Co., Ltd. Hana Container Co., Ltd. Youngju Briquet Co.,Ltd. Gyeogbuk Social Network Cooperative COP CNF Co., Ltd. Hyundai Heavy Industries Gyeongbuk Bukbu Branch Hyundai Heavy Industry Construction Jangbiyoungju Sales Hyundai Heavy Industry Construction Jangbiyoungju Branch Co., Ltd. Seone Pig Farming Co.,Ltd. ILLUI EZER TREE Co.,Ltd. Samsung Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd. Kolon Radiator Kok Sarang Gammi Co., Ltd. Dual Drone Tech Co., Ltd. PURE CO.,LTD. Asia Cement Sangsa Pyungeun National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Cooperative Federation Icheon E Danran Castel bajakyoung Bar Blackyak Yeongju Agency Youngpoong Electric Cosmos Co., Ltd. MISHA Medical Cleaning Center Co., Ltd. Eden Development Co.,Ltd. HOLY COMPANY Holy Co, Ltd NURIM CO.,LTD. Nurim Anix.Co.,Ltd Samsung Car Service Center Converse Yeongju Agency Sunshine Energy Inc. Heungsung Co.,Ltd. Hanaro Co., Ltd. How In Co., Ltd. M&B GreenUs Co.,Ltd. Sungkang Construction Co., Ltd. Thank You CONE CO.,LTD. Daelim Express Gugu Power Station Co.,Ltd. SUNHILL ENERGY CO.,LTD. LUDIA CO., LTD DONGLIM Co., Ltd. New Millennium Tour Co.,Ltd. Cana Express Sky Jaesung Industry Co., Ltd. K System Co., Ltd. Nextep Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Young Il Sa Eunsong Co., Ltd. Hyundai Metal Co. Kyocharo Service Big Bear Resturant Odyssey Co. April Boribap Yeongju Ye Dental Clinic Hospital TOP APPLE FARMING CORPORATION MarketFood Korea Goryeo Red Ginseng Jang Champions CM Co.,Ltd. Um DC Jinheung Co. Baekdong Sale Shop Inis Co., Ltd. Youngpoong Company Co., Ltd. YOUNG POONG INDURIAL DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. HANHWA CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION Gunsan X Fuel Cell One Co., Ltd. Seosan X Fuel Cell One Co., Ltd. Gyodai Park Jang Daepoong Nongyak Jongmyosa Daepoong Construction Material Sangsa Livelon Envicon co ltd World CC Jo Eun Tour Co., Ltd. kk Bu-young Saeng-Gogi Restruant Sambo Tech Corp Lemon Korea Inc. GS25 Kyungpook National University Agency KOREA Ginseng export LTD Lg General Household Appliances DAE YUNG STONE CO. LTD Jungang Development Co., Ltd. Ever BL Co.,Ltd. Kolon Meat Branch All Trading Co. Cinema Box Komex stone Co., Ltd. Joeun Music Institute Pine Terrace Restaurant Rich Hotel Sky View Kwanglim Electric Green Life Logistics Agarang Eomma Selfbar Yeongju Agency Boeun Mulsan Punggi Dream Travel Nokwon Co .,Ltd Good Partner Tour Motel Jungto Corporation Sobaek Fresh Tae Kwang Mool San Hanwha Securities Co., Ltd._Youngju Branch Su & Su Rojin Co, Ltd Sigma ETN Co.,Ltd. Samboo Co., Ltd. RICEBORN Co., Ltd. Allerman Young Bar Yeongju Sports GEONWOO CO. Global Man Power Co.,Ltd. Bedding Wholesale Gaenari 4-cha Apartment Gogo Sky Car Alphonse Shina General Co., Ltd. Wooryeong Construction Co., Ltd. BUHEUNG CO.,LTD. DONG WHA YU TONG. Hyein Construction Equipment Seonil Safe Manufacturing

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