List of Corporate Headquarters in SEONGNAM

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marimu Co., Ltd. Performance Co., Ltd. MGEN CO.,LTD. EOFlow Co., Ltd. MIRU SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. Meister Financial Consulting Co.,Ltd. 3PM Inc. CADENCE KOREA LTD. D-TEG Co., Ltd. Laminar Co., Ltd. Innowireless Co.,Ltd. YoungWon Costech Co.,Ltd. YOUNG WON COSTECH CO., LTD. Air Liquid Maritime Korea Ltd. SILICON2 CO., LTD. ROZETATECH CO.,LTD madeleine memory Inc. MNT Co., Ltd. EPG Co., Ltd. Hama Company Co., Ltd. ilii Inc. JT House INC Daewoong Co.,Ltd. LINE Plus Corporation ENHANCE CO.,LTD NAVER I&S Corp. NAVER Corporation NAVER Financial Corporation Crystal Genomics Inc. Doosan Bobcat Korea Co., Ltd. Pascal Bioscience Co., Ltd. InTheCore Business Platform Co., Ltd. Innocean Co., Ltd. Continental Automotive Korea Ltd. Mokibo Inc. SHS Co., Ltd. Hankook Tire & Technology Co., Ltd. DIALOG SEMICONDUCTOR KOREA CO.,LTD. CookApps, Inc. IRONMACE Co., Ltd. Rebellions inc. Derma Co., Ltd. National Institute for International Education Dong Jin Tech BISION CORPORATION Phoenix Contact Co., Ltd. Momo Media Co., Ltd. Soulbrain Holdings Co., Ltd. NAVER LABS Corporation G9pharma co., LTD SK shieldus Co., Ltd VISMAY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION PIXELITY GAMES Inc. ALOYS Inc. BTCS Company Co., Ltd. CNL INOVAT Co., Ltd. Taesan Liquor Inc. JiWoo D.S Co.,Ltd. THINKWARE MOBILE Corporation 1AI Co., Ltd. ACT Therapeutics Inc. kakaopay Corp. MBK Corporation Bizchem Co, Ltd Hanwha Vision CO., LTD. oniontech Eonex Technologies, Inc. Galalap Corp. Top Scout&Research Co., Ltd. Clonix Co.,Ltd Glant Co., Ltd. Wintek Corporation Korea Food Trading Ray Co., Ltd Nexon Korea Corporation NEXON RED Corp. Haos Co., Ltd. CLP Co., Ltd. NUON Co., Ltd. NUON BIO Co.,Ltd. Ascender Co., Ltd. K Ventures PANACEA Inc. Ubit Corp Aces GQS Korea NINEKOREA co.,Ltd Ninecnf Ninestone Co.,Ltd. HN Corporation IP Mining Co., Ltd. Manmin Super TD Company Co., Ltd. TD Printec T&D Soft Co., Ltd. T&D Holdings Co., Ltd. S&Med MODEN ENG CO.,LTD. YB Navi TASCON Beyond Mi Joongil Development Co.,Ltd. Arote Co., Ltd. Nexone Co., Ltd. XL GAMES INC. NongHyup Chemical Co., Ltd. GoGreenlife Co.,Ltd Biz Care Co.,Ltd. The Devine Co., Ltd. Open Ware Co.,Ltd. Open PLC Co., Ltd. Open All Co.,Ltd. Brick YETI CO.,LTD. MAY Co., Ltd. Gyoyeon Co., Ltd. S&S Corporation Co., Ltd. IN&JI Intellectual Property Consulting The Aqua Co., Ltd. team-all THE ONE COMMUNICATION CO.,LTD. OnDemand Co., Ltd Cornerstone Technology LINE NEXT Corporation Global MG Korea Global MG Korea Co., Ltd. UAP Engineering Co., Ltd. TM & Co Pearl Company Ten Company Co., Ltd. August10 Co., LTD Gai INC Co., Ltd. BH EnC Co.,Ltd. Seo G Logistics Co., Ltd. Easy Information Telecom Info Easy TERRA, Inc. Solomon Systec Korea F N C Co., Ltd. Korea MSC Software Co., Ltd. Sonatus Software Korea Limited Company Hwasul SERENDI PIXEL PLAY OGAM Meat Co., Ltd. Tiny Pumpkin TINYCELL Tinyone Inc. 81Estate SABINI KOREA CO.,LTD. SAPEON Korea Inc. PostureAI KNK Corporation KNK Corp. SENTLEX CO.,LTD. The Sento Kakao Corp. Game & Company Game Park Karaoke Kakao Games Corp. Just Body The Militopia Hotel Me Tis IT Co., Ltd. Area Art Co., Ltd. AREAD Co.,Ltd. Higher Speaking HD HYUNDAI ENERGY SOLUTIONS CO.,LTD. MCKINLEY,Inc Eight Company Eight Corporation Kwang Je Co, Ltd RAONTECH, Inc. J One Group Co., Ltd. 1gram Co., Ltd. Mobility Solutions Korea Eon The Water Co., Ltd. Hyperity Inc. I Culture Communication, INC. CULTURE COMMUNICATION MacDermid Korea Inc Macdermid Korea Ltd. Trans LLC. Coints CoinTravIT Corp. Korea Trading Co., Ltd. ZINUS INC. Robustec Co.,Ltd. DMC.Inc FINES INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. Kumho C&P Co., Ltd. Tida Unti STING Co., Ltd. Cornerstone Networks Co., Ltd. Chem Tech RENOSOFT.Co.,LTD. Legend Heroes Co., Ltd. NAVER WEBTOON COMPANY Corporation Naver Webtoon Employee Welfare Fund Co., Ltd. NAVER WEBTOON Ltd. Stamp Echo kulcloud Global Star Company Co., Ltd. Taejin Textile Industry GMT CO.,LTD. Baker Hughes Korea Limited. KING LLOYD Inc. KMP The J Mart Co., Ltd. Alpa ENG Raem Research Korea SmartL Co., Ltd. SAIC MOTOR KOREA CO., LTD. Hyundai Development Company Flying Corp. Amuse Corporation Infosys Co., Ltd. GENENCELLBIO Co. Ltd. GeneCell Co.,Ltd BillionaireGames FreeD Group Ltd. NAVER Z CO.,LTD. E Han Soft Co., Ltd. KGE Co, Ltd ENCON Hyundai C&M Co., Ltd. Hyundai L&S Co., Ltd. ASMPT SMT SINGAPORE PTE.LTD. Flex Korea Inc. Flex Corp. Roman Korea Solarize SOLARWIZ CO.,LTD. HANA CORPORATION CO.,LTD. KOBENT KOBEC Co.,Ltd. FORECS CO.LTD Forestar Co., Ltd. Kaja System Co., Ltd. Kaja MBA Biotech Co.,Ltd. PathFinder LLC. KOREA INVESTMENT SAVINGS BANK CO.,LTD. Korea Invest Co., Ltd. ATR Co., Ltd. To Hyphen Inc. NC MG Co., Ltd. NC& Co., Ltd. zetciti Inc. Systran Samsang Energy Solution

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