List of Corporate Headquarters in JANGSEONG

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Galaxy Co., Ltd. CGI INC. UNIPACK CO., LTD. Pro Kitchen Sungsan G.N Co.,Ltd. Nepesh Co., Ltd. Jinseong Electric power tech co.,Ltd Lotus Co K.H.E Sebang Chemical HYUBAS KOREA CO.,LTD. Apparel Jjang SHINWHA Lets Co.,Ltd. Topone Co., Ltd. EK CO.,LTD Green tech Co.,Ltd. Big Hands Gigye Daeseung Garden Cip Co., Ltd. Organic Table prtech co., ltd NEW TECHNOLOGY CONVERGENCE CO., LTD FROM Inc. Hansol Bio Honam Blackboard Co.,Ltd, Hanjae Plastic Ltd. ELT CO.,LTD. Dreamcatcher co., ltd Sungho co. Nasan Techno Co., Ltd. K-TB Co., Ltd HALIM Sannong Korea Co.,Ltd. Samrak Gas Songyun Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd NextInGen Co.,Ltd. CHAHOO S&P Co.,Ltd. Prune Co.,Ltd. 88 Desco Inc MYUNGIL C & T CO.,LTD. COS CORPORATION Yellow City C S ENERGY CO.,LTD. Sun Wind Power Co., Ltd. BAUMANTECH CO.,LTD. Daeseung Construction Co., Ltd. Golden Market Co., Ltd. GeumSeong Timber Co., Ltd. Mirae Trading Tech Seum Co., Ltd. E-lim lighting.CO.,LTD Taeyoung Industry SANDEULRAEFOOD.CO.LTD Hwan Shin Energy Development Co., Ltd. Baekdu Co., Ltd. CY CO.,LTD. Protech Korea Co.Ltd Seji Co., Ltd. Shinjin INTEK CO.,LTD. I Mex Co., Ltd. One E&T Co.,Ltd Kumho Trading Torak Seongam Co., Ltd. Design Free Co.,Ltd. Korea Fuel Battery Air Pia Co., Ltd SR Shop Co., Ltd. Daewoong Pharm. Daekwang Heavy Machinary MAKE CO.,LTD. Skytech Co.,Ltd. SBW Inc. S.E Co.,Ltd. Youngjin Industry Co., Ltd. MS BIOTECH JS Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. Aloha Y Kobal Co., Ltd. Sejung Industrial Construction TJ System Co., Ltd. TJ Steel Little House On The Prairie SEGI CO.,LTD. Yongbong Chemical Up Handok Industry Dentsoll Korea Co., Ltd. OPR Korea Co., Ltd. Kua Korea Co., Ltd. BL system VECTORNATE KOREA Ltd. Korea Electric E&G Dongwha Beauty Shop Walking Seattle FORMTEC CO.,LTD. POSTECH Co.,Ltd Ilhwa Co., Ltd. Namdo Co., Ltd. CG INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. Korea Farm Land Dong Hwa Co., Ltd. J.Y.T.CO.,LTD JYT Hae Dream ENG Co., Ltd. DKITS Co., Ltd. Pomnet Co.,Ltd. Young Logistics Jeong ENG Keum Jeong Ind. Development Co., Ltd. Hanjin Travel Travel Songsan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. SONG SAN PHARM CO., LTD. Do Ru Co., Ltd. HB Corporation HO NAM METAL Jeonnam Nature Training Center_Jeollanamdo Office of Education CLEANING ROOM Myunghwa Co., Ltd. Nasan Industry Oriental Metal Industry Co., Ltd. Yein Architect Co. So Do Energy AB Medical, Inc. Haesu Farm Co., Ltd. Koam farm Nanum Ilho Tech Co.,Ltd. Shiwon Design Group Shinhan Co., Ltd. P No Co., Ltd. Pro Information Communication National ES Co., Ltd. Hanvit General Enterprise AWON INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Leader NEW M TECH CO.,LTD. JL Pasel Co., Ltd. Yellow Mir Co., Ltd. Jointech Co., Ltd. Universe Travel youngbo P&C Co., Ltd. Shinheung Special Technology BOMANN KOREA CO., LTD Echo Energy Co.,Ltd. HANMAEK CO.,LTD NARAK CO.,LTD. Dada Industry Seokwang Co.,Ltd. SJ Metal Corporation Air Pia Co., LTD. E-zero Tech Co., Ltd. EMAX NETWORKS CO., LTD PG IND Co.,Ltd. SN P Tech ENG Co., Ltd.

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