List of Corporate Headquarters in GYEONGJU

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D .S .Tech Co., Ltd. Gyeongju YMCA S K Gas SK Gas Tek Co., Ltd. Kang in Co., Ltd. JOIN CO.,LTD. Henkel Hong Seong Ltd. MOD CO.,LTD. Joa Dea Young Metal Co., Ltd. dongguk DONG GUK Five M Tech IM CO.,LTD. CAS CO.,LTD. Sanso Maroo KB LEADERS CO.,LTD. Unitech Jahwa Hexagonal Water Maker M Biz Best Western Gyeongju Co., Ltd. Best Western Plus Gyeongju Co., Ltd. Shinhan EL Co., Ltd. NA Co,.Ltd. Mr. Chu ILJIN Corp. DM Engineering Comoco COMOTOS CO.,LTD. JND Co.,Ltd. Movie Co., Ltd. Integral Co., Ltd. YOUN Global Leader Korea Co, Ltd DUZONE JURINE SIMPLE CO.,LTD. C&E Tech Co., Ltd. Asell Co., Ltd. Turbo Hankook Tire Kyungju Distribution Co., Ltd. Nonghyup Bank Co.,Ltd. Haeundae Branch BEFESA ZINC Korea Co., Ltd. GYEONGJU ENVIRO CO.,LTD. GYEONGJU ENVIRONMENT ENERGE CO.,LTD. Gyeongju Environment Industry Youngil Co., Ltd. Yeomyung Systems Co., Ltd. An Gang Green Energy Co.,Ltd. SANG WON SANG SA CO. silla technical High School DR TECH CO.,LTD. KRC Page Nine Co., Ltd. DAS Corporation Sure Inc. Daeju Co., Ltd. SHIN DONG INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. Woohyun Seoga Co., Ltd. Shilgam Contents Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. HOPE COMPANY I Synaps Co., Ltd. M M I CO. SNK Industry SHC.Co.,Ltd. Jeil Special Ladder Truck 4829 SEMKO CO.,LTD. S CHEMTECH CO.,LTD. Gongmyeong ENC Co., Ltd. G And T Korea Co., Ltd. Hach Co.,Ltd. B,S,S Co.,Ltd. Future Tech Co., Ltd. Sojung Flower Jeil Machinery Co., Ltd. Miso Hand Made Chang Sung Co, Ltd Doctor Bio Co., Ltd. SONO CO. Grins Well Co., Ltd. Brother Co., Ltd. Lg Deco MJ MOTORS CO.,LTD. JWC Co., Ltd. Daedoo Engineering & Construction Co Ltd SH KOREA CO.,LTD. Seho Co., Ltd. Korea Paka Co., Ltd. Yeo G Engineering Co., Ltd. Esther Tech Co., Ltd. Dongjin INT Co., Ltd. SHP PROPERTY Co., Ltd. HANSUNG CO.,LTD. APCI Co.,Ltd. Diamond Bluesky Co., Ltd DONGKUK AM CO.LTD Unicom Co.,Ltd. Spris SB Co., Ltd. SB Industry Jinsung Industrial Jinsung Ind.Co. Jinsung Industry Co., Ltd. BAE DENTIST Cos Com Hyundai Flower Farm Boosong STIC G Co., Ltd. BBK Co.,Ltd. New Master a Technology co.,Ltd Jinsung I Tech Co., Ltd. Pyunghwa Electric Technology MYUNG BO CO., LTD. Myung song Matal JIN MYUNG ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. KWANGLIM CO.,LTD. Daontek Danatek Jeil Industry Co., Ltd. Nuclear Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. GreenPatch Co.,Ltd. Lens Care Ecopark Co. Jinan Steel Co., Ltd. GSD Co.,Ltd. pskorea co.,ltd Shinhan Tech Gyeong Dong Tax Accounting Office Korea World Industry Co., Ltd. Dine Co., Ltd. OK Tech Co., Ltd. Aju Young Intech Co., Ltd. Dowoo Ind.Co.,Ltd. Huvit Led INC. Metal Korea DK Company Co., Ltd. DK Co., Ltd. Seohan Daesung Trading Co., Ltd. The Body Shop Gyeongju branch Seutepano Pet Plaza Hanjoo F&B Co., Ltd. MINJIN CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. DAS International Certification Center Yeoulin Tech Misan Shingi Industrial Co.,Ltd. 8841534 ID Co., Ltd. S & C Co., Ltd. YOOSIN CO.,LTD. Dressroom Raramoon Mound Karaoke Aurora TJ Global Dunam Co., Ltd. SUP CO. TPS DSTech Faurecia Exhaust Systems Korea Co., Ltd. Ilso Co., Ltd. Ilgu Jokbal Bossam Seorabol Co.,Ltd. Seorabul Park I Tu Chemical Co., Ltd. GLOBAL CLOSING KOREA CO.,LTD. Taewon Construction Co., Ltd. BIHWA CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. yh Food Kok Jin Young Ind Co HUMAN TECH CO. GAMPOJEOM HYEONDAE CAR CO. GAMPOSALJAKMOK FARMING ASSOCIATION Gamposuhyeop 14Ho Fisheries Gampojang Inn Gampogiwon Development Co., Ltd. GSP Co.,Ltd. GSP CO.,LTD. Next-Generation ICT Convergence Center Co., Ltd. G A Resturant Inbeones Co., Ltd. Dico Co., Ltd. Motor tech Co.,Ltd. Geumho Tire Gyeongju (Dae ) Valeo Electrical Systems Korea Ltd. Valeo Store MS Precision Co., Ltd. Woosung Feeds Donghaean Branch ASEM Corporation CHEONJIJANG PUBLIC BATH Chunghyojeom Hyundai Car Cheonghaejin restaurant Chunsuk Mart Chungsuk Mojung Co., Ltd. CheonghakC&D Co., Ltd. Globalwon Partner Song Gung Eye EL S Je Co., Ltd. Dream Asset Co.,Ltd. BS Protec Co., Ltd. Mumun Co., Ltd. Nayagara Co., Ltd. NYS CO.,LTD. DLE&C Co., Ltd. Chun Woo Co., LTD. Broker Shilla Steel Co.,Ltd. Daelim S&T Co., Ltd. DaDo E-Tec Co., Ltd. E-tec Padoho Four Season Shim Co., Ltd. Embroidery Co., Ltd. YH Co., Ltd Studio With JPI LIG POONGSAN PROTECH CO.,LTD. Poongsan General Yongjin Geowoo Mining AGRICULTURAL TREES CO.,LTD. GUARDIAN DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. HSN RECYCLING CO.,LTD. DI Industry Co., Ltd. HAWSUNG INDUSTRIAL CO. SJ TECH CO. Kwangjin The 1st Ltd. Keoyoung Development Co., Ltd. GMT Co., Ltd. GS CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. Halin E-tech Co., Ltd. Crebizin Hyejeong E Ne Galbi NE Tech Co., Ltd. U Ne Pia Co., Ltd. Donggeon E Ne Pocha PIE.Co.,Ltd. B&i KSE Co., Ltd. France Bakery Lucy mom FINETECH Inc.

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