List of Corporate Headquarters in GOYANG SI

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Sting Co. Beyond Co., Ltd. Lotte DOH Co., Ltd. DMG International Documentary Film Festival EX-CARE CO.,Ltd Aden Co.,Ltd. Samsong Food Suntree International Co.,Ltd. A To Z tong Translation Center DONG NAM Co.,Ltd SinA Co., Ltd. Far Eastern Sea & Air Co, Ltd NK Electronic Co., Ltd. Green CNT Co., Ltd. Masstige MCC CORP Co., Ltd. RECYCLE CO. Korea Auto Co., Ltd. Brand INTUITION Co., Ltd. Saemi Corporation Co., Ltd. ComBuy-Sell Inc Dongsan Tech Dataflow Inc. H.R VTX INC Co., Ltd. SINGI MEDIX CO.,LTD. Foryou Digital Co., Ltd. HS International Ltd. POIBOS Co., Ltd. Cheil Food Cheil Equipment Cheil Key Stamp Cheil Information System IVG Corporation The 432 Co., Ltd. Shinhan Invest Co., Ltd. CNP Trading Co., Ltd. VERDI THE RAY COMPANY CO.,LTD. Ray NEXON KOREA Co., Ltd. Nexon Co., Ltd. Tolsquare Co., Ltd. Moon Corporation Co., Ltd. Sepung ENP Industrial JL Traders Co., Ltd. THE Lamp Duna Il Sung Corporation Bluebird Onnuri Drugstore Whawoo Co., Ltd. Korando Woori F&B Co., Ltd. IMC Korea Co.,Ltd. Y Dex Co., Ltd. Fluid Comp Co., Ltd. ITROCK CO.,LTD. JS International Co., Ltd. World Label Iloom Development Co., Ltd. SEJEONG INC. Biz Chem Odeng THE MAY.Co.,LTD JIN WOO Co.,Ltd. Hwajung Kyoyeon Institute Ko G OZ SB Trade Ltd. Century Korea Century 21Korea Co., Ltd. M & G CO.,LTD. Alt 10 co.,Ltd. Global Smart Solution Co., Ltd. MARUSAN KOREA CO.,LTD BH & Company Co., Ltd. BH Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. DH auto Co.,Ltd. Sae Bit Elevator Co., Ltd. Terra TD Co.,Ltd. Tinyit Co., Ltd Hanseung TNC Co., Ltd. Taedong Sento Co., Ltd. JUST BOOKS Seinteu SR Corporation Metias Corporation THE FINE Fine Corp. Co.,Ltd. Best Tech Inter Asset Co., Ltd. International Asset Management Co., Ltd. INTERNATIONAL ASSET MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. CULTURE IN CO.,LTD. HAN Culture & Communication DLP Boseong International Co., Ltd. Boseong PLC Stationery Co., Ltd. ZINUS OPTICAL THE SNF Co.,Ltd GMK Co.,Ltd Hong Jin C & D Co, Ltd Jin Hana Travel Hongjin INNO CO.,LTD. Blackberry Korea Co., Ltd. KPOP Shinbo Trading Co. Sampung Metal Industrial JIWOO INC. YS Global Global H&YS Co., Ltd. IH ChemTech Co., Ltd Webtoon Factory Co., Ltd. Webtoon Talk Stamp Co., Ltd. CWJ Lighting Co., Ltd. GMT Inc. KMP Company KOMICOS CO., LTD Komigo Co., Ltd. EP Equipment Korea Co., Ltd. E Geon Korea S Power-tech Co.,Ltd. PUREUM CONTENT MEDIA CO.,LTD. Dong Il Co., Ltd. Gore MINYEONG STEP CO.,LTD. PKC Co, Ltd GB&G.C Logan Co., Ltd. GE NC ENG COEX Transportation Coex Transportation Co., Ltd. Heagawoorin Korean Ginseng Co. DL Corporation James Company Haeino Inc. 24Shi Convenience Store Milestone Investment Partners Co., Ltd. Haewon Export- import Company Co., Ltd. Kobeura Co., Ltd. S&D Corporation Co., Ltd. S&D In Corporation SPM Dubhe Corp. Sound Logic Bumerang Hair Bumerang Pictures Co., Ltd. K-Sign Co., Ltd. Softbay Softbang Power korea Tupperware Damoa Systron Co., Ltd. Koem Indus Co., Ltd. KAiRON CORPORATION Korea Security Co.,Ltd. Raon Sports Korea Co., Ltd. Mandae Co., Ltd. Mandal Co., Ltd. DU & DU CO.,LTD. SMT Inc. 2 Co., Ltd. Esem Co., Ltd. DK International Asea Metal Co IIIU & C CO.,LTD. Parts-Mall ATZ Co., Ltd. PARTS-MALL CORPORATION Ruda Co., Ltd. CSM CO. CSM Company Co., Ltd. Wannabe U B&C SOLUTION CO.,LTD. One & One Sports Brico JBENT Co., Ltd. STONE COMS CO.,LTD. Human Platform Co., Ltd. KOREA CITY TRAVEL CO.,LTD. EAT Company The EaT Global Co., Ltd. LEE. Co., Ltd. Miss Lee Company World Tour Net Co., Ltd. KCN Aimbet Ltd. SC system S&C System Co., Ltd. Int Tech I hardware Co., Ltd. S Hardware Co., Ltd. FLUX Inc. Bio Research Co.,Ltd. WOOJIN Pharma Medizs Co., Ltd. Korea Company Car Co., Ltd. GA Global Co., Ltd. SAMNAM Inc. IDEA co.,ltd. Ultra Co., Ltd. Ultra JD S.D CORPORATION ELC CO.,LTD. H.D. Company Co., Ltd. Seojin Chem Seu Co., Ltd. SEJOONG CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. CO. Neo X Red Bucket BNS CORPORATION.CO.LTD. PROJECTOY PROJECTONE COMPANY Seoul Service SAMYANG CO.,LTD cj Co., Ltd. Sk Tech Co. Wise Interactive The Ku Co., Ltd. Kim Chang Yoon Hair Wave Cloud Company Co., Ltd. Timeless Music V&D Co., Ltd. Double B Media Co., Ltd. YN B Media Co., Ltd. Media F&B Co., Ltd. TEK Comad Co EA Company Co., Ltd. GAON INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. GAON International Inc. Innotech Trading Company Ecoland Ltd. Posco D Co., Ltd. ASSIST MO CO.,LTD. Kirin FD Co., Ltd. CONNECT BRICK Co., Ltd HTC Korea Co., Ltd. HITECH TECHNOLOGY KOREA CO.,LTD. worldplan JC Enterprise Genesis INC Co.,Ltd. PMC CO.,LTD. A&T SYSTEMS Co.,Ltd. TNE Company Co., Ltd. PETRICHOR SWAN CO. LTD Akasaka Root In Co., Ltd.

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