List of Corporate Headquarters in GOSEONG

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SEO HO CO., LTD. Seung Jin Co., Ltd. Yura Wartsila Accommodation Systems Korea Inc. CREATION CO.,LTD. Do Duri Co., Ltd. Kwangmyung Electric JAMBOREE RESORT CO.,LTD. Jindae Co.,Ltd. Youngil Co.,Ltd. T&S CO.,LTD. Green Power Goseong Green Power Co., Ltd. KPS Tech Co., Ltd. Hananet Co., Ltd. Sejong Co., Ltd. Idea Sa Kim Ok Ran Aesthetic DEOK KWANG INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. BANSEOK CO.,LTD. MAR SHALL WEDDING PLAZA TS Co., Ltd. Wake Medical Co., Ltd. Daeho Co., Ltd. Jungha Skin&Body goseong gguzibbong Ganseong Co, Ltd Ganseong Heavy Machinery Ganseong Terminal PNK COMPANY Co.,Ltd Asia Motors Co.,Ltd. JIJ CO.,LTD YEONGCHEON DAIRY FARMING ASSOCIATION M ID CO.,LTD. DK Engineering Co., Ltd. Farming Association Korean Rehabilitation Riding Education Center Korea Ocean Gangnam Beauty Won Serrybill Beach Yungsong Construction OYSTER CO.,LTD. HI AIR KOREA OUTFITTING CO.,LTD. Tronto Motel DAEHWA Aerospace Industries Co.,LTD Observatory School Food PEOPLE & TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Kangwon Development Co.,Ltd kumgang Co., Ltd. The New York Pharos Restaurant Haegwang Co., Ltd. Mos Tree Co., Ltd. Hwajung Woono Panel Goseong Wind Power Co., Ltd. ILU CO.,LTD. ILWOO CO.,LTD. SANTA VILLAGE One ENG Co.,Ltd. Hankook Tire Jeil Agency PNL Co., Ltd Dongil Super SAM KANG S&C Co., Ltd. Vision Korea Co.,Ltd. SEOUL CLINIC CO. Ahnjin Corporation Go Seongpam Land Co., Ltd. Kujin Jongro Pharmacy Chosun IS Co.,Ltd. Onion Hanguk 3R Goseongcounty Public Health Center EMR Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. SHTECH SINSEON ORGANIC FARMING ASSOCIATION Goseong Cummins AJIN CO.,LTD. Chang Dae Ho Bigsco Co., Ltd. GREEN C TECH CO.,LTD. Samkang Bridge Co., Ltd. Ha E Industrial Osan Co.,Ltd. C&J ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. SEJONG CO.,LTD. Sin Poong Minjun Industry SCS Co., Ltd L&C Housing Co., Ltd. C&Y CO.,LTD. Dongjin Ship Next Sol Co., Ltd. Shincheonji Farm Landscape Bangsil Ine Tongil Cable Net Duck Jin Co., Ltd. (Ui )Medical Corporation Gyeongrim Medical Foundation Shindong Construction Co., Ltd. Deokgwang Co., Ltd. Hanna Project Co., Ltd. Gosung Office of Education_GANGWON PROVINCIAL OFFICE OF EDUCATION WOOSUNG PRECISION INDUSTRY EK Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Keumah Corp. Hye sung Co.,Ltd. Sajo Industry Susung Meat Koryeo Paint JAJA CO. GUNBONG TEMPLE GENERAL PARTNERSHIP Ha E Electric Telecom Korea Resource Development Global Engineering Co.,Ltd. Yukmirak Jeong Pil Co., Ltd. Jeong Pil Co, Ltd Najin International Co., Ltd. Double I Co.,Ltd. Socks Goseong Construction Co., Ltd. Go Seonggun Go Seonghannaeng Go Seongok D K Tech Co., Ltd. Nature Republic Gohyunjeom Mingang Co., Ltd. GONGRYONG GINEUNGSEONG CHAMDARAE FARMING ASSOCIATION EHWA INDUSTRY CO. Ottogi SF Co., Ltd. Sunghoon Steel Kwangsung Co.,Ltd. CHUNG HAE CO., LTD. JKLM Deok, Yeong-Ho YEONHO CO.,LTD. Architecture studio SM C.A Korea Jujin Fishing Tackle Hanah CM Architecture Co.,Ltd. DKCSV Co., Ltd. Army 5861 Corps Aio System Co., Ltd. Chodo FOX KOREANA CO.,LTD. Gunwoo ENC Co.,Ltd. Goseong Goseong Onggi DOOBO AGRICULTURAL CO.,LTD. Do Do Fisheries Mogaeshin LEEU CO.,LTD. Kangjin Architecture HAWON BIO TECH CO.,LTD. Geochang PNC Co.,Ltd. EBADA CO.,LTD. Shinyoung E&T Co., Ltd. JEIS CO.,LTD. Dongguk Industry Co., Ltd. HI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. HIGH INDUSTRIAL EAGON INC Co., Ltd. Geojin Daewoo Electronics H Logistics Service Co., Ltd. Erae Fr Co., Ltd. Sunam Meat Shinpyeong Baptist Church Sea&sea korea Co.,Ltd. NAM-DO FOOD CO.,LTD MUHAK CO. Chosuk Institute SONGHAK Samkang M & T Co., Ltd. Keojin Co.,Ltd. DONG-LIM CO.,LTD. Dae Kwang Co. Go Seongha E Engineering Co., Ltd. Kukje Machinery Go Seong Branch

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