List of Corporate Headquarters in GONGJU

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samsung F.T.KOREA CGI Co, Ltd Kor Ingredients Co., Ltd. LEE JUN Sura WOONG JIN CO. Pearl's Gem Biotechnology Gongju Branch Chungnam Fabric Industry Cooperative Chungnam China Cooperative JCI RENTCAR CO., LTD KJJ CO.,LTD. Myeonghak Scholarship Foundation KOREA PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. choa Co., Ltd. Medichem Co., Ltd. Cape Corporation ATOMY CO., LTD. HKP ANY CHEMTECH CO.,LTD. Soulbrain SLD Co., Ltd. Soulbrain Materials, Ltd. SoulbrainRASA Co., Ltd Donghae Machinery & Aviation Co.,Ltd. Taebong J Consulting Ltd. Seunghwa Construction Co.,Ltd. Sigongsa Apartment System Air Conditioner The Best Solution Co., Ltd. Chai U Co., Ltd. WHAIL INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Cosmax Engineering Co., Ltd.,.ltd. GG PC ROOM Architects & Engineers Sunkyung MJ Travel Sentech Co.,Ltd. COWAY Co., Ltd. Changdae Corporation Co.,Ltd. Korea Natural Pyobon Research Institute Co., Ltd. DONGKUK ENGINEERING Heunga Construction Co., Ltd. atomyaza Gom Taxi KWANGSHIN Cheonan Nonsan Expressway Co., Ltd. Dongnam Chemical Co., Ltd. Myeong Joowon Hanwha Elevator Co., Ltd. Natural Monument Bird Artificiality Restoration Laboratory Corp. Lens Talk LX Model EX Inc. Chunwoo TS Mtech Sanchon Eco Town Jeonguk Conference SONG LIM TEXTILE CO WOORIM COMPANY Doctor Evergood Construction Co., Ltd. Hanil Concret Co. SOLUX Co., Ltd. Chungcheongnam-do Gongju Medical Center GeeGu Co.,Ltd. karam Bam Sky R Bam Co., Ltd. E Zen Bio Energy Co., Ltd. Wonae Bio Energy Co., Ltd. Creative Imaging Technology Co.,Ltd. Global Market Co.Ltd World Sun HARIM PET FOOD COMPANY LTD. Beanpole Outdoor Gongju Branch P & J Household & Healthcare KB E&C Inc. Phillip Energy Converse Gongju Agency Woosung Industry Co., Ltd. SEJONG SURVEY ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. Shinbo Engineering Co., Ltd. Hankook Tire Gongju Hanjoong Steel Co., Ltd Sunkyung Industry Co., Ltd. Sol Craft Joy Farm Agriculture Co., Ltd. OY Co.,Ltd. MK Trading Corp. Kkomer Sejong Data System Co., Ltd. TA Company Ada Shop Kukil Enterprise Hongchang Chemical Co., Ltd. Korea Seobok Health Industry Co., Ltd. hongik Ind Co.,Ltd.,Ltd. Korea Pharmacy J&D Holdings Co., Ltd. Sunyoung Environment Development Co. Gwanggyo City Gas Station Joongang Pharmacy Hoon London Susun Berry Berry Korea Co., Ltd. Jiai Co., Ltd. Berry Tree MD System Samhwa Paint Industrial Co., Ltd._Kongju Keumsung Agency Daejeon Educational Training Institute Rena Coffee Chungnam Institute of Foreign Language Education MS MATERIALS CO.,LTD. Kyeryong Travel Resting Place 2004 Co., Ltd. Dongrim Ascon Co., Ltd. Gongju Motor Pump Daecha Investment Finance WOONGJIN FOODS CO., LTD. Booil Go Ma Environment Co., Ltd. Sageori IT Korea Mco Digital Co.,Ltd. Hitech Korea Co.,Ltd Hankuk Cap Co.,Ltd. Won Ho Tech Pharm. Jungyang SG World Best Feed Gongju Agent CREA CORPORATION Mira Stationery Feltics Walk Joy Asia Agriculture Machinery Medical Corporation Imsu Medical Foundation Seongsim Surgery Hospital Reste Bio Comport Co., Ltd. Korea yakult gongju agency Rod Charcoal And Wallbing Daesan Industry Choongchung Co., Ltd Study Institute Baram Quick Young Industry Seho Zinc Gongsa Atronics Keumam Industrial Miwon House Y.G Ceres Co. CUNEXT Essence Pungnong Fertilizer Gongju Branch KODEO CO.,LTD. National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Joong H&C CO., LTD Aim Korea LED Co., Ltd. Environment INNOVAC Co., Ltd. Oh Sung Construction Co., Ltd. Pine Tree Oriental Medical Clinic JU YOUNG COMPANY K 2Gongju MS CG I Co., LTD. Taeseong Hatbit Chon Development Industry Co., Ltd. Hanjin Development Industry Co., Ltd Kwangshin Jongmyosa Miro Institute KOREA WILD GINSENG Corp. U.P. System Co., Ltd. Runo Corporation Co., Ltd. Bonghwa Barbershop Farming Leader Co., Ltd. LK Management Co., Ltd. Farming Association Echo&G Co., Ltd. Kongju National University Industry-University cooperation foundation Sejong Investment & Development Corporation Toss Car Mose Co., Ltd. EASYCHEM Co., Ltd. Hyatt Park Hotel Samin Co.,Ltd. MACRO PERFUME CO.,LTD. Eider Gong Bar Mukgeori House Pizza Choice Education System Sa Sejong IND Co.,Ltd. Fitness S Tae Chang Industrial Co., Ltd. Samwon Tech Co. Sagok Agriculture Association Suheun Co., Ltd. D&D INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Hansol Metal Samsung Eyetech Co., Ltd. Samsung Eyetech Anseong Co.,Ltd. PungKook Industrial Co., Ltd. Game Land Co. geeyoutech ES Development Industry Co., Ltd. Vintage Wine Warehouse Post SMS Co., Ltd. Young Woo Co., Ltd. SiOn Trading Co., Ltd. Pureumilgongju Branch Geochang Cheonwoo Industrial Development Co.,Ltd. Bojeong Industry Co., Ltd. Chungcheongnamdo Education Office Education Sarang Scholarship Foundat Ara Farming Association Co., Ltd. Keuresendo Music Studio Haneol Co.,Ltd. Korea ENG Co., Ltd. Computer Independence Kojubu Total Food Co., Ltd. Donghun Textile DONGIL CO. HOYEON CO.,LTD. DONGHAE REMICON Mexican Banpo Agency Ppache Ein Gas Orion Computer Co Olive Young Gongjudae Agency Poonggok Co., Ltd. Daedong Engineering Three Eyes AFTC Production Korea Co., Ltd. GV Industry Co.,Ltd. Eunha Medical Foundation Seongrugga Hospital Fine Auto System Co., Ltd. White Medical GONGJU CHAM HOSPITAL MEDICAL FOUNDATION Shinpung Funeral Hall Co., Ltd. Sol Brain Nanum Foundation Sangseo Gloves Sejong Publishing Media

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