List of Corporate Headquarters in DAMYANG

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Cheon G In Co., Ltd. Nambu Green Ocean Farming Association Namkyung Chemdan Co.,Ltd. EMEI Radio Ltd. WAVE CO.,LTD. Daekwang Co., Ltd. S&S Farming Association Hankook ENC Co., Ltd. ICE Co.,Ltd. Korea Furniture Trading Co., Ltd. Sejin FA FARMS KOREA CO.,LTD. EK CO.,LTD. leeyeon Ltd. shin han Vertec Hankuk Special Paper Co.,Ltd. Honam Network Cooperative Kumsung Inc. WOORI PHARM CO.,LTD. Elim Industry WOOYANG CO.,LTD. Pro Media Hanjae Co.,Ltd. Hanjae Electricity Co., Ltd. Hanjae Nursery Hanjae Pharmacy YEONGCHEON CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. YeongCheon Construction Y & BIO CO.,LTD. GOODMIND HUAN Naro Wind Power Development Co., Ltd. Hyolim construction Co.,Ltd J ONE CO.,LTD. SEOPO CO., LTD. 0 Co., Ltd. S & B CO. Mokinga TAE IL SAW MILL CO.,LTD Rang& Company Co., Ltd. JKENG Seungil Ltd. GREENBO CO.,LTD. DOOWON INC. N&B Daeduck Industrial Co.,Ltd. Hankuk bytech Bu Ltd. DONG KANG ENTERPRISE CO. LTD Damyang Resort Damyang Resort Co., Ltd. Geo E Institute Mirea Carbon Haitai Confectionery Northen Part Center Hansol TNS Taehyang Construction Co., Ltd. Seongu Co., Ltd. Kang Chun Co., Ltd. Game 45 Jukmagowoo Daesung Wood Veneer Board Co.,Ltd. DONG IL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Koreusa Co., Ltd. Sooin Construction Industry Co., Ltd. DONG IL TRADE CO.,LTD. GUMSUNG LOGISTICS INC. Changwon Engineering Co., Ltd.. Changwon Engineer Co., Ltd. AT&C Samyung Trading Co, Ltd Damyang Factory Namkwang ENG Chusung Industry Fisheries Company Corporation U Seong Co., Ltd. Yooseung Moolsan Keumseong Environment & Industrial Co.,Ltd. EVERGREEN HOME Keuloi Toillon Corporation Youngil Machinery Korea Hospital Global In Korea Dreamfarm Second Cup Second House Co., Ltd. KIAI G&T Co.,Ltd. BAMBOUS LAND INC. COREA TRADITIONAL FOOD,INC Cheonmiwha Traditional Food Co., Ltd. Shi MD Gimaengim Co., Ltd. SUMSUM Co., Ltd. Kukbo Craft Co.,Ltd. E&A Mieae Hospital Nexen Tire Damyangjeom Changdae Fiber Co.,Ltd. Kodan Panel Co., Ltd. Servernet Top Infra Electric Co., Ltd. Baekdong Chulsan Baekdong Mart Baekdongjugong Mart Damyang Baekdong Baekdongheukyeomso Inis Co., Ltd. SK INDUSTRIAL INC. Duson Planning Samdo Beneto Co., Ltd. HAETSAL BLUEBERRY FARMING ASSOCIATION MUIN PAVILION CO. Hanok Hanok Eseo Laon C&E Co.,Ltd. Dragon J Loan Best Special Cargo Go Seohongdoenjang Demetereu Co., Ltd. Doctor Clean Co.,Ltd. Hanvit Travel Service Co., Ltd.. Daenong Sungha Food IlSam Tech Co., Ltd. HJ Tech Chungwon Estate Wonchang Co., Ltd. Chung Engineering Co., Ltd. DAERYONG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Nasan Industrial Clean Plus Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Agriculture Consulting Co., Ltd. Dasaron Co., Ltd. ART MARBLE CO.,LTD. G&T Energy Meta Hotel&Resort Co., Ltd. Korea Agriculture Consulting Sejung Construction Nakyung International Energy Mart Co., LTD. Damchae Hurotek Damyang Korex Bicycle Korea Special Lighting Keunwoo Construction Co., Ltd. Kwangnam Technology Development Hantol Co., Ltd. Chaekireojuneunyeojabeulreunoteu Kyungshin Construction ALLTEC CO.,LTD. CHANGPYEONG CATTLE FARMING CORP. Bucheon Industrial Co., Ltd. KIYOUNG MIDAS CO.,LTD Dasan M&F Songjee Industrial Corporation Caesars Hanyoung Transportation Co.,Ltd. UPCK Co., Ltd. National Chemical Industrial Dongwon Jeon Se Inwon Industry Co., Ltd. INON CO.,LTD. A Ensel Bio Co., Ltd. DAE HAN CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. Samwhan Co., Ltd.

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