List of Corporate Headquarters in DAEGU

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Envy O2 COMPANY C&P Wood W D & C CO.,LTD. S & S COMPANY LTD. S&S Corporation Co., Ltd. Aseko Limited TERRA BUILD. Co., LTD. DGB Co., Ltd. Taewon Corporation ITECH CO. BEXEN CO., LTD T.M.C Cosentech JUJU CO. SEKYEONG GEAR INDUSTRY CO. Pharma Korea Co., Ltd. CRYSTAL CO.,LTD. Mac Doctor Doosan Construction Doosan Housing Construction Co., Ltd. Interpark Pc Daegok Coolish Language Institute ING Steel Co., Ltd. S&T Korea Co., Ltd. S&T KOREA Co.,Ltd. Sun Woo Corporation WOO & LEE DPM CO.,LTD. Shipping Co., Ltd. Dongwoon Innotech Co., Ltd. Dosung Architects co. Youyoung Architects & Associates Co.,Ltd. JUNE Architecture Association MCIC More-Do Corporation. MORE-DO CORP. SINWOO AUTOPARTS INC. Mega Mart Co., Ltd. Chilgok CHILGOK ENTERPRISE CO. LIHAN CO. LTD. DGB Financial Group Co., Ltd. Blockchain Po Co., Ltd. CONNECTOR CO. SpringCloud Inc. Hwang Hyeon Ho Lawyer's Office Warrior Taekwondo Academy Ani Textile Co., Ltd. HAEGIL ATC Co., Ltd. Samsung GRP Company globaltsm Co.,Ltd. SHINDONG CO.,LTD. IO Ki Kitchen 131 Ara Electric Lighting YONSEI UNIVERSITY MILK CHILGOK BRANCH CO. Samsung Electric CO., LTD. The Eutteum Co., Ltd. WOO HYUN CO.,LTD CSK CO.,LTD. CS KOREA CO.,LTD. Macro Trade Junes Hyundai Holding Hyundai Medical Holdings Coscos Co., Ltd. COSCO CO.,LTD. Packing Kim, Hyun Soo Tax Accounting Office Kim Dong Sik Tax Account Office Kee Han Isa kee Pet T A STI CO. STI CO.,LTD. ST&I Co., Ltd. Present KOG Co., Ltd. KSP CO. Mirae Asset Care Co., Ltd. Seun Textile MIRAE ASSET DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. Xnb111 WOOJIN Co.,Ltd. SMAT SOLUTIONS S&P Solutions Robin Co., Ltd. I Com Tel Co., Ltd. An Advisory Kun Advertising Co., Ltd. Lee Jo Metal Co. CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. Life &Science Co.,Ltd. LIFE SCIENCE Co., Ltd. Koreana Corp. Asea Sewon Yangsan Monster Company Co., Ltd. Leaders Games Koguryeo OS Consulting Co., Ltd. OSC Waryong Co., Ltd. HDK Co., Ltd. Lets LETS Co., Ltd. SOO DO TEXTILE Co. Ilshin Chemtech Co., Ltd. F.P.C. Co., Ltd HYUNDAI GLOBAL FOOD CO.,LTD. MEGATEC CO. MEGANET CO.,LTD. Korea Furniture Education Institute Co., Ltd. Osung Steel Co., Ltd. Song Shin Trading Co., Ltd. Adnet Co., Ltd. Sotong Restaurant SNP Log Corp. Nine One Cho E Polymer EE Co., Ltd. Ins Leader Co.,Ltd. Hwasung Company Hwasung Co Renoma STM Co., Ltd. D Art Co., Ltd. The Contents Co., Ltd. Daelim Industry HANLIM Corporation hanlim Z Bike Co., Ltd. SAMEUN CO.,LTD. Aria Abrasive Anil Abrasive Nature Republic Chilgokjeom Brato Motion & Control CT Land Co.,Ltd. CTL Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. Samsung Investment Trust & Securities Co., Ltd. SK Textile Nexus TEN Inc. FORM KOREA CO.,LTD. MH Korea Co., Ltd. MHK The 1st Ltd. Mcm Hana Trading Co HOPE INVESTMENT CO., LTD V C TECH CO.,LTD. NAVER LAND CO.,LTD. JI Bio Auto Co.,Ltd. Korea Payment Co., Ltd. E Wha Metal Hyundai Motor Glass HMG Winning Co., Ltd. Shinhwa Company Co., Ltd. hyundaimiju Dongbang Metal Co., Ltd. Dongbang Metal Beopmuboheon Co., Ltd. B.T.C BTC Co., Ltd AGROM.Corp. G-HITECH DONGBANG HIGH TECH Seonkyeong Co Nano Tech Nano Hi-Tech Leaders Airline Agency Billion Bugs Co., Ltd. Sam Woo Co. Mg CHEONGBO FTK CO.,LTD. Samjeong Co., Ltd. DAL CO.,LTD. YK Trading Co.,Ltd. LG Household & Healthcare Ohui Cosmetic LG Household & Healthcare Ltd. Hanggyun Nara Household & Health Care TAEWOO CO.,LTD. SHIN HAN ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD RNS TECH CO.,LTD. Blue Top M 53 Co., Ltd. OZ Pictures OPUS INC. LAUV KD Chemical Co., Ltd. Seobu Electronics Sales Sale Electric Metal Fabricating Sale Electric Global Travel Agency Hyosung Living Industry Co., Ltd. New Life WORLD TRANS CO.,LTD. World Transportation SHL&D I Shield K&P System Co., Ltd. Samsung Asset Co.,Ltd. Myeong E Nae SGM Co.,Ltd. International Equipment Co., Ltd Equipment Car International Prip International Preparation Hyosung Super Inc. Mirae Global Co.,Ltd. SANG WON YOUNG GONG CO.,LTD. Sang Won Textile JOE-WON SANG SA HASTE. CO. LTD. MR Innovation S Tex Horizon Co., Ltd. Polaris ABK Co., Ltd. Gain Fabrics FABRICS INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Cosmetic Wholesale Ino Aesthetic Gino Aesthetic ROBOTICA CO. Ltd. Robotec Kim, Chang Bong Law Office Kim Chang Eun Kim Chang Won ENT Clinic Kim Chang Hwan Pro Hair SY Property Co., Ltd. MS TRADING CO. DK CORPORATION CO.,LTD. Max Hausys Co., Ltd. Shin Hwa Sung STL Co.,Ltd NO.1 PC Co., Ltd. With Tech Co., Ltd. Jigekkun ICC Co., Ltd. TL Corporation Grace English Academy Cooperative Gongteo Little Leaders GENIUS.,LTD. Little genious foreign language school Doorae

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