List of Corporate Headquarters in BUSAN

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LG ENG COMES Co., LTD. KOPA Marine Services Co.,Ltd KTI Co., Ltd. ST Korea Co., Ltd. HEUNG-A SHIPPING CO., LTD. Nugem Studio Co.,Ltd. Korea Securities Depository RanoM Co.,Ltd. Segwang Co.,Ltd. Green City TMT Co.,Ltd. TMT Kumkang International Kumkang International Corp OLVES CO.,LTD DAEDONG SPRING CO., LTD JK Fisheries Co.,Ltd. SHINHANPOS KCTS Co.,Ltd. G&B Marine Service Co., Ltd. ROHAS CO.,LTD. ROHAS INTERNATIONAL Corp. U&B SHINHAN INDUSTRIAL CO. ASIA COLD STORAGE CO.,LTD. LDC Korea Co., Ltd. Green Star Co. Ltd. Innosys Co., Ltd. BRD Co., Ltd. Seasky Global Co, Ltd Daesung Machinery Hwasung International Co.,Ltd. K C.N Global Co., Ltd. KORAS Co.,Ltd. JK SHOJI CO.,LTD. BUSAN LOTTE HOTEL CO.,LTD. Process Automation Co., Ltd. Woojin Shipping Co.,Ltd. BARUN CO.,LTD. KOREA MARINE SUPPLY CO.,LTD Hana Flower WFN Company WFN Co.,Ltd. Invest Trade Co., Ltd. Ilshin Tech ILSHIN Co., Ltd. YOUNGLIM Younglim Ind.,Co. YOUNGLIM CO.,LTD. Younglim Co., Ltd. OCEANUS CO.,LTD. Korea Housing Finance Corporation Daedo Micron Co, Ltd Figure Gallery Co., Ltd. CARE N CO.,LTD. J&JENC Co., Ltd. G Ni Plus Co., Ltd. Nam Hae Trading Corporation Daedong Hospital CNSKOREA Naver Seu Co., Ltd. Equinor Korea Co., Ltd. Steel World Co, Ltd Coms Information Technology Co., Ltd. UNIVERSAL MARINE SERVICE CO.,LTD. UNIVERSAL MARINE SERVICE 3D F Focus Co., Ltd FOCUS CO.,LTD. Focus PTMS Korea Co., Ltd. Uni Metal Co., Ltd. Sanford Korea Limited Krex Co., Ltd. Neo Metal Co., Ltd. Eight Six 86 Hyoseong Electric Co., Ltd. UK Company Ltd. FOS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Cheongsan Cheongsan Co., Ltd. Mikasa HWAYANG HOUSING NONGSHIM CAPLTAL CO.,LTD. TJS Co., Ltd. Delivered Korea Inc ANNT CORPORATION CO.,LTD. SEOGIN EDDINOX KOREA Co., Ltd. Global Star Co., Ltd. Global Star Co.,Ltd ARA Logistics Co., Ltd. 7 Hours By Mi Company Co., Ltd. HD HYUNDAI GLOBAL SERVICE CO., LTD. Daesung Trading Co. Daesung Trading Daesung Trading Co., Ltd. TERRA-IN Co.,Ltd. The Terra Co.,Ltd DAE HAN CORPORATION Screena Inc. Mariso Corporation TCS Corporation Co., Ltd. Busan Sample Public Corporation Co., Ltd. Sample Biz Hub Co., Ltd. Gunwoo International Kairos LLC Co., Ltd. Han Soe Engineering Co Ltd Metal Taesung Co., Ltd. ALKOR CO.,LTD. SKK Trade Co., Ltd. Arista Seafood Co.,Ltd Eastern Shipping Co., Ltd. Ent ENT Co., Ltd. Nextron Corporation Korea Maritime & Ocean University Modurang Co., Ltd. WOORI OCEANTECH DH Marine Turbo Service Co., Ltd. DH Marine Service Mink anioneworks Co.,Ltd. Anyone Co., Ltd. PANSTAR TECH SOLUTION CO., LTD. Iwoo E E Co., Ltd. Modern Mini Motors Paradigm Inc. SAMLAK HEAT TREATEMENT Burckhardt Compression Korea Busan Ltd. Hi Block Co., Ltd. Pusan National University Dynamic tn1.Inc. DIO Corporation BSL Co., Ltd. Pro Dent STARLIGHTING CO.,LTD BC&BS BS Company Co.,Ltd. Quester system .co .ltd LM CORPORATION CO.,LTD. MASANG SOFT INC. BSG Co., Ltd. ANES Co., Ltd. PLANB CO.,LTD. NK Electronics Co., Ltd. Dae Young Textile Co., Ltd. CP International Co., Ltd. taekyoung Industry taekyoung Industrial Co., LTD. PUSAN TRADING COMPANY Bumhan Trade Promotion Ind.,Co. KC One Co., Ltd Baby House Hi-Tech Valve B&K Shipping Co., Ltd. Korea Auto Co.,Ltd. TRES Co., Ltd. NAM DO INDUSTRY JOOWON TECH CO.,LTD. BRIGHT BAY CO., LTD SEOULBOX Inc. TOTAL SOFT BANK CO.,LTD. ROKADI. INC. Hwaseung Enterprise Co., Ltd. PANDA INTERNATIONAL CO LTD UNIVERSAL SEA & AIR CO.,LTD. GK Co., Ltd. Arirang I Il Co., Ltd. KISWIRE LTD. Leaders Electric Co., Ltd. CALAB Co.,Ltd. SUNGWOO HITECH CO., LTD. Yong Jin Co., Ltd. WS Corporation Co., Ltd. ARTIFEX Co., Ltd. Jem Corporation AH JOO ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. KORYO T.T.R CO., LTD. KJF Co.,Ltd. Oxford Co., Ltd. Jooyeon Sangsa Co.,Ltd. Paradise Hotel Busan Co.,Ltd. BNK Financial Group Inc. Pan Go Co., Ltd. CHUN BO CO LTD. Prayer International SUHHAN INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. SUH HAN INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. SUH HAN INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. Bogeum Co., Ltd. Amorepacific Seomyeon Special Agency Glow Co., Ltd. Marine Food Trading Food Trading S FOOD CO.,LTD. S&S FOOD CO.. LTD Dongbang Haon Asset Dream Co., Ltd. DD CO.,LTD. Moon & Sun JL TRADING CONSULTING Co.,Ltd. Ocean DFS Co.,Ltd. DF Sangsa Co., LTD. DFS Sun Trading Service Co., Ltd. Venture Ramin Co., Ltd. Panasia Co., Ltd. PANAX Co., Ltd. DUNAM CO.,LTD. Jeonsan Garden Il Sung Co HN Co., Ltd. Gamcheon Bluebird Nursery Bluebird Shoes KOSA Company limited KOREA PARTNERS CO.,LTD. Partners Korea Co., Ltd. Good Partners Korea Co., Ltd. SAMSUNG S.R Manmin Distribution Co., Ltd M&IP Inc. Science International Patent Law Firm S Shi Medical Moden Co.,Ltd. Modine Co., Ltd. Anbin Co., Ltd. Young In Co YOUNG DO CORPORATION Doosan Machine Tools Service SANGJEE COPORATION HnD Solutions Co., LTD. Awon System A Won System Ready Net Tascom Co.,Ltd. Halla Company Co., Ltd. WOORI F&C CO.,LTD. Woori Deul F&B We Motel Seah Steel Co., Ltd. Dragon Marine DRAGON Company Inc.

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