List of Corporate Headquarters in BORYEONG

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Hyundai Motors BNC CO. Hanwha Barobaro Car Daedong Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. HANKOOK TIRE DAECHEON BRANCH CO. KYEONGDONG CO.,LTD DL IT Co., Ltd. ZARAM Haegain Co., Ltd. Hana Electric Co.,Ltd. SHINHEUNG CO.,LTD. best lighting technology Hansol HomeDeco sung woo Cracker Co., Ltd Marciano CP Co., Ltd. Daeho International Hanjin Bonjun Briquet Kooi ENERGY KOREA CO.,LTD. M.s Jubicos Rene Cell Blackyak Boryeong Branch Shinchon Transportation Ltd. Boryeong National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives KWANGCHEON SANGHOE CO. Kwangcheon Togul Fisheries Food SE-AH TRADING CO Yulchon Co.,Ltd. Green DK Energy Co., Ltd. Sewon Power Electric Co.,Ltd Sangsin Industry Co., Ltd. Dae Hyun Trading Co Bbalgan Baji Bbalgang Yeou Balisum Motel Byulsaem Nursery MARU TECH NOLOGY CO.,LTD. POWERNIX Co., Ltd. DY Co., Ltd. Sea Wa Natural Co., Ltd. Shine Co., Ltd. R And C Co., Ltd. Haetae Ilkyoung Industry Samsam Construction Machinery IMP Co., Ltd. TRADING KOREA CO.,LTD. GM KOREA BORYUNG SERVICE CENTER JUNGWOO COMPANY Hanjin Ltd. Asian Food COSMAX CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. Baekkwang C & S Co. YOUNTO CO.,LTD. S&BC Co., Ltd. hanjin system co., ltd G An Consulting Korea Housing STARSYSTEM Daeyang Resort Ilwoo leech Co., Ltd. Carbon Korea Co., Ltd. MOTHER RESTAURANT BMCOS Matnayo Yeontan Gui Maseulraen Chicken Daecheonjeom Duwon Week Boryeong Co.,Ltd. Hanjin Craft Agriculture Corporation Standard Farm Co., Ltd. SEYANG CORPORATION. Badaro Restaurant Kyundo CO.,LTD. Global Village Garden Kwanjong Construction Dongjin Aluminium Msb Co., Ltd. Hangook Mechanical Area Corporation Hwahyun Travel Farm K & TECH CO.,LTD. Munhwa Tailor Dong Bang Medical co.,Ltd. Shin I&C Co., Ltd. Samwon Enviroment Co.,Ltd. Chungnam Fisheries In Fishing Federation Boryeongshi Fisheries In Federation Mc Can Restaurant Art Car Center DONGSUH STEEL CO.,LTD. World Ocean Co.,Ltd. Inae Industrial Development Co.,Ltd. Books Publishing C&c KR Marine Co., Ltd. Hanvit Co.,Ltd. EMBRO trading Co.,Ltd HKC Co.,Ltd Soo-Seok farm Co., Ltd. Espresso Seoo Mansion Residence Representative Y2 Seoul Guarantee Insurance Co., Ltd. Tour Line Co.,Ltd. JJ Engineering Co., Ltd. S & Golf Resort Co., Ltd. D&D Trading Co., Ltd. Fantasy's Sea Motel Daehan Trade Sangsa Co., Ltd. Lee's Galbi Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. Natural Beauty Lab Co., Ltd. Aesop Children House Bakma Co, Ltd DIS S Co., LTD. Doobong Co.,Ltd. KOREA WHEEL CORPORATION KOREA ALLOY WHEEL CO.,LTD. Baekdong Super Eoga AIRTEC E&C Corp. Chil House Bo Go Hwang's Garden Daewoo Powertrain Co., Ltd. parransusan Big Apple English Academy Young Heung Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. PUN SEASON CO.,LTD. Farmskingkorea Co., Ltd. Hannae Flower Mart DAE POONG CO.,LTD. Seoul Susan GILSAN FISHERIES ASSOCIATION Daewoo Constuction Silverian SEO WOO CO.,LTD. Poly Tech Co., LTD. Pilleo A&A TECH CO.,LTD. MYEONG SONG CO. DONG-A STONE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. ATCS CO.,LTD. Onnuri Electric Power Co., Ltd. Sean LAND FARMING ASSOCIATION AGT Inc. chungbo Boryung Food Long Hill Restaurant Boryung Samhae Country Club Boryung Hanwoo Farming Cooperation Wipan InformationShinmoondaehaero Osung Food Co.,Ltd. Yong Sung Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. ASIAN FOOD CO.,LTD. Chanli Co., Ltd. Han Engine Tech sanlimplus J&A Co., Ltd. Jung Woon Trading Dae Bang Construction Co., Ltd. Kwang Sung Turtle Ship Raw-fish Town Geobukseonaenwangdaepo Hong Bo Inn HAESU MOTEL The faceshop Boryeong branch DONGHO CO.,LTD. Seobu Sangjae Powercell Korea Co.,Ltd. Hotel Island SM Resort Co.,Ltd. Cheil Industries(Daechon Galaxy) Nongwon Joongwon Industry Gas Co., Ltd. Oak Valley Woosin Assembly Sash Jonghap Maker Towel Fila Korea Boryung Agency Joowon Industrial Development Co., Ltd Cyber Motel Haesol ENG Co., Ltd. Top Marine Space Ind. WOOSUNG ENG CO.,LTD. Dongmun Fishing Kim Chang Suk Boutique True Maternity Clinic Red Hat House Second Branch RC-Marine Seokwang Co. Hyundae Management Service Corporation U Run Hightech Co.,Ltd. U-Run Hightech Co. Korin International Trading

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