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Lesmike Auto Parts Ugota LLC Sea Lion Shipping & Trading Ltd X-Wing Investment Company Ltd Equity First Trustees Ltd Impexworld Corporation Ocean Marshall Inc PIA Limited Engonini Limited Edinburgh Holdings Nadella Corporation Millennium Trust Company Limited Aztec Holding Limited Warren Enterprises Inc. Memphis International Fund LLC Strategic Properties Ltd Second Investment Hodings Inc Aryana Shipping Ltd Paccon Inc. Genesis Bulk Carrier Ltd Tramblay Ltd A Plus Shipping and Tansportation Trading Company Ltd Red Star Investment Limited True Green Capital Ventures Llc Tradestorm Ltd Brady Investments Limited Euro-trade International Holding Morison Trade and Finance Inc. Web Free Trade Llc Appledore Investments Ltd Devon Ventures Ltd Universal Oil & Commodity Trading Ltd Infinite Trust Ltd Silverstone International Ltd Fifth Investment Holdings Inc Unic Investment Corp Tatiana Investments Ltd Pino Shipping Ltd Soza Group LLC NB Supply UK Ltd Paruma Maritime Inc Roseberry LLC Silverwood Trading Company Limited Guardian Nominess Limited Bella Investment Corp Avatele Management Ltd Roper Financial C.A. Golden Dragon Sail Llc Emerald Investment Holdings Corp Waidberg International LLC Black Sea Metals Midgard Limited Engaging Minerals LLC Roscommon Limited Caribe Coverings Ltd SEABROOKES, =ALPHONSO= Modulus Maritime Company Ltd Vista International Holdings Ltd. Reyne Investments LLC Serlac Comercio de Lacteos Limited North South Consulting Services Ltd Jumar Holdings Limited City Drug Store (Nevis) Limited Moltenisa Investments Limited Argus Construction Ltd. Venus International Ltd Milton Invest Limited Zuitop Trading Co Ltd. Rangi Limited Pacific Investments Limited EDMS Services LLC Admiral Global Inc Evian International LLC Exson International Charringdon International Ltd Kaback Group SA Earlsworth Investments LLC Mill-Tex Investments Inc. UNION OIL INC Leystar Express Corp GK Designs International Limited Scientific Foundation Co Ltd Claremont Management Ltd Unitrade LLC Belmont Resort Ltd Drummond International Inc Omnipotent Technologies Inc B'S ENTERPRISES, LTD. INTERINVEST CORPORATION LTD FXOpen Markets Limited Green Star Marine Limited Insol Limited Trade Stone Comac Group International Ltd Ing Investment Corporation Beaumont Park Limited CARIBBEAN SHOE MANUFACTURING CO. Firat Shipping, S.A. Keystone Financial Ltd Distribuidora Hispanicade Vinos, Inc. IGS Enterprises Gleneagles Trustee, Ltd Colmena Consultancy LLC Sam Investments Inc Palmali Shipping SA Baltanas Shipping Ltd Morning Star Holdings (Nevis) Limited Worldwide Investment Holdings Dixon Softwear Technology Co. Marketing Technologies Limited Incomar Services Limited Profservice Inc Financial Intermarket Brokerage Online Group Inc. Canopy International Limited Faster International Inc. BCM International Trade Wins Investments LLC Advanta Corporation Atlas Investment Ltd Bell Link International Inc Astoria Marketing Ltd. Minstrel Marketing Ltd Proxy Market Enterprises Company Fresco Investments LLC Eurasian Trading Company Midas Investment Ltd Ferex Trading SA Hanver Trust Co. Limited Universal Capital Incorporated De Waulf & Hanssen Capital Management LLC Compass Shipping and Trading Ltd Kadis Holding Ltd Heathwood Investments Ltd Banner Enterprises Ltd Genesis Trust Company Inc Advance Real Estate Group Ltd Lombard Trust S.A. Groupe Alliance S.A. Bluefin Chartering and Management S.A. Viscount Holding Limited Galgameta Sa Capital Trust Holdings Patient Activist Holdings Limited Eastern Publishing Ltd PKD Insights Limited Priyanka Shipping Limited Centauro Holding, LTD Arslan Shipping and Trade Co. Ltd. Monteros Maritime Inc Condor Insurance Limited Toc Nominees Limited Charlestown Management Limited Forward Limited Cameron (Europe) Limited White Tulip Capital Ltd St Kitts Industrial Supplies Ltd Eastern Securities Holdings Stardevs Ltd The Nevis Cultural Complex Charitable Fund Inc Trilogy Holding Ltd Mavis Huggins Taurus Petroleum Limited Pexel International Ltd Firlands Limited Albany Management LLC Republic International Trust Company Ltd Money Deposit & Management, LLC Atlantic American Holding Company Limited Bolivar Inc Royaltron Limited Patronus IT LLC Castle Investment Group International World Wide Shipping Limited Asia Shipping Inc Financial Business Group, LLC A.F.G. Holdings Ltd Lyon Holdings Corp Braemar Falconer PTE Limited Hanver Corporate Services Ltd International Realtors Inc Platinum Trade International Inc Fourth Investment Holding Inc Resource Investments International Ltd Core Holding Corporation Burgaz Marine Inc Winchester Estate Ltd. Laros Consulting Inc Wonton Investment Consultant LLC Gibraltar Group Emerald Holding Ltd Wingate Trading Limited I G S Holdings Hub Holdings Limited Alliance Communications Ltd Platinum 3 Limited Five Capital Partners Limited Baronshire Crompton Capital Group Inc. The Bradford Group Alfacom Ltd Callin & Rowley (Nominees) Limited Edgemont Inc Fountain Limited Bettler Holding MIG 990 Holdings Ltd Bluecrest Properties Limited Nations Away Limited Hawk Guarantors LLc Anchor Properties Ltd. Aspis LLC Millenium Sofware Solution Jennings Inc. Exal International Limited Albion Resources Limited Mind Power Corporation Vasco Maritime Handling Ltd Betteredge Properties Limited Outdoor Life-Style Holdings Limited Marketing Strategis Limited Voorhies Ventures Ltd Smart Global Limited Knighton Investments 2 Limited Continental Administration Services Limited Business Global Services LLC Tamarind Cove Marina Development Ltd Fralis Int. LLC Panoramic Group Inc El Cacique Holdings Ltd Colby Group Limited Carbery Estates Limited Edelmira Enterprises Limited TCL (Nevis) Limited Intercapital Limited Morrito Maritime Inc Cantal Limited Trinity Continental Inc Royal Resort Casino St Kitts Inc ST. KITTS APPAREL (LTD) Mapau Inc Glendale Ltd. Commodore Insurance Company Limited Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd. Hamilton Systems Limited Cake Labs LLC Keola International Llc INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES International Bit Supplies Limited Millander International Limited Bobble Properties Inc Calico Ltd Cable Communications (Nevis) Limited

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