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Didimo Alberto Castillero Dominguez Javeline Inc Francor International Inc. Trump Ocean Club 5002 Inc Compania Minera San Jose S.A. Peter Vine, Inc. NSC, Corp Prival Bank S A Belay Inc. Panama AV1 Corp Green Valley Panama S.A. Access Pass Corp. Distribuidora Supply RC S.A. FECTIVO TECH, S.A. Coach Map Inc. Marina Transport Service Limited Inc Al Jawhara Shipping Co S.A. PANAMA FAST SERVICES GROUP,S.A. GRUPO MINDEX, S.A. Digits And Bits, S.A. M&M Future Investment, S.A. Capital & Assets Fiduciary Services Inc Smart Vega Inc. Goltex Commerce Inc Sun Motors SA Decentralized Media Foundation 3Cycle Inc THE STUDIOS CORP Cifi Latam S.A Olivia Store Panama, Inc. Sera Scandia Corporate Services, S.A Import & Export Interoceanica, S.A. (IMEXIN, S.A.) Elti Investment INC Infocus Panama, S.A. Global Advisory Solutions S.A. Maersk Logistics & Services Panama Twin Bright Shipping CO S.A Wintech One S.A Dimpal Global Panama S.A Goldenpeaks Capital Holdings Corp Ruffio International Inc. Finsbury Assets Corp United Translators Services Inc UTS Plj Cargo Logistics, S.A Solunion Panama Servicios de credito SA Estarios Shipping S.A Dream Shipping S.A Azalea Shipping S.A Aries Marine S.A Grand Ocean Shipping S.A V M Enterprises S A Disatel Panama SA Dignity Shipping Corp S.A Camara de Comercio, Agricultura e Industrias de Colon Agroamerica Holding Company S.A. South American Holding Group S.A Molette Internacional, S.A. EKKIPAR & DOORS CENTRAL AMERICA, S.A. Kingfisher Shipping CO S.A Ratu Shipping Co S.A Salivan Shipping S.A Southern Pacific Holding Corporation Tiger Lines S.A PREMIUM PORTFOLIO SA Panasoft Panama S A Red De Museos Y Centros De Visitantes De Panama Administracion y Soluciones Gastronomicas S.A Creit Tech International Corp Grupo Cedeno Auto Tramites Las Tablas S.A Pitaro Hecht Group Panama Inc Selina Management Panama S.A. SALTEX GROUP,S.A. Caldera Energy Corp Venture I. S.A Cámara Panameña de Desarrollo Social J R P Corp Atlantis Movers Inc. GRUPO INGENIERIA F&C S.A V G SEA Services CORP Tac International Inc S.A Ayesa Panama S.A. DNV Panama, Inc. Fara Internacional SA Air Sea Express Cargo SA Fyco Global Services S.A. Bavarian Real Estate Inc. Absa Financial Corp. Corporacion De Credito, S.A. Vilgoly Capital Inc. Inversiones Terraluna S.A. Inversiones Terraluz, S.A. Lion Hill Capital, S.A. Top & Selected Properties S.A. Mercantil Servicios Financieros Internacional, S.A. Star Group Investment SA Multi Financiamientos S.A. Interoil Chartering S.A PANAMA REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT FUND, INC. PANASOLAR GENERATION S.A. PHOENIX REAL ESTATE FUND, INC. Playa Escondida Beach Front S.A. Financiera Familiar, S.A. Ritol Investments Inc Inversiones Chiricanas de Hotelería, S.A. I-Holding S.A. Green Tower Properties, Inc. G.B. Group Corporation Covein Drives S.A. Adstone Overseas SA Casa de OroQ S.A. Interam Services Inc. Panavana International Trading & Shipping Inc SOLUCIONES DE PUNTO DE VENTA S.A. Marco Marketing Inc. Panasea Global S.A. PayU Panama S.A. Cotecna Panama, S.A. SLI Panama Holdings Inc. PROGRAMA DE PROMOCION Y DESARROLLO SOCIAL Fundacion Internacional ECA Casa Bruja S A Boloboski & Asociados Perez y Cia Americas PSC Corp Trading Company One Spot, Inc. M.T. Abraham Group S.A JMT Holding, S.A. Pacific Trade & Investment Corp. Click Consulting Group S A Boyco Investments S.A Constructora Nova S.A. AGA Panamá S.A. AH Shin Shipping S.A Sureco & Partners Corp. Fundacion Pineral Ultra Star Inc. Carpi Tech Panama S.A. Movimiento de Tierra y Equipos de Panama, S.A. (MTE Panama) Redmark Financial Group Corp Forestropyc SA Shimanami Shipping S.A Unicorp International Services Inc. Alfa International Ltd Inc Merikel Investments SA Capital Holding Enterprises, S.A. Caterpillar Latin America Services de Panamá, S. de R.L Administración De Energías Renovables, S.A. Sporty Panama, S.A. Central America Commodities Group INC. Banclic Panama SA Esteem Maritime S.A Mirror World Inc. Trading Plus Latam S.A Value Brands S.A Spark Bay S.A Mastergaz Shipping and Trading Co. S.A Apimax Trading S.A. INDUSTRIAL ARROCERA DE CHIRIQUI, SOCIEDAD ANONIMA Remitower Properties Corp PACIFIC COAL S.A. Prodapt Panama Inc Global Trade Distribution Inc Aynur Shipping Corporation Falic Media, Inc. Searay Textil S.A. Inversiones Wicklow S.A Efecta TradIng A.G. CORPORACION GARICHE, S.A. Grupo RNB S A Fundación Concolon Triorca SA Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited Found Me Corp, S.A. CUSTER OVERSEAS S.A. Inversiones Alexa S.A. Seelig Road Group Inc Accrington Financial Company S.A. Kroger Investments Inc Cia. Perez & Zambrano S.A. STRATOS ASSOCIATED S DE R L Found Materials S.A Sig Capital Inc. Bioker Solutions SA Rostrum Shipping S.A. The Panama Ship Store Co. Inc. Disan Trading Corp Peneco 23 S.A. Enerla Energia de las Americas Inc Fundacion Lupre Distribuidora Construhome SA Oceanco Safety & Supply (PANAMAX) S.A. Importadora Centroamericana Y Del Caribe, S.A. Kurosemi Inc Drake Food Services, S.A. Technoalpha International S.A Victor Alberto Han Zou Juan Jose Saldana Barrios All & Bag Corp Americana de Producciones S.A Somundy Panama SA Central de Operaciones De Medios Comg De Panama S.A Panama Digital Gateway SA Gerdex Assets Inc Odema Capital S.A Tru Labs Inc Inversiones Ilva, S.A. Grupo Comercial Kawil S A Zafari Global Incorporated S.A Corporacion de Operaciones de Proteccion y Seguridad S.A. Premium QSR Brands of Central America SA Cyber Capital Partners Corp. Beluxe Latam, S.A. Indigo Lovers S.A Alto Imports, S.A. NSB Trading S.A Compania Suramericana de Comercio S.A. C & J Corporate Investments S A Agribusiness Trading Corp IT ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT INC. Colas Rail Panama, S.A. Digital Therapeutix Inc. Technoalta Latam Trading S.A HBSE Panama S.A. Abisal Panama, S.A. Software & Network Consulting, S.A. Cht Supply SA Probiotech Panama, S.A. Tekstiler Services S A Hillroy Panama S.A Time Products Corp Florida Lines Trade Corp Tetraedra Investment, Inc. K & F Corporation S.A. Geo Global Consulting E Inversiones Inc Global Lever Corp TMC Global Group, S.A. Central America Fruit Company Inc Infinity Logistics Agency Corp GSK CH Caricam Sociedad De Responsabilidad Limitada Pegasus Trading, Inc. Servicios de Urbanismo, Ingeniera y Medio Ambiente de Panama S.A Panamericana De Logistica S.A Compania Afiliada SA Capitales E Inversiones Corp Sport-Urban International Inc TIBA PANAMA, SA Consorcio Linea 2 Ramal Camin Cargo Control, Panama S.A. Trane Technologies Latin America BV Nakama Worldwide Solutions SA Rexton Enterprises S.A

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