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Hipercapital Finance Panama SA Farringford Foundation SPO SUPPORT CORPORATION Laboratorio Sar S.A. Offshore Support Corp Vertigo Zona Libre ,S.A Compania Naviera YC 1 S.A Pharma Consulting Group S.A. Syngenta SA Consulting and Support Group Inc. Marea Ventures Corp Banistmo S.A. Lina International Z.L., S.A. Farah Inc Sun International Inc. Hitachi Sales Corp. de Panama Fageb Private Equity Investments Inc Serra Duque & Silva Internacional Sa Sonaki Corporation S.A. Inversiones Ruaza SA C C Distribuidores S.A Oasis Global Group S A Exportadora Royal Zona Libre, S.A. Agro Industrias Alimenticias de Veraguas S.A. Cibra Trading Inc. Central de Importaciones S.A. Bambury International SA Nordvpn SA AH Shin Shipping S.A Atlantic Wholesalers Inc. China Internacional SA Hermanos Punjabi, S.A. Transworld International Zona Libre SA Caribbean Services Company Inc Panelectra Enterprices SA Intercauchos Int SA Spectra Ingenieria Panama S.A Unik Transport S.A Boluda Latam, Corp Global Trading Import & Export S A LUZ INTERNACIONAL S.A. Morgan y Morgan Corporation Services S.A. Fandi Internacional, S.A. General Cargo SA Rombas Holdings, S.A. Glinton Finance Management S.A Nike Panama S de R.L Zeus Caribe SA Grand Oasis Holding, Inc. American Trucking Inc Seruchi, S.A. Constructora Fiomar, S.A. Tor Canal, S.A. Soluciones Tecnicas Berguz Rr, S.A. Insumos y Pegamentos Internacionales SA Rodriguez & Abrego Law Firm R & a Law Firm Arcadia Limited S A International Ciers S.A. Centralam Panama S.A. SANN-WELL ENGINEERING & MACHINERY CORP. Bridget Transportation, S.A. Elektra Panama S.A. Joani Commercial Corp Bonhold Sales Inc Green Spanker Shipping, S.A. E.S.C. Aviation Services Corp. Cristobal Marine Repair S. de R.L.A. Sociedad Nacional de Procesamiento de Datos SA (Sonda SA) Monaco Internacional, S.A. Alifoods International S.A. Portobelo Advisors Inc Basa Company SA Levy and Company S.A. Cargo Bulk SA Wisdom Marine Lines S.A. SuperMover SA TCG Merchant Group Inc. Operadora Logistica de Carga Inc. Distribuidora Internacional de Licores S.A. Arcata Company Inc Isola Moda Free Zone SA V G SEA Services CORP Measurement Systems S de RL Suizo Latinoamerica SA Eastern Fuels Co Inc Compañia e Inversiones Maritimas Izquierdo S.R.L. Inmobiliaria Don Jose S A Urrutia Brennan Law Firm Schenker Panama, S.A. TRAVEL EXPORT SERVICES S.A. NNPC Trading S.A Corporacion Cimex, S.A. Texaco Panama Inc Bristol Myers Squibb de Centro America-Panama, SA Diamond Group International SA Nestor Lines, S.A. Triton Energy of Panama Corp. West Coast Frozen Fish S.A. Union Credit and Guarantee, S.A. Sol Vijaya Internacional SA Materiales Jose Moreno y Cia. S A GG-Tex S.A. British American Tobacco Panama SA Kufpec (China) Inc. Importadora Ricamar S.A. (Irisa) Ingenieria Caribe, S.A Suntree Shipping S.A. Nautilus Shipping and Trading SA White Star Shipmanagement Inc Colon Oil and Services, S.A. Inversiones Daranta S.A. Kowissa AG SA The Central America Leadership Initiative Foundation (The Cali Foundation) AAY Investments Group S.A. Petroport, S.A. Scrapmould International Corporation Limited Sol Vijaya Internacional, S.A. Embutidos Economicos, S.A. Minza Investment S.A. Corporacion Logistica del Caribe SA AFTA-Insurance Services S.A. Telecomunicaciones Digitales, S.A. Premier Trust DESTILADORA NACIONAL, S.A. LMT Solutions, S.A. M & G Global Cargo, S.A. Jansan Logistics S.A Deli Grecia S.A. Tritech Panama International Corp Productos y Repuestos Industriales S.A. MTI Corp SA Dutaryo Overseas Trading Corp Eurofashion Panama S A Ts Corp NOVATRON ZONA LIBRE S.A. Synergy Group Corp. Astrazeneca Camcar S.A. Ultramar Commercial Corporation Pacific Industrial Corporation S.A. Cieco Continental Import/ Export Corporation (Cieco) Foto Zoom SA L&M Import Export Panama Company SA Komex Internacional, S.A. American Medical Enterprises, Inc. Anchi, S.A. Indexport Zona Libre, S.A. Chemical & Metal Trading SA Distribuidora de Productos Extranjeros y Nacionales, S.A. Procesadora de Aves de Panama, S.A. CONTINENTAL IMPORT & EXPORT CORP. Agencias Diesel Rivas y Picans S.A. Selloro, S.A. PRODUCTOS LAMINADOS S.A. Overseas Petroleum and Investment Corporation Naftomar Shipping and Trading Co. Ltd. Inc. J.S. INTERNATIONAL INC., S.A. Sunny - Side Development SA ARMY & AIR FORCE EXCHANGE SERVICE Overseas Precious Stones Trading Corporation Tec Trade S.A. Josman Services International, Impo y Expo, S.A. Montana Zona Libre S.A. Hercules Shipholding Navigation SA CNP Investments Limited SA Casa Goly, S.A. Drexco Panama S.A. Base Zona Libre, S.A. Tone Navigation, S.A. America Video Films, S.A. Tri-God Navigation S.A. Star Textil, S.A. Lina Corporation Inc (Lina) Global Products and Logistic Services Inc. Inmobiliaria Don Antonio S.A. Virtual Logistic Marine Services Inc Fortune Global Panama, S.A D.V. Corporation, S.A. Flanton Financial Corporation Cromas Trading Inc Eserca Global Trading Inc Bio commercial Inc TI Sparkle Panama SA Electro Sistemas de Panama SA Distribuidora Electrica del Caribe S.A. Universal Creation S A China International, S.A. Constrafinanz, S.A. Constructora Corcione & Asociados S.A. SNC Engineering & Construction Inc COMPANIA DE MARISCOS ISLAS DE LAS PERLAS S.A. NELMACEMA WORLD INVESTMENTS S.A. Sonitto International, S.A. Electromecanica e Ingenieria Naval, S.A (Einsa) Inversiones y Mantenimiento Carufe S.A. JORDAN, S.A. International Paint (Panama) Inc Supercentro Casanova S.A. Pedersen Fine Foods SA Metaldeza Panama, S A Schlumberger Logelco, Inc. Grupo ASI, INC. Metro MPLS S.A. Altimex Systems.S.A. Representaciones Halfe S.A. Sky Industries Corporation 3M Latin America Regional Distribution Center SA Ministerio de Obras Publicas Grupo Credicorp Inc Grupo Wisa, S.A. Fruit Trade Corporation, S.A. Grupo Argentino De Inversiones SA FRC Holdings Inc. Importadora Centroamericana de Vehiculos, S.A. (ICAVESA) Latin Trading CO S.A. Gestra Corporation, SA Synergy Global Business Panama SA El Barco Que Brilla Inc. Financiera Greyhound SA CrediRey, S.A. Great Wall Enterprise SA Parlen Investments SA Z Enterprises, S.A. ASP Consulting S.A. M.B. TOYS S.A. Sport Caribe Inc. Fashion World, SA Man Diesel & Turbo Panama Enterprises Inc. GN Group Corporration Grupo Genesis Panama Positivo Importadora Central Zona Libre, S.A. Melodist Overseas SA Constructora Norberto Odebrecht de Panama S.A. Almex Enterprises Inc Bunkering Services International Inc Banana Soft SA Boutman Group International SA MEDINTER S.A. Agrolac Trading Inc. McDermott International Management S. de R.L. Tango International Corp. Cellcorp International Panama, S A Prime Forestry Panama, S.A. Singularea Panama SA Media Vision de Panama S.A. Durfort Holdings S. DE R.L GC de Panama, S.A. Connect in Private Corp. Mystic Corporation, S.A. Compania Chevron de Panama, S. de R.L. Super Management SA

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