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GLOBAL PREMIUM BUY (MACAU) LIMITED Yui Heng Hong Trading Development Co Ltd CHEUK TING FASHION (MACAU) COMPANY LIMITED CFF (Macau) Limited TMC Trading (Macau) Company Limited Indigovision Video Security Solutions Limited J & T Construction Company Limited STAR CONCEPT CO., LTD. Shun Cheong Building Services (Macau) Limited SBT Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Digital China Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Tin Lon Paper Company, Limited Ng Chi Un E.I. I-Mass Technology Company Limited China-Portuguese Speaking Countries Cooperation And Development Fund Company Limited Galaxy Garment Manufacturing Ltd Liu's Commerce And Industry Limited Panda, Sociedade De Gestao De Investimentos, Limitada Lee Fung Yi Ida (A) Lei Hongs Trading Company Limited Rock-One Engineering Company Limited Chong, Keng Hong E.I. Hung Fung Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Wing Shing Chemical Macao Commercial Offshore Company Limited Hap Lei Construction & Engineering Co Acel Engineering Company Limited Positec (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited A-Max Technology Macao Commercial Offshore Company Limited Smart Stamp Company Limited Smartable Holding Limited Tangruen International Company Limited Eastech Electronics (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Aruze Gaming Macau Limited SOUTHERN TRADERS CO LTD Bun Tat Trade Co Bo Xing Group Company Limited Golden Century Club NANKONG INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO LTD Ramaxel Technology (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Trendzone (Macao) Co., Limited DFS Cotai Limitada KEC Technologies Ltd Honest (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Iron Mountain Macau Limited Zhengtong International Development Limited Good Food Macau Company Limited Well Information Technology Co. Ltd. Dr Jose Martins Sequeira e Serpa Mo Smart Technology Co. Ltd. BBE&M (Macau) Limited Aofeng Company, Limited Geotech Lighting & System Company Limited ASI GLOBAL LIMITED Smartsoft Technology Ltd SON TONG INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED ANHAI INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED JIN HONG INTERNATIONAL TRADING COMPANY LIMITED INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE SYSTEMS LIMITED STS TRADING LIMITED Long Seng Hong Elg Leather CHAN KIN SAN A E.I. Jubilant Limited KINETICS NOISE CONTROL (MACAU) LTD. Rato, Ling, Lei & Cortés - Advogados e Notários LEKTOU Three Stars Intl Co MACAU TRANSPORTATION CO Kuen Hong Realty Ltd Agencia Com World Freight Trans-Eurasia (Macau) Co Ltd Tin Fok Holding Company Limited One Oasis Building Management Limited Macao CTS Hotel Management (International) Limited Doblyu Business Management Ltd. Perfect Assets Hotel Management Limited Vida Restaurant Management and Consulting (Macau) Limited BANCO PORTUGUES DO ATLANTICO SUCURSAL DE MACAU METROPOLE HOTEL LTD AGENCIA COMERCIAL 'HIP MENG' LDA Agencial Comercial Carmen Lda Poul Lee Enterprise Co Ltd Associacao Morad Praia Grande Associacao Teatro Hoi In Dr Alexandre Correia da Silva Dra Maria Amelia Antonio Gstar Communications Limited AGS Macau - Administracao E Gestao De Sistemas De Salubridade, Sarl JCM - Management Holding Limited Dafoo Facilities Management Company Limited Popular Group Holdings Limited Fongs Consultancy And Management Limited Alpha & Omega Semiconductor (Macau), Ltd. MACAUPORT S.A.R.L. AGENCIA COMERCIAL ACME (MACAU) Kai Yue Imp And Export Trading Co Ltd BANK NACIONAL ULTRAMARINO S.A. Banco Nacional Ultramarino, S.A. BMS Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Music Group Macao Commercial Offshore Limited F PODRIGUES (SUC RES) LDA AGENCIA COMERCIAL GLORIA LDA MACAO LAND DEVELOPMENT CORP AGENCIA COMMERCIAL (CARMEN) LDA EASTERN INTERNATIONAL CO LTD H&B Development Co., Ltd. Direccao Dos Servicos De Financas Excel Technology Company Limited Fino Mens Fashion Macau Grand Prix Committee Wo Cheong Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Casa Arte Publicidade Design TTI (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Macau Government Tourist Office Baltrans (Macau) Limited MACAO MASC OGDEN AVIATION SERVICES (MACAU) LTD LIU'S COMERCIO DE IND. LDA Conde Designs Ltd, Macau Trane Macau Service Center Luis Machado Conceicao Perry & Isbel Braganca Arquitectos Ltd Saint Anna Cake Shop Chong Fok Technical Services (Macau) Ltd Feerni Macau Company Hoi Seng Fishing Tackle Luen Fat Artificial Flower Fty Ltd (Macau) Conservatoria do Registo de Casamentos e Obitos Dr Luis G.M. Cavaleiro de Ferreira Dr Luis Reigadas Dr Rui Luis Cabral de Sousa Dra Ana Soares Anna Restaurante Cantonese Kapok G4S Secure Solutions (Macau) Limited Tien An Trading Co Wei Guang Travel Service (Macau) Ltd Sun Hung Kai Investsment Services (Macau) Limited Chian Travel Service (Holdings) Macau Ltd Kam Po Service Macau Morning Star Travel Service (Macau) Ltd Liu's Technology Limited Las Vegas East Entertainment [Macau] Limited Tech Data Computer Service (Macau) Limited MCS - Macau Catering Services Company Limited Union Technology International (Macao Commercial Offshore) Company Limited CL Technical Services (Macau) Limited Eagle Aim Comercial Offshore De Macau, Limitada Macau Vocation Travel Services Ltd Tyco Fire, Security & Services (Macau) Limited Ying An Limited Louis Vuitton Macau Company Limited Fugro Technical Services (Macau) Limited LT (Macau) Limited TCL Overseas Marketing (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Evergreen Airways Service (Macau) Limited Manpower Services (Macau) Limited Sundart Engineering Services (Macau) Limited Macau Management And Security Agency Services Limited Wah Fung Computer Services (Macau) Ltd. CHE'S CONSULTING SERVICE CENTRE (MACAU) China Travel Service (Macao) Limited COMPANHIA DE SERVICOS GERAIS DE MACAU P & T Architects and Engineers Ltd, Macau Branch Eurasia Trading Co Ltd Gala Logistics (Macau) Ltd Golden Harvest (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited SPP-Consorcio Intl para Gestao Obras Aeroporto Macau Sogeste - Sociedade De Gestao De Participacoes S.A.R.L. Mocha Slot Management Limited Airport Information Management Solutions, Limited Galaxy Project Management Company Limited Geocapital - Participations Limited Galaxy Cotai Project Management Limited Lei Kei Telecommunication Holdings Limited New Macau Landmark Management Limited Galaxy Hotel Management Company Limited G4S (Macau - Holding) Limited Great Wall Holdings Limited Cargogal Asia - Management, Trade and International Transports, Limited DIRECCAO DOS SERVICOS DE ADMINISTRACAO E FUNCAO PUBLICA DIRECCAO DOS SERVICOS DE SOLOSOBRAS PUBLICAS E TRANSPORTES Red Cap Bontique Cafe Chip Seng Ltd Co Cafe Chip Seng Lda Chips & Technologies Chip Son Electrical Mechnic Engineering Co Kenwa Shipping Co (Macau) Ltd Shun Heng Chap Fo Chap Seng Sio Kei Chip Seng Coffee Company Limited Grand Merit Retail Group Limited VO KEI YI KENG HONG LTD Excelente Coffee & Food Products Company Limited YUI HENG TRADING CO Vo Kei Yi Keng Hong Salao San Leung Yao Heng Yui & Associates Ltd. Paul Y. Construction Company, Limited Heng Yui (Macao) Commercial Offshore Limited Kuan & Frankie Inter Trading Co Ltd Firma Franca Co Construcao Urbana Frankco Lda BH Industries Limited CPC Macau Company Limited KENG FONG LEI-SOCIEDADE DE INVE DE DESENVOLVIMENTO LDA TAI FUNG IMPORT & EXPORT TRADING CO LTD Firma Fong Seng Banco Tai Fung S.A.R.L. San Wa Fung Engineering Co Ltd Lei Wai Fong Zhang Feng Sheng Fong Seng Tong Fong Ka Si Fung Choi Barbearia Agencia Com San I Fong Lda Hung Fung Motors Hung Fung Trading Co Ltd Agencia Com Fung Choi Double Motors Cheong Chi Fong Leong Fong Choi San Fong Lek Transport And Warehouse Company Limited FABRICA DE VESTUARIO (SIU FUNG) LDA Macau Telecomunications Company Limited COMPANHIA DE SERVICES DE AVIACAO DE MACA Agencia Servicios Comerciais Industriais Yu Yun Caleres Service (Macau) Company Limited Maccom Service Co Prime Marketing & Promotional Service Company Limited Sunny Services Ltd Piu Chi Stamp Service Abacada Cleaning Service Allied Cleaning Services Asia Cleaning Service Co Ltd Easy Clean Cleaning Services Sunshine Cleaning & Services, Ltd Tenkids Services Consultant Ltd Lobros Consultants Business Services Ltd Nam Fong Cultural Services Co Ltd Shun Hing Electric Service Centre Ltd Trims Service Imp-Exp Ltd Insurance Advisory Services Ltd Hen Well Service Ltd Car Services & Accessories Center Mugen Cars Audio Service Centre Torino Auto Accessories & Services Co Ltd Intl Pest Control Service Lucky Shipping Service Co Victor Pacific Service Limited Ha Wan Baptist Church Social Service Centre Rita Travel Service Co Ltd SILVER DISK INTERNATIONAL COMPANY

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