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UEPAY MACAO LIMITED GLOBAL PREMIUM BUY (MACAU) LIMITED KEI CHONG CONSTRUCTION AND ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED ANHAI INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED Venetian Cotai Limited Sheng Ming Trading Limited CPC Macau Company Limited CHEUK TING FASHION (MACAU) COMPANY LIMITED Vo Kei Yi Keng Hong Golden Leaf (Macau) Tobacco's Manufacturing Limited TCO Macau Limited CHUNG SHUN LAMINATES (MACAO) LIMITED COD Resorts Limited Album Trading Company Limited Venetian Orient Limited China Telecom (Macau) Company Limited Soonest Technology Limited NEW CENTURY JEWELLERY CO LTD Novo Legend Development Company Limited PAJ Macao Commercial Offshore Limited E.A Company Limited KINGWOOD DESIGN ENGINEERING (MACAU) LIMITED Macau Taiwa Machinery Co., Limited GLOBAL PAYMENTS ASIA - PACIFIC MACAU LIMITED One Oasis Building Management Limited Kuan & Frankie Inter Trading Co Ltd OMAS Construction And Engineering Company Limited Chong Ou Pacific Group Company Limited Integrated Market Services Asia (Macao) Limited Hsin Chong Engineering (Macau) Limited Concord Industrial And Commercial Development Enterprise, Limited Golden Crown Development Limited Macau (Guangzhou) Zhongjian Construction International Co., Ltd. Rosery Machinery Co Cheong Shing Trading Company Ltd. Famous Company Sunshine Cleaning & Services, Ltd Lucky Shipping Service Co Luxlight Macau Company Limited WDG Macau Limited China Construction Engineering (Macau) Company Limited A-Max Technology Macao Commercial Offshore Company Limited SG Gaming Asia Limited AGENCIA COMMERCIAL SENG KUONG (DAVITTORIO) LTD Ocean Gardens Management Company Limited Chon Tat Security Company Limited SON TONG INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED Da Jin International Trading Company Limited BM ENERGY LIMITED Vivoplus Design and Engineering Limited BMS Macao Commercial Offshore Limited AGENCIA COMERCIAL GLORIA LDA Cargogal Asia - Management, Trade and International Transports, Limited SEASONS LIMITED - MACAO COMMERCIAL OFFSHORE SBT Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Greenpoint Global Trading (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Chee Wing Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Positec (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Kwong Tai Hong Petroleum Company Limited Sam Tat Machinery Company Limited Smart Stamp Company Limited Smartable Holding Limited New Mac Travel Agency Company Limited Katswing E&M Engineering (Macau) Limited Jockey Investment Company, Limited H & P Trading Co., Ltd. RLG Macau Limited Lunettes Group Limited Techcomp (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Dragon City Trade Development Company Limited JMT (Macau) Limited Macau Textile Limited King Power Duty Free (Macau) Company Limited ELITE STATE MACAO COMMERCIAL OFFSHORE LIMITED HOI MENG SOURCING (MACAO COMMERCIAL OFFSHORE) LIMITED SWH Import & Export Company Limited Imakit Manufacturing (Macau) Ltd Nam Kwong Petroleum & Chemicals Company Limited Ego Design Company Okutatu (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Lacoste (Macao) Limited Smartsoft Technology Ltd Angela Cake Shop Trendway (Macau) Ltd. Yan Tin Chemicals Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Tin Fok Holding Company Limited Dafoo Facilities Management Company Limited Alpha & Omega Semiconductor (Macau), Ltd. Music Group Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Direccao Dos Servicos De Financas Luis Machado Conceicao Perry & Isbel Braganca Arquitectos Ltd BAKEWELL ENTERPRISES INC Mocha Slot Management Limited YUI HENG TRADING CO Firma Franca Intl Pest Control Service Minth International Macao Commercial Offshore Limited AGENCIA COMMERCIAL SIU'S, LDA Yat Fung (Macao Commercial Offshore) Ltd Lee Kwok Trading Limited Comic Studio Shamrock Manufacturing Company Limited Energy Travel Agency Limited Hang Huo Enterprise Group Limited Orient Town Project Management Limited Goodland Limited Sinosteel International Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Esprit Macao Sole Shareholder Limited Eastech Electronics (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Grandpec Limited Kin Cheong Electromechanical Engineering Company Limited Hei Tung Watches Company Limited Genesis Company Limited Hip Fung Electronics Industrial (Macao) Limited - Macao Commercial Offshore WORLDWIDE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED Chubb Macau Limited GREAT WILL INVESTMENT CO LTD NANKONG INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO LTD IGT Asia - Macau, S.A. San Io Wa Construction Engineering Limited Agencia Comercial Van Va Hong Limitada Kuong Nga Furniture Co Macau Cheng Feng Commercial And Industrial Limited Golden Future (Management Services) Limited South China Transportation Co Ltd New Century Hotel (Macau) Iron Mountain Macau Limited REGENT JEWELLERY LTD Tod's Macau Limited Hon Color Advertising & Arts TAI CHEONG (MACAU) Concord Fortune Resources (Macao) Limited Kam Fung Macau Trading Co J & T Construction Company Limited Technoline Limited - Macao Commercial Offshore San Ou (Warehouse) Food Limited Companhia De Equipamentos Master, Limitada Meco Engineering (Macao) Limited NEW CHEUNG KWONG SEWING MACHINE CO LTD Yau Heng Frozen Meat & Food Company Limited Aofeng Company, Limited Chio Kei Decoracao Certis Technology (Macau) Limited KIT ON LEATHER CO LTD Linkeast Investments Limited SUN TAT FIRE ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED MBOX Co., Limited T'in Fok Jewellery & Investment Ltd MASTER LIMITED Savills Property Management (Macau) Limited Hovione Macao Ltd Long Seng Hong CHO SI CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING COMPANY LTD. Sam A Wooding Company Limited NEW CENTURY HOTEL MANAGEMENT CO. LTD. Lai Iok I New Wai Heng Garments Factory Limited Lee Kwok Trading Limited China Union (Macao) Company Limited Macao CTS Hotel Management (International) Limited AGENCIA COMMERCIAL (CARMEN) LDA Casa Arte Publicidade Design Trane Macau Service Center Dr Luis Reigadas Chian Travel Service (Holdings) Macau Ltd Liu's Technology Limited Eagle Aim Comercial Offshore De Macau, Limitada Shun Cheong Building Services (Macau) Limited TCL Overseas Marketing (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Manpower Services (Macau) Limited Macau Management And Security Agency Services Limited CHE'S CONSULTING SERVICE CENTRE (MACAU) China Travel Service (Macao) Limited Eurasia Trading Co Ltd Transport Bureau Cafe Chip Seng Ltd Chips & Technologies Kenwa Shipping Co (Macau) Ltd Chap Seng Sio Kei Chip Seng Coffee Company Limited Grand Merit Retail Group Limited Fong Seng Agencia Com San I Fong Lda Hung Fung Trading Co Ltd Abacada Cleaning Service Lobros Consultants Business Services Ltd Nam Fong Cultural Services Co Ltd Insurance Advisory Services Ltd Victor Pacific Service Limited Rita Travel Service Co Ltd SILVER DISK INTERNATIONAL COMPANY Black & Decker Macao Commercial Offshore Limited GCCL Macau Co. Ltd. Wynn Resorts (Macau) Limited Grand Lisboa - Hotel Administration Company Limited STDM - Investments Limited HDI (Macau) Ltd APG (Macau) Limited Kam Fo (Macau) Company Limited Macau Chemicals & Medical Gases Corporation KIN WAH & CO (MACAU) Lei Hongs Trading Company Limited DTM (Macao Commercial Offshore) Company Limited Electric Care (Macau) Ltd New Solar Company Limited Rock-One Engineering Company Limited Chong, Keng Hong E.I. Geelong Sales (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited LF Macao Commercial Offshore Limited IPE Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Bros Macao Commercial Offshore Limited ETL (Macao) Commercial Offshore Limited TWS (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Arts Empire Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Success Express DSV Air and Sea Limited Hana Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Macau Tourism And Amusement Company Limited HON SANG CONTRUCTION CO Hung Fung Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Lipo-Companhia De Construcao Civil, Limitada EMI Macao Commercial Offshore Limited J.I.C. (Macao Commercial Offshore) Company Limited MCO (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Ming Macao Commercial Offshore, Limited China Union (Macao) Company Limited HKSM Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Hap Lei Construction & Engineering Co Hang On Construction Engineering Co Hong Kin Construction Engineering Company Limited Hanway Construction & Engineering Limited Pak Luen Construction Engineering Limited Shing Lung Construction & Engineering Company Limited Hou Chun Construction And Engineering Company Limited Four Star Construction And Engineering Company Limited Monty Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Man Wah (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Polymide (Macao Commercial Offshore) Company Limited JS International Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Seng Fung Jewellery Limited Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Macao Branch Wah Da (Macao Commercial Offshore) Company Limited S. Square Kuok Chai Jewellery Co Loja Carnes Cong Kong Ou Inks CIN - Macao Company Limited Luen Iec Hong Shanghai Construction Group (Macau) Limited Viva Macao Commercial Offshore Limited C C Boutique

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