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Unity Resources Group (Middle East) LLC UNITY RESOURCES GROUP PTE LTD MATANA COMPANY BEDALAN COMPANY FOR GENERAL TRADING LTD. SAQR ALKEETAN FOR CEMENT PRODUCTION LIMITED Tolu Traders Company Sky Net Way Company Al Naha For General Trading Ltd AL-AJDAN CO.LTD. GENERAL TRADING AL-GHADEER CONTRACTING CO. LTD AL-WASEELA AL BAYRAK FOR CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LTD PAN EAST GENERAL CONTRACTING LTD FAISAL M.H. AL-JAWARI & COMPANY DANUBE GENERAL CONTRACTING DIJLA COMPANY AL FAIZ FOR GENERAL TRADING AL JABAL GROUP AL RAFAN GENERAL TRADING LIMITED AL-TAF GENERAL CONTRACTING COMPANY LTD AL BAYRK FOR CONSTRUCTIONS COMPANY LTD ISI GROUP OF COMPANIES ALNAJIZ LLC ONLINE INTERNET STATE COMPANY FOR FERTILIZER - NORTHERN & SOURTHERN REGIONS SEA ROCKS SEVILLE CONSTRUCTION CO. AL-RESOUL ENGINEERING AGENCY LLC REEM AL-BAWADI BUREAU LLC AL-SALEEM INDUSTRIAL SERVICES COMPANY LLC KATOW COMPANY AL MAUR CONTRACTING CO. BAGHDAD LAND INSTRUMENTS TRADING CO LTD Al Naseem General Trading Company Limited Alathar Co Ltd Communication Services The Sandi Group Inc Sumer International Security Inc ARAB LAND GROUP Nawroz Company For General Contracts Baghdad Al Mamora Co Abna'a Al Iraq Amll M Taha Company Al Sabah Al Moshriq Company SHAMS AL SABAH GENERAL TRADING COMPANY            Allied United General Trading company Hikmet Hadi Jawadkubba and Sons Group of Companies Al Douh Iraqi Establishment Al Dali Group H MAHMOOD J AL BUNNIA AND SONS CONTRACTING CO LTD NATIONAL PETROLEUM SERVICES LLC AL SAMA BUREAU SAWAH TRADING & CONSTRUCTION COMPANY BAUD TELECOM COMPANY AL YAQUT COMPANY FOR TRADE AGENCIES LTD Almusanada Co Ltd Soft Designs Al Najmy General Trading Co Ltd Bermanah Co For Contracts and Trading URUK ENGINEERING SERVICES CO., LTD Al Haeq Co Al Rabat Co RABAN AL-SAFINA FOR GENERAL CONTRACTING Construction Master General Contracting DAR ALSALAM FOR TELECOMMUNICATION CO LTD Al Zaman General Trading A S Group Al Rafedain Co Ltd Alfaraid Machinary Production Company Alfayafe Company For General Contracts AL GHEIF CO LTD Al Saad Co AL JANABI GROUP Ghalib Alsaadi Company Al Rahmania Company For Plastic Industries Al Sawari For General Contracting Co Ltd Hayco AL WADAN COMPANY FOR COMMERCIAL AGENCIES Green Harvest Corporation Alhareer Noor Al Waffa Com Marg Al Bahrain Co Seif El Iraq General Contracting Company Ltd` AL BAHRANI GENERAL CONTRACTS GROUP CO LTD A Group of Al Makaarm Companies Hakky Ismail Company Al Defaf Al Wameed Electromechanical Contracting Combined Group Co K1 General Costruction Sarh Company For General Trading Roiund The World Co For Electromechanical Al Sawa Company For General Contracting Al Jahiz Al Farkad Company Al Massrat company Al Zubair Steel Industries AL AKTAR TRADING COMPANY LTD Antemina For Oil Services Al Aktar Construction ltd Lima Group Hawija Engineering Company For Contracts Al Saradic Company ERIDU COMPANY FOR OIL SERVICES LTD Al Sard Company For Construction Janeen Company Hikmet Bureau For Civil Contracts Sur Company For Contracting Suha Tailoring Factory AL-FAYHA COMPANY FOR FABRICATION OF PRECAST BUILDINGS LTD IBN Al Haitham For General Contracting Al Dwaser For Mechanical & Electrical Co A Group of Al Makarim Companies Al Ibticar Company For Mechanical and Electrical Alasood Company For General Construction Al Asad Al Nabeel Company For Trading Al Ardh Al Khadhraa Co For Contracts Al Abraj Company Karbala Precast National Company for Technical Industries AL-JARRAH GROUP LLC Kadow Business Group Al Wahaf Group of Co A A Technical Services Company CESSCO IDEAL FOR RESEARCH AND CONSULTANCY Consolidated Group General Trading Horizon Messo Contracting Ltd Middle East Waters Ltd Al Saraf Al Sareea Hawar Co For Commercial Agencies Star Foods Company Al Sayad Company Ltd AL BURHAN GROUP Cham Company Alfanar Arabia Co. Ltd. Dar Al Handasah Consultants Ankawa Construction Co Ltd Mantana Trading Company Al Raya Co For Piling and Foundations Enermax Contracting Company Ltd Access Solutions Services Inc Attar General Trading and Contracting Co Al-Salim Group Co. AYAD NASSAR RAJA CO. FOR GENERAL CONSTRUCTION Albina Almutekhesis Co Ltd DIAR TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANY LTD Omar Engineering and Contracting Co AL MERJAL GENERAL CONTRACTING CO LTD. Chemical For Construction Inter Group Al Jaheer For General Trading Co Ltd A Alimari and Partners Co ABKARR TRADING AND GENERAL CONTRACTING CORPORATION COMPANY Dewan Al Emara Architects and Engineers Al Huda Holding Company Ard Al Iraq Co For Construction Contracts Ata J Abbas Albateen Co Almaleek Co Secure Global Engineering L L C Al Sana Medical Systems and Appliances Co Amjad Dar Essalam Contracting Co AL DAMYAA COMPANY FOR GENERAL CONTRACTING L.T.D Hilal Group Al Jawaden General Contracting Company Al Hawra'a General Trading Company Al Hajis Co For General Contracts Ltd MECHANICAL ELECTRICAL COMPANY LTD Al Mays Technology For Drug and Medical Appliance The Consultant Contracting Company Ejam bueru for general trading and contrac SOUTH GAS COMPANY BASRA OIL COMPNY Alatas Electrical Contracting Company AL TASMEM COMPANY FOR CONSTRUCTION AND CONTRACTING DALYA-SAT El Ryan For General Trading Co Ltd Bakor Company Vin Reconstruction and Contracting Al Nasser Co Shak First Step Co For General Trading HOZAN GENERAL CONSTRUCTIONS CO. LTD. GALALA GROUP OF COMPANIES MESOPOTAMIA COMPANY LTD KAN COMPANY AL MUKDAD TRADING AGENCIES THE SMART ALTERNATIVES ALNABEEL CONTRACTING COMPANY GEC GROUP IRAQ AZAD HASSAN RDHA CO.LTD Alqa Al Jazeera Co. Ltd. Izmobile for Equipment Electronic Trade Ltd. Khair Al Belad Al Iraq Co. Ltd. BARAKAT AL NAKHEEL CO. LTD. SAIF AL SALAM CO. LTD. Mohamed Hasan Iron Co. Ltd. Lai al Tariq Co. Ltd. FAWZ AL-RAFIDAIN COMPANY DIAMOND GROUP HOLDING CO LTD FIRST IRAQI CONTRACTING COMPANY BAGHDAD AL MAZDAR AL-MAJARA AL-FUDHIA URUK AL-ASHHAB NOOR AL-AJDAD AL ADHAM NAWARAS IRAQI AMERCAN DEVELOPMENT COMPANY COMET AL TANUMA COMPANY FOR MARINE SERVICES LTD GROUP AL NAMEER Wasit Co. RASAN GROUP DALYA BAKHTIARY CO REKAR CO DIYAR GROUP WISHYAR International Design Company Al-Neda'a Company RAWAAT AL KAND COMPANY Tuossco Company Kufan Group AL-AWAIL CO FOR TRADING OF COMPUTERS AND SCIENTIFIC & LABORATORY EQUIPMENT AL-MABANI AL-ASREEYA AL DALLA COMPANY NAHAJ AL HADHARA CO. LTD. TLOOA AL SHAMS CO. LTD. AL HIJRA GENERAL TRADING & CO SUKHTIAN INDUSTRIAL TRADING PORTS LAND CEMENT NOOR AL QAIM COMPANY AND TRADING AL-SAND COMPANY Oueis Engineering and Construction RAYAN AL MUNA CO SAHRA MEDIA SOLUTIONS CTS group Al-Kark Michanical Factory Eynas Bureau Almosul Trading And Industries TAREEQ AL-QUAMAR GENERAL TRADING & CONTRACTING CO International Cooperative Contracting Co Aqua Process & Technology Night Bird Company for Security Services Ltd Bilad Al-zaier DIRECTION AL IRAQ JAWHARAT AL MUHSEN GENERAL CONTRACTING, TRADING, AND OIL SERVICES LLC AWQAT AL NOOR GENERAL TRADING CO

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