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Standard Hardware Company Limited MONUMENT RESOURCES (TAIWAN) LTD. Orion Mine Finance GP I-A Limited Pacific Life Re Global Limited SIG Re Ltd ATHENE ANNUITY RE II LTD Athene Co-Invest Reinsurance Affiliate Pacific Life Re International Limited Sonnedix Solar Holdings Limited Sonnedix Japan I Limited Hikari 6 Solar Investments Limited BSREP IV-B Goshenite Sub L.P. BSREP IV-C (ER) Heliodor Sub L.P. BSREP IV-A Kyanite Sub L.P. BSREP IV-B Heliodor Sub L.P. BSREP IV-C (ER) Goshenite Sub L.P. Structured Solutions Insurance Brokers Ltd Viking Expedition Ltd Lone Star Asia Acquisitions, Limited Ada Re, Ltd Conyers Management (Bermuda) Ltd. Natasha Investment Limited North End Re Ltd China Biotech Services Holdings Limited China Ocean Group Development Limited Aircastle Advisor (International) Limited Integral Reinsurance Ltd General Atlantic Partners (Bermuda) F, L.P RenRe Insurance Holdings Ltd Affinity International Limited ATHENE AOG HOLDING I LTD North Asia Strategic Holdings Limited Hang Tai Yue Group Holdings Limited Allied World Europe Holdings Ltd Lajin Entertainment Network Group Limited GET Holdings Limited China Demeter Financial Investments Limited Horseshoe Re II Limited Glory Mark Hi-Tech (Holdings) Limited M-Resources Group Limited Altree Trust Ltd. BSREP III China Retail Holdings Limited Dadi International Group Limited Likewize Re Ltd Stable Corporation Ltd Manatee Re II Ltd BAM Re Holdings Ltd China Investment Development Limited Rosan Resources Holdings Limited Huanxi Media Group Limited Mongolia Energy Corporation Limited Arch Credit Risk Services (Bermuda) Ltd. Paradise Mobile Ltd The Beauty Group Ltd Sapura Drilling Berani Ltd Arch Underwriters Ltd. Shaw Trustee (Private) Limited Apex Structured Intermediate Holdings Ltd UO (Bermuda) Limited Arch Capital Holdings Ltd. Asia Pacific Resources International Limited Shandong Hi-Speed Holdings Group Limited Dapai International Holdings Co. Ltd Maydiang Holdings Ltd Mikado Private Trust Company Limited (The) Orbis Holdings Limited Crystal Investment Limited Port Sea Trustees (Private) Ltd Lancashire Capital Management Limited Neora Holding (Bermuda) LP China Huajun Group Limited Pan Hong Holdings Group Limited Thaihot Investment (Bermuda) Company Limited Peregrine Holdings Limited Geranium Private Trustee Company Limited (The) URBN Bermuda Holding Partners L.P Vtech Electronics Holdings Limited Dragon Holdings International Limited Eaglesky International (Holdings) Limited Eight Roads GP TCP Bermuda Limited First Pacific Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Joseph and Loretta Enterprises (Bermuda) Ltd Williams IP Holdings LLC BPG Bermuda Insurance Limited Concord Resources Holdings Limited Sanders Re III Ltd Martello Re Limited Omega Private Trust Company Limited Wisdom Wealth Resources Investment Holding Group Limited Seapeak Maritime Limited Silver Dragon Water Supply Group Limited VMware Technology Holdings Limited Computer And Technologies Holdings Limited Long Point Re IV Ltd Skyfame Realty (Holdings) Limited Krys & Associates (Bermuda) Ltd. Eneti (Bermuda) Ltd. China Asia Valley Group Limited Centaur Fund Services (Bermuda) Limited Sun Life Financial (Bermuda) Reinsurance Ltd. PRE Life Bermuda Re Ltd Artex Insurance Management (Bermuda) Ltd Woburn Insurance, Ltd. Akibare Re Ltd. Whitney Bay Insurance II (Bermuda) Ltd China Electronics Huada Technology Company Limited Huafa Property Services Group Company Limited New Century Group Hong Kong Limited Asia Commercial Holdings Limited PS Limited Digicel Pacific Finance Limited HBC L.P Oracle EMEA & CAPAC Holdings Limited Aspida Re Ltd IOS Reinsurance Company Ltd. Golar Project Holding Company Limited Prosperity Investment Holdings Limited 24 Exchange Broker Limited Sun Hing Vision Group Holdings Limited St. George Capital Partners Ltd.Limited Brookfield Strategic Real Estate Partners III-A Caelum AIV L.P. Seadrill Tellus Ltd Atlas Re Limited Aspida Life Re Ltd Icelandic Power Insurance Ltd. InvesTech Holdings Limitred Power Financial Group Limited Harrington Re Ltd Centimark Insurance Company Limited China Gem Holdings Limited Asia Financial Holdings Limited China Oceanwide Holdings Limited Bison Finance Group Limited China Sandi Holdings Limited BSREP III China Retail II Holdings Limited Chia Tai Enterprises International Limited Lisi Group (Holdings) Limited Asia Orient Holdings Limited Hong Kong Shanghai Alliance Holdings Limited China Environmental Energy Investment Limited Eminence Enterprise Limited China Finance Investment Holdings Limited Town Health International Medical Group Limited CMBC Capital Holdings Limited Momentum Financial Holdings Limited Trinity Limited InvesTech Holdings Limited Shanghai Industrial Urban Development Group Limited Nan Nan Resources Enterprise Limited Kingkey Intelligence Culture Holdings Limited Capital Industrial Financial Services Group Limited China Agri-Products Exchange Limited Jardine Strategic Limited YuanShengTai Dairy Farm Limited Kingston Financial Group Limited Monument Resources Limited Sino Oil And Gas Holdings Limited Zhongchang International Holdings Group Limited Lerado Financial Group Company Limited Sre Group Limited Macrolink Capital Holdings Limited New Times Energy Corporation Limited Public Financial Holdings Limited Renco Holdings Group Limited Loudong General Nice Resources (China) Holdings Limited Ftlife Insurance Company Limited China Lotsynergy Holdings Limited Bep International Holdings Limited China Enterprises Limited Idg Energy Investment Limited Guocang Group Limited Smi Holdings Group Limited Continental Capital Limited Zhuhai Holdings Investment Group Limited Seaspan Management Services Limited Victory Group Limited Nautilus Shipholdings No 1 Limited Chtc Fong'S Industries Company Limited International Planning Group Insurance Brokers, Ltd. Surestone Insurance Holdings Limited Surestone Insurance Holdings Abbvie Global Enterprises Limited Trustee Of The Conifer Trust ChapelGate Credit Opportunity Master Fund Limited GE Capital International Finance (Bermuda) Ltd Aircraft Holding Corporation Limited Argo Irish Holdings II Trinity Residual Limited Apollo Aviation Holdings Limited Cahow Ltd A R C Global Re Holdings Ltd Asl Intermediaries Ltd Cogefin Bermuda Ltd European Property Partners LP F M G Fund Manager Ltd LSF Argentina Super Holdings,L.P. Murdoch & Co Ltd Prime Supplier Ltd Sanne Trust Storm Trust Trustees Of Le Botton Coombes Trust Wilton 4 Ltd Global Energy Resources International Group Limited Chevalier Itech Holdings Limited A P International Limited Pacific Norse Shipping Shipping Ltd Relm Insurance, Ltd Nova Resources Limited Stratus (Bermuda) Holding Ltd Alimco Re Ltd MS Amlin AG City Holdings Ltd. Bittrex Global (Bermuda) Ltd. Liberty Global Ltd. BIF IV Alpha Holdings LP BIF IV Bermuda GP Limited Ashland Finance Limited BIF V Manager Carry GP Ltd BIF IV Bermuda GP LP BIF IV LTIP Global Splitter LP Athlone Fund Limited ARA Asset Management Limited BIF IV UK AIV LP ASTRA HOLDINGS, LTD. Bgtf Bermuda Gp Limited BIF IV UK Aggregator LP Bernom Nominees Limited Trinitas CLO XXIII, Ltd. Alcority Global Limited AKJt Holdings Limited Altair Investment Management Limited LEONARDO TRUSTEES PVT LIMITED Trinitas CLO XIX, Ltd. BEP Bermuda Holdings FVCI I AIV Limited UES International Leasing Limited Apex Structured Holdings Ltd. Acta (Bermuda) Limited Bermude Archipel Real Estate Ltd. AbbVie Finance Limited AdVantage Retro I Ltd. BW Danuta Limited Keyland Properties Limited Aberdeen FVP Offshore V Limited Resilicom Ltd Trinity Fiduciary Ltd. BSREP IV Alexandrite Pooling L.P. East Asia Company Limited KVH Asia Limited Genevant Sciences Ltd.

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