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Miller & Son (Bermuda), Thomas R. FIL Limited Europa Imports Limited Marias Falls Insurance Co., Limited Acadia Wealth Management Ltd Holdac Insurance Limited LSF Nani Super Holdings, LP Comerica Assurance Ltd Tire Plus Ltd Stablehouse Ltd Cahow Ltd Rio Colorado International Ltd The Shell Trust (Bermuda) Limited Staples Europe Holdings GP Jackson National Life (Bermuda) Ltd Vincitas Limited Yemen LNG Company Ltd Apex Fund Services Holdings Ltd. Hiscox Ltd Accenture Ltd Alimco Re Ltd Viking River Tours Ltd Midcircle Investment Management Ltd Harrington Master Trust Fund Ltd Ocean Voyager Limited Premier Distributors Ltd. Roivant China Holdings Ltd. Fireminds Operations Limited Midcircle Investment Management Ltd Lone Tree Holdings Ltd SOCAM Development Limited Three Crowns Insurance Company Limited Keytech Limited Compass Holdco Limited Sapura Drilling Jaya Ltd Ariel Re Bermuda Limited Forest First Holdings Ltd. Refinitiv (Canvas) Holdings 1 Limited Daisy and Mac Burlington Northern Santa Fe Insurance Company, Ltd Medline Bermuda LP Maple Investments Ltd. Omega Indemnity (Bermuda) Limited PR Beverages Bermuda Holdings Ltd Hamilton Re Ltd Parker Hannifin (Bermuda) Ltd Volante Capital Holdings (BERMUDA) Limited BSREP IV-C (ER) Goshenite Sub L.P. Americano Nickel Limited Clovis Company Limited Derwent Holdings Limited Island Solutions (Bermuda) Limited L & F Indemnity Limited Total International Limited Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd Bryce Investment Ltd DGL3 Limited Bermuda Gas & Utility Company Limited Camera Store Limited Transpetrol Limited Chubb Group Management and Holdings Ltd Bermuda Health Care Services Limited Chevron Transport Corporation Everest Re Group, Ltd. Martin Currie (Bermuda) Limited Hal Trustee Limited N-Gas Limited HAL Trust Archimedes Risk Solutions, Ltd. Honeywell Bermuda Holdings II Ltd Meridian Insurance Company Limited North Atlantic Drilling Ltd Transcon Insurance Limited Nautilus Indemnity Holdings Limited Ocorian Services (Bermuda) Limited Howden Insurance Brokers (Bermuda) Limited China Glass Holdings Limited Nuclear Mutual Ltd Bacardi International Limited Isosceles Insurance Ltd DMX Technologies Group Limited SA Reinsurance Ltd. Meritus Trust Company Limited Massmutual Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd. MT Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd Parkdale Bermuda Holdings, Ltd Bishopsgate Investments Limited BPY Bermuda Holdings Limited Now Health International (Holdings) Limited Thomas Miller (Bermuda) Ltd Cequent Bermuda Holdings Ltd. Secad Limited Team Tankers Regional Ltd DIAMOND COMPANY LIMITED Chevron International Limited McKesson International Bermuda IP2A Limited Davidge, Richard Tangency Capital Ltd. NCL Corporation Ltd. Argentina Gold (Bermuda) II Ltd Parker Hannifin Partner II GP Magellan Acquisition Limited Thstyme Limited Zurich Global, Ltd. Convex RE Limited BW Malacca Limited Verifone Bermuda Holdings L.P. Prosperity Group Holdings LP Premia Holdings Ltd Odfjell Partners Invest Ltd SIG Re Ltd BSREP IV-C Ammolite Sub L.P. Brookfield Asset Management Reinsurance Partners Ltd. Tavor Holdings Limited Flag Telecom Limited Natasha Investment Limited CB Holdco Limited Permanent Investments Limited Tillinghast Nelson & Warren (Bermuda) Limited Thomas Miller Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Allseas Logistics Bermuda Ltd Information Technology Office Bermuda Government Bermuda Paint Company Limited Western Metal Sales Limited Digicel Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Heddington Insurance Limited GOLDEN OCEAN MANAGEMENT LTD. Omega Insurance Holdings Limited Stena Ausonia Limited GE Seaco Ltd. Bermuda Properties Ltd. Bermuda Bakery (Operations) Ltd. Bermuda Motor & Cycle Ltd Bermuda Cement Co. Ltd Attrade Sterling, =Herbert Edison= Bermuda Marine & Supply Services Limited Linkbermuda Ltd. Viking Traders Ltd TRANSOCEAN TRANSPORTATION LTD. International Gas Transportation Company Limited China North Industries Investment Ltd. Moattama Gas Transportation Company Limited Bermuda Water Works Ltd CEC International Holdings Limited Helen of Troy Limited Monument Resources Oil and Gas Limited. Lawrence Marine Ltd Lone Star Fund III (Bermuda) L.P Seadrill Limited General Atlantic Partners (Bermuda), L.P. Harbor Point Limited Sky Swallows Ltd Capag Foreign Holdings LP MISC Tanker Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Spear Insurance Company Limited Island Capital Ltd Oil Investment Corporation Ltd. Nephila Capital Ltd. SES Re International (Bermuda) Ltd Seadrill Oberon Limited Belmond Ltd. GLOBE CORPORATE SERVICES LIMITED North Rock Insurance Company Limited HCL Bermuda Limited Google SJS Bermuda Limited Bermuda Asset Management Ltd BEFICO LTD Assured Guaranty Ltd Arden Reinsurance Company Ltd Liberty Group Limited Bacardi Limited British International Insurance Company Limited Aspen Bermuda Limited Dairy Farm International Holdings Limited Banco Nominees Limited Bankers Insurance Company Limited Seaboard Overseas Limited Cont'd SCM Master Fund, Ltd. GAM Limited Marvell Technology Group Ltd Butterfield Fulcrum Group (Bermuda) Limited Triton Renewable Energy Ltd Triton Container International Limited Cisco Worldwide Holdings Ltd Arch Reinsurance Ltd. Pearl Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd Weatherford Bermuda Holdings Ltd Franklin Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd Primary Group Limited RDS Group Ltd. HSBC Global Asset Management (Bermuda) Limited Star Design Ltd Kenmare Holdings Ltd. Kellogg Holding Company Limited Marvell International Ltd Microsoft Asia Island Limited Microsoft Global Finance MICRO (Bermuda), Ltd. Merck and Company, Incorporated Mariline Ltd Monument Re Limited Meditor European Master Fund Limited JLT Insurance Management (Bermuda) Ltd Hamilton Insurance Group, Ltd. Teekay Corporation Teekay LNG Partners L.P. Jardine Technology Holdings Limited Stockton Reinsurance Limited Topaz Energy and Marine Limited Aviva Re Limited Inkia Energy Limited South American Crossing Holdings Ltd. Valton Limited GreyCastle Holdings Ltd Trane Foreign Trading Company Ltd Mattel Overseas Operations Ltd. Ark Indemnity Company Ltd Flex Lng Ltd Tungate Electric Motor Co. Ltd Lonmin Insurance Limited Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited TD Financial International Ltd MS Financial Reinsurance Limited Sally Beauty Holdings LP Covidien Group Holdings Limited Jardine Matheson Limited Gloucester Insurance Ltd. PDV Insurance Company Ltd Centralab Limited Brookfield Renewable Investment Limited Brookfield Property LP AIA Reinsurance Limited MOL Azerbaijan, Ltd FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited Astro Limited Bermuda Computer Services Ltd. CHS Bermuda GP Cathay International Holdings Limited NORWEST INVESTMENTS LTD. Julius Samann LTD. Caceis (Bermuda) Limited Sonnedix Power Holdings Limited Princess Cruise Lines, Ltd. Cisco System Global Holdings Limited Dairy Farm Management Limited Montessori Education Trust Mehta Group Management Limited (The) Golden State Insurance Company Limited Hannover Life Reassurance Bermuda Ltd LOM Asset Management Limited

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