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Flex Ltd Flex Lng Ltd Flextronics Global Procurement Ltd. Flex Limited AMI Ltd Miles Market Ltd Miles and More International Limited Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited Li & Fung Limited LifeMiles Ltd. Primary Group Limited Phoenix Stores Limited Bermuda Police Service PS Limited PERFORMA SECURITIES LIMITED Bryce Investment Ltd BTG Investments LP Invesco Investments (Bermuda) Ltd. Northern Investment Company Limited Bishopsgate Investments Limited Binhai Investment Company Limited Hang Tai Yue Group Holdings Limited Karrie International Holdings Limited Chinney Alliance Group Limited Haitong International Securities Group Limited Analogue Holdings Limited AIA International Limited IMC Holdings Limited Chinese Estates Holdings Limited Burwill Holdings Limited National Electronics Holdings Limited Champion Technology Holdings Limited Tai Cheung Holdings Limited CK Infrastructure Holdings Limited TPV Technology Limited Xiashun Holdings Limited Emperor International Holdings Limited Ocean Voyager Limited First Pacific Company Limited China Internet Investment Finance Holdings Limited China Tonghai International Financial Limited Giordano International Limited China Ocean Group Development Limited CNT Group Limited China Shandong Hi-Speed Financial Group Limited Joyce Boutique Holdings Limited. MONUMENT RESOURCES (CHINA) LIMITED Monument Resources Oil and Gas Limited. Monument Resources (South America) Monument Limited Monument Re Limited Monument Midco limited Monument Resources Exploration Limited Monument Resources (Germany) Ltd. MONUMENT RESOURCES (TAIWAN) LTD. MONUMENT RESOURCES (MALAYSIA) LTD. MONUMENT RESOURCES (PAKISTAN) LTD. MONUMENT RESOURCES (THAILAND) LTD Monument Resources Overseas Holdings Limited MONUMENT RESOURCES (MYANMAR) LTD Monument Reinsurance Brokers (Bermuda) Limited Monument Resources International Limited Monument Resources (Caspian) Limited. Monument Resources (Overseas) Limited Eni Turkmenistan Limited Merna Re IV Ltd Market Re Ltd R&Q RE (Bermuda) Ltd Manatee Re II Ltd Martello Re Limited Sovereign Risk Insurance Ltd Catlin Insurance Company Ltd AXA China Region Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited FOUR STAR INSURANCE COMPANY LTD. Starr Insurance & Reinsurance Limited Oil Insurance Limited Amtrust International Insurance, Ltd. Ace Ina Overseas Insurance Company Ltd White Mountains Insurance Group, Ltd. Fidelis Insurance Holdings Limited International General Insurance Co. Ltd. Group Ark Insurance Holdings Limited Fidelis Insurance Bermuda Limited Hamilton Insurance Group, Ltd. Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited Geovera Insurance Holdings Ltd. Endurance Specialty Insurance Ltd. OneBeacon Insurance Group, Ltd. Chubb INA Overseas Insurance Company Ltd. Canterbury Insurance Company Limited Morton Insurance Company Limited Mosaic Insurance Holdings Limited International General Insurance Holdings Ltd Argus Insurance Company Limited Pacific Century Insurance Company Limited KPMG Advisory Limited Concordia Advisors (Bermuda) Ltd Everest Re Advisors, Ltd. Hutchison Harbour Ring Limited Capital Z Asia Advisors (Li) Ltd. Ultisol Transport Contractors Ltd Isosceles Insurance Ltd Bison Insurance Company Limited International Advisory Services Ltd Marsh Management Services (Bermuda) Ltd UFG Advisors Limited Renaissance Advisory Services Limited Otkritie Advisory Services Limited Republic Advisory Services Ltd. Theorema Advisors Ltd C.M. Advisors Ltd Project Advisors (Bermuda) Limited R K Harrison Insurance Brokers Limited NiSource Insurance Corporation Limited Man AP Unison Series 1 Limited Amerinst Insurance Group Ltd. Liberty Specialty Markets Bermuda Limited FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited Global Fund Services Ltd HSBC Securities Services (Bermuda) Limited HSBC Specialist Funds Limited Horseshoe Fund Services Ltd Apex Fund Services Ltd BCB Asset Management Limited Alternative Underwriting Services, Ltd. Acl Alternative Fund Sac Limited HSBC Insurance Services (Bermuda) Limited Fund Administration Service Bermuda HSBC Corporate Money Funds Limited Alaro Trustees Ltd HAL Trust Committee Limited Hamilton Trust Company Limited R & H Trust Co. (Bermuda) Limited Hal Trustee Limited HAL Trust Ocorian Services (Bermuda) Limited Meritus Trust Company Limited Al-Marruna Private Trust Company Ltd TR Holdings Limited Shaw Trustee (Private) Limited SK Innovation Insurance (Bermuda) Limited World Family English Ltd World Family English Holdings LTD World Family English 24 Exchange Bermuda Limited SCA Bermuda Administrative Ltd S.H.I. (Bermuda) Limited STC (Bermuda) Ltd Old Mutual (Bermuda) Ltd Sunrise (Bermuda) Ltd. Schroders (Bermuda) Limited SCIB (Bermuda) Limited Superior Bermuda GP Sandisk Bermuda Limited Sinotrans Bermuda Ltd Skyway Bermuda Limited Saol Bermuda Ltd Stable Bermuda Ltd SUNLY (BERMUDA) CO. LTD. SDI (Bermuda) Limited SAIC (Bermuda) Ltd. SLMI Bermuda Limited Sphereinvest (Bermuda) Limited Signet Bermuda Limited Sinser (Bermuda) Ltd Schering Bermuda Ltd Oil Casualty Investment Corporation Ltd. Oil Investment Corporation Ltd. Manulife (International) Limited Bermuda Aviation Services Limited Morgan Stanley Fund Services (Bermuda) Ltd. HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Bermuda) Limited Kane (Bermuda) Limited HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited Fireman's Fund Insurance Company of Bermuda Limited Opus Fund Services (Bermuda) Ltd Mufg Fund Services (Bermuda) Group Limited SS&C Fund Services (Bermuda) Ltd Validus Services (Bermuda) Ltd HLG Bermuda Limited Bermuda Energy Services Company Limited Bermuda Computer Services Ltd. FIL Fund Services (Bermuda) Limited Citco Fund Services (Bermuda) Limited XL Services (Bermuda) Limited Krypton Fund Services (Bermuda) Ltd Maples Corporate Services (Bermuda) Limited Centaur Fund Services (Bermuda) Limited Athene Holding Ltd. Lincoln Reinsurance Company of Bermuda Limited NCL Corporation Ltd. NCL International, Ltd. NCL (Bahamas) Ltd Sinclair Insurance Company Ltd. Lincoln National Reinsurance Company Limited Black Gold Re Limited Golden State RE Ltd Golden State Re II Ltd. Resource Re Ltd Gold Face Holdings Limited Annuity and Life Re (Holdings) Ltd. Alternative Re Holdings Limited Wilton Re Holdings Limited Gold Wo International Holdings Limited Petroleum Ltd Albany Management Company Limited Azimuth Management Limited Acumen Ltd Mt. Logan Management, Ltd. Alexander Management Ltd. Roly International Holdings Ltd CEC International Holdings Limited SIS International Holdings Limited Theme International Holdings Limited Halliburton International Holdings Allan International Holdings Limited Perfectech International Holdings Ltd QPL International Holdings Limited Chevalier International Holdings Limited Easyknit International Holdings Limited Pegasus International Holdings Limited Cathay International Holdings Limited C.Banner International Holdings Limited Pacer International Holding Ltd Manulife International Holdings Limited Paliburg International Holdings Ltd Proview International Holdings Limited Sompo International Holdings Ltd. Dapai International Holdings Co. Ltd Dragon Holdings International Limited Eaglesky International (Holdings) Limited Savia International Ltd Silverton International Fund Limited Zanett Opportunity Fund Ltd Aravali Opportunity Fund Limited Dolphin Opportunity Fund II LP B.N.Y. Alternative Investment Services Ltd Pequot International Fund Inc INTERNATIONAL FUND MANAGERS LIMITED Temujin International Fund Ltd Thales International Fund Ltd. Hermes International Fund Limited Thales international Fund II Ltd FMG India Opportunity Fund Ltd DKR SoundShore Opportunity Fund Ltd EHCG Yield Opportunity Fund Ltd. HCM (Bermuda) High Yield Opportunity Fund Ltd Schroder Emerging Market Debt Opportunity Fund Ltd Schlumberger Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Liberty HBV Multi-Strategy Fund Limited Schlumberger Global Resources Limited McKesson International Bermuda IP2A Limited Investors Guaranty Fund Ltd Pramerica AsianRetail Limited Tewksbury Investment Fund Ltd EUROPEAN INVESTORS FUND LTD. Afikim Investment Fund Limited Wine Investment Fund Limited (The) GAA Investment Funds Limited Oasis Investments 2 Ltd. Lend Lease Asian Retail Investment Fund 1 Ltd. Value Retail Investors Limited Partnership Value Retail Investors II LP Lend Lease Asian Retail Investment Fund 2 Ltd Oracle Asian Fund Limited BARCLAYS PRIVATE TRUST (BERMUDA) LTD Church Bay Trust Co. Ltd 800 CRJ Limited Longtail Aviation Ltd. Aviaam Leasing Bermuda Ltd ATR Leasing Ltd Butterfield Trust (Bermuda) Limited Butterfield Fulcrum Group (Bermuda) Limited Butterfield and Company Limited Butterfield Fund Services (Bermuda) Limited GP Investments Ltd Gulf International Lubricants, Ltd Gulfstream Financial Ltd PT Holdings Limited Third Point Reinsurance Investment Management Ltd Patria Investments Limited PT & T Communications Limited POINT OF SERVICES LTD. China Investment Development Limited Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Limited Borlines Ltd Dadi International Group Limited Notesco Limited Fujitsu Bermuda Investments Ltd. Fujitsu Technology Solutions Middle East Operations Ltd Fuji Xerox China Investments (Bermuda) Limited Fujikon Industrial Holdings Limited Fuji Xerox (Myanmar) Limited FLMM Limited Mutual Investment Limited ILS Investment Management Limited Orbis Investment Management Limited Viking Holdings Ltd Maple Investments Ltd. M & K Investments Limited Metis Invest Ltd Wisdom Wealth Resources Investment Holding Group Limited State House Trust Company Limited Stuarts Limited. Sterling Trust Limited Bermuda Motor & Cycle Ltd The Bermuda Telephone Company Limited Bermuda Motors - The Bermuda Company Limited Bermuda Trust Company Limited BERMUDA TRANSFER & STORAGE CO. LTD. Bermuda Export Sea Transfer Limited ROYAL TRUST (BERMUDA) LIMITED RBC CORPORATE SERVICES (BERMUDA) LIMITED Harbour International Trust Company Limited Rothschild Trust (Bermuda) Limited Woodmont Trust Company Ltd Bermuda Tourism & Board Lombard Odier Trust (Bermuda) Limited Bermuda Technologies Limited Bermuda Tourism Authority Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association Trustees (Bermuda) Limited Bermuda Truck Finders BERMUDA TIMES LTD., THE Appleby Global Trust Services (Bermuda) Ltd BERMUDA TRAVEL & SHIPPING LTD. Alexander Howden Group (Bermuda) Limited HOWDEN GROUP (BERMUDA) LTD, ALEXANDER TRENDEX (BERMUDA) LTD. HOWDEN COVER HISPANOAMERICANA (BERMUDA) LIMITED Duke Energy International Argentina Marketing/Trading (Bermuda) Ltd Kock Fertilizer International Marketing LP HWP Group Global Futures Fund VI Limited MUNDO GAS SHIPPING LTD. Investors Trading Co. SA PRISMA INVESTMENTS AND TRADING (LTD) Western Investment and Trading Company Limited BNY Trade Insurance Ltd. Holden Limited Golden Adventures Ltd. Man Arbitrage Strategies N Limited Burlington Northern Santa Fe Insurance Company, Ltd Toys N' Stuff Limited MAGNA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Magna Carta Insurance Ltd Resilience Re Ltd Tradewynd Re Ltd. Longitude Re Ltd A.F. Smith Trading Company Ltd. Sphereinvest Special Situations Americas Fund Limited The Supermart Limited Supernova Limited Clovis Company Limited General Electric Financing C.V. Alpha General (Holdings) Limited Staples Europe Holdings GP XL Europe Holdings Ltd Grundy European Holdings Limited FL Holding CV Johnson Electric Holdings Limited Shell Electric Holdings Limited General Electric Europe Holdings CV General Electric Ireland Holdings Ltd Vtech Electronics Holdings Limited China Electronics Huada Technology Company Limited Liberty Group Limited Atlas Group of Companies Limited Argus Group Holdings Limited Music Tribe Global Services Ltd. Ascot Group Limited Apex Group Ltd Argus International Limited Skyfame Realty (Holdings) Limited Atlantic Laboratories Aspen Bermuda Limited Columbia Laboratories (Bermuda) Ltd 3am Labs Ltd Abbott Laboratories (Bermuda) Ltd Heddington Insurance Limited Tintagel International Limited Chevron International Limited Safeguard International Security Ltd. Seaboard Overseas Limited Cont'd Mattel Overseas Operations Ltd. 38286 Bermuda Ltd. Arden Reinsurance Company Ltd Arch Reinsurance Ltd. Professional Agencies Reinsurance Ltd. ABR Reinsurance Ltd. Alstead Reinsurance Ltd. AIA Reinsurance Limited Acra Re II Ltd. Embarcadero Reinsurance Ltd. Ascot Bermuda Limited Arch Underwriters Ltd. MOL Azerbaijan, Ltd Lone Star Global Acquisitions, Ltd Lone Star Management Co. II, Ltd. Lone Star Partners II, L.P. Lone Star Fund V (Bermuda) LP Lone Star Fund III (Bermuda) L.P Lone Star Partners III, L.P. Lone Star Fund IV (Bermuda), L.P. Lone Star Real Estate Fund III (Bermuda), L.P. Lone Star Real Estate Fund (Bermuda) L.P. Lone Star Real Estate Fund II (Bermuda) L.P. Lone Star Fund VI (Bermuda) Lp Lone Star Fund VII (Bermuda), LP Lone Star Fund VIII (Bermuda) LP Lone Star Fund IX Parallel (Bermuda) L.P. Lone Star Partners V, L.P. Lone Star Residential Mortgage Fund I Holdings (Bermuda) L.P. Lone Star Fund IX (Bermuda), L.P. Lone Star Global Holdings III Limited Lone Star Global Lendings IV Limited Lone Star Global Holdings IV Limited Lone Star Real Estate Fund VI, L.P Lone Star Real Estate Fund V (Bermuda) LP Lone Star Real Estate Fund IV (Bermuda) L.P Lone Star Fund XI L.P Lone Star Asia Acquisitions, Limited The English Sports Shop Limited Schroder Astra Fund Ltd Bathurst Trust PTC Limited Berggruen Institute Techcomp (Holdings) Limited Starlite Holdings Limited Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd Logis Limited Vincitas Limited Teno Ltd Invesco Mim General Partner Ltd. Bermuda Asset Management Ltd Invesco Pacific Holdings Limited Invesco Ltd. Invesco Asset Management (Bermuda) Ltd Invesco Global Asset Management (Bermuda) Ltd. Invesco Pacific Partner Ltd. Invercol Limited Golar LNG Limited Stolt Tankers Holdings Ltd Stolt-Nielsen M.S. Ltd. Stolt-Nielsen Limited Capital Limited SHL Capital LTd Seacrest Capital Ltd Stahl Capital Ltd. Cyber-Tech Ltd SIM Technology Group Limited Leading Spirit (Holdings) Company Limited Chubb Tempest Reinsurance Ltd. Chubb Bermuda Insurance Ltd Chubb Tempest Life Reinsurance Ltd Chubb Life Insurance Company Ltd. Aster Insurance Ltd. Bermuda Insurance Institute Ardellis Insurance Ltd. Alamo Re Ltd. Aozora Re Ltd Argo Re Ltd Ada Re, Ltd Akibare Re Ltd. Everest Reinsurance (Bermuda) Ltd Assured Guaranty Re Ltd Ariel Re BDA Limited Partner Reinsurance Company Ltd Scottish Re Life (Bermuda) Limited SiriusPoint Bermuda Insurance Company Ltd. Apex Fund Services Holdings Ltd. Financial Services Holding Corp. Ltd APEX MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD Apex Insurance Fund Services Ltd Full Apex (Holdings) Limited Roche Services Holdings Ltd MUFG Investor Services Holdings Limited Apex Structured Intermediate Holdings Ltd Triangles Limited General Atlantic Partners (Bermuda), L.P. Bulk Partners Bermuda Ltd Price Forbes & Partners (Bermuda) Limited Compass Partners European Equity Fund (Bermuda) l.P. Copernico Capital Partners (Bermuda) Ltd Sysco Bermuda Partners, L.P General Atlantic Partners (Bermuda) F, L.P URBN Bermuda Holding Partners L.P LSREF2 Clipper Partners (Bermuda), Ltd LSREF3 Super Partners (Bermuda) Ltd LSREF2 Island Partners (Bermuda), Ltd LSREF2 Baron Partners (Bermuda) Ltd LSREF2 Oreo Partners (Bermuda), Ltd The Shell Trust (Bermuda) Limited Shell Trust (UK Property) Limited Shell Trading (M.E.) Private Limited Bellemeade Re 2018-2 Ltd ILS Property & Casualty Re Limited Claddaugh Casualty Insurance Company Ltd. Everest Capital Limited Everest Capital Latin America Ltd. Everest Capital International Ltd. Everest International Reinsurance, Ltd Everest Capital Management Limited Reeve Court General Partner Limited Everest Investment (Holdings) Limited Everest Capital Frontier Ltd Everest Re Holdings, Ltd. Fundamental Insurance Investments Ltd. Everest Capital Reserve Limited Reeve Court 6 Limited Partnership Reeve Court 4 Limited Partnership Olmec Insurance Ltd Atlantic Telecasters Ltd Atlas Interactive Limited Atlas Investments Ltd Atlasco Shipping Ltd Chancery Company Limited Belmond Ltd. Paget Reinsurance International Ltd. Cedar Insurance and Reinsurance Co. Ltd. Citadel Reinsurance Company Limited Citadel Ltd American International Reinsurance Company, Ltd. Manulife (International) Reinsurance Limited Triangle International Reinsurance Limited Athene Co-Invest Reinsurance Affiliate International Ltd. Continental Reinsurance Corporation International Ltd Century International Reinsurance Company Ltd Inter-Ocean Reinsurance Company Ltd CARLINGFORD INTERNATIONAL REINSURANCE LTD European International Reinsurance Company Ltd Harbor Point Re Limited Bay Point Re Limited Third Point Reinsurance Company Ltd SiriusPoint Limited New Point Re III Limited New Point Re Limited New Point V Ltd Long Point Re IV Ltd Catalina General Insurance Ltd Qatar Reinsurance Company Limited Castlepoint Reinsurance Company Ltd Catalina Delta LTD. CATALINA LTD. Catalina Alpha Ltd Catalina Bravo Ltd Catalina Reinsurance Ltd Dillard's Insurance Company Limtied ABS Global, LTD. ABS Limited ABS Holdings, Ltd. ABS2, Ltd Global One Limited Now Health International (Holdings) Limited Abbott Ireland UL Ace International Insurance Co. Elan International Insurance Ltd Hopewell International Insurance Ltd. Harrington International Insurance Ltd. British International Insurance Company Limited Charleville Insurance Limited Sirius International Insurance Corporation Ally International Insurance Company Ltd Bunge Limited B & C International Insurance Company Limited Kingley International Insurance, Ltd. CONSILIDATED INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED Majestic Insurance International Ltd Suvaco Insurance International Ltd Bluegrass International Insurance Limited CONSOLIDATED INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED COSOLIDATED INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED SHIPPAN INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE CO., LTD Brookvale International Insurance Limited BAIN HOGG ROBINSON OF BERMUDA LTD Bermuda International Insurance Services Limited Regent International Insurance Company Ltd Blair International Insurance Ltd Bermuda International Securities Limited StarStone Insurance Bermuda Limited BCB Trust Company Ltd. Zurich International (Bermuda) Ltd. HSBC Global Asset Management (Bermuda) Limited Beechwood Bermuda International Ltd Quilmes International (Bermuda) Ltd Concentrix CVG International Holding Ltd Aduro International (Bermuda) Ltd Bermuda Life Insurance Company Limited Jupiter Asset Management (Bermuda) Limited Clarendon Insurance Company (Bermuda) Ltd CITICORP INSURANCE (BERMUDA) LIMITED Hiscox Insurance Company (Bermuda) Ltd Hiscox Capital Ltd HI SPAN CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. Hiscox Services Limited McKesson International Bermuda Opco1A Limited KITSON MARINE & GENERAL INSURANCE CO LTD IHS Markit Ltd. Kitson and Company Ltd. OPS-Servicos de Producao de Petroleos Limited Paratus Energy Services Ltd. Ports Design Limited ALEXANDER & ALEXANDER MIDDLE EAST LTD Viking Ocean Cruises Ship VII Ltd North Shore Reinsurance Company Limited Surestone Reinsurance Limited MonSure Ltd Smart Home Reinsurance 2004-1 Limited Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada Finsurance Ltd Assurex Global Reinsurance Ltd. Asurion Japan Reinsurance Ltd GL Limited Suresuccess Company Ltd Worldinsure Limited Kopinsure Ltd Joint Reinsurance & Assurance Services Ltd Full Speed Ltd. LSF Re III International Finance, LP LSF RE IV International Finance LP Finagrain Trading Ltd FIN Acquisition Limited Sylvania Platinum Limited Kinder Morgan Insurance Ltd Metlife International Insurance Ltd RGA Global Reinsurance Company, Ltd. Tremont International Insurance Ltd Athene Life Re Ltd Athene IP Holding Ltd. Athene Annuity Re Ltd. MSI Guaranteedweather Trading Ltd Athene Co-Invest Reinsurance Affiliate 1B Ltd ATHENE CO-INVEST REINSURANCE AFFILIATE HOLDING LIMITED Athene Life Re International Ltd. ATHENE AOG HOLDING I LTD ATHENE ANNUITY RE II LTD Airvip Ltd R.V.I. Guaranty Co. Ltd. BSREP II China Logistics VIII Limited Silver Star Ltd Soil Developments Limited Silver Leader Insurance Co. Ltd. Silver Cove Limited Dragon Oil (Sanduqli) Limited Silver Insurance Ltd Silver Dragon Water Supply Group Limited Inchem Holdings Limited North Asia Strategic Holdings Limited H.C.I. Chemicals (Bermuda) Ltd Chemical Insurance Company Limited Pelican Chemical Traders Ltd Plaskon Electronic Materials Ltd. Sinofert Holdings Limited Royal Chemie International Limited Ciba Specialty Chemicals Eurofinance Ltd Creative Chemicals Ltd Continental Chemical Holding Limited Chemical Holdings Limited Affiliated Chemical Group Ltd Advanced Chemicals Technologies Ltd Nimir Chemicals (UAE) Limited Continental Chemicals Ltd. Holland Chemical International Limited Knightsbridge Chemicals Limited Ciba Specialty Chemicals Investment Ltd Hamilton Partners L.P. Teekay LNG Partners L.P. Parker Hannifin Partner II GP Hoegh Lng Partners LP Golar LNG Partners LP Hoegh LNG Ltd Hoegh LNG Galleon Ltd. Enstar Group Limited Enstar Limited Yu Tak International Holdings Limited Hongkong Land Holdings Limited Macquarie Storage Holdings Limited Molex Hong Kong Holdings Ltd. Bacardi Limited Sirius Capital Markets (Bermuda) Ltd. Overseas Maritime Ltd Seapeak Maritime Limited Tricon Forfaiting Fund Limited Orion Mine Finance (Master) Fund I LP Orion Fund Jv Limited Original Cuttyhunk Fund Limited (The) Financial Security Assurance International, Ltd Everest International Holdings (Bermuda), Ltd. Everest Preferred International Holdings, Ltd. Everest International Assurance, Ltd Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd Brookfield Business Partners L.P. Blue Ocean Re Holdings Ltd. Pine River Re Holdings Ltd Sirius International Holdings Ltd. Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd. Ariel Re (Holdings) Limited Humboldt Re Corporate Member Holding Company Ltd. Intrepid Re Holdings Limited Sequant Re Holdings Limited Hampton Re Holdings Limited Olympus Re Holdings Ltd Petrel Re Holdings Limited S.A.C. RE Holdings Ltd Lasalle Re Holdings Limited Helicon Re Holdings Ltd. Sideris Re Holdings Ltd Arc Global Re (Holdings) Ltd Walcot Holdings Bermuda Ltd Zimin Projects Limited Cameron Capital Management Ltd Lion Capital Management (Bermuda) Ltd. Leonardo Capital Management Limited Harrier Capital Management (Bermuda) Limited ILS Capital Management Ltd Tewksbury Capital Management Ltd Mazuma Capital Management Limited Equilibria Capital Management Limited XL Investment Management Ltd Agora Capital Management Ltd Bond Capital Partners Management Limited New Ocean Capital Management Limited Pillar Capital Management Limited Pivot Capital Management Limited Raphael Capital Management Ltd Roche Capital Management Ltd Revelation Capital Management Ltd. Capital Management of Bermuda Ltd Rhodium Capital Management Limited SwissRe Capital Management (Bermuda) Ltd Eight Roads GP Lancashire Capital Management Limited Blue Capital Management Ltd Runa Capital Management Limited Belmond Interfin Ltd Belmond Anguilla Owner LLC Fischer Asset Management Ltd. INTERNATIONAL ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD. AIG International Asset Management Ltd. GAM Limited Butterfield Asset Management Limited Strategic Asset Management Ltd Macquarie Specialised Asset management (Bermuda) Limited FBS ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD UPB Asset Management Finwest Asset Management Ltd Hermes Asset Management Ltd HFI Asset Management Ltd LOM Asset Management Limited Electris Asset Management Ltd Emerging Asset Management Ltd Centaur Asset Management Ltd J & O Asset Management Ltd Brookfield Asset Management Reinsurance Partners Ltd. Centaur Underwriting Management Limited Mediaville Mobicon Group Limited Media Asia Group Holdings Limited Lajin Entertainment Network Group Limited Alibaba Pictures Group Limited Gamma Company Limited Mapeley Beta Acquisition Acquisition Co. (5) Limited Mapeley Gamma Acquisition Co (3) Limited Mapeley Gamma Acquisition Co (4) Limited Mapeley Gamma Acquisition Co (2) Limited Mapeley Gamma Acquisition Co (1) Limited Mapeley Gamma Acquisition Holdings Company Limited Mapeley Beta Acquisition Co. (3) Limited Mapeley Beta Acquisition Co (2) Limited Mapeley Beta Acquisition Co. (4) Limited Mapeley Beta Acquisition Co (6) Limited Mapeley Beta Acquisition Holding Co. Limited Mapeley Beta Acquisition Co (1) Limited Jermyn Company Limited Real Re Ltd Delphi International Ltd. Deckers International Limited DELTRADE INTERNATIONAL LTD DMFF INTERNATIONAL LTD. DELANEY INTERNATIONAL LTD. DHL International Limited Digicel Holdings (Bermuda) Limited The Bermuda Press (Holdings) Limited Honeywell Bermuda Holdings II Ltd Quovadis (Bermuda) Holding Ltd Pearl Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd Weatherford Bermuda Holdings Ltd Soque Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd Silitech (Bermuda) Holding Ltd Yageo Holding (Bermuda) Limited Catalina Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd. MT Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd Franklin Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd Parkdale Bermuda Holdings, Ltd Shell Holdings (Bermuda) Limited BPY Bermuda Holdings Limited Radica Holdings Bermuda Limited Litens Holdings (Bermuda) Limited WTW Bermuda Holdings Ltd. BPY Bermuda Holdings II Limited PR Beverages Bermuda Holdings Ltd Probitas Holdings (Bermuda) Limited Verifone Bermuda Holdings L.P. Aspida Bermuda Holdings Ltd Specialized Bermuda Holding Limited Wai Chun Group Holdings Limited Peregrine Holdings Limited Somers Limited Sea Cargo Ltd The Somers Fund Ltd Somers Investment Company Limited Somers Construction Limited Frontline Ltd MS Frontier Reinsurance Limited Frontier Holdings Limited Oceanic Finance Corp Ltd Frontfleet Ltd. GOLDEN OCEAN MANAGEMENT LTD. Golden Ocean Group Management (Bermuda) Limited Frontline Management (Bermuda) Ltd Flagstone Reinsurance Limited MS Financial Reinsurance Limited Fleming Reinsurance Limited Masters Home Centre Limited Ford Glory Group Holdings Limited Construction Insurance & Risk Captive of America Limited RiskConnect Limited Vantage Risk Limited Banyan Limited Simsen International Corporation Limited Sundowner Offshore International (Bermuda) Limited Saol International Limited Scorpion International Ltd China Youzan Limited UNION BANK OF SWITZERLAND (UNDERWRITERS) LTD. Caribbean Engineering Consultants Ltd Engineering Consultants Ltd Engineering Consultants Underwriters Ltd Engravers Limited Jazz Pharmaceuticals International III Limited Jazz Investments I Limited Chubb Alternative Risk Ltd. African Risk Capacity Insurance Company Limited Risk Engineering Insurance Company Limited Zurich Global Energy Limited Zurich Insurance Company Ltd Zurich Global, Ltd. Odfjell Drilling Ltd Odfjell Invest II Ltd Odfjell Rig III Ltd Odfjell Rig II Ltd Odfjell Capital Ltd. Overseas Partners Ltd Odfjell Partners Invest Ltd Alea Group Holdings (Bermuda) Ltd. Renaissance Reinsurance Ltd Rubik Reinsurance Ltd. AXA XL Reinsurance Ltd First British Bermuda Reinsurance Company II Ltd. SSI China Enterprises Ltd Genting Hong Kong Limited Chia Tai (China) Agro-Industrial Ltd China Power New Energy Development Company Limited Central Wealth Group Holdings Limited China Demeter Financial Investments Limited Fortis Energy (Bermuda) Ltd. Boe Varitronix Limited SCM Master Fund, Ltd. Estats Revolution Master Fund Limited CrescoCap Master Fund Limited LUMINUS ENERGY PARTNERS MASTER FUND, LTD Perella Weinberg Partners Xerion Master Fund Ltd Orbis Optimal SA Fund Limited Lone Star Partners VIII LP Queen Street VI RE Limited Oaktown Re VI Ltd. Gate Ltd Moongate Insurance Ltd Monument Segregated Account Company Limited Lone Tree Insurance Group Ltd. Asda Group Insurance Company Limited Isle of man Man Group Insurances Limited Resolute Insurance Group Ltd American Safety Insurance Holdings Ltd. Select Insurance Group of North America Ltd. International Automotive Group Insurance Company Ltd Marshall Insurance Group, Ltd. Monument Insurance Group Limited Group Ark Insurance Limited Sirius International Insurance Group Ltd UBS Group Insurance (Bermuda) Ltd STUART INSURANCE GROUP AlphaStar Insurance Group Limited Grow Group Insurance Ltd Nasco Insurance Group Ltd Associated Electric & Gas Insurance Services Limited GENERAL INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE SERVICES LIMITED High Tech Services Insurance, Ltd. Transmonde Service Insurance Company Limited Horseshoe Insurance Services Holdings Ltd. Alexander International Insurance Services Ltd Utility Services Insurance Company Limited Signet Global Insurance Services Limited Oasis Insurance Services Ltd. FINANCIAL SERVICES INSURANCE LTD. Freisenbruch-Meyer Insurance Services Ltd FRIESENBRUCH-MEYER INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LTD Freisenbruch-Mayer Management Services Ltd Centurion Insurance Services Limited Kitson Insurance Service Ltd. Professional Services Insurance Company Limited Blueflame Insurance Services Ltd RSC Insurance Service Ltd Tclp Insurance Services Ltd. Caradon Insurance Services Limited DFI Insurance Services Limited Global Custody & Clearing Limited Cornerstone Management Bermuda Ltd Chard Re Investment Management Ltd Structured Solutions Insurance Brokers Ltd GAP (Bermuda) Limited Nomura Securities (Bermuda) Ltd Southwest Securities International Securities Limited Starr International Company Inc. Three Star Insurance Company Ltd White Rock Insurance (SAC) Limited Starman International Management Limited Roche Intertrade Limited Sterna Finance Ltd Evergreen Insurance Company Limited Canopius Reinsurance Limited AIG Excess Liability Insurance International Co. Ltd Leman Management Limited MEF Enterprises Limited Conyers & Associates Ltd Athletic Club Limited DGL2 Limited DGL3 Limited Pan American Crossing Ltd. Pan American Crossing Holdings Ltd. Guoco Securities (Bermuda) Limited Hamilton Securities Bermuda Limited Bermuda Security Group Ltd Amundi Alternative Investments Ltd. First Bermuda Securities Ltd Security & Communication Systems (Bermuda) Ltd Kazakhstan Housing, Ltd. Bermuda Stock Exchange (The) First Bermuda Securities (BVI) Ltd. First Bermuda Group, Ltd. Premium Securities Limited Prosperity International holding (H.K.) Limited Green Energy Group Limited Prosperity Group Holdings LP Prospect Insurance Limited Global Atlantic Re Limited Brookfield Renewable Investment Limited Brookfield Renewable Energy LP Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners L.P. Partner Re Services Ltd Brookfield Property Partners L.P. Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. Brookfield Infrastructure Partners Limited Brookfield Renewable EU Limited GTE Reinsurance Management Limited Standard Holdings Ltd The Standard Club Ltd Standard Hardware Company Limited AVIC International Holdings (HK) Limited Genesis Funding Limited Harrington Master Trust Fund Ltd Gnosis Limited Foresight Insurance Ltd Flower Shop Ltd. =The= KINA PACIFIC HOLDINGS LIMITED BEA Pacific Holding Company Limited Celestial Asia Securities Holdings Limited Peak Pulp & Paper Limited Pacific Asia Global Holdings Limited Amway Asia Pacific Ltd. Asia Fashion Holdings Limited Asia Resources Holdings Limited Pacific Andes Resources Development Limited ITG Asia Holdings Ltd. Chevron Finance Holdings Ltd. Chevron Asia Pacific Holdings Limited Cont'd Zurich Asia Holdings Ltd. OLS Asia Holding Ltd Datacraft Asia Holdings Ltd. Asia Pacific Resources Interational Holdings Ltd Jardine Pacific Holdings Limited Asia Pacific Silk Road Investment Company Limited Cargo System (Asia Pacific) Limited Reliance FLAG Pacific Holdings Limited Dingyi Group Investment Limited Chevron Africa Holdings Limited Intelsat Holdings, Ltd. World Wide Marina Ltd. Karin Technology Holdings Limited Harina Company Limited BSREP Bermuda Europe Holdings Limited Great Sound Investments Limited Genesis Acquisition Limited

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