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May Holdings Ltd XM Global Limited Starlex Company Limited Experian Holdings Inc. Crossroad Farm Supplies Commonwealth Trading Corporation Ltd. Vitzo Limited Supreme Honor Enterprise Co., Ltd Oracle Trading Ltd Genius Trading Ltd. James Brodie and Co. Ltd. Salvador Habet & Sons Limited Glaxwell Financial Ltd Gallient Ltd Belize Refrigeration Ltd. Occam Consulting Limited Orun Music LLC EAST BEST INC CPT Markets Limited CUELLO STORE RoboForex Ltd Belize Wine Distributors Ltd. Coleman Construction Ltd Base Alloys Limited Unicomer (Belize) Ltd Just-Out Technologies Inc Mirren International Ltd Oblcom Ltd Toscana Investment Ltd Grandeco Corp BELIZE DISTRIBUTORS LTD. Grace Kennedy (Belize) Limited Sol Belize Limited Citrus Company of Belize Ltd Maria Chang & Sons Company Limited Belize Engineering Co. Ltd CS Services Limited Finton Asserts Services Corp Vitali Trading Ltd ICM Worldwide Capital Markets Ltd Mikado Textile Store Naturalight Productions Limited Caribbean Shipping Agencies Ltd. CTL Investment Corp. Marine Farms Belize Limited Belizean Shores Resort Limited Timber International Ltd Clear Invest Ltd Alpha Services Limited Trawlers Management Ltd Resonic Invest Ltd. Studio Capital Inc Falconroyce Capital Ltd Belize American Supply Association Ltd Primfield Investments Limited Midwest Steel & Agro Supplies Ltd Ideal Dragon Investment Ltd Nosterfield Trading Ltd Firth Limited Partners Inc. Prudential Capital Limited BELIZE SUPPLY CO., LTD. Associated Engineering Services Limited Hugh Parkey's Belize Dive Connection Limited Belize Aquaculture Ltd ADM Belize Mills Ltd Blue One Consulting Ltd Maria Shipping Ltd Belize Corporate Services Limited Sun Holding Limited Honorable Julius Espat Seaboard Marine Ltd. Atlantic Insurance Company Limited Artec Limited Benny's Enterprises Ltd. Bowen & Bowen Agencies Limited Mirax Management Ltd Sea Chaika Corporation App Install Inc. HelpAge Belize Claro Ltd Omni Technologies Limited Inherent Risks, LLC National Gas Company (Belize) Ltd. Kifex Company Limited Charles Fleming Co Ltd Jyun Sei Int'l Co Ltd David Reimer Alliance Bank of Belize Limited Heritage International Bank & Trust Limited Chainlab Limited Mercado Limited Altalena Holding Ltd. Hop Sing Limited Coromex Ltd CT Parts Ltd Brothers Habet Ltd. Artlover Investments Ltd. Corrado Trading Ltd Belize One Source Trading Ltd A & R Enterprises Ltd Asean Trading International Co., Ltd Cooltrade S.A. Krutrade S.A. La Isla Carinosa Academy Gonzalo Quinto and Sons Ltd. G. Ayuso & Son Ltd. Dalat Shipyard Limited Genpro Consulting Belize Limited Central Imports Ltd Inchem Resource Co. Ltd Romacs Ltd Midwest Lumber Mill Limited Belican Supply Depot AZ CO., Ltd Armada Holdings Inc Big Deal Ltd Biglight Trade Ltd Yongfung Trading Service Co., Ltd Sophia Trading Inc Jedi Marco Polo Co. Ltd. Caribbean Tobacco Co Ltd Bowen and Bowen Ltd. Maobc Holdings Co., Ltd. Sectaurea Ltd. TCO Holding Inc. BELIZE SHIPPING & TRADING CO. LTD. Majestic Seafood Limited Farmers Trading Center Faktron Corp. United Nations Development Programme JWC Blockchain Ventures Group Corporation AGM Trading Inc Eminent Conduct Co. Ltd. Figura Finance Ltd. LSI Private Holdings Inc. Costa Rica Holdings Inc. Dover Group Ltd M&M Variety Store Mgcash Media Ltd Crystal Gold Co Ltd Hilton Capitol Corp. Alpa Finance Inc Serra Options Inc. Travellers Liquors Ltd General Equipment Company Limited Belize Bicycle Co. Ltd. Belize Logistics Services Ltd Join Ventures Ltd Global Ventures Limited International Investment and Venture Capital Ltd Belize Bank Corporation Limited S & L Travel Tours Unicomer Belize Limited Diamond Holding S.A. Nova Trading Corporation Limited Weathertop Business Ltd The Services Of Marc Ltd Seldi Management & Consulting Limited Chartwell Games Corp Landair Overseas Ltd Golden Palace Data Processing Ltd EP Media Ltd Belize Trust Company Limited Onesource Services Inc. Investment Consulting & Marketing-Trading Ltd Forsant Marketing Inc Pacina Services Corp. Palm Ferries Incorporated Anderson Global Trade Co Aquamar Belize Ltd Hilman Global Enterprises Limited Metal Bridge Consultant International Co Ltd Loretrade Group Inc Horizon Commercial Services Ltd Sea Breeze Ventures Limited Energy Marketing Solutions Limited Belize Diesel & Equipment (1997) Co Ltd Smart Style Corp. Smart Com (Belize) Limited Stox Trade Ltd. Duke Engineering Company Tramba Karamba S.A. Aspic Finance Inc. Resfit Overseas Inc Regent Insurance Company Ltd. SmartProgress Inc. Nature Forex Ltd Prosser Fertilizer and Agrotec Company Limited Falcon Holdings Limited Rich Era Co. Ltd Meconex International Limited Luxury Time Limited Eminent Energy Holdings Limited IMMS Limited Hot Mama's Belize Limited Prof Invest Ltd Omega Group Ltd Mega Imports Ltd Mega Unit Ltd Gallon Jug Agroindustry Ltd Satra Corporation Townberg Business Limited Topone Shoes Inc Asia Link International Trading Ltd Ming Global Trading Inc Cinsten Investments Limited BATA SHOE BELIZE LTD. Oro Management Ltd Moran Security Group Ltd S P Group Limited Belize Aero Services Ltd. Trilink International Ltd Delta Fidelity Ltd Belmopan Aggregates and Hardware Fidelity Management Ltd GPI Invest Limited Chavannes Bottling Works Ltd A. Advanced Advertising Ideas Belize Ltd Gaming Club Group Limited Camalia Asset Management Ltd Aero Dispatch Services Ltd Lax Finance SA Ama Technology Corporation Sunwell Incorporation Miriel Holding Ltd Fineshade Energy Limited Mercury International Trading Ltd Worldwide Management Services Ltd Hiperlink Media Ltd Ascoli Limited Lanewalk Services Inc Penrose Services Limited Gold Reef Limited Alpha Max Inc Shadow Mob Ltd. Malaca Shipping Nasco Incorporated Casualty & General Insurance Ltd Goldbright Trading Limited Technocom Inc. OMNI NETWORKS LIMITED Yanira Enterprises Lorex Capital Ltd Water Way Capital Corporation Eastream Capital Ltd Capital Buidling Ltd GCI Financial Ltd Financial Corporation Voca Financial Inc Development Finance Corporation

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